Phones 4U caught mis-selling

Phones 4 U has been in the news again – for all the wrong reasons. They have been under investigation by Ofcom for the last 6 months, in response to the high number of consumer complaints regarding hidden charges, mis-selling and poor customer service.

The telecoms regulator found them guilty of engaging in the following practices which are both unfair and unlawful:

  • Mis-selling phones to customers by making untrue or misleading statements regarding network coverage, what elements would be included in service agreements, cancellation rights and upgrades.
  • Not providing refunds in respect of faulty handsets
  • Use of unfair terms in their ‘chequeback’ schemes and handset returns policy

Although Phones4U was not fined, they have signed a legally binding Enforcement Order, requiring them to improve or face prosecution.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Chances are it does. Once again, complaints regarding mobile phone contracts and handsets feature prominently in Consumer Direct’s top ten for 2008. Take a look at What Consumer’s mobile phones guide for more on consumer rights, or look at Ofcom’s web site if you are finding that your complaints are falling on deaf ears.

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  • ben 25 February, 10:29 am

    This happened to me, sales rep in store made claims to encourage me to sign contract (which were untrue). When I complained to the manager he threatened my with poor credit score if I didn’t continue the contract.

  • Richie 2 April, 1:05 pm

    I also fell victim to this, They added insurance to my contract after i denied it i did not find this hidden charge untill 14 months after my contract had expired. They refused to refund me after i cancelled the direct debit and threatened me with bad credit.

    They also had a phone listed on my contract that i had never even heard of never mind signed for. They also claimed the phone was capable of things it was not, then upon addressing the issues they denied saying it although i have 2 witnesses.

    After 18 months i got a new contract with 3 directly because wild lions would not make me go back to Phones 4 u, or should i say clowns 4 u.

    Only to find out 13 months after that, after ringing 3 that i was with an independant dealer although the phone call claimed to be on behalf of 3.

    3 Customer care claimed i was with Phones 4u. Phones 4 u refuse to acknowledge my complaints or issues although they do call me trying to sell me a contract every month.


    • Zoe 16 March, 11:05 pm

      I signed a contract with them, then cancelled it the next day. I never thought any more of it. 12months later i was sorting out my finances and found i was making a £10 payment every month to some obscure company. It turned out i was paying for insurance for a phone i didnt even have! Phones4u never cancelled the insurance for me when i took the phone back. Fortunately my bank (Natwest) took care of it all for me- paid me the amount i was owing then claimed it back from the company. I dont know whether your bank provides this service, but it might help. I have just submitted a complaint to phones4u because my mum just bought me a phone as a gift, unfortunately its the wrong model on the wrong network. They told her they cannot even exchange it! Its disgusting.

  • kamran 4 March, 5:39 am

    They refuse to refund or exchange battery chargers that are faulty.

    Sorry phones 4 you

    Sad 4 you

  • Suzie 8 March, 3:02 pm

    I fell victim to phones4U con as well. My daughter who’s abroad most of the time wanted to use BBM to keep in touch with all her friend. We went in Phones 4U in Meadowhall Sheffield, after stressing this requirement of using BBM abroad, we were assured the contract offered is “Free worldwide BBM”! Only when my daughter started using the phone, we were told by the network that the contract does not include “Free worldwide BBM”! We went to the store comnplained about mis-selling, the saleperson apologised for misinforming. When we asked for ways of correcting this, Manager Andy did not do anything but to log my complaint to headoffice, but instead of telling the truth, he told a big lie that use of BBM abroad was never mentioned. How appauling! Using it abroad was the only reason we bought the contract! Obviousy they will not have to have any responsibity if they lie as such! Now the matter remained unsolved. We are gettin charged for using BBM abroad as well as the contract amount which is a total waste when my daughter is abroad 30 wks annually. I would never ever shop with phones4U and have advised all friends not to as well, they did have quite a reputation in conning customers.

  • Josie 24 May, 11:13 am

    I have had a simular experiance with Phones4U. They sold me a mobile phone which was advertised as the upgrade to my previous one. The box was not opened in the shop, when I got it hope and opened it, the battery was completly bent and dented and the mobile was increadibly slow and much worse than the “older” model. I took it back, the manager who was there and sold me the phone, then told me I couldnt have a refund because it was only a cosmetic fault and refused to do anything about it. He also refused to say to head office that -he- did not open the box to check, just meerly said he was present when the phone was sold, he knew he had messed up!

    I would -never- shop there again, they have terrible customer service. Stay away!

    • Magesh M 15 July, 4:50 pm


      I’ve faced the similar incident with Phones4U. Very worst customer service. In order to make you sign the contract, they’ll tell all the lies and false hopes and promises they can make. When I went for an upgrade for HTC desire they said had discontinued and offered me Samsung Galaxy for a higher monthly rate and said that’s the cheapest tariff available for this model on the network (Vodafone). After reaching home, I checked on net and shocked to know there are hell a lot of cheap and best options available for the same phone and with the same network. Also they have increased my contract from 18 months to 24 months, but vodafone is still offering 18 months contract. When I contacted the sales rep/manager in the shop, their tone was different and total useless in the service they offer. One thing they said was “you had signed the contract, now nothing can be done. You have to live with it for next 24 months”. Pathetic phones4u…they actually means to convey that “coming to phones4u means more problems4u!!!!

      Please be very vigilant when you are dealing with them and better to stay away.

  • David 13 July, 4:06 pm

    just went to get an iphone 4 from phones 4 u who told me ‘the FSA state it must only be sold with insurance at extra cost’

    I told the store manager i have phone insurance via my bank account and home insurance yet he insisted it was a regulated requirement.

    When i told him i work in financial serivces and recognised he is misselling a product i dont need – even though i told him i dont need it he admitted to me it was for his targets and bonus.

    there is no way the FSA would force a consumer to buy something they dont need, he pointed to the sentence saying the insurance is FSA approved expecting me to not think otherwsie.

    Not impressed, it took considerable arguing and threats to report him and phones 4 u until he changed his mind on the insurance.

    Suffice to say i told them where to go and got my phone elesewhere

    be warned, they are trained to con!

  • Sarah 26 August, 10:39 am

    I went into Solihull phones 4 u to ask if/when they could do an early buy-out from my existing contract, for a new phone, as I’m coming up to the time when I could this (1 month remaining), they said they would take a look then confirmed that they could do it immediately.

    What they failed to mention when I said I wanted the iPhone, was that they don’t do buy-outs for the iPhone. So they put my new IPhone through as a simple upgrade with me left to pay the remainder of my old contract – over £140!!! At the time when I asked if there was anything I had to do or pay at all, I was told no, just quick call to my old service provider to tell them I’ve cancelled and set up something else.

    Having contacted phones 4 u head office, even they have said I’ve been mis-sold the phone, however because the shop are telling them a load of bull, I now have to go back to the shop to have it out with them direct before they will take it any further!

    I cannot stress enough what con artists these people are! I’m not stupid and had done my research, having spoken to another phones 4 u store and knew exactly what I was asking for . . . . . I clearly asked for a ‘buy-out’ and at no point was told that is not what I had got or what they had done for me. They had blatantly lied, on numerous occasions, throughout the sale to make the sale. To call this mis-selling does not really do it justice, as it is fraud pure and simple!! I will not let this issue go until they either take the phone back and give me my old one or settle the debt they have caused, and will go all the way to court if I have to!

  • sian 14 September, 9:29 pm

    has any one experienced taken out a contract for a friend/family member after being lead to believe this is possible within the next few days that follow to transfer ownership over only to find AFTER signing that you have to wait at least 3 months.

  • Alice 20 September, 6:20 pm

    Basically, I was mis-sold a contract with Vodaphone: I was told I had 1GB of data allowance, but I only have 500MG (half the amount (which apparently none of the sales reps seemed to know!)).

    I have been in store 4 times, trying to get this sorted, been promised numerous callbacks, none of which were ever received.
    Finally, after mentioning the magic word (“solicitors”) I received a call back, to be informed that the contract they put me on didn’t exist. So I am now waiting another 5 working days for a callback, whilst they try and resolve this.

    Personally, I am not happy with the way they have handled this, and since I have been missold my contact, that should be void, and they should cancel the damn thing.

    It has now been 3.5 weeks since I originally contacted them (after getting my first bill and finding out that I was not getting the promised data allowance).

  • Lucy 26 September, 1:00 pm


    I have a friend who went to Phones4U and tried to buy a Samsung Monte only to be told that she, A) was not old enough to buy the phone, B) that there was no way she could pay for it and C) that she should think about getting a cheeper phone because she would only lose it!!

    At the time she was 18… yes 18 a legal adult, she even had ID but the staff called it a fake and told her to leave the shop before they called security.

    We decided to test Phones4U and sent her little sister in three weeks later, who was 14, and see if the staff would let her buy the phone. To our amazement they let her!!! They said nothing about her age, the price or ask her for ID.

    This time however we were ot stupid we took pictures and even got her to take a tape recorder in and record the entire conversation with the staff.

    However when we complained, the staff refused to believe us even when we played the tape. After half an hour of talking to the staff they were so annoyed with us that they threatened to call the police and have us arrested.

    Nevertheless, that is exactly what WE DID. We took all our evidence to our local station and told our story and the officers listened and then proceeded to say that there wasn’t much they could do anbout the phone but they asked for the tape to add to their every growing pile of evidence against the store!!!

    That was three years ago. Amazingly however the day the store manager and the police were meant to appear in court a representative from Phone4U arrived and told us how the two members of staff we had spoken to weren’t even under employement by Phones4U so the company could not be held responsible for there actions. Therefore both the police evidence and our testimonies were invalid and our claims against the store could not be proved or used in a court case against them!!

    The police detective incharge of our case was shocked and determined to gather more evidence against the company even though we had nothing against them now.

    However, the police are still investigating the store, its employees and anyone else that was conected to it in any way. They are still forming their case.

    Don’t be played for a fool!! Stand your ground and say NO!! When you think something isn’t right!!

  • spencer chapman 20 December, 10:16 am

    I purchased a nokia n97 around sept 09 from the meadowhall store in sheffield on a 2 year contract, before i signed the contract i asked the sales advisor in store what network was best for full internet access on this phone, and without even asking me where i lived he said vodafone without a shadow of a doubt, since having the phone i have had it replaced within around two weeks of the contract starting, because the cover which slides over the camera lens on the rear of the phone was scratching the lens, so they replaced the handset with a brand new nokia n97.
    since i have had this second handset i have had nothing but problems with it, the phone started to freeze when i unlocked the handset, for example its a touch screen, and i could not access any applications on the screen until the handset finely decides to sort itself out, and also when the phones locked in my pocket and some ones rings me it again freezes so i cant answer the call, and eventually have to ring them back.
    so i took the phone back to the store in meadowhall to send back for repair, they sent the phone to the phones4u repair centre for repair on the 31/03/10, and it was sent back as having been reset and upgraded to a newer version, it seemed to work fine for around a week, and then exactly the same issues were present, so again i took the phone back to the store and they sent it for repair a second time, this was on the 21/04/10, whilst at the repair centre their conclusion was that no fault was found, so they sent it back to me via courier on the 27/04/10, but guess what within two days of receiving it back i was at the store again with the same problems, luckily one of the stores sales team actually witnessed the problem, so he phoned the repair centre and said that the last time it was sent back as no fault found, and that there was clearly a fault with the phone, so could he send it fast track for the attention of a supervisor, this was on the 01/05/10, now i know this was a bank holiday weekend, but that was ok as i have a cheap handset to use, the phone was not delivered at the repair centre until 06/05/10 and was not even booked in until 07/05/10 and up to press 08/05/10 they still have not even looked at it, is this what they call fast track service.
    on phoning the phones4u customer service and asking, because it has gone away for a third time will i be able to get a new handset if it goes faulty again, i was told no not really as it has only been repaired twice, i informed them the handset had actually been away three times, but they said technically the second time was not a repair as there was no fault found, i explained that this was not my fault if they cant be bothered to examine the phone properly, but they still insisted that the second time was not classed as a repair, i have informed them that the internet is full of customers who have the same problems as me, i have phoned phones4u customer services twice now and also phones4u head office and i am just going round in circles, they say they may replace the handest if its faulty on this return, but with another nokia n97, i have informed them that i do not want another nokia n97 as it will go faulty again, but they say that is the phone that the contract is for, like i said i have phoned them and asked if we cant just cut to the chase and replace the phone now rather than waste everyones time and effort, but no they are still saying they want to wait until the phone comes back, to see if goes faulty again, which it will.
    now in my opinion i could cancel this contract because they have 1- miss sold me the coverage, by saying that vodafone was best for internet access, without even asking me where i lived and i dont have very good internet access wherever i am anyway and the signal is rubbish. and 2- the phone does not do what it states it can do, ie- faulty cant access things half the time.
    whilst this is ongoing i am forced to pay £35 a month for a rubbish basic phone.
    when the phone was launched it was launched as a i-phone killer, so phones4u say that if it is replaced it will be like for like, so in my opinion its like a i-phone, so i want a i-phone, or something like it.

    since i have had the phone back, it has worked reasonably ok, until now, where guess what the phone is faulty again and im now out of my 3 months period of a replacement. the phone drops calls, freezes, touch screen is unresponsive, resets itself half way through a call, the screen trim is falling off, the camera lens cover has fallen off, the button on the side of the phone that allows you to lock/unlock the phone has fallen off and the screen is scratched (and i only use the stylus that was provided with the phone). so now i have to start all over again with the repair process and see if it goes faulty again three times in a three month period before i can get a replacement. i have phoned them numerous times and they just fob me off stating i must send it away for repair, i dont see why i should, it dosnt make the phone any better, and now im outside of the 1 year warranty with p4u so it would have to be sent direct to nokia which offers a two year warranty, but i was informed by p4u that i might be charged for this if its not a software fault, so i dont want to risk it to be honest, i have been into the store on several occasions also and they dont seem bothered in the slightest, they just refer me to customer services.
    i have had the phone for around 15 months now and to be honest i would say i have only been able to use the phone correctly and without fault for around 2 months, the rest of the time it has been away for repair or it has been playing up.
    according to the sale of goods act they must offer to repair at least once and then if it goes wrong a second time i am quite within my rights to have a replacement.

  • kirsty 29 December, 10:33 pm

    i dont know what to do about my phones 4 u contract that i got on o2 i have had no end of trouble with phones 4 u starting with them keep passing me on to o2 then the customer service was shocking when i did speak to phone’s 4 u. now i have just found out they have sold me a contract that o2 does not even do. i am ment to be gtin 300 mins unlimited txts and 500mb internet, but i am being charged an extra £5 for the internet even tho i was told it was included in my contract and it is on the thing i sighned that it is included. i want out of this contract as i have had no end of problems with them but i dont know how to go about getting out of it. surly i should be able to as it was mis sold to me and i have proof of this. has anyone got any advice??

    p.s i would recomend NO ONE goes to phones 4 u as they are just cones

  • Chery Coverdale 9 January, 6:33 pm

    Bought my son a pay as you go phone for Christmas, after one week it stopped sending and recieving texts. Took it back,they tried to send me away to the network supplier (Vodaphone) saying it was there problem. They finally agreed to replace it. Two weeks later it is not working again. Took the phone back to the phones 4 U store in Bedford and asked for a refund. Took nearly two hours to finally get my money back (£30!)They had to follow procedures and Manager (very unhelpful, full of attitute and who wouldn’t give his name) was not authorised to give refunds. Disgusted with the customer service in the store, especially that of the Manager.

  • Tom 24 February, 9:17 pm

    Back in 2005 I took out a 12 month contract with phones4u at at the time speciffically asked for no phone isurance as I don’t ever have it even on my latest expensive handset and its simply a con anyway!

    Anyway over 5years passed then one day while looking through my bank statements I notice a DD being taken for the amount of £7.99 under the name of “POLICY ADMIN CHARGE” Weird I thought so I went to my bank to discover that it was nothing to do with any over draft or similar bank charges but in fact some form of insurance!

    They checked the computer and found no copy of a digitally copied DD mandate and so stopped the payments and told me to claim under the DD indemnity which I did and within 10 days i had the full £487 back!!! a lot of money I might add on insurance for a phone that was never worth any more than £100 when new!

    I then received this feb 2011 a letter threatening me with court action from phones4u/PAS(policy admin services) saying that I have 7 days to repay all the monies to them in full or else basically!

    So I contact them only to be fobbed off by a phones4u legal department employee stating that I did agree to it and that they sent me all the relative paper work etc (which they did not) and they also never send the policy out recorded delivery only std, mmm dodgy!!

    and the worst part is that this sister company of phones4u PAS never contacts you (EVER) not to offer any services or once a year as with car/home insurance to ask if you wsh to continue the cover or to cancel etc they just keep taking and taking hoping you wont spot it!

    An absolute CON and THEFT and I urge everyone who has ever had a contract from phones4u to check their statements for the “policy admin charge/serv” and if its there complain like hell if you never agreed to take a phone insurance.

    Iam still battling this matter out and it may even go to court, I have just sent all the realative information to the FOS and am awaiting a reply, I would be greatful to hear from anyone else who this has happened to or is happening to as its not right and must surely be illegal? and if so something needs to be done to stop phones4u and PAS oonce and for all!!

  • Neil McKenzie 9 March, 5:59 pm


    Regarding your email I have recently discovered the same thing on my bank account. I have had two phone contracts through phones 4 u. The first insurance I can remember taking out and then cancelling when I realised it was a con. The second contract I have no recollection of but obviously they had my direct debt details through the phone contract.

    I tried to explain to Phones 4 U that I had never received any paperwork from the company regarding this insurance but they deny this is the case. They then said it that any phone I had would be insured which I cant believe. They are supposed to be sending out the paperwork to me I will wait with baited breath

    Anyway I was starting to doubt myself but after reading the above I realise I am not alone. I will speak to my bank tommorow and see what I can do about it and then send a letter to Phones 4 U

  • Magic Jacker 30 March, 3:05 am

    The Magic Jack is a fantastic VoIP device. Never had any challenges with it! Saved a ton of cash.

  • mark 5 April, 3:17 pm

    OK, I have just had a run in with Phones4U, when I tried to cancel a contract “upgrade” 1 day into my 7-day cooling-off period. They repeatedly tried to tell me I had no ability to cancel as it was an upgrade blah blah blah…I took advice from Orange and others and found out that these cowboys have been causing a lot of trouble lately – I certainly will NEVER do business with them again. I am now going to call OfCom!

    • Jack Ellis 29 May, 11:51 pm

      How did you get on with Ofcom. What is the law / procedure with Phones for you and their cooling off period. I changed my mind before I recieved the phone as I felt I had been rail roaded into this contract by them phoning me . However they wont let me return it as it is a continuation of contract. Yes I was with Orange and wanted to continue with Orange, but my problem was how much it was going to cost me and the phone was an old model?? Has anyone succeeded in returning their phone. Can anyone help or advise me.
      I have followed all normal routes but to no avail

  • adam 13 April, 10:08 am

    they tried same with me last year in april, tried to say the only way i could get the phone was if i bought insurance too. i said ok and got home and canceled the direct debit on the insurance part. got a phonecall from the insurance company and just told them i’d never bought it so don’t know why phones4u put a direct debit on it.

  • thomas 12 September, 3:15 am

    same thing as me mate i called them the next day to see if my phone as been sent out told me they have’nt got it in sock so i told them i wanted to put a stop to it cos i did’nt want to wait for my iphone4 they give me same story i cant cos i was’nt aloud im going to call orange up later to tell them not to set anythink up comeing from phones4u

  • jo 18 October, 7:31 am

    my phone has water damage so rung PAS who told me they can not give me a new phone as they cancelled my insurance 3mths ago but then she turnt around and said they tried to take a payment last friday errrrm but you cancelled it 3mths ago im so confused and dont knw what to do now how do i go about getting a new phone anyone know …. phones4u are a joke

  • wlg 25 October, 12:47 pm

    pre-ordered a iphone4s of p4u and i still havent got the phone and keep getting told the same crap story about out of stock.

    They can’t even give me a indication of when i will get it,don’t use phones4u,you will soon find out that they don’t give a crap about you.

  • jo 25 October, 10:14 pm

    just an update still got no phone as p4u and pas will not do anything to help or try to fix it PURE CON-ARTISTS 🙁

  • Asim 28 October, 12:53 am

    me, another poor victim of phones 4 you. offered me 1200 minuts but sent me contract of 900 minuts.. they have listen all recorded call but still threatning me to keep it or cancle it ..

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  • Toni 14 June, 8:03 pm

    All i have read is how bad phones4u are.. however i have two contract through them, been into 3-4 stores, and each and everytime i received great service from them along with a really good deal.. even after 2 weeks of getting my sencond contract i had a issue with the phone charging.. they swapped the phone and sorted there and then. they even had the courtesy to call my 7 days later to make sure everything was okay!!! not to mention how the showed and demod 3 different phones when i couldnt decide on which one, they werent pushy or just trying to make money. A lady called Toni stood out from all these sales reps.. i dont think i have had service this great in quite a long time.
    The stores i have visited are :
    Aldershot (hampshire)
    Guildford (surrey)
    Camberley (surrey)
    Farnborough (hampshire)

  • Alex Iliff 18 August, 1:57 pm

    I visited Phones4U with my 13 year old son on 16 August 2012 to buy a SIM card for my son’s iphone. On this first visit, we received peremptory service, with the manager being pre-occupied with making higher value sales to 2 other customers, continually leaving me to oversee negotiations notionally being conducted by his 2 sales staff. After about 45 minutes we left the shop with a SIM card we understood from the sales rep to be compatible with a Tesco registered iphone (having explained that we had bought the phone from Tesco) – and we paid £25 for top up. On returning home we found it didn’t work. When we returned 2 hours later to resolve the matter we were told that the SIM was not compatible with a Tesco registered phone but that Phone4U does not give refunds. All 3 of the staff in the shop were dismissive and unhelpful. After being ignored for a considerable time, the manager asserted that I had come into the shop requesting a particular brand of SIM – I said that I had not, but on the contrary had asked them to advise about compatibility with my son’s phone. The sales rep who had served me was uncooperative and rude, and also alleged I had not asked him to advise on compatibility, despite my son and I both pointing out otherwise. After 80 minutes of waiting and arguing I finally left the shop with a refund – I will not be using Phones4U again once my current contract with them has expired.

  • Alison Howlett 25 March, 8:32 pm

    I bought a Galaxy S3 at phones4u. I loved the phone and really enjoyed it for a couple of weeks. Then it just died on me. Wouldn’t even turn on. Because I had only had it a couple of weeks I tried taking it back inshore.

    I was told no refunds!!! But how can you not refund me. I hadn’t even had the phone long and it was already a shiny brick. I was pretty sure I was within my rights to get a refund after such a short period. But they wouldn’t budge. I stood around for an hour or so loudly complaining and telling any customer that came in my story. This annoyed the staff a great deal! thankfully to the point where they gave me my money back just to get rid of me!

    I should of had to take it to that extent to get my money back though!!!

  • Lynda McEwan 19 May, 5:50 pm

    My teenage daughter was assaulted 2 days ago and robbed of her mobile phone whilst walking home one evening. She has a police incident number and 2 arrests have so far been made. She has insurance cover with Phones 4u however they have told her the insurance does not cover the phone for theft. She signed the contact for the phone and took out insurance less than a month ago. Even though she explained what had happened to her and showed the staff member the police incident card, she was all but brushed aside with a passing comment of “your insurance does not cover you for theft”. I am absolutely disgusted that she has been mis sold the insurance, because she is adamant that at the time she purchased the insurance there was no mention of the phone not being covered if it was stolen, and even more disgusted at the service she received from the member of staff who could not have cared less.
    Needless to say we will be contacting Trading Standards and the local and national press in the hope Phones 4u put all their staff through some kind of customer service and insurance policy training programme.
    It was upsetting for me to listen to my daughter in tears saying that she is stuck with the contract as there is nothing Phones 4u can do.
    Terrible, terrible behaviour indeed. Tsk Tsk and shame on you!
    Rest assured I will be taking this matter up with Phones 4u head office, however if their in-store staff attitude is anything to go by, I am not holding out any hope of coming to any kind of arrangement with Phones 4u.

  • Arun 27 June, 7:39 am

    My contract expired last month but i have been charged this month as well

  • Claire 28 June, 11:29 am

    They just miss sold me a contract causing me to become overdrawn and a lot of stress. I couldn’t pay my rent or get food shopping for a few days due to this and I am pregnant which made it even worse. I did question the sales rep about the contract for about an hour before I agreed to it yet he lied to me without any guilt of what he was doing to me. I have contacted citizens advise consumer helpline who have reported this to trading standards and they advised me what they did was a criminal offence and they have to pay me for damages. Look on your contracts in the small print from phones4u it states in terms of monthly agreement in section 5 through to 6 that they have to pay up for fraudulent misrepresentation. I would honestly uphold this as I am doing right now if you feel this has happened to you.

  • louise ratcliffe 18 September, 11:35 am

    About 6 weeks ago I signed a contract with phones 4u which included a free tablet , I am still waiting for this to arrive ,what happens now ,they said roughly 3 weeks for it to come

  • C Ebanks 22 September, 2:19 pm

    Dear sir/madam,
    I too have been hit with a massive phone bill over £300 this month over 200 last month- due to the fact phones for u arranged my contract and it was verbal and I was told unlimited access to internet- Vodafone have told me that the unlimited is only for the first 3 months and after that it is not free- is there anyway in which you can help me because I am struggling financially to pay off all these charges