warranty ran out 3rd Sep,car broke down 6 days later,ECU packed up


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Hi everyone,
So,i bought a second hand car on finance about 4 months ago (Renault Clio,2013) from a dealership,it came with a 3 months warranty,the manufactor warranty (4 years) ran out on the 3rd Sep and the car broke down on the 6 Sep..
Toke the car to Renault service station and found out it was the ECU module that failed internally and needs to be replaced.
The cost of the ECU is about £500 plus labor,on top of what i already own them from diagnostic (£96) and 2 hours labor as they have been trying other things before going further to the ECU, totally near £200..
The dealership where i bought the car says their 3 month warranty ran out and it's not with them.
At this point and due to the fault of the car being the ECU which is not a wear and tear part and the main electrical component that is not expectable to brake down after 4 years, i feel that Renault should be responsible to replace the part free of charge..
Am i wrong?
Should i look for legal advice or can anyone help with this matter?
Any help at this stage would be very appreciated.
Thank you