They say I’ve taken ownership so it’s my responsibility

The principles of contract law discussed earlier are evident here, and if the breach is so fundamental or the consequences so significant, you will be entitled to rescind the contract entirely, get your money back and also claim damages. However, your rights in this respect depend upon whether it is felt you have already ‘accepted’ the goods in question. If you have been using the goods in question over a reasonable length of time, or you have given the impression that all is well and you are happy with the product, you cannot rescind the contract, but will be able to claim damages. However the law says that you must have ‘reasonable opportunity of examining the goods for the purpose of ascertaining whether they are in conformity with the contract’, which, in some cases, may be up to a year.

This may seem a bit fuzzy, so to add further clarification, the Sale of Goods Act now states that if a product develops a fault within the first 6 months, the assumption will be that the defect was present at the time of purchase and you should get an automatic repair or replacement. After this time, you may have to prove the fault was not due to misuse, although shops must also recognise issues of durability – i.e how long an item would be expected to last before developing problems.

Just because you sign a delivery / satisfaction note, or agree to a manufacturer’s repair, it does not mean you have accepted the goods, and are waiving your right to return them at a later date.

Common Complaints

Your Statutory Rights

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  • Bill Jones 9 March, 8:25 pm

    My daughters car broke down with a blown cylinder head gasket so she took it to her local garage who said it would be easier and cheaper to replace the engine with a second hand one. My daughter went ahead with this advice and they fitted a second hand engine at a cost of £1500. She has only done 3500 miles on this engine and the cylinder head gasket has blown on this engine, she took it back and the garage said that its not their problem as she knew it was a second hand engine before they fitted it. has my daughter any come back with the garage and what can she do.
    Thanks Bill Jones

  • Catriona 11 March, 11:53 pm

  • Colin marshall 7 April, 12:37 am

    Dear Sir / Ma’am,

    On Friday evening I took deliverty of a brand new Toyota Hilux HL3 truck at nearly £20,000, and on Sunday Morning (38 hours after i took delivery) I noticed a massive dent in the roof (the roof is above eye height and I only noticed as I was elevated above the vehicle). On contacting the dealer, I was told that the vehicle was in A1 condition when I left the dealership and they would take no responsibiity for recitification of the defect. The dealer is a member of the SMTA (Scottish Motor Trade Association) and has potentially failed in a number of its obligations as required by the SMTA code of practice – the important ones being 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3. – 3.2 states that

    “Where Members are required by the manufacturer to carry out a Pre-Delivery Inspection (“PDI”), the Member shall carry out such PDI properly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Where PDI check lists are provided by the manufacturer, the Member shall provide a copy of the properly completed check list to consumers.”

    and this did not occur.

    Additionally, as the vehicle was stored in a garage for the 2 nights prior to me noticing the defect, I doubt that it was vandalised – especially as there were no footprints, and the dirty water marks (it hadn’t rained) indicated that the defect pre-dated my ownership of the vehicle.

    Where do I stand in demanding that the dealer rectifies this defect?

    Yours sincerely,

    Colin Marshall

  • Catriona 10 April, 10:42 pm

    Colin, the normal procedure with the delivery of any new car is some kind of pre-ownership inspection, and the signing of a form to indicate both parties are satisfied. Under new regulations, codes of practice are legally binding, therefore if you can show that a procedure wasn’t followed this would support your case. see: http://WHATCONSUMER.CO.UK/misleading-commercial-practices-unfair-trading-regulations-2008/ refer to part 1.

  • Nigel Kirk 14 April, 7:18 pm

    I bought a round garden table from B&Q last July. On putting it together, the legs didn’t quite reach the screw holes in the table top comfortably. By pulling two of the legs out a little, I managed to attach the table top. After a couple of weeks of this extra strain, the top popped downwards and was significantly sloped from the sides into the centre.
    I wanted a replacement, but was told by B&Q that if none were available, I’d have to wait until next july to get a prelacement.
    Although I should have claimed the mney back and waited until this spring’s new stock came in to purchase a replacement. However, having bought the matching chairs I’d rather have a replacement.
    The manager of the store has told me that as I didn’t seek a refund, and they weren’t able to offer me a replacement at the time, there’s nothing they can do.

    Do I have any rights under the Sale of Goods act or other consumer rights/laws to have a replacement now that one is available.
    Also, isn’t it common sense that a direct replacement now amounts to the same as giving me a refund last july then me coming back with the same money now for a new replacement – no net exchange of money has occurred!



  • leon 19 April, 5:14 pm

    bought a car 6 weeks ago from a dealer however it has been stored in a garage all that time at my grans house so hasnt been used as i cannot drive it till im 19 which is a week way, however i went to get the car out of the garage yesterday and use the heated leather seats as it was abit nippy and they wouldnt not work, checked the fuse box and there was no fuse present for the heated seats and at the switches there was no wiring harness so the car hasnt even been wired for the heated front seats,
    on the advert it actually specified that the front seats are heated and that the vehicle has a irmcher front grill, and they cost £200 but the car actually has a £30 unbranded look alike front grill, can i get my money back as the car has been mis-represented!

    • Yvonne 24 April, 3:29 pm

      Hi there, you should definately be able to get your money back. Are you able to get hold of the seller? You should also read up abit on the misrepresentation act. Good luck.

  • Jack 1 June, 10:55 pm

    I have got a pc around 5 months ago but I have recently had multiple problems and want to return it. Is it in my statutory rights to get a refund. I have also found better items for less money.

  • Albert 22 July, 7:57 pm

    Hi, I bought a digital camcorder today from a major pc supplier,
    Howeever, i’m not impresed with the image quality and want to exchange it for a more expensive hi-def camcorder.
    The shop says they cant take it back as it has been opened.
    How am I suppposed to test the image quality if I dont open the box and try the camera ?
    Am I allowed to have an exchange, obviously paying the difference

  • Karen Smith 23 July, 12:52 pm

    I bought tickets for a concert 9 months ago. The tickets were not delivered and I have first been told that no electronic signature exists and then that they do have an electronic signature but they are unable to retrieve it from their system, and they will have to manually check the system. The ticket company refuse to refund the money untill we have checked with the neighbours and they have claimed the money from the Royal Mail. Does anyone kn ow where I stand on this??

  • claire 12 August, 6:43 pm

    Hi,my partner bought a second hand saab last night,they guy had in exchange our 2003 citron c5,they guy also gave him £200,the saab broke down this morning and a machanic was caled he said it is the pistons going and that they have been for quite awhile,we phoned the guy who has about 8 cars on the side of the road for sale back and he has basicly said oh well sold as seen and it was fine last night when it left him,which we know as false,he said this in not so pleasent words!!! what if anything can we do??? As far as I know he is not a trader of cars just buys an sells on the roadside.
    Any advice is much need as I cant afford to fix this major problem.

  • Sajid khan 14 August, 5:03 pm

    Hope someone can help me, i bought a frame from habitat,…l-frame/959945

    After taking apart the components I held the glass in my hand and it broke in three parts. I of course was a bit shocked about how weak it was considering i was just holding it gently. Anyway i took it back today to the tottenham court road branch were i had bought it a week earlier and the manager has refused to give me a refund. His arguement is that as its glass it can break and i hadnt been careful enough in handling it thus it was my fault.

    I then wanted to escale this to head office but after telling him i wanted to write to them he said that the current complaints procedure is that anything written to head office is sent to the specific store manager, thus anything written will be sent to him.

    I dont know what to do as if i write to him he will just reject it as before please any help/advice would be great i did feel so patronised by him and just feel lost with my rights on this.

    The frame is a week old and i do have the reciept.

    thanks in advance

  • lin 3 September, 12:48 am

    I would like to know. My friend has got a samsung lcd tv which has developed a fault after 3 years, cost them over £700 for the tv. it has been to the repairers who have stated what the problem is. I have inherited the tv off them hoping to get it repaired. Can I go back to samsung and state under the sales of goods act this is not good enough and demand a new tv or the original one repaired or do I have to be the original buyer. Will I need to have the receipt? Any information would be great thanks.

  • Phil 17 October, 11:44 pm

    We recently purchased a new kitchen after having the company measure up and design it for us. We arranged our own kitchen fitter. One cupboard is too small for its intended purpose of covering our boiler. We have also been supplied (and payed for) parts that are not required as they don’t fit
    Does the company have to give us a refund on these items? If we have to take them back to the showroom would compensate us for hiring a van?


  • Geraint Hughes 28 January, 3:45 pm

    ive bought a car off this guy and after an hour driving it it broke down ?? and it costing me £45 p/h just to look at it. and the seller dosent want to know . Any Help to get my money back?

  • Beverley Paul 21 March, 10:55 am

    I requested 5 x £10 phone vouchers from Sainsburys and when I got home I realised that they sold me IDT.Mobile vouchers which do not work with my phone. I went back to Sainsburys 2 days later and they told me it was my fault I should have checked them before leaving the shop. I have endeared with their policy to have my recipt when making a return and I went back within the 28 days. There is no where on the voucher that says there is no refund or exchange. They have not given me any valid reason to why they cannot change it. They told me I had to contact IDT.Mobile, I don’t even know who these people are. I contacted Sainsburys head office and they went back to the local branch I purchased the vouchers from to ask them why they did not exchange my vouchers? What are my rights? I was not looking for a refund I just wanted them exchanged?

  • amber 24 March, 4:04 pm

    I bought an ipod nano video 5th generation from a pawn shop 19 days ago. It has been working fine and at the time of purchase there was no mention that the device was faulty. Only that the wire to connect to the computer was missing. I then purchased a wire seperately from another shop. Now, after 19 days of perfect usage it won’t turn on at all! I have called the man who sold it to me in the shop and he has said that “he just sold it to me, so it’s not his problenm”.do I have any rights to a refund? Thanks in advance

  • max solanis 31 May, 7:30 pm

    hello, one of the chaps on my bike forum has recently purchased a brand newmotorcyle from a bike store. however, after having problems with the owner regarding registration documents (which took over three weeks to arrive), he is now having problems with items on the bike such as speedometer and electrics. he has spoken to the shop about the problem, and been told, the speedo was working when they tested it so (& I quote) “It cant be broken now, you must have done it.”

    the bike has been kept unused under cover for the period it has taken and has not as yet been on the road. what can he do with regards to the sale of goods act?

  • Martin Cole 3 June, 10:34 am

    5 days ago I purchased a new 21.5″ iMac all in one computer from pc world, it was very important to me that I could play my ps3 through the iMac and so i called apple to check and they confirmed that my ps3 could be connected through the iMac thunderbolt port. This was also confirmed by the apple assistant in pc world. I purchased the iMac on the strength of the advice I received and now after trying all possible avenues I am so disappointed to find out that it is not possible to connect my ps3 after all. I feel really badly let down by apple as the purchase was made on the strength of my ps3 being compatible. I really feel like I want to return the iMac but am wondering what are my rights in this situation. Any guidance you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


  • tracey kenward 2 September, 1:43 pm

    we got our son a car from a garage 10 days ago when the oil light came on for the second time ( after filling it up ) we asked a local mechanic 2 take a look he said do not drive engine mount gone bad oil leak and needs new engine we paid 1000 pounds cant find receipt as not with the paperwork and it was buy as seen what can we do ( we paid by credit card )

  • shakot 19 October, 2:12 am

    I was recently sold a car with a faulty turbo and was given an incorrect service book. I asked the dealer to confirm that the warranty he sold me was still valid but he has not replied back at all. Can I claim a refund under consumer law. It seems like everyone I call can never give a straight answer. And now I’m stuck with a 8150 car and do not know what to do. I tried to get help but there is no one out there that deals with these issues. How can car dealers get away with this. It’s day light robbery and now I may risk my livelihood as I cannot travel and a turbo and fit cost over 1200. Can anyone out there help me or advise if they have been in this position.

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  • Eammon Walsh 11 December, 8:21 pm

    I put a deposit down for a new TV with a high street shop as none were in stock at the time. Now that the TV is back in stock I have decided to change my mind before collecting the TV but the shop is reluctant to return my deposit.
    What are my rights in this case.

    Thank You

  • martin dunn 9 February, 11:02 am

    Good morning,
    I very recently bought a pair of fishing chest waders that were sold as in “good” condition. The outside of the waders is in good condition but there are at least 20 repairs to the inner fabric.
    When I consulted the manufacturers of the waders that level of repairs would put the waders into the worn out category.
    They weren’t hugely expensive (£180) but I really feel as though I’ve been conned.
    I only have contact with the vendor via an online site (no address or tel’ no).
    I have already asked for a refund but as you might expect I’ve received no reply.
    What course of action is available to me ?

  • andy 18 March, 6:06 pm

    hi i have bought a second hand car for a dealer and the clutch has gone and its under warreny he said he will fix it but i need to drive it to his garage

    is this true?
    or does he have to pick it up?

  • ang 10 August, 9:13 pm

    Hi, I have bought a pair of varifocal spectacles for £347 and after taking them home I am struggling to read with them, the words are blurred and have no chance reading the computer screen. When I went back to the opticians they told me it was an inferior lens glass that they used so to improve the quality of the glasses & ‘hopefully’ make them able for me to read with them they will put a better quality lens in at a cost of £50!!!. I think that I have paid enough for a pair of glasses that is not fit for purpose as I cannot read with them. Can I ask for my money back?

  • Becca 1 September, 9:46 pm

    Hi Sorry this is lenghty but I feel you need the full story to apprechiate our frustrations and advise correctly.
    My partner bought brand new a Harley Davidson Fab Bob in 2010 and from 6months old it was showing signs of abnormal corrosion. Over the past 2 years on several occasions we have verbally reported this to the dealer whome told us ‘that bit wasnt covered under the warrenty and ‘this bit isnt covered any more either’ and the corrosion and pitting was stone chips, as it turns out they were striging us a line. The bike has been garaged over winter and cleaned down with harley davidson products to the best of our knowledge and abilities then covered up with a branded harley cover after any rides, its been serviced and maintained by the dealership at the expected intervals. In the 2 years we’ve had it has only done 8 000 miles. We have had the ‘master cylinder’ in the front break fixed 4 times 3 of those it was replaced completely. Now the ‘header clamp’ has come loose and the bolts are too corroded to physically loosen. Last weekend my partner once again drove the 2hours journey to report the problems with the bike and given its age demanded that the dealership come to pick up the bike as it was no longer road legal (due to the faults) he was advised that because he had failed to renew his member ship with the ‘bike club’ the dealer ship sponsered that they would charge £1 per mile to retrieve the bike. (a side note I feel this is completely immoral why should we feel obliged to renew membership with a club we do not wish to be a part of purely to ensure our bike will be picked up free of charge when faults occur rendering it no longer road legal.) Rather than pay a fortunte we felt we had nother other option but to enlist the help of family members to transport the bike by trailer. Today we took the bike 80miles to the Harley Dealership that sold us the bike to once again show them the problems having the intention of getting them fixed under the warrenty.
    Even though we have been complaining of issues since very early days in the bike ownership once the parts manager realised the bike was one month out of its 2year warrenty (we were on the understanding it was 3 years) he suggested that the bike had never been washed, dipped in salt and left out in the wet. He then implied that to maintain it propperly that we were to strip it down after each use, high pressure clean each item and leave it in oil until the bike was next to be used where it could then be reassembled.
    I feel for a £12 000 bike, the corrosion and faults highlight bad quality and poor durability but there seems to be very little we can say or do to make the dealership honour any form of repair or replacement. The bike no longer has finance outstanding and the manager said himself that the condition it is in he would not take the bike as any form of trade in.
    I feel so angry at their attitude to after sales service and we’re completely floundering as we are a young couple only 12 months into home ownership we dont have the expendable income to repair the bike to any standard where we could comfortably sell it on. We were under the impression we were buying something of quality that with the maintainance we have given it would last us many years.
    I’d like to know if we have any consumer rights to either get them to bring the bike back up to standard, replace the bike, refund the bike, or do anything where we feel less victimised.

  • Gareth 2 January, 11:00 pm

    I bought a bed and mattress in the Boxing day sale on after putting the bed together with no problem i put the mattress on that my partner had taken out of the packaging. The mattress is of such poor quality i originally thought we had been sent the wrong one as it also looked completely different to the picture on the website. I checked the documents that the mattress came with which said it was the correct mattress. My problem with the bed is that when i sit on it i pretty much touch the bed, I’m not small (around 15 1/2 to 16 stone) but not huge so i don’t think don’t think this is acceptable.
    I have emaied the customer services and the reply i got was, “We’re sorry that you have recieved the wrong mattress but by looking at the photo you have sent we can see that you have opened the packaging and there is nothing we can do.”
    Is there anything i can do to get my money back? As I don’t feel that this item is fit for purpose or of good enough quality for it’s pre sale price tag of £274.99

  • sarah shah 15 January, 8:08 pm

    I recently purchased 3 expensive column radiators from an online seller. When they were delivered they all appeared in good condition however after installation I noticed that 2 of the rads had developed a series of fine cracks and gaps in the sealant inbetween the columns. The other one has none of these which are unsightly and dirt traps.
    its about 3 months since I bought them, they were only professionally installed about a month ago as part of a large residential refubishment.
    On noticing these defects I immediately contacted the seller to inform him and emailed him as well. He advised me he would inform the manufacturer and see what their response was. He also asked me to send photo evidence which I did.
    I received a dismissive email back from the manufacturer via the seller stating that they could supply a pot of touch up paint and that was it! I telephoned the seller to tell him I wasnt happy with this suggestion and that this was not an acceptable resolution. He informed me that there was nothing he could do as I had accepted the goods and not identified the fault on arrival and that because i hadnt noticed the defect within 30 days there was nothing he could do. I explained it was quite possible that I hadnt noticed because maybe the defects werent present at that time and the conduction of heat once they were installed was the source of the problem causing the defect in the sealant. He just kept stating it must have been present when they arived and i was at fault for not noticing and informing them within the 30 days! He also told me that there was nothing else he could do as he was in the middle between me and the manufacturer who wasnt willing to do anything but offer me a paint pot! please can you advise me what my consumer rights are with regard to this seller who seems to be removing himslef from all responsibility. These were expensive and I was assured by their sales staff that they were a quality product and it was based on their advice that i decided to purchase that particular brand of radiator becuase they stated at the time of purchase that if their customers ever do have a problem their goods are covered by a 10 year guarantee by the manufacturer.

  • Sally 15 February, 6:32 pm

    We have been having constant ‘lack of hot water’ issues with a combi boiler sold to us 5yrs ago by Scottish Gas. Now discovered that the manufacturer (Worcester) does not recommend this boiler for our size of property. We bought this in good faith from the Scottish Gas Salesman who came to the house. We took him at his word, we are not gas engineers, so how would we know what boiler to buy?
    Worcester website now states that our boiler is, “entry level suitable for small or 1 x bathroom properties. Our house has 4 x bedrooms, 2 x bathrooms (both with baths which have been unused since the boiler was installed), 9 x radiators and gross floor space 144m2. Should we have recourse even after 5 x years?

  • Deborah 7 March, 4:18 pm

    I went to visit Botany Bay yesterday to find a book case and an office desk as a treat for my 50th birthday. I saw 2 items that I liked and paid for them. However, the bookcase was slightly damaged on the back (which the sales assistant said he would rectify before delivery) and the table was still flat packed in its box, which the sales assistant said he would make the table up prior to delivery. I also paid £17 for delivery. When I got home my mum said she had purchased me a book case for my 50th birthday so I immediately went back to the store a few hours later. I Said I would take the desk immediately, however, I didn’t want the bookcase. Both the bookcase and the desk were still on the sales floor and hadn’t moved since I had initially visited the store. I was then told by the sales assistant that the desk was unfit for supply and that they needed to order another one in, which could take weeks. I said that it would be best then if they refunded the entire sale. I was then told that Botany Bay rent out all their space to different companies and as such different returns policies apply. I have paid my money to Botany Bay which my credit card receipts show. Yet Botany Bay are now saying that I am subject to not their terms of sale but to their stall holders policy terms. The stall I had bought the furniture off is Brand Interiors and they said under no circumstances would I be entitled to a refund, only a credit note. Yet Botany Bay immediately refunded me the delivery charge as they said they could do that part of the transaction? So now I have no furniture and charges of £410 on my credit card. This sale process is very confusing… who is my contract with? Botany or Brand Interiors? There was also no one present from brand interiors to represent the company, however, when a Botany Bay representative called the company a representative said under no circumstances would they give a refund! And that a Director would need to authorise a refund, however they were all unavailable and away on business.

  • Kyle Ford 8 March, 10:14 am


    i recently bought a ford Fiesta ST 2008 plate. and its only done just over 33,000 miles and the gearbox has gone in it. the garage said there was a hole in the gearbox. Now i only got the car last friday and barely done 100 miles in the car, i havent been giving the car death because i’m trying to learn the car. the gearbox went on tuesday when i was driving home from college in rush hour traffic ! i have spoke to the garage that i bought the car from and there not willing to fix it due to blaming it on myself (misues). I will speak to my finace company to see what they say i can do but i’m just wanting information from yourselfs about where i should go from hear ? i am still within my first 14 days. would i get blacklisted if i got out within the first 14 days ?

    Kind regards,

  • Thomas Smith 2 August, 4:36 pm

    Have purchased a powered wheelchair from a company that make them. Had it in April and it has played up a few times. I contacted the company and they arranged for it to be fixed but still problems. we are loosing faith in it can I send it back and get a full refund. This company want to come and fix it again.

  • Jen 5 August, 2:24 pm

    I bought a BMW 3 series from a private dealer used the car for 2 weeks before it started breaking down once towed back home lifted the bonnet n the head gasket gone n could cost £1000 to repair what can I do I need help n advice as we think the deeler must hav known something was wrong wen he sold it to us

  • K 5 August, 11:56 pm

    Hi. Can anyone help regarding cancellation of an order? I wanted to cancel an order I made online, but it was dispatched very quickly according to dispatch email, so I did not accept the parcel when it arrived, and asked for it to be returned to sender. I emailed the company to tell them this, but they say the item never got back to them and that if it has been lost in the post (and they imply that I have simply kept the goods) then it’s my loss not theirs as they say if I returned it I became the sender. I have made it clear that I did not accept delivery, and that therefore they were still the sender, but they refuse to refund me. I can find info on faulty goods and returns, but there is nothing anywhere I can find to say what the seller’s responsibilities are if the items are not delivered (whether this is due to it being lost or not accepted). Can anyone shed light on this please?

  • Rebecca Cruz 7 August, 8:20 pm

    My daughter bought a audi a3 from car craft In March this year and the car is not working. It’s been back and forward and in there garage for 1 week still no help. We have had the car nearly 6 months and we have asked for a refund as we feel were being messed about and there dragging it out. Were do we stand as there not listening And I feel they want to get to the 6 month mark.
    Please help my health is not good with heart problems and the stress is far to much

  • sharon 8 August, 1:13 am

    I had my laminate flooring fitted less then 1 month ago and it has chipped. And damaged in fact I have called the shop loads of time to inform them and they have fobbed me off.what can i do as I a lm not happy and paid them alot of money.

  • Ian Shenton 18 August, 12:46 pm

    I purchased a new scooter from one of the on line companies (the biggest) and after getting the bike registered etc , which has taken about a month, I rode the bike. After 8 miles it stopped, at 10pm at night. I tried for the next 2 hours to get the bike to start to no avail. After contacting the company they told me to disconnect the side stand cut out switch ( a safety feature to ensure that you don’t ride with the stand down). This I have now done (some 3 days after the problem) but to get the bike home I had to call out a breakdown company and because I didn’t think on the first journey that I would need any cover, I had to pay them direct, the sum of £112.50. I have been in touch with the supplier of the bike and requested that they send me a replacement part ( which they are doing) but they say theer is no provision for me to recover the cost of the bike being transported back to my house at 2.30am.
    I paid for the bike by credit card and the breakdown by debit card.
    Do I have any groubds for claiming damages?
    Thanks for your help.

  • Nicole Mccullor 21 August, 5:41 pm

    I brought a car from a buy here pay here and within 21 day the car breaks down so I returned it and telling them I no longer want the car however after a month they contacted me trying to make me take the car back telling me they are going to sue me for the remaimning balace of the car is therer anything I can do Please help. I brought the car July 1, 2014 and it broke down July 21 2014

  • Michael Adlam 28 September, 12:15 am

    Bought just under £2k of goods from Oak Furniture, and as such received a free mirror. As we were decorating our conservatory and had a lot of things going on, we didn’t inspect the mirror for fear of leaving it exposed to being damaged whilst we were completing the decorating. Just over 2 months later after our holiday etc we finally had the chance to open the package to find the mirror was cracked. On calling up the manufacturer we were told there was nothing they could do as it clearly stated we should have inspected the item within 7 days. We were also told we could not claim on the insurance as this would only cover damage or defects to the wood not the actual mirror. Do we have a case to claim for the damage as it was clearly sent to us broken?

  • denise walton 4 October, 9:05 am

    i purchased car £2500.00 on 29th sept; soon as i got car home son in law recognised engine was ticking fast; he looked under bonnet to find coolant water bottle full of oil and thick gunge; i took car straight back and was told they would get me a price and charge me to fix it: they sed it was condensstion: i asked for it in writing that car would be left with them pending repair but they refused; i asked for refund they ssid no you bought it its your problem; i took car home because i felt i couldnt trust them by then; on way home i stopped at garage for an idea of problem and was told head gasket timing chain; the sellers will not answer calls or accept any responsibility

  • Tammy 21 October, 2:06 pm

    Hi, I bought a used car and drove it home and found some noise coming from the back and thought it was a shock absorber and took it to my mechanic and found the fault to be a control arm in the back and told me it should not have passed the roadworthy so I rang the fellows I bought it from as I have not done my 1000km yet or the thirty days I have emailed them and still nothing I rang a got a person who said they didn’t deal with the statutory warranty and would get the fellow to ring me still nothing don’t know what to do as the dealership is over 350km from me the website on the stat warranty says I have to write to them is that correct or can I still email them and does that count as written also. Please help as this is my first car bought from a car yard and not sure how the stat warranty works.

  • ray 29 October, 12:03 pm

    hi my fridge freezer broke we have been paying a insurance policy on all our el electric goods for the past 9 years they have given me a replacement which was fine but it turns out that this fridge freezer is a wet wall fridge which means I have been told gets wet at the back the only problem is that you have not to put anything next to the wall as the shelves and food will get all wet my problem is I have a handicapped daughter who will get things out and put things in the fridge but dose not understand not to push them back iv spoken to the insurance and they say its not there problem and iv had a engerneer out to look at it from the manifactures to look at it he said it is a wet wall which will not suit my purpose having my daughter iv been back on the phone to the manifactures to tell them this they now say the engerneer has said it is not a wet wall help please where do I stand my old fridge freezer was not like this one

  • Alison 8 December, 7:32 pm

    I ordered a halogen oven online Saturday evening. It wasn’t until I pressed proceed with payment that I could see it charged me for 4. I emailed the company as customer service was closed. I then phone 9.20am Sunday morning and was tons too late it’s left the warehouse. I was advised it was due for delivery on the Wednesday and to refuse all 4 of them or to be out and they would be returned to the warehouse, I should then phone back to arrange refund. I hit home at 6.20pm on the Monday night to fibd 2 large boxes outside my house. My door is feet from the road with no wall. I phoned to complain and they told me it was fine for the courier to leave them whilst I was out. They told me yo take to a store. I told them reason I ordered on line was because I don’t live near a store. They have offered to collect Wednesday between 9am and 6pm! Said I won’t take the boxes in and not my problem if stolen. I said I have a neck problem and am unable to lift at present.
    No supervisors available but someone will call tomorrow. Any advice please I am very stressed and they seem unhelpful. It Robert dyas.

  • Audrey 13 December, 9:31 pm

    Took out a contract with Three 21 days ago – after 18 days phone just stopped working – took it back to shop who say because there are signs of scratches on the back ( looks almost like new) refusing to exchange phone ( goes against terms of contract) – offered a ‘repair’ which consisted of giving me Sonys phone number – when I reminded them of sale of goods act manager claimed this was meeting my statutory rights – am astounded that a reputable company thinks they can act in this way

  • victim 19 January, 12:23 am

    I bought a sit on mower from dealers, it would run only for a maximum time of six minutes so when I complained they told me to get lost so I took them to court claiming the mower was not fit for purpose,I was also told the mower 5 years old,it was in fact 22 years old,everyone said I would win at the small claims court,I lost at Baarnsley small claims court.The dealers, an old woman and her son sniggered and insulted me throughtout the hearing openly encouraged by the most ignorant judge in his attempt to impress the old lady,my advice is to never buy such an expensive item like this from dealers without a week’s free trial.

  • Emma Carroll 10 March, 1:30 am

    I moved address an was meant to be getting the full package again, mobile, fibre, tv and phone, the mobile was delivered fine, works fine, but was part of the whole bundle, the other items kept getting delayed (3 months) which took it past the cool off period of 14 days, they said I had taken ownership of the mobile contract and would have to pay INCREASED cost and would not be able to cancel due to not having the bundle. should I have the right to cancel without paying out the entire 24 month contract. I would really like to know as my new provider also gave me a bundle with a better mobile, better tariff on a WAY cheaper package. and living on benefits due to not being able to work I cant exactly afford to pay a contract I only use to text my bank and use wifi to use internet on it but it shows the data going down and beyond.

  • caroline Roberts 23 March, 3:21 am

    I purchased, on line, a Flavel hole in the wall gas fire. I chose the highest spec, glass fronted model. It took 29 days from receipt to completion as there was a considerable amount of work to take out the old fire and reshape the chimney breast in preparation. The item was made up of several parts remained packaged other than using the instruction booklet for the dimensions. I was fitted by a qualified fitter and I only saw after it was fitted it had no glass front. It turns out that they’d sent the lowest spec model but charged me for the highest that I’d ordered. All three fires available were named Flavell Windsor. They’re offering to refund the difference of £65 but I want what I ordered for output and the glass front. What are my rights?

  • Brenda Macandrew 26 August, 10:15 pm

    I bought two phones from Vodafone. One for my husband and one for me. Mine was activated after 29 hrs My husband has not been able to use his phone as it has never been activated. We have contacted customer services who say there has been an error and the phone will work in ex amount of time. It is the same when we visit the shop where it was bought. The phone is on its third sim card, we have been told the phone works. That it is a system error blah blah blah. I have been told I am not entitled to a refund because we have had it for over two weeks. So my husband is left with a lump of uselessness which sits on a unit in a box collecting dust.

  • Kellie 13 November, 11:11 pm

    Hi I ordered in my wedding dress and veil in March last year and paid a deposit,since then I’ve decided not to wear a veil, I called the shop and told that my veil has been ordered in and is due in next month (December) and that I have to purchase it now. Is this true? It’s €500 so I don’t want to have to buy it if I don’t have too or intend on wearing it. Is there a cooling off period or anything I can do to cancel? Than you, Kellie

  • Rachel Buckberry 16 November, 12:49 pm

    I brought a second hand Audi A4 S-line from a car dealership in Slough on Saturday. 39 miles into our journey home the engine blew up, flames and everything. A rod had come through the side of the engine. I phoned up car dealership when we were stuck on the side of the M3 and they said t get i recovered home and get it looked at. Then they hung up on me! Phoned again when I finally got home and the salesman now says I need to phone on Monday and speak to manager, he refused to give me managers name or number. Been phoning all morning and they are now not answering the phone!! What do I do now????

  • Martin 17 November, 7:15 pm

    Father in law sold a campervan to a man who 6 wks later went to sell it on ( at £3500) more than he bought it for bt the new buyer had it checked & seems thers a problem with the floor ( he says its rotted??) the thing is now his sale as fallen thru he wants my father in law to pay for the repair to the floor
    He is in his 70’s & never knew of any problem with the floor he sold it in good faith bt the buyer is saying its up to him to sort it
    The buyer never had any checks & bought it has seen & was happy to make a quick profit on camper bt now ther seems to be a problem hes hassling father in law for the costs
    How does he stand legally & morally on this ??

  • Tracy Jennings 18 November, 1:45 pm

    I took delivery of 18 packs of laminate flooring on a palletin strink wrap, i checked the items when they were lowered from back of lorry & they were fine, proceeded to go in doors whilst the guy pushed the pallets on a wheeled device up the side of my house & then he knocked & I signed for them,
    When my son went to unload the pallet into his van 3 packs were damaged, he co ta ted them next morning but they are now saying the courier nor their company will take responsibilityas my son could have done the damage loading them? We have pictures

  • Kathleen 20 November, 1:37 am

    Hi my partner bought a car on eBay a week later there was a letter through the door from the finance company saying we owed them money for the car he went back to the seller and he refused to give his name and refused to give money back and threatened us what rights have we got

  • Robert Jones 26 November, 8:14 pm

    I accepted a well known mobile phone and service provider’s offer to upgrade/renew my status . I visited a independent High Street business, where I chose a new phone and entered into a new contract regarding the necessary service along with the optional but necessary device. After 48 hours I had not received a service connection, I visited the service provider’s own store, after 72 hours, where I was informed that there was no reason for the delay and I was provided with an alternative sim card. I was told this would connect within hours. After 96 hours I returned to the original High Street store where after investigation it was thought that both the first and second sim cards were “duds”. A third card made the required connection. However after approximately 2 hours the connection again dropped. I have communicated (email) with the original High St independent and insisted that he as the agent of the provider resolves the matter. I have also informed him, I suspect he will try to hide behind the DPA 1998, that he has all the necessary information at hand to conduct a full and final investigation with the provider and that at this time I am not minded to conrtinue with the contract and that I consider that there has been a breach and I have lost confidence in the ability of the provider. Have I approach this issue correctly?

  • Louis 5 December, 9:16 pm

    I bought a Mercedes cl 500 2005 model from local car delership paying £8000, first off the radio did not work had to be replaced before I recieved car got car next day passenger door would not open , back to dealer 1 week later , got car 2 days later overheating ,phoned dealer he said if it was cylinder head ie cooked he would not repair took to local garage diagnosed cylinder heads gone cost of repair £ 1500 Aprox had 12 month warranty upto £500 where do I stand for help with cost had car less than 2 months

  • angie adams 15 January, 8:11 pm

    My daughter brought a car of the internet (private seller) was told that there was nothing wrong with it and the reason for him selling after 6 weeks was that he got finance in a car and he needed a cheap car to get him to work. She took it to a garage to get it serviced before she put her son in it. Only to be told that the turbo is broke and it would cost mote than the car is worth to fix. She messaged the bloke and he didn’t want to know. She then found his receipt for the car and he brought it as a spares and repairs. Where does she stand

  • Pam 23 January, 10:11 am

    Purchased 3 items, used but refurbished, from small white goods shop. One of the items was a washer dryer. Specifically asked for washer dryer due to lack of space in new flat and was informed that they were more expensive and only 1 available so paid the extra £80. When picked up items a few days later the washer dryer had been shrink-wrapped. Due to work on property being done it had been a month before I have been able to plumb it in and when I removed the shrink-wrap I realised that the item I was given is only a washing machine not the more expensive washer dryer I purchased. I have the receipt and 6 months warranty. What are my rights? Thank you.

  • Amber 30 March, 11:20 pm

    I have just bought a car from a dealer cost me 2k on my way home the abs system was showing faulty and the breaking system faulty telling me to stop I rang the dealer but they was closing so they have told me to being it back in the morning I have just taken it to a garage this evening on my way home as I was scared f driving it and they have done a diagnostics and there is 9 faults with the breaking system and the abs is compety knackered there is 3 faults one permannt and the other 2 will cost over 1000 can I ask for a refund tomorrow as the car is not fit to drive and been advised can cause a accident and I have 2 small kids thanks

  • Allen 16 May, 12:28 pm

    I bought a bed from inspire home i choose silver crush head board but looks like mink with silver tint the guy tryed to haggle me to buy orthopedic mattress i stated under no circumstances did i want that type and ask them not to send me one at that point i felt i should have walked away but he assured me i would get the soft for that i choose this was agreed and bed ahould have been delivered within 2/3 weeks it took six weeks and a few calls they arrived late one night during week i left them to build the bed on initally looking at the bed i agreed it was what i purchased on the whole making the bed i found the label stated orthopedic the base has a tear my wallpaper is scratched and torn to my horror they sent me a copy of shop invoice that states orthopedic after mattress name which must have been added once i place deposit ive spoke to shop manager who has agreed to change part that is torn should i except this

  • Angela Spensley 6 October, 9:57 am

    HI. The garage on my behalf obtained a secondhand engine for me. Unfortunately the engine isn’t working. Something wrong with the oil pressure. The engine cost £350 and the same for labour. Where do I stand with the seller as the garage is going to ask for a replacement but if they do not agree then where do I stand?

  • Pauline 17 October, 10:04 pm

    Bought a washing machine on hire purchase , four months after final payment it just stopped working . Called the company as it did not live its estimated life span fell short of 10 years. So not fit for purpose. They said nothing can be done as purchased on hire purchase. The goods where still purchased and not durable . Any advice would help please. Am I covered through consumer rights act as it HP

  • Hannah 20 November, 4:23 pm

    I recently sold a phone to someone over social media. They asked me if the phone was unlocked to which I replied that I wasn’t sure but I thought it was. They purchased the phone, however a day later I received a message saying the phone was locked to the network I had been using. I got in touch with said network and received an unlock code on two separate occasions bother being the same code. They said this didn’t work. Now they are saying that they have paid extra money to get it unlocked but the person in the shop said he couldn’t do it as it was fully blocked. The phone was in working condition when I sold it. They are demanding a refund but I’ve refused as they should have checked the sim worked in the phone before they handed over the cash. Am I right to do so?

  • G Waugh 29 November, 10:44 pm

    I purchased two couches from Harvey’s furniture I was told they would be delivered tomorrow the 30th November tonight the 29 th at 5.30 I received a call telling me they only have one and don’t have a date for delivery of second couch if I take delivery of one couch and they can’t deliver within 14days the second can I still claim full refund at present I have no seats to sit on as old couches were picked up today ready for delivery of new items

  • Denise 27 February, 2:21 pm

    I purchased some cigarettes from my local Asda store. The packets are now non branded & so all the same colour. I asked for JPS Blue but it was not until I got home & went to open a packet, I realise the shop assistant had given me JPS Red ( a much stronger cigarette). I returned to the store with my receipt & the unopened cigarettes and asked them to change them to the type I had asked for (price is the same) At first they refused but after I insisted the manger was contacted, he agreed to an exchange. The trouble was they did not have any of the ones I had asked for, left in stock. When I asked for a refund they flatly refused and were rude about it. I am now £26 out of pocket and stuck with cigarettes that I did not ask for. Do I have any legal right to demand a refund?

  • Nor 27 April, 6:37 pm

    I gave clothes to a vintage shop and have receipts for the value agreed. The lady marked the prices up to make a profit.£153 this was in 2014. It was agreed that the lady would contact me when they sold to pay me the money owed and she didn’t return my phone calls. Now she is claiming she gave them to charity and there was a storage charge..which she has now added to the desk of her new shop but this was not part of our initial agreement. What are my rights?

  • Anthony Williams 17 May, 11:12 pm

    This information was very helpful since I just bought a sofa and love seat from Fantastic Furniture less that 60 days ago and they are falling apart. And there is little use of this items. Thank you

  • Debbie 6 June, 7:17 pm

    I sold a car privately 4 days ago and now shes saying theres an oil leak and wants a full refund how do i stand please. I didnt see any leak and she drove it said it was lovely sounded like a dream and i went away in it a few days before with no problems what should i do.