The Data Protection Act

People often talk about the Data Protection Act, but in reality few people know very much about it. It is a very powerful piece of legislation aimed at protecting consumers against the unlawful handling of their personal information, and one which provides rights and remedies if you suffer damage or distress as a result.

The responsibilities of companies and organizations

The Data Protection Act requires that any organization which handles or processes personal data must comply with eight data protection principles – that personal information is:

  • Fairly and lawfully processed
  • Processed for limited purposes
  • Adequate, relevant and not excessive
  • Accurate and up to date
  • Not kept for longer than is necessary
  • Processed in line with your rights
  • Secure
  • Not transferred to other countries without adequate protection

In practice this means that if an organization causes you additional expense or long term inconvenience as a result of incorrect personal information about you, that organization would be in breach of the Data protection Act and liable to pay you compensation.

The rights of individuals

One of the principle purposes of the Data Protection Act is to give individuals the right to know and control what data is stored and how it is used. Therefore if you are in any way curious or suspicious as to what information organizations might hold on file about you, you have the right to make a Subject Access Request. This is a simple request in writing to the organization you believe to be holding or processing the data. Your request must include the relevant fee (maximum £10) and the reply must be received within 40 days. Many Subject Access Requests are made to credit reference agencies, so that people can find out about their various credit ratings. In this case, the fee is only £2 and a reply must be received within 7 days.

In addition to the right to know what information exists about you, you also have the right to request that inaccurate or inappropriate personal details be corrected or removed, or that personal information not be processed at all, if it leads to significant damage or distress on your part. But even in the absence of damage or distress, you can still stop all processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes by writing to the company which is targeting you and requesting they take your details off their mailing lists.

Most common ways in which companies breach the Data Protection Act

  • If companies mix up your details with someone else and wrongly charge you – typically telecoms and utility companies
  • Where you have been refused credit as a result of the wrong information given by a credit reference agency
  • CCTV without warning signage
  • Recorded or monitored telephone calls without warning

Taking further action

If you feel an organization you’ve had dealings with is in breach of any of the 8 principles listed above, perhaps because you are being denied access to personal information they hold about you, or this information is inaccurate or being handled improperly, your first course of action must be to write to the data processor for the company itself (there must be a contact postal address on the website or correspondence). If you are unsure as to whether there has been a breach, or the organization is simply not responding to a request you have made, you should ask the Information Commissioner’s Office to undertake an Assessment Procedure. The Outcome of the Assessment is usually enough to force the organization to comply, if it isn’t, the ICO can take enforcement action. Under the act, if you can show the improper handling of personal data has caused damage or distress to you, you have the right to claim compensation through the courts.

The Data Protection Act is a very powerful piece of legislation as far as consumer rights are concerned – when it is mentioned, companies usually listen. However, it is also very much under-utilised and few people exercise their rights or invoke the assessment procedure which is offered by the ICO.

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Preventing junk mailing or cold calling as a whole

In accordance with the Data Protection Act, most firms’ marketing departments have to comply with the principles of the Data Protection Act in terms of how they deal with personal data. Nobody likes to receive excessive amounts of junk mail, and it is your right not to receive any. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) runs the Mailing Preference Service and the Telephone Preference Service. If you apply to have your details (and the details of anybody else living in your household) put on the list, most firms will pay reference to this list when sending out marketing material.

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  • James 4 August, 7:08 pm

    Question about the DPA.

    I recently had contact via letter from a company called ‘Clarity’ who were acting on behalf of a payday loan company (pounds till payday), okay I owe them some money and am having real problems getting them to accept a payment plan.

    Anyway what really annoyed me was that this third party company (Clarity) were using my National Insurance Number as a reference number, obviously from their client.

    Would this breech DPA, sending information like that via the post?

    Looking at the information commisionars website, I can find an entry that says ‘Sensative information like Passport numbers which could be used as identity theft should be handled very seucrly. Now call me ld fashioned buy surely they should not be using my NI number as a reference number and I cannot see why PTP gave it to clarity in the first place.

    Anyone have any suggestions, would be appreciated?


  • Catriona 17 August, 11:05 pm

    James – NI number is personally sensitive information as it can be used to access other info – such as Inland Revenue data. It is inappropriate to be using it as a reference number and may even be in breach of S7 of the DPA. My advice would be to report this to the ICO who will then be able to confirm whether this is correct and may even be able to take this up with Clarity on your behalf.

  • Debbie 20 October, 12:15 pm

    We have been receiving letters marked “private & confidential” to our business address in the name of one of our employees. We have passed these on to him and they are from a pension company which he has had no dealings with. He has called them several times to ask for this information to stop being sent in his name to our workplace. We receieved another letter today which was accidentally opened with all our other post. We called the number on the letter and were told they cannot deal with the employee in question because he is not at the address they have on file, and they will not discuss it with us…as we are not the named person they have the account in the name of. We have explained we are concerned someone somewhere could have a fraudulent policy set up with our, and one of our employees details but they just keep quoting “data protection act” and that they cannot speak to either of us.

    Any ideas?

  • Julie Hunt 30 December, 10:27 am

    How long can a company keep your debit or credit card details on file?

  • Catriona 31 December, 1:14 pm

    Julie, I don’t think a time limit is mentioned in the act, but details can only be kept as long as they are relevant to the company concerned – i.e. that they are still using them to debit your account.

    • Julie Hunt 31 December, 3:33 pm

      Thank you Catriona for letting me know – much appreciated. THe company are still holding my debit card details 3 weeks after transaction had taken place for the ski lift passes. There has been some dispute over the deposits for passes, as there was lack of communication from the reps working for the ski tour operator who did not inform us at the start of the company nor was it in writing in documentation we received prior to our departure that it was a different procedure to previous holidays with them, we, along with other groups staying at the same chalet, took the lift passes back to the lift pass office ourselves to retrieve our refundable deposits. The tour operator did not make it clear that they actually paid for the deposits and that we should have handed them back to the reps. This confusion has resulted in the tour operator informing me that they will charge my card to get the money back. This is what concerns me is that the fact they have been holding our card details for so long, and then decide to take money back whenever they wanted to. I would have quite happily handed over the passes on the last day, or indeed given them the 3 euro deposit per lift pass at the start of the holiday. But instead, it’s resulted into accusations from the owner of the tour operator informing me (and the other guests) that we have committed a deliberate and fraudulent act.

  • Catriona 5 January, 6:46 pm

    Julie, You did nothing of the kind, if no written or verbal contract or Ts and Cs existed, how could you have acted fraudulently? I’m not too sure of the rules concerning what kind of card info they can hold, but I’m fairly sure you must give your approval for your card to be used at a later date – exactly as they do in hotels. if they are going to keep hold of your card details, there must be some mention of this in their Ts and Cs. If not, request your card details be removed on the basis that they are no longer relevant. You can always report them to the ICO who are always very helpful.

  • Ewan 11 March, 12:53 pm

    A company who has been dealing with my contents insurance has spoken to me on three separate occasions on my mobile phone without confirming any details to establish if I am the correct person. Is this a breach of DPA 1998?

  • Catriona 12 March, 12:27 am

    Ewan, companies should establish you are who you say you are before they can discuss personal details, although from my experience this is more when you phone them rather than when they phone you. I wouldn’t have said it was a breach of DPA as it hasn’t been passed on or unlawfully processed. Go to the ICO’s website for more clarification.

  • Dion Hughes 23 March, 9:12 pm

    My partner was contacted by a debt collection agency, they asked for Mrs Hughes she answered that she was Mrs Hughes, (although were not married, and she has a different surname – she does this sometimes). It transpires that the debt is in the previous occupants name, from about 5-6 years ago, the debt collection agency still has their details linked to my house. Suffice to say, they refused to believe me and quoted the data protection act by threatening my partner with court action for misleading them saying it was against the law to impersonate someone else!!! What I want to know is, have they acted accordingly and is my partner liable to get prosecuted? p.s. This is not the first time we’ve been harassed by debt collection agencies, therefore I believe all of them are holding out of date information.

  • Catriona 24 March, 10:48 pm

    Dion, No, there is no possibility of your partner being prosecuted. It is the job of the DCA to ensure they are acting on the correct information – clearly they failing in this duty and harassing you like this puts them in breach of the OFT’s guidelines. Please see our section on DCAs for more:

  • Dion Hughes 24 March, 11:56 pm

    Thank you Catriona for your reply. It’s a weight off our minds. I have contacted the Citizens Advise Bureau and they say we might have a case against them for harassment. I have a meeting with them soon. The Debt Collection Agency even phoned me again today!!! I told them I was in contact with the CAB and couldn’t continue any dialogue with them. Ha! They put the phone down very quicky!!!

    Again thank you very much. All the best Dion.

  • Catriona 26 March, 11:43 am

    Dion, well done. As I say it is the DCA’s responsibility to get their facts right. You can also file a complaint against them with the OFT.

  • naomi 1 April, 3:22 pm

    hi there i need help, monday just gone i had a friend staying at my house i had to go to work for a 12 hour shift. while my friend had been staying at my prperty, a bailif knocked on my front door and asked my friend if i was in. of cousre i was not as i was at work. the bailif handed my friend a notice uncoverd and unenvolped to my friend and sttarted talking to my friend about my buissness. i feel really embrassed and humilliated. i really did not want my friend to find out my personal buissness. when i returned home i was horrified want my friend had told me. please can you help me what can i do about this????

  • laila 26 September, 9:56 pm

    Hi there,
    A real estate lettings company passed my contract between my tenants and me to the Managing Agentsof the building in which I own a flat. The real estate lettings company did not seek my written approval and nor did they receive a written court or government request to pass on this information. At the time that they passed the contract to the Managing Agents I was in a dispute with them and teh fact that they had this contract weakened my position. What action can I take againt teh real estate lettings company?

  • Benjamin 10 October, 10:42 pm


    I have just switched to British Gas for utilities and they have sent me two e-mails stating that they have set my direct debit up and to check the details are correct. I checked and the details are correct… My bank account number and sort code, both correct…
    Where did they get this information from because i certainly didn’t give it to them? I haven’t had a single phone conversation with them and i have never entered into any correspondence with them. The only way they could have gotten these details is if my previous energy supplier (Sainsburys EDF) had passed them on.

    Surely this is a violation of data protection and if so, what can i do about it?

    Mnay thanks

  • Mark 28 October, 5:46 pm

    My trade union provided my new address to my former employer without my consent or knowledge. For various reasons I cant go into here, this caused both my wife and myself great stress and caused us to have to change address at a later date.

    I am aware that my union breached the DPA by divulging my personal and confidential details without my permission to my former employer but what action can I take against my union for doing this. I did not suffer any financial damage other than the cost of moving address. However, the distress it caused was huge.

    If I report the incident to the ICO they will likely just tell my union not to do it again. So, where is the deterent to my union to not repeat their actions?


  • Ewan Sheriff 26 November, 10:40 am

    Taking a security interest in an entity that owns real estate- does mezzanine financing fall under the california real estate law requiring a licensed broker?

  • Melanie C 15 February, 7:47 pm


    I think I have a serious breach of DPA. MBNA have processed 17 late payment flags on my account and my account is showing in arrears with Experian, when they take my money without fail every month via DD!!!

    I found this out yesterday when I was refused credit on a 0% card (this is the only reason they refused!). Also during this time I’ve bought a new car and my two credit card %age rates have been hiked, possibly to higher levels than the norm due to this being on my credit file.

    I should be due compensation but what can I claim on, especially as some of it cannot be quantified.


  • Sara 17 February, 4:44 pm

    The holiday firm that I have booked my summer holiday with has retained my credit card details, they have taken payments from the card (all be it for the holiday) but I had not intended on using the credit card to pay for the holiday, we were only paying the deposit with it.

    Are they allowed to hold on to all of the details – including the 3 digit security number?

  • Shane Hull 25 February, 11:49 pm

    I use to be with a hosting company untill they stopped my services without warning i have contacted tradding standards over this matter and now i feel they have broken the Data Protection Act by sending my personal details i had installed on there system which is my account on there hosting company sending my telelphone number and old home address on chatrooms. Is there anyway i can get them into a crimnal law?

  • Angus 30 March, 7:10 pm

    I owed Untility Warehouse £57.00 which was billed after I moved out of a house 2 years ago. 1st Credit Ltd recently wrote to me and said the debt had been passed onto them.

    I am in the process of negotiating a final payment via their supposedly secure email service. There have been a few communications between me and them, and I was today awaiting their latest response to my offer.

    However, today when I opened my email and saw an email from them I expected to read their reply, but the email contained the details of another person which had obviously been sent to me in error.

    The details I am now in possesion of include, name, physical address, date of birth, email address and their long history of emails from the customer and 1st credit ltd. This includes the amount they owe and the personal circumstances of the customer.

    Surely this must be a breach in data protection, and if so what action could and should be taken against 1st Credit ltd? I have emailed this person and let them know of the breach, but am wondering what action can be taken either by myself or the injured party?

  • Jason 14 April, 11:26 pm

    Hi All,

    Don’t know if anyone can help but my partner registered with a credit agency to check her credit report. We found that a debt collection company was constantly doing a credit check against her name on a weekly basis for a while. Unfortunately 5 days later these debt collection companies have now sent letter to our home address which she register to gain access to her credit report.

    Can the credit agency pass on her details or is that a breach of the DATA protection act?



  • Brian Prins 10 July, 8:53 am

    I’m typically to running a blog and that i actually appreciate your content. This article has truly peaks my interest. Im likely to bookmark your web site and hold checking for new information.

  • Sandy 15 November, 1:02 pm


    I received a letter this week which informed me of my ‘accidental inclusion of personal details’.

    I would have attached my details such as contact, CV etc whilst applying for their graduate scheme.

    The company discovered their graduate scheme website allowed visitors to access personal information from applications August 2011 – October 2011. They state they ‘know’ the information was viewed by a number of visitors including a Google “spider” which led the the information being cached by Google until they made a request for it to be removed mid October 2011.

    The information included my address, national insurance number, address details and many other applicant details.

    I am honestly quite disguisted that someone could view such sensitive data so easily and would like to know what my rights are and whether I could claim any compensation.

    It has been reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office and to the Financial Services Authority (again stated in the letter).

    They have provided a Credit Reference Service and Helpline which provides access to identity theft protection and monitoring service for 12 months, called ProtectMyID; a credit monitoring and identity fraud protection service from Experian,

    I have been informed I have until 1st December 2011 to log into this or be excluded.

    Any help/ information would be most helpful.

  • carla 1 December, 11:04 am

    Hi , i am having a dispute with orange mobile company who iu have a contract with, after moving recently orange have my full new address to a ex partner of mine which has caused alot of distress and upset and also putting myself and my young son in danger, that have gave me an apology and offered £106. of my phone bill, i refused saying i want the contract to end as they has breached it and also i want compensation to move again to a safe home unknown, can you tell me my rights please thank you.

  • Phil Gallagher 30 December, 8:43 pm

    Hi I recently had dealings with a letting agency who I gave permission
    to contact various people order to establish if I was a suitable tenant.
    Without my knowledge the agency contacted my employer(one of my references) and asked them personal information about my self.
    My employer asked if they had my permission and they stated that I
    had signed a disclaimer giving them permission to contact my referees.
    I contacted the agency and they told me the same thing.
    Are they breaching the data protection act by asking for information
    unrelated to referencing? thanks.

  • Cj 31 December, 10:28 am

    I recently received a phone call from a foreign call centre who claimed be my bank and confirmed my don name and my postcode as being correct, they then informed me the 30 pounds of transactions a month which all goes to them for account charges and home contents was overdrawn 3 months prior and I owe the hundreds in charges.

    I later discovered the address on my account was NOT updated by my local branch even though I went there to signup for contents insurance at my new address, the chap on the phone had thinly confirmed my identity with an address postcode that was not on file

    As the bank has screwed up my address change and in my opinion breached data protection by confirming my identity with an incorrect address, should they drop the charges? I mean if I had known I was overdrawn I could have done something about it at the time instead I was called 3months later owing over 300 pounds in charges for under 30 pounds of being overdrawn and had no prior notice (as was all sent to wrong address)

  • Pvd 10 March, 9:19 pm

    I was refused credit by V12 retail finance. I have a very good credit rating with Experian (900+ rating). V12 have to date refused to provide me with any reason for declining my application. In addition they are refusing to provide me with their lending policy as referred to in their terms and conditions.

    Who are they regulated by?
    What are the next steps I should take as I feel that I have been unfairly treated and was only declined due to having too good a credit rating.

    Any advice appreciated.

  • pauline 23 March, 9:39 am

    To whom may it maybe able to help,
    I having a living nightmare,
    I purchased two vouchers on
    so I delayed in contacting the spa due to unforeseen circumstances, my health and a serious road taffic accident,head on collision.
    when able, I looked up the spa’s website to book appointment,i chose my date and time using their online service,it appeared there was no contact telephone number to call the spa to book an appointment, I stated in my appointment it was a groupon voucher!!!.
    The spa then contacted myself on my mobile as this is the means of contact i provided!! and in which i was told they can honner my voucher, but not fullfill what was purchased, i was offered a neck and shoulder massage and a pedicure.
    My Groupon purchase was of course a luxury to be able to afford a “1hour full body massage and pedicure” £29.00p which is brillaint value.

    So i agreed to have a shoulder and neck and message and pedicure.
    I have used the service and payment of voucher acepted.
    i have now recieved an invoice/bill for £69:99.
    I am being contacted at my place of work,which is not a contact number i provided.also a letter has been sent to my place of work. This is a scarey situation,that a retailer/company without any permission to use my details,my personal data. and feel the data protection can protect me??!!

    please can you advise me on what i can do to protect myself from being blackmailed or in my opinon harrassment,i may need to just go to the police.!!

  • Dean 23 April, 3:22 pm

    I been with orange for a couple of years now never really had a problem till one day my phone got cut of, i was bit shocked why so i rang them up, the lady on the phone said 15mins earlier i had rang up and asked for my contract to be cancelled, i said i never did no such thing and if i had why would i be ringing up wanting to know why its be cancelled.

    Its only when i spoke to my brother that he rang up to get his contract cancelled as orange kept adding more to his bill each month though he wasnt using the phone.

    So what orange did was cancell my ACCOUNT when my brother rang to cancel his which bare in mind when you ring orange they ask for information about you plus a password to access your account, well my brother doesnt know my details so how did they manage to access my information and cancell it not once but twice

    i feel they have breached my Data Protection Act as i give them my details and expect them to be in safe hands.

    if you want a decent phone company orange is not the way forward!!”

  • Andrew 26 May, 1:17 pm

    A housemate of mine recently called a water company and set up an account with them in my name without my permission. Is this against the data protection act? If so, what action can be taken against my housemate and the water company concerned?

  • aimee 22 June, 7:16 pm

    my medical notes have been accessed by a midwife in an essex hospital she has handed details over to her brother (my daughters dad) so he can send threatening texts to me i did not even have my baby at the hospital she works in, there are also safeguard notes in my maternity notes too, i have informed the hospital but not sure how they are going to deal with it, i feel my privacy has been invaded.

  • Brian 28 June, 1:07 pm

    I recently complained to the ICO about being cold called.
    A few weeks later I received another cold call from a ‘market research’ company, who were carrying out a survey for the ICO.
    Worth being aware that the ICO themselves will happily pass on any personal details you provide when you make a complaint to whoever they want.
    What chance have we got?

  • Paul 29 June, 10:48 am

    Sainsbury’s energy is British Gas now, it used to be EDF that were the company providing gas and electric under Sainsbury’s name. BG took it over this year.

  • joanna 17 July, 1:46 am

    i had a baliff turn up at my door while i was out the other day he posted a piece of paper through the door for my daughter this letter was not in an envelope for all to see so i called the number on the paper to say i had not seen her in a while not only did he discuss her personal debt with me i was also threatened that i was liable for her debt has he breached the data protection act as my daughter is 20

  • scott 31 July, 7:57 pm

    I recently had a phone call from a company , asking to speak to a person that doesnt live at my address. I told them that, that person moved out a month ago. They were asking for a new address for him. I said i would not tell it to them , but if they sent a letter to my address i would worward it to him.

    At this point they said that they already had posted a letter to my address on a specific date. Are they breaching data protection by disclosing the date in which the letter for my friend was posted to my address?

    i know this is petty but i need it cleared up.


  • owen 5 September, 7:37 pm

    I stayed at a hotel the other evening and long story short found out that they keep ALL their customer details, this includes their entire content of bank card details their address, phone numbers etc…
    anyway turns out the receipts backdate from over two years ago and are just left in an insecure box in the reception area and aren’t used so they have no reason to be kept and serve no purpose in being kept, nor did they have my consent over this. surely this goes against the 8 points in the data protection act? anyway i was just wondering if this is worth seeing a solicitor over. any advice or guidance is welcome as this has become a general concern over the safety of my card details.

  • Diane guy 23 October, 12:58 am

    My landlady and I are in dispute over repairs and age has told me today that her solicitor has the whole file from my local council in me. Are they allowed to get this file without my permission?

  • Dity 11 November, 10:53 am

    This is regarding a company attempting to register me with them and carrying out a credit check without my knowledge or authorization.

    A company named Very sent me a letter some days ago thanking me for wanting to register with them but unfortunately I wouldn’t as after running a credit check on me this was not approved. Accept that I never even new such company exists, let alone apply to register with them.
    I wrote to them and sent them a scanned copy of their letter. This is their reply, which to me sounds like word play:
    “As you have received a letter from us mentioning a recent account application, but have no knowledge of applying for one of our accounts, it is possible that someone has been using your details to set up an account for themselves in your name. When an account is applied for, we use the information provided through our website or over the phone to carry out a credit check, and that is why you have received a letter from us.”

    The fact that they have sent my details to other credit agencies will have a negative effect on my future applications.

    Aren’t they responsible for using someone’s data improperly and without their consent? How does this protect me? Shouldn’t they undo what they have done with the credit agency?

    I really need advice on this. This could happen to anyone.

  • thomas howlett 9 December, 1:43 am

    I have a question about an interview that i have recently been to and the hr woman that interviewed me is telling my friends that work there info about my interview is this allowed and why i wasn’t successful with getting the job….(witch made them make fun of me because what she had said wasn’t true and i feel i wasn’t given a propper chance due to knowing to many people at the work place)

  • Rj 10 April, 9:52 pm

    I booked a holiday with Thomas cook, The sales representative took my partners telephone number from our booking and sent text messages without his concent to take his personal details. Is this classed as DPA. who do I complaint to and what should I do next? The company have just sent me an apology for my inconvenience


  • Maryam 16 April, 10:23 pm

    I have received a letter from my insurance company that by a mistake they pass all my personal details to another client (my full name, bank details, house address and contact number, work address …).
    After receiving this letter I am really stressed out that if some one taking advantage using my details.
    I dont know any thing about the rules in this country, can you please guide me ehat I can do about this? Can I make a claim?

  • sally jenkins 10 May, 4:55 pm

    hi every one can anybody help me im going bonkers here? i took mbna to credit clear services who have written off a £5.000 owing on my card as they say it is unenforceable , however i have written to expeirian and asked for this to be removed from my file , but they say they cant do unless mbna agree to this , i got a letter from mbna saying that even thou its unenforceable at present if they do find my credit agreement they can come after me any time in the next 6 years , this has affected me getting credit from any other place does anyone know what i can do? many thanks to you all

  • Maria 4 October, 6:17 pm

    My brother lives in a residential home but recently needed to spend time in hospital. When I collected his dirty clothes to launder them I found that some of the clothes had other people’s names in them and I can only imagine they are also residents of the home, does this breach Data Protection that I have their names?

  • Darren Marshall 22 November, 7:58 pm

    Hi I’ve bought a new car and sale person keeps ringing me hen she not at work to tell me the process of the sale is this right she taken my number out of the office an called me on her personal mobile ?

  • Dan 23 November, 12:14 am


    I purchased goods from a company called AVA LEISURE (motor parts) on 21/11/13.

    The total was £103.95 which I paid on my debit card over the phone.
    To my horror I have just noticed they have also taken a payment out directly after that for £126.83.

    This is not even the same amount and seems to be plain old theft to me?
    My bank have told me to contact them and sort it out, which I will do fist thing in the morning, but what I would like to know is Firstly, Are they allowed to keep my details after a transaction has been made over the phone?
    And Secondly, Who can I report them to so checks can be made that they aren’t doing this kind of thing on a regular basis to other customers?

    Many thanks,

  • marty 5 December, 8:46 pm

    I believe my brokers partner has gotten my personal account numbers and sent them to the state department of revunue out of spite from previous arguments, so they could levy my back taxes.
    I dont think this imformation was solicited from the state.
    The partner in question does not have a securities lic.and is not a partner in the brokerage just the insurance company (a seperate business) from the brokerage.
    This has cost me possibly thousands of dollars of profit from the forced sales of stocks. What can i do to press charges and get both of these guys state licenses.and be able to sue for my losses due to breached private imformation Iowa

  • Al 14 May, 6:11 pm

    Vodafone sold and old discontinued debt against me to a debt collection company, do. They have to right to also provide personal details data protection

  • Victoria Smith 5 July, 4:17 am

    I need help from domic littlewood or someone that is willing to take concils on as my life is a misery how can a ordinary person manage buy buildings do excessive reconstructions to homes then sell them as flats , invade individual private family life article 8 of privacy a person that can take on councils and run rings around them and council ignore that quantities of family life privacy protecting family from over development the list goes on and on something is wrong with council not even visiting gardens and graunting houses to be built in them and ignoring original plans how can a semi detached house for five years old of the sudden turn into an existing three-story house somethings not right councils please investigate councils and never ever follow anything threw because they they are worried about the pocket please help

  • jim currie 8 July, 12:02 pm

    I sent confidential information about myself and wife to NRAM for a mortage . I was told to send by fax as they cannot accept emails because of security. I have asked on a few ocassions if the information has been received but they do not give a reply. I sent it to one department who said that they dont see the faxes and it goes to another admin team. I feel that being unable to confirm the recepit and that the person requesting saying they would not receive it anyway that my data lands on a amchine in NRAm to be veiwed by anyone passing. Is tjis a Breach ?

  • Deborah Thompson 10 July, 1:59 pm

    hotel googled my mobile number, when I was staying there and found I was working as an escort , would this be in breach of my rights, as they say that they were acting out of interest and proctecting other guests!

  • Helen turner 25 July, 4:59 pm

    Can the police disclose personal information to my employers which is not relevant to my job.does this breach my data protection

  • matthew 7 August, 7:44 pm

    The phone company orange was giving my bank details from a friend instead of them asking me for it. Are they allowed to do that?

  • Simon 29 August, 3:52 pm

    A letting agent recently passed on my Name, address, bank sort code and account number to another client in writing.

    What is the severity of their actions and is there a time limit for them to retain my bank details?



  • Joanna 7 September, 10:15 am

    Hi , I am in process of buying car from very know dealer in uk. They told me to pay £500,00 deposit over the phone to reserve the car. The sales executive tool me that she is very busy and if I wish to reserve the car the person on the reception – name given -will be able to take card payment when I callback . When I did call back different person was on the reception and she said she can take the payment and after the sales executive will let me if transaction did go through. After about 1 hour the funds been still on my account any I called back to ask if is any problem with this transaction . Then I been told that that person took the card details and will pass over to the Sales executive and she will process the transaction later on. About 4 hours later I had message to call the dealer. Sales executive told me that transaction did not go through and asked me for the card details again in the case that the one which she have are wrong. I did give her details again and she said that she have the same details and now transaction did go through.I think that big data protection breach , because I don’t know where my detail were and who to who passed them over .

  • Rachael 10 September, 8:08 am

    I was recently signed off euro for 1 month by my doctor. My employer sent out numerous letters to try to contact myself however debt the letters to an ex partners address which the gained From a third party. I had never given permission to use this address nor was I even living here…. I would really like some further advise on this matter!

  • Rhonda 11 September, 3:30 pm

    I’m looking to stay in a log cabin for a few nights. In my confirmation details, I have a form asking me to fill in all my credit card details, and hand it over on my arrival. This information will be kept for a period of 7 days after I’ve checked out, so should I damage the cabin, they can bill me!
    My question is, is this legal? As I’m not happy to do this, but instead I would feel much happier to ask them to check the log cabin half an hour before my check out time & sign something to verify that all is present and correct. This way I don’t have to hand over my card details & have them laying around in some office for over a week (where anyone could access them, nor could I be falsely billed for damages to the cabin that could be incurred AFTER my departure) and they have written confirmation that the log cabin was intact on my departure.

    So my question is, is my request reasonable and can I demand this please?


  • Sjk 9 October, 2:42 pm

    I have recived a letter with private and confidential on only the envelope was sealed which means the public can look at my private letter who can I complain to about this upsetting situation I’m in ???

  • Tony Rogers 16 October, 4:35 pm

    Mail was sent to someone of the same name as me but a different address regarding a debt that I owe to a company. My Namesake now has sensitive information about me and money that I owe. He lives on the same street but clearly this company has sent this letter on the off chance and I am not happy that my neighbour now knows about my debt. Is this a breach of DPA and can I use it as leverage to not pay the company?