Win £30 every month complaining


New Member
Apr 25, 2009
That's fantastic. Don't know how I missed this before. I can think of a few things to submit so had better get on with it ... I'll try to avoid a ranting style as is my wont!


What Consumer Founder
Apr 7, 2008
And the winner was:

The winner our November complaint letter writing competition was Siobhán O’Brien with her complaint about Asda. I am sure she will put the £30 to good use.

This is what Siobhán had to say about her win:

Thank you! I’m thrilled that the pain and misery Asda has caused me over the past few months has led to my winning a competition – perhaps I should be grateful to them. I’m amazed by how many people have had similar experiences with Asda and I think I will continue to note down their wrongdoings in the hope that I may bring our gripes to their attention one day.

And to the one or two people that gave my letter a low rating, I hope Asda’s meat counter is treating you well.