Criminals compile sucker lists of people that are conned by mail scams and sell them on to others so they can exploit them as well. Your elderly family and friends could be on sucker  lists and you would probably not even know it.

These criminals generally operate from outside the UK and can be based anywhere in the world. They specifically target millions of elderly and vulnerable  who often become their silent victims of fraud.

Those who reply have their details put on what the scammers call a suckers list, these lists are then sold to other criminals all over the world.

A chronic scam mail victim is someone who repeatedly falls for scams, this could be because they are over trusting, socially isolated or suffering from a mental incapacity such as confusion, memory loss or dementia.

It is not unusual for a chronic victim to receive 30/40/50 or over 100 scam letters a day and many will empty bank accounts and even sell their homes to keep up with the scammers demands.

Jessica was one of these chronic victims and the scammers had not only controlled Jessica’s life for five years, they were also responsible for destroying the relationship she had with her family including her daughter Marilyn.

Marilyn knew straight after her Mother’s death that she had to let the world know what had happened to her mother and her family to warn others of these scams and to raise the profile in the press. was set up by Marilyn as part of this ongoing campaign in 2010. Visit the site to read their full story and to find out how you can help the campaign.