The Meyer Circulon Infinite range may be pricey but they are definitely built to last and Meyer are so confident about this they back it up with a lifetime guarantee. The heavy duty construction does mean that these pots and pans are on the heavy side, which may be a problem for some. However, on the larger pots and saucepans a second handle has been provided to address this. If the weight isn’t a problem for you then this is the perfect collection of cookware.


  • Dishwasher safe – the Circulon Infinite Range is dishwasher safe whereas many competing products are not, although it does say in the instructions that it is better to hand wash!
  • Non-stick – Meyer use the latest non-stick technology called “Total Hi-Low Food Release System” which they claim will outlast all other non-stick cookware. They do back this up with a lifetime guarantee. Make sure you register your purchase with them, as many people buy products because of guarantees but never register with the manufacturer.
  • Compatible – the infinite range is compatible with all types of cooker including induction hobs.
  • Even heat distribution – the base is comprised of encapsulated stainless steel and aluminium for even heat distribution and no ‘hot spots’.
  • Easy to clean – the non-stick coating is applied inside and out making it really easy to clean these pots.
  • Oven safe – as these pans come with metal handles they can also be used in the oven. The design and construction of the handles ensures that they do not get too hot while in use – an oven proof silicon finish for the handles would be a nice addition, but would perhaps detract from the looks.


The whole range looks absolutely stunning with a contemporary gun metal grey design for the pan that are nicely complemented with stylish cast stainless steel handles and lids. These handles are riveted to ensure durability.


Meyer has succeeded in producing a technologically advanced, high performance cookware set that will look great in any kitchen.

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