If you have been turned down for a credit agreement such as a loan or a credit card, you have the right, under the Consumer Credit Act, to request that the lender provides you with details of the credit reference agency they used to access your credit file. You must do this in writing within 28 days and the lender must respond to your request within 7.

You can then write to that credit reference agency, to request a copy of your file, enclosing a fee of £2. As long as you have supplied all required information to the agency in order for them to verify your identity, they must send you your file within 7 days. If they hold no information about you, they must inform you but are under no obligation to return your fee. It is also their duty to ensure reports are in plain English and you are aware of your right to correct any wrong information.

The right to correct or amend any wrong information in your credit file

If an entry is incorrect and you feel this is likely to prejudice any decision against you regarding applications for credit, you can request this detail be corrected or removed. If the agency uphold your request, they must then write to you within 28 days telling you what has been done and (if applicable) send you the amended entry. Furthermore, the agency must notify each and every company which requested your credit file within the last 6 months that this has occurred.

The three main credit agencies in the UK are:

Equifax plc
PO Box 1140
Tel: 0870 514 3700

Experian Limited
Consumer Help Service
PO Box 8000
Nottingham NG1 5GX
Tel: 0870 241 6212

Callcredit plc
PO Box 491
Leeds LS3 1WZ
Tel: 0870 060 1414

Your rights under the Data Protection Act