How do you measure quality?

Satisfactory quality is defined as what a ‘reasonable person’ would regard as acceptable, and takes into account factors such as price paid, fitness for purpose specified, appearance and finish, freedom from minor blemishes, safety and durability. If it becomes apparent that an item is not of the quality you were led to expect, you were not aware of any such defect when you bought it, and you bought from a seller acting ‘in the course of a business’ (i.e. not an informal sale), you are quite within your rights to go back to the retailer, even after some months of use. If a product develops a fault within the first 6 months, the assumption will be that this defect was present at the time of purchase and you will not have to prove anything. If you are returning an item after this 6 month time period, this automatic assumption does not apply, and it may be up to you to prove the fault did not occur through misuse. You should also consider aspect of durability and acceptance.

If it is the case that you were invited to carry out a thorough inspection of the product and fail to spot a defect which that inspection ought to have revealed, you may not have recourse. Safety is an important aspect of quality and we will look at unsafe goods and product liability under different legislation – namely that of the Consumer Protection Act

Your Statutory Rights

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  • craig storer 16 April, 8:37 pm

    have just taken a mobile phone contract out with 3 mobile. The coverage is poor but is described as very good on their website. They are refusing to take back the phone because it is outside their 14 day returns policy. The phone is perfect condition with no damage. What can i do?

  • Catriona 19 April, 10:03 am

    Craig, The 14 days is the time period which allows you to assess whether the phone is suitable. However, you can legitimately claim that it is not as described, which is one of your statutory rights under sale of Goods. You can then be offered a replacement or a refund.

  • John 25 March, 10:32 pm

    I bought a sony wireless vaio desktop computer about 18 months ago, it recently just started to switch off, It has now completely gone, apparently it is the pulse button and will cost in the region of £400, the computer cost £1500, could anybody please tell me if i have any rights

  • lisa 14 October, 7:07 pm

    I bought a bed and mattress mail order, they arrived and though i am happy with the bed itself the mattress is of a very poor quality, i really want to get my money back for the mattress but the mail order company are saying that both items were bought together so in order to get money back on the mattress i would need them to take the actual bed back as well which seems daft as the bed is perfectly ok, plus it has already been built (which was a nightmare!) and would therefore be a complete pain to take to pieces again. The packaging for the bed has been ditched but the plastic covering for the mattress we kept although it would require taping up and their returns policy also states that to return an item it would need to be in its original packaging – help!

    • Tim 19 January, 9:44 pm

      Bought a Dell laptop in November 2010. Almost straight away (within 1 week) the laptop displayed problems and crashed several times with a ‘bluscreen’ error. I phone tech support who re-installed some drivers and told me they had fixed it. This was at my expense as Dell technical support is run from India, on chargeable phone lines. The problem then kept re-occurring and I called tech support who then decided the whole operating system had to be deleted and re-installed. In all I must have spent about 5 hours on the phone, in my own time, going through the re-install procedure, having to buy USB sticks to back up all my files etc. I was told this had cured the problem, however my system still crashes with the bluescreen problem. I have asked for a refund or replacement, but they now want to send technicians out to replace parts on the machine which is still less than 3 months old. I feel I am within rights to request a replacement or refund as the machine is clearly not of satisfactory quality as defined by the Sale of Goods Act. I am getting nowhere with Dell and it is seemingly impossible to contact Dell customer services in the UK (they don’t appear to have an email or phone no.) You simply have to speak to scripted call centre people who have no grasp of the legal ramifications. Any ideas what I can do and if I am within rights to claim a replacement or refund??

      • Pete 7 April, 8:07 pm

        What allot of people don’t read up on is the sellers rights.

        They have rights too!!!

        Unfortunately the problems you first had may have been a software problem. software is when you break it down just lines of 1s and 0s and are often not (is this case definitely not) covered by any warranty at all.

        Now that you have hardware problems, dell is exercising its right to repair an item that is over 30 days old.

        Laptops come with a parts and labor warranty that is all.


        (I’m guessing given how long ago your post is you learnt this the hard way, Or got very angry until a manager gave in)

  • Graham 28 March, 10:02 pm

    I was bought a standard def camcorder in november but received it at christmas. I was told in the shop that it was one of the best quality standard def camcorders. My first couple of videos were very grainy, suffered from motion blur and the colour appeared washed out. ive spent 3 months tinkering with on board quality settings and downloading various pc editing software programs but nothing improves the image quality. To be honest, my mobile phone produces similar quality videos.
    Anyway I took the camera back today and was told id have to ring the manufacturer to see if theres a problem with the camera. Thats fine, I dont mind doing that, but i was also told that if there was no problem, and this was just the camera’s normal quality then there was nothing I could do as ive had the camera for 3 months now and should of returned it sooner, despite the fact its of poor quality, not fit for purpose and I feel the sales agent was misleading in his description of the camera. Is there anything I can do?

  • John 21 May, 12:51 pm

    I purchased a complete kitchen for circa 7,000 GBP and had it fitted in September 2010. The kitchen sink (stainless steel)unit very quickly became discoloured witrhin a few months of normal use and began to look dreadful when viewed within the context of a reasonably expensive complete kitchen. I did not expect the sink to deteriorate at all and certainly not within six months of puchase/installation. I have telephoned the supplier and had a very luke warm response -” I chose the unit provided and I had a wide choice of alternatives. This particular unit has a history of this fault” (which wasn’t explained at the time of purchase). Do I have any statutory rights of replacement of these “faulty goods”?

  • John Tapia 9 June, 5:07 pm

    I placed an order for a tailored mens suit. I paid via credit card in the shop whilst I was there.
    On the same day as I placed the order in the shop, I cancelled the order 2 hours later via phone. How quickly should I receive my refund back on to my creidt card?

  • James 9 August, 1:43 pm

    I bought a chrome tail pipe cover for my exhaust from Halfords at Cribbs Causeway in Bristol.

    Before I made the purchase I asked the shop assistant if it doesn’t fit can I have a refund, to which he replied yes of course. So I proceeded with the purchase.

    I didn’t get the opportunity to fit the product after purchase as I was due to go into hospital to have a tumour removed. I was away from home for over a month and went to return the non-fitting product.

    I asked for a cash refund and was told that they needed to refund it back to the card. I didn’t have any cards with me as I was on my way to going back into hospital for a further operation.

    I took the part along with the receipt to a different store near the hospital after my op. They told me there that they would not offer a refund only a gift voucher – which contradicts their own store returns policy.

    It has been a very stressful time in my personal life – Can you tell me what my rights are please? Thanks

  • Steven 15 August, 6:06 pm

    Hello, i purchased a mouse from a shop online and when i received it, it didn’t work as it was meant to (the mouse went opposite directions to what i did, but not 100% of the time (if this makes sense)).

    I sent it back for testing and they said its fine – and telling me that i could be doing this for a number of reasons all of which i tested before i sent it back, under the acts of goods can i return this for refund if it inst work the way i expected?

    (sorry if some of this doesn’t make sense)

    thank you,

  • Paul Grimshaw 27 August, 12:21 am

    I don’t think so. If its been tested by them then its very likely to be an issue with your computers drivers. Make sure your windows updates are done and you visit the manufacturer of the mouse to get any drivers from their support site. Also, check for viruses (using another scanner to the one you have installed).

    Mice are very simple and most will work using just the MS drivers, but not all.


  • John Thurlbeck 3 September, 11:32 am

    I purchased a Kunzite ring from Gems for £199 in December 2010 Over the last 8 months the colour in the gemstone has all but disappeared

    I have only worn this ring a maximum of 6 times and it has always been put into my jewellery box in between times.

    I googled pink kunzite and found out the colour fades when subjected to day light and sunlight. There is no mention of this characteristic during the marketing of the product on TV.

    I have taken this up with Gems however there response is that they do mention that kunzite fades in one of their books.

    What are my rights??

  • b 5 September, 9:48 am

    I purchased some mde to measure blinds that fell, narroly missing my newborn daughters bed. They hav offered to replace the blinds but wont refund them s the company said that they are ‘made to measure’ and therefore cannot be re-sold. I have said that no parent in ther right mind would risk putting another set of blinds up as the same could happen again therefore I would like a refund. They still havent provided a reason for the faulty blinds and keep referring me back to their terms and conditions. Consumer Direct have confirmed that they are in breach of the ‘Sales of goods Act’ and therefore in breach of their contract as they are not of satisfactory quality but do I have to accept the replacement set of blinds? Seems crazy as it means I would have paid for blinds that will just sit here unused as I cannot risk the same happening again especially when my baby sleeps under the window… Aren’t they in breach of some sort of health and safety too? Any help most appreciated

  • a barker 20 September, 8:22 am

    i purchased a acer laptop in dec 2010,came with 3yr acer warrenty, it has been returned to be repaired 5 times, 3 of those in last 2 months,
    personally i would prefer refun and buy elsewhere.

    what are my rights.

    many thx

  • Nicoli 4 November, 12:39 pm

    We supply refurbished laptops to computer shops and occasionally machiens fail. Some of our customers are saying that they get customers demanding a refund as the failure’s within 30 days of purchase from them. We offer warranties with all our products and are happy to honour these but are my customers customers allowed to demand a refund within the 1st 30 days of purchase?

  • Nexus IT Support & Repair 4 November, 1:23 pm

    I would make it clear this unit was never of a satisfactory condition and has taken up your time and you have been patient and trusted them in faith with the repairs. It is your right if the trader did not replace or repair the goods within a reasonable period of time you should be entitled to some or all of your money back depending on the problem.

  • laura maidment 22 November, 11:10 am

    Hi my other half brought my engagement ring from a jewelers, we were kept waiting 2 weeks over the time it would be delivered in to store and now after 2 days of wearing it it has developed deep marks and grooves. It is meant to be palladium (the number in the ring states this as well) but it is meant to be the second hardest metal alongside platinum. She was told this by the clerk that sold it to her. Now we have asked to get it sorted, they said they will try to polish it out otherwise we are stuck with it, is there anyway to get our money back? Its not like weve been rock climbing etc!

  • Cl 6 January, 1:35 am

    I got a HP Pavilion Entertainment PC as a gift of entering univerisity study from my parents middle of September 2010 but it’s not swithcing on starts from August 2011 I sent my laptop to Currys Superstores for repairing purpose. Sadly the factory rang me and claimed that they couldn’t fix my laptop due to lack of this model spare part yet still charging me £50! I’m really not happy with this, never know that a £600 laptop in UK are in so bad quality! what can I do now? Can I complaint to civic centre?

  • marie mineards 31 January, 8:50 pm

    I bought a three piece suite in june 2010 and have had nothing but problems one of the recliner chairs has had work done at least 5 times and now when i ring the store the manager does not return my calls the suite has a 10year guarantee and it has not even lasted 18months what can i do

  • John 19 March, 8:21 pm

    I recently wrote to Comet, As i have a LCD Tv that has developed a fault. According to the internet it is well known that this fault has cost the american market over a $100,000,000 to fix , The Tv is 55mths old and appears to have a faulty capacitor. This meaning the TV will no longer turn on, I asked them for a Free of charge repair as I believe I am covered by the Sale of Goods act. The have said no to a free repair . I have advised them if i don;t get this i will proceed with court action.They are just not interested they just sau i should have purchased a extended warranty. Any advice anyone

  • Simon Williams 22 March, 2:50 pm

    I bought a set of car roof bars from a main dealer at the same time I bought my new car. When I got home and fitted them for the first time I could not lock one of the ends, the lock spun round and would not lock at all. Also unfortunately I lost one of the two plastic locking keys that secures each of the four end sections of the bars. I went back to the dealer williang to buy a replacement key have the end section replaced. I was told they could not get another spare key and told me to try Halfords (who could not help) but were able to get another end which I got a month later. Once home I realised the new end had a different lock which could not be operated with my remaining single key. Back to the dealer again who gave me another key which came with the replacement end pack but unfortunately the new end had a different lock to the original set so I now have one key for three ends and another for the fourth end and still no spare keys. I know the set is usable but think it is unsatisfactory as the goods were faulty to begin with and now can not be used as intended. The garage maintain they can do no more and I have contacted the car maker whoes name is on the bar set to be told they can not help . What are my rights and what do you advise. Many Thanks

  • D Smith 27 March, 7:20 am

    I bought a samsung galaxy ii mobile phone from tesco Mobile. It came with no hand book thus vastly reducing my usage abilty. They say I can download the handbook from the samsung website but why should I have to. The deal was that I paid £75.00 and took out a 2 year contract @ £25.00 per month. Can I insist that tesco supply a handbook or can I break the contract and return the phone and get my money back?

    D Smith

  • tracey wiltshire 1 April, 7:31 pm

    i purchased an xbox 360, in october of 2010 for a christmas present in the december 2010, the xbox broke the following year in the september of 2011 and had to be sent away to be fixed, there was a problem with the disk drive, however 6 months down the line the exact same thing has happened and microsoft are telling me that i need to pay a minimum of £62 to send it away to get repaired, as the warranty ran out in january 2012 ( which i wasn,t aware of )as this is a fault with in the xbox am i liable to pay these costs as they have said that there is nothing they can do for me unless i pay the money, the gentleman i spoke to had advised me that i may need to have the xbox exchanged as the same fault had happened again with in 6 months, that was until he realised my warranty had run out, any advice greatly appreciated please, thank you.

  • Margaret McFadden 2 April, 10:24 pm

    I bought glasses from spec savers 6 weeks ago
    the leg broke off as I took them last week. On
    taking them back today I was told it was not a
    manufacturers fault and therefore would need to
    pay for a repair am I entitled to demand a new pair.

  • Pet 20 April, 12:43 pm

    My boyfriend bought me a ring as a present yesterday and I think that he has been grossly overcharged for it.

    I have asked the shop to refund him, but they have refused, saying that there is nothing wrong with the item but offering to exchange it instead.

    I would prefer for him to have his money back – the ring is not worth anything close to what he has paid for it and I woudl feel terrible accepting such an overpriced item.

    What are my statutory rights in this case – i.e. that the ring is worth only a third of what he paid for it?

  • geoff 23 April, 12:55 pm

    we bought some goods over 12 months ago but have just opened the packaging to find that there is a mark on the material. The company is sticking to its 14 days returns policy – do we have any rights

  • Lawrence Ryan 23 April, 2:08 pm

    I have just purchased a brand new car from a main dealer, on first inspection of the car before anyone had sat in it we noticed that the drivers seat was damaged, this was pointed out to the salesman who said he would get his manager to look at it. The manager arrived and said it was expensive to replace and that they may be able to repair it. I asked that the seat was replaced and the reply was that they were unable to do this. Am I within my rights to have the seat replaced

  • James 17 May, 7:14 pm

    I purchased a car stereo through Amazon. The first problem was that occurred was that the cabling was faulty.
    I got in touch with Amazon and they said I had to go direct to the manufacturer to sort out the problem.
    The manufacturer sent out the new part and the stereo worked but when I tried to set up the satnav on the stereo
    It was found the SD card slot that the map software is read from may be faulty. The manufacturer sent out a new card slot but failed to send the PCB that it is meant to be attached to, they have said sorry and they will send the correct part but they want me to open the front of the stereo to replace this new part. They have said they will pay part of the costs for a fitter to install the part but it has already cost me so much to get it installed twice, I am just tired of the whole thing now. I have now asked for a refund but the manufacturer has said that if I return the unit that I will loose money, is this right???.

  • Zecchetti 22 May, 1:09 am


    I bought a webcam online, but the cable has frayed and the item no longer works. It shouldn’t have frayed as I used it normally, however 6 months have passed. I tried to repair the wire myself but couldnt and how the wire is completely broken. What can I do?

    Thanks in advance!

  • suki 5 June, 1:57 pm

    I’ve bought a apple macbook pro in 2009 and the screen is coming away from the casing. Apple turned me away saying it was caused through damage I’ve caused myself but its only been treated with love and respect, I’mean the thing cost 2k!!!
    Because its over a year old and I didn’t take the extended warranty they want me to pay the repair fee, which being a student I really can’t afford. What should I do when I know I’m not the only one who has reported this problem?


  • catherine 1 July, 7:55 pm

    I signed up for the lighter life diet plan, two days ago. The idea is you purchase a months supply of their powdered meals. This is day three and i have spent the most of it in the lavatory (I’ll spare you the details). I phoned them to say that not only were the meals horrible they were not agreeing with me and i would like my money back. I said that I felt the goods were not fit for purpose. They allowed me to cancel the diet plan membership but would only give me £45 of my £140 back. Surely i should get the entire amount back???

  • Jessica 26 July, 8:47 pm

    I bought a pair of pumps from Debenhams on 06.06.12 for my new job which started on 17.06.12. I do not wear them everyday, however when I wore them today I noticed that the front part of the material is starting to tear/bust. Today when I was in store I did not see anything I would like in exchange for the shoes, and the lady informed me that without a receipt I could not get a refund and buy the shoes elsewhere. However, I have my bank statement showing the transaction and it was the only item I bought, therefore showing the full price I paid. Where do I stand? Am I unable to get a refund and purchase shoes elsewhere?

  • Sue Spencer 19 February, 3:29 pm

    I had the misfortune of buying a Hotpoint washer
    dryer. Big mistake. The machine has been replace twice in
    two years and the current model still gives me massive problems. It has been repaired 7 times in the
    last five months!!!
    The Hotpoint engineer suggested another replacement last week however,
    Hotpoint have refused. They are insisting on the engineer virtually rebuilding the washing
    machine which will take him 3 hours to do. Engineer thinks its crazy

    Bottom line avoid Hotpoint.

    I intend to take them to the small claims court

  • Kelly 11 March, 1:10 pm

    I brought a sofa from dfs about a year a half ago it cost £2700 I got 5 years cover on it. Any way one of the seats is really sagging. They came out to fix it. They put more padding in it. And it ended up looking like a sausage one end and still flat the other end. So I called them out again they come out and the man said they put to much foam in so took some out. The next day it was flat again . So I called again they come back out this time telling me they will put some new stuff in. I let them do that. A couple of days later we were back to square one again. This time they had left a big gap in the sofa with big nails stuck out. I was worried that my children might cut there fingers so I called them again. Now they want to put different padding in. I want them to replace my sofa as they assured me that last time I had my sofa padded out it would defiantly work. I would like a new sofa instead of keep coming out trying to fix it and weakening the sofa what r my rights

  • DFS Customer Services 14 March, 10:58 am

    I am sorry to learn you are unhappy with your furniture. I would love to see if I can help so please contact me on 01302 330365 and ask for Matthew Howarth.

    Kind regards

    Customer Service – DFS

  • zem 31 July, 11:46 am

    I have same problem to.Is just two years old my samsung 40″ tv and all in a sudden stop working. There is no power at all.They said there is nothing they can do as there is no extended warranty.The other option they come is to pay in advance £90 just to see it and on top of that I have to pay whatever it comes. They do not even tell the range.

    I am very sad as I paid £450 for just two years.I did not do anything wrong it just stop by itself. No what so ever external interference.

    It is still lying there on the table .Very sad I need help.

  • Zecchetti 3 August, 2:27 pm

    Try invoking the Buying and Selling Act. (google it, not sure of the name). Apparently it has to work for 6 years else is not fit for purpose and seller has to sort it. As for my webcam, they replaced it no questions asked.

  • Helen Wilson 29 October, 8:16 pm

    I would possibly like some advice on a Hoover I bought 2 weeks ago, that has singed and damaged my stair carpet. The Hoover was placed on each stair and moved up to do each stair 12 in total, I contacted the company who have asked me to send it to them and they will carry out an inspection and repair or replace which ever is the cheapest, I want a refund and as the carpets a re only 3 months old, would like them being replaced and refitted, they have told me this process will take 2 weeks, putting me outside the 4 week deadline to get a refund. There are two issues I would like help with, I think the retailer is responsible for the refund as it is under 4 weeks due to e item being faith, but do I have to send the Hoover to be inspected to get my carpets replaced by the manufacturer or is it that the retailer pays for the carpets to be replaced. I have noticed on the Internet that one lady send the Hoover back only to find that they repaired it and also said that their was nothing wrong with it to avoid paying the damage cost. How can I avoid this happening to me if at all

  • MO Preston 30 November, 2:56 am

    I have bought a made to measure curtain from Laura Ashley and upon receipt of goods I have discovered that the curtains have a seam right in the middle of the panel. I was furious and rang them up straight away and explained that for 1 piece of curtain costing me £265, I expect an excellent quality of curtain (considering I didn’t but it cheap either) not some hideous looking one because of the seam. The explanation they gave me as to why there is a seam in the middle of the panel was because the width of my curtain is 119cm and the fabric width they use is around about 130cm and that in order for them to make my curtain they would have to sew 2 fabrics together, hence the ugly hideous seam across the curtain which affects greatly how it looks and how the curtain drops. I said to them that have I known they will put a seam across the curtain, I would not place the order. No one in the store have put this into my attention when I was paying for it and I was told that I should have asked specifically the question – “would there be a seam across the curtain?” What I did ask was if it’s possible to have my curtains done in the size that I want in 1 piece and they said ” yes of course, it will be beautiful…” As I’m not a curtain maker hence I went to get it done professionally – I shouldn’t be expected to know what relevant questions to ask when buying made to measure curtains! I’m appalled with their lack of customer service even after speaking to a director I didn’t get anywhere! I was constantly being told that there was no fault to the curtain and I kept saying there is because from my point of view I shouldn’t and didn’t expect a seam in the middle of a silk gold dupion curtain! All they told me was they could refund 75% of the cost as a gesture but they couldn’t do anymore than that. I don’t believe and feel that they have resolved the issue to its best as I expect that I shouldn’t suffer any financial loss as a result of their misselling. I explained that because I bought it from them and not from a cheaper home made to measure retailer, I expect a higher level of customer service and excellent quality products. I asked for a rebate on the product but they also said no. What is my right on this, could someone help? Many thanks.

  • Tanya Burley 1 July, 9:13 pm

    I bought an iPhone 4S 18 months ago via my service provider (Vodafone). It had a 12 month warranty that has now expired. Approximately 3 months ago the wifi button stopped working. It stayed grey and could not be switched on. I took it to the Apple store and they explained that it is a problem with the hardware (the wifi component is unable to connect – it is built to last indefinitely). I was assured this was not due to any damage or anything I may have done, it’s just one of those things that can sometimes happen, that it is unlikely the fault can be fixed and so a new phone will be required. I was told that as I bought the phone through Vodafone, my statutory rights lies with them, which I know is correct.

    When I spoke to Vodafone and explained the above, they told me my warranty had expired and they would have to charge me to fix or replace the phone. I re-iterated my statutory rights under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and that this overrides any warranty. I explained that they sold me a phone of unsatisfactory quality, in that the wifi component should have lasted indefinitely and it failed after 18 months, showing a lack of durability. I explained they were legally obliged to fix it, replace it or refund the difference. I quoted sections from the Act to support what I was saying. They refused to accept it, re-iterating over again that it was out of warranty and they could not help.

    I told them they were being misleading and I had my statutory rights but they refused to accept it. I then told them, as they refused to help, that they were in breach of contract and I had a right to cancel. They told me I could not do that and I would be charged over £200 for the remainder of the term. I was told if I had a problem, to write to their head office.

    I would like to know where I stand legally. If I am correct in what I say then how do I escalate this and what authority can I complain to? I just want a new phone or my current one fixed.

    Many thanks for any help you can give me.

  • Captain Apple 11 November, 12:21 pm

    i recently purchased a bespoke kitchen from a local company. contract was drawn up back in July, deposit paid and installation date set to September end. we had to move the date twice due to unforeseen circumstances but made these in good time, at a minimum 2 weeks before set date. the company wanted to move installation date a week before set date to start of november.

    the company stated they have had issues with their suppliers with regards to the hood, doors and worktop but insisted they would be resolved. they have installed most of the kitchen but it remains incomplete for 2 weeks.

    communication is very poor as regards status updates for missing items. email sent and phone message left, but no response.

    where do i stand.

  • Jan Williams 15 November, 11:46 am

    We bought a Smeg combination oven and microwave just under 2 years ago paying £844 for it now we have just found out the circuit board has burnt and fused out in several places is this acceptable after such a shirt time

  • melva 5 December, 10:21 pm

    Is there a law in Maryland that states a business must replace a TV if they do not repair the
    TV that stopped working 2 months after purchased within 30 days?

  • gary 23 December, 10:42 am

    I purchased a beko fridge freezer back early November and it moos quite loudly and regularly, its like being in a cattle market. I contacted beko who sent an independent engineer to assess it, he agreed it was the worst noise he ever heard from a fridge freezer. That was back on the 3rd of December and im still waiting for beko to contact me to resolve the issue.
    I would like some advice on my rights before I phone them later to get an answer on what is happening but I have a feeling beko will try to see me off.
    Thanks in advance

  • lizzie 12 January, 10:43 am

    bought a cooker in store from currys, the cooker was delivered 3 days before xmas. The cooker was damaged considerably, bashed, paint missing, the lid unhinged and the cut out button completely missing. The cooker was now out of stock. Currys removed the damaged cooker on 23rd dec. I was left without a cooker for 7 days. Is there anything I can do/claim form currys? they offered to loan me a steamer!!!!

  • Toni sharlott 13 February, 9:57 pm

    Hi I recently paid a garage over €2000 to repair my car, I gave this car garage 3oppertunities to remedy the defects and it’s still not right. In the process of this I had a loan car from them and I was involved in an accident and the loan car was wrote off, I contacted my insurance and followed up on a claim to reimburse the garage, the garage communicated with my insurance behind my back and decided to seize my car and not return it to me, I asked them to show me how they can legally do this but they have failed to do so they simply lie and tell me they can, to be honest there word is not good enough for me and Id like to know can anybody shine some light on this for me, I went to the garage and talked sense to the service manager and he agreed he was wrong and returned my car but they had my car for 10days in there garage and where refusing me my property because there was a simple and straight forward delay in paper work for my insurance are they entitled to do this as I never signed anything giving them permission to seize my car in any circumstances

  • Nicola 13 March, 4:04 pm

    I’ve brought a Harris tweed bed from barker and stone house which was made to order that took 13 weeks. In the shop they didn’t have a bed as a sample to look at but did have a chair made up in the material and same design as the bed I ordered.

    The bed has come very poorly made. Looks like it been thrown together altho I’ve waited 13 weeks for it to be made! The chair in the shop material was well stitched and material was tight. My bed has come and material loose and baggy. Doesn’t have folds where it should have and pattern doesn’t follow suit, as the chair in the shop was perfectly made. If I know the bed looked like this I wouldn’t of brought it. Where do I stand? The shop are saying the faults are in the manefacture defect so basically they think it’s fine!!

  • DAVID HARNESS 27 March, 8:54 pm


  • Don 28 May, 10:21 pm

    I bought an iPhone 1 year & 8 months ago. I have kept it in pristine condition. As noted by Apple Genius’ & not a scratch can be found.
    The product due to a suspected faulty mould has a warped frame & this doesn’t enable the screen to sit right causing it to loosen over time & malfunction. I have paid for 1 repair but i am sure this is likely to happen again due to the frame.
    Apple & o2 have sent me back & forth & now i have confirmation from Apple it is likely a manufacturing fault o2 have admitted that they can send it off but Apple will never pay the 3rd party repairer for the damage & i will be sent a bill.
    Apparently this is one of his stores biggest issues & he has never seen a successful case in this situation (he estimated 150 cases)
    I have confirmation it is likely to be a manufacturing fault from an Apple store on paper & on top of this the phone shows no other possible cause of damage. This is the “proof” i have to as i know i am burdened can anybody guide me to an stronger proof i can gather? Estimated high end phone lifespans etc that will hopefully support my case?
    Any other advice is also welcome.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Amani 12 June, 12:49 pm

    My Uncle bought some bin ends of wine for his shop and some of them were off. The supplier said that the chance you take when buying bin ends. I am not so sure.

    They has offered him some compensation but not all of his money back. What are his rights?

  • claire harris 3 August, 4:44 pm

    I bought a cooker from an online company 4 weeks ago, I complained after 2 days because of excessive smoking from the oven, I was told that they were unable to return the item because it had been installed, I was asked to give it a few more weeks to see if the problem resolved itself, it hasn’t. Also the sealant around the hob is faulty, it has come away from the rim. I have made a further complaint, requesting the cooker is returned and to issue me with a credit note so I can order a different cooker. Can they object to my request?

  • Jill 12 October, 8:55 pm

    Hi, I placed an order for a leather corner unit – cost £3000 – with a high street store in the first week of January 2015. This was delivered in May, only to find the corner unit was damaged. Sent the whole lot back with the delivery men and agreed to accept the us damaged pieces in June 15 as we were sitting on deck chairs. The store gave a guarantee by e-mail that if the repair wa not satisfactorily completed on the 5th piece we could have a full refund. Kept on enquiringly and was constantly assured the repair would be done next week. Eventually took delivery of said repaired piece 5/10/15. We are now happy with suite. What we are not happy with however is this has taken 9 months from placing the order to get use of this item. Are we entitled to apply for compensation? Thank you

  • jester 21 October, 8:33 am

    We bought textiles from b&q. and then the tiler was laying almost half of the textiles in our kitchen floor when he noticed that almost half of what we bought (the textiles) was different in size and thickness from the previous one but all same designs, to think that we order all same textiles from b&q, so we went to b&q, asking for what to do because clearly we put our trust on them , then we were told that what we have gotten(it is what they gave us) was a mix of old stock and new one ( which they were the one who delivered it to us). half of the old one was already fixed in our kitchen floor and there is no way to take it out . it will be another 120 pounds or or more payment for the tiler and all they said is that its the tilers whom to blame because if he is a professional tiler then he should have checked it. but hey! where did it came from. its from them right? they are the one who should have checked it ! quality control jeez! so we asked what to do? they said that we can take the textiles out from the floor because it is still wet and bring it to them even if its with mud or something and that they are goin to replace it with a new one. but clearly that is just nothing compared to our agony! we have to pay another day for the tiler, another work. what do you think we should do?

  • Jane Bevan 10 November, 6:20 pm

    I am trying to help my mother who had a grant for a stairlift but the lift breaks down a lot and leaves her stranded half way up the stairs on a very narrow turn she is 90 years old and quite frail.The company always repair the lift but I feel it should be replaced as she has had to call the engineers out about 17 times is three years please can you advise me of her rights

  • Bruce Parker 7 January, 5:56 pm

    Hi…I bought some wine recently through Mighty Deals. The price was much reduced for the case, some 60% they claimed, to only £30.00. It duly arrived and on opening a bottle I found it to be completely undrinkable. I tried another bottle thinking the first might be ‘bad’ but to my horror the second was the same…it followed the first one straight down the drain! So I contacted customer services and was told that if I sent the remaining bottles back to Spanish I would be given a partial refund…I replied that that would cost more than I spent on the ghastly stuff in the first place! The reply came back saying they could n’t do anything about it. Can you tell me where I stand please?

  • Miss killingback 7 March, 9:31 am

    I bought a sofa from sofaworks I’ve had it about 6 mth and the seat cushions are of poor quality they have replaced them like for like but there still poor quality and I’ve complained to them. But they say nothing more can be done what rights do I have

  • Miriam Overy 21 March, 3:05 pm

    I purchased a reconditioned I phone late June 15 in early November it developed a fault and didn’t hold a charge
    Since that time it has been returned and ‘repaired’ 5 times soon to be 6 times for the same fault
    They have refused to either refund my money or replace the phone which I have not been able to use since November
    There is a guarantee in place and last time the motherboard was replaced so this time when it is returned they will replace the battery for the 4th time
    Do I have any legal right to stop this cycle?

  • James Baxter 27 May, 12:17 pm

    My daughter bought a car from an established car dealer. Prior to purchase a new tyre was agreed as one was flat. En route from picking car up the tyre was flat and assistance was given from passerby. On getting home another tyre went flat, the radio was not working and a noise was coming from air conditioning.
    D we have grounds for cancellation of sale.
    James Baxter

  • maria davis 24 July, 4:07 pm

    Purchased a corner settee from charity shop for £290.00 in April 2016 now its developed spring in seating gone, sagging, which shows unevenness, what advice can you give me please maria

  • Jessica 27 July, 3:17 pm

    i brought a new spare part for my running machine and when i have received it it looks all scratched and has screw marks in it so you can see it has been fitted into a machine before mine. i have questioned this with the company as i believe it looks second hand, the part is internal so cosmetic damage wont be seen and it has fixed my machine but i am worried that it looks second hand so will not last. i have spoken to the company and they have said that they do not sell second hand parts and the screw marks are from where it will have been tested in a machine at the factory to ensure it works. at the very least i think it looks reconditioned should they have told me this up front? and do i have the right to insist on them sending me a part that looks new? would be very grateful for any advise you can give

  • Neil Gough 18 November, 8:17 am

    We have bought a sofa costing over 5k and recently delivered after a 4 months wait. We ordered a five piece sofa and 5 piece came but there was no arm on the chaise lounge which was missing. The sofa is light in weight and does not look a quality sofa for the amount of money spent. It has what looks like veneered feet with white cotton showing through and cotton that needs cutting off in two places. There is a tear underneath the sofa and the staples are visible underneath and look badly done. The company have offered to put this right and have said the arm comes separately making this then a 6 piece and this has since been found. We are not happy with the quality of such an expensive sofa that needs repairs. We did pay part of it in a Visa card. The company are saying we cannot return it and visa are saying to get an independent report and then for us to return it by recorded delivery to the company. The company said if we move it now we are liable for any damage, yet when the chaise was missing they instructed us to take the sofa apart to find the code underneath.
    Any advice on recommended independent reports as the company have offered to send and independent person who is on their payroll.
    Neil Gough

  • Steven 10 April, 2:00 pm

    I bought a customised football kit on with my clubs logo, however on receiving the goods i am not happy with the look of the customisation. Is there anything i can do as the company are saying that the goods have been checked their end and they are happy with this?