According to Which? Switch, residents of the North East are more likely than anyone else in the UK to switch to another energy supplier and enjoy hundreds of pounds of savings in energy costs.

Which? Switch discovered that seven out of ten of all North East residents involved in the survey had changed their energy suppliers, compared to less than half of all Londoners surveyed.  People who live in the West Midlands and South West were also among those who were less likely to switch.

County Durham resident Andrew Gunn discovered that he would save almost £1,200 by changing his energy supplier.  Gunn said that he was relieved when he learned how much money he could save simply by changing energy suppliers, and he has already noticed a substantial decrease in energy costs.

Typically, people receive the year’s largest bill following the Christmas season, so this is the ideal time to evaluate energy options and find the best price.  Other ways to save money besides switching include paying by direct debit and changing to online billing.

By taking a few simple steps, consumers can keep energy costs in check during the Christmas season.

  • Avoid leaving the TV on standby.  Instead, turn it off when nobody is watching it.
  • Remind guests to turn lights off when they leave a room.
  • Turn down the thermostat and dress more warmly.  Turning the thermostat down 1ºC can cut heating costs by up to 10%, which amounts to annual savings of about £40.
  • Use the smallest amount of possible when boiling vegetables
  • Switch to a cheaper supplier.  UK residents who used Which? Switch to help find a supplier with better rates saved an average of £263.

Which? also feels that energy bills could be made easier to understand so consumers can see what their energy consumption is and how much it costs.  They have been pressuring Ofgem as well as the government and energy companies to simplify energy bills and tariffs to make them easier to understand, to help consumers monitor their consumption and reduce their costs.

In the meantime, the best way for people to get the best deal is to change suppliers.