Protection against card fraud for mail order goods and services

We will discuss this later in reference to the Consumer Credit Act, but for goods and services paid for under a distance selling contract, you are protected against fraudulent use of your payment card. If you ever find an entry on your bank statement for a sum of money that you did not authorise, in relation to something you bought online, over the phone or by mail order generally, you are entitled to 100% of the fraudulent amount to be recredited to you by the card issuer.

Do take care however with advance or pre-payments as these are not protected against fraudulent use, and in any case, the supplier may become insolvent before your goods or services are delivered, leaving you with nothing, and little recourse.

Mail order and distance selling

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  • stephanie clark 11 October, 6:17 pm

    I ordered some Ugg boots from what i thought what the offical Uggaustralia site, I then recieved a letter stating tha the boots where is customs & would be destroyed due to them being counterfeit. I paid using visa debit card and have been told from the bank that there is no way Il be able to claim my money back as i didnt use paypal or a credit card. Is there any advise anyone can give me as to what i can do if anything. Thanks

    • DerekL 15 November, 10:31 am

      I too have been caught by the same scam ( and paid with Visa debit card. My bank informed me that I should write to the Retail Dispute centre (of my bank) with any evidence that I have. i.e. what I did to contact the seller and in my case, get a high street retailer to verify they are fake. If you have the customs letter, that should suffice as evidence they are fake. They told me that I should get a refund on my visa debit, as it is also covered by ‘Visa Chargeback’. I am in the process of claiming this back now.

      There is some information on this site about this:
      (if the link is removed, search google for ‘Visa Chargeback’

      Just don’t give up!

  • allison wilson 8 December, 10:52 pm

    I recently purchased a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes that I thought were coming from America. They were, however, shipped from Hong Kong. They are so obviously fake as they smell of plastic and not leather. As I paid by my credit cars I thought I was covered under the sale of goods act 1974. My credit card company though state that I need to pay to have them indeopendently tested to prove that they are fake. Do I have to actually have to do this in order to get my money back as it is so obviuos that they are fake!

  • Iie 27 December, 3:07 pm

    Have you received the money back? How long it takes according to your bank as I have a similar problem with Economic Travels who was dismished on 21 November 2011? Purchased the flight ticket for Christmas on 25 September 2011 but when travelled to Manchester airport to check in, I found out Economic Travels never issued the ticket. I was divastated. I rang all the number they have no body pick up the phone and sent an e-mail to their help desk which suggested by them in their website if I could not ring the number they gave but the e-mail did not get through. Should I report this to the police as they did rob my money in purpose. They should have issued my ticket when they received the money and knowing their company declared collapse by ATOL in November which was 2 months after I paid my ticket. How come ATOL did not block and send any notification to all Airlines or any airlines that related to Economic Travels or Abacus did not know about this, at least to protect people from this disaster? WHAT A SHAME !!! MY DAD IS NOT WELL AND I CAN’T GO TO SEE HIM BECAUSE I CAN’T EFFORT FOR ANOTHER TICKET WHICH IS SO EXPENSIVE IN PEAK SEASON LIKE THIS.

  • carole clare 18 November, 5:22 pm

    I purchasedC’ellan (slimming tablets) trial size £5.95 but want to return unopened as dr said my health is too complex and not advisable. when i received my bank statement they have taken two amounts out on same day £69.42 and £79.52. I have sent emails asking to explain why and reimburse my account. customer services say i need to ring a number 0800 so i said no email me the email address instead for management but as yet heard nothing. please help me.
    Regards Carole Clare the number they give is 0800-046-1506

  • Sudheer B 16 February, 4:22 pm

    Hello Sir,
    I ordered a canon camera kit on internet and till I deposited money into the fake ‘payment protection program’ by ebay- I was unaware that it could be a scam. I have transferred 1700 pounds into a TSB account number and thats the end of it.
    Ebay has washed off its hands, my bank has said it cant help and I am feeling helpless.
    What I have got though is the email trail with the seller and his bank details.
    Does it come under distance selling and how can I get my money back?
    thanks and regards

  • Andy Gibb 23 September, 5:41 pm

    My partner has recently received a number of items through the post she never ordered and no payment has ever come out of her account. I am assuming this is some scam as the items are a relays less than a pound in worth eg phone cover, phone reset tool, paperclips etc. The last parcel came from Malaysia. Anyone else having this happen/ heard of this.