Firstly, there is the assumption that the supplier will act with ‘reasonable care and skill’. This causes the greatest number of disputes and complaints simply due to the subjective nature of what is reasonable, and for this reason a court will take into account the nature of the service, the nature of the supplier and all other relevant circumstances. For example, if you opt to pay less to have a trainee cut your hair and you were aware of this, you would have little come back should that trainee do a poor job. If, on the other hand, you believe you are buying the services of an award-winning professional, your expectations are going to be much higher. Where substandard work has been carried out, you may well have incurred greater potential costs to have the work put right, so it is not enough simply to ask for your money back. In such circumstances, it may be more appropriate to pursue a claim for damages.

What about contracts for services?

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