Returns and refunds

Getting your money back

Under the distance selling regulations, you are quite within your rights to change your mind at any time within the first seven days, return the goods and get a full refund. This means without financial penalty of any kind – such as a cancellation charge or a ‘restocking’ fee. The supplier must also refund any delivery charges paid by you, and any other costs related to the contract. Refunds must be made within 30 days from cancellation, whether or not the goods have been sent back. Any related credit agreements will also cease to exist.

You may be required to pay to return the goods, but you must have been informed of this as part of the pre-contractual information. if the goods are faulty, then under Sale of Goods, the supplier will always bear the cost of returning them.

Returning the goods

Unless you are required to return the goods, and you were informed of this, your only obligations are to make the goods available for collection and to take reasonable care of them while they are in your possession. This is called a duty of care. Where the supplier has made provision to collect the goods, this duty of care expires after 21 days, but where you have agreed to return the goods, your duty of care continues until you do this and could be for as long as 6 months.


Under a distance selling contract, a supplier cannot make refunds subject to the goods being returned unopened in their original packaging. One of the principles of the distance selling regulations is to give you a chance to examine the goods at home, not having had a chance to do so in the shop. It would be impossible for you to do this without opening the packaging and trying the product out. Having said this, you will still be under a duty to take reasonable care of the goods while in your possession, and may be subject to certain instructions such as not to wear shoes outdoors, or remove hygiene seals. But you can  never be penalised simply because you did not return the goods in their original packaging.

Mail order and distance selling

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  • L.van der Veen 12 December, 8:43 am

    dear sir,i received mobile phones and had a 7 working day cancellation period.I informed them by e.mail on the 7th day of my cancellation.They insist that as they received the phones back on the 8th day i had gone outside the cooling off period. was this right of them to do this? waiting for your response.L. van der veen

  • Catriona 12 December, 10:59 pm

    L. van der Veen, Your 7 day cooling off period runs from the day AFTER the day on which you received the goods. As long as the supplier is in receipt of your intention to cancel within this 8 day period, you can cancel. It does not refer to the time by which they must receive back the goods. It was therefore wrong of them.

  • corinne 11 March, 5:59 pm

    i purchased some items from ann summers and unfortunatly 2 of the items did not fit so following the instructions on the invoice i went onto the website to get the address to return them. under the address it says
    Please note:Videos, DVDs, Books, Magazines and clearance and/or sale items cannot be returned unless they are faulty, so please be sure of your selection before ordering.

    i am wondering if this is allowed as regardless of them being sale items i still needed to try them on to see if they fitted. i have never heard of this at other sites as regularly buy from sales.

  • Catriona 12 March, 12:34 am

    Corinne, you have a cooling off period of 7 days for most items bought from websites – certainly for all the items you have mentioned whether or not they are sale items. Therefore you are within your rights to send back the items you have bought within your 7 day cooling off period for a full refund.

  • william winnard 2 March, 8:36 pm

    I bought a camera for £182 from simply electronics, they told me it was a 10 day delivery, after 10 days I contacted the company by email asking where my camera was as they had deducted the price from my account, they told me that the camera had been damaged and they could not supply the same camera in the future, I told them I did not want a different camera and asked for a refund of the cash they had deducted on the 26 january 2010, and after numerous reminders I am still waiting for a refund,

    cany you please advise


    • Tony 2 March, 11:17 pm

      They are supposed to provide refunds within 28 days. I would speak to your bank and either do a Visa Debit Chargeback or a Section 75 claim under the Consumer Credit Act, which makes the credit card company equally liable for the non-delivery.


      • william winnard 3 March, 7:36 pm

        thanks, I will try the bank recharge as I paid on my debit card

  • Barrie Thomas 3 March, 11:44 am

    I bought a camera yesterday to replace one I thought was broken. However, the original camera mow works perfectly (new batteries ) should I be able to ask the shop for a refund on the basis that the camera I bought is still in it’s shrink wrapped origianl packaging and obviously unsed in any way? And are they obliged in any way to provide a refund?

    • Tony 8 March, 12:12 am

      Barrie, you have no right to return goods simply because you have changed your mind. However, many shops have returns policies that allow you to do this, but you need to check what the terms are. Argos, for example, would probably accept this back.

      • Barrie Thomas 8 March, 12:58 pm

        Thanks for the reply Tony – They did 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Richard 4 March, 7:11 pm

    I bought a shirt. I removed the tag, but did not wear the shirt, and retained all packaging. The website’s refund says “If you are not completely happy with your purchase we can either exchange, offer store credit or refund the ordered goods, provided they are returned to us with proof of purchase within 7 days in their original condition* i.e.
    *The tags have not been removed
    *The garment has not been worn, washed or damaged
    *The packaging is returned ”

    Is the condition that the tags must have not been removed consistent with Distance Selling Regulations?


    • Tony 8 March, 12:38 am

      Richard, it goes against the spirit of the regulations see section 3.58

      • Richard 8 March, 2:28 pm

        Hi Tony,

        Thanks for your response. I am a bit confused – is the “original tags” against the spirit, or is trying to return something where the tags have been removed against the spirit (I could see it going either way!)



  • Matt E 8 March, 10:17 pm

    I sent an online purchase back due to size issues. I used all the original packaging and used royal mail recorded delivery (which they suggested) I have received and email saying the item is damaged so they won’t accept a return. They are sending me the damaged garment back and have have no intention of replacing it.
    The damage must have occured during transit back to the shop or by them. They are accusing me of damaing the garment.
    What can I do, I paid for the dress with a visa debit.

  • xavier 12 March, 12:46 pm

    I just got an iphone from a phone comapny over the phone four days ago and i realised i am not happy and satified with it’s features.i want to return it back. but the company says that since i have inserted my sim card and used the phone that i cannot return it.Please advice on what i can do next. Thanks.

  • julie 12 March, 8:46 pm

    I recently purchased a very expensive mahogany leather sofa still under warranty, but it has started changing colour in a few places where head and hands rest, becoming a pillar box red they sent someone out to examine the sofa but they refuse to take reposibility and class this as wear and tear? Is this legal as it is barely six months old and appears to me to be a laquer has been used and not very well thats why it is coming off.

    Please help adise me 🙁

  • Jane 20 March, 4:55 pm

    I ordered an Aquadart square showerhead from an on-line supplier. The shower head I received was round. I requested a square one to be despatched, and it was. I had agreed with the supplier that they would collect the round showerhead from me. It was collected,on 10 December 2009, but returned to me again the following day. I emailed the supplier and explained and agreed it would be uplifted. I even had an email thanking me for my honesty, but it has still never been uplifted. Can you advise me of my legal position as to whether this showerhead is now my property or not. Many thanks, Jane

  • Duane Avison 25 March, 9:50 pm

    hello ive purchased some video games around december/january from thehut and zavvi which i no longer require they are still packaged and unused and they are saying they will not accept them back,the terms and conditions state this-Returns
    In order to ensure our customers receive the best level of service and are happy to indulge their sweet tooth we offer a comprehensive returns policy in the unlikely event that you are not 100% satisfied with sweets delivered. Please note that the following returns procedure must be followed, and failure to do so may result in us being unable to exchange goods or provide refunds. Also please be aware that we cannot be held responsible and provide refunds/exchanges on stock affected by circumstances beyond our control. This includes damage and neglect after goods are received, goods being stored in climatic conditions such as extremes of temperature that can affect some items – items often stick together or alter appearance slightly, but will taste the same and damage by third parties. In addition please be aware that during the hot summer months goods in transport can be effected by the heat so be aware that delicate items such as chocolate may not always look as intended, but they will of course still taste as good as ever.

    Should you wish to return an item for any reason please notify us within 48 hours of receipt of your order of any part that is unsatisfactory. In order to arrange a return, please contact us and inform our customer service team of your order number, the item you are returning and the reason for the return.

    We will then reply with a unique returns authorisation number and the address you need to send the item to.

    You’ll need to package the item securely and include:

    •Your order number
    •The returns authorisation number
    •Whether a replacement or refund is needed
    •The reason why you are returning the item.
    Goods returned should be in their original condition and packaging in which they arrived, along with a copy of the invoice or packing slip.

    Once received items will be checked and refunds on goods and postage arranged where suitable. We cannot issue refunds on simply unwanted goods due the perishable nature of goods on sale. Refunds/exchanges will only be offered on items that are faulty, and were clearly so at the time at which they were dispatched.

    since i asked them to return these they have now added a new help section what says you have 14 days to return,this was not stated on there website when i purchased them,i phoned them up and they said i should of phoned them up to find out there return policy, what can i do?

  • karyn 26 March, 6:39 pm

    I bought a top from an online catalogue company, and when i received it was happy and wore it. Two days later I had the top on again and was looking through the catalogue again, only to notice that the top I was wearing was not the same as the one illustrated in the catalogue. The cuffs on mine were a different colour and also the neckline. I sent them an email about this, and they never replied, so I phoned them, and they said I am not entitled to a refund or exchange, because I have worn it. Is this correct. The manager is phoning me later, so I want to be armed with answers hopefully!

  • Jessica 31 March, 3:03 pm

    I ordered a dress 3 weeks ago (10th March) from Ireland which was not in stock till the 18th. They took the money immediately which I’ve read isn’t right if they haven’t got it in stock, although I’m not sure? They provided me with no information afterwards except that they had received my payment. I had to email to ask when it would be delivered, how much it would cost, as this was not specified. I waited 2 and a half weeks till I emailed again, they didn’t reply so I phoned today and they told me the post had not sent it because there was no postcode and that was my fault.They did not bother to contact me about this. They wouldn’t cancel the order or refund it because it was apparently a sale item, which they hadn’t specified at point of sale. They also told me 3 different prices I had paid, telling me that I had paid postage, when they had emailed me saying postage was free etc. They insisted that I could have credit or just have the dress.

    I am just interested to know what my rights are in this situation and if I should have received a refund?

  • Heather 7 April, 10:14 am

    I have purchased part of the Muzzy programme for my son. The packaging was damaged, and some of the contents was. I was happy to try to obtain replacement packaging at first – but over a month later, I still haven’t received anything. They have taken the first two installment payment too – do these regulations cover my purchase?

  • stephen 18 April, 8:05 pm

    I paid for goods in Feb and did not receive them, the website is trying to charge me 50% of the initial fee to replace the goods that never arrived, is this legal?

  • Tina 6 June, 8:16 pm

    Hi I recently purchased a Vax v-081 steam cleaner. After using it for 20 mins I found it wasn’t cleaning like it states. It is supposed to be able to clean carpets, ovens ets but in my opinion it does not.
    After contacting the catalogue where I purchased it from they stated that they would not accept it back as i had opened and used it. I explained that unless I had done that how would I have known it was no good. They said I had to contact Vax directly and once they provided me with a return reference number then I could return it.
    Vax are saying that they no longer give ref numbers out and they are unwiling to take it back because it is steaming!!! I have explained it is not cleaning to my satisfaction and that I would like to return the product. Where can I go from here, am I entitled to return the product as I am genuinly disppointed with this product and does not do the job that I purchased it for and I can’t believe I have to pay £99 for something that I don’t believe does the job that the descrition for the item says it does

    I spoke to two reps and one stated that the catalogue had to accept the return as it was my consumer right but later on the same night with another rep they said no they dont – I’m confused

    (I know it’s only my opinion but seeing as I am the customer using the product surely that has to count)

  • jackie 10 June, 5:02 pm

    Hi. I purchased a fancy dress costume in November 2009, but after it’s second wear, part of it has broken. I appreciate I am out of the initial faulty timeline, but surely it is obvious that this is not an everyday item that, for £60, I would expect to last more than 2 wears (or longer than 6months!) Please let me know where I stand. Many thanks.

  • Sandra 17 June, 11:50 am

    I purchased an item online, which I am returning within seven days. They are refusing to reimburse me for postage. Are they wrong, or are they within their rights?

    • sylvia 6 May, 12:22 am

      you have to pay the return postage, however they have to refund the full amount for the item as well as the original postage to you.

  • Julius 23 June, 12:15 pm


    I recently ordered 4 leather jackets from an on-line shop. I paid with my Mastercard. Unfortunately all of the jackets were unsuitable/ too large so I returned them using their returns slip.

    After 3 weeks of chasing them they agreed that they had received them and would process my refund. After a further 9 days there is no sign of the refund and they are not replying to my emails or answering their phone.

    Please can you tell me what action I should now take?

    Many thanks


  • Isabel 7 July, 11:54 pm

    I have had my HotPoint fridge for under two years. Two of the shelves fixings made of plastic collapsed in the last two days. I have checked in consumer websites and many people have reported this design defect but Hotpoint does not want to know. Can I contact them and demand that they replace the shelves for free?

  • Sharon 11 July, 1:24 am

    Hello, I ordered an HDD DVD recorder on line. I have had it just under 2 months and it has developed a serious fault.

    I have completed the return form on line and need to contact them on Monday to discuss it. Their T&Cs say that if the item has been received for more than 28 days and its under warranty I am entitled to a repair or replacement.

    Am I able to just get a refund as the item is faulty?
    I don’t trust that if it is repaired or replaced the same thing won’t happen again.

    Thank you very much for your help.

  • Brenda 30 July, 12:31 am

    I ordered an item online, the company debited my credit card the following day. The same day they debited my credit card they emailed to say the item was not in stock (they were waiting for a delivery from their supplier) and that I could expect delivery in 10 days time. I asked for a refund and heard nothing. I emailed them and heard nothing. The day before the 10 days was up they called and said the stock would be due in the following week. I again asked for a refund and have been told it could take up to 5 days before it reaches my credit card.

    My query is, how can a ‘retailer’ take payment for an item they don’t have in stock and then take so long to action a refund. It seems like this is actually their business – taking money, keeping hold of it – and I would say refunding it but as I haven’t had the refund yet it’s difficult to say if I’ll ever get my money back.

    Is there an official body these retailers can be reported to?

  • Sandro 16 August, 12:28 pm

    I purchased a HP laptop just under three weeks ago from online shop and I noticed the chrome paint peeling away from the trim around the base of the laptop as well as it being badly fitted with uneven gaps. My battery is also wobbly and the power switch is loose. I contacted HP supprt and they asked for photo evidence, which I provided and they offered a repair, but I declined and asked for a refund as the laptop is barely 3 weeks old and i’m not willing to risk this happening again.

    They put me through to HP aftersales who then told me that because the laptop is over 2 weeks old its doubtful I will get a refund.

    I would be grateful for any advice if they refuse a refund.


  • Trish 16 September, 10:04 am

    I bought a roller blind from Dunelm website and had it delivered to my local branch. I lost the receipt that came with it, but printed off the confirmation email. After several weeks it has frayed and when I returned it to my local branch from where I picked it up they refused to refund my saying I had to contact their website and make my own arrangements for it to be returned myself Once done, they would refund me within 3 days.

    Is this correct.

  • Stuart Carey 30 September, 2:36 pm

    I bought a Blu player over 6 months ago from It was faulty and I sent it back and asked for a refund. However, a week after sending back the player, they sent me a new one. I thought this was a replacement. Yesterday (over six months ago) I got a letter from Play saying that I never paid for the Blu-ray player as they had refunded the original and then not charged me for the replacement. THey are now demanding I pay. Do I have to pay? It seems very unfair as I was under the impression that I had paid for it. I didn’t realsie they had refunded me.

    Can I do anything about this?


    My Carey

  • claire 21 October, 4:22 pm

    hi, i bought a ring from above website which needs to be returned for a refund. the wesite only has email contact us. we have emailed 4 times now and had no response on how to return goods, there is no contact number either. what can i do

  • John 26 October, 10:49 pm

    I paid 700£ for webshop project by credit card as deposit and cancel my project on second day. I asked webdesign company to refund my deposit as I did not get any service from company. Webdesign company rejected to refund my deposit. I sent the letter that they have to comply with the distance selling regulations act 2000 EU but company situated in Spain and they sent reply that did not know about any regulation for distance selling and I could get my deposit by civil court. Help me what to do.

  • sam 25 November, 10:00 pm

    I returned an item to a mail order company who are saying they never received it even though i sent them proof of posting

    they say i should claim from Royal Mail and not them

    Right r wrong??

  • john smith 22 December, 8:36 pm

    How long do you normally have to return the item once you notify the seller that you want to cancel?
    On a few sites I have looked at there is no deadline to return the goods by, they only talk about the 7 day ‘cooling off period’.
    Is it 7 days as well? 28 days? 6 months?
    Thansk! 🙂

    • Sash 30 March, 3:24 pm

      If you’re required to return the goods or/and have agreed to do so, then your obligations continue until you fulfill your duty which could be up to 6 months. if else duty of care applies, whereby your required to safe-guard the property in question up to 21 days and make them available for collection.

  • Nonye 24 January, 3:55 pm

    Does the distance selling regulations apply to products purchased from overseas companies online. Reason being is I want to purchase a handbag online with a company based in Malaysia. However, the handbag company’s terms and conditions state that they do not accept returns or offer refunds, only store credit if the bag is faulty or exchanges. Does the 7 day cancellation right law still apply, to shoppers based in the UK, purchasing goods online from overseas companies. Or does the overseas company’s selling regulation laws superseed UK selling regulations?
    Thank you.

  • Monique 15 February, 11:41 pm


    Last week we received 2 shower screen doors that we purchased online. The plumbers arrived yesterday to complete work on my 2 bathrooms and install the new screens. When they opened the 2 boxes there were issues with both the shower screens. The first one had a chip in the screen and the second ones hinge was broken. The plumbers managed to make one good one and my husband contacted the company to advise them of the faulty goods. He was told that they have a 7 day returns policy and that we were on day 8 so there was nothing that they could do. Surely we should be protected as the goods delivered weren’t in the condition that they should have been? What are my legal rights in this instance?

    • Sash 30 March, 3:17 pm

      Monique, refer to sale of goods act 1979 – S13.1, S14.2-(2.c), S35.2,4.

  • daniel 18 February, 8:37 pm

    id \I would keep the lens sent and call the matter complete. They quickly said the lens must be returned and gaave me instructions to fill in forms etc. to return it to them. Meanwhile I still hyave not got the lens I paid for over 6 weeks ago! What are my rights please?

  • paul carnegie 11 March, 11:51 am

    i ordered headphones for £52.99 from, but i decided before they arrived i didnt want them…i called and emailed and they said it was fine to return them, which i did…..however i was only asked to obtain proof of postage, which i did…they didnt ask me to send it recorded delivery……now they have no record of the item being returned….surely i am not liable bacause they i did everything the way they instructed me….i would gladly have sent them recorded, but wasnt told to do so….can anyone help please?

  • Clare M 14 March, 3:44 pm

    I purchased a portable internet radio on February 12th for £69 through Amazon from a company called Clever Gadgets. I was delighted with it. Two weeks after receipt the radio stopped working completely. The company told me they did not offer a replacement service but I could return the item for a full refund if the item was in its original condition. I followed the procedure (not in its original packaging but in good condition). They also informed me that I would have to pay for postage and packaging which would be non-refundable. I sent the radio to them by special delivery and have confirmation that it arrived last Monday morning. I have subsequently had two confusing emails from them saying they have received a completely different item from me – which is impossible – and asking me to confirm what I have sent! They are now not answering my subsequent emails. I feel they are stalling and wonder what I should do now to reclaim my refund. They have my money and the goods.

  • Chloe 17 March, 11:10 pm

    My boyfriend brought me a paif of Ugg boots from Amazon for Christmas and after less than 2 months of wear a tear occurred on the inside of my right boot. Also, on the same boot the button on the outside of it started to come undone. Considering how much these boots cost, what they are made of and how long they should last for this should not have happened, and so I believe that it is a faulty boot. Am I being reasonable in asking to swap the boots for a new pair?

  • robin 28 March, 5:07 pm

    hi i bought a cot about a year ago but it was faulty and i got an exchanged for a new cot. ive only had the new cot for 5 months and the other night my son woke up crying so i went to tuck him back in and i noticed his foot was hanging out and one of the bars had broke in half and marked his foot. i have spoke to the place where i bought it from and they have offered to refund the money back but i dont have the box for it and they said to sent it back, it has to be in a big enough box for it to fit in to or il get charged for it. does anyone know if this right? or sould the company pay for it?

  • Andrew 28 March, 10:57 pm

    I ordered 3 x 32gb iphones in late Nov10 but was sent 2 x 16gb phones in addition to those ordered (and charged for all 5!). On discussing the duplicate charge with Vodafone, the charge for the 2 x 16gb phones has been refunded with Vodafone confirming they would send out the appropriate envelopes to arrange return of the 2 duplicate phones. Some 3-4 months later, they have not yet sent this to us. Must they do so within a prescribed period or do they ever lose ownership of these phones due to delivery dates and failure to complete return of the goods as promised i.e. do these phones ever become legally owned by me?

  • Jonathan 30 March, 9:16 pm

    I have trouble finding a big enough box to package the faulty product I ordered. The seller demands that I package the product in a box (not in a bag or any other type of packaging, in a box) even though putting it in a bag would be no problem for the delivery men to pick it up. Can you please let me know if there is a statutory provision for a case where the seller demands a specific type of packaging before he/she picks up the faulty goods and refunds my order.

  • michelle 2 May, 12:16 pm

    My mum ordered some Bailey Button UGG boots at christmas for myself and her, she ordered them of the web. When the boots came I myself sprayed them with protein made for UGG boots my mum’s were ok where as my changed colour.
    I emailed the company and it was agreed I could send them back, I did this on the 7th January and still waiting for the goods. I have emailed this company and up to date no response.
    Where do I go from here and what is my next step.

  • Andrew 11 May, 8:26 pm

    I cancelled an order (by telephone)shortly after paying for it online as the shop was unable to deliver the item before i travelled back to the ROI as they were out of stock. It is now two weeks since cancelling and my money has not been refunded. I understand that if i was to receive the goods and send them back then i may have to wait 30 days for a refund, are the rules any different as the item was not available in the shop at my time of order?

  • Andrew 27 May, 5:41 pm

    I ordered 3 x 32gb iphones in late Nov10 but was sent 2 x 16gb phones in addition to those ordered (and charged for all 5!). On discussing the duplicate charge with Vodafone, the charge for the 2 x 16gb phones has been refunded with Vodafone confirming they would send out the appropriate envelopes to arrange return of the 2 duplicate phones. Some 6months later, they have not yet sent this to us. Must they do so within a prescribed period or do they ever lose ownership of these phones due to delivery dates and failure to complete return of the goods as promised i.e. do these phones ever become legally owned by me?

  • Polly 3 June, 7:24 pm

    I bought a cardigan online which did not fit so I wish to return it for a full refund. I received it seven days ago and yesterday informed the company (by email) that I wished to return for full refund including the original p&p, as your ‘returns and refunds’ page here says they should refund me p&p. However the company rep told me “As you can appreciate this matter is raised from time to time, as like many websites we do not cover the cost of sending out items which are returned to us. I can assure you that I have personally spoken to Trading Standards concerning this matter and they have said that as long as our policy is stated on our website (which it is), then by accepting our terms & conditions, the customer is agreeing to the fact that we do not reimburse postage charges.” Is she correct? Or should they refund my original postage anyway? Thank you!

  • Emm 8 June, 8:48 pm

    I ordered a football shirt for my son’s birthday with his name on the back. I mistakenly ordered the wrong size. Can i return it and ask for a new one or will i have to buy a whole new one

  • Lisanne Valente 10 June, 5:19 pm

    Hi, I bought Take That tickets from I was redirected to this site on the first day of the sale of tickets, through the official take That site. The police apparently were aware that this company was trading fraudulently but could not close the site down. I have now completed a ‘dispute’ form with the bank, but don’t understand why this is not fraudulent. The bank say, because I gave the company my debit card number it isn’t. Pedantics in word use seems to be the case, but I truly believe there must be an argument for this case. I now do not know whether I will get money back as the goods have not been received but were purchased in November.

  • James Carter 15 June, 8:57 am


    I bought a blu-ray from about 6 weeks ago. I tried to watch it last night and it doesn’t work. I have contacted play but they said I can’t return as it’s over their 30 day return policy. I think I can still return it as it’s not fit for purpose, am I right?

  • fiona 11 July, 10:35 pm

    I have purchased a pair of shorts from ebay, when I tried them on, I found they were the wrong style and unsuitable which were not fully described on the website. the tag had fallen off when trying on however it was returned with the shorts, so when I returned them, the seller is now refusing a refund because of the tag being removed. This was all done within 7 days.
    Am I therfor entitled to my money back.

  • Barry 22 July, 8:27 pm

    Hi bought a car via ebay,pictures looked great and description was as he put it “stunning condition”.I bought the car baised on the description and spoke to the seller.When i went to pick the car up it was covered in small scratches ,very grubby inside and had other problems.I had traveled a long way and now had to take the car as i felt very stupid and obliged to,as i had already paid for the car via bank transfer.I drove the car about 10 miles max and the turbo stopped working.I returned the car to the seller who said he would fix the problem,which i declined and asked for my money back.He said he would but after a week had still not transfered funds.I contacted him and he said he had fixed the car and would only give me a refund when he had sold the car again.I have also rejected the car in writing,can he do this as i think it is very unfair.(i think he is a trader)………Barry

  • Simon 27 July, 1:53 pm

    In the following url the web page states that goods cannot be returned opened. This is surely against the distance selling regulations as you have the right to inspect and try out items?
    Is this supplier breaking the law?

  • Stefan 30 July, 2:17 am

    I bought a few items at this online store, because the order was over £50 it was free delivery.

    When I wanted to send one of the items back I told them straight away, however they say now that my order falls under £50 without this item, they need to charge me for delivery otherwise they won’t refund.

    Can they do this?

  • Heather Whitaker 31 July, 8:58 am

    I have made an on line purchase. The items were received and I emailed the company to say I had received them, as requested. In my email I stated that I would not know if they were satisfactory for two weeks (I was about to go on holiday), but I suspect they would not fit the room. On my return, I found the items to be unsatisfactory (not faulty) and contacted the supplier.

    After several emails, letters and ‘phone calls they tell me that they have a returns policy of 14 days. At no time prior to this I had I been notified of the returns policy even though they knew I would exceed their 14 day policy.

    What are my rights? Can I return with a refund?

  • Maria 12 September, 6:17 pm

    I purchased a TV via ebay and within two minutes of it being plugged in it blew up. I had to pay for it to be returned (£13.55 – they did say they would refund this but have not). The second unit after three days had a different fault (contrast/colour failure). I asked for my money back but was persuaded to let them get it right so a different TV was sent. This lasted approx two weeks and now this has no power going to the unit. I have asked again for my money back but they want the TV first. Can they do this?

  • Christopher Brown 30 November, 10:58 pm

    hi there i play on an online game named Desert-operations it is a great game but however they made some changes that us customers are not happy about, even thou its a FREE browsing game the gamers / customers ( me ) have the options to purchase Diamonds with real money to speed up building times and for raw materials but i am not wanting them no more due to there changes i asked for a refund but was refused what can i do ?

    I used to be an ex admin on that server and i know it is corrupt by there parent company LOOKI that makes theses rules and changes to there games. Last time i went ahead and talked to them about whats been going on they denied any excising of the wrong doings going on and BANNED me from the game what can i do.

  • Katherine Teff 9 December, 3:33 pm

    Please could you advise me? We purchased a shower screen via an eBay trader as a ‘by it now’ purchase. It had free delivery to us. When it arrived it was both scratched and defective in manufacture. We contacted the trader asking for a refund. The trader asked for photographic evidence, which we duly provided. The trader said he would refund when we posted the item back. Out of a desperation to resolve the issue, we agreed to this. Then we received a new email saying that we could not have a refund. The seller will no longer respond to out emails and does not answer the phone. We have opened a ‘case’ via eBay, but my suspicion is that they have no teeth and will require us to pay for return shipping. Surely if the item is damaged, and the vendor has not stated that purchasers are liable for returning damaged goods, we should not have to cover the return shipping?

    I’ve tried reading the sale of goods act to find if a section applies to paying for returns, but can’t see it? Any ideas?


  • Scott Sherriff 14 December, 9:06 pm

    A friend and I purchased 2 childrens ride on cars from UK Outdoor Toys and when they arrived they were not the products they have advertised. The cars did not match the images on the site (with no mention of possible styling discrepancies on the description) and the specifications of the cars (i.e. Max Speed, Max Weight etc.) do not match as I have seen the model I have received on the website of the Chinese Manufacturer/Wholesaler. What rights do I have with regards to these vehicles? (I have proof of everything I have had to do with regards to these cars thus far, through photo images on my phone)

  • TONY 22 December, 2:59 pm

    UNDER THE SALE OF GOODS ACT if the item was fualty or not as describeed in the order then the seller is responsible for all postage and packaging INCLUDING the cost to you of returning the item.

  • Julie Newton 8 January, 7:07 pm

    My daughter purchased items from Amy Childs clothing website, due to the very poor quality and high price she returned them on the 2nd December, she has proof of postage. She has not received a refund, she cannot contact the site as the telephone number’s mailbox is full, she has emailed them several times but has received no reply. What is the best why to proceed with attempting to gain her refund?

  • Brian Johnson 23 January, 2:50 am


    I am an online retailer selling stainless steel automotive accessories. We have been using TNT as our courier and around 30% of our products are being returned damaged in transit with the courier.

    We paid insurance – with TNT – to cover the cost of damage in transit, but TNT are saying that we have no recourse because the package was signed for – not necessarily by the person we sent them to – a neighbor signed in a couple of instances.

    How does the law stand with regards to us recouping the cost of replacing the goods, and the subsequent postage – both ways?

    This situation is quickly putting us out of business! Help!!

  • Gem 29 February, 3:03 pm

    I purchased a dress from a boutique in Brighton online. The dress did not fit and I returned it in prefect conditon. They said as I returned it late (8 days after their 10 day policy) I am only entitled to online credit and not my money back. As the dress was 139 pounds I really want my money back. Are they right to offer a credit note as the goods were late (in thier eyes) or can I insist on a refund?
    To clarify I was aware of their 10 day limit and was unable to meet this for various reasons.

  • Lisa 14 March, 4:07 pm

    I ordered a pair of shoes online from Unze London.

    Upon delivery I found the left shoe to be dirty on the sole, and an overspill of glue on the heel.
    I immediately called the company, and then emailed them photos of the shoe.
    I returned the shoes (paying for them to be sent recorded delivery), after no correspondence for a week, I emailed them asking when my replacement shoes would be delivered.
    I received an email back saying they had not received the shoes! However the next day when I emailed them the tracking information, obtained by royal mail, stating they’d been delivered and signed for 5 days previously, the company responded saying…….

    This is to inform you that we have received the goods back from you.
    Your parcel is ready to dispatch for an exchange please call us and ask for the online department and pay the postage for an exchange as soon as you will pay the postage. Our dispatch team will dispatch your exchange order on urgent priority.
     You are requested to contact us if you would like to have your exchange order on time. After this time, the stock you ordered will not be guaranteed to be available.

    I replied telling them……..

    In response to your email, I write to inform you that I am in no way prepared to pay the postage for these shoes to be returned to me. 

    If the shoes that were originally delivered to me were fit for purchase and of a satisfactory quality, then I would not have had the need to ask for an exchange. 

    It is not my responsibility to cover the postage costs. 
    As a company you have a responsibility under the sale of goods act 1979 to ensure that all items sold by you are 

    of satisfactory quality 
    fit for purpose 
    as described

    I am hoping that that this matter will now be resolved in the professional manner it should be.

    I received no reply!

    I have today called and been advised that I have to pay the postage of £3.50.
    I was told the sole of the shoe was easily wiped clean.
    Would you be happy to pay for a pay of shoes you then had to clean before wearing?
    The cost of the postage is irrelevant – it is the principle!

    Anyway, I have reluctantly paid the postage, informing them that I would be contacting other bodies concerned with Consumer related issues.

    I am thinking of contacting consumer direct or trading standards.
    I have copies of all correspondence between the company and I, and numerous photos of the dirty shoes.

    Could you please advise me on what my next move should be, as I am not prepared to let this matter drop.

    Thanks Lisa. X

  • Emma 6 April, 9:53 pm

    Dear sir,

    I purchased a tortoise table online and when it arrive it was bigger than I had expected (although it did fit te size description, I didn’t quite realise thesize) I emailed the person I bought it from four days after the delivery an he said I couldn’t return it as it wasnt faulty. I read the above and informed him of his obligation to return my money and arrange for the table to e returned, however I was wondering what I could do to enforce this?


  • Chloe 9 April, 10:00 am

    I puchased an item which was advertised as being a faulty return. It was untested by the company so the fault was unknown.

    It was specifically mentioned that the item cannot be returned.

    is the company still obliged to accept a return on faulty goods within the 7 day period?

  • Paul Holt 23 May, 11:02 am

    Hi, I bought an 8mtr retractable dog lead from e bay but the first time I used it the thing broke. I contacted the seller and she has told me that if I send the lead back and pay for the postage she will credit my paypal account the cost of the lead. I find it unfair that i have to pay for the postage when the lead was faulty.
    I have since bought a lead from elsewhere as I needed one.
    What are my rights


  • BARBARA 15 June, 1:13 pm


  • Toni 11 July, 8:55 am

    I recently purchased a pair of shoes from a site in the States. The shoes arrvied and I contacted them immediately to say that I was unhappy as they did not look like the ones on the website. Different heel size etc.

    As the website purports to offer a cetain brand at discount prices they replied to my email stating that I knew what I was getting and tough. However my issue is not that aren’t genuine is that they don’t remotely resemble what they adverstised and sold me.

    I emailed immediately and have done every day since to no reply.
    Every attempt to leave ‘reviews’ for this product dont’ appear on their site.

    Their return policy – which doesn’t state an address. Says 20% restocking fee. 20% credit charge fee and reimbursement of their initial delivery costs. And must be notifed in 3 days.

    What rights do I have in this or do I put it down to experience?



  • Daniel Menashe 7 August, 11:57 pm

    I bought an item on ebay which I could not get to work properly. The seller said to send it back. I did so, but the seller said it was working fine. I said it did not (and it did not), but he claims it did, and has now resold the item. We agreed eventually he would refund the postage I initially paid and half of the postage for me to send it back to him, but he has not done so after a week, and is now asking how much postage I want. I believe he is deliberately being evasive. Am I entitled to full postage on both postage items. After buying the item (previously used once), I asked about what the warranty was, and he said the warranty had not been claimed. He is now saying I never wanted the item and has said I should “grow some b******s”

    • christopher brown 24 February, 12:00 pm

      submit an ebay dispute that will sort out this mess you are in. ebay has to up hold the values to there customers and will refund youi your money back themslefs from there own bank if they need to then they will freeze sellers account and hold it till they paid what are owed.

      Regards, Christopher Brown ( Admin )

  • Stuart 2 September, 4:49 pm

    I ordered two football shirts from this website and they said xl was 44-46 approx chest and L fitted but the xl was so so small i have emailed them and heard nothing back what shall i do?

  • Iain 6 September, 12:47 pm

    I bought some camera lens from a company called I waited about 8 – 10 weeks for my online order to come but having paid for it nothing came. So I after getting lots of excuses requested a full refund. They havn’t paid. Under the distance selling regulations 31st October 2000 is this law applicable in China where simplyelectronics is based. How do i fight to get my money back?

  • P Baron 20 September, 11:00 am

    I purchased a gas fire and had to return it under the distance selling regulations because it did not fit my fire place opening. The seller agreed to the return. I engaged and paid for a courier to return the goods and took out extra cover to compensate for the purchase price. The courier damaged the goods in transit and the seller refused to accept them. The courier may not refund the purchase price even though the seller says the fire is a write off.
    What are my rights to compensation either from seller or courier?

  • Z Wass 7 October, 4:22 pm

    I bought a costume from an ebay store which was meant to be a medium (10 to 12) when it came it was far too big for me, so I sent them a message on ebay telling them and asking for a return address. After 7 days there was still no reply so I found the address myself on the internet and returned it.
    After sending them repeated messages on ebay there was still no reply, till I checked my actual emails about a week ago and there was a reply there saying they would not replace it as it had been after their 7 day returns policy and they would dispose of the original costume if I did not contact them within the month.
    I emailed them saying I was sorry but I had not realised they had emailed me as no response had been given to my ebay messages.
    Their response was that the costume had been disposed of.
    Do I have any rights at all in this situation?

  • Mike 9 November, 5:11 pm

    I purchase a I LUV docking station from them in 2 Oct 2011 as a christmas present, It was faulty and replace in 6th of June with a new one. so far good, Now the new one is failing less than 5 months and they are telling me that the Warrenty ran out as it is a replacement. If the product has a known problem why can I get it replaced or a refund?

  • yinka 30 November, 7:28 pm

    i have been billed on the 28th of november for products i do not want by a company claiming said products were trial products. what can i do to stop the payment or get my money back?

    • christopher brown 24 February, 11:56 am

      well it really depends some trial basis products some companys will charge for it, unless it was a free trial basis then you have right not to pay for them check the company site and read the trial products information.

      Regards, Christopher Brown ( Admin )

  • Darren 11 December, 8:59 pm

    I purchased a junior football shirt from soccerscene. I ordered a size 7-8 year old and they sent me an 8-10 year old shirt with a 7-8 tag. I have emailed them twice about a replacement but have had no reply. This is a christmas present and don’t want to disappoint my son by having the wrong size.
    There is no telephone number on the companies website only a returns address. The shirt was poersonalised with my son’s name but surely if they sent a different size than what i ordered they should refund the price or provide a replacement?
    Can i get the money back via the credit card company, section 75?

    • christopher brown 24 February, 11:52 am

      yes you can get your money back though the company themself not by credit card company because the only way the credit card company was to hold responsable is if it was part of a fraud only.

      Regards, Christopher Brown ( Admin )

  • Dave 5 January, 5:05 pm

    What happens if a seller does not believe that an item they sold is faulty. Who has to pay the initial cost of returning the item to the seller for inspection?

    • christopher brown 24 February, 11:49 am

      if a seller sales you the ( buyer ) something and is faulty and you return item back to the seller you the ( buyer ) would have to pay for postage because the issue was not over the postage as you managed to get the item you wanted so therefore you are reliable not the seller.

      Regards, Christopher Brown ( Admin )

  • Luke 3 February, 11:02 am

    I bought 6 pandora charms off a website and they advertised them as real and had only been discounted, however when I got them they were not real and wouldn’t even screw on to the bracelet, I asked the person who ran the website if she can give me a refund however she keeps offering me compensation but I keep rejecting her compensation so then she keeps offering more and more money but does not actually offer me a refund, then she also keeps offering me a discount off my next order however I’m never ever going to order off the website again as it is all fake she is selling but advertising as real

    • christopher brown 24 February, 11:45 am

      from what i have read what you said yes you are intilted to a refund if she fails to give you refund when you asked for it then you have the right to take her to court for fraud you should have a good case against her but you also say the following :

      “I asked the person who ran the website if she can give me a refund however she keeps offering me compensation but I keep rejecting her compensation so then she keeps offering more and more money but does not actually offer me a refund ”

      You have me confused for a bit when you say this because you asked for a refund and you stated that she has refused but yet you said she offered you money and discounts of next ofrder looks like she did try and give you what you wanted but you keeped on rejecting her offer.

      Regards, Christopher Brown ( Admin )

  • ros 15 February, 11:55 pm

    Trying to understand the cancellation of order vs returns.

    I buy a t-shirt from a retailer and it doesn’t fit. I have paid carriage for the t-shirt.

    So if it is within the 7 day cancellation period, can I let them know I intend this to be an order cancellation (rather than a normal return) and in that way they will have to give me my carriage back, which of course they wouldn’t do under a normal return, because I am not calling it a cancellation.

    Is this correct?

  • E Morrison 22 February, 12:13 pm

    If I order a pair of earrings from a hashion site, which it states in Ts and Cs are non returnable or refundable for hygeine reasons, can I receive them to look at them first, with a view to sending them back for refund if I don’t feel they are what I want?

  • christopher brown 24 February, 11:37 am

    sorry but as it states health and safety reasons you will not be able to return them, does not matter if you not even warn them or even if you give them a deep clean they will not accept it, Its like buying underwear and you want to return them would you accept them from the customer ? you dont know who was wearing them before or after purchase your best of either giving them away or try selling them yourself on ebay or what not. Hope this helps you with your answer.

    Regards, Christopher Brown ( Admin )

  • Kirsty 26 February, 1:28 pm

    I ordered an item for my friend’s birthday who lives in Spain and sent it to her address, as her address is international I had to pay £5 for shipping costs. The item received was small and the company no longer have the size bigger in stock, so I’ll need a refund instead. This has been less than 7 days since my friend received the item. The item needs to go back to the UK and I’m aware we have to pay for returning the item (stated on the website), but am I entitled to a full refund including shipping cost?

  • Kim Kazee 26 February, 4:33 pm

    I make clothes and sell them on the net. Some clothes are made to order, with measurements for each size clearly stated. Are these covered by the Distance Selling Regulation of returning within 7 days or are they classed as custom made, so that they are not able to be returned.
    Have a lady that wants a waistcoat made and delivered by Saturday, but has just asked that if it doesn’t go with her outfit can she return it. I’m feeling a little uncomfortable about this, as she could wear it for a day and then return it after I’ve especially made it and prioritised it before other orders.
    If they are not eligible for returning within 7 days, can I state that on the listings of anything that is made to order?

  • Ben Allen 6 March, 1:13 pm

    We purchased a juicer online in September last year. The company from whom we bought is Spanish and the manufacturer, Kuving, is based in Germany. The juicer has developed numerous faults and needs to be repaired. The Spanish company stopped dealing with Kuving and are fobbing us off onto Kuving. Kuving say that they will repair the machine but we are to pay all costs of postage (almost 50 Euros). Kuving have also charged us already for costs of replacement parts (for earlier problem) and postage (£80). Neither the Spanish company nor Kuving will take responsibility for the postage costs. None of this (the postage costs and the charges for parts previously) seems right. What rights have I in this situation? and how can I look to enforce them?

  • Teresa 11 March, 5:09 pm

    After some advice please. Sorry about the length…
    I purchased a corner sofa and manual recliner chair from DFS in November 2012. I was hoping to have the items for Christmas. I was originally going to buy it on buy now pay later 4 yrs interest free credit, but the man who took my order said that it was normally up to 10 weeks for delivery but if I paid cash he would try get it delivered for Christmas for me… So, that’s what I did. I paid £200 deposit when I made the order and the rest had to be paid on delivery – £1712
    On the website they only had recliner chairs, manual, electric and battery. I wanted a fixed chair not a recliner and the man said I could have one but it would cost me the same price as the battery recliner which was the most expensive nearly £200 more. So I went with the cheapest manual recliner to keep the cost down. There was no sign of the items before Christmas but he did say that it wasn’t a guarantee.
    When it got to 11 weeks and I still hadn’t received my items, I rang them and they said that it was going to be March for delivery which would’ve taken it to around 15 weeks from order so I said well in that case I want to cancel the order. I was advised they would look into it and get back to me which they did, and was told my order was in the shop awaiting delivery. The manager rang me and arranged delivery for Friday 15th February 2013 which I agreed to. I had to ask my mum to come round to wait in for the items for me as I had to go out. Whilst I was out I received a phone call from DFS saying hi, we are just ringing you to advise me my sofa is ready for dispatch and they wanted to arrange a delivery date with me. So I explained my mum is sat in the house awaiting delivery as they are due to be delivered today… He said that wasn’t the case and would get the manager to ring me which he did and he arranged for the delivery men to go back to the shop and collect my items. So I did receive them that day. Eventually!
    When the items were delivered and the delivery men had gone, I checked the items and there were a couple of faults. The leather on the back of the chair didn’t fall straight it was slanted to the left. The back of the chair was 1 inch higher on one side than the other and the padding on one arm was slightly less than the other and the stitching on the front of that arm was looped at the front where it had missed a couple of stitches. The chair also felt very rickety. Doesn’t feel strong to say it because £619 just for the chair alone, it wasn’t cheap.
    Also there was a 3 inch screw left half under one leg hanging out at the front, digging into my carpet that had been left on the floor when the sofa was put in place, which I never complained about. I just put it down to ‘these things happen’
    There was a small circle mark on the back corner of the corner suite, the padding on the arm compared to the padding on the chair arms was flat and hardly any padding in at all.
    Also after sitting on the corner suites seats the one nearest to the arm slopes to the right and to the back right corner after sitting on it for 20 mins or so. The one next to it slopes to the left slightly , maybe because the one next to it is pulling it down not sure. And another seat next to the end piece slopes slightly to the right. It is so uncomfortable and is hurting my hips trying to rectify sitting up when it is making you lean.
    A technician came out after I reported the faults to customer services, and said he was going to sort the mark on the back of the corner sofa ( which he didn’t do) and fixed the stiching . He then tried telling me that there was nothing wrong with the chair frame / leather or sofa seats and that was how it was supposed to be. He said he would speak to manager and explain that I wasn’t happy with the padding in the seats and that I would hear back from manager. 5 days later I didn’t hear anything, so I had to ring them again. I spoke to the manager and was told that he received the report saying that there was nothing wrong with it, so he didn’t think there was any action to take. I said that wasn’t the case so the manager arranged to come out to see me personally. Which he did, he also tried telling me that this was how it was supposed to be. And basically said that I should’ve gone to view the items in the shop before buying it as this is how it is in the shop too.
    My argument is when you pay £1912 for corner sofa and chair online , as i don’t drive and couldn’t get to the nearest showroom, you expect the items to be good quality and 100 % ok when it arrives.
    They did offer to come out to refill 3 cushions and sofa arm, re-dye the mark on the back of the sofa and he said he would look into getting me a fixed chair to replace the manual recliner as good will gesture! He also advised me that the fixed chair should have been the same price as the manual recliner and when I ordered the chair I was advised at the wrong price. Otherwise I would’ve got the fixed chair in the 1st place.
    I requested a refund as it has now been 4 month since I ordered the set and I’m not happy as I could end up waiting another 10 weeks for the fixed chair and that is if the manager gets it passed to swop it for me, otherwise I will be stuck with the one I have that i believe isn’t acceptable. Also I would have to have another technician in my home to re-pad the seats and arm. I don’t think it’s acceptable.
    The manager has refused to give me a refund as he said they want to help me to sort out the problems. But like I said to him there shouldn’t be any problems in the 1st place.
    Is there any way I could get my money back as i dont want them to come out and repair.
    Any help appreciated.

  • Steph 10 April, 1:47 pm


    I recently made a purchase through amazon market place. I want to return the item as I have decided it’s unsuitable. The seller is charging me a restocking fee of 20% and amazon have agreed to this because the item isn’t faulty. I don’t agree as I am in my 7 day cooling off period notified of my intent to return on the day I received the product and also when ordered the seller information stated a 14 day return policy (he has since deleted this). Surely I am covered by distant selling regulations but the seller and amazon are saying I have to pay the restocking fee which is £25.00 plus I have to pay to return it recorded delivery.

    I have looked up section 75 as I payed by credit card but it seems I won’t be covered as it was bought through amazon.

    Can anyone help me?

  • My E 9 May, 2:03 pm

    I want to return some things including a CPU with heatsink, however as I tried to make the system ‘work’ they are telling me I cannot return the CPU due to the fact there is past on the heat-sink that has now been used thus can not be resold.
    Is this true? How can I get around this? I really need to return that CPU.

  • Marc 14 May, 12:08 pm

    I sought motor insurance on a comparison website and selected a suitable quote but needed to know if the policy would allow me to drive other vehicles. I downloaded their documents and telephoned the broker AND the insurers and no one could tell me. They kept saying that the certificate would tell me when it arrived but this would be some days AFTER I had paid my deposit (this was a monthly payment, credit policy). I called their local office and was told “According to your profession, postcode and age criteria, you SHOULD be covered…” so I bought the policy because I needed to drive my car.

    Anyway, the docs arrived on Friday and, sure enough, I wasn’t covered so I didn’t sign any credit agreement. I was also informed that I had a 14-day ‘cooling-off period’. I cancelled the policy on Monday and now they want to charge me £43 for six days’ cover, including a £25 cancellation fee. I DO accept that I should be charged for six days’ cover but I didn’t think that I could be penalised in this way.

    According to your article – ‘… Under the distance selling regulations, you are quite within your rights to change your mind at any time within the first seven days, return the goods and get a full refund. This means without financial penalty of any kind – such as a cancellation charge or a ‘restocking’ fee…’ so how can they charge me a fee for cancelling?

    Are insurance companies/policies exempt from these regulations, because NO ONE I have spoken to in this company has ever heard of them so they seem to be oblivious to the law?

    Can anyone answer this?

    Thank you in advance.

  • carmel 28 June, 12:11 pm

    I bought a pair of trousers from an online store, but when I received them, they weren’t of a very good quality, and the button on the fly had fallen off, so i returned them for a refund. I was advised to wait up to 10 days, by which time i should have an email advising me that they had received the item and were processing my refund..
    Its now 11 working days past and i have had no notification of receipt, even though i know that they received the item 7 days ago, but are now simply ignoring my emails requesting information. There is no telephone number to contact them through. What should i do?

  • David 30 June, 2:26 pm

    I bought a hose pipe about three weeks from home bargain, yesterday I thought I would try it out but it wouldn’t fit on my tap because the bore of the pipe was to small so I took it back to the shop I didn’t have the receipt but I didn’t want my money back I just wanted a bigger hose pipe but I was told because I didn’t have the receipt nothing could be done and there is a notice on the way out explains this, there is a notice but its that small it took several minutes to find it

  • Louise 30 July, 7:46 pm

    I recently bought a car part face to face from a company in Glasgow. I phoned them within the 14 days to ask if I can return it, I was told they would phone me back but I never got a call. I called again today and was told I can return it but as they had ordered it from there supplier I would have to pay ten pounds carriage to send it back. Is this normal as I was under the impression that they are my retailer so should carry the cost?

  • Ann Marie Fletcher 14 August, 6:27 pm

    I purchased a child paddling pool from Copagames, Milan, total cost £51.20 They sent me a toy spider man figure which cost £18.84. Incidentally, the box had been opened and resealed with cello tape. I was advised by Amazon to return the figure using the post office tracking service, which I did at a cost of £11.70. Copagames refuse to refund my postal charge. I have contacted Amazon and quoted to them the Distance selling of goods act which states I should not suffer a financial loss but they will do nothing. On reading feedback I notice that this company has done this before, but Amazon will do nothing, saying that return postage is at the discretion of the seller. I could have some sympathy with this policy if I had simply changed my mind about my purchase and just wanted to return it but the fact is I was sent a completely different item and had no choice but to return. For the privilege of not wanting what they sent has cost me £11.70.

  • Steve young 7 March, 4:22 pm

    I bought an American panasonic fridge freezer on line from John Lewis. The item was delivered and unpacked outside by the delivery men, prior to being brought inside.Upon examination the same day we noticed 2 x deep scratches on the upper freezer door and e mailed both John Lewis and the delivery firm informing them of this and asking for a replacement. Two weeks have elapsed and they have said they will replace the door. I have said this is not acceptable. Am I within my rights to reject the fridge freezer?

  • adrian 18 June, 6:59 am

    I had a sim card from orange 2 years ago that i did not use. I sent the item back in the post in their return package no proof of posting. They never received it. They wrote probably 4/5times telling me i owed they money. A debt collection agency now wants money. The debt agency tells me unnless i have proof of postage i have to pay.
    I was never told originally by orange to get proof of return just to send it back in its prepaid packaging. Any advice you can give.

  • Chiara 26 June, 10:26 pm

    I have purchased 4 tailor made bridesmaid dresses from a company that is not registered in the uk, I received them two days ago and I am unhappy with how they have turned out.

    They do not resemble the picture on the website, the measurements are also incorrect.

    I have asked them if I can have a refund and they said they must have photographic evidence and then they will only grant my refund if they decided the photos show that they are incorrect, as they said to me they will not refund if you simply dislike the dresses.

    I am willing to take the photos they need, however I am concerned that they will say I’ve fabricated or done something to make the photos not enough to get a refund. But at the end of the day the style of the dresses is not what I ordered and I just want to return them.

    Is there a way that this is at all possible???

    Please help 🙂

    • carol 13 March, 3:32 pm

      I am dealing with a similar problem at the moment with a company called dreamqueen. I ordered 3 outfits one is described as knee length and is 62 too short ok may be if you are young but at 60 not a good look the sleeves tothe jacked were sewn on inside out. Another jacket the arm measurements were wrong and i can’t get it on and a dress where on wide strap is longer than the other and keeps sliding down my arm. I have been battling 2 month now sending photos etc. They have offered 5% refund which on a total cost of £300 is only £15. Especially when these items are unwearable. I am sending e mals every other day now and they have given up replying. Where can I go next and do the long distance selling rules apply in china?

  • Kristi selwood 26 June, 10:40 pm

    My partner ordered a vacuum cleaner online and returned home to find that I had already bought one. The next day he cancelled his order and the company are refunding him. The item has already been dispatched but because we cancelled almost immediately it has not had the time to arrive. The company told my partner that he will be responsible for the charge of returning the item. We don’t intend to sign for it as it is no longer ours and we have been refunded. Can they make us accept responsibility of the item and then return it? Many thanks

  • Triona Cahill 11 July, 3:14 pm

    I recently bought a product online and it is fake but described as the real thing, I.cannot contact the seller having tried several times, please advise on what I can do now thanks

  • Claire 21 July, 5:54 pm

    I bought some underwear and a few other things from someone advertising their business on Facebook, I paid via bank transfer what I would like to know is, as the seller sent me the wrong size is she obliged to take it back and send me the right size? (Regarding the underwear)

  • Shona 9 August, 5:23 pm

    I ordered 2 sofas online,with delivery charge of £69.The sofas were damaged on transit therefore not accepted.I am getting a refund for sofas,do I get delivery charge refunded too,bearing in mind sofas returned to supplier

  • Joe 15 August, 4:43 pm

    Hi, I bought 2 gate handles from a shop on Amazon and 2 days after I put them up one just fell apart upon opening the gate and one rusted and fell apart on day 3. The shop wont tell me they’ll refund them and keep avoiding the question and want me to post them back at my own expense, they are very heavy and it’ll probably cost almost as much as they did! Am I within my rights to demand they state they will refund the cost of the items and postage once they receive them? Where do I stand?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Simon 6 September, 11:31 pm

      Put a claim in through Amazons’ A-Z Guarantee. It’s the suppliers responsibility to pay return postage if the goods are faulty.

  • Steve 18 August, 5:52 pm

    I purchased a graphics card for my pc which broke after 7 months and was told by the online shop it was not their responsibility and i had to return to manufacturer which is abroad and was informed on top off post i may incur import charges from recieving my replacement from HongKong. Is it not the seller who have to replace the item as it is within 12 months of purchase?

  • jancy 4 September, 5:58 pm

    Hi i ordered a cream from pureclinica on 10 aug but hasnt recieved my item yet.they ve given me a royal mail tracking num but it says no information available
    I informed them n they said they have send a 2nd parcel im still waiting for it n now they re not replying me or answering the calls.what should i do.will i loose my money

    • Simon 6 September, 11:27 pm

      If you paid by credit or debit card tell your bank or card issuer and they should sort it out for you.

  • Kristina 7 October, 10:00 am

    I orders a top on the internet it has a hole in it. I emailed the company for a returns address and a refund but there not answering my emails what do I do thankyou

  • Kerry 9 October, 8:32 am

    I ordered a toy ride along car for my daughters 4th birthday. The car says aged up to 5, the car had to be assembled and stickers put on, I did this and on the day of my daughters birthday, my daughter couldn’t use it, as she was too big and her legs hit the top of the steering wheel. I have to dismantle it to return, however as it’s been assembled with the stickers and put together, will I still be able to return it under ‘not fit for purpose’ as ‘too small’?

  • David Fisher 10 October, 5:56 pm

    My wife is disabled and has care provided by a care company. One of the carers has dislodged one of my wife’s ear studs and then stood on it bending the pin to right angles rendering the stud unusable, as the studs were only 6 days old and cost £170 can I demand they be replaced and not repaired. I feel any repair will not be as strong as the original item.


  • Sharon Farley-Mason 13 October, 5:18 pm

    I bought a dress from which turns out when I received it that it was to small, I have contacted the seller but they are avoiding my emails and there is no invoice inside the parcel, and when I have tried to find there address I can not find this, it says I have 15 days to let them know in writing if I am not completely satisfied.
    What can I do please.
    Thank you

  • rose 17 October, 12:59 pm

    I bought an expensive carpet cleaner 3 days ago…I’ve used it ….but it never removed any of the stains…it make them worse. I emailed the seller and asked to return it…..and told him I had used it……he said I can’t return it as its been used. Where do I stand ?

  • Kirsty 21 October, 6:09 pm

    I bought a sink 10 days ago which was wall mountable. However it has since been estalished that the sink is unsuitable. I took it back and was told they would not refund or exhange it. Even if they did refund it there would be a 50% restocking fee. Do i have anything to go on? Thanks

  • Lauren 28 October, 9:01 am

    Hi, help needed. I order 4 items from select online store. When delivered my order was completely wrong and was just a white t shirt. I phoned to complain and was told to post the item back and I would get a refund for my original order as I no longer wanted the items. This was in August I have still had no refund and cannot contact customer services at all. Is there a wider agency I can contact about this and complain to? The service is terrible!

  • catherine 31 October, 1:29 pm

    Hi I bought a gas fire this morning and paid cash it will be delivered on Monday but the plumber said its not going to fit in my fireplace if I go back to the shop and explain this am I entitled to a full refund

  • Nicola Ri,ey 5 November, 8:09 am

    I was sent an incorrect item, I was told when I phoned to report this that the item I originally order would be sent out to me. We are now nearly two months on and I still have not received that item.
    I stated I wanted the item and not a refund but they have informed me that a refund for the goods has been done and the item will be send out to me free of charge this was nearly two weeks ago and nothing has happened.
    What can I do to get my original order?

  • Will 13 November, 2:41 pm

    I was mis sold a contract telephone by EE.
    They will not issue a refund of charges made until they have received their handsets. I have told them they are available for collection and if they want to send me pre paid envelopes I will return them. However they insist I must pay for the return postage and will not issue a refund until they have been returned.
    I thought that according to the “supply of goods and services act 1982” they must issue a full refund within 14 days. I have told them their handsets are here waiting for them. Where do I stand?

  • Vivien Adams 24 November, 12:03 am

    Do these rules apply to goods bought from a TV shopping channel?

  • s briant 5 December, 1:05 pm

    On 3rd Dec I used my pensioners heating allowance to purchase an electric heater from B and Q It stated that it was in stock and delivered 3-7 days. Very next morning I got a phone call to say it wasn’t in stock and would not be available until. 23rd but not guaranteed. I had to cancel the order as it was needed sooner ( as stated would be) I wascl told to contact B and Q for a refund, which I promptly did. I now have to wait up tp 5 days for this hence I cannot purchase a replacement. I got a standard e.mail from them after I complained saying it takes 24 hours for sites to be updated. The same fire is still being advertised as in stock and available even up to lunch time today 5th. Do I have any rights regarding this. Thankyou

  • Marika 9 December, 1:35 pm

    I bought 3 items from a dress company online, 2 of which had been reduced in price. I returned them immediately as they were not suitable, but they will only give me credit with their company for 2 of the dresses as they say in their T & C it sates they will only give credit for sale items. I do not wish to by anything else from their company, do I have to accept credit or should I expect a full refund to my bank account

  • Nicola 11 December, 7:49 pm

    I ordered a dress and top off ‘want that dress’, the top came with invoice wrote ‘refund’ over the dress, its now been 7days since i received this, i have emailed the company 3 times, not one reply, i rang tonight was on hold for 2hours, then was cut off! What are my rights?

  • Kenneth Wain 13 December, 3:03 pm

    I purchased a new gas stove over the telephone from a retailer named Manorhouse Fireplaces, having obtained the dimensions of the fire on the internet from the manufacturers website and assuming that the fire would fit on our hearth from these dimensions.
    The plumber who was to fit the stove kept me waiting for 5 weeks before commencing the job and then advised one week later that he did not wish to proceed any further. Whilst the fire had been removed from its packaging to obtain the installation notes, the stove had not been fitted.
    We then sourced another plumber who on examining the stove installation notes advised that it was unsuitable for installation in our fireplace due to requiring a 50 mm gap between the rear of the stove and the fireplace ( ie the hearth was not deep enough ).
    We have returned the stove to Manorhouse who have advised that it will be returned to the manufacturer and that we will be refunded only 70% of the cost less the cost of the carrriage.
    How do we stand legally.

  • Daisy 14 December, 10:19 am

    I bought some hair extensions off a company called and it said very clearly on their website that they offer refunds up to a certain period of time. I paid £43 for them and they arrived the wrong colour and I decided I didn’t need them anyway. I emailed the business saying I would like to return (I had to trawl through their website to find their official returns policy and in small print they say that email correspondence must be made in order to start the return process or your return will be ignored). They emailed back a day later trying to convince me to keep them, saying they were good quality and that the returns process is too long. I sent an email back saying I would still like to return, but yet again they sent one back trying to convince me. They are also taking very long to reply which seems to me like a tactic for drawing out the process maybe up to a point where I go over their returns policy time scale (e.g 7 days). The package came from China, is there anything I can do? I need help asap

  • Naila 23 December, 2:53 pm

    Dear Sir, II bought a TV last year with 2 year guarantee with John Lewis .I recently reported a fault regarding my TV to John Lewis and they sent an engineer out to look at the TV. He confirmed that the Bezel on the TV had been attached incorrectly, I called John Lewis and they said they would order a part for the TV.

    In a nutshell, I have been chasing them up for 4 weeks now and was told by a caller that my problem would be handled before the holidays. However, I called again today and was told that I have to wait a further period of 2 weeks. I told them that this has caused immense inconvenience as I have been calling them up when they said that they would keep me up to date. In the whole process, I did not receive one phone call from them to inform me of any updates and now I am stuck.

    Is there anything I can do.

  • Jan 8 January, 9:50 pm

    I returned a dress by recorded delivery in October, 1 day after receiving the item. The company denied ever receiving it however Royal Mail provided evidence of delivery and signature. This was now 3 months ago and I have not been refunded. When I contact they are pleasant and assure that this will be refunded but 7 days have yet again passed with no joy. What rights do I have?

  • Hollie 12 January, 1:29 pm

    I placed an order for £193.96 on the 6th November with new look but I returned all but one item which was £24. I received a letter later on in the month to say I had gone £3.96 over my credit limit so had been charged £12 which then lead me to ringing up new look card services as I had been switched to online statements but can’t log on which is when she told me I still owed the money so I had to pay the £12 plus more. So I then rang new look customer services explained I had returned all my items etc apart from one thing and the lady then tried to refund me my money unfortunately she then told me her screen had crashed but it looked like the refund had been processed as the order had gone off the system.That was the 26th November I think. I then received a statement in December with no refund showing and had now been charged £5 interest so I rang up new look but was put through to card services by mistake so I then had to ring customer services again I explained everything and told her I wanted £5 to cover interest incurred etc she told me that she could see a technical fault had occurred when the previous lady had tried to refund me and her screen wouldn’t let her process a refund so she said she would have to send it off the finance team but as it was 27th December I should wait until 5th January to actually receive. I did ask to be notified as soon as the refund was proceeded but she said they couldn’t ring me but would ask them to email me once done. So on the 7th January I rang up the card services to check my balance and surprise suprise still no refund it was the same lady that I spoke to on the 27th December. She contacted finance team and said it would be done in 48 hours and that they would email me to confirm once done but once again it still hasn’t been done. I have now contacted them again and have been told it’s priority and should be sorted by the end of this week. What are my rights now as I am fed up of waiting and been fobbed off

  • Scott Dickson 17 January, 1:22 pm

    Bought 2off dog coats, sent them back within 7days(they did not fit dog). Got refund for coats but not for postage. E-mailed them about postage refund answer is DO NOT REFUND POSTAGE ON ITEMS UNLESS THEY ARE FAULTY UPON ARRIVAL OR THERE IS A SIMILAR PROBLEM. is this correct infomation?

  • Hannah Vandome 25 January, 4:28 pm

    a mistakenly ordered a 42 inch TV from Amazon that i tried to cancel that same day but was unable to do so as Amazon said my order was “waiting to be dispatched” i tried several times to cancel but Amazon wouldnt allow me to. then they informed that to get a refund of £600 i should refuse delivery or sign then return it myself so i refused the TV and then waited for my refund a week had passed and i got worried i contacted via telephone and they said they had recieved the tv back and theyll refund me then 2 days later they said they are unable to pay me the money and there is nothing more they can do and i ll have to dispute it with my bank. i asked for written confirmation that the order had been returned so i can pass that on to the bank they didnt respond so i rang them but they said the order has been deleted from my amazon account so i will have to wait for an email off the account specialist now they are ignoring me and the bank has told me to go to trading standards. i dont really know what my rights are here?

  • Jennifer Allan 27 January, 12:43 pm

    I bought two ps4s from very in December and put them on my very account. I found them cheaper elsewhere so contacted very to arrange return. I chose collect+ to save me waiting in. I attached the labels to the boxes which were provided but the store wouldn’t accept them as the labels were incorrect apparently. Contacted very again who told me to take them to post office. Did this on 5 January and was charged £25.96 for the delivery. Didn’t think id have a problem getting this back but it’s been a nightmare. I was told by very to send in the receipts and that they would refund my money (I said I wanted it credited to my bank account and not my very account as I was out of pocket). A week later it hadn’t happened. Phoned again and was very rudely told the receipts hadn’t been received and no one could help me! Put a complaint in writing and it’s been going on ever since. I sent copies (thank god I took some!) of the receipts to very again using recorded delivery on Friday 23 January. They are now saying when they do receive the receipts that they are only able to credit my very account and are not able to “raise a cheque” for me or credit my bank account. I don’t want that, I want my money. Can they do this? Please help.

  • Michael Webb 27 January, 7:57 pm

    I recently bought a cutlery set from a department store. Upon delivery the set was incomplete so I was sent a replacement with a verbal agreement that the incomplete set would be picked up by courier. When the courier arrived with the new set he declined to take the incomplete one as a return as it had not been booked in. This was now 2 weeks ago and it is still cluttering up my porch. I am reluctant to contact them on a premium rate number, plus they have given me a few poor experiences. My question is, is there a time limit for them to collect before i legally can keep it?o

  • sam hattersley 30 January, 12:13 am

    I bought an ignition coil for my car a the salesman assured me the part was right even to my disbelief so getting home i opened to look at it and compare it to the one already on my car and it was the wrong one however on the packaging it stated if opened it is non returnable where do i stand now??????

  • Valerie Walker 5 February, 2:10 pm

    I have returned an item to Orvis as being too big, via the collect+ shop nearby. Orvis say they have to pay Collect+, therefore they deducted £3.50 from my refund. On arguing this point with them, they said that was their policy and I should have sent it via Royal Mail, it would have been cheaper. I can hardly fight for £3.50 can I, but I am so annoyed.
    No other company I have dealt with takes this stance.

  • Aine Kelly 9 February, 7:51 am

    I ordered a dress from Karen Millan. I paid by visa. Then they sent me an email to say this dress was out of stock. I said that was fine, just refund me my money. They told me I would get a charge of 5% for cancelation fee and wait 35days for a refund. After about 10 emails of them forwarding me pics of other dresses, they finally said I could get my refund. Can they charge me when it was them who could not provide the service?

  • Jason 14 February, 1:44 pm

    Bought some Disney DVDs from Zavvi these were to have the O-Ring slip cover as they advertised but came with none I want to return these for a refund but they want me to pay return postage I feel this is quite unfair as I did not ask them to send me wrong items disgraceful

  • pauline 16 February, 2:48 pm

    I have sold my house and my heating has packed up I have been told I need a new system am I responsible to have it done .

  • Paul knight 17 February, 7:55 am

    Hi I bought a phone from three, and it is damaged on delivery. They refuse to exchange it, stating that I should have checked the phone within 24 hrs of collection from store. There appears to be no mention of this online, and I was not asked to check the item in store. Does anyone have any advice on what to do next?

  • Michael 25 February, 8:50 pm

    Hello sir IM just wondering will I get a full refund for a product that I have opened but not used and the packaging it came in is a little bit damaged but product is mint

  • Cyril 28 February, 5:09 am

    I bought an instant heat kettle from ALDI it came with a 3 year warranty,after approximately 22 months it stopped working so I got in touch with the warranty company via ALDI they said they were unable to repair or replace the kettle so they asked me to pack it up well and send it back for a refund, they said they would also refund the postage.After a wait of 10 days I had to contact them again to find out about my refund they told me I would have to wait 28 days before I would receive a refund I thought that was a bit a of a wait as they had received the parcel a week ago. I became a bit concerned about the refund of the Postage so I asked them to send me an email to confirm the amount of the refund I would receive I was shocked to say to say the least when they said they were going to give me a 68% refund for the kettle and a full refund for the Postage where does a 68% refund for the kettle come from surely I should have received a full refund for the kettle considering that the warranty had still 14 months to run can you please tell me if they are within their rights to only offer me a 68% refund for the kettle.

  • jenny Briggs 2 March, 5:19 pm

    I bought some jewellery which thought was British company, was china, sent all wrong charms sent them back have emailed them around 20 times that i want a refund plus pnp, bout £75 worth, kept getting fobbed off now there not responding. What can i do ????

  • Davis 4 March, 9:47 pm

    I purchased an item on eBay which I returned after it didn’t work properly. The seller says he has not received the item.? I don’t think I will get a refund as he has not received the goods. I only have a receipt of posting charges.

  • Adam Hewitt 12 March, 2:24 pm

    Hi – we bought a baby car seat online which was delivered yesterday damaged. After speaking to the company, they will send a replacement but if we want a refund which we do then we have to pay for return delivery and will not refund it as they say is in their terms and conditions that we agreed to by buying off them. We do not want a replacement just our money back without having to pay for postage. Looking on your website it seems like I am entitled to free returns as it is faulty but what do I do as they say no. Thanks Adam

  • Samatha 16 March, 5:44 pm

    I purchased made to measure roller blinds on-line, the brackets that they supplied are very flimsy and will not operate the blinds. I phoned the roller blind company and explained what was happening, I was informed by the staff member that they did not manufacture the blinds themselves they just cut them to size, he agreed that the brackets that are supplied with this range are not very good, but then said there was nothing more they could do apart from sending me some more flimsy brackets. Can I ask for a full refund if the brackets will not operate the blinds correctly. This is within the 7day period.

  • Paige-Annie 19 March, 10:10 pm

    I purchased and item online and the website claimed to be in the U.K however on receiving the item I found out it can from China, I ordered an XL and it definately is not that, also the stitching on the piece of clothing is terrible, there are pieces of thread hanging off the clothing. I emailed the company and after 2 days finally I got a reply asking for pictures of the item. I have sent those picture and yet again surprisingly I have not received a reply. I want my money back but don’t know how to get it back. Do you have any ideas on how I can do this? Thanks

  • Helen 20 March, 11:00 pm

    I brought some items from China, within minutes of me placing the order i asked for the order to be cancelled. I had an email to say the orser had been cancelled. Then days later i had an email saying my items had been dispatched, i asked why when i had asked for the order to be cancelled. I was told there has been a mix up and to return the item unopened a d i would get a refund. I recieved the item and returned it but they have not refunded my money so now i have no item and no refund. This was january, the keep telling me they have refunded it and thay it takes 15-45 days. What can i do??

  • Nataliya Onishchenko 21 March, 1:14 pm

    Dear Sirs,
    I purchased men’s hoody on Start Fitness site, they misinforming about the information about a style.
    They provide picture of one model but send another, different one.
    Firstly they offered 10£ for their mistake, but after they received my item back they didn’t like to refund returning cost and didn’t like refund the wrong item in full.
    Very rude attitude.i didn’t expect such situation, we agreed beforehand and they promised to refund my returning cost and the item cost.

  • Rachel swinson 26 March, 7:43 pm

    Hi I purchased a pair of shoes from china. They don’t fit. I would like to return them but e website does not open when clicking the returns policy info. I have sent 2 emails but they have failed to deliver. The company is do you have information as to what I can so to receive a refund. Kind regards Rachel

  • ams 29 March, 9:20 pm

    I have recently (3 days ago) purchased a laptop from an online retailer however I am not happy with my purchase and would like to return it and ask for a refund. I have opened and used the laptop to test it (i.e had to input a userr name etc. in order to test the laptop) however I am not satisfied with the way it works. I understand that under the DSR there is a cooling -off period during which I can inform the retailer that I’d like to return the item however the retailer’s (ebuyer) website states:

    If you change your mind

    ‘If you have simply changed your mind about any item ordered and you wish to return it, then in line with the Distance Selling Regulations (DSR) you can do so provided you inform us of your decision within 14 days of receipt of the item. The item must not be used and must be ‘as new’ when returned to us. Once you’ve informed us that you wish to return goods under the DSR, you have 28 calendar days to do so, at your own expense. Once the item is received at, we’ll issue a full refund for the product to your original payment method. Please note this policy has some limitations and does not apply to business customers.(The Distance Selling Regulations do not apply to @work customers or our Business customers, @work customers have 5 days to return an item as not required providing it is unopened). The following items are not eligible for return: electronic software downloads and opened software.’

    However, according to the distance selling guide of the Office of Fair Trading:

    ‘Can I insist that consumers who cancel an order within the
    cancellation period return the goods as new or in their
    original packaging?
    3.58 No. Consumers are under a duty to take reasonable care of the goods
    while in their possession as discussed in paragraph 3.44. The DSRs
    allow consumers to examine goods they have ordered as they would
    in a shop. If that requires opening the packaging and trying out the
    goods then they have not breached their duty to take reasonable
    care of the goods. In these circumstances you cannot insist that
    consumers return the goods as new or in their original packaging.
    You may ask consumers to return goods with the original packaging,
    but you cannot insist on this. In the case of goods such as earrings
    that have hygiene seals, you may require consumers to exercise
    reasonable care by not removing the seals when examining them.’

    Am I within my rights to ask for a refund? I only used the laptop for about 15 minutes (however I had to register, name the laptop, etc. otherwise I would not be able to try it out) and decided that I am not happy with it and would like to purchase a different laptop therefore I do not wish to ask for an exchange/repair but for a full refund.

    I have seen a number of different opinions on the subject on other forums hence I’d like to ask for an advice. Any help would be very much appreciated!

  • Cristie 31 March, 7:45 pm

    I ordered a boots online last December 31 the item never came, at first the company keep on promising that the item is on its way . April now still no sign of boots. What shall I do…thanks

  • marie mcghee 16 April, 9:14 am

    We brought a cooker 19 months ago which is now faulty, a.o.l. have said we must prove the fault is with the cooker however surely its not fit for purpose

  • Sophie Williams 24 April, 10:04 am

    Hi, Brought a pair of shoes and paid extra delivery and they didn’t turn up till following week so I refused the parcel. They received this back the next day and was advised it takes 5 days max for a refund 15 days later and still not have my refund ! what can I do ?

  • Wendy Fitchett 25 April, 9:00 pm

    My daughter bought a tier birthday cake for my granddaughter from a lady who runs a cake making business from her house. The cake broke as we got it out the car as there was no dowling through the cake to make it stable and the cake was burnt on the edge and raw in the middle. What can we do and can we ask for a refund.

  • Dawn white 27 April, 7:49 pm

    i purchased pandora jewellery online which when they arrived were fake I instantly messaged the seller and have sent 24 messages but they refuse to do anything about this what can I do 🙁

  • lisa larkin 3 May, 12:49 pm

    I received a mobile phone from Vodafone, got the phone set up but the speaker sound did not work, I asked for a replacement, but they are out of stock, so asked me to return the phone, I have returned the phone 5 days after receiving it, on the day I posted it I dropped the phone and the screen got damaged, this had nothing to do with the fault, the phone operates fine (without sound). I explained in a letter what the fault was and nothing to do with screen damage, but I am worried they will open the phone see the damage and try to say I am returning it for that reason, and I am not. Also looking at the form with the returns packaging it reads as if I have changed my mind but I am only returning it due to the faulty sound. Can you offer any advice, as I have had so many problems with Vodafone.

  • Trina 7 May, 9:11 am

    I ordered a prom dress from a website in was a site a friend had used before with s good experience. Delivery of the order was quick but the dress was a rather poor copy of the one shown on the website that we thought we had ordered and was did not have a lot of the detail shown on the website. It also had dirty marks on the front and what appear to be black pen marks on the skirt. (The dress is pale pink so the marks are noticeable).
    I emailed to complain with photos attached as per the website directions. I have received a reply saying the dress was made to our order and is now out of stock – we didn’t ask for any specific order ..just what we saw on the website picture.
    We were told the dirty marks could have happened on the long journey to the UK….the dress was received turned inside out and in a dress bag, which was inside a plastic transit bag!
    We were also advised to get our local tailor to alter the dress as I had mentioned that the bodice of the dress was a strange shape and therefore doesn’t fit very well! We were offered 30USD as compensation.
    I’m wondering what my rights are with an international sale and what will happen if I return the dress and if I am actually entitled to a full refund on the grounds of poor quality/ damage and the dress not being as described. The website has a list of criteria returns must fit and the dress certainly fits them but the customer service department do not seem to want to accept this.I did check the returns policy before I ordered and it seemed straight forward and reasonable but this is not what I’m finding now.
    Any advice gratefully received, thank you!

  • Gavin 11 May, 5:57 pm

    i purchased 2 bike lights in Hammersmith for a visual merchandising job but didn’t end up using them. So I rang the company and they said send them back and were credit you the £49.00 so I sent back within 7days and no credit! I was told that I have to go into the shop, I stated that I live on the south coast and it would cost me £30 to do this! I said I’m not doing that it will cost me £31.00 in train fare and I don’t know why they can’t just credit the money on the same card! They finally said ok and I gave them the card number and 5 calls and 5 weeks later still no money!! What next??

  • Kelly 14 May, 7:12 pm

    I upgraded my mobile just recently. I phoned the company within the 14 day cooling off period to cancel the contract and for them to send out an envelope to return the items. I returned all the items yet they are saying the phone was missing!! I want to know what my rights are with this as I am worried I may have to pay out a lot of money

  • Jayne Pickard 24 May, 9:59 am

    I bought a bird table through Marketplace on Amazon. I is falling apart after 6 months. The company is ignoring emails, Amazon won’t do anything because it’s out of the time limit for their A-Z Guarantee and have told me to ask for a car recharge. I bought it with Amazon vouchers anyway. It is not fit for use, do I have rights?

  • Charlotte boynton 31 May, 8:52 pm

    I have been sent a pair of trainers that are not the size I ordered but they will not arrange to collect them and refund? They are only offering a 20% discount on ordering another. Pair… They took 20 days to arrive after I order them….. I paid on a visa credit card….what do I do next?

  • david 2 June, 2:37 pm

    Hi, I purchased a 2 seater and a 3 seater sofa from next in mid December 2014. One arrived in the wrong colour. Next were notified and arranged to deliver a replacement in the right colour which they did. Upon delivery of the replacement I expected them to take the one in the wrong colour away, but they did not have room on their van. So next contact me to re arrange collection, I made myself available through using a days annual leave. Again they arrived to collect but again had no room on the van. I subsequently had one missed call from next to again schedule collection, but no other communication since.
    What are my consumer rights in this situation?

  • Caron 9 June, 7:05 am

    i bought a carpet from carpetright, had to cancel the carpet the next day , the guy who dealt with my call took my card details and told me he would refund me so long as i promised to go back to their store and reorder the carpet. This was 7 days ago and i have still not received my refund. I have called them twice so far regarding it amd they just tell me they do not know when the money will go in my account but that it hs definitley been refunded, i have never waited this long in the past for any refund.

  • Sarah 12 June, 7:50 pm

    Dear Sir or Madam – I have just after a long 2 month battle received an email from a bathroom supplier that they have infact refunded me for non delivery of items ordered but they have not refunded the VAT? I paid 491.95 plus delivery but they refunding me 409.95?!? i.e. minus the VAT. Is that allowed?

  • Steve 15 June, 12:04 pm

    I commissioned a website and business cards from an online company who are not giving me receipts for the work after asking every day for two weeks. I am u sure how, without the receipts, I’d have proof I commissioned the work if I was disatisfied. I thought there was a legal obligation to provide a receipt? can anyone advise and ket me know under which act, section etc in UK law covers this?

  • Nicola 19 June, 8:02 pm

    I bought a driveway gate set on line. It arrived with no instructions but seemed pretty easy to work out, however once assembled we noticed one gate was warped. I telephoned the company and emailed a photo and was told we’d hung the gates the wrong way round and that’s why the gate had warped? Gates look fine and can’t see how changing them round would then rectify the warped wood. I asked where any instructions were to tell us we should hang them a certain way and was told as I ordered them on line I should’ve checked out the picture before hanging. Really? Apparently it’s normal for customers to look at a product on line to see if they are putting it together properly. This sounds utter rubbish to me. I work in retail and would not sell a kitchen unit or even a fridge without instructions and I would not expect customers to look on line to see how to use. There is not a mention on their website about needing to look at a picture first and I firmly believe there should’ve been some sort of instruction. I asked for an additional bolt which would rectify the issue but was told as I had caused the warping I would have to pay £16. The gates are handmade from solid wood, how could I have caused it to warp? Used spirit level and gate is definitely warped!! We also had to cut a quarter inch off of one gate as it was not the same size as the other one. Maybe it’s me??

  • Sigita 23 June, 12:17 pm

    I have purchased a pair of shoes that do not fit me and I do not like them. My mistake, I did not read all their rules in a beginning and now that say :
    “If you can’t find anything for the replacement, you will receive a credit voucher for your next purchase. Is not possible to have a refund.”
    Is it possible at all in EU these days that I can’t return the item?

    Thank you,

  • dean 28 June, 8:51 am

    I paid for a car part then 10 days later I got a email saying part not in stock nomore we will refund you
    been over 6 days since still no refund tried to contact them they don’t reply what can I do as they won’t even reply to any emails I send

  • Geraint Owen 15 July, 7:13 pm


    I bought some oak bedroom furniture from an online shop, I purchased a triple wardrobe which after construction noticed one of the doors was warped. I informed the company of this, they sent me a damaged good for to complete and attached photos of the door and the packaging of the triple wardrobe. On the following day I constructed the double wardrobe only to find the Base of the draw was also damaged, and not fit for purpose.

    I was asked bu a member of their customer services to send in a photo of the damaged draw, and he will deal with it. I had to dispose of the packaging on the 3rd day as there was so much of it. I didn’t take a photo of the packaging of the double wardrobe as I was not asked to by the customer service advisor. I have now been told by the customer liason team that they cannot do anything for me as I should have kept the original packaging as this is needed for the returning or exchanging of goods. Is this really the case, as they also stated that they need this packaging for their suppliers ?!

  • Helen Robinson 27 July, 10:58 am

    I order some clothes from a website called nastydress and they have arrived and look nothing like the picks some are too long some to short and most of the items r of a different material .how do I get them to refund my money if tryed emailing them and getting a ticket for their customer service but they still won’t answer my question of how to get a refund from them . Please help !! Kineds regards Helen x

  • Louise Graves 30 July, 8:57 am

    Hi, I have recently taken a pair of trainers back to Schuh for a refund as they were faulty. They gave me a full refund but never actually asked for the shoes so I presumed they did not require them as they were faulty. I have subsequently taken the item to a Charity Shop but now the company are asking for me to either return the goods or the refund. Where do I stand please?

  • Doris Holland 4 August, 11:24 am

    I bought a product online which broke after only 3 weeks, the company only have a message box to get in touch with them on their site which is after 3 emails sent I still have not heard back from them.

  • Alison 8 August, 7:31 pm

    Hi can you help I recently got free samples of cream but I was wrong they have taken lots of money off my account. I was hoping you have heard of these people and had an address I could send back. I have been advised by my bank that this is what I need to do before they can disput the transactions.

  • Renbithung yanthan 10 August, 5:30 pm

    a. I recently picked up the TV from your store but while your technician were sitting it up broke the stand, please help me get replacement or refund my money and take the TV back.
    b. I called up your tech support to get help with me an issue with my computer , but the guy who answer the all was very rude are would like to complain about him.
    c. I wanted the recently released book JIFFERY ARCHER however the one you send me was of Daniel Brown either send me correct book or refund my money back.

  • Rebecca 11 August, 12:49 am

    Hi. I bought 2 items from boohoo online. The items were 2 different colours of the same swimsuit. I received the items and they didn’t fit. I organised a return, completed all forms and labels and took to a local store to be collecte for return. Boohoo have acknowledged receipt of the parcel however only refunded me one item. They are now claiming that they cannot help me unless I provide proof of postage, yet they have clearly acknowledged receipt of the parcel due to the partial refund. The store did not weigh the item and never do, and the weight of two swimsuits is hardly going to be different to that of one. Yet boohoo are refusing to refund the second item or send me a copy of the return form that was placed inside the parcel – surely I have a right to see this if they are saying I have lied about returning two swimsuits instead of one. Thanks x

  • Mrs Shakirat Alli 28 August, 6:53 pm

    Pls I need help to get my refunds back from returned two items that was delivered to me because it doesn’t look like what I saw on line .I was refunded for one item only .Secondly Another item was never delivered to me but the money has deducted from my account.So I demanded a refund. I made this complaints since May to the customer service.They gave me different excuses for no reasons .I cannot count or recall how many times I have called to the extent that I became aggressive on phone on 18th Tues 2015 .because I am stressed and fustrated to get my refunds back.This has been going on now since May .I sent an Email to the help centre via an automated response from one of the staff .Yet they haven’t response to my complaint , and it over 48hrs now .I have not received a reply . Pls I need assistance and help to collect my money back on the two items that they are yet to refund me.Total refunds I am expecting on both worths £39.98.
    I will be very grateful if you can help me .I am already stressed and fustrated..Thank you.

    • Maria 16 February, 3:11 pm

      Mrs Alli, have you requested a chargeback?
      What I have read is that you haven’t received an item therefore they should be held liable and you eligible to claim against them.
      Explain this issue to your bank and raise a dispute with them.
      Most customer service call centres aren’t aware of this new policy as it is newly put into place so persist with a chargeback.

  • Phionah 4 September, 12:39 pm

    i bought 2 dresses from Dylan queen and they both didn’t fit, as soon as I received them I informed them and they took their time to get back to me, I even sent them pictures to show how they didn’t fit. They have done nothing about it apart from asking for my measurents over n over again of which I gave them when I was buying. They can’t give me the right address to send them back n they can’t even refund my money. I wanted to wear them on my son’s wedding day that has already passed and I had to spend more to get another dress for the occasion. What can I do?
    Thank you

  • Anna 28 September, 8:11 pm

    Hello 🙂 I ordered laptop online website advertise 2-3days delivery after no dispatch notification I called to check and delivery time was extended and I had to replace my old broken laptop in 3days. I phone the seller again to cancel they said the email confirmation of this action etc. Never heard from them so disputed the case in PayPal and will get my money back …. However the laptop had arrived and no contact from seller …. What happen if I keep the item ?

  • Darren 14 October, 12:28 pm

    I bought a stunt scooter for my son and after 3 weeks the handlebars broke. The manufactures do not have one the same colour, can I insist in returning the whole thing or do I have to accept an equivalent replacement park?

  • Jay 15 October, 10:41 pm

    I brought a pair shoes online which when delivered were to big for me. So I contacted the sales department in order to return the item and they said I would have to bare the cost of the return. Then noticed when I was going to send the parcel back they never had a returns address on there website. I emailed them and it took me three days just to get an address. Any how they said they received the shoes back and that my refund would take 30 days to process but most of the time refunds are processed a lot quicker. It’s now been 26 days and I still not had my refund. What can I do if goes over this time as I don’t think I’m getting my money back any time soon????

  • jeannieg 17 October, 10:59 am

    HI I bought a radar key from disability rights who stated they were the cheapest on-line – I placed order literally 2 mins later a note came up from Amazon saying was I still looking for Radar Keys?? they were nigh on half the price than I was charged so I sent disability rights an email and asked to cancel order could they acknowledge email to confirm cancellation…nothing so I phoned them spoke to one of their staff who confirmed they had received my email about cancelling the order. I explained why (costs – I told him I was on benefits and some money was an issue – he acknowledged order would be cancelled. Great I asked him to confirm in writing – nothing – a few days later they have taken money out of my account – today I received keys!!! I want to return and get my money back. Do I have to pay to return? what are my rights for refund?
    many thanks for your help

  • IanB 23 October, 11:57 am

    Hi received an item from an online seller, I realised that the item was too big so I have advised them of my intention to return the goods for a full refund.

    They have told me that this is is okay but, I will not getting the shipping refunded to me.

    I know I paid extra to get an early/quicker delivery but surely they should pay me back for a standard delivery no?

    Can they do this?
    Thanks IanB

  • jennifer cook 26 October, 8:09 pm

    I signed on for a 30 day trial at £6.99 pcm. I cancelled the second evening as it drove me made, They told me I could watch it anyway until my money ran out. Do I owe the anything?

  • Lindy L. Smith 27 October, 2:38 pm

    How come when i go to track my items i bought in order history it won’t let me type in the full order number? Really starting to make me mad af!

  • Winnie 28 October, 11:24 am

    I ordered 2 led Christmas trees at an incredibly good offer price from on 2 Oct. I contacted them today after tracking my order, only to see it had been cancelled on 3 Oct. I had not been informed. When I contacted them today they said they’d had a stock issue and their supplier could no longer supply the items. I think it’s because they’d realised they’d set the price too low in error. I have found the manufacturers have plenty and they’re even for sale on eBay for a bigger price. Is it unreasonable for me to expect them to fulfill this promised order, given that nobody told me anything until I got in touch 4 weeks later? Could Trading Standards help me?
    Thanks for any help you can give.

  • Beverley H 31 October, 10:36 pm

    Dear What Consumer,

    I was a sky customer and cancelled all of my services at the end of August this year, giving the required 31 days notice. My services all terminated on 1 October but I was charged £24.90 on 2 October for prepaid line rental and broadband, both of which had ceased on 1 October.

    My sky online account showed that this amount would be refunded on 2 November.

    Shortly afterwards, I received an offer in the mail from Sky to say I could reinstate my package at a 60 discount. I had cancelled everything because I couldn’t afford the services, so I binned the offer.

    One week later, on 9 October, Sky customer retention contacted me to offer me my previous TV package free of charge for 12 months as I had been a customer for a number of years.

    After confirming with the agent a number of times, that the offer was absolutely free and that the call was recorded so there was a record of the offer being made, I accepted.

    My sky online billing account then showed a new package being added to my account which consisted of my former TV package. With a 60% discount, so showing a monthly charge of £8.00.

    There was also two £50 credits applied, so a total credit from Sky of £100, plus my overpayment from the previous month of £24.90 for line rental and broadband which I had not received.

    I contacted sky to check that I would still receive this money back. A small amount I know but when you are so short of money you can’t even put the heating on, every little bit helps.

    Customer services told me, No, I wouldn’t get the money back as it had been credited to my account.

    I queried why they would retain a sum of money that had been paid for services I had not received, when they had already credited sufficient to cover the ‘Free’ package they had offered me.

    All I could get out of him was that it had been credited to my Sky account and I wouldn’t get it back.

    So, where do I stand with this? My account is in credit, the charges they are going to put against it over a 12 month period, will result in my account remaining £24.90 in credit. £24.90 which I need more than I need a free TV service that I will not really use.

    Can I get it back?


  • mr p 7 November, 8:11 am


    I have bought a tv from, i recieved the tv fine but once plugging it in and actually seeing the quality of the picture im not happy with this (the tv isnt faulty i just dont think its worth the money i paid).

    I spoke to very cs and got no where, they said once plugged into mains becomes non returnable (how can they put a policy in place like this when they are an online retailer and cant go look at there tvs). i want to return the item for a full refund. I only had the tv 30mins and rang straight away to arrange return/refund. To no avail

    please some advice would be great as i am currently stuck with a £1000 tv i dont want

  • Scott Henderson 9 November, 10:46 am

    Hi, I ordered a battery powered motorbike for my son. It came with scratches and scuffs on the chassis and parts missing. I contacted the company 4 times and no reply. My father contacted company and they offered to send out parts, I don’t want them as the bike is damaged, I just want a refund, the companies returns policy is within 14 days of receiving item which is running out and if not happy they will collect. As soon as I mention I want to have the item returned they haven’t wrote back, what can I do?

  • Paul 9 November, 4:58 pm

    I bought a top from a small online business. The top didn’t fit when it arrived so I sent it back via recorded delivery.
    The company is refusing to aknowledge my emails asking for my money back. It has been over a month now and they have ignored me since they recieved the item.
    I’m not sure what is the best action to take now. Can someone please help? Many thanks

  • Deborah King 13 November, 10:13 am

    My husband purchased a head set for sons Playstation the microphone is faulty. It is still within 6mnths of purchase online. Can we return without packaging?

  • mike 23 November, 11:14 pm

    I Think I had been cheated. I have purchased a surveillance camera in a shop for £360 while on their website it is £216. Their T&c says that all non- faulty surveillance products are none refundable. Is this even possible? He has opened the product and showed how it works. Can I do something about this? It feels unfair to pay such amount in price difference. Can I get some money back or a full refund?

  • mrs w challis 30 November, 6:33 pm

    can you tell me if a company selling online can refuse to take responsibility for missing parcel if a line of the address has been missed off the form?ive been told its customers responsibility to put correct address therefore a refund will only be given if they receive the goods back from the post office which could take weeks

  • rachel 3 December, 4:23 pm

    i ordered a wedding dress from china with express delivery stating 5-7 days it arrived 16 days later full of mould and awful quality the stitching is bad and the dress overall is horrendous quality they refused a full refund on the delivery and postage and only offered 40% refund on the dress and saying i have to pay postage costs where do i stand please

    • Marc Mitchell 8 January, 10:19 am


      You are at the mercy of the prevailing consumer laws of the country from which you have bought your goods. That’s why online purchases are much, MUCH safer from UK companies because you know precisely where you stand, legally. But something as important as a wedding dress, however, is a risky online purchase from ANYONE.

      Frankly, as far as the legal considerations are concerned, you’ve managed to get back 40% of the purchase cost, which may be what you deserve in Chinese consumer law but, given that you have risked your wedding day happiness by ordering the wedding dress from CHINA, of ALL places, I’m not certain you deserve any sympathy at all!

  • stewart 4 December, 11:58 am

    I returned an item to an online store and they claimed that the item was damaged upon return – and are therefore only returning 70% of the original costs.

    The item wasn’t used and wasn’t damaged when I sent it back

    Are they entitled to do this?

  • Fran 7 December, 1:02 pm

    Hi my daughter (19) bought online a pair of netball trainers she liked, but when they arrived they were running shoes a total different she. She double checked that she had placed the corret order as she has been charged £70 and yes she did order her netball shoes, she then imediatly contacted the seller who informed her that it was a clerical error but tried to insist she should have these running shoes, in which case my daughter refused. Next the person emailed her saying the shoes she wanted were out of stock, even though on the website they were still being advertised. My daughter needed her shoes for upcoming matches so therefore had to buy another pairfrom a different co asap. She informed the original co what she had done and asked if she could have a full refund with the money being put back into her account asap and some reurn labels for these running shoes.

    They have sent an email today to say she cant have a full refund they can only give her £15
    of her £70

    Please is this right, we would be grateful for a speedy reply


    • Marc Mitchell 8 January, 10:26 am

      The company hasn’t got a leg to stand on.

      The ONLY tool you need in your box for this case is the Sale of Goods Act.
      You should be refunded the whole amount of money that you have spent and these parasites should be warned that, should you decide to offer a robust defence in court, you will also be claiming punitive damages for inconvenience and hassle.

      Just keep quoting things like ‘Solicitor’, ‘Sale of Goods Act’, and ‘Small Claims Court’ and my guess is that they’ll collapse pretty quick when they realise they’re dealing with someone with a backbone.

      (Keep copies of EVERYTHING!)

  • Maz 7 December, 5:18 pm

    Ordered a bed and mattress from carpet right. It arrived mattress was ripped and the base had thread pulled out from the delivery guys who attempted to put it together badly! After very many phone calls and complaints the agreed to send a replacement.
    The delivery guys were supposed to take original bed away when they delivered new one but they said they wouldn’t/couldn’t because it wasn’t on their job sheet.
    Do l have any legal obligation to inform Carpetright ?
    Can anyone tell me my legal obligation if any?

  • Lorna Rowley 15 December, 11:23 pm

    hi my husband ordered me a coat from a boutique through Facebook called forever boutique , 3 months on no coat as this was a birthday present and it wasn’t here for my birthday we asked to cancel, they said it would take 10-14 working day to refund my card working day 17 still no refund

  • Carole Burrows 19 December, 4:29 pm

    Hi I have a small salon business and in October decided to change my card machine provider, they sent me a machine out which I wasn’t happy with, and asked if they would change as they did, I had to send the old machine back, i packaged it as requested in a pre paid postal bag sent to me by the company, I send this and got proof of postage on 26\11\15 and today 16th December I received a letter saying it hadn’t been received, then letter states if I have sent it to email them with the tracking number, I looked on my postal receipt and it is just proof of postage as the postage was paid by the company in advance, so they mustn’t have paid for tracking!!

    How do I stand with this as they state that I will have to pay the machine at a cost of £619.93 if they don’t receive it!!!

    Would appreciate your help.
    Thanks Carole

  • oliver 27 December, 1:22 pm

    i ordered two laptops from great universal one i kept and one to send back.I phoned the office and asked for collection return from my home the office sent driver around on 5th dec he put label on the item and scanned it no receipt was given but on all my returns they never gave receipt my account was not reimbursed i phoned great universal and they said the item was not sent back they have no record of the return help??

  • cindy estrada 30 December, 2:32 am

    I had a damged cell phone and inurance carrier provided me a replacement cell phone and provided a envlope and prepaid postege sticker.I reterned the phone as instruted and still it was lost in the mail but scaned in at postel office showing I indeed mailed it .so am i still responable for it being late to addresse ?

  • Alison 5 January, 9:10 pm


    I made two purchases from and they’ve caused me absolute chaos
    I sent them back on recorded delivery ( from reading reviews about them on trust pilot)

    They received and signed for 3 weeks ago and no refund has been given.

    They have ignored 7 of my emails over the past weeks and no reply

    I’m at my wits end, what can I do?

  • Romell 9 January, 5:23 pm

    I purchased an item from a well known website. I received the item but was not satisfied with it and wanted a refund. I contacted the company explaining that I no longer wanted the item, they sent me instructions for returns. I put the item back in its original packaging and paid for shipping. I never received my refund and upon questioning then they said I did not send the item back in its original packaging therefor I cannot get a refund. It’s their word against mine. What can I do to get my money back?

  • Terri 10 January, 10:43 am

    I bought several bracelets and they were not as advertised so I returned them at my expense for a refund . I keep getting the run around about taking the request to the manager, its the busy season and be patient. Its been going on for a month and a half. What do I do next?

  • salami abel 12 January, 1:08 am

    Pls for godsake,credit my act today make 8days now. you refund money to my paypal act but not credited to my bank act. why

  • karen evans 13 January, 10:12 am

    brought a iphone 5s from ebay says a*condition was perfect condition worked fine wrapped for christmas but since the phone charger stopped working. have since had to get 3 more .. it charges then then the charge does not work again and needs replacing.. either phone blows the charger as fault or faulty in charging bit ?.. out of 14 days refund asking for full refund it says i have to pay return but they want to offer to fix it. i want money back, paid on pay pal £200.00 as described excellent condition reshurhed the seller on ebay 100 % feed back in cardif, but phone arrived from china please advise if able to get money back please

  • sarah 14 January, 2:00 pm

    Does anyone know if a refund can be authroised in a store without the card holder present? a gift was returned not by me and it was refunded to my bank account, the card was not used or even asked for. i thought the card holder had to be present?

  • carrie 21 January, 8:50 am

    I ordered a bag. Turns out the bag is fake. Doesn’t even look the same. Quality terrible. I’ve emailed company ordered from they are refusing to give me returns address or refund and say that the bag is not a fake. (It clearly is). Really unhappy with product. How do I go about getting it sent back and full refund please ?

  • Theresa chalk 30 January, 10:28 pm

    I bought a flat packed bookcase from Argos. Once we got it up and measure the shelves as they seemed small. They were 6 cm smaller that the description said. Argos will only give a refund if I take this talk heavy pine bookcase back to the store as we bought it there. This seems unreasonable. They misold a product so surely should collect it. Are the allowed to act this way?

  • Melanie 3 February, 3:44 pm

    I had ordered an electrical item online and returned it to the company, the item showed up on my account as returned then two weeks later the company sent it back to me saying it wasn’t within their return approvals and charging me £5 delivery for having to send it back to me!! What?! They accepted it as a return then decided they weren’t…where do I stand with this? The item wasn’t used, I ordered the wrong model. Any help would be grateful.

  • Lisa 8 February, 9:38 pm

    Hi I bought some so called Pandora charms from, the site looked exactly like the real Pandora site! But before I realised this was all fake stuff, from China! I had paid for it! Doh! Then surprise surprise, 7 out of the ten charms were awful, so I emailed them about a refund and they responded with ‘ I need to take photos and email them’, so i did. They said they didn’t receive the photos and I’ve not heard from them since! I have emailed them several times now! Will I somehow be able to get my money back?????

  • sarah gallagher 11 February, 11:28 am

    hi i bought a x rocker gaming chair at christmas for my son,i did not open the product until january and threw away the packaging .
    Now after using it just over a month all the seams on the chair are staring to come away do i have the right to return this item? i have seen a lot of the same thing happening on this product and feel for what i paid (£150)it is very poor quality please advise thank you

  • sarah gallagher 11 February, 11:28 am

    hi i bought a x rocker gaming chair from argos at christmas for my son,i did not open the product until january and threw away the packaging .
    Now after using it just over a month all the seams on the chair are staring to come away do i have the right to return this item? i have seen a lot of the same thing happening on this product and feel for what i paid (£150)it is very poor quality please advise thank you

  • Shakirat 13 February, 8:38 am

    My 16 yr old son bought a nest of tables on my instructions from Oak Furniture Land online on 5 February 2016. OFL advertised as free express delivery and said they will contact 2/3 days before delivery. They wrote and informed my son of a delivery date of 10th February, which he could not make because of school. He promptly called to say he wouldn’t be able to accept delivery on the date. They said they would try to fit his delivery first thing in the morning. When they did not deliver by 9am, he left for school. They contacted him later to say that since he was not there to grant access he would have to pay £39 if he wants it to be redelivered. He said no, that they should refund his money. He was then told that they could do so, however, the refund would be less £65 as they would charge for the attempted delivery and administrative costs. I called to complain and I was told that these conditions were in pages 8 and 25 of their terms of conditions which he had accepted. Surely there must be a regulation or law against such repulsive behaviour by a big retailer. None of this delivery/ refund implications is given in the order pages of the website nor was he informed when he called to say that he could not make the scheduled delivery date. They have put me in a catch 22 situation. Which way out please?

  • Rachel 16 February, 9:28 am

    Hi, I am looking for some advice, I have ordered some dresses online that are tailor made. I ordered these in January. The company have emailed me to say that the production of the dresses are difficult and the dresses will be delivered later than the date I needed the dresses (March). Therefore, the dresses are no longer any good to me. I have asked for a full refund but the company are refusing. Is there anything I can do to get my money back?


  • Mrscavanagh 16 February, 2:40 pm

    Purchased a rug in Barking from a shop. When I got it home it was too small. Took it back to ask for a bigger size and the man said no because I have had it more than two days? What are my rights , don’t want a refund just a bigger size.

  • Maria 16 February, 3:08 pm

    Bought an iPhone 6s from an Amazon market seller based in Hong Kong, I’ve made him aware on several occasions that I’d like a return because the iPhone has scratches on the back which can be seen quite obviously in the light however he either doesn’t respond or comes back with an excuse that id have to take this up to Apple.
    Bearing in mind I am in my 30 days return window frame.
    I’ve had Amazon step in but because I persisted to continuously send this seller emails for a return, they’ve closed my account unjustly so theirs no help from them.
    I can pursue a chargeback however this is a decision of the bank whether or not they’d want to do something about the issue.

    What can I do?

  • Mr D Hodges 18 February, 10:22 pm

    I’m getting lots of emails about consumer problems. I suspect these emails are for you. I don’t know why I am getting them. Please make sure you tell people the correct email.

  • Madeline Darragh 25 February, 11:04 pm

    From receiving items which I ordered through twinkledeals and payment made through Paypal, I then returned these items as they were not suitable. The 2 items in total cost just under £45. It cost me £16.35 to return these items, however when I uploaded the receipt and forwarded onto Paypal they told me that they could not accept this and they needed a tracking number of the parcel. I returned to the post office which used they told me there was no tracking number and if I had been given a tracking number for the parcel it would have cost me £52, more than what the actual items were. Please can someone give me some light at the end of the tunnel with this one.

  • Craig 4 March, 3:30 pm

    Hi, I bought a gift online and it’s was not to the standard they specified at all so I emailed them that I would like my money back. They said fine and sent me a return address. I sent the item back, recorded delivery. Someone in there office signed for it and are not refunding me and I have kept emailing them and they said three weeks ago they were looking into it and now don’t answer my emails.
    What rights do I have and how can I get this resolved?

  • Louise 10 March, 8:32 am

    I bought a pair of $100 shoes from overseas, they sent me the complete wrong pair, and after about 2 weeks of emails trying to get a refund the company says to me

    “Pls accept our sincere apologize.Cause the goods you ordered is out of stock now,so the shipping company sent you the best selling one .Hope you can like it.And a big discount for your next new order?( *^_^* )”

    I am so upset…..AHH!

  • Darren fearn 10 March, 10:20 pm

    Dear sir
    I have bought a wet room glass panel from a local plumbers shop I have spent £2500 on a new wet room area .my plumber came to fit the glass panel which is to big .
    I rang the company to ask if they would take a opened screen back and they said no because the company don’t take things back once they are opened .i still have the box and plastic it came in .
    I now have to buy another screen from them which I have 2 screens now and the cost off them isn’t cheap .
    Can you help on my rights please

  • Margaret Connor 12 March, 3:26 pm

    I bought a shower door from wholesale domestic 7 days I picked it up 5 days ago. It’s does not fit and Wholesale domestics say they don’t t do refunds only credit note. What ry rights

  • Scott 26 March, 12:03 pm

    I purchased a tumble dryer last year, September 2015, in November 2015 I found out it was subject to a recall due to a highly publicised fault within certain models. My details were registered with the company to have this fault fixed.
    Forward to February 2016, no contact from company regarding this issue and I have contacted them to find out when this fault will be fixed. But I am being given the runaround from them.
    I have now requested they remove the faulty and potentially fire risk goods from my house within 7 days. I have also stated If they fail to do so then I will charge them £50 per day storage fee.
    My question is can I enforce this clause regarding the storage fee if they do not remove said goods within the 7 days?

  • Peter favell 30 March, 5:28 pm

    I bought a steam cleaner £79.00 on line after 5 months it stopped working it was collected and a new one came. Now another 5 months on the new one as tripped my electric every time I tried to us it. I contact the seller and I ave to post it to them for a refund. It a big item and will cost a lot. They are saying that because it was replace that is all they can do the warranty was use on the first one. It’s faulty only 5 months old is that right. Pete

  • Jodie 20 April, 2:06 pm

    Hi I paid online for a dress that was on sale for £70. The dress was sent to me but didn’t fit so I sent it back 2 days later recorded delivery to exchange for a smaller size. After 3 weeks with no dress I contacted their returnes team only to be told they no longer have the dress I originally wanted and that I wouldn’t be able to have my money back as it was a sale item. Instead they given me store credit. I do not want store credit I want my money back but they are refusing. Is there anything I can do?

  • Django 5 May, 12:12 am

    Hi, I purchased a hard-drive which turned out to be faulty. I returned goods very well protected in bubble wrap and box. Seller rejected return saying it had physical damage. They sent photos of box top and side showing no visible damage to box but damage to come we of product. I know for sure I hadn’t damaged it. Where do I stand? Thank you

  • Sylvi Bishop 9 May, 4:42 pm

    I received a washing machine from Appliances Direct and did not realise I only had 5 days to report any damages. When I did report severe damage they said they would not refund or replace. I quoted their website which said the delivery drver would pack it, which he didn’t and they still say they are not responsible for a refund. What can I do now?

  • James Bond 11 May, 2:02 pm

    i bought 2 items from 2 different sellers through Ebay and one has broke through normal use and the other is faulty , the broken item is roughly 7 months old and the faulty one is under 3 months old ( but had been reported to seller 11 days after purchase ) but the sellers ar not willing to resolve these problems and neither is Ebay as it has been over 30 days in both cases , surely as the sellers are members of ebay and ebay takes comission and these deals are through Ebay , surely Ebay have a right to protect my consumer rights and intervene to make sure i am not being ripped off and that i get refund or replacement as per my consumer rights ?



  • Kegan Dobson 11 May, 2:39 pm

    I’ve got a problem that needs sorting. Me and a buyer offered to trade jackets on Depop, it seemed reasonable at first but I screenshotted messages just to be sure. I sent my item via Royal Mail
    Which I still have the receipt for. The buyer has not sent his item and is unresponsive to messages. How do I go about reporting him as its technically theft??

  • Helen 15 May, 3:03 pm

    Hi, I am a sole trader of fancy dress costumes and accessories. I have a small business premises and also take orders by email, phone and through social media. I ask for a non-refundable deposit on some orders, mainly so I am not out of pocket, if customers don’t turn up to collect. I want to know my rights if they do come to the shop to collect, but the costume doesn’t fit them or they don’t like it please. Do I have to return their deposit?
    My supplier does not have a ‘sale or return’ policy, so if the customer doesn’t want their order, I am stuck with it. Can I keep all or part of their deposit?

  • Tracey bastillo 15 May, 10:44 pm

    New Look sent me a swim costume without hygiene strip

  • Tracey bastillo 15 May, 11:06 pm

    I ordered a swimming costume from new look and received it without hygiene sticker

  • Samantha 16 May, 10:20 am

    I bought patio slabs but found they were all damaged when they were inspected. Immediately cancelled order and asked for full refund. Goods are at curb side. Company are dragging feet with collection date. Whose responsibility are these slabs whilst waiting for collection? I did state that I would not accept liability whilst waiting for collection.

  • Kerry humphreys 16 May, 3:40 pm

    I’ve order a dress from on line and it arrived but no where near fit I can fit into a size 14/16 which they say the size is but I’ve put it on my daughter who is a size 6 and it’s not much too big for her we have send several email but they say I can only have £10 compensation back and they advised me to get alterations done on dress but I want a full refund where do I stand on getting this sorted

  • trevor allcock 16 May, 6:12 pm

    Hi purchased a shed from tiger sheds an online company when they delivered it was to be 12mm shiplap but upon checking found it was only 10mm shiplap
    Complained to tiger sheds how insist it shrinking and natural I did not agree and wish to return it
    I was told there would be a return fee of 25% of the cost of the purchase
    Not happy

  • Wayne 11 June, 12:29 pm

    Hi, my wife sold a pram on an online ‘buy, sell & swap’ site for £50, the buyer came to look at the pram and was happy with it. It was a bit of a struggle to get it into the boot of her car, but she was insistent that she wanted this brand as she had previously owned one. The chap that had accompanied her helped to get the pram into her boot, money was exchanged and they left.
    Around an hour later, my wife received a private message stating that because the buyer was a new driver (on ‘P’ plates) she wasn’t happy having such a large bulky item in the boot. My wife was happy at the time for a return of the pram, offering a full refund as she had a few others interested, however, it is now a week past the sale of the pram and we have not heard from the buyer regarding returning it. We are worried that it may be being used, we have photos of the pram that were used to advertise. Generally, we were wondering how long we should honour this return, or in fact whether we should still accept the return.
    Regards Wayne (UK)

  • Chris Johnstone 15 June, 2:34 am

    Hi, my wife bought a travel system for our new arrival due in 3 weeks. The pushchair and carry cot are of “average” quality and is not that sturdy. The car seat however is very poor quality, it’s flimsy plastic, the buckle looks very cheap and will probably break in an instant and the bars that fix it to the isofix base have a lot of play in them and I really don’t want my child in this! The car seat also doesn’t attach to the chassis unless you really force it down as it’s too wide. Although it’s not technically faulty we’re not happy with the quality and would like to return it for a refund and buy from a different manufacturer, do you think we will encounter any problems from the shop we bought it from? We complained the same day we collected it and have been told to return it after Thursday when the manager comes back. Many thanks

  • mark m 20 June, 11:14 pm

    I’m about to return a bike I bought from a large online supplier. On their home page it states in large print that returns are ‘free and easy’ – which encouraged me to use them as the bike i wanted was only available online and i wasn’t sure if it was right for me, so was happy with this policy as it removed the risk of unecessary expense. However I now learn from the company that bike return costs are payable by the customer whereas it is only smaller items that are eligible for free delivery. Is this a case of mis-selling on their part?

  • bob 21 June, 9:48 pm

    I bought an item which was not as was purchased from a private seller and paid for with PayPal.l complained about the condition of the item but the seller informed me l had bought and paid for it and it no longer had anything to do with him .l was refunded my money after a PayPal claim .l have not been provided with a return address and after the sellers attitude l do not intend to look for one .my question is how long am l expected to hold on this item for before l can legally dispose of it

  • Paul 26 June, 10:37 am

    If someone receives two of the same phones when upgrading and tells Vodafone of this. There answer being no you haven’t the other was cancelled, and I still have them sat in a draw unopened four months later. Is the extra phone now mine to keep or not?

  • Zee 28 June, 8:02 pm

    I purchased a American style fridge online. I paid for the delivery but couldn’t get it past the back door into kitchen. I re-arranged delivery and agreed to delivery charges again. I asked the delivery driver to wait ten minutes but he was late so he didn’t wait. As the worktops were being taken up to bring the fridge in. I phoned the store and said I may have to cancel as construction was taking place on other side from where the fridge would have easily come in and I was told that a certain percentage would be taken off. I asked how much and I was told that as a gesture of goodwill the second delivery charge was not applied. I said I agreed to that charge for the delivery but thanked them for the gesture. I was told to look on the site in regards to the returns policy and I said I would get back to them with a decision. However a refund was issued later with the second delivery charge and a percentage taken off of nearly a hundred pounds. I again phoned the store and after complaining that I did not ask for a refund I was told the fridge had been sold and there were no more in store till April. I can’t get hold of the manager whom I originally spoke to who told me that he would sort it out either. Where do I stand with this issue. I have phoned up countless times only to be told that no more fridges of that make and model have come in and will come in at a later date.

  • Mr i t gaskill 5 July, 3:45 pm

    Dear sir /madame
    I paid for a watch on ebay in good faith and later recieved a message this item had been removed after my payment was accepted where do i stand as i wanted the item

  • James Rutledge 6 July, 12:21 am

    l received a package from Travis Bryant today from the Postal Service. I opened the package that was suppose to be a 1852 California Gold Coin token.. Ilooked in the package where I found a empty coin holder and that was it…I was wondering what to do next. Could you please help with this situtation I have found myself in .. l do not have his email address and l have been unable to find it.. He doesnt show up anywhere on ebay.. Dont know where to start…

  • Unhappy 9 July, 7:49 am

    Hi, I brought a sofa online. The sofa I travelled to see and ordered failed to be delivered & I was told they were unsure of when it would be available. I was offered to choose a new one which I did and cost an extra £300. The sofa I choose without seeing or sitting on it Was delivered however I don’t like it, it’s really uncomfortable and starting to hurt my back. It’s only day 9 after delivery! Ive been on there website it says I can return within 7 days and will have to pay for collection (delivery was £80) and a restocking charge. Any advice welcome I think I’m going to need it when I deal with these people again and they’re not the most approachable company. Thanks in advance

  • John Elliott 12 July, 10:09 pm

    Hi my girlfriend brought a dress off a dress site, which had a UK website address, but was actually in Hong Kong, the dress is two sizes too small, she has been in touch with the company, they refuse to accept blame and refuse to refund the money. What rights has she got.

  • stephen king 27 July, 2:16 pm

    I purchased a gas fire on line it was not the colour stated in ad so we returned the fire they said it arrived damaged to get our money back from the courier the item was insured for 100 pounds the cost of item was 187 who is liable to pay us the 87 pounds is it the company we bought it from or courier please help we are stumped

  • Rachel Slattery 2 August, 1:18 am

    We ordered a Washing Machine for delivery from Curries. As I live in Australia, my mother took delivery of the item in the UK and it was installed. We thought we had ordered a washer dryer, but in error we ordered just a washer. My mum questioned the delivery man, who said this is what you ordered and installed it. She could not call us due to the time difference.
    We have contacted the supplier to advise of our error and that we would like to re order the washer dryer, but they have said as the goods have been un packaged and installed we are not able to. We have not used it, so it is in its original state. Do they have the right to refuse and re turn and re order of the right product?

  • Micky Withington 4 August, 1:16 pm

    Hi I purchased a hat/cap from china it came 6 days ago and they have sent the wrong 1 I have ever mailed the company over 10 times now stating I want to exchange or refund the item but nobody from the company has got back to me even tho I’ve messaged them every day for the last 6 days….I’ve noticed on the returns policy I have 30 days to refund it but there’s no address on the site just there email….so I’m after some advice cuz this cap has cost me £30 looking forward to hearing from you many thanks micky Withington

  • carole gannon 12 August, 2:37 pm

    I recently purhcased online two bedside cabinets. When they arrived they were the wrong colour and the firm said they would collect them when they delivered the correct ones. The second delivery also proved to be incorrect and I cancelled the order. The firm said they would issue a refund when they had collected the second wrong items and a week later I am still waiting to hear when that will be. What are my rights in this situation?

  • David Price 17 August, 11:30 am

    This article is dated June 30. Not useful you haven’t told me when it was written/published – which year?

  • Dawn 18 August, 10:48 pm

    I recently bought a Sizzix big shot plus die cutting machine for patchwork. I found an 8 inch die online and because I don’t know much about them yet i asked the seller if it would fit my machine and he said yes. When it arrived it was way too big so I messaged the seller and told him it was too big. He messaged back apologising and said to send it back and he would refund me plus the postage costs to send it back. I posted it on August 15th and then I emailed the seller to say it had been sent but he didn’t reply. Yesterday which was the 17th I checked the royal mail website and it had been delivered
    so I messaged the seller again and asked him to reimburse me. He didn’t reply so I left it a couple of hours and added a picture of my receipt for the post office and he rel saying he hadn’t received it. Today I messaged again asking him to reimburse me but again got no reply so I screenshot the picture from the royal mail showing it had been delivered and he still hasn’t replied. I’m getting really frustrated now. I paid through PayPal, does that mean I can get it back? He had the die I bought now and I feel robbed.

  • Andy 30 August, 4:41 pm

    Hi, my wife paid for some football boots from an online firm. They were scuffed, so following their instructions we returned them via Royal Mail with proof of postage.
    The company now say that they have not received them and claim do not recognise the address as being valid. Royal Mail state that it is or they could not have been returned using the pre paid return label.
    The company will not refund the money.
    Where do we stand?

  • Alex Barrett 31 August, 3:49 pm

    I bought an electronics package for a 250 size CP electric helicopter. Being new i didnt know the backstory behind the components.

    Mainly the gyro that is part of the package are basically junk, no longer supported by the original manufacter and very few people have gotten them working well.

    Basically spent weeks changing mechanics and settings in software/tunning to find out that its not fit for purpose.

    The online retailer (ehirobo) havnt responded to any emails.

    The package contained, speed controller, ESC, 4 Servos and gyro, the speed controller and motor are OK, the servos are really not suited for helicopters (not fast enough especally for the tail) and the gyro is well known to be junk in teh RC comunity (which i didnt know being a new heli pilot)

    it has caused damaged to my heli due to glitches, set of blades, feathering shaft, main shaft, stripped gear bent tube. as well as the cost of damage, ive also had to replace it aswell as the servos.

    No response from the retailer. What are my options since its probably been a month. The package aswell as similar ones are one sale and seems like they are just trying to get rid of stock to unsuspecting customers and just dont reply in hopes that no one follows up.

  • ANONYMOUS 3 September, 2:58 am


  • Irina 21 September, 6:19 pm

    Hello, I bought folding bike which slightly differs in colour (some parts are black instead of silver)

    and weight is 12,7kg instead of 11,2 kg as they specified on website.
    Weight of the bike was one of the main criteria when purchased bike.

    Now they refuse to arrange collection and I have to send it in my own cost.

    Who has to pay return charges in this case?

    Many thanks,

  • Rab Ferris 23 September, 10:40 am

    I returned a faulty stage light freepost to the company of purchase about two weeks ago having bought it back in Feb via internet. They have confirmed it was faulty and have agreed to replace it but want to charge me for return delivery. Does this comply within the ‘Sale of Goods’?

  • Natasha 30 September, 1:37 pm

    Received a sofa in March from mail order that was damaged have just received money back from PayPal. I am going away tomorrow for 2 weeks but they want their sofa back and are threatening police. I have said they can have it as soon as I return in 2 weeks time. Where do I stand with this?

  • dawn 11 October, 11:19 am

    I bought a personalised football shirt. I decided as they did not offer chest sizes I would go for a 12year old size even though my son is 10 to be on the safe side. This shirt does not fit him and sports direct have said nothing wrong with the sizes. what can I do as it was expensive and no good for my son.

  • tracey 13 October, 2:47 pm

    hi my daughter had bought a dress for her formal and received a totally different dress till one she had picked didnt look like one in pic it was to big on her and squcens falling of dress she had bought of her dresses she contacted them they z there sorry she dosent like dress theres nothing they can do they wont give her a refund I tried phoning them phone number came up not regonisible is there anything else we can do thank you

  • Nicola rees 16 October, 11:27 pm

    I bought a corner sofa in argos and I think the spring has gone in it I only had it 3 days but app the packaging add been theism away what to do be very grateful for some advice

  • Bo Walsh 21 October, 6:58 pm

    I bought a cheaply made jacket that didn’t fit in the end after waiting three weeks for it to be shipped from China. I had to send the item back recorded delivery in order to guarantee it got back and I got refunded. However it cost me £16.84 at the post office and although I got refunded for the jacket, the company I bought it through refuse to reimburse me for the postage.
    How do I get this back, and what are my rights?

  • Mark Jolly 25 October, 10:06 am

    Dear Sir, I bought a radiator from a company that advertises on ebay, unfortunately I bought the wrong size and arranged to return the item within a couple of days.

    I told the company that I would return the item to them myself as they are only a few miles from where I live.

    The company told me that they do not allow members of the public to return goods personally and that I must use a courier, this would have cost me over £50.

    I own a small company and we deliver to our own customers so I decided to use my own delivery driver to drop off the radiator.

    The company have obviously cottoned on to the fact that we are not a registered delivery company and are now saying that they never received the item.

    The item WAS dropped off and signed for by one of their employees.

    Can you tell me where I stand?

  • Michelle 28 October, 8:36 am

    I bought 2 pairs of canvas high top rollerboots. When they arrived the box for one of the pairs had clearly been damaged before it left the warehouse and repaired quite badly with sellotape.
    I want to exchange the pair of skates for this reason as they are a gift but look unpresentable in the damaged box. The Tesco partner shop has told me that I will have to pay for the return and exchange as the packaging is merely there to protect the goods in transit and as there is nothing wrong with the skates it has done its job. My arguement is that it left them damaged and repaired and the box is part of the presentation of the gift.
    Should I have to pay return costs for an exchange?

  • dick 28 October, 1:22 pm

    my son bought a pair of boots from a well known shoe shop and the shop disputed the size as different to what he thought was the right size, they were taken back to the shop 2 days later to be told that they didn’t stock the next size up from 42 and their policy was not to refund the money but to give a voucher to cover the price and as its not a shop my wife uses [ as the boots were for her birthday] it was of no use to her /they said it clearly states on the till recites that its their policy not to refund

  • ros parton 2 November, 10:51 am

    I purchased a made to order dining set from ebay. A few weeks after delivery the top was warpeed and I ended up taking the seller to court. The judgement was in my favour and I then went to high court. The high court enforement got all my money back but the seller has not replied to my request to collect the furniture. How long do I have to wait before I can dispose of it myself.

  • cat 3 November, 4:13 pm

    Hi I received the wrong item from a wallpaper company..I did have to open the wallpaper in order to realise it was the wrong product.i paid and arranged for the wallpaper to be returned.i repackaged the wallpaper in the original box minus the film . They are refusing to refund my money for this roll because it was damaged. I believe I returned the wallpaper as best I I’m our £16 postage and £68 for the wrong wallpaper that they sent by there anything I can do?thanks for your time.

  • Priscila 6 November, 10:58 pm

    Hi ,
    I got a problem with an agency called , I took a first aid course in July 16th, 2016 and I haven’t receive my certificate! . So I emailed them to give my money back , tried to call them but goes to voice mail. What can I do for getting my money back ?

  • Lisa 16 November, 1:46 am

    Hi we have just had £1500 pounds worth of velux windows ordered from velux via building company , we then had to order the flashing from velux which is 4 boxes at £60 each , however we ordered the wrong ones , the company has said we have to pay £30 per box to return 4 boxes , we still need to order the correct flashing from the same company , we feel we are stuck with these flashings as the cost to send back is half the price of each flashing box , is this right ? And what’s the problem with us ordering the correct flashings and they drop them to a building firm why are we being charged a disortiaate amount of money to return the wrong flashings , was not informed of this wen we ordered , it’s insane , what are my rights on return fee. Thanks Mrs rea

  • Pamela Godwin 16 November, 6:37 am

    I recieved a dress from China but it is crooked severely and it zips over the middle left side of my butt cheek. the right side seam is larger and shows the inside of the dress because it is backless and my butt cheek sticks out the left side seam you cannot see because it is made severly crooked nd some of the sequences have damage from the seamstress the front of the dress under my bustling torso is severely poofy and looks ridiculous. Now how do I return the dress and get the seamstress to properly fix my dress. They said put piece of paper with his address on it and send it. i should not have to pay for shipping when they clearly saw that it is crooked severely I sent photos of it as asked to do so. when it is their fault why do I the buyer have to pay for shipping

  • John 18 November, 4:18 am


    I bought a couple of new items from a trader on ebay. These items are boxed / packaged by the manufacturers as are all new items. The trader cut some of the packaging away to save on postage costs. Obviously I was not happy about that, I bought new items and expected to receive them in their original packaging. Can traders do things like that?

  • Ryan Woodhams 19 November, 11:49 am

    I brought an item off ebay, when it got to me it was damaged i took a photo and returned to the seller who promised to replace it, i messaged him frequently for updates to my replacement and he kept leading me on, eventually he just stopped replying to me and failed to respond to my request for a refund. i contacted ebay but they said as the transaction was over 30 days ago they cant do anything.

    Can you help

  • Shannon Bradbury 20 November, 4:49 pm

    Hello I bought some shoes from a Christmas Market I. My town. I tried them on at home and they are a little too big. Do you think if I went back to the stall would they let me swap them for a smaller size?

  • Peter M 21 November, 3:02 pm

    Purchased Mini Desktop Arcade Machine from Zavvi online – Here is my message and the reply I received

    Having received my item I am not happy. There is no instructions relating to game rules and how to play them either in paper form or within games. Many of the games are impossible to play without instructions. Please advise me oh how returns work.

    “One of our customer services advisors has reviewed your query and we are able to confirm the following:

    Hello Peter,

    Thank you for getting in touch.

    Please be advised that I am unable to process a return on this item as it has been opened and used.

    I apologize for any iconvenience caused by this.

    If there is anything else that we can do, then please do not hesitate to get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help.

    Kind regards,


    Zavvi Customer Service Team”

    (I realise there is no such word as ” iconvenience” but thought it best to post reply as received complete with misspellings).

  • Neville 4 December, 11:37 am

    Hi, I had a phone upgrade and the first phone received was to be returned but I still have it?
    This is the sequence of events.
    27/04/16 – Phone arrived with damage to gray small bag, box and broken seal. Supplier contacted and informed replacement phone to be sent and to give returned phone to be courier.
    Some days later returned phone collected from neighbour? Supplier informed and collection arranged.
    Missed courier collection while at work.
    Informed supplier still waiting for collection – informed courier only make 1 attempt to collect – Informed by supplier to put in Post Box – unable to fit in post box.
    Told to bring item to post office – Post office won’t accept item as not in correct bag! supplier informed and will send correct bag for posting.
    04/12/16 – No contact from supplier or courier!! Could I now claim the phone??
    Awaiting a quick response

  • Gary Johnstone 6 December, 7:50 am

    Purchased a table and chairs online and paid by debit card. Items arrived 1st November 2016. As house was being refurbished did not open boxes to check items until yesterday. On checking, items are wrong colour (ordered white received black).

    Contacted company who state that as I am outwith 30 days return policy as stated in their terms and conditions I have to pay for return of items .

    Is this correct, even though they have admitted they sent out wrong colour?

  • Emil Albert 7 December, 11:36 am

    I ordered an item and the wrong one was delivered. Now the supplier insists on using Interlink to handle the return since they have a contract with them. To use Interlink I would have to stay at home for a whole day though, which is not an option. The supplier even refused to let me pay for a different shipping company. Do they have the right to do so?

  • paul 8 December, 12:49 am

    Contacted Dunelm online customer services about returning an order but my messages are going ignored time after time. No automated email from their online form to say query was received other than a thankyou after clicking send button. I have decided to take screen captures of all before and after messages. i may be running out of my returns window which i think they are hoping happens tbh.

  • lorna andrews 9 December, 11:29 am

    i returned a item to Adidas using the returns label provided by them. the parcel seems to have been lost and Adidas are refusing to refund me for the item.
    what can i do?

  • Marion smith 9 December, 11:31 am

    Hi I returned my damaged sofa in Oct and I’m still waiting for my refund, Worldstores have replied to my email stating it will be refunded to my bank within 3-5 days, thing is they’ve been saying this for the last month.. what can I do?

  • Df 15 December, 6:33 am

    I bought a dress online from miss figa.. it didnt fit, i returned it end of november.. i still havent gotba refund.

    I emailed them, they said they were looking into it. 5 emails later no response still.. what do i do.

  • Laura 15 December, 10:35 am

    I’ve bought something from third party seller on amazon. Item arrived but I wasn’t happy with it and wanted to return it. I posted it back and it went to China. Now, 2 weeks later seller is telling me they haven’t received it and now it’s seems that it’s gone missing in transit and I haven’t got any tracking information. Am I still eligible to receive the refund from the company if the item has gone lost in transit? Please help me out as they telling me they can’t refund me until they receive it. I got a proof of posting it and it seems to me I’ve done my part. It’s not my fault it’s gone lost.

  • Maureen 16 December, 8:53 am

    Dear Sir/Madam, I have to return several items to Amazon uk due to them being purchased as gifts for Partner who is now no longer with me -I know I have to pay for the RETURN POSTAGE back to Amazon uk but I am a bit puzzled why I am being charged £3.99 when I only paid £1.73 for the items to be sent to me in the first place?

  • Rob 16 December, 3:00 pm

    I recived a damaged t shirt I sent it back for a exchange but it’s now 1/2 price during the exchange should I be charged the cheaper price

  • Stephen Proud 17 December, 9:03 am

    I paid for an item from studio by credit card.They took the payment then one day later said they could not supply the item.It has been over 10 days and they have not given me my money back yet.What is the law regarding this?

  • John Kirkpatrick 20 December, 1:39 pm

    I recently had a multi-fuel stove replaced with an LPG stove to make things easier for my elderly parents. It has worked for 8 days and now there is a fault. The installers say it has been passed to the Gas stove company..I called them and they have ordered ‘a receiver’. They gave me their agents name, so I called them and they said it would be another 8 weeks as it is ‘out of stock’. No-one has told us this. It is winter in the north of Scotland. Am I within my rights in asking the original installers to replace the original multi-fuel stove? My parents cannot cope without heat for 8 weeks. Please help…

  • Jbriggs 27 December, 1:42 pm

    I bought a vacuum from ideal world (bought on their website) £159.99 + £5.99 postage. I returned next day as i bought wrong model (reordered correct model) but they have now only refunded me the £159.99 and not the original postage. I was under the impression under distance selling regs the original postage must be returned along with cost price but they are refusing. Are they correct? If not what can I do?

  • Jonathan Marsden 5 January, 9:41 pm

    Dear Sir, I made a purchase online which I cancelled (by email to their sales department) several days prior to the goods being despatched. Regardless of my cancellation the company despatched the goods to me. They now insist that in order to obtain a full refund the goods must be returned at my expense. Is it correct that I must pay for the return of the goods please? Regards, J Marsden

  • Alex Witney 11 January, 12:11 pm

    What do I do when the seller refuses to take the item back? Although it’s my legal right.. And they were contacted with 10 minutes of me recieving the item?

  • Sheery 11 January, 5:45 pm

    Hello, I bought some nail polish amounting to £64. This was two days ago. I reslised that they were the wrong type. Only opened 1 so I kept that one. I went to return the rest Now im being told that the shop does not do refunds.

    • Kester 14 January, 1:56 am

      The seller has to offer you a full refund for all the items you return if you bought them online. If you bought it on high street and directly from the shop however, then the seller isn’t legally obligated to take the items back or refund you.

  • R.Morgan 12 January, 2:14 pm

    I returned an item to an online store, in November and they confirmed receipt on 5th December, stating it can take up to 21 working days to refund. It has been well over that time and I have yet to receive my refund. I contacted them earlier this week (after allowing them a few extra days) and got a response to say it’s processing and to not contact them again. What can I do!?

  • Kester 14 January, 1:51 am

    I bought an item online that I mistakenly thought it’s electric but it isn’t. I would like to return the item back to the seller which I can do within 14 days of receiving it. However, I am also reading on their returns page that their standard fees are £9.95!! This is 1/3 of the original price of the item I bought. I will have to pay for the return postage as well as to cover the original postage costs. I accept to cover the postage costs in both ways since it was my mistake, but I find it strange for them to charge some fees on top of this. Could I ask you is it even legal for the company to charge me almost £10 for wanting to return the item? I would appreciate any help and advice. Thank you.

  • Emma Reilly 16 January, 8:18 am

    Hi there.

    I purchased a dress from an ann summers party and informed the host a week 4 days after that I wanted a refund…she took the dress however I did not get my money back and it has now been 3 months

  • Susan Allen 16 January, 8:38 pm

    My partner bought a ‘new’ key card for his car on 19th Dec 2016 from a guy we found on the internet and he came down to program another key card for him and it started the car for about a week and now does not work at all. We’ve tried ringing the man and also texting asking him to contact us but to no avail! Can we get a refund? My partner’s been left with a car he can’t use and we feel we’ve been duped!!

  • Maureen Pearman 16 January, 9:50 pm

    I. Bought an indesit freezer from Argos. Which was faulty within the 48hours. I rang Argos and ask them to collect as not happy with purchase, they said they would email indesit for collect, when indsesit rang they want to send an engineer to check is ok but I still don’t want this freezer and would rather have a complete different make and model I have no faith now with indesit as I lost freezer food etc. what’s my rights pls

  • Julie potter 18 January, 5:24 pm

    I purchased a mattress for a cost of £135.00 it was stated deliver was free. I returned the mattress as it was not suitable at a cost of £57.00.
    When I had my refund they deducted £32.00 postage. I am outraged and they will not budge.

  • Fiona Billing 25 January, 9:16 pm

    Please help I ordered a jumper from a mail order company for Christmas and when I opened it it had s small hole in it so the company told me to send it back which I have done. Three weeks on and I have still not had my refund despite constant asking and the company saying it will be done by certain date and then not done. What are my rights help!

  • Alisha thomson 25 January, 10:39 pm

    Hi, I have just purchased a memory foam mattress from amazon, it came vacuum packed, I have opened it and noticed that there are brown stains on the mattress, which obviously for a brand new mattress is unacceptable, it was then that my husband said it looks abut smaller than our old mattress which is a double, we measured it and it is a small double and not the size advertised.
    I have emailed the seller but have had no response yet, but then it’s only been a few hours.
    I decided to look at amazon’s returns policy and it says that for hygiene mattresses that have been removed from the vacuum pack will not be accepted for return even if they have sent you the wrong item. Of course I’m very worried now that I’m going to have an issue getting either a refund or an exchange. The mattress still has the protective plastic wrap around it but it is now a full size mattress rather than a roll as it came. Could someone please confirm if this is correct that amazon can refuse to accept a return on this. Many thanks.

  • khalid 26 January, 11:04 pm

    My partner bought Beats by Dre headphones just before Christmas for me as a gift, little did she know that when they turned up they were going to be of a poor quality/build/standard and are counterfeit. The site looked the part and the products listed show the real item for sale, but the item that turned up looks nothing like the pictures and looking on the official Beats website there should be a serial number on the headphone itself which there isn’t. also the charging port is totally different to the real item, going from this we could see these are fake. Also the item came from Hong Kong. no where on their site did it state their physical address or that the items being sold are counterfeit but said ‘welcome to the official beats by dre shop’ and showed the discounted price with the rrp price crossed out…so my partner assumed they were the real deal and were on sale.. The website no longer loads and says it cannot load the database…since we contacted them and the bank to dispute this issue.
    I contacted the seller a day after taking delivery of the item and advised for them to arrange collection and a full refund and told them our findings and that they are fake, they have kept saying as we don’t like the item to return and not to contact the bank, but we do not want to bear the cost of return as its not we didn’t like them but they are fake and we were miss-sold the item, and the point they said not to contact the bank we were dubious.
    My partner contacted her bank as she paid by Credit card they did a charge back, but since the seller has still been asking for us to return at our cost and also asked why we contacted the bank and is making comments on the line of that they have the credit cards details etc (like a threat – or maybe we are being paranoid) , but now says they will refund the cost of sending back too. they have also mentioned in emails about suing her if we do not pay back again. But we do not want the item as it is a fake, she wouldn’t have bought them if she knew. I don’t know how it works but as her bank have done a charge back, they said the money is on hold for 45 days for the seller to dispute and then will be released. and in the meantime the seller keeps asking for us to post back and they will refund p&p. my question is where do we stand and is it possible that as the charge back is done, how will the seller refund the cost of us sending back to Hong Kong? I though they can only refund what has initially been paid from the credit card?

    I hope you can advise.


  • Jayne Leaf 6 February, 11:25 pm

    Hi there

    What happens if a kitchen company have bought an appliance on our behalf on line but we don’t like it as the sides of it do not match the doors? Do we have the same rights to return it as if we had bought it in line?

    Many. thanks

  • Tracey 7 February, 7:23 am

    I purchased car mats as a present but she received the original fiat ones from her partner so I asked to return these and was advised I could although I would have to pay return postage which I understand but they also saying £3.50 will be deducted for the postage they paid to send them to me although when I bought them they were £14.51 with free o&p can they do this ??

  • Kaan 10 February, 12:05 pm

    I purchased something worth quite a bit of money and it has turned out it is faulty and the company is not giving me a refund. What shall I do?

  • Vanessa Denning 11 February, 10:33 am

    I bought a hover board £300 at xmas
    They sent a returns label and I returned it through ups deliveries I tracked it and it arrived safely on Jan 16th
    It’s 11th Feb and last wk I called to say money still had not gone in ..3 times I called eventually they said it had been refunded and give it 5 days max
    Still no money
    Called they said it will be in this afternoon
    Still no money
    Called again this time they said will be in next wk 5 days max ?
    I don’t believe them anymore what can I do to get our money back please ?

  • kathy 16 February, 12:31 pm

    I have purchased a considerable number of items from a well known online retailer. Have returned quite a bit but nevertheless spent over £500. I struggled to get them to refund me but now they have but despite many requests they will not refund my delivery charges. Am I legally entitled to receive this. I returned all items within the 14 day period

  • sophiehamilton-wiszniewski 23 February, 8:05 pm


    I’m a 73 year old pensioner and we need to be careful with our pennies.

    In good faith I purchased a sofa from Abode Sofas online. The sofa came unwrapped but when we sat on it was so hard and uncomfortable that I requested a refund. I paid for the sofa to be delivered back down to them within the correct time period. I paid in cash both ends and the sofa has been in their possession since the 19th January but I am still not in receipt of my refund.Can you advise me as to how I get my £1155.00 refund please?

    Thank you,

    Sophie Hamilton-Wiszniewski

  • Lara 24 February, 3:01 pm

    I purchased a Thor 2 from on the 16th January 2017. I received this a few days later but it has split after just three uses. I contacted Lelo but they don’t appear to want to provide a refund despite the fact that the goods are not of a reasonable quality. The agent is insistent that Lelo’s company procedure is followed, won’t entertain statutory rights & only appears to want to provide a replacement.

    What’s rights do I have? I have only just exceeded the 30 days period. I don’t want a replacement as the item is obviously very poor quality!

    Any advice you can provide would be much appreciated.

  • Shelby 28 February, 7:57 pm

    My dad recently purchased a £90 motherboard which was described wrong and the model number on their website was incorrect. The item arrived and the item didnt fit because it wasnt the right model. We contacted the company who said to send it back and they had made changes to the website. We took pictures of the description before they had time to change it. Anyhow, they recieved the item back and are now saying my dad broke the item and it was scratched and they cannot give a refund. They said they will send it off for a repair which will cost him £100 which is pointless because we can buy a new one if we wanted to.
    Where do we stand? Are we entitled to a refund, the item hadn’t been fitted as it was the wrong one so no idea how it was damaged.


  • Jaime 1 March, 3:20 pm

    I purchased an iMac from CeX for £420 and the keyboard and mouse and correct power cable were not given, I hadn’t used or touched the iMac over a few months as it was purchased just shortly before Christmas and due to more urgent matters I had no time to use the iMac. Because it was wrongfully sold without the required items am I legally entitled to have a refund as the sale is not technically in working condition without these items? I was mis sold the goods no?

  • louise GARNER 8 March, 10:06 am

    I have ordered 4 lights from a store online and paid by credit card. Without prior notice the company sent me 3 lights only. On questioning them they said they didnt have the stock levels for fulfil my complete order and refunded the 4th light. I need to return the 3 lights as they were due to be hung in pairs so 3 are no good to me. I have the original packaging but return postage to cover insurance in in excess of £30 am i within my rights ro request a refund for this as my order was not fulfiled in the first place? (If i had received 4 lights i would not have returned them)

    Thanks Louise

  • Steve 13 March, 7:02 pm

    I’ve wrongly received an online ban from ea sports for “coin selling” on FIFA ultimate team on Xbox I’ve spent quite a bit of money on in game content which I can no longer access, I’ve emailed ea but they insist I have broken the terms and conditions by “coin selling” and won’t unblock my account even though I have not. The problem is it’s their word against mine. Surely they can’t keep the money I’ve spent yet not allow me access, isn’t this theft???

  • Lesley McKie 24 March, 9:17 am

    Bought glass jugs but upon opening the delivery box, 3 out of 5 jugs were smashed. Box not marked ‘fragile’, thin layer of bubblewrap was the only protection and the jugs were stacked inside each other, glass to glass. My problem is that I didn’t open the package for 2 weeks to make this discovery, so when i contacted the supplier to inform them, they said i should have told them within 24 hours so they will not replace them. They do state this need to let them know within 24 hours on their invoice.
    Do I have any recourse?

  • Baljit Rai 1 April, 10:08 pm

    Hi i still havent received my refund for my nexus chrome ceiling pendat my order number was
    Parcel was taken after the day i arranged a collection

  • tracy nettleship 2 April, 9:29 am

    Hi i ordered some trainers for my daughter on Internet but their nit the ones i ordered and im wanting to return them but the company said that I have to email them telling them why i did that and then they wil send me all things i needed to send back but I haven’t heard anything back ive emailed them lots of times thank you if you can help me

  • Amie Mansell 5 April, 2:53 pm

    Recently needed a let for a town bar. Spoke to the manufacturers based in Sheffield, sent pictures of our tow bar and the issues. They told me they would send a part to replace the part that had broken. On inspection of the part sent I could see it wouldn’t fit, they said this was because our tow bar was an older discontinued model therefore we would need to replace the whole thing. They said they would sent a courier to collect the part from me and then issue me with a refund, that was march 1st, I have called several times to be told they will come “one lunch time in the next few days”. Still nobody has come and I’m getting sick of making sure I’m in over lunch everyday on the off chance they will come. Plus I need the money back to go towards the whole new towbar ive booked in to be fitted next week. What more can I do?

  • Linda Day 11 April, 9:49 am

    Amazon sold item via seller but late arrival so wanted a refund. Item called by courier who gave me a sticky label as receipt. Scanned all correspondence to Amazon as wanted tracking and courier letterhead ingredients for proof of collection. They still refuse to refund even though got email from seller saying they will refund.

  • John McIntyre 16 April, 12:13 pm

    Hi, I ordered a jacket from Zara online and opted for delivery to my address. Hermes courier service twice tried to deliver during the day when I’m in work. On the 3rd attempt they left a calling card to say it was with a neighbour. I’ve since asked the neighbour who says no parcel was delivered at all and now Zara say there are no sizes left to replace the jacket so can only offer me a refund. What a complete farce!!!

  • Rachel Morgan 21 April, 6:08 pm

    I bought an electronically item online but it showed a fault (low battery even when new batteries used). I looked online and found that it was a common fault. I returned it the seller who has said it is in full working order. He said he will test it over the weekend and then return it to me. Can he do this?

  • Sara ward 12 May, 6:27 am

    I ordered flat pack chest of drawers from online company and one panel arrived cracked and one pack of screws missing. I spoke to comsmy who were happy to refund but goods must be packed up again and courier service to pick up. They failed to pick up twice but got there in end. I was unable to get all the pieces back into original box so had to find another one myself which would never fit size of drawer fronts exactly. In email exchange I made clear I’ve done the best to package them securely as I could and would not be be held accountable for further damage. Admittedly the box had room for the panels to slide around as box wasn’t designed for them. They have arrived at warehouse from courier damaged further. Furniture company is holding me liable for this as not packaged in reasonable state and are investigating and I suspect looking a way to deny my refund. What are my rights so I can make this clear to them? Sara

  • M Lynskey 19 May, 11:12 pm

    I purchased a ring online which is too small. Returns have to made within 14days. I have emailed 3 times for address to return, they reply by stating someone will be in touch, this is not happened! Will my credit card deal with this, or do I have another alternative?

  • Janet 7 June, 1:40 pm

    I returned an item of clothing I purchased online via signed for delivery the same day I received it (the garment didn’t suit me). The seller (a business) has yet to collect the item from the sorting office as they weren’t there when the Post Office try to deliver. Should the seller fail to collect the item from the Sorting Office and it be returned to me, where do I stand on getting a refund? I paid via credit card for £56.

  • angela 10 June, 6:03 am

    I bought a coin of eBay and when I open the envelope the coin was empty and there was two rips one on the side and one in front what my options please

  • Emma 14 June, 11:45 pm

    I tried to order an item online but was unable to do so due to not having the money in my bank account, or so I thought until I received it in the post saying I could pay later. I explained that I couldn’t afford it so they told me to return the product. I did this but only got a proof of postage instead of a tracking number. Now the company are saying they haven’t had it back so I must pay the invoice & late payment fees. Can they do this even though I have emailed them the proof of postage?