Consumer rights when buying a sofa

If you have experienced problems buying a sofa or having one upholstered, then you are not alone. Complaints relating to sofas feature significantly in Consumer Direct’s top ten and the problem shows no sign of improving.

Exercise your Rights when Joining a Gym

It’s that time of year again. The annual new year rush to join the gym. Health and fitness clubs will sign up more members in January than at any other time of year, and in your enthusiasm to join, you will probably sign there and then without reading through the all important Ts and Cs of the contract.

Guide to Buying a New Build Home

Many people decide to ‘buy new’ from a housebuilder in the belief that it will be a much less troublesome experience than buying somebody else’s home. In reality however, these people go on to find the experience more stressful than they could possibly have anticipated.

Dealing with Cowboy Builders or Tradesmen

f it hasn’t happened to us, it’s happened to someone we know. Dodgy tradesmen and cowboy builders took ages to do the work, did it wrong or simply didn’t do it at all. Everyone has a story, which is why it’s crucial to know your rights and remedies so you can be prepared at the outset.


What Consumer empowers consumers to protect them against unscrupulous traders, to make them better informed and to take action to resolve consumer problems.


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Common Problems and Guides

All of us, at some point will encounter poor or even unlawful customer practice from shops, suppliers or commercial organisations in general. Knowing your rights in these situations will help you deal with unscrupulous or misinformed traders, giving you the quality and satisfaction you deserve in exchange for handing over your hard-earned cash.

Know Your Consumer Rights

Shops, suppliers and commercial organisations in general cannot always be relied on to act in a lawful or honourable way, so arm yourself with the basics of consumer law to challenge unscrupulous or misinformed traders.

Money Saving

One of the aims of this site it to save you money. Here you will find our top tips for saving money from cutting your utility bills to saving money by making your own bread. We also have a section in the consumer forum dedicated to saving money.


We provide guidance on some of the most common scams and how to not get caught out. From ‘dating online’ to ‘advance fee fraud’ we have guides to stop you from getting scammed. You can submit your suspected scams over at our consumer forum in the scam section.