Some unsolicited emails or letters come from fraudulent psychics or clairvoyants. These are particularly distasteful because they prefer to prey specifically on the vulnerable. In many cases these messages have been sent to people who have suffered some type of misfortune such as the death of a loved one, and are quite obviously very distressing.

Sometimes these messages can have ominous undertones intended to convince the recipients that something dreadful will happen if they do not reply to the mailing by sending money. In another variation of this scam, the fake clairvoyants suggest that they have seen either wonderful or horrible events in your future that they need to tell you about. Naturally, they require a payment from you before they will reveal what they have ‘seen’.

If you receive mail of this nature, treat it like the scam that it is and delete or destroy it without a second thought. Do not even consider responding to such mailings, because the only thing that is guaranteed is that you will lose money and will get a barrage of other scam mailing in return.