Online Auction Sites

The practice of buying goods from internet auction sites such as e-bay, and other online market places such as Amazon’s ‘Sell Your Stuff’ is becoming more and more mainstream. In these instances, you are not buying from the sites themselves, but from individuals who have put their possessions or products up for sale on those sites. This has risks in itself where those products cannot be verified, but it also has important implications for your consumer rights.

The Distance Selling Regulations

One of the major benefits of buying goods and services on the internet is the fact that you are covered by the distance selling regulations. Under the regulations, you have the right to a 7 day cooling off period and a full refund without financial penalty of any kind. However, if you have bought an item as the result of a successful bid on e-bay, the distance selling regulations (and hence your cooling off rights) do not apply. Neither will the regs apply if you have bought the item through a private sale with an individual who is not acting as a commercial entity.

If however you have bought the goods as a result of a ‘buy it now’ transaction, or from a commercial trader acting in the course of business, you will be covered, and can take full advantage of your cooling off period.

Your statutory right to quality

One of your statutory rights is that any item you buy from a retailer or manufacturer must be of satisfactory quality. However if you buy from an individual in the context of a private sale, this statutory right does not apply and you will have no legal redress if the item is unsatisfactory. This is a common cause of complaint. E bay offer lots of information on how to shop safely on their site including checking the seller’s feedback ratings, whether the item is covered by PayPal Buyer Protection, and what returns policy is offered. See: In the event that you have received a misdescribed, poor quality or faulty product, or if the item was never sent, report the matter to e-bay who will then take steps to ban that seller from any further trading.

Do remember however that not all transactions from these sites are with private sellers. Many are established businesses (e-tailers), and any dealings with them will be subject to your full statutory rights as well as a 7 day cooling off period under the Distance Selling Regs

Regardless of whether you buy the item from a commercial trader or a private seller, it must still conform to the description given in any sales literature.

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  • Sharon Holden 20 February, 2:01 am

    I’m a little confused. I have bought boots on e-bay described as size 6 but they were 5.5 (it says it on the sole. Am I entitled to a refund and the return postage? Any tips if the seller refuses the return posatge

    • John Smeeton 4 July, 7:55 pm

      Sharon, you need to check the label inside, some footwear will have the US size on the sole, If it also has the EU size this is much more useful, find the EU size and check the UK size against a shoe size table. If it really is the wrong size then the seller will have to refund you and also pay return postage if they want them back, this is done automatically in an eBay case once opened.

  • Catriona 21 February, 6:47 pm

    Sharon, if they are significantly not as described (and therefore do not fit) you have the right to return them and get a full refund, plus delivery costs. But you also have this right under the distance selling regs anyway. If the seller refuses, you can make a claim via Paypal – assuming that was how you paid.

  • Grahame Scheffler 15 March, 10:22 am

    I bought a second hand stereo off eBay, but found that the cooling fan didn’t work so the unit got very hot (to my mind a problem), having returned the stereo to the shop (face to face), and asking for a refund (via Paypal) also opening a dispute through Paypal (due to an email I received from the seller) I was wondering what my rights were, can I expect to get a full refund? I bought the item emailed about the overheating 2 days later (told to return the item if I wasn’t happy) but it was 9 days after purchase when I was able to take the stereo back.

    • John Smeeton 4 July, 7:59 pm

      Grahame, if it is not as described then it’s actually very clear, you are entitled to a full refund and the seller pays return postage, It is up to the seller to state any defects with items, if they don’t then it is not as described, it is not for you to be clairvoyant.

  • Catriona 16 March, 3:06 pm

    Grahame, your consumer rights will be less cut and dried where the item is second-hand, but where the seller is an established trader (and not a private seller) you still have the right to a good quality item which is fit for purpose. if the item is found to be of significantly poor quality and cannot reasonably be repaired, you can reject the item and claim a refund. You also have buyer protection offered by Paypal – for what this is worth…

  • Geoff Davies 17 April, 4:55 pm

    I bought a second-hand ham radio transceiver from a private seller on “junksale”.
    When it arrived it was broken – supposedly damaged in transit.
    I immediately informed the seller and he asked me to hold onto the radio until contacted by the post office, as he was claiming damage compensation. I did this and the radio has been seen by the post office and returned to the seller. What are my rights to claim a refund ?

    • Catriona 21 April, 7:19 pm

      Geoff, you won’t benefit from the consumer protection offered under Sale of Goods because this was a private sale. However as this was a legally binding contract, the seller is in breach of contract by providing you with a unfit product. Therefore under contract law you have the right to a full refund.

    • Luke 2 September, 4:19 am

      Geoff, If the seller knew he was going to get his money back from the post office (for damaged goods) then He should reversed your payment transaction back to you.

      As he has been paid by the post office for the value of his goods..
      He should return your payment also.

      because he’s been paid and returning your money you have been paid
      and you should be both happy.

      But if he keeps your payment then hes getting paid for his item twice?

  • Littlebooty 11 April, 11:51 am

    I purchased HOT PINK ghd hair straighteners from a private seller, listed as ghd’s used in box, good working order, delivery 2-3 days after cleard payment, HOWEVER, 9 days later i recieved the item after 2 emails asking where my item was, then once opened i realised they were counterfeit, this has been confirmed by ghd official and ebay help files (wish id read those first, a little to trusting for my own good) anyway, i contacted seller straight away and polietly informed her they were “fake” and wished to return for a full refund. The lovly lady replied…”i do not except returns” and suggested that i re sell them to get my money back!!!! er “fake”??!!! obviously not an option to me. So i opened a dispute, the reply i got was almost comical, basically she has lied about communication and the sequence in corrispondece exchanged, and accused me of being abrupt and abusive, i was straight to the point but never any of the above, i also corrected her comments (nicely) re sequence of emails (this took 3 messages in the resolution centre, all sent one after another) her reply was ebay please tell the buyer to stop sending me messages upon messages and harrasing me, i have said i dont accept returns. Fair enough but what about the fact you sold countrfeit item???? – she has been a member since 2004, 100% feedback on 47 items – i have been a member from 2004 also with 100% feedback on 348 item, im a regular buyer and seller with no previous problems, SO where do i stand here i have to allow the open case to run until the 14th april then ebay will review and make final desicion (seller will no longer communicate) and im affraid to send another message after being accused of harrasment! thanks in advance sue

    • robert 29 January, 2:34 pm

      Hi I had a similar thing happen with some microsft software I bought on ebay, they were offered as genuine when the software arrived it was clearly a fack so I raised a dispute with ebay, paypal and also informed microsft of the offer giving all details i.e. name and address of the seller, who has now been kicked out as a seller from ebay, also had his account canceled with paypal and a visit from the police via microsoft, and I get every penny back. Like you I dont accept fakes.

    • John Smeeton 4 July, 8:02 pm

      You cannot refuse returns for items which are not as described and you will find a case will always be in the buyers favour in this case. Consumer rights cover this and there are no get outs, you can’t say no returns accepted, sold as seen and so on, it’s meaningless.

  • Chris 15 April, 4:16 pm


    As a recent business seller on Ebay, I sold a refurbished games console to a buyer who after 3 months claims it has develloped 2 minor faults.
    What would my stance be on this as the item was refurbished (refurbished by myself) and not stated as a Manufacturer Refurbished, the buyer is claiming to be entitled to 6 months warranty as that is the length of time they expect it to work for, sure I don’t expect it to fail after 30 days but….

  • Mario 26 May, 11:42 am

    Ebay Auctions should themselves be covered by DSR on B2C transactions.

    Ebay themselves make a point of stating that their Auction Style Format is not a proper auction as such.

    A listing for an item using the auction format where a seller can cancel the listing early and or add to or change the description after the auction has started is not n the truest sense an auction.

    Ebay simply liken the format of the listing to how a regular auction works.

    In addition, there is no physical auctioneer running the auction which again declassifies it as an auction.

  • Ash 6 July, 1:36 pm

    Hi. I recently bought a LCD TV from last friday. It was listed as a “Returns” item. When I got it back home, the stand panel was broken in the box. The TV wont show any picture except a white screen. I called the manufacturer customer service immediately & they said its an internal damage & to return it back asap. As UK-Liquidatiions is closed on the weekends, I called them MONDAY. The dispute team says whats sold is sold, they dont check before selling & wont take it back either. Where do I stand with this? Do I have the right to a refund?

    • John Smeeton 4 July, 8:07 pm

      Ash, it’s going to be very difficult to get a refund in this case as they don’t appear to have stated anything about the condition, I would advise in future you ask the questions before buying and don’t do this kind of purchase on line, Ebay is exceptional in this case, along with maybe one or two well known auction sites.

  • Laura 7 September, 5:51 pm

    I ordered a phone off eBay and, long story short, it never came. I opened a dispute through eBay who did nothing. By the time the eBay dispute had closed, it was too late to open a dispute through paypal. The royal mail says that the phone was posted, and delivered on the same day. It was posted recorded delivery and was signed for. I cannot claim for a lost item as I am not the sender. The seller on eBay has since closed their account and I can’t get in touch. If there’s anything I can do, please help me as I am now £200 out of pocket.

  • craig 9 October, 2:05 am

    Hi I sold a record on ebay to a person who won it in an auction. When I sent it, it was in mint condition. The person ended up paying £40 for it. All was well, and the buyer even posted excellent feedback. Then about 18 days aftew the sale, the buyer sent me an email demanding his money back, saying that he had found out that the record was warped. When he eventually played it.
    1. I had played it in perfect condition…2. he was happy with it as he left me positive feedback. 3. I had a sale on ebay as I had lost my job and needed to raise cash fromn selling my record collection.
    So I couldn’t even pay them back if I wanted to. I believe that he left the record on a warm surface and warped it and then changed his mind trying to get his money back! How do I stand legally here?

    • John Smeeton 4 July, 8:09 pm

      Unless you can prove without a doubt that it was warped by the buyer you haven’t got a leg to stand on i’m afraid.

  • Helen 3 November, 10:56 pm

    I purchased a pair of Ugg boots for £100 (buy it now)off ebay less than two months ago and the stitching has come loose and left a gaping hole! I’ve had Uggs last me more than 2 years, never mind 2 months!

    I have contacted the seller and she is saying that it is my fault and the she will not refund/exchange.

    She also told me that she sells them in a high street boutique but I am unable to tell if she is on ebay as a business.

    Ebay will not do anything as it is over a 45day period.

    Can i take this any further?

    • John Smeeton 4 July, 8:12 pm

      You could take it further but the cost and effort isn’t worth it and you have quite a slim chance any way, You didn’t say if they were new or not so I’m assuming they were new? I would be more concerned that they are extremely likely to be fake, You would have a hard time finding genuine ones on eBay.

  • Az 7 November, 7:38 pm

    Hi, I bought a Sony Playstation3 from a private seller on ebay. When i received the item i notice straight away that the controller was not an official Sony controller but a cheap knock-off that requires batteries & wireless dongle. I immediately contacted seller to tell them this, they accepted this and offer a full refund but i was responsible for return cost – As that is stated on their listing.

    The listing description (in a vertical list) – PS3 console, 1x Joypad wireless, 1x Wireless dongle, etc..
    But the listing never stated that this was a Knock-off controller that requires batteries and uses wireless dongle. My impression when purchasing item was that this was an official controller as all PS3 come supplied with 1 official controller. (as shown on the original box in the picture they took)

    I have opened a claim against them via eBay/Paypal, but i just wanted to know my rights are and if i am responsible for return cost because it is stated on their listing as terms&conditions on returns??

    • John Smeeton 4 July, 8:14 pm

      Ignore any statements made by sellers to try and worm out of their obligations, they are meaningless, if it’s not as described you get a ful refund and seller pays return cost.

  • Ebay HD Light 20 December, 2:55 am

    Just got a HD light of ebay when i turned it on it smoked and crackled (bad burning smell) contacted the seller and he said all itmes tested before sent and he does not give refunds – any how opened a case,It was not a “bye it now” purchase and have not sent it back as dont have an address.
    What shall I do…

    • Ebay HD Light 20 December, 10:42 pm

      After being threatened with legal action by the seller – received only £20 back from a sale price of £70 ……….so out £50.
      So going to leave it few days then leave negative -feedback (what does he expect?)
      I was not satisfied but just closed the case and chalked it up to experience.
      Never bye second hand electrical equipment (unit nearly burnt my house down week before Xmass)

  • Danielle Brumwell 14 January, 12:26 am

    I brought a chair from e-bay under the buy it now and paid £130 when I got the chair it appeared to be fine, and as described but it broke after two days of use (i’m only 9 stone, and did not miss use the chair in any way)I got in contact with the seller (she asked me to e-mail her out side of e-bay) who offered me a refund, and a new chair, she also said that it would be collected at her expense – but I never got a response from her with a date of collection. I e-mailed her asking for her just to collect the chair and issue a refund – as the customer service was terrible & did not want to risk the new chair breaking again. But I did not hear from her, so went to e-bay. Who contacted the seller, who asked me to send it back to her in original packaging (i was happy with chair so recycled original packaging) at my cost on 24th to arrove on 25th! I appealed & heard back from e-bay saying to send it on 27th to arrive with seller on 28th still at my cost! So appealed the case with the pay pal protection, e-bay said that I was not covered as when I received the chair it was in good order & as described. I stressed to them that yes, it did appear to be in good order but the materials used were poor (the metal piston controling the tilt was supported by a wooden frame causing it to snap) & I brought a chair as advertised but it was not fit for use, as advertised as a chair. So I appealed again, e-bay stood by its origianal decision – result I paid £130 for a chair that broke and the seller now is not answering any of my e-mails. I have left bad feed back but this has not helped the dent in my pocket and my frustration I feel at being let down by e-bay. I am a regular user of e-bay both buying and selling, but now will not buy anything costing more than £30! also the chair is very heavy, (the seller did not advertise the amount that it could cost if you were to return it) if I sent the chair back, it would have cost at least £50, as the seller said I needed to return it fully boxed and by a courier service! Please can you help me by letting me know where I stand from a legal perspective. I really am so frustrated and have had no help from e-bay, I have even tried calling them, but the indian staff just say they can not go back on the decision made & they just don’t care at all!!!!

  • Shan 21 January, 9:16 pm


    I have a registered business on ebay and sell customer returned consumer electronic goods. I specify this very clearly on my listings – including a reseller warranty period, during which I offer a complete refund in case a fault develops. These items are not covered by the manufacturers warranty.

    Although, there are situations where the fault develops after the mentioned warranty period. Am I liable to provide a refund to the buyer in such cases? Please note that these are not new items, and are sold at a far lesser price than in the market.

    What protection do I have under the Sale of Goods act?


    • John Smeeton 4 July, 8:20 pm

      Hi, you don’t say what the warranty period is, you need to. Aside from that though, Th e eBay purchase protection policy overrides any offered by the seller, so if your warranty is one month then buyers could still be entitled to refunds after this period (for example). Once the item is outside the eBay/Paypal time limit then no.

  • tomas 4 February, 9:12 pm

    I hope some day some one brings out a better website than ebay. it is anti competition auction site. you are obliged to kiss their feet and use paypal. someone must do something .

    • John Smeeton 4 July, 8:23 pm

      Ebay *IS* the best in terms of buyer protection unfortunately, it may seem a little unfair to sellers but they are complying with the law on sale of goods.

  • trudie mundell 17 February, 5:04 pm

    I am very frustrated by e-bay.
    i bought a feather mattress topper in November to give as a Xmas said it had a strong feather proof cambric cover. on delivery i checked it was fine. When it was used in January the feathers came through prickly.
    i discovered other purchasers had the same problem
    i contacted the company for a refund but they refused because it was over 3 months. E-bay sales records only go back 60days but i had Paypal records of my purchase.
    E-bay don’t want to know. they stick to a 45 day distance selling policy even though in UK sellers are subject to Sales of Goods Act 1979.and should refund on faulty goods up to 6 years.

    unfortunately i and others gave good feedback because delivery was rapid and the company has high business ranking even while selling rubbish.

  • dave causer 20 February, 9:11 am

    unfortunatly sale of gods act excludes auction purchase

    • trudie mundell 27 February, 1:28 pm

      I don’t think it does.
      All sales in UK are bound to sell goods of merchantable quality, as described, and fit for purpose. Sale of goods act is over and above the protection on e-bay. Sellers can’t decide the law doesn’t apply to them.
      If it was from an auction by a private person and used or imperpect then I would know I was taking a chance.
      This was an e-bay shop and sold as a buy now.
      I’m getting help from Trading Standards and still hope to get my money back.

    • John Smeeton 4 July, 8:25 pm

  • Mary Kate 23 June, 7:09 pm

    Excuse me, what British legal act applies to the selling through auctions? Thank you.

  • boy-blu 4 August, 1:26 pm

    please can you tell me how i legally stand.i purchased a brandnew unopened tent from ebay. payed by paypal for both purchase and delivery.was very excited and looking forward to many years wasnt cheap.i purchased the tent because of its ease to errect ,size and airyness.the picture of the foresaid shows a picture of a lantern hook which is addvertised as a new feature in this socalled incredible design.however,whilst excitably awaiting delivery i was reading back through my purchase and noticed it mentioned nothing about fire resistancy.i contacted the seller to be told it wasnt.the lantern in the pik has a tealight in it leading me to think it now worried for safety.wot can i do.still awaiting longer excited.fealing misled.addvise pls.thanx

    • John Smeeton 4 July, 8:31 pm

      Putting any kind of naked flame or heat source near the tent wall is just plain stupid, Flame retardant tents are designed to help prevent you getting burnt or being killed in case of accident, not to stop you deliberately creating an obvious fire risk and setting your tent alight. Use a battery one, floor standing one or get electric hookup and use a low energy bulb.

  • billy- boy-blu 4 August, 1:38 pm

    i purchased a tent that i belived to be safe according to fire regulations after seeing a picture of a new feature showing a hanging lantern with tea light candle in it,but no mention in the add about the fire retardancy.i contacted the seller to be told it wasnt.i have a young family and made the investment for the longterm holidays.excitment has turned to worry.i am awaiting delivery.payed thru paypal for purchase and delivery.i feal misled.can u addvise me pls

  • Jenny 3 September, 7:13 pm

    I bought an iPod touch 4th gen from eBay. Sold as new via buy it now. 66 days have passed and the camera no longer works. Who do I turn to for help? The seller, eBay or apple? Have I any rights?

  • richard barratt 8 October, 6:24 pm

    I recently brought a job lot of items off ebay described as new and perfect, i collected the items and paid cash on collection. Since then i have opend the items and they are all faulty, broken or simply missing, i have contacted the seller asking for a refund but have no reply, what can i do now to get a refund, i was told maybe a small claims court? as i dont have paypal protection?

  • hannah garfield 20 October, 10:30 am

    i nbrought a car on ebay at the weekend
    i picked it up on sunday and on wednesday the back wheel broke we think the back axle has broke (am getting it checked) car was sold to me ‘Its to good to scrap and would done somebody a good turn for ome time yet.’

    do i have any rights it was sold by a trader (dealer)

  • jasmine 21 November, 6:04 pm

    i bought a car on saturday and it was described at 57000 miles and that it had had ‘very light rear end damage’ which was obvious when i got there that it was fixed to a high standard! I got it home and decided to check the logbook numbers on vosa and it came back that it was cat C and needed a VIC check! Also the mot from last year said it had done 93000 miles! So theres some illegal clocking going on here too! Also when hes put everything together the battery isnt sitting right in the boot and when you putthe car in reverse the fog lights come on,visaversa! I have approached the man that sold me the car, who turns out is pretending to be a private seller to dodge the tax man, and he told me if i wasnt happy with it to sell it myself! I now have a car that i cant even sell as i am not the registerd keeper, and im not the type of person to want to sell a heap of junk! Ive gota conscience! I could realy do with your help on this one, ive never been this frustrated! do i call the police? hes already been reported to the office of fairtrading,but that doesnt seem to bother him! thanks

  • John Smeeton 2 January, 7:51 pm

    Hi, I bought a radio/cd player off Ebay using BIN from what i believe to be a business seller but the unit was very poor quality, i suspect possibly a reject, the tuning was not correct, the cd player was faulty and the knob came off, Can i request the seller to pay the return postage and if they refuse can i get my money back? The item was only £9.95 plus p&p and would cost almost as much to return so i would not really gain much if i have to pay return postage.

  • SRudge 25 February, 3:09 pm

    Hi, i have recently sold a car on ebay to the higest bidder, who collected it the next day, i offered him to see the car before buying and test drive to which he refused and just paid then drive off, an hour later he phoned me to inform me the speedometer had stopped working and the check engine light has come on (which had never happened to me)so he said it is just bad luck on his behalf, then another hour later he called again to tell me that the car had broken down and informed me that it was a prop shaft problem which he ststed must have been the previous to him buying (again had not done this on me). the next day he sent me a message asking for a full refund, which i replied i am not prepared to give and now he is threatening me with legal action under the distant sales regulations, where is my position in this?

  • Hass 16 March, 8:46 pm


    Can you please help

    I brought a used Mercedes Benz from Hull on e-bay however it was from Mercedes used cars, the add claimed that the car had lever seats however it arrived with cloth seats,

    The car also has many other problems with it and although it has the Mercedes 12 months warranty they are not fixing the faults, the car has been back and Fourth to the for repair and still the problem continues, I have complained to Mercedes Benz in Holland that there customer service head office, it has got to the point where they are not interested in dealing with my issues and just keep fobbing me of, what can I do, next?

    Thank you,

  • Wendy Ellis 20 May, 2:35 pm

    Please can you help, i won an on line eBay auction or a Rogerblack treadmill last Saturaday went and collected it paying £67 cash. It was used for about 3 minutes Saturday and then 20 mins in total Sunday. When I came to use it Monday after work I ran for 10 mins then while at walking speed cooling down it suddenly stopped working. Now when I turn it on the belt doesn’t move and the motor is cracklling and sparking. I asked to seller for a full refund he refused saying it worked when he demonstrated it before handing it over. He has also refused a 50% refund. I feel it should have lasted more then 2 days after purchase. I have logged an eBay case but he still is refusing to take on any reponsibility for its repair. How do I stand?

  • nigel 5 June, 10:40 pm

    I bought two new tyres from ebay which turned out to be second hand what can I do ?

  • C Mash 30 June, 8:42 pm

    Hi, I bought an iPod from Amazon Marketplace and 5 days after receiving it, and only using it in a normal fashion, it broke and could not be fixed by the Apple Store (a replacement would cost £120). The Amazon A-Z Guarantee says that items that become defective, even after their first use, qualify for a refund.

    The seller has said he won’t refund me as it was fine when he sent it and Amazon are currently claiming that their guarantee only covers items that are different to their description or that never arrive, which is clearly incorrect as the guarantee does mention defective items after initial usage.

    Am I covered by any legal rights in this situation? I believe the seller was not acting a business, rather as an individual using the marketplace to sell items as and when they needed to.

  • john 30 July, 5:03 pm


    I am thinking about buying a second user apple Ipad still in warranty of ebay Is the remaining warranty still valid if yes would it require the original receipt.

  • Paul 8 October, 3:42 pm

    Hi there,

    Help if possible please.

    I bought a set of alloy wheels via a seller on ebay and the buyer wanted cash. I paid 550 cash for the wheels and fitted the alloys with tires and it turns out the wheels are bent/buckeled and cause vibration when driving. I have contacted the vendor who has said they were sold as seen. I contest this, as how could i tell they were bent without putting them on a machine or fitting them to a car which is what i did?

    The alloys cost £550 and the tires cost me £400 so where do i stand from a legal perspective. Ebay are not interested because he didnt register the sale.

    Thoughts please.

  • John 9 October, 12:44 am

    Hi, First of all are you sure the wheels are buckled, It would take a lot to buckle an alloy wheel without obvious signs of damage.
    What you describe sounds like you need them balance and possibly tracking checking/adjusting, also are they the standard size for the vehicle? Fitting different size tyres from spec will affect road handling.
    If you are absolutely sure the problem is with the wheels then i would think you will need proof of that – such as a garage report stating it, otherwise i think you will have a hard time getting any refund.
    Also what do you mean by “he didnt register the sale”, It was either on Ebay as a listing or it was private, this comment is nonsense.
    You certainly won’t get anything back for the new tyres you fitted and it doesn’t sound like you have much of a leg to stand on, you would be hard pressed to get any thing back IMO.

  • Colin 9 January, 4:04 pm

    Hi. In October I bought a second generation ipod shuffle on an auction from an ebay seller. He had advertised it as “Condition Used” but also stated it was in perfect working order. Now on the 8th Jan it has packed up and stopped playing. It has not been dropped or miss used. Where do I stand as regard getting a refund from the seller?

  • Terry Williams 10 March, 11:52 am

    HI, I bought what was described as a new modem router on ebay, it was still shrink wrapped – unfortunately it doesnt work – the seller is refusing to to refund my money and keeps refering me back to the manufacturer – I have asked for a full refund within the 7 days but he refuses.

    What are my rights – I paid with my credit card via paypal



  • niki barton 10 March, 9:08 pm

    i recently brought a tv through a auction live bidding site but the tv does not work, i have replied to the auction but basicly they have said tough as its brought as seen, what rights do i have as basicly they have sold me a broken tv

  • Ellie jones 18 March, 10:17 pm

    A month ago I bought a car off auto trader for £3300, it was a private sale and the person we bought it off was also a old family friend. Not even a week after we had the car we started to realise there were a few problems. On the sale of the car I signed a piece of paper saying sold as seen as I genuinely thought I was in safe hands as it was from a friend. We took the car to our local garage and found out that there were problems up to £1500. This included gearbox and dual mass. Our friend said he wasn’t aware of any problems but we have found old visual health checks that clearly state the car had problems….. Where do I stand with this?? I wasn’t told about any problems.
    Should the seller have to pay for the bills? Am I entitled to a refund?
    Please help!
    Regards, Ellie.

  • Chris 31 March, 7:38 pm

    i Bought 2nd hand game via ebay and upon recieving this i found out the game cound not be installed or used due to it having to be registered and it had already been registered~(using its item key) with steam. now steam are telling me i am not allowed to have it or install as the original owner is contracted to the game and no one else, what are my rights regarding transfering ownership to me.

  • Andy 7 April, 4:24 pm

    Hi I bought a brand new phone off of eBay sealed etc.. It could be a private seller I’m not sure anyway the phone keeps freezing and constantly rebooting I phone the manufacture who advise me to take it back to the shop to get a brand new replacement but I said I got it it off ebay and they advise me to get my refund or replacement off the seller but the seller is saying because it new and sealed its not faulty and not damaged so where do I stand on this I have open a case with eBay uk I paid 300 pounds for this item it is faulty any help
    Ps it did state seller does not accept returns

  • Matt 22 April, 4:35 pm

    I bought a tent on ebay from a private seller that was described as being in ‘excellent’ condition & ‘used twice’. I picked the tent up paid cash and when I erected the tent (two weeks later due to snow)this was clearly not the case. It had numerous faults including bent poles, mould patches and guy ropes missing. I contacted the seller who wont take it back. My question is, as the faults with the tent were clearly not described in the listing do I have any rights?

  • Lisa 4 June, 1:15 pm

    I purchased a H Samuel product second hand on Ebay, this product is still available from H Samuel and is listed under engagement rings, I have since contacted H Samuel to ask which wedding rings will be suitable as it has an unusual design to be told that my ring is not an engagement ring, even though it is classed as that on their website.

    Do I have any rights to state false advertising with H Samuel??

  • Carl 26 September, 7:12 pm

    Hi we bout a kids bmx bike off tesco direct website that was marked up at £2.94 so we bought 3 we received confirmation email stating when delivery would be but then 2 days late received another sayin our transaction had to be cancelled due to an error on the price! Can they do this as in theory we have a contract in place having paid for them

  • Maria 8 October, 2:52 pm

    We purchased a part for our car which was fitted by a technician but went wrong 6 miles later . The site gave us a 90 day warranty and states that any part found to be faulty after fitting should be informed to us as soon as fault is found . The supplier ( a buisness not individual) is refusing to honour the warranty saying it must have been fitted wrong or they should have checked it before fitting . The fault was on an internal part which cannot be seen without undoing component which should not be necessary

  • amy 1 July, 2:02 pm

    I have tried to purchase from ebay, left confused. On clothing should the seller say that a dress has been altered and therefore not the size advertised. I have recently purchased two quite expensive dresses from different sources and both had been altered drastically and obviously and therefore could not fit. In each case the seller has not given their own details just a general location e.g. London or Devon. They also say that they do not accept returns

  • Jude Price 16 July, 4:10 pm

    I have purchased a caravan on a site today from ebay.
    It was a buy it now auction of 0.99p but it had a price of £15000 in the description.
    The seller is refusing to give me the said caravan and gas told me it is sold to someone else.
    He has refunded my money without asking me.
    Is there anything I can do.

  • janet 5 January, 6:13 pm

    Hi i bought my daughter ghd straightners from a web site got them for xmas n the have broke ive emailed the company but they havnt got back to me what rights do i have thanks

  • naz 16 January, 4:51 pm

    I bought a refurbished laptop but the battery doesn’t hold charge. The laptop works fine and the eBay listing description only states the laptop is fine. They didn’t state any problems with the battery. What can I do.

  • Thomas Carson 6 February, 10:37 pm

    Ok folks bit of a geeky question I bought fifa coins off a site for fifa 15. I made a mistake with the purchase and contacted the company to rectify the mistake but haven’t received a reply or the coins I have purchased. The site has a 24/7 chat which always seems to be busy they haven’t responded to messages left or emails sent where do I go now? It was only for £14 but it was £14 of my money so not happy.

  • Alyson Thompson 14 February, 8:22 am

    I bought a brand new unopened food processor from private seller on eBay in December 2014 as Christmas present for my son. He has just tried to use it now,February 2015 and it is not working. Am I entitled to any refund?

  • Janner 17 July, 11:59 pm

    I have sold a vintage engine that was listed on ebay but the buyer bought it privately through paypal , I discovered a leak on the engine and informed the buyer and he still insisted on going ahead with the sale knowing of the leak and said he will fix it, he called me when he received the engine and said how nice it was and how it started straight away , he then stripped the engine right down needlessly and has said he found allsorts of issues internally , which is rubbish as the engine had just been rebuilt and was running perfectly to which I have a video of the day it was sent , he has now opened a paypal claim and wants a refund , where do I stand as he was notified of any known faults but still wanted to complete the sale ?

  • N 4 November, 4:33 pm

    If anyone can can advise I would be very grateful.

    I bought a second hand 40 year old guitar from Ebay via Paypal. I collected the guitar myself.

    On close inspection the guitar has a split in the heel between the neck and the body. The guitar shop I took it to for appraisal said they would only recommend a neck reset at a cost of £200. The guitar cost £150.

    The split was not disclosed by the seller.
    The seller has offered me a refund but refuses to make the refund until the instrument is returned. Also I have to pay postage and tracking which, with the cost of driving for four hours to pick it up and taking it to the music shop, means that I am already out of pocket.

    The seller seems immovable.

    Is there any way I can ensure reimbursement?

    Thank you for your time.

  • bernard mccallion 15 November, 10:09 pm

    bought wathphone from 3rd party through amazon the watch would not connect to 2 different network as stand alone phone as described when i ordered the goods the company was named chris.worlduk giving the suggestion the company was british but it turned out to be china i emailed the day after i received it and asked for full refund 1 as it did not do as stated 2 it was different colour than advertised and of poor quility when i started the returns policy amazon stated that i had to go through the companies return policy which staes i will have to wait for the item to reach manufacturor before i get refund what are my rights

  • Neil Carson 2 December, 1:20 pm

    I recently received faulty RAM for my computer form an ebay seller based in China. The RAM doesn’t work, paypal are saying i need to pay the return postage to return the item to China. Is this correct. Seems really unfair.

  • amanda overthrow 31 December, 4:48 pm

    Hi I purchased a ring on Gumtree which has still not arrived two weeks after posting and three weeks after payment. I have reported this to Gumtree but still remain out of pocket..any suggestions please as to a way forward!

  • Freda 28 April, 8:25 pm

    I ordered a pair of shoes online from a co in China 5 days ago, they have taken the money out of my bank account but as yet I still have not received a confirmation email despite several requests, what can I do

  • Karen castrey 1 July, 11:06 pm

    Hi I recently paid for tickets from getmein on the internet I’ve not received the tickets and can not get hold of anyone to speak to them for a refund what do I do now

  • Lee 18 November, 7:58 am

    If I sell on eBay as parts or not working has the buyer got any rights

  • gord 1 January, 6:29 pm

    bought second hand engine were he states it has done 77k so to prove this i asked him for the reg of the car it came out of ,
    as you can now check on the mot web site to con firm this milage bu the company said no i did tell him that he has said its only done 77k he just ignored me .
    what do i do

  • James 9 January, 7:54 pm

    My wife sold my accident damaged written off car on her eBay account, but it was sold outside of eBay i.e. He wasn’t the winner it was removed early, and he never placed any bid to a guy who repairs cars “as a hobby”
    He’s sueing her because it’s got more damage than he thought.
    It sold for £15,000 (current one car on eBay at £45,000) there was a viewing day that he didn’t attend
    I’m sure
    A) there is no contract from eBay
    I accept it was the introductory service
    B) it is my car and my business recieved the proceeds as per the invoice and the log book, the buyer spoke to me directly on the phone and 1 message indicated my wife would ask me the answer to his question
    She is the wrong person to sue

    He has a London barrister coming to court
    Thanks in advance

  • Deborah Adlam 25 January, 4:59 pm

    I have brought a novelty teaset from a local selling site. I paid £20 and was told it would be cleaned which it wasn’t and had a broken lid which would be fixed but wasn’t. I took the items home – 40 mile round trip. I paid my money on the understanding there was a broken lid. I unpacked the items to find that the bottom of the teapot and the spout had bright red blobs all over, the bottom looked like it had been painted on then tried to rub it off after it had been baked ! Am I entitled to insist on a refund. This was a gift as I had explained at the time of buying but feel I was conned. I cannot remove it the paint and cannot gift it, so its £20 wasted.

  • Sue 31 January, 8:12 pm

    I brought ticks to see ed sheeran in concert. I thought I was paying £236 for 3 tickets but to my horror it was £236 each, with an additional £202 administration charge totaling 965, I phone the bank after realising this for them to tell me all we can do is dispute this, and the company can still take the money if they disagree. Help!!!

  • Joe 29 April, 1:24 am

    I bought a pair of used KRK speakers, private seller, via eBay – it was an auction win, not buy it now.

    The seller posted a great description, and included lots of pictures etc, and made this statement:

    “I also want to mention there is a very small scratch on top of one of the speakers (seen on the 5th picture of the single-top down view in the middle) I only noticed it myself upon inspecting closely when coming to sell them, it’s very mild and I never noticed it myself as you really have to look for it.” The speakers were listed as “KRK Rokit 6 G3 PAIR – Well looked after” too.

    When I received the speakers there is significantly more damage than was described, to the extent I would not have bought them had I known. There are multiple scratches, pitted plastic and it seems the speaker has been scraped! The damage was not evident in any of the pictures, so I’m wondering if it was postage damage (although the items arrived pretty well packaged). Seller was great with communication whilst waiting for payment whilst it cleared through PayPal, so I’ve sent them a message with pictures.

    Where do I stand with this – does it fall under items not as described/damaged during postage? Is this a refund, or a case of buyer beware?

    Many thanks!