The Dogs Edinburgh Heralded in Good Food Guide

The Good Food Guide 2010 Editors’ Choice Award winners were announced on Tuesday with winners including Edinburgh bistro, The Dogs, as well as a Norfolk seafood restaurant.

The Awards do not necessarily go to those restaurants which are considered Five Star, or are the most popular with the crowds.

Editor of The Good Food Guide, Elizabeth Carter, said that the award is a way to recognise the restaurants that try their hardest to achieve perfection in their field, whether they attain that status or not.

Winners for the 2010 guide were selected from across the United Kingdom and are applauded for their efforts throughout 2009.

Honors were awarded in the following categories: Best Chef, Up-and-coming Chef, Best New Entry, Pub Newcomer of the Year, Best Pub Chef, Best Fish Restaurant, Best Value for Money, Best Set Menu, Best Use of Local Produce and Wine List of the Year.

Best Chef was awarded to Stephen Harris of the The Sportsman in Whitstable for his interesting, inventive flavours and cooking style, while up-and-coming chef was awarded to Ryan Simpson of The Goose in Oxfordshire who has been heralded by readers of the Good Food Guide as a consistently excellent chef. Last but not least, Best Pub Chef went to Guy Manning at the Red Lion of Wiltshire for colossal cooking talent.

Best Use of Local Produce was awarded to The Nut Tree Inn in Oxfordshire while Best Set Menu went to Michael Caines at ABode of Manchester. Best New Entry went to Da Piero of Merseyside and their Sicilian chef, Piero Di Bella. The Hardwood Arms of Fullham, London, took how the award for Pub Newcomer of the Year.

Best Fish Restaurant and Wine List of the Year went toThe Cafe at Brovey Lair in Norfolk for their incredible pan-Asian seafood cooking, and to Fraiche of Merseyside for their never ending wine list that covers almost every region of the world.

The Best Value for Money was awarded to The Dogs, in Edinburgh which the Guide heralded for its ultra low prices and bustling lifestyle feel.

Carter said all of the winners created an exceptional dining experience and had their own special features. They are all to be applauded….

Get your copy of the guide here.

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  • Mike Pemberton 27 September, 5:12 pm

    Delighted as I am for the publicity and kind comments on your blog I really feel the food shot at the top of the piece is an unfortunate choice. Quite apart from it depicting some indeterminate concoction that looks like “school dinners” it has no relevance to the subject matter. Why could you not source an image from one of the award winners? Or perhaps you did!! We have been contributing to the Eastern Daily Press for 7 years and so have access to numerous professional shots some of which are on our website at

  • Tony 3 October, 10:40 am

    Fair point Mike, would be happy to use one of your pictures with an appropriate credit. You can send it to