The shop doesn’t want to know – they say it’s the manufacturer’s responsibility

The Sale of Goods Act makes reference to ‘the seller’, this is the shop, the retailer, or the individual you bought it from, and is who you made the contract with. It is not the manufacturer, and don’t let the shop tell you otherwise! If there is an obvious fault with the item at any time within the first 6 months and it has not been caused by wear and tear or misuse, your first port of call must be the shop you bought it from. They have the responsibility to put the matter right, and should not evade this responsibility by referring you to the manufacturer in the context of a guarantee or warranty. Even after this 6 month period, if the item breaks down prematurely , you should always go back to the shop or retailer in the first instance.

Your statutory rights under the Sale of Goods Act take precedence over and above any warranty or guarantee you may have with either the retailer or manufacturer. It is misleading for a shop to tell you they can do nothing simply because their warranty or guarantee has run out, because you will still have your statutory rights. See our section on guarantees and extended warranties for more info.

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  • Ben 24 September, 12:34 pm

    I see that you frequently state “within six months” to take something back to the seller if it needs repair. What about after six months but within a contract?

    I was provided with a “free” phone (Motorola Razr V8) when I signed an 18 month contract with Orange. Just after the first six months the keys started to wear out and require great care to use effectively. Now after eight it’s getting almost impossible to use at all. I don’t do much texting, as Orange’s records will show, so the keys have had no unusual stress, arguably much less than average expectation.

    Orange insist that this is now the manufacturer’s problem and I should take it up with them. My view is that I have an eighteen month contract with Orange and the hardware they have provided me with is not going anywhere near that distance, so it is for them to fulfil their contract by handling inadequacies in the equipment which they promoted and provided.

    Should I cave in and go to the manufacturer? At the current rate I expect to spend around £800 on this contract over the 18 months, and I feel Orange owes me a standard of service for that.

    Orange have also told me that they have not had problems with the keypad of this model. A quick search of online forums shows that this problem is in fact common. Orange not being aware is unlikely at best.

    I feel I’m being bullied into shutting up. I can’t reconcile this with Orange’s Code of Practice: “We will deliver quality, value and excellent service to you. We will deliver quality and value for money, and always endeavour to put customers first.”

    Can you let me know what my rights are here? And/or the most sensible course of action!



    • Rob Baldock 13 March, 2:41 pm

      Just do what I did with Mazda. Stop paying. They really take notice then!

  • Catriona 24 September, 9:48 pm

    Ben – the 6 month rule is that anything occuring within that time renders it automatically the liability of the retailer. After this time you may find yourself having to prove it wasn’t wear and tear. Although as you say, your phone bill can vouch for the amount of texting you do. Who did you buy the phone from? Because it is the seller you should be contacting to sort out the problem for you, not the manufacturer. Do not be directed to the manufacturer at any stage. If you bought from Orange then they need to fix this for you within reasonable time or provide you with a new phone (section 48B Sale of Goods). If you can demonstrate the problem clearly to them, the next course of action should be to ‘make time of the essence’ by requesting that they take action to rectify this problem to your satisfacton within 7 days, or you can claim breach of contract on their part (seciton 14) and entitlement on your part to terminate the contract. This is your statutory right.

    • Jo 28 October, 1:06 am

      Catriona – Please can you tell me whether the phone in this instance would be covered by the Sale of Goods Act 1979 or by the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982? I have a similar problem (phone came as part of contract with Orange) and need to know which Act to quote. Thank you.

      • Nicola 7 February, 10:56 pm

        If the phone was supplied by the service provider, then you can argue under the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 that the handset is not of a satisfactory quality.

        If the trader tells you that you must contact the manufacturer then this is misleading, could be an attempt to restrict your statutory rights and if so would be a criminal offence under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 and should be reported to Trading Standards.

    • Plumpjack 13 June, 12:43 pm

      My understanding from an informed source is that the ‘6 month rule’ is repeatedly misinterpreted, and that it applies on the single condition that the customer claims the goods were faulty [‘not of a reasonable or saleable quality’] at the time of purchase, in other words if they are claiming a replacement from the retailer for that reason alone. If faults develop subsequently the rule does not apply at all. The 6 month proviso is referenced in the Sale of Goods Act 1974 but does not affect warranty or claims that goods are not fir for purpose. My source, who has legal experience related to consumer law, is most insistent about this. Is he correct? Thanks.

  • JIM 24 January, 5:37 pm

    I bought a pair of traniers from a company on ebay November 2008, a split appeared at the front within the first week of January and the hole is now about an inch in lenght making them unwearable. The seller who sold it has said it is nothing to with them and to get in the contact the company made the product. Have you any ideas if they have to replace them or give me my money back?

  • Catriona 28 January, 12:16 am

    Jim, if the individual you bought them from is a commercial trader, rather than a private seller, then they are liable for poor quality under Sale of Goods, not the manufacturer. So they must replace or refund – a repair is obviously not feasible.

  • Declan Kilbride 13 February, 5:23 pm


    I bought an aquarium about 6 months ago and the light has now failed – I think the whole top hood needs replacement. The shop where I bought it has now closed. It came with a 24 month guarantee but I don’t have proof of purchase, except a record of the debit card transaction on my bank statement. Do I have any rights with the manufacturer?

  • Catriona 18 February, 1:36 pm

    Declan, Under Sale of Goods you would take the item back to the retailer, but the retailer would only send it on to the manufacturer anyway so you’re simply cutting out the middle man. The debit card transaction will do as proof enough of purchase, don’t be told oherwise! In addition to Sale of Goods, the guarantee is also legally binding, but check who it is with, if it is with the retailer and the retailer has closed down, it counts for nothing. If it is with the manufacturer, they must honour it.

  • Dave 5 March, 12:25 pm

    At the end of January 2008 (22nd?) I purchased a Sony digital camera for my wife’s birthday (Feb 2008) from a highly respected High Street retailer for about £200. In November 2008 at a family party the flash wouldn’t work, although the rest of the camera was fine. The battery was running low so I assumed it was due to this and used another camera. Then at Christmas 2008, trying with three fully-charged batteries the same thing happened. However I couldn’t take it back to the store until 30th January 2009. The shop sent it back to Sony, but it has been returned because it was out of warranty and both parties refuse to repair or replace. So my question is ‘can I force anyone to accept responsibilty’ and using the fit for purpose argument ‘how long should a £200+ camera last?’
    Many thanks. Dave

  • Catriona 5 March, 9:48 pm

    Dave, Sale of Goods uses the word ‘durable’ in its definition of satisfactory quality. There is no statutory definition of how long things should last beyond use of the word ‘reasonable’. Any normal person would consider 12 months as unreasonable. The way you have been dealt with by Sony is both unacceptable and unlawful. the retailer has a legal responsibility to make a repair in the first instance, and a replacement or partial refund if a repair is impossible. The warranty here is irrelevant. Are you sure the shop even sent it back to Sony?

    • Dave 9 March, 4:29 pm

      Thanks Catriona. Thanks to your advice I went back to the shop to collect the camera and I asked them what they, as the retailer responsible, intended to do for me, as it clearly wasn’t fit for purpose. I used phrases like ‘expected life of product’ ‘Sale Of Goods Act’ ‘durability’, and asked if they thought 13 months life was suitable for cameras they were selling. After speaking to the manager (who hid in the back office!) I was given £175 towards a replacement camera (new model, as they didn’t stock the old one). I was also offered £150 cash to walk away and buy from somewhere else, but I decided to take the £175. thanks again.

  • Vikkie 7 March, 3:50 pm

    I bought a mobile phone from Argos for christmas and it has stated to go wrong I took it back to Argos and they told me that they had to send it off. I don’t want this but they insist that they had to do this. They said it’s their policy to do this but I don’t want a phone that has been used for 2 months and faulty and been repaired. Do I have any other rights or am I going to have to send it off and now be without a phone for however long it’s going to take them?

  • Catriona 9 March, 2:55 pm

    Vikkie, Yes, Argos are within their rights to do this, you don’t have the right to request a replacement unless the repair doesn’t work. See:
    For more on this

  • Mark Cotterill 12 March, 10:18 pm


    I purchased a Packard Bell iMedia X2424 package on the 29th October 2008 from PC World, 6 weeks ago the monitor started to develop a fault where ghosts of on screen programs could be seen moving away to the right and the text vibrating slightly. I went back to PC World, they confirmed the monitor is faulty, I then asked for a replacement, the manager stated “we do not stock replacement monitors” so I asked for a refund they said it is not possible because the item is out of its 28 day from purchase window. All they did was give me a premium rate phone number as the problem was the manufacturers to sort out not theirs. The reason I asked for a replacment instead of a repair is because, I am disabled and use me pc for eveyday things such as banking, food orders, keeping in touch with family and friends, and was told by the assistant a repair could leave me without a monitor for 2-3 weeks. I rang packard bell and have not been able to get a monitor as the call centre say, the repair centre is in another country and have no way of finding out any kind of timeframe as their only means of communication is via email. Considering the package cost me £500, is not even six months old, I would say that monitor is not of reasonable quality as it has become faulty after 3 months of use. Any help greatly appreciated.

    • Tony 12 March, 10:59 pm

      Dear Mark,

      This is not acceptable, ask to speak to a manager and quote your rights under the Sale of Goods Act. It is the shop’s responsibility to repair the item in the first instance and given your circumstances they should lend you a replacement while they effect the repair.


      • Mark Cotterill 12 March, 11:04 pm

        Could you be a bit more specific pinpointing what rights you mean as I am a bit confused with which i should go with, 2-3 could quite easily fit the bill e.g. fit for purpose, reasonable quality. I can understand why shops/traders get away with it a lot of the time as the SOGA is quite confusing to someone who hasn’t had previous troubles.

  • Catriona 13 March, 1:01 pm

    Mark, a number of points. Firstly it is the retailers responsibility to sort this out, not the manufacturer. You should not experience any additional cost, so referring you to a premium rate number is unlawful. Secondly, you have enhanced consumer rights if the item goes wrong in the first six months, and the retailer must sort this out without you having to prove anything. Thirdly, the item must be repaired in reasonable time and without significant inconvenience to you – you can easily prove this so they must provide you with a replacement while yours is away. No arguments.
    I’m afraid the first option is under SOG is always a repair and a replacement can only be offered if a repair cannot be carried out, or if you experience significant inconvenience in the process. The warranty is irrelevant. Refer to: http://WHATCONSUMER.CO.UK/and-if-my-statutory-rights-are-breached/ for more on this. The legislation is s. 48 SOG. Ask to have this problem escalated and threaten to take this matter to Trading Standards unless they comply.

    • Mark Cotterill 15 March, 9:40 pm

      Thank you so much for all your help with my problem, I went back to PC World armed with all my knowledge thanks to you, and surprise surprise “oh yes Mr. Cotterill We’re happy to repair it for you”.

      Thanks again I’ll always visit this site when I have problems in the future.

  • Beverley 5 April, 9:20 pm

    My father bought a very expensive laptop from Argos on Thursday, when I went to set it up for him at the weekend there was clearly a problem with the Hard Drive. My Father obviously wanted one that works and he has been sold faulty goods. However Argos state that their 30 day monbey back guarantee doesn’t apply to computers and will not replace it. They will send it back to Acer to be repaired, but this seems unfair as he didn’t pay £800 for a reconditioned laptop. What are his rights?

  • Catriona 6 April, 5:58 pm

    Beverley, Argos are misleading you by telling you this, their 30 day whatever has nothing to do with your statutory rights under Sale of Goods. However, Argos are within their rights to give you a repair in the first instance as long as it is done within reasonable time, without significant inconvenience and at no additional cost to you. If this cannot be done you can request a replacement and only if neither of these can be done can you request a refund. See: http://WHATCONSUMER.CO.UK/returning-damaged-or-faulty-goods/ for more on this

  • Helen Gibbons 7 April, 3:24 pm

    I bought a Digital SLR Canon camera online from Jessops in April 2007. Within 5 days of the 12 month warranty expiring in 2008, the shutter failed. I took it back to Jessops who said it was out of warranty. Having spoken to Customer Services and citing the Sale of Goods Act the camera was sent back to Canon for an in warranty repair. I have not used the camera for about 6 weeks and at the weekend tried to use it at a family christening. The same problem with the shutter occurred. I have spoken again to Jessops who tell me tha their repairs are only guaranteed for 6 months. I have again cited the Sale of Goods Act as I expect a new shutter to last for longer in this expensive product. Customer Services has called to say that there is a sliding scale for repair work included in the of Goods Act. They have asked me to return the camera and their Canon agent will inspect and report back how much it will cost. Previously I was quoted (in 2008) about £150 for a new shutter. Does such a sliding scale exist and is it reasonable that this work is only warranted for 6 months? Thanks.

  • Dave 10 April, 12:26 pm

    Hi, I purchased a brand new Michellin tyre from ATS on 30th December 2008. 2 days ago I noticed that the front nearside tyre has a large bulge in the tyre wall making the tyre illegal and dangerous. I took it back to ATS who looked at it and informed me that this was impact damage and as such they would not replace the tyre. I know that this is not the case as I know where the car has been since the tyres were put on. The manager at ATS branch then told me that they do not cover this type of claim any way and I would have to buy a new tyre from them and then they will send the faulty one back to Michellin where it will be tested and if it is found to be faulty then I would get a partial refund. When I read their terms and conditions he was quoting their own policy but they also say that they guarantee the tyre for its entire legal life and that my statatory rights are not affected. The guarantee seems to contradict my rights and would not cover any circumstance that would actually replace the faulty tyre. Could you advise me please. Do I have a valid argument for them to replace my tyre free of charge?

    • steve 4 July, 5:57 pm

      Tyres gain bulges on the sidewall as a result of impact such as pot holes, curbs etc. You are not covered under warranty for such damage in the same way your car paint is not covered under warranty if you hit your car door against the wall, dropped your new TV on the floor or dropped your phone in the toilet.
      It is accidental damage on your part.

      If the tyre had been defected with a bulge from day one, you would have known long ago, as the tyre would have blow out a few miles after it was fitted.
      IF you’ve hit a pot hole you can however claim on the councils insurance as pothole are not supposed to be in our roads and any damage cause by them will be covered.

      Also, I am a tyre technician. We always put the customers spare on and send the tyre back to the manufacturer. The manufacturer will not deal with tyre dealers direct they will always contact and refund the end user (you). They inspect and even x-ray tyres to determine whether or not the damage is through a manufacturing issue or a miss-use/wear and tear/accidental damage issue.

      The retailer will return the item to the manufacturer and deal with the returns etc but it’s the manufacturer who ultimately will contact you in regards to the refund.

      As much as I hate ATS, they’re doing things correctly. Obviously you don’t have to buy your replacement tyre form them, and you can put your spare wheel on until the manufacturer has issued your refund, which you can then buy a new tyre with.

      Unfortunately, Catriona has no clue what she is talking about.

      Steve (Tyre dealer)

  • Catriona 11 April, 11:01 am

    Helen, you are right to cite Sale of Goods, as the warrranty is irrelevant and using expiry of warranty as an excuse is a common way retailers wriggle out of their statutory obligations. Sale of Goods includes the word ‘durable’ in their definition of quality, and section 48 provides the remedies you can expect the retailer to provide if the item breaks down before it should. There is no sliding scale for repairs, only that a repair will be provided in the first instance. If a repair cannot be provided the item must be replaced, and if neither of these can be done, you must be given a refund. Sale of Goods overrides the warranty, and cannot obscure your statutory rights under this legislation. Go back, tell them that their repair has failed, so you are within your rights now to ask for a replacement (same or equivilent value). Good luck.

  • Catriona 11 April, 7:07 pm

    Dave, firstly, it is the retailer’s responsbility to deal with this, and you shouldn’t be directed to the manufacturer at any time (unless it benefits you). Secondly, with any fault which is discovered within the first 6 months, the assumption is that it was present when you bought it, and you need prove nothing. Your remedies under Sale of Goods apply to tyres just as they would a toaster or anything else and entitle you to a repair in the first instance. If this is not possible (which it would not be with something like a tyre) then you are within your rights to request a replacement. Disregard any talk of warranty and cite your rights under Sale of Goods. Good luck.

  • Tony 14 April, 10:20 am

    I brought an HP Officejet Photo printer from an online company called Insight at the beginning of February ’09. Once it arrived I did not open it as I was about to go on holiday for a few weeks. When i returned i started using the printer and noticed that it would blur the last few inches of every printout. This happend regardless of what paper/ink i used, what computer i used or what program i printed from. It would also suffer from nummerous paper jams even though there was clearly no jam at all. I would deem it as not fit for purpose. So I rang up Insight and they directed me straight to HP. So i rang up HP, went though loads of troubleshooting and they confirmed that there was a fault with the printer, but they were only offering a refurbished model because thats what their warrenty states. I rang back Insight and said to them that they should offer me a new printer as the one i have was faulty from the start. They said they can’t as it is after their 30 day return policy. As the printer was faulty to begin with, do i have the right to demand a new printer or would Insight have to offer a repair first? Thank you in advance for your help and advice.

  • Catriona 16 April, 1:11 pm

    Tony, Unfortunately once some time has passed and the item has been used, the retailer only needs to offer a repair in the first instance. If this cannot be done they must replace the item. A refurbished model is the accepted equivilent of a repair, although the unit must be like for like – i.e. not significantly dented, scratched, or scuffed and must be of satisfactory quality. See: http://WHATCONSUMER.CO.UK/returning-damaged-or-faulty-goods/ for more on your remedies under Sale of Goods.

  • Lucy 9 February, 4:14 pm

    I bought a pair of boots for £155 from a local shoe shop. After wearing them once i noticed that the stiching had come undone down the sides of both boots. I took tham back to the shop and asked for a refund as I donot want another pair as I do not trust the brand now. The sales assistant told me they were not allowed to give me a refund and had to send the boots away for analysis by the manufacturer. If they send the boots back to me repaired is it reasonable to request a refund or exchange if im not happy with the quality still? The shop seems to think it is not their responsibility even though I had the reciept, and they were the ones who sold me the faulty goods.

    • Tony 10 February, 12:27 am

      Hi Lucy,

      It is reasonable for them to offer a repair rather than a refund. If the same problem happens again then you can try for a refund, but it is generally accepted that you have to give the shop at least three attempts to repair an item.


  • Hannah 10 February, 12:39 pm


    Please help me!
    I am a girl with no ‘man’ power behind me and I feel I am getting completely fobbed off! I bought a LCD TV from currys May 2008 and now the picture does not work just the sound. Currys say I am out of 1yr warranty and need to speak to phillips, phillips say as out of warranty need to speak to independant person who can look into fixing it obviously at a charge to me and they said ‘sorry’ I presume as this TV was over £1000 it is going to be an expensive fix! Who holds responsibility what is best course of action? Spouting off ‘acts’ to currys and taking tv to them or doing it to phillips over the phone! Please help

    Thank you

    • Tony 10 February, 8:55 pm

      Hi Hannah,

      A TV of this value should last longer than this and not of satisfactory quality. Currys should either fix it, replace it or provide a refund. This is one of your statutory rights as defined in the Sale of Goods Act. However, they are within their rights to request that you prove that the TV has an inherent fault and was not misused. You would be able to claim back the cost of this if it does have an inherent manufacturing fault. I hope this helps


      • Hannah 8 March, 8:57 am

        Hi. Thank you for your help previously but the saga continues! I spoke to Currys who indeed said in need to prove inherent fault, They recommended me to use an certain TV engineer company for a report. I have done this and the company told me from the start that they cannot say 100% it is an inherent fault as standard but they can say it is not through any form of misuse. This engineer report has gone back to Currys who have responded to me saying the following:

        “I was concerned to learn of the difficulties that you are experiencing with your Philips 42PFL9632D television. It is noted that your product is 21 months old. In light of your correspondence, I have contacted the engineer and I was advised that they are unable to confirm that the fault was inherent or state that it is a manufacturing defect. Given that no inherent fault or manufacturing defect has been confirmed, as a gesture of goodwill, we can contribute towards the half of the costs of the repair, which is £138.00. Should you wish to accept our offer, please contact us quoting ref.: CC0001458888. ”

        I feel completely cheated as their recommended engineer company said they can’t say more than this. What more can I do to get the full refund I am entitled to?

        MAny thanks


    • Dave 11 February, 11:05 am

      Hi Hannah. I had a similar problem with a well-known high street department store concerning an expensive digital camera. It was 1 week out of warranty when i took it back and they quoted the usual ‘out of warranty’ response. However following advice from this site i went back to the shop, discussed buying a camera with a sales assistant without telliung him my reasons, and he suggested that a camera like this would last a few years, so i then went to the service desk and asked them if they had a policy of selling cameras that couldn’t be expected to last more than a year. I was then offered a 90% refund or money off a newer model. I was happy with that, but i dare say I could have spent a lot more time and not got much more. (thankyou ‘’)

      It’s the normal advice given by this and other consumer sites. An item should have a suitable life expectancy. I just asked a simple question, ‘do they sell goods that they expect to have a suitable life expectancy or not?’. From my understanding that deosn’t matter wether it’s a £1000 TV or a £40 toaster. The annoying thing is you shouldn’t have to have ‘man power’ or seek this sort of advice, the warranty period is irrelevant if you have a faulty item.

  • Dom 16 February, 4:24 pm

    i bought a bluetooth gaming headset which won’t even turn on(after many attempts) from Game on 27th december, and it says that they will give a no hassle refund within 28 days (which i know i am outside of!)if the product is still in the original sealed packaging (which surely is impossible if i know its faulty)and in addition, my statutory rights still apply. Should they give me a refund, exchange or something like store credit and if they should should they pay the price i bought it for or the out of sale price which is a fair bit more expensive?

    many thanks


    • Tony 18 February, 11:56 pm

      Hi Dom,

      Generally you need to give them the opportunity to repair the item. If they can’t they can offer a replacement (like-for-like i.e. it doesn’t need to be new) or a refund – partial taking into account usage or based on residual value.


  • Janet 23 February, 2:29 pm

    I purchased a steam generator iron from a tv channel (Ideal World). when I first received ti it had a part missing and I waited about 6 weeks for the part to be sent. Then after only using it twice it broke down on me. I have sent it back to them and they are sending it to their Quality dept to decide if I get a refind or if they repair it. I don’t want the iron back now I want a full refund. Can I demand one?


    • Tony 26 February, 1:25 am

      They are within their rights to repair it rather than give you a refund. If the same fault occurs three times then you can demand a refund.

      • Filip Sosenko 6 April, 6:31 pm

        Hi Tony,

        You said that ‘If the same fault occurs three times then you can demand a refund’. I am in this situation now and I was wondering if you could tell me what the legal basis for this is? Knowing this would help me in case the seller/manufacturer says ‘no’ to my request for a refund.

        Many thanks,


      • Tony 7 April, 8:27 am

        Hi, by saying that all I was trying to do is define what ‘reasonable opportunity to repair’ means.

  • will 27 February, 10:04 pm

    I bought a dvd home cinema system from an reputed online seller which cost £699. it was delivered in january 2008 and recently it will not play dvds properly, either freezing or skipping. Where do I stand with this?

    • Tony 2 March, 11:05 pm

      Will, You need to ask them to repair it in the first instance. They may ask for an engineer’s report proving that it has not been misused and has an inherent defect. This is reasonable.

  • Stacey 5 March, 3:04 am

    I bought a Dell laptop from currys in July 2009 complete with charger, which recently broke (charger), I took out the extended warranty with currys aswell. I tried to get some info in store about replacement/repair but they just referred me to their support helpline, they eventually pointed to Dell as its their product. Can i pursue currys for replacement or repair or is it down to dell

    • Tony 8 March, 12:40 am

      Stacey, this is for Currys to repair and I guess the easiest thing to do would be to claim under the warranty.


  • Isaac E 5 March, 11:57 pm

    Hi Catriona, really appreciate all your work here!

    I bought a pentax digital SLR for around £600 in mid august of 2008. Yesterday it developed a fault where it would not read memory cards. After searching on the internet and on forums i find that it is a common fault which can happen at any time, and that a repair costs around £200. On the “repairs” slip there is even a tick box for this problem. This leads me to assume that this is a fault which exists in pentax cameras and that it has nothing to do with wear and tear or any fault on my part. After 18 months am i still covered? Should it go to the manufacturer or to the retailer?


  • Christopher Baker 9 March, 7:51 pm

    Hello, i am currently in a battle with a phone shop.

    I got a phone on contract in November 2009 and it stopped working by January.

    I took the phone back and they sent it off for repair, after 4 weeks i phoned up to see what is goin on and they said they have recived an email saying they wont repair it its a fault inside the phone.

    But the shop said to me its after 28 days they wont replace it.

    So still no phone. I told them about the sales of goods act, and they said do what you want basically we dont care.

    So i wrote them a letter from martins money tips and stated they have 14 days to reply.

    No reply after 20 days. i Phoned them up and im being directed all over the place all sayin its down to Sony Erricson now.

    And everyone has been saying just buy a new phone we wont win the case.

    Im getting very distressed over it all now.

    I had the phone for 2 months.

    I have tried saying you have to prove the phone wasnt broken before you sold it me. But no one is doing anything.

    Do i take them court?

    What do i do?

  • Jonny 10 March, 1:53 pm

    How does video game purchases factor into this? Recently purchased Assassin’s creed 2 from It is from publishers ubisoft and the box does quite clearly label “internet connection required” but they don’t state it is “constant internet connection” and they have already lost their own server access twice. Which renders this single player “offline” game useless. It does not need anything from the internet since it is just a one person game.

    Frustrated that it requires such a thing as a constant internet, but it does also require them to be up and running with their servers! So part of the requirements of this particular product actually is the publisher!

    Want to know really if I can get a refund, because it is frustrating enough as it is, especially since I dislike playing games on the net anyway!

  • stacey 15 March, 1:27 pm

    Hello all
    Desperately need some help. I purchased a wedding veil along with my wedding dress and went for my fitting last week – the veil doesn’t match my dress. I’m not happy with it at all. The shop said that the place that supplies them the veils do not do refunds or returns. The veil is a lot brighter than I anticipated. I am able to order another one but will have to pay another lot of money out for this. I’ve spent a lot of money in this shop. Am I entitled to a refund? I bought the veil from the shop and they ordered from designer/supplier.

    • Negar 3 February, 3:24 pm

      Hi I am exactly in the same situation except that the length of the veil is not what they told me. Did you manage to get any result?

  • IwantToKnow 16 March, 3:22 pm

    Hi, I have few questions:

    1. If faulty item was bought more than 6 months ago, how can I prove that item wasn’t “in accordance with the contract at the time of delivery”?
    2. I bought something online, who will pay for delivering faulty item to repair?
    3. Is there some kind of agency (e.g. government one) that I can contact before taking the case to the court if seller won’t take faulty item for repair/ replacement/ refund? Something like Better Business Bureau in USA, that will act as “proxy” between me and seller?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Michael 17 March, 10:42 am


    I puchased a computer system from Eclipse computers in Coventry 3 months ago the system blew a couple of weeks ago (I believe the power supply has shorted) As this is under warranty I called them up to arrange repair/replacement. I have had to pay to ship this to them which i have now done they have had this system for two weeks and nobody has contacted me. I have tried several times to get a response from them and to date no one has even acknowledged my requests. Due to the fact this product is under 6 months old and the fact that nobody has contacted me whatsoever since sending this back to them I am now inclined to request a full refund of this product. Can you advise what the best approach for this would be? I believe sale of goods act can be used as the system was not fit for purpose but also the ridiculous lack of contact from anyoner at the company is a major issue they have my money and my product but will not respond to me. what shall i do? thanks in advance for your help.

  • Adam O'Connor 19 March, 12:58 pm

    I got a TV as a present at Christmas just gone. However the TV has now broke so i want to take it back to the store and get a replacement because the tv shouldnt break after 3 months.

    I rang them up and they said i needed to have a receipt as a proof of purchase but I am a university student and the receipt will be at home with my parents.

    I have all the packaging it came in and even an order ticket on the side of the box. Do they have to give me a replacement or do i have to have a proof of purchase?

  • Katherine 21 March, 11:33 pm

    Hi I brought a Joby Gorillatorch from amazon in december 2009 for a christmas present for my boyfriend. It doesn’t work now…unless you hold down the battery end. As it was over 30 days, amazon say go to the manufacturer, can I insist that on a refund as I don’t really want another one now? Also I brought an electrolux vacuum cleaner from Tesco 14 months ago, can I get a refund off them too as this doesn’t seem fair? Many thanks

  • Gareth 24 March, 4:28 pm

    Hi There
    Please can anyone help? a couple of months ago I purchased a new amplifier from a music shop. They had to order 3 amps in the end as the first two they ordered were faulty. My amp has now developed a fault and I contacted my music shop to arrange a refund as I have lost confidence in the product now. The music shop stated they need to speak with their supplier (the manufacturer) to see if it will be repaired or if a credit note will be issued. Is this fair? I was under the impression that if the amp was faulty I could request a refund.
    Please can anyone help in this matter?
    any help would be appreciated

  • KEITH 29 March, 6:58 pm

    On the 18th Feb 2010 My wife purchased one of the new PANASONIC DMR-BS850EBK Blu-Ray RECORDERS.On the 23rd Feb 2010,it was retured to the retailer COMET Perry Barr Birmingham, DUETO IT NOT RESPONDING WHEN FREESTAT CHANNELS SETUP.Comet replaced the unit for new.
    Today Having down loaded from HD,CAMCORDER for the first time, I find that this new unit will not format or record in Blu-Ray,I returned it to Comet only to be told it was out side the 28 day that they will supply a replacement & I will have to have it repaired?
    I feel this recorder is not fit for purpose & requested it be replaced or monies back, the managers comment stated it is not the stores problem & unit must be sent back for repaired by PANASONIC.I donot wish a repaired unit after paying £800
    Is this the only option I have under Stat Rights Law .

  • Victoria 31 March, 2:16 am

    Hi I bought a digital camera from toysrus for 35.99 for my son for christmas. When we opened it on christmas morning we noticed it had faulty battery door, and broken pixels on the screen. I took it backk to toysrus as soon as shops re opened after christmas, but they had no cameras in stock at all to replace it with, so the lady at customer services agreed that i could take it back home and return it when they had more stock in. So i took it home as my son was still able to use it, then the battery door broke off completely when i tried to re insert the batteries so i put it on the shelf and it hasnt been used since. So at the begining of march when they finally got more cameras in stock, i took it back to the store. The manager was completely rude and told me that it wasnt their problem and that it looked as tho i had dropped the camera, and that they would send it to manufacturer to see if they were responsible and repair if that was the case. After 3 weeks of waiting i have now been told by toysrus that the camera has been sent back and the manufacturer hold no responsibility and that it looks as tho it has been dropped, they also said that there are no broken pixels on the screen. My camera is still at toysrus waiting for me to collect it, but im not sure what to do as i know it has broken pixels, so i dont want to collect it, and then have them tell me that i must have damaged the camera since. I know i must have some rights as the camera has not been dropped at any point whilst in my care. I have spoken to the head office who have spoken to the store in question, and head office totally stand by the rude manager of the shop where i purchased it. Please HELP, i need to know my rights. Also, if i do have rights, what is my next step, I cant just barge into toysrus and demand that they give me a new 1 cus they would just say no, and what then ?


  • Carol 4 April, 12:44 pm

    Hi my daughter purchased 3 items of clothing from Primark it was underware sets, they all state on labels and packaging that they are size 10s,two of the sets fit fine, unfortunately one of the sets is to big arround straps etc, I went to exchange the larger item and was told company pollicy does not allow underware exchange,
    I can appreciate that, but when I asked the manager how one set was larger than the other two he said that it is from a different manufacturer than the other two garments and maybe they make their sizes different, surely a size should be the same size irrevelant of the manufacturer, he said it is not the companys fault but the manufacturer,but still wont refund or exchange,it is not the monitary value here but merely the principal

  • Chris 6 April, 4:12 pm


    I purchased an Apple ipod touch from a well known High Street retailler on 12/12/09 and within 6 weeks it failed to function.
    I returned it to the shop where it was purchased along with till receipts etc, only to be told this was not their problem and we should take this up with Apple. After insisting it is the shop’s reponsibility to sort this out, I left the dvice with them on 13/02/2010 to sort out. We rec’d a call from an Apple agent to say the device has liquid damage from possibly it being left in a car overnight or being in a steamy kitchen, none of which apply. The store where we purchaed the device is now saying the manufacturers warranty is invalidated and they can do no more.

    Where do I stand, the device has not been used that much and I don’t beleive should have failed in this way, it may have been faulty when purchased, but it was not damaged by me to my knowledge?

    Any help on this matter would be appreciated.

  • Filip 7 April, 1:01 pm

    Hi Tony,

    In one of your posts you said that ‘If the same fault occurs three times then you can demand a refund’. I am in this situation now (product already repaired twice by the manufacturer) and I was wondering if you could tell me what the legal basis for this is? Knowing this would help me in case the seller says ‘no’ to my request for a refund.

    Many thanks,


  • Steve 8 April, 4:49 pm


    I bought a new Samsung TV approx 18 months go. It has begun to go faulty and is now barely watchable. The retailer wants nothing to do with it and says its the manufacturers responsibility. I don’t know how to get through to Samsung, let alone package a 32″ tv for shipping. I dont consider average evening viewing an excessive amount, and i dont consider £450 for a tv every 18 months a good deal. Who is responsible for dealing with this, i dont expect a new change, but i would have expected the retailer to take responsibility and ‘make good’ under the 2 year directive. Any help or ideas please?? Thanks

  • IwantToKnow 9 April, 1:21 pm

    Gareth: it depends how long you had this amp. You can request refund only for a few moments after purchase – days or weeks. After that you can only request repair/ replacement.
    Katherine: you can request repair/ replacement in both cases, however you would have to prove Tesco that there was something not OK with the vacuum when you bough it (if it fails so quickly and you used it according to manual there was something not right). Amazon case is simpler, because as the product is < 6 months old it's thought to be wrong at the moment of purchase – if Amazon thinks differently they have to prove that.

  • Alen 15 April, 8:22 pm

    Hey, I purchased an S reg Vauxhall Astra 20 days ago from a local dealer for £995. Its a basic model, the garage gave me a full mot and the car ran fine. To start with. After just less than 3 weeks, the gearbox seems to have failed (won’t go into first/third gear) and the two right wheels started to squeak on acceleration. Plainly, I need the car to be in good working order, with travelling to work, taking my 15 month old boy to the docs etc. Where would I stand? A repair would be way too timely, I can’t get a loan/replacement vehicle, so this is (to me anyway) a major inconvenience. He gladly gave me a massive 30 day warranty, should there be any issues, do I instantly claim a full refund?


  • Chris 15 April, 10:52 pm

    9 Months ago I bought a sat nav for my car. Within 2 weeks I noticed problems. I was advised by the shop to go to the manufacturers web site where I would find a fix. This I did. This led me subsequently to deal directly with the manufacturer via online help. After many hours spent by myself trying to fix under their guidance they swapped it for another one. This also didn’t work properly. It has taken this long due to their incompetence and constant trial and error methods. They have had the ‘new’ one back for over a week, which is about 1 month after I received it. I have not had a fully working product since the time I bought it. They do say that they have now fixed this one and it is on the way back to me.
    I have lost all confidence in the product. Can I now go back to the shop for a refund ?

  • dawn 16 April, 8:27 pm

    need some help on how i stand. I have a washing machine 7 months old, bought from currys. Broke almost 4 weeks ago so phoned currys to eventually get through to hotpoint, call was booked for a week later, i was told i had a broken drum, they would order a new one!!! drum that is!!! almost 2 weeks later engineer called round and surprise surprise arrived to fix machine without the parts!!! they hadnt been ordered correctly so another drum has now been ordered and should hopefully arrive and be fitted next week… ive phoned hotpoint several times and been passed round, spoke to currys and was told it was manufacturers problem…. after popping into my local currys the manager contacted hotpoint got nowhere and filed a complaint to currys head office!!! ive now had a reply that hotpoint wont write off machine and that currys cant write it off until engineer has tried to fix next week…currys cant help out until after day 28…. strangely enough the engineers visit is booked for day 29……. i will only get new machine if they cant fix it on that day……. can anyone suggest anything or where i stand…. before i get completetly lost in my washin……. family of 5

  • Jason 17 April, 11:10 pm

    Hello all,

    I purchased a vacuum cleaner from Argos, December time in 2009. The product has now become faulty; whereby it switches off after only ~20mins of use and cannot be restarted for another hour or so. I tried returning the product to Argos in exchange for a different cleaner last month, however they said it must first be sent off for repairs before they could offer an exchange. I asked during the repair if I would be supplied with a replacement product to which they answered no. I declined the repair as it means I would be left vacuum cleanerless for however long the repair takes. I’ve been reading that with mobile phones you can get a replacement product during the repair time, is this also true for other products i.e. vacuum cleaners? Am I entitled to a replacement cleaner whilst my own is being repaired as a matter of inconvenience?

  • Sharon Hewett 19 April, 10:31 am

    I purchased a Whirlpool 20RI-D3J American Style Fridge Freezer from Comet in Feb 2009. Over the last couple of days the visual display has been going crazy, lights flashing, the ice is backing up and the machine has now started to randoming spewing out water. Yesterday evening it flooded the kitchen floor, now I am worried a reoccurance could damage my kitchen units. Comet are saying that I have to pay a call out charge of £30 to have the damage assessed, they would offer reduced rates of spare parts and labour charge is down to the engineer. I am now on the phone the a ‘I am not happy with Comet’ team and she is not accepting their responsibility!! What to do next?? I need this machine fixing fast, if I switch it off all my food will defrost – HELP!!

  • Nabil 21 April, 7:38 pm

    hi i bought a play station 3 from GAME on the 19th febuary 2007 and its supposed to have a 10 year life cycle but yesterday was affected by the “yellow light of death” i take great care of my console and believe that this is a manufacturers defect this is confirmed by numerous websites and evenb the “watchdog” programme. considering the console is somewhat a premium console with its steep pricetag i expected it to last longer.From what ive researched Sony do not replace for free when past the 1 year gurantee and charge up to £145.00 what should i do? am i entitled to a free repair or replacement.

    • alan moon 25 June, 2:42 pm

      hi nabil, just read your post, im in a similar situation, the ylod? could you tell me how you got on.

  • Ian 9 May, 9:40 pm

    My girlfriend bought some glass paint from Hobbycraft in February. She’s been using it on glass bottles and recently noticed that the paint has never dried properly. It’s still tacky and everything she’s painted is ruined. She bought almost £100 worth of paint and she’s furious.

    She has yet to approach Hobbycraft so I don’t know what their response will be. However, they state a 28 day returns policy after which they say no refunds will be issued.

    What are her rights in this instance?

  • Toni 10 May, 2:14 pm


    I bought a camera from Currys and it broke, they told me to contact Kodak as it was their policy not the stores that it be sent off for repair, however when i received it back from Kodak it was broken in another way to what it was when i sent it and the shop won’t do anything about it they just tell me under trading standards they have the right to send it off 3 times before theyl give me an exchange……

    Please can you give me any advice?


  • sajid 16 May, 11:53 pm

    hi, i ordered a marble fireplace and gas fire for £800, after it was deliverd i payed £600 in cash and said ill pay £200 the next day, he wrote on the back of his shop card “paid £600, Balance £200” can i use this as proof of payment as i returned the fireplace cos it was the wrong size and its been 3 months and after numerous contacts the shopkeeper is unwilling to give back money for the fire place, he said the manufacturer hasnt refunded him so he cant pay me, and hes taken back the fire place and i havent got my £600 back, please help

  • Michael Devine 17 May, 8:40 pm

    On the 13/5/2010, I upgraded my phone and renewed my contract with Orange. I bought the HTC Desire paying £99.99, after a few days noticed that the screen has a dead pixel. Noticed this on the 17/5/2010. Because I technically bought a faulty product from Orange, are they liable for an exchange or replacement? or at least sending it away and trying to get it repaired?


  • s a 26 May, 9:52 pm

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    On 12/2007, I bought a Playstation 3 60GB from the Currys UK branch on Fosse Park (including 2 games) which is not of satisfactory quality.
    The problem is the device goes into standby a few seconds after it is switched on.
    Sony namely J*** D*** has quoted £131 to replace the Playstation 3 console with a refurbished model.
    I wish to claim a replacement from Currys as my contract of sale is with you and it is reasonable to expect goods of this nature and cost to last longer than this. This is one of my statutory rights as described in the Sale of Goods Act 1979.
    I bought it on finance.
    Please arrange for my Playstation 3 to be repaired or replaced or send me £131 within 14 days from receipt of this letter.
    Yours faithfully,
    S*** A***

    anything wrong???

  • Gerry O'Neil 29 May, 9:05 pm

    We purchased a Coolzone fridge freezer from Comet January 09,it is now having problems with the thermostat. We have tried the thermostat from 1-6 all ways and we are still losing food, in essence it is knackered.

    We contacted Comet and we were told to re-adjust the thermostat because it was warmer weather, once again, we did this but to no avail.Today Sat 29th May 2010 we went to the store,the manager told us their policy is one year guarantee, and was fully aware of the E.U.’s two year guarantee and the five year guarantee in Scotland and 1/ none of this was applicable to his company 2/ its natural wear/tear is because we had it plugged in all the time, so tough. Any advice please our food is rotten and we are expecting a child in 10 days

  • Alfie White 18 June, 12:34 pm

    What is a reasonable time period for a retailer to accept an item for repair and then either replace or give the good back repaired?

  • Patrick 22 June, 4:45 pm

    Hi I bought a teac lcd tv from Curry’s last march and last week it stopped working. I went to Curry’s who said that they can’t do anything as it is outside the year’s guarantee. Any advice please? As I have never had a tv last for such a short period of time!!

  • Bev Sharp 26 July, 11:14 am

    My daughter in law had her wedding dress made which was purchased from a shop in Leeds. This was a designer dress and had to be made to measure. The problem she had was that both straps had to have safety pins in at around 8.00 pm and so the dress didn’t even last for the first dance. She has sent her dress back to the shop and they have offered to dry clean the dress and repair this and also offered her a voucher to spend at one of their other shops on evening weard. They are trying to say that it is her fault and that the dress was okay when she took it from the shop. The thing that my daughter in law is angry with more than anything is the tone of their letter and also that they can’t even apologise for the upset this may have caused. She wants to know if she is entitled to ask for a substantial refund or not.

  • Leigh 3 August, 7:50 pm

    I have found the info here to be very useful and just wanted to add in that I have had a very similar problem to Dave with a camera bought from the people who are never knowingly undersold. The problem occured after 13 months with a faulty lens. I phoned the hel of pline (?) and informed them of the fault and asked if they could sort it out. They said no and refered me to the manufacturer, Sony. Having read a lot of the info here I informed them that they were the people I had the sales contract with and they blindly refused to acknowledge they had any responsibilty at all. Very maddening. Just to add in for anyone else, I than foned my Trading Standards and they talked me thru what to do next and pointed me in the direction of and a template letter I could use to send a letter recorded delivery stating I wanted a repair. I am about to do this and will let you know how i get on but I am so frustrated and furious with them patronising me over the last 2 days but trading standards were very good and I suggest you seek their advice as well.

  • Darren 9 August, 6:37 pm

    In march 2010 I took out a 24 month contract with vodafone for an iPhone 3GS. 4 months later, after tolerating problems with the phone I angrily phoned vodafone who arranged a replacement phone the following day (special delivery). About a week after setting up that phone, the new phone started to develop similar problems so I spoke to vodafone and requested that they cancel my contract without any penalties based on my statutory rights. They initially offered me another replacement phone which I rejected but then they offered me one of 4 “equivalent” phones. In my opinion they were definitely not equivalent anymore like downgrades. Again I rejected. I insisted they they cancel my contract but they insisted that they could not.

    Now I get to the legal bit

    They told me that my only other alternative is to send it off for repair and if the problems continue after the third repair, they will replace the handset and the repair procedure starts again where they attempt to mend it 3 times.

    Based on this information, what are my rights as it appears to me that I am stuck with this phone and it’s many faults. How many times do I need to continue to get my phone repaired before I can escape this awful contract and how do I get out of it?

    Any help will be appreciated.

  • Paul 10 August, 7:55 pm

    I bought an Apple MacBook from PC World last Nov 09. It has worked fine until last week when the Hard Drive made a loud noise [a bit like a Windows PC does all the time] & had always been silent. The back of the casing was hot, so hot that it cracked & broke away from the housing. I took the Laptop back to PC World, Poole & spoke directly to the Manager & explained the situation. He telephoned their Head Office in front of me & was told because it was classed as a dangerous product they would contact me direct at home [this was after I had travelled 30+mls from my home as I live in Weymouth]. He took my telelphone numbers from me & stated that they would collect the laptop within 2 days. I assumed because it was friday it would be collected the following week. That was 2 Fridays ago.I thought at the time that the way PC World were dealing with this matter was strange, but was assured that this was simply because it was a dangerous product & could have set fire to my home. I heard nothing last week so contacted [after several hours] the so called PC World Customer Care Line. They did not want to do anything about the problems I was having, but I insisted that I spoke to a Supervisor & I then received a call from another Manager at PC World, Poole who assured me that ‘he was on the case’ & that my item would be collected within 2 days, that was last Friday. Today I had not been contacted so rang the Customer Service Line & again had to insist that I spoke to a Supervisor as the call handler was useless. The Supervisor was very rude & did not see why they should give my case any priorty as it was already being dealt with & they [Tech Dept] would contact me when they got round to it! I insisted that I was contacted today, so at 1715hrs I received a call back from the Tech Dept stating that they had investigated the matter [how when I still have the Laptop] & because it was Apple I would have to deal with them direct, oh & here’s the number!
    I am now at the stage of having a nervous breakdown, why do the Stores say one thing & the Customer Services another & who’s responibility it is? All I want is my Apple MacBook replaced, is that so hard for these big companies to understand? They are quick enough to take our money.
    Any further assistance would be much appreciated.
    Many Thanks…..

  • Chris 12 August, 12:14 pm


    I have had Sky TV in since Jan 2010 however the interactive on it has never worked. I have had sky come out try to fix it and failed before they emailed me saying it is a problem with the new boxes which they are aware of but are not able to fix in the short term. I feel that the interactive on Sky is a service that doesnt work so what can I do?

  • Mr Payne 13 August, 3:02 pm

    Just over two weeks ago I purchased a Sat Nav in a sale from Currys – it was over half price, boasting a saving of £170.99. However, I never got to try the unit because when I opened the box I found the car charger was broken.

    All I wanted was a replacement charger but Currys said that I had to send the whole unit off, but not to worry. They said they would collect it on Tuesday and I would get a new one possibly by Wednesday but by Friday at the latest. At no time was the subject of a ‘refund’ mentioned in any way.

    They collected as promised on Tuesday and I waited in all Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. At Friday lunchtime they phoned me to say that they did not have a replacement or anything similar in stock and that I would have to have a refund. I said that I only returned the goods because I was promised it would be replaced by a new one, the possibility of a refund was never mentioned to me. I said that if they could not honour what they had agreed to do then at the very least they should sent it back to me and I’ll try to get it fixed by the manufacturer. The woman laughed at me and said that my only option was a refund, because they had already sent my Sat Nav back to the manufacturer. Surely they have no right to do this, isn’t it still my property? The non-sale price is £319.99; surely they don’t have the right to purchase it back from me at the sale price (£149) without my consent, do they?

  • Peter Jones 18 August, 1:04 pm

    Hi, I bought a laptop from a retailer over two years six months ago and it now doesnt work, the retailer says the motherboard is faulty and cannot be repaired economically. It only came with a manufacturers one year warranty. Do I have any recourse ?

  • Liam 26 August, 4:30 pm


    Do you have a link or a copy of the actual law stating this 6 month fact? Where would I be able to find these specific consumer laws?



  • vic 27 August, 4:49 pm

    Replacement for accessories

    Just to raise awareness, I visited a Comet store as the charger of a recently purchased electronic unit was faulty. The sales agent said I need to purchase a new charger as the charger is not covered under warranty. He said that was the usual practice for “consumables” – I tried in vain to explain that a charger cannot be a consumable (it is not a battery!!). After a long argument and phoning the manufacturer, it was exchanged at no cost.

    I have made a complaint with consumer direct. I encourage others to make a compliant to consumer direct if you have experienced such misleading actions. Unless there is a critical mass of complaints, it is unlikely that there will be enforcement action.


  • Paul 8 September, 12:17 pm

    I purchased a Panasonic digital camera from in the middle of June 2010. Last weekend i was taking some shots with it, it was working one minute and the next the lens would only pick up a lot of blurry horizontal lines. I stress that it was not dropped or damaged, it simply developed a fault.

    The seller told me on the phone that i had to call a company called DK Audio as they dealt with all Panasonic cameras and they would deal with it, that it would most likely be repaired and that the seller did not have to replace it.

    I have to package and post it to DK Audio and they will repair it under warranty if they deem it not to be damaged.

    However i would much rather the seller replaced the goods as the product is only a couple of months old and that i will need the camera with in the next two weeks as i am going away and will require to use it!

    Can i demand the original seller replace the product?

    Thanks, Paul

  • Lynn 20 September, 11:18 pm

    My mum bought a Pentax E75 digital camera in Aug 09 from Comet in Prestwick. It stopped working so mum took it back to Comet in July 2010. Comet advised her that it was a faulty batch and they had been recalled, although no-one thought to contact mum. After a 6 week wait when the camera had been sent back to Pentax for replacement and some phone calls, the camera appeared. We took it home, not only on opening the box did we find out the camera still would not work, but the camera was not new, the lens surround was scratched and so was the lcd display. We returned the camera to Comet and requested that they either replace the camera with new or that Pentax did. Comet staff were most disinterested and mum was told a couple of days later that it was Pentax’s policy to send out refurbished cameras. This camera was under a year old, had been used for one holiday only, had not been abused (mum is almost 80). Is it standard practice for a company to replace their faulty camera with a refurbished one? There was no mention of this from either Comet or Pentax when the camera was originally purchased or when returned to Pentax as part of the faulty batch. Mum lives in Scotland and the camera was purchased locally to her, are the laws different up there? Do we have a right under the SOGA to demand from Comet a brand new replacement camera of the same value or better without having to hold Pentax to ransom?

  • Clive 21 September, 3:24 pm

    On the 8th of august 2009 i purchased a sony a200 digital slr camera i also purchased a sigma 70-300 dg lens.Now after 13months of medium use the lens has developed a fault, i did some research on the lens to find out that i am not the only person to have the same problem with this lens to fit a sony camera. It would appear that sony uprated the motor in the camera and now has to much torque for the lens thus breaking the cogs on the lens. spoke to sigma who said yes that problem can occur,went to place of purchase who said out of warranty cant do anything. Surley 13 months is not reasonable for the life of a lens? do i have any comeback to the place of purchase?

  • Alanah 21 September, 6:08 pm

    Hi, wondering if anyone can help.

    I bought a Bosch fridge freezer from Comet in Oct 07, it broke down in Sept 08 and was mended by Comet, it then broke down in Sept 09 and was mended by Bosch, it has now broken down again! Bosch claim it’s not their responsibility as the warranty period is only 2 years and Comet claims it’s not their responsibility as it’s worked for 2 years since last inspected by them. I’ve told comet I’m not happy as regards the Sale of Goods act and would like a repair but they’re not budging. I’ve now lost food on 3 occassions and have had to have a deep professional clean of my kitchen due to the fridge flooding the room.

    Any advice would be great

  • Vicky 24 September, 7:15 pm


    I’d like some advice on my rights. I bought a black & white Coast dress on the House of Fraser website in March. After wearing it once I took it to by dry cleaned as it had a small make-up mark on it, and the lable states it is dry clean only.
    I took it to a well known dry cleaners, and when I left there they informed me that they sometimes have issues cleaning black & white dresses as the black can run into the white. They informed me that if they thoguht they may be an issue they wouldnt clean, but contact me first so I could advise them on what I wanted to do. They also told me as it was a Coast dress, and a well known brand, there shouldn’t be any problems with it. After trying to clean it, they couldnt get the mark out, it had faded slightly but wasnt removed, they advised me to complain to the store.
    I rang House of Fraser customer services to get advise on where I make the complait, House of Fraser or Coast. I was informed that I could send it back to the website, or (strongly recommended) to take it to store to customer services, where they believed I’d recieve a full refund, even though at this point it was August, and well over the 28days. I took it to store to find there was no customer services, and at this point i was very annoyed. I rang customer services (2nd time) and asked for advice, and was informed to return it to them. They emailed me a postage note so I would not have to pay for the recorded delivery. I returned the dress with a letter of complaint on Monday 13th September. I rang customer services (3rd time) on Sat 18th, to get an update and was informed it could up to 14days for a refund. I then rang them again (4th time) Thurs 23rd to ask for an update, only to be informed they had nothing on my account to say the had received the dress, I was told they would contact the warehouse and call me back after 24hours. Once 24hours past, I rang them for the 5th time to try and get some idea of what was going on. At this point i was informed that they still were unsure if they had received the dress, and that once they had they would have to check the dress for fault before confirming if i could have a refund.
    This has now been going on for over a month, and I’m getting more frustrated each time i speak to them as I dont know where I stand, and after all this if I’ll even get the refund. Any ideas on what I can do?

  • Jonathan Baynes 3 October, 5:28 pm

    Hi There,

    Can anyone help me, I have purchased an ottoman storage bed (purchased in June 2010) it has now broken, on contacting the company involved, they advised me that they didn’t stock this item at present, but did have a replacement part (the right side of the bed) but it had a scratch on it, but I was happy to receive this until such time as they got new stock into the warehouse, this will be november some time. I have yesterday received this spare section to find its the wrong side, so I now don’t have a bed that is useable. Knowing that this bed will not be stocked until November , I know the sale of goods act protects me, but what should I ask the company to do, refund or replace with a like product?? is this fair to ask??

    Can someone let me know I have to talk to them tomorrow, any suggestions would be really appreciated

  • Darren 31 October, 6:40 pm

    I bought my wife an expensive watch from a jewellers. Within 7 days the watch was losing time. We took it back to the shop and they said they would need to send it back to the manufacturer to be repaired. We don’t feel this is good enough and want a refund or a new watch. The shop have said before they can give us a new watch they need to send the old one back to the manufacturer for investigation. This seems to be at odds with the sale of goods act that’s listed above whereby the contract is between myself and the shop, not the manufacturer. We bought the watch on a credit card. I’m thinking the shop should offer a refund or alternatively we will need to get the credit card company involved. Am I being reasonable? Have I missed anything?

    THanks for any advice.


  • Steve 7 December, 3:01 pm

    Hi, I have a Sony 40″ LCD that has developed a fault within 2 years of normal use and which I have discovered via the internet to be a manufacturing fault (many other sets suffer the same after a similar length of time). The company who supplied it have since ceased trading (over a year ago it appears). Do Sony have any legal requirements to satisfy me and replace my faulty TV. I do not consider 2 years to be an expected life for a thousand pound television. Sony are clearly aware of the fault but seem to be very keen to avoid responsibilty from the cases I have read about.

  • steven 8 December, 7:30 pm

    I purchased an expensive premium quality Hyundai w240d 24 inch PVA LCD monitor from in September 2008 for £350. This monitor was advertised as having a 3 year warranty.

    In October 2010 the monitor failed with 11 months left on the warranty. The retailer passed me along to the manufacturers warranty supplier, a company called .

    repair tech have had the screen for more than 2 months now and haven’t fixed it. repairtech say the parts are on order from Hyundai but they have no idea if or when they will get them.

    This was an expensive screen. costing two or 3 times more than the average ones. It should have lasted well beyond 3 years.

    The warranty repair company has been useless, the retailer wont help in any way.

    can you offer some advice please.

  • Andrew 14 December, 4:55 am

    Hi, I recently bought a new pair of jeans from the
    retail firm All Saints. The price on the sale ticket
    said £75 however when the sales advisor put it
    through it came up as £85. There was also quite
    a number of items that hadn’t been marked up in
    price when I looked on their Internet site later that
    day Should I be able to pay £75 for misleading
    Information? Or is it down to the managers discretion?

  • Norman Sullivan 31 December, 10:26 am

    Jonathan orange response
    Hi there just wanted to ask for help as on 24 dec 2010 I bought a iPad 32gb 3G  for my wife who cant use our laptop as she is 8 months pregnant so she can use the internet. from stafford orange store and after activation found a dead pixel on screen rang orange that night was told to take to shop waited for shop to be open told by them needed to get in touch with apple booked an appointment for genius bar took fife and daughter who is 3 on train to Birmingham 48 mins each way and after queueing for 20 past my allotted time was told no replacement so rang apple support they said will replace but will be (as new) so I said no I want a brand new one not one made from different iPads so back onto the phone to orange Cus services they said within first 7 days if faulty they will replace in shop so after 10 mins rang up again to ask same question and told the same answer so today off to the shop to replace iPad and guess what no they wouldn’t even though I has Cus service telling manager what to do he wouldn’t do it as it was against his policy and his area manager agreed and even though Cus service was trying to help the little so and so was then trying to say well I have the advantage of seeing the device which was a way of saying the customer is lying which I picked up on and told him straight that apple has deemed it faulty orange has deemed it faulty and still I can’t replace or even cancel my contract which is against the law under the supply and goods service act 1982 I have got trading standards involved and watchdog and this little hitler has caused stress beyond any should have to go through my wife and I have been consumed by this problem and only want a correct product for the job it’s for i.e not faulty and correctly working he had cost us money to and from Birmingham and out of pocket expenses all because he has no idea what law the public are protected by not by what policy he thinks is right pls can you help ne as still today 2 women are trying to help but this needs to go up to the executive level

  • Elizabeth 18 January, 11:23 am

    Hi, I bought an oven from in December. The advert stated that it should come with 3 shelves, but it arrived with only 1. Very keep telling me it’s their policy to just give me the number of the manufacturer to order replacement parts. Shouldn’t they have to sort it out with the manufacturer as I’m paying them for the oven, not the manufacturer?

  • Tracey Mitchell 23 January, 11:41 pm

    From a tile company I bought underfloor heating in Nov 10. A week later when our electrician was ready to do the job there was a problem with the thermotat. My husband was there when the electrician took it out the box and immediately said there could be a probem. He wired it in and then saw the screen was damaged. When we took it back to the shop they said that the electrician did it when he wired it up so would not give us a replacement. I rang the manufacture who said it was a common problem and said they would give us one half price. When i rang the the company back they still tried to charge us full price and said they woyuld give us £35 credit for tiles they knew my father wanted even though he was getting it at half price though disputed this. Do I have a case legally to get a replacement.

  • Theresa McLaughlin 16 February, 5:57 pm

    Hi, I bought an Acer laptop in April last year from Tesco Extra. I am not hard on the pc and take care of it as best I can. last weekend one of the keyboard keys popped off. Acer say I can send it back as under warranty and they will sort it but if damaged in transit in any way then I am responsible. I called Tesco and they said that as outwith 28days is not their responsibility. Can you advise please. If I send the laptop back to Acer I will have no computer until is is returned.

    • Chris 20 February, 1:06 pm

      Hi, I had the same issue. Tesco never want anything to do with faulty items. The agreement is with Tesco but I would highly reccommend just going to Acer. I did contact Acer and they are very quick and provide excellent service. You just have to arrange with their customer service team to get it picked up and will be back normally within the week. Just make sure it has a lot of bubble wrap and newspaper wrapped around it in in a good box.

      Cant fault Acer in anyway. Tesco on the other hand!!!!!

  • Daz 16 February, 6:58 pm

    Here’s a letter that I sent to Amazon…any advice is appreciated 🙂

    On 29 Dec 2009, I bought a Canon MP630 Printer from Amazon for £99.99 (£30 Amazon voucher used) which is not of satisfactory quality.

    The printer will not print black or white, colour documents or photos properly despite having followed the advise by Canon to fit new cartridges and clean the heads. They have suggested that the problem is with the print heads.

    Canon have no legal responsibility for the fault as they do not have a contract with me, however, Amazon do. Under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 it states that goods must be fit for purpose and life expectancy taking into account the price paid and the nature of the item purchased. I believe that it is reasonable to expect a printer such as the Canon MP630 to last much longer than 13 months when used in the home environment with reasonable usage.

    I would be grateful if you could arrange for my Canon Printer to be repaired or replaced within 14 days from receipt of this e-mail.

    Yours faithfully,

    Mr ………

    Hello Customer,

    Thank you for contacting

    I am sorry that you are not happy with your purchase.

    Unfortunately, as you purchased this product December 29, 2009, and have used it without experiencing problems (to our knowledge), for a substantial period of time, we are unable to offer you a refund or replacement.

    Please check whether your product still has a valid manufacturer’s warranty, either an original warranty or an extended warranty that you would have purchased at the time of purchase of your product.

    If your product is still within its warranty period or you did purchase an extended warranty, please get in touch with the manufacturer immediately. The manufacturer may offer a repair or replacement service under its warranty terms.

    If the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, we still suggest that you contact the manufacturer. Depending on the circumstances, they may be prepared to help you or provide you with details of the charges for an out of warranty repair.

    Can anyone suggest what I should do now?

    • FRANK 10 June, 10:40 pm

      hi to the guy who bought the canon printer from Amazon .
      You are correct the sale of goods does apply to them your contract is with Amazon and not the manufacturer under section 14 of the above mentioned sct the goods are clearly not fit for purpose go back to Amazon and tell them to look up this act andif they still refuse to do anyhing then take them to court

  • Nichola 22 February, 11:16 am

    my mum bought a steam iron from a big electrical store it cost £150 it has lasted 6 months we went back and they said there is nothing they can do because we cant find the receipt but they did say if we had it it was covered by a 3 year manufactures guarantee. Is my mum left with a faulty iron?

  • Elinor 23 February, 1:06 pm

    I bought a pair of boots for my Christmas present from my parents last year for £125. That was December 2009. I didn’t wear them that much last winter, but have worn them a lot this winter. The other day, the stitching on the boots at the back started to come away and so I can’t wear them at all. As the boots are now over a year old, do I have any rights at all as a consumer? It is obvious from the wear on the soles that they haven’t been worn consistently. I’ve never spent this amount before, and was hoping they would last me at least 3 years. Am I being really unrealistic? Thanks so much.

  • Mrs Kennedy 27 February, 9:43 pm

    I have a problem with my electric blanket.It is outside the 1 yr guarantee,but inside the 2yr manufacturer guarantee.Argos say I have to contact the manufacturer,even though I have pointed out that is not right under the sale of goods act.What should I do next?

    Also a sony digital camera from argos was repaired while under guarantee as the shutter jammed and wouldn’t open.It then developed the same fault after a few months.But as it is outside the ‘guarantee’ Argos said I have to pay for repair,even though it is the same problem.Or I will have to get a report to say what the fault is and price.But I don’t know where to get this and I am disabled and cannot get out to do this-(the goods were delivered).Please help.

    • FRANK 10 June, 10:50 pm

      hi Argos are having a laugh the fact that the goods were repaired and still have fault they are clearly not fit for purpose under the ssale of goods act inrespective of the warranty.
      Within 6 motnths of purchase you do not haveto provethe goods were faulty afterwards you msut provethe goods are faully ,however since the goods were already repaired and hav developed aanother fault then Argos arfe aware the the goods are unfit for purpose .
      Very few electrical faults are caused by misuse go back to them they are in violation of your statutotry and this is a criminal offence if the goods were homedelivered then Argos have anlegal obligation to arrange collection and reedress this problem. YOU SHOULD NEVR BE DIRECTED TO THE MANUFACTURER AND YOUR CONTRACT with Argos is valid for up to 6 Years you may not get a full refund but Argos were made aware of the fauly goods then the onus i on them goods luck

    • FRANK 10 June, 10:53 pm

      sorry i forgot to tell you that you are not required to pay for any repair or report tell Arogs this

  • Zandile 15 March, 11:35 am

    Hai, I bought a cardigan made fro linen and cotton from Urban stores on the 17th December 2010. The cardigan has small holes and has teared off between the underarms. I went to the store and have been told that the policy doesnt allow return of used goods and that they will investigate the matter with their designers and call me for questions like how I washed the cardigan. I would like to know if this is not direct infringement of my statutory rights. Please note the cardigan is less than 3 months with these kind of problems.

    I am also fearing that the technical team will play with terms and put the blame on how I washed the cardigan. Please advise on a way forward.

  • Chris 16 March, 9:02 am

    Hey there.
    I bought a Sony Vaio Laptop from Costco 2 years and 3 months ago. Recently the graphics card failed – as it is part of the motherboard, this means it requires a whole new motherboard to function again. Sony have had a number of problems with “similar” graphics cards – but unsurprisingly, my particular model is not covered by their extended warranty on those particular models of laptop (featuring same model of graphcs card).
    Anyway – okay the laptop is just over two years old, in my opinion, it should last longer than that. I bought the device from a wholesaler using a membership card – do all the usual rules governing sales of goods act still apply, please?

  • graham 16 March, 10:48 am

    i found this site on my search for help so here’s my successfull story.i successfully got uk retailer comet to pay for the replacement of a logic board on my faulty macbookpro laptop out of warranty (£395). it was 2 years 2 months old and suddenly stopped functioning overnight. were a great help on the phone. i successfully claimed using the sale of goods act as reference. comet were dreadful on the phone at head office, never listening to any points about the sale of goods act that were in my favour.consumer direct advised to cease phone contact.this was also the case in two letters from their customer complaints department.letters back did not address my points (templates on the consumer direct website).almost was at small claims court procedures then the lovely lady at consumer direct suggested she contacted the local trading standards on my behalf.a week later i get a call from the company secretary’s office saying a full one off payment will be made after a call from trading standards but no admittance that it was anything to do with the sale of goods act.whole process took 3 months.don’t give up.speak to the right people such as trading standards or consumer direct. good luck

  • Emma 18 April, 11:26 pm

    I recently bought a bike from Halfords, from the moment I left the shop it has done nothing but breakdown. I have had it repaired 3 times (on their insistance not mine) as they refuse point blank to give me my money back. I was even told that the Sale of Goods act I printed off didn’t cover bicycles!!

    I am at my wits end as I am now stuck with a bike that has a jamming chain and a shop that is rude to me when I try to get my money back. Who is right here?

    • FRANK 10 June, 11:05 pm

      HI Emma ,take it back to halfords it is clearly unfit for purpsoe and you do not have to prove ant fault within 6 months of purchase quote the sale of goods act 1979 it states wuite clearly that the goods must be fitfor purpose and if it fails then they must repair it free of charge or offer a suitable replacemtn

  • robert 3 May, 11:39 pm

    when a product is purchased with a ‘lifetime guarantee’
    what does this actually mean and how long is a product actually covered under this type of guarantee, ie could i consider taking a piece of faulty goods back to the store after 3 or 5 years.
    In terms of a product, how long does lifetime actually mean?

  • Zoe Kendle 23 May, 10:59 pm

    Please help!

    In Dec 10 I purchased an Obaby Pushchair from the Kiddicare website. This was a “spare” buggy and so had only been used 5 or 6 times in the period upto Mid April 11, when one of the handles snapped right off the frame.
    Kiddicare eventually managed to arrange for Obaby to collect the goods from me last monday after an 8 hour wait for their courier and on Friday they emailed me to say they were prepared to offer me a credit note to the value of the buggy (£49.99). My issue is two fold:
    1. Can I ask them to refund the money to my card I paid with rather than accepting a credit note as I don’t want to have any further dealings with OBaby, their customer services are appaling.
    2. If I have to go with them shouldn’t they have to replace the goods like for like?
    My concern is that the buggy was bought half price and they are fully aware they don’t sell anything like it for £49.99.
    I would like them to replace my buggy with a same spec buggy at their own cost, I feel like they sold the buggy cheap knowing it was rubbish… My baby wasn’t hurt which is the only good thing!

    Many thanks

  • FRANK 10 June, 11:00 pm

    t5he contractor cannot recind responsibility even underthe sale of goods act you have protection up to 6 years from date of pruchase for the first 6months you do not have toprove that there is a fault afterwars you may be required to do so ,but saying that clearly a laptop is expexted to last more than2 years and unfit for purpose take it back to the retailer with proof or purchase i.e. till receipt credit card or debit card statement delivery not /advice note you can also claim a rfefund from your credit card company UNDER THE CONSUMER CREDIT ACT SECTION 75 .

  • faisal 22 June, 1:53 pm


    I hope you don’t mind giving me some advice. I bought a crosstrainer from John Lewis last year which came with a 3 year warranty. 9 months after buying it, it developed a fault. John Lewis contacted the manufacturer who arranged to have an engineer look at the machine. It has been 3 months now and the cross trainer has still not been repaired – one engineer did visit 2 months after the initial fault was logged and he wanted to order more parts and I am now into the end of the 3 months since i have been able to use the machine. My question is who is responsible – John Lewis or the manuyfacturer? I assumed that I should be dealing with the seller but seem to be chasing the manufacturer myself. I am entitled to ask for a replacement? Isn’t 3 months an unreasonable time period to wait for a repair? Thank you

  • Susan 23 June, 9:44 pm

    I bought an electric cutting machine for paper crafting from an online retailer. Within days it stopped cutting; I emailed the retailer and they asked me to return it which I did (at my own cost) and they sent a replacement. This second machine has developed the exact same fault 5 months on. I have now emailed the retailer 3 times about returning a faulty product but they have not responded. What is a reasonable length time for them to take to respond to my emails and if they breach this timescale, what can I do next?

  • Gemma 13 July, 4:21 pm

    I bought an Acer Aspire 77157z from Argos in December 2009. I think it was some time this year I had to send it back to Acer to have the screen repaired. Now the screen is not working again, I didn’t pay for an extended warranty with argos or acer. Is it my responsibility to have the screen repaired myself?

  • Rob 17 July, 6:45 pm

    I bought a Sony 32″ LCD from Pixmania. It was delivered by their partner company Currys. After 3 years 10 months it has completely packed up. I searched on the internet and it would appear that this is a very common fault on this model of Sony LCDs sold between April and November 2007. The forum lists hundreds of people with exactly the same issue. It is due to a faulty component that controls the graphics and LCD panel. Sony released a fault sheet for this TV and I have a copy of it.
    I would like to know if I can take the Tv to Currys who delivered it on behalf of Pixmania. I think I would have more problems if I tried this with Pixmania as they are based in France?
    Do I have any rights under the sale of goods act in this instance? I find it totally unacceptable that the TV isn’t even 4 years old and has packed up.
    Best regards

  • Gareth Baines 3 August, 1:47 pm

    Hi, I bought a Philips home telephone (model number: SE565B) for £84 from John Lewis – however I haven’t got the proof of purchase (I think it got lost when we moved house). John Lewis has said they can’t help because there’s no proof of purchase and said to go directly to Philips.

    The problems with the phone do seem to be quite common and point towards a manufacturer fault. The phone likes to switch itself off and on again, repeatedly, when a call comes in. It also likes to turn the answerphone off for no apparent reason – but it can switch itself off for a week at a time, and it wont let you record a new message or turn it back on manually. It also likes to switch itself off when you put it on speakerphone.

    Philips first said to ‘turn it off and on again’, when I explained that apart from the phone doing it to itself, I have also done it a few times to try and reset it. Philips have said they’re willing to offer a 50% discount against a future purchase but this is all they’re willing to offer. When I said that it is less than a year old, and that products are expected to last a ‘reasonable time’ all Philips will say is that it’s nothing to do with them?

  • Leanne 31 August, 12:04 pm

    I took out a 2 year contract through phones4u on a HTC Desire HD in Feb of this year. Earlier this month it developed a fault where it would turn itself off during operation, would only turn back on if it was plugged in and eventually would only stay on if the SIM card was not in (hardly fit for the purpose of a mobile phone!!).

    I looked on the phones4u website who say that if the phone was from HTC and over 1 month old you have to deal with HTC?! as i had not looked on this website i blindly followed instructions. HTC had my phone back and within 24 hours had apparently repaired it and sent it back.

    The repair did not work and when i contacted them again the said it had to be sent back in for repair again and that i could not have a replacement handset. i did this and have got it back today. i have yet to see if it works or not however i contacted HTC to find out what they did and it seems they have just performed the same repair as they did first time so i am not holding out much hope here!!

    HTC say it is company policy for them to only replace a phone after it has had either 3 software repairs of 2 hardware repairs or a comnination of 3 of each repair. i am not happy with this and IF my phone is still not working after this first repair i would like to know if i am entitled to a replacement phone. i believe i have given them ample opportunity to repair my phone and think the fact that they have not tried anything new on the second repair shows a complete lack of ability or customer service!

    Where do i stand?!?!

  • Kevin Sparks 28 September, 8:07 pm

    Hi, I purchased 30 light fittings to install in my refurbished kitchen. After 18 months it was clear that there was a problem with a number of lights and after 21 months, 10 of the 30 had failed. I approached the retailer/wholesaler Gil-Lec who informed me there was no longer a relationship between them and the manufacturer and that my only course of action is to return to the manufacturer. The manufacturer accepted a return of one of the fittings, and confirms there is a fault. They have offered to repair the faulty lights. I have a concern that even if repaired, I may well have further failures in due course. Therefore, it is a temporary solution. It get’s worse, it cost me £1000 to install them. If i need to replace all of the lights, I will incur a significant bill. What do I do?

  • Robbie 4 October, 3:31 pm

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Let’s say I own a shop or website on which I sell PC parts, my supplier/distributor is refusing to accept any RMA returns after 28 days of purchase, I know that for consumers there are many rules which protect them, but how does this go for resellers? they say that for B2B such rules do not count and I need to return the RMA products to the manufacturer which is located in another country.

    Hope some one can help me

  • Edd 5 November, 1:11 pm

    I baught a kodak printer on the 28th may this year from staples in Huddersfield. The printer keeeps swotching itself off in the middle of printing a document or photo. i have rung staples and they inform me that they have to send it away and they can not offer a swap or refund…is this correct?



  • Wendy 6 November, 12:47 am

    Hi Edd


    Staples Terms and Conditions are here Under point 10 days it is over the 30 days they allow to return unwanted items (no quibble refund).

    As it is under 6 months they can offer to send it off for repair ‘at not cost or any significant inconvenience to yourself, within a reasonable timescale’.

    Sorry I am normally one to did my heels in, but this time you need to let them try to repair it and they can not or the same fault happens again push for an exchange or refund.


    This says you have 30 days (see point 10) to return

  • mark 21 November, 2:14 pm

    Hi I purchased a Washer dryer from a local stockist and was informed that it came with a 5yr warranty. I contacted the manufacturer to register the product. Now I have a fault and they have no details of me being registered some 3 1/2 years ago. They will not honour the warranty now, what can I do

  • Dan 29 November, 2:00 am

    Hi, I purchased an HP Touchpad from Carphone Warehouse on 15/09/11 which has since developed faults; short battery life, poor sound quality and unreliability connecting to wireless networks. On returning the item to the local store they quoted their policy of no returns after 30 days. I quoted the SOG to the manager who just kept referring to the company policies and he refused to budge, all he would do was refer me to the manufacturer for a repair. He also stated they do not repair tablets in house and have no more in stock as the product has been discontinued – how can I proceed further with this as ideally I would now just like my money back? Also, if I do get a refund can I also get a refund on the accessories I purchased with this tablet as they would no longer have any use to me as they are specific to this tablet brand only.

  • Lynette C 30 November, 11:38 am

    I bought a pair of ‘skinny’ jeans from a well-known high street store. I was so pleased with the fit, I went home and ordered a further two pairs in different colours from their website. I washed all three pairs before wearing (at 40 degrees, as directed), to avoid potential colour transfer to lighter fabrics. When I put on the first pair, they felt baggy. After just half an hour of wear, they were ridiculously baggy, and I had to change. All three are unwearable, due (I believe) to cheap fabric.

    I had previously bought a pair of skinny jeans from the same shop, but in a different style and fabric. These maintain their fit and have been washed numerous times with no problems. Strangely enough, when I bought these, the sales assistant remarked “They don’t go baggy around the knees.” My reply was “I should think not.” (Rather curt, but she’d just been trying to push one of their store cards on me, which tends to annoy me.) She said, “Well, lots of others do.” I now wonder if she was referring to their own products, not (as I had assumed) the products of competitors.

    So, are these of merchantable quality? Do I have (excuse the pun) a leg to stand on?

  • phillip ford 6 December, 11:23 am

    i have had a new kitchen installed( 5 weeks)it was 10k for kitchen 6k for appliances , i have noticed that the laminate has started to lift in4 places near the sink front , my suppliers are trying to put this on the german manufacters ,who responded with any water must be wiped up immediatly. if i had known it was suseptable to water damage i would have not gone ahead with purchase, i was never told of this or never seen this before , i use the dishwasher for all washing and i do wipe after using tap as i have a wooden floor as well ( which is fine)
    what are my rights and how do i act on them?

  • Rebecca 9 December, 2:04 pm

    I have a HTC sensation and have had it for two months, it is already faulty. It constantly freezes and the touch pad of the phone will not work. I got the phone from Phon4u they have been useless and told me to got to HTC directly who have also been useless and advised me that there is a fault and that it will need to go away ro seven days and be repaired. I am on a conract and have to pay for this and be without the phone i pay for? I am not happy to have it repaired as it is on a 24month contract and hasnt even lasted 2months, what should do? Where do i stand i want a replacement phone or a different model/make.

    For a smart phone not very smart.

  • mike 29 December, 10:50 am

    from what i understand of the sale of goods act, you have the contract with phones4u not htc. a product that breaks down within 6 months is accepted to be faulty at time of purchase and phones4u are liable, without any cost to you. i believe they are entitled to send it away for repair.i would go in and talk to them about buying a htc phone and ask how long they usually last, when they tell you ask them if they have a policy on selling phones that only last 2 months and explain your problem and citing your rights under the sale of goods act

  • Ann 30 December, 12:51 pm

    Ho bought a toilet from b & q 3 months ago. I had it fitted by a professional plumber but have had nothing but problems with it. I have now been told that the toilet needs replacing as it can not be fixed. Surely I am entitled to a refund as the toilet is not fit for purpose. It is only 3 months old and have the receipt. I called customer services who are wanting to discuss matters further with me.

    • Todz 2 January, 3:59 am

      A “toilet” (the white porcelain bit) can’t usually go wrong – unless it’s been poorly made and I suspect that the problem is more than likely to be with the installation. What do you mean “nothing but problems with it”?

  • Simon 4 January, 3:30 am

    I bought a philips airfryer from argos less than 2 weeks ago. The product is pretty useless, leaves food burnt on the outside raw on the inside, I followed the instructions to the letter and tried other variations of temperatures. I just want a refund, this surely falls into “product not fit for purpose”, but when i took it back to argos they said i should take it up with the manufacturer, argos say they can only refund if it is faulty or has not been used. Surely it is argos’s responsibilty to refund? Could you please advise what i should do? Thanks very much in advance for any help.

    • Todz 2 January, 4:06 am

      Go back to Argos and tell them it’s faulty (it burns the food) and tell them the fryer is not fit for purpose and demand a refund. They sold it and they’re responsible.

  • Kiran 7 January, 11:01 am

    I bought a Creative Zen X-fi from Amazon 2 and a half years ago and three weeks ago the device died with no indication that it was going to happen or having experienced any problems with it before. I contacted Amazon and even after mentioning the sale of goods act, they rebuked me and said that it was too long ago to be their concern and I should take it up with the manufacturer (!)I will now write a formal letter of complaint to Amazon and would like to know exactly which section of the act I should quote in it to claim that their claims of it being the manufacturer’s responsibility are false.

  • Kelly 20 February, 10:52 pm


    My sister bought a vacuume less than a month ago and it is useless. She has spoken to the shop who have told her she can’t have a refund or exchange and that she must go through the manufacturer to deal with the problem. They have offered to send her a new filter without even checking what the fault is. She has now had to go out and spend more money on another one. Please can you help.



  • Barbara 27 February, 10:13 pm

    Four months ago I bought a 4 litre glass water bottle that collects water from my water distiller and now 2 pieces of glass have broken off the top edge through no fault of my own. Am I entitled to a free replacement bottle? I can’t prove that it wasn’t accidental damage.

  • mike 8 March, 9:36 pm

    i purchased a laptop from my friends catalogue was ordered on the 7th jan 2012 an delivered t me on the 27th jan 2012 its now the 8th march 2012 an the laptop has developed faults ie built in wireless is not always working. the buttons on the keyboard do not always work and doesnt always start up 1st time i have to power off the laptop then power on again the catalogue company keep on refering me to the manufcturer to have it repaired as it is over 28 days old. they will not accept retrn of the item. i do not want the laptop repaired i just want to return it and my friends catalogue account refunded. am i entitle to this?

  • Evelyn 31 March, 9:36 am

    Hi I bought 2 fuel pumps carco from Spa motors I took the one back and they didn’t credit me, but said they will sent it back 2 the manufacturer to check its being 3 weeks gone by no reply. The second pump they say they cnt do anything abt it its the car that’s faulty. When we tested the pumped at another. Pump specialist they say pump faulty. So what do I do is this case please advise. Reply

  • clare 24 May, 4:30 pm

    i bought i coast black and white dress no one will dry clean it as say clothes will run they have done a dip test. i have spoke to coast who dont want to know say take it somewhere else,say even if colour does run they will blame dry cleaner

  • Barry 24 May, 4:31 pm

    I bought a microwave/oven in August 2012. It has had fairly minimal usage since but this week whilst in use the glass turntable shattered into several pieces. I have been given the runaround by the company I bought it off but finally received a phone call from their HO saying it was not their responsibility and giving me a number I should ring to purchase a replacement.

    Are they correct in saying they have no responsibility at all?

  • Michelle 30 May, 11:04 am

    I purchased a Samsung digital camera from Comet on 24 May 2011 at a cost of approx £70. Whilst using it last weekend the screen suddenly showed what looked like a pressure fracture, although the actual screen isn’t broken?! I took it to Comet yesterday evening, the staff member told me it was out of warranty and that a repair cost would be expected – I mentioned the Sale of Goods Act and that I did not need a warranty and that I would not be liable as it wasn’t my fault. I received a call from Comet this morning advising that Samsung have deemed it as ‘accidental damage’ and that I will be expected to pay for repairs as the camera is out of warranty!

    Should I expect Comet to pay for the repair? I have friends that were with me all night and can confirm that the camera was not dropped. Where do I stand on this?

  • Norman Hodge 2 June, 4:34 am

    I purchased a LG DVD,REC, VHS player combo when conected to the TV will not tune in channels 7 or 9 .
    I have 3 tv,s in the house and all receive all the channels perfect, but when this machine is connected to the tv it will not tune in channel 7 or 9.
    I have emailed LG severel times but without success they say I have to take it to a service centre to be repaired.
    I purchased this on the 22/3/2012 and it has never tuned in 7 or 9 I think I have the right to return to the shop, am I correct .
    Many thanks
    Norm Hodge

  • Henry Malone 5 June, 5:41 pm

    My question is regarding any contract mobile phone !!,

    when you sign up for a mobile phone contract
    you are issued with a NEW mobile phone !!
    You would usually pick a current top of the range mobile or one that is within your budget )
    this would be in an agreed price and for a length of service or contract , eg . 12 months , 18-24 months .

    So How long will this NEW MOBILE Phone be covered should any problem arise within a 12 month period .
    who is responsible for the fixing the problem .
    Within the first 12 months and Should this mobile phone be unable to be fixed , what then !!!
    Is it the Mobile Phone shop , or the MOBILE Manufacturer .
    And at what stage in an agreement does this then become the Contract users responsibility.

    This is not an issue regarding INSURANCE , unless you wish to indicate that an item is only covered with a 12 months Manufacturers Guarantee.

  • Bobby 8 June, 10:40 pm

    Hi guys, I have a problem, I have recently bought a samsung 3dtv from an online shopping store. It was delivered on 22nd May 2012, I unpacked it attached the stand, and as ive looked it the box for the remote to set it up and tune it in, No where to be seen along with the 2 pairs of complimentry 3d glasses. I was fuming and on examining the box further relised that the boxed had been ripped down the side where the handle on the box is located. The hole was conveniently big enough for a arm to fit in and have a good old rumage around (yes i did put my arm thru the hole to see if if was possible). I immediatly phoned the company explained what the problem was they advised me that they will get replacements sent out. I then began to question the advisor how long will it take. He then advised me the only thing he can do is send an email to the manufacturer for replacements and said it should take no longer then a week. I emailed them on 2nd june, again seeking a update, timescale ect aswell as letting them know my frustrations in the most nicest possible way. I recieved a email back on 4th explaining parts have been requested and i need to be patient and allow a little longer for delivery. Are they having a laugh, be patient, after I just spent £700 on a tv that I cant even watch cause I cant set the bloody thing up as the remote & glasses bandit had his wicked way. Where do I stand? What are my rights? I dont want to return the tv as I was lucky enough to get a great discount and am in love with the tv even though I am yet to have the pleasure of watching it. Can I get a partial refund? Credit note ect And how much longer do I have to wait. I just feel that if i contact them again there just going to email me the same response. Please Please HELP for my sanity



  • Brian Coyle 26 June, 4:57 pm

    Wonder if you can help? I purchased a Kodak printer on 15.08.11 from PC World, therefore Standard (1 year) Guarantee still valid for a further 6/7 weeks or so, and therefore into the 2nd 6 month half of the warranty, (I also have their ‘Whatever Happens’ Instant Replacement guarantee/warranty which lasts until 14.08.14 It now won’t print colour at all, and a test page prints virtually nothing apart from a few smudges. When I return it to the nearest branch, and they tell me, for example, that a new printhead, or whatever part is needed, am I obliged to accept a repair/new part under these circumstances, and wait for the part to come from Kodak, as they apparently have to send the printer back for inspection by Kodak – which can take between 10 & 21 days (so I was told), or can I request a replacement/new printer immediately from the shop in question, if a new part is required? I was told I can only request a replacement/new printer if the ‘delay’ goes beyond 21 days.

  • Kam 7 July, 1:58 pm


    I wonder if anyone can help me?

    I purchased a TAG watch 5 years ago and the crown has decided to fall off. I took it to the retailers who tell me that TAG have come back and stated that they found a slight dent on the side of the watch and this seems to have caused the internal mechanism to snap causing the crown to fall off and is charging me £300 to have it repaired.

    Watches spend a lot of time on your wrist and are subjected to knocks now and then and I cant seem to understand why an expensive “Sports watch” watch just break as soon as its subject to a knock.

    The other thing is, if the knock was the caused, then why hasn’t the glass broken or cracked? the website states that this sports watch is capable of meeting the outdoor life and is durable, so taking that statement into consideration, isn’t the watch not £fit for purpose” ?

    Thanking you in advance.


  • catherine 12 July, 12:35 am

    how on earth can ‘wear and tear’ be used to mitigate responsibility on a mobile phone??? the phone shouild last several years with heavy texting! If there are no obvious signs of misuse the vendor is entirely liable.

  • Barry green 14 July, 12:52 am

    Hi I purchased a tag watch on feb 2010 with a 2 year guarentee, I had to take it back to get fixed as it wasn’t sealed proper and water got inside, this was on dec 2011, I got watch back on jan 2012, but my watch needs fixed again with the same problem I took it back and they have said that because it is out of guarentee I will have to pay £400 to get my watch fixed. Can this be true for a tag watch to no be waterproof and what can I do to get it replaced ????

  • henry malone 15 July, 11:56 am

    Hi BRIAN ..

    Ask to speak to the StoreManager.
    Use It , Inform them you want a replacement .
    As it says in the policy INSTANT REPLACEMENT
    **I did’nt find that part about referring to a replacement should a part take more than 21 days to be delivered !!
    Ask them to show you that part on the POLICY !!!

    In 2010 I bought my camera from CURRYS I also purchased the INSTANT REPLACEMENT POLICY .
    After a few months the camera developed a problem, and would’nt work so I took it back to the store with ALL the original documentation . It was replaced straight away with a camera to the value of my originally £89.99 purchase price ,

    **Then after a few months this camera developed a problem , I went back to the store and it was replaced straight away .

    Now I am on camera 3 ….
    I thought I would have had a problem with their INSTANT REPLACEMENT policy , and be fobbed off with some BS !! ..
    But NO , on the 2 occasions I have had to return the cameras I had EXCELLENT SERVICE from the CURRYS store STAFF in Manchester ..
    All hassle free .

    Read the Instant Replacement form ..

    Check their website details on the bottom of the form .
    Write a complaint to Customer Services .

  • jason 28 July, 9:03 am

    hello, i bought a starter motor for my girlfriends car on the 7th july, fitted it to the car and now yesterday had to remove this as it has broken/failed and does not work anymore.
    i called the shop where i got the starter motor from (which is a reconditioned one and has a standard 12 month warranty on it) and they told me that i have to buy a new one, for £123 and they will send my ‘faulty’ one back to the place that they recondition them and ‘if’ they deem it to be faulty they will then give me my £123 back after about 2 to 4 weeks! to me this does not sound right?? is this so??? Thanks

  • ken 17 August, 6:19 pm

    I bought an electric oven from a kitchen installation company who recommended this make to me as it came with a 3 year warranty. At the 12 month anniversary it has broken down and needs a replacement fan. I have contacted the Warranty / service company as detailed on the manufacturers warranty only to be told that the manufacturer has now gone out of business and I will have to pay circa £160 for the repair as the warranty is no longer valid. I am going to see the supplier who I bought it from tomorrow, can you give me any advise on my legal rights in this situation. The manufacturer is Mertz Appliances.

  • Susie 30 August, 8:18 pm

    I bought a pair of leather boots for 167.00 in January 2012 and recently they started leaking. Do I have a right to take them back?

  • Matthew 16 September, 2:06 am

    i bought a camera from argos, it says on the receipt that it is exempt from 30day garuntee, the pictures the camera takes are grainy and blurry at best, and not what i would of expected from a £160 camera. what are my rights here i am aware that i can claim the camera is not fit for purpose. im planning on going to argos and asking for a part exchange for another slightly better camera. is there anything else i can do?

    many thanks for any help.

  • John 31 October, 4:22 pm

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    My partner is currently in dispute with Mini (BMW) with regards to her 2007 Mini Cooper S. We bought the car 2 years ago as a Mini Cherished vehicle for around £15,000. The vehicle came with a full BMW service history, had only 29,000 miles on the odometer and we’ve had it serviced regularly by the same BMW dealership.

    Last month the vehicle broke down on the A1 whilst my partner was heading for work. The Mini is fitted with a 2 stage warning system, yellow indicators show faults where you can continue to use the car but should take it directly to a dealership, red indicators mean stop immediately and phone the dealer to collect.

    Upon breakdown the vehicle showed a yellow temperature fault which meant she could have come off the motorway and headed for a dealership, but shortly afterwards traffic came to a stand still and the vehicle displayed a red engine sign. The car was pushed to the hard shoulder and the RAC attended. The car was towed to a local garage (non BMW) where a faulty thermostat was diagnosed and subsequently replaced (£150).

    On driving the vehicle home (20 miles) the same fault indicator (yellow temperature gauge) was shown so the vehicle was recovered to a local garage (non BMW) where the replacement thermostat was diagnosed as faulty, replaced with another new part and the water pump replaced for good measure (total bill £500). We had the car 24 hours and used it twice before it broke down again, same fault, yellow temperature gauge.

    It transpires that the engine head, gasket & block have all failed and a replacement engine required (cost £6000 + labour + VAT). BMW Customer services have said a they will pay a non-negotiable 50% contribution which still leaves a payment of £4,725. The Citizens Advice Bureau tell us that the Sale of Goods Act applies given we’ve only had the car 2 years, have paid £15,000 for it plus, had it regularly service by Mini (BMW) this fails to meet ‘Durability’ expectations.

    Given the value of the vehicle could anyone comment?

  • Mandy 1 November, 10:34 pm

    Hi, I purchased an iPhone 5 from Orange on the day of my release after a record one and half hours wait instore for my upgrade to be done. I went home to find the phone’s paintwork was not done properly in several places. I took the phone back the next day (still within 14 day period from purchase) to the Orange store I purchased it from only to be told by the manager such cosmetic defects are apparently not included with Orange’s warranty and they sent me packing to Apple. I approached Apple who provided me with a replacement handset which was refurbished and not an original like I had paid Orange for being £110.00!!! I complained to Orange about this who keep telling me its now Apple’s warranty which applies and not an Orange warranty like I was told its something I should take up with Apple. Surely, Orange should have replaced the handset in the first place but no such option was ever given to me. Orange are the point of sale they should deal with repairs and replacements and not Apple? Please advise together with any relevant law?

    Many thanks for any help!!

  • Lisa 4 November, 11:39 am


    I purchased a digital camera yesterday (3rd Nov) but didn’t realises when I opened the box that it was battery only and not rechargeable. I have not used the camera but the seal is broken on the box – will Argos exchange for me – what are my ststutory rights on this?

  • Lisa 23 November, 10:08 pm

    I purchased a pushchair and 5 weeks after I bought it the stitching on the seat cover which has the design on started to come loose, what rights do I have with regards to requesting a full refund, the store stated that they would not give me a refund and that it is the manufacturers problem and that they will request a new seat cover for the pushchair, what rights do I ha e to a refund?


  • carol 29 December, 4:11 pm

    i bought a pc tablet from tj hughes for my daughter at christmas when she opened it on christmas day it had lines down 1side of the screen i turned it off then put it back on this time the screen was blank and thre seemed to be a big crack down the middle i took it back to the shop the day after boxing day and was told i should of been told when i bought it that “if” there was a problem they would not give a refund or exchange i asked for the manager and was told she was not willing to speak to me and to send the product back to the manurfacturer and there was nothing i could do about it.

  • Katy 27 January, 11:02 pm

    I bought snowboard boots online and took them on holiday to use. The first day, upon putting them on, the inside lining ripped. When I got home I called the company I bought them from and sent them pics of the damage as requested. They said they’d get in touch with the boot manufacturer about a warranty if I send them back. They said to be aware that the manufacturer wouldn’t reimburse me for postage which will cost a lot for these heavy boots. I also don’t want a repair or replacement as I’m disappointed with the product. Can you tell me if I’m entitled to my postage being covered and if I can simply have a refund?

  • Marc 28 April, 4:09 pm

    Hi there. I bought a video baby monitor from Toys R Us 10 months ago. We did actually start using it till 4 months ago. It has now gone faulty, the night vision part seems to have gone so it flicks very quickly between night vision and darkness looking like our baby is at some type of all night rave!! We took it back to the shop who said that as its over 6 months from when we purchased it, there’s nothing they can do but that we will have to deal with Tomy, the manufacturers. It is still within in the manufacturers guarantee (2 years) but I would rather just get a replacement or refund from store as if we send this off to Tomy then we could be without a monitor for some time.

    I just wanted to know of Toys R Us have the right to fob us off like this?

    Thanks, Marc.

  • Neil C 30 June, 10:00 pm

    Hello, 3 months ago I purchased a Panasonic Lumix camera from a Panasonic shop. This is the 5th Panasonic camera that I have purchased over the last few years. I paid top price for this one as it was the very latest model that had only just been launched. Anyway I took the camera on holiday 3 weeks ago and whilst using it noticed that there was spots on the photos. There was clearly something inside the lens. When I returned it to the same shop where I brought it they said that its down to panasonic to fix it under warranty. The guy was extremely rude (store manager) when I asked for a replacement. He simply said “NO Thats not going to happen” He said he couldn’t accept it back as he would be stuck with a worthless camera. I pointed out that I was currently stuck with it. I asked for my money back as it was clearly unfit for the purpose (apparently this is a fairly common fault although not had it on my other ones). Again the manager was extremely rude and started telling me that he doesn’t have to do anything as it was outside the 28 day period. When I said that would only apply if I was returning it without a fault. I said that I wasn’t going to walk away without either my money back or a replacement. He threatened to call the police if I didn’t leave the store. I am extremely angry that they wouldn’t replace it where as if I had purchased from Argos they would have easily exchanged it. I definitely won’t be purchasing from them again. What options do I have now? Many thanks in advance. Neil

  • kelly 9 July, 10:34 am

    hi i puchased a american style fridge freezer from currys with my credit card 7 months ago £1000, the freezer part broke down all my food ruined the LG man came out said it was knacked get a replacement, currys will not have one till october this happened 4 weeks ago they offered me a cheaper model on shop floor which i was not happy with then they more or less said well its tough cos we aint giving you your money back its down to their discretion. i have also recieved a food voucher to replace my food from LG to replace my food to be spent in currys ONLY???

  • Hayley 16 July, 11:21 pm

    My partner bought me a Samsung digital camera on 27th Dec 2011. In June 2012, the camera developed a fault. The screen would start to go white at the bottom, until the whole screen was completely white. At this point the camera would lock up and have no function, even after switching off and on again, the screen would immediately show white and the camera would not function. I changed the card and the battery, and still no joy. After a few hours, I switched on again and the camera functioned, but only for a short time before the fault re-occurred. At this point, I returned it to the retailer, who performed a factory reset and advised me to try it again, and if the fault re-occurred, contact Samsung directly. The next time I used the camera, all was fine, but a couple of months later the fault returned. I contacted Samsung, who advised me to send the camera to them for a free repair as it was still under warranty. This I did, and the camera was returned to me after a couple of weeks, and all was fine. After one or two uses, the fault showed up again. I then contacted Samsung, and once again returned the camera to them for a free repair, although it was now just out of warranty. When the camera returned, it appeared to be working correctly. I have not used the camera much until recently, but a couple of weeks ago the same fault returned. I contacted Samsung again, and they told me that they would repair the camera for a third time, but on this occasion it would be charged for as the camera was now out of warranty. I explained to them that the fault is the same and the problem has obviously not been resolved. I told them that considering this, they should not charge me. I was then told there was nothing they could do, it was out of warranty, and the repair is now chargeable. It’s their policy. Should I pursue this matter with Samsung, or should I take it further? The camera has only been used a dozen or so times since new, and is in mint condition. I have used only Samsung batteries, cards and accessories with it. What should I do?

  • Kelly S 24 July, 9:08 pm

    Hi, I bought a ring from an online retailer in November 2012 and one of the stones fell out in early May whilst I was on holiday. I called them on 22 May and they said that it only came with a 6 month warranty so there was nothing they could do. I think the ring is faulty – I would expect it to last longer than 6 months. Do I have a case under the sale of good act?

  • debbie jones 28 July, 7:29 pm

    I bought a tv from a reputable mail order company less than a year ago and over the past week it has started to flicker on the right hand side and the screen has vertical lines that block almost half of the screen, they disappear after some time and with constant turning the tv on and off. Does the mail order company have some responsibility to replace or repair this tv?

  • Sarah Skelton 20 August, 1:55 pm

    We are hoping someone can give us some advice. We ordered some bedroom furniture in February and had it fitted end beginning of April. In the first week of June one of the sliding doors fell off, we contacted the shop and they came with the manufacturer who advised us it was due the screws being overtightened when fitted (this was all part of the price and fitted by the people the shop/manufacturer sent) They took that door and the remaining sliding door (as this was the same) and advised they would be in touch to come and fit replacements. Despite several calls we are still waiting and just get from the shop that they are waiting to hear back from supplier. 2 weeks ago we noticed that the outer layer of one of the panels had started to flake off at the top and bottom. Again the shop representative came round and took photographs and said they would be in touch after 2 further calls we are getting the same response. We want to know where we stand with this and what is the best action to take as we paid for the furniture on a credit card.
    Thanks in advance for your advice.

  • Claire treanor 28 August, 9:53 pm

    Hi, we bought a new laptop from Kays Catalogue in September 2012, it started to overheat in July 2013, we took it to a reputable place to have a look at it and they told us that it was not new but refurbished. We contacted Kays who told us to get a letter stating this from the place who looked at it, which we did and we sent it off. They rang us and said we had to deal with Acer whom they get their laptops from as it was anything to do with them. I don’t know where we stand with this now, do I contact Acer or is it something Kays should sort out. We thought we had bought a new laptop not a refurbished one so surely Kays have to do something about it not us. Thanks

  • Graham 6 September, 11:32 am

    I bought a Samsung ED8500 PVR and 3D Blu Ray Player from Comet in July 2012 which broke (the TV tuner died) in October and I had repaired under warranty by Samsung as Comet had gone into receivership. 7 Weeks later the same occurred so it went back to Samsung for a 2nd time to have the same thing repaired. Last week (5 Weeks after it was 12 months from purchase) the same thing has happened again and the tuner has died so I called Samsung to complain that their was something inherently wrong with the unit as it had failed 3 times in just over a year only to be offered a repair at my own cost. Now under usual circumstances I’d take it back to the retailer and use the SOGA but Comet now doesn’t exist. What are my options as Samsung don’t want to know as it’s after 12 months from purchase date but the unit was obviously faulty from production as it blew the TV Tuner 3 times on 13 months twice having to be repaired under warranty anyway?

  • stacey 18 September, 4:30 pm

    i bought a washing machine from littlewoods last year may 2012 it has now broke down september 2013 they have told me that the warranty has ran out and the company servis that suppied the machine to littlewoods has gone into liquidation what are my rights ????? is there anything that can be done ??

  • Lucy 21 September, 4:35 pm

    I bought an iPhone from EE seven months ago and it is not working properly. I read the terms in the contract under the repairs section, which basically excluded apple products. I took the phone back to EE anyway as it is local and informed them that is was faulty and they told me to take it to apple. I informed them of the sales of goods act etc and they still refused. The apple shop is over an hours drive and you have to make a appointment on the Internet, which I cantasnmy phone is broke.
    Please could you let me know where I stand.

    • Todz 22 November, 2:57 pm

      Had to reply to this. They can’t remove your statutory rights by insisting that you agreed to the removal of your rights when you signed the contract. That would more than likely be unlawful. Your contract (written and implied) is with the shop – period. If they won’t repair it give them a letter saying unless they agree to repair you’ll commence small claims proceedings after 28 days. What they are saying is that “these are the term under which we sell things and they override your rights at law”. Rubbish!

      • Todz 22 November, 3:10 pm

        Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977;

        Section 5;

        (1)In the case of goods of a type ordinarily supplied for private use or consumption, where loss or damage—

        (a)arises from the goods proving defective while in consumer use; and

        (b)results from the negligence of a person concerned in the manufacture or distribution of the goods,

        liability for the loss or damage cannot be excluded or restricted by reference to any contract term or notice contained in or operating by reference to a guarantee of the goods.

  • Di Gilder 24 September, 9:07 pm

    I purchased a carpet on the 2 sept 2013, and noticed it discoloured in different places signs of wareing.
    I contacted the seller about the problem and they are evasive about the issue saying its not their problem but down to manufacturer. what should I do

    • Todz 22 November, 2:49 pm

      Just say that under the Sale of Goods Act they, as the seller, are responsible for the quality of the carpet that they have sold you. Tell them that you don’t have a contract with the manufacturer and that legal liability is the seller’s. Say that the carpet is not of reasonable quality and ask what they are going to do about it.

  • D Halliwell 25 October, 9:45 am

    Hi. I purchased an iPhone5 on launch day from an o2 shop back in September last year. Recently I have noticed that there appears to be a mark in every picture i take, and on further investigation it’s apparently a common fault with the camera, and it simply gets replaced as it’s a sealed unit, and it’s simply easier to just replace. So I took it into my nearest Apple Store this week. They confirmed exactly what I thought, but said unfortunately it was 4 weeks out of warranty, but that I still have statutory rights, and that I was within my rights to take it back to the retailer, (o2 shop), and ask for a replacement. They even printed off an engineer’s report for me, saying that this would help my cause. Now here’s the thing… my phone was bought as a two year contract, and therefore should reasonably be expected to work correctly for at least the two year period, if not longer no? Please can you confirm my rights, as I plan to write to o2 about this as soon as I can. Many thanks.David

    • Todz 22 November, 2:45 pm

      Your contract is with the O2 shop. If you’ve got proof of a generally known manufacturing fault that has been confirmed by Apple then go back to the shop. They are liable under SOGA AND under contract law as they haven’t provided a phone of reasonable quality. Hard to say much about your contract as it would need to be seen.

  • Tanya 3 November, 6:08 pm


    I hope you can help.

    I bought a Universal RF modulater from MAPLIN just over 2 months ago. We thought we would need it for our Virgin tv box but we don’t. This has never been opened and MAPLIN today still sell the exact kit on their shelf. I went to exchange this today, fully Aware I wouldn’t get a refund but they wouldn’t offer anything as I am outside of their own policy of 28 days. No exchange not credit note. I argued this with them but they totally dismissed me saying their policy is 28 days only!!

    What are my rights within this situation?

    Many thanks in advance

    • Todz 22 November, 2:37 pm

      Legally Maplins are spot on right. Strictly they don’t have to give you any period to allow for a change of mind.

  • mike gadd 9 November, 6:36 pm

    I bought a tv from Tesco 5 months ago and it has developed a fault they have referred me back to the manufacturer. I have lost faith with the maker and wanted a different model where do I stand

  • Todz 22 November, 2:34 pm

    Like you, I purchased a TV from Tesco not so long ago, (beginning of May this year). The TV had a fault which I only became aware of a month ago, when I connected a hard drive recorder to it (I couldn’t change the source after it had connected – the TV wouldn’t respond to the remote).
    I knew it was a manufacturing fault as my father had the same TV and his didn’t do the same. However, it was coming up to the 6 month period so contacted the manufacturer, They agreed it was faulty after trying their remedies and failing to correct it.
    I then contacted Tesco before the 6 months was up and gave them the facts. They said that the manufacturer deals with these TV’s and said I should contact them and they’d would sort out repairs. I said that I had no contract with the manufacturer and that my contract was with Tesco. That they were responsible for the TV and for any subsequent problems and that under the sale of goods act they had legal liability. I said I was not prepared to wait until an engineer came out to look at the TV and then have it taken away and then have to be back in for it to be delivered. The line went quiet while he had a chat with someone and he came back with a returns reference. I took it back to the shop and got a refund. Tesco and similar try to wash their hands of products when they’ve been sold, but legally they are responsible.

  • abraham 26 December, 7:49 pm

    On 27 January 2011, I bought a Sony Alpha a55 18-55mm Lens Kitfrom you for £599 which has stopped working.

    As usual I took it out to take some photos of my kids and it suddenly came up with ‘Camera Error’ message, now it does not switch on.

    I contacted jessops, they email back saying it is a new company so not responsible. I contacted sony they said it is to be dealt with jessops.

    Under the sale of goods acts, who is responsible for this kind of problem, specially when I got it checked by a qualified EnGG, and he said it is a common prob with this model and it is on the motherboard.

    Can you please help me..


    • Todz 27 December, 10:54 pm

      Jessops went bust. The new owners bought the Jessops name and a few shops off the liquidators and the rest of Jessops was consigned to history. One of the “rest of Jessops” which wasn’t bought by new purchasers was any liability for sales by the old company. (If you bought a shop lease you wouldn’t buy the old liabilities of the previous occupants).

      So I’m afraid you’re left high and dry. Your only salvation is if you paid by credit card because if the purchase is over £100 and even if you pay £1 on your credit card and the rest by any other method the credit card issuer is then jointly liable along with the shop/business that sold the product/service. If you’d paid by credit card then in the absence of Jessops (old) then the credit card company then “becomes” the shop for sale of goods act purposes.

      So without a credit card payment you have to throw yourself on the mercies of Sony. I’d start to write to every increasingly higher levels of the company until you reach a satisfactory conclusion.

  • Sammiibubbles 12 January, 11:35 pm

    It really annoys me when retailers do this, Currys/PCWorld being the worst for it. If you contact Sony direct and explain the situation they will more than likely issue you with an uplift code which should allow you to take the item back to the store no quibbling or if the store is no longer trading they will more than likely send a replacement, as long as you have proof of purchase. Another tip is to always try and pay by credit card even if you then pay it straight off as then you have the extra benefit of the card provider on your side

  • Melanie 1 March, 7:04 pm

    Hi, I bought a brand new laptop battery from ebay, on behalf of a family member. They placed the battery in their laptop and placed it on charge, within the hour, the battery exploded and caught on fire, destroying the laptop and carpet. As I have only just purchased this and the seller stated 3 year warranty, what are my rights? Especially as my family member wants compensating for the damage it has caused.

  • Carol 11 May, 4:53 pm

    I bought a new Dyson just under 3 months ago it has stopped working on the carpets& only works on hard floors. I took it back to PC World and asked for a replacement, they refused and said I had gone passed 21 days and that I would have to get in contact with Dyson to arrange a repair.I said I didn’t want a repair I want a replacement, but they refused and so did their customer service when I contacted them. I left the item at the shop. I later sent a copy of my rights to them and they sent me an apology but still refused a replacement but agreed that a engineer would come to the store to fix the problem. I have now demanded a refund in full because of the way I have been treated but again they refused. They have had my cleaner at the. Store for 2 weeks and Ihave nothing to clean carpets with, they even refused to loan me one . Please help

  • Louise Applegate 15 May, 12:26 pm

    Brought a brand new smart TV from Argos it has broken I rang customer care and they told me they would send a TV to me next day which they did.when I opened it the TV was clearly a refurbished set I was,nt told this or I would,nt have taken it what can I do? I would really like a refund but the courier took the TV that I purchased?

    • Todz 19 May, 11:09 pm

      Ring them up and say that you reject the goods. Strictly, I think that’s not the correct thing to do as you “accepted” them and let them sort out a replacement (I ALWAYS reject the goods so that I start off from scratch). But, Argos are on a sticky wicket as they gave you second hand when you paid for new so they’d lose in Court.

      So, ring them and say they’ve given you a second hand TV as a replacement for a faulty new one and that you’d like you refund.

      Any probs – come back.

  • Nicola barnes 9 June, 7:15 pm

    My mother recently brought a vaxs carpet steamer from Argos (it was an exchange for one that had broken)
    Well surprise surprise this vaxs steamer has now broken, within 5/6 months and Argos are refusing to refund or exchange our item and telling us we have to go through the manufacturer about the said problem?!
    (As Argos now have an agreement with vax that faults must go through them)

    I have phoned customer service about my statutory rights but they have said I’m right and wrong at the same time?!

    Any advise would be most helpful, as the store manager was extremely rude to my mother and reduced her to tears (when she left the shop)

    • Todz 27 July, 2:30 pm

      If it’s LESS THAN SIX MONTHS old and is faulty then the retailer and you are the only people involved in this transaction. The manufacturer is NOT involved at all.

      The retailers don’t want to get involved in repairs and all that stuff as it’s a pain. Well, tough. The law is very clear – the contract is between you and the retailer and it’s the retailer who gets the pleasure of being taken to court.

      You need to write to Argos Head Office legal Department Argos

      489-499 Avebury Boulevard
      Saxon Gate West
      Central Milton Keynes
      MK9 2NW

      “Dear Sir/Madam,

      RE: Faulty goods and the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended)

      On [date of purchase] I bought a [description of purchase] from you for [insert price] which has stopped working.

      The problem is [enter description of fault].

      The Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) states that when a consumer buys goods from a trader they must be: as described; of a satisfactory quality; and fit for any purpose made known at the time of sale to the seller.

      This legislation also states that the seller, not the manufacturer, is legally obliged to sort out a problem if the goods do not meet these requirements.

      The Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) says: if goods break within the first six months after purchase then there is a presumption the goods were faulty when sold.

      My goods are not [delete as appropriate – as described/fit for purpose/of satisfactory quality] and I wish to claim a [delete as appropriate – repair/replacement/refund] of my goods under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 as amended.

      Please respond to my complaint within 28 days from receipt of this letter.

      Please treat this letter as formal notice that I will commence County Court proceedings should that matter not be resolved to my satisfaction.

      Yours faithfully,

      Change the details to fit your purchase and mention and add in the date on which you took the vax back to the store where your claim was rejected. Attach a copy of your receipt or proff of purchase. (I know… but it’s to help resolve this case)

      Taken from BBC website – but as it’s necessary to give 28 days notice of Court proceedings then their suggested letter has been amended.

      This should produce a failry quick response but if it doesn’t let us know.

  • Kevin 10 June, 10:15 pm

    Hi I got an iPhone 5 from 3 about 12 months ago on a 24 month contract it is now playing up I took it to the apple store and they done some test which haven’t worked and say I have to pay £209 to get a replacement as it is a couple of weeks out of warranty surely this should be 3 responsibility as the damage to the phone is the motherboard and not caused by me and I still have 12 months remaining on my contract at £39 a month that’s £468 + vat 3 are refusing to replace the phone saying I have to pay can you please help

    • Todz 28 July, 1:37 am

      Nearly £1000 for a two year contract with phone.

      I think you mean the Logic board is faulty as it seems to be a fairly common failure with these phones. If they said “motherboard” then there’s something else wrong and it may not be so common – so let me know. If it’s the Logic board then it’s an inherrent manufacturing fault.

      You need to write to the legal dept at 3’s Head Office; I think you want a repair or replacement and you should enclose a copy of what Apple have said to you about the fault on the phone and the cost of repair/replacement. Attach a print out of a Google search that shows the extensive entries for logic board failure to show that it is very common and incorporate a reference to it in the letter.

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      RE: Faulty goods and the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended)

      On [date of purchase] I bought a [description of purchase] from you for [insert price] as part of a package including a mobile phone contract, which has now stopped working.

      The problem is [enter description of fault].

      The Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) states that when a consumer buys goods from a trader they must be: as described; of a satisfactory quality; and fit for any purpose made known at the time of sale to the seller.

      This legislation also states that the seller, not the manufacturer, is legally obliged to sort out a problem if the goods do not meet these requirements.

      The law also says I have six years from the date of purchase to claim damages for faulty goods.

      My goods are not fit for purpose or of satisfactory quality and I wish to claim a [delete as appropriate – repair/replacement/refund] of my goods under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 as amended.

      Please respond to my complaint within 28 days from receipt of this letter or I will commence County Court proceedings.

  • babz 21 June, 12:57 am

    hi, I purchased a Huawei mobile phone on November 25 2012 for my sons christmas present from Very catalogue , today 20 June 2013 it has a black screen , the screen flashed on for one second then stays black , do I contact Very catalogue about this matter or go direct to Huawei I can not see on the Very site how long the manufactures warranty is but its been 7 months since purchase any advice would be very welcome

    • Todz 28 July, 1:12 am

      Are your dates right? I don’t think they are and it’s important.

  • George 22 June, 9:44 pm

    We purchased a Sony Hdd recorder 18 months ago which cost £300. The recorder developed a problem within the warranty period and was fixed by the shop who sold it to us. Now the Recorder has ceased to work properly and it is only 18 months old.
    The shop we bought it from has kindly looked at it free of charge but they summise its nothing they can repair as they are not quite sure what is wrong.

    Can I approach Sony for a repair? I think the Recorder should not have developed what seems to be a major fault after 18 months and for the price I paid I believe I should have had a good 3 years at least before it started showing its age or developing issues.

    Do I have any rights for a free repair??


    • Todz 28 July, 12:58 am

      Electrical Retailers Association says that they would expect that the lifespan of one of these should be “Low priced DVD player/recorder 2 – 5 years Higher priced DVD player/recorder 5 – 8 years”. I think 5 years is reasonable.

      But there’s something not right about this. If this is a recognised Sony dealer – and it should be if they have done one repair otherwise they’d have sent it back to Sony under their warranty – then they should have been able to identify what was wrong with the recorder. No ifs or buts – an authorised Sony dealer will be ale to tell you what was wrong with it. If they had to, they’d have contacted Sony UK to get technical help. The fact they haven’t indicates that it’s a grey market or reconditioned or other machine or it isn’t an authorised dealer. If it isn’t an authorised dealer then what the heck are they doing playing round with a machine during its warranty period – they’d have packed it back to Sony. The fact they haven’t makes me suspicious about the origins of this machine.

      I would contact Sony and see what they know about it and ask for help. There will possibly be a manufacturing fault if it just doesn’t work but you need to establish why before going back to the retailer. Please let us know what happens as its useful for the future.

  • Marlene Bauwens 5 July, 2:23 pm

    I bought a wetsuit for my daughter, age 6, I asked the assistant for an age 8 as I wanted my daughter to have growing space and she sold me one off a hangar marked with an 8. Took it home she tried it on and I did think oh that’s quite snug for an age 8 but she wore it and played in the river when she took it off I noticed it was actually an age 6. I took it back to the shop to complain that I had been misrepresented and sold a product in a size I didn’t want. She wouldn’t claim responsibility for selling me the wrong size and wouldn’t exchange (there were marks on the wetsuit as it had been worn and it was still damp). She did give me 20% of the full cost back. Would I have been entitled to a full exchange? If I had known it was an age 6 I would never have allowed my daughter to wear it. Do I have any rights here? I hope you can help, thank you

    • Todz 27 July, 2:51 pm

      Misrepresentation – you asked for and were sold an 8, which turned out to be a 6. Strictly you were entitled to a full refund although they could have argued that should be reduced by wear and use. This is one of those cases the law doesn’t sort of fully cover – if she hadn’t worn it at all (other than trying it on and finding it was too small) then you’d have been due a full refund.

  • Cooper 13 July, 7:20 pm

    Leather3piece suite 9 months old peeling
    Shop painted it with stain come back worse spreading paid £1950 lot of Money saved paid cash on income surport & disabled benifits making me I’ll what do I do please help thank you

    • Todz 27 July, 2:47 pm

      See the reply to Nicola BArnes’ query of 9 July . In your case the suite is “not fit for purpose and is suffering from a manufacturing defect”. Well, when you paint your sofa more requently than the room it’s in, then there is something wrong with it is there? I think you should be asking for a full refund.

      Depending on the company (local as opposed to a large chain) they’ll respond either helpfully or reluctantly or not at all. If you aren’t happy you’ll then have to go to Court. It won’t cost you anything if you’re on benefits such as IS or JSA and it isn’t scary. But we’ll cross that bridge if we come to it.

    • kam 27 July, 4:22 pm


      I had the exact same problem. I purchased a corner suite, 2 single chairs and a 3 seater. Not cheap. After 3 years my leather started peeling on the 3 seater. The shop said its out of warranty and that it was my fault because I used something wrong to clean it. This wasn’t true and I explained why the rest of the other set were fine. Anyway they replaced cover for which I had to pay for the labour. Now my corner suite and 2 seaters have started to peel to the point that my corner suite has peeled off completely. Surely something is not right. To me it seems the shop has fobbed me off and bought sometime where it would be difficult to go back to them. I really feel conned because leather is not suppose to peel and is suppose to age normally. But mine are peeling añd I assure you I do not use anything but leather cleaner. Any advice would be appreciated.

      • Todz 28 July, 1:10 am

        You need an independent report from someone who’s a member of a trade association (as distinct from a manufacturer’s trade body) about the damage to your suite. It WILL cost you although if you are able to get the independent report then they’ll also give you repair and cost options. If the perosn who prepares the report is going to get a job out of it then the price may well be much lower or free.

        The difficulty for a Court is that the retailer is saying you caused the damage and you are saying you didn’t. Both have a version which a Court would find hard to resolve. By asking for an independent report which looks at the damage and likely cause of it and the cost of repair, the Court will find it much easier to make a judgment as the report is independent. See if there’s one near you on this page and ring round a couple and get a price for a report into the cause of the damage and cost of repair.

        When you’ve got that let us know what caused it.

  • Alix 17 July, 6:07 pm

    I bought a tablet less than 3 months ago from Curry’s.
    They refuse to replace or refund.
    And insist they must send it back to manufacturer.
    What are my rights??

  • Alix 17 July, 6:20 pm

    Bouught a tablet less than 3 months ago from curry’s.
    They refuse to replace or refund.

    But insist its a manufacturer issue. And they need to return it them for repair.

    What do I do next??

    Thanks for reading

    • Todz 27 July, 2:36 pm

      See the reply to Nicola BArnes’ query of 9 July – just change the details

  • Nathan 22 July, 11:03 pm

    Hi I got a phone on contracted and my speaker wasn’t working right so I took it back they give me a new one now my battery is draining really fast and I Hardley been using it still not happy with it is there anything I can do ??

  • Rob Willox 30 July, 11:23 am

    I originally purchases a Yarvik tablet from an online retailer which failed within the first six months of use. They referred initially to manufacturer but eventually did help in getting a newer replacement direct from the manufacturer.

    Unfortunately, the replacement has also now failed and all access has been lost. It would appear that the manufacturer has gone bankrupt and no longer can be contacted.

    Does the original retailer have any responsibility? Original purchase made on 24 July 2013.


  • mary jo blower 3 August, 12:51 am

    I am upset and completely bewildered by the new contract phone I have from the phone company 3, After having the phone for almost three weeks now I am non the wiser as to its use. The booklet supplied with it is in the tiniest print, and not in English, so there is nothing I can refer to. This phone is supposed to be my lifeline, as I have a disabled husband. I cant hear it ringing, although it is on the highest setting, and I am not deaf….don’t know if I have had any emails….because cant hear any signals to advise me if there are any coming in. I have been into the shop on numerous occasions, and feel I don’t want to be a nuisance, but needless to say this is a very upsetting and frustrating situation. Initially when I changed the phone, I asked for a phone that wasn’t complicated….this is certainly not the case. I feel they have sold me a “pig in a poke”, and have “washed their hands” of me, and have little, if no interest in the situation. I feel I don’t want to go into the Leamington Spa branch anymore. Is there another 3 shop in the vicinity…who could give me a little of their time to slowly run through what I have to do. I feel like ending this contract with 3…..they don’t seem to want to resolve my overall problem. Aftercare for customers seems non existent. Needless to say I will not go back to 3 in the future, and feel because they are not interested want to terminate my contract. It appears they have got their commission…..and now I am surplus to requirements. How they change when they have embezzled another contract with them out of you.

  • Lisa hines 18 August, 5:40 pm

    We have brought an outdoor sofa with cream cushion covers but the design of the zips means that the covers cannot be removed to be able to wash them. We feel this is a design fault but the garden centre have asked the manufacturer who have said they should not be washed only sponge cleaned. I’ve attempted this bit have made the stains worst. We were told by sales assistant at time of ourchase that they were machine washable. What should we do?

    • Todz 7 September, 2:19 am

      Depends on what was on the label when you bought them. All fabrics have to have care/origin information and somewhere it’ll tell you how to clean them. If it doesn’t and you relied on the word of a sales person then you have a case against the seller.

  • Keith riding 5 September, 2:54 pm

    I bought a Sony TV from currys 9mths ago the pixels have broken down I have called Sony 20 times regarding this TV it’s been 5weeks since I reported it to Sony they said they are ordering a new TV over 5 weeks ago I feel I have been let down by Sony and I need advice where I go from here to get a replacement as I don’t believe Sony it is a different story when I ring them so I just need to know what my rights are and what to do next

    • Todz 7 September, 2:22 am

      The seller is responsible for providing you with a repair or replacement. The fact that the manufacturer has already accepted that it has a manufacturing fault means the seller can’t argue that you haven’t proved it is a manufacturing fault. Contact the seller and ask them what they are going to do about it. Your contract is with them NOT Sony.

  • David Cockerham 5 September, 3:21 pm

    I bought a product with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty which has developed a fault after less than 6 months. I went direct to the manufacturer to ask for a replacement because the .com retailer I bought it from has gone into liquidation. The manufacturer is telling me that that liquidation makes the warranty invalid and is refusing to replace the item. What recourse do I have?

    • Todz 7 September, 3:15 am

      The law doesn’t directly address your type of problem. Your contract is with the “seller” and not with the manufacturer. If the manufacturer is a well known one then they’d usually be happy to help – it sounds as if yours is not one of those.

      If you’ve paid by credit card and it’s over £100 (the purchase price) then the card issuer is the one to contact. They are jointly liable with the seller and in the absence of the seller they effectively become the “seller” for the purposes of the sale of goods act.

      If you paid by Visa debit card then you should be able to use the chargeback facility. If you’ve noticed the problem (fault) and you contact the Visa debit card issuer within 120 days of being aware of the problem then they should be able to operate the chargeback for you.

      If you’ve paid by a non Visa debit card, such as Maestro or debit/credit Mastercard then you should contact the issuer and ask them to consider a chargeback.

      In each case you should tell them that you did not receive the service that you paid for – repair of a broken item under the warranty that came with the product.

      In future always pay for anything over £100 by splitting the payment so that say, £10 is on a credit card and the balance by debit card. (Preferably Visa debit, but having “snagged” the credit card issuer with the £10 then it doesn’t matter so much). That way you’ve always got a credit card issuer to go back to under S75 – even if they only ccontributed a tenner! If under £100 then use Visa debit.

  • Sam 7 September, 4:57 pm

    I purchased a laptop from Argos in april after two months the screen went blank and i couldnt use it,i took it back to argos they then repaired it for me,but now the screen has gone blank again, am i entitled to a refund because the first time i gave it back it was the manufactures fault and they fixed it but now its stopped working again? Also how many times do i give it back to get repaired until i can have a refund?

    • Todz 12 September, 1:41 am

      My golden rule is to never, ever, not at all, accept the offer of a repair if I have the initial offer of a refund. That way you can buy the same item as new and the clock starts again.

      The clock started because you accepted the offer of a repair, rather than insisting on a refund and so you curtailed your own rights by accepting the goods. You should have said that the goods do not conform to the contractand that you were not accepting them and wanted a refund.

      Go back to Argos each and every time it breaks down for at least the next three years and say you’d prefer a refund but if they won’t refund you then you’d like a repair.

      They’ll fire you off after 12 months so come back and tell us and you’ll

  • craig 22 September, 12:05 am

    I purchased a bush tv from argos 8wks ago , the remotes have stopped working,I have been on to customer services , they gave me a code to take to the shop , and said there would be one there , on arriving at the shop they opened six boxes and gave me a remote which doesn’t work on my tv ! On ringing them again they have asked me to return the tv for a refund , but I really want to keep this tv . Were do I stand and what right do I have .

  • Jennie 23 September, 10:34 pm


    I had vertical blinds fitted in July that had various problems and the company came and replaced them. The ones they have fitted them with are no better two have broke and the others are poor quality. I have been in touch with the company who have said they will do nothing untill the have spoke to there supplier which can take upto 21 days by law to respond. I’m unsure where I stand with this and wondering if it would be best to get an onbudsman involved.
    Thanks for any advice in advance


  • Jo 24 September, 3:13 pm

    Hi just wondering if I have any rights regarding a dress I bought for 300 pounds. I got it out to be dry cleaned and three cleaners refused to clean it as it has embelliments glued on it the label clearly states dry clean only what rights do I have I’ve only worn it once and probably never again thanks

  • susan 30 September, 8:48 pm

    I purchased an expensive piece of kitchen equipment which was damaged and did not work properly, I pointed out some of the damage to the delivery men who said it should be ok. after a quite a few phone calls and three engineers visits from the manufacturer, I had had enough and decided I wanted to deal with the seller who still tried to fob me off to the manufacturer, after another visit from two engineers from the shop, it was decided that the item was not fit for purpose because of the damage, the item I refer to is a cooker. I have now been told that the cooker is to be removed right away by the manufacturer and it could take upto six weeks to replace it with another of the same model. apparently the money will be refunded and I will have to re order it.
    my question is how can they leave me without a means to cook for upto six weeks, this is not my fault surely some one has an obligation to ensure I am not left without a cooker.

  • louise 8 October, 2:22 pm

    In Feb this year, I purchased a Panasonic microwave as a gift for my in-laws. It was purchased from an online electrical retailer. All was well until October, when the microwave literally went out with a bang and now only the fan works. As my in-laws had registered the product with Panasonic for the years guarantee, we rang them first, to be told the microwave needs to be taken to one of their service centres to be checked over before any replacement can be issued. This service centre is a 60 mile round trip for my pensioner in-laws, which I find unacceptable. I called the retailer, thinking I may have rights with them, even though the micro is eight months old, but they say there is nothing they can do since Panasonic must assess it first and that the only option is for us to take it to the service centre? We will be out of pocket doing this. Is this our only option or are they fobbing me off. Many thanks.

  • Saira 11 October, 2:20 pm

    hello. Bought a Samsung washer dryer from currys. Had it delivered on Wednesday. Used it Thursday. Didn’t wash the clothes. Half of the Detergent was still in the draw.
    Went back to currys who said contact Samsung. Anyway engineer came out, saw detergent still in draw. Put the machine on an empty cycle. Said there was no fault in his report.
    Samsung have said there’s nothing further they will do.
    What are my rights with curry.

    To me I feel I bought from currys it’s there responsibility. I paid £630 for this heap of junk that doesn’t work.

  • Michelle 18 October, 3:16 pm

    My daughter decided to buy a galaxy Samsung tab 3 with her communion money on the 18th may this year from a big supermarket, we were also offered a 2 year insurance policy that if anything happened to it with in that 2 years it was completely covered so as she was only 8 and accidents can happen we took out the insurance, after a month her brother accidently fell and the screen cracked in the tablet so we had the insurance and no bother we got it replaced now 5 months later the tablet has stopped working all together it won’t even charge, I rang the insurance company to out in another claim to get I repaired to be told that there was only £59 left on the insurance as it had cost £95 to replace the screen even though it had vp been sold to me as a 2 year insurance, I went back to the store it was bought in, they got onto the manufactures who said it would take 2 weeks to get it repaired, they were shocked about the insurance as they were under the impression that a 2 year insurance should cover what ever problems in the 2 years, they decided to ring the insurance company who then said that the £59 left on the policy probable wouldn’t cover the repair and that was all they would give me for the tablet, I spent 2 hours this morning in the shop trying to get this rectified, I am home again with the tablet and told they will be in touch on Monday and that I will get it repaired for free however I had said due to it now been faulty I wanted a full refund and I had been missold insurance, where do I stand if I get it repaired and then possibly 2-3 months down the line it breaks again and I now seemly don’t have enough on the insurance to get it repaired.


  • mergon 20 October, 3:33 pm

    Amazon ,s tablet traders sell the Polatab i expect a lot of people are happy if theirs work properly but mine did not ,the blue tooth does not work , so i called them 3 times all any will get is an answer phone ,so i emailed them explaning the faults in detail i told them i had to be out at 1pm so left them that information saying i would be in by 3pm i also left them my mobile number ,still no reply ,if you want to buy something off Amazon be prepared to all of the running around your self because once they have the money your on your own ,im stuck with a tablet with no blue tooth and no email !

  • irene 21 October, 12:52 pm

    I bought a vacuum cleaner from Robert Dyas (Horsham) in 2011. I have used it twice only. It works perfectly well for 10 minutes and then cuts out. After a rest it goes for another ten minutes. I gave up on it as I am a pensioner and arthritic. I have left it in the cupboard until now as I am moving. I went into the shop this morning and they said I should take the matter up with “Hoover”. The guarantee for a year has expired. What can I do now?

  • Donna Civitarese 25 October, 9:39 pm

    My daughter bought some hair from a beauty place, she asked if the hair was to long when she got them home would they take them back. The salesperson said yes. When she took one out of the package it was too long so I put them in the package. I called the store, the salesperson said yes he would take them back as long as they was in still good condition. I explained that she only tried on one. It was to long.
    So when she took them back today he told her no he wasn’t going to take them back, they was in bad condition!

  • Ann 27 October, 11:58 am

    I bought a Toshiba Tv in May from Tesco. The on/off button was a bit odd from the start but I said to hubby read the manual. Couldn’t get it to work properly. On complaining Toshiba offered me a white brand new alternative but ‘couldn’t’ offer the black model?? The television has now been back twice for repair and it is worse than ever because it won’t even come on now. I have asked for a refund but was offered another repair. I was told under the sale of goods act I can ask Tesco for a refund. Is this true?
    thank you in advance for any help

  • Jo 28 October, 1:39 am

    I entered into a 24 month contract for the supply and use of a mobile phone about 22 months ago with Orange and was told verbally that the phone had a 24 months warranty. It was replaced after 13 months when it developed a fault. The replacement also developed a fault, so I have returned it via one of their stores for repair under the warranty. Orange now say that the phone only has 12 months warranty and I must pay for the repair. The only proof I have of my 24 months warranty is that they have already repaired the phone once without charge outside of 12 months. Would this count legally?

    One advisor said she would try and pull out the taped conversation of the advisor telling me the length of warranty and would ring me back, but that was 3 weeks ago and every time I call them they fob me off and repeat that the warranty is only 12 months. Where do I go from here?

  • Miss Powell 28 October, 8:43 pm

    I have an I-phone. The battery died on it last week for about 8 hours, now when I try to charge it nothing happens. I went to the Apple store who were unable to fix it. Instead they advised me to contact Three as I got the phone from them. They also stated that under the Consumer Law act Three should offer to replace or fix the phone.

    Unfortunately, when I phoned Three (1 hr ago) they stated that they do not have to do this, and instead I should pay for the phone to be fixed and they will reimburse me. To fix the phone cost £189!!

    Under Consumer Law, am I within my rights to request a replacement phone? please advise.

    • moyke 18 November, 3:11 pm

      under the sale of goods act, your phone needs to be of ‘merchantable quality’, i.e. it needs to work.

      Assuming the phone is less than 12 months old they are obliged to REPAIR, if they can’t they should replace.

  • Keri 29 October, 3:36 pm

    hi my parents recently purchased a solid wood floor from makro , it stated it was suitable for kitchens. However within the first 2 weeks of it being fitted it has scratched, dented and left groves were anything has moved over it. It is clearly not suitable for its intended use. Makro are having nothing to do with it and saying it is a manufacturing problem as the floor has been opened and fitted. I think they are being fobbed off and I have told them their point of sale was with makro.
    Where do they stand on this ??

  • Pat 4 November, 4:01 pm

    Bought a new swimming costume on 4thoct took it back two weeks later as the strap has stetched to avert thin strap ready to snap but she has said she won’t do anything for me as she doesn’t want to lose money adamant she won’t do anything any suggestions

  • rachelle 5 November, 9:01 pm

    I bought a new kitchen about 5 years ago , after about 6/8 weeks the built in larder fridge started to leek water from the bottom of the unit , this happened many times and an engineer was called out . after 3 years a new fridge and more engineer call outs for the new fridge ( same problem ) the engineer made some adapments. the problem was that the fridge was defrosting and making to much water which was going into the drip tray but then overflowing onto cupboard shelf and out front of fridge.
    any way we thought the engineer had solved problem by extending the gas pipe work from the fridge into the drip tray to warm water up to evaporate it and also fitted extra drip tray.
    10 months later I thought it was now safe as had not leaked for a while to now lay my new kitchen floor,
    floor been down 6/7 months and fridge now leaking again ( drip trays must be full again)
    went back to wickes they said you have to deal with Electrolux !
    rang Electrolux they said as it had not happened for over 1 1/2 -2 years I would have to pay for the engineer to come out!
    I the mean time I found on the Internet a long list of aeg and Electrolux models that there is a known fault that they produce too much water and drip trays overflowing and my model number is on there.
    this is an ongoing fault from the time I bought this 5 years ago., I have also had to have a new cupboard last time as all the wood warped from water and will need another one again.
    how do I stand ,should I be paying the call out fee?. I would like a new fridge ,one which is not on the fault list .
    the fridge I feel was not fit for purpose , can I ask for a new different model?
    any help please to know how I stand.

  • Tracy brogan 25 November, 6:54 pm

    Smart tv broken down 3 times been so called repaired 3 times . 1st time sept 2014 2nd time October 2014 and 3rd time nov 2014. Now tv broken down again and littlewoods refuse to help as warranty has now ran out. Surely I have some rights as tv should have been repaired while it was still under warranty.

  • Craig 26 November, 7:15 am

    Hi there I bought an LCD TV from tesco less than a year ago it cost £350 and now it will not turn on but I have lost the receipt would I still be able to take it back for a replacement ?

  • penny 4 December, 5:55 pm

    I have bought a steam iron from well known electrical supplier, it is not “man enough” for the job, it does not seem fit for purpose (i.e ironing for 4) Can I return it after a single use?

  • JENNI1970 12 December, 4:36 am

    I bought a smart 3d LG television from currys in August 2013, 13 months later it developed a backlight problem. I contacted Currys who directed my problem to LG customer care, they advised that I took the TV to a repair shop get a report and send it to them. On receiving the TV report they agreed to replace the TV as the repair was too costly. Today we have received the replacement, and the screen is cracked, I commented to the delivery driver that the box was in a poor state and one side was completely soaking wet. The driver noted the comments on his screen.
    I want to know what might rights be in relation to replacing a replacement, any advice would be greatly appreciated, I have emailed the customer service dept and included photos of screen and box.



  • Mrs Sagar 18 December, 10:50 am

    Hello could please give me some advice, I purchased a Sony camera in June of this year from a catalogue company the camera came with 12 month guarantee, the camera developed a fault so I sent it back to the company on the 2nd December after three weeks I received no correspondence back from them so decided to contact them by phone I was told the camera was being sent back to me and that I would have to get in touch with the manufacturers myself I asked why they refused to fix it and they said their was a strap missing and the cap that goes over the lense was missing I have never even taken the strap out the box it has never even been used so this was a lie and I most certainly put the cap to the lence myself it was double checked by another member of my family as well the camera has been used about 3-4 times at the most so it still in excellent condition.
    I would be grateful for any advice from you thanking you.
    Mrs Sagar

  • gary 23 December, 9:57 am

    I purchased a beko fridge freezer back early November and it moos quite loudly and regularly, its like being in a cattle market! After phoning beko they sent an independent engineer who agreed it was the worst noise he ever heard from a fridge freezer. That was back on the 3rd of December and im still waiting for beko to contact me to resolve this issue.
    What are my rights here? As im ringing beko later today for answers I want to have an idea where I stand just in case I get seen off.
    Thanks in advance

  • stephen 25 December, 4:31 pm

    I bought a smart tv less than 1week ago from currys for £749 5 days after I bought it the tv has dropped in price to £649 am I allowed to be refunded that £100 ?

    • Todz 2 January, 4:08 am

      The simple answer is “no”.

  • Simon 29 December, 5:00 pm

    I bought a TV from asda which broke after 10 months of me having it they changed it for me no problem the TV they changed it for has now stopped working and I have had it 13 months I phoned them up and they are not interested because I have had it longer than 12 months?? Surely this is not write?

  • sara 31 December, 12:46 am

    hi there I had a portable DVD player which was working perfect but lost the charger when moving , I went into marlin for a new one got one with no hassel charge it up pulling out the charger it took out a pin from the inside of the dvd now the chager won’t go in , will they fix this for me was working perfect till I put the charger in , or am I wadting my time going back

  • DAVID 31 December, 8:57 pm

    Just seen your fees. If it looks to good to be true it generally is. I suggest you post your fees up front and not waste anyone’s time

  • sita 10 January, 7:46 pm

    I bought Samsung tab 7inch from Samsung shop for my son for gaming they didn’t explain that it is not good enough for graphics games and I after a week take it back that it is not downloading this game and they said that time and if you go for bigger tab spend£319 this one is good we change our mind same they but they says we can’t give you refund you the money and we can’t give you the original tab which was £139 I don’t know what to do to get refund

    • Todz 23 January, 12:19 pm

      If you asked “is this a graphics machine” before buying it and were told it was, or you went off the info on the box that said it was suitable for graphics, then you have a case under the Sale of Goods Act. If you went off the information on the stand or the box that didn’t make any claim then I’m afraid you really don’t have much of a case.

  • Andre Davies 18 January, 12:23 pm

    hi there ive got a problem with a pet shop I bought a heat bulb for my vivarium for my bearded dragons and the bulb blue within 2days of buying it I took it back and the owner said there isn’t any guarantee on bulbs and wouldn’t replace it at all said to call the manufacturer who makes the bulbs and tell them I payed the pet shop for this bulb and it wasn’t cheap but expected it to last more than two days what can I do as the pet shop owner wont replace my bulb or give me refund if anyone can help me please email me direct so I can read your answers right away so I now were I stand

  • claire clarke 28 January, 9:04 am

    My uncle bought a tv from pc world/ commet
    5th feb 2014. It has a fault on it were the colour isn’t ie got like ghosts round people and if u turn the tv of you have to keep resetting it contrast volume and channels x it has been back to the manufacturer several times and is still not resolved. Also they have said that the tv was going be back on a certain date and they never arrived! They are meant to be collecting the tv again on saterday 31st jan 2015 to fix the same problem although its just come back from “meant to been fixed ” between chritmas and new year! Im goin to take back to the shop today can i demand a new tv? Please help

  • Dean Dymond 30 January, 12:04 pm

    Good Morning
    I recently purchased a LG American style fridge freezer from Curry’s. Bought it on the 5th of Jan but didn’t receive it till the 16th of Jan as they had a back log. It arrived during the kitchen installation so we left it in the box but signed on the received note as not inspected. The kitchen was fitted and I then opened the box only to find a huge dent in the bottom left of the freezer door where it appears a fork lift or something heavy has pressed into the door and damaged it and the hinge. Tried ringing the Currys Know how customer service number as soon as I saw the damage. After a series of number presses it sends you automatically to the LG website. They are unwilling to replace as its longer than 5 days since I recived it (where the 5 days came from I don’t know as I was not informed LG used a different law as everyone else in the land!!!) . They informed me I needed to go back to the seller to get a replacement, looking on here that is correct. However I returned to Currys and they are trying to still fob me off to LG. Can I just return the item as unwanted as I’m still within the 28 days as to be honest Currys are doing my head in?

  • Dean Dymond 30 January, 12:16 pm

    I have just received a £1000 fridge freezer from Currys on the 16 th of Jan. As the kitchen was being done at the time we signed for it but left it in the box so it would be safer. I opened it once the units had been installed some 10 days later but I have now found a huge dint in the bottom of the door that looks like it has been crushed/preshed by a fork lift. Tried using the Know How phone number but they just put you through to LG to do a repair. I don’t want a repair on a brand new piece of kit, I want a replacement. Got told via LG to sort it via the Grimsby currys branch that I bought it from. Well they where as much use as a trap door in a canoe and just rang LG again. Currys I bought the item from you as the seller the onus is on you to make good not keep fobbing me off. Still waiting on a managers decision as the sale assistant was too hung over to deal with me this morning!!!! Drunk staff and poor sales. Well done Currys nice one!!!! Can I return the item using the just the 28 day returns policy as they don’t appear to want to do it under damaged goods? LG say they will only accept it if Id returned it with in 5 days of receiving it (no mention of a five day rule when I bought it however!!!)
    Dean Dymond

  • karen hesketh 8 February, 11:21 pm

    3 mobile are not taking responsibility for a contract phone that I have only had for 10 month though know that this htc has phone has this fault I have I now can’t get calls no camera no ringtones etc however still charging me monthly charges and told me I have to contact htc and resolve this or update my phone and pay a charge of 250 pound. I thought my contract was with 3 so should I go back 2 them and get them 2 resolve this

  • alison 10 February, 1:52 pm

    I am a shop keeper.
    A customer brought something back that she has had a year. The fastner has broken, i have given her a replacement, but whats to say she won’t return next year saying same thing. The way i see it she can get a replacement all the time surely, it has to stop somewhere otherwise we would all be out of business if we just replaced all the time.

  • John McKenzie 16 February, 9:06 pm

    I brought a tv and after about three weeks it stop working I took it back and the store refused to give me my money back and also the store has the tv what can i do to get my money back or a new tv

  • Barbara Allison 25 February, 7:35 pm

    I purchased a Bosch Pressure Iron from Argos around 16mths ago, I realise the shops guarantee expires after 12mths, but the Iron carries a 2year manufacturers guarantee which is still valid, my iron has now stopped working/defective, can I return the iron to Argos and ask them to honour the 2year guarantee, what is my position.
    Thank you’
    Barbara Allison

  • Tracy 2 March, 5:46 pm

    I bought a washing machine, it leaked within the first month, by the time I got round to contacting the retailer, they said it was up to me to contact the manufacturer as it was no longer up to them as the 28 day guarantee had expired, I refused to do this and said they as the seller were responsible, the washing machine had now stopped working and they (the retailer) have decided to organise an engineer to call it to look at the machine, Is this the best I can expect?? (A repair)

  • Dave 2 March, 6:14 pm

    Hi bort a motorbike from p an b motorbike and after 11 months of haveing the bike under 6000 klom I broke down on it. I hade it recoverd to motorbike shop ne’er me and hade it looket at I got a phone call for me to go in to the shop were the mechanic. Told me that how Eva built the bike hade put a bolt in the engin wrong and when the engin hase set in the nut broke off going throw my enging caseing.and. Puting a hole in it and doing my camshaft gears So he then email the shop were I bort the bike from explaining what hade happend and sent pics to prove it was a build falt. And all thay said is we don’t deal with them no more. But the man that’s sold it to me said I get a 7 year warranty wth it as long as I get my bike serviced wen I shud and I have with stamps to prove this. So what do I do next hase I’ve hade my bike repaird but at my cost and I wood like to do something about this but I do t no what so any help wood be great

  • Linda L 4 March, 3:29 pm

    Hi there,

    In December 2013 I bought a morphy Richards steam iron in the good food show at Birmingham, I was given a receipt at the time and am quite sure I paid cash. On returning home I registered the guarantee and got an extra 12 months guarantee (total 2 years from December 2013) , now my steam iron has a fault, I have contacted morphy Richards, and they say without a guarantee they cannot do anything. I am aware that it is a problem that I have no receipt, but surely it counts for something that I registered the steam iron?

  • Jimmy 6 March, 9:21 pm

    .Bought a playstation 4 the day it came out about 14 months ago,8 months in I had to send of to Sony as console stopped working,they fixed the problem,now it’s gone again warranty has run out,was told to inform tesco where I bought it from as this is not cheap console surely I must be entitled to a new console or refund as these consoles should not break down that quick .where do I stand can anyone help

  • katie 8 March, 3:33 pm

    Hi there my husbands phone has just stopped charging after only having it 2 months we have just contacted 3 who have said we have to ring samsung first thing tomorrow as you have two years warrenty with them any advice is welcome

  • Rob Baldock 13 March, 2:39 pm

    Retailers invariable try to avoid their responsibility….by referring you to a manufacturer or their supplier.
    Tesco are a Prime case in point.
    Retailers don’t give a damn about their responsibility under the Sale of Goods Act.

  • Lisa 21 March, 7:43 am

    I bought a phone on contract and called the shop yo say there was a fault with the phone and this can not be used. The sales man said bring it back. I told him I was going on holiday for a week and said when I would be in to exchange this phone. I went to the shop for him to tell me that if I had gone in the day before he could exchange it but I had gone over by a day on the 14 day guarantee. This is ridiculous as he is now saying he IS SURE HE WOULD OF TOLD ME. But he never. And he said sorry othing I can do. So I am now stuck with a phone I can’t use and have to pay for. To top it off when he put it back in the box he dropped this on the table and now the screen is cracked

  • Nicola 22 March, 11:52 am

    Bought a phone in August 2013 this has suddenly stopped working I have everything including proof of purchase and they are refusing to either replace or refund the phone. What can I do please.

  • Ashling 10 April, 3:58 am

    Hi, my friends bought me a tommee tippee prep machine as a baby present in November for when I was due in February. Since having the baby, I am manly breast feeding but do formula feeds at night (two feeds) so the machine is not being used constant. A week ago the temp light is flashing on it, which suggests the water temp in the tank is not right. I have followed all the instructions correctly, and made sure that when I fill it up it is with cold water I have left running for several minutes. However the light is still flashing constantly for a week now. I contacted tommee tippee and they have basically said they will not replace it as it is still working and should be at the right temp. They said To go back to where it was bought. However our friends got it when it was on promotion for half price and they cannot find the receipt. Where would I stand if they gave me a bank statement with the purchase shown, with regards to them paying less than the original price?
    Although the machine is still working, there is obviously a fault as the light is not suppose to be flashing and has been for over a week- who knows if it is on its way out!

  • Justin Duke 11 April, 3:07 am

    The shop 4ns for you, that I bought my mobile device from is not there anymore, my mobile is under a year old and I have cracked the screen, who are responsible for repairing my mobile device.

  • ALISON 18 April, 9:48 pm


  • catherine hopkins 24 April, 9:05 am

    hi i bought a Bosh cooker and ceramic hob from comet approx six years ago and after contacting Bosh because my hob is faulty was told the enr no shows the appliences were manufactured over twenty three years ago so not worth the 100 pound call out to be told they no longer have the parts i hope nothing goes wrong with my cooker and why are shops allowed to sell old goods as new

  • Noel Byrne 29 April, 8:41 pm

    I bought fitted kitchen less than 3 years ago from local business and the cupboard doors have started to bubble around the edges and faded. could you please tell me what rights I have.
    Thank you
    Noel Byrne

  • Marc 2 May, 7:09 am

    Hello, I bought a washing machine from Argos in October 2014 & it stopped working last night. I have the receipt but we didn’t send off for the guarantee. Who do I contact? Thanks

  • MR GILBERT 3 May, 12:30 pm

    Just spent 2 hours in an outlet to solve a manufacturers fault to be told the product is discontinued and can’t get one

  • Karen Thomas 4 May, 9:50 am

    In December 2014, I got double glazed windows and a skylight fitted. We were not completely happy with the quality of the work but in particular, the skylight that was fitted was different to what we ordered and was missing a corner bracket. I have visited the store and I was requested to send pictures, which I did, I have also sent numerous emails but I have had no responds.

    What are my statutory rights in this circumstance and how can I demand that they secure the skylight ?

  • dave 5 May, 3:21 pm

    Hi i actually have 2 cases i need advice, hope anyone can help.
    1- ibought a landvo smartphone on ebay 4 montgs ago it stated a 6 months warrenty. What happened is the phone freqently started making noises in middle of a call. Also the other line was very unclear. Other than this the phone worked fine. How can i encorce the seller to honour the warrenty. My messages go unanswered.
    2- i also bought a rc helicopter with a yearwarrenty. It crashed about 4 5 times and the rotors are broken. Is such a scenerio included in the warrenty? No warrenty details wede given other than the text in the description 1 year warrenty.

  • Grace 6 May, 1:55 pm

    I bought rather expensive hybrid dress from lovarni few months ago. The dress is cream on the top, purple in the bottom and has dark blue strips on the sides. Last week I took it to Johnsons dry cleaners and the dark blue strips ran. As a result the bright top of the dress become greyish with some darker spots across and the dress is damaged. The tag on the dress says dry cleaning only and it was cleaned by the lightest program using reputable dry cleaners. I used them many times and always was very happy with their service.
    I contacted lovarni asking for exchange or refund and this is what they replied:

    “We’re sorry to hear that your dress has run. We have sold thousands of these dresses and have never received a problem with the color running when they have been taken to a reputable dry cleaners. All dresses are color treated before they are sent out and aslong as the instructions on the care label are followed correctly, running will not happen.
    We would advise talking to your dry cleaners about this problem.”

    How should I deal with the seller to get exchange or refund?
    Johnsons cleaners said they can send this dress to their central office to test the material and get expertise what’s wrong with the material but is it worthwhile in dealing with the seller?
    Please advise because I cannot leave it like this, especially it was my favorite dress 🙁
    Many thanks,

  • A L Crook 11 May, 12:08 pm

    Bought 2 tyres from Nat tyre on 4/3/2015. 1 tyre had catastropgic failure after 147miles have taken it back to NTS (watch this space).
    The other tyre has now done over 1000miles

  • Gabriella Brown 16 May, 4:35 pm

    Argos is refusing to repair my tablet that has a broken charging port and is under warranty and hp have said that they will fix it under warranty. They will not repair it as d and g told them that the repair is not covered under warranty when I have shown them written proof this is not true.

    Also hundreds of people have complained about the charging port for the hp slate 7. I believe at first hp were refusing to repair it bearing in mind that the repair costs more than the tablet. I believe they changed the policy after so many people complained that they realised that more likely this was a manufacturing fault.

    The thing is that hp don’t send parts to consumers so argos have to be the ones to repair it but they won’t and they keep saying I need to speak to hp.

  • Tony Tack 18 May, 11:55 am


    I’m a little confused and would like some advice.
    I bought a surround sound amplifier from a “reputable” retailer online and by finance in December. I opened it and put it in place, but because I needed to fit all the speakers and discreetly wire them, I’ve only just got round to demolishing my ceiling to do it!

    It was all connected up and switched on and worked brilliantly for 20 minutes until it let out a high pitched noise and shut down. Nothing I can do to make it work.

    Called the retailer today and they’ve asked me to send it back so they can forward it on to the manufacturer. The issue is it will cost me £30+ to do this. Their reasoning is, as I threw away the original box, it’s my responsibility and they ‘may’ offer a £10 credit if it proves to be a manufacturing fault. Admittedly I’ve had it for just under 5 months, but it only worked for 20 minutes before going bang. If they weren’t 400 miles away, I’d shove it through their letterbox.
    Any advice how I should proceed?

  • trudy meadows 19 May, 7:21 pm

    my watch was put into the jewellers to be cleaned 6 months ago and has still not be cleaned, its a Cartier watch and we left 600 pounds with the shop to cover any expense

  • liz 22 May, 7:03 pm

    Hello. Im very very annoyed!
    I bought ‘WHAL’ mens hairdressing clippers for around £50 last xmas at a hairdressing supplies in cardiff. Im a barber & they were used twice a week, during the only days i work there.

    They kept ‘spluttering’ to work and completely conked out at the end of march.
    (i was ill during april) So went to return them today (may), with the xmas 14 receipt in hand. …They are notoriously awkward there anyway at the hairdressing supplies as i expected. . . . .
    but the manager told me today thats its a ‘wire problem’ and that I have to contact WHAL if i wish to??….
    …I emphasised that they were only purchased xmas and asked if they were going to do anything about it to which they replied “NO”.
    I walked away not happy at all as they have only been used for 3 months, although i attempted to take them back in may its still unfair. they refused point blank to do anything about it??

  • gary 2 June, 1:44 pm

    hi.bought hp laptop16 months ago January 2014 and now it has stopped working.took to a computer shop and they checked it and found the motherboard was faulty.took it back to retailer and they said they couldn’t do anything as out of 1year warranty.don’t know what todo.please help.

  • Chris Dunnett 2 June, 2:26 pm


    I returned a defective Panasonic microwave combi oven to Curry’s and the manager told me to get an independent engineers report which I then sent to their CEO. The report concluded “With the oven operating exactly as designed, I can only deduce that the plastic door surround has failed due to defective design or materials”.

    They have rejected my claim as the date of purchase was 16-12-2008 and I returned the oven on the 23-2-2015 – two months past the six year time limit. Trading Standards/CAB have advised me to ask permission of the court to hear my claim as it is only 2 months out of the six year time limit, but before doing so they suggested that I seek legal advice. Not really an option as the cost of that would probably exceed the amount being claimed.

    Can you advise me as I have searched the Sale of Goods Act 1972 and cannot find any reference to a time limit of six years. I do not wish to start court proceedings only to have my claim dismissed because of a time limit.



  • Diane 6 June, 1:05 pm

    I bought a washing machine from a friends catalogue 3 year ago n today while in a washing cycle it caught fire. Where do I stand with my consumer rights?

  • doreen 9 June, 1:08 am

    We purchased a living room set almost 10 months ago (it was a new product on the floor we are having issues with the sofa when you sit down it makes a cracking sound should not be doing this what should I do what are my rights we paid over 3.000.00 for it . Where do I start.

  • Marylene 11 June, 8:24 am

    My daughter purchased a new mattress about 3 month ago, ahe has since devellopped an allergy to what she think is caused by the memory foam layer on the mattress, she wakes up with very swollen eyes only when sleeping on it, she has deducted the cause only because she works away from home some days of the week. What are her rights in going back to the shop to make a complaint?

  • CHRIS PURCELL 16 June, 5:51 pm


  • Hayley Walker 4 July, 8:54 pm

    I have a 5 month old hp laptop from currys it’s got a problem . A green screen whenever I play any video online or offline what can I do will currys knowhow takealook as it’s not been 6 months?

  • Will Stranders 8 July, 10:47 pm

    Hi wonder if you can help
    My Hoover washing machine broke down and sparks and horrible burning plastic smoke came out the top today
    We brought it from Currys
    Funny enough we had a letter through just under a month ago saying our warranty had run out and do we want to extend..I didn’t

    Just wondering how I can go about this complaint.. It was a good job I noticed the smell and ditched off the power before any worse happened
    Less than a month after the warranty runs out
    What can I do thanks!

  • Kerry 12 July, 9:29 am

    Hi, I bought a second hand car Peugeot 308 2010 plate on Wednesday today is now Sunday. Last night I noticed very large blistering on the bonnet of the car which I haven’t noticed until now. The rest of the cars body work is perfect. What should I do??? because this might cost me a lot of money to repair and I don’t want to be told by the garage I bought the car it’s not there problem because I should have noticed this before I bought the car. I want to know my rights before I speak to them.

  • Mrs J |Lee 17 July, 9:18 am

    WeI purchased a LAY-z-SPA last August, we have the receipt, from a local store, not used through the winter, was packed away. We have used it for a couple of months, not continually, this summer and the heating element now does not work, returned to the shop and was told that we have to contact the makers. Having spent hours on the phone, due to undue volume of calls, we have again returned to the shop and again told that it is the responsablity of the manufacturer. Where do we stand?! Thank you

  • Sandra Garnet 25 July, 2:24 pm

    Clutch on motorhome repaired 3 weeks ago as it stuck, its stuck again and won’t go into gear the garaged charged me 165 pounds 3 weeks ago, if I take it back should they sort it free of charge? Many thanks Sandra Garnett.

  • Cassie 25 July, 11:58 pm

    i brought a second habd Peugeot from a dealers shop 3-4 months ago and haven’t drove it much due to having a new baby.. Came out today and all the paint has bubbled up in the bumper and door handles… Do I have rights to mKe then pay for a new paint respray ?? I paid near £4000 for this car ?? The paint is peeling if in certain areas? Please help it came with 3 month Warrenty !! Any advice would be great thank you

  • V Buckle 27 July, 11:10 pm

    I have an LG tv bought from PC World since the day we had this certain channels keep going off and on or changing channels? KNOW HOW who are part of PC World repair dept warranty say they cannot find a fault but we have tested other tv’s and they are fine. As they cannot find a fault they are saying they cannot take it back or refund. We have even taken it back to the shop but they tested again and cannot find anything wrong? What are my rights? Please help they wont do anything and just let us take the tv home again without doing anything. So we cannot use about 4 channels on this expensive tv
    we contacted LG want to collect to have a look but didnt turn up to collect?
    But also said they cannot take it back or refund.

  • margaret priest 28 July, 11:48 am

    I purchased a new reclining chair some eight months ago, after 6months the fabric started to change colour in a lot of places the manufacturer and supplier say that it is wear and tear. I cannot agree there is only myself uses the chair.
    The chair is now a completely different colour not the colour I ordered.

  • John Bean 28 July, 4:45 pm

    If I buy Brand new car with alloy wheels which prematurely corrode after 12 months and the dealership replaces them with a new set of wheels exactly the same and again after 12 months the replacements corrode. Can I demand the dealership replace the wheels with an alternative which does not corrode prematurely. It appears from a forum that this is a common problem with diamond cut alloy wheels from several manufacturers

  • Janet 3 August, 3:50 pm

    I received a VonHaus window vacuum as a gift. After charging as instructed, it worked for a few seconds and then cut out, showing a flashing red light. The Troubleshooting section of the supplied instruction manual states “If light is rapidly blinking, return to supplier”. I note from buyer comments on Amazon that this seems to be a common fault with this product.

    Unfortunately, as this was a gift, I do not know who the supplier is. However, the instruction manual carries DOMU.UK branding (Designer Habitat Ltd, Manchester) and they supply this item via Amazon. I contacted Designer Habitat Ltd customer services to request warranty repair or replacement but they claim they cannot authorize a return because I cannot provide proof of purchase (it was a gift).

    I could understand this if I was requesting a refund but I am not – I just want a warranty repair or replacement. As their branding is on the instruction manual, it is obvious that they supplied the item and its ‘as new’ condition and original packaging testifies that it was bought recently. Surely they are obliged to arrange a repair even in the absence of proof of purchase? Or are all warranties on gifts essential worthless under current consumer legislation?

  • Carlie Bielecki 12 August, 11:57 am

    i purchased a steam generator iron from vaporella which went wrong & was replaced twice by vaporella.
    Eventually they replaced with an upgraded model as the previous one kept going wrong!
    All their products come with a 2year guarantee, the upgraded model has now gone wrong & I have had it a yr and a half so as far as I’m concerned this should be replaced? However vaporella are saying the guarantee started when I got the original iron before all the replacements….. Can that do this? Surely the guarantee starts when you recieve the new product whatever the circumstances?
    Your advice would be much appreciated.

  • richard 12 August, 12:05 pm

    I bought 2 tablets from argos both screens broke within a fortnight they advised this was my fault but there is issues with these tablet screens i read on line what should i do

  • James 14 August, 7:09 pm

    I recently bought a bathroom unit set including sink, tap and toilet I employed a plumber to fit it all within a month the tap is leaking from the top and had plumber round again and said it’s a fault with the tap get in touch with the company! So I did they are sending out a replacement from the manufacturers, I asked if due to it being a faulty tap would they cover cost of having to get a plumber out to refit it and they replied their liability ends with replacing or refunding and will not cover plumbing costs! Due to it being faulty and not wear and tear are they right in refusing to cover plumbing costs

  • hmmm 30 August, 4:21 pm

    Friend and neighbour had a hover went wrong phoned hover just sending parts out Argos did not want to no which is them serking the sale of goods act

  • Paul 3 September, 5:18 pm

    I took my iphone to a phone tec to fix it he fixed the screen changed battery , the phone is still not working even though he was paid £80 I explained that I obviously wanted it in full working order, what are my Rights
    Thanks Paul

  • tracey 12 September, 12:11 pm

    I bought an American style fridge freezer from was delivered 22/6/15 and stopped working 2/9/15 about 10wks old. I had to wait 8days for repair. All the food had gone off. The fault was the controller. AO offered £30 this would only cover the fridge content. They say it’s not there fault and its a goodwill payment. Is they anything I can do about this tiny offer. Also they keep trying to pass the blame onto the manufacturer.

  • shane meenan 17 September, 11:34 pm

    can someone help i got a 60inch tv 4 months ago it broke and repaiped it broke within 4days and now cannot be repaiped the shop refusees to stand over it what can i do the tv was nearly 1000 pound

  • ann miller 22 September, 10:33 am

    I ordered a 3 seater recliner setter and a 2 seater in February expecting a12 to 14 wks delivery date. The furniture finally arrived on 27th July some 5 months later! However on inspection of the suite we noticed things that we were not happy with. These range from wrinkling of the material to creaking of the furniture. Too many to list here. The manager from the shop came out and agreed with us but then passed our complaints over to their complaints dept. They then sent someone out to look at the furniture and to cut a very long story short we are still waiting for it to be resolved. I am now going to ask for my money back. We paid £2675 so we expected quality. The questions are_ am I within my rights and if so do I expect the refund before they collect the suite or after?

  • Denise 27 September, 12:57 pm

    Hi my mum purchased a new microwave for us on 21/8/25 and was going to give to me as a gift for xmas, however we gave ours to our son for uni, so on 24/9/15 mum gave us the new one. We used it that day to cook a potato, fine, then on 26/9/15 it wont wrk, does not heat or cook, we went thru manual and did all to the letter, no joy. What are my consumer rights on this? We have shop receipt
    Advise wud be great. Thanks

  • Gary 27 September, 1:24 pm

    I have a contract phone 6 months old that is over heating not working shop refuse to sort it out what can I do

  • susan tod 29 October, 10:33 am

    Hi I bought a pansonic lumix camera in Jan this year it was £300, I took it on holiday in April and the function dial button symbols rubbed away, this has also happened on the delete button as well. I started writing to Panasonic and in the end by Sept they eventually said they would not replace the camera and said that I had to take it back to the shop for a replacement. The shop will not replace now as too long ago, Although the shop have admitted to me in writing that there was a batch of faulty cameras, but have justrecieved email and they have sent it for repair, albeit I said I wanted a replacement as the other buttons are starting to fade , so what happens with them? they are not going to keep replacing the buttons. What are my rights please.

  • mary duffy 2 November, 1:37 pm

    We bought a sofa from SCS in august at a cost of over £2000 pounds. However it had a bit of a damp smell to it but they told us it would go away, but it hasn’t. I have had them out but they sent a bloke who i think had overdosed on aftershave and had sinus problems (his say so) and i was rather annoyed. I rang the shop after he had gone and they said it was the cushions and would change them.I later rang them after a bit of thought to say I that I wanted a refund but they said they would replace the full suite. After a week or so I rang them again and they told me I would have to wait another four or five weeks as that is how long it will take for them to make I was so disappointed as this was getting on to Christmas time and I had visions of not having it for then, also the smell of the smell of the other sofa was really getting to me.I mentioned this to them and they said that because I had told them to go ahead with another one I would have to accept it.I am so upset and confused as to my rights it is really getting to me and I feel that if I took another sofa the same it might have exactly the same fault as this one does.They suggested they come and take it away but then we would have no where to sit and it has been a long time since we got in touch with them it just seems to be dragging on and on.

  • vicki 9 November, 11:26 pm

    hi, I purchased from a catalogue a pushchair. The wheels come off for storage, when I took the wheels off to put in my car the lubricant on the wheel was very runny and leaked onto the pram frame. the paintwork came off and smudged. I contacted the catalogue who agreed to take the pushchair back for inspection. This has left us with no pushchair to get our baby to and from places, it is very inconvenient. The have told us that if they agree with the fault we can have 20% off purchase price, but we have been told that if anything else happens to the pushchair the guarantee will no longer be valid. or they will credit the cost back to our account. Will they have to credit all of the interest and payments we have made too? the problem is we had to purchase all the matching accessories to fit the pushchair so if we take this option we lose out on the cost of the accessories which we cant use on any other pushchair, if we buy another we will have to pay for all again.
    We would like some advice on this please, thanks in advance.

  • E.Talbot 11 November, 1:33 pm

    I purchased a car battery charger online 4 months ago,it has now developed a fault.The online supplier say i must go to manufacturer to get it put right.Please advise.
    Ernie Talbot.

  • margaret 14 November, 6:17 pm

    Bought a washing machine. After 7 weeks it has gone wrong, full of water and Laundry. Spoke to shop where purchased, they referred me to Hotpoint although I pointed out it was there responsibility. Have to wait 12 days to get repair ? told them I would prefer new machine. I think that is my rite. ??

  • Reb 9 December, 10:47 am


    I was wondering if you could give me some advice?

    I was bought a face cream from SpaceNK for Christmas 2014 which was over £100 so it was expensive. The product started to separate after about 5/6 months which I think indicates that the product has gone off.

    The product is an American brand (Revive) which is sold from SpaceNK – I contacted SpaceNK customer services in September to ask them if they could look at it to tell me if it had gone off and they told me because I didn’t have a receipt I would have to go to the manufacturer. Once I finally found contact details for the manufacturer they said that because I was in the UK I needed to speak to the sales agent. I sent her an email and she replied to the first one but didn’t get back to my second one.

    I now have proof of purchase and contacted SpaceNK again who said that they can only accept returns within 28 days even though the item is faulty and again told me to go to the manufacturer.

    I have been chasing people for a few months now and still have not had the problem resolved. The jar says that the product should last for a year but it hasn’t.

    Can you advise whether I should go back to SpaceNK with the problem or the manufacturer and what my consumer rights are in this case?

    I’m not looking for a refund, I just want a replacement which I thought would be reasonable…..

  • sue Rushton 18 December, 7:48 pm

    I have always been a satisfactory customer of Curry’s until, i purchased a Hotpoint dual cooker from them.. It was disastrous from start to finish!

    The second one brought, a Electrolux had the same problems with parts replaced again and again.

    Now on my third Cookers from Curry’s all with the same or similar problems! I brought this item in July 2015 and I Just could not get my breath, when I was facing the same issues. Two engineers came out and the first said that it needed an new part (Because the top oven often requires lighting, several times and is absolute nightmare to keep it alight.) The engineer who thought, was bringing the part said it was just an adjustment needed!

    It also seems to loose loads of heat from top oven which makes the kitchen feel like a sauna..They’ve said that this is working correctly and food takes well over the expected time! My family have all said that its can’t be right, especially my grandson who suffers with eczema he just can’t eat in the Kitchen dinette anymore…

    I have taken out a 5 yr warranty with Curry’s but they have informed me that only Hotpoint can be called, out! What can I do? I just don’t feel I can go through, another faulty cooker.. Its Xmas soon and I am so stressed out with thought, It being spoilt!!


  • Nella 5 January, 5:30 pm

    Can you tell could I get a refund on my wedding band as it keeps making my finger red raw.

  • Debbie smith 18 January, 9:47 am

    I brought a vax carpet cleaner from Argos in November 2015 and I used it once the hose has come in attached from the Hoover can I take it back to Argos with receipt and get my money back

  • Aliona 27 January, 8:53 am

    hi, we bought different goods including floor tiles from the Bathstore at the end of September telling them that we will buy more of the same tiles in a near future for the kitchen. Now, they are telling us that the tiles has been discontinued in December. what are our rights? Since the decoration job is under way: the underfloor heating has been put on and most of the tiles are on the floor but we require some more to finish the job. Bath store’s staff has mislead us and now they are saying that they did not know about the discontinuation?!

  • Debbie Layton 10 February, 1:40 pm

    August 2011 i purchased a composite Black Front door. The door is guaranteed (although did not recv a ‘guarantee’ for fading etc. We have notice the door has become discoloured and requested the shop look at it. They agreed the door had faded and should not have they said they use several manufactures and they will check who they purchased the door from. I have phone several times and they have said they know who the manufacturer is and they will let me know whats happening that day. 2 weeks on they have not contacted me or answering my telephone calls. What can i do am i entitled to ask the shop to get the door sorted out or replaced?? What if they refuse to do anything about it (they do have my invoice on their file) although i cannot find mine. the door has a date of manufacture 2011 and should be guaranteed for at least 10 although i think it was 35 years.

    kind regards Debbie Layton

  • Pauline 10 February, 4:48 pm

    Hotpoint Tumble Dryers
    Im not the only one ! I contacted Hotpoint as per their website, received the email back saying somebody would come and fix the problem that they are having with their machines catching fire, have heard nothing since. Hotpoint are not replying to emails or messages via social media. So I tried Argos, having bought the tumble dryer from them only a matter of months ago. Their response is Hotpoint will get in touch. I advised them they are not fulfilling their obligations and that I felt Argos should. They gave me a number to call for Hotpoint.
    As this machine is only a matter of months old, and has only been used half a dozen times and is now sitting redundant as I obviously do not wish to risk a fire – am I within my rights to insist that Argos give me a refund?

  • Keely 19 February, 10:41 am

    Where do I stand with the current hot point/indesit/creda tumble dryer faults? My tumble dryer is less than 2 years old, bought from littlewoods. I’m damned if I’m gona wait till August for my dryer to be repaired, having a child and another on the way, this product is a necessity to keep up with washing and drying. Am I entitled to request a refund as the item was faulty at purchase? Even though it is almost 2 years old? Some clarification would be really helpful so I know where I stand when I contact littlewoods.

  • John Longford 25 February, 8:39 am

    I purchased a new Apple iPod touch 9 months ago from H & H Global via Amazon. It has stopped working correctly and they are refusing to accept responsibility claiming I should deal with apple. Despite me telling them they are wrong they still won’t take any notice.

  • Jean 26 February, 12:41 pm

    I bought a kitchen (just over 2 years ago) from a retailer with a 5 year guarantee (manufactures) one of the door hinges has come away and damaged the carcass, the retailer refered pictures of the damage to the manufacturer who said it was due to wear and tear and I should have checked the hinge and the retailer has washed its hand of any responsibility. This damage was not caused by wear and tear as I live alone and have hardly used this unit. Any advice on how to proceed would be welcome.

  • Eileen Breeze 27 February, 11:41 am

    Tumble dryer hotpoint,one of the affected ones.why wont currys offer a replacement,arent they ultimately responsible.they keep saying the manufacturer is responsible. The thing is i want a dryer NOW not in 12 months. I paid up front for it 9 months ago,i shouldnt gave to pay again,why is it everywhere i ring you are up against a brick wall

  • Mrs Musgrove 29 February, 7:08 pm

    Hotpoint Tumble Dryer purchased from Currys in Sept.2015 with inherent
    fault, I purchased before the consumer act changed in October 2015. This
    fault can cause dryer to catch fire as it was the product details released on the TV
    before Christmas I had to register it which I did, I also have been down to the store where I purchased twice but they say they cannot commit to changing it or refunding
    my money without the permission of manufacturer and us looking very much like I am
    being forced into having a modification on it I am petrified to use it and I really have
    lost faith in the manufacturer my estimated time for modifications is April they give out
    instructions on how to deal with this while waiting. I am a senior citizen the dryer cost
    me £199.99 not the most expensive but on a pension a lot of money, question is do I have too have this repair or can I have a refund or exchange for a differen model even if I have to pay a little extra, the dryer is dangerous and fire hazard so I would appreciate your input. Thanking you in anticipation.

  • Scott 11 April, 7:15 am

    I bought sennheiser headphobes from argos (yeah ok i know)

    Theres where bought in november 2014 they clearly state a 2 year guarentee on the origonal packaging which i still have,
    The left ear piece stopped working , april 10th 2016 i took back to argos same day … guessed it the 1 YEAR EXCUSE they refused to do anything

    So are argos liable or not?

  • Jules 24 April, 5:36 pm

    Please could you help. First of all apologies for the lengthy message.

    I bought a Hoover washer drier in June 2013 which which cost £480. An error code of E07 came up which refers to the door latch and under the manufacturers guarantee period Hoover sent an engineer and repaired it. Since then the machine periodically showed the E07 error and I would have to switch off at the wall to open the door which I could live with occasionally. Now the push button has broken and was stuck in the machine and as the machine came with a 5 year parts warranty I called Hoover who sent an engineer on the basis of me taking out a Domestic and General 6 month insurance and if the machine could not be repaired it would be replaced. The model is still available but has been upgraded with a handle on the door itself rather than a push button!

    I called Hoover to find out when the part would be available and they told me that the whole panel would need replacing and that this is now obsolete.

    D&M have now said that this is not the case and said they would investigate and get a recording from Hoover.

    Min the meantime I called Hoover back and asked the spares dept what is happening given that I have a 5 year parts warranty as there is no reference to what happens if the part is obsolete and the guy didn’t know but came back to me saying that Hoover would provide a concession off a new appliance if D&M do not cover for replacement. He couldn’t confirm what that would be.

    I then received a voicemessage from D&M saying that have now been told that Hoover do not have the recording to prove the insurance was mis-sold to me.

    I need to know what to do next – any help would be appreciated given the cost of the machine and unreasonable for Hoover not to replace it given the 5 year parts warranty.

    I bought the item through Appliance Direct so now not sure if my next step is to contact them?

    Again apologies for the long message.

  • Janet Williams 19 May, 1:34 pm

    On the 14th March I purchased a 3 piece suite and took delivery on the 9th April whereon inspection it was found to be faulty.We contacted the store the next day and was told they would arrange for someone to come and look at it.They came on the 25th April and repaid the chair but had to get permission to repair the sofa as it needs new material to the back.I went back to the store today as we still haven’t heard when they are coming and told them I am not happy with the quality and do not want another repair and that I want a refund.I was told they cannot refund I am not happy about this as we spent a lot of money on this suite.Could you please tell me if I have any rights to a full refund we also paid extra for insurance for platinum fabric care.Many thanks Janet Williams

  • Michael 20 May, 1:38 pm

    I bought a ps4 from smiths toy store on 19/02/16.
    Today 20/05/16 it shut down while in use n won’t switch back on.
    Contacted smiths asking for a refund n they simply said it’s been over 28 days (barely) so I need to take it up with the manufacturer Sony.
    Surely thus can’t be right?

  • Rob 23 May, 11:58 am

    Hi I bought a laptop from argos back in November 2015 and about a week ago I was using it and the screen turned pink and blurred, and I noticed whlie on the Internet my wallpaper was like a ghost behind my Internet screen, so it’s clearly a problem with the screen as I haven’t noticed any other problems.
    Spoken to argos they said to get in touch with zoostorm (manufacturer of the laptop) so I have emailed them 5 times since with no reply, so I checked what their customer service rating is like and the reviews are terrible they rarely get back in touch with customers over problems and when they do is doesn’t seem like they are very helpful (this is the general impression I got from 5 mins of research), I have since called argos again and they have to me to wait for the manufacturer to get in touch as there is nothing they can do. I’ve told them after I finish work I’ll be taking the laptop to my nearest store and I won’t be leaving until something is done (but what do I say, hope you can help. Thanks

  • Mark fairclough 11 June, 12:26 pm

    Hi,bought a delonghi kettle from curry, £49.99 15months ago,gets used once a day and it’s packed up,took it back today to be told it’s not there problem basically and I’ve to contact the manufacturer myself,any advice on what to do would be much appreciated,thank you.mark

  • Mrs Sharon Thorpe 22 June, 8:31 pm

    hello can you please give me some advise. I purchased flooring from floors 4 you in February 2016 after taking their advise to purchase a more expensive flooring and was told it was one of the best flooring they had with a lifetime guarantee. The shop organised the fitters to lay the flooring and we asked to pay them when the job was complete which we did. The following day we noticed a blemish on the corner of one of the planks. After a short while we noticed the board was starting to blister and rise affecting the other boards around. At this point we contacted the store after a lot of to and froing the store sent another fitter and rectified the problem. Unfortunately we have discovered another area of the floor where the same thing has happened but instead of just blistering a corner piece has chipped off. As before we contacted the store who put us in touch with their customer service. The customer service haven’t been at all helpful and made allegations of mistreatment without any justification for this type of allegation as well as asking us to pay £100 for an independent inspector to examine the flooring. They have also said they are taking no responsibility for the work carried out by their appointed fitter now adding that’s the reason why they asked us to pay them on the day which wasn’t disclosed at the point of sale. We had the flooring laid four months ago on the 19th of February 2016 and have stressed to the store we feel the batch of flooring we have isn’t fit for purpose and isn’t satisfactory. Before I respond to the customer services I would like to know is their response legal and if not what should my next cause of action be? I would appreciate your advise on the matter. Kind regards
    Mrs Sharon Thorpe

  • Anne Gavin 8 July, 2:29 pm

    Pls could u tell me more about a manufactures fault on kenwood fridge freezer

  • chrissy 14 July, 1:36 pm

    Got a contract phone from asda on the 30th off June to days later phone is freezing also getting red hot where battery is and also WiFi turning on and off they saying they can’t replace it coz it’s not insured they didn’t ask me abt insurance also they sed the first months insurance was free any but there saying it’s only free for 1st months insurance if I sign for it but I never got asked thanks

  • Emma 1 August, 2:22 pm

    I bought a pair of climbing shoes from an online sports retailer. One shoe developed what I believe to be a fault, the other is completely fine, very little wear and tear. The fault is the rubber has become detached from the toe and is peeling away. I contacted the retailer within six months citing section 14. They say it is normal wear and tear and they won’t replace the shoes. Is there anything I can do? I will have to have the shoes resoled after just 6 months of use one a week or once fort nightly.
    Many thanks,

  • pjack 1 August, 7:19 pm

    The 6 month proviso is referenced in the Sale of Goods Act 1974 I believe and does not cover goods that are not fit for purpose.

  • Riccardo 12 August, 6:35 pm


    I bought a samsung note 4 the february 2015 and since then I went 3 times to Samsung support software repair and so on. Today both Samsung and three (the company I did a contract 12 month with) refused to give me a replacement saying I signed up only for repair. Is there anything I can do? I dont want a phone that need fixing every 3 months, I either want an exchanve or a refund.

    Thank you!

  • Dario 8 September, 6:24 pm

    Hello, I got a watch from the watchshop to get repair because it was faulty. The main crown of the watch was broken. I send every single part of the watch to shop and after 3 months of waiting they send me the watch back without the crown saying that I didn’t send all the parts from the watch now I know for sure that I send everything and it’s my word against them what should I do?

  • plumpjack 9 September, 2:47 pm


  • Craig Ewen 16 September, 3:30 pm

    changed Mobile provider to BT mobile (I work for them) after nine days pressed home button screen cracked. phoned BT to at least get repair told screen not covered under warranty. Surely covered by my statutory rights

  • ronald campbell 5 October, 12:18 pm

    hi just received my new corna sofa after waiting 3 months from scs
    when it came it is the wrong way should of been left to right so it will not fit in my living room
    the delivery men spoke to the woman in the show room and she tried to say it was my fault that i amended the order
    why would i change a order that would not fit load of rubbish,the customer service is a disgrace going to speak to her in person see what they have to say.

  • Joe 5 October, 3:04 pm

    I bought a tv from pc world 10 months ago. It is not performing properly at all. When I go through the pc world customer service number I press buttons with the automated phone line asking what the product is and then the brand. When I press sony (which is what my tv is) it says something along the lines of all problems with sony TV’s have to ring sony directly as they sort out any issues. Is this right?

  • Jane Kaminski 10 October, 1:10 am

    I bought an AEG tumble dryer from Currys at the end of June. It was delivered on July 2nd. Due to fine summer weather I did not begin using it until the end of July when I discovered it did not work properly, the clothes remaining damp after the end of programmes. I tried all combinations of programmes then contacted AEG’s repair people. The enginner said it was the gas compressor, a big job and recommended a new machine. Currys are flatly refusing this and said it was up to AEG to produce a Return Authority notice which they told me they do not have with Currys. Currys are still refusing to either change the machine for a new one or refund the cost of almost £500 saying it’s beyond the 3-momth period for that. I pointed out it was brand new and still well under the year’s guarantee.
    I’ve subsequently written managers of both Currys and AEG and so far have not received a reply. All I get from the store is the offer of a repair which I’ve refused as I was sold a machine which was never fit for purpose and feel if I accept a repair I will never get this problem resolved the way I want.

  • James patterson 10 October, 6:28 pm

    I bought a pre registered so brand new Vauxhall antara from a Vauxhall garage last month, and within 20 days it caught fire, the garage has said it’s a Vauxhall issue as it is a wiring issue, Vauxhall UK say I have to claim on my insurance!! How can this be true? It is an manufacturing issue and they won’t investigate unless my insurance say yes to the inspection, my isurance are not interested at all. Please help as I think Vauxhall UK are fibbing me off

  • Mary 11 October, 9:38 am

    Bought a TV from a catalogue,after 4 weeks it will not switch off, so every time I want to turn it off I have to unplug it from the mains. When I rang them they told me I have to return it to the manufacturer.In the end they agreed to pick it up and send it to the manufacturer.Were do I stand now.

  • michael morris 11 October, 7:10 pm

    i recently bought new windows from a company who had them manufactured by a third party . at the time of sale we were told there might be one or two finger joints in each window when the windows turned up they were entirely made up of finger joints at least 20 in each window i immediately complained and they say they cant do anything for us until a rep from the manufacturer comes out . this has been going on for three weeks now am i within my rights to reject the product i have told the company if they had told us the windows would be entirely jointed we wouldnt have bought them.mike

  • Mary 13 October, 11:57 pm

    I bought a watch which retails for £1200/ £1300 last nov.took it to a reputable jewellers to have links removed.when the watch was worn the links would come apart. More than several times went back to the shop who said it must be a manufacturing problem.i told them its a brand new watch not been warn and the fault was theres and they were to contact the manufacturer direct. Watch was given to the shop to resolve this issue in May is now 13 oct and i am still waiting for my watch. They have never made contact with me and it is me who constantly rings or goes directly into the shop for a update stating i want my watch either replaced or money to go purchase another one. They blame the manufacturer stating they do not reply to there emails and have no contact number for them. They tell me because the watch was not bought direct from them they can not refund my money. I have told them should my watch be fixed it will not be the same as to what i bought it and will be devalued and i will have lost 1 years warranty/guarantee as they made my watch faulty. Why should i as a customer loose out for there mistake. This watch was a 16th birthday present for my son and he has not been able to where this watch. I have been very distressed and upset by this. The customer service given has been appalling. Can you advise how i complain as i dont want to take back a watch that has been tampered with even though its gone back to the manufacturers via the jewellers. Should the watch develop issues i will be out a year as the jewellers made the watch faulty. It is alot of money and the jewellery shop think its fine to have it repaired and nothing will go wrong. They miss the point that it was a brand new watch given to them to remove the link and made it faulty by there incompetent service. Do i have rights to get my money back for the value of this watch and compensation for the distress and inconvenience they have caused me and my son.

  • Adrian 18 November, 6:18 pm

    8 Mounths ago I bought and laptop, and it’s keep crushing; the seller told me they won’t give my moneys back because of those shop’s terms and conditions.
    Last month I had a problem with the mousepad and I was at the seller; guess what: it was a software problem; before trying to fix my laptop they put it over another one; yes that was in the shop right in front of me; and now when I tried to pack my laptop for a traveling I’ve noticed a little difference between left and right: the lid looks now like a ramp; when I called the seller to ask my money back because my laptop is keep crushing and he had once changed the motherboard; wlan; display and videocard; now they must replace the carcase and all electronic components damaged by them. The customer service told me it’s the protocol to not giving me my moneys back, because the laptop is licensed; and they doesn’t give refunds for licensed products; and when I said: But for a preinstalled OS there are terms and conditions from Microsoft; and the seller told me: I don’t give a fuck about this; you won’t have your money back; if it’s damaged we’re sending it to the service…
    What should I do now; in my country the customer care is good at nothing. I’ve asked my money back in less than 6 months; but the seller was telling me: NO REFUNDS.
    P.S.: My laptop is from Asus.

  • Aiden 22 November, 1:31 pm

    I bought a TV it developed a fault. It was outside its 1 year manufact warranty. I CONTACTED THE DEALER, I GIVE THEM A LETTER, stating the soga 1979 and my stat rights and did all that I had to. The 14 days are now past. What do I do

  • Keely 7 January, 4:59 pm

    My sons xbox one which was purchased Xmas 2014 cost £350 has just died! We have contacted Game (the store we purchased it from) they said they can’t / won’t do any thing so to contact Microsoft xbox which we did but they said nothing they can/ will do? Do we have rights its only just 2yrs old?

  • Mohd Adil 20 January, 7:01 pm

    I was bought samsung galaxy A5 2016 and after next day i will use headphone but the headphone is not work properly i think headphone was faulty bt i try many samsung headphone it was same then i was understand that the handfree jack was faulty i m going to shop nd the retailer says that its service centre warranty we r doing nothing i m going service centre and they r recive my phone i m going daily bt they r says that tomorrow nd tomorrow nd 10 days fall they was say that we r put a new jack bt the prblm is not solve nd the prblm is in the motherboard and we r replace motherboard so that the samsung phone 1 day old phone was everypart faulty my money was waste i m so dissopoint choose sansung phone

  • Carol Billam 6 February, 4:47 pm

    we bought a digital camera online from Argos which is supposed to be 20 mp and assured to produce quality digital photos however once out of the packaging it seemed more like a toy than a real camera and I wasnt very happy with its quality – i tested it in the house and it did take photos but not particularly good ones and when i tried to use it long distance at an event (the reason i had bought the camera) it was impossible to focus even with the zoom and the picture quality was awful so I just gave up – I took a photo with my phone (basic blackberry) and comparing the two the phone photo is miles better! My husband took it back to Argos but they refused to give him a refund as it has been opened and used and is not faulty. They said they can test it but if no fault is found then they cant give a refund. My argument is that whether there is actually a technical fault or not the camera is of very poor quality and is not what it claims to be – can i quote statutory rights to claim a refund? In order to know whether a camera is of good quality or not I had to use it and in this case tear open the plastic wrapping as there was no box.

  • michael perry 7 February, 5:53 pm

    my son bought me a LG 32″ TV £ 375.00 A few weeks the screen when black, sound was fine, so he got
    in touch with L.G. Customer service, they asked for his receipt and where he had bought it, he told them he had lost them and that it had got three weeks left before it had 12 months were up he had the serial
    and model number, they told him to take the plug out then then hold the red button under the centre
    for 30 seconds or more, plug the TV into a main socket and that should reboot the set, this was done
    but nothing happened. he has been in touch with L.G. NOTHING what should I do, my son
    told me, don’t bother with them, but it’s my birthday present from him. i’m his 72 year granddad.
    what am I to do, sorry its long winded but some info is better than nothing please advise. thanks guy’s.

  • Mike Drysdale 2 March, 9:31 pm


    I bought a Lazyboy suite 2 years agofor £4577 and the top coat is coming off making it look really poor. I have had a rep from the insurance to view it and he has said its colour loss and is not covered. SCS have referred me back to Lazyboy who want £60 to inspect it. I have been back to the branch and the manager just kept saying ‘its over a year old so we dont guarantee it. Where do I stand in consumer law as I would reasonably expect something of this cost and quality to last more than 2 years

  • Abby 23 March, 8:31 am

    In September 2016 I purchased a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note4 from a UK supplier on eBay with a 12 month warranty.
    The motherboard and SIM reader have failed so I contacted the supplier.
    They have confirmed that it is covered under warranty and have agreed to repair or replace it.
    So far so good!…. Now it appears that the UK seller detailed on eBay along with a company name and address in Cardiff is just a front for a Chinese dealer. They are now advising me that the UK seller cannot repair or replace the phone and that if I want the problem resolved then I must return it to China at my own expense. The matter could take several months to conclude as they will return it via surface mail!
    My question is that if I purchased the phone in good faith from a UK supplier who is unable to fulfil the terms of the warranty then am I entitled to a refund?
    Obviously as a refurbished product the manufacturer’s warranty is not applicable.

  • Ann Moloney 29 March, 7:22 pm

    I bought a steam generator iron from Tesco on line direct, it stopped steaming in 13 months. Ineentvto a Tesco store and was told Tesco only garantee items for 12 months. Should I return it to the manufacturer and what are my rights
    Thank you

  • Pocock 22 April, 10:12 am

    We have just bought a clear coating to apply to the oak veneer doors we have just had fitted which has gone horribly wrong the decorator has found after applying the product that there is a fault with it we do not now if it is a manufacturer problem or a problem with how the product was stored . The result is that the doors will have to be replaced at considerable expense , who is responsible for paying .

  • Michelle 23 April, 12:40 pm

    I bought a LG tv from Argos approx 3yrs last night it gave up suddenly and started blinking constantly impossible to watch how do I stand with the store what should I expect as it is a lot of money for it to break down already please help

  • siz 1 May, 2:03 pm

    purchased a satnav from argos feb 16 – as of april 17 the gps is well and truly lost! live help on argos said it was nothing to do with them and contact tomtom – who should i go to? sale of goods act states seller and not manuracturer – not in the mood for a barney at argos but whats the point of a sat nav that can’t direct you!

  • Michael 31 May, 6:21 pm

    My van broke down so I took it to a garage they told me the problem charged me for the parts and repair. Two weeks later the van broke down again with the same problem when I took it back they told me a part attached to the part that has been change was twisted that’s why it has broken again, they are charging me for the part again and the new part which is twisted. Is it down to me to pay for the same part twice as they should of known it was twisted in the first place ? I would be very grateful for your help

  • Jessica 8 June, 8:11 am

    I bought an ink cartridge for my Epson printer. The printer photos become faded and also it work slowly. My friends suggest me Go inkjet store in Wigan for ink cartridge and photo paper for my printer. Guys Please tell me, Is this correct to buy Ink cartridge from there?

  • Christina Mills 10 June, 5:17 pm

    I bought a double metal bed frame sept 2015 and today it has broke it looks like the weld joint has failed I rang the online retailers but they said it only had a 12 month guatentee. I expect a bed frame to last longer than 20 months. It is a double bed frame but only one person my daught is sleeping on it. Can I do anything