As a new mother to not only one baby but Twin happy and healthy babies, the Graco Sweetpeace has been a complete godsend.

Sweetpeace is a fantastic and easy product to use, and great to store when not in use, especially if you want to have a child free house even just for the night!

As I have twins it has certainly made life a lot simpler and easier to cope with, as I have a little boy who is needy and a little girl who is very laid back, I found that from about 4pm until 6pm my little boy constantly cried and required attention solid for these 2 hours, however we then did decided to pop him into Sweetpeace and see how we go, we were pleasantly surprised to see how stopped crying and drifted off, I have found that reclining the seat back and putting the music on very low, setting the swinging motion to 2 and pulling the hood over does make a difference to him.
It is great having the little toys for him to play with as this distracts him and he seems to forget what he had been crying about.

I am happy to leave him in there and leave my daughter on her playmat and be able to carry on with my day to day activities , before I did find it very restrictive and was not able to get on and do things like the washing or preparing the dinner.

When you use the product you can tell that a lot of time and effort has been put in to produce such a wonderful swing, there is not one thing in particular that I like as the whole product is just marvellous, this certainly sets itself head and shoulders above the rest of the competitors as this is the closest thing to a mother to a baby, the swaddling, the rocking motion the sounds from what they hear whilst in the womb, these are just great comforts to any baby.

If I had to criticise this, then the only thing I would have to say is, can you please do a twin one!

What can I say about this product in short……………………


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