Someone pretending to be me applied to payday lenders QuickQuid for a loan of £400 at 5,200% APR interest. Then QuickQuid started to chase me for the repayment, even though I had never taken out a loan with them. When I phoned to complain I was told the call was being recorded, but when I mentioned that I was recording the call as well, I was informed that this wasn’t allowed.

QuickQuid expected me to provide evidence that I didn’t owe them any money, but I argued the opposite: it was up to QuickQuid to prove that I had taken out a loan with them. This they couldn’t do, because they allowed someone to use my identity without having to provide any proof of who they were. QuickQuid even sent the money to a third party bank account not in my name. I feel alarmed that a lender operating in the UK, with a valid Consumer Credit Licence, could operate with such slack controls.

Of course, I won in the end; I was an investigative journalist with consumer champion, Roger Cook, at the BBC. They took on the wrong guy, but still, this was stressful for me and took up precious time and energy to deal with.

I’ve prepared two videos that I feel readers of this forum may find interesting. One is a video of the exasperating phone call I had with QuickQuid, when I tried to tell them that I wasn’t responsible for the loan taken out in my name. The second video is of a recent BBC Radio 4 interview with me about this entire saga. Although I am a newbie here, I hope I will be allowed to post the links to these videos, which appear at my YouTube channel at

‘Jon Danzig: My Exasperating Phone Call With QuickQuid’ Click the link below to listen:

‘Jon Danzig: Help! My Identity Was Stolen’ Click the link below to watch this video: