Returns and refunds

Getting your money back

Under the distance selling regulations, you are quite within your rights to change your mind at any time within the first seven days, return the goods and get a full refund. This means without financial penalty of any kind – such as a cancellation charge or a ‘restocking’ fee. The supplier must also refund any delivery charges paid by you, and any other costs related to the contract. Refunds must be made within 30 days from cancellation, whether or not the goods have been sent back. Any related credit agreements will also cease to exist.

You may be required to pay to return the goods, but you must have been informed of this as part of the pre-contractual information. if the goods are faulty, then under Sale of Goods, the supplier will always bear the cost of returning them.

Returning the goods

Unless you are required to return the goods, and you were informed of this, your only obligations are to make the goods available for collection and to take reasonable care of them while they are in your possession. This is called a duty of care. Where the supplier has made provision to collect the goods, this duty of care expires after 21 days, but where you have agreed to return the goods, your duty of care continues until you do this and could be for as long as 6 months.


Under a distance selling contract, a supplier cannot make refunds subject to the goods being returned unopened in their original packaging. One of the principles of the distance selling regulations is to give you a chance to examine the goods at home, not having had a chance to do so in the shop. It would be impossible for you to do this without opening the packaging and trying the product out. Having said this, you will still be under a duty to take reasonable care of the goods while in your possession, and may be subject to certain instructions such as not to wear shoes outdoors, or remove hygiene seals. But you can  never be penalised simply because you did not return the goods in their original packaging.

Mail order and distance selling

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  • L.van der Veen 12 December, 8:43 am

    dear sir,i received mobile phones and had a 7 working day cancellation period.I informed them by e.mail on the 7th day of my cancellation.They insist that as they received the phones back on the 8th day i had gone outside the cooling off period. was this right of them to do this? waiting for your response.L. van der veen

  • Catriona 12 December, 10:59 pm

    L. van der Veen, Your 7 day cooling off period runs from the day AFTER the day on which you received the goods. As long as the supplier is in receipt of your intention to cancel within this 8 day period, you can cancel. It does not refer to the time by which they must receive back the goods. It was therefore wrong of them.

  • corinne 11 March, 5:59 pm

    i purchased some items from ann summers and unfortunatly 2 of the items did not fit so following the instructions on the invoice i went onto the website to get the address to return them. under the address it says
    Please note:Videos, DVDs, Books, Magazines and clearance and/or sale items cannot be returned unless they are faulty, so please be sure of your selection before ordering.

    i am wondering if this is allowed as regardless of them being sale items i still needed to try them on to see if they fitted. i have never heard of this at other sites as regularly buy from sales.

  • Catriona 12 March, 12:34 am

    Corinne, you have a cooling off period of 7 days for most items bought from websites – certainly for all the items you have mentioned whether or not they are sale items. Therefore you are within your rights to send back the items you have bought within your 7 day cooling off period for a full refund.

  • william winnard 2 March, 8:36 pm

    I bought a camera for £182 from simply electronics, they told me it was a 10 day delivery, after 10 days I contacted the company by email asking where my camera was as they had deducted the price from my account, they told me that the camera had been damaged and they could not supply the same camera in the future, I told them I did not want a different camera and asked for a refund of the cash they had deducted on the 26 january 2010, and after numerous reminders I am still waiting for a refund,

    cany you please advise


    • Tony 2 March, 11:17 pm

      They are supposed to provide refunds within 28 days. I would speak to your bank and either do a Visa Debit Chargeback or a Section 75 claim under the Consumer Credit Act, which makes the credit card company equally liable for the non-delivery.


      • william winnard 3 March, 7:36 pm

        thanks, I will try the bank recharge as I paid on my debit card

  • Barrie Thomas 3 March, 11:44 am

    I bought a camera yesterday to replace one I thought was broken. However, the original camera mow works perfectly (new batteries ) should I be able to ask the shop for a refund on the basis that the camera I bought is still in it’s shrink wrapped origianl packaging and obviously unsed in any way? And are they obliged in any way to provide a refund?

    • Tony 8 March, 12:12 am

      Barrie, you have no right to return goods simply because you have changed your mind. However, many shops have returns policies that allow you to do this, but you need to check what the terms are. Argos, for example, would probably accept this back.

      • Barrie Thomas 8 March, 12:58 pm

        Thanks for the reply Tony – They did :-) :-) :-)

  • Richard 4 March, 7:11 pm

    I bought a shirt. I removed the tag, but did not wear the shirt, and retained all packaging. The website’s refund says “If you are not completely happy with your purchase we can either exchange, offer store credit or refund the ordered goods, provided they are returned to us with proof of purchase within 7 days in their original condition* i.e.
    *The tags have not been removed
    *The garment has not been worn, washed or damaged
    *The packaging is returned ”

    Is the condition that the tags must have not been removed consistent with Distance Selling Regulations?


    • Tony 8 March, 12:38 am

      Richard, it goes against the spirit of the regulations see section 3.58

      • Richard 8 March, 2:28 pm

        Hi Tony,

        Thanks for your response. I am a bit confused – is the “original tags” against the spirit, or is trying to return something where the tags have been removed against the spirit (I could see it going either way!)



  • Matt E 8 March, 10:17 pm

    I sent an online purchase back due to size issues. I used all the original packaging and used royal mail recorded delivery (which they suggested) I have received and email saying the item is damaged so they won’t accept a return. They are sending me the damaged garment back and have have no intention of replacing it.
    The damage must have occured during transit back to the shop or by them. They are accusing me of damaing the garment.
    What can I do, I paid for the dress with a visa debit.

  • xavier 12 March, 12:46 pm

    I just got an iphone from a phone comapny over the phone four days ago and i realised i am not happy and satified with it’s features.i want to return it back. but the company says that since i have inserted my sim card and used the phone that i cannot return it.Please advice on what i can do next. Thanks.

  • julie 12 March, 8:46 pm

    I recently purchased a very expensive mahogany leather sofa still under warranty, but it has started changing colour in a few places where head and hands rest, becoming a pillar box red they sent someone out to examine the sofa but they refuse to take reposibility and class this as wear and tear? Is this legal as it is barely six months old and appears to me to be a laquer has been used and not very well thats why it is coming off.

    Please help adise me :(

  • Jane 20 March, 4:55 pm

    I ordered an Aquadart square showerhead from an on-line supplier. The shower head I received was round. I requested a square one to be despatched, and it was. I had agreed with the supplier that they would collect the round showerhead from me. It was collected,on 10 December 2009, but returned to me again the following day. I emailed the supplier and explained and agreed it would be uplifted. I even had an email thanking me for my honesty, but it has still never been uplifted. Can you advise me of my legal position as to whether this showerhead is now my property or not. Many thanks, Jane

  • Duane Avison 25 March, 9:50 pm

    hello ive purchased some video games around december/january from thehut and zavvi which i no longer require they are still packaged and unused and they are saying they will not accept them back,the terms and conditions state this-Returns
    In order to ensure our customers receive the best level of service and are happy to indulge their sweet tooth we offer a comprehensive returns policy in the unlikely event that you are not 100% satisfied with sweets delivered. Please note that the following returns procedure must be followed, and failure to do so may result in us being unable to exchange goods or provide refunds. Also please be aware that we cannot be held responsible and provide refunds/exchanges on stock affected by circumstances beyond our control. This includes damage and neglect after goods are received, goods being stored in climatic conditions such as extremes of temperature that can affect some items – items often stick together or alter appearance slightly, but will taste the same and damage by third parties. In addition please be aware that during the hot summer months goods in transport can be effected by the heat so be aware that delicate items such as chocolate may not always look as intended, but they will of course still taste as good as ever.

    Should you wish to return an item for any reason please notify us within 48 hours of receipt of your order of any part that is unsatisfactory. In order to arrange a return, please contact us and inform our customer service team of your order number, the item you are returning and the reason for the return.

    We will then reply with a unique returns authorisation number and the address you need to send the item to.

    You’ll need to package the item securely and include:

    •Your order number
    •The returns authorisation number
    •Whether a replacement or refund is needed
    •The reason why you are returning the item.
    Goods returned should be in their original condition and packaging in which they arrived, along with a copy of the invoice or packing slip.

    Once received items will be checked and refunds on goods and postage arranged where suitable. We cannot issue refunds on simply unwanted goods due the perishable nature of goods on sale. Refunds/exchanges will only be offered on items that are faulty, and were clearly so at the time at which they were dispatched.

    since i asked them to return these they have now added a new help section what says you have 14 days to return,this was not stated on there website when i purchased them,i phoned them up and they said i should of phoned them up to find out there return policy, what can i do?

  • karyn 26 March, 6:39 pm

    I bought a top from an online catalogue company, and when i received it was happy and wore it. Two days later I had the top on again and was looking through the catalogue again, only to notice that the top I was wearing was not the same as the one illustrated in the catalogue. The cuffs on mine were a different colour and also the neckline. I sent them an email about this, and they never replied, so I phoned them, and they said I am not entitled to a refund or exchange, because I have worn it. Is this correct. The manager is phoning me later, so I want to be armed with answers hopefully!

  • Jessica 31 March, 3:03 pm

    I ordered a dress 3 weeks ago (10th March) from Ireland which was not in stock till the 18th. They took the money immediately which I’ve read isn’t right if they haven’t got it in stock, although I’m not sure? They provided me with no information afterwards except that they had received my payment. I had to email to ask when it would be delivered, how much it would cost, as this was not specified. I waited 2 and a half weeks till I emailed again, they didn’t reply so I phoned today and they told me the post had not sent it because there was no postcode and that was my fault.They did not bother to contact me about this. They wouldn’t cancel the order or refund it because it was apparently a sale item, which they hadn’t specified at point of sale. They also told me 3 different prices I had paid, telling me that I had paid postage, when they had emailed me saying postage was free etc. They insisted that I could have credit or just have the dress.

    I am just interested to know what my rights are in this situation and if I should have received a refund?

  • Heather 7 April, 10:14 am

    I have purchased part of the Muzzy programme for my son. The packaging was damaged, and some of the contents was. I was happy to try to obtain replacement packaging at first – but over a month later, I still haven’t received anything. They have taken the first two installment payment too – do these regulations cover my purchase?

  • stephen 18 April, 8:05 pm

    I paid for goods in Feb and did not receive them, the website is trying to charge me 50% of the initial fee to replace the goods that never arrived, is this legal?

  • Tina 6 June, 8:16 pm

    Hi I recently purchased a Vax v-081 steam cleaner. After using it for 20 mins I found it wasn’t cleaning like it states. It is supposed to be able to clean carpets, ovens ets but in my opinion it does not.
    After contacting the catalogue where I purchased it from they stated that they would not accept it back as i had opened and used it. I explained that unless I had done that how would I have known it was no good. They said I had to contact Vax directly and once they provided me with a return reference number then I could return it.
    Vax are saying that they no longer give ref numbers out and they are unwiling to take it back because it is steaming!!! I have explained it is not cleaning to my satisfaction and that I would like to return the product. Where can I go from here, am I entitled to return the product as I am genuinly disppointed with this product and does not do the job that I purchased it for and I can’t believe I have to pay £99 for something that I don’t believe does the job that the descrition for the item says it does

    I spoke to two reps and one stated that the catalogue had to accept the return as it was my consumer right but later on the same night with another rep they said no they dont – I’m confused

    (I know it’s only my opinion but seeing as I am the customer using the product surely that has to count)

  • jackie 10 June, 5:02 pm

    Hi. I purchased a fancy dress costume in November 2009, but after it’s second wear, part of it has broken. I appreciate I am out of the initial faulty timeline, but surely it is obvious that this is not an everyday item that, for £60, I would expect to last more than 2 wears (or longer than 6months!) Please let me know where I stand. Many thanks.

  • Sandra 17 June, 11:50 am

    I purchased an item online, which I am returning within seven days. They are refusing to reimburse me for postage. Are they wrong, or are they within their rights?

    • sylvia 6 May, 12:22 am

      you have to pay the return postage, however they have to refund the full amount for the item as well as the original postage to you.

  • Julius 23 June, 12:15 pm


    I recently ordered 4 leather jackets from an on-line shop. I paid with my Mastercard. Unfortunately all of the jackets were unsuitable/ too large so I returned them using their returns slip.

    After 3 weeks of chasing them they agreed that they had received them and would process my refund. After a further 9 days there is no sign of the refund and they are not replying to my emails or answering their phone.

    Please can you tell me what action I should now take?

    Many thanks


  • Isabel 7 July, 11:54 pm

    I have had my HotPoint fridge for under two years. Two of the shelves fixings made of plastic collapsed in the last two days. I have checked in consumer websites and many people have reported this design defect but Hotpoint does not want to know. Can I contact them and demand that they replace the shelves for free?

  • Sharon 11 July, 1:24 am

    Hello, I ordered an HDD DVD recorder on line. I have had it just under 2 months and it has developed a serious fault.

    I have completed the return form on line and need to contact them on Monday to discuss it. Their T&Cs say that if the item has been received for more than 28 days and its under warranty I am entitled to a repair or replacement.

    Am I able to just get a refund as the item is faulty?
    I don’t trust that if it is repaired or replaced the same thing won’t happen again.

    Thank you very much for your help.

  • Brenda 30 July, 12:31 am

    I ordered an item online, the company debited my credit card the following day. The same day they debited my credit card they emailed to say the item was not in stock (they were waiting for a delivery from their supplier) and that I could expect delivery in 10 days time. I asked for a refund and heard nothing. I emailed them and heard nothing. The day before the 10 days was up they called and said the stock would be due in the following week. I again asked for a refund and have been told it could take up to 5 days before it reaches my credit card.

    My query is, how can a ‘retailer’ take payment for an item they don’t have in stock and then take so long to action a refund. It seems like this is actually their business – taking money, keeping hold of it – and I would say refunding it but as I haven’t had the refund yet it’s difficult to say if I’ll ever get my money back.

    Is there an official body these retailers can be reported to?

  • Sandro 16 August, 12:28 pm

    I purchased a HP laptop just under three weeks ago from online shop and I noticed the chrome paint peeling away from the trim around the base of the laptop as well as it being badly fitted with uneven gaps. My battery is also wobbly and the power switch is loose. I contacted HP supprt and they asked for photo evidence, which I provided and they offered a repair, but I declined and asked for a refund as the laptop is barely 3 weeks old and i’m not willing to risk this happening again.

    They put me through to HP aftersales who then told me that because the laptop is over 2 weeks old its doubtful I will get a refund.

    I would be grateful for any advice if they refuse a refund.


  • Trish 16 September, 10:04 am

    I bought a roller blind from Dunelm website and had it delivered to my local branch. I lost the receipt that came with it, but printed off the confirmation email. After several weeks it has frayed and when I returned it to my local branch from where I picked it up they refused to refund my saying I had to contact their website and make my own arrangements for it to be returned myself Once done, they would refund me within 3 days.

    Is this correct.

  • Stuart Carey 30 September, 2:36 pm

    I bought a Blu player over 6 months ago from It was faulty and I sent it back and asked for a refund. However, a week after sending back the player, they sent me a new one. I thought this was a replacement. Yesterday (over six months ago) I got a letter from Play saying that I never paid for the Blu-ray player as they had refunded the original and then not charged me for the replacement. THey are now demanding I pay. Do I have to pay? It seems very unfair as I was under the impression that I had paid for it. I didn’t realsie they had refunded me.

    Can I do anything about this?


    My Carey

  • claire 21 October, 4:22 pm

    hi, i bought a ring from above website which needs to be returned for a refund. the wesite only has email contact us. we have emailed 4 times now and had no response on how to return goods, there is no contact number either. what can i do

  • John 26 October, 10:49 pm

    I paid 700£ for webshop project by credit card as deposit and cancel my project on second day. I asked webdesign company to refund my deposit as I did not get any service from company. Webdesign company rejected to refund my deposit. I sent the letter that they have to comply with the distance selling regulations act 2000 EU but company situated in Spain and they sent reply that did not know about any regulation for distance selling and I could get my deposit by civil court. Help me what to do.

  • sam 25 November, 10:00 pm

    I returned an item to a mail order company who are saying they never received it even though i sent them proof of posting

    they say i should claim from Royal Mail and not them

    Right r wrong??

  • john smith 22 December, 8:36 pm

    How long do you normally have to return the item once you notify the seller that you want to cancel?
    On a few sites I have looked at there is no deadline to return the goods by, they only talk about the 7 day ‘cooling off period’.
    Is it 7 days as well? 28 days? 6 months?
    Thansk! :-)

    • Sash 30 March, 3:24 pm

      If you’re required to return the goods or/and have agreed to do so, then your obligations continue until you fulfill your duty which could be up to 6 months. if else duty of care applies, whereby your required to safe-guard the property in question up to 21 days and make them available for collection.

  • Nonye 24 January, 3:55 pm

    Does the distance selling regulations apply to products purchased from overseas companies online. Reason being is I want to purchase a handbag online with a company based in Malaysia. However, the handbag company’s terms and conditions state that they do not accept returns or offer refunds, only store credit if the bag is faulty or exchanges. Does the 7 day cancellation right law still apply, to shoppers based in the UK, purchasing goods online from overseas companies. Or does the overseas company’s selling regulation laws superseed UK selling regulations?
    Thank you.

  • Monique 15 February, 11:41 pm


    Last week we received 2 shower screen doors that we purchased online. The plumbers arrived yesterday to complete work on my 2 bathrooms and install the new screens. When they opened the 2 boxes there were issues with both the shower screens. The first one had a chip in the screen and the second ones hinge was broken. The plumbers managed to make one good one and my husband contacted the company to advise them of the faulty goods. He was told that they have a 7 day returns policy and that we were on day 8 so there was nothing that they could do. Surely we should be protected as the goods delivered weren’t in the condition that they should have been? What are my legal rights in this instance?

    • Sash 30 March, 3:17 pm

      Monique, refer to sale of goods act 1979 – S13.1, S14.2-(2.c), S35.2,4.

  • daniel 18 February, 8:37 pm

    id \I would keep the lens sent and call the matter complete. They quickly said the lens must be returned and gaave me instructions to fill in forms etc. to return it to them. Meanwhile I still hyave not got the lens I paid for over 6 weeks ago! What are my rights please?

  • paul carnegie 11 March, 11:51 am

    i ordered headphones for £52.99 from, but i decided before they arrived i didnt want them…i called and emailed and they said it was fine to return them, which i did…..however i was only asked to obtain proof of postage, which i did…they didnt ask me to send it recorded delivery……now they have no record of the item being returned….surely i am not liable bacause they i did everything the way they instructed me….i would gladly have sent them recorded, but wasnt told to do so….can anyone help please?

  • Clare M 14 March, 3:44 pm

    I purchased a portable internet radio on February 12th for £69 through Amazon from a company called Clever Gadgets. I was delighted with it. Two weeks after receipt the radio stopped working completely. The company told me they did not offer a replacement service but I could return the item for a full refund if the item was in its original condition. I followed the procedure (not in its original packaging but in good condition). They also informed me that I would have to pay for postage and packaging which would be non-refundable. I sent the radio to them by special delivery and have confirmation that it arrived last Monday morning. I have subsequently had two confusing emails from them saying they have received a completely different item from me – which is impossible – and asking me to confirm what I have sent! They are now not answering my subsequent emails. I feel they are stalling and wonder what I should do now to reclaim my refund. They have my money and the goods.

  • Chloe 17 March, 11:10 pm

    My boyfriend brought me a paif of Ugg boots from Amazon for Christmas and after less than 2 months of wear a tear occurred on the inside of my right boot. Also, on the same boot the button on the outside of it started to come undone. Considering how much these boots cost, what they are made of and how long they should last for this should not have happened, and so I believe that it is a faulty boot. Am I being reasonable in asking to swap the boots for a new pair?

  • robin 28 March, 5:07 pm

    hi i bought a cot about a year ago but it was faulty and i got an exchanged for a new cot. ive only had the new cot for 5 months and the other night my son woke up crying so i went to tuck him back in and i noticed his foot was hanging out and one of the bars had broke in half and marked his foot. i have spoke to the place where i bought it from and they have offered to refund the money back but i dont have the box for it and they said to sent it back, it has to be in a big enough box for it to fit in to or il get charged for it. does anyone know if this right? or sould the company pay for it?

  • Andrew 28 March, 10:57 pm

    I ordered 3 x 32gb iphones in late Nov10 but was sent 2 x 16gb phones in addition to those ordered (and charged for all 5!). On discussing the duplicate charge with Vodafone, the charge for the 2 x 16gb phones has been refunded with Vodafone confirming they would send out the appropriate envelopes to arrange return of the 2 duplicate phones. Some 3-4 months later, they have not yet sent this to us. Must they do so within a prescribed period or do they ever lose ownership of these phones due to delivery dates and failure to complete return of the goods as promised i.e. do these phones ever become legally owned by me?

  • Jonathan 30 March, 9:16 pm

    I have trouble finding a big enough box to package the faulty product I ordered. The seller demands that I package the product in a box (not in a bag or any other type of packaging, in a box) even though putting it in a bag would be no problem for the delivery men to pick it up. Can you please let me know if there is a statutory provision for a case where the seller demands a specific type of packaging before he/she picks up the faulty goods and refunds my order.

  • michelle 2 May, 12:16 pm

    My mum ordered some Bailey Button UGG boots at christmas for myself and her, she ordered them of the web. When the boots came I myself sprayed them with protein made for UGG boots my mum’s were ok where as my changed colour.
    I emailed the company and it was agreed I could send them back, I did this on the 7th January and still waiting for the goods. I have emailed this company and up to date no response.
    Where do I go from here and what is my next step.

  • Andrew 11 May, 8:26 pm

    I cancelled an order (by telephone)shortly after paying for it online as the shop was unable to deliver the item before i travelled back to the ROI as they were out of stock. It is now two weeks since cancelling and my money has not been refunded. I understand that if i was to receive the goods and send them back then i may have to wait 30 days for a refund, are the rules any different as the item was not available in the shop at my time of order?

  • Andrew 27 May, 5:41 pm

    I ordered 3 x 32gb iphones in late Nov10 but was sent 2 x 16gb phones in addition to those ordered (and charged for all 5!). On discussing the duplicate charge with Vodafone, the charge for the 2 x 16gb phones has been refunded with Vodafone confirming they would send out the appropriate envelopes to arrange return of the 2 duplicate phones. Some 6months later, they have not yet sent this to us. Must they do so within a prescribed period or do they ever lose ownership of these phones due to delivery dates and failure to complete return of the goods as promised i.e. do these phones ever become legally owned by me?

  • Polly 3 June, 7:24 pm

    I bought a cardigan online which did not fit so I wish to return it for a full refund. I received it seven days ago and yesterday informed the company (by email) that I wished to return for full refund including the original p&p, as your ‘returns and refunds’ page here says they should refund me p&p. However the company rep told me “As you can appreciate this matter is raised from time to time, as like many websites we do not cover the cost of sending out items which are returned to us. I can assure you that I have personally spoken to Trading Standards concerning this matter and they have said that as long as our policy is stated on our website (which it is), then by accepting our terms & conditions, the customer is agreeing to the fact that we do not reimburse postage charges.” Is she correct? Or should they refund my original postage anyway? Thank you!

  • Emm 8 June, 8:48 pm

    I ordered a football shirt for my son’s birthday with his name on the back. I mistakenly ordered the wrong size. Can i return it and ask for a new one or will i have to buy a whole new one

  • Lisanne Valente 10 June, 5:19 pm

    Hi, I bought Take That tickets from I was redirected to this site on the first day of the sale of tickets, through the official take That site. The police apparently were aware that this company was trading fraudulently but could not close the site down. I have now completed a ‘dispute’ form with the bank, but don’t understand why this is not fraudulent. The bank say, because I gave the company my debit card number it isn’t. Pedantics in word use seems to be the case, but I truly believe there must be an argument for this case. I now do not know whether I will get money back as the goods have not been received but were purchased in November.

  • James Carter 15 June, 8:57 am


    I bought a blu-ray from about 6 weeks ago. I tried to watch it last night and it doesn’t work. I have contacted play but they said I can’t return as it’s over their 30 day return policy. I think I can still return it as it’s not fit for purpose, am I right?

  • fiona 11 July, 10:35 pm

    I have purchased a pair of shorts from ebay, when I tried them on, I found they were the wrong style and unsuitable which were not fully described on the website. the tag had fallen off when trying on however it was returned with the shorts, so when I returned them, the seller is now refusing a refund because of the tag being removed. This was all done within 7 days.
    Am I therfor entitled to my money back.

  • Barry 22 July, 8:27 pm

    Hi bought a car via ebay,pictures looked great and description was as he put it “stunning condition”.I bought the car baised on the description and spoke to the seller.When i went to pick the car up it was covered in small scratches ,very grubby inside and had other problems.I had traveled a long way and now had to take the car as i felt very stupid and obliged to,as i had already paid for the car via bank transfer.I drove the car about 10 miles max and the turbo stopped working.I returned the car to the seller who said he would fix the problem,which i declined and asked for my money back.He said he would but after a week had still not transfered funds.I contacted him and he said he had fixed the car and would only give me a refund when he had sold the car again.I have also rejected the car in writing,can he do this as i think it is very unfair.(i think he is a trader)………Barry

  • Simon 27 July, 1:53 pm

    In the following url the web page states that goods cannot be returned opened. This is surely against the distance selling regulations as you have the right to inspect and try out items?
    Is this supplier breaking the law?

  • Stefan 30 July, 2:17 am

    I bought a few items at this online store, because the order was over £50 it was free delivery.

    When I wanted to send one of the items back I told them straight away, however they say now that my order falls under £50 without this item, they need to charge me for delivery otherwise they won’t refund.

    Can they do this?

  • Heather Whitaker 31 July, 8:58 am

    I have made an on line purchase. The items were received and I emailed the company to say I had received them, as requested. In my email I stated that I would not know if they were satisfactory for two weeks (I was about to go on holiday), but I suspect they would not fit the room. On my return, I found the items to be unsatisfactory (not faulty) and contacted the supplier.

    After several emails, letters and ‘phone calls they tell me that they have a returns policy of 14 days. At no time prior to this I had I been notified of the returns policy even though they knew I would exceed their 14 day policy.

    What are my rights? Can I return with a refund?

  • Maria 12 September, 6:17 pm

    I purchased a TV via ebay and within two minutes of it being plugged in it blew up. I had to pay for it to be returned (£13.55 – they did say they would refund this but have not). The second unit after three days had a different fault (contrast/colour failure). I asked for my money back but was persuaded to let them get it right so a different TV was sent. This lasted approx two weeks and now this has no power going to the unit. I have asked again for my money back but they want the TV first. Can they do this?

  • Christopher Brown 30 November, 10:58 pm

    hi there i play on an online game named Desert-operations it is a great game but however they made some changes that us customers are not happy about, even thou its a FREE browsing game the gamers / customers ( me ) have the options to purchase Diamonds with real money to speed up building times and for raw materials but i am not wanting them no more due to there changes i asked for a refund but was refused what can i do ?

    I used to be an ex admin on that server and i know it is corrupt by there parent company LOOKI that makes theses rules and changes to there games. Last time i went ahead and talked to them about whats been going on they denied any excising of the wrong doings going on and BANNED me from the game what can i do.

  • Katherine Teff 9 December, 3:33 pm

    Please could you advise me? We purchased a shower screen via an eBay trader as a ‘by it now’ purchase. It had free delivery to us. When it arrived it was both scratched and defective in manufacture. We contacted the trader asking for a refund. The trader asked for photographic evidence, which we duly provided. The trader said he would refund when we posted the item back. Out of a desperation to resolve the issue, we agreed to this. Then we received a new email saying that we could not have a refund. The seller will no longer respond to out emails and does not answer the phone. We have opened a ‘case’ via eBay, but my suspicion is that they have no teeth and will require us to pay for return shipping. Surely if the item is damaged, and the vendor has not stated that purchasers are liable for returning damaged goods, we should not have to cover the return shipping?

    I’ve tried reading the sale of goods act to find if a section applies to paying for returns, but can’t see it? Any ideas?


  • Scott Sherriff 14 December, 9:06 pm

    A friend and I purchased 2 childrens ride on cars from UK Outdoor Toys and when they arrived they were not the products they have advertised. The cars did not match the images on the site (with no mention of possible styling discrepancies on the description) and the specifications of the cars (i.e. Max Speed, Max Weight etc.) do not match as I have seen the model I have received on the website of the Chinese Manufacturer/Wholesaler. What rights do I have with regards to these vehicles? (I have proof of everything I have had to do with regards to these cars thus far, through photo images on my phone)

  • TONY 22 December, 2:59 pm

    UNDER THE SALE OF GOODS ACT if the item was fualty or not as describeed in the order then the seller is responsible for all postage and packaging INCLUDING the cost to you of returning the item.

  • Julie Newton 8 January, 7:07 pm

    My daughter purchased items from Amy Childs clothing website, due to the very poor quality and high price she returned them on the 2nd December, she has proof of postage. She has not received a refund, she cannot contact the site as the telephone number’s mailbox is full, she has emailed them several times but has received no reply. What is the best why to proceed with attempting to gain her refund?

  • Brian Johnson 23 January, 2:50 am


    I am an online retailer selling stainless steel automotive accessories. We have been using TNT as our courier and around 30% of our products are being returned damaged in transit with the courier.

    We paid insurance – with TNT – to cover the cost of damage in transit, but TNT are saying that we have no recourse because the package was signed for – not necessarily by the person we sent them to – a neighbor signed in a couple of instances.

    How does the law stand with regards to us recouping the cost of replacing the goods, and the subsequent postage – both ways?

    This situation is quickly putting us out of business! Help!!

  • Gem 29 February, 3:03 pm

    I purchased a dress from a boutique in Brighton online. The dress did not fit and I returned it in prefect conditon. They said as I returned it late (8 days after their 10 day policy) I am only entitled to online credit and not my money back. As the dress was 139 pounds I really want my money back. Are they right to offer a credit note as the goods were late (in thier eyes) or can I insist on a refund?
    To clarify I was aware of their 10 day limit and was unable to meet this for various reasons.

  • Lisa 14 March, 4:07 pm

    I ordered a pair of shoes online from Unze London.

    Upon delivery I found the left shoe to be dirty on the sole, and an overspill of glue on the heel.
    I immediately called the company, and then emailed them photos of the shoe.
    I returned the shoes (paying for them to be sent recorded delivery), after no correspondence for a week, I emailed them asking when my replacement shoes would be delivered.
    I received an email back saying they had not received the shoes! However the next day when I emailed them the tracking information, obtained by royal mail, stating they’d been delivered and signed for 5 days previously, the company responded saying…….

    This is to inform you that we have received the goods back from you.
    Your parcel is ready to dispatch for an exchange please call us and ask for the online department and pay the postage for an exchange as soon as you will pay the postage. Our dispatch team will dispatch your exchange order on urgent priority.
     You are requested to contact us if you would like to have your exchange order on time. After this time, the stock you ordered will not be guaranteed to be available.

    I replied telling them……..

    In response to your email, I write to inform you that I am in no way prepared to pay the postage for these shoes to be returned to me. 

    If the shoes that were originally delivered to me were fit for purchase and of a satisfactory quality, then I would not have had the need to ask for an exchange. 

    It is not my responsibility to cover the postage costs. 
    As a company you have a responsibility under the sale of goods act 1979 to ensure that all items sold by you are 

    of satisfactory quality 
    fit for purpose 
    as described

    I am hoping that that this matter will now be resolved in the professional manner it should be.

    I received no reply!

    I have today called and been advised that I have to pay the postage of £3.50.
    I was told the sole of the shoe was easily wiped clean.
    Would you be happy to pay for a pay of shoes you then had to clean before wearing?
    The cost of the postage is irrelevant – it is the principle!

    Anyway, I have reluctantly paid the postage, informing them that I would be contacting other bodies concerned with Consumer related issues.

    I am thinking of contacting consumer direct or trading standards.
    I have copies of all correspondence between the company and I, and numerous photos of the dirty shoes.

    Could you please advise me on what my next move should be, as I am not prepared to let this matter drop.

    Thanks Lisa. X

  • Emma 6 April, 9:53 pm

    Dear sir,

    I purchased a tortoise table online and when it arrive it was bigger than I had expected (although it did fit te size description, I didn’t quite realise thesize) I emailed the person I bought it from four days after the delivery an he said I couldn’t return it as it wasnt faulty. I read the above and informed him of his obligation to return my money and arrange for the table to e returned, however I was wondering what I could do to enforce this?


  • Chloe 9 April, 10:00 am

    I puchased an item which was advertised as being a faulty return. It was untested by the company so the fault was unknown.

    It was specifically mentioned that the item cannot be returned.

    is the company still obliged to accept a return on faulty goods within the 7 day period?

  • Paul Holt 23 May, 11:02 am

    Hi, I bought an 8mtr retractable dog lead from e bay but the first time I used it the thing broke. I contacted the seller and she has told me that if I send the lead back and pay for the postage she will credit my paypal account the cost of the lead. I find it unfair that i have to pay for the postage when the lead was faulty.
    I have since bought a lead from elsewhere as I needed one.
    What are my rights


  • BARBARA 15 June, 1:13 pm


  • Toni 11 July, 8:55 am

    I recently purchased a pair of shoes from a site in the States. The shoes arrvied and I contacted them immediately to say that I was unhappy as they did not look like the ones on the website. Different heel size etc.

    As the website purports to offer a cetain brand at discount prices they replied to my email stating that I knew what I was getting and tough. However my issue is not that aren’t genuine is that they don’t remotely resemble what they adverstised and sold me.

    I emailed immediately and have done every day since to no reply.
    Every attempt to leave ‘reviews’ for this product dont’ appear on their site.

    Their return policy – which doesn’t state an address. Says 20% restocking fee. 20% credit charge fee and reimbursement of their initial delivery costs. And must be notifed in 3 days.

    What rights do I have in this or do I put it down to experience?



  • Daniel Menashe 7 August, 11:57 pm

    I bought an item on ebay which I could not get to work properly. The seller said to send it back. I did so, but the seller said it was working fine. I said it did not (and it did not), but he claims it did, and has now resold the item. We agreed eventually he would refund the postage I initially paid and half of the postage for me to send it back to him, but he has not done so after a week, and is now asking how much postage I want. I believe he is deliberately being evasive. Am I entitled to full postage on both postage items. After buying the item (previously used once), I asked about what the warranty was, and he said the warranty had not been claimed. He is now saying I never wanted the item and has said I should “grow some b******s”

    • christopher brown 24 February, 12:00 pm

      submit an ebay dispute that will sort out this mess you are in. ebay has to up hold the values to there customers and will refund youi your money back themslefs from there own bank if they need to then they will freeze sellers account and hold it till they paid what are owed.

      Regards, Christopher Brown ( Admin )

  • Stuart 2 September, 4:49 pm

    I ordered two football shirts from this website and they said xl was 44-46 approx chest and L fitted but the xl was so so small i have emailed them and heard nothing back what shall i do?

  • Iain 6 September, 12:47 pm

    I bought some camera lens from a company called I waited about 8 – 10 weeks for my online order to come but having paid for it nothing came. So I after getting lots of excuses requested a full refund. They havn’t paid. Under the distance selling regulations 31st October 2000 is this law applicable in China where simplyelectronics is based. How do i fight to get my money back?

  • P Baron 20 September, 11:00 am

    I purchased a gas fire and had to return it under the distance selling regulations because it did not fit my fire place opening. The seller agreed to the return. I engaged and paid for a courier to return the goods and took out extra cover to compensate for the purchase price. The courier damaged the goods in transit and the seller refused to accept them. The courier may not refund the purchase price even though the seller says the fire is a write off.
    What are my rights to compensation either from seller or courier?

  • Z Wass 7 October, 4:22 pm

    I bought a costume from an ebay store which was meant to be a medium (10 to 12) when it came it was far too big for me, so I sent them a message on ebay telling them and asking for a return address. After 7 days there was still no reply so I found the address myself on the internet and returned it.
    After sending them repeated messages on ebay there was still no reply, till I checked my actual emails about a week ago and there was a reply there saying they would not replace it as it had been after their 7 day returns policy and they would dispose of the original costume if I did not contact them within the month.
    I emailed them saying I was sorry but I had not realised they had emailed me as no response had been given to my ebay messages.
    Their response was that the costume had been disposed of.
    Do I have any rights at all in this situation?

  • Mike 9 November, 5:11 pm

    I purchase a I LUV docking station from them in 2 Oct 2011 as a christmas present, It was faulty and replace in 6th of June with a new one. so far good, Now the new one is failing less than 5 months and they are telling me that the Warrenty ran out as it is a replacement. If the product has a known problem why can I get it replaced or a refund?

  • yinka 30 November, 7:28 pm

    i have been billed on the 28th of november for products i do not want by a company claiming said products were trial products. what can i do to stop the payment or get my money back?

    • christopher brown 24 February, 11:56 am

      well it really depends some trial basis products some companys will charge for it, unless it was a free trial basis then you have right not to pay for them check the company site and read the trial products information.

      Regards, Christopher Brown ( Admin )

  • Darren 11 December, 8:59 pm

    I purchased a junior football shirt from soccerscene. I ordered a size 7-8 year old and they sent me an 8-10 year old shirt with a 7-8 tag. I have emailed them twice about a replacement but have had no reply. This is a christmas present and don’t want to disappoint my son by having the wrong size.
    There is no telephone number on the companies website only a returns address. The shirt was poersonalised with my son’s name but surely if they sent a different size than what i ordered they should refund the price or provide a replacement?
    Can i get the money back via the credit card company, section 75?

    • christopher brown 24 February, 11:52 am

      yes you can get your money back though the company themself not by credit card company because the only way the credit card company was to hold responsable is if it was part of a fraud only.

      Regards, Christopher Brown ( Admin )

  • Dave 5 January, 5:05 pm

    What happens if a seller does not believe that an item they sold is faulty. Who has to pay the initial cost of returning the item to the seller for inspection?

    • christopher brown 24 February, 11:49 am

      if a seller sales you the ( buyer ) something and is faulty and you return item back to the seller you the ( buyer ) would have to pay for postage because the issue was not over the postage as you managed to get the item you wanted so therefore you are reliable not the seller.

      Regards, Christopher Brown ( Admin )

  • Luke 3 February, 11:02 am

    I bought 6 pandora charms off a website and they advertised them as real and had only been discounted, however when I got them they were not real and wouldn’t even screw on to the bracelet, I asked the person who ran the website if she can give me a refund however she keeps offering me compensation but I keep rejecting her compensation so then she keeps offering more and more money but does not actually offer me a refund, then she also keeps offering me a discount off my next order however I’m never ever going to order off the website again as it is all fake she is selling but advertising as real

    • christopher brown 24 February, 11:45 am

      from what i have read what you said yes you are intilted to a refund if she fails to give you refund when you asked for it then you have the right to take her to court for fraud you should have a good case against her but you also say the following :

      “I asked the person who ran the website if she can give me a refund however she keeps offering me compensation but I keep rejecting her compensation so then she keeps offering more and more money but does not actually offer me a refund ”

      You have me confused for a bit when you say this because you asked for a refund and you stated that she has refused but yet you said she offered you money and discounts of next ofrder looks like she did try and give you what you wanted but you keeped on rejecting her offer.

      Regards, Christopher Brown ( Admin )

  • ros 15 February, 11:55 pm

    Trying to understand the cancellation of order vs returns.

    I buy a t-shirt from a retailer and it doesn’t fit. I have paid carriage for the t-shirt.

    So if it is within the 7 day cancellation period, can I let them know I intend this to be an order cancellation (rather than a normal return) and in that way they will have to give me my carriage back, which of course they wouldn’t do under a normal return, because I am not calling it a cancellation.

    Is this correct?

  • E Morrison 22 February, 12:13 pm

    If I order a pair of earrings from a hashion site, which it states in Ts and Cs are non returnable or refundable for hygeine reasons, can I receive them to look at them first, with a view to sending them back for refund if I don’t feel they are what I want?

  • christopher brown 24 February, 11:37 am

    sorry but as it states health and safety reasons you will not be able to return them, does not matter if you not even warn them or even if you give them a deep clean they will not accept it, Its like buying underwear and you want to return them would you accept them from the customer ? you dont know who was wearing them before or after purchase your best of either giving them away or try selling them yourself on ebay or what not. Hope this helps you with your answer.

    Regards, Christopher Brown ( Admin )

  • Kirsty 26 February, 1:28 pm

    I ordered an item for my friend’s birthday who lives in Spain and sent it to her address, as her address is international I had to pay £5 for shipping costs. The item received was small and the company no longer have the size bigger in stock, so I’ll need a refund instead. This has been less than 7 days since my friend received the item. The item needs to go back to the UK and I’m aware we have to pay for returning the item (stated on the website), but am I entitled to a full refund including shipping cost?

  • Kim Kazee 26 February, 4:33 pm

    I make clothes and sell them on the net. Some clothes are made to order, with measurements for each size clearly stated. Are these covered by the Distance Selling Regulation of returning within 7 days or are they classed as custom made, so that they are not able to be returned.
    Have a lady that wants a waistcoat made and delivered by Saturday, but has just asked that if it doesn’t go with her outfit can she return it. I’m feeling a little uncomfortable about this, as she could wear it for a day and then return it after I’ve especially made it and prioritised it before other orders.
    If they are not eligible for returning within 7 days, can I state that on the listings of anything that is made to order?

  • Ben Allen 6 March, 1:13 pm

    We purchased a juicer online in September last year. The company from whom we bought is Spanish and the manufacturer, Kuving, is based in Germany. The juicer has developed numerous faults and needs to be repaired. The Spanish company stopped dealing with Kuving and are fobbing us off onto Kuving. Kuving say that they will repair the machine but we are to pay all costs of postage (almost 50 Euros). Kuving have also charged us already for costs of replacement parts (for earlier problem) and postage (£80). Neither the Spanish company nor Kuving will take responsibility for the postage costs. None of this (the postage costs and the charges for parts previously) seems right. What rights have I in this situation? and how can I look to enforce them?

  • Teresa 11 March, 5:09 pm

    After some advice please. Sorry about the length…
    I purchased a corner sofa and manual recliner chair from DFS in November 2012. I was hoping to have the items for Christmas. I was originally going to buy it on buy now pay later 4 yrs interest free credit, but the man who took my order said that it was normally up to 10 weeks for delivery but if I paid cash he would try get it delivered for Christmas for me… So, that’s what I did. I paid £200 deposit when I made the order and the rest had to be paid on delivery – £1712
    On the website they only had recliner chairs, manual, electric and battery. I wanted a fixed chair not a recliner and the man said I could have one but it would cost me the same price as the battery recliner which was the most expensive nearly £200 more. So I went with the cheapest manual recliner to keep the cost down. There was no sign of the items before Christmas but he did say that it wasn’t a guarantee.
    When it got to 11 weeks and I still hadn’t received my items, I rang them and they said that it was going to be March for delivery which would’ve taken it to around 15 weeks from order so I said well in that case I want to cancel the order. I was advised they would look into it and get back to me which they did, and was told my order was in the shop awaiting delivery. The manager rang me and arranged delivery for Friday 15th February 2013 which I agreed to. I had to ask my mum to come round to wait in for the items for me as I had to go out. Whilst I was out I received a phone call from DFS saying hi, we are just ringing you to advise me my sofa is ready for dispatch and they wanted to arrange a delivery date with me. So I explained my mum is sat in the house awaiting delivery as they are due to be delivered today… He said that wasn’t the case and would get the manager to ring me which he did and he arranged for the delivery men to go back to the shop and collect my items. So I did receive them that day. Eventually!
    When the items were delivered and the delivery men had gone, I checked the items and there were a couple of faults. The leather on the back of the chair didn’t fall straight it was slanted to the left. The back of the chair was 1 inch higher on one side than the other and the padding on one arm was slightly less than the other and the stitching on the front of that arm was looped at the front where it had missed a couple of stitches. The chair also felt very rickety. Doesn’t feel strong to say it because £619 just for the chair alone, it wasn’t cheap.
    Also there was a 3 inch screw left half under one leg hanging out at the front, digging into my carpet that had been left on the floor when the sofa was put in place, which I never complained about. I just put it down to ‘these things happen’
    There was a small circle mark on the back corner of the corner suite, the padding on the arm compared to the padding on the chair arms was flat and hardly any padding in at all.
    Also after sitting on the corner suites seats the one nearest to the arm slopes to the right and to the back right corner after sitting on it for 20 mins or so. The one next to it slopes to the left slightly , maybe because the one next to it is pulling it down not sure. And another seat next to the end piece slopes slightly to the right. It is so uncomfortable and is hurting my hips trying to rectify sitting up when it is making you lean.
    A technician came out after I reported the faults to customer services, and said he was going to sort the mark on the back of the corner sofa ( which he didn’t do) and fixed the stiching . He then tried telling me that there was nothing wrong with the chair frame / leather or sofa seats and that was how it was supposed to be. He said he would speak to manager and explain that I wasn’t happy with the padding in the seats and that I would hear back from manager. 5 days later I didn’t hear anything, so I had to ring them again. I spoke to the manager and was told that he received the report saying that there was nothing wrong with it, so he didn’t think there was any action to take. I said that wasn’t the case so the manager arranged to come out to see me personally. Which he did, he also tried telling me that this was how it was supposed to be. And basically said that I should’ve gone to view the items in the shop before buying it as this is how it is in the shop too.
    My argument is when you pay £1912 for corner sofa and chair online , as i don’t drive and couldn’t get to the nearest showroom, you expect the items to be good quality and 100 % ok when it arrives.
    They did offer to come out to refill 3 cushions and sofa arm, re-dye the mark on the back of the sofa and he said he would look into getting me a fixed chair to replace the manual recliner as good will gesture! He also advised me that the fixed chair should have been the same price as the manual recliner and when I ordered the chair I was advised at the wrong price. Otherwise I would’ve got the fixed chair in the 1st place.
    I requested a refund as it has now been 4 month since I ordered the set and I’m not happy as I could end up waiting another 10 weeks for the fixed chair and that is if the manager gets it passed to swop it for me, otherwise I will be stuck with the one I have that i believe isn’t acceptable. Also I would have to have another technician in my home to re-pad the seats and arm. I don’t think it’s acceptable.
    The manager has refused to give me a refund as he said they want to help me to sort out the problems. But like I said to him there shouldn’t be any problems in the 1st place.
    Is there any way I could get my money back as i dont want them to come out and repair.
    Any help appreciated.

  • Steph 10 April, 1:47 pm


    I recently made a purchase through amazon market place. I want to return the item as I have decided it’s unsuitable. The seller is charging me a restocking fee of 20% and amazon have agreed to this because the item isn’t faulty. I don’t agree as I am in my 7 day cooling off period notified of my intent to return on the day I received the product and also when ordered the seller information stated a 14 day return policy (he has since deleted this). Surely I am covered by distant selling regulations but the seller and amazon are saying I have to pay the restocking fee which is £25.00 plus I have to pay to return it recorded delivery.

    I have looked up section 75 as I payed by credit card but it seems I won’t be covered as it was bought through amazon.

    Can anyone help me?

  • My E 9 May, 2:03 pm

    I want to return some things including a CPU with heatsink, however as I tried to make the system ‘work’ they are telling me I cannot return the CPU due to the fact there is past on the heat-sink that has now been used thus can not be resold.
    Is this true? How can I get around this? I really need to return that CPU.

  • Marc 14 May, 12:08 pm

    I sought motor insurance on a comparison website and selected a suitable quote but needed to know if the policy would allow me to drive other vehicles. I downloaded their documents and telephoned the broker AND the insurers and no one could tell me. They kept saying that the certificate would tell me when it arrived but this would be some days AFTER I had paid my deposit (this was a monthly payment, credit policy). I called their local office and was told “According to your profession, postcode and age criteria, you SHOULD be covered…” so I bought the policy because I needed to drive my car.

    Anyway, the docs arrived on Friday and, sure enough, I wasn’t covered so I didn’t sign any credit agreement. I was also informed that I had a 14-day ‘cooling-off period’. I cancelled the policy on Monday and now they want to charge me £43 for six days’ cover, including a £25 cancellation fee. I DO accept that I should be charged for six days’ cover but I didn’t think that I could be penalised in this way.

    According to your article – ‘… Under the distance selling regulations, you are quite within your rights to change your mind at any time within the first seven days, return the goods and get a full refund. This means without financial penalty of any kind – such as a cancellation charge or a ‘restocking’ fee…’ so how can they charge me a fee for cancelling?

    Are insurance companies/policies exempt from these regulations, because NO ONE I have spoken to in this company has ever heard of them so they seem to be oblivious to the law?

    Can anyone answer this?

    Thank you in advance.

  • carmel 28 June, 12:11 pm

    I bought a pair of trousers from an online store, but when I received them, they weren’t of a very good quality, and the button on the fly had fallen off, so i returned them for a refund. I was advised to wait up to 10 days, by which time i should have an email advising me that they had received the item and were processing my refund..
    Its now 11 working days past and i have had no notification of receipt, even though i know that they received the item 7 days ago, but are now simply ignoring my emails requesting information. There is no telephone number to contact them through. What should i do?

  • David 30 June, 2:26 pm

    I bought a hose pipe about three weeks from home bargain, yesterday I thought I would try it out but it wouldn’t fit on my tap because the bore of the pipe was to small so I took it back to the shop I didn’t have the receipt but I didn’t want my money back I just wanted a bigger hose pipe but I was told because I didn’t have the receipt nothing could be done and there is a notice on the way out explains this, there is a notice but its that small it took several minutes to find it

  • Louise 30 July, 7:46 pm

    I recently bought a car part face to face from a company in Glasgow. I phoned them within the 14 days to ask if I can return it, I was told they would phone me back but I never got a call. I called again today and was told I can return it but as they had ordered it from there supplier I would have to pay ten pounds carriage to send it back. Is this normal as I was under the impression that they are my retailer so should carry the cost?

  • Ann Marie Fletcher 14 August, 6:27 pm

    I purchased a child paddling pool from Copagames, Milan, total cost £51.20 They sent me a toy spider man figure which cost £18.84. Incidentally, the box had been opened and resealed with cello tape. I was advised by Amazon to return the figure using the post office tracking service, which I did at a cost of £11.70. Copagames refuse to refund my postal charge. I have contacted Amazon and quoted to them the Distance selling of goods act which states I should not suffer a financial loss but they will do nothing. On reading feedback I notice that this company has done this before, but Amazon will do nothing, saying that return postage is at the discretion of the seller. I could have some sympathy with this policy if I had simply changed my mind about my purchase and just wanted to return it but the fact is I was sent a completely different item and had no choice but to return. For the privilege of not wanting what they sent has cost me £11.70.

  • Steve young 7 March, 4:22 pm

    I bought an American panasonic fridge freezer on line from John Lewis. The item was delivered and unpacked outside by the delivery men, prior to being brought inside.Upon examination the same day we noticed 2 x deep scratches on the upper freezer door and e mailed both John Lewis and the delivery firm informing them of this and asking for a replacement. Two weeks have elapsed and they have said they will replace the door. I have said this is not acceptable. Am I within my rights to reject the fridge freezer?

  • adrian 18 June, 6:59 am

    I had a sim card from orange 2 years ago that i did not use. I sent the item back in the post in their return package no proof of posting. They never received it. They wrote probably 4/5times telling me i owed they money. A debt collection agency now wants money. The debt agency tells me unnless i have proof of postage i have to pay.
    I was never told originally by orange to get proof of return just to send it back in its prepaid packaging. Any advice you can give.

  • Chiara 26 June, 10:26 pm

    I have purchased 4 tailor made bridesmaid dresses from a company that is not registered in the uk, I received them two days ago and I am unhappy with how they have turned out.

    They do not resemble the picture on the website, the measurements are also incorrect.

    I have asked them if I can have a refund and they said they must have photographic evidence and then they will only grant my refund if they decided the photos show that they are incorrect, as they said to me they will not refund if you simply dislike the dresses.

    I am willing to take the photos they need, however I am concerned that they will say I’ve fabricated or done something to make the photos not enough to get a refund. But at the end of the day the style of the dresses is not what I ordered and I just want to return them.

    Is there a way that this is at all possible???

    Please help :)

  • Kristi selwood 26 June, 10:40 pm

    My partner ordered a vacuum cleaner online and returned home to find that I had already bought one. The next day he cancelled his order and the company are refunding him. The item has already been dispatched but because we cancelled almost immediately it has not had the time to arrive. The company told my partner that he will be responsible for the charge of returning the item. We don’t intend to sign for it as it is no longer ours and we have been refunded. Can they make us accept responsibility of the item and then return it? Many thanks

  • Triona Cahill 11 July, 3:14 pm

    I recently bought a product online and it is fake but described as the real thing, I.cannot contact the seller having tried several times, please advise on what I can do now thanks

  • Claire 21 July, 5:54 pm

    I bought some underwear and a few other things from someone advertising their business on Facebook, I paid via bank transfer what I would like to know is, as the seller sent me the wrong size is she obliged to take it back and send me the right size? (Regarding the underwear)

  • Shona 9 August, 5:23 pm

    I ordered 2 sofas online,with delivery charge of £69.The sofas were damaged on transit therefore not accepted.I am getting a refund for sofas,do I get delivery charge refunded too,bearing in mind sofas returned to supplier

  • Joe 15 August, 4:43 pm

    Hi, I bought 2 gate handles from a shop on Amazon and 2 days after I put them up one just fell apart upon opening the gate and one rusted and fell apart on day 3. The shop wont tell me they’ll refund them and keep avoiding the question and want me to post them back at my own expense, they are very heavy and it’ll probably cost almost as much as they did! Am I within my rights to demand they state they will refund the cost of the items and postage once they receive them? Where do I stand?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Simon 6 September, 11:31 pm

      Put a claim in through Amazons’ A-Z Guarantee. It’s the suppliers responsibility to pay return postage if the goods are faulty.

  • Steve 18 August, 5:52 pm

    I purchased a graphics card for my pc which broke after 7 months and was told by the online shop it was not their responsibility and i had to return to manufacturer which is abroad and was informed on top off post i may incur import charges from recieving my replacement from HongKong. Is it not the seller who have to replace the item as it is within 12 months of purchase?

  • jancy 4 September, 5:58 pm

    Hi i ordered a cream from pureclinica on 10 aug but hasnt recieved my item yet.they ve given me a royal mail tracking num but it says no information available
    I informed them n they said they have send a 2nd parcel im still waiting for it n now they re not replying me or answering the calls.what should i do.will i loose my money

    • Simon 6 September, 11:27 pm

      If you paid by credit or debit card tell your bank or card issuer and they should sort it out for you.

  • Kristina 7 October, 10:00 am

    I orders a top on the internet it has a hole in it. I emailed the company for a returns address and a refund but there not answering my emails what do I do thankyou

  • Kerry 9 October, 8:32 am

    I ordered a toy ride along car for my daughters 4th birthday. The car says aged up to 5, the car had to be assembled and stickers put on, I did this and on the day of my daughters birthday, my daughter couldn’t use it, as she was too big and her legs hit the top of the steering wheel. I have to dismantle it to return, however as it’s been assembled with the stickers and put together, will I still be able to return it under ‘not fit for purpose’ as ‘too small’?

  • David Fisher 10 October, 5:56 pm

    My wife is disabled and has care provided by a care company. One of the carers has dislodged one of my wife’s ear studs and then stood on it bending the pin to right angles rendering the stud unusable, as the studs were only 6 days old and cost £170 can I demand they be replaced and not repaired. I feel any repair will not be as strong as the original item.


  • Sharon Farley-Mason 13 October, 5:18 pm

    I bought a dress from which turns out when I received it that it was to small, I have contacted the seller but they are avoiding my emails and there is no invoice inside the parcel, and when I have tried to find there address I can not find this, it says I have 15 days to let them know in writing if I am not completely satisfied.
    What can I do please.
    Thank you

  • rose 17 October, 12:59 pm

    I bought an expensive carpet cleaner 3 days ago…I’ve used it ….but it never removed any of the stains…it make them worse. I emailed the seller and asked to return it…..and told him I had used it……he said I can’t return it as its been used. Where do I stand ?

  • Kirsty 21 October, 6:09 pm

    I bought a sink 10 days ago which was wall mountable. However it has since been estalished that the sink is unsuitable. I took it back and was told they would not refund or exhange it. Even if they did refund it there would be a 50% restocking fee. Do i have anything to go on? Thanks

  • Lauren 28 October, 9:01 am

    Hi, help needed. I order 4 items from select online store. When delivered my order was completely wrong and was just a white t shirt. I phoned to complain and was told to post the item back and I would get a refund for my original order as I no longer wanted the items. This was in August I have still had no refund and cannot contact customer services at all. Is there a wider agency I can contact about this and complain to? The service is terrible!

  • catherine 31 October, 1:29 pm

    Hi I bought a gas fire this morning and paid cash it will be delivered on Monday but the plumber said its not going to fit in my fireplace if I go back to the shop and explain this am I entitled to a full refund

  • Nicola Ri,ey 5 November, 8:09 am

    I was sent an incorrect item, I was told when I phoned to report this that the item I originally order would be sent out to me. We are now nearly two months on and I still have not received that item.
    I stated I wanted the item and not a refund but they have informed me that a refund for the goods has been done and the item will be send out to me free of charge this was nearly two weeks ago and nothing has happened.
    What can I do to get my original order?

  • Will 13 November, 2:41 pm

    I was mis sold a contract telephone by EE.
    They will not issue a refund of charges made until they have received their handsets. I have told them they are available for collection and if they want to send me pre paid envelopes I will return them. However they insist I must pay for the return postage and will not issue a refund until they have been returned.
    I thought that according to the “supply of goods and services act 1982″ they must issue a full refund within 14 days. I have told them their handsets are here waiting for them. Where do I stand?