We provide guidance on some of the most common scams and how to not get caught out. From ‘dating online’ to ‘advance fee fraud’ we have guides to stop you from getting scammed. You can submit your suspected scams over at our consumer forum in the scam section. You can search for your suspected scam or scammer using the search feature on the right.

This is probably the most common scam on the internet or via mail. In a nutshell, you are asked to help move a large sum of money in return for a share. The catch is you have to pay an 'advance fee' to get the ball rolling...

Find out about Jon Danzig's phantom loan experience with Quickquid and their 5000% interest rates!

These are a disturbing scam from fake (assuming they are not all fake) psychics claiming something bad will happen unless some money is paid.

Consumers are getting ripped off with below market rates for gold... TV gold buyers are only offering a shocking 6% of the retail price.

Don't let your elderly friends and relatives become victims of mail scams. Read Marilyn's story here -

It's a sad fact but scammers are already offering fake tickets for the Olympics.

This short guide explains what landbanking is and how the scams work.

These are similar to the advance fee frauds, but this time you have to pay some money to get your prize!

These scams are for home working jobs. They range from simple fees upfront for work that doesn't exist to pyramid selling schemes.

The magic weight loss formula is the scam. Don't be fooled by this one.