Small Claims Court Guide

If you are in dispute with an organisation or an individual and wish to recover specific sums of money you feel you should not have paid, then you can issue a claim at county court level against that individual or firm. If the claim is for less than £5000 (or £1,000 or less if the claim is for personal injury or housing disrepair) then the small claims system is set up for you to use cheaply, quickly and easily, without the involvement of lawyers or other legal professionals. For claims over £5000, you will be referred to the fast track or multi-track. Please note, this only applies to England and Wales.

Alternatives to court action

The procedure will require you to consider alternative dispute resolution routes such as arbitration, mediation and ombudsmen schemes (details for which can be found in the useful contacts page on this site). However, if it is clear that you will not get the desired result any other way, then you can pursue a claim issued through the county court. You can do this for any of the following scenarios:

  • An unpaid debt
  • Poor workmanship
  • Non-performance of contractual obligations
  • Damage to property
  • Road traffic accidents;
  • Personal injury
  • Faulty goods or goods not supplied

First steps

Your application will include information on what steps you have already taken to try and recover the money. You would therefore be advised to write to them as a first step, explaining the reasons for your dissatisfaction, what you would like in return and a reasonable timeframe for doing this. You should also provide notice of your intention to take further action if they do not do as instructed. See our templates page for a model of how to structure your letter and what kind of information to include. Remember to send any correspondence recorded delivery and keep copies for inclusion in your claim.

Things to consider

You should also consider the capacity of the firm or individual to pay the sum. If they are unemployed, insolvent, on a low income or heavily in debt, this will be taken into account and you may not get anything. Therefore it is very possible that even though you will win your claim you will still not get any of the money which is owing to you.

How much will it cost?

To start proceedings, claimants must usually pay an initial court fee, and although it will  not be as much as instructing a solicitor, the amount will depend on how much money you are claiming. If you are receiving benefits, pension or tax credits, or if your income is below a certain level, you will not have to pay this court fee. You can also get a partial contribution to the fees if you can prove that it would be difficult for you to pay.

Additional Expenses

If, once judgement has been made the company or individual still does not pay and continues to dispute your claim, you may have to pay additional fees, although these can often be added onto the amount they will eventually owe you if you are successful.

  • If you have witnesses you will have to cover their expenses / loss of earnings
  • If you need a report from a professional acting as an expert witness, you will have to pay for this
  • If you require a professional to attend the hearing to give their expert opinion, you will need to pay their charges and expenses
  • If you are suing for a specific sum of money, the case may well be heard in the court local to the firm or individual you are suing, therefore you will incur travel costs and suffer loss of earnings.

However, you may be able to claim some or all of these costs back if your claim is successful.

Representing yourself

For claims less than £5000 the system is set up for you to represent yourself. You would be advised to seek advice from a solicitor at the outset to get an understanding of legal aspects such as providing evidence, as well as court processes and putting realistic figure on how much to claim. However, they don’t need to be involved in the process itself, which will save you money. If you will have difficulty representing yourself you will also be allowed to take a friend, family member or colleague with you as a ‘lay representative’.

There are firms which can offer a claims management service on a ‘no win no fee’ basis for things like personal injury, accident claims, housing disrepair or recovery of bank charges. You must check these firms are authorised before you instruct them, as they will be acting unlawfully if they are not.

Filling online

For claims which are less than £10,000 and against not more than two people, you will be able to file a claim online. Go to:

For more information and forms to download, go to:

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  • brian sweatmore 27 February, 7:22 pm

    Can I amend a claim for unpaid goods when the buyer issues a counter claim 90 days after the payment date and with no complaints as to the product and services?
    It is lodged in the small claims court but the defendant waited to receive our limited companies statement before making up thair own.I suspect dishonest practice by defendant, witnesses and his solicitor.

  • Steve Jones 28 March, 2:51 pm

    My house was let out through a letting agent and when my last tenant left the property the agent failed to carry out an adequate inspection of the property, returning the deposit to the tenant. Subsequently I have incurred loss and expense in order to bring the property up to a lettable standard. I have submitted a claim for loss and expense to the agent who verbally offered a settlement of £750 (without prejudice). My original claim was in excess of £5000 but subject to negotiation a realistic and acceptable settlement would be between £2500 and £3000. I have referred to their negligence in correspondence which the have never refuted.
    Could you please advise me of the best route to take? Can I persue it through the Small Claims Court or would I have to go to the County Court? If the action were to be found in my favour would O be able to recover my legal costs if I incur any?

    I look forward to receiving your advice.


    Steve Jones

  • Brian V Taylor 31 March, 9:36 am

    An RTA between my car and a Horse box from the Republic of Ireland occurred in the UK. I lost the excess on my Insurance policy and would like to know whether or not it is possible to issue a writ in the UK for service in Eire?

  • royston white 23 May, 10:07 pm

    dear sir madam i took out a loan with my wife £5.000 with the interest it rounded off to £11.000 6 months after we took out the loan she decides to leave leaving me to pay the debt also a £600 catologue bill .I am a minimum wage worker with two children the day me and my kids left she sold there beds and everything that was in there room t.v etc… I would like to know if there is anything i can do about this and nreed some advice yours thankfully R.White

  • jane roussos 31 July, 10:12 am

    I was suspended from work without pay, although company policy is to suspend with pay. I was accused of not providing Right To Work documentation, specificaly passport. I had copy of Boarder Agency letter stating documents for permanent residence application was submitted, also stating my right to working in the UK during the process. Company representative was only interested in my passport. I was subsequently suspended without pay, and without an official hearing.

  • Richard Czarnopis 14 August, 1:00 pm

    About 7 years ago we had a conservatory installed. This carried a 10 year guarantee.
    Last month we noticed two of the roof panels had bowed downwards and separated from the rest of the roof causing 2 holes to appear.
    I contacted the conservatory who immediate reaction was that this was not covered by the guarantee without seeing the fault.The guarantee clearly states it covers materials and installation. We paid them £60 for an inspection only to hear that other conservatories had the same fault. Tape was put on the roof to prevent water ingress.
    A few weeks later we phoned again for an update to be told that the roof company had gone out of business and the conservatory company were now trying to negotiate how best to proceed. A further 3 weeks has passed and we made yet another phone call only the be told the same thing and that if I was not happy they would refund my £60 and I could get lost. They obviously do not want to take responsibility for the repair and are washing their hands of the matter.This is totally unacceptable and I want to take legal actions for the cost of the repair or a new roof, which could cost up to £2000. How do I proceed ?

  • gordon 15 August, 1:17 am

    was hassled by local althority for an invalid parking ticket
    whenpush came to shove and 3 letters later they claim that they was unable to contend the appeal as they had a softwear problem and cancled the ticket stating that the case was closed.
    i advised them in another letter that the c ase was not closed as far as i was concerned.
    as i had spent my time and money deraling wath theis and i wanted compensation for my efforts and sent them a bill for £302 pounds.
    once again they have ignored my letter.
    can i take them to a small claim court?
    regards Gordon

  • Irene Thomson 16 August, 1:53 pm

    We have been to Small Claims Court in Scotland. Recall of Decree was given by Sheriff and she said “written defence” to be provided within 7 days. What format does written defence take ? Is it the same as Productions ?

  • Patrick Cluxton 25 August, 5:23 pm

    Is it allowed for a professional to appear as lay representative AND expert witness in a fast-track hearing? Thank you.

  • Kathryn Mesure 2 September, 12:11 am

    My husband did Building works for a client 5 years ago and now has been notified by him that the boiler that was put in( By another person)has leaked, resulting in damage to his kitchen. My husband put the kitchen in but did not install the boiler or deal with it on a sub-contracting basis.

    Can you tell me what our position is in this situation.

  • e. mcewan 3 September, 11:38 am

    i am owed the outstanding sum of £143 from someone i bought an item for. although she was previously making payments she has now told me that i’ll get the money when she’s got it but that i’m not allowed to go to her house. the police offered to escort me to retrieve the goods but said that if she refused to open her door then there was nothing i could do. is it worth going through the courts to claim this amount

  • lily robertson 10 September, 6:21 pm

    what is the maximum claim you can take through the smalls claims court

  • John 23 September, 12:05 pm

    In your page advising about Small Claims Court you say,

    “See our templates page for a model of how to structure your letter and what kind of information to include.”

    Please, where might your templates page be?


    • t2p2 10 November, 1:52 pm

      Did you find out how to access the template page?

  • Kim Gonsalves 7 October, 3:44 pm

    I entered into a business agreement with another company for them to supply a company set up package and training for a particluar business area. The whole set up was so unorganised and unprofessional it took much longer than it should have and was not fit for purpose. Part of the agreement was after initial set up to pay a monthly fee or 6 months. However during the set up period, and before everything was finalised and I was happy with my package, the company started billing for the start of the additional months. I refused to start paying this as set up was not complete and the company pulled all the tools for the business and website away. Thus leaving me with nothing. I wish to take them to the small claims court. Do I have a case?

  • amy burgess 9 November, 3:08 pm

    i have brought a car from ebay that was described as perfect condition, it now needs new piston rings and is going to cost me around £800 to get it sorted i have had the car two days and tried contacting the seller to no avail, have i got a case??? thanks

    • Donna Mclennan 16 November, 3:38 pm

      Hi call the trading standards office and they can help. You will need to send him a letter recorded delivery to state your intentions. The seller if he is a trader has to offer you either to fix the car or a refund.

    • rob 24 November, 2:30 am

      Hi Amy
      of course you do although if you ‘stepped outside’ the ebay site
      you may find that ebay are less than helpful;by stepped outside
      I mean used direct email rather than ebaymail…
      if you stuck to their rules then of course you have a case
      for mis-representation.via small claims
      If you paid by paypal then you buyer protection..just contact the resolve page and report the seller as non-com
      you need to write/contact seller to tell them of you intent and give a reasonable time to respond

      kind regards

  • donna cataldi 15 November, 12:53 pm

    can some 1 send me small claims court for owing £ 60 thanks

  • Bernadette 16 December, 7:25 pm

    Plse send me an example of letter of how to make a small claim for smisold services (wrong train nr).
    Request template

  • bakteir 24 December, 7:04 pm

    i have bought a car from copart salvage auction as unrecorded but after i sent the logbook to dvla they said thes car is recorded now the company said they are not responsible and they told me i need to contact the seller now i have contacted the seller but seller not respond anythings now dvla says the car is right off,please help

  • Dave Barr 2 January, 10:58 pm

    I have had cafe with accomadation above, which was on a 3 year lease, however after just 15 months, they are £3,000 pound behind in payments, they closed shop back in Oct 10, I had redouced the rent, and that wasn’t paid either. Now after 6 months they have mived out, leaving the place very dirty and with some fixtures u/s.
    the bond they had paid had been put towards the rent. Can I claim for the rest of the lease by the small claims, or just the cleaning fee and replacement cost of equipment?

  • Colin Mounteney 10 January, 9:53 pm

    I was dismissed from work in September of this year, I appealed and won. I want to know if I can claim for solicitor costs and loss of wages due to having had to go on sick leave with stress due to the companies action against me. Solicitors costs were approx. £2000 and loss of wages about the same. My solicitor told me I couldn’t claim back through the normal channels, so I wandered if I could through small claims court.

  • leslie wesborn 12 January, 9:27 pm

    i had to cancel a motorbibe insurance cost £230 pounds cancel cost £ i expected a refund of £200 on phoning MCE isurance in SEPTEMBER they said my refunde would be in my account on 28 of December 2010
    it is now 2011 3 days ago 1 tried to phone & was left on hold so i sent a emai i still have had no reply is my next step small cliams court ?
    Regards MrL Wesborn

    • steve 29 August, 2:47 pm

      You will need to make the claim for a refund in writing (recorded mail), be formal give dates addresses and include evidence of previous correspondance. Then follow up with a solicitors letter. They will usually pay you after that but you will have to pay for a solicitors letter.

      Small claims is lengthy and it probably wouldn’t go that far.

  • leslie wesborn 13 January, 1:13 pm

    what should i do next to get my money back ?

  • Mandy 15 January, 5:30 pm

    A friend booked a flight using my credit card in May 2009 and prmoised to repay within a few weeks, unfortaunately in November 2009 her husband committed suicide, she was off work for a while and I loaned her £480 in cash to help her along at that time.

    I waitied a few months and began asking her for repayment especially as the flight money was accruing interest. I have been given numerous reasons why payment has not been yet made all linked to sorting out her late husbands estate which his ex-wife and young children were laying claim on regarding his pension etc.

    I have sent emails and texts askign for this money back, (we have not physically seen each other since the loan of the £480), in December she was proposing a repayment of approximately £200 per month, then I hear nothing and sent her begging texts in January this year, she contacted me by text saying she would pay money by bank transfer withing few days, she did..£100 with no assurance of when I can receive the rest.

    I have her email address and mobile number but no address, this money is almost 18 months unpaid now. If I go to the small claims court would I get the money back from her in full? How would I obtain her home address?


  • Sharon Aldridge 27 January, 12:25 pm

    I ordered a product from the internet and this was due to be delivered by parcel force. They said they left it in my front garden bin but no card was left. The internet site are not answering my emails and parcel force, after investigation have said that the internet have now made a claim, please advice ??

  • Brian Bardrick 28 January, 10:33 am

    A national company fitted a new kitchen with a gas cooker,the cooker was fitted not to Gas Safe standard,and we had a smellable gas leak,the company sent 4 different fitters over a 3 month period,and we have since found out that 3 of the 4 were not Gas Safe registered,the leak was solved.The company although they broke the law and left us exposed to the potential risk of an explosion do not want to know.What is my best course of action,I want them to have a large penalty[fine] so they will not do this again.

  • Nikki 4 February, 1:07 am

    Hi, I had doors fitted 4 months ago. They are leaking really badly, but the workman is saying it’s our fault and that they aren’t sealed well enough. We have sealed them, but the water is pooring through (not only the glass panels, but through the bottom and middle of the door. Is there anything I can do? They are apparently guarenteed for 1 year!

  • mick kay 4 February, 11:14 am

    i took out a loan from no worrie loans but they are not a loan company they are a brokers i stupidly paid £69.95 i have written to them twice and even a registered letter to them saying they are breaking the law they can keep £5 admin fee but have to refund you the balance i checked them on internet there is a lot of angry people who have had the same problem the guy that runs no worrie loans and yes loans which is the same company has been suspended from running a buisness as a director my question is how much would it cost to take out a small claims against this scam company

  • c singh 8 February, 11:47 am

    See our templates page for a model of how to structure your letter please tel me ware thay?

  • T Straw 12 February, 12:41 am

    One third of the way down this page (Consumer Information), the subheading ‘Filling online’ has too many l’s in it.

  • anna 7 March, 7:40 pm


    If I let a house through a letting agency and then decided to do the contract between myself and the landlord so the agency has nothing to do with the property but they are not giving me my bond back and ignoring me emails and calls can I take this to small claims court?

  • ken gresty 22 May, 6:30 pm

    How much is it in Court Fee’s for a claim of £4,772.00, please?

  • Karen McDaid 31 May, 5:00 pm

    Hi I left a private landlord before my 6 months short assured tenancy ended. The landlady agreed to this because there was “Mushrooms” growing from the living room and bathroom walls.

    I gave her notice to quit on the 1st JUne 2011, But left the property 4th May as the bathroom got worse.

    I never paid May’s rent and she said she would have kept the deposit to cover this but then in an email shesaid this will not now be the case.

    she will return my deposit when she is satisfied that all utility bills were paid.

    these have been paid and receipts were sent to her now she refused to give me back my deposit.

    I ws looking to take her to a small claims court as I have been taking Anti-Depressants and cannot get off them due to the stress of this. I have taken on another private flat and have now been left short with all my other bills because i am £475.00 out of pocket this month.

    hope someone can advice me here.
    Thank you
    Karen, Glasgow

  • D Hughes 3 June, 9:04 pm

    I am the sole director of a limited company. Unfortunately, I am being sued through the small claims court in Scotland. After arriving at the court for the hearing, the case was pushed back for 2 weeks as the judge said I needed legal eprepresentation. I had been informed otherwise and do not want to spend any more money on this case, especially costly solicitor fees. Is it possible for me to use a layperson as a representative instead?

  • gary clasper 28 June, 10:02 pm

    my girlfreind now my ex girlfreind booked a holiday in november 2010 abroad ,she asked me if i wanted to go in may 2011 i booked the holiday as she added me on as she was the leading bookee the cost of the holiday was £599 and we were leaving on the 3rdjune 2011 5 days prior we finished i spoke to thomsons and abta and they said they could not do anything because she was the leading name is it possible to claim my money back thro this system

    many thanks gary clasper

  • peter 20 September, 7:16 pm

    hello, i loaned a family member 4800 pound almost 3 years ago, we never signed a contract as i trusted this persons(stupid i know) i was to recieve the money back 1 month after from a job he was completing but he failed to, and continued to promise and lie for the next year, he then paid back 1000 pound, then another year and he has paid back a total of 100 pound since, every person in my family knows about the loan(i dont knwo if witnesses are of use?) and he has continued to lie through texts and calls and is now ignoring, would it be possible to take him to a small claims, and any advice on a likely outcome? any help would be great as this is really getting to me, he has also booked a holiday abroad for his wedding so obviously not short on money. thank you

  • Freda 15 November, 1:03 pm

    We had a letter telling us that electrical checks were being carried out “free of charge” in our area. We made an appointment for the person to come on the 27th November 2011. He checked some parts of the house and said we needed a few things done and it would cost around £800+. We asked if we could think about it for a day or two, but he said since he was in the area it would be easier to sign on the day, so we ageed(which was stupid) for him to come on 1 November.We gave a deposit of £227.60. In the meantime our general repair man came and said it was far too much and we shoud cancel the order. Unfortunately it was a weekend so we rang first thing on the Monday 1st November 2011, before the 7 day cooling off period. He said he would have to deduct something for the products that had been bought.
    In spite of sending two Recorded and Special Delivery letters we have not received any payment. I have been advised that we are entitled to the full amount. How long should we wait before we go to the Small Claims procedure and how do we go about it. We are both Pensioners (87-77).
    Many thanks for your help.

    • paul simo 8 March, 1:05 am

      You were very very foolish indeed as this is a scam.
      You might want to get the police involved as this firm sound very dodgy and they will have breached some law.
      Forget the small claims as if you win that firm will not pay you and you will just keep throwing more goodmoney after bad.
      Good luck.

  • Jack Ryan 28 November, 4:13 pm

    Be careful and take good advice when making a claim through the small claims court. The defendant may engage a solicitor, and even a barrister, to fight your claim. You could lose your case, or it could even be thrown out, and you could then be ordered to pay the other side’s costs, which could be significant.

    • paul simo 8 March, 1:09 am

      Well said jack ryan.
      The small claims court is full of corruption that only serves to get work for lawyers and bleed unsuspecting saps of their last penny.

  • Mosullivan 29 November, 9:47 pm

    Please can you advise I have had bifold doors fitted and they open inwards not outward as stipulated by the architects plans the builder is owed money for other works but we are refusing to pay him until the doors are corrected

  • Dawn Marie 6 December, 11:25 pm

    I loaned my mother £600 to decorate her house with money I had received from my backdated tax credits, we agreed that the money would be paid back by way of reducing my dig money by £50.00 a month for ten months (£150 instead of £200), my mother used all the money and decorated her house, I paid one months digs which took the debt to £550 then a week later she kicked me out leaving me homeless and is now refusing to pay any of the money back, I have the evidence that it was an agreed loan via text along with the statement of the money coming out from my account and her bank have the pay-in slip signed by me to show the money going into her account signed by me on the exact same day within minutes of each other. My mother is on the sick as she is Bipolar but is Technically still employed by the DWP as well as living with her husband who also claims benefit whilst working cash in hand with my brother at times, is there any way I could get help to even get some of it but hopefully all of it?

  • Peter 19 January, 5:08 pm

    I took out a contract with O2 and had to pay a £150 deposit because of my bad credit rating. I cancelled said contract a day later and was told I would receive my £150 deposit back within 14 working days. However, after not receiving anything after 15 working days I contacted O2 again. this time I was told it would take 5 to 10 working days for my deposit to be repaid into my bank account. This period of time has since passed and I have still to receive the £150 deposit from O2. If the show were on the other foot I would be enduring debt collectors chasing me for the money. How do I get this money owed to me back?
    I do not work, am living off benefits as I am disabled. How much would it cost me to take O2 to the small claims court to get my £150 deposit back?

  • Devi 16 February, 2:08 pm

    Hi we order a black bed from a furniture store a week ago yesterday the deliver it when they were going to set it up I saw it was brown I told the delivery people that I don’t want it I ask for a black also on the contract it says black I show it to the guy he said that he cannot take back the bed that I have to call the store and they will come and get it. When I call the store they told me that what i order and that they can’t do anything. How can i get my money back if that wasen’t what I ask for also the boxes is in my living room and I have a 1 year old baby in the house

  • Liz O'Brien 7 March, 7:11 am

    I am a practicing physiotherapist and am owed approximately £100 from a client who is seemingly extremely wealthy. I have made many attemtps to recover this amount. He’s always apologetic, promising to pay and then doesn’t. He’s lately been ignoring my communications. Is it worth pursuing this?

  • fiza 7 March, 11:45 pm

    i apply for indian visa myself and it refused with note that will give me reason of it in clearance, My engagement was fix on 20th jan2012 in india that-why i was in hurry to re-apply for india visa,and start searching online and went global-visas company for reapplication i pay £150 consultation fee and £650 for re-application.After two week time i got visa in clearance and i let them(global visa company)know in good time that i got visa and i don’t need to start new application after that i ask them for refund my money but they stop answering my phone calls i went they office consulter told me that he speak to owner and he said we will not refund money and start suggesting me to apply for different country visa or ask your friend or relative for use it, i was quite worried and suggest my sis to apply for her visa from them and sent her details to them, but they do not speck nicely and been very rood if i call from deferent phone otherwise they do not answer my phone.just email me that they will contact me but they don’t i don’t want to carry on any application with them and want to claim for my money back£650
    please suggest me is there anyway i could get help to get my full money back and how much it will be cost for claim?

  • Paul 22 March, 10:18 pm

    Hi I have paid a company called simple HGV for a driving course and test but they have not contacted myself about my times and dates of when this should take place even though they knew from the start I wanted to do this in the first 2 weeks of April 2012 and had booked holiday from work to do this then I have been unable to contact them by phone and sent letters to them with no response can I take them to the small claims court to get my money back

  • MAAJ 14 May, 8:44 pm

    Can you please clarify if there is a time limit on making a Small Claims case???

    Scenario – two people are going out & 1 lends them money during this time. They break up. Are you able to claim these monies back & if so is there a time limit in making this claim???

  • andrew coombs 14 June, 11:31 am

    hi i had a dog attack and killed my one of my valuable pedigree sheep , the woman owned up and said she would pay for damage , there were witnesses , since then have heard nothing , is it possible to claim against an individual in such circumstances, she lives with a partner , or does it need to be taken to a civil court? there may be an issue with regard to destruction of the dog thanks andy

  • Claire 21 June, 4:41 pm


    I had some money stolen by old old friends daughter, who admitted taking it sum of £160 taken from my bank account she promised to pay it back, when there was no reponse to her repaying it, i asked her parent of whom said it had nothing to do with her then she got me arrested for a false assault charge of I was released with no further action no charge i have since asked her for this money as now i have been getting threats of smashing my face in by her and her mother can i claim this money back through the small claims court there were other things she took too?

  • Iona 2 July, 7:32 pm

    When i split up with my boyfriend he said i owed him £500, i agreed to pay £250 the first month i moved out (because he wouldn’t let me collect my belongings if i didn’t do so.) As of yet i haven’t paid him the remaining £250 and have had a change of heart due to some thing’s he has been doing. Can he then take me to court over this as he claims to have texts from me saying that i will give him the money?
    Also he got me a contract phone for me, but under his name, am i liable for this, or if i so desired could i give it back to him and refuse to pay anything more for it, as i set up a standing order from my bank account to his.

  • Nigel Morrison 17 July, 9:36 pm

    Why is there no link to the Scottish Courts Service Website for the forms for making a claim in Scotland?

  • Carrie 4 August, 2:51 pm

    I am on a low income – less than £15,000 per year and need to claim £720 from a company that is refusing to pay me. How can I get the court fees reduced or waived?

  • Pete Wiffen 28 August, 9:53 pm

    In your section, ‘Small Claims Court Guide’ and under the sub-section ‘First Steps’ you refer to a ‘templates page’. Can you please tell me where this is.
    I am about to terminate some building work as it is completely sub-standard and against building regulations and have completely confidence in the builder to do the job. As such I am looking to write to tell him to stop any further work, remove all his tools and rubbish and that I expect him to pay compensation as I am now looking at a bill greater than the original estimate to get the work done properly.

    Many Thanks,

  • steve 29 August, 2:42 pm

    Yes they can but it can take several months before the hearing. They first of all need to send you the complaint, give you time to respond and demonstrate reasonable steps to try to come to an agreement out of court. They will initially have to pay court costs which they can claim back off you if they win along with additional costs such as loss of earnings.

    Further court action is required to enforce a judgement if you still refuse to pay incurring additional court costs and time. If you have no income or assets it will be difficult for them to enforce a judgement, so even if they win they may not get paid.

    For £60 I don’t think they will bother.

  • kay 7 September, 11:55 am

    have brought a caravan from my local newspaper that was described as good condition,with awning and extras
    there is no extras and the caravan has faulty electrics and the awning does not fit this caravan
    i went back to the man who i brought it from his comment was SO WHAT AND GET LOST
    what do i do next
    help please
    thanks kay

  • Dan 26 October, 8:17 am

    I sued for 5 k(patent infringement ),lost appeal ( wrong order !)I am re-appealing against other party costs and squashing case.Which rules determine that each party should pay own costs ?.Thanks.

    • paul simo 8 March, 12:57 am

      Small claims courts are full of incompetence and corruption so when you know you are right and have allthe evidence to prove, don’t be surprised if your opponent still beats you cos he or his lawyer is in the same masons lodge as the judge.

  • Clinton Cameron 27 November, 2:50 pm

    Churchill Insurance raided my bank account and stole £927.50 from my account to insure a car that I don’t own while I was away on holiday. I discovered what happened when I returned from holiday and since then has been pursuing them to get my money paid back into my account. They refuse to pay back my money. I’ve written to the Financial Services Ombudsman but I know this is likely yo take months if not years and I can’t afford to wait thatlong because the money was in my account to pay my household bills which are due on 1 December. Is this eligible to be pursued through the small claims process?.

  • norman 18 January, 12:29 am

    hi i am a builder i took on job to point a gable the customer also wanted the chimney flu lined so i got an other builder to do this. witch i agree the job he did is totally not up to standard i have offered the money back that was paid to the builder that did the chimney at a loss to my self i also said that i would have the chimney done to building regulation standard he wanted and gave him the choice of either now he wants all the money back from the job and demands that i pay for different type of chimney lining that is over twice the price of the original cost now he is threatening to take me to court how do i stand against his claim

  • lilian graham 28 January, 10:49 pm

    bought a barabus smart car 6days ago paid 6000 cash found it impossible to drive took it to smart cars for a check they found that four alloy wheels were buckled and tyres could not be blown up to required pressure went back to car dealer and he said that it was my problem will not refund cash were do I go from here 30 days warranty on car

  • Dave 31 January, 10:41 pm

    I contracted a builder to do reinstatement and improvement work after an escape of water. The insurance agreed that I could use my own builder and agreed a sum for the reinstatement. They also agreed to refund the VAT on receipt of a valid VAT receipt. I gave this information to the builder and we agreed on a fixed price (re-instatement plus VAT) for the repairs and improvements.
    On receipt of the VAT Invoice I find that the insurance will not refund the VAT as the builders VAT number is not valid. I confirmed this with HMRC.
    Can I claim back the false VAT as stated on the builders supposed VAT Receipt?

  • Leo 1 February, 2:17 pm

    What are the timelines when a court can convene after judgement is requested failing lack of contact from a defendant?

  • lisa woodrow 4 February, 1:20 pm

    Hi i made a claim on paper and sent all back on 14th jan with all photocopied evidence.How long before i hear anything?how can I find out if they have recieved my documents? I may be waiting for them when they havn’t recieved my documents?

  • jo 12 February, 2:05 am

    l lent my ex £10 000 in 2007 & when he decided to leave me in 2009 he refused to pay back . I have been asking for my money back but he says it was a gift . how do I get it back all I have is a bank statement for the transfer of funds into his account

  • Kym 15 February, 8:03 am

    In aug 2012 I lent my partners sister £1000 I saved for my unborn baby. As it was my partners sisterat the time I trusted her. We have over.xmas had a big bust up I have sent her texts asking for repayment of £100 a month like was agreed. I have only got the statement of me transgerring money to her account would it be worth me submitting a claim? Thanks

  • khin dorrell 20 February, 2:23 am

    February 20.2013 01:21 am

    We had a conservatory installed & completed in nov. 2012.On completion,we found out a significant out of level between the skirting &the exposed brickwork horizontal joints,one side showing half brick & one side showing full brick. They offer us £150 compensation.This to us was an insult to say the least considering £38,000.00 we spent.Since then they ignored our phone calls & letters including chartered surveyor’s report which clearly mentioned unacceptable level of installation error & further finding of crack at the motor joint. Overall situation is totally unacceptable & we want to take legal action to put it right or £2300 to be compensated. Please advice how do we proceed and where do we stand for this matter.

    Thank you

  • len killpartrick 26 February, 10:53 am

    ihad loss of pressure in my heating system which resulted in having to trace pipes under the concrete floor . Insurance company repuiated claim therefore had to engage a private company to trace and access. this was done and leak detected whithin 15mins . the tradesman asked to repair the the leak and i ofcourse agreed as he had travelled from Woking to Worthing . he subsequently repaired the leak put in the process accidently cut into another pipe causing an additional problem.He tried to repair his fault but was unable to do so and asked to come back another day to fix .He charged me £690 £375 for tracing and accessing and the balance for himself for repairing leak included in this the time he spent trying to fix the error he made himself. at £50 an hour . he now refuses to return to fix his error unless i agree to pay his travelling costs and time.
    how do i stand regarding having to pay for the damages which he made himself

  • teresa harrison 1 March, 3:23 pm

    i paid 778.00 with wowcher for 4 nights to iceland, travel firm as only done it for 3 nights, can i demand my money back for breach of contract? false adverting? please help? wowcher said give you £100. back i said no as 24 hours travling there and back to go to heathrow, i not a good wowcher deal,i want all my money told them 2 days ago give me half back then no reply from them,

  • paul simo 8 March, 12:49 am

    Why don’t you fix it can get a whole new roof for about £200 and someone on google will show you how to fit it.
    The firm who supplied sound like they have gone or are crooks anyway so give up on them and sort it yourself.

  • teresa harrison 25 March, 1:21 pm

    i paid for wowcher deal to iceland for 4 nights at £778.00. recipte says 4 nights, wowcher code says 4 nights yet when k.p.x. travel sent electric copy of my flights its for 4 days 3 nights, they both said the other was to blame and i had to keep phoneing each of them then i said ok i will have taxi to hotel and ecurtion to the blue logoon wowcher said no £100. and k.p.x. travel said we owe you £20.00 because we charged you for 4 nights, (go figure that one) i then said you breached the contract changed the turms and conditions not me i want a full refund ? not heard any thing from then the iceland trip went i did not go because it was not what i would have paid for for 3 nights were do i go from here? small claims court?

    • lili 2 October, 4:22 pm

      yes go to small claim court of course and ask for 2000£ compensation , for time and money

  • paul seabridge 18 April, 5:54 pm

    i have had a motorcycle custom painted by a local paint shop in penkeridge Staffordshire who specialise in motorcycle paintwork:-

    i was told the timescale would be 5 weeks to complete the works.

    i insisted i see the bike each week to approve & agree what was being done, which they said wasn’t a problem. better to not get too far ahead & agree everything was ok, than plough on ahead doing things i don’t like he said.

    the guy had to go into hospital after 6 weeks having only completed about 30 to 40% of the work & subsequently the bike took over 8 months to complete (i did ask twice during his recuperation if i should give the bike to someone else to finish off, i had been given a price of £600 to complete it & do additional work to a hugger & bellypan for the bike)

    originally i took photos to show them of a bike i already have done & asked them if they could match that standard of work (it was to have naked women, dragons & lava flow all over it) they said they could do that & the animation work is in fact sort of ok but the women are absolute rubbish & he claims now that that standard of work is not possible despite having seen what i already have & saying he could do the work to that standard originally.

    in the last 5 weeks of the work he refused to allow me access to the bike stating ‘i don’t want you to see it in case you don’t like it & i have to start to change it’ to which i replied on your head be it.

    now i have had to pay his full cost £1500 as agreed + £1000 for additional work on a hugger & bellypan for the bike (work i was quoted less than £600 for by someone else & that price also included completing the missing painting on the bike) i had to pay this to get the bike back as he was holding it to ransom, despite my telling him i didn’t feel it met the required standard & i had been telling him that for a long time.

    can i claim moneys back from him as i feel he overcharged me for the additional works (but foolishly i didn’t get a quote believing it would be no more than the other company had quoted me) also i now have to pay someone else redo some of the work maybe 25% of it to get it to the required standard.

  • kim 6 May, 11:14 am

    Early april i put down a holding deposit of 200 and a admin fee of 180 2 days later my guarantor decided to tell me he will not be my guarantor no more and not giving me no exsplanation why he would not so now i can not have the property i know i can not have the holding deposit back but i would like to know if i can claim back the admin fee as i didnt get to the stage of checks or anything if i can what do i need to do?

  • Cahal McDonnell 13 July, 7:59 pm

    I wish to contest my assessment for legal aid. Can I do this through the small claims court

  • Karen Devereux 3 August, 2:04 pm

    My daughter’s friend stole 1200 pound from her grandmother. My daughter and her friend then spent the monies. The grandmother won’t call the police as she doesn’t want to get her daughter into trouble. She has threatened me with small claims court for half the monies. Will I have to pay this back. The police say I am under no obligation as she has not reported the crime. Please any advice thanks.

  • Marguerite Wood 10 September, 11:51 am

    I purchased a shed and the workmanship was terrible (Skinners Sheds) they have taken it back and refunded my money a month later but have kept back £59 for collection but I also paid for delivery of it when all their brochures state free delivery and erection.
    I know it is only £59 but they were so rude and it has taken so long and I now feel it is a matter of principle. We have numerous photos of the shed showing the shoddy workmanship.

    How much will this cost me and how do I go about it?
    Thanking you in anticipation Marguerite Wood (pensioner)

  • Caroline Wheeler 29 September, 5:22 pm

    I was taken to county court and was ordered to pay damages. The lady appealed and wanted the goods not damages money so she didnt cash cheque i sent her. The appeal was rejected so she cashed the cheque. She has been granted oral appeal. But I have paid her damages which i thought was end of the claim and matter. Can she accept damages and take the money an
    d still appeal?

  • Peter Leese 3 October, 5:55 pm

    I am owed £60.00 a refundable deposit I paid to a holiday company. They refuse to return it.

  • Karen 10 October, 12:32 am

    My ex-boyfriend put in a moneyclaim for my engagement ring at my mother’s address whilst I was still living with him without my knowledge and when I found out about it I did leave and go there and found it just in time to acknowledge it, defend and counterclaim the claim. My question is can someone put in a moneyclaim for an engagement ring to the small claims court?

  • jay 15 October, 9:31 pm

    i am in the same situation my ex partner stole 10000 of my money he tricked me into getting a car in my name and did a runner leaving me in another 10000 debt seems like no one can help if you get anywhere can you let me no please thanks.

  • Clare 23 October, 12:46 pm

    I run a very small photography business which earns me a small wage as I work around my 2 young children. Another photographer friend showed me some leaflets that he had printed from a printing company 200 miles away. They looked good and the price was good so I ordered 5000 for myself at £95. They said I had to pay upfront, which I did, (was stupid but I trusted them). A couple of weeks later the leaflets arrived and were of poor print quality. I had asked for a proof which I never received. I then discovered they had sent proof to me whilst I was away on holiday, which made it impossible for me to check and confirm. They then went ahead and printed without my approval.

    I phoned and complained, stating that I would like them to be re-printed. At first they said I would have to pay again but would give me 10% off. I refused this offer. I then found the proof email in my inbox and pointed out that I had not approved it and they should not have gone ahead to print 5000 flyers. Also the quality of PDF was poor on my screen so it must have been on their screen too. After a few more phonecalls from me to them, they agreed to reprint the flyers free of charge. 4 or 5 WEEKS LATER after alot more chasing from me, they arrived. The quality is worse. The paper is thinner and poorer print quality. Therefore this is not what I initially paid for. I emailed them a few days later to say that I was still not happy. Being a photographer, my images shown on a poor quality printed flyer is not a good starting approach to a new client. I was also left without leaflets for nearly 6 weeks.

    I have heard nothing back so far again. I sent my last email 2 days ago. I am now considering small claims court if I don’t hear from them again after I have emailed them again and given them 7 days to respond with a new solution. I would now like my money back. Or What should I do?

    I have kept all relevant correspondance and paperwork.

  • Tom Collins 18 January, 4:15 pm


  • Mrs Diane Emanuel 22 January, 9:44 am

    My 95 yr old father entered a Care UK residential home suffering from Dementia in May 2013 and died there in Dec 2013. The fees were £980 pw. I was charged an admin & redecoration fee of 2 weeks fees of £1960 & a returnable deposit of another 2 weeks fees, retained in case my father ‘wrecked’ his room.
    I now find from the terms & conditions I initially signed & runs into 12 fullscap pages has a clause to claim 2 weeks fees after death for clearing out his room ( which I did on the following day) & preparing it for reletting. Is £3920 in fees for a 6 month stay reasonable as the room was left in exactly the same condition when it was vacated as the day he arrived.

  • Royston Cunnett 27 January, 5:03 pm

    This is about my son Joshua. Long story short, he went on a trip last summer to an American summer Camp to work, he was sacked after 6days they say he was drunk but my son states not, Josh feel he was drugged (something put in his drink), he collapsed, received No medical attention. The day after when he was sacked the camp dropped him off in another town and told him to make his way to New York. He had very little money. There is more but it would take too long to tell you. The company is now threatening court for the sum of £1230.00, this is because Josh did not fulfill his contract with them. Josh paid out over £700 to get there and they still say he owes them this much. We need to counter claim against them but do not know how or how much it is likely to cost. We are a low income family, we don’t want our son to be in debt for something that isn’t his fault. Please help. thankyou. Ps we have until 31/1/14 to respond to a letter they have sent

  • kevin murphy 12 February, 2:52 pm

    where do l find a phone number or web site to get information regarding help for court costs as l am on benefits and the justice site will not open?.

  • Mr H Hadfield 5 March, 4:59 pm


  • cheryl 13 March, 10:00 pm

    how do I stand with a miss designed non functional kichen that no longer has the parts I need replaceing due to the original being damaged when delivered everytime they send out new parts

  • Mavis Evangelides 25 April, 1:34 am

    I have paid £10000 for a part of my garden that the buyer did not disclose she did not own I KNOW WISH TO GET MY MONEY BACK FROM HER CAN I DO THIS THROUGH THE SMALL CLAIMS COURT ? Regards Mavis Evangelides

  • Rebecca 7 July, 9:24 pm

    I hired a firm to build a new tier in my garden, 2 years on the front of the wall is moving away from the sides. The firm have been out to me 4 times to correct the cracked rendering which she told me was the problem of the cracking. Having shown her the moving wall she has admitted that it’s structural on her part and has now suggested a bodge job of pinning the wall to try and fix it. Another builder has said it needs to come down and start again. Do I have to agree to more repair work or can I refuse to have them back and ask for compensation to put towards a more reliable builder?

  • Christine Lansdown 17 July, 12:55 pm

    I have recently been ordered to pay 4.000 after losing non repair claim but I do intend to appeal decision ….as I do not have 4000 can I pay ordered amount in installments

  • luke 18 August, 7:16 pm

    I feel a little stupid writing about this on with all these people complaining about large amounts of money but anyway I bought a shirt from the internet for £29.00 that I have still not received I asked for a refund and was told it would be processed the following working day they are now ignoring my emails and have still not given my money back its been a couple of weeks now

  • Catherine 19 August, 6:36 pm

    Can I make a claim? And how do I go about it my car broke down the head gasket failed the mechanic said he could fix it six weeks down the line I eventually got my car back apparently sorted it had a loud grinding noise all plugs broke off my engine I phoned the mechanic he said he would send a recovery truck to get the car four days passed no one came i thought il try the car because I had to go pick my daughter up frm school as I drove away from my house the steering went heavy then it went altogeather as I turned the steering wheel next thing I got out of the car to see power steering fluid on the ground I asked a mechanic to look at car he said it had not been put back togeather properly because the steering pipe coroding off the driveshaft and gearbox which led to it splitting so I got that fixed then two weeks passed and my car made a squealing noise and steam from under bonnet so I switched engine off called the aa they said my water pump collapsed although it was brand new water pump and cam belt two weeks prior to the head gasket being done so i foned a mobile mechanic to come look at the car he said belt had slipped and who ever done the gasket didn’t line the belt properly so I got on the fone to the gasket mechanic he said not his fault he didn’t touch cambelt but iv been told he would have to remove belt to do gasket this has left my much loved audi s3 which I saved for years to get with bent valves inside the engine please could someone point me in wrote direction

  • Elizabeth coling 1 September, 11:32 am

    Please help our tenants left the property but owing over £1,000 in arreas we took them to court and they agreed to pay back £5 a week but they haven’t paid anything at all.What do we do next please?

  • carol 10 October, 4:37 pm

    My husband runs a tree surgery business and recently one of his employees dropped a branch on the customers asbestos shed roof (causing very small split). This roof had already had a big hole in it where the chimney was removed.
    My husband told the customer and offered to make good. He then paid a local builder to repair the roof. which he subsequently repaired.
    The customer is not happy and says that is not satisfactory.
    where do we stand? obviously he hasn’t been paid yet for the tree work

  • Rosalind Brown 11 October, 3:19 pm

    I contacted an electrician through my local paper. He came and gave me a price for the job. Not being DIY savy I agreed. It was only when problems arose from his work that I questioned what I had done and what I actually paid for.

    I even researched the jobs he carried out and I could have done them myself.

    I was charged for work that should have cost me in the region of £254 and I paid £654.

    Please see below. – **sorry its a long one**

    I contacted this company to do remedial electrical work within my home. Products 3 bar lights x 3 2 toilet lights x 2 Single light switch chrome x 4 Double light switch chrome x 2 Double socket x 3 TV point x 1 Strip light/cabling/connection/light switch x 1 New light fitting x 1 GU10 light bulbs charged £10 per 1 = £90.00 I was charged £400 for above products. I could have bought these products for £179.00 I was charged £254.00 for labour at 2hrs 30mins. Meaning I was charged £63.50 per hour. I have an adverse dislike to DIY and just said ‘yes’ to pricing without looking at their costing. However after various problems I then investigated and sourced products and studied what it would have cost me. Lesson learned. Buy your own products, then source DIY person, agree costing in writing. I strongly believe this company is good however took advantage of a naive person and were greedy….

    I have written to him asking for money back. I have just received a reply saying he’d come back and fix the faults but not give me any money back.

    Can I go to the small claims courts or is it worth….

    thanks, RB

    • roofer 28 July, 3:33 pm

      Yea he went from talking me up like I was god and tried to kiss my ass and I wanted to break his nose because I new he was fake like the rest of em. When I said something about putting a lien against his ???? hes like the roof didn’t leak for 15 years and he gets a new roof and it leaks oh yeah that s.y I have pictures of 1 rafter and. 2 4/8 osb I replaced and just because I played alone I new before I was half done what I was faceing its y I faked injury dommys I thought I had to be a little childies to and play u guys games well the test showed up I have every right to stand up for myself even though im a cry baby im not to faced as fuck its y things go bad ppl should be more honest and treat ppl as they wonna be treated but at the its all my fault but really if u loss ones your chances of losing again results in me asking moma to make me a cry bady botle im a big bady I love it moma and moma loves you I got the short end of the stick its ok ill fini

  • anne 18 October, 1:58 pm

    I have had building work carried out at my home and at my office by the same person but with 2 independent companies, one for residential work and one for commercial work. I am not happy and need to take him to court for poor quality work and not completing the jobs. Can I group both claims togther although they are independent companies or am I better doing them separately.? Thank you

  • ellie 2 November, 8:20 pm

    I have paid a holding deposit to my solicitor for a property under the agreement that the property would be taken off the market and that she would agree with our sale, however she has sold to someone else, where do i stand?

  • Becky 9 November, 11:31 am

    Can someone who was driving my vehicle and got tickets in their name take me to small claims court to try and make me pay their tickets??

  • Garry Cranswick 1 December, 6:30 pm

    A dog went for me in a house while working. I grabbed the dog by the scruff of its neck and through it towards the owner. Doing this I injured my elbow . Can I claim off this person.

    • roofer 28 July, 3:57 pm

      Yes everything was going to hell nothing in the world was even fair ppl should. Learn from the past of all the mistakes and wonder how did we get to this point well everyone had their heads up there asses if they think I was gonna. Get ruin or i was going down I thought ok will see what happens but I will. Do what ever to protect myself if I can’t than ill have moma make me my bigboy bady botle ????????????????????????????????????⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰????????????????????????????????

  • nikolle 25 January, 2:03 pm

    Hi I have recently had a new boiler fitted into my house I rent. I smelt gas and was told they’d done a check and it was safe and the smell was some bannans I have a young child in the property and was left with a gas leak for 4 days until I called the gas board to come check as a family member said they smelt it too I was informed there was a gas leak that was caused by their negligence of not putting the caps back on the gas Box do I have a claim I now don’t feel safe in my house and dread to think of the toxins my son has breathed in

  • Mr A 14 February, 4:13 pm

    A debt company tried taking me to court in 2014, the case got stayed by the court after i filed my defense and the company didn’t proceed any further. Its now 2015, and i have received another letter regarding the debt from the same debt company…. are they allowed to do this?

    I have a crime reference number as well, which they are ignoring.

    HELP please, the debt is not mine I have continually asked for proof – contract, signature etc but nothing. Should I push my solicitor to pursue them on grounds of harassment…?

  • Gaudencia 16 February, 6:25 pm

    I purchased a second hand car last year which was paid for after the dealer completed and passed it for MOT however when I took it for servicing the next week I was told that the gear box along with many other parts were in bad conditions and that the car should not have passed the MOT. I returned it to the dealership asking that he repair only the gear box as this would have cost me the most and I would cover the other costs. I was aware that it was a second hand car and some parts might need to be replaced. He has refused to repair the gear box and I have now successfully claimed the initial cost of the car back through charge back. However I incurred more costs in that I had to pay the garage for the other repairs they had already done and I had insured it and was unable to get back the deposit because it was past due the cooling off period.
    I have researched the company and it seems like they have done this before.
    My Qs now are, 1….can I keep the car until they pay me back for the extra costs or do I have to return it and take them to court where they will probably not pay?
    2…Do I have the right to sale the vehicle to recover my costs?

  • mac 26 February, 1:48 pm

    Hi have requested a letter from ex tennant for my solicitor and court for a case they are taking me to court for but they said they need solocitor letter first for data protection and also other party concerned concent or cant give me a copy of it. What can i do if the other party refuses them to submit this letter out to me. Can u advise me please what i can do next.

  • Nuno Raposo 3 March, 10:11 pm

    My wife and I paid £300 of administration fees to secure a property for renting, but the agency or the landlord did not repair vital items, such as the window frames, which have a gap and do not close completely. We decided not to take the house because it did not meet the expectations. Can we sue the letting agency to return the administration fees?

    Kind regards

  • chris hill 8 March, 5:33 pm

    I have been served with a claim for an unpaid credit card, the account number given to the court is wrong. I have pointed this out to the DCA and their legal team but they say they have no record of that account number, there are other area’s of dispute but would incorrect details such as this invalidate the claim?

  • Jo Brodie 10 March, 3:29 pm

    My landlord was supposed to make a claim for cost of oil and electricity used to dry out my (his) house after water damage. After 5 months he still has not paid me and will not tell me if the claim has been made, paid or is in dispute. The insurance company refuses to speak to me as I am not the policy holder. Is this something I can now pursue through the small claims court and do I claim against him or the insurance company? Thank you.

  • Graham North 28 April, 6:53 pm

    i had classic motorcycle completely overhauled by a Norton specialist I was given a bill for £5000 plus and I am still unable to use the motorcycle. I have taken back and the specialist as told me there’s nothing more he’s willing to do to resolve the problems what can I do within the law.

  • mr douglas christian 28 April, 11:54 pm

    Hi could you advise me if I can make a claim for damages against a community centre for causing a disturbance of loud music my wife has alzimers and we live in a sheltered housing community we have had the disturbance 7 months before it was reduced

  • julia 27 May, 7:42 am

    please help, i bought a conservatory from a friend and it was not in a fit state to put up by the time i recieved it. then the lady wanted to charge an extra 500 to take it down. i then sold it on as to repair everything was very expensive, and told of what needed fitting. he payed by paypal, but he is requesting a refund for the same reasons. i have paid this lady half the amound 1000, we agreed 2000, but she aslo wanted 500 to take it down. now i have to pay 1400, for the gentelman at paypal, and still owe her 1500, in her eyes. i am also broke. will she succeed throught the small claims?

  • P Lapish 5 June, 12:21 pm

    We paid £5.000 deposit for a conservatory and porch which we were quoted £15.500 total on 19/12/14 and were advised the work would commence mid January and be completed between 4 to 6 weeks. We made another stage payment of £5.000 in March and another payment in good faith ( because the builder said he had a cash flow problem )of £2.000 and that was the reason for the numerous delays. Since then we have had very little done, we are awaiting doors, windows, and bi-fold doors to be fitted, walls dry lined and plastered, ceiling plastered and floor completed plus other works. The builder has agreed we have paid for more than we have received in work and materials but keeps delaying work. it has now been 6 months since our original deposit, Please could you advise where we stand and if we have any course of action. We have heard rumours the builder may be ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’ as it were and is in a financial struggle.

  • Sarah Hanlon 8 June, 6:38 pm

    hi I had to cancel my builder due to unforeseen circumstances at least 6 weeks prior to the work being carried out. I gave him £1000 deposit. He is now refusing to return my deposit. He claims that I have no legal rights in recovering the money. Should I take legal action?

  • Shelley bolland 12 June, 5:27 pm

    Hi just wondering if anyone can advise me were to go I lost my father in September know my sister asked two people to look after my late fathers car and motorbike but there refusing to give them back and me and my sister have decided to sell the items so we can do what my late father wanted and take his ashes abroad now we can’t do it until we sell the car and bike so can we tale them to court to get these stuff back

  • Latoya turner 15 June, 2:39 pm

    Hi I met this man that sell cars threw a family member he told me I could make payments I gave him the start Payment never heard from him again I found out threw a family member he sold the car before he took my money but I didn’t kno I spoke to him recent I still don’t have my money or the car he promised to but me in an work other things out later idk what to do anymore

  • Danielle 18 June, 4:01 pm

    I submitted a claim online and the company it was against contacted me a few days later offering to pay me some of the amount I was claiming for, to which I accepted. They advised payment would be made to my by BACS within 3 working days. 3 working days passed and no payment. I emailed them to ask why and they then stated they would pay within 3-5 working days, and that they require evidence that the claim is settled. I replied advising I can only settle the claim once I received the agreed upon amount. I’ve had no response despite 3 emails being sent since then. What can I do next?

    • roofer 28 July, 4:13 pm

      American is learning china is the teacher. Im an American and we should be thankful for everything they do for us like almost everything says made in china like really

  • Barbara 20 July, 5:47 am

    If im on a resort and they supply a push bike for you to ride on there tracks and you have an accident and you are injured can you sue the resort please

  • john 6 August, 8:59 am

    hi I took on a bathroom job it was a recommendation from one of my many satisfied customers I have done one weeks work including all the preparation half tiling and plumbing to my more than acceptable standards . I have also spent over £400 on material & wages then on the following Monday she rang and said the workmanship was not up to her standers not to come back .I have been back and cleared the job .I am not a very man .

  • sajeda parveen 12 August, 2:19 pm

    hi I bought a laptop from argos for £750 in total inc extended warrantee,which is covered by domestic and general.The laptop is still under warrantee,but the back has become loose and there is a crack where both parts join.I contacted dom n gen,sent my laptop back to them .They sent me back a £300 argos card saying this is the price of a similar specifications laptop today.My point is I paid more than double I paid extra for an extended cover,so why are they giving me just £300 back it wasn’t my fault the laptop has become loose and cracking where it joins.Please tell me my options.

  • Deborah Evans 18 August, 2:33 pm

    My ex business partner is using a utility supply account that was set up in my name, even though this account was closed they still took money from my personal account to pay her outstanding bills.
    They have refused to refund me even though the account had been closed because she is refusing to send
    her own details to them. The utility company states that she has not contacted them regarding the change
    of account holder and they are still supplying her business which has unpaid bills. They acknowledge that i am not responsible for her debts, but if she is using an account that was set up using my details is this a form of identity fraud ?

  • Jackie Rice 24 August, 6:53 pm

    I help my ex boyfriend out with he problem with money it lot of money and i got him a mobile phone what i still paid for i have report to the police too i would like to now what to done now

  • Mrs m Merta 7 September, 8:09 pm

    ii am a director of a small hairdressers. In February we had a client come for a hair straightening treatment. A few days after her treatment she complained that the treatment had not worked. We asked her to come back to the salon to check her hair and see if there was anything we could do. She refused to come back saying it was too far to come and just wanted a refund of what she had paid put back into her account over the phone. We said before we could refund we would have to see her hair. We asked her over and over to come into the salon but she refused point blank. In July this year she made a claim against us through the small claims court. We then put in a defence against this claim and also made a counterclaim against her. All the communications between us had been on media sites and she had also made many slanderous comments on media sites causing loss of business.
    We printed all the communications between us and also the slanderous comments she had made and submitted this to the court in evidence. Two weeks before the case is to be heard we have learned that she has not paid the hearing fee so her case has been put in front of the judge to possibly strike out her claim. The court tells us that our counterclaim will still be heard even if her claim is struck out. If we win our counterclaim will she then have a ccj against her.

  • md badrul alam 18 September, 10:37 pm

    dear sir/madam

    I gave 2500 to my friend as loan and i made the transection via bank and now he is refusing to pay me back. what should I do now?

  • Sandy 6 October, 11:32 pm

    My wedding caterer is trying to sue us for more money. We have paid him off but he saying he never received it. We didn’t get a receipt. (I know my mistake) but we paid him cash as to his request so he ccould keep it off his books. We have not signed any contracted or have a contract at all. He hasn’t sent us anything in the post only ever emails. But know a lawyer is email us.
    So my question is do we have to pay more to him?

  • natasha 17 October, 1:07 pm

    Would just like some advise we were going to rent a property I paid £750 for the deposit but the lady’s old tenant is refusing to give her the keys back till she gets her bond back I have the tenancy agreement but I haven’t signed it the landlady has, when I handed the deposit over the landlady said the house would be ready to move into it clearly is not ,now the landlady is ignoring my phone calls text messeges basically all communication we haven’t moved in to the house nor have I signed the tenancy agreement but I also can’t get my money back as she’s completely ignoring me thankfully the landlord of our house has been kind enough to say he will let us stay as he was looking for tenants for our house any help Is much appreciated as I have 4 children and can’t afford to lose that money

  • neil swift 18 October, 1:36 am

    hello i like to know where i stand with getting my ex partner to pay me the sum of 650 she owes me ive sent her letters and she not contacted me ive tried to call at her home but she rings the police so what help is there to get my money back

  • Caterina 25 October, 10:05 am

    We payed my brother all his criminal court fees.and no we found out he bored money from a loan shark who is making our life he’ll the amount it cost for his court fees are about 240 thousand dollars

  • Martin 27 October, 3:04 pm

    My wife and I recently won a small claims case which has resulted in our previous landlords owing us money. We then received a break down of the landlords expenditure (as the recently lost their business) we wrote back saying they could pay small instalments if the got rid of their sky (Sky TV is a privalage). This was rejected. My question is, seeing as we still have the court order stating that they owe us money, can we take any other action, such as balifs? Thank you Martin

  • Jackie Rice 21 November, 10:45 pm

    My ex boyfriend what me to paid sending fee to get my money back is right i be advice by action fraud not to send money and by legal advice to but he be told my fraud and lawyer i hot paid the sending fee too paid and lawyer

  • john webb 29 December, 8:02 am

    hi there,
    i am a south african citizen residing in south africa. during october this year i had dealings with a company in london involving binary options where basically they did not enter a “guaranteed trade” for me despite my having produced the funds.
    am i able to use the “small claims court” (not the real name i know) system to recover my loss? the sum i lost was a profit on the trade of +/- 560GBP – sounds like chump change i know but in our currency this is something of the order of 7000 rand.
    many thanks,
    john webb.

    tel 27514368537 (south africa)

  • Andy haigh 24 January, 10:03 pm

    If a claimant has changed her name by deep hole is the claim void

  • Samantha 8 March, 6:50 am

    I have just left my rented house after 12 years. I cleaned the property to the best I could do and the landlady checked it giving my deposit back. Three days later she is saying that I have left dust and grease and it will take her 15 hours to Clean and she now wants £200 back or she will take me to court. Where do I stand with this. we moved out due to damp and mould that she would not treat professionaly but just painting over it. Which I had to do.

  • Chrisostom 21 March, 9:41 am

    I’m self employed,recently I had a guy working with me & agreed to a daily wage from my side for the work he did.Now he has also got some of my tools worth 300£ and asked for500£ toward a party expense which he said could be deducted from what he will work this week , I’ve been trying to contact him by calls& texts but to no avail.looks like he took my money & has decided to leave.want advice please as to what I can do to get my tools & money back thanks!

  • Catherine 30 April, 5:16 pm

    I bought a watch and payed thru my bank .I’ve been messed around for 1 month still no watch or £550. Back what should I do?

  • Babu Mahepal 12 May, 8:35 pm

    A customer left his vehicle with me for repairs . The vehicle was broken into and his music system stolen. Am I liable for replacement, or payments

  • Juliette Wiersma 3 June, 1:22 am

    Hey writing – I Appreciate the insight , Does anyone know where my company might be able to get access to a template UK TA10 form to work with ?

  • Lauretta brudenell 15 July, 11:13 am

    I had an accident in a public place a heavy table fell onto my heel causing damage I had a solicitor no win no fee they said the place where it had happened was going into liquidation the case as been going on 5 yrs I had surgeons reports saying my career would be effected I had to come out of the job I loved at one septuagenarian they offered me £5.000 I accepted then didn’t hear anything my callers forever fobbed of 6 yrs later I have a cheque for £180 that’s all that was left apparently when everyone else got paid there fees does this sound right. Thanks Ljubljana brudenell

  • Chris Parkin 20 July, 9:46 pm

    I had a 16 foot shed supplied and installed April last year but occasionally after heavy rainfall water would leak through the roof. I could not identify the source of the problem and it was intermittent. As months passed the problem grew worse and it became evident the roofing felt was splitting/cracking but only noticeable as the splits got longer and wider. In addition the sandy coating designed to protect the felt from ultraviolet rays began washing off leaving the felt exposed. With difficulty, I managed to take photographs of the roof felt and sent them to the shed supplier but was ignored for some while. After chasing for a response they gave me a date for “repair/fix”. An installer did arrive with a pot of bitumen paint to which I expressed my dissatisfaction with the proposed solution and told the installer I believed the felt should be replaced. He agreed and took more photographs and said someone would be in touch about a return visit. Nothing happened for 8 weeks so I emailed the company but I am being ignored. I understand cheap felt has a life expectancy of 5 years and good quality felt about 10 years and on that basis I would consider the installed product is not durable nor fit for purpose. I would like to understand if I have a valid claim and that asking for the felt should be replaced is a reasonable expectation. Apart from legal action I am at a loss to identify the best way to deal with a non responsive supplier to get a satisfactory resolution.

  • Angela Langford 10 August, 6:07 pm

    Dear Sir I took out a £19,000 loan to have some home improvement’s done on my home. The builder started work on my property within two days of quoting my work which was £5,000 for materials and said that my bathroom would be much cheaper, so my husband an I guessed that it would be around £3,000 for our bathroom. To date the builder has taken over £18,000 and walked off the job demanding more money before he would come back to finish the work. He had left me with no bath, Shower only cold water in the bathroom sink, no kitchen at all, he left electrical wires exposed which I believe was dangerous. We have no money left to employ another builder. Please help

  • Shugz 27 August, 9:25 am

    I have put a small claim against my X husband as he has refused to give any of my stuff back. I have tried everything this is my last resort. I have a hearing on the 26 sept. What will I expect at the hearing and what evidence do I need to gather. I left with a small suitcase with my daughters belongings and 2 outfits for myself. I’m so stressed its been a nightmare not having anything

  • malapa 22 September, 12:36 am

    My cousin took my car without my concern six months ago,he got accident with it.I didn’t open a case for him cause he promise to fix it.up to date my car is not fix.Is it possible to open a police case?

  • Victor 29 September, 3:48 am

    Didn’t dilver FRAiD!!!!!

  • mr goulding 6 October, 9:03 pm

    suing me for alleged damage to furniture and property despite being paid and getting a tip this is 2 weeks after i had done the removal job also her friends and colleagues also were helping and were not using any protective covers to that effect

  • RuthHarper 22 October, 10:31 am

    I paid a deposit on a car but then was unable to get finance on the car because it was grossly over-priced. I asked for a refund and was verbally abused by the salesman and refused. It was only £150 but out if principal I want to take it further just because he assured that I would get a refund then spoke to me like I was a leper.

  • Rob. Penten 24 October, 7:50 pm

    As one of two execortors of a will, we tried to get the widow who was allowed to stay in the property rent free, provided she upcept the condition of the property while in it. A point arrived when there were many building repairs to be done, she was requested to fix as per her will contract. But instead she cancelled the house insurance and left the property leaving 4 Skip loads of rubbish to be disposed of and paid for, a garage roof to be repaired, and structural woodwork on workshop to be repaired plus guttering and facia boards to be replaced. She moved out of the property three weeks before she declared leaving.
    Can l recover some costs of bringing this property up to standards to put on the market for sale. She and her family were aware of the work needed as we have letters saying they will correct them, but the did a runner.

  • Paul 4 November, 2:23 pm

    My ex owes me money from a loan to buy her car. She threatens me with not being able to see my son if i chase her for it I just wondered where I stand with this

  • karen turner 8 November, 11:57 am

    I brought a 3+2 seater sofa two years ago and its been in for repairs more than i have had it.
    I have now moved house and still having problems with the sofas.
    I paid about £1500 for it and don’t expect it to be like this.
    The leg keeps braking, the frame as been repaired twice, the fabric is now fraying under the cushion, the sofa as dipped in the middle so now it looks like a v shape.
    i have been in touch with trading standard and they have told me to do a letter and send it normal delivery and one recorded delivery which i have done and its came back refused.
    so now trading standard told me to contact you.

  • Mel malik 24 November, 11:10 pm


    I want to sue a company due to breach of contract, however I do not have their address, can I still go ahead and sue? I have their email address, mobile phone and website.

    Thank you

  • MAUREEN BARRETT 7 December, 8:53 pm

    i signed as guarantor for my niece in regard to her rent. she ended up owing £1900 which i have had to pay because she simply would not. the landlord kept ringing me up and it was very distressing. i borrowed the money from one of my family. can i take her to court, regards, maureen barrett

  • Patricia 30 December, 8:10 am

    A friend owns me &380 for over 2-3 months and refuse to pay me back. I asking today again telling him that I’m going to tell our manager if he doesn’t give me the money this weekend and he say: since you want to take it this way where is the prove that I owned you? But I need that money back because it my sweet.

  • micelle denston 4 January, 9:44 am

    My son paid for his CBT and because is eyecsight is poor he turned upbon the day before taking the testvhe was honest and told them about his the company are refusing to reinburst his money can they do this as its disheartened my son.i have spoken to the company numerous of times and they keep fobbing me off.what action can I take please.

  • Debra MITCHELL 16 January, 10:48 pm

    Can my ex husband take me to court for the bond of a house I’m still living in with my 3 children, one of whom is his?
    Please give me advice on this.

  • Sharon carter 3 April, 7:59 pm

    Is there a time scale in U.K to take someone through small claims court say i.e. 6 years .

  • Johnny 7 April, 8:17 am

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