MSP back Which? Britain Needs a Better Banking Campaign

Shirley-Ann Somerville a MSP for Lothian, who is a Parliamentary Liaison Officer to the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Substantial Growth, has  tabled a motion called S3M-5133. This action on her part was in support of the Which? Britain Needs Better Banks campaign. Her action also calls on HBOS to review the overdraft charges that Shirley-Ann says will leave the banking customers worse off.

S3M-5133 is a very important step for the Parliament to create a buffer zone for the proposed flat rate fee that is applied to overdrafts that are authorised by the account holder.

The UK better banks campaign believes this would be more hazardous to the customers than beneficial. Which? calls on the unfair practices in banking to be stopped and for  HBOS to stop this unfair practice that has a massive impact on the customers that are on lower incomes.

Which? is asking for the decision to change the banking fees to be reconsidered.

Julia Clark, a Which? principal public affairs officer states that Halifax and Bank of Scotland customers that  regularly use their overdrafts would see a huge hike in their charges.

She adds that people are sick of  shoddy treatment from the banks in regards to unfair high overdraft charges, bad customer service, and poor returns on savings accounts. Julia goes on to say that banks need to be sent the message that they cannot keep up with their current behaviour. She encourages people that think their bank is taking advantage of them to switch to a better account provider.

Which? is campaigning for industry reforms that will make retail banking more consumer friendly and competitive.