Is the guarantee worth the paper it’s written on?

In addition to the protection given to consumers by the Sale of Goods Act, manufacturers and retailers will also issue their own guarantees or warranties. The two are basically the same thing so for the purposes of simplicity we will refer to them as warranties. It is a myth that certain products (electrical products for example) automatically come with a 12 month warranty – there is no legal obligation for shops or suppliers to provide them – it is simply to enhance consumer confidence in their product and promote sales. It also provides them with valuable marketing information which is why you will need to register your product by filling in a card with your personal and purchase details in order to activate it.

Warranties are basically a commitment to repair or replace defective parts within a specified time frame (usually 12 months), although beware of any small print requiring the consumer to bear the cost of any shipping, labour etc as this runs contrary to the Sale of Goods Act which states that it is the seller’s (retailer’s) responsibility to ensure the goods are repaired or replaced at no cost, minimum inconvenience and within reasonable time. Previously there was some doubt as to the legal status of such documents, but European regulations have now confirmed that warranties are legally binding contractual obligations between the manufacturer, or retailer and the consumer for the time frame indicated.

The important point about warranties is that they should never seek to replace your rights under the Sale of Goods Act, and even after they have run out, you will still be protected by these statutory rights which can run for up to 6 years after purchase. Furthermore, you should never be referred back to the manufacturer at any point. Your first and only port of call in the event of a claim is always the seller or retailer. For further info on warranties and extended warranties, see our Guide.

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  • Michael 16 January, 9:33 pm

    I bought a Dell laptop in August 2007 and so the warranty ran out in August 2008. The power cable that goes into the back of the laptop has started to break, and they are refusing to replace the power cable and want me to pay £40 for another one.

    Am I right in thinking, that because I paid over £500, have looked after my laptop well, that the cable should last longer than 17 months?? I think I have caught the problem early before it stops powering my laptop (it pretty much stays on the desk!).

    My knowledge of my rights are limited and I have been told by a couple of friends that I should insist Dell send me a new power cable under my statutory rights (which I did), but the manager of the Technical Support has forwarded me on to their legal team and now I have no idea what to do!!

    • amy 26 May, 4:52 pm

      I brought an extended warranty from Dell for my laptop , it now got a fault on a key which they replaced the whole keyboard but the fault on the motherboard they wont solder or repair this because they say its my fault because i have used it over the time and this comes under wear and tear, so the keyboard is not wear and tear which i use each time i turn on my laptop and the mother board adapter connection is wear and tear, they even told me to stick it with tape which is bad advice, to do this i would have to open the laptop up which i am not going to do, i have now sent a letter out to head office in Bracknell to see if they will do the right thing and honour the extended warranty which runs out in 2013, i expect all hardware to be covered even if i use my laptop more often then they would like me to, i use my laptop most days between one to two hours to keep in touch with family and friends , has anyone the same trouble with dell and the extended warranty ??

  • Catriona 19 January, 3:35 pm

    Michael, You are correct, Sale of Goods mentions durability and takes into account the nature of the item, price paid etc. After only 17 months, this cannot be considered wear and tear and you should look to the remedies available to you under the legislation – namely repair, replace, refund – in that order. Dell must foot the bill including postage, parts and labour, although you must allow them the opportunity of examining it first (and you may have to pay initial postage costs to allow them to do this). Go back to the legal team citing S48 Sale of Goods. For more info, see our section on Consumer Rights/Sale of Goods:

  • Michael 19 January, 5:27 pm

    Thank You!!! Dell called this morning, but I had just got back from a night shift, so they will call me tomorrow.


  • Chris 19 February, 5:46 pm


    We bought an Ice Machine for our pun 15 months ago, it came with a 12 month warranty. It has just broken down. The retailer we purchased it from has said that they will not do anything. I have spoken to the manufacturer and they have told us the same thing. However the manufacturer did say that they would expect the machine to last “a good few years.”

    Are we within our rights to demand that the retailer that sold us the item either repair or replace it.


    • Mrs Valerie Newcombe 12 November, 1:14 am

      I ordered on line some items from a seller called Wish,Wish sent some items but they are nothing like the items on their selling page.I rejected it by an e.mail to wish and asked for a prepaid postage label to return the items that arrived Wish did not respond but a company called Klarna said i had to pay them in full as they had already paid Wish for my order and i said to Klarna that items i had not seen before were in the odd little places from China and i did not recognise them.Some pf my items from Wish have not ever arrived and yet Klarna has told me that i have to pay them over £200 and then send all the items back to Wish and ask them to refund the money i have paid to Klarna.Klarna has given my name and details to a debt collector and they have doubled the original amount i should of apparently paid Klarna.This has made me quite ill with worry as i can swear that lots of what i originally thought i was buying from Wish has never arrived and definetly the quality is appalling of the items that have arrived.I still have all the items that i ordered from Wish in the packaging it arrived in as its just not fit for my use.Please help as Klarnas debt agency man is phoning me tomorrow to see what i am doing payment wise.I have told via e mail and phone to Wish,Klarna and their debt collector that items are either damaged,not there and i am terrified as the debt agent Glynn working for Klarna is phoning tomorrow as i must pay him twice what the correct order should have been.If i do not pay them in full tomorrow they say i will just keep getting higher and higher debt amounts.So very afraid now as i dont have a bank account i just have a post office card account that my PIP disability money is put into and it has only £9 in it.Please help as im on anti anxiety medication as it is all that keeps me calmer because of how ill i am with this Parkinsons.This is the first time i have ordered on line and i dont truly understand my legal rights and Wish,Klarna and their agent,s rights also.Thankyou for bothering you twice.x

      • ĹMrs Valerie Newcombe 12 November, 1:23 am

        Sorry but my hand is throbbing so im off to sleep now.Thankyou for all your help.

  • Catriona 21 February, 6:23 pm

    Chris, please look at:
    for more info on this.

  • Matt Price 8 March, 1:19 pm

    I bought an Ei system 1201 laptop from PC World, Merryhill, Dudley in June 2008. At end of January 2009 it would not boot up. I took it back to the shop and they sent it to their Tech Guys for repair. After 4 weeks I have received my laptop back and it now boots up but the keyboard does not work….it was working before. There was a note in with the laptop saying that any manufacturer faults have been rectified however, any faults due to accidental damage such as liquid damage found on your laptop are not covered under the first year manufacurer’s guarantee. I have taken good care of my laptop and know that I have not spilled any liquid on it. Also, when I collected it from the shop they never mentioned that the keyboard was not working they just handed it over and said it was fixed. What are my rights?

  • Catriona 9 March, 3:09 pm

    Matt, Irrespective of any guarantee which is offered, you still have your statutory right to a good quality durable product under Sale of Goods. The keyboard has obviously been affected by the repair and you have the right to get this fixed without additional cost and significant inconvenience. Send it back once again to the retailer, and advise that if there are any further faults you will be seeking a replacement as per your rights under Sale of Goods S. 48. See:
    for more on this

  • Andy 19 February, 5:58 pm

    Hi. Hope I’m posting this in the right place. My parents paid £500 for a LCD televeision 15 months ago from a famous high street electrical chain. It came with a 12 month guarantee. However, in the past month or so, strange “markings” have appeared on the top quarter of the screen, visble when you’re watching any programme. Am I right in deducing that this is not reasonable wear and tear, and that something of that price should last longer than 15 months without developing a defect? I’ve told them they may be able to use the Sale of Good Act to try and get it repaired/replaced? Many thanks for any advice.

  • Bev 24 February, 1:50 pm

    I bought a £70 fountain pen in mid December (it is now 24th February) but the pen is leaking. I am told that they will send the pen away to the manufacturer for repair rather than replacing which could take several weeks. Is this acceptable?

    • Tony 26 February, 1:21 am

      Hi Bev, I am afraid it is. You couldn’t really argue that this causes significant inconvenience. Tony

  • Cheryl 3 April, 10:39 am

    Hi, if a faulty item is replaced within 12 month guarantee period e.g at 9 months old, does the warranty start again at replacement or just until end of original guarantee period? My elderly mother has a TV set top hard drive with nothing but problems. It was eventually replaced but has completely gone again. It was a present so she doesn’t have the original receipt and I am having trouble finding a number/email address for the manufacturer (Thomson)but want to be clear of her rights as it is more than 12 months since the original purchase but within 12 months of the replacement issue. Thanks

  • Barry 3 May, 3:41 pm

    Hi I purchased an LCD Tv from a major supermarket and it has broken down after 20 months. They have offered me a third of it’s cost in compensation but I would like it repaired. It has now been 2 weeks since I first brought it to their attention. What are my rights?

  • Gareth 13 May, 3:03 am

    I used to work for Tesco on the tv department and thier policy was to repair or replace, most of the time we replaced the tv for the same model or another tv model to the cost of your original one if they didnt have that tv in stock, you might just get a better tv than you originally payed for.

    I got my dad a bigger and better model ( from Technika 37″ to lg 40″) andd they got some money back as it was cheaper.

    If you want it repaired than thats what they should do, but the compensation is within thier “rights” just insist on the repair

  • Henry 31 May, 12:38 am

    Hi all!

    My girlfriend has purchased a brand new laptop over a year ago and is now outside the warranty of PC World. However the screen has come out of the casing and is barely being held in place by the plastic remnants of the case, the laptop is also now overheating and causing automatic shutdowns and loss of data and also due to the large amount of heat has melted the charger cable and she had to purchase a new one.

    She is now at her wits end and needs to do a lot of college work, but is unable to do so on such a faulty laptop.None of the damage was caused by her, it was a design flaw that cracked the casing when the lid was closed, and the condition is getting worse each day. She wants to get her money back or at the very least recieve a replacement for her laptop. Can anyone advise me what rights she has in terms of achieveving this and how to go about doing what is needed.

    Thanks everyone, this has been bugging her for a while now and she can’t afford to replace it.

  • jill 6 June, 10:46 pm

    purchased a msi notebook in nov 2009 it has now gone of saying hard disc error iam getting the blue screen and nothing is happening tryed recovery disc but nothing working, ive tryed msi but its an american site its saying need to register before i get advise tryed this but cant has there is no option for britain on the reg site no british contact numbers,ive emailed argos but waiting for reply
    were do i stand with this?

  • Ian T 12 June, 12:31 pm

    I bought a tv for my boy around 16 months ago and it is now not working. I bought this from Argos for around £ 140 who now advise me it is out of warranty and therefore it not their responsibility.
    I understand there is a Durability clause within the Sale of Goods Act which may help me here, would you kindly advise?

    Thanks. Ian

  • Sue 17 June, 10:04 pm


    I purchased a laptop from PC World approx 6-8 weeks ago. However I didnt take out extended warranty or complete the 12 month warranty card. I have now encountered a problem where a large crack has appeared on the screen without any accidental damage occuring. I have since found numerous consumer forums stating that this is a common fault with this make of laptop. (ADVENT).

    Do I have any rights for a repair or exchange?

    Any advice welcome, Thanks.

    • Chris 12 July, 10:44 am

      Sue, I would just take it straight back to PC World. They should repair or replace free of charge.

      • steve 22 July, 12:25 am

        if the screen is cracked this will be classed as accidental damage and not cover under any manufactures
        warranty it MAY be sorted out in store as goodwill (screen do not crack by themselves)

  • Carlos 13 July, 1:41 am


    My sister bought me a panasonic lumix camera for my birthday, it is covered by a 12 month warranty but the zoom has broken after 15 months, for a £250 camera I don’t deem this good enough. I would be more than happy for it to be repaired as I have only used it for a dozen occasions so cud be without it for a reasonable duration, but I don’t expect to pay any fee for repair. What are my rights? I don’t want to rip of the retailer as it is obviously a manafacruring technical fault…. Please help! Many thanks, carlos.

  • karen 14 July, 1:06 pm

    i bought a Lg tv from pc world 19/01/08 it began playing up and was collected for repair 01/07/10 although ive been paying 13.98 a month extra protection on tv and computer since purchase i was informed that i wasnt covered to have another tv to use whilst mine was being returned 10/07/10 ,still not working as it should and tv now getting hot as well!collected this morning told it will be at least 10 days before it is positive that i was told at the time of purchase i would be able to have a tv on loan if ever mine was in for repair.i also have been told by the tech guys that they can take up to 42days to repair this true?

  • Catherine 10 September, 3:38 pm

    I’ve had my platinum ring a year gone july. In February it was all bent out shape – instead of being circular, it went egg shaped, i took it back to the jewellers and it was repaired. just over a month ago i had my hand in my pocket and when i pulled my hand out, the ring must have snagged on my jeans, and the clasp that holds the diamond bent, i took it back to be repaired again and after 4 weeks the jewellers have rang me and said that the people at the repair centre said its my fault that i have applied excessive force to it, so i’ll have to pay for it. I’m not happy about this, i think when you pay over a grand for a ring you expect one thats not gonna bend out of shape every 6 month. Maybe i just expect platinum to be stronger then it actually is. I just wondered, am I expecting to much or am i right to be annoyed? the ring is from H samuel a so called reputable jeweller.I looked on their website and this is what they say about repairs
    “All our repairs are guaranteed for 12 months. Your statutory rights are not affected. This covers workmanship and materials, and applies from the time you collect your repaired item from us.”

  • legal eagle 20 October, 1:15 am

    I recently purchased a set of rear parking sensors which went faulty after approx 20 days. They were fitted by the company I purchased them from via a sub contractor. They picked up water if it rained or it was raining, and beeped out the first stage of the 3 stage warning cycle. I insisted they were replaced and they were.
    About 2 weeks later (The first rainy day) I was reversing when I heard the beeps again. As far as I was aware the sensors were doing their job just fine and it was beeping to alert me of a thin metal fence post behind me. I carried on reversing and the 2nd and 3rd stages of the warning beeping cycle did not happen. I bumped my bumper. I have sent a letter to the MD and requested that I have a full refund and the cost of a repair or a new bumper because of his faulty/defective product. He has responded with a letter from his solicitors saying that it was my negligence in reversing and I should have read the small print on the website and in the manual. I was never given a manual and the website has been updated recently to say “Sensors may not function properly in the wet”. This warning was not there when I placed my original order. where do I stand in relation to recompense for damaged bumped and full refund. His solicitors have said tough basically!

  • Mr Patel 30 November, 1:11 pm

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I recently purchased a new Plasma TV from Curry’s a Panansonic
    TXP50V20B model (paid £1800).

    After 4 months the tv stopped working and blew up.
    The tech guys collected the TV 2 weeks ago and are in the process of fixing the tv.

    The TV is less than 5 months old anbd this has happened. I feel that I am going to get a TV back that is patched up and not really the quality of the TV as it really should have been.

    Can I demand the store to replace my product for a new product?
    The store tell me they have company policy to fix the problem within 28days of having collected the TV.

    I have no idea what they are doing to the TV since colleceting it and feel that waiting for so long without my TV whilst is is taking so long for it to be reparied is not acceptable.

    Please can you advise what I can do about this and what rights I have. Thank you

  • steve 4 January, 4:55 pm

    Hi we had installed a Naypia MK3 gas fire from a company called Global Fires, it was installed by approved person, and the slip was sent to validate the 3 year guarantee. So we thought we have been covered. In the last week the remote control was playing up, we contacted them to see what was up and it seems a part is not working. Although it was installed in Oct 2009 it states that there must be a serving after 12 months after or the guarantee is not valid (they did not send a reminder) which we did not do (as I do not walk around with this info in my head), so now they want to charge us for the serving and the parts as the serving was not done after 12 months, is a guarantee not valid?

    • Tony 28 January, 1:31 am

      Hi Steve,

      Warranties are legally binding. If they have said they received the 3 year warranty card you filled out then they are legally bound to comply with that warranty.

  • Andy 11 January, 5:47 pm

    I purchased a Nikon digital slr D700 in July of 2010.

    in September it started to malfunction. – in that it would not turn off and spike lines started appearing in the LCD screen on the back.

    I took said camera to an Authorised Nikon Repair centre and they had the camera for about 2 weeks. They failed to recreate the problem and basically said as such the camera wasn’t fault.

    I collected it and used it for about 3 weeks. In this time the problem happened 3 times. Each time I caught the problem on video with my iPhone.

    I have now taken the camera back to the nikons main repair centre via Jessops who I brought it from… Along with a link to the video showing the camera clearly not working.

    I’m hoping someone can help me with some questions related to this:, if they take too long or fail again to find the problem, what can I do? I have first had experience and document evidence that this product is falling way short of being fit for purpose. Can I demand a new camera? a refund? Or am I just stuck with 1700pounds worth of camera that does not function correctly at random moments in time?

    Oh an update – just had a call from the people at jessops saying nikon now need the specific memory card I had in the camera when it didn’t work. Problem is this same card (I am not sure which of two it I) are working in my d300s without any issues and if if give these cards to them I am limited to the number of shots i can take. This matter is already losing me work as the faulty camera works in much lower light and was purchased for being able to work in that environment.

    Any thoughts or advice where to go next with this would be greatly received.



    • Tony 28 January, 1:35 am


      If they’ve asked for the specific memory card then give it to them. When diagnosing problems it’s a process of elimination, and they’re not just going to take your word at it.

      If they can’t replicate the fault again get it in writing from them, a copy of the engineers report would be good, and take it back to the store you purchased it from. Show them the video footage of the problem and the engineers report and ask for a replacement camera under the Sale of Goods Act.

  • Mr Roger Bramford 12 February, 1:54 pm

    Hello –

    I bought a Canon Pixma MP550 printer from Tesco, Barhill branch on 25/07/2010. In early February 2011 the machine broke down – not feeding paper (the scanner part still works). I tried re-loading the software disc and have also checked for a paper-jam, but the problem remains. I took the printer back to Tesco Barhill (from where I bought it) on 09/02/2011, and they referred me to a Canon agent in Luton. I spoke to a gentleman at this agent and have been told that I have to post the machine to them for check and repairs, at my expense.

    My argument is this – I bought this machine from TESCO, not some other agent in Luton, and as such I feel that I have complied with the warranty terms by taking it back to the seller, at my expense. I feel that TESCO should handle the problem and send it back to their wholesaler / supplier for repair. After all – I have paid good money to TESCO, (who have derived profit from this sale) and not some other company. Am I correct?

    I would appreciate your comment.

    Many thanks

    Roger Bramford

    • Tony 12 February, 3:58 pm

      Under SOGA you deal direct with Tesco. They regularly fob people off to manufacturers. Go back and tell them that the store they referred you to have said you need to post it to them at your expense. If Tesco aren’t willing to take that cost on then as it’s within 6 months the onus is on them to prove the fault did not exist at the time of sale. You are entitled to either a full refund or a replacement under SOGA.

  • lloyd 3 March, 3:58 pm

    i bought an mp3 player in july last year and it has developed are problen with it and i wanted to send it back. i bought it on ebay from a company in england. when i tried to get an address to send it to i rang them up and they said when i bought the item i agreed to a 3 month seller warranty and as it has taken longer than that i have to deal with the manufacturer. is this correct? i live in the rep ireland if it makes any diffrence. any help is well appreciated.

    • Tony 29 April, 5:57 pm

      Refer to SOGA. You always have to deal with the seller, not the manufacturer. They are trying to fob you off, don’t let them.

  • pat Scott 9 April, 3:09 am

    Help, I am 70 years old and worried about having S.S. forever. I would rather work. I have been took. This is 3 companies on line
    The first was Economic Freedom Inc. Their fee was $9500.00. Then the next day I was told that I couldn’t get my money back because that was advertising. (heck a lot for advertising. Said this was their calling room& they could not give me money back) The next day another called. I told them NO, I didn’t want any more companies
    to owe. The man told me that he could get my money back from the previous company. Well, he tricked me. I called him back after I read his papers & asked them to cancel (a couple hours later & left a message, I called himthen followed next day. Said he wouldn’t cancel. Then the first Economic Freedom said that they couldn’t get Economic Freedom to do the calls, so they were changing companies. They never did that. I first talked in Nov. He even said he was still looking for another company. Then Fidelity Merchants Solutions calleda me. The owner said he didn’t lkie talking religion, but he was & then asked me about mine, even told me that he was the owner & he would like to meet me. He always liked to meet his clients. Even said his company was listed with the Better Bs. Bureau. He said he was real sorry that those other companies cheated me. He would never do that. Boy what a sucker I am. His cost was $15,000.00
    I’ve been told that I was protected thru a credit card because of the number on back. My credit card companies took those companies word, not mine.

    Help. Is there any help for me & what is the rule.

    • Tony 29 April, 5:48 pm

      This website is for UK laws and advice for people in the UK. I’m sorry about your circumstances and I hope you get your money back but you are unlikely to get advice here.

  • Sandy 11 May, 3:39 pm

    Hi, I purchased a dual monitor adapter in October 2010 from Crescent Electronics – 12 month warranty.

    When I came to install the adapter I gave lines on the second monitor, thinking I had done something incorrect I waited for a colleague to come and check it. My colleague was only able to come and check the adapter (by using his own adapter of the same make/model) on my system in April this year. It was then confirmed that the adapter was fault. (I honestly thought I had been doing something wrong and that the adapter was fine, hence no rush to get it sorted, otherwise I would have gone back to them well before last month

    I emailed the online seller and advised them the problem. They emailed and said I needed to speak to the manufacturer, (In America) I therefore referred them to the sale of goods act and that my claims are with them as the seller. They said they would go away and check this. They have today come back and said it has nothing to do with them. I have sent them a copy of the sale of goods act and highlighted the points.

    Am I now able to pursue a claim against the retailer in respect of a refund/exchange of the item? Am I correct in my assumption that under the 12 month warranty they do have a liability to me and should not just dismiss me to the manufacturer in America!

    Thanks, Sandy

  • Anthony 20 August, 1:31 pm

    I purchased an LG 37″ and surround theatre system back in November 2009, costing £578.00 – within 6 months the theatre system broke down and refused to play DVDs, LG happily replaced this for me, however, the replacement that was sent is now doing the same thing – refusing to play DVDs (I have had the 2nd replacement since January 2011). I have contacted Currys, and they tell me it’s general wear and tear, even though the replacement is only 7 months old! LG are refusing to help unless I purchase a extended warranty – I don’t know where to turn with my complaints

    • Tony 20 August, 11:30 pm

      Go back to Currys and tell them that a £578.00 TV should have a reasonable life expectancy, and that after just 8 months wear and tear should not be a problem. Under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 an electrical good of that price could be reasonably expected to last at least 6 years. Demand that they replace the TV under SOGA. If they refuse you need to write a letter to their head office complaining that the staff at the particular store are ignoring your rights under SOGA. It may take some time to get a replacement but you are fully within your rights to get a new TV.

  • jon 8 September, 11:22 am

    i purchased a denon amplifier from superfi may 2010 which was then repaired in november 2010 under guarantee and now the same fault has appeared and now i am out of warranty are they obliged to repair or replace my item free of charge thanks

  • Robert James 27 October, 12:59 pm

    Hi i brought an item in june 2010 which has a two year warranty but has gone faulty and am in the process of returning my question is do i then get a new two year warrnaty from the date i return the item say june 11.

  • Jason 27 December, 5:04 am

    I purchursed a cycle frame that has failed after 6 month use but the company are not relpying to my letters to replace.

    I got the frame from my cycle club, we carried out a group buy. The club got the frames at a trade price. Can I pursue the guy from the cycle club as he is effectively the retailer?

    The manufactor did said me a stand by frame this however is not the same as my old one.

  • lynn 4 February, 6:19 pm


    just a quickie really i bought a pram costing £341 and it has developed a fault i took it back to the shop i bought it from only to be told that the pram only has a 6 month warrenty as its not a travel system (car seat is not included) and the want to charge me for the repair of the item and charge me a carriage fee!

    Ive had the pram for 8 months am i right in thinking that a pram i paid this much for should last longer than 8 months reguardless of the 6 month warrenty?

    Thank you

  • Anon 1 March, 7:40 am

    We had a new double front door fitted in 2008. It came with a 10 year guarantee. We have had problems with locking it,door catching on itself, and lots of wet carpets to dry.
    We have had most of these fixed, after numerous phone calls to chase up and being foobed off with excuses and spoken to in a very unprofessional way.

    We have been trying to get them back in since last year and they said they would come and see what the problem was. This has been promised for over 4 weeks. Only after telephoning again we have been told that the Company has changed one name in it’s title (since June 2010), same address and phone number and that the 10 year guarantee is no longer valid and they not responsible for any more remedial works. Why would we not be informed of this situation within the last 6 months of chasing them and only now.

    Can you please advise if this legal and where do we stand for a repair or is this the way ‘cowboy’ companies get there initial sales, do shoddy work and then move on to there new victims ???


  • mary munro 12 March, 12:26 pm

    I bought a oven from B&Q it was a cata oven it is 9 months old they have been out twice they coming out for a third time I phoned B&Q they have said you only get 45 days to bring it back the after that its up to the manufacter to repair it but the oven is very dangerous it nearly set my kitchen on fire because of the thermsate is not working

  • Tony 28 March, 8:29 pm

    Hi there I purchased a 32inch Luxor TV from asda which included a 12month gaurentee. The tv has now completely stopped working it is only 6months old, the gaurentee states that I have to have all the original packaging and manual which I do not but still have the receipt and remote does this affect my statutory rights? I mean the TV actually exploded and smoke came from the top!

  • wibble 27 April, 2:26 pm

    my son has a ipad which purchased in march from Tesco, few day ago he dropped it and has cracked the screen, is their any chance Tesco will exchange or repair. please can you let me know my rights.

  • Pamela Babinskyj 10 May, 10:12 am

    Brought Delonghi kettle
    Started leaking before 12 month guarantee expired
    sent kettle back to delonghi
    They claim engineer says it has large build up of limescale which is thought to be contributing to the failure
    Therefore they claim they cannot do anything
    The kettle looks like any kettle in a hard water area minor scale only
    Are they within their rights or is this a cop out

  • Andy 26 June, 12:41 am

    I’m thinking of buying a product from Outwell. Just wondered where I stood if the product developed a fault within 12 months and the retailer had stopped trading: Checked web site and is says the following is this right. I am better to pay by credit card to get additional cover..?

    “My product is damaged within warranty but my dealer has closed?”

    We are sorry to hear about your problem relating to our product.
    We do not sell directly to private customers. All warranty issues are to be handled by our dealer network (Sales of Goods Act). Please contact the nearest Outwell dealer and ask them if they will kindly help you due to the circumstance which you are in. Our dealers are not obligated to handle warranty issues which are derived from products bought at another dealer.

    Please bring you proof of purchase, as this is required with all potential warranty issues.

  • tilly 28 June, 10:11 pm

    I purchED replacement kitchen doors with a years gaUrAntee. Since May I ASKED FOR SOME MORE WORK TO BE CARRIED OUT THE PRICE £110 THEY REFUSED TO ACCEPT CASH I lost my temper big TIME AS THEY WILL NOT ACCEPT CASH ON THE FINISH OF THE JOB.. tHIS IS AFTER i PAID THE MAIN BILL mostly IN CASH. Also in May i reported a complaint to them the doors top coat is peelinh off I am still waiting for this job to be done.. I cancelled the order for the £110.

  • İnternetten müzik dinlemek için bu internet sitesine gelin! 12 July, 4:44 pm

    hey there and thanks in your information ? I have certainly picked up something new from proper here. I did on the other hand expertise several technical issues using this site, as I experienced to reload the site many instances prior to I may get it to load correctly. I had been wondering in case your hosting is OK? No longer that I’m complaining, however slow loading instances instances will often have an effect on your placement in google and can damage your quality ranking if ads and marketing with Adwords. Well I’m including this RSS to my e-mail and could look out for a lot extra of your respective interesting content. Make sure you update this again very soon..

  • Anon 6 December, 5:10 pm

    I was wondering if you could help me.

    My mum had bought me a camera (a Canon PowerShot D10 Waterproof Digital camera) from Tesco Direct on the 21/08/11. The camera cost £229.97, as it was a bit pricey my mum also got me the Tesco Warranty Plan for 3 years, costing an extra £49.97. She had bought it in Northern Ireland and got it delivered to her neighbours work address as she was certain someone would be in to accept the delivery.

    In November 2011 my camera began to play up, it kept saying “Please Check the battery pack.” This happened even when the battery had been fully charged.

    I sent the camera off to get fixed in early 2012, I can’t remember how long it took to come back but it was close to 2 months as “it had to get sent to Germany to get fixed”.

    I took it on a holiday of a lifetime in March and it constantly played up, leaving me frustrated and without pictures on several occasions. When I returned I sent the camera back and again Tesco returned the same camera saying they had fixed the problem. I went out that night, the camera had not been fixed. I sent it back immediately.

    I sent a very long email to Tesco’s customer service, explaining how upset and let down I was with the product and asked if there was anything they could do to rectify the situation. I got an email back saying that I had sent my email to the general customer service department and not the IT department and they couldnt help me. I had to keep phoning and pestering people and all I got was another offer to send it away to get fixed again.
    A few weeks later I had a christening and the camera stopped working for most of the day.

    I sent the camera back in early July from my own Scottish address(the guy came and picked it up, where he had picked it up from and delivered it to each time I had sent it back). In September my mum phoned to say that the camera had been delivered to her neighbours OLD place of work. My mum then had to post the camera to me in Scotland. Although this isn’t a big deal, it just shows how poorly Tesco are looking after their customers items.

    The camera has been playing up since I received it this time. Although it works from time to time, the majority of times I turn it on I get the “please change battery” message. I have bought another battery from Canon but this hasn’t changed anything.

    This will be the fourth time I’ll be returning the camera to Tesco and I really don’t want to be palmed off with a “repair” again.
    I have just spoke to one of Tescos advisers about my issue, who advised me to contact the warranty group due to the time scale of my FOURTH complaint. Ispoke to the warranty group and they have advised me that they can only offer a repair as it is my first complaint through them. I am extremely disappointed with the solution offered.
    I don’t see how this can be as I have already had it “repaired” 3 times. I am so upset I won’t have my camera, which we paid more than enough for, for Christmas time. Yet another occassion ruined this year by Tesco and Canon.

    Can you give me any advice on the matter??

  • Linzie 18 May, 1:40 pm

    I bought a tv from asda and the warenty ran put about a month ago, and now my tv has sound but no picture is there anything I can do about taking it back to asda? Seems a bit strange to buy a tv to only last a year surely?

  • claire 17 July, 9:20 am

    We purchased a bath from an online seller. During a house refurbishment. The bath developed a fault (a crack so the product was unusable, after only a couple of months light use) This bath manufacturer promotes 10 year guarantee on their goods. We contacted the seller, who acknowledged the fault and said he would contact the manufacturer. We were told by the vendor that the manufacturer said that it was not their issue. We disputed this with the seller and now he has disappeared we have no contact address only a telephone number. We have been in contact with the manufacturer who have just recently changed the wording on their website for their guarantee stipulating certain requirements for the guarantee to be valid. Since we entered into dispute with them before these changes, can I ask if the original terms of the guarantee still stand?

  • Julie Taylor 19 January, 3:31 pm

    We had wardrobes supplied and fitted in April 2008 with a warranty of 5 years, unfortunately the doors have now discolored. The warranty has now run out but the company have come out to view the wardrobes and acknowledge they have discolored but will not do anything about it. Under the sales of good act we believe we should still be covered for six years is this the case and we should continue to pursue against the company?

  • Brian Piesse 26 March, 4:17 pm

    My sons kindle fire had is 15 months old and won’t charge any more what can I do Amazon say it’s out of guarantee I will have to buy a new one

  • Mark 19 April, 4:10 pm

    I bought an expensive 12 string guitar in Aug 2012 which has developed a fault making it completley unplayable. The shop has since closed down. Ive written to the manufacture and awiat their response. However, what are my rights, given there is no shop to retrun it too and its a very obvious manufacturing fault. Regards Mark

  • Lorraine 18 June, 8:57 pm

    I bought a travel system in November, my baby was born in January. Last week the lock on the folding part of the buggy failed and also the brakes.. The retailer and manufacturer say since it’s out with the 6 month guarantee there is nothing they can do, is this correct? Surely something can be done as this was dangerous x

  • Pauline mercer 3 July, 11:05 pm

    I got a links of London watch for Christmas I have lost the warranty booklet but have the receipt. The company says they will not fix my watch unless I pay for it as I don’t have the warranty/ gaurantee the watch is running slow are they right not to take my receipt as proof of purchase.

  • nicki 18 September, 12:23 pm

    Hi i purchased a kitchen in 2009 it was a beech new hampshire kitchen , i noticed that the doors were starting to change colour almost a yellow colour, i contact the store as i needed a replacement door as there was a fault with one of the doors they replaced the door and then i realised that my kitchen doors were fading yellow rapidly. I have spoken to Homebase regarding this Homebase sent me a letter stating that my kitchen is yellow due to ambient lighting, i argued about this as all kitchens have windows in them, i have a ten year guarantee on my kitchen the disclaimer on homebase kitchen states that a real wood kitchen will be subjected to fading to fading …..

    My kitchen i snot real wood i have asked homebase to send out someone after to months of badgering they finally sent some one out who got as far as the hall and said i can tell you now its ambient lighting how would he know this with out firstly looking finally in the kitchen he looked at cupboards and said its ambient lighting and i read his report which was dated 2 months previous when i asked homebase to come out its homebase own independent man ! who had received a report saying that he needed to look at my kitchen because Homebase believe its ambient lighting that as caused my cupboards to fade, these are now yellow so this so called independent person was already armed with his answer of what he thought would cause my kitchen to fade.

    i have been to seen CAB they say escalate the complaint which i have done so to highest , i have spoken to 17 kitchen specialist they all say the same i have a guarantee of ten years they should but they are ignoring me i can not go to a small claims court until i prove that my cupboards are faulty please help me do this they are treating me badly i have all my letters of what has been sent and their reply please can some one look into this with me, they are a big company that are just knocking me down they have had there money and want me to go away, i have since learnt that the no longer deal with the supplier of this kichen in beech due to the problems they have had with this so they no longer do the beech kitchen so even if i want to buy new doors i can not as they do not deal

    with them any more due to the fault in the making of this kitchen so how do i stand getting new doors with a guarantee or if i just wanted t purchase more doors. They will not answer my solicitor either they really are a law to them selves.

    01823283456 nicki

  • nicki 18 September, 12:24 pm

    Hi i purchased a kitchen in 2009 it was a beech new hampshire kitchen , i noticed that the doors were starting to change colour almost a yellow colour, i contact the store as i needed a replacement door as there was a fault with one of the doors they replaced the door and then i realised that my kitchen doors were fading yellow rapidly. I have spoken to Homebase regarding this Homebase sent me a letter stating that my kitchen is yellow due to ambient lighting, i argued about this as all kitchens have windows in them, i have a ten year guarantee on my kitchen the disclaimer on homebase kitchen states that a real wood kitchen will be subjected to fading to fading …..

    My kitchen i snot real wood i have asked homebase to send out someone after to months of badgering they finally sent some one out who got as far as the hall and said i can tell you now its ambient lighting how would he know this with out firstly looking finally in the kitchen he looked at cupboards and said its ambient lighting and i read his report which was dated 2 months previous when i asked homebase to come out its homebase own independent man ! who had received a report saying that he needed to look at my kitchen because Homebase believe its ambient lighting that as caused my cupboards to fade, these are now yellow so this so called independent person was already armed with his answer of what he thought would cause my kitchen to fade.

    i have been to seen CAB they say escalate the complaint which i have done so to highest , i have spoken to 17 kitchen specialist they all say the same i have a guarantee of ten years they should but they are ignoring me i can not go to a small claims court until i prove that my cupboards are faulty please help me do this they are treating me badly i have all my letters of what has been sent and their reply please can some one look into this with me, they are a big company that are just knocking me down they have had there money and want me to go away, i have since learnt that the no longer deal with the supplier of this kichen in beech due to the problems they have had with this so they no longer do the beech kitchen so even if i want to buy new doors i can not as they do not deal

    with them any more due to the fault in the making of this kitchen so how do i stand getting new doors with a guarantee or if i just wanted t purchase more doors. They will not answer my solicitor either they really are a law to them selves.01823283456 nicki

  • louise 30 September, 4:20 pm

    I was given a vodafone android tablet as a gift December 2013. In September 2014, the device would not charge. It was purchased in Argos so I took the tablet back, with receipt. However, Argos refused to fix it, saying I had to go to a Vodafone store, which I then did. I was informed by Vodafone that this was an Argos problem as that is where the product was purchased. I went back yo Argos once again and was told I had to get it repaired myself as Argos were not liable. I handed my tablet into a local repair shop who told me that there seemed to be a problem with the circuit board and stated that, in his opinion, it was not soldered properly. My tablet was unfixable. I still had to pay £20 for the tablet to be looked at. Can anybody advise where I stand. I have absolutely no idea what to do next.

  • wayne webster 7 November, 7:06 pm


  • Jake 14 November, 5:17 pm

    hi , I recently sent a contracted phone off for repair through the store. The phone has been returned to me in a worse condition, including damages that breach the structural integrity and internal damage to a sensor.
    I have contacted the manufacturer, which said it was the store’s obligation to replace the handset and send the broken one to the manufacturer. however when going into store they have said this is not the case and all i can do is pay to send the phone off myself which i will have to pay for. as the store have said it is no longer their problem as the whole process ( from first going into store to send for repair) has taken longer than 28 days.
    What are my rights regarding this ? please help.

  • Cathy Hammond 17 November, 6:18 pm

    Can anyone advise what to do. I purchased a washing machine for my mum 13 months ago, long story short she didn’t need it and was only installed in August, however that aside it is one month outside of its warranty. The machine has died. (Hoover Bosch) no screen and does nothing. I have spent various phone calls being batted backwards and forwards, First Lady authorised the repair etc Nd told me the number for their engineers. I ring engineers who say they no nothing about this and that it’s not Argos policy to do this so wouldn’t book. Repair. So back on the phone to Argos another 40 minute wAit for the person to hang up on me when she became flustered and couldn’t help. Back on hold again for 30 minutes and managed to get a team leader as supervisor not available to be told sorry the lady was wrong to honour the repair and that I would need an independent review before they will look at the case. Is this normal and if so it’s cost 52 pounds to be told what’s wrong if it’s there fault it’s a pcb electronic board will I be entitled to them repairing the machine. Nightmare situation that Argos are being very unhelpful with. Please can someone advise me what my rights are.

    Thank you Cathy hammond

  • Harriet Cameron Turner 14 March, 4:11 am

    I received a Morphy Richards Microwave oven about 2 years ago, and now it doesnt heat up anything. Where as a couple of days ago we had to over cook things on a longer amount of time. I’m a housewife to two youbg children, I really need a microwave as getting the my baby sons bottles ready and out of the fridge and then heated up in time for him to have it. Ive resulted into boiling hot water in a jug. Not good around my 2.5 year old daughter or my baby son. Please help, if I ring up Morphy Rixhards would they be likely do do anything as it’s obviously a fault. Thankyou in advance.

  • Skirma 31 March, 5:49 pm

    Hi, I have a 2 year contract with Orange and they gave me the mobile phone with it. The didn’t work properly from the first week. When I said them phone is not working as it should be they said I have to call myself to manufacture that is Huawei company as the phone is under 2 year warranty. I sent t Huawei the phone, after some time sent me back as they said fixed but after some time it was the same problem as at the beginning. It was switching of/on, touch screen freezing. The next time I sent my dead phone again to Huawei directly as advised on 15/12/14. I waited 2 months for my repaired phone and finally after my calls to them I got it back dead as it was when I sent it to them. For about 12 days I was calling the Huawei for help as the phone was with manufacture fault not my and they promissed each call day to send me the box for the phone with repaires address. Still I haven’t got anything from them. Si this time Orange told me to take to the EE shop for free repaire. After 2 weeks I got it. Happy for one and a half day as it worked but then again the same problems. Now the warranty is going to be over on the 4th of April and they say I will have to pay for repairing it after that time. But that’s not fair as I was trying to get help and they didn’t repaired this phone saying its manufacture fault but giving no replacement either. What should I do?

  • Claire frain 8 April, 9:52 am

    We had a shower room fitted few years ago and it has began leaking, how long is a guarantee for this type of work?

  • Amanda cookson 8 June, 11:21 am

    I purchase a bush timber dryer from Argos it’s not even 12 months old and it’s not heating up. .. Im struggling to find receipt do I have the rights to do anything about this

  • Linda 17 July, 8:14 pm

    i bought a samsung tv and after 11 months the screen showed vertical lines down one side. Screen was replaced. Foolishly i didnt extend warranty. Now 5 months later its happened again. Does the second screen warranty begin when it was replaced? Its a 60inch tv and will prob cost more than a new tv. What are my rights considering this new screen has only lasted a few months. Thanks

  • shell 3 January, 10:12 pm

    Hi npugjtvtablet bought tablet from argos fory son for xmas. Today he dropped it and screen is cracked n tablet won’t work what do I do???

  • Debbie 22 March, 5:33 pm

    I bought leather suite roughly 13 months ago. Starting to notice slight tears in seat, I want to complain but guarantee ran out was only for year. Is there anything I can do?

  • Shand raza 28 March, 12:50 pm

    Hi. We purchased 5 internal doors from b&q each costing around £165. We’ve had them for about a few months if that. We just realised the other day the bottom hinge has come off and there is a crack in the wood adjacent to where the hinge I entitled to an exchange for the door considering the hinge was of good quality?

  • Suzanne Crow 2 June, 9:46 pm

    I had a part on my car replaced 18 months ago and it’s failed… It’s a compresser
    They are supposed to last at least 6 years..
    Can I get them to fix it again at no cost to myself ??

  • Kerry 14 June, 2:09 pm


    I wonder if someone could please offer me some advice.

    I purchased an oven 18 months ago and it has now stopped heating. I purchased this from the catalogue company Very, who are advising that it is out of warranty and there is nothing they can do. We spoke to a representative who gave us the number for Russell Hobbs and told us to organise an engineer, but after citing the sale of goods act, he said they would replace if it cannot be fixed.

    After several days of trying, we could not get through to an engineer, and I complained to Very asking them to contact Russell Hobbs and organise an engineer at their cost as the oven should last a minimum of 6 years and I purchased from them as the retailer and not the manufacturer.

    They replied today after 5 days to advise that it is out of warranty and they cannot help, but they hope I continue to shop with them! I purchased a vacuum cleaner at the same time, which has had an engineer once to fix a problem, which broke again, so I disposed of the vacuum and purchased a new one! I am still paying for both the vacuum and oven on a Buy Now Pay Later scheme.

    IS there anything I can do because advising statements from the Sale of Goods Act is not having much effect.
    Many thanks


  • Linda Gray 30 June, 3:36 pm

    Is 3 years for Parker knoll furniture material with minimum wear and tear a justified complaint ? 2,338.00 for two small two seater sofas

  • patricia Dudley 22 July, 5:34 pm

    I bought a Asus tablet ???? in December 2014 now it has broken For the 2nd time now it is out of guarantee am I entitled to get it repaired Free of charge were I purchased it at Argos under the sale of goods act .thankyou.

  • Andy 22 September, 7:03 pm

    Where do I stand,I had some curtains make to measure 18month ago ,we have only just put them up and they do not fit at all ,they have been make completely wrong ,where do we stand ?.because it’s been 18months will the shop take responsibilities for the curtains

  • Kerry 19 February, 1:01 am

    I brought a brand new high gloss kitchen in October 2016 from benchmarx and an extremely disappointed by the durability.

    Now I previously had a cheap off the shelf gloss kitchen from wicks for many years so I knew they needed a little bit more attention with polishing to keep it looking good so felt I knew what to expect.

    However not long after the installation, I started to notice that the kitchen doors scratch really easily, for example I was polishing them and my fingernail brushed on one of them leaving a scratch!! Surely they should be more robust than this? Most kitchens see an awful lot of traffic and given it’s a kitchen and will have daily use from a range of ages in the family, now I’m am almost afraid to use it let alone let the kids help out in there.

    I am at a loss and a little under confident as to know what the best way to approach this issue with retailer and what rights I possible have or if this would be considered as a reasonable concern to complain about?

  • David 7 March, 7:58 pm

    I bought two mattresses from mattrrssman cost 598 pounds both developed the same fault one 11!months old one 15 months old complained about them shop not intrested

  • PJ Griffin 30 April, 2:05 pm

    Martain corrillo was a recommended joiner by neighbour he fitted 2 doors and did good job I asked for another door and a by folding door to be bought and fitted he said it was cost £90 pounds he left me in writing in pencil that he recived money of £90 pounds to do work but it was never done I phoned and his girl friend left £10 so still owed £80 never been round or contacted neighbour who recommended him I did not go police because I could not find the paper till now and had some family problems