Mail Order Goods and Distance Selling

Is mail order stuff any different?

Absolutely. It’s highly likely that at some point you will have bought something over the phone or on the internet, and unlike buying something in a shop, it’s a situation whereby you are not physically face to face with the supplier. What we are talking about here are the Distance Selling Regulations and it’s important to be clear on what they cover and whether you can benefit from the protection they offer UK consumers.

Distance selling contracts are those which are concluded (you making your order and the retailer / e-tailer confirming your order) exclusively by ‘means of distance communication’. They cover websites, mail order catalogues and all advertising literature (whether addressed or junk mail) and broadcasts communicated via post, email, the internet, fax, TV or telephone (including pre-recorded messages). If you have physically met face to face at any point, or if it is with a shop which doesn’t make a habit of selling in this way, you won’t be covered and should look to Sale of Goods legislation instead.

Under the distance selling regulations, the goods must be delivered or the service carried out within the time period they have specified. If no time period is specified, then the statutory time limit is 30 days (unless you have agreed otherwise). If the supplier is unable to fulfil their obligations within 30 days, they must inform you before the end of the 30 day deadline. They may offer you an alternative date for delivery, but you are under no obligation to accept and are quite within your rights to ask for a full refund.

Traders must provide you with specific information in regard to their obligations and your rights before you confirm your order. This is called pre-contractual (or prior) information and is dealt with in the next section, along with information about invoking your cooling off rights, returns, refunds and replacements.

If you are fed up of junk mailings, phone calls etc, you should also check out the section on the Data Protection Act for more info.

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  • Philip Haskew 9 December, 5:24 pm


    I was called by a company who claimed they were from Google offering to put my company website on the front page of google for £3.99. I asked the sales person if he was from google which he replied “yes” and asked if it was £3.99 which he agreed. I then recieved a paid inovice from Sherif ratings for £458.00.

    I called the company to ask for an immediate refund because i was mis sold the service and has now left me in massive dept. They are refusaing to. Would the distance selling clause apply to this?

    Im in real trouble and i’m not sure what to do.

  • Catriona 10 December, 12:52 am

    Philip, I’m afraid the Distance Selling Regs only cover business to consumer contracts, not business to business. However, I’m fairly sure you would have a case to claim damages under the Misrepresentations Act 1967. see the opsi website at:

  • hazelmere 13 January, 5:44 pm

    hi,i’d like to ask a question regarding a kitchen tv which i bought on 22nd december from an internet shop,recieved it the next day ,but the remote control doesnt work. The tv has no manual controls so it doednt work at all.I’ve phoned several times to the suppliers but feel like i’m getting fobbed off, beginning to lose faith,as they’ve now had our money for 3 weeks and the tv doesnt even work.There is power to the tv, and we have established that it is the remote thats faulty.Any advice would be good

  • Catriona 15 January, 12:13 pm

    Hazelmere, if the goods are faulty and haven’t even had the opportunity to use them, you can reject them and get a full refund. Write to them (email, fax OK) giving them 7 days to collect the goods and issue confirmation of refund. If they do not and you paid on credit card (or Visa debit) you can get your money back this way. If not, you will have to pursue costs through the small claims court.

  • Elizabeth Robertson 2 February, 12:08 am

    Hi, I purchased a 50 inch plasma tv from Pixmania on 1/1/09 and have still not received it because it is out of stock. Since I initially purchased the tv, it has increased in price by £300 everywhere so even if I asked for my money back, I would have to pay extra to get it from somewhere else. I was told I could change my purchases for something of the same price, but all the tvs that were reduced at the time have all gone up in price so there is nothing the same at £700. Is there anything I can do or should I just ask for my money back? I am frustrated because I could have paid £20 extra at the time for the same tv but the price has gone up everywhere now to £999.

    • Ed 11 March, 11:50 pm

      The most you are entitled to is a full refund, as the supplier has 30 days to deliver the item unless otherwise agreed, or is in breach of cantract. You could ask them if they would supply an alternative, higher priced item as a gesture of goodwill, but they ar under no obligation to do so. As an advertised price constitutes an “invitation to treat” they are not abliged to sell you a tv at the advertised price.

  • kirsty 3 February, 8:28 pm

    i have a problem im unsure how to deal with. I recently ordered a fancy dress costume which afer 3weeks was still not delivered so i tryed ringing the company with no joy, I then emailed them asking where my order was but again no reply. So after a another week i emailed them again saying i didnt want the item to be sent anymore and that i wanted a full refund but again no reply. Iam in need of some advice on getting my money back?

  • Catriona 4 February, 12:00 am

    Elizabeth, although this is very frustrating, as long as the shop has not incorrectly priced the item or refused to give you a refund, they have not broken the law. I’m afraid there is nothing you rightfully claim, although it’s probably worth requesting a goodwill gesture in view of the inconvenience you have suffered.

  • Catriona 4 February, 12:29 am

    Kirsty, Under the distance selling regs, the item must be delivered within 30 days, unless otherwise stated. Have you checked the supplier out to make sure they exist and haven’t gone bust? If nothing further happens, you can get a refund if you paid on Visa Debit, or on credit card and the value was over £100. If you cannot do either of these and they have gone bust, I’m afraid you must wait in line with the rest of the creditors seeking to get their money back.

  • Davos 12 February, 12:33 pm

    I am returning a large and heavy piece of furniture that was purchased over the internet but was found to be faulty when delivered. After a long winded email exchange quoting Distance Selling Regulations and Sales of Goods Act the company accepted it was faulty and agreed to organise collection and refund the full price. However, 21 days and two follow up emails later they have not yet organised collection. I know the regulations require refunds to be made within 30 days regardless of the goods being collected but how long I am obliged to retain the goods for? I do not have the space to store the item and assume they are being tardy to delay refunding or just to be spiteful.

    • Gina 7 May, 11:50 am

      How did you pay for the item? If you paid by credit card you should contact your credit card company and tell them. They should be able to advise you, to some degree, what is the best thing to do. You will need to provide them with paperwork to support your claim e.g an invoice and copies of the emails, clearing showing the dates. I suggest that you download a picture of the item you had ordered off the internet, by saving a copy of the whole page onto your computer. Then a digital photo of what they sent you, so should you need to you can use this as a visual evidence.
      Then it might be worth while to compose a ‘strong’ e-mail in Word or similar, so you can check how clear it sounds before sending and inform them that you have spoken and sent your credit card company all evidence of the dispute. Tell them if they do not dispatch the correct item immediately then you cannot accept any further deliveries from them as you will have to buy something similar for your holidays immediately.
      Also by law they are meant to supply a telephone number on their website so it might be worth phoning them. If they don’t you can ask them for one by email and threaten them with Trading Standards if they don’t supply you with one.
      Hope that helps to move it on for you.

  • Catriona 18 February, 1:52 pm

    Davos, just to quote from our Consumer Guides section on buying online:

    Unless you are required to return the goods, and you were informed of this, your only obligations are to make the goods available for collection and to take reasonable care of them while they are in your possession. This is called a duty of care. Where the supplier has made provision to collect the goods, this duty of care expires after 21 days, but where you have agreed to return the goods, your duty of care continues until you do this and could be for as long as 6 months.

    I suspect that they are making you wait for the reasons you suspect. Write to them informing them that your duty of care expires after 21 days, but you will still have the right to a full refund plus delivery costs. Request action within the next 7 days (taking you up to the 30 days deadline) otherwise you will start proceedings in the small claims court.

    • Davos 19 February, 10:12 pm

      Thank you for your reply. Could you clarify what happens after the 21 days duty of care expires? Can I notify them that I will be forced to dispose of the furniture if it is not collected within a week? The 30 days have passed and I have asked the credit card company to organise a refund as the supplier clearly has no intention of repaying the money or collecting the goods and I have no where to store the items.

  • Catriona 21 February, 6:39 pm

    Davos, after the 21 days expires, you are free to do whatever you like with the goods! As long as you have confirmation that the supplier has agreed that it is faulty, has agreed to collect it and has offered you a refund, then you can write to them giving them reasonable notice of your intention to dispose of the item.

  • A Walker 27 March, 1:46 pm

    I purchased a new DVD recorder with freeview from an internet site. It would not access most of the digital channels. This was not a signal problem as I have the same make of television with freeview and that does access the channels. I reported the problem within 7 days and have returned the item as I believe it is faulty but the supplier has tested it and said it is not faulty. Although I am to be refunded they are going to deduct courier charges for both delivery and returning the item. Can they do this and if not what part of the Sale of Goods Act do I quote?

  • Catriona 1 April, 1:04 pm

    A Walker, Aside from Sale of Goods, if you bought the item over the internet, you have cooling off rights under the distance selling regs. This applies even if you have opened the package because the regs are to provide you with the opportunity to try it out at home. Your cooling off period is 7 days and you must be given a full refund including any standard initial delivery charge. They can charge you for collecting the item but you must have been notified of this in the Ts and Cs before purchase. If you haven’t, they cannot impose this charge. Under Sale of Goods, they do not have to refund you on the delivery charges but cannot impose any fee for collection. Looks like you may have to pay one set of delivery charges whichever path you choose.

  • Clive 9 April, 1:21 pm

    I brought a 42″ LCD Philips TV from Amazon. It is less than 2 years old and has developed a fault which makes it unwatchable (it keeps switching itself off or freezing with a blank screen and then it won’t turn off). I have reported this to them and politely asked if it would be possible to have the TV looked at/repaired but the reply I keep getting is

    “As my colleague previously mentioned, all electronics item purchased from come with a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. Please be informed that we currently do not offer an extended warranty on the electronics items sold by the retail stores, unless otherwise stated.”

    What would my next step be? Can I use the sales of goods act to get them to remedy this matter or do I need to report it to my credit card company? I can’t believe such an expensive item that stops being usable less than 2 years after being brought (and used carefully I may add) means I will have to pay to have it repaired.

  • Catriona 11 April, 6:30 pm

    Clive, the warranty is irrelevant, you still have rights under Sale of Goods for the expected lifetime of the product.Inform them that under S.48 Sale of Goods, you are entitled to request that the retailer provide you with a repair at no additional cost and in reasonable time. You are obviously getting nowhere with the first line of defence, so ask to have the problem escalated in accordance with their complaints procedure.

  • Jambo 12 April, 2:00 pm

    Last week I purchased a bed online from a reputable mail order company. The whole order process was relatively easy with no direction whatsoever by the company to get me to tick or read any of terms and conditions for the sale. When completing the sale / order my money was debited from my credit card straight away and I subsequently received a few minutes later a confirmation of order email with an approximate delivery period.

    My problem is now the company are stating that the item was mispriced and that they are cancelling the order based on the wrong price yet they have offered my the same product at a higher price. How do I stand on getting this product at the price I paid. I have contested their reasons for cancellation however they are splurting on they can do this as set out in their T&Cs of which at no point did they make the available / direct me to read on any of the order screens nor on the final payment screen.

    Can anyone help me, as I know I am not the only person who is affected by this

  • Sarah Cousens 14 April, 11:26 pm

    Hi there,
    I ordered some software from a company online, who I thought were based in UK (had a domain, prices listed in Sterling), then found out they are in fact US based! This means the software will have a US license and will be useless to me. I ordered on the 18th March, and the item still hasn’t been dispatched, and the company has ignored all my emails requesting the cancellation of my order (they don’t supply a telephone number, so email is my only method of contact, but they NEVER reply!). They took the money (£398!) from my account 2 days after I placed the order. If I refuse delivery, they will charge me a 50% restocking fee! Basically, they’re scammers, but I don’t know where I stand legally. Do distance selling regulations apply when ordering from the US? Also, this was a business purchase, so I am guessing I may not be covered by these regulations anyway?
    I’ve opened a Visa dispute via my bank, so am hoping that this might help to get my money back, but could really use some advice that might help me out!
    Many thanks,

  • Catriona 16 April, 1:07 pm

    Jambo, this depends on when the contract was formed. The Ts and Cs should state at what time the agreement becomes a legally binding contract of sale. If it was at the time your confirmation email was sent then they are legally bound to accept the order at that price. If the contract is only formed when the bed is despatched for delivery, then they are able to change the price. However, the company may still have broken the law. See: http://WHATCONSUMER.CO.UK/misleading-commercial-practices-unfair-trading-regulations-2008/ for more.

  • Catriona 16 April, 1:14 pm

    Sarah, I’m afraid your rights under Distance Selling and Sale of Goods only apply to European consumers and European businesses, so you’re right on both counts. Your best chances of success lie with the Visa dispute.

    • Sarah Cousens 16 April, 1:20 pm

      Hi Catriona,
      Thanks very much for the reply. That was what I suspected.
      If anyone is interested, the company I purchased the goods from are called Bite Size Deals, and they are NOT a UK company, so when they fail to send your goods or you find that the goods they send you are not licensed for use in the UK there’s not much you can do about it other than approach your bank! Fingers crossed that my visa dispute is successful…

  • NuShrike 2 March, 1:25 pm

    How does it work when I’m based in the USA and I purchased a mobile from a company based in the Bournemouth, Dorset, UK? I’m currently in dispute with the company because they’ve taken more than 2 months (sequentially) to facilitate 3 repair sessions (with only shipping back costs to me) for my mobile under the manufacturer’s warranty.

    Taking more than a month for repairs falls under Distance Selling rules also?

    I’ve already sent post to them (as recommended by Consumer Direct) declaring that the company is in probable violation of the Sale of Goods Act because the good is unsatisfactory, and the company took unreasonable time and extreme inconvenience in on-going repair, so I want an exchange/refund as alternative remedies.

    The company continues to deny the latter remedies under the Act stating they’ve been acting promptly and satisfactorily, and somehow that aligns with the good being satisfactory, and the repair time reasonable, and that continuing to physically possess the mobile for repair is okay.

    Now Consumer Direct recommends I send a 2nd post to declare that the company failed to resolve amicably, and then I need to file in small claims court. This involves a plane ticket, taking time off from work, finding a place to stay, filing paperwork, and so forth — very high hurdles just to get this company to comply.

    Do I have any other more reasonable alternatives or solutions?

  • Leanne 11 March, 4:29 pm

    My partner (who is a sole trader) was contacted by phone by a charity called Foresters Fund for Children. They railroaded him into taking out an advert, the cost of which he was not told over the phone. Since then, he has received letters from Vardis demanding payment of £400+. My partner has not signed any paperwork. Neither has he seen evidence that his advert has been published.

    Please can you advise what his rights are in stopping Vardis pursuing this “debt”.

  • carol 20 March, 3:22 pm

    Are internet auction site sales exempt from the long distance selling regulations?

    • j 10 July, 4:03 pm

      No ebay and alike are not exempt from DSR regulations. If the seller is a business seller and the item is offered / purchased on a BUY IT NOW, not an auction, listing then you are covered by DSR regulations just as you would be when buying from any other online retailer.

  • k 29 March, 7:09 pm

    i have recently brought some goods over the internet, i purchased these goods over paypal.
    i brought a garment, which was not priced, i then payed the appropriate postage and packaging,
    the company then refunded me stating that it was a website fault.
    is this correct practice? or am i entitled to receive my goods, as i purchased them at the price stated, it was not a fault of mine that the website did not price the goods correctly.

    thanks, k

    • j 10 July, 3:55 pm

      Most companies have a clause in their terms that state an order is only completed and accepted once the order has been shipped. Although you have made an order / payment, your payment / order is only classed as an offer to buy the goods. The company don’t have to sell it if the item was mispriced, the price you saw was only an invitation to buy, which will be subject to their terms of sale.

  • Laura 29 April, 12:43 pm

    hi, I got a mobile phone contract through t-mobile, they called me. the first handset they sent me was faulty so i had it exchanged within the first 7 days and now the second handset has gone faulty with the same sort of faults but tmobile are washing their hands of it and telling me i have to send it for repair as im outside their initial 7 day cooling off period?! surely they have to exchange it as the handset is not fit for purpose, it keeps turning itself off randomly. Is there anything i cao do to get an exchange?

  • sarah 11 May, 6:18 pm

    I broughts some dell laptop on the internet from currys, which one of then has now stop working, i was told to take it back into the store and it will be fixed, getting to the store i was advised that the information on the receipt dose not match my dell laptop therefore teh warrant dose not cover the laptop and they dont have to fix it. can someone please help me, can they do this, i did not notice that i was sent the wronge goods.

  • elisesayers 23 June, 5:50 pm

    Hi there,

    My husband bought a Dell Vostro which is 11 months old as an upgrade on an insurance claim to replace a previous Dell laptop (who’s battery caught alight). The screen of this fairly new laptop was damaged a few weeks ago when my husband rotated the laptop by using his thumb and index finger on the mid right hand side of the plastic screen surround so that he too could share the article that I was reading on the net. We returned the laptop to Dell who claim that the damage caused to the laptop is not covered by the warranty which expires in July and they wish to charge us £160 plus VAT for repair.

    I would like to know what our statutory rights are as we are now left with a redundant laptop which is less than a year old. We do not wish to replace the screen for a similar one in fear that this happens again a further 11 months down the line. Can you please advise?

    • j 10 July, 3:59 pm

      Technically the fault has come about by mis-handling aka customer neglect. Even if only an accident. The turning of the laptop by the monitor caused a non manufacturing fault therefore any manufacturer will decline any warranty repair, particularly when it is not a manufacturing fault. Your best bet would be to see if are covered for the damage on your home insurance or any policy still running for the laptop itself.

  • Dave 27 July, 12:16 pm

    I purchased an iPod Nano from Comet 21 months ago, after 18 months of use it has failed. I wrote to them quoting the Sale of Goods Act and asking if they would repair/replace/refund. This is the reply I received.

    “The Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) does not require goods to remain fault free or fit for purpose until the end of their accepted working life. It only holds the retailer responsible for faults present at the date of purchase. It does not hold the retailer responsible for faults that develop after purchase, as the Act is not the equivalent of a guarantee.

    As the iPod was purchased more than 6 months ago, the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) requires the purchaser to prove that the fault was present from the date of purchase. In the circumstances, we are unable you meet your request for a free repair or replacement.”

    Is this correct? What can I do?

    • h 11 August, 9:25 pm

      As Comet have mentioned you need to prove that the fault has existed since you have owned it, such as previous repairs or exchanges performed due to faults.

      IF the retailer specified a warranty period of 12 months they have met their obligations. If no period was specified at all stand your ground and seek a repair of the item. However, most retailers will have a 12 month warranty as specified on their receipt or supporting documentation. I would seek assistance from the manufacturer and see how they are prepared to help, most manufacturers, such as Apple, offer a 24 month warranty. If such warranty exists it would now be between consumer and manufacturer, so any returns would be at A) your cost B)dependant on the warranty information supplied on the documentation by the manufacturer with your Ipod Nano.

  • tanya 4 August, 2:30 pm

    I bought a Japanse style dress from a website that was in a sale. Unfortunately, when it arrive it doesn’t fit. I’d like a refund. The company’s website says that it only issues a credit note for returned discounted goods and that it charges a £5 restocking fee for returns. Does this mean I won’t get my money back?

  • colin coleman 16 August, 5:21 pm


    i orderd a lap top from on line.and payed by visa debt card i have emailed the company asking were my laptop is. they havnt contacted me.they have no contact has been 3 weeks now and still no contact or my laptop. do i have wrights and what steps to i need to take to get my money am aware the company is still open and trading ect.thanks Colin

  • John Hampson 18 August, 3:12 pm

    Can you please help?
    Approx. mid duly I was sold a satellite box repair warranty over the telephone from a Company in Liverpool. The inference was that they from Sky although this not specifically stated. I was told that I would be sent details through the post. Also. I was told that I could cancel this agreement at any time that there was no minimum contract period. After about a week had elapsed, I still had not received any details fropm them but on checking my bank account I discovered that the direct debit mandate had been presented so I immediately cancelled it. I did not have any contact details from this Company by which I could have informed them of my action.
    On 11/08/2010 I received a phone call from them as a result of my cancellation of the direct debit. They said that the contract was for a 12 month period. I contended that under the distant selling regulations I was entitled to a cooling off period and had decided to excercise my right to cancel.
    I also wrote to them confirming my decision. I posted the letter on 12/08/2010.
    On the 16th August 2010,I received a Warranty Certificate from them which stated the start date as 1/08/2010.The expiry date is left blank. They also enclosed a list of their terms and conditions. I wrote by return mail saying that I was not bound by their terms and conditions and restated my decision to cancel the agreement.
    Tody,18th August 2010, I received a letter,dated 13/08/2010, from them stating that I entered a legally binding contract with them and that i was obliged to pay for twelve months. They have offered to waive this if I pay them a cancellation fee of £25.00. I am loath to do this as I believe that they are in contravention of the legislation in this situation. They actioned the direct debit without providing their terms in writing.
    The return address on one of their envelopes is that of another Company in the same vicinity which, according to an internet search, has been involved in what seem to extensive illegal selling practices. I believe that I could be dealing with the same people who operated this other company.
    When I told the person who telephoned me on the 11th August that I had still not recceived written details from them, His comment was that ‘I was not thier only customer’!
    I feel somewhat foolish for agreeing to this contract over telephone without knowing anything fo this Companu but I was distracted at the time and really believed they were associated with Sky TV. It was only later that I started to have doubts but Iwas not overy concerned because I believe I had the wriht of a cooling off period.The Company in question is well known To Sky and they state that they are not associated with them.

  • Alan Heath 23 August, 11:08 pm

    I bought a computer over the internet. On opening it did not have either the software loaded that was agreed upon nor did it have a guarantee which the seller claims it has. The seller insists that he has a deal with Sony but I have been unable to get this information from them.
    The seller says that he will refund my money minus 15% restocking fee which I believe to be incorrect under the sale of goods act. However more to the point is that I am unwilling to pay postage twice for goods that were not as advertised – and I am very unwilling of taking the risk of returning the computer without the refund first. After all, the computer was not sent to me until after my funds had cleared.

    • Jack 7 November, 3:08 pm

      For a refund to be processed the goods need to be returned, however as the seller has missold you an item where it doesn’t meet its description you can demand that they pay for the costs both ways or arrange collection of the item at their own cost.

      As for the restocking fee this itself is illegal as you are not at fault, unless the description stated that the computer comes with no software. The first 12 months guarantee lies with the seller under the sale of goods act so they cannot pass you over to the manufacturer.

      I would contact the seller again and inform them that they are wholly responsible for the item and a full refund including any return costs all without a restocking fee. If they refuse to honour the legal obligations I would contact consumer direct at and make an official complaint. If you paid by credit card and the value of the purchase is over £100 your credit card company have an obligation to resolve this matter too. Therefore, I recommend that you contact your card provider also.

  • Cora Hall 1 September, 4:09 pm

    I bought a viera plasma TV from the above company as it was advertised with a 5 year warrenty.Because we are a low income houseold of three sisters we wanted peace of ming so bought from this company rather than who had the same set but with 1 year cover…No warrenty arrived so I complained and was sent what appeared to be a warrenty to forward to Panasonic who in return told me no warrenty existed as they did not deal with this company..Many emails to and from the comany who told me it had been sorted but still no warrenty and when the set developed a serius fault Panasonic told their engineer that we were not even listed..Because I had proof of when I bought the set they did repair it free of charge because of the years gaurentee but it is about to ru7n out and I still have no 5 year warrenty..We bought the set because we had a little bit of luck on the Irish Lottery and we are film and sport lovers who love our films and such and we never really go out so it was an ideal gift to ourselves for Christmas…Can you please help and advise..

  • Robbo 21 September, 12:05 am


    My aunty has been sold online support by a company based in India at

    They cold-called her and told her that her computer had errors which they could fix. They then linked in via LogMeIn and ran a reagistry cleaning tool, informing her that there were over 1000 errors which they had fixed.

    They then offered her a 4 year plan of support for £230.00. I still can’t believe it but she paid up there and then by credit card via their website.

    My question is, does she have any rights to cancel the agreement and/or get her money back?

    I am an IT professional and I know that much of what they told her is nonsense. She has nothing in writing apart from an email confirming the payment via

    I would be very grateful if someone could clarify her position.

  • Zahdah Majid 30 September, 11:08 am

    I ordered a makeup palette from a makeup company via Facebook. When the palette arrived two of the eyeshadows were broken, and part of the palette was broken too. When I raised this with the seller, she told me that all her photos had a disclaimer at the bottom, that if a product was broken during delivery, the company could not be held liable for this. I had not infact seen the disclaimer initially but it is there. However, I did not formally agree to her terms and conditions either and she did not bring this to my attention during our ‘e-dialogue’. Is the disclaimer within the law? I can’t seem to find anything relating to goods damaged during transit. Also, I only have her word that the item was in good order when she posted it.

    • Jack 7 November, 2:28 pm

      Up until the point of delivery the seller is responsible for the items safe arrival. Depending on where the seller is located and how you paid you should be able to make a claim for faulty upon arrival. This is even despite their disclaimer on the website or pictures.

  • Steve 11 October, 7:48 pm

    I recently saw an advert for LED TV’s on a reputable website at a specific price, I placed an order and my credit card was debited. I also received a confirmation email of my order and of my received payment by the seller. After which, the advert was withdrawn and the seller contacting me via email saying the advertised price was an error and now the goods were only available at the correct full price-not the lower price I saw and paid. My money has been refunded to my card-without my permission or without me giving the card details again. Does the seller have the right to withdraw after accepting payment, and therefore not supply the goods at my purchased price?
    Thank you for any help or advice in adavnce you may offer.

    • Jack 7 November, 2:26 pm


      The seller is within their rights to cancel the transaction as any price on their website just merely an ‘invitation to treat’. Unless you receive communication that they have despatched the goods the seller can cancel the order when required. A refund can be applied without authorisation from you.

      Have a look a the seller’s website and see if they have any terms of sale that state when the order is concluded and accepted. Normally this is when the goods have been despatched or you have been informed of such.

  • Bernard 20 October, 6:23 pm

    I bought a Nikon camera in July from a London seller on ebay, for £540, advertised as ‘brand new’. The camera arrived without Nikon’s warranty card, and when I registered with Nikon for an extended guarantee they mentioned that the serial number indicated it wasn’t a UK model. Nonetheless, they registered the guarantee, and I also bought insurance for the camera with Homeserve, their affiliate. The camera was faulty, and now I’ve sent it to Nikon for repair, they say it’s not covered by the warranty as it’s not a UK model and the ebay seller isn’t recognised by them. Homeserve also say their insurance is therefore ineffective and will refund my premiums. Nikon want £100 to fix the camera. I mentioned the fault to the seller in July, who didn’t respond. Should I now pursue the seller, rather than Nikon? And can I ask to return the camera for a full refund, since it’s not guarantee-able? What are my rights? And which is the relevant Act?

    • Jack 7 November, 2:32 pm


      It is the seller’s responsibility to honour the first 12 months warranty. If you paid for the purchase via paypal with your credit card you can seek assistance from your card provider as the purchase is over £100. Nikon accepting to register your extended guarantee despite the camera being a non UK model clearly have accepted and entered a contract with you, I would also pursue Nikon to honour their commitment.

      You have clearly been missold an item by the seller claiming that the item has a guarantee, however as I mentioned the first 12 months is the seller’s area of concern. Misleading information when selling comes under the sales of goods act.

  • Joanne 15 November, 5:41 pm

    My mother recently purchased a toy online for my brother’s Christmas present. She has since been contacted by the company selling and informed that due to an erroe on their side, the item had been wrongly priced and she now is expected to pay almost the same amount again. Surely if she paid the advertised price, the seller is legally obliged to forward the product?

  • Lynsey 25 November, 10:51 am

    I recently purchased ‘bespoke’ wedding shoes (and when I say bespoke, I mean I picked a shoe, colour and heel height and a company made them) – when I received them they were not as pictured and did not include a diamonte clasp, and were of very poor quality (I will now have to go find another pair after waiting 8 weeks for these) The seller is now refusing to give me a refund as they are a ‘bespoke’ item – can I get one as they are not as described (missing the clasp) and of poor quality? what are my rights here?

    • Nick 19 January, 11:39 pm

      Hi Lynsey

      Companies will often try and cloud the issue by talking about items that are ‘bespoke’ or custom made. However, your basic consumer rights are that items should be as described and of satisfactory quality, which your shoes clearly aren’t.

      Basically speaking, unless they can supply the exact shoes they agreed to or supply the missing bits, they are required under The Sale of Goods Act to refund you in full.

  • andy 1 December, 4:07 am

    hi i received a laptop that i did not order. the company who sent it says as i received it and didnt send it back that i am liable to pay. does this fall under the unsolicied goods act and can i keep it as an unconditional gift?

    • Nick 19 January, 11:26 pm

      Hi Andy

      This is indeed unsolicited, provided there is no paperwork signed by you. If you haven’t ordered this it counts as an unconditional gift. My advice would be to write to them stating this and also that any further demands for payment would be deemed as harassment.

  • One_Deen 12 December, 6:24 pm

    I recently purchased a mobile phone (pay as you go, thus not on a contrac) online. The phone was priced very competatively. I received an e-mail to confirm my order and the phone model that I would recieve.

    However, when I received the phone it was a different model, significantly inferior. Payment has already been taken from my credit card. I am only willing to accept the mobile phone I ordered or one of a higher specification.

    What should be my next step.

    • Nick 19 January, 11:16 pm

      Hi there

      Technically here, they are in breach of the ‘Sale of Goods Act’ by sending you the wrong phone. However, you wouldn’t be entitled to a phone of a higher specification, only the one you ordered or a full refund and they have 30 days to do this from when you purchased it.

      Hope this helps, let me know how you get on.

  • Geoff 20 December, 3:31 pm


    I bought a bike online, which developed a fault shortly afterwards. The seller sent out a spare part for my local bike shop to fit, which turned out to be the wrong one. The correct part was supplied after three weeks, during which time I had to make other arrangements to get to work and incurred extra cost in doing so. The supplier has refunded me the cost of having the part fitted but is refusing to cover my out-of-pocket expenses, saying the supply of the wrong part was unfortunate but not a deliberate error. Am I entitled to this additional refund?

    • Nick Mayer 19 January, 10:07 pm

      Hi Geoff

      The Sale of Goods Act does state that sellers are under obligation to repair or replace goods within a reasonable time and at their own cost. However it does not state what ‘reasonable time’ is, though you could argue you have been put to significant inconvenience, if you can argue this sucessfully, you should be able to claim any out of pocket expenses such as any for essential travel.

  • Ian 20 December, 8:58 pm

    I ordered a ring from an on-line jewellers, they did not fulfil the order within the stated time given on their site so I contacted them and cancelled the order, by e-mail and recorded letter.
    They are claiming that the distance selling regulations do not apply as the ring is a custom item as the size is outside the normal range of their stock, they say this is stated in their terms and conditions.
    Are they correct?

    • Nick 19 January, 11:08 pm

      Hi Ian

      What I think they are trying to say here is that the statutory ‘Cooling off period’ doesn’t apply as your purchase been custom made for you. However, this is irrelevant as they have not delivered your purchase, if they haven’t delivered within the specified time frame, you are entitled under The Sale of Goods Act to rescind the contract and get your money back.

      I would just write to them and quote the Sale of Goods Act. Hope this helps, let me know how you get on.

  • Melanie 30 December, 10:03 pm

    I recently ordered a GPS watch online (very competitively priced)from a large retailer. I received an e-mail acknowledging the order and three days later a further e-mail confirming dispatch with DHL.

    I didn’t hear anything for a few days and the DHL tracking number wasn’t updated. I started to chase and to cut a very long story short, 3 weeks later was told that the item was out of stock, they didn’t know when any stock would be coming and the only thing they could offer was a full refund.

    I checked their website and the product was still offered for sale at the same price and I was still able to place an order. They said it was an error and it would be rectified.

    The next day, the product was still offered at that price and I have since found out that somebody ordered one and received it the very next day.

    Where do I stand? As far as I know I haven’t received a refund as yet, but I really would like the watch as it was at such a good price. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Akeela 6 January, 3:46 pm


    I placed an order at after Christmas and my order was despatched on 02/01/2011. I checked my asos account the same day to track my order and found that many of the items I’d ordered had been further reduced. Do I have the right to ask Asos to charge me at the new cost of the items as they decreased the prices before they had despatched my order?


  • Darren Johnston 6 January, 11:35 pm

    I ordered a TV in their sale on Boxing Day which hasn’t arrived. They’ve now sold out of said TV They’ve told me they’ll give me a refund which I won’t accept as I can’t get a TV with the same spec for the price I paid for the one from amazon. I told them I want a similar TV with the same spec. Am I entitled to do this?

    • Nick 19 January, 10:56 pm

      Hi Darren

      I’m afraid sellers are only required to deliver goods or refund your money within 30 days. Unfortunately, there is no requirement for them to provide a similar item as it may not be possible for them to do this, due to circumstances beyond their control.

      • One_Deen 21 January, 5:03 pm

        Hi Nick,

        Good of you to try help others, I am sure it is appreciated. However, your advice on the need to fulfill the order in this and other similar cases is wrong. In terms of Contract Law, when the contract has been established (invitation to treat, offer, offer accepted), then both parties are bound by the contract. If the seller cannot fulfill the contract (e.g. because stock is no longer available), if the buyer insists on the performance of the contract the seller must offer a product of same or higher value/specification. Where a seller is unwilling to do so, the buyer can ask a Court to order to seller to fulfill the contract.

  • Liane 13 January, 12:20 pm


    I purchased a dree from on the 28th Nov 2010. I have never recieved the item and I have contacted the website numerous times. On the 10th Dec they sent me a parcel number to track. I emailed them back and advised it showed as delivered on the 7th Dec (which it had not been) and I requested them to look into this or refund me. They emailed back and said they would look into it but as the outfit was for an occasion the following day (11th)I advised them unless I was going to recieve the item the next day it would be no use looking into this and to refund me instead. I have since then had no response from them at all. I contacted them again on the 10th/13th/14th/15th/17th/21st Dec via email (as this is the only form of communication) again with no reply. There is no contact number for this company so I wrote into them on the 24th Dec and again I have still had no repsonce. I’m not sure what else I can do. Can anyone help?


    • Nick 19 January, 10:46 pm

      Hi Liane

      I work for an internet based company so I have some experience of your particular situation.

      Under the ‘Distance Selling Regulations’ which form part of the Sale of Goods Act, sellers are required to deliver goods within the time period specified. Where none is specified, goods should be delivered within 30 days unless agreed otherwise. With regard to the notification that your purchase has arrived, unless they have your signature, this means nothing.

      In this situation, if I were you I would simply write to them stating the Sale of Goods Act and distance selling regulations and asking for a full refund.

      Hope this helps Liane, let me know how you get on.

  • Miles 14 January, 3:57 pm

    My wife and I have a potential issue looming and just wondered where we stood in terms of rights/next steps etc.

    My wife ordered a bracelet online, for which she has been debited, from a reputable seller on 1/1/11. The estimated delivery, for which she was charged £4.95, was 3-5 business days. Two weeks later we are still yet to take delivery of the item. We have contacted the seller, who were understanding in fairness (hence me not naming them at this point) and blamed a backlog with Royal Mail.

    On checking their website, I note their new delivery estimates are 5-7 working days for delivery costing £4.95. This has obviously passed too. Also while perusing their website I note they state they “cannot be held liable for non-delivery”.

    We intend on calling again to chase things, but wondered what our approach should be and where we stand from a rights point of view?

    Thanks for any responses.

    Kind Regards


    • Nick 19 January, 10:26 pm

      Hi Miles

      I work for an internet based company so I have some experience of your particular situation.

      Under the ‘Distance Selling Regulations’ which form part of the Sale of Goods Act, sellers are required to deliver goods within the time period specified. Where none is specified, goods should be delivered within 30 days unless agreed otherwise. In this case, if you have been specifically informed what the time frame for delivery is, the seller is required to honour that, as they have not, you can rescind the contract and ask for your money back.

      My advice here would be to contact them in writing informing them that should the bracelet not arrive by 31st January (30 days from when you placed the order), that you wish to cancel the order and receive a full refund.

      Hope this helps Miles, let me know how you get on.

      • Miles 20 January, 4:29 pm

        Hi Nick,

        Many thanks for your reply. We have managed to resolve the issue fortunately. The company were very understanding and sent out a replacement immediately on special delivery, which has since arrived. The original is still nowhere to be seen – so well done Royal Mail…

        Anyway all is well now. Maybe I was just assuming that all companies would be difficult for non-delivery and they have certainly restored my faith in them by acting quickly after I made contact once more.


  • Wilson 20 January, 3:14 pm

    I recently ordered something online from a company in the sales. I noticed in their terms the following:

    Please note that we are unable to refund any returns or exchange on any made-to-order, bespoke or SALE items. These purchases are non-returnable and non-refundable.

    Under the distance selling regulations am I still able to get a refund within the cooling-off period?


  • Ron 20 January, 4:24 pm

    Recently a friend of mine took up an offer which was sent to her by Groupon. The offer was for a two night stay at the Royal Bath hotel in Bournemouth. In the original email it clearly stated it was two breakfast’s and two dinners. On phoning the hotel to make her reservation she was told that the email had a mistake in it and that the offer was for only two breakfasts and one dinner. Subsequently an amended email was sent out from Groupon.

    My question is that as she took up the offer based on the first email can she insist that they honour it.

    Any replies gratefully received.


    • One_Deen 26 January, 1:04 am

      The seller or their agents cannot change the terms of the contract once formed. As this contract is clearly formed, the other party have to fulfill the terms, even if their offer was a mistake. This is none of your concern. If they refuse to fulfill their end of the bargain, get in touch with your local Trading Standard Office or Consumers Direct.

  • liz 20 January, 5:47 pm

    we ordered a set of bunkbeds from the catalogue in the sale just after christmas, we were originally given jan 28th as delivery date, we were then given 7th feb, we did not mind waiting as we have not yet moved into our new home and they were such a bargain price. we recieved 2 letters the other day appologising for the delay, again not a problem. then today we recieved another letter stating they cannot get anymore stock and have had to cancel the order. the said bunkbeds are in stock but back up to full price (nearly £100 more) and under a different catalogue number, i have read the description and they are exactly the same. do we have a right to ask them to send us the bunkbeds at the price we ordered them at?

    • One_Deen 26 January, 1:09 am

      Hi Liz

      If they didn’t take payment, then they have no obligation whatsoever. However, if they took payment, you need to check their terms and conditions and establish when a contract is actually formed; on accepting payment or on despatch of goods. If the contract is formed when payment is taken, you have a case; if on despatch you haven’t.

      This is underhand behaviour on the part of the catalogue, but they often do that. Immoral but not illegal I am afraid.

      Write to the CEO with as much detail as you can; they might be embarassed into doing something to maintain goodwill.

      Good luck.

  • Jay 24 January, 1:02 pm

    Purchased a camera 11 months ago, but the battery door has broken – with only one month left on the warranty. Is the retailer responsible for the repair, or do I send it to the manufacture?

    • One_Deen 26 January, 1:00 am

      Hi Jay

      Your contract is with the seller and you should contact them in the first instance. It is very likely that the repair will be fulfilled by the manufacturer, but your seller should point you in the right direction or carry out the repair.

      Good luck

  • Matthew 25 January, 11:47 am

    I bought a laptop case online, after 3 weeks it broke. The company has a 14 day refund policy, as the case broke after 14 days they will only replace it, not refund it. Can I demand a refund? Can I claim under the Sales Of Goods act as not fit for purpose?

    • One_Deen 25 January, 9:16 pm

      Hi Matthew

      You have a Statutory right of return upto 30 Days from the day you receive the Goods. This is part of the Sale of Goods Act.

      If your retailer does not comply, get in touch with Consumers Direct and/or your Local Trading Standards Office. You have an absolute legal right despite what the terms and conditions of the retailers say.

      Good luck.

    • One_Deen 26 January, 12:27 am

      Hi Matthew

      Just to add to my earlier reply, I was of course referring to faulty goods. You have a right to decide whether you want a refund or a replacement. The seller cannot insist on a replacement only. In fact in cases of manufacturing defects, you can seek a refund upto six months after purchase.

  • David 1 February, 6:15 pm

    I am considering buying an item of clothing from an online retailer based in Belfast (I am in England). The item is in their sale at a 50% discount. Their returns policy states that:

    – All sale items are final sale unless faulty where a credit or refund will be issued.

    Obviously I haven’t seen the item in question, and I have no idea if it will fit or even if I will like it. I was just wondering whether they are allowed to refuse to accept returns just because an item has been sold at a discounted price?

    • One_Deen 4 February, 10:02 pm

      Hi David

      Not very familiar with Northern Irish law. However, if the Sale of Goods Act applies to them then so does the Distance Selling Regulations, which allows you reasonable time to inspect the goods ordered, usually seven days.

      Sorry can’t be more helpful; hopefully someone out there knows the applicable laws a bit better.

      Good Luck

  • Amanda 2 February, 1:29 am

    I bought a pair of shoes from they have been worn by a teenager for 6 days at school and the soles have almost worn down in that short time,i didn’t expect them to last,but i did expect them to last longer than 6 days,i’ve emailed the company and this is their reply below,what do i do next,thank you

    Dear *****

    Thank you for your recent e-mail.

    Sorry to hear that the rubber soles of the Golddigga shoes have worn down. We have sold a large quantity of these shoes and have not encountered similar complaints, as such we do not feel that the item is faulty. They could have worn down quickly due to some kind of incorrect use. I’m afraid we would not be able to accept them back in this condition.

    Sorry for any disappointment caused by this.


    HalfCost Customer Care

    • One_Deen 4 February, 9:59 pm

      Hi Amanda

      I would suggest that Halfcost are trying to fob you off. There is clearly a manufacturing defect with the shoes. I strongly suggest that you contact Consumers Direct, who will be able to assist you in obtaining a refund.

      The fact Halfcost may or may not have had previous complaints is totally irrelevant. The question is whether the shoes you purchased have a manufacturing defect. There are many retailers who will try to absolve themselves of their responsibility by making statements which appear to give you less rights than you actually have.

      Good luck.

  • Mujtaba 4 February, 11:42 pm


    I ordered a nokia N8 phone on a contract o=through internet from Dialaphone but also am aware Nokia provide a 1yr warranty. However, despite contract start date was in November 2010, it has developed a serious fault which nokia repair centre states can not be fixed and is not covered under warranty. Please clarify if I can get a replacement as I seem to be lost what to do since its an 18 month contract!


    • One_Deen 27 February, 8:50 pm

      Hi Mujtaba

      Would need to know what is the fault? And why it is not covered under warranty? Did the fault occur through misuse, including upload of unauthorised firmware?

  • bryan herlihy 9 February, 2:01 pm

    DEAR XXXXX,My wife purchased for me ,before xmas 2010 a stainless steel,with a plastic bossed CR-V emblem spare wheel cover online.due to one thing and another(snow mostly) I did not try to fit it untill recently.The cover etc are the correct size for my wheels.But after 3hours myself & friend could not fit the two items on my car.The stainless steel covers lock does not work correvtly,and the bossed centre will not fit.When I phoned the supplier I was told to tie the centre boss up with tape.they said they could not help me,due to the time delay.So I am left with a item I cannot use or sell which cost £112.80.can I do anything about this?.

  • Eamonn 17 March, 10:29 am

    Hi there,

    I’m looking for some advice

    My fiancee recently ordered two bespoke embroidered wedding gowns for her amd her bridesmaid as we are getting married soon.(£65 she paid I think)
    She specifically ordered a size Small/Medium through the companys website expecting a size 8/10 or 10/12 at a push to arrive but what arrived was a massively oversized 12/14.

    The gowns are far too large for both her and her bridesmaid so she had emailed the edinburgh based company to see if there has been a mix up with her order and that surely a size 12/14 cannot be considered a size S/M.

    It does not state the exact size of a S/M M/L L/XL on thier website and they have emailed her back saying that as the items have been custom embroidered with thier names etc.. then they cannot be refunded…

    I’m interested to find out our rights on this matter

    Thank You

  • Saif Ahmed 27 March, 11:10 pm


    I bought a Palm Treo Pro phone from Amazon UK with 1 year warranty. In 6 months the phone would restart regularly for no reason and in the next 3-4 months it went dead and would not start. amazon directed me to Palm. I called Palm but for over a year now they keep giving me numbers to call where no one answers. Now it is out of warranty. Emails are not answered. What options do I have left?

  • scott rapson 26 April, 9:23 pm


    I purchased some shoes from a shop in the US, they arrived and though they are my size they are far too big.

    I contacted the store and they informed me all sales are final as it’s an international order and sent me a link for their terms, where it stipulates this.

    The shoes were over £100 and I want to return them at my cost but they’re still saying no. I’ve just received them today so I’m within 14 days.

    Have I got a hope?

  • Natalie 4 May, 10:25 am


    I wonder if you can help, I ordered an item of clothing from an online only store and waited 2 weeks for it to be delivered. It finally arrived yesterday and it is a completely wrong item, not even similar to what I ordered and its of a lesser value.

    I have sent a few emails to the company but they have been ignored and when I looked online about this company they have hundreds of awful reviews from previous customers stating terrible customer service and even when items were sent back they never received a refund..

    I am going on holiday in a few weeks and this item was for the holiday, what rights do I have to demand the item I originally ordered because I have a feeling that if I send this unwanted item back they are just going to ignore me.

    Kind regards

  • martin 8 May, 10:16 pm

    Hi all,

    I was given a Dell laptop from my dad for Christmas 2009. It’s been great. Although has had a warranty replacement of the motherboard within the first year.

    The laptop froze this morning and I reset it (held in the power button for 5 seconds), now the screen has got white permanently. The laptop still loads up and works, but there is no display. It still works when connected to an external monitor, so according to Dells website, will probably need a screen replacement.

    As it is only approx 18 months old, should Dell be replacing the screen for free as it is not fit for purpose?? Or hasn’t lasted a reasonable amount of time???

  • Lynne Williams 10 May, 10:00 pm

    I purchased a ticket from PO Ferries online, within 24 hours i wanted to cancel, but they advised me that the journey was non refundable. Are these contracts covered under the Distance Selling and is there any kind of cooling off period with these contracts

  • Willaim Munnoch 11 May, 8:22 pm

    Please,can you help.? I purchased and paid for a lawn mower from a company on the web called Worldstores Ltd,based in Twickenham.They state in their webpage ,next day delivery,no never happened.I waited a further 2 days,nothing,I tried phoning to be told by a answer machine due to the high volume of calls it would be best to email,and did,and a reply would be sent within the hour.Nope,never happened,this sent alarm bells ringing so I had a look through google,and to my horror this company,albeit stll having a large web advertising site,have let many many customers down by not sending goods paid for,not replying to phone calls or emails.I paid by my bank debit card,Do I have any redress and how do these people get away with it and still be allowed to advertise on the web when it’s plain they are nothing but scam merchants. Please,what advice do you offer,? I live in Scotland,so it’s distance selling by misrepresentation,am I correct. What to do now.I am so angry.

  • KM 3 June, 1:15 pm


    I ordered an item on the 9th of May, explaining I was moving home on the 17th and to deliver to whatever address is convenient. They delivered an incorrect item, not what I’d ordered. I paid postage and returned it, again, with a note of my new address in bold. I’ve had several email communications with them and in each instance have stated my new address. I believe they’ve had it signed and delivered to my old address. Am I entitled to a refund or to have another one sent to me?


  • Aryan 16 June, 2:41 pm

    dear sir/madam,

    Purchased a phone online. And it turned out to be faulty. So this was replaced about 2 weeks ago. Now the replaced phone is faulty as well. However, the supplier now will not refund me the cost of the product, as I wish to return the product.
    They suggest that under sale of goods a 30 day limit applies.
    Am I stuck or is there a law to obtain refunds?
    thank you very much.

  • Damien 18 June, 7:20 pm

    Hi if i want to but sumthing online and seller has made a mistake and advertised cost of item as £0.00 and just a fee for delivery do they hace to honour that or do they not have too

  • Gary 20 June, 8:12 pm

    Hi – I was wondering if you could help… I have just purchased 4x cameras for use at work but the supplier has sent me 4x laptop mains adapters even though the description on the order & invoice clearly states “camera” – I have spoken to the supplier and they have told me that they need to start an investigation into what’s happened and will contact me to arrange collection of the power adapters. My question is having taken the payment & delivered the wrong item are they obliged to supply the correct items (the cameras) or can they just say they made a mistake and offer a refund?

  • Olli 23 June, 1:08 am

    Can someone answer a (possibly very simple) request? I’d like to know which rights I can quote for the following situation:

    I very recently bought a computer game off of the “steam network”. It is a virtual good (ei – no physical DVD, just a download). But I’ve now realized that due to my computer being out of date the game does not work. On the Steam website it states –

    “As with most downloadable software products, we do not offer refunds for purchases made through Steam – please review Section 4 of the Steam Subscriber Agreement for more information.”

    So they state essentially: No Refunds. Surely this is against my rights or? When contacting them regarding this matter which of my rights can I quote? Sales of goods act?
    Thank you!

  • Allan West 29 September, 3:23 pm

    Hello, I’ve bought a brand new laptop from TV Ideal World site, payments over 4 months special offer. The day it arrived it wouldn’t work properly or respond, when I called customer services they gave me a number to call (which was ACER the USA manufacturer) stating it was their problem. Despite requests & promises received of I.W. manager attention to resolve, I got no help from Ideal World. After a few days I wrote & rejected the laptop, demanding full refund or replacement laptop, after several weeks got reply saying it was being addressed but I’d already been forced to get help to operate laptop (nothing physical interfered with). A few weeks later, still getting problems, tried sysytem restore & pc stopped working. Told Ideal World twice on phone matter in dispute, wanted replace or refund, promised manager would call me but no contact. Received debt collector letter threatening court action, contacted these who stopped action & wrote to Ideal World telling them they must resolve dispute. Ideal World made no reply to them, not replying to me, no word of replacement or refund, “new” laptop here U/S and I’m out of pocket 150 pounds though refused to make final 2 payments.

  • adam 6 October, 2:48 pm


    There is never any adverts on the front page of Google, and if there was it would likely be £100’000’s not £3.99!
    This is a con, plain and simple, and if it was me I’d be on the phone to the police right away!


  • Jon Smythe 24 October, 5:42 pm

    I purchased a fairly expensive laptop but it was scratched. I tried asking the seller to replace the scratched part but they say the casing/cosmetics are not under the warranty. What can I do? Can I make a complaint using the sale of goods act?

    • One_Deen 17 November, 11:28 am

      If the laptop was purchased as Brand New, you have a right to reject the good, this has nothing to do with Warranty. However, if some months later there is a cosmetic defect, this would normally not be covered under warranty.

  • sarah 15 November, 10:45 am

    hello i was wondering if you can help. a website was advertising a sewing machine at £0.00 add to basket puchase price so i put it to basket and followed through to checkout i was asked to pay £4.00 delivery as the order was under £30.00 my order was acknowleged and accepted and i was given a reciept and advised they would contact me with a delivery time. the next day they decided they did not infact want to sell the machine for this price and refused to send me the goods. and have since taken the add to basket button off the page.surely they are not alloud to refuse to send me my order when it was accepted and acknowleged i have all paper work which states the same. in their terms and conditions it does state they have the right to refuse a sale but are bound to contract if the order is accepted and payment made please help.

    • One_Deen 17 November, 11:26 am

      You need to check their T&C carefully. You need to establish when the Contract of Sale is formed. If a contract has been formed, they have to fulfil their side of the contract. However, because the value of the item was £0.00, it may be considered in contract law that the price was ‘vile’. The only way to get a supplier to fulfil contractual terms is to take them to the Small Claims (County) Court. I tend to find most Trading Standards Officers are loath to get involved in these small cases and often give benefit of doubt to the seller.

      My personal opinion, without having access to all the facts, is that this contract would be hard to enforce.

  • sarah 15 November, 10:47 am

    what are my rights for the above

  • Karla 16 November, 6:36 am

    Could you please explain the geographic jurisdiction. The Consumer Protection (distance selling) regulations obviously apply when a UK/EU trader sells to a EK/EU consumer. However do they also apply when a UK/EU trader sells to a non EU country?

  • Albert 17 November, 10:25 am

    @ Sarah

    Clearly the price was a mistake and as with any pricing it is only an invitation to treat ie an offer to buy. At no stage is the retailer obliged to sell, or in this case give, you an item for Free or any price other than what they sell it for unless they confirm when the contract of sale was formed, i.e. when the item is actually dispatched.

    The retailer is fully within their rights refuse the order based on what seems a clear mis-price. I personally believe your expectations of getting something for free, albeit bar a delivery charge, is somewhat unfair.

  • One_Deen 17 November, 11:20 am

    Distance Selling Regulations do not apply when either party is outside of the UK/EU.

  • Karla 17 November, 12:55 pm

    I;d be very grateful for exactly where it says that in anything official as I can’t find it and would like to see it.

    I don’t disbelieve you ! but I could do with the evidence – or if it is derived ‘logically’ from where it says it is only within the UK/EU

    many thanks

    • Albert 17 November, 12:59 pm

      • Karla 11 December, 5:47 pm

        Thanks Albert
        I have read legislation until I am blue in the face. Maybe I am getting punch drunk and can;t see the wood for the trees now!

        I am pretty familiar with the DSR anyway. I always assumed that as I was situated in the EU that I had to obey the DSR when selling outside of the EU…. but according to One-Deen this is not so.

        So this issue I am interested in – it would seem to be an inference (?) rather than it being clearly stated !

    • One_Deen 17 November, 5:56 pm


      Distance Selling Regulations (DSR) are an extension of the Sale of Goods Act 1979, enacted by an Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom and thus can only only apply to UK citizens and companies that operate in the UK.

      DSR have also been incorporated into many EU regulations on trade and competition. EU laws and regulations can only apply to citizen of Member States and companies that operate in Member States (and EEC area).

  • Sam 18 November, 2:06 am

    Hi, I paid £945 for a Macbook Pro from the website on October 7th. I paid with an online bank transfer into the website’s bank account and the payment cleared the same day. I e-mailed to ask when the product would be dispatched and received a reply a few days later saying it had been dispatched and I could expect it to arrive within 2-3 days. 10 days later it still had not arrived, so I e-mailed asking if the order could be tracked. I recieved no reply. I have sent lots of e-mails since, asking where the product is and if it has not been sent could I have a refund. Most of my e-mails went unreplied; after about a month I received a reply saying they had “opened a case” with the supplier and would get back to be within 48 hours. 8 days later I had heard no news so e-mailed again, no reply, and no reply to any further e-mails. 6 weeks has now passed since I made the bank transfer online, so how can I claim my refund if the website does not answer my e-mails? I have no other contact details. Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.

    • One_Deen 22 November, 12:02 am


      You have most likely been victim of a scam. Never send payments for goods by BACS, this is the least safe option.

      When a company has no contact details, other than an e-mail, that should ring alarm bells. This is also against the law; they are required to supply Postal Address and a Phone Number.

      You may want to contact the Police, to report a case of fraud and/or theft.

      Good luck.

  • Gordon Mc 18 November, 12:28 pm

    I’ve taken delivery of a tablet pc from a company. It’s not working as stated on their website. I approached them and they came back with something about there’s a glitch on the tablet and it need to be patched straight away.

    There was no offer of a replacement tablet which makes me suspect that all their tablets are shipped this way.

    I’ve requested to cancel the purchase under the distance selling regs, but they are demanding a 20% restock charge. Is this allowed, and yes it does state in their terms “We reserve the right to charge a 20% restocking fee which will apply whether you request a refund or an exchange for a different item”

    Feel that this is a bar on me executing my rights.

    • One_Deen 21 November, 11:59 pm


      They cannot do this under the Distance Selling Regulations. If the item wasn’t faulty and you simply changed your mind, you’d have to pay return postage. Since the item is faulty, you have 30 Days to reject the product. It should work as described ‘out of the box’, not patched etc., that is not your responsibility.

      If the retailer refuses to budge, contact Consumers Direct and also your Credit Card company as they seller is breaking the law.

  • Albert 21 November, 10:34 pm

    Given that the website was only made / registered on 1st October this year I would take a guess that you have been scammed. I would contact and see if they can help you or any further information.

    This is the registration info I found on the website which is typical of such scammers,


    Registrant type:

    Registrant’s address:
    Unit 39
    388 Hatton Garden
    EC2 3UL
    United Kingdom

    Registered through:, Inc.

    Key-Systems GmbH [Tag = KEY-SYSTEMS-DE]

    Relevant dates:
    Registered on: 01-Oct-2011
    Renewal date: 01-Oct-2013
    Last updated: 01-Oct-2011

  • sarah 22 November, 1:14 am

    It does state in their terms that a contract is formed one you go through checkout and your order is accepted. Which it was and i was sent a further email stating the order number and and that i would recieve anwother email with delivery date shortly. Although they have the right to refuse sale they didnt they accepted and took the delivery fee .They have since removed the buy it now option of checkout. But if they didnt want to sell the product at this price they shouldnt have had this function with the price 0.00. So how is it not fair on them. My friend who fits kitchens and when he handed over the bill he fogot to put a price for the dishwasher and so had to not charge for it. He legaly couldnt take it back and say no i didnt want you to have it for this price. Or change the reciept with the price on it legaly as it had already been done. Incompetance shouldnt be accepted and if by forfilling the contract of sale will teach them to do their job properly i see that as a good thing.

  • Albert 26 November, 10:35 am

    @ Sarah

    You are fighting a no win battle. Clearly a error on the website of which you try to take advantage of. Common sense would prevail in that the item normally costs a lot more than you expected to obtain it for.

    Unlike a retail store where a cashier will be present to examine any sale in real time, ordering online has its protections to businesses too as scams, fraud and errors will happen in advance of an operator being present at the time of the sale, i.e. to over see any problems. Save your energy, accept your delivery charge refund back and move on. You have no legal entitlement to the free item, the most you could be entitled is a refund of your money.

  • Kevin 29 November, 11:52 am

    Hello there. I bought a Playstation 3 60gb console from in February 2007. It worked fine until last year when it started rejecting games, and in July this year, It stopped reading blue ray discs.

    I have since had the PS3 console repaired and the people who repaired it charged me £70 plus £14 VAT, but assured me i could claim the repair fee back under the sale of goods act as it states that as the product is under 6 years old, a product of this nature and cost should last longer than 4 years.

    They gave me an engineers report to send and i sent that, along with my receipts and a covering letter that the repairers also templated for me.

    Amazon emailed me back with this

    Dear Mr *****,

    My name is ***** ****** and I represent the Executive Customer Relations Group within and in this capacity, your correspondence has been brought to my attention.

    I am sorry to hear of the difficulty experienced with the Playstation 3 console received in February 2007 from your order

    Under the Sale of Goods Act, a consumer is granted recourse against a seller of goods if those goods were defective at the time of purchase. The Act provides that in order for the customer to have a remedy they must prove that the goods suffered from an inherent defect at the time of delivery. We do not accept the report as evidence that the device suffered from an inherent defect, as the fact that it has worked without fault for such a substantial period of time would suggest otherwise.

    You purchased your product approximately 57 months ago and, until recently, have used it successfully and reported no fault with the product. Given your satisfactory use of the product since February 2007, it is not established that the product did not conform to the contract (i.e. was defective) at the time of purchase. is therefore not under an obligation to offer any additional assistance in repairing or replacing your product.

    We regret any disappointment this order has caused and hope that we will have a chance to serve you again in the future.

    Is this correct? as i have been assured that no matter what, due to the fact that my item cost over £400 that it should last a minimum of 6 years without fault. And i am entitled to a refund of my Repair cost and repair cost only. Or is Amazon in the right here?

    Please help as i really have no idea about this sort of thing, should I pursue this or just let it drop depending on whos right?

    Thank you for any assistance you can give me.

  • Colin Davidson 7 December, 12:10 pm

    On October 1st I bought a waterproof MP3 player on-line through Wowcher (coupon discounts compnay) to be supplied by a company called Aquwa.
    Despite many e-mails and phone calls to Aquwa and excuses from them that the fault lies with Royal Mail, I still haven’t received my goods.
    Who should I pursue for return of my money – Wowcher who stated in their e-mail confirming my order
    “Please note that this email does mean that your order has been accepted. Your order constitutes an offer to buy a Wowcher. The contract between us will only be formed when we dispatch the Wowcher to you by email”.
    I did receive the Wowcher by email.
    So who should I pursue for return of my money from Wowcher or Aquwa,
    and what are my rights in this matter?

  • Ruth Adam 7 December, 10:03 pm

    I purchased an iPod dock from a marketplace seller on amazon with dab radio in march of this year. Last month there was a loud crack noise when I tried to turn it on and it has not worked since. I contacted the seller who says he only gives one month warranty and other than that I need to contact the manufacturer. I have contacted the manufacturer who says they don’t cover items purchased on amazon- where do I stand?

    • One_Deen 15 December, 7:12 pm


      Contact Amazon, they will sort it out for you. Amazon Marketplace sellers have to provide the same level of service as Amazon; thus they have to provide a minimum of 12 months warranty for new items. Your contract is with the Seller not the manufacturer.

      In fact open a A-Z Guarantee Claim with Amazon, this will ensure that Amazon will have a record of the bad service by the seller and they will not be able to fob off customers in the future.

      Good luck.

  • Billy 15 December, 4:09 pm

    I’ve purchased an electrical item online that had proven to be faulty after 4 months. Is the retailer obliged to offer a refund, and bear the cost of a collection? The item is heavy.

  • my_dogs_my_bestfriend 16 December, 6:47 am

    I recently bought a 22″ Samsung TV for my father who @ 87 is hard of hearing. The TV was delivered on the 10/12/2011.Took the item set it up for no longer than 5mins and the sound is terrible my father could not even hear the thing. So phoned the Company (LW)and they said because I had plugged it in that it was second hand and I could not return or exchange it for a bigger TV with a baser sound. There is no fault per say with the TV itself but more of a quality issues I was wondering am I covered by the sales of goods act. As I don’t want to lose £350 on something that’s never going to be used.
    Thx In Advance.
    O yeah and the TV that was displayed on the website is not the TV I was delivered
    And another thing is on their own website they say I have 21 days home approval.

  • Holly 19 December, 11:08 am

    I purchased some shoes online and they were delivered to me. I tried them on and within minutes they broke. I then rang the shop and asked for them to be replaced and delivered to me, the woman on the phone said that they would send me an emal in 24-48 business hours to tell me when they will be delivered…they never did. I then rang 4 days afterwards and the woman said that they must do a quality control check, which is fine, and that they would send me an email 24-48 bus. hours later…they never did. I then rang for the third time to say I hadn’t recieved the email and I wanted to change the delivery address, they said they couldn’t change the address and again said that I would recieve an email in 24-48 hours…never happened.

    What should I do? They have sold me something that I cannot actually wear so surely they are breaching the sales act?

    Can someone give me some advice please.

  • clare 20 December, 8:07 pm

    I purchased a faux leather double bed from a shop on ebay on 31.10.11. Today it has broke, me and my partner were sat on the bed dressing our 2 year old twins who were stood on the floor and when my partner leant forward the side of the bed snapped. We quickly got up and looked at the slats but what we found was the metal bar that goes across the middle of the bed had bent therefore causing the side to snap when we looked at the other side of the bed we noticed that the screw that holds the adjustable leg in place had gone through the hole so it was not sturdy and what must of happened is the bed had just got considerably weaker within the month of using it, eventually causing the bent metal and inevitably causing the snap. Please could someone tell me what my rights are and if the company could just repair it for me?? effectivly we only need the left handside and a new middle bar and we would be happy.

  • alan dalton 4 January, 7:55 pm


    We got a LG50″ plasma through my catalogue, purchased on 31dec 2010.
    When we went to switch the tv back on this morning 04/01/12 it will not.

    We rang our catalogue people they said the warranty had ran out on 31/12/2011.

    Lg the people who “built” the tv say it is not there problem and we should go through our catalogue people(Very).

    The tv is not really over a year old due to it taking 2/3 wks to be delivered.

    Can you help please

    Many Thanks


  • Annie Dunbar 28 January, 3:33 pm

    I purchased an ottoman on line, they did not say on there website that it was flat pack, it arrived on Thursday, flat pack, I emailed them and they told me they do not have to state if it is flat pack, but if I want to return it I can at my own cost! Is this right? dont they have to say self assembly?

  • Britta 6 February, 4:18 pm


    About a week ago I placed an order with a well known retailer over the internet using their website. The goods showed available (in stock) on their website and the money was debited from my account.

    Now a week later the retailer cancelled the order saying the goods are no longer available.

    They said they will refund the money but I was wondering:

    Am I correct in saying that once the money was debited from my account the retailer entered into a contract with me to supply the goods ordered? Am I correct?

  • Albert 9 February, 6:40 pm


    Your payment is only an offer to buy, the retailer is not obligated to provide the item. As you say they claim to be out of stock anyway. The retailer’s terms of sale will state when the contract is formed, this is normally when the goods are dispatched.

  • Annie Dunbar 9 February, 7:09 pm

    Hi Britta, we have had the same problem, unfortunately if the goods you ordered are no longer available then there is nothing you can do about it! They will put your money back into your account but it will take about a week.

  • Katy 13 February, 12:43 am

    Hi, please can you help.

    I purchased overpriced Madonna tickets via ‘Get Me In’ 2 days ago. I have since come to my senses and wish to cancel the transaction. ‘Get Me in’ are difficult to contact, they have no email address or phone number and don’t offer this as an option.

    In their T&C’s, they say you are not entitled to a refund but does a cooling off period not apply under the ‘distance selling regulations’?

    I bought them through my credit card and so I hope I may be covered somehow.

    Please advise, thanks.

    Katy x

  • Emma 13 February, 8:09 pm

    Hi, I recently ordered a bathroom from a catalogue company. I was informed that the warehouse would contact me to arrange delivery and the money was taken from my account for the bathroom a few days later.
    I have today received an email from the catalogue to advise that they have mis charged me and plan on charging me over £500 for the same bathroom!
    I am understandably not happy. Because they have withdrew the money from my account, would I not be in some sort of ‘contract’ with them?
    Thanks, Emma

  • Graham 14 February, 12:40 am

    @ Emma

    Despite payment being taken, which happens on most online orders, your order was only an offer to buy. Mistakes happen and as such retailers normally state when the contract is formed, ie when the goods are actually dispatched.

    From my own knowledge I think I know which retailer and bath suite that your may be referring to and the retailer clearly made a typographical error when listing the item. The price was clear to be seen that it was to good to be true.

    You were given the opportunity to purchase the item albeit at a higher price but the retailer under no circumstances would take the money without you agreeing to purchase the package at the new price.

    The retailer is only obligated to refund your money and say sorry for the mistake.

  • Emma 14 February, 8:58 am


    thanks for your reply, having checked the link you provided, this isnt the bathroom I ordered but at least I am clear on the situation now. The bathroom I ordered was over a thousand pounds but they then added an additional £500 to the price.
    Many thanks for your quick reply though, visit to the Bathroom store it is then! 🙂

  • Jason 15 February, 2:50 pm


    My iphone wasn’t charging properly and so i looked online to see about getting it repaired. The site i found was and they advertised a 24hr repair service with 3 day turnaround and all their testimonials were positive. I even paid a £9 fee to receive there “special case recorded delivery” option. They confirmed receipt but 22 days later and despite numerous communications they’ve tested the battery and can’t fix the issue and are now telling me they’re going to have to return my phone unrepaired.

    Is the3re anything in the Sale of goods act, or any consumer act that I should be looking at? Should I expect anything more bearing in mind i feel that their services were misrepresented on the website, their speedy and reliable service being the thing that made me choose this company and also the fact that i’ve been without a phone now for just over three weeks?



  • nikita 20 February, 7:46 pm

    hi, i bought a blu ray player from amazon for £312 and it broke with in a month, the item is now out of stock allthough they are offering a full refund the blu ray player is now retailing at £450 so would cost an extra 138 to repace can any one help me with my rights please thank you

  • Lucia Bonora 3 March, 12:15 pm

    Hallo, I’ve bought a pair of boots on line from DEMONIA SHOES, received them right before xmas 2011 and after 2 month the heel has unglued while walking. Now i ve called Customer service and i been told that according to their return policy i have 30 dayy only to return a faulty item!!! is that possible? £72 of boots to last one month only? i ve checked on the web site and yes, it does confirm the 30 days faulty return policy. i am shocked cause i work in retail and a faulty item by law can be returned in within 6 months. is it anything i can do to get a replacement or other from that company? thank you

  • One_Deen 3 March, 3:37 pm


    Their Terms and Conditions on Returns is illegal and against the Sale of Goods Act, Write to them, reminding them they are breaking the Law anf if they refuse to provide a refund, get your Card company involved, they’ll sort it out. I would also contact Consumers Direct and your local Trading Standards

    • Lucia Bonora 4 March, 9:54 pm

      thank you for your advises.. i’ll do as you say..))

  • Vijay 6 March, 12:31 pm

    I purchased a mirror from a furniture online retailer. The mirror was duly delivered within 3 days. However, as I was going on holiday the next day I didn’t have time to inspect the item until my return the following week. The mirror was badly damaged (completely smashed) and I informed them immediately, to which they replied that their returns policy states that I have only 3 days to report a defect. Where do I stand legally on this?

    • One_Deen 6 March, 11:46 pm

      Hi Vijay

      If it’s a UK company you have a minimum of SEVEN DAYS whether you wish to keep the product under the Distance Selling Regulations and THIRTY DAYS to report any defects under the Sale of Goods Act.

      Write to them, advising them that their Terms and Conditions are illegal, if they refuse to replace and/or refund, get in touch with your Card Company.

      In any case report them to Consumers Direct and the Trading Standards Office.

      Good luck.

  • Vijay 7 March, 10:19 am

    Many thanks for your advice. They are insistent that 3 days is sufficient, but I will certainly dig my heels in.

  • Kirsty 10 March, 7:36 pm


    I ordered some beanbags off of an online company through a Groupon offer on the 14th of November 2011 and was informed that it would arrive in the last week of December.

    I was informed via email from the company on the 6th of January to say that they were overwhelmed with the response and that delivery would take longer than expected. Note – this is longer than the 30 days mentioned in the Distance Selling consumer rights.

    Following this, I was further notified on the 25th of January that they would be delivered at the end of February. At this point I had had enough and liaised with Groupon who cancelled and refunded my order. {I’ve since learnt that Groupon have not actually paid the company in question).

    Both Groupon and myself notified the company via email on the 25th of January to inform them of cancellation, and I requested a refund for my postage and packaging costs.

    In early February, my beanbags were delivered, despite notifying the company of cancellation.

    I have not received any confirmation from the company, nor any contact regarding the received goods. I have now had the beanbags for over a month and the company have not contacted me in regards to returning them.

    What are my rights in keeping this product? Obviously I wanted the beanbags in the first place – I was just disgusted with the customer service and length of delivery time.

  • Terry 15 March, 3:45 pm

    The school in which i work has a batch of 30 computer monitors the same model from the same suplier, they had a 3 year warrenty which is about to expire. more than half the monitors have died and been repaired by the manufacturer within the past year and a half, it is always the same fault. recently i have been having about 2 monitors fail per month.
    This is a known fault withthe monitors so do the sale of goods act or distance selling regulations offer any way to get the other monitors repaired when they fail?

  • Jatin Mistry 26 March, 11:36 am

    I purchased two pyjamas for my daughter from Very web-site over a month ago. At that point, they had an offer of buy two and save £6.00. Due to internet problem, I had to place the order via their telephones and collegue who took the order advised that I will be charged more but they will arrange the refund of the difference. This has not been done despite my numeroud e-mails and phone calls to them. Now they are also disputing the offer was on and asking me to provide the proof. I did not take any print screen or made a note of the person I spoke to and had a faith in them. As they are refusing to refund the money and my daughter has already used the payjamas, I can not return them. Please advise on how do I claim my money that I was promised and have been overcharged?

  • Nikki Chaplin 3 April, 3:17 pm

    I have ordered 2x 5litre tins of cuprinol garden shades in Silver Birch as advertised on their website. I have today received a call to say that Cuprinol do not make 5 litre tins of this product only 1 litre tins. They can supply 10 litres of the product but I will incur an additional charge of £10.00. Can they do this as they have advertised incorrectly or should they satisfy the order at their own cost?

  • Paul 5 April, 3:24 pm

    I ordered and received a personalized replica football kit for my son. The item was listed as sizes “1 – 2 years”. Sadly it doesn’t fit over his head, it is not even close to fitting and causes him distress. On the website there was no mention of the head sizes.

    I have gone back to them but they just advise as its personalized they cannot offer a refund or an exchange. I have posted the item to them at my own expense, and they have examined and said its fine, however my son has an average size head which can be easily proven using NHS sizing guides. Can you advise what my position is legally? My argument is that its not fit for purpose as it doesn’t fit, the customization is irrelevant.


  • Gavin 12 April, 11:10 pm

    I placed an order online with as they offered the bulbs I wanted with a discount if you bought in bulk. Since placing the order, they have not provided me with any update or replied to my emails. The original dispatch date was 2-3days with next day delivery.

    It has now been over 2 weeks and still no response. The price has since been changed on their website and the number of bulbs you need to purchase to obtain the bulk discount has “doubled”

    Please can you advise on my legal position? It wasn’t exactly a misprice and only works out to a few pounds cheaper than buying from John Lewis! As mentioned above, they do not respond to emails and I cannot find a phone number to contact them on. Surely there must be something regulating them? The items appear to be in stock and I just get the feeling that they are witholding the items without any cause and as they have taken payment, I cannot afford to buy them from anywhere else until they update me on the whereabouts of my order.

    If they are unable to supply any of the lightbulbs I ordered, or they know that they are unable to fulfil any orders, then surely they shouldn’t be advertising it as “available” online. I’m more concerned that they may be opting to go into liquidation but I am sure there are laws in place that stop them from operating in this manner if they are unable to fulfil future orders (e.g Declaration of Solvency by the Directors)

    Any advice would be appreciated

  • Annie Dunbar 13 April, 7:47 am

    Hi Gavin, send them 1 more e-mail and wait 48 hours. If they do not reply then ring Consumer Direct 08454 04 05 06 they have taken the money and have not produced the goods.

  • bobby 16 April, 3:28 pm

    in dec /11 i had delivered a 2 setter settee which had a removable back rest on receiving we found that sloting arms where the wrong around thus causing the velco facing the back i have e-mailed the manufactures sent photos of the problem phoned but they do nothing what is my next move thanks

  • adam 16 April, 5:13 pm

    i bought a reciprocating saw online with 20 blades and a torch, taking the purchase to over £100, paid by credit card. I received the reciprocating saw and torch after a week with a note saying the blades are out of stock and will follow. It has now been over a month and still no blades, i have still not used the reciprocating saw. I have emailed, phoned and been in contact with the company on a number of occasions and they have sent me the tracking number for the delivery of the reciprocating saw. I am now at a loss, as the Company is saying the blades have been delivered and they obviously have not been.
    Any ideas??

  • Haseeb 18 April, 1:19 pm

    Less than a month ago I purchased some car accessories from an online retailer over the phone. As the retailer was unable to deliver the goods to an address other than where the payment card is registered to they agreed I could pay through PayPal and I requested the goods to be sent to the registered PayPal address. The retailer instead sent the goods to the wrong address (home) and the order itself is incomplete. The missing parts are needed to fit the accessories and are useless without it.

    I have contacted PayPal but they have refused to help, stating the goods can be used as received! I have contacted the company a number of times but they keep ignoring me.

    What are my legal rights in this scenario?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • tony 19 April, 9:25 pm

    hi i have recived an invoice for materia that never turned up on site and have been sent an invoice i asked why there was not correct delivery address on the invoice or sigunature to say the goods were accepted and by who but they are leaning on me for the money any advice on this would be appriciated thanks

  • David rees 24 April, 7:18 pm

    Hi,i have placed an order on-line with a surf shop for two surf boards and a car sticker,the order came to £2.95 because they had the surfboards marked as £0.00,they were listed as in stock and my confirmation email has all the details of the order,i haven’t heard from the company as of yet,but where do i stand if they say they are not sending the surfboards..many thanks

  • Mila 17 May, 9:12 pm

    Hi, I have bought Madrid Super King size bed from Beliani Company. In accordance with its website the company is based in Switzerland, however, sells goods all over GB. On receipt the ordered bed, I discovered that the bed’s metal frame does not fit (impossible to fix) with the bed’s leather surrounding. I have written to Beliani and pointed to the problem, however, they rejected my claim by stating that the bed’s frames they supply can be different and “fit” with all the beds.

    A few days later, I have also discovered that the images (both photos and video) which advertise Madrid Supper King-size Bed are not and/or do not look like the same/do not match of the goods that Beliani have supplied me with. Beliani claims that their goods’ dimensions might differ SLIGHTLY, nevertheless, I discovered that it could be barely accepted to be “slightly” if the actual size of the headboard’s height I received is lower for 10cm (or 4 inches) from the size shown on Beliani’s website. The same applies to the bed’s length and width – actual bed’s length is 229cm (instead of 238cm advertised on Beliani’s website) and bed’s width is 200cm (instead of 206cm).

    Further, I found out that the headboard’s and footboard’s cover appears to be NOT the real leather as advertised on Beliani’s website but in fact is faux leather.

    In addition, the bed’s metal frame that Beliani have supplied me with the bed does not match with the bed’s leather corpus/surrounding as the frame actually is hanged in air with gap more than 5cm between it and corpus’ safety brackets. This makes sleeping conditions not safe.

    Besides, the bed advertised on Beliani website supposed to be put on 4 chrome legs, however, the goods I have received from Beliani supplied with 10 extra legs which look ugly.

    I have to stress that while completing my order, Beliani never notified me in any way that they were going to make any replacement and that the bed I received would not look exactly like it looks on Beliani website.

    As I already pointed at, I tried to request for Beliani’s explanation as to why the goods they supplied me with look seriously contradicting with the goods that Beliani advertises on its website, however, the only replies I have so far (through email exchange) give me only blank denial and reject any wrongdoing on Beliani’s side.

    Can you please tell me what option[s] do I have in this matter and how can I pursue my claim – I am still very keen to receive goods I have ordered, but not goods which do not fit the description given on the company’s website.

    Kind regards,

    Mila Adams

  • Claire Tyler 30 May, 10:35 am

    Hello, can you assist me. I purchased two rose bushes from this company in December 2011 as gifts for grandparents from our tiny daughter. Both have been cared for as per their instruction booklet that was provided, however one has never budded or had leaves. I contacted the company who were rather rude and abrupt saying that they only cover the plant for 8 weeks under their terms and conditions. However, 8 weeks after purchase is not the time for the plant to bloom. Their budding time is now almost 6 months after purchase and the only time we can really tell there is an issue.

    Is there anything that I can do or am I bound by their T&C’s even though I believe the plant is not fit for purpose?

    Many thanks for any advice you can give me.


  • Tony 2 June, 7:42 pm

    I have recieved a £49.99 engineer call out charge to replace a faulty router supplied to me as part of my internet and phone package supplier. The company state that the router is my property and even though faulty I will be charged for it to be replaced. I would have thought that I would be covered under the faulty goods act and be elidgible to be not having to pay for the faulty item, which has caused me numerous consistent problems since it was first sent to me and set up.

  • Kieran 25 June, 4:38 pm


    The other day I was browsing amazon looking for a new lens for my canon digital camera, and I came across one that was listed at £0.49 plus £4.40 postage. the price was obviously a mistake because identical lenses are being sold at about £85 – however I just decided to purchase it anyway and see what happened. But today the package turned up from the amazon seller and it is a 3d garden design CD.
    What rights do I have in returning the item and getting my money back or asking for the correct item to be sent.

    Any help would be appreciated – thanks


  • David 26 June, 6:34 pm

    I purchased from an online retailer a quantity of empty paint palettes that take round paint blocks suitable for children. Unfortunately the palette wells are too small for the paint and now the retailer is asking me to (1) pay to return the palettes, and (2) will refund only the ones I haven’t broken the outer plastic wrap on (they come in packs of 20).

    I purchased against a picture and a very brief description that listed the length and width of the palette, but nothing is written about the size of the paint wells. The reason I purchased the palettes is because the retailer also sold the same paint blocks I had in my possession, the ones that I needed to buy palettes for. Under the picture of the paint blocks there is a ‘View Accessories’ link that presented, still on the paint page, 2 clickable images of 2 palettes. The palettes were only slightly different in appearance from each other and almost identical in size (one being 1cm longer). I therefore clicked on my choice of palette and purchased a quantity.

    That was 4 days ago.

    Why should I pay the return shipping costs? Why should I be penalised for picking the wrong palette from the 2 displayed under Accessories for the paint?

    This much I’ve now deduced from viewing other suppliers websites, one palette is for ‘mixing paint’ and the other is for ‘holding the paint block’, but this fact isn’t stated anywhere on the website I purchased from.

    Any advice please?

  • Rom 7 July, 12:01 pm

    Hi, i bought a set of golf clubs from a us online golfshop called but after receiving the clubs it was confirmed to be counterfeit. The clubs were shipped from china and i have asked the seller to refund but they are asking for me to send the clubs back to china which would cost about £80.
    Iam guessing unless stated in their tcs that i should pay for the shipping cost, the seller should arrange for collection or pay for the shipping?
    Pls advise. Tks

  • Nigel 14 August, 6:55 pm

    I have purchased and paid for a indoor go karting experience for 10 drivers over the phone for an hour and need to change my plans as i cannot be there for an hour now.

    I have called the company wanting it to be changed to 30 minutes but they have said that as it outside their 21 day cancellation / change period i will have to pay the full price for an 1 hour.

    Does the distance selling act cover me? either to pay for the reduced rate or to cancel the booking totally?

  • John 20 August, 7:14 pm

    I tried to purchase some LED lights that where completly mispriced on a website. The company contacted me the same day to explain the mispricing and that they couldn’t honour the price, which after some brief research I realised they were under no obligation to do so at this price.
    However dispite the promise that my credit card would not be debited, some 20days later it has not yet been credited with the amount the goods cost.
    Would this be classed as acceptance of the order and thus forming a contract and having to supply the goods at the advertised price?

  • Emma 27 August, 2:11 pm

    I bought a tv/DVD combo a year and a week ago, I’m that time it has been replaced once, and taken away for repair. It has now developed another fault in where the DVD won’t come on and it’s in black and white, I bought itfrom the catalogue and as its over a year they say I have to take it up with manufacturer, have I any rights here?

  • Robert 27 September, 7:51 am


    Have a very similar situation to a previous post. Ordered furniture on-line and it was delivered damaged. The company concerned acknowledged this and made a full refund to my Credit Card. However, they failed to show to pick up on two occasions, both of which involved me making considerable arrangements to ensure someone was at home. I thereafter informed them that the goods would be available between 8:00am and 10:00am on a Saturday and they acknowledged this. However, they have made two attempts to collect during the week when nobody was in. They have said that they will pick up this saturday but have not specified a time. I have told them that they must pick up by 10:00am on Saturday as originally informed as I have other commitments, otherwise I will dispose of the goods as I see fit as the 21 day period for duty of care has now passed and I do not wish to store the furtiture any longer. They have told me that I cannot dispose of the furniture as they own it, having made the refund.

    Where do I stand if they don’t pick up the furniture by 10:00am on Saturday? I don’t want to carry on storing it and certainly don’t want to get involved in a legal battle.


  • Matthew White 17 October, 6:10 pm

    Will keep it simple, my wife ordered a felting machine from Create and Craft.

    Was on special offer for £150, when normally it retails for around £250.

    Wife ordered one, and was ‘despatched’ 4 weeks ago – but never arrived. Was sent via a non-trackable transit company. After many hours chasing them, and sending back a non-receipt form they confirmed that a new one would be sent out.

    2 days later, we get an email telling us that we have been refunded (we didnt ask for one) as they are now out of stock, but dont know if they will get anymore within 30 days.

    Essentially this means that they will not be getting anymore in, but I dont feel that we should be penalised for something that is not our fault.

    Does this constitute loss of bargain? If not, what are our rights? Will hopefully be speaking to them tomorrow, and woud be handy to be fully armed.

  • Peter Baron 18 October, 4:04 pm

    On 20/8/2012 I purchased via a web site a gas fire from a retailer They were paid by credit card a sum of £489.00. The fire was delivered in good condition to me by courier on August 30th.

    My gas fitter examined the fire and decided that it would not fit our fireplace opening and that the fireplace opening could not be altered to fit it. Accordingly, I contacted the retailer on September 3rd requesting a return. The return was agreed by them under the Distance Selling Regulations and they issued returns number.

    The return shipment to the retailer was booked with via an agency website and they subcontracted the same courier. A fee of £38.99 (to include shipment and insurance against damage and loss to £500) was paid by me and charged to my credit card on September 4th. The gas fire was packed in the manufacturers original packaging using the same packaging in the same arrangement as when it was delivered to me and collected from me on September 5th. It was delivered to the retailer on September 6th.

    The retailer refused a refund because the gas fire was damaged, beyond economic repair, in transit. I have claimed £489.00 from the agency which took the order for return carriage but to date they have not given me a refund. Furthermore, the original courier agreed to return the fire to me and collected it from the retailer on September 11th. They did not deliver it to me, but did deliver it to company who run the agency website on September 13th . The agency company did not have my authority to take charge of the fire, did not notify me voluntarily that they had it and still have possession of it without my authority.

    As of now (October 18th) the agency company have the gas fire without my authority and have refused to pay the compensation for the damage which I insured against. They have wasted enormous amounts of my time and some further money. They look as though they are going to continue to do this.

    The retailer has also refused a refund on the grounds that the goods should have been returned in saleable condition.

    Who is legally liable for a refund on this purhase?

  • Barbs 3 December, 5:06 pm

    My daughter bought a Swan fridge from my Littlewoods catalogue 6th April 2012, 3 months later it began to freeze and defrost all by itself, the ‘Help line’ guy came and refilled the gas (bit soon for that to need doing I thought). It worked until a week ago when it started doing the same thing again! I rang the Catalogue, and asked for a refund as ‘it wasnt appropriate for what it was sold for’ but they say I have to get in touch with the help line again. My son in law is on Chemotherapy and his meds have to be kept in a proper temperature in a fridge, and they dont have that!! What can I (or they) do please?

    • Barbs 3 December, 5:10 pm

      P.S. they want a refund so they can buy a fridge thats reliable!

  • Peksy86 4 January, 8:17 pm

    I bought a ring on eBay in 2008 I sold it about a couple of weeks ago and the buyer claimed I had mis sold it. I agreed to a return for a refund, took the ring to my jewellers and it turns out my buyer was right! I was mis sold this ring too! it was supposed to be 0.53 carats and natural, my jeweller says it is no where near that and is enhanced(poorer quality) I wasnt able to get a valuation until now due to very toght financial circumstances and have only just got contents insurance. I want my money back from the person I bought it from and I don’t think eBay will help. Can you please advise?

  • Daniel Murray 11 January, 8:08 pm

    Hi was trying to place order for clothing but when got to checkout I couldn.t put my card details in for some reason. There was an option for paying with gift card and when I clicked on this the company accepted that as payment and sent me an email confirming my order. Might be a bit cheeky to ask but they then sent another email a day later saying my order failed do I have any rights to claim this order as it was there fault taking payment by gift voucher. ?? They didn.t even ask for voucher codes just accepted my order.

  • Ian Allan 23 January, 10:30 am

    A computer game is advertised now on PC World (&Currys)Website for pay/collect from some branches. When I try repeatedly to order it the website won’t allow this. I have e-mailed PC World abot 10 times to offer to pay postage for the item to have it sent to me or to my local branch where I could collect it. As I am disabled and cannot shop physically shop around I think this is a fair and reasonable solution. Still they refuse to respond. What can I do? Is it legal to advertise goods they obviously don’t wish to sell ?

  • Ian Clifford 31 January, 12:15 pm

    I bought an allegedly new, UK market HTC Desire Z mobile ‘phone online via Amazon on 12th August 2012. After contacting HTC regarding a software fault, their records showed it as a T-Mobile branded ‘phone for the US market made in 2009 and thus out of manufacturer’s warranty. The seller denies this. Last week, a mechanical fault occurred which has rendered the ‘phone unrepairable (the charging socket became detached from the mother board). The seller claims there is only a three month warranty on his sale. Do I have any redress?
    Ian Clifford.

  • Amy 16 February, 2:40 am

    Hi, I purchased an item on monday 4th feb on a “buy it now” on ebay, worth £150. I purchased and paid within 2 hours of the listing starting (11pm on monday 4th), and paid £18.90 for 48 hour delivery instantly, with the despatch within 1 working day specified in the listing.

    The seller did not despatch until thurs 7th, and item did not arrive until tues 12th.

    In email, the seller claimed “Express delivery was used which was FASTEST service offered by post office. If not received Monday, let me know & can claim compo from post Office as insured”. I have tracking number, and parcelforce website proves that the item didn’t arrive until the tuesday.

    The seller is trying to force me to send item back to her, which I do not want to do as I need it. And I don’t feel I should have to. I have asked her if she would refund postage as she was so late in posting it, and I haven’t had the service I paid for. She is now refusing to even speak to me and just repeatedly sending me ebay requests to return the item (at my expense!).

    Where do I stand with this?

  • Chantelle Martin 20 February, 4:19 pm


    I booked a photography session but had to cancel due to illness. This was within the seven day cooling off period. Am I entitled to a refund under distace selling regulations? Was informed if no show then no refund.


  • Richard 21 February, 5:16 pm

    I ordered an item from an ebay company. The goods are not satisfactory and the seller has asked me to return it and he will refund me in full including cost of return. However the item is a large and heavy metal HiFi turntable set up jig that was delivered by UPS. Can I insist that the seller arranges for collection, I was not given any terms and conditions with the sale that said it was the responsibility of the buyer to return the item if not satisfied.

  • christine 22 February, 2:45 pm

    Hi, I bought a Parker pen for £29 from Pen Paradise online. It was for my husband as a christmas present, the end of the pen has broken off and is now unusable, I telephoned the company numerous times to try to get a replacement but the phone just rings, no one answers and then it goes to voicemail which is full so no message can be left! I have also tried sending them an email explaining the problem but it’s been 2 weeks and still I have not received a reply – I need help with what to do next as I am getting nowhere fast being unable to actually get any response from the company. Thanks Christine

  • Georgia 23 February, 11:25 am

    I ordered two pairs of GHD straighters from on the 14th January. The supplier had sent them in two packages. I have recieved one but not the other. After endless emails with them they have told me they were delivered and signed for by somebody called john. My name is not john and i do no have a neighbour called John.

    I have told them that because they have not arrived by the time i needed them (they were a gift) I want my money back.

    They are refusing this because somebody has signed for them. I dont know what to do, as I have no staighteners and no money.

    Any advise will be greatly appreciated.

  • Steve Cutting 2 March, 11:21 am

    I bought a telescope eyepiece, and confirmed by email that the description was of the one I actually wanted.
    The item was delivered, but was the wrong one, and not as per the description – both on the website and confirmed by email.
    The company have the correct eyepiece, but want a higher price for it.
    What are my rights?

  • Susan Dashper 14 March, 5:51 pm

    Hi, if you paid by Paypal start a dispute with them but it has to be started within 45 days.
    Best of luck.

  • Ben 19 March, 7:41 pm

    I was cold-called by Three and sold a mobile phone on what I believed to have been an 18 month contract. Wishing to upgrade, I recently found out that the contract was in fact 30 months. I had asked for the conversation to be recorded at the time. It turns out that Three had not done this. All the terms of the contract on their system seem correct apart from the 30 month contract (I would never have agreed to it). I don’t remember receiving a copy of the contract and certainly never signed for one. Three claim that I had a 30 day cooling off period and should have appealed then. Since I never received the paperwork, how could have appealed it?
    I was either mis-sold the phone or the sales person entered the wrong contractual length. In any case, what are my rights? Can I cancel the contract after 18 months (which was what I would have agreed to in the 1st place)? Three advised that I would be breaking my credit agreement and all the likely repercussions…

    Many thanks in advance,


  • Kim 28 March, 2:49 pm

    I bought a pair of boots from a seller on ebay, i paid by paypal and then 48hrs later was told the seller couldn`t fullfill the order so would refund in full! Ok! but its been 24hrs now and still no money has been returned… so they have had my money for over 3 days and had no goods to actually sell!! i thought it was illegal to take monies if goods weren`t available???

    • Andrew 13 April, 10:10 pm

      You bought the items through pay pal just raise it with them directly explain what has happened and they will do a force refund direct from the seller.

  • Mark 11 April, 3:40 pm

    I bought a bracelet for £130 and now just over a year later it has broken and want to charge me £16 for a ‘restring’. there is no mention of the advice to have this restrung each year or the price anywhere on the webpage selling the item only hidden deep inside the FAQ’s. can i insist on a refund?

  • Andrew 13 April, 10:09 pm

    I bought Sim City from Electronic Arts using their enforced ORIGIN service, however the game is incredibly buggy to the point of unplayability the forums are full of complaints that go unheeded. I have not asked for a refund because the company has already said that any refunds will “invalidate” my Origin account which has a few games that I have purchased from them.

    Will the UK government step in to prevent any other software houses from releasing software BEFORE it is ready for public sale ?

  • Andy Raine 26 April, 9:41 pm

    I saw an offer online for a cheap printer directly from the HP website (via hotukdeals). I ordered the printer using the code, and they emailed confirmation of order. The next day they emailed delivery date and a second confirmation (and payment came out of bank). 2 days later they emailed to say they are cancelling the order due to a error and apologised. I can reorder the printer after Ive received a refund but at a higher price. Whats my rights with this? They confirmed the order, arranged delivery and taken payment.

  • One_Deen 26 April, 10:18 pm

    You need to look at their terms and conditions in respect of when a contract is formed. Most online companies state a contract is formed upon dispatch of goods.

    This case is further complicated by a mass misuse of a discount code. HP did not intend for a £40 discount to be used against a £45 item.

  • Chris Whittaker 29 April, 3:10 pm

    Hi, I placed an Item What Consumer yesterday via an android, I can’t now find it, so thought i’d have another go, The Shopping Channel Ideal World seems to be infringing peoples statutory rights,the complaints about this company are mounting on three or four fronts, The Daily Mirror, Review Central, and their own facebook page, the problems seem to stem from the fact that if you contact the Customer Service Department by email an automated reply is sent,then nothing, if you phone them, at 10p per minute, the Customer Service Department is in India,firstly there appears to be a language problem, and secondly they are known to keep you on hold for up to twenty minutes. Consumers are angry with the lack of response, if one complains on facebook they ask you to ‘Private Message’ them I have done this umpteen times including, as requested giving my wife’s account details, my first contact was on 30.03.2013 I gave them her details then, it took them 23 days to phone and ask to speak to my wife, 23 days of private messages and irate posts on their facebook page. I would be interested to know if other people have had problems with this Company.

    Another thing I am concerned about is ‘the cooling off period’, they give a generous 14 days, but from what I read they start this from the date of dispatch, in some cases items have taken over three weeks to arrive and customers are then told it is ‘outside the cooling off period’when they try to return it, clarification please.

  • Chris Whittaker 30 April, 1:23 pm

    My wife bought me a tablet for Christmas from Ideal World unfortunately the screen cracked for no apparent reason whilst on charge,having been given some advice, on 30.03.2013 I emailed them with the problem quoting my wife’s account number and the invoice details, I got an automated reply, six days later I sent another email (phoning can be an expensive option), no reply, I got the email address of their CEO emailed him no reply, because I bombarded their face book pages with adverse comments, they asked me to private message them, this I did explaining that I had sent all the details they required in my first email,after umpteen ‘Private Messages’ I gave them the details again. They sent an email stating the screen was not covered by the warranty and a case number, I countered with my statutory rights as I believe the screen cracked for no reason, it hadn’t been dropped and was kept in a neoprene case when not in use.

    I explained that my wife works in a nursing home. Last week a woman phoned asking to speak to my wife,I explained that she was working, she asked I could give her my wife’s work number and wasn’t over happy when I declined. They need my wife to contact them with her permission to speak to me about her account on which the tablet was bought,quoting the ‘Data Protection Act’, surely they can speak to me, as my wife gave me the tablet for Christmas, without all this carry on, Clarification please, Sorry it’s so long winded.

    • Tech Advisor 30 April, 2:24 pm

      The company are correct, married, or just have the same surname,your wife needs to contact them as it is her account. No ifs or butts. An estranged spouses could easily cause issues if dual account use was possible. Your wife does need to give authorisation before the company can talk to you.

      As for the cracked screen unless it is a well known fault you will have a fight on your hands as lcd screens do not just crack whilst receiving a low current when charging. They have to have received a knock from somewhere for it to do so. Any slight signs of a scratch or knock on your device will go against your claim as they will be used as a reason why your device developed the mysterious crack.

      Best of luck but I think you have more chance of becoming the CEO of Microsoft than winning this battle.

  • Chris Whittaker 8 May, 11:01 am

    Further to the tech advisers reply, the main screen on the tablet is ok the crack is on the inside screen. In fact the Google Nexus 7 had a history of cracks, this was caused by there being a slight movement between the outer screen and the inner. ASUS who produce the Nexus replaced them under warranty. My main gripe is that Ideal World are getting a reputation for bad customer service (see their face book page)I wouldn’t have minded being told ‘no chance’ if it hadn’t taken over 20 days, and a lot of hassle to get them to say it.

  • Chris Whittaker 8 May, 3:44 pm

    Further to my last, it would appear from reviews I have read elsewhere that the GoTab 7″ ice cream sandwich pc tablet is prone to screen problems be it cracking, not working at all or working intermittently.These are generic tablets produced in China by the million, they are then sold under various guises here in the UK (GoTab,Versus,Joytab and others) the problem is not the tablets or anything else they sell, it is the company selling it. They just will not deal with customer problems, one lady wrote a fair and honest review for a product with good and bad points, they deleted it, she could only assume because it showed the product in a poor light.

  • Ak 8 May, 9:48 pm

    Hi, I bought a car last year November over the Internet, when the vehicle was delivered I noticed a squeaky noise in the steering, I immediately called the company and told them I will be refusing the vehicle because of the noise however the manager spoke to me and assured me that it is a minor issue so I should keep the vehicle and they will sought it out, the vehicle was collected after two week and was returned after another two weeks, I tested the vehicle and the noise was still present. They told me they will book me to a local garage so they can have a look, I kept going back and forth to this garage for 5 months but the noise did not stop. Finally I manage to find a garage myself, I took the car there and all he did was to change the steering fluid, the noise has stopped since

    Aside this there were other fault: doors freezing during morning, central locking playing up, the vehicle was delivered with left over food and a few other petty fault.

    Also upon sales I was told that the vehicle had 92000 on the mileage however when it was delivered it had 99125, they only took £200 off the sale price.

    Just last week, the gear got stuck in parking, I called the warranty company and they told me to take it to be diagnosed, I took it and they have found the fault to be a transmission sensor, they have quoted £1,500 for parts and labour. I called the warranty company back but they told me my vehicle gear box type is not covered by the warranty.

    I have called the dealer but they have not told me anything sensible

    Since I bought the car last November I have exchanged over 100 emails with the company

    My question is I would like to return the vehicle or exchange it as I bought it on finance and also since I have had it I have not driven it a day without being paranoid about the vehicle going faulty.

    I have done a bit of mileage because I had to be going to Germany every month to visit my sick mum.

    Can I still return the vehicle?

    Your assistance is appreciated in this matter

    • Ak 8 May, 9:52 pm

      Not to forget, I have still not received the service book and the user manual since I bout light the vehicle they keep telling me they will send it, it’s been almost 7 months now.

  • AK 8 May, 10:02 pm

    Hi, I bought a car last year November over the Internet, when the vehicle was delivered I noticed a squeaky noise in the steering, I immediately called the company and told them I will be refusing the vehicle because of the noise however the manager spoke to me and assured me that it is a minor issue so I should keep the vehicle and they will sought it out, the vehicle was collected after two week and was returned after another two weeks, I tested the vehicle and the noise was still present. They told me they will book me to a local garage to they can have a look, I kept going back and forth to this garage for 5 months but the noise did not stop. Finally I manage to find a garage myself, I took the car there and all he did was to change the steering fluid, the noise has stopped since

    Aside this there were other fault: doors freezing during morning, central locking playing up, the vehicle was delivered with left over food and a few others.

    Also upon sales I was told that the vehicle had 92000 on the mileage however when it was delivered it had 99125, they only took £200 off the sale price.

    Just last week, the gear got stuck in parking, I called the warranty company and they told me to take it to be diagnosed, I took it and they have found the fault to be a transmission sensor, they have quoted £1,500 for parts and labour. I called the warranty company back but they told me my vehicle gear box type is not covered by the warranty.

    I have called the dealer but they have not told me anything sensible

    My question is I would like to return the vehicle or exchange it as I bought it on finance and also since I have had it I have not driven it a day without being paranoid about the vehicle going faulty.

    I have done a bit of mileage because I had to be going to Germany every month to visit my sick mum.

    Can I still return the vehicle?

    I have still not received the Service book and user manual

    Your assistance is appreciated in this matter

  • Sarah 10 May, 10:16 am

    I booked tickets to Australia via on Monday 6th May, I rang them up today (Friday 10th May) to say that I wished to cancel them as I have found better flight times which they can not offer me, they have told me that regardless of the 7 day cooling off period (which I am still currently in) the ticket prices are 100% non refundable.

    I have received e-tickets which state on the bottom of them that they are non refundable/non chargeable upon issue, do I have a case under the “7 Day cooling off period/Distance Selling” or does this statement on the e-tickets waiver this right?

  • Carl 17 May, 10:26 am

    Hi, I purchased a coffee machine (senseo) which developed a fault within warranty. The company did not stock the item any more so I decided to upgrade to a Gaggia machine. This item was refurbished but that was not a concern. I ordered a red version in Nov 2012 (black one delivered but again, not a real problem but I did contact them ). In Jan it developed a fault where the base plate vibrated to the extent that the cups bounced off and spilt the coffee. I emailed them and informed them and they said it was OK to return it. I decided to apply blu tac to the base and this worked, stopping the cups moving. Eventually the machine became that bad that the cups started falling off again so I emailed the company and informed them I was returning it. This was in April 2013. I contacted them 3 weeks later and they informed me they had refunded my money, however , when I checked the email the details were not mine. I again emailed and they apologised and said I could have store credit. They do not stock coffee machines any more so I asked If I could have a refund or part refund and part store credit as they had nothing in stock I wanted. They then replied stating it was now out of the warranty period and I could have nothing. They provide 90 days warranty on refurbished items and I admit it was returned 3 weeks after this expired (although I wasn’t aware at the time) but I originally reported the fault after about 30 days. Where do I stand on this please. The only option they have given me is to arrange collection of the faulty machine.

  • Tim 23 May, 8:37 pm

    I bought a flight-only ticket to Crete travelling 7th June 2013; but have decided not to go. The company state that all tickets are non-refundable for any reason, but DSRs seem to indicate otherwise. Do I have a legal right to a refund; possibly with a cancellation fee subtracted?

  • A. Priestley 14 June, 10:16 am

    We have booked a cruise with Thomson’s. We booked it through the one of the shops and we have paid in full. A few weeks after we paid we received a phone call from them asking if we would like to upgrade. We were told that we could have an £800 cabin for £280. We thought why not, as this was a good saving. At the time we received the calls we were both at work and could not check which cabin we had been given. After checking the full price of the cabin, it was only £336. We called into the shop the day after to querie this. The shop told us that the cabin we were sold are never £800. We have asked for a full refund as we think we have been mis-sold the upgrade. The shop have been very helpful but the call centre refused to speak to my partner, so the emails have now started. where do i stand.

    many thanks

    Mr A Priestley

  • Dharani 9 July, 2:11 pm

    Hello. I recently bought a bunch of clothes from the online store Asos and it was an international shipment. I received an email 4 days ago from the courier company saying that the goods are awaiting customs clearance and asked me to pay the duty so that they can courier the stuff to me.

    My problem is this. Asos website has an option where to customer can choose the currency in which the products are displayed and I happened to choose NZD. My total invoice came to 250.28 NZD. However, in the invoice that asos sent along with my clothes, they printed it as 250 GBP. So I have to pay almost twice the amount of duty than is necessary.

    I contacted Asos about it and initally there were very prompt in their replies. I got a reply saying that they were sorry about the mistake and they would send the correct invoice to the courier guy. I was happy I could get the matter cleared up.

    However, its been 5 days (I am assuming they just had to send an e-copy of the invoice) and I haven’t heard anything from them. When I emailed them again asking them when I can expect for the correction to be made, I am not getting any replies from them. Meanwhile, the courier guy is charging me for holding the goods.

    What do I do ????

  • j brown 28 August, 6:36 pm

    This is a scam and she should contact the Police and trading standards.

  • Tom 29 August, 11:22 am

    Hi, I purchased a microphone via the amazon marketplace, they took the money, despatched and delivered the item. The item was completely different to the description and name of what I ordered and what appeared on my email confirmation and despatch notification. The invoice included in the package lists the item delivered, not the item I ordered – but the same price. I have since noticed that their price of the item I actually ordered has gone right up. I have emailed them to ask for a replacement, not a refund – they have yet to get back to me – but can I insist upon a replacement, not refund? – as it would be very annoying to have to re-buy the product they were supposed to delivery but at a higher price.

  • Elizabeth Forrest 25 September, 5:14 pm

    I have recently purchased a bike from Tesco Direct which was at a highly reduced price. The sale went through and I received a delivery date and the money was taken from card. I have just received an email saying the stock is out of date and they will refund my card within 5-7 working days. I am aware that this was more than likely a mistake on Tescos part for advertising the bike price incorrectly and that some people were purchasing 4 and even 10 bikes at a time. Should they honour the sale at the price stated ? I have emailed the actual stockist explaining that I only ordered 1 bike and that my order should be honoured as I did not order 4, 5 or even 6. Where do I stand with my order. Can i ask they I wait whilst they are in stock again and have one at this price. I was never asked if I wanted a refund. I am aware of some people who ordered the bike after I did and they have not received this stock issue email. Where do I stand ?

  • Marcus 30 September, 12:53 pm

    Hi i order GTA5 a game on ps3 for £28.99, on Thursday 26th September. I was told via email that the game would arrive at my house the next day if i ordered at a specific time which I did. I was also told that it would arrive within 1-2 days, which it hasnt. My order status has been “on-hold” for 5 days now (Monday 30th Septenber). The website is games-centralx. I have emailed them twice now regarding now order, but no communication whatsoever.I was wondering what shale I do, as i feel hopeless.

  • Dave 5 October, 10:10 pm

    I recently ordered a new camera that has been advertised but is not actually available for a month or so. Pre-orderering is popular for this type of purchase and usually gains you some freebies. If you wait until the stock is readily available in the shop the freebies aren’t included.
    This practise is common for cameras and most shops state that they will not charge your card until they send the item.
    It is my understanding that this is merely a reflection of the law: the shop must not charge you until they despatch the goods.
    The shop I have used has a head office in continental Europe. I don’t think that should permit them to charge my card before sending the item, which is what they have done.
    Can you please clarify the law for me.
    (Incidentally, in addition to several technical questions, I did specifically ask them about whether or not they would take the money before sending the item. They answered most of the technical question but not the question about payment.)

  • James humphrey 7 October, 8:22 pm

    My gf purchased an item from a company called focal price. This is a Chinese company which makes a lot of sales internationally, they offers a refund of %30 for the item which was less than 30 days old. They also offered a refund for the item but requested she had to pay for the tracked shipping back to china which would cost £45 but the item itself was only £55 meaning she only get £10 back through nothing of her own fault. Any advise would be great on how she can proceed

  • H J Hill 4 February, 4:37 pm

    If I purchase something from a retail website which is really a Chinese company located in China, do the Distance Selling Regulations apply to the transaction?

  • DAVID SANDERSON 27 March, 9:46 am

    I look up your site about Distance Selling Reg. and interestingly you have an Adidas Advert on the page – they are the company who I need to invoke the Distance Selling Reg. against as they do not provide information about returns when customers order goods and they are refusing to change a pair of boots which have been supplied and are the wrong size.

    David Sanderson

  • Helena 16 May, 1:54 pm


    I bought two dresses of Dylanqueen website for my daughter’s Prom. I received them on 31st March 2014 unfortunately One of the dresses I ordered was supposed to be Burgandy and they sent Red with the stitching uncomplete on the back and the other dress was Peach and not Watermelon . I contacted Dylanqueen straight away to tell them the problem and they said to send photographs with my email which I did. Thay sent one email back eventually saying their was no issue with the colours, but they were not what I had ordered and in their returns policy they say thay do a refund if the colour is not what was ordered this is still an issue waht can I do now?

  • Jane dewson 21 May, 12:51 pm

    Trying to return anACer tablet bought august 2013. Still under warranty. Need special returns label for parcel to be accepted at local drop off shop. Have notified customer services bu still have not been emailed label to download. Two phone calls have already cost me £3. What can I do?

  • Gary Reddan 29 May, 9:19 pm

    Hi, I have seen an obvious mistake by a shop selling certain goods. The description of the item matches the advertised price but the image with it is of a much more expensive item? What are the shops responsibilities regarding selling? IE, can I order it and demand the more expensive item?
    Many thanks.

  • chloe 21 July, 8:54 pm

    Hi, I ordered bedroom furniture advertised as a full bedroom package, paid, recieved dispatch notice and delivery, however Ionly recieved 1 item of furniture. I contacted the company who said they had advertised it incorrectly and offered to refund me and collect the item. Can I ask them to supply the originally ordered package or not. The website says contract is only formed when dispatch notice is sent, which I recieved.

  • mel 24 July, 8:46 am

    I recently saw on the internet a free trail of ketone advanced. I signed up and paid thejpostage and packaging. I recieved the product but now 2 months down the line they have taken nearly £100 fron my bank. When o phobed and asked them if I could return the latest bottle that they claim has been dispatched I was told that as it is over the 30 days since I placed the first order the would not accept the product been returned and have refused a refund. If I did in fact sign up to monthly subscription there was mo where that told me this product wpuld infact cost me nearly£100 a month. please can you tell me do I have any rights here?


  • KC 28 July, 3:54 pm

    I purchased a folding bike over the internet in May 2013. Due to ill health I have been unable to use until this summer. I have only used the bike 4 times for very short outings and one of the clips has broken, rendering the bike useless.
    The seller has informed me that the parts are unavailable and will supply when they receive them “as long as it is within the warranty period” Not sure what they mean by this and would appreciate knowing my rights going forward, ie should the bike be replaced, refunded, who should pay for it to be returned? Thank you

  • Kacey 17 August, 11:39 pm

    Hello. I ordered the wrong size oven in error so I need to get it replaced with a smaller one. However I’m aware I’m liable to pay return costs but they also want to charge 25% of the original price as a fee. It was a £600 oven so that’s quite a high fee. Is this allowed? Thanks

  • Andy Ash 19 August, 2:13 pm

    Hi, I’ve bought some trainers on the internet, turns out the company ships from China and have sent the wrong ones. Now they want me to return them at my own expense (£40) before I can have a refund. This doesn’t seem right to me. Surely they should pay for the return of the goods?
    Any ideas?

  • Mrs Clare Ogunsola 25 September, 2:21 pm

    I bought a television from my catalouge. it was delivered 12 sept last year. Last night 24/9/14 the picture went on the tv. Neither the cataloge or the manafacture want to help.As it is only 13 days out of gaurantee what do i do. i bought these items on a buy now pay later but have just on the 19 sept 14 payed the balance in full. Do I have any rights in this situation.

  • Virendra verma 1 October, 6:25 pm

    Any body please help me to give me clause & act or website in UK or by UK government against internet shopping on which transaction processed without approval & amount deduct from credit card without high security approval. And immediately also booked complaint on concern company customer care but no result found what should I do. People please help me so that I can take me hardly earn money beck.

  • Mary Anne Burrows 7 October, 3:02 pm

    Hi, not sure if the distance regulations apply in this case. Yesterday I purchased some theatre tickets online from a theatre in Birmingham. When I got home, I realised the dates clashed with another commitment.
    I rang the theatre this morning asking if I could alter the date of the booking or have a refund. The original tickets cost £98, it just so happens that the alternative date is in half term and a matinee performance, costing £50. The Theatre are happy for me to alter the date, but said they are unable to refund the difference in cost. I then asked if I could have a full refund, they said no again and pointed me towards their terms and conditions.
    I thought there was a cooling off period on all financial transactions, hence found your sight. Are you able to advise me ifI am entitled to a refund.
    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Kind regards
    Mary Anne Burrows

  • Gwynneth 7 November, 11:39 pm

    Can you explain what happens when purchasing goods through if goods have a manufacturers warranty (e.g. microwave) but Amazon has a 30 day return policy,please. I have tried to return goods that have broken down and been told no (30 day returns) and the manufacturer won’t acknowledge the product because I purchased it from Amazon (technically the retailer, with whom I have the contract).

    • One_Deen 13 November, 9:45 pm

      Hi Gwynneth

      Your contract is with Amazon and they have to fulfil their obligation in respect of the 12 Months Warranty. Remind them of the Sale of Goods Acts and Distance Selling Regulations and EU Consumer Regulations.

      It’s true you cannot use their online Returns Service after 30 Days, so either use their online chat, phone or email to advise them the item is faulty and that you require a repair, replacement or refund. If you get no joy send an email to Christopher North their CEO (email: giving full details and how his company has been avoiding it’s duty under law..

      Hope you resolve your problem.

  • lauren 28 November, 5:56 pm

    I ordered a product online at a discounted price and few hours later received an email from the company saying they had canceled my order and refunded me because the product I order wasn’t meant to be sold at the discounted price I brought it for and have offered my a lowsey 15 % of my next order with them which I think is a poor apology. Where do I stand with this? Would I get anywhere telling them how I feel.

  • David Mair 30 November, 5:28 pm

    Hi I have just ordered a television on Black Friday from John Lewis, they have just rung on a sunday after noon while i was out (heard ringing from outside as i arrived home) they HAVE not left a message. I did 1471 to find who rang last (how i found out it was John Lewis), rang them back to find out why they have rung assuming it was to agree delivery. I was told the order had been cancelled but no reason given. I asked to speak to someone higher told there was no there on a sunday. Issue has gone to Customer services for them to ring me in 48 hours.
    How do I stand legally with them canceling the order without speaking to me and the item is now out of stock. I have found the order on there system and it is showing as cancelled but i had to dig around to find it as a missing order. Obviously it has gone up in price now, the order was taken over the phone as my bank was having problems with the john lewis system due to high volumes of traffic. I have successfully ordered from John Lewis before, I was NOT warned the order could be cancelled.

  • Darren 8 December, 9:27 pm

    I bought a xbox one console from Asda Direct on Saturday evening, tonight they have cancelled the order and refunded the money stating it is no longer available, i had paid on Saturday night using paypal and i had received confirmation of the order at the time. Are they in their rights to do this?

  • Milan 11 December, 12:07 am

    Hi there i wonder if you can help me i order online bespoke paper boxes in 26 of november pay thru my bussines account. It said in the order will be delivered in 5 of december which was fine. Then in 4th of december i call office just to make sure is everything ok and they said to me they dont have eny records of me then i call 30 minutes later they found records and i ask them if my order coming in 5 th of december? I said i need them for the 8 of december otherwaise they no good for me and if the order is no with mi in 5 of dec i ask her if she can cancel my order. But she said she dont know enithing about the order. And she said she will call mi back in few minutes but it never hapend so i call them anothr 6 times they promis they will call back but dhey didnt. I check in they site tracking order and it said your order was dispachet for delivery. So i called in 5th of december and again nothing new they dont know and they call mi back and of course they didnt. I call again and they tell me my order its not made up yet so i said its to late now and i requst cancelation and refund and she said ok 11 of december my order arrived i didnt sign anything and send it back with curier straight away call them 3 times again ask for refund ask to speak with manager whitch is imposible to get hold of and they dont want refund me later on i read some reviews about company and i found lots of complains about riping of people and very bad service can you please help me what to do thank you

  • Ryan 24 December, 2:54 pm

    I brought a TV from Amazon on the 15thnov by a seller called jv audio . As it was on amazon I didn’t think their would be any problems . I received emails regarding the order stating when it was being delivered and was updated weekly . The tv was meant to arrive yesterday and didn’t and now my emails are being bounced back as I’ve been emailing to find out where it is.
    How do I go about getting my money back. It sounds like I’ve been ripped off.

    Have a great xmas :0)

  • kirsty 27 December, 11:27 am

    I bought a Xbox one on 9th November 2014 through the very catalogue, as a Christmas present for my son. I didn’t open it to check if it worked, until Christmas day. When we switched it on it came up with error 305 which after googling it basically said faulty. I contacted very and they said its down to Microsoft now as after 28 days so they won’t allow me to return and get a refund where do I stand?

  • John Garrett 6 January, 9:32 pm

    We’re currently in the process of ordering a sofa from DFS over the phone. The original colour we liked isn’t available as we’ve upgraded the leather. We asked if the distance selling regs cover us if the colour isn’t what we like – bearing in mind that we haven’t seen the new colour. The salesman has said we’re stuck with it, but i want to double check. He’s going to send a swatch through with the new colour, and has guaranteed us the price based on their sale rates.
    Can you advise of our rights here please? It’s being bought using their finance agreement. Thanks

  • Vivienne Gardner 11 January, 8:28 am

    I purchased a Dyson DC35 from mail order catalogue which proved to be unfit for user as the on trigger has to be held constantly in order to operate the vacuum. Dyson do not state this in their user manual and the user is unable to do this due to arthritis. This is not apparent until the vac is assembled and tried. Dyson have said that they would refund in full but the mail order stated that because it has been deemed used (i.e. charged) they will not refund. Please advise our rights on this matter

  • Claire M 13 January, 5:27 am

    Hi Catorina, I purchased a nightdress from Asos for £36 on 5 Jan but received an email on 12 Jan saying my order has been cancelled as it’s out of stock and side with a refund. However I’ve checked the website and it is still in stock in every size, they have just increased the price to £63!! They clearly made an error in advertising the nightdress at the wrong price, can I ask them to resend it at the price I saw and purchased it for? Thank you.

  • Deborah 17 January, 4:18 pm

    I purchased a duvet from John Lewis in their sale. It was not delivered as their chosen courrier has lost it. The sale duvet is now out of stock and I have asked for an equivalent replacement. JL are refusing to supply a like for like duvet, as the non sale price of an equivalent is higher. Can I insist that they supply a like for like substitution? I paid in full for my original order and its non delivery is entirely due to their choice of courier.
    Your advice would be appreciated. Deb M

  • paul warren 28 January, 3:48 pm

    I have ordered a laptop battery, the website claims all items delivered in 3-5 working days, it’s taken 5 working days for them to provide a tracking number and they are now saying another 15 working days for delivery. i paid by paypal but am not prepared to wait this long, i wouldnt have ordered from them with thoose time scales.

    What can i do?

  • Ian 29 January, 8:02 am

    The Distance Selling Regulations no longer apply in the UK.

    They were replaced by the Consumer Contract Regulations 2013 and came into effect on 13 June 2014.

    Perhaps it’s time to lock this thread and start a new one?

  • Dave Alexander 9 February, 6:51 am

    Was trying to update drivers on an older PC, by a Driver updating software company,I paid by BoI Debit card, it was done on-line, three driver updates and three pending,for 6 so called updates I’ve been charged €49.99,which is very expensive. Can I get my money back as I’ve been scammed for a none completed transaction?

  • Mandie Rees 10 February, 10:29 am

    I bought a gaming pc online for my son for Christmas 2013. I ordered it in December and it was supposed to arrive in time for Christmas. It didn’t arrive Untill mid January 2014. All was fine Untill the beginning of January 2015 when the hard drive stopped working. When would the 1 year warrantee start and end? December when the order was placed or January when it was recieved? I contacted the company in January this year who told me to send the drive back which I did at my own expense, however they are now saying they won’t replace it unless I buy a new one? Please help as I saved for months for this and can’t afford a new one. Thank you

  • lisa barnes 11 February, 6:29 am


    Purchased 2 items last night online and didn’t really take notice of price til the checkout. Items came to total of £130. We put card details through and we received an email from the company thanking us for the order. However they are now trying to say that the price online was wrong and it should have been £660. There is a glitch on their website. The items are still online at £65 each.. what rights do we have? If we have paid for the items can they cancel our order if we don’t pay the price they say it should be

  • Kila 11 February, 8:15 pm

    I bought a bed online and when the delivery turned up it was the wrong bed and was damaged. I spoke to someone in customer services and as instructed sent photographs of the damaged box and contents and the description of the bed on the box by email. They responded confirming that the wrong bed had been delivered and we organised delivery of the correct bed and collection of the wrong one on two different days (apparently they could not deliver and collect at the same time!). Anyway they delivered 2 out of the 3 boxes expected on the given date of the correct bed but the 3rd box was missing. After chasing, the third box was delivered the following day, but only because I contacted the delivery company myself. The collection of the original wrong bed was also supposed to happen that day, but didn’t!! I contacted the company by email asking them to sort this out but they have not responded. What rights do we have? We have not paid for this bed!

  • regina 15 February, 9:50 pm

    i went into dreams to look for a bed and asked if they could check it i could get credit,she went threw some stuff and came back to tell me that i could get credit so i left it at that i didnt proceed with any order 6 weeks later i came home and a bed had been delivered,my daughter signed for it thinking i ordered a bed, i told dreams i didnt order it and they made a mistake,they said they would collect it, this was last year, now 10 months later they sent me a letter damanding money as they still havent picked the bed up

  • Jessica 17 February, 9:57 am

    I brought a Mclaren Quest Sport 2013 pushchair on line from a huge highstreet dealer. They had mistakenly put the wrong price on their website instead of £200 it was advertised as £40. I paid by paypal and the money was taken out of my account. I then recieved an email stating We’re very sorry for this error and we hope you understand that it is not feasible for us to supply this product at the incorrect price that was showing when you placed your order. Therefore we have cancelled your order. Is this allowed surely its their fault? Shouldnt they just provide me with this buggy or another one from that brand? They have issued me with a refund which took 10 days to be reimbursed and gave me a £25 credit note. I really annoyed as they took my money surley this is a contract which they have broken. Please advise

  • Colleen Hawkins 19 February, 12:30 pm

    Hi, I bought something from John Lewis’ website (some Dr Who sonic screwdrivers) and went to pick them up from store. When I got there, I discovered they’d sent the wrong toys. They were sonic screwdrivers, but not any of the four different types listed/pictured on their website. They were a later issue and were completely different from the ones shown. They apparently don’t have any of the sonic screwdrivers shown on their website (they sold out of them some time ago, but didn’t update their website to show the different sonic screwdrivers they have in stock now) I immediately rejected the goods and – since the goods weren’t as described – I asked about having my petrol refunded. It was a 28 mile round trip to the store & their mistake had left me out of pocket, given that petrol wasn’t free last time I checked. The store couldn’t deal with the problem as I’d initiated the order online, but I’m getting nowhere with John Lewis online. They say that I’m not entitled to have my fuel costs refunded in this case. It’s not a huge amount of money, but it’s the principal. I have been left out of pocket because of their error and it annoys me that they won’t take responsibility for it. Am I making a reasonable claim here? I’m asking for a few pounds (£5) to cover petrol which seems fair enough to me. Is the Sale of Goods Act on my side?

  • Elaine 28 February, 6:31 pm

    I purchased a pair of shoes on line and they didn’t arrive. I contacted the seller ( a London based company with their own website) and advised same. They then said they would reorder and send a replacement. They didn’t resend goods and after a considerable period of time I asked for a refund. She said she would send a refund that weekend which she didn’t. I asked again and she said she was only doing it out of goodwill and still has not sent same,has blocked me from her facebook page and will not answer my emails. What’s can I do to claim back this money, it is outside of the paypal dispute resolution time of 45 days
    Thank you

  • Emma 5 March, 11:32 am

    I ordered a 44 piece cultery set online, picked up in store and it was only 16 piece, they said they made a mistake on the site, however my 2 confirmation emails state it is 44 piece. I obviously thought I was paying for 44 and not 16 so would like advice, do they have to give me what they have advertised?

  • Pete Laws 11 March, 3:12 am

    Hi, I recently bought a Pioneer home cinema system from a business seller on eBay for the buy it now price of £45.00. I paid for it immediately through PayPal, a few days later the seller contacted me asking me if I could wait a bit longer before collecting it as he had forgotten that the cables went under his laminate flooring. I have been away for a few days and when I came home I found a message saying he couldn’t go through with the sale as it was going to cost him too much to lift the flooring. He said he had cancelled the sale and refunded my money then 2 or 3 days later he contacted me again saying he had managed to get it out and had cleaned it up for me if I still wanted it, by the time I had read the message and replied I noticed the second message saying if he never heard from me within 24 hours he was just going to relist it on eBay again. I went on eBay after only 2 days of receiving his message hoping to buy the item again but to my disbelief the item was now listed starting at £45.00 with a buy it now price of £95.00, can he actually do this legally or has he had me over? I would be very interested to know answer 1 way or the other. With many thanks. Pete L.

  • cee-jay 11 March, 11:25 pm

    Hi I have a question and some advise is needed if at all possible.
    I ordered a product (feed bucket for animals) from an internet based shop. It stated that I would receive 2 of this item. However I only received 1. Thinking I was going to receive the other in a few days (got lost in the postal system) I used this item. I contacted the seller who said it was amiss type. If I posted the item to them I could claim a refund. The problem is I want these items (thinking it was a good deal due to the fact I was to receive two) how can I make seller honour the sale that they made with me.
    Many thanks

  • Alasdair Munro 12 March, 12:09 pm


    I purchased a Diamond ring from an internet based shop- The ring was described as VS2 and colour G. My wife has always had a niggling feeling that the ring wasnt quite as good a quality as described so we had the ring valued. Her feeling were correct and we have now learned that it is infact S1 colour J/K which this dealer “apparently” does not stock.
    I have emailed the company and sent them documentation from purchase which states the specification described at purchase and also a new certification of what it actually is.
    AM I entitled to compensation or an exchange to the specification which we thought we had purchased??
    Any help would be most welcome.


  • Pat A. 2 April, 2:56 pm

    My Husband gave me a Toshiba laptop for Xmas 2013 with an extra years warranty from the sellers, I have now had it just over 1 year and find that when the power button is switched, nothing happens, lights at the front light up up and is powered on but the screen is still black so I cannot log on. My Husband purchased the item through a company he was routed to by eBay, and paid by paypal. I have been told it is a computer fault not a software fault. I think it is still covered by the extra warranty. Is this covered by the Sale of Goods Act, because surely a laptop should be expected to last a reasonable amount of time and I do not consider 18 ish months a reasonable amount of time. I have tried contacting the site it was purchased from but cannot get a response, I have even called, but cannot get through.

  • Mark 21 April, 1:51 pm


    I ordered some furniture online based on the colour in the image (which was white) and the description which said the items were Ivory. Within 2 hours of receiving the items they appear to be neither Ivory or white and I have requested my money back.

    The company say I have to pay for return – yet they have misleaded me into buying with an in correct picture – who should be paying for the return give the above?

  • Mark 27 April, 7:11 pm

    My partner purchased a bridemaids dress from an international seller for $99.00 however once arrived the dress has major defects part of it are out of proportion and they have used black and red thread in places over a lemon yellow and lace fabric. Is looks like they just ran out of lemon or white and just used this. It looks terrible. The seller is suggesting partial refund of $10.00 and that I send the product back, would cost more in shipping than they’ve actually refunded. Im not happy and have refused so far. Can anyone offer some advice please!!!

  • steve taw 19 June, 4:39 pm

    We ordered and paid for goods advertised on-line by Homebase. They are now saying more than a month later that they cant supply the goods and will have to refund our payment. Surely we had a contract which they are breaching now? Problem for us is that the goods were on sale and we cant find a replacement at the price. I might have been more sympathetic if they had owned up sooner but we have had to repeatedly chase them for non-delivery.Thanks

  • Sally 28 June, 1:38 pm

    I wonder if anyone can help please. At the end of November last year I purchased an electric ride on car for my son on amazon. After 5 months of not using it very often the motor has gone. I went on to amazon to check warranty information etc as none was provided with the car. There was no mention of any guarantee /warranty on the advert. I went onto the sellers website which says it only offers a 28 day parts warranty. Is this legal? He has offered to send me a replacement but at a cost of £30 but then I have to find someone to come and fix it. Looking at Amazon they don’t appear to offer any warranty information on any product. Again is this legal? I don’t think 28 is long enough. Where do I stand on this? Thanks.

  • anne smith 13 July, 9:54 am

    I ordered a games console from a mail order catalogue which stated it was in stock. I then got multiple emails stating there was a delay from the supplier first for a week then two weeks then a month delay! That are still advertising the same one saying in stock but now £60 cheaper!!

  • Rachel 29 July, 9:33 am

    I bought a switch off ebay for my fire. My husband fitted it and it worked for a bit. But when I switched it off last it went bang and a blue spark came from it. It has damaged my fire and my sky box aswell. I have contacted the seller and they have said to return the switch, are they responsible for the damage to my sky box.

  • MICHAEL JACOBS 5 August, 11:51 am

    Ordered items and paid by cheque with order – FOOT FRIENDLY – order/cheque sent 22nd June
    No goods arrived and after a month email contact advised waiting for stocks. Further emails I sent went unanswered so I sent a letter 27th July advising them to cancel and refund the money in full as they had exceeded their delivery time – now over 6 weeks
    No response whatsoever
    I have neither the goods paid for nor the money refunded

  • Patricia 12 August, 12:57 pm

    I ordered a trial ofequinox and Ratliff face cream they came I did not like them they have now sent another supply at a cost of nearly £200 pounds I rang them and they have stated that this is a trail and I have to pay for it in the advertisement it did not state this I am on a pension of £250 this has wiped out my bank account can they do this .

  • oliver 26 August, 3:52 pm

    I upgraded my phone via Vodafone call centre and after we went through the entire process the rep never read me the distance selling regs, what are my rights and is this a legally binding contract?

  • deepanshu 17 October, 4:41 am

    In flipkart if I have to order three books then I have to pay delivery charges separately or not?

  • Kate priestley 20 October, 6:56 pm

    I ordered a dress online at a sale price of £15.99 put it im my cart went through checkout and paid for delivery.i get a confirmation email of the order the day after I look on the same website and the dress has gone to £40 sale price I recurve an email to say there was an error on their website and it is out of stock but the same dress in the size I oder shows as being in stock at the £40 price What are my rights

  • Mrs Carol Harris 20 October, 7:15 pm

    John Lewis accepted my order for a high chair on 20/7/15 – stating delivery within 7 weeks. They have failed to deliver the item to date (20/10/15) and also have never given me any information about it. I have called and emailed and am politely told they will get back to me, but have not given me any information. Three months later I am none the wiser and am fuming. I paid by debit card and the money left my account in August. What should I do now?

  • Lesley Merritt 22 October, 6:46 pm

    Hi. I ordered a dress from a website and paid postage, when it arrived it had marks on the neckline so I sent it back recorded delivery as per instructions. They refunded the cost of the dress and the return postage but not the original postage costs. Am I entitled to this too?

  • Chase levett 29 October, 10:51 am

    I brought a pram set from John Lewis online last night
    After paying for it I took a screen shot of it for my proof of purchase and it says thank you for ur order ect and the price £577 but when I go onto my online banking they are charging me £643
    So I go on track my order and that says £643 so I don’t understand how that can be as when I payed for it all and had the thank you for ur order after the payment went through it says £577
    I have phone and emailed John Lewis but still awaiting for a reply
    So where do I stand with this situation then ?

  • helen clarke 3 November, 3:24 pm

    Footstool sold as real bonded leather when it arrived it was faux leather and bad quality they refused to pay return postage costs as they say it clearly says I should have read product information which says material is used for small goods is diarys or wallets etc can I get my full money back?

  • Terry 9 November, 11:54 am

    Hi I ordered something from GAME UK and I did not recieve it I’ve been trying to contact them threw emails and Facebook but I have had no reply I live in Malta and I was wondering what should I do to solve this problem

  • Kelly 9 November, 2:24 pm

    Hi, I bought some vases from India and needed them for a wedding and specified I needed them by October 28th. I specified this on several emails and agreed to pay extra delivery costs for express shipping to Guarantee delivery before the 28th. The seller even specified on my invoice deliver before 28th October. They still haven’t arrived and the seller will not issue a refund. What can I do? I paid by bank transfer too which is really annoying but because of the time frame I wanted payment to go instantly so did an immediate bank transfer. thanks in advance, Kelly

  • M W Hill 10 November, 4:02 pm

    I sent you a cheque 1st September for £38.94 for 1 round box ref. 036361 – still do not have the goods – where are they?

  • David Clelland 17 November, 7:04 pm

    I ordered a ps4 from a catalogue last December and it’s developed a fault. I contacted the mail order but they said not their issue. Advised me to contact Sony. Told them that contract was with them and as such they were my first point of contact.

    Can somebody please advise me of the statutory rights pertaining to this.

  • Kate macdonald 24 November, 11:26 am

    I booked a course in April that was for eyelash extensions and tinting. It cost £575 in total (375 for training and 200 for kit ) this was over the phone and by email after finding this course advertised on Facebook. I was to attend two days in August. On the morning of the course i received a vague misspelt tx from the woman I have bought this course from and cancelling as my trainer had had a accident. I then never received so much as a courtesy call explaining anything. After some days and no further contact I contacted asking for a date or time I could now do as I had opened my kit wasted one of the ten treatments I was to use as I had to test my three models with three different parts of kit ( sold as I would be able to start my business with these sufficient number of treatments) also had to cancel three models who where all like myself traveling 80 mile round trip to venue. Some time later I was offered a date for the end of September, I agreed but took ill and was unable to travel on the day. On letting the trainer know I was unable to attend she told me they do not offer refunds but hoped I’d be better soon and would happily put me on the next course date that she ran. I then heard nothing so 10 days ago I emailed her after receiving a promotional email saying I really would like to do this course ASAP and to please contact me with a date. No reply! So this morning I copied the email and sent it via tx. I received this tx back …Hi Kate, we received a tel call on the morning of your course just before we were due to start to cancel your course on your last booked dates. In these circumstances and under our terms and conditions, we would not refund the course fees at such a late cancellation. We would be prepared to offer further dates however at our transfer fee of £40.00 per day. We have no availability before Xmas as it is our busiest time of year and we are fully booked. Can you get back in touch after the holidays fir January/February dates.
    Thanks. Wendy…. At this point I phoned to ask for a full refund as after ten months this was again vague and not acceptable for completion of the course. This was advertised as a business opportunity and I said I felt communication was a issue I was not wiling to pay more money, I had no financial compensation when she cancelled I’ve been VERY patient. She advertises she will travel to homes to train but will not do this and then said her December course is full.. Why wasn’t I put on that course! She then told me we were going round in circles ANC that no refund and in fact she has the right to charge me the full £375 again if I wast to do the course. I expressed I was deeply disappointed as as a lone parent on benifits I have already spent all I could afford on the hope of making a new job for myself. Please can someone advise me? Thanks in advance

  • kathleen 26 November, 9:00 pm

    I ordered a sewing machine £900 in October for delivery December or January. I have paid the money to the dealer. I have changed my mind now, haven’t got the machine yet, can I ask for my money back or am I committed to the sale. Thanks.

  • Shaun 12 December, 10:26 am

    I’ve just tried cancelling tickets for a Rugby match, bought on-line from Ticketmaster 5 days ago (inside the 7 day cooling off period) and was told that they cannot accept a cancelation or offer refunds or offer alternatives and that they do not need to comply with the Distance Selling Regulation for internet sales.

    Are they correct?


  • Deborah green 18 December, 9:09 am

    Help !! I ordered a child’s telescope from debenhams via eBay website ,a discovery channel 50mm at the price of £15.00 this is also advertised on debenhams main website I was delivered a discovery channel 30mm the picture and the description is totally wrong of what I purchased I’ve contacted there customer service stating I’m confused with the order I’ve received they said it was an error on their website and I could have a refund. but I don’t want a refund I would like an exchange the item I thought I’d purchased they said I could return the item and pay an extra £17 to pay for the 50mm and they won’t honour and exchange surely this isn’t right ????

  • Simon 12 January, 6:04 pm


    I order some wheels from Evans cycles sale and what I received are totally different from advertised

    My confirmation from the order placed is showing what was advertised but they are now saying that they made a mistake in the advert and should I still wish to receive the wheels that I originally ordered I need to pay an additional sum of money to them

    I do have these other wheels that were delivered which I do not want

    What are my rights please

    Any guidance would be gratefully received

    Thank you

  • Jackie Clark 15 January, 12:21 pm

    Hi, I ordered a handbag and purse from what I believed was an American company on the 2nd December, I found,out after the money was taken from my account that this was in fact from China, to date I still have not received the goods, I have emailed them a couple of times and on the 7th January they advised to wait a further 8-10 days I replied this Wednesday advising I was not prepared to wait any,further and required either a refund or for them to resend the goods, this email has not been responded to, I paid by Visa so do not have the credit card protection, I have contacted my bank and completed forms to get my money back, I feel the company misrepresented themselves by using an American site, how do I go about getting my money back if the bank are not successful. I would also point,out that the value of the order was £61 including the shipping but I was debited £72.23!

  • Jeanette card 22 January, 11:19 am

    I have been purchasing from a company called Achica and their on line site, on several occasions they have let me down on deadlines, delivered half the order, taken the postage for the full order and not re-imbursed half as each item of postage is costed separately, on top of that they are not re-imbursing the Vat they are charging as well, things supposed o be coming. One item I ordered in September, I was notified 4 days ago they could not get the stock. What do I do

  • susie 26 January, 8:46 am

    I ordered some boots from They act as agents for other suppliers. Despite the items being “in stock” on their website, they have now emailed me to say the items are not in stock and I will be refunded. But they took my money as soon as I ordered, and sent me an email to say my order was “awaiting confirmation”. Are they allowed to take my money immediately, even before they can confirm if the item can be supplied?

    Other internet suppliers I’ve used only take your money when the goods are sent.

    Thanks for any advice.

  • Paul Roberts 27 January, 8:43 am

    I bought a 25 month subscription to build a model, the model was supposed to come with 2 bodies, a DIY one and a detailed display one. The detailed display body never arrived and although I have had responses from customer services saying it has been forwarded to their customer relations department. over a month has passed since then without response. Although I want the part, if it is not sent, the whole 25 months of parts collected are in my view, incomplete and not worth keeping. Am I entitled to a refund (worse case scenario) of the whole 25 months? What actions can I take to force them to act on my complaints?

  • Eric Long 28 January, 6:49 pm

    Hello- my query relates to an inexpensive online purchase (only £29.99), but there is a principle involved an others may be in similar circumstances. I purchased the item online by Debit Card from an audio equipment supplier on 9 January 2016. The order was confirmed and payment taken from my account two days later. 10 days later the seller responded to my online contact form query, and claimed the item had been dispatched the week before by Royal Mail 1st class standard delivery (2- 3 working days). I can now get no response from the sellers who are at the other end of the country from me. If the statutory 30 days expire and they still do not re- send or refund, what can I actually do about it? Your advice would be appreciated.

  • nagarajan m 6 February, 7:14 pm

    Hi I ordered a turbocharger for 435.20 GBP to turbo Aircon UK and paid in April 2015 to the company account at UK and confirmed. Order number 1195 dated 05 April. He failed to supply and dragging for refund to me. I m from not responding I feel cheated by him. How to get refund through debt recovery trkbunal . help me. Also how to fix his fake company turboaircon UK Cheltenham based company

  • sarah mars 21 February, 12:21 pm

    Hello not really sure of my rights but i bought a hot tub from a catolgue 2 years ago i have had another replacement last year then that became faulty last november and i returned it.
    but the catologue have said because my account is in with step change they are only going to be refunding the money onto my account and not sending me a replacement or like for like with what was originally agreed over the phone.

    Can they do this they have took all my rights away

  • Jw 15 March, 10:27 am


    If I ordered an item from a supplier based outside of the UK, however they try to convince buyers that they are a UK company ( web address, all prices in sterling etc) do all the T&C’s mentioned above still apply?


  • paul 28 March, 9:31 pm

    Hi I bought my 5 yr old son son some trainers from an online shop on ebay, he only had them 25 days and only wears them on a weekend, so hardly worn yet are falling apart with big hole around his big toe appearing. Am I entitled to refund, replacement? The company says item must be returned in original box and condition. I have a receipt.

  • Emma 8 April, 2:53 pm

    I brought something online that was at a reduced price, and paid for it and the delivery.
    The company then refunded my money and said that there had been a mistake on the website and it wasn’t that price.
    Am I within my rights to complain? Or as there was an error online do I not have a leg to stand on?

  • Jodie 10 April, 10:55 am


    I recently purchased a pair of kitchen stools through croupon. I ordered on 15th March and received a confirmation email stating I would receive my items with 7 days. I paid via PayPal the I waited. On 8th April I was still waiting and had not had any communication explaining the delayed delivery. I decided to email requesting an update. The response I was given stated there had been a problem with stock and they could not fulfil my order and said they’d refund money. This was upsetting as I was not informed until I asked…. And I was very much looking forward to receiving my chairs. Had they let me know sooner I would have more understanding and could have purchased else where. I’m due to move house in 5 moths so they have lost me a months use of the stools. Am I entitled to ask them to source me a replacment for the same price?

  • Ken 28 April, 8:59 pm

    We purchased some boxes from a online company and found that the lids did not fit properly and they where very poor quality. We contacted the seller and they picked up the goods. However they only refunded about half of the amount we paid. When we challenged this they then said that in their view there was nothing wrong with the goods and therefore they would not pay back the returns fee. We have tried pressing the fact that it was faulty goods but they are sticking to it that they were not and say they have sent the boxes to another customer so there couldn’t have been anything wrong with them. How can we get our money back?

  • ONG WEI JIAN 20 May, 6:43 am

    Invoice No: 98044
    Company name: TMF Administrative Services Sdn Bhd
    Shipping address: 10th Floor menara Hap Seng, Jalan P. Ramlee 50250 KL, Malaysia.

    Order date @ 29/04/2016
    Invoice Date @ 27/04/2016
    Today Date @ 20/05/2016

    I have not receive the goods purchase as 7-9 business working days have passed. (15 working days passed). Can you arrange for a the refund and it so dissapointed to purchase goods from your company.

  • sue shaw 20 May, 1:35 pm

    I cancelled an online order using the company specific form on the day I ordered it. I receive a reply saying it would be dealt with within the next 48 hours.The next morning they sent me an email informing me my order had been despatched. When I rang the company I was told as it had now been despatched I would have to wait and return it as well as paying the return costs. Is this correct?

  • marie mcconnell 28 May, 12:34 pm

    I bought a mattress from very catalogue for £395 a week later it was reduced to £287 i rang the catlaogue and asked for the price adjustment to my acc they said no i asked to return the item and order a new mattress at the new price again they said no as i have taken the wrapping of the mattress where do i stand with this

    • Albie 29 May, 11:56 am

      You have no right to a refund of the difference or to return the item unless the item is faulty. Unfortunately that is the joy of buying anything if the price goes down you just have to take it on the chin. Even if you could return the item the return delivery charges would be extortionate.

      You win some you lose some

      • Davina Richards 13 June, 12:37 pm

        I saw a table at a design fair and followed up with the Italian company some months later agreeing to buy a table in a certain colour (seen at fair) and size. The table was made for me and delivered 3 months later. When I unwrapped the table it looked nothing like the one at the fair from a design/quality perspective. I had photos of what I was expecting and photos from the firm’s website. I paid to send the table back and they said (after lots of emails and calls) they would do their best to make a table that looked like what I saw. They said they would pay to send the table back and I requested a photo of the table before they did that. It has now been 3 months. I asked for an update last week. They said it was ready so I asked for a photo. They sent a long distance photo of the table across a yard. I asked for a close up of the top of the table. They said they couldn’t as the table was packed and on a lorry back to me. I said I would not accept the table without a photo. No response since. What do I do if the table turns up next week? I paid by bank transfer not credit card. Do I have any options/rights? Many thanks.

  • Andrew Ridley 28 June, 3:28 pm

    Hi. I purchased an item online, confirmation of the order received and payment was taken. Now the item was pre-order and approx. delivery date was given. However, the day before approx. dispatch i received an email stating “the item you ordered has been discontinued” they made an offer of an alternative of cheaper value and lower spec. I visited their website and found that the item i originally ordered was still being offered for sale under the same item number, but for an increased cost. I suspect they don’t want to take the £50 hit on that item. Can i request they still supply the item i ordered at the cost i originally paid?? Many thanks

  • sapna khobragade 8 September, 10:01 am

    sir i had purchased led J5100 series Samsung 40 inch tv and it carries that the said is made in Malaysia the company customer service states that it is not covered in india as warranty display has problem how to resolve the same

  • Ross Fraser 9 September, 10:08 pm

    I bought a Sony wireless 2.0 headset (for the Playstation 4) 9 months ago and despite being overly careful with it , I realised a few days ago the headband has cracked in about 12 places and 1 of which runs across the entire headband from top to bottom. I have contacted The Hut group who say it is past the time limit for returns so they won’t help… is this right, I thought products were covered for a year, can you please advise (I really can’t afford another £70-£80 fir another headset but I am practically housebound so rely on the PlayStation for social interactions).

    Any advice you could give would be appreciated.

  • Aurore 22 September, 1:44 pm

    I have place an order on a art and craft website ,
    I have ordered numerous items which one item was marked @ £0 .
    My Order has been shipped and the company is now asking me to pay back £25 for the items marked free .
    I genuinely wanted to send the item back but the company is requesting me to pay for the postage for a mistake I wasn t responsible .
    What are my rights ?

  • Mrs Dalton 4 November, 7:18 pm

    Having come to the end of my sky contract we had a new deal offered over the phone which I accepted .. The next day I changed my mind . I phoned back and was told that we have now entered into a 12 month contract as as it was verbally agreed there is nothing we can do .. Is this right ?

  • Daisy Sparling 21 November, 4:37 pm

    I have ordered a sofa on eBay. They say they won’t bring it in the house only to the door. I am recovering from back surgery and cannot lift the sofa or have no one to help. What are my rights? I will not sign for it unless they bring it in my house.

  • cat 30 December, 6:44 pm

    What about theatre tickets?

  • Tracey Rands 10 January, 4:25 pm

    Hi I purchased a paid in full for log cabins for my al the family to stay for my sons birthday and this was a really good price .I paid online in full and receipt online balance paid and nothing to pay .I received a call from hoseasons telling me I can not have these at the price and they will not give them to me as this was a online pricing error and this is not the price .They can refund me as good will gesture and if I want the cabins at a much higher price they will deduct me 10% .Please help and advise where I stand .They where quiet rude and this is there error .

  • John 11 January, 3:15 pm

    Hi I purchased a pair of limited edition trainers from a reputable sports site, bought and paid for mine within a minute of them going on sale. They proudly told social media that it took only 12 mins to sell out only for me to get an email later that day saying they couldn’t fulfill my order as it had sold out! Where do i stand as they still have my money and a refund will take 5 days. Do I have a right to demand they allocate me the trainers? As I surely was one of the first to buy them.

  • Dom 18 January, 1:48 pm

    Here’s one for you. Found an action cam advertised on a well known supermarket website, ordered it and received the goods. The model they have sent out is an inferior model of the camera. The camera I ordered is called the Kitvision Escape 4KW, but I received a Kitvision Escape UHD which includes a 4K facility. I can see where they have made the error, but as I have paid and received goods and they are not the advertised goods, are they now contracted to provide the correct camera as they have failed to meet their end of the contract?

  • Maggie 26 January, 4:23 pm

    What happens if goods don’t arrive and it’s impossible to contact them by phone or via their website. Is there an ombudsman who can help?

  • Barbara crooks 31 January, 1:55 pm

    Can you clarify, if a seller sends out an alternative product e.g. A dinning table instead of a coffee table without asking the buyer, who should organise and pay for return of dinning table?
    I have this situation and I am not a warehouse so can’t resecure item to pallet etc and seller says no refund till I return item at my cost !
    Surely this is unfair practice?

  • Graeme 3 February, 5:09 pm

    When you buy large household items that require delivery and possibly even fitting, can the company take the money from your account immediately, even if you do not yet have a delivery date? I am sure I heard somewhere that they could not take your money until the goods were in transit.

  • Darius 19 February, 10:09 pm

    hi I bought woodworking combine machine on ebay. It arrived damaged ( broken key to start of motors plus broken panel)and after inspection I discovered that there are flaws. Ebay refunded me after closing case in my favour. But seller wasn’t happy about it from beginning. He failed to collect it twice and then when collect it didn’t give me tracking number which I obtained by calling his courier.
    Now he send me letter asking to pay him full amount for machine plus ebay fee and collection costs. He is threatening County Court on grounds of breach of contract.
    It is ridiculous. What should I do? Should I response to his official letter ? What next ? Nightmare
    Thank you

  • Nicola Chapman 25 February, 4:55 pm

    Please would someone be able to offer me some advice.
    I ordered an item worth £55 from iwoot, using my credit card to pay. The money was taken immediately. I then received an email from iwoot that contained the gift voucher code. I contacted iwoot to check what I needed to do with the voucher code, e.g did I need to enter it at check out to fully process the order. They replied to my email saying that yes I did, so after doing this and still no order arriving, I contacted them again, to then be told that I needed to use the code to order the item in a different way, e.g order the gift subscription instead of the 3 monthly subscription. I followed this instruction to be met with an error notice. I contacted them again, the staff member tried this themselves only to receive the same error notice. They told me they would need to pass it on to another department and so this has gone on more for more than 2 months. I have now received an email today telling me that because so much time has passed the gift voucher can no longer be used so all they are willing to do is credit my account with them. I see this as unfair as a) I only followed what they told me to do and b) they have taken so long to contact me which is why so much time has passed.
    I understand this is long winded and pretty complicated but if anyone can help then I would very much appreciate it.
    Thank you

  • Jennifer Talla 28 February, 6:34 pm

    I ordered some canvas prints through someone who works for a company and he said he would print them. 2 hours after he sent that message I said no I do not want them sorry, I am unable to have them because I cannot pay.

    Do I have to pay him?
    what happens from here?
    can he take me to court?

  • Darren 26 March, 8:58 am

    I renewed my mobile phone contract over the phone. The contract starts on thevFridaybeven though I won’t receive my phone till Monday.
    I want more of an upgrade ?
    Am I too late to cance the contract. Am I in my rights to due to ‘ distance selling ‘ over the phone I wasn’t in the shop ?

  • Naz 27 March, 8:52 am

    Hi there
    I’m in South Africa, and bought goods online from a UK website.
    After 2 months they still have not delivered, and last time i heard from them was 6 March.
    I requested them to cancel the order as they notified me that they did not have stock.
    I don’t know what to do to get my money back. It was quite expensive goods.
    Help would be appreciated.

  • Alan Mayhew 13 April, 10:30 am

    I brought a Bosch Vacuum on May 26th 2016 and it has been fixed twice already and is now again in breakdown mode. Am i able to claim for a refund please.


    Alan Mayhew

  • Jenny 20 April, 11:37 am

    I am a retailer in Australia, but one of my suppliers is UK-based. I pay the shipping costs to get the goods from the UK to Australia. I then run a web shop and ship the UK product to my Australian customers, and also charge my customer for postage costs (my postage cost is charged at break even only). If an item is claimed to be faulty by the customer and the UK manufacturer agrees to send a replacement and don’t charge me shipping costs from UK to Australia (as they shouldn’t), who is responsible for the shipping cost I incur to get the replacement to my customer? Obviously I will not be charging the customer, but I am out of pocket because of the manufacturer’s bad workmanship; can I legitimately claim my out of pocket postage costs from the UK manufacturer?
    Secondly, can the UK manufacturer demand that I send the item back for their inspection at my cost?
    Many thanks for any insights!