Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982

The Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 aims to protect consumers against bad workmanship or the poor provision of services. It covers contracts for work and materials, as well as contracts for pure services, and remember, this still applies even in everyday situations – such as going to the hairdressers or the dry cleaners – where you have no physical contract at all. Just as with Sale of Goods, Supply of Goods and Services legislation contains statutory rights, which don’t have to be specifically mentioned in any contract, but cannot be excluded. These are:

  • That the supplier will carry out the service with reasonable care and skill
  • That the work will be carried out in reasonable time (unless timeframe has been specifically agreed)
  • That the work will be carried out at reasonable cost (unless cost has been specifically agreed)

The legislation also details the remedies which are available to consumers in the event that any one of these statutory terms are breached. These can be found in the following sections.

Common complaints:

How can I resolve the situation?

Using the Small Claims Court

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  • Dee 24 February, 6:10 pm

    As a recipient of a disability allowance my home was assessed as part of the Governments Warmfront scheme. I had cavity wall insulation fitted and a new boiler also which I paid a percentage towards. The condense pipe on my new boiler was incorrently fitted, drew in rainwater and subsequently flooded the boiler and my kichen…..the result of standing water (I was away at the time)has blown the electrics and has impacted on a large area of wooden floor too. I have noted recent adverse publicity re this scheme and as Government providers are they also subject to the Supply of Goods and Services Act? Is there a restriction if some funding is granted? If I have lost faith in the installers who seem to think that they have the absolute right to pick up the remedial repair work, do I have to us them?

  • Catriona 25 February, 1:35 pm

    Dee, yes your statutory rights will always apply where you are dealing with traders. Unfortunately you do have to give the original traders the opportunity to put the work right in the first instance, but make it clear that if anything else is found to be faulty you have the right to commission alternative traders and recover the cost through the small claims court. Insist on an assessment of their work after they have finished, the traders should be members of a trade body you can also contact.

  • Mr Cee 3 March, 6:32 am

    There was water leaking from underneath pavement part of our shop. We rang Thames Water who recommended a company called Leakbuster. We invited Leakbuster to come to repair the leak. Another company called Blocked Drains Uk which we never spoke to or heard of came. Blocked Drains UK charged £450.00. They took 3 days to change the burst pipe and charged a further £1180.00. We paid them a total of £1630.00. They put the tarmac on but it is not finished. The tarmac is uneven. The surface is uneven. There is a block of concrete that is uneven and is dangerous because any member of public could trip over. There are ten bags of dirt rubbish they dug up and those bags are just left there. They put cones over the work. We have telephoned them to return to do the tarmac properly but they refused and want a further £400.00 paid in advance. We wrote to them to give them one month to do the tarmac but they have not replied to our letter. We have asked another plumbling company to give an independent estimate of the cost and they came up with £1280.00 which is £350.00 cheaper than what Blocked Drains UK charged us. Blocked Drains Uk is a member of NRSWA. We do not know what NRSWA stands for. On the invoice my collegue signed there is a small print which reads “I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTOOD THE INFORMATION HEREWITH AND MY SIGNATURE ABOVE CONFIRMS MY FULL SATISFACTION WITH THE WORK CARRIED OUT AND THE CHARGES MADE ACCORDINGLY.” What can we do?

  • Catriona 3 March, 3:08 pm

    Mr Cee, NRSWA stands for New Roads and Street Works Act, it is not a trade body so I can’t see how they can be ‘members’ of it! The fact that you have signed this piece of paper cannot overrule your statutory rights under the Supply of Goods and Services. Write to them giving them reasonable notice to get the rest of the work done, or you will contract an alternative supplier and pursue them for the additional costs through the small claims court. See the section on making a small claim on this site for more info about this.

  • Vicky 11 February, 6:06 pm

    I recently signed a contract for my daughter’s nursery place and she attended for two weeks before I removed her due to her coming home with soaking wet nappies, hungry and a filthy face not to mention very unhappy. I paid the nursery for the time she has been there but they want me to pay for the months notice period even though I have not taken her back there. They have asked for £750.00. I have had to place her elsewhere immediately as I work full time and she is now happy, content and clean. Should I have to pay them???

    • Jayne 3 February, 4:52 pm

      Hi Vicky,

      I am currently going through a similar issue. Were you indeed liable for the month’s notice period and did you pay?

      Any advice would be much appreciated.

      Kind regards


  • Ant B 26 February, 2:01 am

    We purchased a brand new van from volkswagon in 2007 within this time we have had 2 new engines, 5 turbo replacements and various otr faults which have caused the van to be of the road for many days the van has done 54000 miles.

    We did take them to court and settled through arbitration and agreed a 3000pound credit note to be used with there services the court case finished 2 months ago . we have had a full service on the van 4 weeks ago and yet again required another turbo 2 weeks later. then only 3 days after this they have had to replace the engine again.

    Can anyone advise what our position is to hand the van back?

    • Tony 26 February, 2:05 am

      What were the terms of the settlement

      • Ant B 26 February, 2:15 am

        Hi tony we took them to court for the loss of work caused by the van being of the road as it is specially fitted. we worked the costings out at a day rate but made sure we only claimed for the downtime for the second repair ie if a turbo failed, then failed again within a short period of time we claimed for the amount of days the van was of the road for that second repair not the thats what the settlement was for days lost the original claim was for 5000 but we came to an agreement. but since this we are back to the same position again. we have had enough of the van as it is to unreliable and will be looking at taking them to court about the vehicle this time.

  • gracedasilva 8 March, 7:13 pm


    I would appreciate some advice re. a problem with exterior doors. We ordered a set of bifold doors from a UK manufacturer to fit to an extension that we had built on the side of the house. We informed them on the phone of the purpose of the doors – to be fitted as exterior doors to an extension.
    We received a quote, and some drawings, one drawing showing the doors from the outside of the building – clearly showing a door handle, a lock and two arrows indicating door opening. After the doors were fitted by our builder, we found that the doors can not be opened from the outside. We have already tried mediation with the manufacturers who claim that we did not ask if the doors would open from the outside. We have also tried to get redress from the credit card company under the supply of goods and sales Act 1982 and the Consumer credit act 1974, but the credit card company has rejected our dispute.
    We feel that it is reasonable to expect a set of doors to open from both sides, and feel aggrieved with both the manufacturers and the credit card company. We don’t really want to take the matter to the small claims court but don’t know what else to do. Do we have a good case here or not? What do you advise us to do? Is the credit card company right to reject our dispute? Many thanks in advance. Grace

    • oscar 17 May, 4:19 pm

      hi mate you issue lies in 2 parts mainly the supply of goods and manufacturers liabilty but the latter is not so strong as the product is not faulty but do look at the consumer protection act which imposes asdditional rights on manufacturers but the supplky of goods act has sections in relation to the product being as described and the drawings may be suffiecient to be classed inder section 5 as sale by smaple if it is then it should have a handle also section 4 the product should be fit for purpose and clearly if it does not open from outside then it is not the courts will look at the reasonable test as howe reasonable and ordinary is it for these doors to not have a handle on the outside and an expert could be called to strenghten your case i think your case is good 70/30 hope this helps

  • Jay Khan 13 March, 9:55 pm

    Hi,I contracted with Air Works plc for the supply and installation of an air-conditioning system for my flat. I paid £7,500 for the supply and installation. I signed Air Works plc’s standard term contract, which contained, inter alia, the following term:

    “Air Works plc accepts no liability for any loss damage or injury to person or property caused by the installation and/or use of this air-conditioning unit.”

    Air Works delivered the air-conditioning unit and installed it in my kitchen. Air works connected the unit to a vent in the outside wall of the flat by a short pipe running from the unit to the vent.

    Air Works had not removed a stopper from the short pipe when the unit was installed (the stopper was there to keep the pipe clean during transport). This caused a build-up of moisture in the unit, leading to a short-circuit.

    In consequence of the short-circuit, the unit caught fire, causing considerable damage to my kitchen. I was at home at the time of the fire, and i suffered injury by smoke-inhalation.

    What terms or terms implied by that act might assist me?

  • Jay Khan 13 March, 9:57 pm

    and also whether Air Works plc will be able to avoid any liability to me for my injury or for the damage to his kitchen in reliance on the above term???

    any help will be appricated as i am arguin my own case, Thank you

    • oscar 17 May, 4:12 pm

      hi there yyour claim is definately under the supply of goods and services act 1982 the it has 3 parts supply of goods uunder sections 2-5 and the other that concerns you is sections 12-15 whicgh are to do with contracts of service s 13 has been breached whichg is to do with reasonable car and skill used and should be compared with relevant member of a siomilar trade also harbutt plasterine case also s14 reasonable time to complete the job and s15 reasonable price however your claim for damage to property and yourself is a claim under tort you can sue for damage to the kitchen due to the defective fitting and if the product was defective then you can sue the manufacturer your claim for your personal injury is straight forward also be vary the company will try to rely on the exclusion clauses but the statutory rights overturn them as one can not exl;ude liabilty if a person is injured or damge to propety is made hope this helps any more info please ask

  • Mandy 12 April, 7:53 pm


    My Dad (76) had some builders replace our roof due to several problems, including the flat roof of a loft extension letting water in. The builders agreed to do several things including pointing a chimney and adding trays (I don’t really understand, I wasn’t involved in the negotiation) and some of things have not been done. The flat roof now leaks more than it did before, to such an extent that the water coming in fills a dustbin in around four hours when it’s raining heavily. He has asked them to come back and they have variously said that they could not gain access, or that they have been up and there wasn’t a problem. He paid them before it rained, so we had no idea that there was a problem until it was too late. I don’t know where to go from here. My Dad feels that there’s nothing to be done as he’s already paid for it. The flat roof is above my bedroom and I have literally had to build a second roof inside with drainage out to a waste pipe to get any sleep when it rains. My Dad is several thousand pounds down and the situation is worse than it was to start with. Please help!

    • oscar 17 May, 10:04 pm

      i have had a look at the scenario and it clearly falls under the supply of goods and services act 1982 and it is one hat is covered by sections 2-5 which is to do with goods being transfered and sections 12-15 which it to do with contracts of services and the builders have definately breached their duties that are statutory implied firstly section 12 which is to do with reaonable car and skill this has been fallen foul as they have not done the job as a competent worker of the relevant trade would have done so as the water would not leak if done properly also look at relevant area and take some action maybe by writing a letter of intention to take them to court small claims also you should take action as cowboy builders scamming elderly people should be stopped maybe trading standands should help you stop these people if they done it to you then might have done to others hope this helps

  • emma best 26 April, 8:54 pm

    I took my car in for a mot and repair work.I kept getting phone calls while it was in the garage saying new work need doing but it wasnt stated on the failed mot certicate.we paid 400 pounds for the work that they did on my brakes ect.7 days after that i had complete brake failure with my 3 yr old daughter plus nearly hitting someone due to them walkin out into the road.I took it to a different garage they were shocked at the work the garage did my brake shoe was in little bit and brake fulid was leaking out.Do i have the right to compensation.Iv paid out 950 pounds for car to go though its mot.

    • oscar 17 May, 4:05 pm

      hi emma best just reading your scenario and clearly this falls under the supply of goods and services act 1982 ans under sections 2-5 for the supply of goods i.e. the brake shoes etc also under sections 12-15 this is to do with supply of the service the fitting of any parts and clearly under section 13 they must take reasonable care and skill but they have failed as the brake fluid is leaking and the price to me seems very high for the work so under section 15 they must charge a reasonable amount and this is based on a similar person of the relevant field so an expert can be called to assess how much it should have cost your claim falls foul under this act and you have a successfull claim against them any more info please do ask


  • oscar 17 May, 4:03 pm

    hi emma best just reading your scenario and clearly this falls under the supply of goods and services act 1982 ans under sections 2-5 for the supply of goods i.e. the brake shoes etc also under sections 12-15 this is to do with supply of the service the fitting of any parts and clearly under section 13 they must take reasonable care and skill but they have failed as the brake fluid is leaking and the price to me seems very high for the work so under section 15 they must charge a reasonable amount and this is based on a similar person of the relevant field so an expert can be called to assess how much it should have cost your claim falls foul under this act and you have a successfull claim against them any more info please do ask

  • James Foster 9 June, 7:40 pm


    I was looking for some advice to help with a dispute. I own a Glow Worm 30CXI combi boiler which is out of warranty and about six months ago had solar heating installed by a 3rd party company, however I believe that I may have been mis-sold the solar heating system and also have an issue with the plumber having carried out work and taken payment for it even though the fault has not been fixed as a result of the work.

    The setup is such that the mains water is passed through a cylinder where it is pre-heated by the solar system. Warm water from the cylinder is then fed to the 30cxi, in theory so that the boiler will not need to use as much gas to raise the water to desired temperature. The sales guy basically said it would be compatible and none of the installation engineers raised any possible problems at the time of the install.

    Our boiler has now stopped producing hot water on demand and after replacing the flow diverter and pressure valve without resolving the issue our plumbers are now saying that it is not working because the boiler is not compatible with the solar pre-heat. They haven’t been able to offer a specific technical explanation for this, however they called the Glow Worm tech support line who advised me verbally that such a setup would not work. Again no specific fault diagnosed – it “just doesn’t work”.

    I now have two separate issues that need to be addressed, the first is that on the follow-up visit after I had called them back the plumber didn’t bother to attempt to diagnose the fault in the boiler any further even though the situation hasn’t changed since before they charged me £400 to replace the parts which clearly didn’t resolve the problem. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to supervise the fitting of the parts due to unavoidable work commitments, however it was still left to me to discover that the problem hadn’t been fixed and chase the company for it. Also how come they didn’t raise the solar compatibility issue before they had quoted for and carried out the work on the flow diverter? It seems like they just took a guess and when it didn’t work lost all interest in trying to resolve the problem as they had already had my money.

    The second issue is that obviously the solar company misrepresented the effectiveness of the system as I have since found out from a second plumber and various websites that very few combis are compatible with solar. Problem is I need to collect evidence of this to present to the solar company (or court if it goes that far) so that we can be compensated adequately. Otherwise I know they will likely try to direct the blame back to our plumber.

    -Would I be eligible to get a refund from the plumber for the work that was carried out seemingly needlessly? They told me that was what needed to be done to fix the problem, I agreed to it, they did the work but it didn’t do what they said it would I.E. fix the problem.

    -Does anyone have any experience of being mis-sold solar heating products and if so what would my entitlements be? The installation itself is covered by a 1-year guarantee but I think that’s more for if the actual workmanship is faulty so I’m guessing this would be a trading standards issue instead?

  • DAVID 17 June, 10:34 pm

    Hi………Bought a sky dish and paid for installation….In jan this year I noticed picture break up…On the 22/3/10 I noticed an extra wire from my sat dish…….discovered ft1 was connected to my dish without my permission….In all sky wanted to call to get a picture of the set up and make a report..they agreed not to send the engineer whom we thought was responsible..and that they do not pull wires out or correct anything at that stage…However on the day they wanted to do that and the engineer that was not supposed to be there was…The engineer admitted he did connect ft1 to my dish..after a month Sky digital have not sent that report..what do I do now
    Cheers David

  • caroline messenger 20 July, 12:14 pm

    Hi…in december 2006 we had a conservatory put on back of our home.when we went to the company jade conservatories with our measurement they gave us a quote for what we wanted we went away to think about it.the company then got intouch with us to say they were selling one of there ex display ones and that we could have it fully complete with light fitting and air con for £10,000,it was the same size that we husband asked about a garantee and we were told all there conservatories came with a 10 years garatee,they had had the display one up for 5 years so we would get the remainder 5 years.we agreed and they did the work for us .then the first down pour of rain left us with a puddle in our conservatory ,we rang them up and some time after they came out to put it right(a few times).we are still left with a leak because it has not been done they are saying if we want it doing they will come out and do it at a cost,but this has never been put right since they put it up.there also saying we did not get a 5 year garentee.we have sent them a letter on the 6th of july 2010 stating the consumer goods and services act 1982,asking them to respond to my complaint or complete the repairs to our roof with in 14 days or we will take the matter further .we have heard nothing from them,could you tell us where we go from here please..

  • Mark 26 July, 1:48 pm

    I have a BMW motorcycle which had major engine repair work done within warranty at 10,000 miles. Now outside of warranty, and still at less that 20,000 miles I have two significant failures – the major engine work needs to be re-done, with the same components having failed, and the rear axle has failed. In both of these cases BMW have redesigned the comonents since my bike was built.

    Do I have any rights under consumer laws to get them to replace these components at their cost ?

  • danny 28 July, 2:47 am

    Hi, i built a brick wall for a customer in march 2009 with 3 pillars. Since i built the wall the customer has had metal railings placed inbetween the pillars. She contacted me to say the mortar had come away from some of the wall. I said i would go and look at it but at present am very busy. I have since had a letter from the customer saying that if i don’t respond in 14 days she will take matters further with the supply and goods act 1982. How can i be sure the metal railings havent damaged the wall and what is the best steps to take?

  • Janet 7 August, 3:12 pm

    Hi – I have had brown patio window fitted. It will not close when the day has been hot. Faces north and will not close from about 4.00 pm. When the weather cools down at about 8.00 the door will then close. They suggested I go outside and spray water on frame. Apparently the frame bows in the hot weather. Is this normal for brown patio windows and can I have compensation?

  • Denise 19 October, 12:38 pm

    I had some French Doors installed in April by a company who was then registered with Certass. I contacted local Building regs prior to installation to ensure I didn’t need any permission as they were certified installers. I have been chasing the certificate from the fitting company ever since. I’ve been given excuse after excuse & now they are not even returning my calls. I have spoken to Certass & Fensa again this morning & they have no records of my installation ever being registered with them though the fitters “ensure me its done but can’t give me the registration number”. I feel I have been more than patient with them but am now just being taken for a mug.

    To make matters worse the doors really need adjusting, they are rubbing along the kickboard each time & have taken the white layer off already.

    Please advise where I stand & what steps I should take next.

  • mark 26 October, 10:15 pm

    hi i have a customer that supplied his own part to fit in his car i advivsed him it was the wrong part but he insisted i fit it anyway as a result of this he is now telling me i have to pay for a garage to do the job propley his words i have had abbusive phone calls from him and now a letter

  • david barker 26 November, 7:34 pm

    I bought a service, ie, i paid the courts for a court order and decision, an order was made to my wife ordering her to make me have access. she is completely ignoring the court order which i paid for and it is unenforcable, i have told the judge via a letter and he seems to think i should pay for another decision and order.
    The first order is innefectual it has already been paid for, what if anything can i do to remedy my costs involved for this emotional,time consuming malarky. any input would e greatly recieved or you could mail your suggestions to me.

  • Paul 27 November, 12:44 pm

    I purchased a cooking course online and booked for myself and my wife to complete the course. We booked up and arrived on the morning agreed via email with them and they said they had no records of this. Once they checked their emails they found they had made the error and offered an addditional cooking course for free as compensation as we had travelled for two hours to ge there and I had to book a days holiday from work to be able to attend. We rebooked our original course and the day before I received and email from them saying the chef was ill and would be unable to conduct the course. I was asked if we could make the following week, agaain I had booked a days holiday to attend this and it wasn’t convenient to go the following week. The course cost £290 and to be honest i would rather just have a refund as I dont particularly want to take the course now after all the problems I have received.

    Where do I stand in getting my money back?

  • brian 6 January, 10:27 pm

    Hi all. Please, please I need some advice and feedback on how Eon have left me in the lurch. To try and cut a long story short here we go. Weather outside – 8 Celsius. Boiler (which is located in the loft) stopped giving me heating and hot water, although at this stage the boiler still had a pilot light, pressure and power. This was on the Tuesday. Phoned EON to whom I pay £16 per month, they sent an engineer round on the Wednesday. He came, made a new appointment for Saturday and ordered some parts, these being a Gas Valve, PCB, Pump and DHW Limit switch. He was obviously trying to edge his bets. The boiler when he left still had power, a pilot light and pressure.

    Engineer came on Saturday was here for approx 2 hours but could not fix the boiler. He was adamant it was the Gas valve but said the NEW Gas valve was faulty so he ordered a NEW NEW Gas Valve and made a 3rd appointment for the Wednesday. He left the boiler with no power at all, no pilot light the casing removed and most impotantly he did NOT drain the system. Engineer came Wednesday (turned up without the required part so that would of been a waste of time) but as we went to enter the loft the boiler burst. Luckily we were on hand to prevent what could of been quite catastophic events. Complained to EON obviously who said they are not liable for any damage due to the fact I had no frost stat and it was down to I quote, AN ACT OF GOD due to the fact the boiler froze. Of course I argued the Toss and made a few enquiries by speaking to a successful, highly recommended local Gas engineer to back me up.




    So the questions I am asking are these.




    Eon state they dont have to drain systems as a matter of course but as a gesture of goodwill ( me thinks there is a hint of guilt in that goodwill gesture) they will pay for half of the total bill for installing a new boiler. A bill of perhaps 8 or 900 quid before xmas is not good. If I fight EON for the full amount I will need to fork out for a new boiler with installation anyway, because as I type we have had no heating orwater now for 10 days.

    Your Feedback would be much appreciated. Merry Xmas The Smiffs

  • Penney 7 January, 4:53 pm

    I have a tenancy agreement with a social landlord who provide planned maintenance. They contracted doors and windows to a contractor who then got subcontractors to supply and fit. The communication was ommited and I was booked in 5 times for the doors to be fitted. This has been 5 days off work and not being paid for it. They came to fit on the fith day. I have lost £324 gross in earnings in my December pay packet. They booked these appointments with me and then failed to turn up time after time, but telling me that they would and that I must stay in to receive the fitter.

    Question: As I have a contract in the form of a tenancy agreement, with the social landlord required to carry out planned maintenance, and a contractor and sub contractor, am I able to claim my lost earnings from my landlord?

  • Dion 4 February, 9:04 pm

    I recently had the walls of my property injected with insulation, but the job didn’t quite go to plan

    Due to an equipment malfunction, there was a large spillage of glue onto my drive and the road outside my property.
    The operatives and myself managed to clean it up using my own jet-wash and water supply. I spoke over the phone to the company concerned and was told to put my case in writing.

    The following is the email I sent them:

    “Further to my telephone conversation with one of the call centre operatives, I am making a formal complaint in writing regarding the above property.

    The job was originally scheduled to be done prior to Christmas 2010, but due to the bad weather it had to be cancelled. I was not informed of this until I called your office to find out if you were still coming, even though the motorways were clear by our appointment date.

    The job was therefore re-scheduled to today, 31st January 2011.
    When making the appointment, I specifically requested that I would be the first job of the day and that your team arrive on site as early as possible. I was told that your team would be here around 8am. At 830am I once again called your office to enquire where your team was, only to be told that they would be here after 9am.

    When they eventually turned up at 9:20 they had a quick look at the property before setting up their equipment. Upon doing so, they discovered that the technician who used the van on Friday did not clean out the PVA cylinder, resulting in the outlet valve clogging up where the pva had started to go off.
    They removed the valve to clear it out, but when they inserted a stick into the bottom of the cylinder the blockage cleared and the PVA in the pot started to gush out. The technicians did their best to stem the flow, but a lot of it found it’s way onto the drive.
    They managed to capture a lot of it in buckets for re-use, but when they moved the truck in order to clear up the mess the PVA that was in the back of the truck under the cylinder started to leak out again and was deposited down the drive and over the tarmac of the road.

    The guys themselves were very helpful and apologetic, but if I did not offer the use of my jet-washer there was no way they would have cleared the mess up. I was out there for over two hours helping them wash my drive, the road and parts of my neighbours drive too.
    Towards the end of the job, the lead technician managed to spill a bucket of PVA glue inside the rear living room. While he managed to do a good job in clearing it up, he did not have any materials in which to do so. I had to provide the white spirit, rags and kitchen towels in order for him to clean that mess.

    Once the technicians had left my property, I found in the front bedroom broken ornaments which had obviously fallen off due to the vibrations of the drill. I would have assumed this is not the first time this has happened, and it would have been common courtesy for them to mention this could happen, and I could then have moved them prior to any works being started.

    Now, as I told your customer services representative over the phone, I had only taken a half a day off work to allow the guys access to the house. As they did not even drill a hole until mid-day, I had take the rest of the day off as a holiday. This is less than ideal, and I will be seeking compensation for this and the following:

    My time off work: £xxxx
    The cost of the water and electricity used with the pressure washer in clearing up your mess: £15.00
    Materials used in cleaning the rear living room: £10.00
    Damages: To be confirmed once the driveway dries out

    On another note, the technicians found that the entire front façade of the house had a solid brick construction, therefore it was not injected. This surface area on your quote amounts to 26.4 square meters. As the whole quote was based on 105 square meters, it is only right that I am charged for the 78.6 meters that was injected. By my calculations that is £235.80.

    I look forward to hearing from you, and hope we can reach a satisfactory conclusion.”

    The following is the response I just received:

    “Thank you for your email received 31st January 2011, the contents of which are duly noted.

    Please accept our sincere apologies for failure to deliver our normal high level of service, principally with regard to the issues that arose during your cavity wall installation. These have been passed to the relevant department as we appreciated all forms of customer feedback.

    In regards to payment for time lost, unfortunately under our terms & conditions ‘time is not deemed of the essence’ therefore we will not be reimbursing you.

    However we accept your other costs and will reduce your balance for the use of the water etc at £15.00 and the materials at £10.00 in total £25.00. I have sent the details regarding the front of your property which was found to be solid and to reduce the overall meterage by 26.4 m2 and to inform me of the difference.

    Once I receive this I will inform you of the outstanding balance.

    Once again please accept our apologies.

    Kind Regards”

    I don’t have a copy of the T’s & C’s, but have requested these.
    If I have not signed these, are they able to hold me to them?
    I am most concerned about being reimbursed for my time off work.

    Any comments will be appreciated, and thanks is given in advance.

  • RJagdev 25 March, 11:52 pm

    I have experiance bad customer service and overcharging on VAT after an agreement was made. What rights do I have.

    The context of my problems is as follows:

    Vodafone contacted me regarding unusual call charges on my account of approx £1500. When Vodafone investigated the issue, after i had told them that it couldnt be that high, they admitted that their Sales Rep had mis sold me a bolt on as he failed to mention it was for one month only. During that month that the bolton was active it worked a treat. During the second month when I received the courtesy phone call from Vodafone the bolt on expired and therefore defaulted to the normal call charges which were exceptionally more hence the £1,500.

    During that day, finally managed to get them to agree to a £1200 credit as it really wasnt my fault. This would then leave a balance on the account that was £300, which I was still not very happy to pay but I agreed to.

    Once my bill finally arrived in Feb, they had the call charges at £1500, with the credit of £1200 clearly deducted, leaving the total BEFORE VAT at £300.

    They then added on a VAT charge of £300 ontop of the total before VAT. 100% VAT rather than 20%!! Extremely annoyed, contacted Vodafone Customer Servies for an explantion of my bill. Even the Customer Care person was shocked and agreed to look into it. After 45mins of being on hold, I get a “really sorry if the bill is misleading but the credit should have been take after VAT had been added to the £1500!!! To this I simply said, this is not my problem, but the bill in front of me states £300 BEFORE so add VAT onto it and that is what I am willing to pay. They were adamant that they were right and the only options they offered me, a “valued customer” was to recalculate the bill or go back on the credit that they had originally agreed and recalculate that bill.

    To this i was extremely furious that I stated that I would rather pay the termination fee than be victim to Vodafones bad customer service on several occasions.

    Then posted my concerns and frustrations onto the Vodafone forum only for it to be deleted by Vodafone.

    Please can you let me know what rights I have regarding the above because I think it is totally unfair.


    Please can you

  • Michael 23 April, 9:04 pm

    Okay so I spoke to the citizens advice bureau, and I am not sure about the action…

    he advised me the best thing to do is to send in a physical recorded
    mail as first foot print to the college via recorded delivery keeping
    a copy so that it can later be used in court.
    to start off my case under the supply of goods and services act 1982:

    Formatting the letter like so and sending via Recorded delivery:

    “to whom it may concern :” – Make it formal and impersonal

    “The supply of goods and services act 1982 :” – So they know that I
    know the law, and know what I am talking about”

    “when I enrolled what it was for:
    what i paid and the problems I had
    ” – my case.

    “service has not been carried out with reasonable thought and skill ” – My arguement.

    “keep it short / concise” – I think i failed on this…

    “also a good idea to send a copy to the examining board” – I do not
    understand why I would do that ? but if citizens adive says so, i will do it.

    Okay, So below is the letter as I wrote it, I have not sent it yet as I am not sure this is the best course of action.
    and why I am posting here… Is this the best course of action ?

    Thank you


    To whom it may concern:

    The supply of goods and services act 1982 :

    I enrolled on 20th September 2010 to London School of Business and
    Management for a two-year part time degree course “Postgraduate
    Diploma in Strategic Business and IT
    I paid in full, upfront the sum of 6500 Pounds.(6450?)
    I have been unable to complete this course because of not enough
    information about the studies being provided to me to work it into my
    work schedule.
    The college obviously has problems in that it is a full time college
    geared to fulltime students, and no effort was made to facilitate me
    as being a part time student(other than splitting up a one year
    fulltime course, over two years.). If I was a full time student I
    would not of had these problems with the course.
    and then the unlucky fact that I for my first semester as the colleges
    first and ONLY part time student
    due to the poor planning skills of the college and no fault of my own,
    have had a large percentage of my course days double booked.
    which I did complain in writing about, and they informed me that it
    was unfortunate, but they would not make up the courses.
    At the end of the first Semester I contacted my college to see if I
    could get more detail, and more forecasting on my college days/exams
    because it was not working and something needed to be done.
    and I needed a study roster showing Days and exams so I can arrange
    studies with work,
    which they said they were unable to help me, as the schedules get
    re-finalised every semester and exam dates are only known that week.
    and as a shift worker on a 24/7 shift cover schedule planned months
    ahead that amount of notice is unacceptable.
    I can not work that into my shift roster,
    I had these conversations with Kexxx xxxx with whom I had enrolled.
    I and I explained my situation and spoke about what my options were,
    He Informed me if I withdrew from the college there would be no
    problem giving me a refund for the advance that I had paid for the two
    years of studies, minus the fees for the First Semester and
    Administration Fees, and that I would have to fill out a forms of
    withdrawal and refund request as formalities.
    Kexxx told me It would take 4-6 weeks, and he helped me with
    completing both forms in writing in front of him.
    I waited 4 weeks and then phoned Kexxx, and then 2 weeks, still he had
    no news for me, I tried to find out what was going on in a patient and
    non nagging manner, but since then It has been hard to get a hold of
    people at the college, and got the Lay around for around 3 Months of
    no response
    I have tried to call Kexxx numerous times, but he seems to be on
    holiday alot and always in meetings and hard to get ahold of,
    when i do get him it was always along the lines of “I have not
    forgotten, i will email them about it today”, I tried to get ahold of
    this Rixxx, Kexxx spoke about “as the person who has authority on the
    matter” but never got ahold of him, I got the lay around with excuses
    such as “he is working at home today and only reachable VIA cell, but
    we do not give out his Cell” and all other sorts of things such as
    being told by Kexxx he does not deal with these things. and after 3
    months of being messed around,
    I got rather frustrated and sent a frustrated complaint in writing, It
    seems this is what they were waiting for, as i got a response from
    Kexxx two days after. That my refund request is rejected because of my
    wording on the Refund form, that he helped me fill out, that i thought
    was more of a formality than a deal breaker. (Also this refund Form, I
    did not get a copy of, and have requested a copy from Kexxx numerous
    times Verbally and in Writing.)
    If I had known that this form was so Important, I would of put all
    that I spoke with Kexxx verbally on it, and done it via typing as my
    handwriting is poor.

    I do not feel as if the service has been carried out with reasonable
    thought and skill, And I atleast Deserve a partial refund for the year
    and three quarters, I paid for and did not get to use.

    Thank You
    xxx xxx


  • Allan Woodham 28 April, 8:46 pm

    I had a brick retaining wall built in 2007 and recently we have
    noticed that the mortar is crumbling and a whole section of about
    6 bricks fell out. A brick layer we showed the motar to said it was
    very poor more sand than concrete and whole bits crumble in you hand
    we are concerned that the wall could just fall about.
    we had the builder around when the sides were crumbling and he just
    redid the side bits with his hand and said it was caused by frost.
    What is our best move? as we really don’t want him back as we fear
    he will just patch it when we have been told it all needs to be knocked down and rebuilt.

  • DaveRichards 30 April, 11:47 am

    I purchased a DVD-ROM of a PC game in 2007, the company has since been taken over by another firm, but, still sell this product, both, online and by CD. They announced that they don’t have to offer technical support to customers anymore, is this not an infringement of this Act of Parliament, please ??

    • David Jumbalyie 14 November, 12:35 pm

      Hi Dave Richards,
      If I’m honest with you mate you shouldn’t playing a game from 2007, what even is a CD-ROM???
      David Jumbalyie

  • Sian 21 June, 9:23 pm

    I’m not entirely sure whether this falls under the same category but feel welcome to aim me at the right act etc. to help me sort it out.

    Here’s what happened;

    I went into a Hair and Beauty salon for acrylic nail tips, and ended up with very bad nails. I had the nails applied on my lunch break and so was unable to return to complain until after I had finished work, by which time the salon was closed. I phoned up the next morning and asked her for a refund and to take the nails off as they were hurting me, she said she would refund me but would charge me for removing the nails (!) I told her I would go back to the salon and get my refund but would under no circumstances pay to have them removed and would therefore be removing them myself. I was unable to return to the salon until 4 days later and she told me that she was not going to give me a refund because I had removed the nails myself, even though I told her I would because of the discomfort they were causing me.

    I have typed up a letter of complaint, as I have already contacted her face-to-face and over the phone. Am I right in thinking this is a breach of the Supply of Goods & Services Act 1982? And what further action should I take if she does not respond to my letter?

  • liam 26 June, 7:27 pm

    i purchased a laptop from pc world with 3 year warrantee, the laptop had a fault 2 and half years later.i took it in for repair and asked them to back up the data before fixing it so purchased a new external hard drive.
    They boxed it up and LOST the lot.They say i am only entitled to a replacement laptop and not the software and no compensation for the lost photos documents etc.
    Is this covered by the any act?

  • karen 26 June, 9:33 pm

    I had some work down to my ceiling because of flood damage and that was back in 2007, now i’ve been away from the country so I couldn’t follow up on the damage caused to some cabinets and to the wall done by the contractor that the insurance company sent out. The insurance is in my mortgage agreement and the contractors said that they would pay for 50% of the damages as my insurance covered unavoidable damages but that I had to pay the other 50%. As I have been away I could not do this and now the ceiling that they fixed is damaged again because of the poor work that was done. They also said they found asbestos in the ceiling and had a specialist contractor out to deal with it but only in one room, should they not have done every single room in the house and does this affect my mortgage and/or insurance policy, please help anyone?

  • Rose Johnson 18 October, 1:43 am

    My husband and I bought our house in 2007. It was a house built in 2006 and we bought it directly from the builder. It is a house made of poured concrete. 11 months later, it rained heavily with steady winds for 2 days and all of our bedrooms had soaked carpets. We called our builder and they came down immediately. They looked around and said that it was not the structure of the house that was the problem nor was it an issue with our house being low-lying. We were told that the flooding was due to little micro cracks in the outer stucco. The water had been pushed by the wind into the cracks. The water settled between the foam and poured concrete of the wall and the water settled downward and sipped through into the house.
    They supposedly fixed the problem, and repainted the house. Almost 3 years later, it rained again for a few days along with steady winds. We started to notice wet spots on the carpet. Upon closer inspection, we not only saw that water had again seeped into the house, we noticed that the studded wood strips near the walls (to hold down the carpet) was very dark and rotting in some places and some mold has started to develop. We contacted the builder’s insurance company for the house and they said that it is not a structural issue, but rather one of (TERRIBLE) workmanship. We called the builder and two men came to survey the damage (take photos, inspect, etc). Today we were notified that they (the builder) really has no obligation to help us because our one year (workmanship) warranty has expired with them, yet, “out of the kindness of [their] hearts”, they will agree to (ONLY) change the carpet. We were told that the issue is a regular home maintenance issue and was ofered advice on some great products to help with the outer stucco. (?!?!)
    We want our house fixed!! Is there any legal recourse we can take on this matter?

  • Brendon 20 October, 11:00 am

    HI, I have had a plumber in to fix a slow draining/blocked sink in my kitchen on the 7th October. He seemed to do a really good job and the sink drained very quickly as you would normally expect.
    A week after he fixed the issue the drainage begun slowing down and now is as bad as it was when we first called him out. I have called up the plumbing company and asked that they send the same plumber back to investigate and resolve at their own cost as I have already paid for this service. They have said that they will not as they cannot guarantee what I have put down my sink in the last 10 days or so.
    What are my rights? And what should I do next? Thanks in advance!

  • Miss K Davies 7 December, 2:35 pm

    Hi. We booked a holiday to a holiday park, we checked their website and it looked very nice. However when got to the apartment it was very dirty, furniture was damaged and not nice at all. We went back to the reception and they did offer us a free upgrade but we refused it as the whole area wasn’t nice. The manager said we would have to write to their customer care team to ask for a refund. We also have photos of the apartment to show how bad it was. However we have received a letter saying that because we refused the free upgrade a refund cannot be actioned. The manager did not explain this at the time he just said to write a letter of complaint to them. I have rang consumer direct and they have said that I could write back and say I am not happy and basicly say that I could take them to court if they don’t refund me. Is this correct and how do I go about putting this is writing?
    Hope I have given you enough information and you can advise me what to do next,thank you.

  • Tony Lambert 17 December, 3:09 pm

    Hi, I have a man and van business and recently moved several heavy items of furniture for a client. All items were solid wood and not comfortable for just 2 men to lift. (The client said 2 men were required during a telephone booking). We managed with all items bar a very heavy and awkward shaped table which the customer insisted came into the house in one piece. Upon their repeated insistence that the table would go out in one piece we tried to take it through the door but soon realised that whichever way we tried we were finding it impossible. During the attempt a little damage occurred to the edge of the table and the client is claiming that they have a quote of £100 to fix the table. The guy of the house still insisted the table came in in one piece but his sister in law later told us it had been dissassembled (The guy insisted all along that the table DID NOT come to pieces). I then insisted that the guy asked a friend to show us how the table could be taken out in one piece and after several attempts it was plainly obvious that the table had come into the house in pieces. THe guy then suddenly decided to dismantle the table and we removed it with ease.
    Am I liable to pay for the cost of repair?

  • Ian Young 19 March, 3:38 pm

    Supply of Goods & Services Act 1982 (As amended)
    Common Law Scotland

    On 14/10/11, I undertook Bought engine of Direct Engines Paisley for
    the sum of £1000 including Vat for completion with 90 days warranty.

    The problems are:

    van was making a noise took it back to Paisley said it was 2 injectors
    + 2 hours labour including Vat £168 that did not worked he then said
    it was it was the head gasket charged me 6 hours labour including VAT
    £354 Driveing back from Paisley on M8 Harthill services Broke down
    again AA Recoverd it and took it back to Glasgow no power +
    chapping noise He is now saying it is the flywheel thats the problem
    told me he would have to charge me again new turbo,starter + other new
    parts now saying its an electrical fault nothing to do with engine
    after about 3 months later.
    Been to trading standards they know of him.(Scotland law)

  • David Millichamp 23 March, 3:20 am

    Hello. I recently had a Woodburning stove installed in my bungalow, I asked the supplyier for an invoice. He sent a handwritten invoice by email which was unreadable,and illegible although the figures were clear. The invoice was not “parts and labour”as I expected but lumped together, one price.I needed to know how my money was spent so phoned the supplier who has refused to send another clearer invoice. Can I force his hand by quoting The Sale of Goods Act 1982.
    The job was done from an estimate not a quote.

  • Syed 28 March, 3:50 pm


    A few days back I encountered a problem and would be grateful if you could help me.

    I was thinking of getting prescriptional contact lenses and went to a shop on high street for that. The optician at the shop told me that it requires two processes.

    1 they need to check my eye sight

    2 they need to access my eyes for lenses, then they would be able to tell me which contact lenses would be right for my eyes.

    These two processes are usually done at the same time but they asked me to come in the morning and once again in the evening. What they didnot tell me was that they could also decide not to provide me with the lenses once they check my eyes for lenses.Now I am already wearing prescriptional glasses and didnot need the eyesight test.Anyway I went ahead with it.

    After the morning eye test, they charged me £30. After the evening lens test, they told me that I could not have lenses. I told them that they ought to return my money as I came there for lenses and at no point did any one at the shop told me that they could also decide not to provide me with the lenses once they check my eyes for lenses.

    I need your expert opinion on it.

    I would be grateful if you could let me know of any statutory provision according to which I am entitled to my money or any law that safeguards my rights in such kind of scenario.

    I would be grateful for your help.

    Best Regards

  • Sandra Derby 6 April, 11:13 am

    Hi there,

    We signed a contract for the supply and fitting of bespoke bedroom furniture. The company called to arrange a suitable time and I agreed on the 4th April because I had taken this week off work. We received confirmation from Hammonds on 29th Feb agreeing to work starting on 4th April and it was to take 2 days. On Friday 30th March the company called to say the fitter called in and couldn’t do the work as his daughter went into hospital and that they would reschedule for 10th/11th April. I told them this was unacceptable as we had already agreed the dates and neither my partner nor myself could take 10th/11th April off work. They said there was nothing they could do – it was 10th/11th and that was it. We had already sold our bedroom furniture so were in a bit of a mess. The company then came back and said they could get a fitter to us on 6th/7th April (Good Friday and Saturday). I said yes that would be acceptable (even though it distrupted our Easter weekend). As of 11.30 am on Good Friday the fitter had not turned up and the company could not get hold of him as his mobile phone went to voicemail. At this point I am so sick of re-arranging my plans to suit them and they still cannot carry out the work. What rights do I have to cancel this contract?


  • Mccole 24 April, 3:01 pm

    We have recently had a new double garage built with a room above. The roof has two large valley beams offering extra room space. The building regulations were sent to a structural engineer to calculate. She made a few errors which were picked up from the local council and the building was completed. Within a month of the main building works competed the 4 corners of the building cracked substantially so the bricks have completely cracked through the middle where the valley beams have settled and caused way too much pressure on the brick walls. The builder has a built everything to specification and I have had a separate report from another structural engineers saying that whilst the calculations the original structural engineers did were ‘finally’ correct she had omitted to calculate the severity of the settlement which would be obvious on such a large roof structure. The building is safe to use but will cost us £3000 to repair the damage. She has written to us stating that this is only a modest cost and we should pay this ourselves and she is not liable but we totally disagree and want to take her to court to pay for the repairs. We paid her in good faith to calculate the material used to make this building sound and there are obvious errors which we do not see why we have to correct. Do we use the small claims court and can we site the Supply of Goods act section 13.
    Thank you for any help or advice.

  • Maria 15 May, 12:43 pm


    I really hope to get a response on this case regarding my recent visit to Hair & Beauty salon:

    Firstly, from the minute I came everything was rushed, the hairdresser wasn´t helpful in consulting or giving me an advice first, he just rushed me straight to wash my hair, without even waiting for me to get my jacket off. After that, he just had a cutting session of 5 minutes and started to blow dry my hair, with no products for heat protection. Then I asked him to blow dry adding a volume and using a rounded hairbrush, but the reply I got was that my hair is long, so it won´t stay, when other salons just put an effort and dry it with the appropriate tools.

    When I went to pay before proceeding with the manicure I was not charged the promised £25 and £12, but £30 for haircut that lasted 10 min in total and £12 for the manicure, justifying it with the reason that my hair is long, therefore it needs to be charged £30, when the hairdresser only refreshed the ends and didn´t do a great job!

    As for the manicure, I just can´t believe what was done is called manicure. Before making it at home or any other decent places, the hands have to be soaked for few minutes, and different tools have to be used to get rid of the dead skin, which was not the case! I only soaked my hands for 1 minute each and then the nails got filed, but nothing was done to remove the corners (dead skin), then the nail polish followed and it was done in 5 min! After 3 days it was already chipping.

    The service I received was really inappropriate and the amount spent on it wasn´t worth it all, as no effort of treating a client to the standards was shown.

    I have written already 2 e-mails to the salon and haven’t received any answers. What would be the next step?


  • Gary 23 June, 9:59 am

    Ok so this weekend we had entered our dogs at a dog show taking place over three days Friday/Sat/Sunday.
    The weather on the first day was horrendous and at the end of the day a decision was made by the society hosting the show that the rest of the show was to be cancelled due to the conditions and the inability to use the car park….Here is the question…On the entry form the society have stated in the terms and conditions that under circumstances such as these there would be no refund for cancellation, thousands of people have entered dogs over the next two days at approximately £25 poer dog and the society are refusing to refund the money…do we have any redress?

  • Leo 7 July, 1:49 pm

    Hi there,
    Just to say that I am very upset with the BMW Minicooper garage to what they have done to my car. I have taken my BMW to them as the engine stopped twice a few months ago. Then they’ve had the car in total of 3 days (went 4 times already) and they have guessed that could be camshaft sensor which they did changed it twice. Back to them with the same problem they have kept the car for 1 day and 1 night for cleaning the engine as they thouhgt it could be an oil leak…no way of any of that but they have replaced a few parts without telling me firstly. Then on the invoice given there is a lot of parts as brake down but no labour. I have asked them and they said that it was just a mistake but should they add the labour would cost more. I have asked them why did they start replacing(apparently) so many unneccesarry parts and they replied that it needed so the car would work. Back again now with the same problem (the engine stops now even more – 3 times a day). What shall I do???

    Many thanks,

  • Leanne 8 August, 11:14 am


    just after some advice regarding ‘compensation’. I had to return my HTC phone to HTC as it had a fault. they were unable to fix it or supply a like for like replacement and so they gave me a newer model. my understanding is that this is what they HAVE to do by law however they are trying to say that this is their ‘compensation’ to me for not being able to resolve my faulty phone (it has also taken them a month and a lot of phone calls from me for them to offer a resolution!).

    who is right? I am now trying to get some form of compensation for time taken, having to buy a temporary handset and also for now having to buy new accesories like a cover etc as my old ones dont fit.

    I have been told they dont offer monetary compensation which is a lie because 12 months ago i got £30 after they failed miserably to fix another of their phones (i would have gone to another manufacturer but i am tied into contract for another 12 months :()


  • Andrea 29 October, 9:45 pm

    I had double glazing fitted in March 2012, One of the patio windows which was installed started misting up in between the two panes of glass. Contacted the firm who installed them who advised I wait to see if it cleared. My arguement if it was misting inside seal must be gone and even if cleared still a problem. Any way I waited a week and called back as still problem. They said they would come out to change it but if it wasn’t misted at the time of their call I would have to pay a call out fee. I can’t guarantee this will be the case but don’t wnat to wait until it becomes a permanant problem and then find I’m out of warranty. Have taken pictures on different days with date and time on, also contacted trading standards who have started afile and said i am covered by this law, and help/advice would be appreciated.

  • Azil 7 August, 1:44 am

    7 Aug. 2013
    It’s been more than a month now when I had my lips and eyebrows tattoed. The beauty therapist said that I have to go back after 3 weeks to have top -up. I txt and called her many times but she ignored my calls and txt. If I bring this matter to court, do i have a case?

  • Michelle Bosomworth 21 October, 11:36 am

    I had new gutters installed 18 months ago by a company and they are now badly leaking and one has cracked and another is also coming away from the wall. I rang the company who installed them and the man answered the phone under a different company name and said that the other company had gone bust and he had started a new one in 2011 but my invoice is dated 2012 and he said that wasn’t possible and they were not liable. So I checked with companies house and the original company dissolved in June 2013. The director of the original company dissolved one company and started another in the same building. I have an insurance policy given to me at the time but they are refusing to help as the company dissolved and was not liquidated. Is there anything I can do, citizens advice have said that the director can be made to be liable under the sales of goods act?

  • a liddell 13 November, 4:34 pm

    I took my car to have ecu work done to it which i was told would take 2-3 weeks. after 7 weeks I got my car back (with its engine replaced because mine was damaged apparently). after looking at the work done the car was deemed unsafe to drive with cables/ pipes/ steering all unsafe. I have said I would not pay as I now have to get this work fixed and I am being threatened to pay “or else”

    what are my rights to this?

  • mark 19 December, 6:00 pm

    At the beginning of may 2013 I had to cancel my holiday because of a health issue and claim from my insurance – which I did not want to do , this ended in a reasonable settlement .
    BUT my main concerns/issues were , I purchased my holiday from a 3rd party online holiday travel agent whom supplied me with “there own terms and condition” only and Not Thomas cooks terms and conditions whom the holiday was with – this was a package holiday.
    They stated I must be bound by Thomas cooks terms and conditions – even though they never supplied them and also stated they don’t have to but must be bound by there terms and Thomas cooks also.
    They also stated because it was a late booking I would get no monies back ( booked 8 weeks prior to departure ) – AT no stage whatsoever was I informed it was a late booking – again they stated I would NOT have been told it was a late booking but must be bound by the late booking terms and conditions as quoted in Thomas cooks terms and conditions which were never issued or supplied.
    ABTA have been no help in this matter stating as far as they are concerned they have not breached there codes of practise – BUT WHAT ABOUT THE LAW ? – in relation to terms and conditions, I am not happy at all with this and intend to pursue this further , can anyone help or advise in relation to this matter ?

  • Tracey Farrell 5 February, 12:28 pm

    Hi, would like some advice on a repair that was carried out on my vehicle,
    took vehicle to get an oil leak fixed on sump and was charged £160.00. However when I got home I noticed it was still leaking I took vehicle straight back to garage, after 3 hours I was informed the engine had seized and a new engine was required, I purchased a new engine from Direct Engines Ltd at a cost of £780.00 and garage would install it at a cost of £250.00, however when I got the vehicle back it was leaking even worse than before! I took vehicle back to garage and was informed it was nothing he had done but due to the engine being faulty, I then contacted Direct Engines Ltd, they collected the vehicle for inspection and investigation. They later told me it was not the engine that was faulty but NO gaskets had been used for installation. Garage still refuse to admit they were at fault. is this correct?

  • Alan 7 February, 1:57 pm

    We bought our son a watch online from H. Samuel. The edgeimg around the face came off it after a few weeks. We took it back and they replaced it. The same thing happened again and we returned it but they told us that that couldn’t trace the warranty it’s been over a year and I’ve spoken to numerous people and been into a branch three times. All I get is promises they will look into the matter but then nothing happens??? What can I do to get the watch replaced?

  • David Kay 10 February, 12:49 pm

    Having recently supplied and installed a thermodynamic heating system for a client, it has become apparent that the incoming water supply (1 bar) from their spring fed system is not at the required level for the system to perform adequately (3 bars). Whilst this is not something that was identified in the manufacturers guidance I have accepted responsibility and offered a solution to the client. The cost of this would be covered by myself.

    The solution offered is to install a pump from the header tank within the clients property which would increase the pressure to the required level. However, the client has been given some ‘independent’ advice from their local plumber who has said that the pump we intend to install will be noisy and that they should get an external pump installed.

    The pump we intend to install is a model designed for purpose (internal use) and will therefore be no more noisy than a fridge freezer. The external pump is £1,200 more expensive and a lot harder to install meaning a days additional labour.

    And so, the crux of my enquiry is, do I simply have to ensure that the original installed system is working and fit for purpose or can the client now demand additional works at a cost to myself?

    Many thanks

  • C.M.Calvert 9 April, 12:20 pm

    I booked an hotel in Moscow through a UK agency the brochure said Bed and Breakfast from 30 pounds per night The actual cost was well over double that advertised, and there was NO breakfast included . have they broken any laws

  • Mrs Joyce Siddall 11 June, 6:07 pm

    On the 3rd Feb 2010 The Garage Door Company of Sheffield fitted me a WM Shutter Premiere Roller Door to my Garage cost £1,350.00.
    The motor failed approx. 7th May and I rang them to come to attend to it as it had a 5yr. guarantee but they informed me that I would have to pay £520.00 to have a new motor because WM Shutters had gone out of business. Obviously, I had no alternative but to pay as I could not get into the garage. Are the Garage Door Co. liable to uphold the guarantee as they supplied and fitted the whole thing.
    I should be grateful if you can tell me whether I have a case to get my money back .

  • John Connolly 25 July, 2:49 pm

    BT want to charge me £30 for my decision not to renew a broadband package after it has run its full twelve-month course. The charge is for ‘cease of service’, but I argue that no cessation of service is involved: I agreed to and paid for a twelve-month supply of broadband service. Once that period has expired, I should have no liability for any further charge, should I? is this a case for the Small Claims Court? I cannot be alone in being confronted with this unpleasant sting in the broadband tail?

  • Ray 9 August, 7:35 am

    I had a patio laid in 2012 now the flagstones are crumbling away. We have had two mild winters and no salt has been added. Should the company who laid the patio repair it or should it be the manufacturer ?

  • DAVID T. BRIERLEY 12 August, 10:05 am

    Hi can anyone help. My nextdoor neighbours have just had soffits fascias and guttering replaced
    They have had square gutters fitted and workmen have now fitted the joint and fascia 12inches onto my side. No big problem with this but in my opinion they have misjudged the drop from nextdoors guttering (I have water drainpipe for both our houses on end of my house), because they have BENT MY GUTTERING UPWARDS to meet the new gutter from next door. Not surprisingly to me the seal has broken (only been done 4 weeks) and water is gushing down the wall and “drumming constantly ” on my conservatory. My neighbours are a nice young couple and have said “we wouldn’t like that done to us” . I have spoken to the company that is responsible who said they will try and come next Monday 18th August but just to stop the leak. Meanwhile my guttering has been damaged and bent to accommodate the new joint . What can I do. and who ultimately is responsible for sorting this mess out ,

  • Wendy 17 August, 11:42 am

    I paid for conservatory then noticed base was ineven and crumbling. There is also damage to conservatory door frame. Owner came out after several phone calls. Agreed to have things put right and agreed a date. Nobody turned up.My calls go to voice mail. Sent rd letter. Signed for but returned ‘not at this address. Police are trying to trace and have left message on owners mobile asking him to contact them. Nothing! By giving false address what offence have they committed under the law? I am a senior citizen with limited income and cannot affprd to pay anyone to put things right.

  • Carmelreid 20 August, 8:36 am

    I bought some hair extensions throw wowcher after received code I went on the site to order they did not have my colour in stock after kept trying everyday still not in stock so I rang emailed the company explaining situation I was told they’d call me bk after speaking to the manager I had no call back and my code as now expired were do I stand as In refund or wanting my paid goods delivered

  • regina 19 October, 9:39 pm

    dreaMS have sent me a bed that i have never ordered or signed anythinh now they demanding money off me.i cstill have it boxed up here from may

  • Tay 11 November, 5:15 am

    After British Gas obtained a warrant to switch me to a pay as you go meter, due to some cost dispute, I decided to switch to Eon & ask for a normal meter to be fitted (big mistake) after their engineer whom apparently is subcontracted noticed that my boiler was not recent to say the least, he declared that he couldn’t switch the gas on due to a leak. Got charged £100 for a plumber to estimate the cost of repair to £500 which I can’t afford being on ESA, so gad to make do without gas all winter last year, yet because apparently the meter was switch on they sending debt collectors to my door for £186 of arrears on gas they never provided. I am appalled!

  • pound 26 January, 4:19 pm

    I booked for a gas fire service for my mother in law recently, the contractor was on time , however on arrival asked me for the service manual, or the make and model number of the fire. the fire was over 30 years old and not paperwork could be located. The contractor advised that I should have been advised these details were required at the time of booking. I assured him that I had not been instructed of this, hence I would have been in a position to of cancelled the appointment if I had known in advance. the contractor made a call to his HO to advise him of this and he was instructed to not proceed and to leave. two weeks later my mother in law received a bill for £60! i wasn’t advised there would be a charge either, and really feel that as I was not advised of the full requirements of the service in advance that this is a complete con. At no time did we enter into any formal agreement or were we given any terms or conditions at the time of booking or in the week leading up to the appointment date. What are my mother in laws rights on this please?

  • Craig Storer 4 February, 2:05 pm

    We had an orangery built last year. The company said the work would take 4 weeks. Its started in July and was finally completed in November. The company agreed to knock some money off the final price and we agreed and paid the amount they asked for on the understanding that a guarantee for the work would be provided. That never materialised despite numerous requests to the company and since then we have written some reviews about the company on various tradesmens websites. They are accurate and truthful. We have finally managed to get a response from the company and they are now saying that unless we take down these reviews and because we did not pay the original price they will not send any guarantees. Where do we stand? Thank you

  • michele Collins 9 February, 12:50 pm

    I was due an upgrade with o2 after 24 months. During this period I had noticed o2 had applied phone insurance on my phone which I cancelled 3 times? but it didn’t happen. Before I upgraded I spoke to the store manager who informed me that a member of staff has since been sacked for applying un wanted insurance to a number of customers and she would be refunding me. I believed her and continued to upgrade and purchased a second phone for personal use. After 20 days and several conversations with numerous o2 staff and management… no refund. I have since stopped DD’s and ported number to EE
    sent letter of complaint. O2. O2 are charging me as I exceeded 14 days ?? not my fault. Also manager assured me I would be refunded where do I stand please?

  • kotecha 25 February, 4:44 pm

    hi i hired a company called Betta Living to supply and fit my bedrooms. They told me it would take 5 days to complete the work and it took them 3 months.
    The fitter scratched all the doors with his tools plus is scratched my floor.
    The company also delivered doors handles and a headboard that was chipped and not fit for purpose.

    I have asked them for compensation many times and to do repair my damaged floor and their Director is refusing to do it and has washed his hand with it. I have photo to prove that the doors fitted were scratched with the fitters tools.

    Also they supplied me chipped doors .
    They have supplied me with upgraded doors however it does not take away the fact that their fitter broke the law since he fitted the furniture without due care and attention.

    What are my rights can I get my money back ?

  • Lisa 18 March, 2:39 pm

    I had new windows and doors fitted last year which came with 10yr guarantee.
    I have only recently noticed that there is water leaking through the bottom of the back door which has resulted in my flooring getting damaged & also rising damp on my wall.
    I had to call the supplier 4 times to get an engineer to come and inspect the door and on arrival he advised that there had been no vents fitted, hence water had been building up inside and leaking to the house.

    This has been resolved with vents now fitted, however i have contacted the compny again regarding the damange to my house. The have replied & advised that they subcontract fitters and that i would have to persue with the fitter directly.

    can you advise if i can seek any action here?


  • Ruth Kinloch 26 March, 4:09 pm

    Help. A friend of my brothers was supposed to be fixing my dads hall and kitchen floor and it was a cash in hand deal. I asked my brother to get a quote from him several times and he said he would but this was never forthcoming. I also asked my brother to tell the joiner to get receipts for wood required for the job as I am Power of Attorney and need receipts for work done. I told him I would pay cash for the wood and for his labour. My brother said this was fine. A couple of days later I get a text from my brother saying the joiner has done the work but has put it through his company. I got a bill for £250 for framing up hall and kitchen floor and to repair flooring. I would have paid this if the work stated had been carried out but my husband and I checked and there is only one small square that has been repaired and the rest hadn’t been touched. Also he had used cut offs to mend this (wood has small pieces cut out). Can anybody tell me where to go from here as I have just had a letter from my brother telling me to get it paid or the company will deal with me. Also for your information the company has not contacted me about this bill once it has all come through my brother! I am willing to pay something but not the £250 they have charged for uncompleted and unsatisfactory work. Thanks

  • Jan Goodridge 16 April, 7:36 pm

    I had a patio laid late summer 2013. In the summer of 2014 I complained to the company that laid the patio because the slabs were constantly covered in a dusty powdery residue that transferred to clothing footwear etc that rendered the patio unfit for the purpose it was intended. The dirt is brought into the house on footwear or bare feet. Having contacted the company on several occasions, they have now agreed to ‘seal’ the patio, however, I am not completely happy with this as it will give a more ‘wet look’ finish than I had wanted. They say that this is the first complaint they have received about the product but I am finding that difficult to believe. I would really prefer to have a refund and get the whole thing redone by a different company. What rights do I have?

  • carol mclachlan 31 May, 8:36 am

    I paid in advance for a return journey on a mini bus for a night out in Birmingham was dropped off then for the return journey the driver was told not to pick five of us up by the person that had organised the night out so I received a phone call to say that he was not going to take us home so five women were stranded in Birmingham at one o clock in the morning 38 miles from home we had no choice to get a taxi which cost us twenty pounds each can we get any money back for very poor service

  • Sylvia Young 13 June, 3:34 pm

    My elderly & disabled neighbour has bought a bath lift & tried to use it once but found it unsuitable & not fit for her needs. The sales person was not very pleasant when she said she wanted to return it ~she was told this was not possible because of health & safety is this correct?

  • Marino Robles 29 June, 11:10 am

    I had and accident with my car , I am fully insured, the insurance took my car to their designated garage, 13 days after they told me that my car was ready , I paid £ 300 toward the total . 2 days after I get into a motorway and after a few miles driving , the car went into LIMP MODE . after taken the car to the garage a few times and a few more LIMP MODE incidents .I asked the insurance to have the car diagnostic in the WV dealer , they agreed but first ask me to pay for it , the diagnostic said that there is a faulty connection from the sensors to the ECU. as my car was in their possession for 13 days and this fault was not there before the accident , are they responsible for the repairs? is the supply and services act 1082 protect me ? thank you !

  • Janet 2 August, 3:19 pm


    I was caught speeding in March 2015 (whoopsie) and elected to attend a driver awareness course at a cost of £110. I work away from home and much of June was spent in the Far East. I had been waiting for written confirmation of my successful application to the Driver Awareness Course and I noticed that my cheque for the course charge had been cashed in early June.
    Therefore, I was furious when I received another Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty (COFP) on 30th July 2015 for the same offence (which I wholly admit and that is not the basis of my complaint). I immediately rang the DAS number asking why I had received another COFP to be told that I should have attended the course on Monday 27th July. I was also informed that I would have to pay another £110 to book onto ANOTHER course and had no right of redress.
    I am demanding that my payment for £110 is returned to me and I cite The Provision of Goods and Services Act 1982 which states “that the supplier will carry out the service with reasonable care and skill”.

    I was further informed that I should have used the “two week rule”. I explained that I had been away abroad. No other notification or joining letter came to my home address to inform me of the course even though I had been waiting for the confirmation. Interestingly enough, subsequent use of the “two week rule” has identified that staff’s standard response to applicants is that “a letter will come out to you”.
    I have a neighbour who collects my post for me when I am away and she confirms that no letter from DAS with the identifiable stamp had arrived. I paid good money to attend the course and I am rightly angry that the scheme, where a financial transaction has taken place for a public service, has failed to provide me with the said service I have paid in advance for. The inconsistency of information given by their staff whether over the phone or by an application form which lacks clarity and therefore is not fit for purpose leads me to believe the administration of their scheme is a shambles.

    I have asked through the Freedom of Information Act for
    1. A copy of the Driver Awareness Scheme Complaints Policy
    2. A copy of their Driver Awareness Scheme Customer Service Strategy and Policy
    3. A full administrative process breakdown for registering applicants on the Driver Awareness Course i
    4. What happens at the “two week rule”
    5. How letters are generated and distributed
    6. A copy of MY letter THEIR staff say they sent out to me showing the following:

    • The course details time and venue for which I should have attended
    • Proof of the date my letter was sent out to my address
    • The address its was actually sent out to
    • Proof of posting out to my address

    Is there anything else I can be doing?


  • TIM 19 January, 5:47 pm

    i am a builder and a customer is trying to get their money back 12 months after work was completed.They never told me that there was problem and never gave me the oppurtunity to rectify it.They just got someone else in to fix it and have now asked for their original payment to me back.Canthey do this

  • mrs jarman 11 May, 10:08 am

    18 months ago i had an electric roller shutter door fitted by essati doors of lincoln it fell to pieces after maybe a dozen uses i had to call a door man out who told me it was fitted wrong so i called essati who wanted 125 pounds call out and parts what are my rights please and who do i call ?tks

    • Chris 12 August, 5:35 pm

      I too have fallen foul of Essati Garage Doors – a joke. It has collapsed after two months and are they responding as a caring supplier – of course not. Cowboys in my book and avoid them. Looks like a county court job unless the are in receivership before it gets to that.

  • Jonathan 13 September, 12:04 pm

    I moved from an Associate (Discounted membership for former graduates) to a joint couples Membership at my University Gym after graduation.

    The relationship with my partner ended several years later, at which point my membership reverted to a more costly External users membership in error rather than the cheaper Associate Membership.

    I’ve only realised this, after having paid excessive membership for the past 6 years and the Gym have agreed to revert my membership to the cheaper Associate membership package.

    Is the gym under an obligation to offer me a refund or discount or the error that meant I was paying excessive membership for 6 years?

  • Gillian Bray 14 September, 11:29 am

    What are you suppose to do when as a trader you have carried work out to a good standard, on time & at a reasonable cost & then eighteen months later the customer threatens you with the sale of goods & services act when they had other contractors in the property after completion moving electrical sockets & removing works carried out that met building regulations?

  • Angie Gasson 4 October, 4:45 pm

    Hi I took out a 2k credit agreement for a new boiler, however the engineer turned the boiler off saying it needed a power flush ( he didn’t do any flush) now it has been over 10 days with no heating or hot water and the company now say they want yet more money ( £500, possibly more) to get it working. Please help

  • trish 7 November, 10:35 am

    I had the whole of my roofing renewed 9 years ago including a flat roof on the extension and I was given a 10 year guarantee covering materials and workmanship. The flat roof started leaking 5 years ago and the company have been back every year since and patched it up, blaming bad batches of felt etc. It is now leaking again and I would like to know if they can be allowed to patch up again or is there an alternative solution. The old roof didn’t leak at all but they took the lead flashing off and cut the felt into the wall as they said this was the way it was done now. Can you advise please.

  • Robert Cooter 9 November, 2:28 pm

    I had solar PVC system installed on my homes roof by a company in 08/2011
    The PVC system stopped working 09/2015 and i informed the company straight away.
    It took them until 08/2016 to finally come out and repair the problem.
    In the mean time i have lost roughly £1200 worth of income typically generated by the PVC sytem.
    Am i entitled to loss of earnings?
    How can i make a claim if the company trys to avoid paying out?

  • Angela Smithers 11 January, 4:46 pm

    I had a complete new bathroom installation in June, which was beset by problems- timescale-project management etc. eventually the finished product looked lovely, but there have been a number of problems, which the installers have rectified – such as the bath waste leaking, the shower riser coming away in my hand etc. There is supposedly a 12 month warranty. I have just had them back out as the floor beneath the new flooring (which they laid) is wet, and dampness is starting to creep up the wall. Their fitter attended and agreed that the floor slab was wet and discovered that the cause was a leak from the freestanding bath tap which they chose, supplied and fitted. Now they have told me that as it is a faulty component as opposed to a workmanship issue I will have to take the matter up with their tap supplier, as they “do not warranty goods ordered on my behalf” Surely this can’t be right? I didn’t order the taps- they did, I didn’t specify a particular tap- they just supplied and fitted it.

  • David Blanchard 12 January, 2:45 pm

    My next door neighbour had solar panels put on their roof over a year ago at the time the company who put the panels down broke several tiles so when it rained water was coming into our loft and found its way into our bathroom from which we had to make a hole in ceiling to drain it off,now the ceiling is completely ruined the company accepted responsibility but they have since gone bust,our neighbour was good enough to have our tiles sorted but how do we go about getting our ceiling repaired.

  • Steve Brain 25 January, 8:53 am

    Hi, in 2014 I had a wet room installed by a company called Flytte, it now transpires that it was a poorly constructed job, the underfloor pipe work is all touching, too cramped and the shower waste pipe was set at an angle to the trap, this has now caused leaking radiator pipes and the shower waste pipe has detached from the trap with no chance of a simple reconnection. Flytte was dissolved in 2015 but has reopened in the same address with the same directors, my question is do I now have any recourse against this new company ?

  • Marc 28 April, 5:59 pm

    Recently I paid a designer for some work upfront. The work was not completed within the agreed timescale. I asked for a refund and still haven’t received the outstanding monies 10 weeks later. He says he will pay eventually but has no money. I feel as though I have been robbed. What rights do I have?