Money Saving Expert is a great consumer resource set up by newspaper columist Martin Lewis way back in 2000. The site now gets in the order of 6,000,000 visitors per month which is absolutely staggering. The site claims to be advertising free and this is used as one of its unique selling points. However, if you look under the bonnet you quickly discover that it is funded by affiliate marketing revenue and is a massive advert for Martin Lewis himself who is now a household name and is often in the media and probably not always for free. That being said he does have thirteen staff to pay, a massive hosting bill and is very generous in terms of the amount he donates to charity. is a new site and we don’t pretend to be ad free. If you would like to help us grow, then swing on over to the consumer forums and introduce yourself.   Otherwise I would recommend going to where you can be one of the anonymous 6 million visitors every month.

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