The cost of making the basics from scratch has been compared to like for like shop bought products for the Food Money Saving Study carried out by What Consumer.

The results speak for themselves – baking your own bread is about 50% cheaper than buying it from the bakery. For pastry the difference is less marked at only 12% but it will taste much better and will contain far fewer additives.


It is quite hard to believe just how easy it is to make your own bread. There are some excellent bread machines on the market that make it really easy and you can be as inventive as you like. Using this simple bread recipe you will save about 50p for every loaf of bread that you make, this means that once you have made 35 loafs of bread the bread machine will have paid for itself*.

Bread Ingredients:

  • Bread flour: 500g – 28.3p
  • Yeast: 1 sachet – 10p
  • Sugar: 22.5 g – 1.8p
  • Salt: 15 g – 0.5p
  • Milk powder: 20g – 8.2p
  • Butter: 25g – 8.4p

Total: 57p*
Shop bought farmhouse white: £1:00
Saving: 43p (43%)
*Cost of bread machine: £70 – £90


The ingredients below will make 500g of pastry – enough for a large pie to serve around 6:

  • Flour: 300g – 12.9p
  • Butter: 150g – 50.4p
  • Egg:1 – 22.6p

Total: 86p
Shop bought frozen pastry blocks (500g): 98p
Saving: 12p (12%)