Know Your Consumer Rights

Shops, suppliers and commercial organisations in general cannot always be relied on to act in a lawful or honourable way, so arm yourself with the basics of consumer law to challenge unscrupulous or misinformed traders. The Consumer Buyer Guides section contains more information on specific scenarios. Don’t forget to share your experiences or queries via the forum, or simply post a reply to any of the articles on the site.

Is it a legally binding contract?

Despite the word ‘contract’, and contrary to popular belief, a signed written contract is not required in order for these obligations to exist in law. This section presents the basic principles of contract law.

Sale of Goods Act

The most  relevant and useful legislation consumers have at their disposal to tackle issues when making purchases.

Supply of Services

If you are having some building work done, or the installation of new windows, you would be party to a contract for Work and Materials. But what do you do if the job turns out to be a disaster?

Distance selling and your rights

We are talking about here are the Distance Selling Regulations; it’s important to be clear on what they cover and whether you can benefit from the protection they offer UK consumers.

Doorstep selling and your rights

Most householders have experienced an awkward situation with a persistent doorstep salesman. For this reason, the Consumer Protection (Doorstep Selling) Regulations are here to help.

The Data Protection Act

There is a lot of confusion about the Data Protection Act.  This guide will help dispel the myths.

Consumer Protection Act: Unsafe Products

Find out how to make a successful claim for compensation or damages.

Travel and Holidays

Your holiday was a nightmare and you had a miserable time. Is there anything you can do? Know your Consumer Rights under the Package Holiday Regulations and also statutory entitlements in the event of flight delays

Consumer Credit Act

Credit cards, personal loans, credit and hire-purchase agreements will be kept in check by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Get to grips with your rights and obligations under this important piece of legislation.

Cooling off and Cancellations

Some contracts however offer you the right to cancel during a specific duration – called a ‘cooling off period’. Find out which types of agreements are subject to this right and how long you’ve got.

Incorrect Pricing, Misleading or Aggressive Sales

Otherwise known as the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. This act outlaws the practice of misleading actions, omissions and aggressive sales. Find out more about incorrect pricing and your rights too.

Unfair Contract Terms

Have you entered into a legally binding agreement which will impose harsh penalties if you change you mind, or allow for the supplier to escape liability if there is some problem? When is a contract term considered unfair? Find out here.