Used car buyer right


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Jan 2, 2017
Hi everyone, this is my first post so I do apologise if starting a new thread is not the correct thing to do but I thought I would as individual cases maybe different. English isn't my first language so please ignore any errors for now.

I purchased a used car from a dealer three weeks ago with 72k miles. The car drives fine so far for the few number of times I’ve used it, but the other day I have noticed a squeaking sound when reversing and around the corner and just reversing sometimes. I contacted the dealer and he thinks it’s the brakes and may be something not covered by warranty as he doesn’t give any and told me to go but to see him in a few days to inspect the car. My question is, if it’s the brakes as he says, is this not covered by dealer’s repair, wether he gives warranty or not as covered by the Consumer Rights Act 2015, which states that it must be ‘Of satisfactory quality’ (considering what i'd expect for its age, price, type and milage, Or can he say it's “fair wear and tear" and have me pay for repair? Can anyone help clarify this situation as I only had the car for three weeks and Its my understanding I am entitled to have him refund or repair the car for me within 30 days, or just repair within six months of buying. The problem may end up being an easy fix and I’d rather have the dealer to have it repaired.
Thanks in advance