Wife hit by car, seriously injured, how do I claim?

Dear all,

I'm hoping to get some advice in regards to what I need to do to start a personal injury claim.

My wife was hit by a car exactly a week ago as she was crossing a zebra crossing. She suffered serious injuries but luckily not life threatening, both legs broken plus 3 ribs, shoulder blade and a collapsed lung. They operated on her legs a few days ago and had to put in plates, pins and numerous screws. She's really banged up poor thing.

So now I need to think about the process of making a claim.
I don't have a solicitor or house insurance and am overwhelmed by all the personal injury firms out there, most of which look like ambulance chasers to me.

The Police just gave me a piece of paper with the drivers name and vehicle registration number. In fact, they were pretty useless.

Any advice or recommendations of a reputable injury lawyer would be appreciated.