Paypal Chargeback

When you make a purchase though Paypal you are not covered by section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act and therefore you cannot claim your money back from your credit card provider. However, Paypal transactions are covered by the Visa Debit Chargeback scheme.

When you make a Paypal purchase the corresponding amount is taken from your primary payment card or current account associated with the Paypal account. This makes it straightforward to determine whether a Visa Debit Card was used for a particular transaction or not. It can be more difficult to make this link it you already had money in your Paypal account. This might be the case if you sell items on Ebay, take payments by Paypal and don’t regularly withdraw your money. However, it is still worth putting in a claim, especially if you have missed the deadline for using the Paypal dispute process or were not happy with the outcome. It is important to remember that you have 120 days to make a claim to the bank that issued the card.

You also have the benefit of Paypal Buyer Protection, but this offers only limited protection for consumers.

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  • robert bold 16 May, 6:31 am

    I recently purchased a set of coilover suspension from a ebayer ethal08,he apparently has now sold them over 3 times!!,i put a claim in to paypal (still waiting for outcome) but i understand i will only get my £300 back if there are sufficient funds in ethal08s paypal account to pay me.In my opinion paypal is not safe and buyers beware,unless you get an honest thief that is naive enough to leave your money in his account for you to claim it back after hes gone to the trouble of defrauding you……
    I would not reccomend is not safe..

  • David faulkner 19 August, 12:42 am

    Hi sold 4 tapes on ebay and said in my discription that they werent original i was 100% honest,but this guy didnt read the discription and admited in a email that he thought they were original and didnt read the discription untill after he payed me.he then opened a paypal case for item not as discribed and lost based on the evidence i had against him,he is now threatening me with a chargeback,what i want to know is what are my chances of winning a chargeback paypal dispute when i have a evidence that he admits he didnt read the discription.

  • Kevi Rooney 7 February, 5:11 pm

    Dear Sirs
    This is to let you know that my dispute with WILLIAMLUKE has been resolved and my account has recharged by Barclaycard. I was recharged on the 24th January so the case should now be closed against WILLIAMLUKE.

  • Gurpreet 13 April, 3:12 pm

    Paypal is the most unuser freindly site you can possibly ever come across. the staff are very un helpful together with there overall attitude towards the seller as they forget who pays the fees and how they earn there money. I would not recomend anyone to use paypal as it is problem after problem and solving them is a huge task as they dont make it easier and a smooth process

  • nashyy42 7 October, 11:22 pm

    you have no chance paypal & ebay act seperately when it suits them. They just send you emails from an address you cannot contact them directly you have to answer set question, that is if you can find one to suit & you will not.

  • chris 19 October, 1:23 am

    OK i sold item on e/bay& proof of postage .then two mths later paypal took money back outa my account .said buyer said they didnt authorise payment ! so i lost my money my item & got hit with the fee from paypal .paypal said that the claiment wasnt disputing delivery but won the claim as there card had been used by a family member.(eh) whos robbin who !!! i have reported paypal tactics to fsa & f.o & rip of britain tv show .

  • Peter Samuel 18 November, 3:19 pm

    PayPal users BEWARE! another foreign company, based in a tax haven called Luxembourg, with their own CRAP rules are FLEECING the BRITISH people! No matter what you say to them, or what evidence you produce, they do NOT abide by our BRITISH laws!!
    Please can anyone here do something for me: Keep Reporting these fraud merchants to the FSA or OFT or WHICH or anyone else who will take notice. We are being conned by all these large companies who never pay any UK tax – why are we so dumb??

  • Will CAPSTICK 13 December, 12:59 pm

    Does anyone know how to make a complaint about Paypal?

    I sold an item in August for £200, received the money through Paypal and received positive feedback from the buyer who had a great record and 1000 feedback. On November the 29th Paypal contact me wanting proof of postage (3 months later!) which I don’t still have, as the buyer is claiming their money back. Because I don’t have proof they have taken the £200 back to the buyer. Obviously I’m fuming and Paypal are less than unhelpful when I call. I want to take this further.


  • Dagnis 2 April, 9:22 pm

    I wont get back anything as you don’t have the proof of delivery.. This is why you never use paypal.

  • roseanne beatson 22 February, 11:35 pm

    today my debit card denied me access to my account…this was due to me trying to purchase credits on using paypal….WHY DID THIS HAPPEN?…….it was quite distressing……the fraud dept at my bank brought it to my attention!!!!

  • joanne scott 11 March, 7:50 pm

    I wrote you an e mail a few weeks ago and i am disgusted nobody has replied to my complaint. On february 17th somebody used my pay pal and my card was debited for it £52-48 its says the following ,card payment to paypal williamconw, on 14-2-14. i am sure you have the tecnology to check from my account if i used it that day.There is only me in my family that has used paypal. I use it at christmas time and for birthday but if you look on my account you know i dont use it offered
    I have spoken to my mp today and he told me to contact you today andI have a meeting a week today with him, I need the money putting back in my bank account not paypal account as i will never be using it again

    i hope to hear from you soon out of curtisy

    joanne scott

  • sandra threlkeld 1 April, 10:27 am

    i have just had a email, asking me to log into my account and confim my password, it says my account has been restricted until i do this, is this a genuine email from payal.

  • Peter Otitju 20 July, 10:04 am

    I purchased a software on the line Reimage software from a Merchant G2s (sc) on 21/06/2014 which I pay £8.95 the description code is 724760968 I did not hear neither received the goods please can you contact the seller what happen

  • Raymond Hume 29 September, 8:40 am

    I am having great difficult in obtaining a refund of £12.49 from BabzMedia transaction number 82U24680S16976T. My reference is cat 20191. It would appear that the money has been sent back to BabzMedia/ Could you please help me?

  • tina austin 24 October, 12:36 am

    i pd a 3.60 for goods i have never recieved on the september 4th i have gave them long enough to send but they not ansewrin any off ther msgs thank u