They are taking forever to do the work!

The second assumption is that the work will be carried out within reasonable time. This assumption is only valid if timeframe has not been agreed as part of the contract. Once reasonable time has elapsed you would not be entitled to terminate the contract, but you would be able to give reasonable notice, providing a deadline at some point in the future and thereby making time ‘of the essence’. If the supplier then fails to meet that deadline, you would be entitled to terminate the contract. If the timeframe was expressly agreed by both parties, then obviously the ‘reasonable time’ assumption need not apply, because you have already made time of the essence and can automatically move to terminate the contract if the deadline is broken. In any case you would always be advised to specify a date for performance and make clear in the contract that ‘time is of the essence’.

What about contracts for services?

How can I resolve the situation?

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  • madeline wagstaffe 14 June, 10:16 pm

    I had a builder started work at my house 28th of may on the day he arrived he took the roof off my kitchen and he asked me for 9.000 pounds. I asked him to cover the he said he could not do any more work until i paid him the money, we had a lot of rain and all my kitchen was flooded out, so i paid him 4,500 pounds and he came and covered my roof. He then said he could not do any more work until i paid him the rest of the money.I asked about the money i had already give and he got quite nasty and said he was doing me a favor because he could have asked for all the money when he had taken the roof off. he is giving me two to get the money all he will do any work.

  • Arti 1 August, 3:47 pm

    Hi I placed an order with a window company on 4th June to be told my patio door would be installed in 4 weeks. It is now the 1st of August with no sign of them. Every time I call it goes to voicemail. I have sent an email stating I want to cancel my order & for them to refund my deposit.
    What are my rights?

  • Phyllis metcalfe 15 October, 5:53 am

    We have been having a kitchen from Wren kitchens fitted since May, there is so many things wrong with the fitting it’s unbelievable , it was decided two weeks ago it had to come out and be refitted ,they should be doing this on Thurs and Fri of this week ,now yet again we have someone coming out to see what has to be done,bearing in mind the manager of installations has been out and checked this .This person will be the fifth one to see what needs doing, we just keep being fobbed off my son in law is now dealing with it as we have been so upset we are both in our seventies and this is really causing us so much stress ,we both have problems with our health and really could do with out this,I am seriously going to see if we can get our deposit back ,get the kitchen removed and sent back 5months there having a laugh ,please don’t go to Wren kitchens anyone.

  • Mrs Lynda Shickell 6 January, 2:25 pm

    I have recently had a new kitchen installed (replacements doors and new granite worktops). The work was meant to have taken two days to complete.
    I was left over the christmas period with no handles on doors, as the handles they began to install were not the ones I had chosen. The list is endless of the uncompleted jobs that needed to be done. However, with Christmas two days away I decided to wait until the holidays were over to recommence with the work.
    On the 5th January I was hoping that workmen would have arrived to put the job right. The original saleman/planner arrived to deal with our complaints, which were many.He confirmed that they would be put right.
    Today the 6th January a workman turned up alone, he went to the wrong address and is carrying on the work.
    Much of the work is carried out by different people who is unsure what the other person has done.
    Can you please advise me how to go about getting some compensation for the total disruption of my home due to poor communication, bad planning and incomplete work.
    I have had this work installed by a reputable company and have made two instalement payments and now owe £2400.
    I would appreciate your comments on this matter please.
    Lynda Shickell

  • john morgan 15 January, 3:51 pm

    I have had a kitchen fitted in my new home which started on the 18th November, they still have not finished and the more they do the worst the job looks I feel I wont a fitter to come look at job and right down all the problems with it ,am I in my rights to do this before final payment

  • Scottsgirl 2 February, 4:55 am

    My builder was supposed to be finished on the 15 dec then 15 th Jan I have had to pay £ 500 more on temporary acc
    And he still hasn’t finished after I have moved in

  • anita 11 March, 9:30 pm

    Wren kitchens have delivered wrong kitchen units. Wrong oven and hob and a ceramic sink with a crack. We were told replacement would be with us one week later. Then told they haven’t began making them yet. Our kitchen has been gutted for the new kitchen to be fitted. We have been without cooking or sink for two weeks so far and Wrens basically just don’t care. We emailed their customer services with our complaint and promised response in 24hours. It us a week since and no response. We speak to their store manager who tells us he will call back. He doesn’t. Never ever use Wrens. We still don’t know how to resolve this and keep paying workman to do jobs twice.

  • sandra wragg 31 May, 7:34 pm

    i had a design service for a toilet and sink.The bath room is very small.The toilet has arrived and is too big for the room. .Only a small person can squeeze between door and toilet.I have rang the store to send them back because the toilet is far to long towards the door into the bathroom.What are my rights please