Lots of people bemoan the commercialisation of the Internet. What started out as an information-sharing tool for scientists has now become the greatest market place on Earth and so much more accessible than the ‘souk’ in Marrakesh. Which?  has been prospecting for the best promotional offers to be found in the online market place.

Just have a look at the recommended sites listed below and you’ll be amazed by these pure gold nuggets that can be had for nothing. As long as you know where to look.

  • Have great night out and see the ‘celebs’ at recordings of popular TV offerings such as Top Gear with Jeremy Whats’isname and the ‘X’ Factor. These can be found on offer at  www.applausestore.com
  • A good night out for the kids (aged 15 to 25 years) at the theatre can be theirs for nothing at www.anightlessordinary.org
  • Or if you are more into cinema then giving away movie tickets is www.momentumscreenings.co.uk.
  • How about a good read? You can download free books at the website www.gutenberg.org.
  • All that glitters isn’t gold but it can be of value to someone, www.swapcycle.co.uk enables two people to swap any item imaginable for any other more desirable object.
  • Sample beauty products can be had with an email registration at www.free-samples.co.uk
  • Cash money isn’t exactly gold but it is a lot more liquid and surfers can get it by shopping at some popular online retailers with cash-back sites such aswww.quidco.co.uk
  • Classical music gold is given away on a specific free album each week with www.classical.com
  • www.freecycle.org is a golden idea where the haves can get together with the ‘have nots’ and have their unwanted items taken away and put to good use.
  • All the clothes you no longer wear in your wardrobe can be turned over at an online ‘swishing party’. Swap your boring old garb for the ‘new to you’ stuff of your friends – www.swishing.org

Once you start to change your mindset about the Internet it can become a goldmine of freebies and promotions. You just have to know where to look. Make your starting point the consumers’ champion site wordpress-186172-549002.cloudwaysapps.com

Of course the real gold nuggets to be found at Which? are the invaluable tips for economic living and the unbiased well-informed advice. You will find useful knowledge on everything from bank account charges to weddings.