What about contracts for services?

In situations where you are having some work done, and the main focus of the agreement is the service itself, you would be party to a contract for Work and Materials. This type of contract is governed by the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. Under this legislation, you are always protected by three statutory terms, even though you may not have anything in writing, or the contract you signed does not specifically mention them.

Refer to the section on Doorstep Selling if you signed up to having some work done after someone paid you an unsolicited visit.

Common complaints:

How can I resolve the situation?

Using the Small Claims Court

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  • helen hollins 12 March, 12:58 pm

    Hi my father is having a composite door fitted by a reputable company and they have removed his old door and frame completely and when fitting the new one my father realised the glass panels in the door the type of glass they ordered and has phoned the company to tell them. they are completely disputing what he has ordered and are saying they have supplied what was asked evebn though a rep came to the house and took the order and my father used a brochure to show him what he wanted. they are refusing to take responsibilty and they are putting it back on my parents saying they never asked for the different glass but i know they did ask for it. they are now saying that if they want the glass changing it will be at cost to my parents and the company are not taking any liability for the error and the salesman has been really nasty on the phone with my father who is 74 yrs – my father asked to speak to a mananger st the compnay but he refused his request – the salesman told him only he could deal with it as it was his contract sale and he was not prepared to budge. my oarents now have a door fitted that thay did not order and the compnay dont want to know – they keep tellingnhim they have entered into a contract and pay the remaining balance. please help – where do they stand????

  • Catriona 13 March, 1:28 pm

    Helen, this is really unfortunate, I have no doubt you are right and they are simply covering up their own mistake. Do you have any kind of contract which mentions the spec your Father chose? If they didn’t provide you with anything this is not only poor customer practice, it may render the agreement unenforceable. Could you request a copy of the invoice from them? There is no reason they shouldn’t be able to supply one. Also ask to see a copy of their complaints procedure. Most companies have one and you should be able to escalate the problem to someone higher up than the salesman. If they are a member of a trade body, you could also seek help (arbitration) from them. You might also want to consider an Alternative Dispute Resolution service (ADR) via HM Courts. Tell the company you are considering all these options, this may force their hand.

  • Graham Beamish 21 February, 8:59 pm

    I paid a company over £600 to collect, pack and transport my goods including a large quantity of floor tiles from the Uk to France (where I am renovating a property). This was done under, (what I’m told), was a fairly standard contract for carriage.
    In the event the pallet was dropped in transit and (very poorly) re-packed by the carriers. I had clear evidence of this. Most of the floor tiles were broken as well as significant damange to virtually everything else I was sending. Having read the information on whatconsumer.co.uk my understanding was that my statutory rights are that the supplier will carry out the service with reasonable care and skill. I made a claim at the small claims court but I was not successful because there was apparently not a ‘total failure of consideration’ i.e the good were delivered, even though they were largely smashed to pieces! I am hence out of pocket by £600+. This seems wholly unfair to me.

  • Ivan Brooking 12 July, 10:37 am

    Hi. I purchased a ‘track experience’ from Virgin (£98) as a Christmas present for my wife. She followed the pack inofrmation and posted a voucher off to Silverstone to book the day. The voucher has been lost by Royal Mail and so the booking hasn’t been done. Virgin are saying that they cannot refund me or issue another voucher as the posted one could still be used. I can’t get to speak to anyone other than their help line and no one is calling me back. What do you recommend as my next course of action?

  • Steven Bryson 14 August, 11:11 am

    Hi there, I am a boat painter, How long must I wait (legally) before I can start proceedings againt a non-payer. Are there a certain number of days which I am required to wait? The person involved has had and used the boat for 131 days and has now chosen to contact me to say that he is not happy with the paint job, so is not going to pay me. Where do I stand on this. Four months of use open to the weather can do a lot of damage.

    • Ivan Brooking 7 November, 3:18 pm

      Hi Steven,

      No one from this website ever replied back to me so I thought I’d give you a heads up on that.

      I have some thoughts on your situation though if you’d care to hear them? having run my own business for a time and now a manager in a very large corporation.

      They should pay you from when you specified in your invoice, so if you gave them 30 days to pay, then they should have paid you 30 days from when you submitted your invoice to them. You may or may not have guarentee (spelling?) clauses in any contract you have with them. Legally, they should pay you in full and then claim against you if they’re unhappy. You can then offer to fix whatever is wrong or refund them if that suits both parties better.

      I have no idead how long a boat paint job is supposed to last. You may wish to get some unbiased statements from other boat painters of from the paint manufacturer to back-up any claims.

      My advice would be to write a letter to these people, stating why you should be paid and how much they should pay you and by when. In the letter tell them that if they have not paid you this money or called you to make an alternative arrangement then you will be starting legal proceding against them. Remind them how expensive the legal route can be and that you will also be claiming legal costs (which can run into tens of thousands of pounds).

      Keep copies of all correspondance between you and log all telephone calls and conversations. If you have legal insurance then they will need all of this is this goes to court. Most people cave after the first few legal letters – I hope this happens with you.

      Good luck and I hope it all works out! Get legal insurance asap if you don’t already have – it will save you a ton of money!

  • carol rae 5 January, 9:41 pm

    I’ve had trouble with Talk Talk. My phones been off for two months it came back on for 3 days. With a cross line. I left my mobile phone number it said staff could’nt help me. They said u left ur number so ur calls would be diverted not if the incoming was crossed. The people who phoned said they were getting a answer machine which I could’nt access. I tried to phone talk talk several times. It cost me £130 on my mobile. Its usually £38. I asked them not to take the last payment as I had no service. They said I would get compensation. I got £10 for paying £35 this month just gone. & the same last month + connection I just changed to talk talk. I tried to phone the BT engineer who fix my phone but open reach would not let me contact him. He said when he came round that he did’nt know my place exsisted. The lady upstairs was off too.

  • Poobear 8 February, 3:13 pm

    had my house walls and ceilings skimmed in October 2011 and since then I have had a huge amount of hairline cracks appear more and more each day. The guy came back and scored out and refilled with Polyfilla and was advised to leave for 5 weeks well only one week has been and gone and so far alone I now have an additional 50+ new hairline cracks. He has now stated that he will remove all the plaster he done and will replaster using new plaster or he he will pay to have the walls lined as-well as the ceilings. I stated that there is no gaurantee that 6 months down the line the same thing wont happen again and no he couldnt promise this. Where do I stand if I want a full refund?

  • Mr.Colin Honey 25 March, 11:19 am

    Hi I have just had a wardrobe fitted in a bedroom by a reputable firm.The wardrobe has not been fitted in the position I wanted. Consequently it is out of alignment with the existing wall.
    I have complained to the company concerned – their answer is that it is fitted in accordance with the signed plans and my instructions . I did not instruct them to fit it in its current position and I actually asked the fitter to move it – which he said he could not.
    Can I legally with hold my final payment until it is fitted to my satisfaction.
    Regards Colin Honey

  • jacqui 8 June, 2:27 pm

    Hi my husband and i at the begining of this year booked a big holiday to the usa we said as it cost us just short of two grand we would get insurance with tesco. Suddenly i had to go to the dr’s who sent me to the hospital to be told after a test that i had cervical cancer. I have got throught the therapy but i have a blood clot on my lung which i have been told it would be dangeros for me to fly a long haul flight.Thomas cook who we got the tickets from say they can do nothing about canceling tickets and helping us any way round the problem that it is a lot of money we can not afford to just let go. Can anything be done.

  • Margaret Birks 12 September, 12:56 pm

    My Husband and I paid £7509.59 for our drive and paths to be done in patterned concrete in March 2011, cracks appeared soon after and puddles of water when it rained meant it was not level. I complained and a surveyor came out but said it was to be expected and there was nothing to do apart from filling in the cracks, this left it looking a mess. Where do we stand please as I don’t know how to resolve this

    • Tori 19 July, 4:13 am

      Surriispngly well-written and informative for a free online article.

  • Tina 23 January, 12:04 pm

    Hiya, I’ve had a carpenter Come and lay a new wood floor, he’s made a mess of it, the joints are tight, he’s got small pieces in heavy traffic areas, the skirting s boards come off, short pieces that don’t Coe to the wall etc. this guy had a complete canvas to work with, skirting we’re off, carpet removed etc etc. I’ve had him back to have a look at the problems and he wants to silicone the gaps and cracks and I’m not happy this is the answer. Would like him to pull it up and relay out properly but that’s not going to happen. I’ve lost confidence in him, and want someone else to put it right, but can’t afford to pay it myself, and what would happen if the next guy ruins the flooring by trying to rectify it?? Please help, tearing my hair out, can’t redecorate or o anything and its been 2 months now. Thanks in advance.

    • Tina 23 January, 12:05 pm

      Sorry that should have read ” joints ARENT tight”

  • Keith Robinson 11 February, 12:10 pm

    Yesterday I contacted BT to ask for a MAC code as I was intending to transfer my broadband and phone contract to Sky. The gentleman I spoke to came up with an offer to retain my account which I agreed to. I then received an e-mail from BT detailing the terms of my new contract and I noticed that I only had free weekend calls instead of free evening and weekend calls as I thought it would be. I contacted BT again to query this and the lady I spoke to said the gentleman who had dealt with it was not available at the time but she would message him to phone me. No call mateerialised so I called BT again this morning to cancel the change and was informed by the gentleman I spoke to that I couldn`t cancel as I had only to the end of the original call to change my mind. I said this was preposterous but he said this was the rule. Consequently I have had to agree to an extra £2 per month to include free evening calls or pay a cancellation fee of £180. May I have your opinion on this please?

  • Kate Hooper 2 March, 4:47 pm

    I have a small Garden Services company http://www.the-otherroom.co.uk
    I pay my tax and full insurance .
    I recently undertook some work for a customer , as agreed ,by email .
    The work is now complete but I am having problems getting paid by the customer .
    He agreed to the work and to materials being extra to the work price .I gave him copies of all receipts of the work materials .
    Now he is avoiding my calls and emails and texts
    What should I do as an initial ‘prod’ to try to resolve this problem ?

  • Norma Ley 4 August, 12:18 pm

    Dear Sir or madam
    We are being plague with continuous phone calls from 002075984867 how can we stop these calls coming in they say they are from Microsoft & tell me we have a problem with our computer. These calls have been coming two or three times in a day for over a week now. Is there any way we can stop these. I have got the Telephone preference service I place but that does not stop all calls. What are our rights to all this.
    Can you help us in any way.
    Yours sincerely
    Norma Ley

  • helen 8 August, 4:32 am

    I purchased solar panels and had a delayed payment for twelve months.I was not told that the credit agreement was front loaded if I did not pay the full amount a year later. The solar panels do not produce ass much electricity as I thought that they would and will not pay for themselves.

  • helen 8 August, 4:36 am

    13days ago I signed up a six month agreement to let a room out in my house through a friend referal.I now have changed my mind regarding this person can I ask him to leave on a 14 day cooling off period.

  • Mrs brereton 28 January, 12:38 pm

    I’ve been with sky 6 years I upgraded 3 weeks ago I am now on disability and can’t afford the payment but sky said I can cancel cause I upgraded and I am now tied in for 12 months is there anything I can do

  • carol 4 February, 7:06 pm

    I purchased a shower from a retail shop and had to pay in advance before the shower could be delivered. When the shower cubicle arrived the shop told me they would send a plumber to install the shower and that we should pay him cash. The plumber issued his own hand written invoice (although we had not requested him but he was sent by the shop) We now have problems with the installation. Who is responsible for correcting this, the shop or the plumber or do both have a responsibility?

  • Cheryl. tebbutt 23 February, 3:10 pm

    I was given a name to redo my tiny kitchen, I had tried do many installers so I agreed on a price although it was higher than I wanted. So it was raining and cold and a nuisance as neighbour. Interfering…nightmare. The flat is tiny..no where to cook ugh!! I had to collectngoods/exchange goods…well, he said he was good at tiling no!no! He hurried
    The job and unpaid him..then noticed the errors..tilesmkeep cracking!…no wood barrier where he removed back of corner cupboards! No receipts!!and no electrical certificate!
    He lied to me….I was too soft as he was pleasant..I was too keen!…..should have made a list and ticked off work…..kitchen looks good but annoying errors..I paid a lot of money to this man and no guarantee .❇❇❇❇no email address….

  • margie 4 March, 10:12 am

    Just make it run get it from point A to point B motor stuff. Was told he CHANGED BRAKES huh? Now the electrical window wont go up either, “why did you lower it”? I ask, oh just in case we lock the key in the cab. What? No common courtesy to cover the window through the months it snowed. When I went to pik up so much anxiety didnt read the paper I signed. I want to sue think I have a case

  • Natalie 4 March, 1:14 pm

    A garage repaired some damage to my car, six months later to paint work is flaking away. I have taken it back but they claim I must have bumped the car and is nothing to do with the work they have done, even though the damage is in the same area.

    I intend to get 2 other expert opinions on the matter.

    I paid in cash for the repair and only have a bank statement which shows me taking the amount out of my account to pay for the damage and I no longer have the invoice. The garage then claimed they had no record of doing the work but then via e-mail did advised that the new damage to the car has nothing to do with the previous work they did, so at least I have written proof of them acknowledging they had doe work previously.

    If I take this to the small claims court is it going to be a major issue I don’t have the invoice if I provide the evidence I do have?

  • Dennis Buckley 10 March, 10:51 am

    I was to have work carried out by Ashfield Homes for Ashfield District Council but they wanted if effect for me to sign a form that no matter what they damage regarding moving my Fridge/freezer – my Washing machine and Cooker they would not except any responsibility. They asked me sign a form that said in effect they would except a claim for accidental damage but I recorded on video that Mrs Misty Mc Grath said very clearly if their workman dinted anything I would not be able to make a claim against Ashfield Homes.
    I once asked Ashfield Homes for a claim for not being able to use my garage as the door couldn’t be opened due to creeper growing over the door for months but they just refused to pay any compensation so expect they would refuse any compensation claim for anything

  • Stuart Shaw 14 April, 5:44 pm

    I have an issue with knowhow/Currys they have repaired my tv twice for the same issue on second time they have not returned power lead. Firstly they sent out wrong part now after 10 days and still not got it after ringing everyday as the said it was in the post they now said I would have been told 10 days to have this when I said I got wrong part in 2 days they then say well normaly 5-7 days. They keep fobbing me off, plus I paid extra for whatever happens and never had a replacement to keep me going. What can I do
    . They are useless

  • George Parsons 14 April, 6:02 pm

    In 2011 I purchased my apartment, one of 22. Included in the sales brochure amongst other benefits to be enjoyed by residents was “two guest suites for visitors”. We have now been told that one room will now be reserved solely for overnight staff which means we will only have one room for our exclusive use. Most of the residents are against this proposal which the Managing Agents, appointed by the landlord, intend to introduce without so much as first seeking our views. The Manager maintains that this was always intended by the landlord but none of the residents has been informed at any time.
    Do we have any redress?

  • Erica Abbott 19 August, 9:57 am

    Hi, Myself and 4 other ladies went to see a gentleman who offered a service which was a virtual gastric band. This guy apparently hypnotised us and the after effects would be eating the right foods etc etc. Now I know this may sound a little crazy but he has a website and a room at a health centre so all looked legit. He offered a money back guarantee should the treatment not work. I have known people go under hypnosis to stop smoking which has been successful so I had no reason to think this gent may be a fraud. I was never hypnotised as I heard everything he was telling me, he then proceeded to give me a self help CD and access to an exclusive group on Facebook. I did everything he told me however I was never hypnotised in the first place so my food choices were as previous!! Another member complained on the website and it gave the rest of the unhappy customers a voice too, unfortunately this guy chose to ignore our issue and block us from the group. I have since tried to contact him via phone, email and facebook to request a refund but to no avail. I have now contacted his partner too but wanted to know what are my rights? Am I covered under the sale of goods and services act? I paid in cash as he requests this from all clients. He is still ‘trading’ and I am concerned that he is making money from the vulnerable people who are placing trust in him

  • Khan 20 August, 2:49 pm

    ibought a car a week ago from a dealer it was a Volkswagen golf 05 plate. For no apparent reason it will not start so called the dealer he gave me a time on two occasions but Failed to turn up on both . I now got a new time n date . I spoke to the dealer and he is saying he will only cover the engine,gearbox and clutch but no electrical problems. The car is parked outside my house and won’t start if I have to tow the car to a garage from my house who is responsible for the bill? Your answer please .thank you
    khan – 20-Aug-15 @ 1:26 PM

  • kim 22 August, 2:15 am

    can anyone offer any advice
    my neighbour needed her pointing redone and her guttering replaced she took a few quotes before going with a local lad who claimed he was a qualified builder, electrician and general jack of all trades he also said it would take no longer than 3-4 days he started the first 2 days took all the old cement out using a pair of ladders then he asked her to pay for the job so he could go buy materials to finish it and higher scaffolding so she paid him 5 weeks down the line hes been back 3 times so a few days ago the lad he hired the scaffolding from came a took it down the job is half finished and hes dissappeared not answering his phones the whole place is an absolute mess the job what has been done is half done and not even to a good one at that, and then weve just found out an older man who lives across the road has also been approached by him about his pointing and agreed for him to do the job and has also paid him in full and he cannot contact him either. weve just found out today he actually claims dole money and isnt qualified like he claims at all can anyone help and direct us in where we can go from here

  • Luisa Arianna 22 August, 5:53 pm

    My Debit card details were passed onto a company who debited my account back in May 2015 without my consent nor knowledge. I still cant work out to this day how my card details of a new account I’d opened appeared on the bogus invoice provided by this bogus company (i.e. Fluid Finance) or indeed someone fraudulently trading as them to my bank I raised the fraudulent transaction to. I was shocked the bank accepted their evidence as valid to allow the transaction to be considered non-fraudulent. I know my consumer rights have been breached and also data protection. I am considering forwarding all evidence I have to Trading Standards, ICO and the FCA also as its appalling to think that the bank have questioned my integrity and allowed fraudulent activity to occur.Any advice would be appreciated

  • Keith 10 October, 10:00 pm

    I used a mobile mechanic to rebuild my engine and it turned out to be a complete disaster.I supplied a complete engine rebuild kit that was ordered direct from a reputable company at a cost of £1,000 and left the rest to the “mechanic”. What he did next was to order a local engineering company to carry out machining work on the engine without my permission.

    This came as a great shock when I went to pay for the work as it amounted to £1100.I asked the owner what had been done to the engine and he showed me an invoice with the mechanics name on it authorizing the work by his company.At this point I really didn’t have a choice other than to pay as I needed the engine for my car.The largest part of the invoice was for modifications to the cylinder heads for LPG running but the mechanic already knew I had a set of factory modified heads but never bothered asking me for them.

    The engine rebuild eventually took nearly 5 months and a further £1,300 was paid to him for his labour charges.The car was returned and initially seemed OK but within 48 hours a loud ticking noise was coming from the engine.To cut this story as short as possible I will jump forward a couple of months or so.During this time he was called back several times and each time made excuses about everything except his work.Eventually A friend of mine came around and said the noise was coming from the timing gears,etc.

    I managed to get this mechanic to take the front cover off and expose the timing gears and as he did so my friend noticed him quickly trying to hide part of the gears with his hand but he was not quick enough and we noticed these gears were actually loose.At this point I said to him that if this had caused serious damage to the engine he would be responsible and have to pay for it.He said it looked ok and proceeded to re-assemble the engine.

    He re-assembled the engine but still it sounded noisy but despite numerous calls the mechanic ignored my requests to rectify the problem.This dragged on for the best part of a year and during this time the engine had only covered app 2-3,000 miles as I really didn’t feel comfortable driving the car.Eventually I sent him letter informing him that I will issue a claim against him in the county court.He ignored this and I issued a summons in the small claims court.

    In the meantime I took my car to a reputable mechanic and asked him for his advice regarding the noise and he suggested stripping the front cover off to inspect it.Upon removing the timing cover he was totally shocked at what he found.The main timing gear and shaft had not been tightened properly and was within a couple of threads of falling of but the damage had already been done as the teeth on both the balance shaft and the gear were almost completely stripped.Of course the mobile mechanic denies all responsibility and has refused to pay for the damage.

    This is a very condensed version of what actually happened and obviously a lot more happened in between issuing the summons but the worst bit is he is trying to claim money from me for extra work he says he carried out which is total lies.The new mechanic has quoted app £500 to rectify the mess this other idiot has caused.Am I within my rights to just claim for this amount or will I have to claim all of the cost,i.e £3,500 as the judge at the county court is asking why I am only claiming £500 to which I replied “because that is what the new mechanic said would cover his charges”. It is a little unusual as the mobile mechanic was only paid for his labour and not parts,etc.

    I hope you don’t have problems reading the above but I was in a bit of a hurry and didn’t pay too much attention to my grammar.

  • Michael Greanya 14 October, 4:59 pm

    My friend took her computer to a computer repair store to have it looked at because the touchscreen wasn’t working and they told her that it was the screen so she had them replace the screen and they have had it for weeks and now they tell her that they can’t make the touchscreen work and they want $200.00 in order for her to get the computer out of the repair shop and they admit that they don’t know what is wrong with it but on the repair order they wrote the touchscreen doesn’t work but the computer works fine just the touchscreen doesn’t work and they said that a new touchscreen would fix it and now they want to offer $20.00 off so she can get her computer out of this computer repair store so what can she do since she took it there to have the touchscreen working again,this is in the State of Florida PLEASE HELP SOMEONE PLEASE RESPOND Thank you Michael Greanya

  • susan anne 8 December, 4:02 pm

    i paid for a painter/decorator to emulsion the walls and gloss the woodwork on a 5 bedroom house that i had been renting for 10 years. the house is in scotland and i live in england so it is difficult for me to get up there easily. i was up there though 3 weeks ago and the glossing hadn’t been done. i have phone, emailed and phone again virtually every day and have no response. what can i do – i am at a loss to know what is going on. the painter was recommended by my management company who they said they had used before and was good – hence the payment without seeing the work. i’d really appreciate your advice. thanks.

  • Bernadine Pearce 11 January, 10:39 pm

    Hi I bought a Leather suite from S C L just over 3 years ago, I am still paying monthly payment’s on it. I noticed there was a thinning of the co-lour on one of my sofa’s. I purchased 2 x 3 seaters 1 arm chair and a stool. The co-lour has now come out of a area of around 6″ x 4″. I do not know how this has happend as that part of the sofa is hardly used. The rest of my suite is fine in fact it is in very good condition as I clean it with the products I purchased with the suite. Nothing has spill’t on the sofa, so I don’t understand how this patch has appeared. Would I be able to get in-touch with this company and ask them if they could dye the patch that has appeared. Thank you.

  • Ria 8 February, 12:43 pm

    We are in the middle of having a new imprinted concrete driveway built. unfortunately we have a few concern about the works, we have asked the builder for a meeting before anymore work is carried out. The problems we have is that the wrong colour releasing agent was used, when we specifically asked for a Dark Brown and they have used red, its not the finish I was looking for, also the entrance onto the drive its self is a good 8 inches higher than the pavement, but they say thats what my husband wanted, he did ask them to ensure it was level ground because he wants to install an electric gate, but even he says its a good 100mm higher than he was hopeing for. The’re response is to ask, do we want the job finish or not which of course we do, but more to the standard we were expecting. I could live with the colour, although disappointing, but the height of the drive is a real issue. We have already paid 50% of the bill, they have since come and cut out a big chunk of the driveway (because the boss wasn’t happy with the finish) since our payment and Im worried they are just going to walk off the job. Im not sure what we should do at this stage, Im hopeful we can come to some sort of compromise with a meeting tomorrow.

  • Ruth Parkinson 23 September, 9:00 am

    We live on a narrowboat. It was our retirement plan to tour the canals.However the engine we had was overheating and not working at all well. We now live in a marina and asked the marina workshop to have a look at it for us. The mechanic came and gave us an estimate which we accepted . They began the work when the estimate doubled. We were confident that they knew what they were doing so agreed.
    Eventually after a long time , the work was done and we told that it was now practically a brand new engine.
    We decided to wait for the better weather and took the boat out . The original mechanic who had done all the work had now left the company.
    We immediately realised that we had trouble with the engine and couldn’t move. We had to be towed back in.
    Another engineer has looked at it and said it is hopeless and we need a new engine. He said the work carried out was very poor and incorrect.
    We paid the company who own the marina and not the engineer who did the work.
    Where do we stand ???

    We feel that we have been totally robbed and treated unfairly . Having paid a hell of a lot of money for rubbish work .

  • trevor 11 October, 12:24 pm

    had outhouse roof replaced corrugated plastic 5 sheets was charged £700 for the job thought it was a bit steep specially when i looked up the cost of the sheets then four weeks later the workers boss turned up saying the material used was not paid for bye the worker and i still own money to him he keeps turning up making demands

  • Joyce Werndly 22 November, 12:58 pm

    My son married a Canadian girl and moved to America on the 14th April this year. He foolishly did not cancel his virgin mobile contract before he left England, but instead cancelled his direct debit with them for £7 a month. They are now chasing him for 7 months money by letter. He is unable to ring them from America as it would cost too much. I have contacted them on his behalf but they say they need to talk to him. How can this be resolved, I have offered to pay his debt, and they can see he has not even used the relevant phone number since April 14th.

  • Sarah 24 November, 1:58 pm

    Any Advice please….

    Swale Heating were supposed to come to my home today to fix the boiler
    I took the day off work (losing money as paid by the hour) – I am told they knocked and phoned me but, neither is true.

    I called them upon finding a card put through around 11:10 am and they said they knocked around 9:45 (my daughter called and complained a short while later and they said they called around 9:am – the card put through says they called `AM` nothing else)
    My dog did not bark at any time this morning – Believe me, my dog barks at knocks!!
    I was up from 7 am (as told they would be calling between 8am and 12) No call to my phone was made.

    I am so angry and frustrated I am told I have to await another day yet, booking another day off work is already causing problems. So short staffed, busiest time of year now and losing the money etc, etc…. It will amount to a lot of money if two days from work missed.

    I cant even bear to think that if I do somehow get the time off I will be put through another false attempt to gain access for the repair – What if they say they knocked and called and I did not answer again?

    I do not, take a day off work, idly not hear the door, my dog not hear the door and miss un made phone calls – I know this all sounds so silly but, the stress caused has been immense today – Have no hot water, no heating, losing money and the idle lies are too much – to tell me they called at one time and to tell my daughter they called another time – no evidence on card and the blatant lie of calling me

    I want legal advice at least on claiming back money lost while waiting for a no show is this possible?

  • frances dawson 7 December, 1:57 pm

    are our rights protected when it comes to sole agency agreements with estate agents? would i be expected to be bound by a contract that has no end date. my husband signed such an agreement for my son back in decemeber 2015 we later went with another agent after 11 months, the new agent has now sold the property but the first agent says we are still bound by the contract we signed with him? is it fair that he could hols us to a contract that has no end date to it and wasn’t even signed by my son who’s property the agent was selling. i cant find anyone who can advise it seems the contract is clear and precise with no end date

  • Jo 19 December, 9:42 pm

    Total care builders robbed us of 10.000. Northwest company. Dont use them. All cowboys

  • Edward Jones 18 January, 10:21 am

    Jonathan P Walker COWBOY BUILDER

    This person is the worst, he traded as REEF Homes and built unsafe houses, the last one took 140,000 to put right, this is borne out by the litigation, the out of court settlement and the planning officer of Beverley in East Yorkshire.
    He has since changed his name to Moorcroft (Lund) Ltd and building the same unsafe properties as he did before. He will be caught again but he just changes his company and moves on. He has connections in the Council as he was a council Leader and his family take turns to hold that position (his uncle is now in that position) his family are the biggest landowners and his wife has the Nursery also in the village, also the Beverley council keep giving him planning permission, so something is wrong there as well.
    Please can you help as someone will get hurt of even killed if he is not stopped, I have tried but the village council under the family control override it.

  • Louise 10 March, 7:01 pm

    Virgin had to replace my outside cable as I had no telephone for 3 weeks when the guy came he cut of the damaged piece and joined it with a little joining box and left a loop by my front door as I didn’t notice this my 2 year old grandson came to visit his foot went into the loop and fell in the door luckily enough I caught him but because my door so quite high he took the skin off his shins .I reported to virgin who sent a guy to repair it .he was absolutely disgusted at the work of the previous guys repair .I already took photo of it so I sent it to complaints team at virgin media .well they called my today as sincerely apologised for my grandsons accident and offered him 10 pound for his suffering and said buy a toy I told him to keep his money I was disgusted is there anyway I can cancel my contract because this is unexceptable

  • pat clay 21 March, 12:23 pm

    had central heating put into our caravan but first time it rained water was coming in through the vent on top of the roof the installer came and fixed it but it still leaks every time it rains rang him two weeks ago and he said he would fix it but it is still coming in when it rains as there is electrics in the cupboard where boiler is am worried does anyone know how to resolve this thank you

  • Michael Lee 27 April, 2:00 pm

    I have two issues that I would like to briefly discuss with yourself.

    1: My previous manager wrote a negative reference of some of the work I carried out whilst working with social services. I previously worked as an Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO) and Child Protection (CP) Chair whilst worker for a London Borough, I also was responsible for the Local authority Designated 0fficer (LADO). What can to overcome this problem,l as it is putting in a difficult position when I require a truthful and honest reference.

    2: My last recruitment agency I worked for were reluctant to pass over information to me and any agency of details and times of where I worked in the past. Can I challenge the Agency to produce documents for me.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks (07940847636)

    Michael Lee

  • Jan 30 May, 7:41 pm

    My daughter has paid for a wedding package in full for 2018 they are now saying they had made a mistake on their calculations and want more money how do we sort this out