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Durability is another recent addition to the definition of quality. How long should a dishwasher or a vacuum cleaner or a printer last? This is a very common source of complaint and one which manufacturers were always quick to turn back on the consumer, requiring them to provide proof that the item did not conform to contract specification from the start, or implying an element of misuse or neglect. Thanks to the new European Regulations, UK law now offers greater protection for consumers against products which develop faults within the first 6 months. The assumption is now that if it breaks down within this time period it cannot have conformed to the contract specification when purchased and you have the right to an automatic repair or replacement. Having said this, items which should last several years can still break down after this six month period. If the retailer or manufacturer’s warranty has run out, the shop is often quick to say there is nothing they can do before attempting to sell you an extended warranty. This is misleading. If you buy something which should last 7 years but breaks down after a year and a day, you can still claim it was of poor quality in reference to the durability aspect. In this respect it will help to know how long items such as washing machines or printers should last. You can get this information relevant trade association

I can’t get spares

It could be that due to the discontinuation of something you have recently bought, you can no longer get your hands on spare parts, rendering it un-fixable. Unfortunately there is no legal obligation for a manufacturer in this regard, although there are some trade associations who require their members to ensure products are not rendered useless due to the absence of spare parts.

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  • Sarah Leetham 29 December, 2:29 pm

    Thank you for your full and comprehensive advice for the return of damaged items bought on the internet. I recently bought a Transformer OPTIMUS PRIME toy and it was clear once opened that this had already been returned. As a result there were no batteries in the toy and some of the parts were broken. I asked for a new one from the distibutors via Amazon and they made the assumption that I caused the damage. I was really upset by this as all I ever wanter was a toy for my son which was not scratched and damaged the moment he opened it. I believe I have a right to a new replacement toy or my money back. Please could you confirm this so I have the confidence to return without feeling I have done something wrong.


    Sarah Leetham

  • Catriona 31 December, 12:55 pm

    Sarah, the time you had possession of the item before notifying the supplier of the problem should be testament to the fact that the damage hasn’t been caused by you. Under Sale of Goods, you can rightly claim that you haven’t ‘taken possession’ of the goods and are seeking to reject them. Additionally, for damage spotted within the first 6 months, it is for the supplier to prove that the goods conformed with the contract at the point at which they were supplied – and not you to prove that you didn’t cause the damage. You have the right to a replacement or a refund without having to foot any additional postage costs yourself.

  • Isaac E 10 March, 6:57 pm

    I bought a pentax digital SLR for around £600 in mid august of 2008. Yesterday it developed a fault where it would not read memory cards. After searching on the internet and on forums i find that it is a common fault which can happen at any time, and that a repair costs around £200. On the “repairs” slip there is even a tick box for this problem. This leads me to assume that this is a fault which exists in pentax cameras and that it has nothing to do with wear and tear or any fault on my part. After 18 months am i still covered? Should it go to the manufacturer or to the retailer?


    • Steven 30 April, 11:06 am

      I am having a ver similar issue with a canon camera. 12month manufacture warranty and after 14 months it started displaying issues. An engineer said the main circuit board needs replaced and the issue is an electronic failure not maltreatment. Cost £200 for a camera that cost me £400.

      I would be interested to know the best course of action for this.

      Note// I raised a complaint with Canon to cover/supplement the repair cost and am awaiting a response. Simultaneously raised a complaint with the retailer to see if they will repair free of charge, also awaiting a response.

      • Steven 6 December, 2:01 am

        PS. My issue was resolved by contacting the store i purchased the camera from. 1 year manufacturing gurantee had passed so Canon could not help and advised i contact the store as they are responsible under trades act. As it happened Dixons were excellent and repaired teh camera free of charge. I guess it does pay to go with big responsible retailers rather than the cheaper online stores sometimes…

  • Graham 14 March, 1:40 pm


    My wife bought me a samsung digital camera for my 50th birthday from Argos, she bought it in January 2009, and gave it to me on my birthday 22nd February, it broke on 3rd March 2010. My wife took it back to Argos who have refused to help and referred her to the manufacturer, the camera has a 2year manufacturers guarantee, unfortunately they aren’t open today, where do we stand on this.

    Many Thanks

  • Emma 29 March, 8:01 pm

    I wrote to a stores head office as I had bought a watch as a christmas gift 2009 and it broke in Feb 2010, the store refused to exchange it as I’h had it for more than 28 days. I used the letter template requesting a response within 14 days. I have not had a response, what do I do now?

  • Lizabeth 30 March, 4:08 pm

    I brought a Beko washing machine from a mail order company last June (09). Unfortunately it broke down last sunday, got an engineer out today who has said that the motor has burn’t out. I spoke to the company that i brought it from and they advised they won’t replace this and i will have to wait for repair. I asked how long they thought a reasonable time was and they responded with 14 days from when the engineer firs attended. He has advised me that i shouldn’t expect to get the machine repaired until a week on Friday because of the bank holiday.

    I feel if he product has already broken that it is not fit for purpose and would like a replacement. They have refused, even though i have exceptional cicumstaces (I have contagious skin disease were by so as not to infect anyone i have to wash my bedding and towels daily).

    However they are saying i must allow them 14 working days? is this correct or is it 14 days from point of breakdown

  • Lee 4 April, 4:50 pm

    I purchased a slow cooker from Argos on the 22nd nov 2009, the slow cooker it now not heating up on the lowest setting, am i withion my rights to return the product to Argos under the sale of good s act and what can i expect them to do

  • JANINE CRANE 9 April, 3:42 am


    • Gwyneth 26 June, 1:37 pm

      I have a 47in LG television with no seems to be a very common fault.It is 18month old and basically currys are not interested other than me throwing another £95 away to see if there is a manufacturing fault.the tv is a basic one costing £429 and this is expensive viewing for this short seems to be very difficult to apply statutory rights and sale of goods act.

  • A 12 April, 3:12 pm

    I have some headphones which I have had for 18 months. These came with a manufacturer warrenty of 24 months. I sent these back to the seller, who informed me that the headphones were indeed faulty and not damaged due to wear and tear. They offered me less than half the original cost; as the model is no longer stocked – claiming I’ve had 18 months use out of them. I insisted that I should be provided with an equilivant replacement or a full refund (or at least a resonable offer). Am I correct? Also if I am, what can I do to progress this further?

  • Phil Lawson 7 June, 12:33 pm

    My current mobile phone is on contract from Vodaphone over 2 years. The shop I got it from tried telling me that only the first 12 months would be covered by the manufacturers guarantee, and that for peace of mind I should take out and extended guarantee to cover the 2nd year.
    I pointed out that the Sale of Goods Act would automatically cover me for the 2nd year, as the contract was for two years and that the phone should be expected to function correctly over the whole two years, baring accidental damage.
    I also stated that as the seller, any fault that developed in the 2nd year of the contract would be their responsibility, and that replacement or repair costs would be down to them.
    I was told this was not the case, and that the act only covered the cost of replacement parts, not the postage or labour charges, which can easily reach 200 pounds or more.
    I still think that in any contract with a shop, the goods they supply should be in working order for the duration of the contract, and that they would be liable for any repair costs.
    Who is right? Me or the shop?

  • Sam 24 June, 9:32 pm

    I bought a PS3 in March 2008, it has just stopped working with the infamous ‘yellow light of death’. I bought it online and it cost me £310 so I expected it to last much longer than 2 years. I am unsure who to contact, should it be Sony or the website which I purchased it from but is it even worth it considering it is over a year old? Any information would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

    • Sharpman 28 July, 12:59 am

      Have a look at these links on you tube for your problem with your ps3. may save you some dosh.

    • Chris 30 September, 2:30 pm

      I am having the same dilemma – how did you resolve yours?

      • Sam 7 November, 3:23 pm

        Hi mate, well I emailed the that it was out of order and so on and I expected them to repair or replace it. They replied and said without a manufacturing report they were unable to give a full refund but would pay half the repair costs (£66) as a ‘gesture of goodwill’. So since I had already sent my Ps3 to be fixed I couldn’t get my report so I accepted the offer and got a refurbished Ps3 for £66 which wasn’t to bad although the first one they sent me was awful as the fans were far to loud so they sent me another one and thankfully i’ve had no problems with this one. I’d email the company and just state the sale of goods act and request some type of compensation. Hope this helps.

  • paul allen 19 July, 12:25 pm

    I brought a television from littlewoods home shopping in September 2008 it has know broken down with the sound converter going.littlewoods say i should contact manufacture they say i should contact littlewoods.Who is right ?

  • Brian Prangnell 11 August, 12:44 pm

    I purchased a 19inch TV from Currys on the 15/11/2007 the dvd player stopped working just after 1 year and now the tv does not work. Have taken it back to Currys but they were not very helpful and said this model was no longer made what are my rights regarding this Brian

  • Richard Giles 20 August, 3:26 pm

    I purchased an American style Samsung Fridge / Freezer in March 2008 costing a little under a £ 1000.00 from Tesco Home Shopping and after fusing my whole house electricity system the engineer has told me that it now needs a new Consumer Unit at a cost of nearly £ 300.00. Is it unreasonable to expect a product of this price and quality to last more than two years, what are my rights regarding this under the Sale of Goods act?

    • enya 3 May, 3:01 pm

      I have similar problem, how long should a fridge freezer last? I bought mine six years ago, it is still brand new looking but has suddenly packed up.I tested the powerpoint, changed the fuse but it still doesnt work, all my food went off. Beko want to charge me £58 call out plus VAT etc. What do you think? Regards

      • Steve 8 September, 3:48 am

        Be realistic for goodness sakes! 6 years ago??? And you’re seriously thinking the manufacturer should fork out for products they built 6 years ago??? Which planet do you live on exactly?? If they were liable for those kind of durations they would all go bust overnight.

        I bet you’re the sort of person who would complain your clutch failed after 6 years ans expect a replacement paid for by the garage you bought it from!

  • ste 21 September, 1:51 pm

    i bought an xbox 360 back in 2006 and it broke after the first 8 months xbox then “repaired” the console but did not renew the 3 year warenty now the warenty has expired and they refuse to fix it without costing me, i dont know how long an xbox should last but surely it should last longer than 3 years after repair?

  • christinep 11 October, 4:21 pm

    Hi i bought a pushchair from a reputable company on the 12 sept 10 but on several occassions it has tipped over with my 8mth old baby in it. I had no bags on the bag it just seemed to lose balance. The shop has checked it and said there is nothing wrong with it. Im frightened that as my baby gets bigger and moving around alot more that the problem will get worse and that she could hurt her head. Is there anything I can do.

    • Chris 29 July, 9:37 pm

      After six months you have the obligation to show them the fault at least. If they honestly can’t see the fault, then to them there is no reason to take it from you. On the other hand i would just take it back though it’s a little one at the end of the day but it will be down to their discretion

  • kane 7 December, 9:45 pm

    i brought a backpack and it was nylon and ripped after a week with they exchange it for me as i still have receipt????

  • geoff 2 January, 8:19 pm

    This is all well and good but try acting on these laws you get nowhere ? My samsung monitor was built with an inherent fault (bad capacitors)i have emailed samsung and the retailer and they have both basically told me to get lost.

  • melanie 5 January, 2:26 pm

    I bought a pair of school trousers from a JR Fashion on the 11th Novemeber and they have fallen apart at the seams, I tried to return them but thay stated that all goods are only gauranteed for 28 days and this is the case in all clothes shops. My daughter only wore the trousers about five times as the christmas break was inbetween buying them and she was also off school poorly for a week. The “management” were incredibly rude to me and my daughter and although the trousers were relatively cheap …£11.99 i want to take this further but as they are an independent shop am not sure which route to take? can anyone advise?

  • colin 13 January, 1:18 am

    i bought an LCD tv (toshiba) from ebay in may 2009. and it didnt turn on 3 days ago, i took it to a shop for repair and they said it shouldnt have happened but will cost 230 to be fixed, i payed using paypal so i have a record of the sale, do i have any rights with this

    • Nick 7 February, 10:35 am

      Just googling info on Toshiba TVs breaking outside warranty and found your post, my sons Toshiba has just developed the same fault ie not turning on. It is 2 weeks over the 1yr since I bought it and from some internet searching it is clear this is a regular fault with Toshiba TVs (something to do with the internal power supply) so I am not happy as I have never had a TV fail so soon in fact I have never had a TV die on me before it was thrown away due to being so old and out of date!!! I plan on ringing Toshiba directly and raising hell as 54 weeks is not acceptable lifespan for a £400 TV in my view!

      • Jo 5 July, 11:27 am

        I’ve had the same problem with my toshiba TV just 3 years old – seems the internal power supply is faulty.
        Did you have any luck with Toshiba?

  • Glenda Still 25 January, 3:25 pm

    How do I deal with a defective electrical item, which was delivered new to my door, has developed a fault 2 weeks after purchase, and cannot return it physically to the store, being elderly and partly disabled – the vendor refuses to collect it back for examination and presumed repair; he says the onus is on me to get it back to his shop.

  • sally 12 February, 3:44 pm

    I bought a 3D ventura travel system from mothercare when i was 8 weeks pregnant, but the garantee didn’t start until my due date, i have been using the travel system for 7 months now and at first i thought the pram was amazing, now that my son has started using the pushchair mode, their seems to be all sorts of problems, the brakes don’t work properly, the basket is inaccessible, the handles are very wriggly, the bar in front feels like its goin to snap, the harness straps are to short and i can’t strap baby in properly, the recline and sit up position is extremely difficult to do, it doesn’t fold or erect very good, endless problems that are causing unnecessary stress, am i entitled to a refund from mothercare ?i have 5 months left on the garantee..


  • colette 23 February, 5:01 am

    bought 32in lcd tv from argos june 09 it has stopped working do i have any right to replacement

  • Jeromy Gehrlein 13 March, 7:15 pm

    Xbox Kinect has more distinctive technology using the controller-free Kinect, rendering it all the more frustrating that Microsoft’s own games felt more derivative as opposed to third-party Dance Central. Worse still , one of the most awe-inspiring Kinect game introduced this week, Child of Eden, wasn’t playable, and contains no release date announced.

  • Darren Carter 15 March, 11:14 am

    I purchased a 51 plate Ford Mondeo with 88000 miles from a dealers on the 1st Feb 2011 for £2040 with a 3 month warranty, after only 5 weeks the clutch has started to fail, I tried to get it repaired under the warranty, I was informed it was not covered because it is down to wear and tear and I am looking at having to pay up to £750 to have it replaced.
    I informed the car company and they will not take any respectability for the repairs, and if the clutch breaks it will also damage the gear box which will mean more expense.
    Could you advice me please

  • lisa 11 April, 11:24 am

    I purchased a mirrored bathroom cabinet in July last year. Before Christmas I noticed that the bottom of one of the mirrors, the silver backing was deteriorating. Since then it has got to the point that all the mirrors are deteriorated badly at the bottom.
    To me this seems like a manufacturer fault as a mirror for a bathroom should be more sturdy and should be able to take a bit of moisture. I beleive they should have sealed the edges of the mirror if there was any risk of water damage.
    I have sent photos and details to the online retailer and am waiting for a response.
    As it’s over 6 months, do I have a case?

    • Chris 29 July, 9:45 pm

      Yes if they have given you a 12 month manufacturers guarantee, Then they should replace or refund it. If over 12 months or will be discretionary wether you get the full amount or not, but you have had use, so expect pro rata refund.

  • Emma 5 May, 5:45 pm

    Can anybody advise me or direct me to a website that states how long a laptop should last before either the converter or back light goes?

    Thank you

  • s walker 16 May, 2:40 pm

    I have an Iphone 3gs on 2 year contract with Orange, the phone broke once within it’s 1 year warranty and was replaced, the new phone has now broken but is out of its 90 day warranty and they want 80 pound to repair it yet I have 12 months left on my contract with orange, should orange replace it under the sale of goods act? can you advise on this please?

  • cat 23 May, 5:59 pm

    URGENT: I bought a £200 camera 3 months ago. Since then I have been travelling for 3 months around Asia where my ‘waterproof’ camera breaks the first time in water during the 1st month. I notified the company as soon as it happened. I have just returned and now have no use for the camera which I bought soley for my diving and snorkelling trips in Thailand. I want a refund but the company say they cannot guarantee this, but they can offer repair. Am I still within my rights for a refund?

  • Yotin 24 June, 3:56 pm

    i bought an apple macbook 2-3yrs ago. the battery is swollen and does not work. Looking at similar reports some people got a replacement and others didn’t. This is not fair, with or without a warranty and is just plain wrong. After speaking with two representatives in the technical department I have been told that its a ‘design feature’, not a failure (laughable!). However, possible battery leaks, acid burns and the potential of a fire with these types of batteries make me believe this is a safety issue which Apple have to take seriously. What is your take on this? Should I get a replacement or discount?

    Many Thanks

  • Adam Bonner 26 June, 6:02 pm

    i purchased a Beko american fridge freezer in june 2009 june 2011 it gained a fault lost temperatures in both sides had an engineer out from home serve he said the cooling system had a partial blockage he gassed and un gassed severral times to try to shift it but no good after 4.5 hours he held his hands up and said sorry its had it what i want to know before i go screeming down the phone to BEKO what do you class as a mimimum expected time for a fridge freezer to last without repair 24 months is not what i would call reasonable do i have a case

  • adrian hobson 30 June, 5:04 pm

    i bought a dell inspiron 1110 28th january 2009 and the hard drive failed on it a few days back i gave them a ring and they said that it has just run out of warrenty but it should of lasted a good 5-7 years can i still get it repaired under consumer rights or will i have to pay

    • Pickle 13 September, 10:55 pm

      Go back to your retailer and explain that although the product is outside of the warranty you would expect a laptop to last longer than 18 months and ask them what they are prepared to do for you.

      If the retailer or manufacturer’s warranty has run out, the shop is often quick to say there is nothing they can do but if you buy something which should last longer but breaks down after a year and a day, you can still claim it was of poor quality in reference to the durability aspect.

      Its worth a go

  • Hodge 18 August, 7:02 pm

    To offer some reassurance, I was bought an underwater digital camera from Amazon. I received it on the last day of a holiday, and it worked fine for the day or so it was in use. A problem started to make itself apparent on its next use, 6 months later, but it was over a year before I realised it was a fault with the camera draining batteries, not my choice of battery. After discovering this was an inherent fault in this camera, I requested a refund around 18 months after purchase.
    I had to put up a fight, as Amazon initially used the “out of warranty” argument, and stuck to their guns, but after citing the relevant section of the sale of goods act, they finally accepted responsibility and gave us a full refund.
    It now seems I have a similar fight on my hands, as our 52in plasma TV has developed a blue vertical stripe down the right side of the screen 20 months after purchase.
    My advice is:
    Approach the vendor…. they have the legal responsibility .. NOT the manufacturer
    Quote the law in writing, and provide the relevant section under which you believe you are entitled… it’s amazing how they change attitude when you show you know the details of the law.
    Stick to your guns, you may have to argue the case a few times to get them to see reason.
    If you fail with polite requests, make it clear you are willing to take the matter further

  • Marie 31 August, 10:50 pm

    They will not replace it until it has been sent off for inspection and wait for the report takes up to 7 days and they decide from their if they will refund or replace the item

  • Marie 31 August, 10:59 pm

    y Partner Purchased a Panasonic 42 inch Plasma Tv from Kays catalogue November 2008, costing £699. And has been used as an occasional tv as its been in our bedroom so doesnt get a lot of use. I was in bed watching Cartoons with my daughter this morning (31-08-11) when the tv suddenly switched off for no apparent reason. I unplugged the tv from the socket and plugged in another electrical item which worked on the same socket. Plugged Tv back in and still doesnt work. It doesnt power up at all. Upon looking on the internet this evening there seems too be a common fault with the PSU’s in these Tvs. A very strong worded letter has been sent (recorded delivery) to Panasonic. As this will cost a cpl of hundered of pounds too get fixed…providing parts are still available. I would have thought a Tv would last a lot longer than two yrs.

  • JS 16 September, 6:27 pm

    I purchased a pre-registered nearly new Mazda 3 with a 3 year warranty from a franchised dealer. The car was serviced regularly by a franchised dealer. After the expiry of the warranty and less than 2000 miles after the latest annual service, the engine ceased due to timing belt failure (more precisely – failure of the tensioner). I was lucky to escape a potentially fatal accident on frozen roads. The whole engine had to be replaced at the cost of £3,626. Mazda Motors UK contributed only 35% as a goodwill gesture for having full service history with their own franchised dealers.

    Issues: timing belt replacement is due at 150 000 miles or 10 years. My car was only 27 000 miles, just over 4 years old. The cause of failure is not in dispute, but Mazda refuses to accept liability as the car was out of warranty.
    An expert from Gates confirmed that the timing belt and components must last at least the stipulated mileage and years and beyond.

    Section 14, Sale of Goods Act 1979 stipulates that goods must be of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose, which includes an element of durability. Clearly, my car was not durable enough to last beyond 27 000 miles and way too short of the expected 150k miles for the timing belt life. A car is expected to last for several years, not just for the duration of the warranty.

    Mazda Motors UK have been very arrogant in dealing with my complaint.

    Some 2000 miles after the engine replacement, the starter of the car failed. The dealer quoted me £300 after supposed discount of 35%. It is likely that the starter failed following taking it off the old engine and putting it on the new one and jostling it in the process.

    Previous break down: the vehicle’s turbo charger failed at 22 months. It took Mazda 2 full months to replace (simple swap of turbo chargers which takes a couple of hours) and longer than that to do ‘investigation’ on the matter.

    Solicitors have advised on taking legal action against Mazda.

    Could any one relay similar experience and what was the outcome of your court case?

  • Suprised 22 September, 9:43 pm

    I have been looking on the web for some concrete advice about how long certain goods are expected to last. Came here and found it odd to see how many questions are being posted considering the hardly any answers are given 🙂 whats the point……

    • Tony 22 September, 9:46 pm

      Most questions have been answered in other replies

  • dennis 24 September, 12:27 pm

    My son was bought a MGP Nitro Extreme scooter for his birthday in July, after about 4 weeks the Flex fender(brake lever) snapped, so we contact shop who was very sorry, bring it back in and we will replace, due to spares etc with their supplier it took 7 days to get it back.Well this morning the replacement has snapped!!, can we ask for a refund on the scooter as we feel that these flex fenders will fail every 4 weeks. Many thanks

  • Tom 25 October, 2:52 pm

    I have more or less the same problem. . .
    I purchased a Beko washing machine from a Tesco last year. Its now 20 months old and has gone past its guarantee. It packed in last month and I have contacted Tescos, who kindly offered me £62 as a kind gesture payment. But as i stressed. A washing machine is a necessity, I would like a repair or the equivalent machine replacement. This is the second time I have purchased this machine from Tesco . I will definitely not buy another major household appliance from them again as iv been left disheartened by the operatives. . . I contacted consumer direct and was instructed that I am entitled to a repair, if this is not possible im then entitled to a replacement like for like . [atleast i think thats what he said] buying a replacement machine would be such a task for me. Im on a fixed low income so its just impossible.

  • Aya 26 October, 9:52 pm

    I bought a Macbook pro from an Apple store a little over two years ago. Yesterday, completely out of the blue, computer crashes and won’t start up. Took it to the Apple store for repair, and was told that the hard drive needs replacing, and that it would cost around £135. Left it with them. They told me 24 hours, but heard from them within the hour that it was ready for collection, and so I will be able to pick it up tomorrow (yay!). Granted they did it very quickly. I was wondering if the hard drive would come under the “not fit for purpose” category? Surely a hard drive in a laptop that I paid near £1000 for should last more than two years? Any help would be much appreciated!

  • Aya 26 October, 9:58 pm

    Also should probably point out that I am not a heavy user. Just a laptop for home. Bit of browsing, few spreadsheets here and there, nothing excessive.

    • trickygj 26 October, 11:38 pm


      Problem is 2 years is fairly long for that sort of item. At the end of the day it wasn’t a catostropic failure, it was a less than £100 part(taking away labour)of a £1000 machine. If the whole machine was scrap then maybe you would have an argument.

  • DrMarcus 1 November, 10:05 pm

    Hi, I have had my iphone 4 a little over 14 months and recently the home button has started to stick and has become unresponsive. I took the phone to my local Apple store where i had an appointment at the genius bar. The team member told me that as i was out of warranty (by 2 months) and that i’d have to pay £120ish pounds for a new one. I explained that i haven’t had the time to get to the store as my work can take me out of the country for several weeks at a time. He then told me that there was nothing wrong with the phone and all i had to do was push harder on the button. He was the rudest, smuggest person i’ve ever encountered. I’ve searched Apple website to make a complaint but cannot find an address. Is there anything i can do to resolve this. Is this a case or durability. Thanks

  • Gerrie 3 November, 1:37 pm

    I bought a highsleeper bunk bed for my son fron Next as he has a very small room and it gives him extra floor space! I ordered it from them as their furniture generally is of good quality. I ordered it in Dec 2010 and it was delivered in jan 2011. The spars on the side have now snapped from where they were welded together. Can I complain and request a replacement? It’s now a very dangerous bed as he can roll right off from the top bunk.
    I think they should be able to with stand a lot more weight against it than what they actually have!

  • andrea 8 November, 8:11 am

    I bought a Siemans combi microwave oven 2 years ago for £800 and there is now a large amount rust within the main compartment, the fan at the top is very rusty and I am concerned that rust will fall into the food as it is cooking….

    I had purchased an extended warranty which was offered by General Electric and they came to view the oven yesterday and I was told it was my fault as if there is any steam in the oven after use I should always clean it. There is absolutely no mention of this in the isntruction booklet in fact, the cleaning recommended in the book is using the ovens pyrotechnic self-cleaning which is excellant and there is no need for manual cleaning.

    The engineer said it was the worst case he had seen but the extended warranty does not cover rust and my only option was to take it up with Siemans.

    I believe that the oven is not fit for use and is in fact dangerous as rust can fall into the food as it is cooking. Do I have a case to demand a replacement oven from Siemans?

  • Ellen 5 December, 7:41 pm

    I have bought two ipods from apple, one which is now 2 years old and another which is 1 and a half years old both are now broken the products were cared for and looked after very well! apple says i can pay to have them fixed but they want half the money i payed for them. when i bought both ipods i thought they would last longer. Am I wrong or do i have any rights?

  • JS 6 December, 12:42 pm

    Ellen, you have consumer rights. For one, EU regulations state that all goods should last for minimum of 2 years. This covers your second ipod. Otherwise you can rely on Sales of Goods act, that an ipod is meant to last for good several years, rather that just 2, so go ahead, complain to apple, if not Small Claims Court. Good luck! If you need assistance, post a request here. I will ask the moderators to allow you to contact me, if they would agree.

  • Rich 6 December, 1:28 pm

    My sister bought a Christmas tree in October of 2010 and it worked ok for the festive season. It was stored properly in its box in a cupboard with all the other Christmas trimmings of which all other things work. The tree has come out of the box and won’t light up. After an email to the company they replied and said that there was nothing they could do as its out of warranty. Surely it being a Christmas tree, not constantly used and only out of its box one month a year, this would come under the category of ‘Not fit for purpose’? Could someone give me some advice please as its the festive season and she wants to get this sorted while she can. Thank you in advance :o)

  • Sarah 9 December, 2:49 am

    I have a IPhone 4 with a 2 year contract and am 16months through the contract. The phones lower speaker has stopped working so when i make or recieve calls the other person cant hear me. From forums other people are having this issue and Apple wont do anything. I have a cover on it and have looked after it and not dropped it. I want to fight them under the sales of goods act as I would expect it to last more than 2 years and if its a fault not me damaging it then they should fix it for free should they not???? Please help

  • Glenda Still 19 December, 12:29 am

    I purchased a TV and VCR/DVD from Tesco 2 years ago and had nothing but trouble for some months; mainly the two items periodically “refused” to communicate with each other. I took the items back to the store twice, to no avail. “Expert” grandsons failed to identify and fix the problem, so I got out what the family calls my “asbestos notepaper”, (guaranteed not to catch fire no matter how hot under the collar I get), and wrote a very stiff letter to the Company Chairman (name, head office address etc. obtained on the web); lo and behold a veritable football team of engineers arrived on the doortep 3 days later, and the offending equipment was replaced, installed and tested to satisfaction within 3 working days! Try it sometime; nothing gets a backward company on its toes like a phone call from the chairman!!

  • Bolton Appliances 22 December, 4:22 pm

    I have the same issue with Sarah on my iPhone. I’ved owned many appliances and my speaker has broken. Apple obviously claim that it isn’t covered in their warranty. Typical!

  • Michelle 26 December, 12:13 am

    Have exactly the same problem with my Iphone – microphone broke at 15 months on a two year contract!! Trying to fight Orange on the ‘not fit for purpose’ clause – if anyone could help me with this argument it would be much appreciated.

  • Caroline 30 December, 9:58 pm

    I purchased an HP Printer from Comet on 31/10/10. By the start of October 2011 it had stopped loading paper, so I took it into my local store on 22/10/11 and was told that it would be replaced and ready for collection on 08/11, as confirmed on the returns paperwork.
    I phoned the store on 8th Nov to confirm that the new printer was ready only to be told that it was out of stock at HP but they’ll keep me updated. The store called me again the next day to apologise that they hadn’t sent my proof of purcchase to HP so there would be a further delay of 7 working days. When I asked why I was initially told it was out of stock, they were unable to give me a satsifactory explanation.
    The new pritner took a further 10 days to arrive. When I got it home it was badly scratched on top and upon asking the store if it was a reconditioned printer rather than a new one, they had to phone HP who confirmed that it was reconditioned, which I find wholly unacceptable.
    They arranged for a further replacement from HP which again arrived after 10 days, and whilst it is still not perfect cosmetically, it is better than the first one. However, the 2nd replacement won’t even power on.
    As this has now been going on for over 2 months, I would expect to be entitled to a refund. Can someone advise on this please?

  • Chris Hendry 3 January, 9:56 pm

    I bought my girlfriend a pair of £200 Ugg Boots almost exactly two years ago and now a 1 inch split in the suede right next to a seam down the back has appeared. She doesn’t wear them much and they are in almost pristine condition and so, although two years is perhaps a long time for footwear, it must be a manufacturing fault. She as another pair that are over 5 years old and pretty tatty but they have no splits or tears like this one. Do you think I stand a chance taking them back to the shop and asking for them to be replaced under the sale of goods act? These are supposed to be top quality and should be expected to last – especially given the very limited use they’ve had.

  • karly smith 7 January, 2:50 pm

    I have an alba 32 inch HD ready tv that I bought in 2009 from argos, the tv turns on a works fine for about 3 minutes and then the picture goes but still has sound, do u think I will have any chance it back and asking them 2 repair or exchange it? I still have the receipt.

  • Ben 10 January, 11:41 am

    Hi, i purchased a nokia e5 from Phones4u and when the keypad decided to malfunction (through no fault of my own), i took it back looking to get it replaced. P4U told me i was 3 weeks over the warranty and that i would need to take out a new contract with a new phone in order to sort out the issue. This has led to a £175 buy out of the phone which i have just received the bill for, and on top of that the new phone ive got is meant to be £26 a month and im getting billed up to £45 a month even though i am not over using what im allowed to use. I can resolve the monthly bills myself but is there any way to get this £175 charge stopped?

  • Kelly 16 January, 11:19 am

    I bought a double oven from B & Q late 2006. Last week the bottom oven has stopped working. After paying over £600 pound for the oven alone, i expected it to last longer than it has. Am i entitled to a replacement or repair costs?

  • fiona 25 January, 9:39 am

    hi kelly, please let me know if you have any luck with your problem as i am having the same trouble with a stoves double oven, i have been in touch with stoves, who at the moment have passed my email on to the service dept,(3 wks ago) i’m not sure how long ovens are supposed to last for but neither of our ovens were a cheaper purchase so i do expect them to have lasted longer than a few years (oct 07 for mine), thanks fiona

  • edward alderson 16 February, 12:06 pm

    i had a new kitchen fitted some 9 years ago. The vynly is peeling off , I have been in touch with the company who do not want to know.What can I do.

  • james 20 February, 8:48 pm

    Edward I would just let it go, a kitchen surface lasting 9 years is durable enough. The latest you could ever get money back is 6 years

  • Paula 7 March, 3:32 pm

    I bought a kindle just over a year ago and the screen has frozen when you go to their website this is a known problem as they have “quick fixes” this did not work for me and as it is out of its year warranty they want me to pay £40 for a replacement – almost 50% of the price of a new more advanced model. I was just wondering as this is a known problem should they not still cover this despite it being out of warranty?

  • Iain Coleman 19 March, 12:06 am

    I purchased a Slingbox Classic 4 and a half years ago. The hardware is fully functional and I have been using it with my Mac computer for some time now.

    Sling Media have decided to deliberately remove support for Mac users to use this box – forcing customers to purchase a new unit even though there is nothing wrong with the one I have, it’s the company that have rendered the unit useless to me.

    So what do I do with what was a perfectly serviceable piece of equipment? Throw it away? – That’s not too friendly to the environment, or my pocket!

    And what’s to say I buy one of the current models now, and they stop support for it soon after?

    I’d like to know where I stand with this one, the company are not easy to contact either.

  • Neil 19 March, 6:08 pm

    We bought a new washing machine online on 22nd Jan 2012, the first time we used it there was a leak and had it replaced. It has again started to pour water (from a different place). Am I entitled to a replacement (unfit for purpose/short length of time we have had it) or do I have to accept a repair


  • W6eva 6 April, 3:52 pm

    Bought a MacBook air nov 2010 – for hubby, used for 20 mins each evening tops
    Looks like new
    So just 4 months out of warranty, keyboard is broken, so unusable
    Apple says they want £165 to replace – manager says we should have
    Paid for extra warranty – can any body advise please on what to do next
    Surely a high end expensive product like apple should last longer
    Help please

  • XNetto 19 April, 11:43 pm

    I bought a sterio from Netto for my sons birthday, 2 years later it stopped playing CDs & the LED failed. Netto refused to replace repair or do anything with it & were utterly officious. I took it to the shop & left it for them to dispose of & after 3 yeears have still never shopped at Netto nor their owners Asda since. Shop owners should note cutomer loalty is a myth & the sale of goods at is usless after 6months.

  • David Langhorne 21 April, 8:44 pm

    We have owned an AEG Competence oven for approx 8 years. The main lining of the oven cracked and we ordered a replacement which was supplied and fitted by an AEG appointed dealer. This replacement lasted less than one year and it was replaced free of charge. This lasted only a few months before we noticed that the lining was cracking in the same place. We contacted AEG and they are declining to do anything as the oven is over a certain age. We replied that the replacement lining is only a few months old and that we are not claiming that the oven is faulty. What are our rights and do replacement parts have a warranty under the sale of goods act ?

  • Colin Wheeler 10 June, 7:02 pm

    I bought an engine for my car, it came with a 6month warranty (or 6,000miles)
    After 8months (6,206miles) the engine packed up, leaving my girlfriend and I stranded in the pitch black and rain, on a dual carriage way for 2 hours while waiting for the our breakdown assistance.

    A representitive from the company told me that it’s out of warranty hard luck.
    I asked to talk to a manager who was conveniently on holiday, but he’ll call me monday.
    I’m sure he is going to say the same thing.

    Surely a Rebuilt second hand engine should last longer than this.
    Cost £810 for engine, £200 for other bits that should be changed at same time (timing chain set, waterpump and thermostat) and £700 labour from an external garage.

    I cannot afford to repair this, leaving us without a car, and her ill Mother lives 60miles away and 20miles from the nearest train station so has made things expensive time consuming and difficult.

    I am looking for advice but not having much luck.
    Any advice would be muchly appreciated?
    Thanks in advance
    Colin & Lauren

  • valerie 12 June, 10:43 pm

    I am having a similar problem with a Hotpoint American style Fridge/Freezer.I was told part was obsolete,now 4 weeks later, they have one in stock. I was told on phone that if they couldn’t supply one in 5 working days from May 23rd, I would have the item replaced by them. I have just been informed by them, that they can fit the part on 18th June. I have had no Fridge/Freezer since May13th!

  • saf afzal 6 July, 8:44 pm

    I have bought a phone from o2 in rochdale 16days ago 2 day and the phone is faulty the store won’t let me return the phone as according to them it’s not faulty. The phone freezes every so often n at times u have to take the battery out to unfreeze it but they won’t allow me to return it as they say they have been told not to allow return after 14days unless they can prove a fault. I have asked them to keep the phone use it for a week and she it does freeze. But they say they womb allow me to return it. Please help

  • Paul B 10 July, 12:35 am

    I bought an iPod for my niece in December 2010 for xmas. In May 2011, less than 18 months it developed a fault, where it would not turn off.

    I told her about her ‘Statutory rights’, but when she called into Apple, they said she could have it repaired for £55.

    I do not think that an iPod should fail 6 months after the 1 year warranty runs out.

    The product has no moving parts, and should last much, much longer than 18 months !!!

    Apple are huge, so where do I stand????

  • Hilary 20 July, 10:00 am

    I brought my daughter a ipod shuffle for Christmas 19 months ago. now the volume down does not work. Apple say buy a new one. Do i have any rights?

  • Mark 25 July, 12:16 am

    I have a 7 week old LG 3D Smart TV which packed up last night. Currys want to repair I want it replaced as its only 7 weeks old, how do I stand. I also know people who have sent goods back to Currys for repair and had second hand goods returned.

  • Marion 20 August, 1:06 pm

    I bought a Hotpoint cooker, costing £530.00 November 2009.
    Two weeks ago the front glass door of the cooker exploded, throwing glass bits over a very wide area. The retailer claims it is out of warranty (how long is a cooker supposed to last then?) but parts are covered for free. To get a new door under the warranty would cost me £120 for the visit! The manufacturer has ignored my letter. What should I do now?

  • Syed 29 August, 11:20 am

    Hi All,

    I have a Whirlpool built in washing machine which has been there since we purchased the (new build) house last year in June. I didn’t get receipts for any of the appliances and unfortunately the washing machine has developed a motor fault.

    It has therefore lasted little over a year and is of course no longer under manufacturers standard warranty. Without receipts, can I use the Sales of Goods Act in order to get the manufacturer to provide a repair or replacement?

    Any help will be appreciated.


  • Keith Williams 29 August, 2:48 pm

    I have a Magimix Kettle that I purchased in 2008. It had a three year warranty that has run out. The lid now fails to stay closed rendering the kettle somewhat useless, I spoke to the manufacturer who acknowledge the problem but take no responsibility other than offering a 25% discount on another identical kettle as they don’t repair them – despite being very expensive kettles. Anyone know how durable an expensive kettle should be? How long it should last?

  • Coral 3 September, 7:40 am

    I have a sofa brought 3years ago and now a spring has come up under one of the seats but not through the leather. I brought it from Harvey’s what can I do about it? As I think a sofa should last longer than that , as I’m at work all day so only using it the evenings and have no children jumping on it.

    • Steve 8 September, 4:04 am

      Maybe you shouldn’t use it as a trampoline then?

  • Julian 4 September, 9:19 pm

    I bought a haglofs waterproof jacket 4 years ago, two years in it starts to wet out, hagloff replaced it. Brilliant I thought, again 2 years later the replacement leaks so spoke to haglofs and again it was returned tested and replaced now this is what I call superb customer service.

  • Nathan 1 November, 6:26 pm

    I recently received a pair of skate shoes from a website called route one, I had these shoes for little more than five hours and they are basically ruined, the material has been worn down to the plastic toe protectors, is there anything I can do about this?
    Many thanks

  • Clare 15 November, 3:23 pm

    I would like to know how I find the trade association related to set top/freeview boxes. My third box from the same company has just died at just 13months old. They are saying that it is out of warranty but my argument is that it should be meant to last longer than 13 months. I see from the advice on here that I might have an argument if I can find out how long such a product is reasonably expected to last. All help is welcomed.

  • Lisa Cooper 12 February, 7:18 pm

    My husband recently fitted a fence for a very strange woman (he is a highly skilled and very reputable handyman). He completed the job to his usual high standard and was paid in full, with no complaints. As he always does, he took a photo of his finished work – he has a portfolio of work he can refer to when advising new customers. Four months later, the customer has quoted the Sale of Goods Act, saying that because some small knots in the wood have fallen out, he is liable for its full repair/replacement. It would appear that she expected the fence to remain in pristine condition, regardless of weather conditions and natural wear and tear (NB – he spoke to his supplier who, when they had finished laughing – explained that periods of very wet/cold weather do have this effect on wood and that it is, indeed, a natural feature of wood). The STRUCTURE of the fence is perfect, let me note. A few knots, as is often the case with wooden products, have been loosened and fallen out. So, we have already sent a very clear letter explaining this and she has responded by erroneously quoting, we feel, the Sale of Goods Act. She now claims that the fence offers no privacy (it does – there are a few tiny holes, where the knots were). And, anyway, a fence is defined as a border between properties or a barrier, which it most certainly is, and what my husband was asked to provide. At no stage did she say she wanted complete and utter privacy (in any case her garden is completely overlooked)- had this been the case he may well have recommended a completely different product – perhaps an electric fence in hindsight lol.
    I understand there are many rogues out there, but my husband is most certainly not one of them – as usual he completed this work to his highest standards and was paid in full by what was, at the time, a satisfied customer, pleased with his workmanship and the look of the product. The fact that this natural product has degraded in a minor way cannot, surely, be his fault.

    Anyway, please do share your thoughts on this as we’re getting quite exasperated – we think the customer is a bit thick, really, and wonder how to proceed…

  • paul 13 February, 7:06 pm

    Hi, What happen? I have a similar-ish problem. Thanks. Paul.

  • JS 14 February, 1:24 pm

    REply to Keith Williams says:
    August 29, 2012 at 2:48 pm

    You cannot expect this kettle to have to be problem free for 5 years. It may last 10+ years, but it is just a kettle, low value goods and if it lasts for 3 years under the warranty, that’s perfect!
    So, don’t waste your time posting questions here and there or complaining to the seller.

  • JS 14 February, 1:29 pm

    Update on JS says:
    September 16, 2011 at 6:27 pm

    ‘I purchased a pre-registered nearly new Mazda 3 with a 3 year warranty from a franchised dealer. ..’

    I took the seller garage to court and won the case. I received all my money along with legal costs.
    Manufacturer was saying that once out of warranty, I was on my own. I proved them wrong! The car was 4 years, 5 months old, but Sales of Goods Act is on the consumer side.
    Do not buy Mazda anyway! Unless you want trouble.

  • Cushion return 15 February, 6:05 pm

    I bought 4 cushion which I have had for a few months, I have used them daily however the padding inside has went flat, which I very dissatisfied about, do I have any rights to return this product.

    • Mags 24 September, 8:21 am

      Did you get anywhere with this as I have same pronlem

  • beverley keenan 4 April, 4:12 pm

    I won a Nexus 7 tablet, after approx 4 weeks and only using it 3-4 times I noticed a crack in the screen, I have looked online and see this seems to be a regular occurrence with the 32gb model. I contacted ASUS and sent them a photo explaining this has not been misused or dropped, I even bought a cover to put it in to protect it, I’m 48 so not a kid, I only kept it at the side of my bed to use as a book. Asus want £35 off me to send it to them for them to look and then will bill me for repair, I have seen online that people have been billed £160 for a new screen, which is almost the cost of a new nexus 7, surely this cannot be right? What can I do?

  • itsbust 5 April, 10:47 am

    Hi, had a Garmin Edge 800 for 16 months, its a GPS training device for use on a bike. Its “designed” to be used outside in the rain, snow etc. It comes with a 12 month warranty.

    It has developed a problem which the manufacturer says is due to water (rain) getting into the system, not surprising due to this wet winter and using it 5 time a week. They want £70 to repair it as it is out of warranty. On forums I notice a lot of people have this same issue with the same manufacturer brush off.

    This to me seems plain wrong and possibly the unit is not fit for purpose. Where3 do I stand? what would you recommend?

  • Kerry Rhodes 17 May, 3:39 pm

    I bought a pair of Dublin River Boots – an equestrian boot for general horsey stuff. After only a month, at the first time of walking across a wet duey field, they both leaked. I spoke to the shop who said they were never sold as waterproof so it was hard luck! I wasn’t very pleased with their response but didn’t know what my rights were. Now, a week after 12 months since the boots were purchased, the stitched at the instep which connects the front half to the heal part of the leather boot has come unstitched too.

    My argument is that they are poor quality and not fit to do “horsey stuff” in. For example while I wouldn’t necessarily expect to stick my foot in a bucket of water and they be dry, I would have thought walking across a wet field in a morning, or hosing down a stable yard would be EXACTLY what you would do in them!

    The shop where I bought them were totally unhelpful. I phoned the manufacturer who also said they were not sold as waterproof so I had no recourse. Re the stitching, they said they do not sell the boot with a warranty as some people wear them lots and they have no idea of the wear and tear exacted on them!

    Can you tell me where I stand legally because it just doesnt seem fair to me that after spending £110 on boots designed for horsey pursuits, I can’t actually use them for anything horsey!

  • Neil 8 July, 8:12 pm

    My Iphone lock button does not work and my warranty ran out a week ago,Apple say its out of warranty but I’m based in the UK,is this the case or can I challenge this.


    • Tony 8 July, 8:17 pm

      The warranty may be out of date but you may be covered by the Sale of Goods Act. How old is it and who did you buy if from?

      • Neil 8 July, 8:28 pm

        Thanks Tony

        A year and a week or so,my daughter bought it in an Apple store in the UK when at UNI,but as she is back home at the moment in the Channel Islands and we don’t have a store here,she is not back the UK till October so in a bit of a pickle,going to try and find the phone number of the UK store she bought it from and see if they can help.

      • Tony 10 July, 10:25 pm

        Apple usually email receipts, also proof of purchase can be a bank or credit card statement. It doesn’t need to be a receipt.

  • Colin 8 July, 8:23 pm

    I’m not sure on the warranty issue
    But if that doesn’t work out, a new button on ebay for an iPhone 4 is £1.75 which comes with fitting kit.
    There are lots of videos on youtube about stripping/rebuilding.
    Don’t attempt until you know it’s definately not covered as it will void any warranty you may have had

  • Neil 11 July, 6:35 am

    Thanks Guys

    Success, daughter has been in touch with the Apple store she bought it from and after some length on the phone, what they have done is extended her warranty till the end of September when she will be back in UK, so then it can be repaired or replaced.

    Happy family again :))

    Again Thanks for your input

  • tom 5 August, 10:35 am

    HI I have a Miele Dishwasher that has broken down after 5 years, they say it will last ten, but hasn’t. I have been presented with t £700 bill, (that they have knocked down to £400)

    Does this seem right?

  • Natalie Edwards 2 September, 10:49 am

    I purchased a parklands cast iron base bench which cost over £300 2-3yrs ago. This bench was advertised to last a life time and they offer memorial plaques to be attached. Last summer I noticed, when re painted the wooden planks for seating, that the paint on the iron wiped off. Not a durable metal paint which you would think would be used. I’ve just complained & the company claim it needs to be repainted, by myself, with a gloss paint that they will supply. I’m obviously not happy as I think they should be painting the bench with the correct paint in the first place. What are my consumer rights as the bench is 2-3yrs old?

  • john mc nally 8 October, 7:22 pm

    i just bought a used car from arnold clarks 4 months ago and it has broken down am i liabel to pay for repairs it was not my fault please help as i am being charged for repairs

  • Vicki 14 October, 8:51 pm

    I brought a brand new VW Beetle in January 2010 on finance and it has been serviced at the VW garage where I brought the car from. My engine light came on and took it to the VW garage I brought it from and they have informed me that the cyndilar head gasket needs to be replaced along wih the values. They have quoted be £2600 and say I have to pay for it as its outside the warranty. The car has done 21000 miles and i have been informed this problem should not occur in a car so young and not done many miles. They have offered to pay 34% as a good will gesture. Does the finance company have any responsibility along with the garage. Please help.

  • Iain 22 November, 1:45 pm

    I have an Insinkerator HC1100 combined boiling/cold water dispenser. it is approx 3.5 yrs old and has just developed a fault which causes shorting out. I suspect this is caused by an internal leak but it is not possible to open the unit to investigate. I contacted Insinkerator and received the standard response that it is out of warranty and they are not prepared to offer any recompense/repair, despite my mentioning the SoGA. How long is it reasonable to expect a unit of this nature to last? Three and a half years of normal domestic use doesn’t seem very long to me. Help/advice please.

  • kevin hobson 25 December, 11:11 am

    I purchased a washing machine that developed a fult just before the warrenty ran out. The manufacturer insected the machine and said everything was OK.

    I called again, as the noise continued, but I was told that the warrenty had now expired, therefore I would have to pay, Unfortunatly, I could not afford to pay out for inspections or repairs, but did say that I fully expected the machine to explode soon. That was in Aug 2013.

    Typically, the machine has today, Christmas day, stopped working, 4 months after the warrenty expired and about 3.5 months after I last spoke to the manufacturer.

    Is there anything I can do?

  • Karen 27 December, 2:23 am

    Hi, at the end of October I bought a dance and sing simba (lion king toy) for my 3yr old boy. This was a “Santa” toy so it was only opened on Christmas morning, it was bought from Argos. I have the box and receipt for it but on the receipt it only has 30day guarantee. The simba toy only talked but didn’t dance or anything like it was supposed to so we changed the batteries which didn’t help then after 10 minutes of talking it completely stopped which has caused a 3yr old some heartache :/ do any of you think that I have a right to bring it back to Argos and get a replacement?

  • Sean kelleher 12 January, 11:32 pm

    I purchased a 60″Samsung TV from currys in February 2013. It looks as through it is trying to come on but won’t. Can I claim a repair or a refund from either currys or samsung. I have the original receipt from currys but didn’t take out their extended warrantee.

  • John Sheridan 11 February, 12:19 pm

    I bought 2 digital showers which were fitted by a well known DIY store in May 2011. They were £320 each. One of them ceased working in December 2013, outside the 2 year gtee. However they advised me about statutory rights and after discussion offered me £200 compensation and refused to go higher.
    It will cost £375 for a new one (which I will have to purchase from Amazon as they no longer stock it) plus £120 to fit it.
    I believe it should have lasted at least 4/5 years and think their offer is insufficient as I will still have to pay a further £295 for a product which has not met expectations. Do you agree?

  • Tony Adamson 11 February, 5:04 pm

    I bought a shed from a local company in summer 2011, which was positioned at the top of the garden. There are no trees or other plants which grow above it. I recently discovered that the felt on the roof has leaked and caused the whole structure of the roof to warp and buckle and as a result this has allowed water to get into the wooden structure of the roof which now needs replacing. I have contacted the manufacturer of the shed and they have flatly refused to repair the roof and have instead offered to charge me for the repair. My point to them is that the roof of a shed, if constructed properly, should last more then 2 1/2 years and I want them to repair it for free. I have quoted the Sales of Goods Act them, especially the durability aspect of this, and they have reiterated that this isn’t their problem.

    In law, what are the options I have?



  • jane whitten 17 February, 10:14 pm

    I brought a very expensive table before christmas from a reputable business. It was made by the designer in Thailand and shipped over by. I noted my concern before I brought the table with the designer, by email to say about change in humidity which he assured me would not cause a problem. Unfortunately, it has begun to split and he has assured me that he will be making me another table top to replace it which I am happy to allow him to do. Will this effect my statutory rights?

  • donna 25 February, 5:05 pm

    I bought a ring from warren James 6months ago and has snapped 3 places with no reason can i take it back to the shop for a replacement or refund ect thanks

  • Hannah 21 May, 7:50 pm

    Hi I bought an iphone 5 about a year ago, the lock button then broke so under apple’s 1 year warranty I got a replacement phone. 4 months after getting this replacement phone it kept rejecting my sim card and saying ‘invalid sim’ and cutting off all my texts and calls. I went to a genius appointment to see if it was my sim card or the actual phone and was told it was the phone, however because replacement phones only get 90 days warranty (which i wasn’t told) , i would have to pay over £200 to have it repaired or for a replacement! Even though this phone is clearly faulty under no fault of mine.

    Surely under the Sales of Goods Act, the phone should last longer than 4 months? I am off back to Apple tomorrow, do I have a good case?

  • mhairi 18 June, 8:22 pm

    I bought a baby high chair from a motherboard outlet store after 3 months one of the safety locks has broken (which stops baby from falling out of it) I am pretty disgusted to find out that they only have 28 day warranty on all of their products. anyone else heard of only getting such a short guarantee on something like this

  • Tina cameron 19 June, 8:46 am

    I brought a whirlpool fridge frezer 4 month ago and it’s needs a defused I have ask for a replacement as i belive it will have prombles whirlpool said they will fix it what are my rights

  • Karen 1 July, 1:05 pm

    Fridge is not fixable after 3yrs 9mths. Warranty is 36mths. Is this fair wear and tear for a domestic fridge? What are my rights?

  • jane seatter 7 July, 11:03 pm

    my laptop has stopped working I got it from Argos in november 2013 are they still responsible?

  • Chris 8 July, 10:08 am

    Hi I rented a cooker and washing machine for two years and the contract ran out, it’s been 3 extra years I’ve paid on top. I’ve had nothing come though about buying it out or anything so was just wondering what alternative I have. Many thanks chris

  • andy 14 July, 9:01 am

    Hi I bought a replacement glass for my woodstove which broke shortly after fitting, the supplier states on the web page that there is no warranty on replacement glass as it can be broken if fitted to tightly, which is outwith there control, they are know not prepared to replace it, how does the sale of goods act help me?

  • Yvonne 12 August, 11:32 am

    I bought a garden table 6weeks ago it’s stated it was durable glass,sat in the garden with my children placed some BBQ food on and the table shattered in to a million pieces do I have rights? Thank you

  • christopher boardman 12 August, 6:51 pm

    I have had a three seater and a two seater leather suite from furniture village 6 years ago the warranty was for five years now part of one of the suites has cracked and peeled only on one of the seats there is no damage on the other suite /and no damage to all of the other ,just in parts. would I be in my rights to contact them about this problem .thank you.

  • debbie 19 September, 3:39 pm

    Washing machine make and model Hoover VISIONDYNAMIC DYNS-7144D1X

    My hoover washing machine broke down on Wednesday the 3rd September. I telephoned customer services and was told that unfortunately no engineer was available until Monday 8th September (a wait of 6 days). I took the day off work on Monday, but no engineer turned up, I rang Tuesday morning (after having made more arrangements to go into work late) and was told that the engineer booked to come to my home had not been in my area and unfortunately the girl who had been working at the customer services on monday had forgotten to ring me to let me know. So another appointment was made for Wednesday 10th September (another full day of work and a wait of 8 days) I then received a phone call from customer services to tell me that the engineer was now off sick and i would have to wait until Monday 15th September (which would have made a wait of 13 days and another day off work). I replied that this was totally unacceptable as i have 5 children who need clean clothes and surely they must have more than 1 engineer. i was then put on hold and they informed me they had found someone to look at my machine from a company called Mullen Domestic (and i am assuming that the engineer is not a trained hoover or candy engineer.) The engineer turned up and told me that several new parts were needed and it would take 7-10 working days for them to arrive and it could be several more days before they could be fitted, which could mean a wait of potentially up to 14 days, taking us up to the 24th September, so a full 3 weeks to have my machine fixed. When i telephoned customer services to complain and asked about a replacement machine as mine is just a year old and this is the second time it has broken down, I was told that because it was no longer under its 12 month guarantee I would have to wait for it to be fixed and as i informed the lady, when i made the initial phone call about the machine on the 3rd September the machine was still under the 12 month warranty. i bought the machine on the 07th September 2013. (I also have an extended warranty). I have spoken to domestic and general who i have my extended warranty with and they have informed me that the time frame for sending out an engineer is 5 days. I have been onto the Hoover website and apparently one of the reasons i should ‘choose’ Hoover is because Nationwide coverage – Regardless of where you live in the UK, we will send an engineer to your home to do the appliance repair on a day that suits you. Unfortunately this did not happen for me. I have had to rely on neighbours to use their washing machines (giving money for electric, which I can ill afford and also the loss of 2 1/2 days pay). phoned the company yesterday who are getting the parts needed and was told the expected date for them to arrive is 29th september, but with that just being the expected date it could also be a few days after that. surely ater 2 breakdowns in less than a year this machine is not and was not fit for purpose. if my parts arrive on the 29th september and i then wait a further 2-3 days for the engineer, it will have taken 29 days to fix this machine. should i accept this or keep pushing for a replacement machine.

  • Christine Roy 22 September, 6:04 pm

    I purchased a kitchen on 11.07.13. The doors are already blowing out of shape, the cooker she will not hold a normal dish, he dishwasher plate holder is broken. It is so bad that we are having to order another kitchen. The rep from the company designed the kitchen so badly that it is so hard to use the microwave in the angle that it is placed. Then sink is already tarnished just by normal use. The kitchen is not fit for purpose. What should I do to get compensation from the company.

  • mark 21 October, 10:33 pm

    I’ve had my hp laptop for three years & the warranty as ran out when I’ve had it look at buy an approved computer repairer he said I’d be better off getting a new one the mother board or something is wrong with. I’m sure after three years my laptop should still be running it won’t even turn on now not happy

  • Lisa 23 October, 12:50 pm

    My citroen ds3 has a severe engine problem 3 and a half mnths out of warranty at only 35,600 miles, they wont pay for this, who can I contact to help me fight this case please, thanks.

  • robin tams 31 October, 8:53 am

    dear sir/madam,ipurchased a laptop from the online hp store I purchased this in 2011 but I did not start to use it until 2012 iregistered the laptop by sending in the receipts but they sent an e-mail saying they only accepted electronic warrenties which I did however after several problems I used up my warrenty iregulary use mcafee I paid £485 to hp and the other day the laptop packed up I spoke to mcafee who said my graphic card had packed up I have underneath the laptop a fan to keep it cool and I regulary clean the air ports I sent an e-mail to hp because I have had tp purchase an other laptop which cost £585 is this fair can I claim under the consumer act of fit for purpose hp is asking me to quote the section for them to act upon

  • monique chapple 5 November, 3:22 pm

    Hi could you please tell me how long a washing machine should last I bought mine 2 months ago & its broken there’s a hole behind the drum the engineer inspected it & couldn’t find any foreign objects in the pump, filter or behind the drum the company have offered to repair it which will take another week it’s already costrich me £15 in going to the launderette I can’t wash by hand as I have fybromyalgia & struggle with normal day to day chores they have told me that I have to accept them repairing it no refund or replacement please help many thanx

  • Rachel 13 November, 9:04 pm


    I purchased a car on finance in August 2013. It is a VW polo 08 plate diesel, which had done 65,000 miles on purchase. When driving last week there was a horrendous knocking sound, and the car sounded three times as loud as normal (anyone with an diesel will understand how much louder this is.) I took it to the garage, and have collected it today after 5 days. There diagnosis is a that the engine is knackered, and I need it replaced at a cost of £3500. This seems ridiculous as the car is only 6 years old, and generally car engines last much longer. The car is only used for work purposes, and the garage have said that it will be £1000 to dismantle the engine to diagnose the actual problem. Has anyone else had a similar experience, or any advice they could shed as I’m not entirely sure what my rights are given the age of the car.

  • robin tams 14 November, 7:51 am

    I purchased a laptop from the hp store in 2011 with 2 yrs warrenty,i unpacked it july 2012 and used it however in October 2014 the graphics card or motherboard ceased to work I have been in contact with hp at first I was given a knock back but I have tried again sent e-mails and the original receipt they have acknowledge and it has been passed to there legal dept they do concede that the graphics card it under warrenty for 6 yrs hopefully they will send me a new laptop

  • robin tams 14 November, 8:14 am

    I am a gas engineer who is 64yrs old and had a heart attack and a partial lung removal I cannot get a job due to the problems I have had,so I trawled the internet for a hgv course next day the hgv training centre and a mr Adrian haggett contacted me and I explained that I had had a class 1 license but I let it lapse in 2008 he then advised me iwould have to take all the courses at a cost of £2748 he took this money and said I would have to have a medical and apply for a provisional license I phoned the dvla and explained a idid not have the paper counterpart to my license they said idid not need one I then mentioned I did have a class 1 license but did not renew ithe looked up my records and said I did not have to take any tests and if the medical was alright the would just renew it I spoke to hgv training centre mr Adrian haggett chief training officer who disputed this and said I had to do the lot so back I went to the dvla and another person said I had grandfather rights and all I had to do was the cpc back to Adrian haggett after several calls I managed to speak to him he was still adamant that I had to do the lot I got back from the dvla that my application was with the medical dept I rang them and they sent a fax to Adrian hagget plus a letter to myself saying I could drive hgv class 1 while waiting for a descision from medical dept I have not been able to contact adrian haggett I spoke to there head office but got no where so I said I wanted a full refund I then sent an e-mail backed up by a recorded letter stating the consumer act 75 and that they gave me misleadind information I went out and purchased a cpc course in stockport for £300 a lady from hvg training phoned me and agreed that they had miled me but they would refund the monies except for the cpc course I was booked into confusion I said I have not recievedany details or e-mail or letter telling me of any courses I am booked onto I said it was unaccepteable and I wanted a full refund your comments please

  • gianluca comune 15 November, 12:45 pm

    I just bought a door and it was installed by an authorised installer. The company and the installer kept repeating that the door is covered by a insurance backed 10 year triple guarantee. After the purchase and installation they sent me the guarantee documents and they have all sorts of limitations and restrictions on it. It turns out that only the wielded frame is guaranteed for 10 years. The uPVC is not covered for discolouring and the moving parts are only covered for 1 year. On the company website they clearly state that the whole door is covered for 10 years and no further details are provided. At the time of purchase I clearly asked if the door was covered for discolouring and I was assured that this was the case otherwise I would have maybe opted for a white door instead of choosing a coloured one. This is clearly a case of mis-selling, what can I do?

  • mary mc farlane 19 November, 11:30 am

    I bought a Toshiba television from Tesco in Glasgow 10 months ago, I still have the recipet which has a years warranty on it, the shop says I have to wait a few days until they get someone out to look at it to see if it can be repaired, is this a fair assessment?..Can I demand that the guarantee be started from the day it is repaired if it is repairable as I don’t want to accept that the guarantee will run out in 2 months time and no come back then?

  • Josn 21 November, 6:29 pm

    my sofa has worn out after two and half years. Should I expect the retailer to repair it free of charge?

  • ray weaver 26 November, 12:03 am

    I bought a 54: Samsung im gutted there are no spares robbing bastards you took my £2000

  • Hugh Sheridan 4 December, 8:32 pm

    My son purchased a 56 plate MX5 in January from Arnold Clark in October the cam shaft split and the cam rod went through the engine block. I have contacted them but they say there is nothing they can do. He also purchased a service and MOT package and they also say that even though he has not used it, it is a nonrefundable package. Where do I stand legally regarding the car etc.

  • garry 21 December, 5:18 pm

    Hi i bought a phone from Tesco’s. July 2014 and it has just broke it wont hold its charge anymore its a Motorola. E unlocked is there anything i can do.

  • Smith 15 January, 6:22 pm

    My son bought a Tablet from HP Uk on line shop. He received the tablet on the 13th november checked that it switched on and that it had no obvious defects and wrapped it as a present for me. I opened it on Chritmas day it worked ok , switched it on the following day the screen went blue and then the machine died. I have been in contact with various departments with HP and the final answer i have from them is that they will only repair the tablet as it was over their 30 days return policy when i contacted them . To get this far I have had to take two afternoons of work and make numerous phone calls which i have been charged premium rates for . what are my rights.

  • becky rowland 19 January, 9:33 am

    Hi enginears recently took my washing machine away for repair 31st december they were waiting for the part to arrive, it was signed for on the 8th. I have been told that the engineers have it in the work shop i dont seem to be getting the ansewers i want. Where do i stand? As i have payed a lot of money for the machine and insurance.

  • ian clarke 22 January, 10:28 am

    hello I purchased a bush cooker from argos 13 months ago and has just stopped working ,I spoke to them and they said its out of warranty,so it is not their problem .can anybody help me as I cant afford to buy a new one.

  • Richie friel 28 January, 10:28 pm

    Hi everyone I bought a iPad Air 14 months ago from very catalogue and it just went off anyway went through proper channel and took it to my local Apple Store they did numerous tests a came to the conclusion it was a hard wear broblem and the best they could do was an out of warranty swap for £259 then followed by a leaflet about consumer act after explaining I wasn’t going to fork out for an iPad i had only had 14 months they insisted I went back rang the catalogue and insisted they replace it quoting consumer act 1974 but all I got in return was we can’t do anything does anybody know where I stand.thanks

  • faye 30 January, 12:00 pm

    hi i brought a pram and i only just started using it and it broke with my 4 month old in it does the company have to change it

  • H turner 1 February, 1:50 pm

    I live in a flat which has a fence around the back garden for which we pay a fee for repairs with the council as it’s a boundary cut a long story short part of the fence(about 25 feet) was repaired and replaced in July last year.during the adverse weather recently it has buckled in the middle and in order to get it fixed before it falls down completely we have been told by the council it is another repair bill.Is it not covered by the sale of goods act?

  • jacqueline 2 February, 7:04 pm

    Hi I bought a two leather settee from littlewoods 2 years ago and all the leather has ripped and also the leather is splitting, this is not down to missuse as I don’t have young children
    Contacted littlewoods and they r saying it’s out of its guarantee and there is nothing they can do.

  • mike 7 February, 11:34 pm

    My son bought us a 40 inch led tv 19 months ago and the picture just went and looks like there is a crack on the inside of the screen, you can’t feel it on the screen. I have contacted lg and they want to know where my son bought it and when but he doesn’t have that credit card anymore as he changed to 0% onr not long after, what are my rights.

  • Gary 11 February, 4:13 pm

    I had a bathroom fitted 14 months ago and within two weeks the grout around one side of the shower was cracking. The builder came back and put some wedges under the bath and rerouted.

    It has now started cracking in the same spot and the bath is noisy again, I have contacted the builder and they have said the bath is correctly fitted and it is the uneven floor that is causing it.

    How do you reccomend I proceed with this before replying to the builder as the previous bathroom suit in the same spot on the same floor never cracked the grouting

  • Janet robinson 14 February, 10:18 am

    My daughter bought a used car on finance from a reputable company she didn’t have it long when she paid 600 pounds for repairs , she’s had it 2 and a half years and she’s taken it back to the same garage for repairs and been told it un repairable does she have any rights surely a 57 car with only 43000 miles on the clock should last longer thank you

  • James Bettenson 14 February, 7:14 pm

    Durability: I purchased a Miele vacuum cleaner 4 years ago. I chose it because it had an excellent reputation but cost a lot more than the run of the mill vacuum. The Miele sales brochure re assured me by it phrases ‘Built to Last 20 years’ and ‘Always Better.’

    However the internal wiring has become defective and it stop/starts. The cost of repair is around £256, mainly for Miele parts. My question is bearing in mind the assurances above and the price (£357) could I still claim the cost of repair. It has had limited use, downstairs only I have another vacuum fo upstairs. It has probably lasted less than a standard vacuum.

  • sue browne 16 March, 1:41 pm

    I bought an ipod through eBay that developed faults after 3 months but the company say they have a 90 day returns policy and eBay say they only have a 28 day returns policy. I have gone down the legal route and bailiffs state the company are no longer at the address I gave. I paid using my debit card. This has been going on for nearly a year now. Is there anything more I can do?

  • rachel 17 March, 4:40 pm

    I bought a beko oven in march last year but I’ve had about 5 repairs as it kept breaking down. And now the warrantys just expired its broken down again. Next said that it doesn’t seem right that many repairs and put me through to someone else who said I’m out of warranty and then put through to beko who said they would repair it again. I refused this repair as this is an ongoing issue and I told them that next said they would try and send me a replacement oven and not that model beko told me to get back in touch with next but I’m not sure they’ll help me as I’m out of warrentl. I wish I’d of never had the thing repaired in the first place I could of asked for a new oven after all these repairs and trusting them I feel a fool. Have I any rights with regards to this I know that this oven will break down again and they keep replacing with cheap parts that break down easily. Surely an oven shouldnt break down that many times in 1 year and last more than a year before things start to break down.

  • kal 17 March, 6:58 pm

    I bought caple products when I did my house up in 2011. The microwave was over £200, and the oven was also expensive. Now both do not work. We did not even use them that often. It has been 4 years and out of warrenty, however I feel the products should last longer. The head office have said they would give me a discount on buying the same product again, but its still expensive, or they said they would supply the spare parts for an electrician to fix. I think I deserve more. Can someone help?

  • Angela 22 March, 8:48 am

    Hi, i bought a jacket in a well known retailer however i have since got a terrible rash from the zip. I tried one on in the shop and it didn’t fit so had to get another one bigger ordered in. I did try it when it arrived but there was no skin irritation at the time, only now on wear. Do i have any right to return this jacket? Thanks

  • robin tams 22 March, 10:19 am

    i bought a portable dvd for my car,it did not work amazon asked me for comments and i replied it did not work they sent me a prepaid envelope and they replaced very quickly,secondly i was given the wrong advice from a hgv training centre after i had paid them nearly £3000 i spoke to consumer rights this page and they told me how to go about it after various e-mails and letters to my bank the company refunded the money,the same happened with a hp laptop i quoted the relevent consumer law the laptop was 3 years old they bent over backwards to help and sent a courier to pick up the laptop and they replaced the pcb and graphics card

  • Katrina 5 April, 11:46 am

    Hello there I brought a cooker from argos a year half ago and it’s decided to stop working. I didn’t take insurance out with it so not sure we’re I stand . Many thx

  • Janet Margaret Patel 8 April, 3:47 pm

    I purchased 4 single beds in August 2014. Within 6 weeks two of the beds broke. The shop I bought them from repaired the beds but now they have broken again & one other looks as if it will break at any moment. Two of the beds are used every night but the other two are only used when we have visitors. There are no young children so they have not been abused what are my rights

  • Helen Morton 8 April, 5:42 pm

    Hi I purchased 2 expensive leather chesterfield sofas, I’ve had them for 20 months and the castor feet are coming away, and I’m sure a part has fallen inside. I’ve contacted the company and they’ve said as these are components it’s not a framework issue and isn’t covered by the 5 year guarantee. I don’t think this is a reasonable length of time to have sofas and them start falling apart. Does anybody know what I can do? Thanks

  • Douglas Mcdougall 30 April, 6:56 pm

    Had a new clutch fitted 7 weeks ago it has slipped and car not working how long should it be garteed for garage said it is not coverd

  • tina ann wallage 6 May, 7:48 am

    my cooker is broken ,I think its the same problem as a year ago ,the element,it is a year and half old ive lost the receipt,what are my rights as they should have all my details on their computer,i bought it from currys

  • Sue Naylor 15 May, 8:16 pm

    i recently bought some shoes from Wynsors.(21.3.15) the have begun to come apart at the sides. Can I take them back and what should Inexpect from the shop.
    Thank you
    Sue N

  • karyn mahood 22 May, 9:29 pm

    Hi there i bought a ring off gemporia last year i have spent alot of money with the company over the space of 3 years … the ring was a dementoid garnet it cost me 299 the 3rd time i wore it a stòne fell out of it … i rang the company up who said theres nothing they can do except give me a jewlers number who can fix it but will charge me ? ???? I said i have spent thousands of pounds with ur company they said so have alot of people

  • dominic 26 May, 9:44 pm

    i nought television from Asia cardiff it’s only 8 months old got no recipte pay cash and they said need a recipte or can’t for nothing bout in which i think we are well with in how right one to available it fixed or replaced? thks dominic

  • Richard Freeman 28 May, 2:02 pm

    UK passport scam!!!! It’s something when your own government paid for by your own taxes commits a scam on the populace. Ten year passport with durability of a well something not very durable. THe new passport with chip has failed after a year. No visual damage, no improper use, no excessive wear and tear but the chip has failed and they blame this on creases and folds I can’t see!!!!

  • sarah 4 June, 12:44 pm

    We purchased a hauck pushchair in august 2014 ready for our arrival in December, within the first 5 months of use its had 3 problems. The hook has fallen out to attach carseat to chassis, although the other side is stuck solid so consider this a fault, we were sent another hook free of charge. Next the break system failed, so the the brakes were permanently on, my partner was able to address this issue to make is work although not as new and without noticing the cap has dropped off the wheel which left me stranded as I saw the wheel roll away with my 5 month old in the pram. All if this was apparently not their problem due to 6 months warrenty being up although it wasn’t used for the the first 4 months after purchase!!! Frustrated is not the word, ive just paid for the new up dated braking system for it and 2 new back wheels in the hope it will last a little longer!

  • Paul Quinn 9 June, 9:17 am

    I purchased a X5 steam mop from Thane tv in August 2014 for £150. On my credit card. I also purchased an extra 2yr warranty.
    After 6mths the boiler stopped working and They sent out a new one. Last week. Upon opening, the new one did not work. They are willing to send out yet a new one. But upon reading all the customer reviews on this product something I should have done before purchase. Every body has experienced the same problems. I asked for a full refund. Which they blatantly refuse. My bank is looking into it for me under section 75.
    The goods are clearly not fit for purpose and Thane tv, do not care about consumer rights. If my bank come back and say I am not entitled to refund but only replacement.
    Is there anything else I can do.
    Thanking you in advance

  • Gordon Hislop 17 June, 6:42 pm

    I have purchased a covert video camera from a Mystery shopping Company. They did give me a one year warranty however, the problem arose just after this.

    The issue is that part of a battery lock has fell off. I am informed that the model has had an issue with this in the past and so the part which was plastic is now metal. I have been advised as it is either wear or tear or misuse it would not have been covered anyway.

    My main argument is that as the battery is charged on the unit it really does not need to come off so it can’t be wear and tear. As its a very simple to use device it is not misuse either.

    I am also concerned that the company do not believe it to be there problem as they say they are only a reseller. My contract is with them. I do not believe the item to be of merchantable quality in the first place.

    The company who give me assignments to perform for them have now refused payments saying the footage quality is blurry. This is because their goods are not performing as they should have.

    What can I do?

  • Chloe 8 July, 9:47 am

    Hi, I brought a pair of trainers three months ago for my daughter to grow into, when she came to wear them one was a size 37 and one a 40. The company said its down to them and basically don’t care. What can I do?

  • Susan curtis 28 July, 8:13 pm

    I recently bought some oak furniture.I told the salesman that it was for our new no point did he say that a conservatory was not a suitable place to put it.he also sold us insurance for it that would cover everything.after being in the conservatory less than a week the table top split open.I rang the company but they won’t do I rang the insurance company.they won’t do anything either as they say it’s the suppliers does say in the abundance of paperwork that it shouldn’t be put in a conservatory.but I have had oak furniture in a conservatory for 15 years before and it never cracked.I think they should sort this out .help

  • david chambers 14 August, 11:07 am

    i had a kitchen fitted by b&q four years ago it is still under guarantee the clock on the cooker is broken can i still get it repaird as the cooker is a belling and they say it is down to them will i have to pay for it

  • Lesley 20 August, 11:07 pm

    We have bought a whirlpool cooker which has broken just after 12 months.. The store wants £120 to look at it as out of guarantee.. I think a cooker should last more than that especially seeing as we probably only use it once a week am I right?

  • paul pullen 8 September, 4:58 pm

    I have bought a small fridge freezer from curry/pc world to have in my sandwich shop. It broke down with 4 weeks. Unable to find my receipt I went into the branch where I bought the item. They found my receipt however told me it needs repairing but I have to take to my home address as its not for the shop. I said I want my money back ?

  • Keith 15 September, 1:14 pm

    Hi. I have a Candy Grand o Evo 8123d washing machine. The machine lost complete power after just 18 months (6 months out of warranty). I argued with Candy on the phone about the machine and all they would do is say it is not their problem and offer me extended warranty. They were incredibly rude and when I said about it not being fit for purpose etc, they told me to speak to retailer if I don’t think it is fit for purpose. I find that very odd seeing as they are the manufacturer of the product! I asked them if they would take responsibility for their poor product to which they did not want to. I then contacted retailer and argued again about it not being of good quality or fit for purpose. I ended up taking out an extended warranty in order to get the machine fixed. It was fixed today within 10 minutes! It turns out, the main computer had packed in completely. Now I feel like going back to Candy to say it is not fit for purpose for a main computer to pack in after 18 months when it has nothing to do with wear and tear generally or misuse. Do I have a leg to stand on? Is there anyway I can argue this? I feel like doing this just to get justice more than anything else to be perfectly honest and for the way that Candy treated me on the phone…disgusting.

    Any advise will be greatly appreciated!! Thank You

  • Sandra green 24 September, 3:30 pm

    It’s jewellery a bracelet that has come apart not broken. I returned it but they returned it back and said only one year guarantee.

  • Jackie honour 6 October, 5:01 pm

    i bought a brand new Zanussi fridge freezer from argos in June 2014, since turning it on it always made a sound but thought nothing of as thought it was normal. After 4 months it decided not to work so we rang argos & they got someone out to have a look & repair it. It worked again. Now it has done the same again I.e chucking stuff out the freezer once again and the fridge because there is a fault. Argos have told us because the warranty was only 12 months we would have to pay to get fixed again (£140) In my opinion I believe I was sold a faulty item from the beginning, this should never have happened after 4 months of purchasing a brand new item in the first place. Can you please give me some advice on this as I feel like Argos are fobbing me off. We paid £300 pound for this fridge which is not cheap. Can you advise me please.

  • yvette 18 October, 11:39 pm

    Hi please can you advise me . my laptop which is a HP and a month out of first year warranty has packed up and all I have now is a black screen .I believe windows 10 upgrade has done this and my laptop is now useless . what can I do if anything please ?

  • Craig 24 October, 7:43 pm

    What are the rules resting to dancing shoes? If the makers suggest that they should last Six months is that the rule to be accepted?

  • colin cowell 8 November, 2:30 pm

    my laptop hard drive has died the pc is 15mths old and is in near perfect condition
    I am trying to find an industry quoted life expectancy if you know where I can find this info I can try to get pc world to repair my pc as it is not fit for purpose.

  • Louise Hindley 9 November, 3:59 pm

    Fortress Alarms UK Ltd came to mend broken electric gates, entry system and burglar alarm last week. By Friday, one of the gates had stopped working again. I paid £180 for this work. When I phoned them to ask that they come back and have another look at the gate they said it would be a separate charge as I had signed that I was happy with the work when they left. I think this is unacceptable but they have told me to go elsewhere to get my gates fixed if I have a problem with this. What rights do I have?

  • kerry 11 November, 9:32 am

    Hi , I purchased a hudl from tesco, which i had to have replaced twice due to different faults as it was under a year old . The one i have is a year & 3weeks old the screen went blank, stopped working i phoned tesco they said it was no longer under guarantee so i asked could it be repaired they said someone would phone back that was two weeks ago ???

  • Willie McKenna 16 November, 9:58 am


  • darren aston 18 November, 10:18 pm

    Hi i brought an lg 47 inch tv on the 09 jan 2014 and its now not working. I didnt purchase a warranty passed the 12 month warranty is there anyway i can still get it fixed. Many thanks

  • Lesley 23 November, 5:48 pm


    I purchased online last December an electronic sensor bin for my son. It has just stopped working. I emailed the company concerned and they said that as it is out of the 14 day returns policy there is nothing I can do. They also mentioned that there is no warranty.

    What, if any, are my rights please

  • Andy Cumberworth 5 December, 1:28 pm

    We bought a Leisure range cooker in spring 2014 for £900 and just three weeks before the manufactures warranty expired the heating element in the main oven failed, Beko the parent company arranged for a firm to come and replace the heating element…now 6 months later it has failed again but we are now out of warranty…where do we stand?

  • Richard Hayward 6 December, 2:25 pm

    In August 2015 I purchased a Neolith worktop, manufactured by Spanish company The Size, from a local company specialising in supply and fit of solid worktops. Despite their promotional videos suggesting the product is virtually indestructible I noticed 2m later that it had developed a hairline crack through the drainer grooves which led to a chip on the edge of the sink cut-out. The supplier and manufacturer claim the damage has been caused by impact damage and as such they are not liable, even though the product comes with a 10-year guarantee – they suggest I claim on my house contents insurance! I have requested they fully inspect it and then show me how the damage would have been caused as it has not been subjected to any form of impact and is clearly faulty. Any advice on how to progress a claim under The Sale of Goods Act 1979 would be appreciated.

  • elwood hall 8 December, 12:16 am

    I took my phone (still under guarantee) to be be repaired/replaced by Tesco, and they’ve lost it – this was 30th August LAST YEAR. I’ve tried endless phone calls to customer services who will only offer me half the cost of replacement ‘ because I had to meet them half way.’ and are continuing to be very awkward and underhand in dealing with my enquiry, so… any ideas out there? 16 months is a long time!!

  • Paula 27 December, 1:02 am

    Could anyone help, had an ideal boiler fitted 2 years ago, broke down Xmas day, this is the second time since fitted, is there anything I can do, as this was fitted on boiler replacement scheme, and the boiler taken out, even though old was reliable, it just seems this boiler is unreliable, and unless serviced every year, you only get 1 years service, and feel this boiler is not fit for purpose, and if anyone else has had similar problem.. Thanks

  • manik 5 January, 11:10 am

    I have an Audi A1 1.6tdi car. A electric valve has failed on the vehicle and it costs over £1000 to repair. This seems to be a very common fault with this car. I have contacted the manufacturer as I believe it is their responsibility to correct this issue? Not fit for purpose. What are my rights on this?

  • manik 7 January, 11:48 pm

    I have an Audi A1 1.6tdi. The EGR valve failed and will cost almost £1000 to repair. It’s only 4 years old. I have read up on this and it seems there are plenty on others out their with the exact same complaint regardless of the age of vehicle. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

  • Rachel batista 16 January, 9:27 am

    I brought an oven from brighthouse and last July it broke beyond repair. A couple of weeks ago they finally told me it couldn’t be repaired. They said they are trying to get me a reconditioned one. Am I entitled to a brand new one? I was still paying for it when it broke. Thanks

  • Andrea 17 January, 4:51 pm

    Hi, I bought a beko fridge freezer in November 2015 for £330 yesterday 16/01/2016 it completely stop working. Thus I have a full freezer of goods which are now defrosted and a £85 shop ( which I did on the 14/01/2016) of products in the fridge no longer in cold conditions. I’ve rung beko and they say the first available appointment for an engineer is 22/01/2016. Therefore I will be without a fridge freezer for a week before anyone looks at it and assuming it can be fixed. What are my rights on a product which is only 2 months old. Can I demand a new replacement? Surely after 2 months use it should not be breaking down unless if was fault at manufacture. Thanks.

  • samantha 27 January, 7:21 am

    I bought a Beko fan cooker a year and two weeks ago so just being out of warranty. Yesterday it stopped working, blowing out cold air and not heating up. I am guessing the element is blown!! My last cooker the same make lasted me 10 years I take care of my items, am I right in thinking my cooker should not break that quickly as Beko are refusing to take fault? TIA

  • Phil Restall 2 February, 11:30 am

    I bought a Garmin edge 1000 (bike computer/gps) from wiggle in June 2014. On 20/01/2016 it automatically shut down and now I cannot switch it on, charge it, reboot it. I spoke to Wiggle who referred me to Garmin. They suggested I try some things which made no difference. I have gone back to them but they are not responding to my emails. The item cost about £380 and I would expect it to last for way more than 18 months. Can you please advise me what my rights are and what I should do next.
    Many thanks
    Phil Restall

  • benice 13 February, 9:45 pm

    Hotpoint oven from currys was installed by them in October 2015. February 12 2016 it now isn’t heating up so cant use it. Please can you help. Kind regards Benice.

  • Carl 18 February, 6:33 pm


    I bought a Belstaff coat in Oct 2014. Yesterday the zip jammed and I took the coat off over my head. Then tried to undo it. Unfortunately it ripped and the zipper is now broken totally and I have a nice rip in the outer part of the coat. Is there anything I can do as John Lewis say take it to a local seamstress as its out of their 12 month guarantee

    Please help

  • Lee Butler 22 February, 7:04 pm

    I purchased a bush washing machine from argos on june 17th 2014! But after 15 months the washing machine is no longer working, was not spinning, but before was making a high pitch noise. I was told by argos i need to get a report, but that seems like they are fogging me off. So i went to a repair company on the 3rd jan 2016, to havd a look at it, so far the bearings has gone & now it is the pressure sensor. It has been 8 weeks so far with 5 vists from 0800repair engineer and my washing machine still has not been repaired. I have changed my shift and work twice, and taken 2 1/2 days unpaid hoping this will be finally fixed. To be honest i gave given up now, it feels like know one cares, dont get a apology from anyone or the inconvience caused to me & amount of money i have losted so far. What do i do now?

  • Christine 24 February, 9:53 pm

    Hi I’d like to know what I can do with my 55 inch blaupunk tv as The TV screen has lines going through it and the guarantee has run out it will be two years old in May got it from Sainsburys just trying to see where I stand as it was a lot of money

  • jeanette 29 February, 4:23 pm

    I bought a computer for nearly £1000 and within 7 months I have taken it back to shop they are looking into it but say once repaired I have only 4 months left on my guarantee but a hard drive is the main component in a computer what’s telling me that it could happen again within another 7months but I will have to pay. Can they issue a new guarantee for the part they have fixed or replaced as they say it should off lasted 4 years not 7 months.

  • sandra 16 March, 7:08 pm

    I bought a hotpoint fridge freezer from currys almost 15 months ago which has now broken. Do I have any consumer rights.

  • Laura 17 March, 2:15 pm

    Hi, I purchased a gas lift ottoman bed 2 years ago and last night it collapsed with me and my husband in it. When we looked the welding had snapped. Where do we stand? As a bed is durable my last bed lasted 16 years.

  • phil jackson 12 April, 2:58 pm

    Do I have 12 months statutory on an LED light bulb?

  • shinu 13 April, 9:17 am

    My door has crashed ks on it , tried to contact the Warrenty company but they say , we are not able to locate the date of purchase in our book. I pro idea them with FENSA certificate but still no reply.
    It’s now nearing 6months. Tried calling them several times but same reply. How do I complaint about this . Only one more year of Warrenty period is left.
    Pls advice me for the same.

  • Lynn Hughes 12 July, 1:09 am

    Bought microwave from
    Next (microwave has next written on it so it Is obviously no
    Disputing it’s is from
    There) about 8 months ago and have no receipt . Microwave is making a
    Noise when left switched on at plug, like an electrical ticking, buzz sort of noise!!?? Doesn’t sound good, just worried will
    Cause fire so keep switched off unless I need to use it… Where do I stand as I only have want to
    Replace?!! Or do I have no rights??

  • David Gillespie 2 August, 11:15 am


    I bought a pair of sunglasses with interchangeable arms just over a year ago and while changing the arms one end of the lens broke. I have only done this a few times since buying them and think that they should stand up to this sort of use. Do you think that I have a case to get them replaced or refunded given that they do not seem fit for the intended purpose?



  • Marina 20 August, 1:13 pm

    What can be done when a fence post has warped so badly one year later it has to be dug out of concrete and replaced? Out of three bought from Wickes, and concreted in place in summer 2015, two have warped, one so badly that the gate cannot shut and the fence panel is falling out. These posts were perfectly straight when installed (checked at the time). It will now cost at least a day’s labour to dismantle the panel and gate, cut through paving and pull the post, let alone buy new post (from another company!) and postcrete. Are we due some compensation for this? Thank you for any advice.

  • david haynes 23 August, 4:48 pm

    my son bought a tv from currys and has taken out a know how insurance.
    the tv has broken down and they can not repair it because they no longer have the parts.
    currys do not have a tv my son want to he wants the money instead, but know how say he can only have a voucher for currys, is this correct legal procedure or is he entitles to a cash insurance payment. I look forward to your reply thamnkyou

  • Sasha 31 August, 6:03 pm

    Ordered a Indesit washing machine which i received on the 2nd of August once used several times. when it’s on the long cycle spin it makes this awful banging knocking sound. Makes this sound when theres heavy items or light items washing machine is never fully loaded and the feet under the washing machine are levelled. An engineer did come out done a test for 10 minutes then found out there’s no fault which the engineer had reported. Since he came out 2 weeks ago there now saying they will send out an engineer but i will have to pay i am still experiencing the same problem. Been told indesit will not take back the washing machine because its been used and theres no fault with it. Orderd this washing machine from a mail order site from grattan is there anyway i could get any advice on what to do. Have been told i can complain to the financial obudsman.

  • Paula 5 September, 5:19 pm

    I purchased a steam generator off eBay Feb 2015 and it broke within six months. The company replaced it and the same problem has re occurred. The company are saying I am out of warranty what are my rights ?

  • Gina 5 September, 11:41 pm

    I bought a surface pro for £1100 16 months ago and it won’t turn on since today. I have tried all of the Internet help topics and those off the Microsoft page. Where do I stand if my 12 month warranty has expired.

  • Avril 3 November, 9:35 am

    I wish we had never gone to the kitchen design company Wren. Two and a half years on and they still have not fixed anything or even provided the right equipment. Endless calls, endless emails, sent photos, yet still they do nothing. Dishwasher broke down within 2 moths. Only last week did we over selves notice why it was leaking. The door has a kink in it! Hence the water damage to the kitchen units. My daughter is totally distressed, we all are. We paid £17,000 from our retirement funds for a dream kitchen, the kitchen every girl would love, our gift to our daughter and her wee family, but all we got was this ongoing nightmare. Definitely don’t go near Wren Kitchens if you want to remain sane. Help us win this battle please

  • Mr Coker 4 November, 4:50 pm

    Good afternoon, can you please help with my problem. On 18/04/16 I bought a Swann Outback Camera which you can put anywhere and record such as wildlife in my garden, hence why I bought it. I bought it online from Laptops direct with an sd card and the total amount which i paid was £105.45 it was advertised as box opened grade A 1 condition. Unfortunately this has stopped working because it will no longer hold the battery charge. I called Swann the manufacturer and they told me to reset it and hopefully that would fix the problem but it hasn’t. I have had several emails in which i have emailed to Swann customer service and they asked me for proof of purchase which i sent them and now they tell me because it was a refurbished product its down to where it was bought. I have looked on their website at it says refurbished items come with a 3 month warranty then you get the option of extending it but i never received any paperwork so i could extend it. I just wanted to know where i stood legally so i don’t get fobbed off when i call them. The item was purchased online with a credit card.
    I would be most grateful if you could email me with your thoughts please.

    Kind Regards
    Mr Coker

  • Lucia coviello 11 November, 10:03 pm

    I bought a bush electric oven and gas hob 2 years ago.. Thermostat went in2015 and has broken again.. Argos said parts aren’t quarented. What do i do?

  • Irene 13 November, 6:35 pm

    The original oil pressure switch supplied within my boiler failed after eight years the geunie replacement part the boiler manufacturer sent to replace this-has failed after eight months.

    Had to have an emergeny weekend call out to repair it due to elderly people in the house.

    Can I chase your them to retrieve the cost. the new part was fitted by a fully qualified heating engineer who is off tech registered.

  • Laurence Scullion 23 November, 10:24 pm

    Have a 5 year old Ford C-Max that has full service history. As of last week my engine broke down with a catastrophic engine failure after 59,000miles on the clock. I have tried to get Ford UK to pay for the large Costs to repair and have been told by the mechanic that there is a potential risk of killing the engine further when investing root cause. Ford Uk keep quoting that it is out of warranty, but I believe a five year old car only clocking up 59,000miles before an engine failure is completely unacceptable. What are my rights exactly in this case? And how can I get Ford UK to listen.

  • Kerry 2 December, 10:58 am

    We had a new Turbo fitted to BMW May2015 – it now turns out he turbo is going again – the supplier our garage has bought it from has stated its outside a 1 year period and nothing they can do.
    The car has had reasonable millage, a full service and is well looked after (we are an old couple – no boy racing certainly not more than I would expect a BMW 3 series tourer to be able to handle)
    I would expect a new turbo to last for more than a year and half and as I have checked a turbo should reasonable last for 90k miles with proper care ( servicing , oil changes ect)
    Any advice anyone if we have a ‘leg to stand on’ to fight this one

  • Maggie 31 December, 8:41 am

    What are my rights I bought a Toshiba tele 2 years ago and it has developed a fault. The catalogue say there is nothing they can do

  • Julie 2 January, 11:54 am

    I bought a bed from Argos in July 2015 it broke in December 2016. Argos say I have to get an independent report from an upholsterer which they say should cost between £15-£20. I have rang around and have been quoted £150.00. I cannot afford this, is there anything else I can do as I think is is reasonable to expect a bed to last longer than 18 months?

  • Larissa Brantuo 5 January, 11:15 pm

    I bought king size mattress for £400 from bankrupt beds on Meanwood Road Leeds. I was informed that it was a quality mattress (Royal palace) so felt happy spending the £400. After 11months the springs were protruding through the mattress so I contacted the company and they were more than happy to change it. The same thing happened again and again and the mattress was replaced. The same thing has happened again for the fourth time. I contacted the company yet again and now they are refusing to replace the mattress this time because I can’t find my receipt. I don’t believe that these mattresses are the real deal (Royal Palace) as stated on the mattress. Would I be able to take this to trading standards? I have bought much cheaper mattresses and they have been much better quality than this one!

  • Tom Bramwell 6 January, 8:34 pm

    I brought a tv in Novemember 2015 comet currys etc, stopped working on 4th of jan 2017, just outside its 12 months warranty. I understand you get what you pay for but this tv was 900 reduced to to 660 pounds! Do i have any rights?… ref durability etc?

  • James houghton 24 January, 11:23 pm

    I bought a plastic box from staples a week ago and i came to use it today and noticed that the bottom corner of the box is all cracked and damaged could i return this as i havent actually used it

  • Kirsty Mainwaring 10 February, 3:22 pm

    Ive had a Samsung phone for around 18 months. The charger port melted and the back of the phone burnt. The camera lens is smashed but surely that has nothing to do with the phone over heating as that happened long before the overheating. Do Samsung have to repair/replace this for me at no extra cost?

  • Mr Dyball 18 February, 9:25 pm

    Got LG tv from yous 2 years ago and just.stoppped working for no reason what do l do about it thank you

  • Teresa Webb 20 March, 12:27 pm

    I recently purchased a new tumble dryer through Whirlpool ( Hotpoint) on the 21st January 2017 , twice now I have had to have an engineer come out to it as it is not heating. Twice it has been repaired ( albeit two different repairs carried out on it) , for it to be repaired and working on Wednesday 15th March 2017 to lasting two days working and again not heating.

    When calling the provider yesterday to ask if this could be replaced, I was told that an engineer has to come out three times before a replacement is considered.

    Now given that I brought this on 21st January and it has already been repaired twice and that I now have to wait another week and half before another engineer comes out I don’t feel this is acceptable. There is clearly an underlying issue with this appliance.

    Purchased on 21st January 2017
    1st Engineer visit 1st March 2017 ( had called the service team out possibly a week before)
    2nd Engineer visit 15th March 2017 ( nearly two weeks waiting for an engineer)
    3rd Visit – due 28th March 2017 ( lasted three days from 15th March 2017)

    On sending a complaint to Whirpool they have told me that as the manufacturer they do hold the right to repair the appliance , but I want to know what rights I have as this level of service is not acceptable.

  • Tj Dunham 18 April, 3:39 pm

    I bought a Bosch brand new Hoover from eBay on the 28th April 2016 it’s packed up,I’ve gone back to the electrical company I purchased it from&they don’t want to know.Am I entitled to a replacement as it was within 12months
    Thanks Tara

  • Andrea 1 May, 11:47 am

    Hi we have a Nissan qashai we bought it nearly 2 years ago , it is 2012 model , and the turbo went on it we have had to replace it costing over £1000 , wanting to know how long should it be good for and last , the car has had all its services and correct ones at right times feel like we bought this car and should of lasted longer than this , has done a lot of miles either is their away of fighting this and getting any help with trying to get money back on a faulty product sold , as surly it should of lasted longer than this for age of car , have written to Nissan customer service and they didn’t even get back to us

  • mia 22 May, 6:00 am

    bought fridge frost beko american for 800 pounds warnty finished it only been two years can i do anything about it bought it from currys

  • Marilyn Croft 30 May, 11:51 am

    Bought a new carpet from united carpets costing £900 for my caravan in January this year. The pile is flat in one of the rooms we don’t use, also they told me it was stain resistant that doesn’t work either and I’m going round each room cleaning by hand, with mild detergent some stains are not coming off. Is there anything I can do.