Visa Debit Chargeback – The Facts

The majority of us are now aware of the benefits of using our credit cards in terms of the protection it offers us in the event the supplier is unable to offer the goods and services we have paid for.

But did you know that you can also claim the money back if you have paid on your Visa Debit card? And unlike your credit card, which imposes a minimum spend of £100, you can claim back any amount of money.

The process is called Visa Debit Chargeback, and, as the name suggests, is a procedure in which the banks will ‘charge back’ the value of the original transaction directly from the supplier’s bank, and pass this amount on to you.

All banks who issue Visa cards have only recently agreed to process chargeback requests, and there is still widespread confusion over what it is and how it works. Therefore if you meet a dead end in your discussions with bank staff, persist. The facility is there for you to take advantage of.

Invoking the chargeback procedure

If you suspect your card has been used fraudulently, if the goods and services you bought with your card are faulty or if they do not materialise, then you should contact the bank who has provided you with your Visa debit card within 120 days, requesting they initiate the chargeback process. It does not mean you will automatically and immediately get your money back. It will initially become a ‘dispute’ in which the claim will be fully investigated by both banks before any money is returned.

Addendum: This Visa Chargeback Scheme also applies to Visa Credit Cards

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  • a wooding 10 November, 8:52 pm

    I bought goods from an ebay seller who asked me to pay cash into a Barclays account. The goods never arrived and the seller now says he is going bust. I paid the money on my visa debit card in a bank branch. I have an invoice and receipt from the seller under a business name, but the account I paid the money into was in a personal name. Do I have any rights under the chargeback scheme. The bank are saying it was a cash transaction and therefore not covered.

    • n brltta 17 December, 4:33 pm

      hi there, really sorry to hear about your experience. Exactly the same thing has recently happened to me!
      what did you do about it?
      many thanks

    • quaseem misbah 6 October, 8:50 pm

      The exact same thing happened to me as well, a guy on ebay asked me to transfer money into his barclays bank account and also sent me an invoice. did u get your money back ? may i know as what could i do to get it back ??

    • Heather 12 July, 8:16 pm

      Yes, you do. Go to the Financial Ombudsman. Number is online.

  • Catriona 12 November, 11:39 pm

    A Wooding, I’m afraid you have been scammed. Always safest to use Paypal. I’m afraid you cannot initiate Visa debit chargeback if you haven’t paid on your Visa debit card.

  • a dayson 18 November, 7:52 pm

    i bought air tickets from xl ,com using my visa debit card,as youknow they went bump,iinitiated chargeback with abey,so far i have only been messed about and am no closer to even getting things rolling,they have had all details and disclaimers,where do i go from here?

  • Catriona 19 November, 10:23 pm

    A Dayson, Don’t be put off, many people have similar complaints to yours, which often comes down to the fact that bank staff are not sure how to proceed with the claim. It can also take some time. Request that your case be escalated to someone who can deal with this more efficiently.

  • Sutty 23 November, 8:45 pm

    I paid with my visa debit card for my holiday in Feb with and 10 days before we were due to leave (July 5th) they went bust. I immediately went too the my bank and they said “sorry you should’ve paid it with your credit card in this case there is nothing we can do”. A month later I found out about the chargeback scheme and went back too my bank and they said “we’ve never heard of it”. A couple of weeks later (Sept 15th) XL went bust and chargeback scheme was in the news. I went back too the bank and kicked up a fuss and they said they would process my claim. After hearing nothing A phoned the call centre on Friday (21st Nov) and they couldn’t find my claim! She then contacted the card experts that deal with this scheme and guess what?because 120 days have lapsed they can’t process my claim!

    • HMB 18 March, 3:44 pm

      So could I just walk into my bank and ask for a chargeback?

    • steve hagan 12 July, 11:16 pm

      Seek legal advice. If you have evidence of your claim with the bank of the date of engagement pre the 120 days

  • Catriona 26 November, 3:55 pm

    Sutty, I’m not 100% sure about this, but if you can prove you first requested this to take place within the 120 days, then you should be OK. Do you have any correspondence which will prove this? Alternatively, you can request copies of any phone conversations you had with the bank, although this can usually take a couple of weeks.

  • Allan 17 December, 4:04 pm

    I bought 3 no’s kitchen appliances with an on-line appliance store (RTD (UK) Ltd, formerly Biasco Ltd). They failed to deliver so i cancelled giving written notice. 6 weeks later and i am still to receive a refund. I paid using my visa debit card, have informed my bank but worried that they’ll say you should have used your credit card and the money has gone. What are the chances of ever seeing the £1,400 reaching my account?

  • naomi donner 22 December, 9:17 pm

    I purchased two pairs of boots from the barratts website in november, i have returned them using the royal mail and to be signed for by barratts. Barratts have denied that they have received them and the post office have obtained a signiture on delivery. I paid for them with a halifax visa debit card, am i able to use the charge back scheme?

    • amerie 3 January, 1:36 pm

      yes you are ring your bank and request them to raise a dispute under credit/debit card transaction

  • Catriona 22 December, 11:05 pm

    Allan, the company should have refunded you within 30 days. However you have the right to invoke Visa Debit chargeback in the event of failure to perform the contract. There are many stories of bank staff trying to get out of their obligations under the chargeback scheme. Therefore persevere and if necessary request the matter be escalated. remember your deadline for making claims.

  • Catriona 23 December, 12:41 am

    Naomi, I doubt it. The chargeback procedure is to protect you against non-performance of contract for items paid for by Visa Debit. This issue relates to an item which wasn’t received. I would take this up with the post office – they must have a detailed record of who signed for it, when and where.

  • Martin 10 January, 6:03 pm

    Hi, May not be relevant to anyone’s problems, just posting my experience on my chargebacks.
    first was on ebay bought 2 PSP’s which never turned up. I did a non-delivery with Paypal but only covered for £125, so did a chargeback and got a full refund of £300. 2 months later Paypal refunded £125 also.

    The second time, I bought an oven on the internet but they said they don’t have any in stock and told I would get a refund within 28 days. When this didn’t happen I did a chargeback and 3 days later I had my £500 back.

    the third time, I bought a second hand pool table on ebay and paid via Paypal. Item said it will come with new balls. When I got it home after picking it up (they left it in a garage for me, so was dark) there wasn’t any new balls just old ones. When they didn’t reply to my emails I contacted my bank requesting £20 for new balls, and received it 2 days later.

    So there are many types of uses for chargeback, if this helps anyone then great.

    I did all my chargebacks online so easy to do takes 2 minutes.

    • steve 23 March, 5:52 pm

      how do you do a charge back online? im with barclays, and brought a radio controlled 2stroke truck, off ebay which isnt what the seller made out to be. tryed geting some money back off paypal but they closed the despute as they couldnt decide what to do. so im stuck with a other priced truck which cost £500

      cheers steve

      • jeannie 11 October, 10:54 pm

        go into ” which” consumer magazine and download a template letter, for bank chargeback. don’t know if you need to be a member, but you could join for 3 months for an introduction fee of £1

  • Charmaine 13 January, 3:23 pm

    Hi, My husband paid our MFI desposit on his Visa Debit card. The information on the MFI website says that if you paid via Credit card or VISA debit card to initiate a refund via your bank. I assume they are referring to the VISA chargeback service.

    When we first approached the bank they said MFI should not be suggesting you have the same fallback with VISA debit cards as you do with credit cards, and it appears to be taking sometime for us to get any money back. The bank is saying it is out of their hands and we have to be patient, but MFI is saying it is the banks responsibility to follow it up.

    Is there a time frame during which a VISA chargeback normally occurs? I note in one response above it only took 3 days. Should I check with the bank to see whether it is actually a VISA chargeback process they have initiated, or whether they are pusuing some other means of getting our money back?

  • Mark 13 January, 11:42 pm

    I ordered a camera from in October 2007 and they debited my Visa debit card straight away despite not having the camera in stock. As it was a discontinued model and no more stock was available I requested a refund (several times) but none was ever made. I then went into my bank and asked for a chargeback. They said this was not possible on a visa card. Having only just seen this article it appears that they gave me the incorrect information, but as 120 days has now long passed (I did made the request to my bank within 120 days though) there is nothing I can do about this money which has effectively been stolen from me. It appears from searching online that visa debit chargeback has been available for several years*, so the bank it partly to blame for giving me incorrect information. *BBC 2005 article:

  • Nelson 22 January, 4:01 pm

    I am interested in that you state that goods and services which are faulty are covered by this process. My bank is doing its best to not honour the charge back for exactly this reason!I purchased a service which had numerous things that did not work with it.The merchant refused to provide an alternative or a refund. I was hoping that my bank would refund me through the charge back.

  • J Nelson 11 February, 2:29 pm

    Hi, we ordered kitchen appliances from RTD / Biasco in Nov 08& paid the full amount by VISA debit card. After hounding them for weeks got delivery of part of our order on 9/12/08. We were told that the remainder of our order would not be available until the New Year & to contact them when they resumed normal business after 5/01/2009. They had gone into administration. The administrator helpfully told us about VISA chargeback. We submitted our form to Nationwide on 9/01/2009 & got a letter back on 28/01/2009 asking us to contact a specific person to discuss. We contacted the relevant person last week ie 2/02/09 & she advised that she needed evidence that the order had not been delivered. I contacted the administrator who is trying to get some evidence. To complicate things any e-mail correspondence we had from BIASCO, which would provide evidence, has been lost because our hard drive had to be wiped because of a virus. We have received a letter today (11/02/2009) stating that “further to her initial latter – since we have not contacted her she will close the case if we fail to make contact by 16/02/2009 – actually letter says 16/02/2008!!) The incompetence of it all. I am now going to fax her & keep a copy for my records. Salient point – keep a paper record of everything sent. Surely if a dispute has been opened it should be up to the VISA dispute staff to seek the evidence from the company. Why do we have to do their work for them? Any further helpful hints would be gratefully received.

  • W Brooks 2 March, 12:29 am

    Hi, please can you advise, I ordered £120 of baby nursery equipment from on line with my Visa Electron card – they took the money straight away (naturally) and said delivery 2-4 weeks. i followed up 3 weeks later and was emailed back and told to allow 5 weeks. Nothing turned up, their ‘aftersales’ is only contactable via email apparently and they wont respond to any more emails and when I call the sales team they say they can only ‘pass a message to aftersales’. Then I became aware of consumer reports that they take your money and then don’t deliver the goods or refund, respond to the first email and then ignore the rest – so looks like I’m not the exception. Can I request a chargeback or take action against them?

    • Tony 2 March, 11:20 am

      Hi Wendy, yes you can speak to your bank and request a visa debit charge back. You may need to persevere as some customer service reps may not have heard of it. Good luck.

  • danny 6 March, 11:10 pm

    Hi, can you please advice. i ordered a payment to my family through western union for 730GBP with my Lloyds TSB visa debit card. Some unknown person, who is not the intended receiver turn up and claimed the money. can i request a chargeback?

    • Catriona 10 March, 12:39 am

      Danny, You can only invoke chargeback where the bank have a realistic prospect of reclaiming the money from the supplier. In this case no goods were involved, so there was no supplier, and the bank are very unlikely to get the money back. This is my understanding anyway, you may want to contact the bank and double check.

  • J Peck 8 March, 3:49 pm

    I had a recent service done costing over £250 was carried out including replacing break fluid ect. A week later on the way to work my breaks failed and I hit a lamp post causing me to have to claim on my insurance. The garrage has just fobbed me off saying nothing was apparent at the service. I dont think they are going to willingly give me my money back. Can I claim a charge back in this instance ?

  • Pauline Ramdhony 9 March, 11:06 am

    I am in the same situation with Two Left Feet. I ordered goods, paid with Paypal, and then was informed the following week that the goods were out of stock. Six months later, I am still waiting for a refund.
    Do I have any chance of my bank doing anything to reclaim it?

  • Catriona 9 March, 3:15 pm

    J Peck, if the service has not been carried out correctly, the garage have broken the law under the Supply of Goods and Services Act; see: http://WHATCONSUMER.CO.UK/supply-of-goods-and-services-act/
    However you will have to have some evidence that this was the case. This will involve getting an independent report carried out. You can then make a small claim via the courts. It is unlikely Visa debit will respond to your claim unless you have already taken steps.

  • Catriona 9 March, 3:24 pm

    Pauline, the MD of Two Left Feet was on Watchdog last week with assurances he would be going through all unfulfilled orders and making sure all refunds were sorted. Therefore make contact again and hopefully they will get to you soon. Apparently you can make use of Visa debit chargeback if you paid via paypal.

  • rognov 20 March, 4:23 pm

    I’d simply like to mention that the Visa chargeback scheme also applies to Visa credit cards – not just Visa debit cards. This could be useful if section 75 doesn’t apply because your Visa credit card purchase was for less than £100.

    • Tony 26 March, 10:01 pm

      Hi Rognov,

      I am not sure that this is the case, can you point me in the right direction?


  • Graham O 7 March, 3:11 pm

    I read about Visa Chargeback on martins Money Tips web page I had never heard of it and nobody else I knew had either. I downloaded a letter to my Bank, The Bank of Scotland and today received a full refund under the chargeback scheme in relation to the Globespan collapse, The information was invaluable, everywhere else I looked I was told to “forget it as I had lost my money”.

  • PeteC 10 March, 5:05 pm

    I have a Visa Debit card with Halifax and contacted them to double check that my debit card purchases would be covered under Visa Debit Chargeback.I escalated my query through 3 levels of authority only to have it confirmed that my Halifax debit card would not provide any purchase protection whatsoever. It was suggested that I could obtain payment protection by upgrading my account (presumably for a monthly fee).

  • steve taylor 21 March, 11:48 am

    I used my visa debit card to allow a company to look into my mortgage contract for ppi payments that were not mentioned.The company was shut down by (sra) start of March.I have phoned barclays and also gone to the bank to see if i could claim for chargeback as i had not recieved the service i paid for?Barclays will not and have not contacted me to let me know if i can or not.Every time i phone they refuse to put me through to the department to discuss it and when i go to the bank they tell me i will be contacted in 24hrs but it never happens

    • domenic 22 June, 12:08 am

      steve im in same situation what was the outcome with your bank and charge back any info may help thanks

  • Lounes 30 March, 8:30 pm


    I bought an Ex warehouse stock from Holland using my master card and visa card. this happened last month.
    The seller couldn’t process credit cards and wanted cash, when I told him that i cannot pay cash, he asked if we can do the transaction via his friends shop, so I accepted,

    To this point all went fine, I got my goods delivered to London, but to my surprise a few of them were faulty, and even some stuff is fake.

    This was to start my online business selling on eBay. I have sold few things, but since I had a couple of items returned to me by a customer I stopped selling.

    I still have the transaction receipts and the seller invoice.
    The full amount is 6000 euros, can I do a charge back based on this? or I lost my money because the transaction was through a different merchant.

    I have all proof of correspondence, travel ticket, courier invoice, and pictures of faulty items.

    Please advise.

  • hannah Giles 6 April, 5:19 pm

    Recently sold a vehicle for the sum of 18000 through my business and took a debit card as a apyment. The card processed no problem. Deal was done over the phone. Two days after the sale the buyer had listed the vehicle for sale a LOT cheaper than he had bought it…Im worried that i am about to become a victim of chrgeback scam what do you think???
    Any advice?

  • Joel Singh 8 April, 10:18 am

    I have a Visa Debit Card with Nationwide for years and was recently sent a repalcement upon my request. This did NOT arrive and I suddenly noticed from my statement that it has been fradulently used by someone who got hold of it in Mumbai.

    I am on a work assignment from the UK to Bangalore, India. My Card was sent to my UK address but never arrived and now NAtionwide is refusing to accept any Liability as the card has been misused in India and I am currently in India too, which is a pure coincidence.

    Not sure what to do.

  • Ashley Scott 17 April, 11:51 pm

    Where to start.
    on the 15th of march i ordered a lens from this company ( crazy cameras ) after many many emails and complaints, it still has not been delivered, i know there is many people in the same boat as i am, today 33days after i placed my order i recieved an email saying my order has been cancelled, i should recieve my refund in 5-7 days. i have reason to believe this to be true, they have lied to my on some many occasions, and the web site appears to be down. i’m not sure if i should wait or try to claim it back.

  • steven300 28 April, 4:11 pm

    hi, just ove 2 years ago i enrolled on a home inspectors course with property professionals (formerly HIT) THEY HAVE GONE INTO ADMINISTRATION, and i have not been able to complete my course.Can i use the chargeback facility on my nationwide visa debit card to claim my £8800 fees back

  • Alan 4 May, 11:51 am


    The Visa chargeback scheme’s details seem to be a well kept secret, even Visa’s e-address is not working, does any one know when the 120 day limit starts? I made a payment to a firm in August 2008. This was a business deal, and I would see no benifits till Dec 2009. this did not happen and the firm has been stopped from working by the Ministry of Justice. I tried the small claims court, and also invoked the Visa Chageback with A&L, who claimed not to have heard of it, but now says that its too late, but I let them know as soon as the scam/ fault happened . is the 120 days from original payment or from the time of the problem occuring ? Thanks

  • Alan 4 May, 9:19 pm

    Hi, Steven300

    What a bummer, We live in a crazy country, we can decide to become junkies or obese and claim that means we cant work and will get sorted by the taxpayer, or we can try to better ourselves, and when some arse rips us off, no-one wants to help. The banks will tell you that the 120 days starts from when you made payment , but its more logical if it started from the date you became aware that you were not going to get what you paid for. The problem is that the banks will not allow us , their customers, to see the actual wording , Norwill Visa, so want us to trust them- fat chance. I am still trying and will let you know. never ever trust the British finance industry , imagine they are politicians and will therefore be lying.

  • Dave 10 May, 3:29 pm

    I paid £250 deposit by Visa Debit Card (Lloyds) for a car from a large independent Jaguar specialist. I then found that the car had actually done 11,000 more miles than advertised so cancelled the deal. The garage promised me a refund but have failed to process this despite having assured me that they would. The car has since been re-advertised at the correct mileage so there is no dispute about the fact that the car was originally misadvertised. The garage is still trading and accepting card payments etc. Do I qualify for a “chargeback” ?

    • Liz 16 April, 7:01 am

      What was the outcome? Same thing happened to me

  • D Baker 12 May, 5:09 pm

    Hi there, wonering about the scope of chargeback. I bought a car in August last year, sales pitch was “pay the windscreen price and we give you a full warranty” the warranty was “in house” and not with a third party supplier. In march the gearbox failed, I called the garage immediately and they told me they would arrange a repair and would come back to me, the following day (Saturday) I called again and was asked to wait until Monday, for a full 4 days I heard nothing and my calls went unanswered, so I drove to the garage and found that the company had disapeared. All attempts to get the directors to pay for the repair bill have failed.
    Question is:
    I paid a deposit via Visa Debit and the balance, less trade in, in cash (I have the reciepts) – does the payment of a visa deposit mean I can claim under chargeback for the full amount of the purchase, or the repair cost.

  • Kathy 13 May, 4:51 am

    Hi, I recently purchased a pair of ugg boots for £90 online, when they arrived, it was different to the pictures on the website and they were fake. I emailed the website so many times and no response. I paid with my Halifax visa debit card for the transaction. I was just wondering if anyone has had similar problem and did they manage to get any of their money back?
    Thank you!

  • natasha 28 May, 11:42 am

    i recently brought a brand new dress off ebay which was faulty, the seller would not refund but open a dispute with ebay,it gave me a date in which to send the item back with tracking, i sent the item back to the address in which the invoice stated the sellers address,during the dispute and after posting item she changed her address, and claiming she has not lived at that address for the past 2 months and wants to no where return is,surely if she had changed her address 2 months ago her old address wouldnt be showing up,shes now not telling payapl she has recived item,ived added tracking and have reciept with address on and invoice of matching address,
    i fear i wont be getting a refund through paypal,
    but because i usd my credit card through paypal can i charge back, i think she is using to address to con me?

  • sylvia 8 June, 11:08 pm

    I bought a 13 week buspass from stagecoach whichis valid until 18July but I had nothing but problems with the service them almost injuring my baby and consistently upsetting my older children and refusing service discriminating against us because of the buggy and their age. I had to make many a complaint and only had rubbish replies if any and now had an incident on which the reply was a complete lie an when I wanted to uphold the complaint as it was so bad I was told I was banned from the bus service by some drivers and they now have put all the drivers I complaint about in the last 3-4years on my route and iniciated a fully fledged hate campaign and no one ever seems to be available at headoffice which they at first refused to even give me the address and phone no for and when my partner went in to ask for it they only gave a local no through which to get the headoffice no and have been very misleading on the complaints process to start with. I asked for my money back several times but everyone I spoke to has been very unreasonable and totally ignored this, so I am paying for a service I am not receiving can I do a chargeback as I used my visa debit and the buspass cost £110. which is a lot of money I am missing as I have asthma and can not get my little girl to school without this.

  • Richard 15 June, 5:44 pm

    I was duped by a scam site known as
    They stealthily charge you $150 (around £101) for 300 bids on their auction site, they do this under the guise that you are just registering to us the site.

    There are thousands of threads, youtube video’s, and official complaints about this site and all relate to the same misleading practice that results in them taking your money.

    I contalcted my bank (Alliance & Leicester) within minutes of this transaction and before any funds were showing as being removed from my account, yet they said there was nothing they could do nothing to help me. They could not stop the transaction even though I was informing them that I had been scammed and they could offer no alternatives to help me. I asked them about shuttingmy account or tranfering all my money to my savings account and they just said that the funds would still be taken by the scammers and I would then incur charges for being overdrawn.

    I would like to know if the VISA chargeback facility is an option for me to reclaim the money that have taken from me. There is certainly enough evidence against the scammers not only on the net but also in the form of official investigations into the company and news reports about their shady practices.

    could someone please help me with this situation, I am a single dad with 4 children, the oldes of which is due to attend a prom and I am now unable to pay for her dress etc..

  • Dale 4 July, 1:37 pm


    I bought £3K worth of wood from a company that has since gone into admin. To add to the frustration, they lied to me for 3 months about the status of my wood which was obviously never coming then stopped communicating with me. I contacted my bank (Barclay’s) to get a refund but by time the non-delivery dispute form had arrived I had a letter from real oak floors stating that they had gone into administration. So I sent the administration letter back to Barclay’s with the completed form.
    Now I have a letter from Barclay’s saying that the only course of action they can take is to chase the debtors via their bank and that they cannot gurantee the success of this action. I can however gurantee the degree of success based on the statement I have from the administrators – they won’t have any success because there is no money in the pot.
    I keep phoning Barclay’s and asking them why they don’t just use chargeback to get my money and why they think that getting the money from the debtors through their bank is “the only available course of action”. I’ve been communicating directly with VISA but this seems to have dried up when I ask the salient questions.
    So, is it the case that chargeback works by taking the money from the debtors bank rather from the debtors? How can I make Barclay’s take this action?

    Really hooping for some guidance…

  • Enda 26 July, 12:05 pm

    I have an electrical problem with my 4 years old car, the coil light is coming on and I am losing power. I brought it to the local main dealer for the make 6 weeks ago and they upgraded the computer saying this may fix it (Charging €90, paid at time). However, 3 weeks ago the same thing happened again, I brought it back and this time they kept it for a week and charged me €410 (paid at time). 4 Days ago the coil light came on again but this time the car stopped and would not start. It was 11pm at night and I was 60 miles from home. I got them to tow it in the following morning and they are now asking for over €1,200, to fix it this time. They claim this is a completely new problem and therefore refuse to give me any money off the bill. However it gets worse, they say they will not give me the car back until it is paid in full. These guys are ripping me off and I am not sure if it will be fixed after all this.
    My question is that, if I pay this by visa is there any way I can get this back (partly or in full)?

  • K Sharma 26 July, 2:49 pm

    I booked a holiday on my debit card, this holiday did not happen due to the Ash cloud and the trouble in Thailand, the tour operator has not offered me an alternative and is refusing to refund my money, even though the hotels and the airline said they would not charge the tour operator. I have made contcat with my bank and completed a form, do you think this chargeback service will help me?

  • sean 2 August, 6:07 pm

    hi, ive just noticed that the onlineticketshop has gone bust..i paid £354 for music festival tickets in sept 2009 …the festival is in 3 weeks time this year 2010..i paid with my bank of scotland visa debit card and would like to know if theres anyway i can get my money back..ive tried contacting the onlineticketshop but no reply via emails and no tone when i call phone number…can anyone tell me what to do..ive read about the visa debit chargeback but what do i need to do to get the ball rolling?? thanks

  • Tony 9 August, 8:45 pm

    Hi i bought an item from and its was faulty.
    I sent the item back and got a recipe for the parcel,but it was not rec delivery.
    now there saying the item has not turned up.

    Can i do a charge back with my visa as i got proff i sent the item off,and i think there trying to pull a fast one tbh.

  • Tony 12 August, 12:48 am

    nm they payed up now 😀

  • Dale 12 August, 5:54 pm

    Well, for everyone’s info I got my money back from Barclays. To give you the facts, as far as I know them, the company I bought wood from had gone into admin and certainly had no money to give me. Barclays made me wait 45 days while they investigated, which they claim is VISA’s policy. So I waited expecting to pick up the fight again yesterday but to my astonishment I received a letter saying the £3K is back in my bank. So, what I do know, is that if you buy something with a VISA debit card and the company goes bust and they are in debt to the tune of £250K ie the money is not coming back from the debtors, then you can still get your money back. I put together a case of everything I had found online about VISA debit chargeback and sent it to Barclays which escalated to their Head of Complaints. And I called them 3 time a week for a long time. Whether i would have got the moeny back either way I do not know; all I can say is that that is what I did and now I have my cash back. There is hope!

  • alistair 16 August, 1:17 pm

    i have booked my hotel using my visa debt card with sun4u, i should have used my credit card i know. anyway i have been trying to get information from my bank about reclaming the money. can you help on this? i am now £650 out of pocket, i have called the hotel who say they havent recived any payment.
    the bank is saying i need to wait 30 days from the day i paid for the hotel to use the visa charge back system. how effective is this?
    the information from the bank differs depending on who i talk to.
    any information would be great

  • Chris 17 August, 10:37 am

    I booked accomadation for a holiday in spain on my Visa Debit with Sun4you who went under last week.
    I rung Barclays to query getting my money back and they laughed and said that paying on you debit card was just the same as paying cash.

    How do I go about resolving this ?

  • Kirsty 18 August, 9:12 pm

    I phoned these today after finding my son had used my card yesterday and today to download 5 games to his DSi, he is only 8 and didn’t realise the implications, or that he was about to spend £45. I was told that it was my own fault and that my card shouldn’t have been in his reach and they wouldn’t do anything. Nice. I wonder if it would be my fault if I got mugged for my card, after all I would have had it on me. Not impressed one bit.

  • FARHAN 23 August, 12:33 pm

    I recently ordered sunglasses using my visa debit card transaction went through i got an email saying the sunglasses have to be ordered from italy as they are not famous and i read the reviews on google i have been robbed like so many otheres i need my refund i have young children and family to look after please help me

  • Kerri 25 August, 2:38 pm

    So…I bought some V festival tickets for £250 back in March 2010 on my Halifax Visa Debit Card.
    I has an email from the company in June 2010 saying that had gone into liquidation, I immediately rang Halifax, who informed me that I could not make a claim until after the date of the gig “just in case my tickets turned up”

    I rang them on Monday 23/8/10 to put in a claim for Visa Chargeback. I admit that I have spoken to many advisors at Halifax, and a few have never heard of it, but the majority were very good.

    I’ve had a phonecall from them today to say that they will be refunding the £250 into my account, which is brilliant news!

    They are trying to contact the company who took my money, and he has 45 days to prove me wrong otherwise the money stays where it is. Turns out the company was known to be a fraudulant company to Visa so I’m not sure on whats happening now.

    Everyone out there, just keep trying with the chargeback scheme. You will get your money back eventually 🙂

  • keith 29 September, 3:20 pm

    halifax visa debit card charge back.sun 4 u went bust we are having real problems with this bank being given the run around our friends got theirs back with nationwide bs no problems if no joy will close our accounts down and remove all savings can anyone help

  • Chris Milner 3 October, 6:34 pm

    My girlfriend bought me a PS3 in December 2007 as a christmas present, it became faulty within six months and Sony replaced it under the one year warranty.
    The replacement has now developed a very common fault, known as the Yellow Light Of Death (YLOD). This is caused by the system over heating and the solder coming unstuck in the CPU and GPU. (very common complaint and featured on watchdog)
    The PS3 was purchased from a Zavvi store in Leeds, Zavvi went into administration at the end of December 2008 and the online retailer known as is not the same company – they have just purchased the name.
    Had Zavvi still been in existence I would have made a claim from them that the PS3 is inherently faulty and that it should last longer than two years and it is their responsibility to refund or replace the item.
    As the Zavvi the PS3 was purchased from no longer exists can a Visa Chargeback claim be made? I see mention of 120 days, but the problem was not discovered until after this period. Will I have a chance?

  • Jonathan 12 October, 2:54 pm

    Hi All

    Yesterday 11th October 2010 I book a hotel in Edinburgh through a hotel booking company called using me Visa Debit Card.
    About 30seconds after I booked the hotel I received an email from saying that “confirmation would be with me in a 5 minutes” straight away alarm bell rung as the grammar in that sentence it incorrect, why would a professional booking company (so I taught) say in an email “a 5 minutes” however in c. 8 minutes later I received confirmation, but something still didn’t feel right about this so I started to such the internet for comments regarding this company and long and behold on there were loads of people who left comments staring that this booking company is a scam and not to be fooled.

    I called the hotel which I wanted to book they had no confirmation and they never heard about any such hotel booking company

    So probably within 40 to 50 minutes after making the initial booking I called my bank (Nationwide) co cancel the card, however by this stage they started pending the transaction amount from my account.

    I then emailed asking them to cancel my reservation.

    So to day 12th October I received an email from them saying that they have taken the money from my account.

    So straight away I called my Nationwide, they checked my account, and a company called eysa tourism from Istanbul, Turkey had with drawn the money.

    Nationwide then said that this was now a Visa Dispute and that I would have to go to my nearest branch and fill in Visa Dispute form, is this the same as Visa Debit Chargeback?

    I have also contacted the police however they don’t fill me confidence that they will deal with me complaint.

    If anyone has any helpful advice I would be gratefully for any feed back.

    Please be aware of It’s a scam.

  • Dave 18 October, 5:07 pm

    I recently ordered and had delivered new kithen worktops and doors ect to refresh my kitchen. Mos items were ok but the cooker housing was the wrong size. The sent replacements, but again the wrong size, I have been without a cooker for 6 days and had to buy take-away;’s and farnm the kids out. Can I use chargeback to clain=m refund for poor service as I estimate I am out of pocket by about £100?

  • Greg 18 October, 6:55 pm


    I’ve paid a deposit of £250 on a second hand car and the dealer has just put the car through an MOT. The results of the MOT are an advisory: near and offside suspension component corroded but not considered excessive.

    The car was described as pristine throughout so I was a bit dismayed at this. Can I back out of this and expect to get my full £250 deposit back? I paid with VISA debit card, so would I be able to use the chargeback scheme if my deposit is not refunded in full?



  • P 28 October, 11:19 am

    I bought a phone from orange a few weeks ago and a requirement was to get £10 top-up at the time of purchase.

    They haven’t credited my £10, top-up despite two calls to them about this and my balance is still 1p. They even claim to have good customer service! I can’t use the phone and don’t want to top-up further and give them any more of my money for no return.

    Can I use this ‘Visa debit chargeback’ to recoup the £10 as it is billed the same day, but seperately from the phone? How long would it take and are there any charges for doing this?

  • Cara France 30 October, 8:28 am

    Hey there i really hope you can help me.
    Can you tell me, does this apply to using you account to make bank transfers? my account has a visa debit card but i made a payment to someone through bank transfer for goods and now they have dissappeared, will i be able to do chargeback?

    thanks for your help

  • wi11ie 8 November, 3:18 pm

    Hi there,
    In February I purchased a drum hardware bag from ‘The Rock Stop/Thetford Music Supplies’ over the phone using my visa debit card.
    Initially it seemed good quality but on the first use the handle partially ripped off the bag, on the second use it came right off and in less than 5 gigs altogether a wheel had broken off too.
    I contacted them within the initial 3 months to request a refund as it was not fit for purpose and was ignored. I’ve been in touch with trading standards who advised me to send them a letter advising imminent court action if they don’t resolve the matter and again was ignored. Since then I have been ill and was not able to pursue but I’m concerned that with the length of time now passed a court wouldn’t rule in my favour. The bag is useless now and is a hinderance when gigging. Am I entitled to claim a chargeback or pursue the matter via other means?

  • alison caines 12 November, 10:44 am

    hello i bought some ghd’s on a website … then i got a letter from customs saying they are fake and they are going to destroy them . i payed with my visa debit card online and they have taken the money . is there any way of getting my money back ? they were 60 pound

  • E 3 December, 8:46 pm

    Yesterday I got a wax at a salon and when it came to pay I was presented with a bill double what I expected to pay because I had had a treatment I had not booked but that they were adament I had consented to have and been made aware of while thay were carrying it out. I was really shocked and humiliated as the staff lined up behind the counter and I felt obliged to pay and I left. I went outside and thought about it for a minute and decided to go back in. I was given the same story that I had in fact had the treatment. The managers words were “I can only go on what the thearapist tells me.” I left feeling humiliated and went home. Today I have been to another salon and they have confirmed that I have not had the treatment I have been told I have had. I phoned the salon to recount this and they refused to let me speak, told me to “vote with my feet and not come back”, and hung up on me. Can I request a chargeback for the full amount given that I did not receive the treatment (which if the salon had asked to see they too could have confirmed) or partially retrieve it (The extra to what I expected to pay for what I was given), and for the way I was treated in after sales?

  • swifty 4 December, 11:55 pm


    I have got a netwest visa debit card & i ordered a office chair, what had on the web site next day delivery.

    but nothing came, & it was a bit snowy so i did not sent off a email for another day.
    however i got nothing back till the next day & they said it was =
    The reason for the delay is that the chairs are currently still going through quality control. These should be despatched tomorrow and delivered on Friday between 9am – 6pm.

    & nothing came on fri or sat, so i emailed them again but nothing.

    what is the best best to go now ?, do i ask for a fullrefund as the DEL time is taking to long.
    & can i do a chargeback to a netwest visa debit ??.


  • Nats 9 December, 12:48 am

    Hello, I am embarrassed to say that I have recently purchashed a pair of “Ugg” boots online, costing £70. After some research (should’ve done before, I know!) . I have learnt that the site is actually a counterfeit Ugg site (confirmed by official Ugg website). The goods either fail to arrive or if they do, are counterfeit. Would I be covered under the chargeback scheme in these circumstances? Any help would be appreciated.

    • sha 4 February, 4:10 pm

      Hi Nat

      I had a similar experience with an online company selling UGGS that turned out to be fakes, my UGGS did not arrive – my bank did a chargeback after I pestered them on a daily basis and was successfully, my bank refunded the full amount within 3 weeks.

  • C T 17 December, 11:42 pm

    I ordered an Ipod with my Visa Debit Card. I only wanted one and they charged me twice amd for the wrong amount of money, more than what i thought i was paying. i have looked up the company and apparently they are scammers and i will never recieve my goods or get a refund. can i use the charge back in this case????

  • Brown 21 December, 10:50 am

    i bought a tv online with my visa debit card almost three weeks ago and the company have not delivered the order,so i sent them an email telling them to cancle my order and a refund ,but my emails have not being replied ,tried calling them and no one answers the phone which is making me very anxious ,i dont know what to do now

  • Dan 31 December, 12:27 am

    I made a transaction on my card in a bar, they told me my card was declined, tried it for a 2nd time, told me my card was declined, it now appears the bar has taken out two large 3figure sums out of my account, i have no receipt and the bar has no number to contact them on. Am i buggered with getting my money back?

  • artist 11 January, 12:13 pm

    I made an internet order. My money was taken from my Lloyds TSB Visa Debit 2 days later but after 10 days the goods had still not arrived. I emailed and called (voicemail only it seems) the company to cancel the order but never received any acknowledgement or reply, and the money has still not been refunded. As I am still within the crageback 120 day period, I called Lloyds Visa but they said that, because I had cancelled the order, I was no longer entitled. I said that the seller never confirmed my cancellation or refunded the money, so it is my view that the contract remains in force and that I am entitled to chargeback. Searches on the Internet indicate that many others have sufferd the same fate at the hands of this compnay ( Not sure of my rights now- any views?

    • Red Cardinal 16 January, 11:38 pm

      Don’t let Lloyds TSB fob you off. If what you said “…but they said that, because I had cancelled the order, I was no longer entitled…” is correct then that is frankly drivel. The facts are – You contracted with a company to supply you with an item and paid them using a Visa Debit card and the company subsequently failed to supply the item. You are still withing the 120 day period and can claim your money back under the Visa Debit Chargeback rules. Tell Lloyds TSB exactly what I’ve told you here and say that you wish to claim your money back under the Visa Debit Chargeback rules. If they still procastinate, tell them you’re going to complain to the Financial Services Ombudsdman (you can get the contact details from Lloyds TSB – they’re legally required to give you it.) Don’t take no for an answer.

  • sherrie 11 January, 6:11 pm

    Hi, I ordered a game from for a christmas present. It didn’t arrive so i got him another copy from the high street on xmas eve. I spoke to play before and they said if it didnt arrive before 24th I could get a refund, so after xmas I asked them for one. they then said I had to wait until 5th jan, I asked again then and they said I had to wait until i recieved it and then return it, but I ordered it on 5th december and I dont think it will come now and as I have replaced it on xmas eve so I dont want another one. I just want a refund which they are refusing to give, and are now ignoring my mails. can I get refunded through visa and how do i apply?

  • Izabella 15 January, 4:02 pm

    I ordered a mobile for £200 29th Dec 2010. Jan 4th 2011 the money came out of my account. No phone has ever arrived. No refund – despite repetitive emails I sent. No answer from their telephone. Totally untrustworthy company. Trying to get visa debit chargeback.

  • Neil Munro 19 January, 2:18 pm

    I purchased a BMW 525d SE from the local BMW dealer. It does not perform as per the handbook. Tried four times to contact HSBC by phone. Waited 30 mins on each occasion. No reply. So I wrote. Some two months later I got a reply stating that I had to get an independent engineers report regarding the car. Fine, but if I pay for it how is this independent?

    Phoned Visa to ask to see the rules regarding Chargeback and they refused. Said I had to go via HSBC. Explained they did not answer the phone. Was told to ask for a manager. Think that just about sums up the intelligence in the financial services industry.

    Chargeback is not a thing to depend on.

    Still its only £32,580. Nothing to a banker.

    • Liam 7 February, 1:32 am

      Personally I would raise the issue with the dealership concerned and ifthat fails BMW GB (BMW hate the idea of their name being sullied in any way so are usally very accomodating) and if that doesn’t work trade it in for an Audi…

  • Dianne 21 January, 2:43 am

    I made an on-line purchase from Nuttalls (Jewellers) of Chester ( on 6th December with a NatWest Visa debit card. This was to have been Christmas present, costing £140 and at the time I was given to understand that it would be delivered within 10 days. On 19th Dec I received an e-mail saying the goods would be with me in 72 hours. The money was taken from my account on 8th December and since then…..nothing. (Today is 21st January!!)I went into my local NatWest bank to enquire about Visa chargeback and was passed from teller to teller until finally the Manager was consulted. Each said that no such facility existed and that my only recourse was to notify the Fraud Squad!

  • Dale 21 January, 3:39 pm

    If you have a VISA sign on your card, they are wrong. It took me about 6 months, but I got £3k back using VISA chargeback and I know for a fact that the company that had liquidated did not have any cash. Write a letter, persevere, escalate it beyond the branch, be a pain, threaten to go to the papers…it will work, but nobody wants to talk about it, including VISA. I guess it was a standard that someone forced upon the banks and VISA and they agreed to keep it quiet but had to do it.

  • Dale 21 January, 3:40 pm

    Oh, PS, it essentially seems to work by taking the money back from the merchants back, not by your bank taking the sting.

  • Dianne 22 January, 11:25 pm

    Thanks for taking the trouble to respond, Dale. It looks as if it’s going to be an uohill struggle but I intend to persevere. What a pity the banks (in my case the NatWest) are so unhelpful.

    Warmest regards.


  • Dale 23 January, 2:09 am

    It is a pity, but to fair most of the people on the front line don’t know anything about the scheme, nor do the people who answer the phone at VISA. I built a case by googling VISA chargeback and printing off about 15 case studies of when it was used including some where bank leaders quoted the scheme in the press. That made it difficult to ignore.
    Best of luck.

  • Neil Munro 29 January, 12:21 pm

    Just to let you know of developments regarding my Chargeback claim against HSBC and the £32,580.00 which was used to purchase a new BMW. I phones Visa and asked them for the rules regarding Chargeback. I was in formed that as it was with HSBC I had to ask them. I phoned HSBC and they agreed to send the rules. Two days later I received a letter telling me that I had to ask Visa. A letter in direct contradiction to the phone call.

    To sum matters up, in my opinion, Chargeback is not worth the paper its printed on.

    The two organisations have a major problem. I record my telephone conversations, as Ofcom advise I may.

    I can see tears before bedtime.

    • Heather 13 February, 12:18 am

      I DO hope you went to the Financial Ombudsman?

  • Neil Munro 29 January, 12:24 pm

    One more point. I should have mentioned in my last mail. Does anyone have the Chargeback rules. I mean from their bank or Visa? Lots of comment from the advice centres and the BBC etc. However I do mean from their bank or Visa.

    Anyone’s help would be gratefully received.

  • Dale Kenny 31 January, 12:12 am

    they won’t release the rules. Your description of their slopey shoulders is exactly what happened to me. It is worth the paper it’s written on, they just won’t let you (or most of their staff) see that paper. Build a case with evidence from the web of where it has been used. If you google variations of VISA debit chargeback, you will find news reports from when various companies liquidated and banking officials admitted that debit chargeback is protected by the VISA stamp. Like I said before, it took me 3 months and various escalations (and threats of going to press). I badgered them almost every day for months to get £3K back, which is used for a deposit on a new car ironically.£32K is worth some perseverance I’d day…

    Good luck

  • Gary 2 February, 9:09 pm

    I have made a purchase from a company in Canada using Visa Debit. The payment is pending in my account (not reflected on balance, but reflected on balance available). The company have not received payment, but my bank know who the payment is for and how much for in Canadian dollars. Does the trader have to do anything to finish off the process of the payment. Thanks

  • kirstyj 8 February, 5:25 pm

    in october last year i paid a deposit on a childs quad bike of £150, using my mothers halifax visa debit card, on the understanding they would contact me before xmas for rest of payment and delivery date. on the 21st of december they contacted me saying they couldnt get the 1 i wanted and that i could have a full refund, needless to say i havent had the refund and have no reply when trying to contact them. i know they have the means to pay me back as the company is a motorcycle business, and they are still trading. would my mother be able to claim the money back?

  • Dale 10 February, 3:36 pm

    Yes, in the event of none delivery you can get the money back. Do it soon though as chargreback has to be initiated within a timeframe (3 months if memory serves). You’ll probably get a form to fill out but as long as the issue is registered on the system it is fine. Make sure they note the date you spoke to them.

    Good luck

  • Dianne 15 February, 8:31 pm

    Customers of the NatWest Bank (RBS) in the UK may be interested to know they can write or telephone the Visa Disputes Team, who will send them a declaration form to fill-in confirming various aspects of the complaint.
    The address to write to is:
    NatWest Bank plc
    Chargebacks and Disputes
    PO Box 5747
    SS1 9AJ
    OR you can telephone them on: 0845 366 0391

  • Dianne 16 February, 2:58 pm

    Just to clarify my posting above – this is for Visa DEBIT card disputes and so far as I know it is for NatWest customers only – but they may just be able to point you in the right direction if you deal with another bank and they are unable to help.

  • Dale Kenny 17 February, 9:35 am

    Additionally I can add that Barclays definitely do it and by all accounts LloydsTSB are the best/most inclined to do it. But it’s a VISA policy, so regardless of bank if you have a VISA logo on your card it can work.
    Clydesdale bank on the other hand seem to be the ones least inclined to do it.

  • Dave Smith 3 March, 10:53 pm

    Looking through the entries I see that there are a lot of questions, many of them unanswered. I could sit here and write pages of replies but I really do not have the time.
    So in order to clear up some of the questions may I suggest that you take a look at this site:

    Hopefully this will help.

  • Kev 10 March, 11:54 pm

    I paid £450 for 6 dolly parton tickets,I cant stand the women
    but our relatives love the old dear so I booked them the tickets
    on my card.

    Its been over a month and we have had no tickets.
    I have just emailed them tonight and they say the tickets got lost
    and that I will now have to go along to the box office
    show them my card details then get hold of the tickets.

    The LG is 1 hour away from where I live.Such a crappy service.
    How they do not use recorded delivery on tickets worth so much is a joke.

    I wont be using ticketfactory again.You get better customer service
    from a tout outside the venue

    Can I use the charge back on my Visa Debit card to get this payment back ?

  • Pip 11 March, 3:17 pm

    My husband bought a coat online then returned it and bought another one. The company refunded the first amount which was on the credit card. They then charged him 2 times on the debit card for the second coat. They refunded one amount but not the other amount (both coats have been returned) They are saying they have refunded my husband all amounts owed but they haven’t. The bank refunded the money but then said the company had refunded the amount – they have got confused with the previous refund so they debited my husband the amount the bank refunded. The company say that it is sage pays fault – how can we get our money back and are we covered under the chargeback system?

  • Joshua Groenendijk 24 March, 1:55 pm

    I booked tickets to Peru with Sea Breeze Holidays. They asked me to check the emailed details and confirm before they would process the booking. No email arrived until midnight and the following morning I checked and found £1974 pounds taken from my card which is a Barclays Visa debit card, even though I hadn’t been able to confirm and there were 3 things wrong on the booking – wrong departure date, wrong departure airport and an extra charge which I would have to pay to get my tickets. I immediately cancelled and have got £0 refund. I started a dispute with Barclays and they have just ruled that this is for me to sort out with the merchant. There are numerous complaints against this firm on different forums online. How can they get away with this and why am I not protected by the Chargeback scheme? The banks should refuse to process payments to blacklisted merchants and these crooks REALLY need to get blacklisted. I have started an appeal with my bank today. Please advise me on what else I can do. Many thanks,

  • Mick South 28 March, 6:06 pm

    Dear all,

    Having read some of the comments above, after intially being disappointed with the response from Barclays Visa debit card department, I followed someones advice and ‘stuck with it’. This paid off. It is important to tell them all the details of the transaction, such as whether or not it is a product or a service that you have purchased and if a company has gone into liquidation. I bought tickets (a service) for a music festival due in August this year, the transaction took place last October, the letter telling me that the ticket company had gone into liquidation came today (28/3/11)so intially they said that it was outside the 120 day limit. The second attempt when I gave a more detail resulted in the dispute being started there and then.
    Hope this helps.

  • mabs 1 April, 5:03 pm

    I purchased a washing machine from tesco direct end of january this year, it has broken down just two months after use. They have offered to repair, however I would not want the same washing machine, as it must have been faulty prior to purchase. I am assuming this as the washing machine has become faulty in only 2 months of purchase, therefore must have been faulty in some respect? Could I use this scheme to force a refund?

  • sha 6 April, 11:36 pm

    hello there, i recently ordered some items from officer club, they took the money from my barclays visa debit card..while i was waiting for the delivery, officer club went into administration. so when i called officer club head office, they told me they cant do anything..i should contact the bank..but when i went to barclays…they told me if it was visa credit card, i could have got refund..but because it was a visa debit card…i will not get any refund…so can some1 kindly assist me, how can i approach barclays further..thnx

  • hayley 8 April, 10:38 pm

    we are in dispute with barclays as a website company took money out of our account without authorisation. barclays sent us a letter advising us to respond within 10days – we responded in 11 as we was away, barclays are now saying visa chargeback rules mean they can no longer investigate it as we wasn’t within their time limit. Can they do this?

    • Peter Preston 29 April, 6:45 pm

      Dear Hayley,

      Well, they probably can but people do go away from time-to-time so perhaps you should write them a really nice letter in the first instance saying that you are in receipt of their correspondence stating that a response from you regarding your original request should have been received within 10 days but that regrettably you were away – on holiday or whatever – when this was delivered and that you wrote back to them just as soon as you were able to do so. You hope therefore in the light of this that they might re-consider your request, as this represents a sum of money that you can ill-afford to lose and you are given to understand that the security offered by the Visa Chargeback scheme as operated by Barclays will help you recover this money.

      Good luck with you endeavours.


  • Kofi 16 May, 3:07 pm

    I had made 3 instalments deposit by visa debit card to a supplier. The last instalment was due on 2nd April 2011. I called the supplier to make the final payment and to arrange delivery of items. I was informed that the company had gone into administration begining 31st March 2011 and directed me to their website to check on options available to me. The Administrators had stated on the website for customers who had made deposits with visa debt card to contact their card providers (banks) and request for “charge back” of their money. Not certain about the meaning of all this, I visited the shop to get a clearer picture. The shop was still trading with most items marked down in prices and a posting saying “Closing Down”. I observed the items I ordered were in stock. I offered to pay for the last instalment due but the store manager asked me to contact my bank for a charge back of deposit paid and wrote to me to that effect. However an officer of the bank told me on phone the bank could not offer a charge back because payment was legitimate and not fraudulent. My bank and card provider is Santander.The bank charges me £10 every month as “premium” account holder. What options are available to me.

  • Coco 26 May, 7:45 pm

    I purchased 2 roundtrip airline tickets with my chase visa debit card only to to realize I couldnt take the trip tthen. I called the airline and was told the tickets are non refundable so if I cakk my bank will they be able to charge back the money to my card and what should I say when filing a claim online?

  • Bpatel 8 June, 9:53 pm

    I paid for a deposit for my sofa from World of Sofa’s on my Visa Debit card in January 2011. The agreement I had with them was a credit agreement to pay nothing (interest free) for 12 months.

    The company has since gone into liquidation and a new company who purchased their stock was willing to honour existing orders as long as they settled in full there and then. I didn’t have this c£1,000 funds available so I asked them for my options. I receieved a letter from them stating that I would be able to claim a full refund for the deposit from my bank because I had paid with a debit card.

    I have contacted my bank (several times) but they are stating that the Visa chargeback does not cover this.

    I am failing to understand why, the product has not been delievered because they changed their terms and conditions which I could not meet – am I definately not covered?

  • Dale 10 June, 5:49 pm

    It might be an idea to find out what your bank believe visa chargeback does cover. The possible grey area in your case is that normally you have to apply for chargeback within 3 months of the transaction. Obviously that’s not really apt here because of the nature of the transaction. If you can find out specifically why they claim it’s not covered we can then establish the validity of their argument based on what we alrady know.
    Remember the bottom line – banks don’t want to do chargeback.

  • Sarah 13 June, 9:31 am

    I recently purchased New Look vouchers on the 6th June. I then received an email to say the listing I had won had been removed. I followed the link given and the seller was no longer a registered user. I then followed the stop loss link given by ebay to see if my item was covered by the Ebay Buyers Protection Policy. It was not, Paypal won’t help either because the item is not protected. I have emailed the seller using the email address that she has registered and have received no reply. I do not know what to do.

  • george garden 25 July, 4:58 pm

    I bought a sofa in april on the internet from this firm it cost me £659.97 and i have used my visa debit card and the money came out of my bank on 18th april i have contacted them several times and said they were in process of making sofa ,then delivery people were going to collect soafa but when they went there they kept saying it was not ready and i have been hearing that the company is in liquidation and then someone else says administration i dont know what it is in because cant get reply from company? what can i do will i get my item or money back what should i do ? george

  • Chris Nash 2 August, 3:37 pm

    Hi, I recently signed up for a game website 5 day free trial in which i had to give my card details, I was to cancel before the end of the trial if I did not want to carry on, I tried to cancel with hours to spare only to find they had already debitted my visa debit card – can i claim this?

  • marie hitchen 4 August, 3:48 pm

    we booked an holiday with holidays for u which has gone bust,we was late getting an email to confirm the holiday so my partner rang and they said the company had gone bust , the hotel was ok and the flight coming back, but we didnt have a flight going there, we was not offered an alternative holiday or any other advise other than there was just two seats left leaving on sat our orginal date but for 480 pounds one way! so we paid the extra in order to save our entire holiday will we get this back on our halifax visa debit card?

  • Malcolm Cutler 19 September, 6:43 pm

    I placed an order for a hoodied sweatshirt with Ultima UK, which was a discounted price through a fishing magazine called Improve Your Coarse Fishing, on the 9th July 2011. The order was confirmed by SagePay who took the £18.96, discounted cost, from my Visa Debit Card on that day. There has been total silence from Ultima UK since that day, I have emailed them seven times and have spoken to SagePay, who confirm the existence of this company. and they have contacted the firm and informed them that I was trying to make contact and still silence. I have tried to establish if I anm using the correct email address but their advertising materials give nothing away. I have found an address and have written to them informing them of my concern and anger and have even gone as far as issuing a Letter Before Action giving them 14 days to respond. Again total silence, I have to assume that the recorded delivery letter was delivered as with its usual incompetence Royal Mail have failed to record anything on track and trace. My question here is: do I go ahead and put together a case to take before the courts seeking my refund plus costs or do I give in an ask for a Visa Debit Chargeback.

    • Heather 15 January, 5:25 pm

      Hello Malcolm,

      I would send another letter, recorded.. yes, you’re so right about the post office, its happened to me too, its soo annoying, the letter I sent still says on track and trace that it hasn’t left the post office! If you get no response, at least the bank will see that you have tried–yes, frustrating I know when you know they won’t respond but its something you sadly have to do. Then you can go to your bank and ask for a chargeback; this is far preferable (and cheaper) than having to go to court.

      good luck!

  • MRS JONES 19 September, 9:47 pm

    A company refunded a payment back to my credit card the payment was autherised but it never arrived into my bank the company refunding me went into liquidaqtion 2days after the card refund had been authersied can i do anything about it

  • nasima 24 September, 11:42 am

    I made a payment for a theory test on the website and thought the price i paid seemed fishy, i soon realised it wasnt a legit company and they have already taken £45.50 out of my account, Halifax said i would have to wait 30 days before i can do anythin about it, will i be covered for visa chargeback?

  • Tom 12 October, 8:48 pm


    Always book things like driving tests via the DSA website for a start, yes you should be covered by Visa Chargeback however Halifax have a penchant for lying about their products, in the same sense that a direct debit works, you can request a chargeback and it should be credited the same working day, they have 30 days to investigate it so therefore if they find good reason behind it they can take the money back from you again.

  • Dave Allen 28 October, 1:20 am

    put this in your search bar

    card acceptance and chargeback management guidelines for visa merchants.

    It will give you the visa codes for chargebacks and reasons why, its for the banks , the same rules apply for europe and usa

  • Lisa Morgan 28 October, 9:00 pm

    Hello, last Christmas I bought a £100 of vouchers from a reputable coach company as a christmas present for my parents. Unfortunately, in January they went into liquidation. I phoned the company that has subsequently taken them over, who stated they were unable to honour the vouchers, and I have also spoken to my bank who state they are not able to refund me the money. I payed by a Visa Debit card. After watching the x-ray programme about Visa Chargeback, I was wondering if there is any way I can get my money back. Thank you

  • trickygj 29 October, 10:01 pm

    Hi Lisa

    Section 75 Consumer credit Act 1974 allows you to claim back the cost from the card company if it is more than £100 and not more than £30,000.

  • Chris Hall 31 October, 10:23 pm

    Hi there,

    I’m after some advice please!

    Back in July, I purchased tickets, via eBay for Adele. The concert was rescheduled originally, and now has been cancelled.

    Ticket providers are issuing refunds to those who purchased the tickets.

    I have contacted the ebay seller twice about a refund with no reply.

    I have contacted eBay, who told me to speak to PayPal (who I paid for the transaction with).

    PayPal have said I am out of the 45 day dispute time scale. But to speak to my card provider regarding ‘chargeback.’

    I paid via a Visa (Nationwide) debit card.

    I have researched the Internet, and it seems possible about reclaiming via Chargeback.

    Do you have any advice on ‘chargeback’ or claiming from eBay / ticket resellers?

    Would be of much use and very much appreciated.



    • Heather 15 January, 5:15 pm

      Hi Chris, just seen that no one has answered you. I would go to your bank and tell them you want a chargeback; they will do the investigating for you with ebay; ebay Must have details about the seller.

  • James 25 November, 6:34 pm


    I have paid £400.00 to a financial debt company to set up an account, this fee was required as a standard set up fee before they can contact your creditors, since then, I have had no response I phone and they say that there are two parts of the company and they don’t know anything about it, I have since researched the company and everyone says it’s a scam, they take your money and don’t deliver a service, I paid this fee on my Visa card over the phone, will I be eligible for a Visa charge back?

    Thanks 🙂

  • Heather 28 November, 9:43 am

    Hi James, First of all go to your bank and tell them you want a Visa Chargeback, all banks do it, don’t let them tell you otherwise! If they refuse, go to the Financial Ombudsman, this is where I am at at the moment as my bank, Santander, have refused me. I hope this helps.

  • James 6 December, 12:17 pm

    Thanks for your information Heather, I have submitted a chargeback form and they are investigating into the claim, I have done this before with another company and have been successful, so hopefully, if all goes well I shall get my money back.
    I shall update you, any tips in the meantime do let me know.

  • James 6 December, 12:19 pm

    Hi Heather,

    Thanks for your reply, I have submitted a claim for a charge back through my bank, they are now investigating into the claim and hopefully if all goes well I shall get my money back, I shall keep you posted and any tips in the meantime, let me know.



  • Heather 6 December, 3:03 pm

    Really pleased to have helped, James, don’t forget the Financial Ombudsman, he will be there to back you, just stick to your guns!:) Also, Consumer Direct are there to answer any of your questions.. the FO doesn’t give you advice really, but they do. I wish you luck!


  • Heather 6 December, 3:17 pm

    Oh and if you need me, James, just give me a shout–this is a game where one has to know how to play!!
    The merchant can play dirty, just hang in there as they may try to hoodwink your bank… and from what I have been through, Satander’s Visa Chargeback team aren’t all that clued up to the Sales of Goods Act or the Distance Selling Regulations..
    I have had a hard time–I bought on line from a company of rogue traders whose company I have just discovered, were dissolved in 2010, yet I purchased from them only last July, how I wish Trading Standards would step in, but they seem to be pleasantly disinterested–infuriating.

    Also, try googling your banks own regulations for giving the Visa Chargeback. Oh and its also very useful to look at review
    I wish I had looked there before I bought from this vile company of crooks, there are over 100 complaints about this furniture company on there.

  • Heather 6 December, 3:23 pm

    And TrustPilot is another site–my comments, the foul company didn’t like so the site has taken them off temporarily… they only want good reviews about themselves! And if there are too many bad ones they submit them themselves, but its so easy to tell.. aaargh..

  • Heather 6 December, 3:35 pm

    Don’t forget to leave a paper trail, this evidence is what your bank will need, show you have tried to make contact even if they ignore you which no doubt they will and have. Have you notified the police? Maybe others who have been duped will have contacted them. Have a look on Companies House, too, research, research, research, because the more you can give your bank, the better. Try googling the name of the people or person you dealt with, you might be surprised at what you find. 🙂 Go to all the review sites, others might have some information on them.

  • James 7 December, 10:50 am

    Hi Heather,

    Thanks for the tips, I’ve had a reply from Nationwide and they’ve said because the transaction was just over 120 days ago they can’t do anything.

    Any suggestions as the company isn’t replying to any of my communications?

    Shall I try the Ombudsman? What should I say?

    Kind regards,


  • Heather 7 December, 11:52 am

    Sorry to hear this, James.. I would give Consumer Direct a call, I would also ask a solicitor, some give a free hour or half hour; you can get a list of solicitors in your area by calling the Law Society or the Legal Services Comission–do a google search. I would also call the Financial Ombudsman (google) I think banks look for ANY reason not to do this; say you didn’t know about the Chargeback–its a fairly new thing anyway, plus you were just out of time.. 🙁 and you were trying to sort this yourself.

    Don’t give up! 🙂

  • Heather 7 December, 11:55 am

    Oh and it doesn’t matter that the ‘company’ aren’t responding to you, just keep records of your correspondence to them.

  • James 7 December, 11:55 am

    I have completed a complaint form to the Ombudsman and I will give Consumer Direct a call and also reply to Nationwide and say what you said.

    Thanks for your help.


  • Heather 7 December, 12:10 pm

    Good. You Can call the Ombudsman, if you haven’t already done so, although they can’t give advice; Consumer Direct Can. Also, it might be a good idea to get a new bank card, you’ll sleep easier–you never know what people like this will do with your bank details.

    Keep me posted! 🙂

  • Paul Waddilove 30 December, 7:36 am

    I bought a car on 1/9/10 for £5000. This car broke down on me & after several months of being on/off the road it was discovered to be a massive electrical fault which cost me £2000 to repair. Unfortunately the car was also my living [taxi] so I also couldn’t work & I lost another £3000 in loss of earnings. I contacted the Consumer Advice Service & was told to take the Garage to a Small Claims Court, which I did. I won my case, but then couldn’t get my money back because the person I claimed against could not be found. I did pay by Debit Card, so my question is can I now claim back my money? Many Thanks…

    • Heather 14 January, 11:44 pm

      The only think I can think of, Paul, is, have you told the police? I assume you have told your bank? Have they helped you at all?

      Its a shocking thing to have happened to you 🙁

  • Joy 31 December, 12:57 am

    Hi Heather, when you were claiming thought the charge back scheme, how long did it take you?

    • Heather 14 January, 11:14 pm

      Hello Joy, sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner~~I thought I had.. but obviously not and I have answered you down the page! (not doing very well at this!!!

  • G 3 January, 11:31 am

    How are these companies allowed to still operate if they don’t give you the goods or services you pay for!

    I brought something on the 6th of October (its now 3rd of January) that hasn’t turned up and the company (Fashion-conscience) is ignoring me and not responding to any of my emails, how can a company like this still operate, its disgusting and shameful when other comapanies that do everything they can for the customer are closing down!

    Is there not anyway I can name and shame them so people know to stay away or set someone on them to investigate?

  • Dee 3 January, 3:04 pm

    I am having a problem with the site that sells DVD, mine didnt show and I have made numerous calls costing me a fortune. They said I would have to wait 28 days before could get refund now rang again and now been told I got to complete another claim form and wait again, of which I already did before christmas, I am so mad that I have got onto trading standards about them. I tell you something to everyone on here, DO NOT USE PLAY.COM they are complete rubbish, quick to take your money but you have to wait like forever to get it back when the goods dont show up.

  • paul 9 January, 10:12 pm


  • Summer 14 January, 2:35 am

    A few months ago i bought some products from a website. And about 3 days ago they just took £60 out of my bank without me knowing about it for something i didnt buy. can charge back get me my money back??

    • Heather 14 January, 11:22 pm

      Oh, and Summer, I think it would be prudent to ask your bank for a new bank card; you don’t want them to take any more money from your account.

      I should get to/call your bank first thing on Monday morning.

      There shouldn’t be a problem, good luck!

  • Heather 14 January, 11:11 pm

    Hello Summer, Go to your bank and tell them about it, they will investigate and yes, if they think it is fraud they should give you a chargeback or just re-imburse you; someone fraudulently took money from my account once and they just gave me the money back.

    Joy: Santander didn’t give me the chargeback, something about I should have paid for the goods to go back; they were a company of rogue traders and I would have lost that money too; I wasn’t prepared to fork out any more money as they definitely weren’t going to refund me, but they would also have taken 29% more from me (they had my bank details, I paid with a Visa debit) for what they called ”re-stocking fees and admin costs”!

    I ended up fighting my insurers for 3 months whilst battling it out with Santander; in the end I got paid by the insurers, they tried every which way not to pay me (Saga), and what a saga it was, still I felt pretty pleased at the end of it, exhausted but successful… one shouldn’t have to fight for one’s rights!

    I should be hearing from the Financial Ombudsman soon; they have decided my bank didn’t exactly treat me well!

  • Paul Waddilove 15 January, 4:18 pm

    Heather, the Police don’t want to know & yes I have now contacted my Bank. I have also contacted Volvo as the original fault must of been known by them as the replacement part had been modified. Don’t hold out much hope of getting a penny back from either of them though & I lost my business to boot!

    • Heather 15 January, 4:28 pm

      Oh dear, Paul, that’s just dreadful. I find the police frustrating at times; not every officer gives the same answer–some help you and some couldn’t care less, it seems–just a thought, have you tried the Borough Commander? I suppose Volvo had no address for the person?

  • Paul Waddilove 15 January, 4:35 pm

    To be honest Heather it’s as you say the Police are just not interested in something like this, as far as they are concerned it’s just another Civil Action jobby. Not sure re Volvo, they have asked for dets of the bill etc, you never know, I’ll keep you posted. The Bank are being difficult as usual, sent them an email, but they only want phone contact [I suppose so nothing is written down & they can charge premium rates for the calls haha]….

    • Heather 15 January, 4:56 pm

      I honestly don’t know how I’m still standing! 🙂

  • Heather 15 January, 4:52 pm

    Hmm yes, the police annoy me too, they are *supposed* to help the public–not just be selective, which they do all to often..

    I wouldn’t let this drop though, carry on being proactive, its stressful I know, but you have lost far too much not to, go to your bank, make an appointment–keep on at them, in fact you could go to the Financial Ombudsman–its what I did when Santander treated me badly and at some point–soon, I hope, I am going to be compensated; tenacity pays off in the end and you’ll need a holiday afterwards (!)

    And even though we both know what the police are like, get the address of your Borough Commander and write to him; its what I have to do on another matter. I shall push for a face to face appointment.

    It really stinks that we have to fight, but fight we Must–because unless we do, they won’t lose any sleep over it.

    I have done enough fighting for a lifetime lately; rogue traders, Santander, Saga; I won but it took me 3 months from my dining room,, a carpet shop and Dwell–ugh their furniture is throw away, cheap and nasty, oh and a hairdresser who burnt my hair, wouldn’t refund me with the cash I paid her and told me to ”see my insurers”.. well, I did, and the letter I received after months really angered me–however, attached was a cheque for £250.00!

    Can’t let ’em win! Keep at it and good luck, shout loud enough and someone will hear you; you might get hoarse in the process but it’ll be worth it when you’re lying on a hot beach!!! 🙂

  • Paul Waddilove 15 January, 5:01 pm

    Many thanks for your support Heather, much appreciated, I’ll keep going…

    • Heather 15 January, 5:05 pm

      Good, that’s what I like to hear, go get ’em!

      🙂 let me know what happens!

  • GB upset 18 January, 7:18 pm

    I bought a tablet just after christmas. It was sent normal recorded delivery. Unfortunately it was faulty and the company agreed for me to return it and gave me a company returns number. I then sent it back to them normal recorded delivery, but its now LOST in POST! I know now I should’ve sent it special delivery. However is there anythhing I can do? I paid for it on visa debit. Can I go down that line?? Any help to get my £200 back would be grestly appreciated.

  • Heather 20 January, 2:07 pm

    I’m not sure but I hope you still have the recorded delivery slip the post office gave you? Take it into the post offioe, this is proof you sent it and see what they say.. how Awful they lost it! They should be able to do something for you with any luck, fingers crossed. They lost a recorded letter I sent, its becoming all too common these days–the track and trace still say its at the post office

    Do you have home insurance? There maybe something in your package against loss, I hope you have some, give them a call asap.

    I’m really not sure if the bank can help but its worth asking them, I would go in there in person. You Do need proof of posting though, I DO hope you still have it.
    The post office told me that posting recorded doesn’t guarantee delivery–they charge enough, its obscene.

    Best of luck, I feel for you!

  • Heather 20 January, 2:12 pm

    There’s always Consumer Direct–I found them very helpful when I wanted to know my rights. BTW there’s a proof of posting at the post office, they give that to you free when you return anything, check to see if you have it–when I returned some underwear I bought all I did was hand it in to the post office without having to pay.

  • Heather 20 January, 2:39 pm

    Also, Consumer Direct is online with a phone number, just google it–better to speak to a person who can tell you your rights regarding financial loss; when you know your rights, Then if you still have a problem you can call the Financial Ombudsman (number online) who will take your case forward by writing a letter to whoever it is 🙂

  • Natalie 27 January, 1:07 pm

    I won iphones for 2 thirds of the price. have somewhat a silver award logo but they do not have ebay auction standards. I paid by google checkout and piad with nationwide vista. The seller has no feedback but we all have to start somewhere. If I do not recieve my items what should I do? Nationwide make out victims of fraud are protected but they are not. They can not make out the half of the intenet is risky for an excuse to not help vicitms. The internet is huge and it should be sorted out.

  • Heather 28 January, 5:45 pm

    Hello Natalie, I agree, its terrible how so many people are conned by internet buying; I have had my fill of it and unless I have used people on there before without a problem–usually well known companies, I won’t buy anything from anyone else–it too much of a risk..
    Banks, building societies, insurance firms, etc–all are fine until you encounter a problem and want something from them; if that is what Nationwide have told you, then I would go to the Financial Ombudsman, number is online (just google) and ask them for their help, don’t take Nationwide’s answer.
    Keep all emails you have sent/phone calls you have made and the FO will send you the form.

    Good Luck!

    • Natalie 13 February, 3:47 pm

      And yes the x3 iphones 4 did not arrive so now I have to do a duspute and I have been told to call the police by nationwide.

      I think the seller brought a gold prepaid card and called himself jimbob to do a scam run.

      I hope I get my dosh back or I will do more then complain!

      Thankyou for replying to my problem.

      • Heather 13 February, 7:38 pm

        You’re very welcome,

        Well done!

  • Heather 1 February, 2:55 pm


    Just want to alert people, do NOT purchase ANYTHING from Furniture123

    Furniture247 have been dissolved and have been since November 2010 yet are still trading, they are/were a fraudulent company; they are now trading under Furniture123. 123 complaints about Furniture247 are on reviewcentre.

    Just felt the need to stop anyone else being totally ripped off.

  • Pete Smith 8 February, 7:36 pm

    I tried to book 4 nights away with Travelodge and the payment wouldn’t go through, I just got a message saying “Authorisation failed” at the end. I tried again and got the same message. I tried a third time later in the day and this time it went through. I’ve checked my bank statement and have been charged 3 times for the same booking even though the first two didn’t complete and I didn’t get confirmation numbers. I’ve sent an email about this Travelodge with all the details and am awaiting a reply. Has anybody else had a problem like that with Travelodge? Also, are they likely to play ball and refund my account straight away or will a Chargeback cover it? They took 2 lots of £76 and I intend to get it back.

  • Heather 9 February, 6:53 pm

    I wouldn’t assume they might play ball–no one does that today without a fight, however you should tell Travelodge what has happened–always do things in writing–your bank will want to see that you have tried to get the money back from Travelodge. If you don’t get anywhere with Travelodge then go to your bank and tell them about it, go there don’t call–and tell them you want a Chargeback, they will send you the forms. All banks do the Chargeback so don’t take no for an answer. Send or take into the bank all the evidence from letters, emails, make note if you are told to call them, what was said but try to have a paper trail.
    If your bank refuse at the start or at any time, you can then go to the Financial Ombudsman.

    I hope that Travelodge will realise and see their error and refund you 🙂

    Let us know what happens!

  • Heather 9 February, 6:55 pm

    Oh I forgot–make duplicates of everything!

  • James 10 February, 3:43 pm

    I believe that a website called took an unauthorosed payment on 30/1/2012.
    They claim fairly correctly that on the 9/1/2012 I did fill in a form for a loan which they said they could find. At the end of the process they said their service would cost £69.99. I immediately contacted them via their contact button on their website and tiold them I did not wnat their services and that hey were not to take this amount. I heard nothinh, received no recept or terms so was surprised that on 30/1/2012 the debit was taken.
    When I conatcted them they told me I would have arefund within 30 days, have checked the CCA and OFT sites the refund should be immediate but for the last 6 days I have be unable to get a response from them when requesting an immediate repayment.
    Should I approach my bank about Chargeback?

  • Heather 10 February, 6:18 pm

    YES, contact your bank ASAP, go in there. These people on the internet probably asked for your card number THEN told you how much over and above it would cost you, its shocking. I would also ask the bank to issue you with a new card, you’ll sleep easier knowing they won’t be able to take any more.

    Its all too easy to be conned on the internet.. its happened to me too..take care.

    Remember, if you have any problems with your bank you can go to the Financial Ombudsman.

    • James 16 February, 12:36 pm

      The threat of Visa Debit Chargeback appears to have worked, the ‘loan’ company have emailed me to say that they have refunded my card in full. I have been told that vthis process takes a minimum of three days to clear. Is this true?

      • Heather 16 February, 1:58 pm

        Hi James, I have relied at the bottom of the page, I’m telling you because you might not have been alerted that I have responded!

        Great that you have got this far, I’m pleased for you! 🙂

  • David 12 February, 7:49 pm


    In July 2011 I bought a kitchen worktop £2000 from a company called Nationwide Worktops. My kitchen was not ready but they gave me a discount equivalent to the VAT if I paid immediately even if I wanted my worktop delivered later when my kitchen will be ready. I paid by debit card and last week, 7 months after my paiement, I called them to arrange delivery as my kitchen was ready. They told me that they have been into administration two weeks ago. I have just contacted my bank (Natwest) for charge back.
    Any change I will get my money back?
    Many thanks for your help.

  • Heather 12 February, 9:05 pm


    As 120 days have passed–the timeframe given regarding a chargeback, I think it will be up to your bank if they will grant you this. I would go into your bank, see the manager and discuss the situation rather than someone at the counter, do this asap. Hopefully they will. I must confess that I don’t know the exact position in your case, so I would give Consumer Direct a call and ask them before you go to the bank; you will have a clearer idea of how you stand.

    As the company were ok about taking your money and telling you that you would get a discount if you paid early and never contacted you meanwhile, you may have some recourse–lets hope so. I would start this tomorrow.

    Good Luck!

    • David 12 February, 9:51 pm

      Hi Heather and thank you for your answer!
      I called my bank (the Chargebacks and Disputes service) and they told me that they will send me a document to fill and then they will deal with the administrator of the bank. Should I still go physically to my bank and talk to a supervisor? Or is it likely he will tell me to call their Chargebacks and Disputes department, which I already did.
      Also, when I explained over the phone that I haven’t received the worktop, the lady from the bank asked me when is the delivery date. I told her that I don’t have a delivery date, the company told me to call them just a week before I wanted my worktop to be delivered. This is why I wait until now to call them, my kitchen being finally ready for the worktop to be delivered and installed.
      She asked me I have a written proof, an email or anything else, proving that I could wait the time I wanted before I request my delivery.
      I told her that I was not sure and needed to check my emails. She said that if I don’t have any written “proof” that can be annoying…
      I still have the phone number of the worktop company manager: should I ask him to send me a letter specifying my worktop was due to be delivered at a specific date (the 20th of Feb for example)?
      Should I still call Consumer Direct?
      Many thanks!

      • David 12 February, 10:20 pm

        Many thanks Heather and I will let you know how I get on 😉

      • Heather 12 February, 10:28 pm

        You’re very welcome David, go get ’em! 😉 🙂

      • Heather 12 February, 10:41 pm

        BTW Don’t forget to keep copies of everything you send!

  • Heather 12 February, 10:09 pm

    I would call Consumer Direct before you do anything. As you have already spoken to your bank there seems no point in going in there being that you have already called The Visa Chargeback Team.

    I doubt very much going by how the kitchen company have treated you that they would be willing to write the letter for you–or they would have called or written to you before you called them.

    Yes, make that call to Consumer Direct first thing in the morning, they will put you right and advise you how to proceed as they know the law.

    I only hope your bank’s Visa Team are better than Santander’s; they acted as if they didn’t know the first thing about the sale of Goods Act and the Distance Selling Regulations, they made me want to scream! A bunch of infants could have done better, GRRRR. No wonder Santander have such a bad name.

    I hope you manage to find some proof in your emails, its always better to have things in writing for a paper trail; Consumer Direct may suggest you write to the company, you might want to ask them what you should say, I found them helpful as then I was at least knowledgeable as opposed to fumbling in the dark–less stress and more to be sure about!

    Let me know how you get on 🙂

  • Heather 12 February, 10:14 pm

    If you do write to them, David, I’d advise you send it recorded or even better, special delivery–even though it costs more it will get there the next day; last time I sent recorded it never arrived and I had to write again 🙁

    Seems there’s little competence anywhere ! ;P

  • Pete Smith 13 February, 7:24 pm

    Thanks Heather, I had an email Friday saying they’d cancelled the duplicate bookings and had refunded my account. Today the refund went into my bank and they’d refunded one £76 charge and the £94 charge instead which was good of them I wasn’t expecting that.

    • Heather 13 February, 7:39 pm

      That’s really good news, I’m very pleased for you, cheers! 🙂

  • Ade 14 February, 12:44 am

    I paid a £750 deposit on some bedroom furniture on 29th December 2011 with my Lloyds TSB visa debit card. I was given a delivery date of 25th January 2012. As I had received no correspondence and the furniture had not arrived by this date I repeatedly chased it up with the company to be told that they would call me back as soon as a renewed delivery date was possible. I called them again on Friday 10th February to be advised that the company had gone into liquidation. I have found out about the chargeback scheme as a result of all this but what chances do I stand of getting my money back if the company has gone into liquidation??? I have also found out that the company also banks with Lloyds, does this give me any advantage as it is the same bank as the debit card I used???
    Any advice would be appreciated, thanks

  • Heather 14 February, 9:10 am

    Hello Ade,

    That’s bad that you had to call the company–they should have called you’ they must have had a good idea that they were going under. I’m sorry you find yourself in this situation.

    Its posible that because you bank with the same bank that you might get somewhere but on this I really can’t be sure, so I would go into your bank and explain the situation asap. Yes, ask for the chargeback, also give Consumer Direct a call, you will feel much better as they can advise you of your position. I looked on Martin’s moneysaving tips for you regarding this and I shall paste it here for you, it isn’t exactly good news I’m afraid but not every situation is the same so don’t let it stop you, ok?

    If a company’s in administration, it means it can’t provide your goods or services, and the management’s no longer in control. Yet it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s closed down completely.

    The administrator’s job’s to maximise the value from selling off the company, and if keeping it as a going concern in order to sell it does that, then it’ll keep trading. That may mean you can simply get a refund or the product, as normal.

    Otherwise to be in with a chance of getting your cash, you’ll have to apply to the administrator, not the company, and any cash left after paying the secured creditors and staff’ll be split between everyone who’s submitted a claim.

    If you need to get a refund through the administrators, don’t count on getting too much – if anything. Sadly, you often end up getting just a few pence per pound owed.

    I would go into your bank and call Consumer Direct today.

    I wish you luck, what a horrible thing to happen to you, let me know how it goes.

  • Heather 16 February, 1:44 pm

    Hello James,

    Yes and no. Yes they Will put the money into your account in 3 days BUT, they can also take it out again…

    The people online will probably fight to prevent the bank from giving it to you, they, being a dodgy online ‘company’, could lie through their teeth, so be prepared for the bank to take the money back for the moment; should they do this or you find that the bank haven’t put your money back as promised, it is very likely this has happened. You Should get the money back eventually.. and if you don’t, then is the time to call the Financial Ombudsman to deal with your bank. So, don’t spend the money yet until you’re sure its going to stay there.

    Its frustrating to say the least but if you persevere you should get the money back in the end!

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  • jamie 18 February, 12:14 pm

    I have just brought a secondhand car from a dealer and it is a dud, the dealer is refusing to speak to me. can I claim the money back as payed for this car using my visa debit card.

    Thasnks for looking.

    • Paul Waddilove 18 February, 12:44 pm

      Jamie, I had the same experience in 2010. Claim back via your Debit Card. I made the mistake of going via the Courts & although the Judge came down in my favour the bailiff could not enforce the judgement as the new owner said that the person I had claimed from had sold him the garage & left. Really the Small Claims Court experience is one to avoid cos at the end of the day it appears to have no power, or will power to enforce it’s judgements & you will be left out of pocket. I just wish that I had known about the Debit reclaim service before I went through 18mths of hell. All the best with your claim.

    • Heather 18 February, 12:50 pm

      Hi jamie, I have replied to you, see it at the end of the page!

  • Heather 18 February, 12:41 pm

    Yes, you should be able to; the bank will want proof of what you claim, so have you had anyone look over the car and give a report? I think you should. I also hope you have written to the car dealer either by letter or email instead of just phone calls; this way you have a paper trail and its not just your word against his; whether he replies or ignores you, doesn’t matter, what does matter is that you have evidence of trying to resolve this.

    What you can do now, is to call Consumer Direct; they ill more than likely advise you to send a letter by recorded delivery, however I recommend you send it by special delivery as even the post isn’t reliable these days; at least they promise the letter will get there the next day. Ask Consumer Direct how you should word the letter, i.e giving them so many days to respond, or just do this yourself; I have found CD very helpful in this way. I would give Consumer Direct a call first thing on Monday morning, wait until the time you have given the car dealer to elapse, if you haven’t had a reply or even if you do and it is negative, take it to your bank and request the form for the Visa Chargeback; you will then have the evidence the bank will need.

    I would get the ball rolling straightaway, this week. You have 120 days, that is what the chargeback’s rules are, so the sooner you start this the better, and good luck! 🙂

  • Jamie 18 February, 1:08 pm

    Thankyou Paul and Heather for you advice it is certainly very helpful and I will start to gather evidence as soon as possible. I really appreciate the help!

    • Heather 18 February, 1:11 pm

      You’re welcome, jamie, anytime! 🙂

  • Glenn 17 March, 12:47 pm

    I purchased a solar array in December and in January the company went into liquidation. I have most items as paid for but the wrong fixing kit on the roof, no bluetooth monitor and no extended 15 warranty on my inverter. I am trying to claim back for the missing items as I paid my initial deposit on my credit card.

    The credit card company that I pay for an independent report to detail what I do and don’t have. I have sent them 70 pages of information to support my claim but they are insisting that my claim against them is likely to fail because I won’t do this.

    It is plain to see that the fixing kit that I have in not the one paid for as they look so different. You don’t have to be a member of MENSA to see the difference. A child can see that they are not the same items.

    I have highlighted the Sales of Goods Act to them and section 75 of the Credit Consumer Act but they don’t appear at all interested. The say that they are bound by the rules from VISA, and that they are copyrighted so I cannot see a copy.

    They have just started the Chargeback process for the deposit amount paid.
    How much, in your opinion am I being fobbed off?

  • Heather 17 March, 3:01 pm

    Hi Glenn,

    From what you say, I feel the company have set out to cheat you. I suggest you google for the price of your missing parts. Your second paragraph I find a bit confusing..
    Keep all your correspondence to and from this company. I suggest that you seek legal advice on this, but before that I would write a letter to the company telling them how much the missing parts cost and how they have given you totally different parts and to inform them that you intend to take this matter to court and give them a certain time frame in which to reply, say, 7 working days; send it by special delivery.
    I would also call Consumer Direct; I found their advice invaluable. I hope I have been some help to you. Stand your ground.

  • Celeste 17 March, 6:39 pm

    I have placed 4 orders with Abercrombie & Fitch using my bank of scotland visa debit card, all orders have arrived however when i got the invoices 8 of my items have been ‘back ordered’ as the stock was not available. Checked on the A&F website and it says back ordered items will not be charged for until the goods are sent out but yet they have charged me for all of these items.
    It seems A&F do not have any info of these back ordered items as i think there warehouse is dealt with by another company so i have scanned all the documents and emailed them to them about 5 times, time and time again they flog me off with some lies and still have had no refund or products delivered. Will my bank be able to do something about this?

  • Heather 17 March, 8:44 pm

    Hello Celeste,

    This is happening far too much lately online.. have you their address? If you have, write them a letter, tell them about it and what you want–goods or refund, and also tell them they have 7 working days to respond or you will be looking to take legal action against them. Whilst you’re waiting, go to your bank and ask for the visa chargeback forms, they will take about a week to arrive. If you don’t hear anything from the company after the given time, make copies of all correspondence, fill out the form from the bank and send it back to the Visa Chargeback department–they should supply a free addressed envelope. Then you wait 🙂 If the Chargeback dept. put your money into your account, don’t spend it yet, wait because they might take it out again, however you Should be given it back again–just a thing the banks do. If you have any problems with the bank, call the Financial Ombudsman. I hope it all goes to plan and that you get your money back.

  • Nicki 24 March, 5:39 pm

    hi I purchased some ear phones for this website
    and they have not come and money was taken from my visa debit card , in fact more than the actual amount requested was taken out.I was wondering am I able to ask for chargeback if the website hasn’t sent my item,or contacted me back with a tracking number?

    • Heather 24 March, 5:58 pm

      Yes, Nicki you can. I would go into your bank and ask for the forms and also tell them that more money was taken out than the amount you paid; thir fraud department will be onto it. Have you tried to make contact with this company? The bank will want to see proof that you have tried asking for your money back. Keep all correspondence–letters and emails are better than phonecalls.

      The fact that the company have your money and you don’t have the item you paid for is enough.
      If the bank get funny with you there is always the Financial Ombudsman you can go to.

      • Nicki 24 March, 6:34 pm

        i went to the bank today and they told me to call a line for fraud and what they said was if the item doesnt arrive i have to come back to them in 30 days, otherwise they is nothing they can do. so i cancelled my card because that what was adviced when i explained the situation.
        When the extra money was taken out the bank called me and asked me if i was aware but i was convinced that maybe its for shipping and they asked me if i cheaked the website out and checked if it is legit. when i did my reserch it seemed legit until today’s research.
        It isn’t an actual dealer its an online website .
        please check this website and see what impression you get from it ?
        i am unable to contact the company apart from email, but each time i do email them , they dont get back to me. When they were supposed to be emailing my tracking number.
        Otherwise i have to wait for a bit longer to see if my iteam will arrive and then get back to the bank.
        will be aloud to claim chargeback if i brought from a fake website and not an actual person/dealer ?

  • Heather 24 March, 6:57 pm

    Hmmm it looks like it could be dodgy, how long have you already waited? Have you tried to contact them?
    I think the bank should be dealing with this–the fraud department should be investigating and contacting you, however I would call them.
    I don’t understand why the bank said 30 days to wait; the bank take quite a while to investigate. If you feel something is wrong I wouldn’t wait, I would get straight on to the Financial Ombudsman. Yes, you should get a chargeback regardless.

  • Nicki 24 March, 7:06 pm

    Thank You , i will try and re contact the bank about this asap.
    i have been waiting since Thursday. I know my item would come in a week if its a legit site but the problem is they have contacted me back via email at all or sent me a tracking a number.
    when i view my order all that is there is the amount paid , my payment method , my shipping address and my order. no other options all comments on my tracking or weather my item has even been dispatched.

    • Heather 24 March, 7:26 pm

      My answer is at the bottom of the page, Nicki.

  • Heather 24 March, 7:25 pm

    Have the company ignored your emails? Can you call them? Have you?
    If you think they are ignoring you then I would get the ball rolling because they probably are. I would start with calling Consumer Direct on Monday.

  • Nicki 24 March, 7:34 pm

    The company has ignored my emails and i am unable to call them , they have not provided a number.
    consumer direct ?
    have you got the number by any chance?

    • Heather 24 March, 7:40 pm

      We must trust our own instincts in life–I think the company could be dodgy and so do you.The number for Consumer Direct is at the top of this page, if you don’t want to dial a premium line, google ”saynoto” and you will see where it says ”to get an alternative number”–I do it all the time!

      I found Consumer Direct very helpful. Good luck Nicki!

  • Heather 24 March, 7:44 pm

    Oh and Nicki, print off every email you sent them, you will need them when you get the chargeback form 🙂

  • Nicki 24 March, 7:44 pm

    Thank You so much! I will give them a call on Monday and I will get back to you if needing any further advice :)!

    • Heather 24 March, 7:51 pm

      You’re very welcome, go get ’em girl! Very pleased to have helped 🙂
      CD will probably tell you to send a recorded delivery letter to the company giving them so many days; as they have ignored you I would give them 7 working days. You probably won’t hear anything, so then you go back to your bank and ask to speak to the manager–don’t take no for an answer! 🙂 If they won’t then call the Financial Ombudsman and let him deal with it 🙂

  • Heather 24 March, 7:53 pm

    Oh and let me know how you get on! 🙂 Just google the FO if you need him, the number to call will be there 🙂

  • Nicki 24 March, 7:59 pm

    Hehe thank You so much , i feel so much more encouraged to fight for my right to get my money back 🙂 .
    okay , i will do 🙂

  • Paul Waddilove 24 March, 8:54 pm

    Heather, the latest update re getting my Visa Debit Card Rebate is that NatWest don’t want to know. After sending the docs twice, then going into the Bank & Faxing them a further 2 x they replied with all the previous letters date stamped as received by them 3 days after posting/faxing, good system they have. Anyway I assume now that my only recourse is via the Financial Ombudsman? Not very happy, but it seemed that not only have I lost £5000, but my self-employed job as well. Why does this sort of stuff only happen to normal hard working people?

    • Heather 24 March, 9:06 pm

      I know the feeling, I have a dental dispute for a lot of money, its terrible but we have just got to fight and I am so sick of fighting but what other choice have we, money doesn’t grow on trees 🙁 I just hope their Karma catches up with them in one form or another..

      Yes, go to the FO, hand it over to them, it will take a while but at least you won’t have to do any more–stuff like this takes it out of us. You’ll find the number online, better call them first thing on Monday morning, let me know what happens–it should all come right for you 🙂

    • Heather 24 March, 9:14 pm

      I’m sending you some good luck, Paul, try to keep optimistic, it’ll help 🙂

      Keep me posted!

  • Ivana 27 March, 4:05 pm

    Hello Heather,

    One question. My husband bought something online from this website:

    They took our money and then sent us email saying that parcel was damged and that tey can’t send us our item. My husband cancel this order and asked for full refund. It’s been three weeks now, and they just keep sending us emails saying that refund will be given shortly.
    But we don’t want to wait another month because it’s a scam! I don’t believe in anything they are saying anymore. And I’m not the first person cheeted by this website.

    My husband payed by visa debit card. Is there any chance to get our money back??

    Thank you.

    • Heather 27 March, 7:07 pm

      Hello Ivana,
      Yes, go to your bank, best to go in instead of calling, tell them you want to have a chargeback, they will send you the forms. Print off every email the company have sent you and an y that you have sent them. Meanwhile write a letter to the company, be to the poiint, give them 7 working days to respond and tell them that failure to refund you will result in court action. I don’t suppose you will get any reply at all, I didn’t when I was scammed online, anyway, send it recorded or special delivery is best; it will help you with the chargeback, copy your letter and submit it with the form you send back to your bank. Get started tomorrow. If your bank get funny with you and refuse, go to the Financial Ombudsman, the number is online 🙂 I would love to throw these scammers in jail! Best to you.

  • Vlad 27 March, 4:38 pm

    Hi I paid for my HGV training to company Direct LGV by Halifax debit card sum of 2498£. three payments Jun 2011, October 2011, march 2012.I was geting ready for my practical test but the dates were always changed.finally on 26 march i should start my practical test,but instructor told me,that the Direct LGV didnt pay him for my practical and 5 other people in last few weeks have same problem as me.than I found review about this company.They are scammers just take money but never give services.Fake company only exist virtually.Am I able to claim for charge back?

    • Heather 27 March, 6:58 pm

      My reply is at the bottom–keep forgetting to click on reply! BTW send the letter special delivery, the post is terrible these days, recorded delivery can go astray. It costs a bit more (damn them!) but it will get there the next day.

    • Heather 27 March, 7:25 pm

      Vlad, just thinking, you could send them a solicitors letter, it might worry them and wouldn’t cost that much to have sent.

  • Heather 27 March, 6:56 pm

    Yes! Start the ball rolling, go into your bank tomorrow. The bank will send you the forms and will want to see that you have tried to make contact, such as letters, emails, etc. Evidence is what they want, take copies and send them with the forms. Before this, while you’re waiting for the forms, write to the company, give them 7 working days to respond, be to the point and tell them that failure to reimburse you, you will be taking legal action against them.

    I am so sorry this has happened to you. If your bank won’t play ball with you, call the Financial Ombudsman and let him deal with your bank, you are entitled to a chargeback. This ‘company’ should be jailed. You could go down the legal route but I think the chargeback is far better, less costly and hopefully less lengthy.

    Let me know how you get on. Something should be done to stop these vile people, there are so many of them it makes my blood boil.

  • Ivana 27 March, 7:39 pm

    Thank you Heather!!!
    There are still good people in this world :)))

    I’ll keep you posted.

    All the best to you Heather.

    • Heather 27 March, 7:44 pm

      Thank you! 🙂 I appreciate it. Pleased to be able to help.

  • Heather 27 March, 7:51 pm

    * Something that might be helpful to EVERYONE; have a look on review sites before you buy ANYTHING online unless you KNOW the company is reputable *

  • Nicki 31 March, 8:56 am

    Hi Heather.
    I got my item delivered to me yesterday.
    However the product is fake.
    when it is advertised to me real on the FAQS page ,
    what should i do ?
    Because i am scared to send them back as i dont have bank detials
    anymore and you have to pay to send them back.
    This website was advertised to be in the Uk but when i finally recived my tracking number i found out it was in hong kong ?
    please help me.

    • Nicki 31 March, 9:05 am

      this is the faq part of the website :

    • Heather 31 March, 9:07 am

      Oh Nicki.. that is just awful.
      Why is it that you don’t have bank details, I’m a bit confused, you do have a bank, don’t you? I hope so. Don’t pay to send it back, they will only say they didn’t get it and you have wasted enough money already on these crooks, ugh its so disgusting.

      If you still have your bank account, after you get the forms, contact the visa department or/and go into your bank and tell them.

      Have you had any trouble getting the forms, has the bank refused you the chargeback?

    • Heather 31 March, 9:14 am

      I’ve just sent them an email telling them what I think of them.

      • Nicki 31 March, 9:34 am

        Well i am only 17 , i have a bank under my mums name until i am 18.
        so i used a friends account and after money was taken from his Visa debit card he was adviced to canel it and open up a new account.

        Am i able to get money back for been sent fake products?

        when you emailed them did you email them on their website , ?

  • Nicki 31 March, 9:33 am

    Well i am only 17 , i have a bank under my mums name until i am 18.
    so i used a friends account and after money was taken from his Visa debit card he was adviced to canel it and open up a new account.

    Am i able to get money back for been sent fake products?

    when you emailed them did you email them on their website , ?

    • Heather 31 March, 9:47 am

      Hi Nicki,

      Then I would both go into your friend’s bank together and explain what has happened. They will be able to advise when they understand the situation, maybe your friend would have to ask for the chargeback as its his account.

      I emailed them on their website.

      • Nicki 31 March, 9:54 am

        We went to the bank together to ask for a charge back and he was told to come back in 30 days if the product was not received , however my product has am not sure if I am entitled to charge back in this case.
        The issue that i know have is that the website false advertised as the earphones are not real and i would like to get my money back.
        But like you said if i sent them the item i would get mislead and lose out on more money and not only they wouldn’t be able to refund me without an account.

        They do not reply to you or receive emails through the website i had to use my actual email address account in order for them to reply to me.

  • Nicki 31 March, 9:42 am

    i sent them an email a while ago saying:

    Hi i have received my earphones. But they look fake ?
    The cleaning cloth is small , when it is supposed to be big in size,
    My menu is not shiny ,
    the face of Dr Dre is dark and i cannot see his neck

    Please tell me truth are they real or FAKE?
    Because i am been notified that these are fake .


    Not only but I have not got the normal cable inside. I only revived one.
    Can i Please get a refund and send these back to you as they are fake. However on your website it advertises that your ear phones are real.
    Please email me back with an explanation.

    Can you please send me a chain of title documentation?
    Not only you are not on the authorized seller list on the Dr Dre website.

    Please email me back as soon as possible .
    Thank you

    • Heather 31 March, 9:55 am

      And after that email, they ignored you. This screams scam 🙁 Keep copies of all emails to and from them, if they ever sent you any, and show the bank, they should be able to take copies and pass them to the chargeback team.

      Let me know what happens.

      • Nicki 31 March, 10:06 am

        Oh no that email was only sent today ,
        they have replied back to all the other ones before when i asked for my tracking number , it took them a while but they got back to me.i have to wait for them to email me back about them been fake then gather up all my documents ? because they have yet refused.

  • lauren 12 April, 8:30 pm

    I paid for a tooth whitening treatment on KGB. Basically the tooth whitening didn’t work. The company “wow white” offer a money back garentee if they don’t whiten your teeth, I tried to ask for my money back and they wouldn’t give it to me all they would offer me was the same treatment again at the same price, (god knows why they thought that would work). KGB won’t refund me as they say I redeemed the voucher (I had to do this to book the appointment). Tried emailing wow white and they keep ignoring me. As I paid with my card would I be able to claim this back??

    • Heather 12 April, 11:55 pm

      Hello Lauren,

      I looked up KGB on google and its been written that they’re a scamI read that they’re a scam. Its terrible there’s so much of this going on, yes go to your bank and ask for the forms from the visa chargeback dept. Tell the bank why and they will call them for you while you are there. Keep all the emails you sent, print them off and send them with the forms back to the visa dept, you will be given a pre-paid envelope. Sounds like a scam when they get you to redeem the voucher and then tell you they won’t refund you because you’ve used it. Its disgusting. Did you pay by debit or credit card? Either way you will be entitled to the chargeback–all banks do it, don’t let them tell you otherwise, its just easier if you paid by credit card. Always do that when you buy any costly item. Put on the form that the company have ignored you and you think they’re a scam. If your bank refuse you, call the Financial Ombudsman, just google and you will get the number.

      I would go into your bank as soon as you can. Good luck Lauren, you shouldn’t have a problem. Let me know how you get on. Its so horrible to be scammed, I’ve been through it too so I know how you feel.


  • Lauren 16 April, 11:49 am

    I’ve received a fault table from Debenhams and if I want a replacement I have to pay again and wait for a refund at a later date.

    I’ve written the email below to them and copied it to trading standards, however could i use the charge back system or can anyone suggest any more outlets to lodge my complaint please?

    “I took delivery of Light solid oak ‘Newport’ dining table which I ordered on 31/03/12 and received on 14/04/12.

    It has an obvious manufacturing fault where the table top is screwed to the frame resulting in a large crack.

    Firstly I am disappointed that this passed quality control (and the obvious fact that this box has been opened and resealed several times) and my second and most argued point is the customer service I have been offered is a disgrace.

    Sunday morning I spoke with Amber and supervisor Emma regarding the point that if I wish to order a replacement table I must pay another £212 to order a new table and then await a refund.

    I had spoken with the complaint team (Karl & call centre manager Gina) who have confirmed that Debenhams final response on this issue is that if want a replacement I need to pay the further £212 and awaiting a refund when the new table is delivered/old one collected in two weeks.

    I am unhappy as this is a large amount to pay again.

    This naturally has made me very angry, as if it had been a cheap pair of shoes I had ordered it wouldn’t be a problem, but because 2 weeks ago I gave you £400, I obviously shouldn’t have to pay again!

    To resolve this I want a new table ordering so that I am not just stuck with 4 dining chairs as soon as possible, and I will not pay an additional £212 and await a refund as if this current service is anything to go by I’ll be arguing a long time to get my money back.

    Gina of the call centre suggested that I contact Trading standards as she was unaware if Debenhams were subject to any Ombudsman, therefore as a result I have copied this email to my local trading standard office.”

    Please help!!

    • Heather 16 April, 2:33 pm

      Oh Lauren, that is disgraceful, but it isn’t the first time I have heard such a despicable attitude from Debenhams, they seem to be a disgusting company that everyone should boycott; mind you, there are just So many disgusting companies these days, its a case of never buying anything from anyone.. however, I have concluded that in future I shall only buy from John Lewis’–I ordered a table and chairs from them, it was too large in my room and they collected it without a hitch and refunded me.

      I can so understand your anger; what they have told you is wrong, however I don’t know if the bank will see it that way as they haven’t refused you a refund.. (banks seem to think money grows on trees and you can just keep shelling out..)

      As far as the Ombudsman goes, and I have been through this myself; FIRA are free to the public and can submit a report–to you and the company, they will come out and look at the furniture, try telling Debenhams this is what you want. However, although FIRA are attached to the Furniture Ombudsman, one has to pay to see if Debenhams are signed with them.. and they don’t have to be.. That to me is infuriating and inviting trouble for the customer. Makes me SO mad!

      But then, it isn’t that Debenhams are disputing you have a problem..
      I think you have 3 choices here, go into your bank and tell them of the predicament you’re in, see the manager and ask if he can help. Go to the CAB and see if they can provide a list of legal aid solicitors that can tell you your rights, or simply call consumer direct–who our dear government have now made the CAB.. oh how I object to the government interfering and making justice far more difficult to get–or you could simply pay for 15 minutes with a solicitor and ask your rights and he/she may do a letter to Debenhams threatening legal action–for it simply isn’t on to ask you to pay again, even if they will give you your money back. You Could try sending Debenhams a letter threatening legal action yourself; after all to ask you to do what they are asking is obviously wrong to anyone. Give them 7 days from the date of your letter to respond to you.

      Hope this helps? The very best of luck to you, don’t let them get away with this, go get ’em! So sorry you are having to go through this.

      All the very best, Heather

    • Heather 16 April, 2:45 pm

      Oh, and as for Trading Standards, Lauren, they to my mind should be in court for turning a blind eye to rogue traders for YEARS, saying to me they ”haven’t had enough complaints!”

      BTW keep every e-mail, letter from Debenhams and what you have sent them–your email to them was excellent. Show them to the bank, make a few copies so you don’t have to print them again, and if you send a letter to Debenhams threating legal action (find out your rights first, conclusively) make sure you send it by special delivery, even the post messes up.

      Conclusion? That we should all live in a monastery and escape All of this–they wouldn’t be able to con us then, would they!

    • Heather 16 April, 3:02 pm

      Try finding solicitors that will deal with consumer protection–some solicitors give a free 30 minutes.

  • David 16 April, 1:09 pm

    Hi Heather,

    Just a little update…I have been completely reimbursed by Natwest (£2050).
    Actually, since I paid by debit card, Natwest has requested the money to Visa and after asking me a few documents proving I have never received the goods, Visa agreed to pay me back.
    Thank you very much Heather for your help!


    • Heather 16 April, 2:11 pm

      Oh David That is music to my ears, I am Very happy for you! 🙂

      Thank you for getting back to me. You’re most welcome! Now go out and celebrate!!!

    • Heather 16 April, 3:07 pm

      I’m now thinking of changing my disgusting bank to NatWest!

      No one in their right mind should bank with Santander.

    • Rachna 27 March, 7:52 pm


      If Natwest or any bank refuse you to refund your money then you should complaint here

      phone helpline on 0300 123 9 123 or 0800 023 4567

      I call them directly and then they said If natwest refuse to pay your amount then, I should complaint on natwest.

      So tomorrow first I will complaint my Bank Natwest, If they refuse then I have to contact them.

  • Camille 19 April, 7:26 am


    Can anyone help me because me and my mum just booked a return flight cost £1070.00 from London to Manila through TravelOTickets UK LTD last Friday (April 13, 2012) “the manager” said he will issue our ticket last Monday (April 16,2012) but then when we called him he said “their ticketing team” could not issue our tickets not until May 1, 2012 which is only 3 days before our departure date. The problems keep on going because when I phoned the airlines, Kuwait airline, they said travelOtickets uk ltd only reserved our flight but not paid for our tickets and the flight is also fully booked. Now, this TravelOTickets UK ltd won’t take our calls therefore my mum rang HSBC for Visa direct debit charge scheme and they said they could not help us to get our money back :((. Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you. This problem’s effect is just heart breaking; couldn’t sleep at all as I’m thinking about it too much. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  • Hamza Naser 5 May, 1:01 am

    Hi Camille, hope you had your problem sorted but if not, then it may be an idea to actually ring up the nattwest chargeback number provided above first and try to get them to push you to the right departments for HSBC banks so they can assist you first.

    However, in the unfortunate event of this not working out, then I had a problem like this in the past (however it was with a roof installation which went terribly wrong, builder never answered calls). ring up your local trading standards and if the travel company is a registered business (which they definitely should be) then there shouldn’t be a problem with them helping you get back every last penny! Hope that helps, if not, my apologies.

  • Sean 7 May, 1:28 am


    On March 21st this year, I paid for engine anchillaries for my engine from K M Automotive £1,152 using my VISA debit card to their bank and got confirmation email about this and was promised 4 to 6 working days to deliver the parts.

    The package never came as promised, despite many calls and emailings to the manager, Neil or the colleagues at K M Automotive.

    So I rang/email them that I am cancelling the order and demand refund, they ignore my request and someone from car forum gave me the link about them and it turn out the have this history of taking customers’ money but fail to deliver or giving faulty parts.

    I wonder if I could get my money back via Visa Debit Chargeback from my HSBC bank?


  • Siobhan 10 May, 5:01 pm

    Hi there…oooh I have a problem. I have just been onto my online banking and have noticed that I have had a payment to or every month for a loooonnng time! the company have taken 19.95 every month and basically I have just tried to look the company up on google and I cant find any information about them,their website comes up on a google search but then when I click the link to open the site an error page comes up saying that the website is no longer available. The last withdrawl was made on the 23rd April and has been taken on this same date for a long time (long enough that I cant access how far back it goes on internet banking) Anyways I firstly wonder who else has this problem and what if anythin I can do??? I should say that I dont remember even setting up an account/membership with this site and also in my online banking there is no direct debit set up to pay to them so they are basicall accessing my account without my knowledge and I have no way to cancel it! HEEEELP!!!

    • Heather 15 May, 9:50 pm

      Oh No, Siobhan, put a stop on your card right away! Tell the bank tomorrow and the police.. your bank should re-imburse you.

      Good luck.

  • Gary 15 May, 8:17 pm


    I recently bought a sofa from YesSofa and it was delivered faulty. I did not sign a delivery note and took photos of the sofa straight away. I’ve contacted YesSofa and, after some coercion, they provided an email address for me to send the photos to. I sent the email and asked for them to reply to confirm receipt however this was not forthcoming. I called the comapny who said they received the photos and that I would be contacted by Ryan from Homeserve. This hasn’t happened! I paid my deposit by Barclaycard and the balance by Barclays visa debit card. Am I able to claim via chargeback?

  • Heather 15 May, 9:44 pm

    Yes, you should be able to, go into your bank and tell them, they will send you the forms. Send evidence, such as all emails–whether they replied or not–send all correspondence. If you have any problem you need to contact the Financial Ombudsman.

    I was in the same situation, however, Santander refused me on the grounds that I should talk to the company! I had told them it was a company of rogue traders but it made no difference; the Ombudsman offered me £75! I rejected it–I had lost £539.00 I had to prise the money out of Saga on my home insurance, it was disgusting, my premium will go up 🙁 I argued with Saga for 3 months–I’m through with them and when my insurance runs out in August will be looking to find someone else… But, you bank with Barclays–I’m hoping you get it–no one can surely be as bad as Santander.
    It has been months and I am Still waiting for the Ombudsman to look at my complaint..
    I wish you good luck!

  • Shane Corney 16 May, 12:57 pm


    I recently bought a pair of ‘Gstar’ jeans off of a website which claimed to be american for 70 pounds. Afterwards i realised it was a fake/dodgy website from numerous complaints on google of people claiming there jeans either never came or they sent wrong jeans that were also fake. My jeans arrived after 20 days from China ‘not america’ they were wrong colour, size, make and were also fakes as i own a pair by the make they sent me that i bought from another supplier. I have emailed them numerous times requesting a refund and labels for free postage and no reply. What can i do?


  • eveie 31 May, 8:36 pm

    i recently purchased a fiat punto from car giant costing #4299.00, which i paid for with visa debit within 11 days a fault developed on the gearbox, i returned to car giant and after long discussions they agreed to look at it, a few days later they informed me the car had a major gearbox problem and tht it had gone to a gearbox specialist, i requested a refund under the sale of goods act 1979 as it was not in satisfactory condition, they refused this saying they do not offer refunds, it took 4 weeks before i received the car back, 12 days later another gearbox fault developed, again i requested a refund and again they have sent it for repairs. i do not want to accept the car back as i have owned it 9 weeks and car giant have had it 6 weeks, its not reliable and as a lone female who travels alot it is now worrying me. can i request a charge back from natwest visa debit? please help

  • Gary 5 June, 11:12 pm

    Hi Heather

    Just to let you know, I have received the chargeback request forms from Barclays. Just need to get my evidence together and send the forms back. Unfortunately, I don’t have a copy of the email as I sent it from work but I have a copy of my mobile phone bill and also the letter I sent to Yes Sofa giving them 7 days to respond (which they didn’t!).

    I’ll let you know what happens!


  • Janet 7 June, 11:04 pm


    I have had 4 amounts now taken from my bank £4, £3.49 £60 and £69.99 and all it says is my loans I am a 67 year old woman in need off help all it says is myloan and last 4 digits of my card

  • Heather 8 June, 12:44 am

    That’s good stuff, Gary, thanks for updating me, I am keeping my fingers crossed for you–hope Barclays are better than Santander, oh btw I had a letter from the Financial Ombudsman.. they are telling Santander to pay me £100 to me for the bank not giving me the chargeback–not enough in my opinion–they first offered me £50.. but I told them No, so I was kept waiting for a few months! I had a fight on my hands for 3 months with Saga, my insurers.. I won but that’s not the point, the bak should have given me the chargeback–instead they told me to speak to the rogue traders.. And yes I had sent them the evidence and Told them; the Ombudsman should have come down hard on them–instead they seem to prefer a high workload to make everyone wait 🙁 I wish you luck, Gary.
    Sorry its taken a while to come back to you–I’m in the throes of taking a dentist to court.. terrible, no matter what it is you have to fight 🙁

  • dave 21 June, 2:29 am


    i have used my card for online gambling but one site i haven’t used appeared in large numbers on my statement, and so my card has been used fraudulently, will chargeback cover me for this as no goods were involved as such?

    Barclays customer

  • Kimberlie Southern 22 June, 10:29 am

    Hi, I recently applied for a loan via telephone services. I have however also looked online. Last week I had 69.99 withdrawn from my account.

    I was told by my bank that they could not tell me who was taking it out until the 3 day clearance period showed it up on their system. After the 3 days I again called the bank. I was told it was At NO time have I had dealings with these people and certainly would not give details online.

    I called the company and they said “You must have accepted the terms and conditions”. However this is most definitely not the case. These unscrupulous, uncaring people are taking advantage of people in dire financial need otherwise they would not be applying for loans. Often these are single mothers with children to care for. How can they get away with this? Surely its theft let alone fraud?

  • William Graham 26 June, 8:04 pm

    Hi i had £400 taken from my account which I did not agree to by a company called Resort Servie Care for a holiday, the holiday never materialised and I have not had a refund, I contacted my bank through proper channels and have been told its my responsibilty to get a letter from this company or its liquidators to say they are no longer in business or that they are not providing the service!! who on earth is going to provide such a letter??? my band RBS has told me they are not willing to help me unless I provide this evidnce, I am shocked t thier attitude, any advice?

  • Stephen Lambert 17 July, 12:54 pm

    Hi, I went onto Googles Price Comparison Site , 19th June 2012 to look for a prices for a Zanussi Oven & Hob Set , several companys were listed , i clicked on a company called Popor Electronics , saw the oven i wanted , i contacted them asking if they had stock & what the delivey cost was? within 15 minutes a got a email back saying they had stock and delivery price a total of : £201.98p i logged on as a new customer & ordered the Oven & Hob set from Popor Electronics , on there website they had there Barclays account details i had to make a bank transfer, using my Nationwide visa debit card which i did.
    i didnt get a email or nothing back from them , so i tryed phoning them nothing, the next day there website had gone , so i went straight to my local police & nationwide building society and reported this online scam, the Police made a few notes , but told me to seek advice from Nationwide , they put me through to there fraud department , who stopped my debit visa card , & told me i would get my payment back & told me to fill in a form about what had happened , a week or so later i got a letter from Nationwide saying they could not pay me back my payment as i had made a bank transfer payment i spoke to them on the phone and at my local brance saw the manager they said they couldnt help me , i then went back to the police and said i would like a incident report made out about the online scam crime which they did , i provided them with the bank details and phone number and address of this scam , i havan`t head nothing from them since .
    any advice? & what if any are the chances of me getting my £201.98p back ?

  • lily 10 August, 4:01 pm

    i initially did a free trial at ziinga n then was automattically signed upto this membership which i was unaware of in june however yesterdy august 9 i was charged £60 help i need a refund they are refusing i have told my bank to put a stop to any further charges but how do i get a refund

  • Nicole 19 August, 9:51 am

    I have had a bad experience with a FX trading website,which took over my computer and put bugs in my computer, their statement changed, trades made on my behalf which cleaned all my money.

    The worst thing they have my passport details, credit card detail and the last 3 security number in fact they have photocopy of my card. I had spend couple of hundred of £ but they took more and more money without my authorisation, i never got a receipt and when I complained and demanded my refund they assured me I would get this back, we are talking £10,000 in total they have scammed my credit card and I was so stupid I gave my debit card in error when they told me credit card was having problems, i was assured they would refund me. I called on several occassions and the usual assurance the money is refunded but never happened.

    In fact a lot of trade took place without my knowledge or authority. This company is a cyprus based and a nightmare to deal with they have closed my account.

    My credit card company is aware of this and as you can appreciate it takes time to resolve this issue, I know for a fact that this company is not going to pay back my deposit which they took.
    The company is running a smart scam and guess what it is regulated by the FSA but the FSA says it can not help me and that I have to complaint to the Cyprus authority, but when I called last week for an update I was told they dont communicate with individual but to keep an eye on their website which is very basic aimed at the corporate update rather than the consumer. What is my right? taking this scam company to court will involve vast cost in Cyprus, which I don’t have the money and to be frank i don’t trust their legal system even it says it is following EC regulated.

    HELP!!! One of my credit card company has been difficult.

  • Mairi 20 August, 8:56 pm

    I and my Neighbours purchased, at the same time, log burner and all the accessories for fitting…not delivered and now company has ceased trading, RBS has given me help and I have applied for refund under chargeback scheme, my neighbours, 85and 86 year old,bank with Clydesdale Bank, they have had no help and have been told there is no such scheme…..should we just write to Head Office and send copies of their evidence. I feel they are being very unfairly treated

  • simon 8 October, 7:24 pm

    I was scammed by, they took £59.99 for a membership fee that they put in their terms and conditions, nowhere else did they say that I would be charged for this, I didn’t even know about it, They charged me another £35 to cancel the contract.
    Can I get my money back with chargeback for this?

  • Heather 9 October, 8:40 am

    Hi Simon,
    Yes, you can. Go into your bank, use their phone and ask their chargeback dept. to send you the forms. Collect all evidence of communication, emails, letters as proof you have tried to get your money back and send the them back to the bank.

    Should you have a problem with your bank, contact the Financial Ombudsman.

  • yatin 25 October, 12:00 am

    i got the same problem as Simon, when i told the bank, the bank said that was not them business, and tell me is not a fraud company, i was so angry, i have no idea how to get my money back. what can i do ?

  • Mrs. L.M. Humphreys 30 October, 3:49 pm

    I was forced into buying a security system from Avangate = Performersoft. When I realised I did not need it I asked my bank to apply a chargeback for my visa payment. The money was refunded to my account. Avangate took the money again saying that they did not refund or cancel orders. They wrote and told my bank this. I did not accept this and since august have bambarded Avangate with emails until they gave in and ordered a refund, They say my bank needs to do a chargeback. I have sent the latest email to the bank and asked them to do another chargeback but they refuse saying visa do not allow it and that I have lost the money after all. Is this correct. Any help would be appreciated.

  • ahsan 2 November, 2:56 pm

    hi i recently bought an iphone the phone never arrived and seller said he will refund me but never arrived and today i found out the seller shut down the website. am i covered? and i am unable to contact the seller

  • victoria inglis 6 November, 6:44 pm

    HI, I paid for an oven online with comet and have been told i wont be getting my oven or a refund, i paid by debit card so not sure where I stand, can anyone give me advice.

  • COLETTE 3 December, 11:45 pm

    hi i bought some items online some 4 weeks ago and they have not been delivered..i have spoken to the company on numerous occasions who state that i entered my email address as my home did no one see the mistake before it was posted as i asumed there would be a product check before the items were released for posting..with this ompany apparently not!!! ive been told i may have to wait 3-4 months for the said items to be returned to the comapny by royal mail when i should then get an email asking me what i want to do with the items…. i refrained from giving them the answer i wanted to.please any help on this matter would be gratfully accepted

  • GB 21 December, 7:45 pm

    hi, how do you do chargebacks online? thanks.

  • Anik Bhowmik 5 January, 3:29 pm

    Hi, I lost my wallet a few days ago. (And I only just realised now) but someone has managed to access my money and i see some large pending transactions totalling around £5000. I can’t believe my bank never bothered to call me and ask. I did not part take in these transactions. But what do I tell my bankk?! 🙁

  • sdb 10 January, 2:42 pm please.. i brought some items from china online worth 730.00 .. this was in novemebr 2012. im still waiting.. ive had communication with the seller.. but not the seller is not responding.. ive searched for the website and its not valid anymore… am i covered?

  • A Roberts 17 January, 2:09 pm

    I was not aware of “chargeback” when i paid for goods on my Visa debit card in April 2010..Is it too late to claim ?.. These goods were never sent,and there was no intention to do so ,,Many others have also fallen foul of these people as i have now found out ..Do i stand any chance of my money back..I am an oap and the amount was £40.00..

  • Raja Ganesan 18 February, 10:56 pm

    Last month I bid on a ipod nano at £4.43 and won the bid. I was then asked to register then I just used my debit card number and paid the amount £5.43.Then they are asked me to fill the form with all my debit card details but I have not filled the form and also contacted customer care team and cancelled my account with in the 3 days free trial period. But Ziinga has taken £59:99 in my account on 14-Feb-13 without intimate me. They have not suppose to use my credit card details and take the moneyfrom my account, I have not signed any Direct Debit and also not login with the Ziinga system past 1months. Could you please help me to get the money back.

  • shaunT 20 February, 11:25 am

    you never read the terms and conditions. Ziinga have signed you into a monthly contract using your debit card details. also known as a Continuous Authority Transaction(CAT).

    It is all quite clear in the terms and conditions. you can cancel the CAT with your bank but you’ve lost the money you have already paid.

  • Julia Haigh 3 March, 1:31 am

    imagine my total shock when two payments one of 59.75 and one of 69.99 had been taken out of my account without my permission i searched for a loan and went through e-small loans who advised me on the 1.53 per min phone call that they were a broker but wouldnt charge me as i was paying for the call they did tell me other LENDERS would contact me, i have since been signed up with LOANS DIRECT and MYLOANS two companies who say i filled out an application but i never went on their website i had no clue who they were, what they did and after 4 phone calls to them today they have told me they wont refund the money or close my account, i have asked my bank to dispute these payments they are also sending me out a new card my worry is how many other companies, i have seen atleast 30 new comments today and there are hunderds more that say in particular MYLOANS are a scam company, how do i get my money back, i went through official channels emailing the companies but from the phone conversations im scared that i wont get it back, i went on both sites after recieveing welcome information i didnt log on im not that daft but they DO NOT advertise themselves as loan brokers but list information on interest rates about loans how many people have gone on these sites and actually unwittingly signed themselves up to a loan broker or even wrose in my case never even went on to their site and got charged in total between both sites 129.74. Can they do this and can you help me?

  • Ami 18 April, 6:53 am

    I got paid today and was not aware that this money would be coming out my account I have had £68.99 come out my account by you lot and feel I have got nothing from it so I would like a refund please hope to hear back soon thanks ami

  • JIAQIN 26 April, 7:37 pm

    On Feb 27 I placed an order from ‘one stop slim shop’ website through Paypal connected with TSB debit card, and the total cost is £44.35 and the website link is
    Because the website announce that the shipping rate is free for over £40 order, I was not charged for shipping fee at first.
    But on Mar 18, they email me said they need to charge the delivery fee £15, I thought it is too expensive, so I applied for a refund.
    However, until now, I have not received the refund yet, I have been waited for a longtime and contacted this website for lots of times, but they are not replying me anymore.
    Can i use the chargeback scheme to claim my money back??

  • Simz 29 June, 6:32 am

    Absolutely stressed. I lost/had my little purse stolen which had my halifax current account debit card and drivers licence. Shortly after, I saw I had abouDt £480 taken out of my halifax current account to pay for betting at supercasino online! I have cancelled my debit card. Whats going to happen next? Whats my chances that I will see my £480 back in my account

  • Anouska 25 July, 4:38 pm

    I booked flights through Opodo to Egypt to leave next week. The group trip I planned to travel on has been cancelled today due to civil unrest although the airline is still flying into Egypt. Understandably I don’t want to fly there when the other part of my trip is cancelled
    Am I able to claim chargeback for these flights?

  • Courtney 8 November, 10:28 pm

    I was searching for a short term pay day loan and happened to go onto This site claimed to send your details to various loan suppliers and find the best deal. I applied and was inundated with emails and calls. I then managed to sort my finaces without the help of a loan but sent me an email saying they have taken £67 from me as a ‘membership fee’. This was never made clear to myself that this would be happening as I would never have applied in the first place. Is there anyway I can recover the money?

  • Catherine Sunter 28 February, 5:08 pm

    After checking my bank this morning a company called enhanced financial had raked £69.99 out of my account without my permission or knowledge… Isn’t this fraud as I have not agreed online to anything or signed anything from them

    • Tania gudka 29 March, 11:02 am

      I work for a bank, so this is standard regulation. You should contact your bank straight away and let them know, they will check other recent transactions with you to ensure there are no other unrecognised payments. This is called an ‘unauthorised payment’, unless it was a cheque, the bank must refund you immediately (if after 10am, payment must be refunded same day, if after 3pm, then the next day). The bank will send you a form which you need to sign and return. The bank will investigate the transaction. If it was made by card, it could be that your card has Been cloned, they will then cancel your current card and send you another. Hope this helps you.

  • craig neilson 20 March, 10:30 pm

    Hi quick question my partner ordered a dress online and when she submitted her order it said it was unsuccessful but the amount due for the dress was taken from my account. I have no confirmation email no reciept or anything apart from it coming out my bank. Can i still do a visa debit chargeback? thanks

    • Susen 27 March, 8:04 pm

      Yes you can, I have paid some amount from paypal and I didn’t receive the product and I went to natwest and told them that I want this amount back so they did it, same time. I think there is no problem in online transaction charge back.

  • Susen 27 March, 8:01 pm


    I went to Lush and beauty Beauty salon in wolverhampton, and I am not happy with the treatment, Everytime they use different process on my acne treatment. Now I gave them 3 chances already and every time its different process. It look like that they are experimenting with my skin.

    I have paid the full amount to Lush and beauty Beauty salon approx. £300 already, now as I am not happy with this treatment so I want my money back.

    Please suggest me what should I do. How to claim my money back. My bank statement said that it POS transaction, Do my Natwest will refund my money? If not then what should I do?


  • d m buckland 22 May, 2:42 pm

    I have recently paid a deposit of £64 to Shiply to have my boat transported from Poole Dorset to Teignmouth Devon. This service did not materialise I requested my deposit be refunded but was refused by Shiply and Paypal who said the purchase was not a tangible item and therefore it was not covered by their policy . Shiply were only prepared to transfer the deposit to an account which I was very unlikely to use due to my recent experience and they knew that because that account would be opened for 6 months only.

  • Patricia 24 June, 12:56 am

    I recently made a chargeback claim ,and having been messed about by the bank and being told on at least 5 occassions that they hadan’t recieved the correspondence that I was sending them, (even though on 2 occassions I faxed it from my local bank), I had been given at least 4 different email adresses where to send correspondence, finally was denied a refund on the grounds that I did not return a car that was neither roadworthy or insured, I appealed and my appeal was also denied. I then compained to customer service who seemed to be sympathetic and refunded the cost of the independent report that they requested I had done along with a further £100 for being messed about, but I was still denied a refund. I took my claim to the Financial Ombudsman and I am happy to say that I now have a full refund. I notified the sellers to ask tem to remove the car from my property and I had a very brief reply by saying that the car is registered at DLVA to myself . What do I do with the car ?

  • Maureen Kimbell 1 July, 2:25 pm

    Can you tell me where to find the download letter to my bank requesting the Chargeback proceedure be Initiated.
    Thank you

  • Tracey 1 July, 8:03 pm

    I used my visa to sign up to a membership online.Fee would be taken within 62 days.Had second thoughts so cancelled it next day. Even though i cancelled the membership (14 day cooling off period applies the very next day they debited £67.76 from my account. Can chargeback help me here?

  • Jayne Spence 10 July, 10:57 am

    Hi i have opened a dispute against galabingo as over £200 has went missing from my account i have sent over all relevant emails stating my account has been frozen but i’ve been told this can take up to 3 weeks to be refunded, has anyone else had any experience with this? Thanks

    • Mr Nobby 29 July, 8:56 am

      Please stop wasting money on gambling

  • david murray 11 July, 1:59 pm

    I have had admin charges taken out of my account by payday brokers when I have not had any dealings with them and I would like to know how to get my money back

  • Dave 16 July, 9:49 pm

    I paid the one off down payment on my sons car insurance with my debit card, and he set up a direct debit from his own bank account to pay the rest over ten months. His car broke down and was scrapped, he did not cancel insurance but did not pay them anymore. They have now taken 180 pounds out of my account using the debit details from my card which i used for the one off payment. I have never had a contract with them or said they can do this. My bank Lloyds say its not their problem !!!!!!

  • Paul Connolly 22 July, 3:20 am

    Hi please could you get back to me concerning a fraudulent transaction stolen from my account bt Myloan-now on 19/07/14. I am sure you are aware of this company as there seems to be hundreds of blogs on forums.

    Thank you so much Mr Paul Connolly

  • rebecca 23 July, 12:52 pm

    Hi you have taken £70 off me without authorization i never applied for my loan and you have put me in a really bad position as that money was for rent and i am in areas so could get kicked out i need that money refunded ASAP!!!

    • Mr Knobby 29 July, 8:58 am

      Who are you talking to?

  • Michelle pinkney 2 August, 4:01 pm

    Money was taken out my account without me knowing wrote back to my loan now without any word back am very upset about this and would like my money back

  • Emily Flannery 18 August, 11:14 pm

    I bought an iphone 5s on a site advertise over email. However the money has come out of my account twice. making the total £195.60.

  • Nick 24 August, 9:34 pm

    I got scammed by a company called IFONIC. They promised me that they could have a strong claim to get back some ppi. However 12 months later still no refund. Yet they cold called me and i was ripped off to the sum of £900 plus..

  • Rajpatti Beaumont 2 September, 9:34 pm

    Visa Debit Chargeback

    I was deceived by Real Domestic Appliances (NW8 9DE) and refused £25 of a £519 purchase. I wish to invoke the Visa Debit Chargeback procedure but do not know how to do this. I feel my case warrants use of this procedure, but would be grateful for other opinions. Earlier today (2/09) I phoned all the stockist listed on the SMEG website in pursuit of a specific oven. I placed an order with Real Domestic Appliances then phoned back to cancel less than an hour later as I had a better offer from another supplier. I did not even get the email to confirm my order or any terms or conditions from Real Domestic Appliances. Real Domestic Appliances witheld £25 from my £519 refund as I had cancelled the order and they claimed SMEG would charge them £25. I phoned and emailed SMEG and they confirmed this is not true and suggested I challenge Real Domestic Appliances. Do you know whether this procedure could enable me to get the £25 back from Real Domestic Appliances?


  • Patricia 7 September, 11:02 pm

    Earlier I left a post to say that I had been successful in having my money chargedback to my account but what I have to report now is that the bank have now taken it back again on that grounds that I have not returned the goods, knowing full well for me to do so would put me in a position of putting others into danger and breaking the law on at least 3 counts. David Cameron, Whatever happened to your policy of common sense. I am now questioning whether Visa’s Terms and conditions are subject to The Unfair Trading Act 1999

  • cher 25 September, 9:44 am

    expensive baby goods are being purchased on a facebook selling page. unfortunately a lot of members of this page are being scammed by a certain person whom is using different names. most people are convinced to pay bank transfer or via paypal via gift. the goods never arrive and if collection has been arranged its to an address that isn’t this persons, or doesn’t exist. most people whom have been scammed have reported this scam to the police however this person has so many names they are using on facebook, people are still falling foul. can we use this scheme to get our money back, or does this apply to retail sales only?

  • glynis kennedy 2 November, 9:52 pm

    I phoned for a quote with octagon car insurance he gave me a quote I then said I would ring him Back he said I couldn’t as I would not get it at that price he said if I left 50pound deposit he would save it he said if I changed my mind I would get that money back when I rang to say I had changed my mind he said I would be charged for canceling 26 pound and I have to wait 60days for the rest they also charged me 2 pound 50 on my card witch they also failed to mention con men I was told a pack of lies l am looking into who I report these people as I feel they are miss leading the public

  • r bateman 12 November, 12:42 am


  • Deb 18 December, 9:17 am

    I’ve discovered two transactions on my current account from my visa debit card it is a company in China this is not authorised from myself. HSBC Bank has cancelled my card to be safe and was advised to call disputes today which I have only to be told I will have to call back in 15 days to try and claim it back. It’s Christmas ne t week I’ve no bank card for next 5 working days and and I’ve was told last night whilst on the phone that this will be resolved today and I will get the money ba k in one working day. Single parent no mo eye now and no bank card. 100% upset and angry.
    what can I do???

  • stuart burnham 15 January, 7:30 am

    my wife brought a pair of UGG boots on line. they have arrived, but looking at sites which show you the markers of fakes – these are clearly fakes
    can i claim ?

  • Geoffrey Pullin 6 February, 1:59 pm

    I wish to cancel an annual payment to Norton security with is due for payment on the 18th February. Will you please advise my Thank you .

  • Jo 30 May, 11:03 am

    My father purchased what he thought was 6 x turkish visas online with his Visa card. When we got to turkey we were informed they were fake. Is there a way he can get his money back?

  • Andrew Robertson 1 June, 4:38 pm

    I have had 2 ML Portal withdrawals I entered my details for applying for short term loan but did not proceed with but mlportal withdrawals went ahead leaving me in overdraft the bank of Scotland say they can do nothing

  • P Simpson 1 July, 7:01 pm

    I bought furniture from what I thought was a reputable company on the 26th may, unfortunately for me they turned out to be a bunch of cowboys!! After a month I still had not received my goods so cancelled the order. Basically told I would not get my money back(1400.00)tbh it has been a nightmare from the day I placed the order anyway I phoned my bank Santander and gave them an account of what happened and asked them to initiate a visa chargeback I have to say I got amazing customer service and they were very helpful I got a form to fill out sent it back with all relevant emails that had been sent back and forth(I made sure I had every printed email the names of people I spoke to etc) and within 6days the money was back in my account

  • Renners 15 August, 9:38 am

    Recently brought £2350 sofa from scs was faulty on day of delivery which was 10th July 2015, but they won’t remove from my house or refund. If I was to hire a van and take back myself would I be able to use chargeback to have my money refunded? In the sofa is unsafe

  • glenn conway 24 August, 1:15 pm

    Hi, i purchased a midweek stay for my family at Pontins. The place was awful, blood on sheets, ants on floor and very very dirty. I havent been able to get a refund, despite not even sleeping there, we complained and requested a refund within an hour of arriving as it was that bad. Citezens advice have advised the chargeback scheme. Anybody else used it for this type of problem?

  • bharti 7 October, 5:31 pm

    hi i recently ask for charge back but i was told becouse i dont have reciept or cotract they can not proceed further but company i paid money to did not issue recipt or contract what should i do

  • kristy 12 October, 8:22 pm

    I opened a debit card dispute with Halifax on the 3rd august 2015 (email got lost) emailed again on the 13th august 2015 verbally confirmed receipt again it got lost finally got a email to them on the 18th august dispute raised and forwarded to visa on the 25th august I was advised that the 3rd party had to respond by the 12th October 2015 by 5pm and if no response had been received then I would receive a full refund, I contacted them at 5 pm to spend 3 hours on the phone to total idiots who told me they have for the 3rd time changed the timescale despite no responses from the 3rd party in their own policys and the guidline set by the fca iv now contacted the police who have passed the case to action fraud and advised I give the case number to Halifax who are point blank refusing to take the case number what can I do now as they are refusing to give address for their legal team or transfer the call to anyone

  • Sharon 9 November, 11:43 am

    My daughter took delivery of two cabinets on Friday and signed for them when we opened them later that day both were damaged and I notified the seller (Internet seller)
    The seller who appears very professional told me
    That get courier who she has been using for years and who knows the procedure informed her that he opened the parcels in my home inspected them with my 17 year old daughter who signed them as being in perfect condition
    This was not the case he did none of this
    I was in the house with two friends who can rectify this
    The seller is saying we are lying and that she has s signed delivery note saying inspected and perfect order this was most definitely not the case and this was not pointed out to my daughter exactly what she was signing for and tells me because this sheet is signed there is nothing we can do
    I am so stressed as the goods cost me £500
    Please help if you can

  • Steven Taberham 18 November, 1:02 pm

    PLEASE HELP…… a friend of mine paid a local car business £3700 towards the cost of a car that the dealer was getting him via British Car Auctions.

    The dealer paid the whole balance for the car and when the car was delivered my friend would then pay what he had to to make the car his.

    A few days before the car was due the local dealer went into administration and so the car wasn’t delivered.

    Unfortunately my mate paid the 1st deposit payment by Visa DEBIT not credit card and the dealer is all locked up and no one around but i think my friend has a good case for a Chargeback claim as he never received the goods he paid the deposit for.

    Is this correct ???

  • Steven Taberham 30 November, 2:34 pm

    Subject: Urgent advise required regarding Chargeback on TSB Visa DEBIT card please ….

    Hello….NOT SURE IF I AM THROUGH TO THE CORRECT PERSON BUT CAN YOU PLEASE PASS ON IF NOT….. my friend is in a real pickle and needs advise ASAP or pointing in the right direction if you would be so kind.

    Months ago we were recommended (via a close friend) a local car dealer who could supply a car to be used as a private Taxi for my closest friend.

    This Local Nottingham businessman had been in business since March and had sold in excess of over 100 cars that he accuired by selling them to friends, acquaintances or via a strong following on Facebook, Gumtree or Ebay.

    He sourced a car for my friend at the British Car Auctions for £7500 as the taxi had to be new ish but wanted payment up front (being a new business) to which my friend was reluctant to do, but they agreed for both parties to pay £3750 each and then my friend pays the balance on delivery.

    Then we hit a problem. … this dealer said it would take 4 weeks for the car to arrive from BCA in Scotland but a week before the delivery date he had a meeting with the Bank Manager and due to very heavy debts his company was put into administration (17th of November 2015). He text my mate apologising and said there is no car as it has been returned but there was a letter and a cheque for him at his door.

    My mate rushed to the premises to find the note and cheque but the date on the cheque is dated for a month’s time (23rd December 2015). The dealer said in the letter that while he owed 5 people money, he had gave notice on a 30 day savings account to cover my mates deposit and one more person. He said if you go through the administrator you won’t get anything as the company has no assets but cash the cheque and the money will be there BUT WE THINK WE HAVE LITTLE CHANCE OF GETTING THIS MONEY.

    My friend’s problem is this….. as he only had a VISA DEBIT card with TSB, he paid the £3750 with that. Now i told him if he paid by Credit card he would be covered under Section 75 but after extensive research we now think he might be covered via the TSB Visa Debit Chargeback Scheme for 3 reasons…..

    1……the company went into administration
    2……the goods he paid for did not turn up so he didn’t get what he paid for
    3……maybe some kind of fraud has taken pace (as after searching for info on this man, we found that he has had 3 business start ups in the last 6 years and everyone that he was a Director of has collapsed.

    We now need to know the following if you can help please.. .

    1…..Will my friend be eligible to claim under TSB Visa Chargeback Protection Scheme ?
    2…..What address does he send his claim and his letter to ?
    3….. after looking through the net we cant find any policy documentation as regards TSB Chargeback to clarify that he is eligible and the staff are next to useless (Any links would be of great help!!!)

    As the info on the net states regards Chargeback….. we have tried everything he can to get the money back direct with the seller. We have both tried every step possible to liase with this man and get my friends money back but the Premises are locked up, he is off Facebook and Messenger and is not answering emails or calls.

    We have 120 days to claim under the scheme but would like to see if the cheque does clear 1st (in the hope it does as why would he do it?) but any advise or people to speak to or info from yourself would be most helpful.

    Thanks in advance…

    Yours Sincerely

    Mr Steven Taberham

  • Anton nemeth 1 December, 9:20 pm

    Hello I’m guttered and been a fool I’ve had 3 lots of money cone out my account and don’t no what to do one is from casket finance for80 pounds another ts*toal solutions for 70 pounds and another for rainbow-loans for 55 pounds I can’t afford these fees and wondered if there’s any way if getting the money back and stoping then from my account completely

  • terry findlay 3 December, 11:46 pm

    Hi i applied for a loan online which took me to various loan brokers. I have just notice a charge of £56.99 from a place called rainbow loans also a charge of £69.85 from Total solutions and lastly £39.85 from without any warning!!! I cant afford to have this taken off me especially as its near christmas. Please please can you help me

  • lesleyanne 4 December, 3:46 pm

    Mlportal have took £60 from my bank account In 3 stages of £20 how can I stop this?

  • Beckie 22 December, 1:16 am

    I had to pay for my moms funeral out of my dads money it’s in my because he hasn’t one himself but anyway my moms funeral was £3000.97.00p it came out of my account I got a resit for this aswell and also it was showing up on the balance its was a lot of money so therefore it’s put me in a mess because I had to take it out my dads money which he had because he’s / my nan and grandad die my so when their house got sold he and he’s brothers and one sister shared I had to.take £3000 out my savings accounts which has left me so stressed I’m at doctors for depression because my mom got told she had cancer and sadly lost her fight 12 weeks later and now I’m worrying about that so much I’m on sleeping tablets my doctor maxed the dose of antidepressants do u think there would be anyway of me getting this put into my saved account cps that’s where I kept he’s money

    • Maria 15 February, 7:33 pm

      Honestly have no idea what you can do but try talking to someone from citizens advice, they’ll explain to you exactly what you’ll need to do!
      Sorry about your mum and good luck with your case!

  • Maria 15 February, 7:30 pm

    If you’ve paid via PayPal, have you requested a chargeback by them?

    Their service is prompt and effective!

  • david 30 April, 9:04 am

    I paid for a holiday (full payment in November 2015 ) for a holiday in end of March 2016, not all of what was paid for was delivered (extra excursion) paid in the final invoice total.
    Obviously the problem was not evident until March 2016 (when we took the holiday) more than 120 days after the money was paid via visa debit card. Can I still use charge back rule.
    thank you

  • Zeeshan 22 May, 2:22 am

    I’ve bought a car today and when taxing it I’ve realised that I’ve taxed the car in the previous owners name and not my own. I could ask the DVLA for a refund but they will refund via cheque which will get sent to the owner. Do you think a chargeback is possible? I paid via Visa Debit and I bank with TSB.

    • Zeeshan 22 May, 2:23 am

      Which will get sent to the PREVIOUS OWNER* sorry

  • satpal azizi 13 July, 6:42 pm

    hi I paid £1370 from my Barclay’s debit visa for a payment for tickets for was a direct transfer from my Barclay’s into lyods bank which was the agents account. now the agent has vanished. I informed police and the police has a fraud team involved. but Barclay’s says they can not help me in this matter. please advise what action I should take. kind regards satpal

  • Chris Salmon 16 July, 2:27 pm

    can visa debit chargeback be applied for when a holiday company goes into administration

  • Gina 17 July, 1:29 pm

    Hi ,does anyone have any idea where I stand with regards to paying for a holiday on my Barclays visa debit card went bust !!..and we paid almost £2000 for our holiday on my card ! 🙁 .wilk I be able to implement charge back ?

    • Don Smale 21 July, 3:33 pm

      I’m in the same boat. E-mailed Smith & Williamson and they said that they have not been appointed yet. The Spanish website( a nightmare cannot work out who you are supposed to contact. Please let me know if you get anywhere.????

    • Nijum 26 July, 12:45 pm

      I am in same situation paid £2070 for accommodation&transfer.I have no hope getting anything through Barclyays chargeback scheme. Wish if I paid by credit card. If anyone support us to retreive any money will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • dawn regN 21 July, 6:39 pm

    Goods Arrived and signed for to a completely different address can’t get goods our refund whAt if anything can I do

  • Nijum 26 July, 1:09 pm

    I am in same boat paid £2070 via Barclyays Visa Debit card for accommodation&transfer. I am not hoping to get anything out on charge back scheme.If anyone out there to help to get our money back will be greatly appreciated.

  • M Skinner 27 July, 4:04 pm

    I have just found out that my hotel accomodation booked by Low Cost Holidays has been cancelled. I paid for the rooms by Debit Card. Do I have rights under the chargeback scheme

  • Karolina 30 July, 6:25 pm

    I went today to my TSB bank to claim chargeback from Lowcostholidays and staff there didn’t know anything about that scheme.

    • Karolina 30 July, 6:29 pm

      Does anyone tried the charge back with TSB regarding Lowcosthlidays?

      • Gill 3 August, 2:17 pm

        I am supposed to be going away on 4th sept , but like you lowcosthoildays gone bust , flights still their but no hotel or transfers , We paid by Halifax Visa Debit , my husband went into the branch and the staff were very helpful , they sent an email to the Visa debit disputes for us , then said for us to go hone and send copy of confirmation and our bank details to the same email address , she seemed to think we should get our money back , this was the 18th of July these emails were sent but we have not heard anything as yet . I am at the minute trying to find the customer services number to see if they know anything yet .

  • Andrea 3 August, 5:13 pm

    I booked a hotel room for family of 4 including a baby through booking .com photos of hotel looked great after arriving at hotel realised they weren’t real photos and hotel is a hell hole totally unsafe I had to go and pay for another hotel as was unable to stay there I paid with my visa debt card can I claim anything back

  • kath alker 13 August, 4:21 pm

    ive paid my holiday to lowcost holidays with my barclay visa debit card unfortunely lowcost have gone into liquidation will barclays give me my money back i have filled all the forms in ive be sent

  • elaine 23 August, 4:23 pm

    My bank used this scheme Visa debit scheme to refund me £1000 from low cost holidays – but are now saying they may remove the money from my account in 45days if they cannot get their money back from the merchant Low Cost Holidays – but they are in administration, foes this seem right? Why would you pay it to me then take it back?

    • Anne Sanderson 31 August, 6:54 pm

      I think its best to contact your local Trading Standards officer to talk this through, as the whole situation seems extremely unfair and may be illegal. Good luck!

  • Anne Sanderson 31 August, 6:48 pm

    I have spoken to my Bank, RBS, regarding safeguards on my Visa debit card, and am informed that no protection whatever exists in relation to Chargeback against faulty purchases, except in cases of fraud. I am upset about this, given that I wish to purchase a car shortly, making balance of payment by debit card and am extremely worried. How can a customer be certain as to their rights? It appears the above information contradicts the reality of the situation.

  • robin sykes 8 September, 5:29 pm

    I have a Santander Visa Debit card .
    I hired a car from Ryan Air which was paid for in the UK not just for the hire charge but also I took out full insurance and thought all was covered .
    I arrived in Gerona Spain to collect the car from Gold Car rental [ backed by Ryanair ] only to be told that they did not recognise Ryan Air insurance cover and that I had to buy theirs .
    So I had to buy another policy from them for my 4 day stay [ circa £200 ] .
    Not happy – what do I do please ?
    Ryan Air are appalling and simply will not take a call to discuss /.


  • Eva 14 September, 10:11 am

    Hi I have been charged by mPortal two times £19.85 and two times £29.85. I called the bank and they did cancel it but they’ve told me I can’t get refund. Why? Is there anything I can do against it? It’s £100 missing.

  • gemma 19 September, 12:00 pm

    Hi I’ve had something called bportal keep coming up on my bank statement they have been taking 19.95 a time. Is they anything I can do about this. They must of had over 309quid off me now it’s not on.

  • Darren hamza 15 October, 4:44 pm

    Hi I booked flights with Opodo and was overcharged £205 which I took a screenshot of the price breakdown my bank has now paid me the money back but I was wondering can Oppdo now cancel my flights as they feel they are done £205

  • Joanne 16 October, 1:14 pm

    We recently went on holiday to Italy booked a villa that advertised two bedrooms two bathrooms air con to all bedrooms etc when we got ther only one small shower room with toilet and sink and air on to two bedrooms other thing wrong too we complained there and then to owner and are still contacting her as we didn’t get what was advertised we contacted bank to do indemnity with no success villa is now being advertised £400 cheaper as real details are now on there do we have grounds for chargeback????

  • mike lewis 10 November, 12:02 am

    my wife and I are in our late 60’s and we went to ScS Bedford to purchase a 3 seat recliner sofa. We chose a g plan one marked up at £899. We also agreed to an extra £150 fabric care warranty. The sales man sat with us on the 3 seat recliner, we told him this was the exact model we wanted . he offered the wife a book of colour fabrics for her to choose a different colour. They said it would be made up in their factory and be ready in 4 weeks. When a month and 2 days had passed, the wife went in to ScS to pay balance and get a delivery date. While she waited she noticed someone turn over the price label on the sofa we chose, and read the back. The wife went over and saw there were different prices for recliners. She asked the sales team if the one we chose was the recliner we sat on, they said no, we had ordered a static recliner. All that was on the the sales document was Shrewton 3 STR £899 plus £150 for fabric care. I told them we had ordered the 3 seat recliner we sat on at £899 and a static seat was no good for my back problem. They said there was nothing they could do. I asked them to unwind the contract, give the wife her £250 deposit back and said I would use my credit card to purchase a more expensive model on their 4 years interest free. They said they could not do that. I contacted head office, sent details of why I refused to accept, told them I was trying to resolve it, and even used the resolver site. The manager left us a message the next day that we could transfer the deposit onto a 2 seat recliner for another £400 pounds on top of the £899. I had told the resolve site I wanted the deposit returned, an apology, and I would come in, shake hands with the manager and start again. This did not happen so I am either going to court or will try visa chargeback, if possible. They mis-sold us a sofa with out telling us the one we ordered was not a recliner. They should have put on the document “Static ” model, or on the price label “From £899 “

  • Anita Cooling 15 November, 7:41 am

    please help me I booked a holiday at 11.30 last night . I was trying to book Las lomas in Lanzarote and I booked Las lomas I think in Spain. The wrong booking was confirmed and it said 810.00 would be my whole holiday charge and cancellation charge . I booked it with Booking . Com I have cancelled with the apts and made booking . Com aware of my error . Last night before twelve o clock . Please can you tell me how do I cancell this without charges as my booking was for Noverber 2017

  • Fred Haines 19 November, 2:12 pm

    My sister purchased a free sample of face cream but had to pay for post and package, hence she gave her debit card detials over the phone. Since july my sister has had nearly £900 removed from her bank. Is shee covered by visa debit chargeback

  • Danielle Atkinson 10 December, 4:58 pm

    Could some one get in touch about refunding my money

  • david 2 January, 6:21 pm

    Bought a item on line from a company called savvi buy on 10 th of December . They kept saying sorry for the delay the item never arrived it was for the total price of 120 pounds . Asked for a refund haven’t recieved it now they say I have to contact my back for a chargeback

  • Sabrina 16 January, 10:49 am

    I bought a laptop 18months ago which has now died. The company will not repair it because i didnt purshase the care package.
    Am i able to use the charge back scheme or is there a time limit from purshase?

  • Abigail Jury 22 January, 12:35 pm

    Hi I made an order with peakrealms. Com the same day I cancelled my order as I realised they were fake so didn’t recieve the order it’s been 5 weeks and I still haven’t received my refund what should I do?

  • thomas crookham 15 February, 5:57 pm

    i just want to say that I’ve tried the chargeback scheme and upto now its not working I’m with santander .they got my money back one minute and now the trader has took the money back out of my account.the name of the trader is very and the amount was £1449.00 for a computer which i sent back because the keyboard and mouse was they’ve got the computer and the money I’m not sure what to do next if anyone can help id be glad to hear from you .

  • Janis Brown 3 March, 10:49 am

    I ordered the hands free can opener with my Visa debit card and have not received it. Please look into this issue for me. Thank you, Janis Brown

  • Eligijus Bendikas 22 March, 7:21 pm

    What need doing I cant back money besause 4 time 19.65

  • Dawn Richardson 5 April, 10:18 pm

    Can I use a charback on a Bank Transfer payment for a car sold to be that was not fit for purpose.

    • Kiran 31 May, 10:35 am

      Any luck in getting your money back, Dawn?

  • R Barker 25 April, 8:30 am

    There seems to be a procedure for goods that have not been received or received but faulty. I am in dispute with Zara who claim not to have received all the items in a parcel I returned. I returned 6 items; they refunded only 3. The implication is that I am a liar. What does Visa Debit do in such cases?

  • denise 11 May, 10:45 pm

    Hi my dad who suffers from dementia he subscribed to virgin media in 2012 for £32 a month minimum contract 12 months.Which he paid direct debit for no peproblem,his service was never changed or upgraded,yet he cancelled with virgin 2 years later and has moved to a care home but virgin have continuously taken payments from his bank until last week charging 64 a month for a television and phone line he never had.contacted tsb and was told I would have to ask virgin to email bank to verify they would pay the bank back in event of a refund is this right?

  • Andy Glasscoe 30 May, 10:44 pm

    very helpful I have recently been overcharged on a telephone transaction with a PPI collection company and now am waiting for them to refund me apx £360.00.