It cost me a fortune!

In many situations, the price is not agreed at the outset – such as having your hair cut, taking the car for a service or taking a taxi, and in such cases the assumption is that you will be charged a reasonable price. However, problems tend to arise where a service is commissioned, exact price cannot be given and the buyer is then presented with an extortionate bill. Where this happens, and where you have little choice but to pay (for example an emergency plumber), but you must make clear your objections at the time of paying, so that you can take action at a later date. You can do this by writing “paid under protest” somewhere on their documentation or (preferably) on the back of a cheque, and by following this up with an immediate letter to the organisation in question to dispute the price you were charged including evidence of alternative ‘going rates’. The best policy would be to limit your potential liability in the first place, by requesting that the supplier informs you if it is going to cost over a certain amount. Just like the time element however, if price has been expressly agreed by both parties, then the right to a ‘reasonable price’ does not apply.

What about contracts for services?

How can I resolve the situation?

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  • Nitasha 10 October, 2:08 pm

    I required a NIN while searching online i found a website that stated- Feed in contact details and we shall call you for you NIN.

    I did so, i got a call from them the following day and they stated that i would have to pay 40 GBP for this, they would send across the documents etc for the same.

    I asked them whether everyone had to pay the same fee and they said yes.

    I provided my payment details etc. and i have the recipt for the same.
    On discussing with my fellow friends i came to know that i did not need to pay for the NIN at all.

    I have been wrongly informed by the firm.

    I would like compensation as they miss-lead me with wrong information.

    As i am a student and new here i did not have the necessary details but they should inform me before taking money.

    Please let me know what step i can take i would like to take action against them.


  • asdan 16 January, 3:54 pm

    Take them to court

  • Robert J Burden 12 February, 3:41 pm

    I recently had a replacement part fitted to my central heating boiler. The engineer stripped the boilerv down then told me it would cost £391.00 for the part, (new circuit board). I said I thought it was a bit extravagent, but as I had no alternative heating I paid this price. I made enquiries, and the replacement part would cost between £120 and £140. I sent a letter to the office of the engineer, to say I though I was entitled to a refund as the price was very high. They have not responded to my letter. Could you advise me what I could do next.
    Thank you,
    R J Burden

  • amy usher 8 May, 9:09 pm

    I have a boiler in a commercial property the boiler got fixed for £418 and only lasted 4 weeks I rang and spoke to the plumber who was very rude and said I would have to pay again even though he said it was covered don’t know where I stand??