The consumer  magazine Which? has tested and compared Marguerite pizzas from six popular pizza restaurant chains and all were assigned a red light for  high fat and salt content.

The Pizza Hut pizza  had the highest fat content, equivalent to nearly 70% of what any woman should consume in a day. The prize for highest levels of saturated fat went to Prezzo pizzas and the Zizzi pizza was crowned the sodium king for the highest salt content.

Which?  sent its army of taste testers to restaurants from each chain. Pizza Hut and Frankie and Benny’s  tied  in  last place – each  achieved only 11 out of 45 possible points for overall quality and taste. To add insult to injury, Pizza Hut also has a “best avoided” rating from the Which? Good Food Guide.

The most popular pizza was from Pizza Express scoring 30.5 out of 45 possible points. Testers commented that it balanced the right ingredients with quality. In second place was the pizza from Ask, scoring 27 out of 45. Closely followed by the Zizzi pizza scoring  a more modest 26.5 out of 45 points.

It is interesting to note that the Pizza Express pizza which had the lowest fat content  turned out to be the pizza the testers liked the most.  Fat and salt is not required to make great tasting pizzas.