It’s second hand – do I have any rights?

There is a section devoted specifically to buying from online auction sites such as ebay, but for now there are some points to bear in mind when buying second-hand.

Firstly, remember that the statutory entitlement of quality and fitness for purpose only applies when buying from someone who is ‘acting in the course of a business’ i.e a second-hand car dealer. You do not have any legal recourse as regards quality where you are buying through an individual who is selling an item as a one-off private sale (although they must have legal title and it must be as described in the advert).

Secondly, when buying second hand, there is a general recognition in law that the reduced price you pay reflects the risk in taking ownership of something with a greater likelihood of developing faults or breaking down completely. You pay less because it is recognised you will have to pay the repair costs yourself rather than relying on the manufacturer’s warranty.

But what if you buy something which breaks down shortly afterwards leaving you with a massive repair bill. Could you argue that the seller was aware of this fault but said nothing? This may be difficult to prove.

Or is it the case that it is something a pre-sale examination by you should have revealed? Not if the fault only because apparent after some weeks of use.

Depending on the problems encountered (safety implications for example, if it is a car), the length of time you’ve had it, the price you paid and your expectations of the future usage, you may have a good chance of rejecting the item and claiming a full refund.

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  • Rachel 8 January, 7:15 pm

    Hello – I recently bought a car from a second-hand car dealer. I test drove it in the local streets and it was fine.
    However, as I drove it home on the motorway, the gearbox squeaked (in 5th gear). I have been to a garage (a clutch and gearbox specialist who specializes in the make of my car) who has told me that the gearbox is faulty.
    I know that the car was driven in 5th gear by the dealer, because he has two sites – one in Bolton, and one in Bryn, and the car went to Bolton and back to Bryn for it’s MOT test. So they should have noticed the fault and told me. They didn’t.
    When I reported the fault to the dealer, he told me that I had bought the car “without warranty.”
    I’m unsure as to what my rights are in this instance. Am I entitled to charge him for the repairs?
    Many thanks in advance.

    • Keith jones 25 February, 8:24 am

      Bought a car sold as seen but did not sing the paper sold as seen got 15 miles down the motorway and it blue up with the pistons coming through the bottom of the engine where do I stand he does not want to know won’t give me anything back

  • Catriona 15 January, 11:47 am

    Rachel, traders frequently make reference to a warranty to get round their obligations under Sale of Goods. Although the law makes provision for the risk you take when buying second hand, the item should still function as described and be of good quality (of course the age and price of the car will be taken into account). The dealer is liable for repair of the car if it is unroadworthy, but you must give him the opportunity to do it himself before taking it to a third party and billing him. If you end up doing this and he refuses you can recoup your costs through teh small claims court, but you must show that you gave him ample opportunity.

  • Greg 6 February, 12:19 pm


    Recently i purchased an item from a Amazon marketplace seller. The item was a gift and it arrived late and damaged. The item was a secondhand used tape cassette. and the tape box had a crack in it. When buying item. I read the description of item and there was no mention of damaged to tape box. When asked about damage. The seller states item was sent out undamaged and blames RM. What are my statutory rights returning damaged second hand goods.

    • Liz 14 August, 3:46 am

      Dear Greg,

      As Catriona says, you will have no rights IF the seller is a private individual, when the principle of ‘caveat emptor’ (or buyer beware) applies, but you do not make it absolutely clear whether or not this is the case. If it has been sold on by a regular eBay trader who behaves like a business, then you DO have the right to have purchase arrive in a reasonable state for the price paid, for it to do what it is supposed to do, and be ‘as described’. If they have it sent by some method which does not adequately protect it (IF they are a trader) then they have a responsibility to give you a refund and have to pay for it themselves.

      If they are a trader, then you automatically can return goods for no reason at all but in that case, you would have to pay return postage.

      If, however, this IS a private sale, then basically you have very few rights at all with an internet purchase.



  • Catriona 12 February, 4:09 pm

    Greg, Because you are buying from a private seller, and this is a second-hand item, you will not be have the statutory right to quality, and you will not be covered by the distance selling regs. Therefore there is no automatic remedy here and little chance of success if you cannot prove that the item was in that state before it was sent.

  • Laura 13 February, 6:42 pm


    I recently bought a second hand Nintendo DS privately, which was described as:

    FULL WORKING ORDER, GREAT CONDITION, NEVER USED (I have saved a copy of the advert).

    When I went to pick the item up during a lunchtime, so we met in a public place. I thought that the unit looked a bit odd and it did not swich on but the seller said she had lost the charger and assured me it worked fine. I bought a charger and have found that the unit does not work at all! I have tried to contact the seller, but she is not returning my calls or emails.

    I am guessing that there is not very much I can do apart from reporting this to the Police and letting the relevant website know.

    Do you have any other suggestions (apart from not being so stupid next time!)?

    • Natalie 13 June, 9:14 am

      My son has just purchased a first bike private for 1900 the ad stated has just been rebuilt he went for a short ride as it was just on dark when we got there after our 3 hour trip to the house he got it home and rode it for 5 min and it stopped took it over to our mechanic he said it hadn’t been rebuilt and was stuffed trying to get money back were do we stand is it intent to deceive BROKE

  • Catriona 18 February, 1:45 pm

    Laura, You have my sympathies, I was in the same position, also with a Nintendo DS, although I paid with Paypal, so I’m now persuing them for a full refund. The problem with private sales is that you have no right to good quality – although you do have the right to expect the item as described. If you have the sellers full contact details, you might want to think about making a small claim. Otherwise in future, always insist on paying via Paypal because you will be protected if things do not go acccording to plan.

    • K 18 May, 7:42 pm

      Paypal buyer protection only applies to items bought via eBay and even then only if there terms of use are adhered to.

      • Wikritix 25 January, 3:54 am

        That’s not strictly true, K. I have an e-Commerce site which accepts PayPal and can tell you for certain that they apply the same rules to that site as they do eBay, in fact I’ve found they apply it to quite a lot of e-Commerce sites. They don’t do anything about Royal Mail mind you, which is quite frustrating considering the amount of items they “lose” and you only have 48 hours to cancel a postage label with them, but with regard to items bought from sites other than eBay, I can assure you the same 45 day protection applies.

  • shirley 19 February, 8:20 pm

    i found a car i liked put down deposit of £100 prior to test driving it i was too busy that day so had to test drive it another day. i then signed the contract but after 24hours changed my mine about the model chose another model but whilst test driving it found out certain features advertised were not available. i have not completed a new contract can i get out of the first contract

  • Catriona 21 February, 6:28 pm

    Shirley, You are legally bound to buy the make and model of car as specified on your contract. YOu have no automatic legal right to get out of the first contract unless that car is significantly not as described or of significantly poor quality that you were led to believe (i.e breach of your statutory rights). You may have to rely on the goodwill of the dealer, but they do not have to return your deposit.

  • Adam M 12 March, 12:23 am

    I bought a car for £5,000 from a used car dealer. After six months a serious, longstanding fault was noticed by a mechanic which cost £900 to fix. After spending the money the headgasket blew, yet the car is low mileage and is only 4 years old. As soon as the first fault was noticed I contacted the dealer and the warranty company. It turned out the warranty was never validated so was void. The dealer is unwilling to deal with me, yet the car is clearly not fit for purpose. If it was a truly older car then I would accept the risk but a £5,000 newish vehicle should surely perform better. To date I have spent £1,500 on repairs with another £1,500 to come. Surely I am entitled to some compensation?

  • Catriona 13 March, 1:13 pm

    Adam, I agree – taking into account the price paid the length of time you have had it. Warranties are now legally binding, so you could claim misrepresentation having bought something you thought had the protection of a warranty but did not. If you can get reports from the mechanic saying what was wrong and how much it cost to fix your best course of action is probably the small claims court, where you may be able to get some or all of this money back. Have you seen this?
    http://WHATCONSUMER.CO.UK/buying-a-car/ and this:

  • Alan Herrera 21 March, 1:18 pm

    I recently bought a car from a second had dealer over EBAY. I got a good price and the car seemed fine, but after a week and a half the head gasket blew and will require a repair of at least £1000. I called the dealer and they claimed that they are not obligated to repair is it was marked as a “Trade Sale”/Auction sale. They offered to help me sell the car as/is to get some of my money back, but refused to repair the car or take it back. What are my rights in this instance? Is the dealer obligated to repair?

  • Catriona 24 March, 10:26 pm

    Alan, you have a statutory right to quality if you bought the car from a seller acting as a commercial trader (i.e. not a private sale). Nothing can take away these statutory rights and your right to remedy under Sale of Goods, this is the case regardless of how the sale was ‘marked’. Therefore if the vehicle is not of satisfactory quality you have the right to a repair at no additional cost and within reasonable time.

  • kate 29 March, 11:56 pm

    I am considering starting up a business selling second hand baby goods like pushchairs, clothing, cots and so on. These will obvoiusly be sold at a cheaper price than if they were brand new. If a customer buys a pushchair which is in perfect working order brings it back with a fault or something has broken on it, would i have to give a refund?

  • Catriona 1 April, 2:53 pm

    Kate, there is a general recognition that second hand prices will reflect the variable standard of quality. Therefore customers won’t really have a basis on which to bring something back which is of poor quality – unless it really isn’t fit for purpose, or unsafe. My advice would be to put up notices to this effect, and make people aware of any faults before they buy. Make a note of any major faults which the customer has accepted on the receipt.

  • Danny 4 April, 5:28 pm

    I recently bought a second hand vehicle from a dealer, I have only had it for 36 hours and already faults are occurring, I have been back to the dealer to request the vehicle that I swapped it for to be returned…. am i within my rights to expect return of my previous vehicle?

  • Ellena Plumb 5 April, 5:07 pm

    My daughter bought a 4 year old MGZR from a local well established dealer, for £5000 of which £4000 was on finance arranged by the dealer. 5 weeks afterwards it needed a new clutch and the cylinder head gasket had blown.

    The garage repaired the car, but wanted £70 from us towards the cost of the repair, for “diagnosis” which they say was not covered by the warranty.

    Only a week later the car ran out of water/coolant and is needing filling up every couple of days. It is booked in back at the garage for repair again, but what are our rights if we demand a full refund? And if they arwe reluctant to stand the cost of repair?

  • Catriona 6 April, 5:53 pm

    Ellena, Sale of Goods doesn’t distinguish between brand new and second hand as far as quality is concerned. However, if you put it to the test, account will be taken of price paid, age and expected lifetime of the product. Your daughter paid a considerable amount of money and the problems have happened shortly afterwards, therefore it would have been reasonable to expect a repair at the dealer’s expense, who should not have charged you £70. Those are your rights under Sale of Goods – nothing to do with the warranty. I’m not sure you would have a reasonable basis on which to reject the car completely, but this time I would not part with any cash for the repair and would expect a substitute car to be provided while it is being fixed. See: http://WHATCONSUMER.CO.UK/buying-a-car/ for more on this.

  • Chrissyboy68 7 April, 11:32 am

    My girlfriend and I have a off the road vehicle on our drive which someone has recently asked if he can buy. We never advertised the fact it was for sale but it has been sat there for some months now. The car has no tax, mot and multiple problems (brakes faulty, brakes seized, underside rusty etc). I have explained this to the chap in question and his response was his dad owns a garage and is looking to fix it up and sell it on. The guy is adament that he wants this car and keeps calling round to see if he can still have it.

    Can this come back and bite us on the ass if we sell it, even after we have explained all the faults with it?

    Any advice would be great.

    • Liz 14 August, 3:54 am


      You should be absolutely fine, even if you didn’t list all the faults (although you should definitely be covered if you write down what you know to be true then add on the end that you cannot guarantee that it may very possibly be falling to pieces in other ways, make two copies, and then get your buyer to sign one that you keep and sign one for him to keep.)

      It’s all ‘belt and braces’ really as purchasers don’t have a great deal of rights in a private purchase anyway, but your arse would definitely be covered this way, and in no way being open to being bitten!


  • Catriona 10 April, 10:26 pm

    Danny, if you choose to reject the car on the basis that it is of unsatisfactory quality, you must be returned to the position you were in before. This implies the return of your part-ex, or the equivilent value thereof. However, in order to reject the car you must show that the quality issue is significant and it is practically unroadworthy, or significantly not as described. If you can’t, you may have to accept a repair in the first instance.

  • Catriona 10 April, 11:06 pm

    Chris, it shouldn’t as long as the car isn’t misdescribed. You need to cover yourself by creating a written agreement detailing all the faults and indicating the buyers agreement to the terms of the sale – i.e that the car is unroadworthy.

  • christopher 25 February, 10:55 pm

    hi i bought a second hand car 6 weeks ago and have had problems with it i got it diagnosed as the head gasket and have discovered that it is the water pump and have been told that i get a 90 day guarantee under soga when i mentioned this to the garage they said the warranty only applies to cars bought for over £1000 is this true?

    any help would be good thanks

    • Tony 26 February, 1:17 am

      No that is not true, they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes Christopher. However, age, mileage, price paid etc. are important factors. So if the car you bought has 200,000 on the clock and you paid £100 for it could be expected. There is no automatic £1000 threshold.

  • vinnie joe 6 March, 9:15 pm

    i recently purchased a vintage 2nd hand game of ebay it arrived damaged,as ebay rules i sent it back and recieved a full refund however it cost me £7.00 to return it can i claim my postage costs back?
    thanks vinnie

  • stacey 8 March, 12:53 pm

    i asked a second hand shop to sell a mobile phone for me
    which he has done,i have been in and asked for the money but have been told that the law states that i have to wait 14 days before i can have the money

  • Lee 8 March, 9:30 pm

    Hello, I have today bought a second hand car for 975 and it is an s reg. On the journey home from the dealer the cars gears stopped working and now i cannot even put the car in reverse! He told me there that i would not be covered by a warranty, but surely theres something not quite right about this! I simply am requesting to know my entitlements about a repair?



  • Dave 11 March, 4:00 pm

    I bought a second-hand car just over a month ago and now the battery has died. The car is less than five years old – is it right that this is “standard wear and tear”, given how long car batteries are supposed to last? I’ve known them last a decade and more in the past. I can’t see how it can be. Am I being fobbed off, and is this something the seller should have mentioned when I was buying it?

  • shaz 14 March, 3:13 am

    hi there
    my brother who is disabled and has special needs went and bought a laptop from a store called CEX who buy and sell a varity of goods. the store had sold him a laptop which to me seems over priced and the laptop had frozen twice. within 24 hours i took the laptop back and demanded a refund, instead i was given a store voucher for the same ammount and told due to company policy they cannot give me a cash refund as the laptop seems to in a fully working condition. i asked the “acting manager” for a copy of the store policy which he supplied and asked him what are my statutory rights as it says on your policy that my statutory rights are not affected? he froze,”errr”…. He then typed into google and was saying to me “well it basically means” i replied to him “i dont want to know what it basically means, can i have a copy” he gave me a copy of the front page of the website and replied to me “the stastutory rights dont apply to us the same as every other store as we are not selling and new goods and the management reserves.

    i spent an hour in the store and got fed up so i took their names and the poxy store voucher the gave me and walked out. the laptop froze twice and is over priced, do i have the right to a cash refund even though they have taken the laptop back and give me the voucher? i need as much advise as possible. THANK YOU EVERYONE!

  • Martin Ryan 14 March, 5:09 pm


    I recently bought a car from a local dealer. It is a vauxhall corsa 1.4 sri, 9 years old 76000 miles, and i paid 2500 for it. The dealer gave me 28 days’ warranty. I have had the car for six weeks and I believe the cylinder head gasket has blown (oil contaminated with water, loss of water). I have only noticed this today when i went to check the oil level. Do you think I have any case against the dealer? I do not wish to reject the vehicle, I would be happy with a satisfactory repair.

  • Jessica 15 March, 1:45 am

    I recently purchased a 200 Chevy Impala for 4900 CASH. The dealer was very kindhearted and not like a normal down your throat dealer would be expected to act. The radiator needed replaced before I took it home so he had that done and I came to pick the car up the next day. When I got home, a few days later the blinker would make a weird noise and than not work at all, sometimes it would and than shut off in the middle of this…I have a NB baby and this is dangerous! I recently took my car to a part store and found out its the multifunction switch which cost 510.00 to replace without labor costs! I bought this as is do I have any rights?

  • Robert Walker 25 March, 11:14 am

    We bought a 3.5 year old freelander from a 2nd hand dealer, he sold the car to us on behalf of his father, but it was sold through the garage with an invoice from the garage. We part exchanged our old vehicle, but the purchase price was £9,000.
    Less than 3 months later the main diesel fuel pump broke rendering the vehicle unstartable and we put the car into a local reputable 4×4 specialist who fixed it, the bill was £870, of which only 300 was covered by the 3 month warranty supplied by the garage. At the time we just needed to get the car working (2 small kids etc) and we sadly stumped up the cash right after xmas.
    I’ve recently been ‘advised’ that the sale of goods act may have helped us and that we should have been able to take the car back as ‘not fit for purpose’.
    1) Is that true that at the time we were covered by the act?
    2) Is is too late to do anything to recover the money?


  • Jamie Sargent 25 March, 10:02 pm

    I need some advice.

    I have bought a used car in November 2009 from a garage based in Stafford. Upon the sale of the car it cost £3900.00 on finance for 2 years and i also bought a AA warranty with this vehicle. The car has been off road numerous times for warranty work since then however when it last went to the garage it had a health inspection.

    The garage found that there were major faults on the car, some being MOT failures which they claim would have been clearly obvious when the car was MOT when i collected it. The vehicle has cost £411.00 to put right and back on the road. I contacted the garage where the car was purchased from and his response was don’t take it to the AA they will charge you the earth and followed by him accepting no responsibility for the car. HE stated that he did not service or MOT the car and provided a forwarding address of that garage however i have had no dealings with that gargae and advised him i was trying to recover the costs.

    He has since denied all acceptance and i have been left with a £411 bill as well as a car off the road with no courtesy car whilst it was. I have initially gone through trading standards letter advice and sent two with a negative response to both. Where do i go next?

  • Michael Thomas 7 April, 2:20 pm

    I am thinking about buying a secondhand woodworking machine from a private individual. It is six months old. He is saying that as it is under a year old it is still covered by the manufacturers warranty. Is this correct and that warranties are automatically transferable between owners?

  • Pete Langley 12 April, 2:48 pm

    I bought a van from a company as I am starting up my own business. After being on the road about a week it started to play up. I’ve been told the seal round the injectors has gone and someone had done a temporary fix on them. I’ve been told that it’s not worth fixing the van.
    Do I have any rights because a business sold me their old van?

  • Alastair 14 April, 8:57 pm

    In December I sold a car on eBay.

    In February the buyer contacted me to say that the car was not needed by him anymore (no faults or complaints, just not big enough for him). He readvertised it on eBay and was contacted by a bidder to say that the he had checked the milage and it was wrong.

    The buyer now wants me to refund his money. What is my position? I have checked with Mercedes and it would appear that the milage is wrong, but it certainly wasn’t known to be wrong at the time we made the sale. I am not a trader and the car is a private sale.

    I bought the car from a private seller two years earlier.

    Do I have recourse to the seller?

    Does the new buyer have recourse to me?

    Please help!

  • Nick 22 April, 11:54 am

    I bought a 2nd hand car from Perrys & after a few months found it had an intermittent fault (sort of like as if the immobilser had kicked in & wont let me start it). Perrys say take it to ford dealer as its still under their waranty. i do this,they can’t find it & return my car. After a few weeks it happens again, and the above was repeated. Now after several attempts they say they found a broken wire & repaired it, and now want £400+ for their time???Surely this is on them.
    Please Advise…

  • sandrine 28 April, 11:08 am

    I just bought a scooter on ebay (1st mistake), I paid cash on collection (2sd mistake). The scooter was sold as very good condition, fully working, great machine. The seller stated that he just did a service before selling it. But on the seconday the scooter did not work properly. The seller blame me straight away and said i was missing round with it. After few emails he told me to bring it to garrage and they will confirmed there is nothing wrong. The garage did 2 houres of work, oils used was the wrong one (the seller did write that he filled up the oil before delivery but refusing responsability bout the type of oil which can be seen on all the spark plugs i had to change, the pump was not working properly, so the scooter was only starting once in a while. Seing the state of the break, the services was not done obviously. What are my right and chance to get the cost back ?

  • richard 6 May, 1:24 pm

    Hi. A quick overview of my situation: I bought a car which was 6 months old (BMW Z4 M Coupe) for £33k. There was 28 months left on manufacturer’s warranty. Within 6 months had a oxygen sensor default which was repaired under warranty. The problem recurred 8 times in 2 years and the car has spent 210+ days at BMW HQ whilst they ‘fixed’ the problem (I have all this logged by BMW Dealership). The same problem came back this week after BMW HQ promised that the fault had been located and would not come back. They even extended the full manufacture warranty by 12 months. Now it has been taken away for a 9th time, it is clear to me that it is not fit for purpose and I would like a full refund. What are my entitlements..? I have 21k outstanding on finance and the dealership I bought the car from went bust in 2009. Best regards, Richard

  • Suzy 16 May, 10:18 am

    I got a pre owned playstation 3 from a private shop named(n1 games) for £260 with 3 months warranty but i had it for more than 3 months now, but my ps3 broke down after using if 6 months, what can i do? please help thank you.

  • Jan 28 May, 8:32 pm

    I purchased a car from a dealer the following day i experienced problems with the gearbox, i contacted the seller who said it maybe just something simple, after having it inspected it cost £1500 to repair, it was a major problem, i have contacted the dealer and asked him to contribute to the cost he replied with “it says on receipt trade sale and no warrenty given”. Prior to this i contacted Trading Standards to see where i stand, they agreed and said i could not make a claim as he has stated on the receipt, I am not a trade person,but because the person who picked up the car on my behalf was, i have no rights, is this true? i purchased the car and all documentation including the receipt is in my name.
    living in hope, Jan 🙁

  • Mark 31 May, 10:04 pm

    I purchased an 03 plate kia Carens, (85k miles) £2000 in March 2009, when test driving it, i found that the gearbox was playing up, it wouldn`t go into 1st gear. I drove it back to the dealer and he assured me that it would be properly fixed among other things!!!

    Only yesterday, 30th may 2010, i took my family away for the day, 55 miles away from home and the gearbox has went, stuck in the middle of nowhere, £140 recovery callout, i was told that it is stuck in a forward gear and will have to be fixed, maybe a replacement chain in the gearbox. This could cost £1000

    Do i have any rights as this should not have happened if the fault was properly fixed?


  • angella 16 July, 2:06 pm

    i bought a refurbished netbook from comet and as soon as i put it on, it shuts itself down saying there is a system error.
    i immediately returned it to the shop and they said because it was refurbished they can neither replace nor refund me as i have to speak directly to the manufacturer as there is a year warranty on it. i did and they agreed to pick it up from my address on two occassions which they failed. i had to cancell my work on this two days and now i am fed up and want a refund.

    what are my rights?

  • Jos 19 July, 9:41 pm


    I recently bought a car.
    It is my first car and I am not British, so I do not know that much about the V5C document. As the seller wrote in his advertisement that the car “1 owner from new” I assume that I am the second owner. However, I see that the car has had another owner…

    What should I do…besides going back to the dealer and tell him the story.
    What are my rights in this case? Should I have checked/known this before? Or is it the fact that the dealer should have known it was not a car with 1 owner. Which means he deliberately sold it as being a “1 owner from new” car while it was not.

  • James 25 August, 11:41 pm

    Hi, i recently bought a second hand car, during the test drive i noticed a juddering coming throught the steering wheel at 70mph.
    I was assured by the salesman it would be repaired before i picked up the car. the car was ready to pick up and the fault supposedly fixed according to the salesman.
    I picked up the car and was stuck in traffic so couldnt get upto 70mph until the last few miles of a 40 mile home journey…..the problem was still there.
    I took the car to an independant kwikfit dealer and they diagnosed a buckled wheel and possibly two damaged front tyres, the guy showed me them.
    I informed the dealer of the problem still being there and that id had it checked and they had found a buckled wheel and damaged tyres. The car was back in for 4 days and again the salesman test drove it himself and assured me it was all fixed ad they had replaced a buckled wheel, like night and day were his words and its 100% sorted.
    It was dropped off at my work.
    I drove it after my work and no surprise, problem still there.
    So i contacted the garage and gave them an email and a recorded delivery letter stating that i would give them a third chance and 14 days to repair the car or i would be asking for a refund of my finance,I copied this to their head office and my finance company.
    The garage picked up the car again on tuesday and have now told me they cannot fix the problem and are sending the car to a wheel and performance car specialist….! Its just a focus st, not a ferrari! And they are a ford main dealer.
    Under the supply of goods, implied goods act 1979 would i be entitled for a refund and be entitled to return the car if they cannot fix the problem completely within the 14 days that i have given them.
    Any advise would be most welcome.

    Kind regards


  • Jackie Crisp 31 August, 11:44 am

    I recently purchased a second hand dress ring (amethyst surrounded by seed pearls)especially to go with an outfit for my son’s wedding. I wore the ring the day before the wedding, the wedding day and the following day. On my return home I noticed that three of the seed pearls surrounding the amethyst were missisng. Is it the responsibility of the jeweller to replace these? The purchase was made on 21st August. Worn on 26th, 27th & 28th August!

  • Michelle 19 September, 10:31 am


    I purchased a 56 punto with 20000 miles on it 5 weeks, it has been back to garage i bought it from 5 times with brake pads that were not picked up on the ~MOT wearing and only last a month, suspension problems, and now the fan heaters have gone faulty, i have tis car on finance i purchased it for £4000 where do i stand please help i am nearing a breakdown with this car.

    Many Thanks

  • Chris 25 September, 7:32 pm

    I just bought a car, 57 reg, £9K, seemed ok on the less than 1 mile test drive, but after driving 60 miles home the gearbox is a little jerky.

    I asked the main dealer, without looking, over the phone, they said it needs a part that comes to about £2.5K, I asked an independent specialist, he said forget it, that never works, you need a new gearbox ~ £5K.

    I assume I can I just tell the dealer I want a refund, however it is a nice car, and it took ages to find what I wanted, if they agree to repair it and it comes back will I have lost some of my rights?


  • colin 27 September, 12:15 pm

    i bought a quality refurbished sofa from brighthouse under 2months ago and as its quality refurbished i only get a 3month warrenty on it, when it got deliverd it was damaged scratches on the sides and the leather was worn down,the delivery men also damaged my walls this all got sorted in a matter of weeks someone came round and repaired the sofas, but recently the leather had started to go all baggy and the padding is wore right down and when i sit on the 2seater is sounds like it its creeking and about to collapse, i still paid £900 for these sofas and they are now saying this is wear and tear and is not under the warrenty so there is nothing i can do, and that i cant claim a refund and send the sofa back?? is this right

  • Samantha 15 October, 1:48 pm

    I recently bought a second hand car from a Garage and it has a faulty accelerator, he has had me in different Garages every weekend (for 4 weeks) and yet the problem still isn’t fixed! I was sold the car stating it had two keys, and he has only given me one, i asked for the other one on numerous occasions and he stated that the previous owner still has it and he will try and get it. The window was faulty in which he repaired, but has damaged the inside of my car. He tried to fix the accelerator with his mechanic and when i stated that it did not have an accelerator cable he then said i don’t know what we were playing around with then!! The car also makes a strange squeaking noise when you put it into 2nd gear, and the exhaust snapped after 7 days of having it. I understand that an exhaust is not covered, but to me they would have known that it was seriously eroded at point of sale! I have only had the car for 1 month and i am constantly in a garage for people to look at it but not actually fix it, i have never been compensated for all of the travelling or offered a courtesy car and quite frankly i have had enough!
    I paid £8000 for this car and feel i was robbed!!
    As it is part on HPI i understand i will need to contact the finance company, but what rights do i have where they are concerned??

  • Leanne Harling 22 October, 7:05 pm

    I bought a car from a registered dealer with 1 months warrenty, before getting the car they but it through a MOT. With in the first month the engine management light came on twice first time i took it back to the garage they simply turned it off – the second time they changed a sensor, after that but still with in the month the exaust fell off and the wheel baring went they replaced both. 3 months down the line after the car misfiring and being really unfit to drive i tuck it to a friends garage, he had a look and advised the car was really unfit to be on the road, the front end was in a really bad state. He is in the process of fixing it and already the bill is around £900. What rights have i got?? Can i get the dealer to cover these costs?


  • Debs 23 November, 1:19 am

    I bought a second hand car two weeks ago and it is already unroadworthy as the radiator is broken so it can’t be driven anywhere as the water just keeps coming out of it. The car does have a warrenty and I have rang the garage but they have not been helpful. I was told I had to speak to the boss who actually sold me the car but whenever I ring up he isn’t there and he doesn’t return my calls. The person that I did speak to at the garage wouldn’t confirm if the radiator came under the warranty he just said to bring it back and they would look at it and if they had to charge me they would do it a good price! As the car is unroadworthy I am unable to drive it back there and they do not have a tow truck so have advised me to get my breakdown service to get the car back to them. As the purchase is withing 28 days am I entitled to take the car back to them and get a full refund?



  • Ali 28 November, 1:24 am

    I brought a 2004 1.3 CDTI Corsa from a dealer on 17th of November for £2000 80’000 miles, I asked for a test drive but the car was boxed in by about 5 cars so the guy said I’m busy I will get it out in a bit, he was talking on his mobile and wandering about the showroom, he then tried to start the car and it did not, he plugged in a starter pack to the batter and started it.

    Couple of minutes later he said please go into my office and complete the purchase with my secretary while I bring the car out, which I did, after leaving with the car I realised the engine light was on, I was on the motorway so I couldn’t turn back.

    I called him a few hours later and told him there is a problem with the car and I wish to return it, the problem had not been disclosed, he refused and said “you saw the engine light before you brought it”, which I did not, because he started the car, not me. He also said it was brought AS-IS, I was under the impression that dealers cannot sell cars on AS-IS basis, that is only for private sellers.

    I have also realised that on the advertisement he stated the following;

    -“Tax till end of Nov.” tax has finished in September.
    -“Remote Central Locking”. it was not provided
    -“One Previous owner”. HPI check shows two owners

    He made me sign a paper, which said something about “No warranty”, I’m not sure if it said anything about AS-IS, I can’t remember now. If there was anything about AS-IS how could this affect my case agains’t this dealer.


  • Ali 28 November, 1:28 am

    Sorry forgot to mentioned that after he refused a refund, I took it to my garage the same day, they put it on the diagnostic machine which read ECU error (Electronic Control Unit), after checking on the Internet it turns out Vauxhall charge close to £800 for a ECU and £100+ to program it.

  • heidi cooper 1 December, 11:46 am

    i sold a car to a 19 yr old boy racer who took it out for a test drive and looked at it for about an hour then signed log book sayin he was happy with it any ways next day he tells me it has oil leak and water leak i tell him this cant be true as it been sat on my drive for 2 weeks and we both saw no stains on drive he then how ever changes he story telling me its the gearbox and he broke down now he paid half cash half cheque and im expecting the cheque to bounce he said he would pay 500 cash he paid me 440 in cash as he said he had no money for petrol and would pay the extra 60 on the cheque he keeps texting me telling me ill have to pay and he has rights im a private seller on the ad i put everything i knew to be wrong with it and to be right with none of these are mechanical reasons i only sold car due to having new car and having a little girl and its not practical havin boy racers tryin to race me all the time if the cheque bounces im goin to small claims court i think ive been scammed???? the gearbox was working fine when he left me he did ragg it when he took it for the test drive

  • Carol 18 January, 11:36 am

    I had the starter motor replaced on my landrover 15 months ago. The replacement was a refurb with a guarantee of 12 months. I have now started to have problems with it again. Do I have any rights? Was the refurb fit for purpose?

  • steve pitcher, 6 February, 6:23 am

    recently i purchased an item from a well known charity that has left me confused. Angry too…
    Generally if some thing is faulty or missing components, its not an issue if its stated on packaging, the item i brought was contaminated. It had a sandwich bag tied up, contents in this bag is white powder with no reason to be included with the item.
    the initial look of it is concerning and i feel i Cant just dispose of the bag into my bin! More to the point the item i found it i paid for from a charity. Im puzzled as to how i go about following this up.

  • SANKAR 11 February, 8:16 pm


  • Amanda 3 March, 10:40 pm

    Help, My son brought a second hand cooker from a second hand shop. He is a student and saw an electric cooker for £50 and paid for it. I picked it up for him and took it back to his flat. The owner of the shop has wired the cooker, it looks very unsafe, the door doesn’t fit properly and one of the hot plates is corroded, I wouldn’t give it to my worse enemy. Is my son entitled to a full refund? We haven’t even tried to wire it in it looks that unsafe.

  • Mathew 7 March, 4:59 am

    Hi Sir,
    Ten days b4 i get an secondhand bike from the dealer, when i was test driving near to the dealer its ok. but when went to home and tried it its not in good condition offen getting strting trouble and mechanic said having problem with engine so its possiblities of refund my amount please advice me.

  • michael 3 May, 5:56 pm

    I just bought a chess set on ebay. As it is a character set, these are usually £50- 70 but it was seond-hand and I managed to win the auction for £12.50 plus £12.99 pp. So even with the pp it was a good bargain. The set has been advertised for ages and there is a colour picture showing the complete set. Today I received a message from the seller stating that he has misplaced one of the pieces and wants to cancel the sale. My gut tells me this a lot of baloney and he simply wants out because it did not fetch as high a price as expected. Anyone selling an item would have checked it was all ok before advertising or have pulled the transaction at some stage, not waited several days for the auction to take place. As the set is unusual, I would like to proceed and possibly replace the missing piece and get compensation from the seller to cover it as he was contracted to sell a full chess set. Am I on reasonable ground here? Obviously I can get a refund but I believe this is just allowing the seller to get away with sharp practice because he did not achieve the price he was hoping for.

    • Ronald Grant 14 July, 11:40 pm

      I am simply looking at the price of the set and I wonder if it is worth the hassle.

  • Anthony Smith 10 May, 5:50 pm

    I recently sold a mobile phone via ebay the buyer paid with paypal, initialy there was a problem with the description because i stated that the device was unlocked to all networks which i thought it was, anyway after some comunication the buyer was happy to accept a £15 refund to get th edevice unlocked his self. Now the buy has open a case against me fro a full refund claiming item was not as described and is faulty and all sort of problems. This is after 3 weeks and after positive feedback has been left. on eemail to me even states the phone works fine with an o2 sim card. I am a private seller.
    What are my rights in this situation.

    Thanks in advance Ant

  • Steve 22 May, 2:07 am

    I bought a computer screen on ebay, the seller told me it was second hand and a refurbished model but also that it had ten months warranty remaining with the manufacturer. The screen has malfunctioned within two months and the seller has said that it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to sort. They sent through their original reciept’s and i contacted the manufacturer but they said their warranty is only valid withe the end user (i.e. who i bought it from). The thing is though in their advert the seller claimed they purchased the screen for 300pounds and i bought it for 230, on their receipt it says they paid 200, is there anything i can do?

    Also it was bought on ebay using paypal.

  • nikki 29 May, 1:53 pm

    I brought a second hand fridge freezer 1 week ago and now the freezer does not work, i rang the second hand dealer(a shop) asking him to collect it and i would like my money back but he said he would not give me my money back but he would replace it, is this correct can i NOT have my money back? i feel i can not trust him to bring me one that will work. Please help

  • leanne 14 July, 4:06 pm

    WE brought a used car from a small family run business and had a problem with the boot button we spoke to dealer and he fixed it since then we have had problems with the car cutting out whilst driving spoke to dealer he said he knew what problem was came out to look never replaced any parts just cleaned off sensor worked fine for a few days then started again, so we spoke to dealer again about this problem and the fact that the heaters don’t work properly and he asked us to take it in so he could check it over. He says he’s found no faults and that the car runs fine for him he also said he knows what the problem is with heaters but doesn’t want to go through the dash to fix it. We are not happy about this if car still continues to cut out what do we do from here?

  • automatic transmissions 23 July, 7:33 pm

    Business cleaners often deliver superb value to the business office environment, without having to worry about employing a compliment of cleaners.

  • Caroline 31 July, 1:57 pm


    I bought a second hand car from a dealer 9 days ago paid £900 T reg, there are now problems with the exhaust and clutch.
    The sales man did not allow me to test drive the car as he said he had no insurance for this, the car has no warranty.
    Do I have any rights for the dealer to either fix te car or cover the cost of repair or simply give me a refund so I can return the car if need be?

    Kind Regards

  • Jason Lye 26 August, 5:46 pm

    Hello, a week ago bought a Volkswagen 1989 lt35 van from ebay which had been converted to a camper van. The owner claimed that he had bought it last year but hadn’t really used it although a ‘friend’ had and said everything was fine except the side door which was awkward to close sometimes.
    3 days ago my girlfriend and I used it for the first time to go camping. On arrival at the campsite the side door actually came completely off it’s runners and fell on me. That wasn’t the worst however… Whilst driving home, the brakes gave completely whilst approaching stationary traffic at 30-40 mph resulting in us hitting a van, mounting the pavement, bouncing off a wall, hitting a lorry before crashing into a lamp post. A worker in a high vis jacket had to vault a wall other wise he would have been run over. We were so lucky that no one was injured or worse.

    The AA man that came out to see us showed us that our brake tubing was completely corroded through and all the fluid had leaked out. We have kept the tubing in case we need it as evidence.

    What would be our rights in this situation?

    I have since found out that the previous owner did not buy the van ‘last year’ as he claimed – his ebay history states he bought it in April 2011. The MOT was valid from march however.

    Kind Regards,


  • Kyle 12 September, 8:26 pm

    I bought a second hand motorbike aprox 2 and a half months ago and over the last month it had given me nothing but trouble. So I took it to a mechanic, who had a look at it for me and has found so many faults that I have been recomended to sell it for spares and get a different bike.

    Do I have any rights to some sort of refund etc as it says on another page about “the Sale of Goods Act now states that if a product develops a fault within the first 6 months”

    Any help would be great


  • Sarah 1 October, 1:34 pm

    Hi, I bought a second hand car from a local dealership 18 months ago which has been letting in water in the driver’s side footwell since I bought it. It was January, and freezing on the inside of the windscreen and needed defrosting every morning. It took a while to realise that it was freezing because it was damp but I took it back to the dealer within the 3 month warranty and was told ‘to dry it out as much as possible and see if the water comes back’. By that time the warranty had run out but I have been to see him 3 times about it and it is still not properly fixed. I keep phoning him and not getting a reply. I can only tell if it is still a problem in wet or cold weather. I plan to keep this car for as long as possible but now the carpets are getting mouldy. What can I do?

  • Iqbal 10 October, 12:10 pm

    I recently bought a second hand dairy fridge for a corner shop, it worked fine for d first two month, but then it shorted all d electricts in the shop & wouldn’t start again. The company I bought it from replaced it for another smaller fridge, which they didn’t install properly, resulting in me having to empty the water try by hand every 2-3hours, I complained but they didn’t pay any attention, then a couple of MONTHS later the fridge broke down because of a leak in the compressor, they asked me to pay for the repair because I original bought the first fridge over 3 months before.
    I’m really upset with the level of customer service this company has provided & just want a full refund.
    What are my options?..

    Thank You

  • Paul 16 October, 2:01 am

    Sorry for the lengthy explaination but I wanted to include some of the details for the full picture.

    I bought a second hand car from a local car dealer. While still under 3 months warranty and after only a few days the car had problems with the gears/clutch and the fuel pipe (Im not a mechanic and no nothing about cars). The dealer took the car back and said they fixed the problem(s). This happened 4-5 times over 2 months. In those 2 months we only had the car for a day or so each time before it was returned to be ‘fixed’ again with the same fault and/or another but the main one being the gears/clutch. When the car was finally returned after around 2 months of the 3 month warranty had passed they claimed a load of things had been fixed including master and slave cylinders. However, shortly after the car seemed to show the same symptoms periodically (stiff gears) and the hand brake no longer works along with other minor issues.
    It’s now been 3 months after our warranty expired and the gears/clutch are now stiff to the point it’s unsafe to drive. We took the car to an independent garage who said within 1 min of seeing the car that the clutch was completely gone and confirmed it was not safe to drive. We had no other way of getting home. On the way back with my wife and kids in the car the gears were so stiff I had to turn the engine off and on in order to put it in to gear at junctions/light etc. The garage said to replace a new clutch and fly wheel it would cost 800GBP.
    On hearing the expensive repair bill news coupled with our frightening drive home from the garage I called the dealer and explained the situation and said I was giving him fair notice to fix the car or I would be seeking advice and going to small claims court.
    After the heated conversation calmed down and a few more calls were made he has agreed to come over on Monday to take a look although claims he’s not obliged to fix it.
    I would like to know if he does not ‘fix’ the car what legal right do we have and am I entitled to a full refund.
    I believe either his garage are incompetent or that more likely he knew the clutch needed changing and has ‘patched it up’ and prolonged the repair so that the warranty would expire (I can’t prove that he’s stalled on returning the car during the warranty period).
    From what I have been reading online my main points are:
    – The car is not fit for purpose
    – The car is unsafe to drive
    – I cant prove he knew the car was faulty but an independent garage diagnosed the fault very quickly.
    Thank you for your time.

  • Sergio 17 October, 7:57 am

    I bought a used car,it turned off on me the very next day while I was driving since then it has turned off.on me 8 more times I’ve had the car for only 3weeks the dealer installed a chip on the ignition. so they wont steal it or u don’t pay and I told it has to do something with whatever they installed cause its not a mechanical problem it turns off and a day or days later it turns on like nothing its very frustrating. cause I can’t go nowhere thinking its not gonna want to start took it to dealer they say its Its my responsability to find out what’s wrong with the car I don’t know what to do they already ripped me off with a tow service of their own need advice

  • Lee 19 October, 1:20 pm

    Hi all,

    I recently purchased a car from Arnold Clark in Kilmarnock (Picked the car up 31st May 2011) and everyhting seemed to be going brilliant, but, my head gasket has blown due to a water pump failure and have only had the car 4 month’s. I was told by the salesman that I wouldn’t need a warrranty as the car was in good nick but I think this is to do with my budget that I had and the fact they wanted me to take finance with them even though I had already got this set up elsewhere.So I am now paying finance for a car that is sitting outside my house that is not drivable. I have called the dealership and they have told me I am out of warranty and that I will have to pay a £40 fee to get the car assessed even though I know whats wrong with the car, thanks to mr AA Roadside man who had to tow me home, and that they are within their rights. So I am looking at at least a £500 repair for a car that is only 4 months old from when I bought it. The car itself is a vauxhall meriva 2007 model and by all account’s of the numerous people at garages I have spoke to said that the water pump is a common fault in this model. So I continue my calls to customer service who confirmed exactly what the branch said themselves. I have now sent them an email explaining that there is no way a fault like this should happen within the timescale that I have had the car and want this resolved or I will be taking this further, still waiting on a reply surprise surprise!
    Any advice or help from anyone I would be extremely grateful and beware of the bad customer service from this dealership

  • Jennie 30 October, 3:22 pm


    I recently sold a secondhand media player on ebay. I described it as used, boxed and complete which it was. The player had only been used twice previously despite being over a year old. I checked the player thouroughly before sending it off and everything was perfect (I even put new headphones in the box to replace the used ones) The item was sent off recorded delivery and I sent the tracking number to the buyer. He immediately sent me an email asking for a receipt and guarantee, I explained that the player was used therefore had no guarantess. I received an email the next day from the buyer stating that although the player arrived in good working order, when he came back to it later it no longer worked and he wanted a full refund. I am not happy with this and feel I am being scammed, especially after the guarantee request. Ebay have ruled that the buyer must send the item back to me for me to inspect but I don’t know anything about electronics. As far as I am concerned, I sent the player in good working order as listed and he received it in good working order. It might be worth noting that the buyer buys and sells electronic items and either breaks them for spares or refurbishes them. I would like to know my legal rights, as, if I refund I will be left severely out of pocket with a broken player which broke whilst in the care of the buyer (I have emails to prove this)

  • Jason Hopkins 6 November, 5:54 pm

    I purchased a Mini Cooper 54 plate in august of this year and have had quite a few problems with it, small problems but problems non the less. The garage I bought it from has been quite helpful and they have repaired every fault that has arisen so far. However today I drove the car to town and home again, then 5 minutes later went to go out again only to find the gearbox does not work any more, the car cannot be put into any gear at all and the gear stick moves in directions that it shouldn’t be able to.

    I haven’t been able to infirm the garage yet as they are closed, but I will be ringing them first thing in the morning. Do I have any rights to make the garage to pay for the repair as they told me when I bought the car that it had been throughly checked and everything was good and there was no problems, even though I have not nothing but problems with it. Surely they should have noticed that the gearbox was worn when they looked over it before i bought it.

    I haven’t done many miles in it since I have had it, the garage has probably had the car longer then me fixing the issues that I have had.

    Any advice would be much appreicated.

  • Rosie 7 November, 1:19 pm


    Less than 3 months ago I bought a second hand car for £900. Since having it the engine cuts out whilst driving and has becoem extremely serious dangerous problem. I have contacted the dealership and his response was:
    ‘The sales of goods act states a reasonable amount of time depending on age and value of the car and that does not cover wear and tear on a 11 year old car as things will always need doing.
    Having said that I am more than happy for my garage to look at the car and try to find the cause of this problem.
    Due to the age mileage value and length of time you have had the car I would not be willing to spend money on the car for you but I am happy to have a look at try to get the problem sorted with as little cost as possible.’

    What should I do?


  • damian sands 8 November, 8:44 pm

    hi, i recently bought a second hand motor namely bmw 328i-coupe from a small garage round my way,spotless, very clean low mileage well looked after 1 lady owner from new…bargain i thought for 1500hundred, just wanna mention at this point my mate works round at the garage in question and they all sound people they fix up motors aswell as sell them and even tho its a small out-fit its run well. so i buy this car cash.. nothing mentioned about warranity and no reciept recieved just log book n usual documents, ive had the car just under 2 weeks now, beautiful drive it rides the road like a mature women! got in it this morning started it up and it sounded like a tractor a big noisey tractor! tried driving down road and it died! i new it was somthing bad from the word go! so i rang the aa, sure enuf 20mins later the cheeky chappy from aa rolled up just to be the bearer ov bad news to be fair,i said ok hit me with it mr give me ya verdict, he said cam shafts have gone and there most prob further damage! i got him to tow me up to the garage where i bought the car and i approached the scruffy pre-occupied chap namely the boss and i gotta be honest held my cool cos he didnt seem to be too fust at all said very little i quote… we will have a luk at it 4 u. thats it! offered no courtesy car or anything kind or even helpul, so i walked out biting my lip! and its put a bad taste in my mouth cos my mate works there feels aqeward now, im sorry but i cant help but feel like ive had my pants pulled down in public!! if truth be told im furious! left with no car and no explanation i mean your guess is as gud as mine to whether im gunna get it bk next week or next month and even then who’s gunna be liable for paying 4 this monster bill cos gotta say aint no expert by any means but from what i gather this is a big job and it gunna cost big bucks i imagine and from me to u ive had my pants pulled down once i aint gunna be bent over aswell sort ov speak its outrages! surely…surely im entitled to something? warranity or sumthing i can grab on to with dispair hoping maybe u can help or just shed some nice light onto this subject plsssssss? kind regards and a big thanks, yours sincerly, mr sands. damian the dapper sands.

  • Pete 22 November, 8:50 pm

    I recently sold a 2nd hand rifle scope on Ebay, that I had only purchased myself 2nd hand 2 weeks earlier as part of a package,this seller gave me a money back guarantee and in fact told me not to pay him via paypal until after I had received and inspected the package, unfortunately the scope wasn’t suitable for my Diabetic eye condition, so I sold it to fund a suitable one. When I listed it and when I packaged it I re-examined it for faults and it was working correctly, but the buyer must have damaged it and wanted a refund and when I refused he made an Ebay claim for “not as described”, I provided Ebay with documentary proof including a 3rd party statement and photographic proof as to the items condition prior to the buyer receiving it and that the item was “as descibed”, yet Ebay decided the claim in the buyers favour and have told him to return the now damaged scope to me and receive a full refund for the item. This now leaves me out of pocket with postage costs and listing fees plus when it finally arrives I will have a damaged scope that is no good to sell, sorry forgot to mention the daults he is claiming could not have been caused in transit for me to claim against the courier they have been caused by mis-handling of the scope.
    Do Ebay have the legal rights to refund a buyer against a sellers wishes under UK law once they have been provided proof the item was as described.

  • Bob nolan 25 November, 1:43 am

    Hi tony,
    I purchased a complete non exchange second hand engine from engines on demand for a ford ranger 3.0ltr diesel on the 11th of october last, though i had some initial issues with the engine when it was delivered, i.e. the 3rd party car breaker who delivered it to my surprise required my old engine in exchange which required us to start stripping and swapping parts between engines, at this point we found damage to the turbo, the injectors had to be swapped as they are programmed to the vehicle, the supplied engine was from an automatic ours was a manual which meant we had to swap the flywheel, the rocker cover was damaged, so i contacted the supplier to complaine that i had not recieved what i had paid for he offered no refund and in fact sugested in an email i wasn’t being genuine about my issues with the engine, so as we were desperate to get our customer back on the road we fitted the engine only to find that the fuel pump was us, so emails sent back and forth between the supplier and the breakers, in the end i had to send one of my lads from warrington to bradford to recover the original fuel pump, enentually got the engine up and running all seemed ok gave the vehicle back to our customer, this was back on the 17th october, we now have the vehicle back in with thevcustomer complaining that the engine was using water, we removed the thermostat only to find that two holes had been drilled in either side to increase coolant flow this indicated to me that there had been some recent cooling issues with this engine prior to deliver, we removed the cylinderhead and found that gases from no2 cylinder being forced pased the head gasket into the water jacket causing the engine cooing system to pressurise forcing the coolant out of the radiator cap, this engine by the way is supplied fully tested, we contacted all by phone and email only to be told the engine was out of its 28 day warranty, which by the way wasnt provided to me in writing until today. The original invoice was sent to us in a format we couldn’ t open so we requested they send a copy by email in a pdf format which never arrived.
    As i have never been in this possition before i could do with some advise.

    Many thanks, bob

  • Paul 29 November, 12:12 pm


    I paid £30,000 for a 2007 Range Rover Vogue in May 2011 and since then it has needed a complete change of bushes on the rear suspension(cost to me £500)lots of issues with niggley things that dont work now the heater has stopped and is going to cost circa £2000 to replace. Dealer sold me a all singing all dancing warranty but now each time claim wear and tear as it is a used vehicle blah blah blah.
    What can i do??

  • Lucy 10 December, 12:09 pm

    I recently sold my quiet horse to a mother and daughter mother wanted to hack him out daughter was an “intermediate” rider so he was easily to fit their purpose etc The lady helping them to find a horse who knows my horses history and who has grazed on her property knows hes never put a foot wrong in his life with me. She did not try the horse out due to a back injury so i did a demo for her and the lady helping also did couldnt have gone better I was 110% honest and would never lie nor have a crazy horse myseld in the first place. she bought the horse on the spot and transferred the money right away. delieverd him the sunday and over a week passed and 1st incident she had fallen off him stationary while lady was doing her stirrups and 2nd in an arena with her daughter where he stopped cantering at a fence when her “intermediate” rider daughter wasnt capable to stop him and he simply stopped and she fell she wants her money back. I have talked to many lawyers who are friends of mine and even a judge because she is bullying me into giving her money back but I shouldnt be obligated since she did not trial him and i did not mislead her in anyway and have a full witness. It has stressed me out so much because its sad to see such a waste of my horse that i loved do nothing now. I need reassurance I dont want to lose a stupid case over 3200.

  • andrew birds 10 December, 4:35 pm

    Dear Daily Mirror,
    I am writing to you today as i have no one else to turn to with a huge problem i have been having wit my vehicle and the garage that took the job on to repair it. I took my vehicle to Mitsubishi Mamchester on the 29 September 2010 to find have a problem diagnosed. The vehicle in question is a Mitsubishi L200 Warrior, registration number NL03 ABN. The vehicle was inspected by their technicians and diagnosed as having a problem with the crank pulley and crank. On their advice i agreed for Mitsubishi Manchester to repair my vehicle with the quote for the works being £1,599.99. To my dismay the vehicle was in Manchester Mitsubishi for 18 days where initially told the work would take 7 days. Further more i was offered no courtesy car for the extra 11 days. On collecting the vehicle on the 16 October 2010 and at the same time paying the £1,599.99, i took the vehicle out of Manchester Mitsubishi to innediately discover a clunking sound from underneath. The vehicle was returned immediately back to Mitsubishi Manchester and the vehicle placed on the ramps for inspection. Derek McKinney stated that ”the engine mountings which hold the engine were undone”. This was then rectified and after one hour wait we returned to collect the vehicle. We asked Derek McKinney if he would keep the vehicle for further inspection but was further assured that the vehicle had been road tested. I then left mitsubishi manchester for the second time and drove no more than nine miles into my journey when the Engine overheated, had loss of power, and a loud knocking noise coming from the engine bay. The oil lights were on the dash and the vehicle stopped on the hard shoulder of the motorway.
    I contacted Manchester Mitsubishi and after much insistance a recovery was arranged Six hours later. My vehicle was returned back to Manchester Mitsubishi and on the Monday 18 October my vehicle was examined even though we were assured by Derek McKinney my vehicle was road tested and now evident the vehicle was not. Iam absolutely appalled by the way this situation has been handled and with my vehicle being unroadworthy for use and now losing unnessessary earnings i am holding manchester Mitsubishi responsible for the neglect and unfit repair to my vehicle, sending my vehicle out of their care untested or inspected, for not checking their work and not making sure the work being to a high standard as you would expect fron a Mitsubishi Garage. Mitsubishi placed myself and my family in danger and has caused General Inconvenience and placed unnessessary stress on me and feel i have not had the duty of care one would expect by a main dealership. When the engine was inspected they found that the crank manchester Mitsubishi Fitted was due to Crankshaft Bearing Failure. Iwas then via a telephone call by servive manager Joe Clare that my vehicle would be rectified. I was’nt happy with this as i stated to Joe Clare i had concerns that the faulty crankshaft fitted would have caused further damage to the rest of my engine. Joe Clare assured me that the rest of my engine was okay and no further damage was present. As i was still not happy by this i contacted mitsubishi colt head office and spoke to Lance Bradleys secretary and spoke to Richard Weller ”DIRECTOR OF AFTERSALES”. I explained my situation to them about one of their franchises and insisted that my car needs to be inspected for further damage and if so want a new engine. Simon at Mitsubishi Head Office contacted Manchester Mitsubishi and again Joe Clare insisted that there was no further damage to my vehicle. At this point I contacted my partner and asked her to visit Rochdale Mitsubishi and ask advice on, “If a crank was fitted to my vehicle and it failed, would this affect my engine?” My partner asked service manager David Foreshaw and his reply was, “Yes it is highly likely that fitting a faulty crankshaft to a L200 warrior would have damaged other parts of the engine, ie valves, pistons, top end!”
    We put our findings once again to Joe Clare and he again insisted that he had chjecked nthat there was no further damage. I then demanded that I have the vehicle inspected and with me liasing with Misubishi Head Ofiice this was then agreed.
    An arrangement was made for my vehicle to be transferred to Rochdale Mitsubishi on the 20th October 2010 but this didn’t actually happen until Friday 22nd October by transporter with my engine in the back of my pick up?
    A full inspection was carried out on my engine and a report was done (enclosed). The following components were found to be damaged due to crankshaft bearing failure. Three piston con rods, balancer shaft bearings, crankshaft thrust washers. oil pump assembly. This now proves the inexperience of Joe Clare as he was prepared to put my vehicle out ill reapired and as I the customer initially trusted in the main agent to put the vehicle right, due to a faulty part causing further severe damage.
    The engine was then rebuilt by Mitsubishi Rochdale even thou I insisted on a new engine. I got my vehicle back on the 12 November 2010 which means I took my car into Misubishi Manchester on 29 September 2010 and got it back 12 November 2010 which is a total of 44 days or just over six weeks! Rochdale gave me a replacement vehicle for a total of 9days out of the 44 days from the 3rd til the 12 November.
    On the 12 March 2011 I was visiting my parents home when a loud knocking noise appeared to be coming from the engine. I immediately switched of the engine and contacted Rochdale Mitsubishi and explained the situation and requested them to arrange recovery. I was told that they would not recover the vehicle and to ring back on the 14 March 2011. I insisted that they contact someone of higher authority to arrange recovery as the vehicle should be covered by warranty as stated on the report and repair invoice. I the received a telephone call off the managing director of Misubishi Rochdale Mr Imi Ahmed and told in a loud and offending manner that he has wiped his hands of the vehicle and refused to recover the vehicle as he was not bothered about the vehicle and to sue him.
    the AA had to recover the vehicle and bring it back to my home address where it has been ever since.
    On Monday 14 March 2011 I contacted Mitsubishi head office to again complain about the situation and their Mitsubishi Franchise in Rochdale. I explained the situation to which I faxed all events through to them regarding the vehilce. i also contacted trading standards for advice and they rang and spoke to Mr Ahmed and left a message asking him to ring back as they had a duty of care to the look after a customer as best as they can. I rang Rochdale Mitsubishi on several occasions for an outcome on my vehicle being repaired. I eventually got a telephone call off Rochdale Mitsubishi head office stating that they Misubishi would not offer any warranty as all parts fitted to my vehicle were not genuine Mitsubishi parts? When I asked them to explain this they stated that the crankshaft that was fitted to my vehicle was not a genuine Mitsubishi part and that it was down to the franchise. When you look at the first invoice for the original reapair and the report invoice for the last rebuild it states crankshaft and bearing set. and crankshaft and bearing set supplied by Manchester Mitsubishi fitted to the vehicle.
    Head office stated that it was not a genuine part and will not themselves offer any warranty but no-where on our invoices does it state non genuine part. I would expect a Mitsubishi main dealer to use genuine parts as it is unethical as the customer expects the best on genuine parts. This result by misubishi Head office still stands. The email I received (enclosed) states that Rochdale Mitsubishi will respone if I have the vehicle inspected via an engineers report which would be at my cost and if the faultlies with them they would act on it.
    I have now instructed a solicitor and he has written to Mr Ahmed at Rochdale Mitsubishi franchise. I am also awaiting a rply from the financial ombudsman and motor industry code of practise.
    As to date the way I have been treated and the unprofessional attitude of Mitsubishi I now feel that a new engine is in order due the damage they have caused.
    On the 27th October 2011 I drove past Rochdale Mitsubishi to see the forecourts and showrooms empty with letters in the window stating that as of 26 October 2011 MKS Automotive ceased trading and was placed into voluntary liquidation. MKS Automotive is the company that held the franchise for both Manchester and Rochdale Mitsubishi whom I have been fighting via my solicitor and now my solicitor says there may be a chance of not receiving any form of compensation.
    I do have a letter off Mitsubishi insurance recommending an independant inspector to inspect my vehicle with a ref number for my claim via plexus law and NIG insurance. So as far as im concerened I have a clkaim going through with Mitsubishi, their insurance/legal have contacted me for an inspection to my vehilcle. Now that they are aware of Mitsubishi going into liquidation Plexus law want to see the full certificate of insurance from NIG to see whether the claim can continue. Surely if I have a letter off Plexus law offering me an inspection the policy is and still should go through as a claim. When my claim went in Mitsubishi Manchester and Rochdale were still trading as MKS automotive Ltd. I now dont know which way to turn as i have paid over £1000 in solicitors fees to pursue Mitsubishi, I have a vehicle sat on my driveway since March which I paid £1600 for an unsatisfactory repair which was an unfit repair and making my vehicle unroadworthy.
    I am still losing money as I need my vehicle for work and it is still off road. I have an unwell mothere whom I part care for which I am unable to do and I am now at my lowest and feel that Mitsubishi have dragged their feet knowing they were going into liquidation. I now have no-one to turn to please can you help.
    I would have thought that Mitsubishi head office would have helped as it is their name obver the door of their franchises and carry their name supposedly to a high standard.
    I am eagerly awaiting your reply. I also have letters to go to Watchdog, Financial Ombudsman, Top gear magazine, Rochdale observer, Manchester Evening News, Daily Mirror, The Sun Etc………

    I have now had the vehicle inspected by a independant inspector and the damage to my car is far more critical than ever, the vehicle cannot be started as it would blow up and the work done on the car by MITSUBISHI GARAGES who carry the SUPER NAME OF MITSUBISHI over the door is absolutely appalling in every way and the report is attached
    Mr Andrew Birds

  • Ann 15 December, 5:13 pm

    I brought a fiat panda automatic 2006 model in March and its only in the last couple of months that Ive realised the reverse light is not working and have had it looked at twice and it is not the bulb so I asked the garage whether it could be the reverse light switch, one was ordered and its at the garage at the moment I had told the mechanic that apparently there are a number of fiat panda’s where the reverse light is not working, like mine (as a friend had looked it up online) and it is possible that it hadn’t been wired properly from manufacturing. I’ve been in touch with the mechanic and its not the switch it does seem to be to do with the wiring in the gearbox. Obviously that is going to cost some me money to fix, but should ‘Fiat’ pay beings as it was not wired up properly in the first place??

  • Mark O'Neill 5 January, 4:27 pm

    Hi do you mind if i ask the outcome of this as i am in exactley the same situation. I bought a van it broke down the same day they had it back said it had been fixed then a week later it breaks down with the same problem and they told me to do one

  • James Carter 17 January, 12:24 pm


    I bought a used CD Changer for my car from a breakers in October.

    It has stopped working with the same fault as my original unit. They have offered me a replacement unit, however i don’t want another CD Changer and would rather get a rfund

    Am i within my right to request one?

    They sold the CD Changer with a 90 day warranty, which i still have a little time left.

  • A Light 18 January, 9:10 pm

    I bought a 3 year old Peugout 308 five weeks ago and now it has 3 big faults. The place I bought it won’t help and are not interested. I have a years warranty and so far it needs new brake discs and pads, new tensioner on the alternator and the anti pollution warning light is on and the engine is pulling back. They say its not covered by the warranty but under the sale of goods act, surely its not fit for purpose? Any help would be much appreciated, fear I’ve been sold a lemon and am stuck.

  • Chris 19 January, 9:24 pm

    Hi. I bought a car 5 weeks ago. And it had a major malfunction engine failure. Rang the car dealer, and he told me he’s taking no responsibility. I paid £5000 for it and got an independent specialist report. Which gave me two estimates for £3195 and £4950 for repair costs. Can anyone please give me advice.

  • Chris 19 January, 9:31 pm

    Hi bought a car 5 weeks ago for £5000. and after 5 weeks it had a major malfunction engine failure. Rang the car dealer an he taking no responsibility. I verbally spoken and meet with him. But getting no were. I got a specialist report and two estimate which cost 3195 and 4950 for repairs. Can any please give me advice.

  • Philip 21 January, 6:41 pm

    Hi, I brought an xbox 360 from a 2nd hand store in my local town I am unsure if I still have the receipt. I’ve only had it about 3 months now and its broken, I’ve used it few times a week, if I take it back do I still have rights to get a refund or replacement?

  • Ade 23 January, 4:01 pm

    I brought a second hand car from a man in a private sale after seeing it advertsied on gumtree. 5 Days later it has broken down with my father who is a mechanic and has been in the motor trade for 30 years discovering it has damage to a part on the fuel tank (filter). more so he has found evidence that the car has been repaired after an accident as the bumber is still crackhed on the inside but has been repaired outer and has a new radiator etc and a cracked light. Is there anything i can do about this as the money was all i had and only spent to get me to and from work, my job is now in jeapordy because of this.


  • David 2 February, 6:07 pm

    I brought a ford focus rs from a car dealer advertised on eBay.i paid £7500 for the car,that was August it has been for the routine MOT test and failed,based on the emissions.when they had a closer look they realised the emissions were so high because of the fact there was no catalytic converter.can you advise on my rights with the seller as we didn’t buy a warranty but also were not expecting to be left with a bill for £2000 to get a cat converter put on.i don’t want to start ranting and raving over something if I have no cause for it.thanks.

    • elodie 19 September, 2:05 pm

      Hello David,
      any news on that please?
      i have a 2003 peugeot 206cc car and my mot failed today because of engine management light issue and emissions issue.
      i bought the car only 2 months ago. and keep replacing part who still havent fix the problem 🙁

  • michelle 15 February, 11:01 am

    I bought a second hand buggy & after a few months I was walking through town when I felt the it twist & collapse. After unstrapping my baby & retrieving my shopping from the pavement I realised the chassis had snapped clean in half! I understand by buying second hand, the warranty is void but i concider this to be a serious manufacturer fault. I emailed the Manufacturers, attatching pics of the broken chassis & the marks to my daughters head but they are insisting its not they’re problem 🙁 Can anybody help?

  • Jordan 16 February, 12:46 am

    Hi, I bought a second hand PlayStation 3 from a selling page on Facebook. Upon collection, I was assured by the seller that the product was in perfect working order, and further to this, the seller stated ‘if you do have any problems with it, your on my Facebook, just message me’. I got the console home and, after just one play, the console broke down. I contacted the seller via both Facebook and text message to inform him of the issue. After a few days of negotiation, the seller offered to refund my money at the end of that week. Now four months on and after messaging the seller on numerous occasions, still no refund and now the seller has deleted me from his Facebook and stopped replying to my messages (possibly changed his mobile number). What are my rights here?

    Any help you are able to give will be very greatly received, many thanks in advance, Jordi

    • Mandy 9 November, 10:53 pm

      Last night I bought a second hand dehumidifier which I was told was virtually unused, seller showed that it ran ok (20 secs)
      It was turned on before I went out this morning and on my return there was a strange burning plastic smell and humidifier had stopped working where do I stand on asking for a refund?

  • Hayley 18 February, 4:02 pm

    Hi, I bought a van 5 weeks ago and 2 days later the van would not start(the dashboard was broken). We were told to jump start the van and take it back to the garage. The mechanic at the garage swapped it for another one and it appeared to work ok. The heaters were also not working but I was told by the mechanic that due to the fact the owner of the garage was on holiday he could not authorise to fix this, so would contact me on his return. Exactly 20 days after purchase of the van the van completely broke down outside a school on a yellow line. We rang the garage and he said he would send a mechanic out to tow it away that day. 24 hours later there was still no mechanic and we could not get hold of the garage owner. We called a local garage to tow the van away costing us £90. The independent garage told us there were multiple successions wrong with the van and we should get our money back as it was not safe. We have contacted the garage owner on numerous occasions and he has promised us a van now for 3 weeks. We still 3 weeks after the van being dropped off at his garage have no van and nothing to show for our £1200. I have tried to contact the police and they said it is a civil matter, what are my chances if I go to court as this was for a business use and we have now had to cease trading as we have no van therefore have lost numerous jobs as the customers have gone elsewhere. Surely he cannot just ignore my calls when he has our money and the van.
    PLEASE HELP I know this was not an expensive van but I expected it to last longer than a total of 3 weeks!!!

  • Steve 1 March, 8:17 pm

    I purchased a 1997 Triumph Motorcycle on eBay via a classified ad from a trade seller. I originally agreed to pay £1550 for the bike. On arrival at the dealer the bike had a few marks on it that were not in the description. The trader knocked £100 off the price which I agreed to.

    On getting home I have seen that the bike has an oil leak. It’s obviously an old issue as I can see now in close inspection where it’s leaked from. Am I right in thinking that it’s down to the trader to put this right. I’m
    Not sure how they would do this as they are 130 miles away. Also he stated when I bought it that it was not one if his stock bikes, it was his friends that he was selling for him. Does this negate his responsibilities as a trader. The bike was advertised on eBay under his company name. I paid him at the dealership and rode it away from the dealership.

    Any help please !!!

  • Shaun 5 March, 10:31 pm

    7 months ago a garage replaced the engine of our Renault Grand Espace at a cost of £3000.00. Yesterday after only about 7000 miles that engine failed completely, a new engine is required according to our local garage. Am I protected under UK consumer law ?

    please help.

  • paul 6 March, 11:38 pm

    we recently bought a motorhome (nov 2011) on a 09 reg plate
    recently it leaks water around the skylight . The supplier said its common for water to lie on the roof ,i don,t think 1/2 an inch of water lieng around roof top fittings is good ,where do we stand legally?

  • mr cram 8 March, 5:32 pm

    i purchased a used vehicl from a reputal car dealer he told me it had less owners than what it acctualy had & it alsoo had aservice history which they cannot track down can i return the car due to missrepresentation of vehicle

  • Arran 11 March, 9:06 pm

    helppppp please
    I have just bought a second hand car from an auction on ebay having won the auction i made arrangements to go and pick up the car from the garage/dealer and pay for it. having turned up and looked at the car and playing with all the switches and levers and listening to the car running i decided that the car seemed as described (it sounded just like all the other cars i have ever owned or driven) so I paid for it on my credit card it was only £1421.00. All was good until 45 mins to an hour in to the drive home when the engine blew up (big blue smoke cloud came out the back) and the dash board lit up like a christmas tree. having called the dealer on the road side i was told they could not help and the car was sold as spares and repairs having looked again at the listing it does not mention this at all in the advert . what are my rights and how do i go about getting him to fix the car or take it back and give my money back ???

  • andy 18 March, 6:14 pm

    hi i have bought a second hand car for a dealer and the clutch has gone and its under warreny he said he will fix it but i need to drive it to his garage

    is this true?
    or does he have to pick it up?

  • Marie Heginbotham 19 March, 3:07 pm

    Hi Back in July last year we bought a second hand 4×4…upon inspection there was several things that needed to be put right, ie broken air vent, cigarette burns in carpet etc etc…only one job was complete upon collection…as we arried it was just going in for a valet but was done quickly as we wanted to take our newish car home…anyway, the car went back in to be rectified for a week, again not all jobs completed so it ended up going back for a further 5 weeks..only to find that both interior bulbs were not working, Only one was wroking prior to it going in and was balmed on the fact that the dvd console that was fitted was a retro fit so it was down to whoever fitted that to rectify the problem.this was not the case as they are only fitted from brand new by the manufacturer and cannot be added at a later date. we took our car into a mian dealer, took then 2 mins to find that both bulbs had blown, so they replaced the bulbs, then did a health check on the car…turns out that the drivers side rear fog lamp does not work and this has something to do with the towbar that was fitted, and because it wasnt fitted by them, needed to go back to whoever fitted it as they said that when it comes to an MOT it will fail. The garage now are messing us about with the car, the mot is due end of this month, this has been ongoing since Oct last year (as regards the foglamp) the finanace company are not much use either. The garage where we got the car from was supposedly meant to do a numerous number of health checks on the car but seems not so how can they sell a car that will not pass an mot as basically it is not roadworthy? How do we stand as regards the sale of goods act on this? We have had nothing but hassles from the day we bought the car back in July last year. Many thanks

  • Sarah 22 March, 4:11 pm

    Thanks in advance for any help.
    I recently bought a used car (8 yrs old with 40k miles) by day 3 I found out I had a hole in the exhaust, and I am getting several error messages on the dashboard which may or may not be connected to the exhaust problem. The dealer denied responsibility and said he wouldnt cover the costs. Spoke to the finance company who spoke to the dealer and the dealer eventually said he will arrange for it to be fixed. If the error messsages are not linked to the exhaust problem will he also be liable for these repairs? Do I have any rights to return the car and buy elsewhere?

    • Maverick 7 April, 2:12 pm

      Hi Sarah,

      Its is illegal to sell a vehicle in a unroadworthy condition, a hole in your exhaust could fail an MOT (depending on the size of it) Also from April 2012 new MOT guidelines that any warning lights is an MOT fail. My suggestion is to put it to the finance company that their vehicle ( yes they do own it) is not roadworthy and their dealer is refusing to fix it. You are unlikely to be able to reject the vehicle as you are using it, you can only reject a vehicle up to a few weeks (2 weeks max) and you must inform the dealer that you are rejecting the vehicle and return it back to them, also the vehicle would have to be seriously unsafe or totally not as described. Remember the vehicle is own by the finance company, so if the dealer is not playing ball, you will need to put pressure on the Finance company, i.e. im not going to pay the monthly premiums until I get it fixed with a new MOT.

  • Seb 23 March, 2:39 pm

    Hi there. I bought an 56 plate 2L TDi Golf in November last year with 45k on the clock. I have since returned it to the dealership for an ABS and an airbag fault, both of which have been repaired by VW free of charge. Now I have been informed by a third party garage that my fly-wheel has gone and it will likely cost £500+VAT+Labour to put right. I don’t believe that a VW with 50k on the clock should be having this many fundamental problems. I have been informed my 3 month warranty has expired. Please advise me of my options. Many thanks.

    • Maverick 7 April, 2:01 pm

      Hi Seb,

      Unfortunately your Golf is 6 years old with 50k on the clock, VW only offer 3 years warranty when it was new. Its not what you want to hear but because If you have had the vehicle for over 6 months it is your responsibility to prove the flywheel was faulty at point of sale. You will need to find an engineer who can put in writing that the flywheel was faulty 6 months ago/and or 4000 miles which is going to be near on impossible. Im afraid you must just have to bite the bullet and pay for it yourself, as they can brake up due to poor driving!

  • James 1 April, 9:07 am

    Hi. I recently sold a car second hand. I advertised that It had tax and mot til may, however it only had mot til march. So my fault as I didn’t check. I sold the car in January and sent all the relevant paper work off as required.

    In march the new owner contacted me and said I’ve just got a fine for having no mot, so I’ve given them your details to contact you as you said it had mot.

    Is this my problem or should the new owner have checked the paperwork? The car is not in my name therefore not my responsibility???

    Thanks for any replies in advance

  • Alison 5 April, 11:50 pm

    Today I sold my android tablet, I showed the person it working, they went through all the settings and stuff and were happy enough to hand over £50. Later on I recieved a message saying the tablet wasnt working, it kept crashing and cutting off. They are asking for a full refund. Do I have to give it? I gave them something that worked and will be recieving something back that doesn’t work. They were more than happy with the item when they handed there money over, I can’t prove that it was working 100% when I sold it but they can’t prove that it wasn’t and that they never broke it. It’s there word against mine and I have no idea what to do about it? Any advise would be much appreciated.

  • Maverick 7 April, 1:50 pm


    Was this a private sale of your own vehicle? If so the onus is totally on the new owner to ensure their documents are up to date.

  • Julia 10 April, 4:29 pm


    We recently bought a used car from a dealership in the local area, drove it 36 miles and the engine blew.

    We stopped the car as soon as lights came on and the RAC came and said they had never seen a Lexus do this before.

    We got towed back to the dealership and 5 months on they are saying it was our fault for ‘not stopping the car when the lights came on’ and ‘driving it to excess’.

    They are now trying to charge us just under £3000 to get a new engine put in the car, can they do this?!

    We have never admitted liability even though they keep trying to say it was out fault.

    Thanks in advance

  • Leanne 11 April, 8:36 am

    My dad bought a 1st generation iPod touch from cash generators but wasn’t told at the point of sale that he wouldn’t be able to upgrade the software which basically means that he can’t really do anything with it, he paid £70 & bought it thinking he could play games on it. Does he have any rights considering he wasn’t given this information

  • robert davidson 17 April, 5:40 pm

    have just purchased a 2005 mazda6 estate in very good condition,however there are a few niggles with it ,one being the audio system,although the radio works fine the cd player cuts out the drivers side speakers after about 4 tracks of the cd but the radio is fine.Is this sort of thing covered under the Act irregardless of the warranty?On start up the cd is fine.Also are the wind screen washers covered as well??

  • James Darlington 29 April, 8:31 pm

    Hi there, I have recently purchased a Vauxhall Astra from a main Vauxhall dealer (Evans Halshaw). I purchased the car from a dealership too far away to travel to after seeing it online. After getting in contact and having a very lengthy discussion as to the possibility of purchasing but the obvious necessity to know of all OBVIOUS fault/alterations to the car before making any financial commitment to the purchase, I was happy to go ahead and purchase after being totally assured that the small defects they were mentioning were all that were wrong with the car. Upon delivery of the vehicle I have now noticed several items which im not happy with to say the least and that could definitely have been mentioned. First the exhaust system on the car is a very high performance one with removal of the secondary catalytic system leaving in place a “sports” primary catalytic converter. The sound of the exhuast is extremely loud and quite obviously isnt standard equipment. This was not mentioned. The exhaust was also incorrectly fitted and also missing several of the rubbers which support its position, due to this the rear bumper has been in contact with the tail pipe and been significantly damaged (melted and lost paintwork) There are 2 large cracks in the front bumper which cannot be repaired as its plastic, again not mentioned. Lastly the rear light cluster’s seal has been broken and is no longer watertight which allows damp in and frequently mists. I have contacted the branch who sold me the car who seemed very reluctant to help (the dealership principal who I spoke to and described the problems too explained that he’s not very mechanically minded and passed me onto the workshop foreman who then got cross with the idea that I could suggest that this had been overlooked and hung the phone up on me and left it off the hook for several hours until I finally managed to get back in touch and it is now booked into my local branch to have the problems looked at. Im very sceptical as to how the problems are now going to be approached due to the attitudes so far of who Ive spoke to and want to know legally where I stand in having the remedial work sorted out. I genuinelly want to keep the car but I know I paid over the odds for it and for this purpose, as I thought coming from a main dealer with warranty that I would be “covered” should any problems arise….mistaken I think. Can you please help?

  • Naomi 1 May, 3:35 pm

    I bought a used car from a dealership just over two weeks ago. The car drove fine at the dealership.
    Since then the car has failed twice, the engine just will not start. Ive called the dealership who said they will take a look at the car but it is my responsibility to take the car back to them even though I live over 30 miles away and my insurance breakdown cover only covers 10miles. The salesmen explained that he will not reimburse the costs for me to bring the faulty car back to the dealership what are my rights?

  • Josh 10 May, 9:47 pm

    I just bought a used car yesterday(!) and accidentally ran the battery down. When the AA came to sort it out their battery tester said the battery needs replacing – it charges ok but if left without using for a week or so, it would have gone flat by itself. Clearly I couldn’t have spotted this on the pre-sale inspection, and the fault must have been in place when it was sold to me, unless batteries are prone to suddenly failing. What are my rights?

  • Matthew 23 May, 10:14 pm

    I recently bought a road bike worth £650 two days ago, bearing in mind i have no recent knowledge on road bikes and have never ridden them before. Yesterday i road the bike just over 9 miles, my rear wheel popped and my brakes were rubbing against my tyre. The bike clearly hadn’t been set up correctly. Not only that but the pump that was attached to my bike fell off whilst riding and the puncture repait kit i bought wasn’t given to me. I also suffered back ache whilst riding and spoke to a friend. He said the size of the frame was too small for me and that i had been mis-sold the correct size for my height. I returned back to the shop to explain and asked for a refund or if not the next size up to suit me. He refused both, the bike is not suitable for me and is in perfectly good condition. Am i entitled to a refund?

  • Lee 24 May, 2:48 am

    I bought a second hand 100cc scooter a month ago for 460 quid, the fella said everything worked 100% but found out later the kick start was broken, I said to him about it and he said i should not kick it as hard (implying i broke it myself). I have owned bikes before so i took the casing of to discover it had a bit missing… not only that it gets much worse unfortunately, i had to do a cbt before i could drive it so i taxed and insured it then paid 145 for the cbt test, passed that then the very day i drove the bike up to hand my certificate in to validate the insurance and was road legal the bike did not start at all and after pushing it some distance (understatement)
    took it into a repair shop that says the crank casings broke and needs replaced. The part alone is 350 and that’s not including the labour of stripping the engine down and reassembling it too, that cost will be greater than the original cost of the bike. Can I do anything about it? obviously i would scrap the bike before i would pay that…. So disheartened was so close to being back on the road it literally waited till i was finally legal 🙁 the bike didnt even last 20 miles and i have a feeling its been crashed badly then repainted and refurbished on the outside just to hide it 🙁 If anyone knows if I can take a case against this please let me know, gonna ring him tomorrow and see what he says anyway. Thanks in advance Lee

  • joanne 16 June, 2:59 pm

    hi, i recently purchased a used car 14 days ago to be precise, I booked it in for a service only to be informed of numerous faults including the subframe being damaged and out of alignment. I contacted the showroom to be told I could not have a refund. Is this correct?

  • Victoria Cox 19 June, 10:23 am

    I recently purchased a car for £2300 through a dealer and took it down because of having a slow puncture. On the way down to the garage the engine management light came on and then started misfiring, have only had the car a week and a half and haven’t been able to drive it yet due to needing to be taxed and insured so it cannot be anything I have done! I wasn’t sure if, based on my statutory rights, I am legally bound to take it back and get a full refund or have it fixed at least? Wasn’t sure about this 3 month warranty idea depending on how much you paid for the car?

    • elodie 19 September, 4:01 pm

      any news on your car?
      i have the same issue with this second hand car i bought 2 months ago from a private dealer.
      the mot is expiring in 10 days and that car is still bringing me headache after headache. Now mot failed because of engine management light keep coming on that peugeot mechanic still cannot fixed and new issue since today is emission.

  • Jack 15 July, 8:21 am

    I rencenenly sold somthing on this website “trademe”. The buyer wants a refund because he has changed this mind. The item was not damaged and fully working. He was happy with the item then 2 days later he wanted a refund. The item was secound hand and not with my business account.

    Do I have to give him a refund?

  • Gary 17 July, 6:43 pm

    On Saturday I purchased a motorbike from a dealer, The body work had some scuffing on but on the whole seemed fine. Once the bike was started it backfired and continued to pop a little when ticking over, and the dealer assured me this was just due to a unusual mix of the fuel/air and some fuel was being left over causing it to backfire and is easily sorted. I called a specialist in regards to this and was told that wasnt the case and it would need a clean out (only £120 but thats besides the point) Also once hitting high speeds (well anything over 50mph) the left indicator keeps falling off due to the fairing (bodywork) being cracked on the inside meaning the whole thing will need to be replaced (around £200 + spraying so around £300)

    Now the dealer knocked £200 off the bike to start with due the scratches but I didnt mind those, I’m not happy with the bike now, Do I have a leg to stand on with returning it?

  • Mrs Ed 2 August, 8:55 pm

    I sent my car to a car garage when it broke down with jerking first and then gearbox shut down and not responding although engine was running fine. The garage diagnosed in April that as gearbox and took car to replace recond gearbox and then said a new radiator is needed which I also consented replaced. I paid the full amount in April when they delivered car back to me. After one week, car showing the same jerking. I complained to garage but for 3 weeks no response from them. On 4th week, the car broke down and AA diagnosed it as gearbox issue. Garage did not respond until a week later which they took car away in May. Garage said it was gearbox leak and replaced the seal. But until today August they have not returned the car to me fully repaired. They said the problem was a second fault and not gear related. I told them I will collect the car back and send to another garage. After telling them that I will be taking action, they said they will not allow me to take the car back until they have removed the gearbox and radiator they had put in and to return the money that I paid in April to me, discharging their responsibility.
    Worrying question is
    Q. I do not know if they will put back my original gearbox or any gearbox?
    Q. Can they take out the parts that I have already paid fully? I want to take the car back to send to independent garage to check if the gearbox they put in was faulty.
    Q. Is there anything I could do to ensure that this do not happen to another victim of substandard car repair, performed not within reasonable care and skill and not within reasonable time ie for more than 2 months they are keeping my car (supply of goods and services act 1982)
    Q. Also, can I claim for (1) negligent repairs and/or (2) recover damage ie cost of proper repairs at another garage and/or (3) any damage to my car that resulted from their stripping off the parts they put in initially and/or (4) loss of use of my car for more than 2 months and/or (5) inconvenience of having the car correctly fixed?
    Q. Any authority and/or legal who could investigate the garage? my area is barnet and the garage is in essex.
    Thank you.
    2 August 2012

  • Christna 21 August, 12:08 am

    Hi i recently bought a used spin bike from a business and when it arrived 9 days later it was not the bike I had agreed to buy plus it had no foot pedals.(I initially saw the bike on eBay and made an offer my offer was successful but was offered the same brand bike but different model and was asked to buy the bike outside of eBay for commission purposes). After declining their offer of another type of spin bike they had contacted me that they now have the bike I initially wanted in stock and the same price I offered so I went ahead with it. Money was transferred not their company bank account and guaranteed both on email and phone by the sales rep I was buying the bike I had seen on eBay which was the one I initially wanted.
    Anyway the bike arrived and after immediately called/emailed to notify them I got the wrong bike and to ask for a full refund and to return the bike but the sales guy sound reluctant to refund my money and asked for me to wait for 2 weeks for his manager to come back from holiday.
    I had explained that the bike he had sold me was not the one I received and it is not functional as it has no foot/feet pedals.
    Can they do that? Refuse to refund my money? I contacted the minute I received the bike..

  • Ashley dewick 28 August, 4:46 pm

    Hi I’ve brought a second hand car off a car dealer after 7 days of owning the flywheel is making a rattling noise am I covered under my 3 month warranty

  • Rebecca 31 August, 1:26 pm

    Hi. I’ve just bought a second hand camera lens from an established camera centre. It is an old model of lens, although I inspected it for physical damage in the shop and it was fine. I took a few test shots in the shop and couldn’t see any issues at the time. I paid and was given a one month warranty.

    However, now I have started to use the lens, I have realised that the quality is quite poor, and the zoom length that is reported on the lens itself (claimed by the manufacturor, not the shop) is not accurate. I am giving it a couple of weeks to see whether it improves, but if I decide that I don’t want it would this be covered under my rights? It is definitely not giving me the quality that I expected of the product, although physically there seems to be nothing wrong with it.

  • simon 3 September, 6:33 pm

    i went to ebay to buy a specific power supply. i found one, i asked to use a courier. he suggested a good courier for a resonable price. he invoiced me, as we agreed to go straight through paypal instead of ebay. the invoice was £170, including courier. the ebay ad and the emails and phone conversation included discussion of the item. he mentioned that it was second hand but it did work. he mentioned that it was in good condition. he mentioned that he would test it before sending, so, if it didnt work he wouldnt send it. i recieved the item a little later than i thought. the item doesnt work, it came without an internal fuse. i plugged it in and nothing. i did what i could and have sent emails, still waiting for reply. is there anything i could do. i was thinking about trying to take the item to him, from portsmouth to cambridge( 170miles ). what can i do.

  • Joanna 8 September, 8:04 pm

    I purchased a second-hand reconditioned iPhone from an internet company for £220. When it arrived we put in a new SIM card. The phone has very limited reception – internet access in our home is only available within a short distance of the modem, and the phone signal only works in nearby town centres. We have tested the Sim on other phones and it is fine, so it would appear that the problem is with the internal aerial of the iPhone. The phone was purchased in June for my son, but he was away for the summer and so as the new phone was not working he has been using his old BlackBerry. We have now been in contact with the seller, who says that the warranty was just for one month and he cannot help. Is 3 months too late to reject a phone which is faulty? Surely it is reasonable to expect a working phone to last longer than that?

  • Douglas bird 10 September, 8:23 pm

    I bought a car from a used car dealer on the 14/7/2012 I had it 5 weeks then on the 19/8/2012 it overheated the aa came out to the car and told me suspected head gasket I took it to a garage who said the heads cracked it has 3 month warranty but it won’t cover a new head what do I do about getting my car repaired

  • Don 16 September, 9:55 pm

    I part exchanged my previous car to the current second hand one (Audi) at the garage. Only a week after purchase, the car’s gearbox started failing. Straight away I told that to the garage I bought it from (it came with 3 months seller’s warranty) and I asked them how can it be fixed as it was 2 months left until me and my pregnant fiancee were going to travel to Europe – Lithuania, to get married? They told me that they are going to do it but first they need to know whether it is mechanical or electronic fault (it is automatic gearbox). I asked them what they would like me to do- to take it to Audi garage or local one for diagnostics? They told me to take it to local garage. So I did. It was confirmed that it is not electronic fault, and wholy mechanical – the gearbox is failing and needs replacing or repairing. After this, the garage I bought the car from took whole month to come and pick the car up, as it was around 100miles away from my home and I was affraid to drive so far, to prevent absolute gearbox fail. It took them 1 week to do whatever jobs they did. I got the car back on the day we had to leave for Europe. I thought it should be fixed, so I did not worry. However, after getting on the motorway, the fault started showing up again. We could not stop, because of our wedding plans, ferry tickets etc.
    After we arrived to Lithuania, few days later, gearbox went into emergency mode – failed completely. I had to fix it there, and it cost me £1106.31 to change the gearbox.
    Now I am trying to get a refund for the spent money, and had sent them a ‘signed for’ letter and few email’s.
    What do I do, where do I go and how can I get the money back for this repair? We were looking this car for long time and we want to keep it. My part exchanged car was sold. What are my options? Do you think I have a case?
    Looking forward to hearing from an expert about this.
    Kind regards

  • elodie 19 September, 11:10 am

    End of this july month, i bought a 2003 reg peugeot 206cc from a car dealer. He told me the car is fine with no issue.
    the car was fine until 3-4 weeks down the line, the engine management light started flashing and the car broke down that day. Since then, i went to 2 mechanics and it seems no one can fix it. The car is currently with peugeot mechanics and they are not good either. I havent pass the MOT who expire in 10 days and they keep adding part who still don’t fix the car. Currently they are changing the spar plugs and coil package for the second time (long story) and they are talking about emission issue also to investigate. I have the car for a total of 2 months now but it was at the mechanics more than at my home. I keep spending and spending and nothing is solve. I have already around £3000 between the car price, the service, the insurance, 2 mechanics inclinding peugeot and now the fail mot.
    I contacted the dealer, he said the car was fine when he sold it to me aand he didnt offer to help at all.
    That car is giving me more headache than joy and i just want all my money back because i don’t think it will be fixed and i don’t think i will pass the mot.
    What are you advising?
    thanks elodie

  • James Chapman 19 September, 3:29 pm

    Similar to other queries, but I would appreciate an informed opinion here.
    I bought a second hand car on 9th May from a motor trader (not an individual). It recently developed a misfire and, upon inspection by a garage, they identified a number of faults, including the fact that the engine management warning light in the dashboard has either been removed, or painted over so that it does not illuminate. I perceive this as an attempt to hide a flaw. Of course, the trader may not have been aware of this.
    However when I called the dealer to discuss, he put the phone down on me.

    My reading of the string above is that being within six months and being a fault that was not evident at the time of purchase, I am protected by the sale of goods act and the dealer is obliged to make good, refund, or reimburse if I repair. The idea of paying for the repairs myself is not at all appealing, since the fault is undiagnosed and could easily run to more than the cost of the car (£1,300)

    Opinions on the best course of action to follow? My other alternative is to bite the bullet, clear it through auction and put it down to experience. The MOT expires at the end of October and in its current condition with incomplete combustion, it will not pass its emissions test. Thanks for your input…!

  • Michael Williams 22 September, 3:39 am

    Hi I just recently bought a car from a finance company and I have signed the contract and got insurance on that same day, althought the creditors signature is not present on my copy of the contract just my signature only and I did tell the adviser I had to go home and try and sort out the insurance first but I don’t know how stupid I was but i guess i was too happy to finally be getting a car and agreed to sorting it out on their premises and I manged to get on their internet and i thought i had a good deal on the insurance and drove home that day in the car then only to now been told after 4 days that my premium will have to go up considering I had a driving ban before and my no claims before my ban won’t be accepted since it was way before my ban so my premium will have to be like £180 a month plus nearly £300 for the car. I have looked online and the minuim i can get for insurance is about £170 per month which I still can’t afford so basically i cant afford the car and I would like to cancel the agreement cause I can’t afford it at the moment. I have tried calling the car company but I was told I can’t cancel the agreement, which I suspect is not true cause the agreement is only going to be 7 days today Saturday while am writing this. I have checked the contract I signed it says i have 14 days period to cancel and if I do I will have to arrange other ways to pay for the car. I suffer from depression and I can sence myself going to back into an episode soon cause I basically can’t afford this car and I’ve been told I can’t return it. I really need help and advice on what to do cause I just can’t afford the car and my high insurance together, I have two kids that was why I bought the car in the first place to make family life easier but as its unaffordable now I really need help on what to do cause I will like to make use of my 14 days cooling off period before that goes out of the window and then I find myself in a situation where I won’t be able to even survive on my salary.

    Thank you

  • stacey 30 September, 9:45 pm

    I purchased a vehicle for $1800.00 a week ago from a local guy (not a dealer) The guy assured me that it was a good car. I wasn’t inside when my husband did the title so I never saw it but he said that it was folded so he never saw that it was a reconstruced title and were were NEVER told this. We found this out Friday when we got the title. We took the vehicle on the highway for the 1st time on Saturday and it started having problems. Had someone look at it today (sunday) and they said that it has this stuff in it that stops the leak because the head is cracked. Is there anything that we can do

  • jue 24 October, 2:33 pm

    hi, I recently sold a 2nd hand set of drawers on the loot, the buyer couldnt collect so ask if I could take the item which I did, the drawers were ready for use and worked perfectly, I have pictures and witness to prove this. the man buying asked if I could remove the drawers etc and take it in the house for him which I did agree to doing, however I was sick at the time and could not deliver asking my 65 year old dad to take the drawers instead. he dropped the item off and the man thanked him and gave him the moeny, now 7 days later the buyer is phoning me and saying that he had to take the whole item apart so that he could carry it in his home and now it wont go back together! he wants his money back saying I had decived him into thinking that I would help him. what are our righhts on this matter please. thanks J

  • hayley 25 October, 8:48 pm

    on the 13/10/12 i bought an alfa romeo 147 t spark reg bwxwb for £1790 i gave you cash and i traded in my old car which you decided to buy for £250.00 you said it had alot of miles and was old… we wnet to the post office i paid for tax on traders. and i paid by card. one week and a few days lagter which is today my car gears are not working i called you you said you would call me back once you have spoken to your brother. i texted you to ask you what was going on. you later called back and said there is no warranty for clucth or engine.. i explianed that this was not about the warranty this is about the sale of goods that were faulty. i asked you to pay for my vechicle to be repaired and you refused and put down the phone. i called you back and quoted that unders the sales of good act 1979 that i am allowed to ask for my money back and ask for my car to be repaired as it was not fit for purpose. the guy later phoned me and said he will put £80.00 into my account he is ot willing to pay the full amout of my repair. what should i do???

  • mick 22 November, 7:46 pm

    i have a similar problem with a van i purchased and the oil cooler fell of, power steering pump failed and yesterday the turbo blew. All this within 3 weeks but 8 weeks after purchase. I contacted trading standards via citizens advice and i have the right to get my money back as the van was not in a satisfactory condition. Simply because (after searching the net the turbo should have outlasted the engine and should not have parts failing within the short time limit.
    My advice is ring this number.. 08454 04 05 06 its citizens advice for consumers. It was a help to me.
    Good luck

  • Andrew 24 November, 2:07 am

    i bought a ps3 a year ago second hand and it has stopped reading disc’s is there any chance i could get a repair or replacement without a receipt?

  • Derek Pike 30 November, 12:39 pm

    I bought a 2nd hand Ford CMax from a main dealer on 1st Nov and paid the deposit of £1000 on my credit card.The car was advertised as having Blue tooth. I gave the salesman my phone to connect but was told the phone was too old. I acquired a new I Phone and gave them this to connect. They could not as they said a part was missing. The car was booked in to have the part fitted. Went in at 9am and about 2pm was told that the part had not arrived and was booked in again. I was then told it had been arranged for Halfords to fit Bluetooth. I went there and they fitted and indepedant unit and screen which sticks on the dashboard in an unsightly way and is in the way of some controls. I am now told that this model was not fitted with bluetooth although the in- car screen has the red & Black telephone and the message control.They have offered to resite the unit but I feel this is not acceptable as I bought a car which I was told had the in car system. What redress do I have please.

  • philip ridgway 20 December, 6:29 pm

    i purchased a used engine which was advertised as a complete and running but did not fit it for a month because i hurt my back when i did fit it i found a fault with it (would not start) because of a fuel pump fault i need to replace the pump which is more time consuming because the engine is now in the car i have notified the company they say because of the time i have had it and the fault must have happened since i have had the engine even though it was not moved after delivery untill a week ago when it was fitted they refuse to refund me my costs to repair the engine can you please advise if i have any rights thank you

  • Simon Taylor 10 January, 9:08 am

    I purchased a car in February 2012 from a reputable second hand car company, a nationally recognised company. The car in question is a FIAT Punto 07. 1.2L. When i bought the car i took out a years warranty which i added onto the total cost i would be paying by finance. The warranty totaled roughly £360.
    Anyway the car has run perfectly until last week when the car packed in. The message on the screen was check power steering. So i got home and assumed it would just mean a trip to the local garage in the morning to get the fluid topped up. This is a garage my family use whenever they have problems, good reputation in local area.
    As it goes the power steering is all electronic based so they say they won’t touch it, but they think i need a new steering column, he says he wont charge me diagnostic charge but tells me i could be looking at a bill of £700+. He recommends a garage specialising in Puntos so i take the car there. On arrival he says they had a punto with a similar problem not too long ago with the same problem and changing the battery was enough so they would take a look and see what the problem was. Just my luck, the guy rings me up and says the laptop gave them a certain message which in short said my steering was broken and would need the column replacing. So i pay him the diagnostic charge and go.
    Remembering that i took out warranty when i bought the car, which runs out in about 4 weeks time from now, i take the car back to the dealer where i bought the car, they say they’ll check it over and fix it if its under warranty. They reckon that the steering only needs tweaking, despite what the other two garages said. I leave it to them overnight and collect the car the next day. Apparently the problem occuring is not covered under the warranty so they fix the car, without notifying me first that there will be a charge, which they have apparently reduced from £80 to £20. Not to cause a scene i just pay it. That was earlier today, but I’ve now just got to wait
    to see if it breaks again.

    Anyway after that, ive got a couple of questions.
    – Am i entitled to any sort of refund on my warranty, i mean im paying for it I thought it would cover any problems on the car, and would stand, providing I had not tampered with the car myself.
    – Isn’t it a legal requirement to phone me before taking action on my car that will cost me money.
    – I think they have just bodged it up for now knowing my warranty is running out, what position will i be in if the same fault arises when my warranty is out, afterall if its the same issue that i have now which they have apparently fixed, surely they can be held accountable still?

  • tanya 4 February, 5:04 am

    I bought a used 2005 Ford truck in October (3 months ago) and have used it very little. Last week the truck was driven and blew a ton of smoke, long story short… It now needs 4500 worth of and the dealer is refusing to pay. You cant tell me they didnt know the truck had a major defect?! Help!?

  • danny 22 February, 7:28 pm

    hi we bought a peugot 307 4 days ago for £2500 on an 2005 plate after driving it home i checked the oil cap which had some white as i would call it gunk i was advised to wipe it clean and check it again the next day which i did , and it came back this means the head gasket may be on its way out we got a 28 day warranty with the car i know it has not yet gone but we cannot afford any repairs and would not like it to go after the warranty is up. Would we be able to swap the car or even get our money back please let me know as we are desperate to know thankyou

  • Greg Eaglestone 8 March, 6:21 pm

    Hi there

    i recently purchased a nissan primastar van from i went to pick it up from there showroom in cheam after 4 hours of driving it on my way home the van started juttering down the motorway going from 55-10mph very quickly i manged to put it in second gear and the van resumed back to normal speed i managed to get it home. The next day i went out to start it for work and it just ticked over and over,so i got a friend to bring he’s van and give me a jump start but still nothing the starter motor burnt out and it wouldnt even tick over after about 5mins of trying to start it, so i got towed to a local garage to go on a diagnostic machine. I got a phone call the next day saying the starter motor has had it and the cam belt/shaft has had it and they wanted like £1800-£2500 to repair it. i only bought the van couple days before, i phoned the dealership up and they said it was sold as seen so they dont think they can do anything!! is this true have i been well and truly ripped off and paid £3650 for a 4 hour drive in a van ?

  • Aiysha 29 March, 1:03 pm

    I have recently put a deposit down on a second hand fridge freezer (it’s was as good as new) she said this was to ensure I wanted it. She said it would be avaiable 31st March 2013, but later messaged to say I could collect from Good Friday evening to Easter Day. I was relying on my friend with a van, but the van broke down,so I had to tell her I could no longer collect. I put a deposit of £50 down about a month before to ensure It was mine. She is now saying I cannot get my refund back and that it was for holding the goods. Is there any way I can get my money back? Not once did she say it was non-refundable until now. I couldn’t collect officially her end untill a few days after I cancelled. Please can you tell me qhere I stand, Thanks

  • nicky 1 April, 2:18 pm

    I recently purchased a fiat punto 1.2 sport from private dealer, the car came with 3 month’s mechanical warranty which legally he had to give, i brought the car 2-3 days ago, now the electronic steering, just seem to turns off on its own, and the car has to be switched on and off to get it start again, this was not stated when i brought the car, (after looking up the problem i realized that, where the electronic motor is i noticed that the plastic covering is lose, so someone must of knew), obviously this is serious fault because it can be dangerous, and im no longer driving the car,(specially for a new driver like me).. what right do i have, can i claim a full refund?

  • Kamran 5 April, 7:35 pm

    I am a private car dealer and two months ago sold a car that was driven to Wales from England.At the time of sale I offered a warranty and the purchaser refused saying
    ‘these cars are bullet proof’instaed asking for a reduction in price. He has now contacted me to say that there are problems with the engine and the repair will cost £2,000.00. I bought the car from auction and made £200.00 profit.
    Under SOGA so I have to repir the car and or offer a refund? If it is a refund than can I take into consideration his use of the car.

  • Peter 11 April, 8:57 pm

    Hello there.
    I recently bought a refurbished xbox on eBay. The seller offered a guarantee incase the product developed a fault. A few weeks later, it did and I wished to have a refund instead of getting another refurbished unit incase it developed a fault. I paid through paypal. Will I be able to get a refund as the product is not fit for purpose?

  • Linden prentice 14 April, 1:35 pm

    Hello I bought a mobile phone from a market trader and it didn’t work so I returned to the stall an he offered an exchange I didn’t want one I would of rather had a refund but I took the phone as I needed one now this one doesn’t work and he only offers exchanges what can I do,,,, should I report him ??

  • Micheal 16 April, 10:23 am

    Hello, I have just sold a stereo recently and I carried out pre-testing before the seller took it away. He is now requesting a refund because he said one speaker is not working. Do I have to give him a refund? What if he argues the price was a lot higher, and demands more money? I do not have proof of how much he paid. What protection is there for me as the private seller? Thanks…

  • chris 22 April, 4:11 pm

    i bought a used car 2 weeks ago. with full assurance nothing was wrong with the car, 3 days after driving it i had to put it in the garage, it needs a head gasgit,water pump,timeing belt thermastat all coasting in total £823.00, is there anything i can do.? the guy i bought it from buys and sells cars as a living.

  • madzia3030 13 May, 3:47 pm

    Hello I bought the car from the garage I have a warranty for 3 months, from buying a car about one hour acted asked for a refund, unfortunately reluctance to agree saying escorted me to my car for repair and they supposedly will pay for the repair but I do not trust them afraid of that I would have the same pay for this service, please help me I’ll add the car cost the 2700 pounds help me

  • wayne 18 June, 12:04 am

    I have recently purchased a car, it read in the yes it is as good as it is.

    and that the upgrade had been done already, only when i have put down a deposit, they said the work has to be done, which i found odd. When drove the car it had a wobble throught the steering and they said they would put it right, they said they just balanced the cars tracking. they said they did all the upgrades and the car has only done 56,200 + miles. When i picked up the car, and paid for it. We drove back it had a bad wobble still on the car at higher speed it would not stay in a straight line. The sills underneath on both sides, looked as if they had been painted over with black paint, they started to peel and rust started to show and when we inspected the sills in our garage, they had bad twisted damage all along the edges on both sides, there was some kind of rubbery filler on the drivers side at the back of the silla and that looked as if it had been smoothed over and then also painted over, they said when i asked if the car had any respray work they said not to my knowedge but the passenger wing was a dif shade of yellow the cas paint. And we had to put it all down to the cars age. but the sills are really bad, there is a hole under the arch on the front drivers side wing. The sills are very badly twisted and manky, there is signs of seperation in certain spots on the points where the sills meet on the metal work, + the filler part mentioned above. I told them i want to return the car the next day for a refund, i got a text from the owner stating the following.

    steve the owner sent me a text messsage which i have still got, says – i will have your cash plus give your a check for the rest, if i am not about i will leave it with the 21 yr old male salesmen named ollie, so to me he has already agreed to refund, thats pretty evident. and i still the proof on my phone also and dates and times.

    when arrived the next day, i was told blaintenly i am not getting a refund. Now is,nt that a breach of contract as owner has already told me he will give me my refund, and when i drive nearly 60 miles im told some thing completely different. The sales just shrugged and passed it off as if it was nothing, even after i showed hime the message on my phone sent from steve the owner i have his name and the message and date and time it was sent to me and olli,s name in the message of which he said he would leave the money with ollie if steve the owner was not there, he was nto there. but olli told me and insisted they are now not going to pay ther refund.

    can you help me, as my understanding is he has already told me before setting out the previous day he will refund my money, the next day, ollie the sales men has told me they are not prepared to refund my money.

    on the test drive he was very insistant there is nothing wrong with the car, i insisted there was and made a point of the promise of a refund the prevous day, that has not been honoured as the owner has stated to me in the message, they have told some thing completely different after a 60 mile drive form notts to peterborough. They took the car to tyre garage, they balanced the cars wheels and they told me the the balance was 40 grams out on the set up, even when the ollie told me there is nothing wrong with the steering, it was shaking badly he told me it was normal as it was a sports car. So they sell cars with wobbly steering, thats odd. So i also got him on that situtaion also, when i reminded him i was there for a refund as stated teh previous day, he was dong his best to distract me from this, there was a ratttling sound from the car engine, he told me that was normal, he told me they would put this right, when an hour had gone by after the road test and the tyre garage doing the balance. I was not going to take the car home, there was no point in travelling 60 miles back home only to bring it back again, i said i was offering to leave the car with them, olli went the sales men went back into the office he came out a few mins later, he then also told me they are not prepared to fix the car, i was rooted to the spot, i said 1 steve the owner, told me the day before he was refunding me, i drive 60 miles then you say from ie olli thery are not refunding me, then you say you will fix the car, 1 hour or so later after talking with you, you ask about me leaving teh car to be fixed, you tell me you not prepared to fix the car, i still insisting on the refund as promised by the owner, and olli further insisted there is nothing wrong with the car on test drive, there clearly is, and also the tyyre garage told me the it was 40 grams out on the tracking and balance.

    to further all this, there was a indicator bulb flashing white not orange and the high level brake light had 3 of the lights out, olli the sales guy who told me, he is not a mechanic, went away and got second hand bulb and replacement high level brake light and came back across the road from the dealer and started to do the repair him self on the tyre garages premises where other peoples cars were being looked over, or repaired. I could,nt beleave what i was seeing, surely this is wrong or odd and why did the guys in the tyre place say to him, excuse what are you doing as this different premises, and you work for the car dealer. Surely he has no rights to do this on some ones premises of which they don,t work for, come now this all wrong. Even when he completed installing the old high level brake light, that was also faulty. At this point im fuming, he then said to, whilst in the tyre place, most people would not bother with that problem. I thought this is just getting worse and worse. No ownwers wanted to know and steve no where to be seen, to me it all seems very dodgy now. Im pretty sure i have a strong case on this matter, i left the car there after telling olli i will get vosa involved and trading standards of which olli repeated to steve the owner on the telephone, the call was ended and i was told to leave the car there, we have to be honest i still think im entitled to the refund he told me the day before i was going to get, and yet some how they trying to get out of this. Even when i have it all on my phone, i aked ollie if he had the refund he said he does,nt and had no knowledge of a refund, even when steve the owner told me if he was,nt around he would leave it with olli. I know im in a dodgy situtaion i think that is very evident. As they keep telling one thing and then on the flip side changing there mind.

    please help me please. Im so sick of car dealers, they have such a poor poor way of going on in the selling world and its getting worse, its put me right of buying anything these days in the uk.

    sure i have a case on the refund alone, one day saying one thing the nest of arrival form a journey of 60 miles they tell im not gettng a refund, i have the proof on my phone and the dates and names and what was said to me.


  • robert collis 3 July, 11:13 am

    Hi i purchased a 2nd hand convertible car on ebay last week, and mistakenly pressed pay it now on paypal instead of just paying the £50.00 deposit. when we went to collect the car from the private seller, the roof was not functioning properly, instead of it being totally automatic at the press of a button, you had to open the boot manually then open the roof housing manually stick a screwdriver in a hole to keep the roof housing lid open, then press some buttons to release the safety locks, then connect some wires under the dashboard. then you can press the button and the roof folds into its space for storage while down, then you have to do in reverse all the steps above to close the roof housing.

    none of this was specified in the add, she mentions that the roof did not work when she brought the car but her husband had totally rewired the roof mechanisms and now the roof works fine.

    we refused possession of the car and left, hoping to open a dispute with ebay and paypal to get our money back, only to find out that the ebay buyer protection does not apply for cars.

    so we went to the bank and asked them to stop payment under the “chargeback” agreement to be told it could take months with no guaranteed good outcome.

    so we decided to collect the car as we were worried that we could lose our money and the car as the sellers where telling us that they were moving in the next 5 days and could not guarantee the safety of the car after that time.

    so we now have a car that was not as described, can we start a small claims track to try to get our money back, and should the car not be used while the court process takes place?

    sorry its a bit long!

  • Lee Burton 9 July, 11:05 pm

    Hi i recently bought a van for 3000 from a local garage, it came with no warranty. Four months along, the clutch went, which i thought fair enough, I will have to pay. However, my mechanic has discovered that none of the clutchs he ordered fit the engine. It looks like there has been an engine change from another make of vehicle sometime in the past. I was not told of this at purchase, could I return the vehicle to the dealer?



  • Sean Keeling 24 July, 5:46 pm

    In late December 2011 I purchased an imac described as “seller refurbished” from a company that specialises in refurbished goods. The purchase was from ebay in an auction. In these circumstances is the iMac regarded as brand new or second hand. I appreciate the sale of goods act applies to both new and second hand goods but what about the EU’s Directive 1999/44/EC?

    My only concern about the Sale of Goods act is how I prove the item was faulty at the point of purchase.

    Kind regards


  • Adam Farr 24 July, 10:27 pm

    Hi, bought a 6 year old car from a dealer 2 months ago. Oil light came on within 1 month, topped up and thought nothing of it. It just came on again so I took it to a local garage (not the seller) and they are advising a major oil leak and expensive repair.
    Do you feel this is covered under SOGA as within 6 months?

  • Joe Lockwood 29 July, 2:36 pm

    Hi there, i bought a kitchenaid mixer online from ebay, the item had been previously used and doesnt work however the item is still under warranty from kitchenaid, so does it matter that i didnt but the product directly from them OR can i still claim the warranty?


  • Haris 29 July, 5:52 pm

    Hello, Please i need some advice. I bought a second hand sewing machine from a charity shop for 100 pounds. When i was buying it they i asked them i can try it in the shop they said no its working fine. I took the machine home . when i tried to use it there was a fault in it. I called them and spoke to the manager and she said i have to wait one week cuz their mechanic is on holiday for one week . I called on monday she said i can bring the item on friday but still i have to wait until monday to get it checked. i took the machine to the shop and the assistant manager collected it and said that the manager will call me on monday once the mechanic checks it. when i was handing the machine to the asst manager on friday she didn’t check the machine and i told her that everything is in original position. she said ok. Now on monday the manager called me and said that their is a water mark on the machine and it wasn’t there before. I am definitely sure when i gave back the machine on friday the mark wasn’t there on it. it happened after that.. Now my question is that are they legally supposed the give me a full refund or not even if they repair the machine and want me to have it back but i want a refund. And another question is that once i was returning the machine on friday wasn’t the person collecting it supposed to check the machine and confirm its state? they called me after 3 days and said the machine is not in original state. can i do something about that can they deduct money for that from my refund??

    Please help me with this and a huge thanks in advance.

  • Joanne Taylor-Moss 1 August, 11:57 am

    Having read the posts on here I think I am not in a good position but I will check anyway. I recently bought a horse lorry from a man who’s eBay listing stated ‘part exchange bargain’ and ‘Drives very well for older lorry’ but having checked back is not from a commercial account on eBay. He is a trader as builds horsebox interiors for a living.

    I part paid bank transfer and part cash, I had it fully checked over by a garage prior to purchase etc but as I drove off an hour down the road it overheated and then wouldn’t start. It was recoved home 2 hours away but my mechanic here at home believes the heat caused the engine to expand hence it wouldn’t start. It runs again after it has cooled, but the fault was caused by a blockage in cooling system. Will cost £100’s to repair, but mechanic says to get rid immediately / return as will have caused long term damage. The lorry cost £3950.00.

    Please advise? I don’t have lost of money to spare 🙁

    What can I do?

  • James McKane 8 August, 2:49 pm

    I recently bought a second hand car from a dealer for £720. After ten days the head gasket blew and wrote the engine off. IM now carless and have incurred breakdown and independant garage costs (for inspection) . The seller is not forthcoming in helping in any way, where do i stand please ?

    Thank You

  • Chao 23 August, 10:47 am

    I recently bought a two-years old car on 17/07 (it was a mobility car with very low millage). It comes with 3 months warranty. Since a week ago the dashboard started to warn me “servicing soon”. I took the car to the car dealer’s servicing team and left the car for them to diagnose.
    I wonder that giving the servicing was only done less than a month ago. Can I claim any time/expenses lose due to a potential error by mechanic who forgot to reset the system after servicing? Also if there is any fault with the car. Can I claim any money back please etc?

    Many thanks!

  • krispy1971 25 August, 1:53 am

    I’ve just bought a landrover freelander from a used car dealer when i first went to view the car the first thing i asked was whether or not a part on the propshaft was in good condition and whether or not it had been replaced recently as it can be a problem on this type of 4×4 i was told it was ok and that it had been done and not to worry however on the test drive i noticed a bearing type noise whilst driving i brought it to the attention of the dealer, he sad that he would have the car checked while it was having a mot, a week later when i went to pick the car up i asked if the noise had been looked into and was told that there was no problem, it was the brakes rubbing slightly that was making the noise and that it would get better and not to worry. Well it didn’t get better it got worse resulting in my propshaft seizing up exactly on the part i asked about on my first visit basically the bearing noise was the propshaft going wrong and now i’ve got to have all the prop completely repaired so i dont know what to do whether or not i should get in touch with the dealer as anybody got any advice on where i stand regarding the dealer and getting the car fixed

  • Sandra 31 August, 9:45 am

    Recently my husband bought a second hand car (2001 Opel Astra)for £450 as the seller told it needed some not serious repairs (like a trim, a petrol pump and a mirror). We told the mechanic to repair everything and check if there are any other faults and we paid for it about £200 (the mechanic didn’t notice any other faults). Then my husband tanked it fully for about £50 just to discover that the engine was completely broken! He put a claim to the seller that the car was completely broken and not worth fixing anymore.
    The seller has brought OUR car (didn’t pay back for the petrol tanked or anything! so we paid for everything and didn’t take any money back, it was £450+ £200+ £50= £700!Didn’t even tell us he is going to do something with it) and bought us another one (didn’t ask if we want it or not). It was 1997 Honda Civic!!! for £700!
    Really it sounds like a joke. But it’s not the end yet. He went on two weeks holiday to Turkey, so we had to wait until he come back.
    BUT, we still got a log book so it was imposible to sell the car without it. What he actually did with OUR car. The seller’s friend (who was fixing and selling cars) wanted the log book back from us so we told him we must wait for the seller to come back from Turkey and we have to deal everything with him. So the man with his father blocked my husband’s car when he was at work (he’s a driver) and he forced my hubby to give the log book to him.
    Please help us solve this problem, do we have any rights? What can we do in such a stuation? I have a feeling that they did us over 🙁

    Many thanks!

  • maggie 9 September, 3:19 pm

    If you bought this car in the UK you are protected under the 1974 Sale of Goods Act…. this is your Statutory Rights. The car must be fit for purpose and be durable. Look up the Act….. you keep all the receipts you paid etc., find out the head office of the company and write a letter (keep a copy for yourself)… Head the Letter… Sale of Goods Act – Statutory Rights.
    Say under the above act I am entitled to a free repair or replacement state the episodes of problems with the car. Etc.,
    Good luck,

  • Damanr 10 September, 5:17 pm

    I am an owner/operator roofing contractor and have an issue with a very large roofing product manufacturer. The product we bought through a local dealer has a visual deffect on a massive scale, and is no way linked to an install error. The roofing product is doing its job mechanically, but the finish color of the roof looks as though it has stripes all down the whole commercial roof. The manufacturer and dealer agreed that this was a defect and paid to replace the roof immediately. The second time we went to install the product the outcome was the same. The dealer claims no responsibility in the matter stating that is the manufacturer’s issue. The manufacturer is offering my end customer a considerable amount of money, still a small fraction compared to the replacement cost, to leave it as is. However the property is in a highly visible metropolitan area and the building owner wants this visual eye sore fixed. The amount they offered will not even cover half of the material required to replace the front section. So now, my end customer says his contract was with me to supply material and labor and if need be will have to name my company in the law suit to remedy this problem. Any idea on the proper avenue to take, as we are not a multi million dollar company that can afford to tie this up in court for 2 years?

  • sharon 11 October, 1:30 pm

    Hi there i am in need of some advise big time i purchased a car form a dealer with a 3 month warranty which is as it stands only 7 days out i took the car back as there was a horrible squeak on it to which one of his mechanics went and put copper grease on the front pads as they thought it was that as the breaks where new i have just done the 40,000 mile service and found the squeak was not from the front it was due to the break pads being over worn on the back which has cause damage to the discs so i have had to replace both parts on inspection of the car when it was brought we could not see the break pads but we could the discs i have contacted the dealer and spoke to him and he said he will recoup the cost of pads at the price he would pay for it but although the discs looked ok when we purchased the car and could not see the pads am i able to try and recoup the cost for the discs or not and he was suppose to have carried out a pre delivery inspection service should that have not shown up when he carried this out ??? and he put a new MOT on it before purchase surely some where along the line it should have flagged up the price i have paid for the car is not cheap it is nearly £6000
    Thank you for your advise

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  • Simeon 8 November, 12:59 pm


    I recently bought a campervan of a private seller for over €7000 cash.
    A day later I discovered there was extensive damp which could not be seen with the naked eye, however behind some of the wallpaper the timber frame was rotting away. I have priced the damage at approximately £2000 to repair. I tried contacting the seller several times through calls and texts and they wouldn’t answer. I also called to their house and a family member came out and told me they had left the country, even though their rental car was sitting on the street!
    When buying the van I specifically asked about damp and was told they had no issues. The person fixing it has said the issue has probably been going on for over a year to get this bad. Ideally I would have liked to give the van back and get my money, however this isn’t looking likely so where do I stand with claiming for damages? It is a 1992 van, in good condition otherwise. I expected it to have some problems considering age but nothing on this scale.



  • Lee 22 November, 7:07 pm


    Hi, I bought a phone for £250 from a private seller via ebay just under 2 months ago. It worked fine until last week when it became blacklisted/barred. My network provider tell me it’s not by them and can’t tell me which network listed it. Apparently this is due to the phone being reported lost/stolen.

    I’ve tried contacting the seller who was initially responsive, but has now blocked my messages via ebay and ignoring my emails. I suspect it’s likely that they have done a fraudulent insurance claim on the phone.

    I’m outside paypals 45 day purchase protection. ebay have tried contacting the seller who hasn’t replied to them. ebay are now therefore recommending I contact citizens advice and/or small claims on line.

    I’ve repored the issue to the police fraud team, but told it’s unlikely this would result in me getting any financial refund etc. Do I have stand any chance of success here going through small claims? Is there any advice you could give me at this point?

    Yours hopefully, Lee

  • Alicia 29 November, 9:11 pm

    I bought a car for 7000 with a 20 day warranty 11/03/2013. The dealers contractor put a passing inspection sticker on it, 10/28/2013. I owned the car a few days when it went to repair 11/13 and stayed till 11/25. I took it to a maine inspection station on getting it back and the car failed! It had 3 major defects

    “steering rack” “Left wheel HUB: and “Rusted brakes lines” …NH pased it only 3 weeks earlier, and shouldn’t have. What is my recourse. I am going to take it to my mechanic for repair, and sue for reimbursement or should considering the false inspection, can I get my money back. In 29 days. Ive put on barely 1000 miles and lost use of the car for 12 plus days

    • Alicia 29 November, 9:12 pm

      Im sorry it was a 30 day warranty

  • Miranda 9 December, 8:14 pm

    Hello, I bought a used refrigerator with a 90 day warranty. In the little over three months that I have had it, I have had 4 service calls on it because it will not cool. The ice in the freezer has melted! I had to pay one service call because they said it was “not broken” the second time. Now, here again, my warranty expired in November, and the thing is broken. They are saying that I need to pay to have it fixed, when clearly it’s a dud. Do I have any form of recourse?

  • Katharine 7 February, 11:25 am

    I purchased a Ford Focus 05 plate in October 2013 and it came with 3 months warranty. A couple of weeks ago I booked the vehicle into my local car garage to get checked out as the car didn’t always start right away, I wanted the vehicle checked before the warranty ran out on 30th Jan 2014. Today the car is back at the same garage with a misfired cylinder which I am told is due to water getting in around the spark plugs. They have resealed but the spark plugs are badly corroded and two of them they are unable to remove. This now means I need the whole cylinder repaired which they have told me will be a few hundred pounds for labour alone.

    My car is now out of warranty so this is something I am going to have to cough up the cost for myself. Surely this fault should have been picked up when I had the car in to be checked for the starting problems?

    Would the garage be liable for not noticing this sooner when I originally had it in?

  • Irene 8 February, 10:03 pm

    Bought a car 2007 plate from Arnold clark 3 weeks ago and its broken down 3 times now

  • marisa 13 February, 8:28 pm

    My father purchased a second hand computer screen from a local store yesterday and returned it today. The shop said that no refunds are given. They did not give hIm a receipt. Are there any rights as a consumer to have credit note or money back.

  • Tracey 22 April, 9:59 am

    I brought a car from a recognised car dealer at the end of march, I noticed that the air con needed re gassing so took to a main dealer to be done who told me I have a hole in my condenser and is going to be over £500 to be fixed am I still covered on my 3 month warrenty from where i brought the car

  • sharon smith 23 May, 11:56 am

    I bought a second hand car…… from a garage dealer…..I paid cash but he never gave me any info….log book – slip nothing – had to phone for him to tax it and the new tax has just arrived and have now noticed on my V5C/2 slip that came with the tax disc that the *Taxation class says DISABLED!! The dealer never mentioned this – he never said it was owned before by a disabled person . When my log book arrives in 4 weeks – will it say on the log book that it is a ex disabled owner. If so – how will this effect me when I want to re sell it. The dealer never mentioned anything like this to me…..which I THINK he should of done.

    Any help with this will be much appreciated……….

    Many thanks

  • Tammy 30 May, 3:02 pm

    On March 25 2014 I bought a 2009 Nissan Versa from Parkway Nissan for $9700. On May 25 2014 I noticed a loud noise starting upon acceleration. The mechanics at Parkway told me I need a new muffler which will cost me $375. I have only driven the car 1470km. I want to know what rights I have and do I have to pay this cost or should they. I live in Ontario Canada.


  • nicola 2 June, 10:49 am

    Hi I bought a 2nd car recently of a guy who pretended to be a private seller, I was doing my driving test the next day and wanted a car for passing. I had already looked at several others. he told me car was fine so I bought it, I couldn’t test drive as no licence til next day, though I went in the car with him, seemed ok though I know nothing about cars, paid £800 for a 16 year old car which to be honest is quite expensive especially as it only had mot and no tax, tax cost me a further 125 for 6 months, though because he said car was fine I was then willing to pay. only had the car not even 3 months yet and the gear box is gone, already had to pay for new brake pads, discs and calipers etc and found out he is actually a car dealership! do I have any right to complain? thanks

  • g briggs 5 June, 10:27 am

    I recently purchased a car on finance with a 3month warranty and just discovered on receiving documents and checking mot history ot has had alot wrong with it its an 08plate and wondered if i had any rights after warranty runs out thanks

  • Kevin stirrup 5 June, 6:20 pm

    I bought a car on fiancé and 3 months later it needs hundreds off pounds worth of work doing do I have any rights

  • Kathryn 8 June, 12:27 pm

    I purchased a wedding dress from EBay which the item description stated the dress was size 10/12 however when I received the dress the label clearly says size 8.
    I have been disputing this with the seller since March and agreed to return the item for a full refund.
    I returned the item via tracked courier costing under £10 noting to seller charged me £30 for the same service same courier.
    Since then the seller refuses to issue my refund – she says she hasn’t got it back.
    I sent it to the address she detailed and have a courier copy of the signature (although this is just a scribble)
    She has constantly delayed the process by taking days to consider which address I should return the item too, then when It arrived at her work address she said she wasn’t going in to work for a few days so didnt know if it had arrived or not.
    I opened a case with EBay and escalated it but eBay said I couldn’t have an automatic refund because it was outside of their 45 day money back guarentee timeframe.
    I appealed this due to the delays from the seller which could be clearly seen in the comms in the resolution centre msgs and that eBay themselves had incorrectly noted on the file that the seller had provided tracking info – she hadn’t the tracking info was mine when I returned the item. I don’t feel they have looked at it properly and don’t know what to do next?

    I purchased the dress in good faith, paid the £30 postage she quoted and retuned the item at my expense.
    She now has my money and the dress back and I have nothing.
    Any advise would be appreciated.
    Considering small claims court?

  • jason 17 June, 1:04 am

    Hello- Ive recently bought a car from a dealer, paid £3000 for it. Ive had the car for less than six months and now the gearbox is cruching and griding when going into third, fouth and reverse. When i bought the car i was told there would be three months warranty on it which i had to sign for. After looking over the documentation the dealer had ticked one month warranty and i stupidly took his word for three and signed for it. Do i have any legal rights???? The cost of a new gearbox fitted is around £800-£1000 which i think is unfare i should have to pay it!

  • Rose 17 June, 4:29 pm

    I ordered a old fashioned wardrobe from a antique second hand shop and paid £220 cash When it was delivered they could not get it up my stairs and took it back to their van I went back to the shop to get a refund and was told as they were a charity run business they can only give me a credit note How do I stand?

  • sam 23 June, 8:19 pm

    My husband bought a second hand motorbike from a dealer Saturday… It didn’t come with any warranty as it’s previous owner returned it with an electrical fault they said they had fixed the problem. It had only 206miles on the clock and is a 2014 plate, by Monday morning when my husband wanted to drive to work it wouldn’t start are they liable to fix it ?

  • sarah 28 June, 3:14 pm

    I brought a vauxhall zafira two weeks ago from a trader in birmingham he delivered the car to me after I had driven it for the 1st time I noticed there were a few chips in the windscreen then I noticed I could always smell petrol I got told the flexi hose needs repairing and the back box of the exhaust needs to be replaced. I touch with the dealer as I have a month warranty with the car he said he would sort itafter. Lots of calls to him I ended up taking the car back to him with the intention of him fixing it however I ran out of time as he didnt turn up on time and I couldnot get it done. He then said he would be intouch on the monday. This did not happen I text him I called him and he never got back to me then on thurs this week I broke down had to call out a mobile mechanic who informed me that the starter motor had gone and that the trader would of been aware of this. I tried to contact him through phone calls text messages even e mails and on whattsapp. He ignored everything. He since blocked me on whattsapp and not replied to anything. I still have two weeks warrinty left on the car. I have sent him a official letter explaining my sistuation and that I want redunding for the repairs for which I will send invioces for. What are my chances of getting reembursed?

  • David 9 July, 7:40 pm

    I brought a used car from a second hand dealership and when I looked at the car the head unit for the stereo was missing, I asked the salesman if the stereo system would work once I fitted a new head unit. However once I got brought the car and fitted a head unit it turned out that there is no original sub and amp and also every speaker was missing as well resulting in what I believe to be a big bill getting everything sorted. Do I have any rights regarding this?

  • rose 11 July, 1:20 pm

    I bought a new cooker in a second hand shop with a years gureentee.when i went to use the oven its been used.whats my rights im going back today to show them the pics i took.

  • Matt 15 July, 5:18 pm

    I Bought TV 42″ For £150 4weeks Ago Through gumtree selling site 2nd Hand And since Saturday it’s Developed A Picture Fault.ive Sent Person I Bought from Emails To explain This But have still got no reply.Ive had TV looked at & Told panel has gone on LCD & It’s Due To TV Being At least 3 yrs Old.any Help Or Advice Would Be Appreciated

  • JJ 15 July, 6:56 pm

    I bought a second hand car 8 days ago, which had an MOT the day before I picked it up. Ever since I’ve been driving it, I have suspected it was a little noisier than it should be upon acceleration. I have always had bigger/faster cars, so thought perhaps it was just me being daft. Apparently not, whilst driving the car today, day 8, the entire exhaust fell off. What can I do and what are my rights please? I bought the car from a used car dealer. I cannot understand how it passed the MOT anyway, as the exhaust has lots of corrosion and I can hear lots of rust, I think, inside the exhaust if I move it back and forth. Thank you

  • Simon Webb 16 July, 4:16 pm

    We brought a 2000 Ford KA from a second hand car dealer back in April time. We have just had the MOT on the car and it has failed very badly and the cost will be more than the car is worth. As we have only had the car for a few months and the second hand dealer sent the vehicle to be checked before giving the vehicle to us, is there anything we can do as we cannot afford the repairs.

  • nicolene 16 July, 10:38 pm

    I buy a second hand laptop at n computer shop on the 05/072014 I take it back on the 15/07/2014 because the it did not work I ask for my money they say they wil fone me for my money because thy did not have money thy wil fone me its 2days stil wait for them to fone me I leave the laptop with them wat can I do

  • Charlotte Shaw 16 July, 11:10 pm

    I brought my car from a well know car dealership, it’s 2008 and had it’s MOT the day I went to see the car, and no faults came back, I’ve already had to take the car back as my brake lights went and I had to have a new brake light switch, this was included in my warranty(3 months or 3000 miles whichever comes first) it’s now the 4th month and my steering keeps going and my brake have become sensitive my headlight then on randomly and the engine makes a weird grinding noise, I was told when brought that there were no problems with the car, should I stl pay for repairs? or kick up a fuss?!

  • mr g b capps 17 July, 9:29 pm

    good evening ,ill get straight to the point ,I paid £10000,for a citreon piccaso 3 year ago still got 600 left to pay on car loan but been told today after going to a garage for a oil leak to get rid of it the enging had it and its only done 49000 miles ,do I have any rights to get money back ,,

  • Daniel 22 July, 12:32 pm

    Hi, I just bought a bike from a guy selling on one of the local websites, Now he made it very clear that there was damage to the bike and we were fine with that.

    I was wondering though, the damage is covered by warrenty, he was just to lazy to get it fixed, can i take the bike into the store and get the shop to fix or replace it? are my rights the same as the original purchaser, The bike offers a Life Time Warranty for damage like that.

  • Gill 23 July, 9:38 am

    Hi I bought a 2013 car from lookers 8sks ago. Within wks of having it my gearbox became really really stiff hard to put in gear & has a low biting point also it drags to one side. I emailed the garage a month ago 4 me to get it looked at via email they’ve hold me via email that the dragging to one side is not covered under warranty & they will ring me but I find they are just fobbing me off all the time. I paid £10,000 4 the car.



  • maggie 27 July, 11:27 am

    But the BUYER from new does have Stautory Rights under the sale of goods act. 1979 or similar year.
    I would get back to the person who sold you the TV and say, if he/she has the receipt or other proof or purchase that they could write to the Items Manufactures and say:
    Dear Sir,
    I purchased this TV from you on (date) and it has gone wrong. I enclose the receipt…(make sure you also copy the receipt and keep it), under the Sale of Goods and Services Act 1979 a product needs to be of sound quality fit for purpose and durable. This act I believe covers me for 5 years. The TV is only 3 years old.
    Please send me details of how I can send this TV to you, for Repair or Replacement under the act.
    Kind regards,
    (The Purchasers Name) Signed.

    If they are a good person they will do this for you.

  • barry winsbury 28 July, 8:06 am

    just purchased a compressor via ebay
    described in item specifics as used with the definition of good working condition and fully functional.
    in the advert
    described as good twice in the wording advert
    trust me I am a good ebayer look at my feedback
    when picking it up it could not be tested as it is 110volt
    had a look a bit more dirty than you would normally expect but trusted his word
    got it home plugged it into power pack and it was no go
    spoke with the seller he agreed I could take a closer look
    the components tested up ok with exception of the motor the closer look shows this is an old worn out unit
    reported this back to the seller
    he then accused me of breaking it
    have asked seller for a full refund and my costs £40 fuel
    this is not of merchantable quality and would never have had my bid had it been advertised properly I believe the owner would have known this unit is no good
    the compressor can be inspected by a qualified person to prove its no good if needed
    can I get my costs as well as a refund

  • Kelly 30 July, 5:20 pm

    I purchased a car a ford fiesta on Monday when I drove car on Tuesday I noticed the car was miss firing and a squeaking notice coming from the back end of car the more I drive the worse it gets I also have only had the car 2and half days and I feel the model of the car isn’t right for me Iv told the dealer about the problems and Iv asked if they will take the car back and I will swop it for another car on the forecourt at the value of £1900 which I paid for the fiesta they have agreed to send car to there garage to fix the problems Iv exsperianced but I haven’t got a reply on swopping the vehicle I’m wondering if legally I have the right to ask them to swop the vehicle , befor buying the car I did test drive it but only for 5 mins as there wasn’t any petrol for me to have a good run in it regards kelly

  • Rachel Woods 1 August, 10:56 am

    hi i recently bought a car from a used car dealership i have had warning lights come up on the dashboard and the engine dosent sound to bad but there is a slight rattling noise which could be the belt or a bearing going they have said that it sounds normal but when i took it to another person to be listened to he reckoned something was wrong, i obviously didnt tell them that id had it checked out previously, but i didnt get a warranty with the car, i paid £897 pounds for the car and the warranty started at 160 for 6 months but surly by law theres a cetain amount of time before they can charge you for anyworks on it, ive only had it since friday, any advice would be much apprecitaed 🙂

  • william harris 1 August, 6:48 pm

    i brought a brand new 2014 truck from an dealer one day had to bring it back because of computer problem they had to find the part after five days than now the truck had to be put back in the shop for low power problem they say nothing can be done what can i do

  • davy 2 August, 11:24 am

    I was wondering if i could get advice. I bought a second hand car for 4495. The dealer gave me 6 months warranty but on 5 month the crack sensor went on car. I covered cost for recovery. 9month since i bought it the turbo is on way out. I seen the dealer and said that im not happy and that its npt fit for purpose and its faulty goods. He said he woild fit turbo if i bought it but i dont think this is enough as i bought a 5k car so i wouldnt have these problems and now im thinking of going to trading standards and small claims court. I dont trust the dealer and think hes lied about other things like full service , new timing belt etc and i think i should get engineers report done. Do i have a case?

  • davy 2 August, 11:35 am

    I was wondering if i could get advice. I bought a second hand car for 4495 on 56 reg. Vw passat 2.0tdi. The dealer gave me 6 months warranty but on 5 month the crack sensor went on car. I covered cost for recovery got that fixed or fannied up. 9month since i bought it the turbo is on way out. I seen the dealer and said that im not happy and that its not fit for purpose and its faulty goods. He said he woild fit turbo if i bought it but i dont think this is enough as i bought a 5k car so i wouldnt have these problems and now im thinking of going to trading standards and small claims court. I dont trust the dealer and think hes lied about other things like full service , new timing belt etc and i think i should get engineers report done. Do i have a case?

  • Paul 6 August, 9:35 pm


    I recently purchased a car from Perrys (as little as 2 months ago) I got it on finance and the car was valued ar £8.5k (but I’m paying more with the finance)

    Anyway when I first drove it, I noticed it was a little strange going into 3rd gear (slipped in, and made a short little grinding noise when going into 3rd gear from time to time)

    I mentioned it to the salesman during the test drive, and he said it will just be a me getting used to a new clutch. Which seemed feasable, as I’ve only had 1 previous car for about a year.

    Anyway it’s continued ever since, and I assumed it was something and nothing. But I noticed I only had 3 months warranty, so I decided to get it looked at while it was under warranty.

    They confirmed there was a problem with 3rd gear, and said it was a syncho and hub (or something) and that I need to leave it in for a couple of days to get sorted.

    3 days later, I’d heard nothing so I phoned them saying can I collect.. as I was borrowing my partners car but she needed it back (and I needed my car to get to work)

    The woman sounded surprised that nobody had contacted me (while she’d been off) and she said it wasn’t as simple as they first thought, and that I need a all new gearbox which will cost 3 thousand, and my warranty will only cover up to £500.
    I’m very surprised that the warranty for £8.5k car only covers up to £500!! And I’ve only had the car about 7 weeks and it was like that since I got it.

    She said that they were looking at other solutions and options because my warranty would only cover £500.. and that they were sending the gear box off to some company for a full refurbishment, then when it gets back they will refit it back in the car.. and I’m looking at a week before I get my car back.

    I was worried that she said it needed a new gearbox at £3k, but because my warranty wouldn’t cover it (they went for a ‘cheaper’ option) I’m worried that this fix will break at some point down the line (when the warranty is expired) and I will be folking out thousands to have it repaired.

    And her reply was ‘Oh, well it comes with a 12 month gurantee)

    She didn’t ever tell me what was wrong or the fault, and I was too upset and angry to think to ask.
    Anyway people have been telling me I should be demanding a hire car from them while this is happening.

    I’m not sure what my rights are, they’ve had the car since last thursday (6 days ago) and I phone them yesterday so I’m looking at next tuesday before I get my car back (which will be 12 days later) I’ve had to walk to and from work the past couple of days (as I can’t afford taxis, and buses are hard to get to my work location and I work nights)

    I’m very surprised the warranty only covers up to £500 for a £8 thousand car. Plus it only had 1 previous owner, had apparently been serviced before I bought it and had it’s mot in April.

    The car is a vauxhall corse 2011 ltd edition 1.2 engine (if that matters)

    Can I demand Perrys to fit a brand new gearbox? Or are they doing all they can by doing an alternate solution by sending it off for a refurb? And can I demand a hire car, or some sort of compensation for not having my car for over 12 days.. seeing as I’ve only had it 7 weeks and the gearbox was like that since I bought it.

    Thanks for any help.

  • ross beach 13 August, 10:10 am

    hello , i bought a car from vw on finance , it came with a 2 year service plan . i recieved a text after 10 months saying it was due a service and to call to book it in . after putting it in a recived a call to say new pads were needed on the car . now ive only done 6000 miles since buying it , and ive read that pads can last roughly 30000 – 70000 miles . should it not have been upto thwem to replace it when the car was bought if they had so little life left?? and were do i stand to complain ??

  • Sara 14 August, 7:52 am

    Hi I bought a car from a dealer last night , seemed to be fine when engine was cold , but within 10 minutes of driving the car it became hard to get in 1st gear , I haven’t had the car 24hrs yet , what are my rights before I ring him ,thanks

  • rob 27 August, 11:08 am

    bought a colt clubcab from a private guy a week ago,before buing it i had it send for a AA101 check and everything was fine.A week later the master computer went and costing me R7000 to repair,can i hold previous owner liable for paying it.Its a 2006 colt clubcab v6 and i payd R100 000.

  • lesley 3 September, 8:05 pm

    My partner and I bought 2 used cars from perrys dealers , paid cash £5000 for one and £11,000 for a 2007 audi TT on finance . This was 4 months ago , yesterday the audi ground to a halt and had to be recovered into the garage , I was told that a replacement car was not available for a week as other customers were using them , the advisor was rude , patronising and repeatedly reminded me that the audi was 7 years old when I complained it was obviously not fit for purpose after only having it 4 months , we have a silver 12 month warranty but have been asked for £69 for diagnostic report and been informed it will cost £270 to take the clutch apart a and only then will it be revealed whether the warranty covers cost of repair , I also only have a £500 limit and been told it could cost £1000 , so at best we might have to pay £500 !! At worst £1000 ! Can we refuse to take vehicle back and ask for refund or replacement ?

  • dianne 4 September, 8:02 am

    Hiya just wanted to know where I stand if I recently sold my phone that was working perfectly fine n then the wk after the person who bought it says that it isn’t working which on the same day it was sold it was working perfectly fine thsnkyou

  • Jade 8 September, 6:47 am

    Hi, I’ve recently bought a second hand pram where one side of the handle bar cable had snapped (which I knew before I bought it) was told was a cheap easy fix one side worked fine but shortly after only using the pram a couple of times that side snapped too. This didn’t affect the safety of the pram but made it difficult to change the handle height and folding the pram down (had to use house key to push clips in) I called silvercross (the make of the pram) and they told me because the prams second hand it would cost £50 and then parts on top, refusing to sell me the parts to fix it, which they stock because the handle is riveted and could break the pram which they wouldn’t be liable to fix. Although my partner has taken the handle apart to get the cables as was told a bike shop have the same cables which was incorrect information as they’d need to drill extra space as the connectors are too big. I’d say I’ve had the pram around 6 month roughly and used it no more than 3 times. I’m unsure what my rights are. If any. Thanks in advance

  • Kim lee 8 September, 12:31 pm

    Hello, I recently bought a Mini Cooper second hand car from car dealer, the dealer drove the car with me round the block and he let me drove the car round the car park only and it was fine. However, as I drove it home from Leeds to Manchester on the motorway. Soon I stop at home and I noticed something went wrong with the coolant system, I think it seem to be the water pump faulty. I have been to the garage who has told me that the water pump and gasket needs to replace and it will cost around a thousand pounds to repair. I am unsure as to what my right are in this instance or am I entitled to give the car back to the car dealer and get my refund? As I only own and drove it for less than two hours. Many thanks.

  • Dinesh Jansari 17 September, 2:34 pm

    Approx 4 months a go I bought a 2 year old Jaguar XF WHITE 2.2 Diesel. Since 2/3 weeks I have started to notice, on the front bumper colour getting off-colour and In two parts colour is peeling off. I also closely noticed that there were quiet a few stone chip marks on front bumper and on bonnet, which has been hidden with a touch- up pen.
    I telephoned to the company, PERRYS JAGUAR OF HUDDERSFIELD, but they are not agreeing their fault, I bought it through Internet and they delivered the car to me at my home adress in Leicester. I need you to look at the car carefully and give me this faults in writing, so I can take legal action on the company. Since I bought the car, I have done approx 700 miles only. What is your opinion on this faulty paintwork, which they did not tell me at a time of buying. The salesman also agreed to give me 12 months warranty, but somehow in between company sacked him from work, and they did not provide me with any warranty. Look forward to hear from you soon and kind help to solve this problem. Otherwise the car is in excellent condition. Regards – Mr. Jansari

  • Susan Ellam 18 September, 10:47 pm

    My 18yr old daughter bought her first car yesterday, when she got it home the heater wouldnt turn to cold and is definitely faulty. I have rang the garage and they said its not on the guarantee and its wear and tear. Does she have any righ? She wants the car but wants it fixed.
    Any advise will be appreciated

  • Nick price 19 September, 8:05 am

    I bought a used jaguar stype 850000 miles six months ago for £ 5500.00. Had no problems until last week when something in the engine dislodged & went through the block on the motorway dumping all the oil & completely killing the engine. I contacted the dealer who was very sorry & offered to sell me a new used car at cost so still about 3000.00.

    Could someone pls advise me if I should settle for this or be pushing for a complete re fund, replacement car, or replacement engine supplied & fitted

    Many Thanks

  • David 19 September, 9:50 am

    Hi, I bought a car from ebay recently the seller has an office and has sold multiple cars so I assume he is a trader not a private dealer. I purchased the car just over a month ago, I had initial problems replacing two front tyres, although annoyed I took the cost looking back on a previous failed MOT it appeared the rear tyre (nail embedded) was moved to the front so as to pass? Also on looking a previous sales the vehicle I now own was sold in July and returned due to the engine warning light coming on and although the buyer is still up the viewing of the vehicle is not? So to the problem initially the card drove reasonably good, however now I am loosing power in acceleration, dangerously so as it just drops as if I have hit the breaks!! the engine warning light has also come on? do I have any rights in retuning the vehicle or charging for what undoubtably may be a large repair cost. I do believe the seller was aware and I have tried to evaluate his thoughts and but he is in the mind he was not, however one of his emails states he bought the vehcile a few days before he sold to me well this is not true as he had previously sold this vehicle as I mentioned previously! Please advise if I have rights on this issue I now face

  • natalie 25 September, 10:46 am

    Hi I have a car on finance feom perrys iv haf it two months annd have just gor apincture in my tyre I have discovered there is no spare wheel or jack or anything on my car only a can of useless tyre repair can that hasnt done antlything at all im sat waiting for atow truck as im stuck at side of a round about shoukd I have gor a spare wheel on my car by law??

  • korine 25 September, 2:58 pm

    Purchased a caravan on Gumtree for £5500 two weeks ago.
    Asked relevant questions, had there been water issues/damp? Were informed No! by seller.
    Caravan ad described it to be in good condition & a lovely caravan.
    On receiving the caravan found hidden damp, had an independent survey the following day showing significant problems.
    Notified sellers immediately. He denied any knowledge of it or of having done any repairs.
    It’s now in their approved repairers. Found out today, the seller was fully aware of damp issues over a year ago and was advised to repair it then and he is now threatening to pull out of agreed repair unless we give him £200.
    He refuses to do any correspondence via email so we can keep account of everything after having been asked on numerous occasions to please not phone us and either write or email yet persists on phoning.
    Ideally we would like a full refund but would accept repairs. Where do we stand if we were to take him to the small claims court and are we within our rights to now demand a full refund, we accepted his offer of repairs on Saturday but his conditions have since changed.
    Any advice would be most gratefully accepted.

  • louise 29 September, 5:55 pm

    Hi, the day after we bought a £7k plus land rover discovery the tailgate won’t open, now 4 days later the “newly fitted” hand brake is squealing like a pig and slowly getting louder, reading about the sound it needs a new part which we were told had been replaced. The dealer isn’t being very helpful I want to get a refund and our px back. Thoughts? Thanks

  • Lauren 10 October, 1:34 pm

    I wonder if anyone could give me a little. Advice regarding an experience I had earlier this year – in may when I wanted to buy a couple of pieces of old brown furniture from a local private charity.And. had negotiated with the sales assistant on the price I was prepared to pay for the two items which was 60 pounds.I then put down down a 30 pound deposit with the intention and arrangement that I would pay. The outstanding amount the following week.I paid by debit card and it was at this point that the woman who set the charity up arrived and when told of the transaction taking place – decided that she wasn’t prepared for this attangement to go ahead and when I asked for my money to be refunded back onto my card.It becvame apparent that neither she or her staff knew how to operate the card machine in order for this to happen.I then asked for cash in lieu of this situation so that I wouldn’t be out of pocket – only to. Be told by this woman that she. Wasn’t prepared to refund me.
    That it was company policy not to give refunds and that was that.If I had had a car with me on this occasion I would have just cut my losses and taken th piece of furniture in the best condition but I wasn’t in that position and wasn’t prepared for the row we were by now having to get any worse!
    No matter what logical conclusion I suggeasted she didn’t want to know and was most unpleasant.This is a charity I have previously bought items from without any problem and left a really nasty taste in my mouth.
    I am still out of pocket. 30 quid and although I’ve written to her charity and asked for recompense..have heard nothing back.Any ideas or advice?-_-?
    Many thanks..

  • Sarah Farrell 13 October, 8:20 am

    My boyfriend purchased me an engagement ring on finance 11 months ago but the white gold had discoloured the hewellers have offered go clean only this will only temporarily solve the ussue as it will tarnish again as it is only plated over yellow gold ere we entitked to a refund ? Thanks

  • Kelly Brown 13 October, 11:20 am


    Just one month ago I bought a Honda Civic 06 from a second-hand dealer. Since purchase the car has occasionally had a ‘judder’ while driving but I put this down to me driving a deisel for the first time and perhaps shifting up gear too early. Yesterday I was driving along and the accelerator just stopped engaging but the engine was still running. I pulled over and restarted, the engine came on again but still nothing from the accelerator. After that the car wouldn’t start. It’s turning over but just won’t start up. I also realised the aircon unit wasn’t working when I got the car home and we were due to be taking the car back to get this sorted but now the car isn’t driveable. Unfortunately the dealer is over an hour away and every single time we have contacted them since buying the car, the response we get is always “oh well my boss is away on holiday at the moment” – yeah right.

    It’s suspected that it could be the fuel pump which could go up in to the thousands to replace and my warranty says it will only cover £300.

    Where do I stand with this as I have had the car just a month and already it isn’t even driveable? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance!

  • neil mccormack 15 October, 12:02 pm

    i have just bought a 2nd gearbox from a 2nd hand parts dealer on a gearbox that has done 60,000 miles when i fitted the gearbox it leaks fluid and also you cannot always select 5th gear i have been to 2 garages who could not fix the problem 1 of them being a specialist in gearbox repairs they seen to think its a problem in side the gearbox ( i did not want this to happen as the dealer may say its been tampered with , I did ask for a warranty in a text message and was told ” they don’t normally but obviously if i fit it and its not right yes i can ” the gearbox was £130 so i would expect it to work , I am currently struggling to get the money back – what are my options thanks in advance

  • Andy 15 October, 2:47 pm

    My parents brought a pre reg Suzuki crossover over a few months old with 2000 miles on the clock for 17500.
    With in a week a hill start fault appeared they took it back straight away and they looked and told them it was repaired.
    Days after the fault came back along with a new fault that the radio came on and off intermittently and could be turned off again manually. The car was taken back again. Parents told that they have dealt with the hill hold again and now that should be fine but they couldn’t find any issue with the radio. They added that it must to be computer fault that they cant find and they cant just change that because its to expensive, computers are a new thing for Suzuki and so bound to have teething problems.
    The same fault came back with the hill hold, the radio issue continued and a new fault started of the rear reversing camera will come on in forward mode.
    The car went back and stayed in for 4 days. They explained that they still cant find the issue with the radio or the camera but have defiantly sorted the hill hold.
    The car had been back 6 times at this point for the radio and camera and each time they claimed that they couldn’t find the issue and they must see it before they can deal with it. My dad thought they thought he was losing his mind as the salesman made him feel as though he was imagining the problem. The cameras came on whilst my parents were close to the garage so they took it straight away and they got to see the continuous malfunction. They agreed that they see the issue and kept it for another 2 days.
    The problem repeated and again it was taken back, they messed with it and said it should be ok now.
    Then just over a week away the car wouldn’t start. With no other choice my parents called out the AA who told them the battery is flat but cant understand why. They need to drive a few miles without turning off the engine to recharge the battery. They drove over 30 miles in day light with electric on. The were informed and they said its because you don’t go fair enough journeys of just 2-3miles are to short to recharge the battery.
    Two days later the battery went again and the AA came back out, they explained this is not normal and there is clearly a fault and they must go back to the garage.
    They checked the car and replaced the battery and said its just a faulty sell in the battery. Only two weeks before this, the was serviced by Suzuki who claimed to have checked the battery.
    then Friday 10th the radio wouldn’t switch off AGAIN, they took it back and explained they cant cope with this anymore my parents are 64 and 74 and not in the best of health and accepted repair not to cause a fuss. Suzuki have removed the computer at as they are admit that it is faulty however cant replace it until they have been given permission by an important person. They will contact my parents by close of business on that same day, they didn’t.
    My mum called the garage on Saturday and the sales person said how coincidental he was just about to call them. There was no news, they haven’t heard anything and so can not give any up date. They promised to chase the issue and call Monday 13th, they haven’t.
    I have taken over the situation now as my parents cant cope and it is making them very ill. I have emailed Suzuki direct informing them of the issue on Monday and have had no reply. I have sent out a recorded delivery letter to Randles (the dealer) who received it at 12.30 today. The letter explains the issue and I have quoted the consumer act 1979 and have asked for the car to be returned and refunded.
    I believe they will argue with in the 14 day time frame and expect another chance to repair. Ideally I want a refund which ever way, my parents will get rid of the car because they no longer feel safe. Losing thousands of pounds in part ex.
    Sorry about how long winded this has been and thanks for reading it.

    Is there anything else I can do?

  • laura 16 October, 12:49 pm

    Hi I brought a second hand car from a garage we picked the car up on the 26th over the next couple of days we noticed the car was smoking when driving it we had a full service done on the car on the 4th to see if it was dirty oil after the service it was still smoking so I phoned the garage up on the 6th after having my mechanic look at it and tell me it was the turbo or head gasket was going I never drove the car after the 6th I spoke to the garage and asked him for my money back he told me he would not give me my money back but will get his mechanic to look at it he has had the car now for 5 days and is saying they have changed the oil on the car but done no other tests as yet to find out what is wrong with the car I have told him I can’t be without a car and just want my money back to get another car but still refuses to give it back

  • Jeasica 18 October, 1:03 am

    I bought a motorbike nearly a month ago from a guy on gumtree who said it was fine, no faults etc. He dropped it round, and it rode fine. After filling it up with petrol, I noticed the fuel gauge wasn’t working. Just a loose wire I thought.
    When I parked it up at home, fuel started leaking out of it! I planned on taking it to the garage ASAP! I rode it to work, it was still riding fine so I assumed it had just been filled to much and overflown! It wouldn’t start when I went to go home, so my other half jump started it for me and drove it home. It sounded and acted like the battery had died. Replaced the battery and it still wouldn’t run for me to get it to a garage! So we called a local mobile mechanic. Who said that it had a cracked fuel tank that had been that way for a while, this had ruined the electrics and there was a whole bunch of other stuff wrong with it to. Basically it could have exploded at anytime! I’ve only ridden it 3 times and less than 100 miles and it’s going to cost £400 to fix. As it was a private seller and he didn’t tell me of any of these faults do I have any recourse? He also hasn’t given me the logbook apparently he’s waiting to get it back from the DVLA’ but he did write me a receipt.
    Is there anything I can do about this
    Since he obviously lied about the functionality of the bike and knew there was a fuel leak and didn’t tell me.
    What can I do?

  • Jack Towell 18 October, 4:15 pm

    I am wondering what my rights are with regards to I purchased a car yesterday from an independent trader. They sold it at a reduced price stating they believed there was an issue with the suspension and that the noise made was because it had been sat stationary for a long time. When I got my mechanic to look at it the very next day he discovered the Crank shaft was nackered. He says I could legally give it back to the trader and get my money back. I phoned the trader up and they would not accept. What are my options?

  • Sylvi 30 October, 3:25 am

    We bought an American fridge freezer from an appliance second hand shop for my son who lives 40 miles away – it came with 3 month warranty – alarm bells should have rang but didn’t – we paid £200 and £20 delivery – after all day messing and promising it arrived at 22:20 at night – worked for approx 4 hours then started defrosting. They say they will send someone to look at it – I don’t hd out much hope – do I have any rights at all

    Thank you


  • Daniel 4 November, 10:49 am


    I bought a car 5 months ago and it has an oil leak. Due to my busy schedule I delayed a moth until taking to to be checked. Turns out the head gasket is leaking and will need full replacement. The mechanic said it has clearly been going on for some time maybe over a year. Do I have any right to report the previous owner and get some money back?

  • maureen jamieson 12 November, 11:15 am

    My daughter brought a nissan van yesterday off a small time dealer. On the way home the index caters didn’t work. And when we got up the van was flooded in side .please what can we do about it.

  • Gary 15 November, 7:31 am

    I bought a car yesterday, a saab 9.5 sold from a garage, I tested the vehicle on the Wednesday, it seemed to drive fine. I subsequently bought the vehicle on Friday, it was knocked down in price to 500 pounds, it’s a beautiful looking car, inside and out. On the way home, on the motorway, the oil light came on ( odd because the garage said they checked the oil and water) the car then suddenly cut out. The battery was completely flat and when the recovery service turned up I could see oil (a lot of oil) leaking from underneath the car. The car had been stood on the forecourt, which could account for the battery, but the oil ???? Anyway, as the car lasted less than one hour, do I have any chance of getting a refund on the vehicle or is it ” buyer beware” ?

  • Chloe 17 November, 6:45 pm

    I bought a newcar (on finance) from a vauxhall garage less than 3 months ago and have had to take the car back today due to notice a fault with my gear box, when i bought my car i took out extended warrenty and was sure that the car was fully cover for all parts and labour but according to vauxhall my car isnt coverd and i now have to fawk out a rediculously high bill!!!!. Is there anything that i can do about this?!

  • Donna Morfett 23 November, 11:38 am


    I brought a car from a proper second hand car dealership. I purchased this in June, and after driving fine since I purchased it, the engine has now completely failed beyond repair. A new engine is needed. The mechanic thinks that the water/coolant wasn’t getting to the engine so it completely dried out.
    Do I have anywhere to go with the garage I brought it from?

  • paul cane 23 November, 9:57 pm

    I brought a mobile phone from a man from ebay, but we dealt outside of ebay. He told me that he has the Receipt and will send it with the Phone. This would then give me a years repair cover. But on receiving the phone there was no Receipt. I phoned him and he said he will send it on and opologised. It never has arrived even after numerous phone calls to him. I have proof that that he said he would send it on by him telling me in text messages that he has it. Do I have a Case here for a Small Claims Court?

  • Maggie 3 December, 11:01 am

    Hi Rachael,
    If this car was purchased in the uk you are covered by your Statutory Rights.
    The car has to be durable and fit for purpose. This is under the Sale of Goods Act 1979.
    This means the garage is obliged to repair or replace your car Free of Charge.
    Go back to the garage and tell them this.
    And you are now exercising your Statutory Rights under the Act.
    Take no rubbish from them.
    This only applies to the UK. I have no idea about cars bought in other countries.
    If you want some help on this please feel free to email me. uk
    Best wishes,

  • Kerry 4 December, 7:53 pm

    I brought a second hand car (05 reg) for £1300 on 28.11.14. Was told it had a full MOT and had just had a full service. Got it home the next day I found it had an oil leak, the service light was on and the warning break light come on. Rang the garage. They had it back the next day. We did want a full cash refund but they refused so they had it to put right. A week later 5.12.14 they’ve still got it and not repaired it. What are my rights for a full cash refund now. (In the mean time I am paying for tax and insurance for some thing I don’t have) please can some one help

  • Eryon 6 December, 3:12 pm


    Hello there.

    15 Days ago I bought in cash a car advertised on Ebay as in excellent condition. The car had more dents and was dirtier then I thought and wear and tear yet I did not make a fuss about it given I got a discount and I really needed the car for work. The person gave me assurances that the car is in excellent condition etc. It has almost 1 year MOT. Today after 16 days of easy careful driving the car suddenly stoped while I was driving on 20mh. I looked under the car and I could see a leak. I opened the bonnet and there is a leak somewhere around the engine. I have contacted the dealer and told him what happened. He told me he is going to book the car in a garage sometimes next week but I need to get the car to him. I would really appreciate if you could tell me what is the best course of action for me to follow? Do I have to pay for this fault? On the evening I paid him he pulled a paper out under witch he had written sold as seen. Am I in trouble? This repairs are normally very costly and I somehow feel he must have known. I also suspect he could have tampered with the mileage.

  • Jessica pattee 13 December, 1:48 pm

    Yesterday i was lead on this imac computer was fairly new. I didnt have internet signal where i could google reviews asked her if i could come back shes like its okay my house is down the street. I followed her she knew i did photography she needeless to tell me it was made it 2006 she said Farily NEW ! I figured two years old 3 at max shes like you know these macs cost over1200 barnd new im like yes ive wanted one shes like ill sale it to you for $250 today came to $265 ! I told her when i got home it doesnt support my editing programs and she want give me a cash refund ! What can i do she owns a second hands store there are no signs no where about refunds only allowing store credit oh yea no cd was in the box . Then she sends me hateful message i need to rethink what im saying??

  • Dionne Beavers 17 December, 5:36 pm

    Hi, i bought a second hand iphone from a mobile phone stall. I bought it on the 9th and put it straight away for my partners birthday on the 15th. We then reaslised the speaker doesn’t work on the phone. I have a receipt that states no hardware warranty just software but since he didnt state the speaker was broken am i entitled to me money back ? Thanks

  • C vine 22 December, 5:23 pm

    Bought a 3 year old Audi from a car dealership 2 months ago. In the last week it has broken down with battery failure. R the dealership responsible for this?

  • Dawn 29 December, 11:08 am

    Hi, I bought a car from a second hand garage end of September. Mid December it died so I contacted them & they came to take it to look at. It took them 4 days of ‘not knowing’ the problem before they took it to a Vauxhall garage where a week after they took it we were told the ecu had died. The garage where we bought it are now saying we are only covered for mechanical not electrical & therefore it’s down to us to repair. Can anyone advise me where I stand please? TIA.

    • Nichola 22 January, 2:38 pm

      This sounds as if I wrote it myself I brought a vauxhall meriva in sept by December it no longer works n also needs an Ecu n body module unit. The garage I brought from wud not even look at it.

  • alan moon 29 December, 12:56 pm

    I bought a second hand laptop from a shop,having aot of problems,can I get my money back

  • Amy Tolley 7 January, 10:53 am

    I recently bought a car for £750 and since i have had it lots of things have gone wrong with it that i was not told about. If i take it back and they refuse to give me a refund, what are my rights?

  • gary 8 January, 9:40 am

    Could you tell me were I stand legally.I recently advertised my camper for sale putting in the ad that as far as I was aware it needed a brake pipe replacing and then brakes bleeding.a gentleman came and viewed the camper and accepted this.after a month now he has decided he wants a refund.I knocked £300 off the asking price and also included a generator and microwave in the deal.I awaited for him to insure the vehicle so that I could drive it to a local garage which I sourced for him to get the repairs done.I helped him find an insurance company insurance company value the vehicle at £5500 and I sold the vehicle at a third of this price.I have spent the money on Xmas and do not have the money to refund.the balance owing is £200 .thanks in advance

  • Mary whitelock 8 January, 3:21 pm

    hi. I purchased a car for my son. Now 3 wks later he’s found the the heater doesn’t clear the windscreen of condensation from the cold weather. We’ve got a quote to get it fixed which could cost my son £300, do we have any rights to go back to ask the garage to get the repairs done or do we have to just pay ourselves? Also my son has had to have the water reservoir fixed due to a leak The garage serviced the car just before we took away so they should of had noticed the leak when service was being done.were also waiting for them to fix the wing mirror which was broken when we purchased it which the garage said they would have done but still waiting for a call back. What rights do we have with the vehicle?

  • Mike 13 January, 3:33 pm

    Hello, please any info will help.
    I recently went into an antique shop, and purchased a beautiful coffee table. One I have never seen before. I didn’t have a vehicle to move that day so I paid the man and was told that he would hold it for me at no cost until I could come back to take it with me. When I returned to pick it up it was gone he had sold my table. I asked for my money back, he said no that I can have In store credit. Is there anything I can do in this situation?

  • Richard 19 January, 9:48 pm

    I bought a Renault clio from a mechanic at the garage & used car sales where he works. He was supposedly trusted & recommended by a trusted friend to be honest. He knew my needs & was asked specific questions about the car, one of which being “is there antifreeze in the radiator because we don’t want it freezing & springing a leak?” He replied “yes there was, he had checked & it was fine after starting on a frosty morning”. I drove the car home, a journey of 7 miles & the radiator was dumping all of it’s contents when I pulled up. When we took the car for a test drive two days earlier it was fine. Is this man liable as a trader? He took the car for an mot the same day at a different garage. Strangely his was the signature on the mot & emissions certificates! He is not answering his phone to my calls & has not done so since starting to ring him half an hour after picking the car up.

  • David Bennett 20 January, 9:21 pm

    My friend has a car on finance and after she took the car to be serviced their mechanic test drove the car and it has been written off as he crashed it, she has been told they will reimburse the value of the car but she will have to continue paying the finance company even though she did not crash the car, does the garage (Hyundai) not have to cover the costs? She did not take out GAP insurance but believes this doesn’t matter as surely the garage should have GAP insurance, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • helen cocker 21 January, 7:15 pm

    hi we bought a van from xfleet van sales my son is financing this van from day one weve had problems now weve a leak on the sprinter the blocks leaking diesel we havnt got 2 grand for another engine ive rung xfleet n the finance company there not intrested whats my rights please help

  • Nichola 22 January, 2:36 pm

    I brought a 2nd hand car for £1300, it worked for 13wks n I had 1000 miles warranty wear n tear, but I had done 1100 miles, it stopped working n does not work at all it needs £900-£1100 in new parts electrical. The garage says that as it’s 10yrs old n done 90.000 miles it is an expected breakdown. But surely a car shud work for longer than 13wks and it’s a small problem it’s a huge problem that makes the car not work??!!

  • paul macmillan 27 January, 6:47 pm

    Hi my daughter has bought a second hand car from a garage . The car is only 6 years old with service history however within 5 weeks of taking ownership of the vehicle it caught fire whilst moving and is now obviously a write off
    The garage has said it will make up any shortfall between insurance claim and what she paid. I however believe they have full liability as not suitable for purpose as only had it 5 weeks. There is a warranty but it was verbal! There is still a receipt though

  • gary 29 January, 9:06 am

    My wife bought a second hand car from a local garage. Now on the advert on facebook he stated that it had a full mot with no advisories. Since it’s MOT it had only done 9 miles. Since we took it home (only stay 1 mile away from this garage) it now has a bad oil leak from crankshaft seal, the air flow intake that connects to the engine has falling off, the handbrake is to slack. Should this have not been pick up on the MOT. Can my wife take this back to the agarge and demand that the defects to be fixed?? What concerns me the MOT took place right opposite the garage where she bought the car

    Please help

  • Kimberley O'Rourke 4 February, 5:27 pm

    Bought my second hand car from vauxhall dealers and the handrake failed with one month. I bought it sept 2013 and to date it has broken down six times. Where di i stand. Can i reject the car for another?

  • Diane halliwell 18 February, 1:49 pm

    Hi I bought a second hand car for 1800 pound, guy seemed honest and said he was a diesel fitter so knew that there was no faults or oil leaks. Got the car home and noticed oil leaking took it to a garage 3 days later and the turbo needs replacing at a cost of 800 pound do I have any rights at all

  • Anthony Lee 21 February, 7:42 am

    Should car dealers supply radio code
    when sellinv 1yr old car

  • James Abbott 21 February, 11:22 am

    I have bought a car in the last 2 and 1/2 months from a dealer, prior to the final purchase they had sent the car for a cambelt change on my behalf: I paid for this separately and this was a separate transaction through the dealer. A couple of days ago, the alternator belt either failed or came off: this belt has had to be removed to replace the cambelt, therefore whoever changed the cambelt must have removed and refitted the alternator belt. This is a costly job on the vehicle to repair. What are my rights on this and who is at fault, if anybody, the dealer or the garage who fitted the cambelt?

  • Iain Massie 26 February, 11:28 pm

    I recently purchased a Volkswagen van on gumtree for £4,000. I purchased the van 4 days ago. I had just done about 200 miles in the van and the gearbox packed in. The van is currently in the garage awaiting repair. Iv been in contact with the person I purchased the van from asking if he would contribute to the bill at all as i have only had the van for 4 days and he replied saying “I won’t be paying the bill as you viewed the van before buying and it is now not my responsibility”.

    Do I have any comeback or am I left to pay for the whole bill myself?

    Any Information on this matter would be greatfully received.


  • Ron 27 February, 5:03 am

    My friend bought a car from a private owner. he said its in perfect condition.. Well 3 days later the car broke down and will take over $900 in repairs.. Can she get her money back? And because he lied can he be made responsible?

  • Lisa Philby 28 February, 7:28 am

    Hi. Bought a secondhand car from a dealer on 13th dec for £9000. We have had it for 10 weeks and the steering has gone. We have paid for a BMW specialist to look at it, because we only have a warranty for engine and gear box. It is estimated £3000 for repairs. Which I can not afford. Have the dealers who sold it to me have any responsiblity to foot the bill.

  • Jamie 2 March, 7:46 pm

    Hi there.

    I have recently purchased a used car from a second hand dealer (not a main dealer) I picked the car up and they said the engine management light came on and were on when I saw it the day before (which it wasnt) to which I reply I would have noticed a light on the dash straight away. He said he had changed a sensor and the light had gone off but could or could not come back on. I took the car after paying PX and just over 2000 in cash. On the way home the engine management light came on and shortly after a message saying engine malfunction come on and went into limp mode. I made it home and contacted them and they said they could collect the car at a charge (which I wasn’t willing to pay) I dropped the car off at the garage the day after and they have had it ever since (3 weeks now) after getting little communication from them they said they had ordered the wrong parts, their suppliers had let them down ect ect. They didn’t supply a car until I said I couldn’t have any more time off of work or I would get the sack (this was 4 days ago) this also has the engine malfunction light on and a flat tyre which this car doesn’t come with a spare. have told them about 1 week ago that I wouldn’t my money back as I couldn’t see any improvement from them and they had replied with you can’t do that I know my rights.

    What I want to know is can i get my money back and my PX car or if they kept my car could I just have the full amount.

    I would really like a response on this as I feeling I have been robbed out of near 6k. I think I have been more patient then anyone else would have been.

  • Erika 5 March, 12:44 pm


    I bought a second hand car from private dealership on 11/02 astra automatic 2007 and first week of driving it start having issues with reverse gear every time I chooses reversed it was like it wasn’t responding and felt like car was on neutral and I had too take the key out switch car off sometimes it would take 3/4 goes to like restart the car and it work as you can imagine it’s not safe I contacted the dealership they said to bring the car they will do diagnostics only to find out I had to pay 40 pounds for diagnostics and they don’t know how long it will take and they will contact me with issues after to see what happens next
    To me it felt like they were making excuse of not taking responsibility and felt like they will try to make me pay but I really don’t think I should be paying anything at all

    What can I do now ?? Do they have To pay for repairs? What rights do I have?!

  • margie 6 March, 6:05 pm

    Took my 1992 yukon to a shop Told the just fix anything in the engine to get it from point a to point b.he took me around the truck pointing things out that need fixn BODY TIRES BRAKES ECT. I repeared the above. I call to see progress he says he fixed brakes I said only engine but since its done i cant do nothing about it. Went to pik it up,After 2-4 months. Found the window down on drivers side dusting of snow on seat. As im questioning why windows down helper hands me a pen at the same time Im talkin to owner I sign. Next Had to buy plexy glass finger red from cold didnt make it ti license plates on my way next day to pik up got a call TRUCK IS NOT FIXED
    Waitning now Have reciept to truck whats my rights

  • G blackhurst 16 March, 2:53 pm

    I have just a second car got it home the back tyre was flat took the wheel to have it repaired and found there was a crack in the wheel there more than crack the dealer came and took the wheel away came two days later with wheel next day the went flat again took tyre of it was the same wheel got on to the dealer he said he would get a brand new wheel about a week later the went flat again so we took the wheel of again guess what it had being weled again what can I do about he keep saying it is ok the had being M O T by the same why didn’t see the cracks in the wheel

  • John 20 March, 5:14 pm

    Hello, I’m having a dispute with a car dealership at the moment. I exchanged my old car (that had a mot this month) and paid 300 cash for a new car. At the time of sale, the dealer looked at my old car and told me he would say it was in “fair” condition. He did not look at the engine or even turn it on. We went back to the office, put the info into his computer and told me he would give me the book price which was 1200 and suggested that I look around and anything I want, I could subtract that figure and we would work out a deal. I found the car I wanted and we agreed I would pay 300 that day and the deal was done. We signed the contract, I returned home to sort insurance and to get cash etc. Next morning my new car wouldn’t start as the battery was flat. I called the dealer and they switched the battery for me. Unfortunately after that, windows and central locking ceased to work. When I returned to the dealership about the problem the guy that does the servicing told me he couldn’t do anything because there was a major problem with my previous car. I went to the office to speak to the boss and he told me that the car I had given them needed a new engine! I explained this was news to me but now they are refusing to do any other work under the 30 day warranty until I pay an extra £300 for the car I now own. As I said previously, the car had just passed an mot. I wasn’t aware of any problems with the car but on reflection, the salesman didn’t even ask me! They are now telling me I have two options; I give them my new car back with full refund or I am to pay more money and I can keep the car!
    Really would appreciate some feedback on this as I don’t know where I stand, all I know is that it doesn’t feel right and that I think they are just trying to squeeze more money out of me as they did not do their required checks before a deal was made.
    I’ve had my new car looked at by someone else and there is probably 250 quids worth of work to do on it.


  • richard 25 March, 2:10 pm

    Hi I Baught a fridge from brighthouse it was apparently brand new and i paid weekly for it I have paid it up 5 month ago and it has now broken am I still under warranty and can I get them to come and fix it I have all the paper work

  • Harley 7 April, 1:40 pm


    I bought a car six weeks ago at a garage. They printed off a duplicate mot certificate and there was no advisory for a crack in the exhaust, the previous two mots were conducted at the same garage (not the same one as I bought the car from), they also assured me it had been checked. However, when i got the car serviced I asked the mechanic to do a general check over. He found the crack in the exhaust, the wheel bearing is nearly at point of collapse, the brake fluid and coolant need changing. What are my rights in regards to the wheel bearing and exhaust?

    I have been trying to get in contact with the garage and they avoided my attempts for two weeks. I arranged to take the car in today for an mot however when I arrived the guy I spoke to said he knew nothing about it, that the mot testing station was not working and there were no mechanics in because they had all been switched around, he was the same person who I spoke to over the phone but claimed to know nothing about it. He said to bring the car in again on Monday but I don’t trust he’ll carry out the mot properly. Would I be able to get the work done and get he money from them?

    I would very much appreciate your help,


  • john Julius 12 April, 10:53 pm

    I recently sold my car to a dealer however he has not paid me the amount agreed upon.
    He went ahead and repaired the car without consulting me first. I now wish to cancel the sale. Am i responsible for paying for the repair? He was supposed to assess the car and then buy it from me if the amount was not agreed upon I had the option of canceling. However he went ahead and repaired the car without calling me first.

  • simeon 12 April, 11:25 pm

    Purchased a second hand car from a dealer and within 48hours the engine had blown . Will I be able to ask for my money back

  • Sarah 1 May, 12:21 am

    Help !!!!
    I purchased a dryer for 120.00 from a man on Facebook who has a unit store in hey wood I purchased the dryer and got it delivered and he removed my old one I got 6 months warranty with the new dryer also. The dryer was delivered in the 10th April on the 20th of April the dryer didn’t seem to be heating up and so he replaced it with another in the 22nd he quickly shown me how o use it and left upon the first time I used it it was making a terrible sound which was so overpowering it was louder than my tv in the living room so I messaged him again stating the problem I forwarded a video and told him I was not happy with this dryer it is now 1st of May and I have had no reply or answered calls is there anything I can do ?

  • Nick 3 May, 2:28 pm

    I had an axle fitted on my car 7 months ago and the car has now failed it’s MOT as the axle has choroded. Where do I stand ?

  • Janice Webster 7 May, 11:53 am

    I bought a second hand car 2 weeks ago and after getting it home we notice when sun shined the widows were marked badly. we initially thought this was due to the vehicle being cleaned and it was excess cleaning product left over. this appears not to be the case as marks are still all over the windscreen and other windows on the car after professional vaulting & it makes it difficult on the eye when driving as. Also it looks like the windscreen is badly scratched from the windscreen wipers- we replaced them immediately I paid cash for the car do I have any comeback as far as the windscreen is concerned. I believe those marks weren’t there when I initially took a test drive.

  • Nick 8 May, 8:17 pm

    We bought a 2003 car from a dealer for £1650.00 on a cold winters eve in what appeared to be good condition, after a week it was noticed that the air con didn’t work had it checked wher a hole in a pipe was discovered( garage notified but didn’t really want to know ) there was to be a possible charge to fix so took it for diagnoses elsewhere, a couple of weeks later the Engine management light came on late at night and with a slight misfire/hesitation under load, some spark plugs were fitted after we had the EML diagnosed and turned off, the car went back to the garage to have a check over for other faults and was sent to a main dealer for a health check, the report came back stating a track rod end was worn excessively and needed replacing al be it that it was MoT’d not long before we bought it, approx 2weeks after it’s return and around 200 miles later the engine is now billowing smoke from the exhaust, we suspect the fault was present at time of purchase, the garage are saying that we have sabotaged it or tampered with it although they have not seen it they are refusing to refund and want us to take it to another main dealer to check it and diagnose it and will only refund if the main dealer can categorically state that the fault was pre-existing prior to purchase which having spoken to main dealers on this they are adamant that they cannot stipulate that fact for certain , where do we stand on this in just under 2 months of owning the car we have covered under 800 miles and it’s been off the road for 3-4 weeks out of the time of owning it

  • David Evans 10 May, 11:12 pm

    Hi having recently purchasing a kawasaki zx6r from a local garage I was informed that the motorcycle comes with a new mot and service. The bike also came with 3 months warranty. 3 months after the warranty has expired the motorcycle developed a tapping noise within the engine taking it to a local garage they informed me due to the mileage when the bike was last serviced it should have had the valve clearences and throttle body checked. I contacted the garage where I purchased it and they said they didn’t do it now the motorcycle is completely broke. Is the company liable for this and where do I stand ?


  • Catherine 12 May, 6:26 pm

    Im buying a car from a second hand dealer I only had it a week and it has major engine problems she said I brought it as is and it my problem can they do that

  • J Mina 13 May, 9:37 am

    I purchased a Vauxhall Insignia 5 months ago (5000 miles) from Arnold Clark.

    Last week the car started to miss-fire and needed a new coil pack and spark plugs as well as a new tail pipe exhaust (£500). The car still wasn’t right and after having 3 different garages look at it I was told the diff bearings where shot and needed replaced (£600 – £800) depending on how much work was involved.

    I took the car back to Arnold Clark as I wasn’t happy at paying between £1000 – £1500 after only 5 months but they have been absolute useless and not budging – they have priced up the repairs via a 3rd party at £800 and telling me it’s sods law about the repairs and my own fault as I didn’t purchase an extended warranty.

    Is there any recourse or anyway I can raise this matter?

    They kept the car for 5 days before giving me their final decision so that’s 5 days I was without my car.

    I’ve sent an email to head office/complaints but haven’t heard anything from them after 5 days.

    I’ve seen various posts about how I have certain rights within 6 months of purchasing the car but not too sure how accurate these are????

    I can get the repairs done at a local garage for £200-£300 cheaper than what Arnold Clark are quoting me as well so thinking I may have to bite the bullet and get it done!

    Any advice or comments greatly appreciated.



  • Matthew 14 May, 8:43 am

    I brought a car private the bloke told me it had been checked out and was all good it lasted 2 small drives then broke down what are my rights to him taking the car back and me getting my money back

  • Jason Taylor 24 May, 7:04 am

    I bought a static caravan on a caravan site about 6 weeks ago and the combi boiler has broke do I have to repair it or has the caravan site who sold it to me have to repair it?

  • Georgina heathcote 25 May, 8:19 pm

    Hi, I bought a second hand Peugeot 206 from JPK motors in Manchester in March 2015. I understand it’s 13 years old and that’s why I only paid £550 for it but what I wasn’t aware of was that it was a Cat C. No one informed me of this, since buying the car I have noticed that the cooling fan doesn’t work so I had a mechanic look at it and was told that that wasn’t the only problem, it apparently has the most dodgiest wiring. The new fan will cost me £170 but probably isn’t worth spending that on it because of the state the wiring is in. I don’t know what to do?

  • liz fretwell 2 June, 5:15 pm

    i bought a second hand car 2 hours ago got home 1/2 hr later got in it & battery flat i’m on my own garage refused to cone & help all said was bring battery & we ‘lk charge it over night garage 10 miles away they didn’t want to know feel very let down what can i do?

  • louise 5 June, 6:12 pm

    Hi I have recently bought a 2nd hand car & done the usual test drive etc. When getting home after a 2 hour drive the tyre in the car had perished & a passenger lock doesn’t work. Basically the car door is opened & doesn’t close when car is locked. Can anyone help me with this as I have messaged the trader & he has said he would sort both problems, but 3 weeks layer & nothing sorted. Thanks in advertising

  • daren fox 9 June, 11:01 am

    Hello my partners mother bought me a vauxhall corsa for £2225 from a forecourt garage with a three month warranty
    .just after the warranty expired the cylinder head gasket and oil pressure switch was needing repair

    .the origin garage of the car refunded over 60 percent of the bill .one week later and the car broke down with the pistons shooting through the engine thus needing a replacement engine .only one month after warranty expired please what rights do i have

  • sharon 18 June, 3:09 pm

    I recently purchased a 2nd hand 3 seater settee from a charity shop.I paid a £15 delivery charge.I was busy in the kitchen as the delivery men arrived so I told them where to put it in the living room.They then left.When I went into the living room I saw that the men had left 2 iron rods and a bag of screws on the floor next to the settee.I rang the charity shop and told the manager that the settee had not been secured. (The 2 end seats were recliners, so had to be secured to the middle section or they move apart). She told me that that was how it came into the shop (rods and screws seperate), so thats how they were sold.
    Could you please advise as to what my rights are and what should the next course of action be.
    I was not told at the time I purchased the item, that rods and screws were not fitted and that The delivery men were not going to fit them.
    I do not know where they go, and I have a back condition, so am unable to lift anything heavy.

  • alllister 23 June, 3:21 pm

    Bought a car about two years ago from private seller car belonged to the sellers cousin was so exited about the car forget to check for the relevant papers anyway when I tried to register the in my name I had no registration papers so I went back to the seller a couple of times without success I later found their are stil outstanding payments with bank but uor sales agreement states there no liens and outstanding bank payments please help love this car

  • Beccy 10 July, 7:55 pm

    Hi I bought a second hand gas oven from a shop. On first use it burnt my food to a cinder. I have been told by a gas fitter the thermostat has gone. It is apparent that the shop did not have a proper inspection on it otherwise the inspection would have shown it was not fit for sale.

    It cost 125.00 and the repair is 238.76 including call out charge by stoves.

    I have been back to the shop twice and he doesn’t want to know and told me it was my problem.

    Can anyone help please? I don’t know what to do. Thank you

  • Tariq Ali 13 July, 3:00 pm

    Daughter took finance on car from a car showroom on 29th may 2015 steering wheel locked on while parked and wouldnt release been in garage for repair since 25th June 2015 first payment due 27th July and still no sign of getting car back,, what can I do

  • Jackie 6 August, 7:02 pm

    I bought a second hand headlamp it was the wrong one when it came I sent it straight back now after weeks of trying to get my money back they are saying it was broken not so what can I do

  • Grant 16 August, 10:42 am

    I bought a Second hand TV from a Friend (private sale) the warranty is still within the Warranty period. has now faltered of which seems terminal ….( certainly from a power point of view)

    The Warranty details are All in the name of the original purchaser. ..
    Q)As the New Owner, Can I still claim through the original warranty?

  • lee smith 18 August, 6:45 pm

    I bought a van it will be 2 yrs old in November since having it I have spent 2500 on it (the clutch new Fuseboard. Egr valve new bearings on both sides so can I do anything about this (i would understand if it was a old van) but 2010

  • Khan 20 August, 2:47 pm

    ibought a car a week ago from a dealer it was a Volkswagen golf 05 plate. For no apparent reason it will not start so called the dealer he gave me a time on two occasions but Failed to turn up on both . I now got a new time n date . I spoke to the dealer and he is saying he will only cover the engine,gearbox and clutch but no electrical problems. The car is parked outside my house and won’t start if I have to tow the car to a garage from my house who is responsible for the bill? Your answer please .thank you
    khan – 20-Aug-15 @ 1:26 PM

  • Mark 22 August, 10:19 am

    I recently sold my mobility scooter privately. The chap who bought it turned up and took it for a test drive around the block. He said it was fine and he haggled me down and bought it.

    The next day he phones saying he isn’t happy and wants his money back. I ask why and he says the lights don’t work properly. I tested the lights before he came to look at the scooter and for all I know he could have tested them himself when he took it for a spin as the switches were right under his nose.

    He now wants a full refund and I turned down two buyers to keep hold of it for him. Do I have to give a refund? From the way he was speaking on the phone and refusing to test the lights while on the other end it seems like he may just have had a change of heart.

  • suzanne corner 24 August, 8:08 pm

    I recently bought a low mileage good condition mini cooper from a private sale through word of mouth it was not yet advertised.ihad a test drive but did not reverse car outside the house owner said he will park it. He wouldn’t except any offer and day later I struggled with reverse gear..then it was not driven for a week til tax sorted today after struggling too much the garage wants £600 to fix selector corrosion & worn out cables.Can I do anything its been 3 weeks but 2 weeks on the road?

  • Cial 25 August, 8:57 pm

    He I recently bought a mazda 6 2012 model costing me 10,300 on finance, I have had the car for 32 days 2 days over warranty and I noticed the tyres r balding on the outsides on the front leaving tons of tread everywhere else, I have only done 3700 miles in the car and they wear new tyres.
    I phoned the dealership and they have told me that it’s not covered any more but they will pay for tracking but the tyres is my own expense.
    So I have an argument here? Should I try to ensure they pay for the tyres or am I out of right because of the matter and mitigating factors.

  • Sue 26 August, 7:48 pm

    I bought a secondhand mobility scooter . from a used car sales 5weeks ago. Today I wanted to go out on it to visit my sister. But when I turned the key. It kept making a bleeping sound. As if it was in reverse. And will not move forward or back. I phoned the garage where I bought it. They said press the reset button. I did but no luck. The garage said they would talk to someone who may know what’s wrong with scooter and I’m to call back tomorrow. I payed £150 for the little mobility scooter. What are my rights

  • Samantha 1 September, 2:19 pm

    Hi, I sold my bike to some guy. He gave a deposit and the rest of the money he was suppose to pay of monthly. The contract stated that if he does not pay the rest of the money of I can take my bike back. Now he is advertising the bike to sell again but he doesn’t know that i saw the advert on the internet. i do have the contract the spare key as well the bikes license papers with me. what can i do??

  • Dan Mueller 7 September, 7:39 pm

    Have recently purchased from a used car dealer a 56 plate Ford galaxy with 82000 miles on the clock. The car broke down driving home and has been in a garage ever since. Have been told that the crank shaft is faulty and will cost upwards of £2000 to fix!
    The car came with an AA inspection and 3 month AA 5 star warranty.

    My concern is if the AA refuse to pay up on the warranty who will foot the bill. Am I within my rights to ask for a refund from the dealer? Can I ask them to pay the repair bill as the vehicle wasn’t fit for purpose when they sold it to me?

  • madeline mirza 14 September, 6:16 am

    hi i brought a wardrobe from a second hand shop, it was sold as seen and i didn’t pay much for it, when it was delivered there was a few faults on it and catch missing i contacted the shop who sent a guy round to repair, which i thought was ok. I since brought another wardrobe from them which was fine, but the first wardrobe even though i said was ok is still faulty. Th shop has refused to do anymore for me as I have for 6 months and they state sold as seen, do i have any rights on this. Thank you

  • shelby 14 September, 9:52 am

    I bought a car off craigslist and the seller said the car was in excellent condition with no mechanical issues whatsoever and the title was clean. I drive the car about 5 minutes it seemed fine i wanted to take it out on the freeway but she was in a hurry supposedly had to pic up her child. So she rushed me they test drive. I shouldve known better. She didn’t give me a bill of sale starting she was selling the car as is. She said all the car needed was a can of freon Cuz the ac pump had just been replaced. On me way home i noticed it smelled like it was burning and when i shifted gears there was a loud sound in the rear end. I immediately pulled over and called a friend to come check it out as i didn’t want to take any chance I’ve hearing the engine or doing any more damage to the car. I literally drove less than 10miles when this started. He followed me home Cuz i had my little girl with me which infact noticed the smell also and she’s 3 years old she even asked what was burning. Pretty scary. Anyway i found out the car has a cracked radiator a valve cover gasket leak the ac doesn’t work at all it has to much freon in it and worst of all the sub frame is cracked which is a major safety issue with bmw and has been recalled but she ignored it and never fixed it. She claims it’s not get problem and i should’ve taken the car to a mechanic before i bought it. I highly doubt she would have allowed a stranger to take her car to a mechanic if she barely key me drive around the block. Anyway she refuses to give me my money back she said she doesn’t have it anymore. Do i have any chance in the world of making her take this car back and getting my money back? I live in California and i paid cash for the car! Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Garry Best 14 September, 12:32 pm

    brought a second hand caravan from a caravan/static dealer near skegness on the 5th sept as the sales rep if there was a warrenty after i paid for it where do i stand am in title one or not thanks Gaz

  • Gary 17 September, 6:49 pm

    Hello I recently bought a second hand car on Sunday which I have found out today is under Road worthy when I have spoken to the dealer he says the car was sold as spares or repairs but he never said this whilst buying from him even when I had to tax it an asked him to leave the car outside his dealership he says it states it on the receipt.

    Am I covered under the sales of goods act as he never said it was spares or repairs whilst conducting the deal.

  • Deborah 8 October, 7:22 pm

    I bought a truck from a local used car dealer it drive fine on the road during trying it out they told me they went thru all the brake lines and brakes to make sure it was safe this was in June and so I was driving it the other day and the break line bust my husband took the wheel of to try and fix the line he liked to have never got the drum off because of so much rust I took pictures it is really bad is there anything we can do they say they are not responsible but they lied to me!!

  • Andrea Wilson 21 October, 2:40 pm

    Hi.I bought a second hand fiesta from Arnold Clark 5weeks ago and have discovered both rear wheels are buckled…should I have to pay for new wheels..they say the standard 60dayvwarranty doesn’t cover it

  • Michelle 28 October, 1:03 pm

    I have just taken my car for a service, the 1st one since I bought it 10 months ago the garage have informed me the front brake discs are not the correct ones for my car and I have the replace them and the brake pads as its dangerous… The pads are just about touching the disks…Do I have anything to go back to where I bought it from to pay for this!?

  • Jewell davies 2 November, 12:40 am

    Second hand fridge from trade shop stops working after 8 months. Came with a three month guarantee.
    Do I have any redress here?
    Jewell davies

  • cath 4 November, 12:33 am

    Hi I recently sold some lego on gumtree, the guy came knocked me down £30 on the price and was very happy with the lego,there where 2 new boxes of mega blocks lego ( smaller lego sized ones) included in the huge bundle,over 24 hours later he is asking for a full refund saying he is not happy with it and that is mainly mega blocks,there was over £800’s worth and 15yrs of collecting it,i did show him all the collection at the time of sale,and asked him to inspect it,to make sure he was happy with his purchase, the money was spent by my teenage son,who’m it belonged to,and I am in no situation to give a refund, and I refused due to the nature of the items as I have no way of knowing if returned it will all be returned or is in fact all what I sold,i couldn’t possibly be able to identify every lego piece,I am now receiving constant emails,and I really am not sure what to with regards to my situation.

  • kelly thompson 5 November, 1:53 pm

    I have order a couple of items from Very, 1 was an Xbox One and the other a CCTV package (which I had organised to have a handy man install and had to pay for his wasted time) both items although sold as new came opened with the security tag broken and resealed with sellotape. when I called requesting these to be change they made me return the items wait 14 days for my account to be re-credited with the price of the item not including original delivery then to reorder and wait for them to redeliver, is this standard practice and is there anything that I can do to recupee the price of my call to them and the price of the wasted handyman?

  • john grimwood 10 November, 5:16 pm

    i am currently and have been for nearly 7 months trying to get help from ford dealer for which i have 12 plate ford transit that has body work and paint guarantee.
    the problem is the roof paint has bubbled and rusting, the gutters on both sides are split and coming apart letting water under the paint, the underside of the bonnet paint is bubbled.
    according to fords this is except able for a 3 year old van that’s cost a lot.

    i disagree i don’t think its been sprayed or treated to a good standard.
    the body work on any vehicle should last longer than 3 years.
    they tell me they will offer a token gesture towards the cost to repair but this will in no way cover the cost.
    i cant believe in this day and age a large company can just produce something not too standard and get away with doing nothing to help.

    so i am contacting you to find out how i go about fighting them for some form of justice.

  • Marie 16 November, 10:35 am

    If I have some antique coins valued and then sell them to the dealer can they then ask me for my money back after the transaction? I’m being bombarded with phone calls and Facebook messages every few mins and now letters are coming threatening me with court and the police , I don’t know what to do and I’m frightened
    Please help

  • paul 17 November, 1:33 pm

    Hi i bought a car off a private seller on gum tree… had a look at it took it for a test drive asked every question you could think of and he told me what had been replaced services etc. I bought it two -three hrs later started car and under the hood caught on fire leads plugs wires etc in which the seller had said he replaced with new genuine parts… i live in nsw what rights do i have for reapirs, refunds etc.

  • un happy hippo 17 November, 6:59 pm

    i bought a second hand jaguar for 5 gran last week and i am now paying out for my back tier to be put straight as its tilting in words. this will cost me £440 can i claim this back from the garage i bought it from?

  • sarah 17 November, 8:16 pm

    hi i recently bought a second hand car off gumtree which i paid 1,200 for it was bought as seen 2 weeks after having the car the head gasket went do i have any rights for having it for such a small amound off time ? i do belive it was something the privious owner was aware off as the mot is due in a few months and when asking why they didnt put a new one on and then sell they didnt know wot to say im a single mother who took months to save and cant afford to get fixed its so unfair also the adress i viewed the car at was different with a different owner when my v5c arrived is that alowed ? thanks

  • Nicola 20 November, 5:58 am

    We bought a second had car for my son. It needed work doing on the car before we collected it, eg new clutch, window bracket and air bag and service light staying on. The day we collected it all was done apart from airbag/ service light staying on. The garage said they haven’t got enough time now but bring it next weekend. This we did and still not fixed, this went on for four different visits. I even saw the garage get parts out of other cars to use. They took the car in for two days to try and sort the problem out. The car was returned to us. Now those lights aren’t staying on, but when you start the car the lights should flash through a sequence, but all the other lights do but not those two. Which leads me to believe they have been tampered with to show they had fixed the problem.
    I have made load of calls to the garage and I get yeah we will call you back.
    I have send two emails with no response. I have asked for our money back, but I don’t know if I have any rights to this as its now two months this has gone on for.
    I plan to go to the garage today and talk to them

  • Lorraine 3 January, 10:05 am

    Hi bought a phone off gumtree but wanted it fir my daughters christmas. I agreed to pay bank transfer so to get it sent that day. Paid £10 p&p extra for it to arrive with a tracking n trace number. Now still nomphone and now seller who communicated by watsapp and txt is not answering calls or msgs. Although I know they are sent. I have contacted bank he has withdrawn money I put a bl9ck on his account . Contacted Action fraud and police. Is there anyway I can get my money back at all it was my daughters christmas money.? I know I have been stupid and usually pay by paypal as I buy and sell on ebay and gumtree.

  • Carin 7 January, 12:37 pm

    I bought a convertible privately two days ago at 9.46 pm , now the roof has a slight leak !! I paid £300 less than she was along for it ! Can I take it back and ask for my money back. How do I stand ?

  • Marcus Cook 7 January, 3:08 pm

    I bought a car 6 weeks ago from a Second hand Dealer the car is 2003 reg. We took it for a test drive and then went back and bought it a week later. The car was inside the showroom (important point) and when we took it home was in our own garage for a good 3-4 weeks. We have since taken the car out and it has been outside whilst we have had this bad raining weather. The floor of the car was soaking wet so we took this to a garage and they have informed us that the door seal membrane is none existent. We have gone back to the garage who we purchased it from and they have refused to do the repair stating its over 30 days old.

  • Ian 11 January, 4:47 pm

    I sold a device for recording game play on the pc [told him its all there in the box, with software and all working], didnt ask a lot and even gave them a £5 off for picking it up, 5 days later the bloke emailed wanting his money back because he said it didnt work, so why not email me the day he bought it?? Anyway a day later he emailed to say its working now, so i thought thats the end of it, but then he emailed back and said it doesnt matter how long he has it, if it ever breaks he will come down demanding his money back.. If it breaks in the coming weeks or months, do i have to give him his money back or is it upto him to sort it out?

  • Tim Deacon 12 January, 3:45 pm

    My friend bought a range rover with 17000 miles on the clock from North Devon Tyres on 07/10/2015 for £27500.00. He arranged finance of £25500 through Santander and after 4 weeks had an issue with the engine. A garage has now looked at the vehicle and said that the engine is knackered and it will cost £7000 to replace. Does he have any rights from the seller to return the goods?. ( it was a trade sale)

  • Rob heddon 31 January, 9:00 am

    I bought a used motorhome in 2014 but have since had a proper damp test done and the repair cost to me is going to be £3750 can I claim this back. I have asked dealer to do the repair free of charge or refund or pay the cost. The van in my opinion is not fit for purpose

  • Tara 5 February, 9:09 am

    I recently bought a used car, vauxhall corsa life 1l for £1100, it was a private sale, however after 4 days the car wouldn’t start, leaving me and 2 kids stranded. After taking it to the garage he finally managed to see the ECU was not working and needed to be replaced (not cheap) I found out yesterday that the car I bought was previously sat at a garage for 5 months last year for reasons unknown.
    where do I stand, it’s been two and half weeks and the car is still in the garage waiting for new ECU.. not looking forward to the bill.
    Many thanks Tara

  • Catriona 8 February, 5:45 pm

    I bought a second hand I phone 5c from a second hand shop it stopped working after 6 weeks so I returned it and was offered an I phone 5 and £30 refund the difference between the price of the 2 phones however the I phone 5 keeps turning off and the battery is not charging what are my rights as the shop is saying batteries aren’t covered under warranty I hav had the phone 4 days only.

  • Andrea 9 February, 3:30 pm

    Hi, 5 days ago I bought a 53 reg astra from a local car mechanic. He informed me that it has a faulty EGR valve but I have since discovered that 2 of the tyres are perished and the brake discs need replaced. Can anyone advise if I have any rights here?

  • jacqui Moore 17 February, 9:50 am

    I have a vehicle which I inherited from my brother, the vehicle has only had one service although it should have had at least three, my problem is there is an issue with the cylinders do I have any legal right for the original selling dealer to cover some or all of the costs of repair, even though the vehicle has not been serviced according to the manufacturer at the correct intervals

  • Pete 18 February, 7:52 pm

    I have bought a diamond bracelet from wlc auction a few days ago I have had it valued and it is worth a 5th of what I paid for it. I have a valuation on the CIE certificate which states the value is 25 times more than the 3 valuations I had done today. Can I do anything about this. I have been scammed

  • Lauren 25 February, 8:23 am

    Hi I sold my beetle 1.6 2002 plate, I owned it for 3 months but couldn’t afford to run its massive engine so I got a 1.2l polo, sold it 2 weeks ago to a lady in Darby and as she was so unsure on driving all the way, I said if she was definitely interested I would drive the 55+ miles from Coventry to Darby at my cost
    (we had been talking for a week and she had already let me down on a viewing)

    So I drove to hers with my dad following in his car to drive me back if she did buy it!

    So after she test drove it and 2 men she had at her house had test drove it, looked at all the paperwork and last mots and current mot
    (still has a couple months on it)
    and looked under the engine she agreed to buy it for £1000 not the £1200 I had it advertised for but it needed new tires and it was hunting when it stated As STATED in my advert with pictures of the bodywork!!!
    I went and bought my new car for £900 and drove home, she didn’t have any issues and said she’s going to take it to a garage and have new tires put on it and her daughter is going to clean it the next day as she loves it!!
    So it was sold 10/2/16 and yesterday on the 24/2/16 she calls me saying it’s been to a garage and failed a emissions test and needs a new engine as it could blow up
    (apparently even though I drove it to her with no issues) she said I need to buy it back off her as she isn’t happy?
    And said she’s going to call a solicitor and county courts as apparently I knew it was faulty?

    I wouldn’t have drove it to her if it was going to blow up, I’d driven it daily to and from bham, Milton Keynes and around coventry with people and children in the car, clearly I’d never put any of them at risk nor myself……she keeps saying I knew it was broken and I need to give her a refund…… What can I do? I’m not a business I’m a private second hand seller of my own vehicle that I had in my own name? where do I stand? I’m 22 and clearly don’t have loads of money to throw around and I don’t feel like I owe her a refund or money towards it as I didn’t do anything wrong?! Please help it’s stressing me out x

  • Andy 7 March, 2:04 pm

    I recently had a faulty gearbox replaced with a second hand one. The mechanic is offering to replace the gearbox but I will have to pay for the work. I asked if the mechanic couldn’t have been more careful to check that the part was good when he fitted it but he said it was a risk at the point of sale. Will I still have to pay the labour costs?

  • adrifing 13 March, 9:32 pm

    bought a vauxhall astra for 1750 .. all looked good .. full service history brand new mot cert 10 days earlier.

    took the car home and it ran ok (158 miles done total in a week and a bit) and the car doesnt start. had a garage check for anything and have been told starter,alternator and a possible ECU needing done on the car (second garage looking in a day)

    wondering what i can do as i bought the car on the 27th feb 2016 and its not working properly after 7 days of being at home (low mileage for the vehicle and also has a lot of extras for the car which i needed for the mrs)

    any extra help would be amazingly helpful

  • THANDIWE 14 March, 12:16 pm

    hey i bought a car from a guy and after 2weeks i was invovled in an accident, it was discovered that it was a faulty bearing in the left rear and the buyer knew about this problem he had taken it to a mechanic before selling it to me and the mechanic told him it wasnt a big problem, he later sold me the car but did not disclose all this. can i sue him for compensation

  • Michelle Flannery 14 March, 5:25 pm

    Hi I baught a secondhand static caravan that was being advertised on eBay but was being sold buy the caravan park for the private owner. I went to see the caravan and spotted a few issues and what looked like damp so I asked and was reassured that it had been sorted and any issues that they would fix if I gave it to them in 48 hours so I did a snagging list and there were a few leaks and they sorted them. One leak was from the shower and it leaked into the bedroom next door that was in the August , now the caravan has not been used over the winter and have gone back in and the bedroom where the shower leaked has a lot of black mould can I do anything about this or can I get my money back as we can not sleep in that room.

  • phil 16 March, 7:45 am

    Bought a zaf couple weeks ago as expecting twins and have 2 children already.
    I had mine knocked off originally as the sales guy said it could do with a new battery.

    After few days I noticed it wasn’t requiring a battery it was infact requiring glow plugs.
    long story short glow plugs didn’t come out so head had to be removed.
    Before removing the head the chain had to be slackened however chain gave way before the crank bolt would remove. Once crank. Bolt removed it was discovered that the crank pulley its self had collapsed and that was more than likely reason for the chain goin
    The car is now back together however have now noticed the steering rack has a leak. I have spent far to much money already as most would no. Just wondered if any would no if I still have any consumer rights on this the sales guy is aware of this up to the point of removal of crank pulley

  • Kearia 16 March, 8:31 pm

    Hey, I bought a car from the lot USED*!!! It’s a 2003 Huma Civic. The man told me that EVERYTHING ON THE CAR IS PERFECT AND WORKS FINE. But the next day my car SHUTS OFF ON ME IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET ALMOST CAUSING A WRECK!!!! I took it to him and he claim he fixed it. THE NEXT DAYY I SHUT OFF AGAIN IN THE MIDDLE PF THE STREET. Can I get my money back or can I sue him, note: I could have wrecked/ caused myself harm.

  • William 24 March, 5:57 pm

    I have recently returned a computer component back to its manufacturer. The have offered a replacement with a refurbished item. I have accepted as they say it is working as good as new. I went on to ask them why it was refurbished just so i can keep an eye on the previous issue, and they haven’t answered. Do they have any obligation by law to tell me. I live in the UK and the companies repair centre is in the Netherlands.

  • Mo 26 March, 12:41 pm

    Hi. I bought a 2nd hand car from a dealer late December with one months warranty. The head gasket has bow gone. Do i have any rights to my money back?

  • Kevin 1 April, 8:26 am

    Hi can anyone shed some light. I bought a citreon ds3 from arnold clark in 2014 it’s a 2013 plate. It was advertised at £11+ I put a £4k deposit down as well. Paying it up on a 60mth 5 year agreement total cost nearly 14k. Am frustrated as I believe they mias sold the car in first place as they did not tell me there was a very small dent on the bonnet and a sharp edge on the fibre glass bumper. And few scratches. So I explained all this to them they said we’ll it’s a used car these things happen to used cars but they did agree to polish out the scratches. But only recently I noticed my diamond cut wheels r beginning to corrode rust setting in surely a 3 year old car should not be having these issues also the lacquer on the wheels have a look of fading cloudy look to them is there anything I can do do get arnold clark to give me new wheels or fix the problem? Am still under warranty but that does not come under the warranty so we’re do I stand with this?

  • Stevo 2 April, 11:04 am

    Hi I recently bought a used car £3500 from a trader after 2 days I took it back as the clutch was faulty, trader repaired the clutch at his expense I asked him to service the car whilst in for repair general oil , oil filter air filter. I paid £100 for the service. A week later the engine failed major fault left stranded on motor way, the AA recovered the car and found a screwdriver in the engine bay and the air filter cover was not re secured! I took the car back to the garage that I was told did prev clutch repair and service but they did not do the repair, it turned out the trader repaired the car at his premises but refused to give me a receipt of the clutch repair! I took the car to my house and had independent mechanic inspect the car and found the oil filter housing loose so had lost oil and caused engine failure again relating to the service from trader! Trader told me I had problems and I had to pay for engine to be stripped down! I then found all rear seats soaking wet inc boot spare wheel area also both footwells wet and Windows steaming up! The trader told me when I bought it that he had had the car valated for me so the seats will be damp for a bit! I sent 3 rejection letters claiming full refund! Not as described not fit purpose not satisfactory quality or repairs, unsafe vehicle etc but he refused to pay up he constantly tried to say it was my fault for engine failure but I have evidence from AA and mechanic that the botched service led to engine failure and a near miss accident on the motorway! In end I have started small claims court! What do u think of my chances of winning this case?

    Very unhappy with this cowboy trader he also said was because I had done excessive miles? And over revved the engine ? without any inspection? How far can I take this ? I would like his car business closed down if I had my way!


  • brandon 6 April, 9:27 am

    I had my motor replaced at a local mechanic shop. Well I get my car back now I’m starting to have transmission problems and before this motor swap. I had twice as much horsepower and my transmission was absolutely perfect before… Is there anything I can do

  • Emma 13 April, 6:31 am

    I brought a car 48 hours ago from a garage second hand now engine light showing 2 faults have it mind I’ve only drove it for 3 hours at most as been at work it was a £5500 car has garage get to sort it as arguing thanks

  • annette 17 April, 10:51 am

    My daughter’s gearbox went on her car and she took it to a garage that had done some work on her works verichles , the owner of the garage gave my daughter a verbal agreement of £400 pound for a reconditioned gearbox. My daughter said ok that is fine , the garge had the car for 3 days for the work to be done, when she picked the car back up and driving home she could feel that the job had not been done. So she took it back again and the garage said he would have another look but it would cost another £450 pound on top of what she already payed, the garage then got another gearbox from a different ccompany to do the job , now today 3months after this he is telling my daughter that she needs to pay another £500 pound again on top of what she has already payed , can he keep doing this she has only had a verbal agreement with him , and nothing in writing

  • Martin ball 30 April, 1:18 am

    Hi i bought a second have kymco pulsaur 125 for £900 58 plate last week from a bike dealer. The main stand bent when i put the on the stand when i got home 40 miles away from the dealer. I have had to charge the battery 3 times as it not holding its charge. The spark plug gap fell apart in my hand when i was checking the spark plug, the front break started grinding. I asked the dealer for a refund but he refused saying i have to let him fix the problems witch he has but i am concerned that the bike is not fit for prupourus as i have had to pay out money to get it back to him as he will not pick it up. Any advice would be greatful thx

  • Julie 6 May, 10:30 am

    I recently swapped my corner sofa for a black leather settee and chair to a second hand furniture store no money exchanged hands within an hour the smell from the furniture had my home stinking iv contacted the owner of the shop they put the phone down and have now blocked my number and home number what can I do

  • nick 16 May, 1:03 pm

    how long is by law the warranty on second hand appliances or for sales refurbished
    any website where i can check that
    thank you

  • Sarah 19 May, 12:30 am

    I bought a sofa from a charity shop that did not have a fire label on it. I no longer have my receipt and now cannot get any one to remove the sofa from house. I have had it about 9 months. Is there anything I can do

  • Rosemary Matthews 19 May, 4:28 pm

    My son as just bought a car from a bloke that works near him he gave the guy the money and hasn’t driven it yet but had some one look it over and was told that it needed a dual mass doing .Has he any legal rights to ask for his money back

  • kristy 27 May, 1:37 am

    ok i in process of getting approved with my cosigner an with in a week the axle , shocks,an clutch i come to find out it has to be replaced !!!! what are my rights?? also they make fake pay stubs an driver license an or other fake paper work to get finaced what can i do about it

  • Elaine white 28 May, 5:40 am

    I bought a car in January from Stockport car supermarket for quite a lot of money on finance for what I actually got. I’m a learner driver so
    5 months and only 314 miles later which included getting it back
    To Birmingham where we live the car fully broke down. On inspection by a mechanic I had a hole in my radiator and my head gasket had gone. In his professional opinion he said there is no way I had done that to the car and it must of been like it when I got it. The warranty which I took out for lots of money refused to pay for it and the garage are expecting us to pay to get the car to them for them to inspect it but I’ve read up on this company and I know for a fact they aren’t gonna fix it for me so then I still will have to not only pay to get it up there but then pay to have it fixed and get it back to me. I’m better off just getting it repaired myself but then can I claim back from them?

  • Julia 2 June, 4:42 am

    We bought a 2011 used rv trailer, it looked really nice. We purchased it for “the right price” get it home and then it rained that week and found water leaks everywhere. So we dig deeper and it has hidden mold between the walls and as soon as the weather dried up all the wood on the front end warped. We have had it for about three weeks now. Is there anything we can do?

    • Julia 2 June, 4:43 am

      It was bought private party

  • Ashleigh miller 3 June, 3:32 pm

    My car engine blew up and the branch dealer has rejected my car rejection letter what can a do now a just don’t feel safe getting this car back with a new engine in.

  • Stew 10 June, 3:48 pm

    I bought a Car from a used care sales forecourt November last year which came with a standard 3 month warranty.
    Now 5 months later my car suffered quite a spectacular failure, repairs currently total about £1000 already which didn’t fix the issue, now piston issues and other replacements required to get the car running will put the total bill up to approximately £4000 in total…. the car was bought for just over £4000….
    Do I have any rights to go back to the original garage that sold me the car for reimbursement to cover some or all of the cost of the repairs?

  • Jane 12 June, 11:28 am


    I recently purchased a second hand ring from a shop like cash converters. At the time I was in a hurry and only paid attention to the size. I paid a deposit and asked them to resize it. On the Wednesday they phoned to say it was back from the workshop and because I was in the middle of moving my friend collected it. I wore it for the first time on the Saturday and noticed it kept snagging. On closer inspection I noticed it’s actually broken. I didn’t notice this at the time. Do I have any rights?

  • Natalie 13 June, 9:21 am

    My son just bought a dirt bike for 1900 ad said it had just been rebuilt he went for a quick ride on it as it was just on dark when we got there after our 3 hour drive he went for a ride 2 days later in it it lasted 5 min and stopped took straight to our mechanic and it hadn’t been rebuilt it is going to cost him a lot of money to rebuild we have asked for money back as I believe thus is intent to deceives what do you think

  • Tony Ryan 13 June, 7:16 pm

    I recently purchased a camper van through a private seller on eBay 2 weeks ago we had 1 trip of approx 50 miles all appeared okay but the next time I went to use it on starting thick smoke and a terrible smell appeared A mechanic was called and informed me that the engine had seized up and will require a whole new replacement please advise me of my rights

  • Simon 15 June, 5:20 pm

    I purchased a used van for £10000 5 days ago. On the way home I noticed the van had a fault but the dealers were closed and so I had to travel home which is a good 200 miles away. I contacted them the next day and they said to bring the van back and they will look at it. This will be a 400 mile round trip for me, a missed day of work and all the costs of fuel and the added mileage to my van 🙁 Can I recover any of my travel costs as the van was sold to me with the fault? I checked the paperwork and they didnt take the van for a final road test, if they had they would of noticed the problem.
    Thanks in advance

  • Kate 16 June, 11:54 pm

    I saw a car on a 2nd hand dealership. I viewed it and it seemed ok, however it had no MOT. The seller asked for £50 deposit and promised to get it MOTd the next day.If it failed I would get my money back. When I went to collect it I took a mechanic who inspected the car and the MOT certificate.

    He said the car was dangerous and could not have a genuine MOT due to several of the many faults.
    The seller has refused to give me back my deposit. I have checked with DVLA but it says the car has no MOT.

    Can anyone advice please as the car is now relisted for sale with an MOT.

    Thank you

  • Joanne Burton 19 June, 8:13 am

    Hi, I bought a campervan on eBay (private seller) and have since discovered it has huge corrosion and it a huge danger to drive. I have been told it is not repairable and the seller had problems 3years ago when she bought it on eBay. The corrosion was not detailed in the item description and I did ask if there were any other faults I should be aware of and she she said there wasn’t. I have got a letter from the garage who are writing a letter to confirm the extent of the damage. They also said they are very surprised it passed its MOT as it is a deathtrap, although they will not put that part in writing. Do I have a chance in small claims court? Should I pursue the MOT although it is 9 months old. I have contacted the police. The seller is refusing a refund and claiming she did not know but it is clearly a lie. Please help. Joanne

  • Sue 23 June, 7:40 am


    On 12th of May I bought second hand car from theoretically private person, but he is buying second cars for resale (i can proof that through numerous ad on fb) On last monday ive been told by member of public that the rear wheel is beadly wobbling. Yesterday car went to the garage and ive been told that rear axle is gone. I contacted seller who is claiming that it was me who broke the car and refuses to pay for repair. The full cost of repair will be between 300 -500.
    What I can do?

  • jason 25 June, 9:15 am

    hi i brought a car from my employer i was told it needed spark plugs and it would be fine. when intact after taking it to a garage it was a lot more than that it was un road worthy un drivable and i asked the boss if i could have what ild payed so far back to be told no its my car now iv since recently left my employer who are saying i still owe them 400 which i feel i shouldn’t pay because of the faults i wasn’t told also these people have a team of mechanics that should of picked up on what was wrong with it what are my rights

  • David Brown 29 June, 2:07 pm

    If I am taking a car company to a small claims court for a refund for being sold a car with a broken head gasket is it up to me to take the car back to gat my refund or does the car company have to come to collect it. They have also threatened me saying if I go back they will Knock me out

  • Sandra 7 July, 3:59 pm

    I advertise my Awning took photos I was selling with extra set of poles as part of my first Awning was left in my stolen caravan
    I was contacted for a viewing before he arrived I got Awning out and realised two window sections was missing immediately I rang to inform the buyer of this and offered him the completed one for less money.ey than advertised as you can imagine he wasn’t happy.
    Now he wants me to reimburse him for petrol do I have to pay him???

  • mick bates 7 July, 7:53 pm

    i bought a new 2nd hand unflown quadcopter paid by paypal gift as seller requested that.
    has only been in production a couple of months its unfit for purpose and the ebay shop he bought it from banggood has stopped selling them and took all reference of thisodel off their site im having trouble getting my money back what can i do

  • Cam 9 July, 2:42 pm

    I bought a car from arnold clark on finance and i was happy with the car and the costs. I had the car for a few weeks before a problem arised although the fault was fixed at no cost they also told me the car was chipped. I feel i should have known this before i signed the contract as i would nit have purchased it. Is there anything i can do about this?


  • Samantha Craven 10 July, 1:38 pm

    Hi i bought a reconditioned cooker less than 24 hours ago I got it from a shop in my local area since having this cooker the ignition button has gone right in on it the trays are not the right ones and the glass on top makes a horrible sound when u lift it up. I’m not happy with this cooker at all can I get my money back from them?

  • Phil 12 July, 7:49 pm

    Hi I bought a car just under a week now and the guy who sold it to me just lied there nothing wrong with it well I got a list of things wrong with it if it was one or two not so so bad ,but this car has more then five thing wrong I bought it private found it on gumtree the add said the same nothing wrong is there anything I can do

  • vbabhania 15 July, 8:30 pm

    I bought a Audi s8 for 40k, 2012 with 28k mileage.
    On the way home I noticed a rattle/vibration under acceleration which is quite loud.I notified the dealer the next day and they said to take it to my local Audi dealership for inspection.
    The earliest appointment I could get was nearly 4 weeks.
    I took it in then and after having it for nearly 5 weeks they cannot find what is causing the issue.They have looked at the driveshaft,gearbox and other things.The car is partly owed by finance and they are liasing with the dealer now to get the matter resolved.However,they are saying that fault must be mechanical for them to consider a refund or a replacement.My view is, that a car of this quality,mileage,age should not have this issue regardless.What is your view on the matter?Thanks

  • Paul 19 July, 2:35 pm

    Around 5 weeks ago I sold a seadoo sea scooter for around half of its original price. The item was sold as it wasnt getting used and I couldn’t see the point in having a £800 diving ornament. I had used it for 2.5h-3h max prior to selling it without any problems. It had been charged a total of 3 times by me during the time that I owned it & on each occasion I put diving seal grease on the OWI that has to be secured once charged & before using it to go underwater, I even gave it a ‘top up’ charge & tested it in a bucket of water before I took it to its new owner, I did point out that it didn’t imediatly work following the ‘Top Up’ charge, that it took it an hour or so before the battery showed that it was working but that after this it worked without issue. I insisted that the buyer tried it out but he refused to try it, I repeated that the new owner should test it for himself before he takes it away, as I wouldn’t be held responsible once I had left him with it! I reiterated that I had charged & tested it befor I brought it to him & that I was happy that it was working fine. The buyer contacted me later that same day to thank me for the sea scooter as he had used it to find a lost ‘GoPro’ camera after I had left the dive site. He then went on holiday but I don’t think that he took the sea scooter on holiday.
    He has contacted me today to say that the scooter doesn’t work, I have reiterated that it worked on the occasions that I used it & that it worked when I sold it to him & further to this he used it to dive with on the day that he bought it & that he was over the moon with it. I have asked if he has read the instructions prior to using/charging it as the Barry can be overcharged & that from flat it takes 4 hours or less to charge. He has said that the Internet says that it’s a battery issue. This item has a number of rubber seals that need greasing with specialist grease (as per the instruction manual)! I was told by another owner that they charged their sea scooter but that they forgot to replace the watertight charging screw, this fried the battery on his scooter & he had to buy a new battery pack at £318.
    Do I have any responsibility for this scooter? Bearing in mind, I don’t know under what conditions the sea scooter has been subjected too!

  • Rachel 20 July, 3:16 pm

    I bought a second hand motor bike on the weekend. It broke down on the way home as it over heated and having finally got it home the gear box has now gone. I haven’t actually ridden it at all and cannot believe my luck. I bought it from a private seller on Ebay – is there anything I can do as it is now worthless!
    Many thanks

  • maria davis 24 July, 3:23 pm

    In April 2016, I purchased a cream 6/8 corner settee from British Heart Foundation house hold items shop, it,s material, no tears or missing parts, but wasn’t cleaned by the shop as they do on other suites.!!, I paid £290.00, I offered the mine to sell on for charity, which was an immaculate 2 seater + chair Chester field type on oak legs with claw caster wheels, which got sold same day ????, now 3 months down the line seating has sagged with a noticeable uneven dip as if springs have gone but creeks badly, I’m so disappointed in this, as I have donated to same shop antique side boards, which they informed me by letter thanking me as they sold it for a very good amount to help charity, I was glad I could do this so offered more furniture since, to still helping by buying from British Heart Foundation purchasing corner settee for £290.00 + proceeds from my own suite, to be left with a very uneven uncomfortable settee, please help with advice or something as I don’t want this experience to deter me from helping charities, as I’m starting to find charities are becoming above them selves with greed like the night street shops, especially when donations are free. Thanks from a very unhappy customer Maria.

  • Georgina 7 August, 8:28 pm

    I bought a 2014 car 18 months ago from a dealer.
    I paid to do a check on line, came back fine,
    When I purchased the car it came with a RAC check list.
    The front spoiler has come away, when the repair shop looked, they said it had been in a head on collision, and that the spoiler will not line up, as the engine in side was offset. They managed to secure back but not correctly.
    Plse suggest what I can do

  • Mike landry 18 August, 3:28 am

    Bout a 2010 traverse with 70,000 miles on it from dealership couple weeks it started a clanking noise in rear end whenu turn slow. They said there’s no warranty. What can I do about it. Its real bad.

  • Mike landry 18 August, 3:53 am

    I recently bought a 2010 traverse from a dealership with 70,000 miles on it two weeks after purchase it started making clanking type noise in rear. They told me theirs no warranty. Y with that low mileage and not to old. Well don’t know what to do with it. Is there anyway I can make them fix it (pretty sure they knew cuz the wouldn’t let me trade it back in. Anything I can do bout it?

  • Karen 19 August, 5:46 pm

    i advertised a console and games for £70 the buyer informed me after a week it didn’t work I said I would source another for him and he was happy for me to do this I emailed him keeping him informed I am still sourcing for him 5 weeks on he is now saying I quote THE HOLIDAYS ARE NEARLY OVER I WANT MY MONEY BACK how do I stand leagally the add I placed did not state the condition of the goods

  • tracey 23 August, 5:45 pm

    I brought I car off gum tree a week ago and now it had a light out now been told will cost me lots of money can I get some money back from the porson I brought it from on gum tree

  • alison mccreedy 27 August, 1:49 pm

    I bought a second hand engine from a dealer in England at over £800 two weeks ago. It was sold as fully working. When we received it my mechanic noticed some damage and repaired what he could. When he fitted the engine it ran for a few seconds before it started leaking oil and cut out. It needs to have the pump and injectors looked at and probably fixed. The supplier has only offered that he will collect the engine, however my mechanic has spent two weeks working on this and we operate a vehicle hire business so we are losing money every day the vehicle is off the road. What are my options in terms of redress.

  • Ian 30 August, 7:33 am

    Hi I bought a second hand car from a new and used car dealer 8 weeks ago. It broke down on the. Way home on day of purchase. It was recovered and was in the garage for nearly 4 weeks. I got it back and two weeks later it broke down again. It’s now been back in the garage for a further 2 weeks. The service is pathetic. They never return my calls they tell me they’ll call but they don’t. I will have made my second monthly payment and have only driven my car for 2 weeks. The repairs take an eternity. They use my petrol up while they have it. Is there anything I can do about it at all

  • Ryan 1 September, 1:04 pm

    I sold a set of wheels to a guy who travelled from London to Nottingham to collect he inspected them and bought them he put them on his car and a week later messaged me saying they are buckled and wants a refund or he is taking me to court it was a Private sale I’m not a specialist or trader where do I stand he said I didn’t list they where buckled and that’s because to my knowledge they where not but it took him a week of driving on them to come back and say they are buckled and wants a refund or legal action

  • p earl 1 September, 4:34 pm

    I bought a used car 18 months ago, 2 weeks ago the ECU was found to be unrepairable. I paid for my car using a bank loan. So far the bill is at £500, that is without purchasing a new ECU and having it reprogrammed. Do I have any come back with dealer I brought the car from.

  • Louise 13 September, 8:55 am

    I purchased a car (10 reg) from a garage (not dealer). Shortly after this purchase during bad weather I noticed water pooling in the passenger footwell, then once again during bad weather the leak came from the top of the windscreen, dripping off the rear view mirror into the centre console and consequently half the electrics stopped working. I researched this was a known manufacturing default and therefore I contacted the dealer. It was agreed that they would fix the windscreen with good will and decide whether the electrics were damaged from the water leak.

    I was told that the electrics were not damaged by the water leak and offered a full diagnostic which would cost me £75 and the repairs could cost up to £900.

    I have photographic evidence of the leaks and I am unsure how I can rectify this problem. Please could you advise.

    Thank you

  • Wilf Wild 15 September, 9:26 pm

    I have bought a VW Caddy, but I have noticed that the when I am driving it I can berley indicator audio sounder. I told him about this about 3 weeks ago, and he said he would look into it. I did not hear from him so I tookm it back today and he said it was working and refused to put it right and replace the sounder. He phone an auto electrition up and gave me his phone number and told me to take it to him at my expence, is he right in doing this.

  • Helen 30 September, 10:49 pm

    If I brought an five year old tv and then it didn’t work only paid £35.00

  • Valerie 5 October, 7:55 am

    Hi we bought a car from second hand dealer and a week later we noticed the wing mirror casing was broken but thought this happened outside our house until I looked at pics I took on forecourt should they repair it for me

  • Tracey 5 October, 7:02 pm

    Hi. Some advice needed please. I sold my car of 9 years, a month ago to a private car salesman. He took it for a test drive and looked it over then made an offer which I accepted. The car had been looked after, regularly passed its MOT had new tyres etc when needed.
    Today the salesman gets in touch and says that he would like to discuss getting his money back because he has taken it to his mechanic and says it needs £1000.00 worth of work doing. What are my rights as I think this is wrong.

    Can anyone help? X

  • joanne elliott 8 October, 11:33 am

    I bought a car for 400 two weeks ago from a garage only drove it three times clutch gone phoned garage they said nothing they can do sold with no warranty . then said look on receipt which read all cars under 500 pounds are sold as spares or repairsvand must be towed or transported away. I drove this car away has it had eleven months test on it so why did they let me drive it away if that’s the case is there anything I can

  • Sam 14 October, 8:48 pm

    Hello, I bought a second hand vw polo 2012 for around £8000 from a vw dealer. It was three years old at the time of purchase and milage was 25000. The price included one year warranty. It was going perfectly ok for the last one year untill two days ago the car didnt start at all. This happend two weeks after the warranty expired. I took it to the same dealer and they did the diagnostics and found massive issues with cylinder head which needs replacement, timing chain, head gasket and parts associated with it. I wasn’t expecting this with a only four years old car. They offered me a discounted repair price of £500 which is still very high for me, Im not happy with this car and dont trust it at all. I dont understand why do I pay that price for a car which was quiet new and sold as in excellent condition. Please advise, do I have any rights to replace it.

  • Anthony white 17 October, 10:41 pm

    I purchased a four wheeler from a guy who wholesales them and he gave me a written ninety day warranty on the item which was brand new. On day two the chain breaks as well as the bracket that holds the handle bars on and now I’n wondering since this thing is a lemon with only two hours use an already breaking and is supposed to be brand new can I return it under his written ninety day warranty or can I only invoke that for a repair?

    • Anthony white 17 October, 10:42 pm

      And this did not incur from any abuse either

  • Joanne ford 20 October, 2:13 am

    Hi. I sold a pushchair on Gumtree last week. There were 12 photos of it on there. I met the guy and showed him how to use it. Explaining every item. This was 9 days ago. He has emailed me to say the left wheel isn’t working and wants a refund! Do I have to give him one? The pram was advertised as second hand. They’re £700 new and I only charged £175, and on counting the money he had only given me £174.20!!!

    • Joanne ford 20 October, 2:15 am

      I’m worried as he has my home address and I met him at work do he knows where I work too!

    • Tony 20 October, 10:25 am

      It’s your choice you don’t have to give the money back

      • Joanne ford 20 October, 1:17 pm

        Can he not take me to small claims court? I don’t know what I’ll do with a broken . pushchair. He’s had it 9.days with 3 kids!

        Should I reply or ignore him?

        Thanks for replying

  • Miriam anderson 22 October, 11:26 am

    I bought a car from local classified advert. After three weeks it has broken down (timing belt slipped) and 2 garages have looked at it. It is going to cost me three times as much to fix it. Person I got it from says he will not give me my money back. What are my rights.

  • Sam murray 31 October, 11:45 am

    Hi I recently sold a sofa and two arm chairs second hand for €200. The people who purchased it came into my home sat in it tried it out, carried out to there can and drive an hour away with the item. I had it advertised on Facebook as good condition, just steam cleaned and open to offers. They are now two weeks later threatening a solicitor as they said they had to get the sofa professionally cleaned as there was a smell and I false advertised saying it had been steam cleaned when it hadn’t. I never advertised it as professionally steam cleaned as I rented a steam cleaner and done it myself. I advertised it only as steam cleaned. Can they possibly Sue me?

  • Mark Hickman 5 November, 2:14 pm

    I purchased a car in January this year for a local dealer & the dealer agreed to repair the sunroof canopy which I noticed was faulty, on the car of collecting the car the dealer explained that the fault was not repaired & the complete repair would cost around £2k. They offered to take out a warranty at the cost to cover this at a later stage (and explained they had spoken to the warranty company agent & explained the issue & said it would be covered) A few months ago I contacted the dealer & asked for them to arrange for the sunroof/canopy to be sorted & after a number of visits to the repairer & phone calls to the dealer the warranty company have said the fault is not covered. The dealer offered to remove the canopy so the sunroof would work + £500 cash, which I have refused. The dealer explained that the repair cost was estimated at £4k & they were not willing to cover this cost. I explained I required a full repair as agreed when the car was purchased. The dealer suggested a replacement car but would have to consult her father, this was 2 weeks ago & I still haven’t had a reply. Where do I stand legally???
    Many Thanks,

  • Emma 7 November, 10:08 pm

    Hi we brought a vauxhall insignia 2013 plate car neally 3 months ago now. Cost us over £8,500 and the gear box has gone on it its only done 35,000 miles and we got it froma dealer do we have any leg to stand on in getting them to pay? We have the extended 12 months warrenty but checking it they only cover us for the first £1000 and we have to pay everyong after that and a scond hand gesr box alone we have seen on ebay for £1600.

  • David Cheong 16 November, 2:09 am

    After buying a second hand Opel van for less than two months (left with 2 Yrs COE to reach 10), I discovered the passenger seat leaks quite badly after a heavy downpour. It was discovered during recent spade of heavy rain this month. I bought it last month. Do I have a case against the car agent ? Kindly advise . Thank you

  • Jason Whitby 24 November, 11:39 am

    Hello, I have recently purchased a TV from an online auction house called Simon Charles. The tv was advertised as having a good picture and good sound. I picked the TV up from the premises and asked if I could inspect the item, I was refused this option and asked to wait outside while the warehouse picker brought my item to my vehicle. The item was brought out to the carpark covered in plastic wrapping. It was dark outside and also raining. I asked the picker could I view the item inside but again refused and asked to sign a collection note. I signed it to state that I had received the item. I got the item home and discovered the tv had a cracked screen. I immediately contacted the auction site via the web and reported this. I phone them the next day and they said the warehouse mgr would look into it. A few days later after I had chased them up they replied and said they are refusing to refund because I didn’t physically view the item before the auction – it’s an internet auction. I have been in constant email chatter with them trying to put my case forward but getting nowhere. What can I do now?

  • Dan Delk 2 December, 7:31 pm

    Bought a truck online clearly advertised as bulletproofed had no problems at first but then something happened and went to shop and was told I needed to have all this work done … I said it’s already been done he said no clearly it’s not and I can show and prove to you it’s not needless to say it cost ,e tons how can I go after or make the dealership pay for the repairs it clearly advertised were done ? Please help it’s my vehicle for working

  • Kelly 7 December, 9:30 pm

    My partner bought second hand car from a dealership but instead of going to look at it had it delivered but when it came the man delivering it would not take the car off the towtruck until he handed over the cash £350 he did not get a receipt for the exchange of cash but then the delivery driver got the car off then drove off in towtruck upon inspection of the car we noticed the indicators didn’t work the light in the car didn’t work it didn’t have a stereo like it said in the advert it had nd the head gasket was on the way out as there was white gunk what can we do about it.

  • tony 15 December, 4:39 pm

    Sold a 1966 112 John Deere stated in add runs has snow blower mower deck , needs battery carb cleaned some fixes ,as is . 3 days later hecalls wanting money back cause according to him rear bearings are shot can he take me to small claims it was as is he didn’t ask to try it or start it he just bought it and I delivered 40 mins for free

    • tony 15 December, 4:41 pm

      I didn’t know it needed this I bought and never used . Wasn’t trying to rip off or anything looked up 30.00 part but it was a as is sale .

  • Antonell Lancuba 2 January, 10:26 pm

    To whom this may concern,
    I purchased a display home and purchased the furniture in it from the furniture retailer.
    When I settled and moved in and took sheets off the beds to wash them I noticed that 2 of the double mattresses were not fit for sleeping on!
    They are that old and haggered I wouldn’t put a homeless person on them also 1 double bed had 2 single bases underneath it!
    Do I have any rights here te fit for purpose????

  • Jeff Hickman 15 January, 6:14 pm

    05 altima the girlfriend bought before we meet floorboard rusted hole big as basket ball just what I see i know that didn’t happen in 8 months she had it what can she do 350.00 a month payment on top of that. Advice please

  • Richard 21 January, 8:51 pm

    Warranty just ran out dealership tried to fix leak in boot but didn’t couldn’t find leak still have leak on a 4 year old nissan note ? Any feedback would be great thanks ????

  • Julie 22 January, 11:42 am

    I bought a car from a car dealer they passed it om mot then delivered it to me.i switched engine on next day not driven it yet and coolant light and engine oil light came on and its on empty.also i cant use sst nav as charger bit not working.what r my rights should they rectify all this

  • Marion 25 January, 12:38 am


    I bought a second hand car from my partner’s work colleague, approximately 4 weeks ago and the head gasket has blown. I know it was sold privately so I have no rights but I saw in one of your replies (Liz
    14 AUGUST, 3:46 AM), quote “if it has been sold on by a regular eBay trader who behaves like a business, then you DO have rights”.

    The guy does act as a business in a sense as he buys cars, fixes them up and sells them on (just like a business) so i was wondering if this is a case where this rule applies?

    Thanks in advance

  • Louise 25 January, 3:16 pm

    Hi, at the beginning of Dec last year I privately sold a set of Beats by dr dre in excellent condition for £90 ( boxed and fully working). The buyer has recently contacted me saying they are now faulty ( working at first but not charging!). She bought them for her young son.
    What are my rights? As I think she would like a refund but as they were in full working order at the time of sale, how can I be sure that they haven’t been damaged since?

  • edgardo matias 29 January, 1:19 pm

    I bought a sprinter van. In the dealership after 2 days ioil leaking so bad they said etested and certified and safety i have the right to return it and argue with it.

  • Susan Booth 2 February, 2:54 am

    My son bought a van from a dealer & it has been nothing but trouble, he paid 5k for the van & it must have cost £1500 in repairs now a year down the line it has failed the mot which will maybe cost another £500 to get mot pass. We have had to hire a van until we can sort the mot out, have we got rights to call the dealer & get compensation for all the repairs, the van is off the road more than on & my son has lost faith in it

  • Faye Morgan 4 February, 3:47 pm

    Hi brought a car today of eBay. The bloke sells lots of cars. Not even 10 miles down the road it broke down and he won’t answer the phone to us at all. I’m gutted is there anything we can do?

  • Rick Turley 9 February, 10:25 am

    I bought a 04 RV from a private individual on installment plan.After getting home and stsrting hot water supply panel and electric panel need replaced. The older led me to believe everything was in grest shape. I called a repair to examined the outage. He said the previous owner the repair item needed replaced. My question is do I have the right to hold back the remaining payments. Or go to small claim court

  • Chris 11 February, 7:22 am

    I bought a car privately, I was told there was nothing wrong with the car and I bought it in good faith as I know the owner. I paid cash. The car was delivered to my place of work, it had very little fuel. On driving car to garage it suddenly started coughing and running badly, I filled car with fuel but the problem became worse, it would stall whilst driving. I thought an engine service would cure the problem but I have been told that The ECU is likely to be the cause and if the ECU then it would not be uneconomicaly viable to repair. Where do I stand regarding a refund ?

  • Craig 21 February, 6:07 pm

    I bought a truck first off I’ve gone thru 2 transmissions which the dealer did pay for but after I asked for a carfax report I noticed that they had lied to me they told me I was only the 2nd owner come to find out I was the 5th

  • Julie 24 February, 10:58 pm

    Just a clarification a family member bought a tv off myself it had a fault but i paid to get it repaired before selling it has another fault on it is it my resposibilty to accept it back and givesaid family member a refund.

  • MJP 2 March, 7:46 pm

    I sold a scooter at the beginning of February. One lady owner and 400 miles on the clock. 2 weeks later I had a call saying she couldn’t turn the key in the ignition. It was stuck. Despite us going to their house to try and help, nothing could be done. Had a couple of messages saying she’s not happy, to which I have responded saying I’m sorry, but the bike was fine when she bought it (which it was). Today I’ve had a message saying that the ignition has had to be replaced and the front bearing. Whilst we are not happy to pay for the ignition which was in working order when she bought it, we are contemplating offering to pay for the bearing replacement as a goodwill gesture. There is absolutely no aggression in her messages but it is stressing me out every time my phone goes. We are honest people and gave her lots of extras with the bike which probably amount to around £75. Any advice please?

  • Rachel 3 March, 6:26 pm

    Hello- I recently bought a car from a second hand garage. I took out 3 months warranty as an extra. I’ve now had the car for just over 4 months. The car broke down and was towed to a local garage. I have been informed that the head gasket has blown. Should the garage cover costs to fix this? They have offered to repair it at trade price and go 50/50 on the cost. However this will still cost me. £400. The garage is not local therefore I would have to get it towed to them. What are my rights? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Donna paton 4 March, 11:30 am

    I bought a fire and surround from a charity shop called Debra.its not quite 3 moths from I bought it but has broke.the shop said they only have a 28 days guarantee. Its there anything I can do to get them to take responsibility and fix it?

  • Angie Siviter 9 March, 10:25 am

    My sons girlfriend bought a 07 Mini Copper from a trader in July 2016, she has only just done over 4000k miles and it started making a weird noise from the engine. Spoke to garage who advised not to drive it and it would be towed in, they at first thought it was the timing chain but, (the oil was low when it was towed in) – it has now been to 2 different garages and we have been told its never had a service or an oil change and the engine is ‘coked’ up. There was part service history with the vehicle and the service book states 4 services, with oil changes. Also been told the engine needs to be rebuilt at a cost of over £2000. Where do we stand on this please

  • Alberto Antonelli 12 March, 7:04 pm

    Rights under Consumer Rights Act?

    I bought a second hand car 1 week ago. Never driven it fully as it is being parked outside my house. Test drove it, and noticed a few problems. Pointed them out to the dealer, told me that these would be fixed and that 1 missing invoice relating to a change in turbo carried out at a garage would be inserted into the original service documents.

    Upon delivery of the vehicle to my address noticed a number of things:
    1. Rear light missing and broken. Replacement ordered by dealer, but for more reasons listed below, I am attempting to reject the vehicle.
    2. Different warning lights now come up on the dash. Not the same as when I first inspected the car, but still flags a problem. Steering column and suspension emit loud noises. Believe these are linked and is one of the reasons I am also rejecting the car.
    3. After purchasing the car I made an attempt to retrieve few missing invoices from my second hand dealer for work apparently carried out on the car (the turbo was advertised as being replaced, for example). The dealer replies by leading my round in circles, first telling me that the garage undertaking the work does not issue invoices after 2 weeks. This is not true, and I have confirmed this with the garage, but they are not going to issue the invoice until the second hand dealer pays off a debt. Its not entirely clear if the dealer has not paid for work on my car (which is why they are not releasing it), or if they have not paid for work done on another car.

    I know that dealers have a bad rep for lying. But for the reasons named above. Would I have a right to reject the car? The dealer has obviously tried to lie, in the hopes that I would not find out about the bad debt. The garage apparently says that they ‘may’ have a record of the car, but it depends on whether the second hand dealer comes to them with payment. I made it clear when I visited and paid for the car at the premises that I would require the invoice for the work carried out. NOw the second hand dealer is saying that they will be able to provide it to me within a week.

    Am i obliged to wait until they provide proof? Or am I within my rights to reject the vehicle??

    Many Thanks,


  • Amanda whitelaw 28 March, 2:12 pm

    Hiya bought used mobility scooter for 300 went short distance just to test seemed fine bought it went out on next day conked out on me informed seller she told me I had to charge for 24 hrs done this took out as soon 24 hrs was up n tyre blew n conked out again now she is refusing to give me my money back any advice plz have been to gumtree n police they say it civil matter have sent her letter giving her 14 days before contact solicitor advice would be welcome plz

  • Marie stewart 31 March, 1:09 pm

    Hi I paid a deposit for a table n chairs in a second hand shop and did not received it or my deposit back … wat can I do about it please

  • Margaret 8 April, 12:38 am

    I recently bought a 5 year old car for 5550pounds when I collected and got home I noticed sent in bottom of drivers door and score

  • Lisa 10 April, 10:43 am

    Engine in my car needed replacing and i went to a local garage who said would replace it for around £1300 so had done..once done wasnt happy and went back a few times as noisy smoke water leak glo plugs and they supposedly fixed tho wasnt totally happy after more money paid so around £1500 to them or more.. they also never told us the clutch needed replacing which would have been easier when engine out.. by this time had lost faith in them and went elsewhere for the clutch.. we were aware the engine used was second hand obviously from the price… 5 months later the car engine has gone again… went to the garage and they basically said chance u take with a 2nd hand engine… do we have any rights in this situation? Id appreciate any advice thanks

  • Lynne 11 April, 7:38 am

    I purchased a car from a private seller . There was a knocking noise I asked what it was he said it was nothing to worry about just a rubber grommet.
    I took the car home and with in 20 miles the car developed an engine fault . The gentleman I purchased it from came and looked at the car said it needed a spark plug take it to the garage get them to look at it if it’s the spark plug he’ll pay for it if it’s more than he will give me a refund on the car we verabaly agreed on this
    I took the car to the garage they tested it . The car has 7 engine faults . He said he’d pay for one of the things to get the car running but to get it running properly you need two repairs.
    I reminded him of the fact we had a verbal agreement that anything more than a spark plug he will give me a refund . He said you brought the car sold as seen I never signed anything to say sold as seen just a purchase agreement.
    Am I entitled to a refund as he made that agreement?

  • tracy 11 April, 5:02 pm

    I bought a second hand iphone and the keypad is broke I took it back and he said I must have dropped it and won’t fix it or give me my money back he said there is nothing I can do

  • E Clark 12 April, 4:31 pm


    I wonder if anyone could tell me what my chances for a partial refund or full refund (if I return the items) are, should I proceed to the Small Claims Court.

    Bought a Sofa and matching armchair plus another armchair from a Trader (will not supply company name). We saw items on Ebay and on Facebook Page and called the seller to ask some questions about the items as we know that photographs alone are not sufficient. The items, although second hand/vintage were not cheap. We were re-assured that the items were of very good quality and in very good condition, he even went as far as to claim that they would probably outlast anything new we could buy on the high street. He accepted that they were not ‘cheap’ and explained that he only deal with the top end and luxury items. He gave us a discount of £500 off the items because we were buying 3 – they were each priced individually. Even so, we paid £2,200 + delivery of £90 for the items. Within 6 weeks, 2 of the cushions developed splits and we noticed then that the leather was very, very thin. I emailed the seller and he offered to ‘patch repair’ the cushions for free but said we needed to pay the postage costs both ways. I replied that we would not accept that kind of repair as we had only had the items for less than 2 months and given what we paid, we did not feel that we should be in this situation. He then made his ‘best and final offer’. His offer was to arrange for the sofa to be restored by having new cushions made and then have the whole thing re-coloured to ensure a colour match (note this would not include the matching armchair) – He stated that he would not charge for his time and that the price was ‘trade price’ as he would use his contacts. It would cost us a total of £620. Needless to say, I rejected his ‘offer’. I then obtained some advice from the citizens advice bureau, who advised me on how I should communicate with him (via recorded mail), giving him a couple of opportunities to reply within a certain time frame before finally writing him a Before Action letter. He has never replied to me in writing, despite my request for him to do so. He has however emailed me in response to my letters (I have not replied to those emails), accusing me of basically being a greedy bully who is driven by just wanting my way. In one of my letters, I informed him that we had approached 2 independent companies to assess the cushions and both explained that the leather had perished so new ones were needed and that sofa and armchair then need to be re-coloured, waxed etc.

    He was supposed to reply to my most recent letter by today but has not, so it looks like I have no other choice but to make a claim through the small claims court. What worries me is that in one of his emails to me, he said that he is happy to go to court over this but he warned me that he would be using a solicitor and when he wins, I will be “liable for his legal costs, his time and anything else he can think of”.

    We already feel like we have been ripped off and I don’t want to risk being liable for potentially hundreds more pounds.

    Any advice will be much appreciated.

  • Angela 14 April, 1:15 pm

    I bought a refurbished iPhone 5 from a business and 26 days later it wouldn’t keep charge and the touchscreen wasn’t working properly. Do I have any rights?

  • Tracy 17 April, 3:47 pm

    Bought a second hand phone that doesn’t work properly is there anything I can do

  • Tracy 17 April, 3:51 pm

    I bought a second hand phone that doesn’t work properly took it back several times with different problems he laughed in my face and told me there was nothing I could do but is there anything I can

  • Lizeta 22 April, 5:42 pm

    Wondering if you can give me some advice?
    I bought a car privately 37 days ago. I have since had to pay out for new oil pump . Water pump and came belt. I took it out yesterday and it caught fire. It is now a write off. Can I claim my money back from the seller ?
    Thank you

  • Carly 13 May, 2:09 pm

    I recently brought a second hand handheld Hoover through a private sale not off a trader if that makes sense the owner thought there was warranty with it but wasn’t sure how much she said she looked online and it came up saying 5 years so said there would be 4 years left ,the Hoover is working perfectly well but I phoned company they stated that particular model has 2 years warranty which isn’t a problem but they are unable to transfer as they don’t have a receipt am I able to return this to the person I purchased from or can legal routes be taken?

  • Colin sowerby 17 May, 11:19 am

    I bought a car from a dealer garage just over 2 months ago. I paid £13400. It now has a air intake fault & gone into limp mode = lack of power. Ive just took it back to the dealer, possible air intake manifold replacement. The garage has asked me to pay half the repair cost. Citerzen advice have said I don’t have to pay but I won’t get my car back if I don’t ??

  • Carl 28 May, 7:49 pm

    Hi anyone can help to cut it short paid a so called friend 260 to buy a car he said I can pay up he will get the mot done but found out two garages could not sort out problem in the end had to get a mobility car not sure wot to do police carnt do anything and he is not a nice man but he is not getting away with it can anyone help

  • julie 11 June, 7:07 pm

    hi yesterday my son swapped his very expensive motorbike for a car smilar cost was told all ok . on way home clutch went, he got in touch with previous owner saying he wanted bike back but was told no chance he hasnt signed the bike over yet what can he do

  • Rachel 13 June, 5:55 pm

    I brought a second hand pram from a second hand shop and with in 8 weeks it has broken . Where do I stand