Weight Loss Scams

Weight loss products are big business, because so many people want a magic formula that will allow them to lose weight without exercising or changing their diets. These emails or websites all promise to deliver that magic formula, be it in the form of a pill, cream, patch or other product. They usually claim that you’ll lose weight rapidly and permanently while sitting idle and eating whatever you want.

Products such as these are generally nothing but gimmicks. None of the products that are available through email will cause weight loss simply by wearing them or applying them to your skin.

Health professionals agree that exercise and a low calorie diet is the best way to induce permanent weight loss. When it comes to weight loss, there are no short cuts. Before trying any weight loss products, it is wise to consult a doctor.

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  • Pam 21 October, 5:58 pm

    I ordered a free trial of Acai berry and colonx. What I thought was free except for shipping and handeling cost me almost #300.00. Apparently they sign you up for a subscription and then bill the card you used. The aci berry billed me 2 times within two weeks I receive one shipment of pills. Colonx charge me 2 times and I did recieve my trial except they charged me 89.95 for it and they just did it again. After a phone call they said they would cancel my subscription and if I sent back the unopened package they would refund my mone in 2-4 weeks. I just wanted to warn people.

  • LORRAINE HARRIS 23 October, 3:21 pm

    Hi this company is stil taking payments for diet pills and still have their website running online but they have not sent out my goods now.It has been over two weeks, so I take it they have gone bankrupt or something, but its wrong that they took my money, and I cannot get any contact with them as e-mail address is finished, so it is a big scam.

    • Adrienne 27 March, 12:37 pm

      get onto your bank straight away! These guys tried to take a large sum of money out of my account minutes after I ordered their product!! Barclays fraud desk managed to put a stop on the payment but they tried again several times. They operate from Cyprus apparently. It’s a very convincing website BUT the lesson for me is that never again will I hand over my bank details to anyone online unless through Paypal.

      good Luck!

  • Leah Frost 14 September, 1:06 pm

    Hi, this is a very interesting article. I’m seriously finding it difficult to shift my extra flab and cellulite right now and it is motivating to read as much about the subject as possible. Do you think at any point there’ll be a reliable and affordable solution? Thank you so much for publishing my comment!

  • Adrienne 27 March, 12:34 pm

    DO NOT RESPOND TO THE AD RE ACAI BERRIES!! These people immediately tried to take a large sum of money from my account and Thank God, Barclays fraud desk put a stop on the payment. These people are operating from Cyprus so it’s difficult to take direct action against them. I had to stop my card and apply for a new one. Barclays bank have put a fraud warning up n my account in case they try again!! It’s a horrible scam and a horrible feeling that there are people out there who can just simply take money from my account any time they like!

    • Cathie 15 June, 6:01 pm

      I saw an advert for these tablets its was either on Facebook or hotmail and said I could order them for just the price of the carriage of £2.95 so I did,and they sent me 30 of each tablets What they didnt tell me was that I had to return the tablets I hadnt take after 12 days or they would take £112.50 from my bank. That is what they told me when I phoned them and they would not give me my money back. I have asked them to email me conformation that my account was closed and that they would not take anymore money from my account but as of today they have not done that.

  • Donald Hopkins 7 May, 2:36 am

    Overheard in the gym on a cruise ship…..

    Passenger (who had just succumbed to a reduced price ‘metabolism test’ costing $US30) told the ‘metabolism test’ showed she needed to ‘have her metabilism changed’ in order to lose weight. This metabolism change could only be achieved by her taking, each day, a seaweed extract which could only be purchased on the ship. It was very slow acting and she would not see any change in her metabilism for nine months. Buit if she persisted…….

    Gym person had talked the price for the seaweed down to ‘around’ $US70 for each one month supply when I left.

  • B Stringer 8 July, 5:29 pm

    Beware of advertisements for NutraSLIM (TM) and QuickDETOX (TM)

    My nightmare began on Friday the 13th of May 2011 after clicking on the following advert:

    This advert was originally displayed on the right hand column of facebook and featured
    an endorsement with British TV celebrity Cheryl Cole. On the original link there were
    also some glowing testimonials from an American TV company called Channel 8.
    Very similar to this one:
    http://chan-8-news.com/healthy/? t202id=6212t202kw=9&referer=www.facebook.com.

    The original advert consisted of offering one free sample bottle of NutraSlim plus P&P £4.95
    And one free sample bottle Quick Detox plus P&P £3.95

    Within hours of ordering the free samples, I noticed that the original advert and link had become suddenly ‘dead’
    Something didn’t feel right and so I instantly emailed the company requesting a cancellation of the order and a full refund for the postage and package totalling £8.80

    I received two emails from the company with RMA numbers stating that:

    “This email is being sent to confirm that your account has been canceled.
    You will no longer receive any charges or shipments”

    Thinking that this would be the last of the matter, I emailed them again, requesting my postage and package refund costs. The money was never refunded.

    The following week, I received two sample bottles through the post. They remain unopened and unused. From doing further online research, I discovered that many people had become ill from using the products and
    further unauthorized credit card charges had been taken from peoples

    This morning I received my bank statement and was absolutely horrified to discover that a further £123.88 has been taken from my account!
    I got onto my bank immediately about it.

    So far this company owes me £132.68 and the fight has only just begun!

    According to their emails the Company address is:
    TDS Returns Dept
    Doagh Business Park,
    11 Kilbride Road,
    Co Antrim UK
    BT39 0QA

    TDS Returns Dept
    Doagh Business Park,
    11 Kilbride Road,
    Co Antrim UK
    BT39 0QA

    With the many thousands of complaints that can be found on the internet,
    Why are so many internet sites such as facebook still allowing these companies to continue with such misleading advertisements?

    Today is the 8th of July 2011, and the company still owe me a total refund of £132.68

  • peter marciniak 14 May, 5:40 pm

    I have been caught out by a company called purifier naturellement http://www.purifynaturally.com to the sum of 99.95

  • Joyce Foster 16 May, 2:55 pm

    I too have been scammed by this site to the tune of £189.Had to cancel my debit card to stop them taking more money. Tried to ring them but they don’t answer phone. How can we get our money back.?

  • brian 10 August, 6:59 am

    I was caught out by two products from the same company cellan and colease, 5.99p&p for a free trial followed by a charge of £179 pounds as I did not return the trial pills, also the time taken to deliver the product is taken off the trial period thereby reducing your chances of getting it back in time to avoid charges. My bank, Lloydstsb is useless in helping, I have googled a list of every consumer watchedog and medical journal I can find and am about to send an email to all of them unless the company refunds me. If nothing else I will trash them with every official body I can.

  • billd 9 February, 9:31 am

    was also conned by ketone prodIucts.I replied to advert FOR 30 DAY
    TRIAL PERIOD.I paid £4.68 and was sent pills.I checked my bank account yesterday and £112.50 had been taken without my consent
    plus i never recieved any goods.how are these people allowed to advertise on internet, they are just conning people and getting
    away with it.

  • Julia 13 March, 8:26 pm

    I have been caught out buy responding to an advert that gave a two week FREE trial of raspberry ketone, when the product arrived they had enclosed 60 tablets and gave me fourteen days from the date of my order(it took ten days to receive)TO RETURN THE PRODUCT OR PAY £69.95 You had to request a RMA number to return the product, I wasa unable after repeated attempts to obtain this given no option but to return the product without it, but they still took the money from my account, lucky for me I had notified my bank and they have returned the money to me and are taking the dispute up with the company.

  • Kate Jarman 25 March, 11:32 am

    I ordered a trail bottle from MISULEAN and PURE CLEANES for 2.49 each, after the items being stuck at the post office for two weeks, i have just collected them to also find that £139.98 has just left my account.

    I have called the help line 3 times and no one answered. I spoke to one person today who said ‘read the small print’, your over your 14days – nice and helpful?! I have since gone onto the webiste and can not see this written anywhere, that after 14days we will debit your account with this amount – but in the letter with the samples it says, they will also debit my account every 30days after that!!

    I have emailed (email address invalid) and written a letter of complaint, im sure its also invalid, to tell them to credit my account.

    I have now taken this up with my bank….


  • kate devonshire 7 April, 10:16 am

    I have been spammed by this online website… Cancelled order on day of ordering, comtacted my bank, have received pills amd patches, opened jiffy bag not, opened contents, contacted, by email, company to use my seven day cool off period, company have requested I send them proof of postage? But, as they only have a po box number, in ireland there is no way can post back via recorded delivery, have informed them of this, but have not been supplied with ama returns address that will cover me . Surely if they state that I should send items back with proof of postage they must supply me with an address to do so?

  • Janet Shaw 2 May, 12:01 pm

    I sent off for the Ketone Premium trial after seeing it on TV in February(Channel 4) I received the offer two weeks later and forgot all about it. When I received another packet from them in April, I checked my online credit card account to find that the company had taken over £550 from my card during March and April. I had only received one packet in April from a PO BOX Address. They had taken £75.50, £37.50 and £4.50 every two weeks from the beginning of March to the 25th April, plus another £79.00 and one for £84.00. I couldn’t believe it, well and truly scammed……MBNA have closed my account and are dealing with it as Fraud. (They even knew about the company) so there must me a lot of people being scammed. Thankfully, I bought the initial trial on a credit card and not my debit card.

  • Jackie Wakefield 16 May, 11:54 am

    Join the club – been fighting with MIZULEAN and Barclays fraud for over a month. Now been told by Barclays that they will take the £69.60 out again (cancelled once) from my account – ouch! I have returned all the goods including the trial pack to Galashiels and spoken to a rude American at their customer services who strangely supplied me with a defunct fax number! Sadly I bought it with my debit card so now have to cancel my account and start again.
    How many more gullible fools like us are out there?!

  • Julie Metcalfe 16 December, 12:10 pm

    I purchased Pro-Boitin (nail & hair supplement and can aid weightloss) from a company called Naturalways. Product cost £4.95. A month later £59.95 taken from my account using my card details from my purchase. I can no longer find them and the legitimate company by this name on the internet are none too happy that they are now receiving complaints.

  • john elijah 24 February, 5:31 pm

    It is the weight loss SLIM BODY CLEANSE free sample for the price of the postage. Do not go there. They will ask for your credit or debit card details to take the postage and without your knowing they withdraw £85. from your account, every month, because you were supposed to read the small print. The bank will not refund the money although they know it is a scam. Don’t go there. Those people are crooks without any kind of councience.
    I got half of my money back after I promissed to put a curse on them.

  • Alison Hunter 3 August, 10:33 am

    when does a 14 day trial period start ?when you order the product or when you received it

  • Julie Atkinson 24 August, 4:53 pm

    I bought some slimming pills they said pay £2.99 for delivery which i did ,it said on their website in the small print that you have 14 days to cancel which i tried to ring and cancel their number it goes dead, so i sent them a few emails they are not responding they have still took £90.00 out of my bank account.

    • JULIE 24 August, 6:06 pm

      I ordered garcini cambogia slimming pills it said a trial offer you just pay £2.99 handling charge and it said you have 14 days to cancel so i phoned the number it was dead in the mean time they took £89.99 out of my bank i was very angry how they can just take money out of your bank account i have emailed them sevril times no reply this should not be aloud something must be done about it they shouldn’t be aloud to trade like this.

  • KAREN THURSTON 27 October, 2:13 pm

    I recently placed an order for a trial of Keytone Slim XT and Purecleanse online. The costs were quoted as being very small i.e. £2.95. 2 weeks later and I have noted that they have debited my account two amounts of £89.47 and £92.78 which were not mentioned on the web purchasing pages! My bank has taken this up as they recognise that it is a scam. I have contacted Keytone Slim and at first they offered to refuind half of my costs. I said No and that I would report them to Trading Standards. They then offered me a full refund if I returned the products and gave me return reference numbers. I have already thrown the product away so will rely on my bank getting my money back.

    • Janet Shaw 14 November, 10:09 am

      Well done in getting it sorted. I also got all my money back from MBNA who have this scam on their fraud list. You were lucky to catch it quickly, as I had nearly £500 taken off my credit card, my fault for not checking my online account. MBNA were brilliant and told me that unfortunately, they had a huge list of people who had been scammed by these companies.

  • Ruth Hunt 15 December, 8:21 pm

    Have just had a thoroughly frustrating month of trying to get my money back from KEYTONE SLIM XT & PRIMACLEANSE!! After initially ordering the products and being charged the Trial amount totalling about £11, I cancelled the order immediately as it only informs you on the payment page that they will continue taking Monthly payments of over £90.00 out of your account after a month!
    I cancelled the product, they sent it anyway, I paid over £7 to send it back unopened and after approx. 6 phone calls they refunded the trial amounts but kept £92.78. I had to fight to speak to a Floor Supervisor, who said I would get a refund on return of the product, but then said there was a re-stocking fee of £7 to take out. Still no refund. These people shouldn’t be allowed to trade. I want to report them and stop people being taken in by them. Does anyone know who I can contact? They are based in Milton Keynes, but their customer service no is in London.

  • Berenice 17 January, 5:21 pm

    I have just discovered that I have been defrauded by Slimwise Ketone and Slimwise Cleanse, which is the rasberry diet , having responded to an offer of a free trial. Be Warned. Nowhere in their advertising do they say they will continue to supply the pills or take money from your Bank. Their address is Postbus 13, 6670AA ZETTEN, Netherlands , although the box contains a returns address of 13ten Unit 1, Langham Park, Berristow Lane, South Normanton DE55 2JL.

    I could not take the tablets because they upset my stomach terribly, but because it was a “free trial” I didn’t think I needed to take any action. Yesterday I got a second box of these tablets and I tried to contact the company, without success of course. However today I find out from my bank that they have taken two sums of money on 27th December and 1st January from my credit account card number totalling 308.00 pounds. I contacted my Bank this morning and they are going to block any further sums being taken and try to recover my money. I have reread their emails confirming the free trial and nowhere is it mentioned that they will continue to send you these pills and charge you outrageous amounts for them. I certainly did not give them permission to access my credit card at will. The matter is in the hands of my Bank now, but I can’t really afford to throw 308.00 pounds away. This must be a very good learning curve for everyone, don’t take any heed of “Free Trial” offers on line.

    • Berenice 18 January, 1:35 pm

      Would you mind to cancel and not publish my previous comment regarding Slimwise Ketone products as my Bank has the matter in hand and I don’t want to cause myself any more problems with this Company than I already have .

      Many thanks

      • Berenice 20 January, 5:58 pm

        Further to my previous two comments, I would like you to know that my Bank has reimbursed me in full for the money taken from my card by Slimwise. They have taken this matter over and will obtain a refund from that Company. Therefore there is no necessity to publish my comments. Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

  • john elijah 22 January, 6:28 pm

    I complained twice to my bank. The first time, the people had not yet taken out money, so I asked the bank (Natwest) to stop the payment but they told me it was legal and they could not stop it, so they went ahead and paid the scammers. The next time I contacted them to refund my money, they told me the time had passed. So be careful people with Natwest

  • lisa 22 June, 10:11 pm

    I have cancelled order , no contact from them , they have taken another amount out of my bank , can I get my bank to help retrieve my money?

  • Sarah 8 September, 2:35 pm

    Avoid at all costs logicaldietaid.com and Aidslimming.com. Scammed out of £160 for two ‘trial’ bottles of slimming supplements. Phone numbers do not work and emails ignored. Have contacted many organisations including TV consumer programmes etc and reported them to the police! My credit card co have stopped any future payments and refunded half the money as a good will gesture. Pure scam… expensive lesson learned.

  • Juliet Gylphion 29 November, 12:05 am

    I filled out a consumer questionnaire in October and received a bottle of weight loss pills free, l only had to pay the postage £4·95· To my disgust I received another bottle of the same product last week Perfect Garcina and have been charged £85 for them. I have emailed the company on several occasions and informed them that I want a full refund as I neither ordered or gave them permission to debt my PayPal account. However they are refusing and have offered to refund half £42·50 as a good will gesture. I have told them this is a fraudulent act on their behalf and now they are no longer communicating with me via email. What can I do?


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