What are my Statutory Rights?

You often see signs in shops at the counter which say ‘this does not affect your statutory rights’. But what does this mean? What we are talking about here are the legal obligations of retailers and suppliers to protect consumers from fraud, poor quality, misrepresentation or economic loss. The sale of goods is subject to the inclusion of these statutory rights (or terms), whether or not a written contract exists and whether or not they are specifically mentioned at any stage. Any attempt to mislead you or deny you of them is illegal!

The seller has the right to sell

So what precisely are your statutory rights when you make a purchase? Firstly, you should expect the seller to have the right to sell the item and to be able to transfer full ownership to you. Seems an obvious point really. A second hand car dealer who sells you a stolen car does not have the right to sell that car and you would not take ownership of it, even though you have handed over the money. If the item is not owned by the seller, or the seller has not been given permission to sell the item, the contract is immediately invalidated – and you will own nothing.

It is what you expected?

Secondly, if you have bought something on the basis of the seller’s description or a sample, you should expect the item to conform exactly to that description or sample. If it does not, you have the right to reject the goods, demand a full refund and possibly claim damages. This is still the case even where you have selected or examined the items for yourself before buying them.

Satisfactory quality

And finally, the most commonly cited and hotly contested of all, that of satisfactory quality. There is so much to say about this, it deserves its own section:

Common Complaints

And if your statutory rights are breached…?

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  • Kelly Seymour 18 September, 4:19 pm

    I bought a washing machine from Kays catalogue that’s still under guarantee and it has broken down. I have waited for a whole month and it has still not been repaired. Now I have asked for a refund or replacement because of the time span and have been told that Kays are allowed to have an engineer sent 3 times before they will do anything about it. Any clues anyone as this is driving ,me nuts! Thanks.

    • Lizabeth 30 March, 4:14 pm

      Hi Kelly

      I am having the same problem wth littlewoods, they are part of the shop direct group, service is appauling, they won’t give me a refund either again saying 3 engineer visits, pls see my story below, is there anyone that can guide us??

      I brought a Beko washing machine from a mail order company last June (09). Unfortunately it broke down last sunday, got an engineer out today who has said that the motor has burn’t out. I spoke to the company that i brought it from and they advised they won’t replace this and i will have to wait for repair. I asked how long they thought a reasonable time was and they responded with 14 days from when the engineer firs attended. He has advised me that i shouldn’t expect to get the machine repaired until a week on Friday because of the bank holiday.

      I feel if he product has already broken that it is not fit for purpose and would like a replacement. They have refused, even though i have exceptional cicumstaces (I have contagious skin disease were by so as not to infect anyone i have to wash my bedding and towels daily).

      However they are saying i must allow them 14 working days? is this correct or is it 14 days from point of breakdown

  • bel 20 September, 4:09 pm

    bought printer and also its corresponding paper/cartridge set, from well know store, it was excluded from their 30 day money back policy, but i found that it did not print good pictures, i tried helpline and troubleshooting tips in manual, can i use my statutory rights under not fit for purpose and get money back on printer and paper/cartridges, about £100 in total and cant afford to lose that.
    it was just a couple of days ago and i can show them the pictures to prove not good quality.

  • Catriona 24 September, 6:56 pm

    Kelly – what is considered reasonable is open to interpretation, the 3 times thing is their interpretation, but would appear to be totally unreaonable. You shouldn’t have to wait a month, particularly for something as vital as a washing machine and you are quite within your rights to ask for a replacement or a refund. Your next step would be to write to thtem making ‘time of the essence’ and demanding that they fix it to your satisfaction within 7 days, otherwise you will ask for a replacement / partial refund. threaten that if this doesn’t happen you will simply buy a new one and claim the cost back from them via a small claims procedure. The guarantee is irrelevant and you are invoking your rights under the Sale of Goods Act.

  • Catriona 24 September, 9:54 pm

    Bel – if it was just a couple of days ago you haven’t really taken ownership of it and are in a good position to return it. You must give them the opportunity to see the problem for themselves so they can fix the problem before you demand a replacement or a refund. If the printer is for printing photos and performs badly, you need to be sure it was sold as a photo printer and not just for documents. It may simply be on the wrong setting?

  • Catriona 12 November, 11:36 pm

    R Mason, you have been misadvised, if it is faulty they must offer to fix it in the first instance. If this does not work you can then be offered an exchange or a refund. Ring back and ask to speak to someone else, they normally have a good returns policy.

  • S W Large 13 November, 2:02 am

    For my sisters birthday present, we sent my younger sister out to buy the gift. We settled on getting her some perfume, with a brand and type in mind. My sister went to the shop, asked them if they had the exact perfume in. The lady confirmed that they indeed did and popped in a bag for her. It turns out that the perfume was the right brand but the wrong kind. My sister went back to the store who went on to claim they didn’t stock the exact product that we wanted and refused her a refund. It was/is still sealed and in the same condition as when purchased, is there anything we can do?

  • Catriona 13 November, 10:34 am

    Simon, once you have bought something from a shop you have entered into a legally binding agreement and the shop is under no obligation to refund you unless the product is faulty. The shop will say your sister had the opportunity to examine the goods before deciding to buy so the mistake was hers. The best you could expect would be a credit note but this would be at the discretion of the store.

  • David Chadwick 14 November, 9:55 pm

    We hired 5 wedding suits for our wedding from Jonathan Hawkes in Exeter.
    The 2 ushers suits were ridiculously small ( 3 inches in sleeve length ) I complained but all they have done is send me a £50 voucher saying I should have got them to try them on before the day.
    We were all measured so they just got it wrong. What can I do, if anything?

  • Catriona 19 November, 12:41 am

    David, The suits were not of poor quality and were not unfit for purpose, simply too small. If it was the shop who measured you, then I would support your claim, that they got it wrong. If you simply gave them your measurements it should have been your responsibility to examine the goods beforehand (i.e try them on). If the shop encouraged you to do this, then you are unlikely to have any comeback.

  • Catriona 19 November, 12:42 am

    Malcolm, I’m afraid not. shops are entitled to do this. As long as they didn’t mislead you at the time of purchase.

  • J Murphy 30 November, 2:54 pm

    Hello. Two weeks ago we bought 12 boxes of tiles from Wickes. We paid at the time but as they were not in stock we were told to come back in a week’s time when they would have been delivered. We went back only to be told that none had come with the delivery indicating that there might not be any left in the depot. At no point when we bought them was this mentioned. We have bought floor tiles to match the tiles we were expecting so are Wickes obliged to provide a similar tile at the same price? To what lengths do they have to go to find the tiles we want from their other stores? Thanks

    • Anon 4 February, 5:08 pm

      I actually work at Wickes and this is how we deal with it.
      Firstly if they expected the tiles to come in on a delivery and they didn’t, there’s not much they can do, it’s down to the depot.
      What they can do is check the stock in all other local stores (i think the system searches up to 200 miles) If there are matching tiles available they can arrange an inter-branch transfer to get the tiles to a branch near you. In my store, we would try our best to resolve the issue. Your mention of the tiles not being at the depot..again there are always occasional mistakes in the computer system so telling you at the time would not have been possible, the person serving you probably didn’t know as the system would have said they are available. If for some reason the tiles have gone end of line (which you would have been told at the time of purchase)then it will be down to the managers discretion of offering either similar tiles or a complete refund.

  • Cheryl Cairns 2 December, 5:35 pm

    I bought a top from a company and when I recv. it I thought it looked good but smelled a little so I washed it but when it came out the wash (as per label) it is bagged and not wearable, am I entittled to get my money back.


  • Catriona 8 December, 12:49 am

    Cheryl, as long as you washed it as per the washing instructions, you should have a good claim to get a refund.

  • Tom 8 December, 3:27 pm

    I work for a hotel and country club, and we have just gone into administration. I work in the gym memebership sales department and have received a negative response from prospects, who are wary to commit to a contract when we are under administration. I have been told to say that ‘business is as usual and that it does not affect their statutory rights’.
    If a prospect does join and parts with 12 months membership up-front, and we do happen to close-down, will they be entitled to a refund?
    Kind rgds

  • sarah jane wise 8 December, 8:56 pm

    I bought a digital camera from argos extra i wasnt told that the camera was exempt from the 30 day guarantee and looking again at the receipt,after trying the camera,i discovered this. But i am unhappy with the camera and would like my money back as i feel it is not what i thought it was when i read the description. Is there anything you can advise me on doing thanks.

  • Catriona 10 December, 12:28 am

    Tom, I’m afraid your question is beyond the sphere of consumer law, but from what I know about this kind of situation, there isn’t an automatic right of refund unless the balance was paid on credit card (card providers equal liability). Otherwise, customers will simply be added to the list of creditors, and may or may not see their money again. Am I right in thinking you have a 12 month minimum term? If so I guess this is not helping secure any new customers.

  • Catriona 10 December, 12:32 am

    Sarah Jane, a friend of mine had exactly the same response from Argos over the same kind of product only yesterday. It is misleading of them to tell you this, because of your statutory right to receive something which is as described and fit for purpose. You need to be clear in telling them you are not returning it because you have changed your mind, but because it is not as described and you are rejecting it. In this case they must give you a full refund.

  • rajeevan 10 December, 3:25 pm

    I bought a Three Mobile boradband contract on 3rd of Dec 2008 (18months contract), but signal is really bad at my place when i phone them to terminate the contract on 9th Dec(before 14 days)they said i can not disconnect it as i have used it for consecutive days.

    “3 USB Modems – If you’re a new Mobile Broadband customer and for some reason you change your mind, you can return your 3 USB Modem within three days of purchase. If you purchased it via telesales or online, you can return your 3 USB Modem within 14 days of receipt provided you have not used it for more than three consecutive days. You’ll also have to return the original boxed accessories and documentation ‘as new’.”

  • Kimberly 11 December, 6:34 pm

    I ordered a new leather sofa 16 weeks ago which is still not delivered to me. The shop has reduced the price by £700 and i have still not received the goods, am I entitled to this reduction in price even though i signed a contract at the higher price??? Thanks for any help you can offer me.

  • Catriona 12 December, 10:50 pm

    Kimberly, was time-frame specified in the contract? I assume not, in which case we would assume reasonable time for performance. I would argue 16 weeks is becoming unreasonable, and they have probably offered the reduction as a goodwill gesture in recognition of this. In response I would make ‘time of the essence’ by specifying a date by which you would want the sofa to be delivered. You can also get a contract amendment reflecting the lower price.

  • Catriona 16 December, 12:23 am

    Rajeevan, the cooling off period allows you to examine and try out a new product before taking possession of it. This is particularly pertinent with mobile phones for exactly the problem of poor reception you have mentioned. You could probably challenge 3’d policy of 3 consecutive days, if you didn’t have the proper opportunity of assessing whether the reception would improve. You should however be prepared to pay for any use you have had of the phone,. but you do not need to return packaging ‘as new’. See: http://WHATCONSUMER.CO.UK/returns-and-refunds/

  • ash 18 December, 3:32 pm

    i bought a fancy dress costume yesterday, wolverine to be exact, and wore it for a house party last night. i wore it for perhaps four hours, all inside the house apart from when i took a 10 minute walk home.

    it’s now got a few of the seams coming apart into quite large holes. it wasn’t a mad party, so it can’t have been ripped by myself or someone else, and i feel like a mug for parting so much cash for it.

    the lady in the shop was quite adamant in the shop that they don’t accept refunds, and i’m scared that if i go down and say it’s faulty they’ll just say i did it. even if i explain my statutory rights and explain it’s poor quality and should have lasted longer, i expect them to just say ‘touch luck’.

    is there anything you can do to strengthen your case? such as an organisation that can help fight your case?

  • lucy 20 December, 2:51 am

    I bought a creative zen vision m from Argos on 24/12/07 and the sticker containing the serial number has just come off to reveal an ‘R’ stamped on the product. I have discovered that I was sold a refurbished unit. This was not clear in the description and was at the full price for a brand new product. Do I have any rights bearing in mind the unit is 4 days away from being a year from purchase?

  • Heather 20 December, 9:40 am

    Hi, I ordered £30 of furniture from the pier in october, they have since gone into administration but we were told they would deliver our order (which had not previously been in stock) on the coming tuesday. I have since recieved an email to say our order has been cancelled due to no stock and ‘you will not be charged for this item’. However, on the same day £325.90 was deducted from my bank account by them, I was under the impression the order was cancelled but cannot get through to them on the phone, I’ve left two messages and sent two emails to find out the situation with no reply.
    What are my rights and can I get my money back? Thanks for reading.

  • Catriona 22 December, 11:09 pm

    Ash, under the Sale of Goods Act you have the right to a refund if the item is faulty. The legislation also states that an item should be durable, and for this to happen after one wear is clearly unsatisfactory, irrespective of whether it has been worn or not. However, you must allow the shop to repair it or replace it before you can ask for a refund.

  • Catriona 22 December, 11:52 pm

    Lucy, new regs have recently come into force for products which have been misdescribed, see:
    Although they may not have applied to you when you bought the item. Additionally, I would argue that after nearly a year, you have accepted the item, and so may not be able to reject it. It’s still worth a try though, and if you can find the original invoice or advertising literature, you may be able to argue that the product was not as described.

  • Catriona 23 December, 12:00 am

    Heather, you may find that this debit will simply be reversed if they have told you that you will not be charged. It may take a few days. If not, I’m afraid there is no automatic right of refund against companies which go into administration, unless you paid the amount of money on credit card or Visa debit (chargeback). If you didn’t, you may be added to the list of creditors and get some of your money back, but the chances are slim.

  • Avinah 6 January, 2:47 pm

    I placed an order to purchase a new laptop (from Laptops Direct) well over a month ago. The item was out of stock for about a month and every time i enquired as to when they will receive it, i was given dates of delivery, which they of course failed to meet. After this long i decided to cancel my order and purchase one else where. Laptops Direct had taken the money out of my account on the day of placing the order, but have not yet received the refund after cancelling it on the 22nd December. (it is now 4th Jan 2009). I keep calling them to chase this case up, but they are insisting that the money has been refunded into my account; i have double checked with my bank and this is not the case. Do i have any rights? What can i do to get my money back? Your help would be much appreciated.

  • Catriona 12 January, 10:31 am

    Avinah, under the distance selling regs your order must be delivered within 30 days, unless otherwise specified. You have the right to cancel your order if they fail to meet the dates specified, and your money must be returned to you within 30 days. If you paid on credit card you can get the money back through them (equal liability – see: http://WHATCONSUMER.CO.UK/consumer-credit-act-1974/
    Initially however you should write to them giving them a date by which you should have the money back, otherwise you will start proceedings through a small claims court. See: http://WHATCONSUMER.CO.UK/making-a-small-claim/

  • TomH 12 January, 1:19 pm

    I purchased a necklace for my wife from The WonderStore (a Tiffany store) within Selfridges. Unfortunately my wife doesn’t like the necklace. I purchased it on December 19th. I live in Somerset and rarely go to London. Having called Selfridges they say they won’t give me a refund but will allow me exchange it. Is this legal?

  • jilly 12 February, 6:06 pm

    i bought a sofa in nov 2007(it was delivered feb 08),from the outset i had problems with it as it would not keep its shape – as though the padding inside was flattening with very little use this meant that the leather covering was very baggy. i complained to the store, they assessed the sofa, agreed it needed repaired and finally got around to doing this for me in january. i have had the sofa back for 3 weeks now and it looks as though the same is happening again. i would like to return the sofa and get a full refund-is this possible?
    i took 3 yrs interest free finance on the sofa through the store and have since paid over £1200 in the 12months – will i be able to get this money back either from the store or from the finance company?
    thanks for your help

  • Catriona 18 February, 8:41 pm

    Jilly, Please refer to:
    for more on this. The law states you must give the supplier the opportunity to put right the fault and if this canot be done, you can request an exchange or a refund (in that order). The supplier may not give you all of your money back to account for the use you have had from the sofa. However you could argue that you have not had any satisfactory use from it and request all of your money back. Your contract is with the store, so they would authorise the refund, not the finance company.

  • Kate 26 February, 6:41 pm

    I purchased a dress less than a week ago and have only worn it once. I had been wearing for a short amount of time when I noticed there was a small hole at the front of the dress, within 6 hours of wearing it, the only two buttons had fallen off too. I decided to take the item back but before had (as I had worn it) wash it first. When I returned the item, wanting to exchange it for one of better quality I was firstly told I couldn’t bring it back because I “had washed it” and secondly the hole was down to “general wear and tear” and I should have “inspected the item thoroughly before purchasing”. I feel ripped off. Am I entitled to exchange the item?

    • Mrs Valerie Newcombe 11 November, 11:16 pm

      I ordered items online from a company called WISH and the order has not all arrived but what has arrived is very very low quality and i have sent them lots of e.mails asking them to send a postage paid label so i can send what is here back to them.A company called Klarna say i need to pay them and that i need to send the item,s back to Wish.Klarna say they have already paid Wish the full amount to Wish and that i now need to pay Klarna,s debt agency over £200 and then fight Wish for a refund.How can Klarna have paid Wish as they did not even know if i had received all of the order.I have all the items i received but some are not there and the items are very poor and not what i was expecting.I have sent e.mails to Wish as they are a foreign company and i have no phone number or address for them as they only use e.mails.Klarna,s debt company keep adding money on top of what they say i owe for the awful order.Please advise as i have the whole of the order i received but i rejected it to Wish as its way poor quality.Please help.Thankyou.

      • Mrs Valerie Newcombe 11 November, 11:20 pm

        I ordered items online from a company called WISH and the order has not all arrived but what has arrived is very very low quality and i have sent them lots of e.mails asking them to send a postage paid label so i can send what is here back to them.A company called Klarna say i need to pay them and that i need to send the item,s back to Wish.Klarna say they have already paid Wish the full amount to Wish and that i now need to pay Klarna,s debt agency over £200 and then fight Wish for a refund.How can Klarna have paid Wish as they did not even know if i had received all of the order.I have all the items i received but some are not there and the items are very poor and not what i was expecting.I have sent e.mails to Wish as they are a foreign company and i have no phone number or address for them as they only use e.mails.Klarna,s debt company keep adding money on top of what they say i owe for the awful order.Please advise as i have the whole of the order i received but i rejected it to Wish as its way poor quality.Please help.Thankyou.

  • Catriona 27 February, 1:03 am

    Mavis, The job has not been done correctly, although you need to give them the opportunity to put the matter right. You have done this and they have failed for a second time. You would be within your rights to claim loss of faith in their ability and ask for a refund.

  • Catriona 27 February, 1:11 am

    Kate, If the item is of poor quality and had a hole in it you are entitled to return it claiming a breach of your statutory rights. Having washed it, or not inspecting it before purchase are irrelevant. You are entitled to a repair, a replacement and then a refund, in that order. Go back quoting Sale of Goods Act and ask for the manager if necessary. See:
    For more on this.

    • Cade 19 July, 3:43 am

      Now I feel stipud. That’s cleared it up for me

  • emma jones 4 March, 3:12 pm

    I bought two dresses from ladyluckrulesok.com. I received them on Monday and unfortunately they are too small. I tried contacting the company about returning them, but they said I could not get a refund as they were sale items. Do I have any rights in order to get my money back. Thanks for you help.

  • Martin 5 March, 6:25 pm

    I purchased a Hitachi angle grinder from a reputable country store in August 2008. This item is used infrequently (2/3 times a week) and is stored within a dry workshop on a farm.
    However, approx 3 weeks ago whilst in use, it stopped. At first I thought it may be a fuse but this was not the case.
    I have contacted the seller who has told me to return the item which he must send back to his suppliers before he can decide whether to offer a refund or a replacement. Is this right? I was under the impression that I bought this item from the store and not from his supplier so he should repair or replace the item.
    This grinder has not been used very often in the 6 months we have had it and had not been misused either. Please help.

  • Catriona 5 March, 9:42 pm

    Emma, I’m afraid you do not have the automatic right to get your money back. This is only a good-will gesture. You should be able to get an exchange or a credit note though. See:

  • Catriona 9 March, 2:40 pm

    Martin, you are correct, it is the retailer’s responsbility to carry out a repair, but this usually involves sending it off to a third party to assess it or carry out the repair. This is fine as long as it is done within reasonable time, without additional expense to you adn without significant inconvenience

  • andrea 7 April, 3:33 pm

    i purchased a book from an online dvd company using a £20 gift voucher I was given, which i have never received. i contacted the site to ask for a different item to replace this book as i had already gone out and bought it from someone else (it was a birthday present). They refused to do this, so then I asked for my voucher back (refund) and they also refused to refund me?!! they say they will only replace it but because it never arrived i had to buy it elsewhere! Don’t i have a right to claim back my voucher amount?

  • Catriona 11 April, 11:11 am

    Andrea, If you are still within your 7 day cooling off period, you can get a refund, no questions asked. If not, the question you need to ask is whether there was a despatch or delivery time indicated when you bought it. If there was, and the book failed to arrive within this time scale, you can claim there was a breach of a contract term – especially if you can show that you relied on this timeframe and if you had known the book would be any later, you would not have bought it. If no timeframe for delivery was mentioned, the store can claim you entered into a legally binding contract of sale with them, and as such they don’t need to give you anything back, apart from a credit note or replacement.

  • trish 24 March, 9:56 pm

    I signed up for a home learning course, £960.00 to be paid monthly by dd – the home learning college were to provide a CD for me to start the course and a contact at the college in case i had any problems i paid the dd for some months but never received the CD to start the course, i contact the college and left messages and emails to no avail i never received the CD or a reply so i cancelled the payments having parted with nearly £300.00 i am now being pursued by debt companies demanding the balance or they will take me to court.
    can you advise if they are breaching the sale of goods act.

  • Rozina louafi 27 March, 2:03 am

    Hi I hope you can advise me, I’ll keep it brief.
    In December 2008 I bought an Electrolux built in oven from Sainsburys.
    In June 2009 I complained it wasn’t heating enough and engineer found the thermostat faulty and replaced it.
    the engineer left a gas leak and Transco switched it off. A faulty knob was
    to blame. They said they wouldn’t touch it until our pipes were
    changed to regulation, so we complied. That was back in oct. 2009.
    Since then they’ve sent another 6 or 7 engineers and tried to fix it
    and finally agreed to replace it. Trouble is they tell us it’s not their
    responsibility and go directly to engineer company. They in turn are
    telling us to contact manufacturer, who are saying phone retailer.
    Please advice …?

    • justina 28 April, 11:01 am

      the retailer is the first point of contact. the relationship between retailer and manufacturer is contractual and agent/commission based.

      retailer has the responsibility to take care of you as your direct contract is with them not the manufacturer.

      Hope that helps

  • Sheila 26 April, 12:35 pm

    I ordered a bed from a store and paid a deposit on 14 March. It was to be delivered on 6 April but the store informed they were doing no deliveries on that date so it was postponed until 4 May, which was the next mutually convenient date, as I have to coordinate Council collection of an old bed.

    In the meantime I have decided that I need to cancel because of works to my flat which would make it easier if the bed was out of the way. I called this morning to apologise and explain my reasoning. I was told that the assistant had to speak to the manager because the bed is in the store and she is checking about the financial implication to me.

    Does anyone know what my position is.

  • Jamill 26 April, 5:28 pm


    I have complaint with B&Q’s post installation kitchen service. The kitchen was installed 4 months later than originally scheduled and once it was installed the kitchen due to wrong doors, scratches, bad fittings took another 6 weeks before it was finished. The kitchen cost around £10k and for compensation got £150 – They did not factor in time off work to for fitter and parts to arrive.

    Do I have a case to ask for compensation on time off work?

    • Louise 17 October, 11:24 am

      Hi Josh

      I’m in the same situation with B&Q for a kitchens fit. I sent an email to the CEO but it was intercepted and passed to the homefit complaints team. I was offered £100 in compensation which doesn’t even cover all the wasted holiday days I had to take off work. B&Q seem to only be concerned with helping themselves, the manager who came out to see me tried to make me feel like he was doing me a favour by offering me £100 and told me that most people only get £20……they are a joke and I have no idea where to go with my complaint now.

  • Josh 28 April, 10:42 pm

    I sent my phone (a Nokia 5530) in for repairs to the locking switch and when i got it back it was worse than it was when i sent it in, I could not hear anything through the speakers when i made or received a all unless i put it on loud speaker. I made a complaint at the shop and asked for a replacement but was told that because i did not have insurance and it was only under warranty that i could not have a replacement. Should i have been able to get the replacement?
    I have checked the warranty and it does not say anything about not being able to get one.

  • Jawed 29 April, 10:17 pm

    I bought a vodaphone mobile contract through phone4u shop. the representative explain to me that the package include 600 min, unlimited text and unlimited internet in £30, he said to me it is a £35 package and he gave me a £5 pound discount, my mobile internet usage is more than 1Gb,
    when at the same night i saw the detail then i know only 500mb internet is allowed(not unlimited).
    the next morning i went to the shop but they refused to cancell the contract. they said unlimited mean 500mb, i said you did not mentioned it at the time of purchase, because on vodaphone 1gb package is also present. they called to voda phone i spoke and explained what they explained to sell the contract if they explained me about that i never bought this contract, but voda phone representative said you buy from third party we cant cancelled it, i dont know what to do, phone4u said they cant fix the problem, what are my right when i just go there within 24 hours today, please tell me.

  • jamjam173 6 May, 2:09 pm

    if i ordered an item online, and was supplied a different model to that ordered, and i gave them notice of rejection and informed seller that wrong item would not be returned or paid for, and they then sent the correct item to order, but charged for both, of which i then paid for the correct item to order and made this clear when paying. can the wrong item be classed as unsoliceted and so cannot be pursued for payment?

  • A big shop 19 May, 11:31 am

    Hello all.
    I am a branch manager for a well known high street retailer, and I have spent the last half an hour skimming all of your issues.
    I hope they all get sorted – some of them do appear to be an injustice on the sellers behalf.
    I have a question to the forum.
    We have a notice in our shop that indicates that we do not offer a 14 day change of mind on our accessory products once purchased but we do offer a 14 day exchange.
    I can see this is covered under the statutory rights section.
    Is it the obligation of the shop to inform customers they do not have this right, or is it the obligation of the customers to know their own rights? We do make a habit of informing customers but when we are – or you are very busy this is not always possible. I do not expect every one of my customers to know the law, but what is really annoying is when I inform customers of their own rights they then see it fit to argue, shout and threaten me, or in some cases make up the law which suits them.
    What i actually see is just how many people are not educated on the very fundimental laws that they are granted, and I think the government should do a lot more at an educational level to introduce these laws to people at secondary school.
    Another common misconception is that if we have an item that is priced up incorrectly, we are oblidged to sell the item at that price – please note this is not the case, we do not have to sell anything, just like you do not have to buy anything. The law should be equal and fair to both parties.
    Thank you for your time to read this.

  • Rick 23 May, 3:02 pm

    I recently purchsed an item online for my daughter, when it was delivered (and we paid for 2 day delivery as well) up[on inspection, the garment was dirty and snagged in several places, so we phoned up , I was advised to send back, we wanted a replacement, but there wasn’t one, so an refund would be paid back, I have been refunded the cost of the garment and not the postage.

    Am I entitled to that cost of postage as well considering they sent a faulty item?

  • louise 1 June, 4:58 pm

    Hi i will try and keep this to the point. Me and my fiancee booked up for a holiday with another two friends which was a group booking. The main guys name happens to be the guy that me and my fiancee have fell out with due to the main person being an idiot. We have booked through first choice and they have said that kthey would need permission from the main guy to split the holiday so that me and my fiancee still get away on the same date but a different destination as far as we knew the other two were still going to the orginal place. We went in to the travel agents to book a holiday but was told that the deal that we wanted wasnt available so the agent said she would look for a good deal for use since it was our first time away abroad. She was supposed to of phoned use before closing time our the next day we thought we would give her time to have a look. My fiancee went in two days later to see what was happening and then we were told that the main person had cancelled the full holiday! and that we were getting a refund and it would be a cheque in the main persons name. We werent happy with this because of the circumstances with the main person he has threatened my friancee saying that he is taking the full of his deposit and the full of the other guys deposit from our money! We tried to explain to the travel agents but they have been not very helpful a tall! they keep sayign that they will phone there head office and that they will phone use back soon but they never do! this has been going on and on like this for nearly a week and me and my fiancee are stressed! all we want is our money back which we payed to the travel agents first choice we want the money transferred in to another holiday from them! i honestly dont see what the problem is! this main guy threatened my fiancee yesterday when we were walking down the street and he was shouting at use and saying come and get your money we will see how much a hard man you are when you collect it! i was thinking about reporting the threat to police but not sure?? Now i am waiting again on a phone call from first choice telling me wether they can issue 2 seprate cheques cos if that main person gets the cheque we will never see our money again!! please help!! anyone!! they should in this case make an exception plus my finacee has been paying direct and he has receipts and payment cards as proof at the end of the day we have a contract with them not the main guy!!!!

  • Smartypants 1 June, 9:56 pm

    Hi. I bought an £800 leather suite on 28th May 2009, delivered to me about 3 days later. Yesterday (31st May 2010) my 14 year old daughter was lying on it with no shoes on. She pushed herself up with the balls of her feet, and the leather ripped quite badly. I spoke to the shop that we bought it from, who came out to look at it this afternoon. The response to my wife was (I was at work) that it had been caused by a sharp object, and they could do nothing for us. The chap then walked out – very ignorant. I can guarantee that no sharp objects have been near the suite, and that my daughter was wearing no shoes (it only gets used for a couple of hours a day). The leather on the ripped leather cushion feels slightly thinner than on the ‘good’ side. Where do we stand on this?

    • Jaylin 19 July, 3:37 am

      Wait, I cannot fathom it being so stwfaghtaorrird.

  • Jamie 4 June, 2:24 pm

    My girlfriend bought me a couple of DVD’s for my birthday without realising they were for a blu ray player. I opened them to see if they would work on my laptop and they didnt. I dont want a refund, just to exchange them for normal format DVD’s of the same title. Will they have grounds to refuse me on account that they’ve been opened?

  • gary 9 June, 10:42 pm

    bought fuel out of garage 3 weeks ago their debit card machine was not working at the time, they took my card details but still not had the money taken out of my account, is there a certain amount of time i have to wait before i can spend the money because i think it might not have went through?

  • Jenn 11 June, 12:00 pm

    I hired a seamstress to make a made-to-measure dress and jacket for me. I purchased the fabric, and at her request also purchased a pattern for her to use in sewing the jacket. I gave specific written instructions that given the cost of the fabric for the jacket, that I wished to be measured a second time before she cut the fabric. She instead made a ‘practice piece’ from inexpensive fabric to check the fit. After fitting the practice piece she made the real jacket but it doesn’t fit properly as she added a button-hole without measuring it on me. What are my options?

  • Alex Fulker 29 June, 9:04 pm

    I am looking into warranties on contract mobile phones due to the increasing length of decent contracts.
    I have an iPhone on a 24 months contract. I have heard that although it only comes with the standard 12 months warranty I am entitled to return it if it is faulty in the last 12 months under the sale of goods act. As it is not fit for purpose.
    The way it was written was that as they had sold it to me with a contract lasting 24 months it is reasonable to deduce that they expect the phone to last that long.
    Is this correct?

  • Nick 7 July, 2:52 pm

    Hi, I recently bought a laptop which is faulty. I have been sorting this out by mail with the manufacturer as instructed to by the seller. While doing so I have come to the knowledge that the laptop does not contain the hardware advertised by the retailer, making it less powerful than I thought (it is a gaming latop, and therefore this problem is of primary concern). Upon contacting the seller again today, I requested a refund but was told that my 14 day warranty has expired and all support should be directed to the manufacturer, and no further help provided. Would you say I had the right to request a full refund based on the misinformation about the product, or the faults and time it has taken to (fail to) rectify them is unreasonable. I have also initiated a dispute with my credit card company, however I have recieved poor advice initially from them, and had to resort to the UK based complaints dept who are now dealing with that. Any advice here would be appreciated. The laptop is less than a month old, and I have been unable to use it for gaming yet, however it does work most of the time for light use (office, web, less demanding games etc..). As I am self employed and this machine is intended to replace older hardware, It is currently a big waste of money, time and space. Undoubtedly this is costing my business, but I doubt I can reclaim anything in that respect.
    Thanks in advance,

  • Tal Withington 12 July, 1:22 pm


    I have purchased 12 TV for my business. One has gone faulty after just over 2 months. These TV are used in a commercial environment but not used on a daily basis. The manufacturer has a clause in their T and C’s stating that this product should not be used in a commercial premises. Do I have any comeback as this TV is so new?


  • Louise 15 July, 7:04 pm


    I recently placed an order with a dropship company. The order was accepted and they attempted to deliver twice, which failed so the order was returned to the company. They then asked for an extra £4.95 delivery charge, at this point I refused and asked for a refund. They then said their system had made an error and I owed them money for the order as they used money on my account balance with them, which should have been took off for a previous order. Before this, I should of had £17 credit with them, now they are saying I owe them £4, (restocking fees etc) but they shouldn’t have allowed the order if there wasn’t money on the account, so effectively they sent me an order which hadn’t been paid for, has been automatically returned to them by couriers, and are now saying I am -£21 as I was £17 in credit previous to this order.

    They also state on their website that returns must be made in writing, and must be accepted by them in writing, this means on paper right? As this wasn’t the case, it was only done through e-mail.

    What are my rights on retrieving my money back ?

    I would be grateful if someone could assist me on this as I have had a very stressful day communicating with them

    Thank you

  • Louise 15 July, 7:04 pm


    I recently placed an order with a dropship company. The order was accepted and they attempted to deliver twice, which failed so the order was returned to the company. They then asked for an extra £4.95 delivery charge, at this point I refused and asked for a refund. They then said their system had made an error and I owed them money for the order as they used money on my account balance with them, which should have been took off for a previous order. Before this, I should of had £17 credit with them, now they are saying I owe them £4, (restocking fees etc) but they shouldn’t have allowed the order if there wasn’t money on the account, so effectively they sent me an order which hadn’t been paid for, has been automatically returned to them by couriers, and are now saying I am -£21 as I was £17 in credit previous to this order.

    They also state on their website that returns must be made in writing, and must be accepted by them in writing, this means on paper right? As this wasn’t the case, it was only done through e-mail.

    What are my rights on retrieving my money back ?

    I would be grateful if someone could assist me on this as I have had a very stressful day communicating with them

    Thank you

  • Mathew 20 July, 11:34 pm

    I bought a disco light from Maplin on 17th July for an anniversary party that evening. It did not work and since it was brand new, we packed it back in original package and took back to Maplin on 20th July. Requested that they pay back the money since obviously the product was of poor quality and was not fit for the purpose which I bought it. They offered an exchange but refused to refund the money. I quoted them my statutory rights but the manager did not budge – in fact, he started insulting me. I left the product with them but they put it outside the shop and told me that it was my product and I need to take it back! What are my rights in this case?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Ron 8 August, 3:14 pm

    Last Week my wife brought some gloss paint made to order from B AND Q. she initially made enquires on the weds and was quoted a price of £10.49,she returned on the thurs to make the purchase where she was again quoted the price of £10.49 from the sales assistant on duty. She agreed to buy the product proceeded to the checkout where she was told the price was £13.48. When she queried this she was told the price of £10.49 was not for that product but another product. Can they do this,to me it is mal practice quoting one price then charging another?

  • shirley worrall 9 August, 3:43 pm

    i ordered a suite from JD Williams catalogue, i should have received it on the 20 june but still not got it, they are taking money out of my account and they have sent me my insurance certificate for it, when i contact them they say they are waiting for the supplier to contacted the curriers to try and find out where it is. they now have discontinued with that suite now, i have nothing to sit on only dinning chairs which is not very comfy to sit long on them, please can you help me on what to do next, thank you, mrs s worrall

  • L.littlefair 11 August, 9:37 am

    Hi, I’m looking for some help regarding my rights. My partner and I got engaged in may 2008, he bought me a £1250 ring from ernest jones, and in the august of the same year diamonds fell out, the repaired it as my partner had also purchased the 3 years warranty for £120. I got my repaired ring back and within a week more diamonds fell out, after alot of arguing with the shop, they wanted to repair it again I want a replacement ring the exchanged it to the same one but a new one. This ring lasted just short of 2 years before another diamond fell out, they said it was down to wear and tear and that it would be repaired once again, after a alot of arguing again with the shop they said they would exchange the ring out of good will for another ring of my choice in the price range, I could have the difference on a store card if my new ring was cheaper and I could add money to another ring, they wouldn’t however give me the one year warranty on a new ring which I had remaining from my old ring, again after arguing my point of them taking the remaining year warranty off me when the ring is faulty is penalising me for there goods not being up to standard. I chose a new ring and got my warranty however when I got my ring home and looked at it the two diamonds in the top are completely different sizes and it stands out, many people have noticed. I took it back to the shop 2 days later and the manager agreed with me. He said he couldn’t understand how the ring had got trough quality control? They can’t get a replacement ring in till mid sept in my size and there is nothing else I like out of the stock they have. I have been backwards and forwards to the shop many times and find the staff less then helpfully. I would like some advice on where I stand, if I’m entitled to a refund so I can get a ring from another shop or if I just have to wait until mid sept for another replacement ring. All the manager keeps telling me is it is good will he exchanged my ring 1st faulty ring and the same for exchanging this ring? Please help!

  • LYNNE 12 August, 1:42 am

    Hi I am after some advice. I purchased a laptop from Kays catalogue in Dec 2008, the reason I bought it from Kays is the fact they were offering a 104 weeks interest free credit. I received a statement earlier this year informing there is a £100.00 interest charge that has been applied to my account. I have spoken to the catalogue and they are adamant that there should be a charge. When I placed the order I had to quote a ref number that gave me the entitlement to interest free credit, obviously this has been omitted. I would like this charge dropped, where can I go for advice on this matter as Kay’s are just not listening. Thanks

    • jack 26 August, 1:09 pm

      Lynne contact your local council, and then ask them to put you through to trading standards, tell them your problem and the way Kay’s has treated you, trading standards will advise you on how to continue and most of the time they will contact the company in question to work out a solution to benefit you, hope this helps

  • ken 20 August, 9:13 pm

    i purchased a secon hand car 5 months ago within 3 months the automatic gearbox was faulty last month i took it to a vauxall agent who also discovered the petrol tank hadcollapsed i wave a6 MONTH warranty which expires end of september could i expect to get my £2900 back

  • Wilson 22 August, 2:21 pm

    I’ve recently purchased a £800 camera from a major High Street retailer which was faulty from the time of purchase.
    When I took the camera back to the store a few days later(the soonest I could), I was told it would have to be sent off to the manufacturer for a repair – which takes around 2 weeks.

    Considering I’d only just bought the camera and it was faulty from the time of the purchase, should I have been given a replacement rather than have to wait two weeks without my new purchase? (A time frame I personally find to be unreasonable, especially considering they had plenty of stock of the camera in question)

    Did they breach the sales of goods act – or am I just gonna have to wait it out?
    thanks in advance for any help!

  • jack 26 August, 1:00 pm

    I purchased a mobile phone from virgin on a £15 contract. Now this contract entitles me to a brand new mobile phone. after about 5 weeks the phone mslfunctioned, therefore i rang virgin and asked for a replacement , they sent me a replacment phone, however it was “as new” a phone which had been previously owned, it was badly damaged and was not fit for purpose therefore not just breaching my contract with virgin, but also breaching my statutory rights, i rang them and requested a brand new mobile phone of the same model, or of an equivalent specification, however because the phone did not malfunction within their 28 day period, they refuse to send me a brand new mobile phone, once again breaching my contract and statutory rights, can anybody give me some help as to what i can do now ??

  • Donna 29 August, 4:24 pm

    hello i would really appreciate if someone could please give me advice …… i brought a blckberry from Phones4u 7 days ago along with a contract, when i first went to purchace the phone i was told they had no blackberrys in stock in white on th network O2 then after being told about the offers from voderfone and trying to open a contract and got declined by voderfone phones4u then tell me they do have o2 and the contract is better minutes,txts and internet all for the same price as voderfone so i feel i was lied to, after having the phone for a day a button stopped working i return to phones4u the next day hoping they will solve my problem the first thing that was said to me after having the phone 1 day was “why do you need to use that button anyway as this one does the same” thats not the point to me its the pure principle that i buy a phone with features i expect them to work… after being in the shop for 45mins i was then advised to return the next day for an exchange, which i did…… the next day when we return at 5pm when they are supposed to close at 6pm we walk in and get told they are closed due to a random stock check and to return tomorrow a member of staff shouted acroos the store “you were told to be here at 11am” yes i was advised this the day before but after tellin them i dont finish work untill 4.30pm they agreed this was not a problem, so once agen returned home without an exchange….. the next day i return and they agree to exchange the phone, the phone was not checked in store to see if all buttons were functioning i felt they just wanted to get rid of me…… when i get home i charge the phone and find again the button is not functional, the next day i then return they test there other phones and none of the buttons work… however the button on the same phone but in black does work… whilst sitting with an adviser a blackberry rep appears in normal clothes randomly then telling us that he knows there are faults and these will be corrected by a softwere update which will be availible very soon and there is nothing they can do…. i dont see how this can be the case if the black ones work…. after asking if we can exchange for a different model phone as we are unhappy with the service and product as we have had so many problems and we were then advised they cannot do this as they do not have a 14 day exchange for other models and we now left with faulty phone for 24 months not knowing if it will ever be fully functional?? am i in my statory rights to cancel my contract or exchange for a different model due to faulty product, mislead information, and very poor customer service aswel as being lied to??
    please help me

  • Anna 19 September, 4:51 pm

    Hi, Long story but better tell it properly…
    My Aunty (In Bristol) has control of my Nans finances, She purchased a 32″ TV from Argos in Oct 09, Had it delivered to my Nans adres, Now the TV is Faulty, (not working at all). I rang Argos and they have told me that they will ONLY issue a repair as this is thier policy. But in the back of the tv booklet it says, something along the lines of 1 yr Guarantee, Does this mean I can take the TV back and demand a straight forward replacement, or can they offer to repair it?. I always thought you get a yr with most things you buy. If they repair, my elderly Nan will be without a TV for a week or more (Argos words). What are my Statutory rights?

  • Julia 19 September, 11:03 pm

    I have purchased a phone from phone4u 6 days ago and it is mentioned in the contract that they don’t have a 14 days cooling off period. I realised that I cud have get a better deal as I have found it on another company website. Is it possible for me to return the phone?

    • Andrew 25 November, 2:18 am

      Simple answer: No.

  • Des O'Neill 6 October, 5:25 pm

    I ordered an item valued at £70.00 from an online retailer in the UK. They used Royal Mail for the despatch to my UK address but 3 weeks from their advised date of despatch the item has not yet arrived so I must assume it is lost. They did not use recorded delivery so there is no proof that I did or didn’t receive it. They are refusing to send a replacement or refund my money. Do I have a legal entitlement to this? Thanks

  • christinep 7 October, 9:52 pm

    Hi there I bought a pushchair from mamas & papas on the 12th sept 10. However on serveral occasions the pushchair has tipped over. My baby is only 8mths and i had nothing on the back ie:bags etc it just seemed to loose balance as she got excited and moved about as they do. I have been back to the shop and they have checked it and stated that there is nothing wrong with it. Im afraid that as she gets bigger the problem will get worse can anyone give me any advice as what to do cos it was expensive and i can’t afford to buy another. Thanks

  • karen webster 15 October, 12:23 pm

    i bought washable babies nappies all in one with waterproof covers. they are suitable from birth to potty training. my baby is 14 weeks old, and i have not been able to use these after 11 weeks as they leek and my baby is constantly wet.
    i have been back in touch with the company and they inform me there is nothing wrong with the product and my baby my be a particularly wet baby, and i need to purchase extra padding.

  • MandyG 18 October, 1:44 pm

    Hi, I’m after some advise please. I recently ordered a kitchen from a guy we knew who could buy kitchens online at a reduced rate. The kitchen arrived we checked it over and paid the money. That evening when my husband came home he checked it over more thoroughly and he said it was of poor quality and that the cabinets were white when they should have been cream. The kitchen was relatively cheap and we know you get what you paid for but this guy said the kitchen would be exactly as we had expressed and that the quality would be as good as the one we had seen in another kitchen showroom. We hated the colour and although he said he would change the kitchen and make sure all was correct and we were happy before he left we said no we wanted all our money back. Unfortunately this became quite heated and the police were called, no need to comment on what happened further on that. Two months later we again contacted him and he said he would sell the kitchen on for us and give us the money he sold the kitchen for. We agreed and last week the kitchen was sold and we received £1000 back. There is still £2,500 outstanding which he says he will pay back. Since then I have heard that because he is not a shop our statutory rights are void and that the fact the we have been saying the kitchen was not fit for purpose is incorrect. Can you please tell me if we are within our rights to request our money back and if this went to small claims court what would the likely outcome be. Thanks.

  • Sam 21 October, 12:56 pm


    I bought a video camera from Amazon for £300 to take away on a month long safari holiday. I bought it about 2 weeks before i went, and while i was there, the screen developed an error about 2 weeks in and wouldnt record. It would tell me to turn the camera off, then the camera would not turn off, so i had to wait for the battery to run down. Not happ, as it was only a month old! have found amazon a ngihtmare to contact, their returns policy is only for 30 days – which i was over by the time i returned. am trying to get in touch with them – am i right in thinking that amazon will have to replace/refund this as a) they are the seller, and b) the camera has not lasted “a reasonable amount of time” ?

    Cheers 🙂


  • Louise 26 October, 4:16 pm

    Can you help me? We bought a new house, we have all the info on it including gurantees, and emergency callout info. However at our handover meeting the day we completed,there was a clear problem with the back upvc doors, and was no better when we had our snaggin meeting. We complained on both occasions, and at the second they just cut us another key. It opened slightly better but nto much.
    Three weeks later, on a sunday, the lock completely jammed, leaving us with back doors that we could not lock.
    The housing company that we bought the house from only operate a weekend emergency service for e;lectrics/plumbing/gas, so we had to call out a locksmith to sort it out, as there was no way we could have time off due to both our jobs.
    There is nothing written in our guarantee about other tradesmen fixing emergency faults invalidating the guarantee, but having eventually spoken to the company they are saying that this is the case. can they do this?
    I know under stat rights if there had been loss due to the fault we can claim, which we have for the lock and callout from house builders, but what would have happened if we had lost earnings or possessions etc due to this. Surely that would have been worse, and more costly and yet they are quibbling because we had to make our property secure!! I am at a loss, because the whole situation seems ludicrous.
    Can anyone help? I just want to know where we stand with the invalidation of the guarantee – the only thing it mentions is damage or faults due to ddeliberate act, accident or misuse – yet we had already complained ab out it twice before the locksmith had to come.
    Thanks in advance of any help/advice.

  • BRONAGH 26 October, 5:24 pm

    Hi i am just looking for a little advise on a matter which has arisen today…i find myself in a unique position. I was browsing through a costumes shop today in preparation for haloween and came across a costume that didnt have a price on it. so i (for the hell of it) went onto the checkout and purchased the item free of charge. i even got an e-mail confirmation(with order no)/invoice stating the outfit name and price as 0.00 i have since got a voicemail on my phone stating that the order has been cancelled and if i wanted the outfit to go ahead and re-order… i cant help feeling that my statutory rights have been affected as this was misrepresentation on their part… can you advise?? thank you

    kind regards 🙂

    • Tom 21 December, 2:10 pm

      I had the same situation. Any advice would be appreciated.

      Many thanks

  • towyn 31 October, 11:40 pm

    Took the Hd package from skyt Feb 2010. Box got very hot and burnt the sky card quite badly in Sept. On health and safety grounds sky replaced box. Left a card saying 30 days warrenty, 33days later after we returned from hols picture started freezing.called sky and after a lopt of rowing man cam and reloaded software. left card with 30 day warrenty, now 36 days later box is freezing again. Where do I stand

  • Jackie Reid 11 November, 12:39 am

    Hi, I am looking for some advice, I recently purchased 2 dresses on line from TFNC London, they advised to try the dresses on without deodarant etc. on so they wouldn’t get marked, which I did, as they didn’t fit i returned them.they have refunded one of them & have sent they other back saying it is marked. I cannot see any marks & the only thing I can see is the mark where it has been folded up & put in the bag, which as far as I am concerned that was done before I received it. as far as I am concerned the dress was returned in the condition I received it. are my stat rights affected and how do get my money-back.

    Many Thanks

  • Matt :) 13 November, 9:29 pm

    Hi 2 queries here 🙂

    1: i brougth a camera from my retailer, after 1 month it broke, now they say after a month the only thing they can do is repair the item, i that correct or am i entitled to a replacement or refund?

    2:brought an electric toothbrush, its only just gone over the year garuntee and now it doesnt work, is there anything i can do or is that it ?

    🙂 thank full for any info 🙂

  • Paul 15 November, 10:29 pm

    Hi i am looking for advice on this please:
    My partner and I purchsed a car on the 1st October from ACF Car finance and it was delivered on the 2nd October. The car was not taxed due to being in a disabled taxation class and therefore the car was not driven or used for the first 10 days. When i was able to drive the vehicle i noticed a clonking noise only when the brakes where applied so i got in touch with the company. They have since paid for it to go to a Halfords Auto Centre to be looked at and they have responded to us by saying the brakes are legal and safe but there is a fault and it should be fixed by getting it serviced. (as a company they do not service vehicles before sale) so they are not accepting the car back. The car has not been used for 3-4 weeks as i have a child and am not willing to risk my childs and our lives. Any suggestions please? thanks

  • marc 17 November, 11:49 pm

    hi, I purchased a shower from argos in jan 2009, it now only supplies lukewarm water the last shower lasted 5 years. I would like ot know am I still covered although the warranty is out would this be regarded as ufit for purpose?

  • mrsda 20 November, 1:17 am

    Hi, we booked are wedding venue & paid a £500 deposit, 4 days later the wedding co-ordinator phoned to tell me the company had gone into administration, i now dont want to risk having my wedding there incase the hotel closes closer to the date, what are our chances of getting our money back? Also at the time of booking she Kind of forced us to pay deposit, which i now think she did knowing the company was in administration..
    Shouldnt they of told us at the time of booking the hotel was in administration? the information abotu this didnt come public until about 1 week after our booking so theres no way we could of known,in our booking terms we paid for our wedding co-ordintor & she as now been laid off so in effect we are not getting what we paid for, we have been offered a alternative of a man which i dont think is suitable

  • lesley searle 29 November, 1:21 pm

    I ordered vinly yesterday 28/11/10 at 11.00am and phoned to cancel this morning at 10.30am 29/11/10 and have been told i cannot cancel my order
    as it is being processed already

  • steve h 7 December, 9:46 am

    Im after some help here because as it stands im £2300 down and have a sofa i cant use.

    here is the story.

    My wife and i decided to replace our nice but well used next sofas with a nice corner sofa that fitted our room better, when i say corner i mean a proper corner(right angle) and not a half moon corner.

    we saw an ideal sofa in dfs but wanted to try the smaller company over the road from them before commiting.

    So we wnet over to this other shop and was greeted by one of the salesman and explained to him what we were after and did they have anything suitable.

    he said that they did but not in the shop and he would need to check with the manager they could get a right angle corner for the sofa in question.

    So both him and the manager came back to us and said yes we can do this sofa with the piece you want, and he handed us a headed compliments slip with the name of the sofa at the top and then all the sizes and dimensions of the bits of sofa we neded to order.

    all the writing was in the managers handwriting.

    so he then take this away and measure your front room to make sure it would fit with those measurement, we did this and nipped home as we live about a mile from the shop.

    witht he measure ments he gave us on the slip the sofa would of fitted beautifully.

    so then we went back down the shop and told them we watned to order exactly what he had wrote on the slip and he said no problems let go and sort it out.

    this is where it gets a bit confusing, the manager transferred all the details from the compliments slip onto an order form except the sizes, so where it said … 1 x corner unit @ 1metre square on the slip , on the order form it just said ….. 1` x corner unit.

    we also wanted dark wood feet and not the silver feet, this was added to ther oder too.

    fast forward to last saturday and the sofa has turned up and in a fluster i didnt realise it was the wrong corner piece until i had signed for it(unchecked by the way) when i relaised i explained this to the delivery driver and said i wasnt happy and he told me to pop down the shop and they would sort it out.

    so i did this and at first the chap in the shop(not the manager or saleman we dealt with)said , there is nothing i can so as its the weekend and to vcome back monday.

    so both me and the wife went back down monday and explained what the problem was and the same chap has basically said tough, i cant see your problem ,his words were “you ordered a corner unit, you got a corner unit end of” when i asked for a reund and for them to collect it he said no way and not a chance.

    he then went onto say he had been in touch weith the sofa maker and they have told him they dont do the right angle corner piece anyway……..

    so…………….. i spoke to consumer direct and they have told me to write them a letter under the SOGA to reject the sofa as they are not fit for purpose and that we want a refund.

    i also wrote my card company a letter holding them jointly liable.

    if after the 14 days they have to reply i get no replies what is my next step??

    sorry for the long post!!

  • David McAnenay 7 December, 7:47 pm


    I recently purchased a mattress that is due for delivery in 2 weeks time from a national retailer. I ordered the mattress in-store. However, i now no longer need the mattress and when i asked to cancel the order for a refund I was informed that this was not possible. Is this correct or am i within my rights to demand a refund?
    I’m willing to pay for any reasonable administration fees incurred by the company, which i thought was a reasonable enough stance.

    Many Thanks.

  • S. vrbanic 29 December, 5:02 pm

    I bought some things from an online catalogue as they offered a ceramic cookware set. I never received the cookware set as promised, but they sent me a £10 voucher to be used when I place my next order. I emailed them, but to say this was extremely disappointing as I wanted the cookware set, and that the £10 did not make up for it, as I would have to pay £3.99 when I place an order for the postage. They came back to me and said We are sorry for your dissapointment.
    However, we do reserve the right to substitute a free gift as advised in our
    terms and conditions.
    Is this right? and if they do substitute shouldn’t it be to the value of the cookware set they’d offered in the first place.
    I would very much appreciate your help.
    Kind regards

  • HeidiHi 6 January, 6:08 pm

    I purchased some boots online size 7 for £150.00. When I got them I tried them on they were a bit tight to get my ankle in but were ok when on. I checked the box and they said size 7, I thought they may soften and give a little. I wore them and struggled the next time but again once on they were ok. The third time I couldn’t be bothered with the struggle so I went to a shop and tried the same boot on in a size 8, they were huge, I went home and double checked the boots inside as I had thrown the box away, they were Aus size 7 and right into the boot below various sizes it said UK 5. I contacted the company who admitted sometimes they are in the wrong box and were going to repalce them. Two weeks on and they are now saying no because I don’t have the box to prove they said size 7 on them and as I have worn them it’s my problem.

    • HeidiHi 17 January, 10:32 am

      I am just letting people know I got my new boots replaced last week. I was not obliged by law to produce the original packaging and I stood my ground with the company until they accepted the mistake was initially theirs. My advice, stick to your guns and don’t be put off when the company start saying they have had legal advice, go back at them and quote the odd phrase in a way that it sounds like you are well informed of your rights too.

  • Anne 10 January, 2:58 pm

    Hi, I’m looking for some advice. My boyfriend bought me 2 charms for my Pandora bracelet at Christmas. He told the lady that I had a Pandora bracelet and she sold him somem other make. When I have taken them back, she has refused to give me my money back. I believe she mis sold them to him. Should he be able to get a full refund?

    • HeidiHi 17 January, 10:37 am

      Your boyfriend was misled in his purchase, in which case you every right to demand the correct item or a refund. Quote that, as soon as you realised the mistake by their staff, you informed them straight away. Don’t give up. I wrote several emails to the company refusing to accept their decision and quoting a few phrases as though I was knowledgeable of my rights. They will give in if they think you will take matters further. Good luck.

  • Nathan 11 January, 5:39 pm

    I bought a tag watch from earnest jones witch states they only refund or exchange for the first 30 days. Well 8 months down the line my watch seal was faulty and leaked stopping the mechanism and steaming the inside of the watch. It has now been in repair for two months and Im not too happy as spending £800 pounds for a sports watch that hadn’t lived to it’s name. I have asked for my money back and or replacement ( I would pay for the extra ) but they keep going back to the 30 day contract. Is this in stone or can I change for a better model or get my money back any other way.

    • HeidiHi 17 January, 10:40 am

      The watch is not fit for the purpose you bought it. I believe you are within your rights, don’t give up and let them think you are knowledgeable about your consumer rights and they will give in.

  • sheila 17 January, 12:35 am

    We hired a car for 13 days beginning Dec 22nd 2010. When we went to pick it up from Avis the weather was atrocious, as it had been for several days with snow and ice etc. We said we were not happy about taking the car and the receptionist said that because of the adverse weather conditions we could cancel without financial penalties and we would get a full refund. We would have to contact the Customer Service Dept which we did. They informed us that because we had booked with Cartrawler and not Avis directly, we should contact Cartrawler. This we did and have received an e mail stating they would hold a full inquiry into this and get back to me in up to 22days. Can anyone tell us what our rights are please?

    • Mathew 15 February, 3:20 pm

      Car Trawler seems to be a very shady operator. I booked for seven days a 9 seat MPV with them from 23rd January. When I went to collect the MPV from Avis it was not available and hence, the agreement was terminated on the spot. Now I have been waiting for over 20 days for car trawler to return back the money. They are not even responding to my email or telephone calls.

  • Grant 21 January, 10:35 pm

    I brought a skateboard two days ago, and it has snapped. Where do I stand here? I understand that boarding is a hard sport, but you expect a skateboard deck to last a while longer than two days.

  • Derek 1 February, 12:45 am

    Hi, need some help
    I took out breakdown cover with the AA around two years ago, which I was happy to do. Last year, I upgraded my account with HBOS, and, until recently, did not know that it included breakdown cover, supplied by the AA.
    I contacted the AA, to cancel the origional cover, as I now had this included in my account, and I was not going to pay twice for this.
    I was not, and am not, looking for any recompense from the AA, I am just wanting to cancel the cover, however the AA are completely unresponsive, and I’m not sure why.

    Can anyone help?

  • Gemma 2 February, 9:50 pm

    Hi, Can you help.

    My boyfriend surprised me with some £180 UGG boots for xmas, which he brought from a large boutique. There were hafe a size to small, but the shop assistant said to my boyfriend when he purchesed them that and exchanged in size whould be no prob at all.

    After xmas we went in and they said they didnt have my size. They asked if i wanted any other UGGs but i explained it was spacifically these i liked. I handed over the boots, they gave me a credit note and took my number, and said they would ring when the january order came in…. Feb,no phone call so we went in again, to be told, they probly wouldnt stock that type of UGG any more, but can have anything else. They refused a re-fund, and said see will ring me tomorrow to let me know if they were getting an order of this type?

    It was all very confusing, different stories and they didnt ring me the next day! What can i do, i dont want anything else from there store and the other UGG boots are horrible, and would be a waste of £180.

  • Charlotte 2 February, 10:13 pm

    I purchased a leather jacket from topshop, after wearing a couple of times i noticed water stains over the jacket. I took it to a specialist cleaner who provided me with special cleaner for that type of the leather. After following instructions on the jacket and on the cleaner, large stains were left over the jacket and now everyone is refusing liability. What are my rights? Can i get a replacement jacket? Thank you.

  • Eugene 3 February, 1:18 pm

    I signed a contract with a double glazing firm to fit a conservatory to my house on the 14 January 2011. My circumstances change dramatically when my gas boiler failed and I need to replace it, my duaghters also failed and I need to help her replace hers.
    With both off these happening at the same time I can no longer afford the conservatory and so sent a cancelation notice to the double glazing firm informing them that I could no longer afford the installation, I sent this on 31 January. I received a letter from them today 3 February informing me that the order is not subject to cancellaton as I am out of my 7 day cancellation period.
    I was never made aware that I only had a 7 day cancellation period.
    Is this cancellation period correct and what are my rights.

  • Becky 9 February, 12:36 am

    bought a brand new phone from well known store, turns out its actually second hand! it had texts on it from a girl who had bought the phone, but sent it back because it was faulty – i contacted one of the numbers.
    is this legal? they didnt tell me the phone was second hand, plus they have effectively sold me somebodys personal detals.

  • Kerry 11 February, 4:27 pm

    I tried on a Wedding dress in a shop where the owner pinned it back to give an idea of what it would look like. I contacted another bridal shop who sold dresses by this designer to get a quote for the dress. They did not have the dress in stock but said they could order it from the designer at a price of £300 less than the previous shop. I therefore went to this bridal shop to be measured and paid a £500 deposit. The dress has arrived, it does not fit properly and I really do not like it. What are my rights for claiming back my deposit?

  • Mike 15 February, 2:07 pm

    I was sold bt vision over the phone and when it arrived it was very complicated to operate and was not what I thought I was getting. I immediately phoned b t tp cancel the contract as it stated in the contract that I could return the equipment within 10 days . I did this and thy then told me that ther would be a £240.00 cancellation fee I pointed out that I had never used the package but they were adamant that I was liable for the fee.

  • Aimee 28 February, 1:04 am

    I bought a laptop from a high street store. It is under 6 months of age, and has a hardware problem. I have been told by someone who knows the consumer act 2002 which states under 6 months of purchase I can claim a full refund or exchange. I have been told by the store this is not possible, but only for it to be fixed and given back. I have the recept. I was given a time line of a week, but i’m not happy about this. What are my rights as in the reciept leaflet it states: nothing in this leaflet affects your statutory rights…but clearly i’m claiming my rights under the consumer act and EU law.

    • Red 4 March, 2:03 am

      I work for a company that sell eletronic goods, such as laptops. All laptop breakdowns would first have to be sent off to engineers to look at to found out why it broke down, as the warrenty does not cover misuse of the product, such as dropping it or water damage. If these are the reason for the break down then you would have to pay for the repair. Otherwise, laptops will have to be repaired. If the fault does continue to happen the an exchange or refund would be offered.

  • Helen 2 March, 3:16 pm

    I bought a 40in Samsung LCD tv in Currys on Feb 14th. I have not been happy with the quality of the picture at all even though it advertises as a clear, pristine full of colour picture. I am seeing shadows all the time on the screen as is my partner. It is very distracting. I went instore yesterday with the tv and seemed to work ok instore. They suggested I plug my HDMI cable instead of my scart which I did last night. This improved the shadow a little but now I can also see rings on the back of the tv on some channels. They were trying to also sell me a better HDMI lead saying the Sky ones are rubbish. I believe this is a big scam that Currys do from reading forums. Am I entitled to just bring this tv back to store demanding full refund as it is not conforming to description? I am conscious I prob have 28 days to do this which would give me until March 14th, right??

    • Red 4 March, 2:21 am

      I work for a company similar to currys that sell TVs. When it comes to TVs there is a lot of small print, you will find in the user manual or leaflets/catalogue. Channel images are dependant on external factors not just the TV it self. Such as aerial, bad weather, distance from transmitters. All this means that the fault might not be because of the TV and they might not offer a refund. However, this is not the case with DVD, video, game console, etc. The images from such devices especially if you are using a Hdmi cable no matter what make, should be high quality. If not, then you are entitled to a full refund, under unsatisfactory quality.

  • Jane 2 March, 9:26 pm

    I purchased a Dell computer in June 2010. It came with a 12 month warranty and ever since purchasing this computer I have had problems. The retailer N genius say they are no longer reposnsible and cannot replace the item or give me a refund as it’s over 14 days old. Dell say they have to make 3 attempts to fix the computer before they will replace it but they cannot refund my money.

    I would like to know
    a) am I entitled to a refund and if so by who?
    b) If it is the same problem they are attempting to fix and its already been atempted twice and still exists am I due a replacement or a refund? and
    c) Neither Dell or the retailer at this stageare prepared to offer me a replacement or refund who can I contact further to make sure I can get this as from all my research I believe I am entitiled to one or the other?

    Would really appreciate any advice ASAP

    • Red 4 March, 2:48 am

      The 12 month warranty does not cover misuse or neglect of the product, such as dropping it, spilling liquid or computer virus as it is up to the owner to take reasonable care of their product. Other than this:

      a) If dell attempt to fix it but the problem continues then you are entitled to an exchange from dell, but most retailers such a argos, asda, currys… will do the exchange as it means they sell another laptop and get the money back from the manufactures for the faulty laptop.
      b) It would be a replacement unless they stop making the same model, then it would be some sort of credit note for the value of the laptop to purchase something else.
      c)Citizens Advice Bureau would be able to provide more help and is free.

  • sharon wallace 8 March, 8:53 pm

    would like some advice please.

    I recently had a new gas boiler installed by Saltire via North Lanarkshire Council, after the work was completed I advised the supervisor that I could smell gas, because he couldn’t smell it he dismissed it and said he would get an engineer out the following day. Later that evening however I had to phone TRANSCO who told me I had a gas leak and not a small one at that. The following day i sent an email of complaint to the managing director of Saltire which resulted in the 2 men being suspended. I later had 2 managers out to my home to discuss the matter. They wanted to compensate me for my inconvenience so they offered £150 which I refused and told them to get back to me as i didn’t think this was enough for putting my life in danger. Can anyone tell me if this is worth taking further to a lawyer or claims person ???


  • chris 12 March, 12:20 pm

    hi i have a laptop which was damaged accidently, my insurance company have aggreed to the repair and the item was picked up by the people i bougt the laptop from (stones computers)it has now been 25 days since i they accepted my claim and picked the laptop up, i am still no further as to when i can expect to recieve my laptop back i have phoned stones on 4 seperate occassions and been told the same tale” we are awaiting parts phone back next week” i have since emailed my insurance company and asked for clarification on what should be a expect time scale for repair to which they replied there is none ?
    how long should i expect to wait before i should be asking for a new item instead of a repair that seems to be taking forever ?



  • Eddie Baillie 19 May, 12:35 am

    Hi there I hope you are able to help
    I order and had installed fitted units but got home from work, to find out the inner lights where not installed so my wife call the sales person and informed him, he told my wife that they would have to look at their notes and recall having this conversation but would have to look at the note and call use back at no point did we receive a call back
    So Susan my wife call their Regional Administrator and was informed that light where not on the survey planes but she would contact their sales person and get back to me, the above person e mail back [ I have spoken to Tom Blewitt who has confirmed that lighting was not included within the initial quotation I have advised Tom to call you directly I am still waiting for their call
    On the day in question I asked this person twice did this include the light tie rack yes he even asked me do you have power in this area for the light yes the unit cost me 5500 pound the light is not on the planes but my wife was in the room there do I stand now I feel that it was miss sold to me

  • trouble626 23 June, 7:18 pm

    We bought a TV from a company and paid for a specific delivery option where they would contact us and arrange a date to suit us. Next day we get an email saying the TV is despatched and being sent by courier. We called to complain and ask for the delivery charge to be refunded as, as far as we feel, the company didn’t fulfil the service we chose and paid for. This is still being handled, but we’ve been told that we won’t be getting money back (it’s 20 quid) as the TV was not over £400 (the website states this service is for any item they sell) and that it was shipped out in 24 hours. Now as you tick the delivery option, below in a single sentence it says delivery in 24 hours, but their delivery page states nothing like that, only that they will call you and arrange delivery. Are my husband and I right to be chasing for the delivery charge back and is this a breach of our statutory rights or anything else of that nature? Given that it appears they have 2 different descriptions of this delivery option?

  • Virginia 16 July, 4:16 pm

    Could someone help me please…

    I was given by my mum a handbag from a well-known Bond Street shop for Christmas. The item is faulty and I took it to them aprox. 5 months after purchase for repair. They sent me a letter saying they couldn’t repair it but have offered me a credit note for an amount far less than the cost of the handbag. I have spoken to my mum and she no longer has any proof of purchase so I presume I cannot receive a refund..? On to my next question, surely it is wrong of them to have offered me a credit voucher? I would like my handbag replaced, though they say they no longer sell my type of handbag. Lastly, the amount offered in the credit voucher is significantly less than the amount the handbag costs and they say this is because I might have purchased it recently in the sale (the cheek!). I understand without proof of purchase I cannot expect a refund (is this correct?) but can anyone advise best course of action to get replacement? The amount on the credit voucher they have given me will barely get you the smallest naffest item going. Thanks all xx

  • ashanti101 1 August, 5:24 pm

    I bought some hair extensions online and when they arrived they had sent the wrong colour.I didn’t notice this until it came time to have my hair done, which was about 21 days after I ordered them. My hairdresser opened one of the packets before realizing it was the wronge colour. I have not used the extensions and can not afford to buy more. On thier website it states that their policy on hair extensions is NO exchange, NO refund. As the failt is theirs, what can I do.

  • Peter 10 August, 12:26 pm


    i bought a GPU for my pc from a shop in the uk (shipped to austria), it turned out to be faulty after 2 weeks so i send it in for RMA (i also got an RMA number).

    However, the shop just refunded my money (without the postage fee i had to pay to return the parcel and receive the parcel..) without talking to me.

    But i dont want a refund, especially since the item has risen in price quite a bit.

    Are they allowed to do that or can i force them to get me a replacement?

    Is there a legal right i can quote to make them understand?

    best regards


  • Nathan deere 20 August, 12:27 pm

    Last month I had a phone call from 3 to take up a new contract with them for 2 years, I still had 3 months left on my contract and was told I wouldnt have to pay that and my new contract would be the only one I had pay also was told I had ulimited internet ect, 2 weeks later I was told different that I only had 1gig of internet so I raised this issue with them and told them to listen to the phone call, so they launched an investigation and offered me a different package for the same price which I was happy with but then I recieved a bill for £64 for the remainder of my old contract so I rang them asked and they said they didnt have that on there system and I wouldnt have to pay that then 3 days ago they tried to take the 64 pound out of my account which I claimed back from the bank that day. I then made a complaint to 3 and questioned them about this and they told me the gentle man who sold me the phone put in his notes that I said my employer would pay my remained of my old contract which
    is untrue and told them again to listen to the phone call so they can see for themselves and now another investigation has be launched. My questions is what are my rights on this matter because I have had to launch another investigation in a 2 week period for being miss sold their product and given wrong information

  • Magpie 24 August, 1:00 pm

    Hi i bought a battery on ebay the seller sent two at different times, i signed for one and my neighbour also as i was out, i paid for one, now can they make me give other back?

  • Anon 5 September, 11:00 pm

    I work for argos and cameras are exchange if there is a problem with the camera eg if it doesn’t work

  • Jo 5 September, 11:17 pm

    I bought a new cooker around £400 from where i work but 18months down the line the grill has stopped working. I wonder if there is anything I could do as it hasn’t hardly been used as due me working a lot so i end up having meals at my parents when i pick my child up. When i got my days off i do use my cooker. An 18 month old gas cooker that has had about 6month’s use is there anything I can do as if i go through the manfacturers they will try and charge me very high for an engineer to be called out around 100 pound which i can’t afford to pay please help

  • Diana Lucas 6 September, 1:30 pm

    Hi,can you advise me please.I bought a Epson printer from Warehouse express on Sept 1st 2010 and on Sept 4th 2011 it stopped working,will not turn on.Have contacted Epson and they say it is out of warranty take it to a repair shop have contacted Warehouse express who say its Epson’s responsibility.Surely it should last longer than a year.Thanks,Di Lucas

  • Kathy 7 September, 6:41 pm

    Hi, I bought a pair of shoes last weekend that fitted perfectly in the shop and wearing them around the house to ‘wear them in’. However, I wore them outdoors for the first time yesterday and the leather has become very weak, my feet are now slipping out of the shoes and I nearly fell over! Am I entitled to a refund or at least a credit note?

  • brian 7 September, 8:05 pm

    I bought a caravan from DARTMOOR CARAVANS IN DEVON via ebay, the advert stated that this had just been safety checked and everything is working as it should and is ready to use straight away, Before buying this i asked the trader if he would except a debit card as i needed a van urgent that week as i was booked to go away, I paid for this van through a bank transfer, and picked the van up, On getting home i found nothing was working due to it having no gas regulator or 12v leisure battery, I had no time to contact the seller as i was of on my travels the next morning, so i had to purchase these items myself as so i could use the van straight away as advertised, On returning home i contacted the trader and informed him of this, even though it was listed as everything working and ready to use straight away , he then said the battery wasn’t listed in the sale, can i claim a refund from him for the one i purchased?. would this be classed as false advertising?.

  • sophie 10 September, 11:03 pm

    Me and my ex took out a contract fone and it in his name and I’m add to it as the sole user and I’ve handed him money for it does tht still me he can get the police to take the phone

  • Colin Liu 15 September, 11:49 am

    Hi What Consumer,

    I recently bought a recycled bike and they have a ‘No Lemons’ Guarantee policy which is:

    If you buy from us you can buy with confidence. Our ‘No Lemons’ guarantee means that if you do not bond with your reconditioned bike, if you go off the colours, or just want to try a different type of bike, whatever the reason, you can exchange it for a similar or different model without losing any value on your purchase. You can do this as many times as you care to for up to 21 days after purchase. If your still not happy, you can have your money back. (Terms & conditions apply. This does not affect your statutory rights.)

    Their policy is to choose a 2nd bike, and if I’m still not happy after up to 14 day trial period, I can have a full refund.

    Now, they are refusing a refund even though, they show their No Lemons Guarantee clearly around the shop floor. Clearly they are in breach of a contract, any advise and who can I contact?

    Thanks in advance

  • Joanne 21 September, 12:36 pm

    Hi I bought a Baird TV from bright house and it broke down so they fixed it but we have finished paying for it and the same problem as happened again with in a year of it been last fixed do they have to fix it even though we have finished paying for it???

  • Paul 29 September, 1:34 pm

    Your rights have not been violated as it was an obvious error (which you knew) and the retailer hyas every right to not honout the agreement.

  • Colin Liu 30 September, 12:39 pm

    Paul – you are responding to?

  • Paul Harper 1 October, 10:57 am

    I placed an order with DFS for a Sofa, the Salesman told us when was doing the paper work for the sofa and the finance we had 14 days to cancel, in the week after ordering the sofa me and my partner split, we tried to cncelthe sofa and we were told we could only cancelthe finance we could not cancel the sofa as it was made to order, the contract was worded as a ” legally binded contract” but give no details of that it cannot be cancelled, I phoned the shop and spoke to the salesman and he claimed he said that he said ” we could cancel the the finance only and we would have to the sofa regardless once ordered”, this is a lie and he never mentioned anything about not being ableto cancel.

  • liz taylor 6 October, 9:43 pm

    I purchased a mobile phone from tesco on 13 September, it recently stopped working ad I took it back today witn the guarantee and receipt, they have told me I can not have a refund or exchange as I no longer have the packaging. This contravenes their published promise in store, which says if you change your mind within 28 days you must return the item with all packaging, this is obviously to allow the resale, however, this item is not being returned because I have changed my mind it is because it is faulty. Their guarentee also states that faulty items should be returned to the store if within 28 days or the manufacturer if over 28 days it says nothing at all about packaging, nor was I told that i should retain all packaging, I get the feeling that they are not interested and simply do not value their customers.

  • trickygj 11 October, 12:14 am

    liz taylor

    You are returning your mobile under the Sales of Goods Act 1979 and not because you have changed your mind. These are your statutory rights and are not dependant on the stores own policy in any case. You should go back and ask to speak to a manager and inform him/her that you are rejecting the phone under the SOGA 1979 and you want your money back or a replacement. If they do not agree get the name of the manager and contact trading standards. It is up to the store to prove that the phone is not faulty and not for you to prove it is within the first six months of purchase.

  • Suzie 11 October, 8:14 pm

    so ive had a credit account with jd williams, i only found out today that they will suspend your account for 28days while they look at your account, now ive never heard of this or had any warning about it, at no point was i told this would happen, anyone else had this?

  • kim 14 October, 4:55 pm

    i bought a handbag from topshop exactly a week ago and it has ripped on the outside..i took it back to the shop today and was told it could not be replaced or returned because it is apparent that i have damaged this myself. i have only used the bag for 2 days out of the seven i have owned it and i have not ripped this myself or had this near anything sharp that could have damaged it, the leather is very thin and has worn a hole due to bad quality
    what are my rights for getting my money back?

  • paula 16 October, 6:07 am

    i bought a bke 5 wks ago from kays cat it is now faulty and not able to ride it they say i have to send it to maufactors at my expense is this correct

  • debbie 16 October, 1:38 pm

    I bought a dress from New Look which was black on the bottom and cream on the top. On washing the dress after only wearing it once it came out a grey colour the black had run into the cream. The label said it was a forty wash but i had washed it on a cold 30 wash on its own. I took it back to the store with my receipt and they said that as i had cut the label out of the dress they would not replace it. Is this correct?

  • trickygj 18 October, 10:18 am


    This should not affect your statutory rights. Reject the goods unde the Sale of Goods Act 1979-not fir for purpose/not satisfactory quality. I expect cutting the label out is quite common and it is not as if the garment can be re-sold.

    i think they are trying it on. You need to be firm with them and ask them on what basis this prevents you returning the dress. Ask them let you know exactly where it states you cannot return a goods if you remove the inner label.

  • paul 20 October, 6:08 am

    I bought a fitted kitchen but when my installer put it in he realised that one of the units was a little too big so i called the store and asked if i could swap the door for the unit for a smaller one. they said no i have to buy a new one. i pointed out the door that doesnt fit is still in its box unopened and they said it doesnt matter, i should have measured it properly. Is this right? Not even changing the unit brcause wd can alter that, just the door to a smaller, presumably cheaper one. Thanks

    • trickygj 20 October, 4:53 pm


      Although this is not a good policy by the retailer there is really no argument here. If the door is fit for purpose etc and it is just that you measured it wrong there is no obligation on the retailer to take the door back. I don’t know the facts but he may have ordered it in and will be left with an odd door.

      I’m afraid you have no right to a refund.

  • Karryne 20 October, 9:24 am

    Hello I bought 2 bras last week from Ann Summers, on a special for £25, as I had every intention of wearing them, I wore one, the price tag was irritating so it was snipped off. Half an hour later it was very uncomfortable and the wire was sticking into me. I took it back but because I had snipped off the price tag and couldn’t produce it they have refused to take it back for me to swop. On the ticket it said that if it was removed it rendered the item unreturnable but it did not affect my statuatory rights. I now have 2 bras that I can’t wear, what can I do??

    • trickygj 20 October, 4:58 pm


      I have not got much experience with trying bras :-)on myself but is it not possible to try them on in the shop?

      The bras are not faulty and the shop is under no obligation to exchange or refund because you have now realised they do not fit correctly. If it is the shops policy that there can be no refunds if you cut the labels out then they are within their rights to have this policy.

      If the goods were faulty in some way it would not matter if the labels were cut out. This would then come under your statutory rights.

  • Kayden 20 October, 8:36 pm

    Hello, I don’t know if this falls under the advice you are giving here, but it seems like you may know the answer. I recently purchased items online, for an online game (simply to alter the appearance of a character). Later the appearance was completely changed to one I am not satisfied with, and would not have purchased if the original look of my purchase looked like this. My request for a refund has however been declined, is this fair and allowed or should I press further?

    • trickygj 22 October, 7:07 pm


      sorry but not got a clue what you mean!

  • Len 22 October, 2:14 pm

    Hello I purchased a o2 contract from affordablemobiles.co.uk with the promise of a free 40″ TV, 2 months down the line I still have not received my TV and I am now really fed up with waiting I have contacted o2 who said I would incur fees if I cancelled my contract. What are my rights for returning this phone as I am now fed up of calling affordablemobiles and being fobbed off! Their terms and conditions state that I should receive my freee gift within 28 days however this is not the case.

  • trickygj 22 October, 7:06 pm


    The O2 contract was sold to you by affordablemobiles on behalf of O2 and they used the tv as an incentive to buy the contract. Your contract for the mobile will be with O2 who did not promise you the tv. if you cancel you will no doubt be liable for the full contract of the phone. There will probably be something in the contract terms to this affect.

    You need to pursue affordable mobiles. If they do not provide the tv you will probably have to start an action in the small claims court.

    you should check your contract first to see who is liable for what.

    • Len 22 October, 8:16 pm

      Ok thank you for your reply, lesson learned “dont deal with affordable mobiles”

  • Joe 22 October, 10:51 pm

    I purchased 2 pairs of elvis sun glasses on line at wakefieldfancy dress.co.uk, what wakefield actually sent through were jumbo sun glasses. Wakefield have agreed to refund the full cost of the sunglasses and the express delivery, however they have stated that I must return the sunglasses and that they will not refund the cost to return the incorrectly sent sunglasses. Surely as the mistake is completely Wakefieldsfancydress.co.uk they should refund all costs incurred?



    • trickygj 26 October, 11:05 pm


      my reply earlier seems to have dissapeared!

      If you received goods you did not order it is for the retailer to pay all costs and refund the cost of the goods or replace the goods at his own expense. It should not cost you a penny more than the original contract price i.e. the cost of the elvis sunglasses.

  • amanda 24 October, 2:37 pm

    i got a laptop from k&co cat last month an i have payed 1month insalment already but last night my house was broken into an they took the laptop i have a crime ref number an that will i still have to pay for the item

  • Richard 26 October, 8:03 pm

    sorry I don’t have any help, I am currently in a very similar situation and was wondering if you ever managed to resolve this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

  • trickygj 26 October, 11:03 pm


    I am not sure exactly what you are asking here? Are you asking if you should have pay for goods that were stolen from your house?

  • Lynne 27 October, 6:44 pm

    Hi i bought a pair of boots last week, only wore them once and went to put them on the other day and the zip broke. I took them back today with the receipt and the manager wanted to sent them for repair, i said no way the boots cost me £140. After arguing the the manager for about 20 mins she swapped them for another pair… Was i entitled to my money back….

    • trickygj 29 October, 9:51 pm

      Quite possibly. If they are faulty you can reject them if it is within a ‘reasonable’ time. I would suggeets within a week is not unreasonable. After this time it is up to the shop to replace, repair of refund.

  • Anon 28 October, 6:40 pm

    Hi, I have bought a t-shirt today from a store. Once I got home, I removed the item’s tags and then noticed a small marking at the back of the garment – what are my rights in terms of returning this item? The tag has been removed. Thank you

    • trickygj 29 October, 9:52 pm

      If you mean the sale tags then that should not prevent you returning the goods. Theyare not part of the shirt. Presumably you have not damaged it in any way?

      • Anon 6 November, 1:08 am

        I took my t-shirt back, got a full refund – initially rejected and was pointed out the sign ‘no refunds’, explained about my statutory rights and the Sales of Goods Act.. retailer didn’t argue with me and offered a full refund, good result! Thank you!

  • sam 30 October, 4:20 pm

    Hi, I received a 37inch baird tv from brighthouse 3years ago but during the contract time on a number of occassions it had to keep being sent off to be repaired after about the 4th time they said they would allow me to keep the loan one they had sent this being a 32inch, I was not given a new contract and was still made to pay the same price as the 37inch after enquiring they told me it was because the loan tv was a newer set so they was doing me a favour of allowing me to have it at the 37inch tv price?? Anyway I finished paying for the tv between 3-6 months ago and now the tv doesn’t work, I have sent it to a repair shop where the repair guy has informed me its a power supply module fault and believes its not been put together again properly whilst being refurbished and has aventually stopped working. Am I at liberty to take this matter further or do I just have to grin and bare them being able to sell rubbish to people with little money? You advice would be appreciated. Thank you

  • Jamie 31 October, 12:01 pm

    I purchased Battle field 3 through Origin for the PC. The game freezes after 5 or 10 minutes and i have to hard reboot my PC, which is not good for it. There are loads of other people having similar issues and we are assured that they are working on a patch to fix these issues. But i don’t fancy waiting another 3 weeks to see if the bugs can be ironed out. personally i think the game that i purchased is not fit for purpose at all but the website says they do not offer refunds if the game is purchased through Origin. Is there anyway i can get my money back?

  • Missy 1 November, 9:07 am

    Hi, i gave my laptop in for repair however when i took it home my keypad stopped working again so i took it back to them. Its been nearly two months and they still havent got it fixed. When i told them that they can take their keypad out and i want my money back they refused to pay me,they said they dont know what to do with the keypad because they bought it especially for me, can i sue these people for not giving my £40 back?

  • nicole 2 November, 11:18 pm

    Ok, so i bought a new pair of heels from H & M, and the price tag said it was £20 but when I paid it only cost me £10. When i got home, they seemed not to fit me like they did in the store. I’m planning to exchange it tomorrow, but my question is, if it is £20 tomorrow would i have to pay £10 more? or would i not have to because they charged it at £10 not £20 on the receipt?

  • scott 3 November, 2:08 pm

    hi . We got a oven and hob package from kays on 08/05/10
    just under 18 months old now . we were having a few problem with the oven and we contacted kays bout 3 months ago regarding this and they told me there was only 12 guarentee on it .
    Is this correct for a electrical item under 2 years old that has cost me over £400 . beko dont seem to want to know .

  • D skeggs 3 November, 3:17 pm

    we bought 2 sofas from argos on the understanding that they would be delivered in 28 days.so far we have not recieved them ,but have taken the money out of my account.we have found out that they can only supply one

  • gareth 3 November, 7:11 pm

    I bought a coat 8 days ago. I have only tried it on, i dont really like the coat and just want my money back but the shop refuse and will only give me a credit note. Can I get my money back?

  • Hannah Shooks 12 November, 1:33 pm

    Last Saturday I bought a pair of tights in NewLook for a party I had that night, when I got them out of the packet to put on they turned out to be ‘footless’ this was not stated anywhere on the packet and was not the purpose I intended them for as they did not match the outfit so I had to dash to the supermarket as all other shops were closed to buy a replacement. I have just tried to return them to the shop but have been told that as I don’t have the receipt they can only offer me a credit note and not my money back (I am usually very good at keeping receipts but as was such a small item I binned it on the way out of the shop!). This is not a satisfactory solution as I never usually shop in Newlook and won’t be again. The occasion for which I needed the tights has passed and I am already out of pocket as had to purchase a replacement. What are my legal rights? Please advise, Thank you.

  • Ken Gsm 13 November, 6:17 pm

    My mum recently purchased a scooter from a company who had been cold calling her after obtaining her number

    She agreed to purchase a new scooter for 2,106.00 and rescinded her own in part exchange for 1,000.00 leaving her with a 1,106.00 bill plus interest on the purchase as they have set up an agreement on this

    my mum then discovered that the the item was not new which is what she had been quoted and when she challenged and asked to return the scooter they told her she could not as they had sold her other one that day

    my mum has particular problems which make her a vulnerable adult and has some short term memory problems. I am concerned as this is now playing on her mind and causing her distress. What rights does she have about being sold an item as new which is clearly second hand and is she able to break the contract or claim damages

    any advice would be welcomed

  • toni richardson 15 November, 6:52 pm

    hi, my daughter has a blackberry torch on contract which she has had just under 6 months, about a month ago the center button stopped working but other than that the phone was fine, the phone was purchased from phones 4 u who told us it was worth £430, because of the expense of the phone I thought it was only right that it be repaired, so we took it back to phones 4 u who then sent it off for repair, we have just received the phone back saying it was moisture damaged but not only that the phone does now not work at all!! it comes up with a white screen saying ‘No Application Linked (Factory OS)’, we took it back to phones 4 u who basically said there was nothing that could be done, the salesman then went on to show us a red dot under the battery proving that it was liquid damage, the thing is when my daughter originally took it in she said the young girl who dealt with it took the battery off the phone to have a look but never once mentioned anything about a red dot, so to me if the dot was red when they had a look (which my daughter said it wasn’t) then why would they even send it off when they could of told her there and then that it was liquid damage (if this was actually the case) when i asked phones 4 u about this they fobbed me off by saying the young girl was just a trainee and wouldn’t of known!! I then asked why it has come back not working at all if it only got sent in for the center button not working? He then fobbed me off again by saying when they open up the phone the moisture spreads and has damaged the phone further!!

    This to me seems like a load of bull because if it is easily proved that it is moisture damage by the red dot, then why would the repair center even bother to open up the phone if the red dot says it all??

    I am completely dissatisfied as phones 4 u are now saying that they are not going to do anything more about this, so my daughter is now left with a phone for a further 18 month contract which she cannot use, but where do i go from here?

    • Mobile Guru 12 December, 7:44 am

      The Red dot under the battery is a mosture indicator, if that red dot appears then the store or RIM ( blackberry ), a repair would fall outside repairs policy, as moisture is classed as abuse.

      That handset has been subject to “water ingress” for that red dot to show, in short your stuffed. As a mobile phone engineer for the last 21 yrs, the red dot means you warranty is void… yo can argue the point, but your on a hiding to nothing


    • Mobile Guru 12 December, 7:47 am

      Just as a Update, ALL BLACKBERRY PHONES ARE REAPIRED BY BLACKBERRY, unlike other makes store dont have a external repairer ( Anovo , Tech Refurb etc etc … )

  • chris 22 November, 8:15 pm

    i recently went on holiday to tenerife for a week and booked the holiday through the cooperative travel agency. upon our arrival at our hotel we found our room to be in a diabolical state and i won’t list the defects here as it would take too long. it was an all inclusive deal. the holiday rep said he would find us a different hotel but i heard nothing from him for over 5 hours after trying to call and text him. i felt i had no option but to go and find another hotel myself as i had no idea what was going on. i had to pay the new hotel for a weeks stay myself at this point. due to the relocation i now also had to pay for food and drinks seperately on this holiday as it was meant to be all inclusive. i wrote to the coop on my return asking for compensation for the ruined holiday and their answer was that they are not willing to compensate me or take the matter further. where do i stand in this position and whats my next step? who does the buck stop with regarding the holiday as i was under the impression my dealing only need be with the agency that sold me the holiday? help???

  • Ben 1 December, 9:08 am

    Hi, I bought an iPad2 from a powerseller on eBay (i.e a company not an individual person) on Monday and it states “we guarantee despatch within 3 days” and I’ve paid £9.99 for RoyalMail special delivery.
    Its now Thursday and the item is still not marked as sent and now the seller has actually reduced the price of the iPad2 by a further £14 pounds from what I paid.
    If and when my item turns up do I have the right to 1. Ask for a refund of my postage cost if item wasn’t sent within “guaranteed” time, and 2. Now the item price has been reduced can I get the £14 reduction money back??

    Many thanks for any help

    • trickygj 3 December, 7:31 pm


      It depends on what the terms of the contract states in respect of not honouring the guarantee. For example it might say ‘we guarantee…and if not we will refund the postage’? If it is silent and you expected despatch in 3 days then they have breached the contract terms. What losses have you suffered as a result? If it is the difference between first class and second class postage then you should reclaim the difference.

      Your contract was for the agreed price and because they have breached does not give you an automatic right to a partial refund. You can reject the goods entirely for breach and go elsewhere. You can reject the goods under the DSR’s in any case within 7 days from the day after delivery.

      The best thing to do is ask for a partial refund first and if you do not like the answer reject the goods before they are dispatched.

    • Mobile Guru 12 December, 7:38 am

      Distance selling rule apply

  • shelly 11 December, 7:38 pm

    my friend went to a bridal shop, and her 3 bridesmaids were measured and fitted for bridesmaid dresses. They had to pay up front. When they collected the dresses and tried them on at home, 2 out of the 3 didnt fit. They went back to the bridal shop, and were told by the owner that if they wanted different dresses they would have to order and pay for another. She simply said that they must have put on weight in the 3 months it took to get the dresses (this is not the case, neither have put weight on, and one of the dresses is at least 2 sizes too small). What can they do?


  • Ellie 11 December, 9:38 pm

    I bought an item of clothing from a website which took 28 days to deliver so I made sure I had the correct measurements going by the table they provided. When I received it, it was too small but when I asked to exchanged it they replied that it was going to cost a further £8 in admin fees however there is nothing on the site to even imply there would be a charge. Can they still charge me this?


  • Mobile Guru 12 December, 7:36 am


    This is a common problem with Mobile Phones.

    If your purchase was made in store then a coverage checker will have been used b4 purchasing contract. However if the sale was made on line, then this may not have been the case.

    You have used the phone, therefore have agreed to the terms and condition of the contract. If you are looking to return after a number of months the question will be if your signal is so bad why has it not been returned b4?

    Generally Speaking 3 Piggy back the o2 Network, and 97% of the Uk is covered.

    In summary, you have used the phone, agreed to the terms and conditions of the contract by breaking the simcard ( pushing out the card in came in ). Therefore you are Liable for the contact duration.

  • Abigail 12 December, 10:11 am

    I am a member of the AA and had a puncture on friday, they then charged me an extra £49 to come out and repair it as I had not informed them I had bought a new car. furious, any advice?

  • Ben 16 December, 5:42 pm

    I recently ordered a gift card online, and whilst the company website says ‘in progress’ they tell me it has been dispatched, but they did not tell me when, and the card has not yet arrived, but the lack of information in comparison to previous orders with the same company makes me unsure if this is true or not.

    I appreciate that this may just be the Christmas post, but in their last response, they said that they could send me a new card if it doesn’t arrive, but that this would cost me a further £2.50.

    Are they actually allowed to make a surcharge to replace goods that have never arrived ?



  • michele 17 December, 12:29 am

    I am staying at a travelodge and they won’t hold our luggage with them after we check out since there is no luggage store room. But Nowhere in their t&cs does it say that luggage cannot be held at the hotel. I would like to know if, according to my statutory rights, I can leave my luggage at the hotel and they legally cannot remove them since they do not have a “no luggage hold” policy in their terms and conditions. Thanks

  • david burrell 21 December, 10:47 am

    I went to purchase some perfume and visited the shop a few days before and saw a product i liked i then went back a couple of days later and the product had doubled in price i was annoyed as the offer was until jan 2nd.Is this legal to do this and is it just profiterring as it is xmas.

  • KOB 23 December, 1:19 pm

    I purchased a dress online, from a well know highstreet retailer on Wednesday. It arrived on today all fine. However on checking my emails I received an email from the same shop informing me a of a sale, on checking the price of my dress, I found that it has decreased in price considerably.
    Do I have any right to asking for a refund for the difference?


  • MadMonkey 25 December, 3:12 am

    I recently brought a charm and a clip from an offical Pandora shop. The problem is that I believe I was charged for the wrong one. The charm was £35 (no problems there) and the clip I picked out was £185. On the receipt this is list as item code 790853CZS. The clip I found out that I have is actually 790593TCZ. The price difference is £110 so, understandably I would like something doing about this. Being Christmas now I haven’t been able to go in but is there anyway I can press the issue as they are obviously going to be a bit skeptical about this?

    Thanks for any help.

  • Karen 28 December, 6:01 pm

    My mother-in-law bought a halogen heater from the Original Factory Shop in October. It worked perfectly but suddenly 2 out of the 3 bars stopped working. She didn’t keep the receipt and we tried to return the heater today but the manager refused saying we need the receipt even though it is a faulty item. Is this right? We thought that as the item is faulty we are entitled to an exchange at the very least?


  • Margaret 30 December, 5:14 pm

    I have brought a motorbike for my son from the internet.
    The bike cost £600. and the payment was taken from my account and into theres. However when i rang up to see how my order was going i was told they dont have any of the bike model that i ordered in stock.

    He offered to sell me an upgrade to the bike which requires me to pay more money.

    Am i entitled to recieve the upgrade of the bike i first bought without having to pay anymore?

  • Kerry Todd 2 January, 8:43 pm

    Can someone advise me?

    I purchased 5 items of maternity wear from topshop in november. Only opening the bag again three days ago now I’m big enough at 5 months pregnant to actually wear the cloths did I notice that on the receipt I’ve been charged twice for two items, a pair of jeans and a top. The items have been scanned twice totalling £62 over charge. I have called and email them but are yet to receive any response. I feel robbed and stupid for not checking the receipt at the time but I guess you should be able to trust such a big company.

    What are my rights with this and am I entitled to MY money back?

    Thanks Kerry

  • Derek Hunter 4 January, 11:33 pm

    I purchased a mobile phone as a gift in a T-mobile shop on 23rd Dec. The phone kept shutting down anytime we tried to change the ringtone profile. I took it back on 3rd Jan and was told as it was over 7 days, I couldn’t get a refund, the phone would have to be returned to the manufacturer for repair. I initially argued the point but was told that it was t-mobile policy for a phone that wasn’t returned within 7 days of purchase. I reluctantly agreed to have the phone repaired but i still think I was entitled to a full refund, am I right?

  • Josh 6 January, 11:00 am

    a company sent me out a product that i didnt order but the product can be of use to me. is the company’s mistake my gain or can they take me to court if i dont return the product.

    And if they do wish to have the product back how long do they have to recall it before the product becomes mine

  • David 11 January, 11:10 am

    I purchased a laptop on-line. After using it for an hour, or so, I was very unhappy with the speed of the laptop and the quality of the camera. I contacted the seller first thing the next day, who told me that since I had switched it on they would not accept the laptop back.

    I even offered to pay more to get a model that works at, what I consider a responsible, speed. They refused. The argument that they made is that the specifications (speed and camera resolution) of the laptop are on their website. For me those are just numbers. There was no way that I could find out that I would be unhappy with the laptop other than by using it.

    Do I have any rights?

    • gary 12 January, 3:59 am

      sorry nick i didnt mean you as the “expert” lol it was posted to a guy saying basically that he worked in an electical store and that hey ho thats what happens ie it gets tested {laptop}to see if youve abused it! then if youre lucky they might repair it!
      When in reality if its under 6 months you ask for a refund and even after 6 month and up to 6 years if im reading the pdf right you still have rights.sorry if my post ended up right below yours no offence lol

  • gary 12 January, 3:26 am

    Youre friend is right,for the benefit of anyone reading the electronics “expert” above dont be fobbed off!
    Good luck,some electronics store people dont know anything about their products never mind the law im afraid lol.

  • danielle 12 January, 12:15 pm

    i have just purchased a games console from an online company, it arrived today but had 1 game missing and 2 accessories. i rang up the company to find out if they can send the missing bits as was advertised on the website and they said that i would have to return the item and they would re-order it and if they were missing again they would have to contact the supplier. i said that this was not good enough as it is a gift and i would not have bought the bundle without the missing game+ accessories. As it is stated on the site what comes in the bundle are they obligated to send me the missing parts, or are they correct in saying i should return the item and re-order? what if i do this and the parts are still missing? this has been very inconvenient for me

  • Patrick 13 January, 10:55 am

    Hi i purchased a discounted sofa set from NEXT, this item was very cheap, and they claim mis-priced. I made the transaction/payment, do they have a legal obligation to ship these products at the advertised price?

  • dawn 13 January, 11:30 am

    Hi. I ordered a wedding dress that was in a sale from littlewoods catologue. The money was taken from my debit card the next day. When i placed the ord er it said it was loz on stock.they gave me a delivery date stating it would be delivered by the 10th of jan.i waited in all eay and it didnt turn u. Iw rang them and they said it was out of stock.i sent a email to complain and was again tokf the item was out of stock and the manafactors doesnt know when they will have this. Should littlewoods have allowed me to purchase this knowing that they didnt have this in stock?

  • A. Littlewood 14 January, 1:55 pm

    I purchased a item of furniture from a charity shop in my local town for £25.00 of which I paid in cash for.
    My husband were shopping and asked if we could leave it there until we finished at which the assistants had agreed to.
    On returning to collect the item the assistant promptly placed the £25.00 back into my husbands hand and said the manageress wanted the item to be sold for £60.00 and we couldnt have it!
    Where do we stand legally?
    Ilook forward to hearing from you.

  • Richard 14 January, 7:48 pm

    I purchased a sofa at the good will for 45 dollars. After the transaction the manager came over and told the sales person the price should have been $160. I left to get my truck and the manager called me and said the sofa had been sold to someone else before I had bought it and I needed to come back and they would return my money. Do I have any rights here?

  • Lisa K 22 January, 12:08 am

    I was given a Gift Card for French Connection UK two years ago. I have since been into three different French Connection stores and each time the staff have assured me that the Gift Card does not expire and is still valid for use. There is nothing on the Terms and Conditions that says the card expires. However, when I went to use it last week, the staff retained it and said it had in fact expired after 12 months!
    Help! The Gift Card is for £100.

  • hannah grainger 23 January, 1:54 pm

    I bought my daughter a second hand blackberry mobile phone £90 and because it was for christmas she didn’t use it till then and it kept locking up and the screen going white ,as well as a broken speaker,I took it back he repaired the speaker and said he done the software on it as well ,A few days later I had to take it back again because it was doing the same thing,he flashed the software on it again, but that still didn’t solve it,I took it back a third time and asked for either a swap or a refund he told me he doesn’t do cash refunds and because he has no other blackberry phones in she has to wait till he does,so in the mean time my daughter has no phone and god knows how long she has to wait for one,can you offer me any advice on this please .thank you

  • Peter Shellito 23 January, 3:31 pm

    My son in law has just been put on to a 3 day week, and my daughter is very concerned about the payments for her car, is it possable for her to hand it back to the finance company without to many problems.
    Any advice would be most welcome, thank you.

  • chez sutherland 23 January, 7:34 pm

    This company annouced going into admin today, but on company house details they changed hands from november, who is responsilbly for payment owed to me from November till present.

  • Jaye 26 January, 5:16 pm

    I got a new iPhone 4gs from phones for you on
    Dec 21st 2011 . I’m struggling with 3G in the home
    And where I work and I’m tied to this deal for 2years.
    What’s my rights as 3G on Vodaphone sucks. I’m uk
    Based and I want to go back to 02 ?

  • Sam 31 January, 1:17 pm

    My husband has ordered a Dell all in one from their website from the small and medium business section, whilst completing the order this doesn’t state anywhere that the product cannot be returned. This has arrived today and even though the specifications were available now doesn’t meet his requirements and this is still packaged and not opened. After speaking to Dell Customer Services they have adivsed that their returns policy only appolies to home customers and this does state the same on the website but does not offer any reason as to why or what business customer are able to do if they wish to return. Are there any statutory rights when purchasing something and wanting to retun this upon recepit?

  • Puma 5 February, 11:45 pm

    Can any1 help me please. Recently bought a BMW 1 series from BMW dealer. The sales person stated the car had 143 BHP, which is one of many factors I considered before buying the car but have found out its only 122 BHP, which is a huge difference. Only got the car last week but need to know what are my options on this. Thnx

  • April Glasgow 14 February, 5:59 am

    Can anyone help please. I bought a suite from a woman on Gumtree, it was from Ikea. I have purchased new covers for the suite to a cost of £309 from Ikea, when ordering the covers i advised the sales person that the suite was 3 x 3 (cornor)I tried to put these on the suite only to discover that cushion covers too big, side panels too small and i don’t have enough covers for cushions or backs. I have since looked at there returns policy and this is what it say’s.

    No-nonsense returns policy
    Return unused items in their original packaging within 90 days, together with your till receipt, for a full refund.

    Our 90 day returns policy does not apply to cut fabric, or goods ordered to your specification e.g. custom made worktops or made to order sofas. This policy is in addition to your statutory rights.

    Can someone please advise me of what i can do as i’m returning to the store today. thank you.

  • James 15 February, 10:58 am

    I bought a Lenovo laptop in late November and the motherboard broke in early January which was past the 28 day limit, I sent it off for repair and have still not had it back which is over a month I have called up three times and still don’t know when I may get it back, what can i do?

  • naveed akbar 17 February, 11:51 am

    i bought a external door(£800 majestic oak) which has split down the middle from a company called DOOR KING(who are gone bust now) they got the door was from a company called TODD DOORS. i have called the company and explained what had happened but they are saying that the guarantee does not exist as they didn’t sell ME the door’ and the company that has gone bust should replace it.

    what should i do?
    regardless of who supplied me the door it still came from TODD DOORS


  • Lillian 17 February, 5:47 pm

    Unfortunately if a company goes into admin you no longer have a right to refund, you can wait and join the list of people trying to claim their money back but the chances of you recieving anything are very slim.

  • John 20 February, 1:28 pm

    I am having a little problem with ASDA 9 days ago I purchased from their website a small wardrobe set of drawers and bedside cabinet. However in the early hours of the morning an email came through saying the wardrobe was unavailable but the other items were dipatched. Money for wardrobe refunded. At 8am the following morning before I could contact and cancl order the other two items arrived and were accepted by my daughter. On receipt I checked their website and found the item I had ordered was still available as was the wardrobe if I wished to pay more. I contacted asda and spoke to them and they agreed to take away the two items and deliver the whole package as ordered. Seven days later noone had come for the items so I contacted again, this time they said their customer services would contact me in an hour to rectify this matter. The following day no call recieved I contacted again, I was told that the item was now out of stock but yes they did have the wardrobes at but it was more than I had initially paid for it in the pack. I informed them that I wanted it at original price as that is what was needed or to take the whole thing away. Again they said they would ring me back, surprise surprise no return call and I still have half of the items I wanted and no end in sight. What do I do now as I am a little miffed.

  • Warwick Bambrook 22 February, 8:27 pm


    What is the limit on the second part that the goods should be exactly as described.

    We purchased a BMW from a BMW main dealer last July and queried the model but the dealer insisted it was the one they said. I contacted BMW who said they never made the model I thought the car was and assured me it was as the dealer described.

    I now work for a company who have details of cars and models an it turns out the car is infact not the car model that was sold to us.

    The model we have is less valuable than the one we wanted to buy so what can we do.

    For the techies. The car we wanted and told we were buying was an 08/08 BMW x3 xDrive35d MSport and this is what it says on the invoice an the sales documentation. The car has actually turned out to be a BMW x3 3.0sd MSport. This car has lower mpg and power than the other one we thought we were buying.

    Many thanks.

  • Stephanie Golding 24 February, 8:17 pm

    Hi – I purchased an internet Tablet from Tabletcomputersdirect on the 6th December by credit card. I reside in the Republic of Ireland and was having the item sent to my parents address in the UK as the company didn’t deliver to Ireland. I followed up this item continously throughout December as I was anxious for it to arrive before my parent’s left their house for the Christmas holidays to travel to Ireland – they did so on the 18th Dec and the courier tried to deliver the item on the 19th. They left a card and the item was held in the post office and not collected so I presume returned to the company. As the item did not arrive in time I had to purchase an alternative and therefore wished to cancel the item and get a refund. I have emailed the company now on four occasions and they have not made contact. What can I do? Many thanks

  • Anthony Kersey 2 March, 2:37 pm

    i bought a laptop off craigslist they said they were only selling it because they were getting a new one that the keyboard needed to be replaced is all so i purchased one and before it even arrived the laptop quit the motherboard is fried come to find out they had spilled a drink in it and then sold it is there anything i can do

  • Sheree 12 March, 10:48 am


    Presented with a lovely ring by my partner at xmas I accepted my partners proposal howver, just 9 weeks on one of the smaller diamonds mounting the larger diamond has fallen out. The ring was expensive, not sure how much but I have an insurance quote (supplied with the ring) for £3000.00), although I have been meaning to insure it – it isnt. On purchasing the ring my partner was told that the diamonds were drilled diamonds and would not come loose…Where do I stand with regards to going back to the shop and requesting a free of charge repair/replacement? What are my rights? the ring has several small diamonds around the band and I am concerned that it may continue to loose diamonds as having researched the store theres some bad ratings….

  • Rob Z 12 March, 1:32 pm

    Hello , I bought a power supply to my pc last year September .
    I experienced some problem with my computer after I while I figured out the problem is the power supply . This is a very expensive unit with 5 years experience .
    I gave back to the shop and after a month – and many emails has not been replied – I’ve been told they sent away they are waiting for the factory .
    I have enough . I don’t want to wait no more ! How long this should take ? What is the law about this ? Because of faulty powersupply I lost two other parts from my pc as well . Any chance to claim that back as well ?

    Thanks and this site is great !!!

  • Nick Crompton 12 March, 7:52 pm

    11 months ago i had two new tyres put on the fron of my car, i also had the tracking (wheel alignment) done at the same time to ensure good tyre life, cost of this was £210. Two days ago i checked round the car as the mot is coming up and found that both tyres anre badly worn on the inner part, this is due to poor wheel alignment. I took the car to an independant garage and got them to check for any damage or any reason for the tyre wear. None was found and the verdict was that the tracking wasnt done right originally.The car was then taken to where i had the tyres done and after much debate the branch manager checked the tracking and found it to be 3mm out, this would cause the wear over the last 11 months. He has now come up with an offer of £100 for two new tyres and tracking redone. Now is this an admition of poor workmanship that caused the tyre damage and therefore should the entire work not be done free of charge?

  • Russell Webber 15 March, 7:21 pm

    I have recently purchased some stamps off the internet that are nothing like what the website has described (http://www.makeyourmarkstamps.co.uk/). I sent an email to them asking what had happened and they replied with a very patronising email (complete with maths lesson) informing me I didn’t click on the right option.
    On the website they describe the self inking stamps I wanted to purchase and at the bottom of the page there was a drop down menu with two options on it. Option one had a code name and an excellent price. Option two was twice the cost and had self inking written next to it. Having read the description I chose the first one because so long as it was as described above then the cheaper one will do and the other one must also be self inking any way.
    Of course I now know that option one is for a completely different stamp nothing to do with that description.
    When I first received the email I did feel very stupid and careless. However having gone back to the page I feel it was deliberately misleading and unless you understood their internal codes then one couldn’t possibly know.
    I emailed them to explain this and asked them to send out what I had already ordered. They replied with an email saying that they didn’t understand my email but then changed their website.
    I printed the screen when I ordered the stamps though so I still have proof of this.
    How do I get them to send me what I ordered?


  • raks 16 March, 3:22 pm

    yes you are. the item was faulty, you should you pay for them to post you something that is faulty?

  • Lily 18 March, 6:42 pm

    Hello Russell,
    Unfortunately as it was you that made the mistake they don’t have to send you the stamps that you want. Although you found the site to be misleading the boxes did clearly state which one was self inking. You can email them politely and request that in the name of good customer they exchange the stamps for you but I’m afraid they are not legally obliged to do anything.

  • Lisa Kennedy 30 March, 7:56 am

    I bought a KGB voucher for a chargeable Iphone case. I ordered the item from the supplier Sansim paying the additional postage and it took ages to come and i had serious concerns about the supplier. However eventually it arrived and the item seemed fine. However after the first full charge the item was obviously faulty.

    I contacted Sansim several times and eventually they replied. They said that I should return the item to them and i had to pay the return postage as well. However they said that if on receipt they demmed ~i had not charged it properly by some special tests then they would not issue a replacement. Sounds very convenient!

    So I contacted KGB about the situation and they said that they would give me a refund on my voucher with them, but I had to prove I had posted the item back to Sansim and that I would not be reunded the outward or return postage. I disputed this with them as I said how could it be right that through no fault of my own I had been sent faulty goods and was going to lose about £8 and end up with no phone case. KGB said this is in their terms and conditions.

  • Mary C 3 April, 9:57 pm

    I bought a fake stretcher as I like the look of the small ones, but still wanted to interchange with other earrings I own. The fact it is classed as a “fake” stretcher, I would take it to be the usual width of earrings. However, these were 1.6mm instead of the usual 1.2mm. This was not stated when I bought the earrings, and as I don’t want to change the width of my peircings much at all (it hurt trying to put it in, then I realised, and I change over earrings regularly so it would be stretched and would shrink back lots, causing pain as I re-stretch it) even though earrings are noted as non-returnable, would I be able to argue my case? I think it’s pointless having it when it’s not fit for purpose, but I guess the place would kick up a fuss about me trying to return it.

  • A.Moffat 10 April, 11:39 am

    Hi Lisa K ,

    On the back off the gift card there should be some terms and condidtions on it. This is the case on new look and was the case with peacocks gift cards. If it says nothing on there then check the conditions on the companys website if there is nothing on there then go back to the store where you were told you could not use the card if you still have it and ask to speak to who is incharge. Tell them the story also take evidence of the companys terms and conditions if you produce them there and then then there will be no faffing about regarding them finding them. If you get no further with this then get in conctact with head office they should be able to shine some light regarding this situation.

  • Lesley 12 April, 9:19 pm

    I paid my catalogue account on line have been doing for years.
    Anyway I somehow sent the wrong amount, (although I am sure I did not) I think I clicked to pay my minimum which was £20 but they closed the account taking out over £300.
    Contacted bank there is nothing they can do.
    I cannot afford for that amount of money as I am on ESA and receive £99 a week, no friends or family to help.
    The automated reply they sent gives no amount only a ‘thank you’ for your payment.

    I cannot prove one way or the other if I made a mistake, or they took the lot.
    I fear writing to them – will result in nothing.
    Please is this a situation I have to live with.
    Would not mind but I am now into my overdraft because of this, and no other payment to come into account for 2 weeks.

  • James 17 April, 2:32 pm

    Hi I purchased two items off the bornonthestreets website on 02/04/12 shortly after I received an email saying Thank you for shopping with Born on the Streets.com, your item(s) will be dispatched immediately and will arrive within 7 days, its now the 17th and my items still haven’t been dispached I have emailed the company twice and received no reply I have phoned the company they told me the items would deffinetly be dispached by 13/04/12 but they still have not been. I am starting to loose patience with this company as the customer service is poor and on there website they boast a next day delivery service witch is not true atall, please could you tell me if there is anything I can do about this. Thank you.

  • Anon 20 April, 10:45 pm

    Hi, I’m just wondering if you could help me. I have previously bought a hairdryer which has recently stopped working, however, the hairdryer came with 3 years guarantee so is still covered. When I took it to the store, they did not have the same product in, and offered me an exchange for another electricial item – which I did not require. Am I entitled to a refund if this is what I want? The item was bought 2 & half years ago, & is covered under guarantee for another 6 months yet. Something tells me I am entitled to a refund if they cannot offer a direct replacement, please advise? Thank you

  • Simon Hillan 22 April, 12:36 am

    I have got a mobile phone on a 2 year contract. Within a few days of having it, it developed a fault of keep rebooting. I reported this to the manufacturer, and was told they would pick the phone up and fix it but if they found nothing then I would have to pay to get it back. I ended up taking it back to the o2 I got it from.I was told that because it was over 28 days they sent it off for repair. They had the phone 5 days. When back it seemed ok, but the problem started again within 2 days. How many times does the phone have to be faulty before I can get a new one and the only phone you get offered is a really old one and you even have to give a deposit of £20. Can I not demand a better replacement? Thanks for any help you can give

  • liza watt 22 April, 12:18 pm

    i bought a table from a store, and asked them to hold it for me until my house was built, that was 14 months ago, the house is no finished but i no longer want the table. can i ask for a refund?

  • Jenny smith 23 April, 4:21 pm

    I had a kitchen fitted by wickes builders, 10 years ago. Although looked after, in a very, scrurry state. At the end of cupboards, paper coming up and away from wood. At the time I did not know, it was made of MDF. I was never told. Could this still be under guarrantee. I must admit I did not expect to have to be changing my kitchen suite already. Is there anything I can do? Regards Jenny smith

  • Jay 25 April, 7:35 pm

    Hi wondering can someone advise please?

    I purchased a tent and on the first camping trip of use (within 7 days of purchase), the window/door has torn all the way from top left to bottom right and a wind stabalizer has come away at the seam. I contacted the supplier and they are saying that as this is due to “storm” damage (as I told them that I found this damage after the weather had turned during the night, my words exactly) that it is not covered by warranty and that I have to pay for the damages which will be approx £170.

    I responded that as their website states “all-weather
    performance is guaranteed” and “Wind Stabilizer System – for maximum stability that has been tested to the limit in the utmost windy conditions. The tents have been tested to achieve minimum 9 on the Beaufort Wind Force Scale” etc, that this product is not as described, fit for purpose or lasted for a reasonable time then I should be able to get this repaired at no cost to myself under the Sale of Goods Act.

    They have replied back stating “weather or storm damage is not covered by the warranty of the tent. This is an industry wide policy, as a tent is a temporary structure.” and “The features indicated on the website have been designed to help with the stability of the tent during pitching, not make it indestructible.
    Most retailers and manufactures indicate that a tent is not covered for storm damage and is, like ours, written into the terms and conditions available to view on the website before and after any purchase” and “as there was no comment of any problems occurring when the tent was first pitched and leading up to the night during which the damage occurred. This would indicate that the tent was free of any defects and performing as expected”, that I have to pay for costs of repair!

    I had also advised them that since this damage upon unpacking the tent and pitching in garden to clean that I found further slits/rips in the creases of the windows where the tent had been folded for packing.

    Am I ok to pursue this? any advice greatly appreciated Jay

  • louise j 10 May, 10:38 pm

    I recently had a company from the yellow pages come and pick up my laptop as the charging jack had broken. They quoted me a max of £45 to get this fixed. After 2 days I called and they said it had been fixed but it was £60, I wasn’t happy about this but just wanted to get it back. They brought my laptop back and later that evening when I tried to use it half the keys didn’t work and the disk drive was jammed and would not eject. I called the company straight away who refused to knock anything off the price. They said they could take it back in to look but never showed up. I’ve since taken it elsewhere and was told they had wrecked my disk drive and put the laptop back together incorrectly. I had to have a new disk drive installed which meant more money. What are my rights regarding this?

  • Ryan Evans 14 May, 6:49 pm

    Hi, I bought a laptop from Idealworld.tv on 23rd March 2012, it was delivered on 2nd April 2012, and had developed a fault, after speaking with the manufacturer, they advised it is faulty. I called Idealworld.tv to return the laptop on 28th April 2012 (it was less than 4 weeks old), and was promised a refund. They collected the item on 2nd May, on 7th May I was advised it will take around 10 more days for a refund as it hadnt yet been processed. on 11th May, I was advised it had been sent for repair. This was not an agreed solution between myself and the seller, they decided to do it of their own back. They returned the box and accessories to me, which turned up today, but I declined delivery for it to be returned to sender.
    They stated they can only issue a refund on goods upto 14 days old, but this apparently does not affect my statutory rights.

    As they can not replace the item due to lack of stock, and its been reported faulty for more than 50% of its short life span, is it not my legal right for a refund? as previously promised?

  • Phil 20 May, 11:54 pm

    I bought a £50 Cross pen today at John Lewis. When I got home and opened it to see again I discovered that part of its lid was broken off!

    Before buying, I examined and tested a few display pens, with the help of the saleswoman, and chose one for purchase.

    Then from underneath her table she got a supposedly proper, new pen of the chosen design for me, it was put in an unsealed box, opened and I could see the pen, and was free to examine that particular pen.
    I didn’t bother to check if the “new” item from stock was broken! Why would I expect a new item at a shop to be visibly damaged?

    Does this mean that fraud was legal or can my story validate a return/replacement?

    • Phil 20 May, 11:55 pm

      (the pen was put with the broken part of the lid facing down, so I could not see it without removing the pen from the box)

  • lee r 23 May, 7:36 pm

    I’ve just noticed this website.
    I know it’s a really old comment but re: S.W. Large Nov 13 2008. It’s a shame they never asked in writing for the product. However they should have got their money back. Difficult one to prove but iy you specify what you require and the product does not match. ie. you asked for a specific brand and a specific perfume therefore the alternative given to you is NOT suitable and is therefore not deemed to be fit for purpose under the Sales Of Goods Act. You problem is proving that’s what you asked for but it was incorrect to say you were not entitled to a refund.

  • Steve Coath 24 May, 10:06 am

    I purchased a computer system in 2009 for my son.
    Last month he started getting a message “Imminent hard drive failure”. the next day the computer refused to start.
    I contacted the manufacturer who had me connect the drive to my computer to run their own diagnosis. They confirmed the drive was completely dead but was within warranty.
    They informed me I had to return it to the seller which I duly did.

    The seller has now sent this back to the manufacturer and are saying it is nothing to do with them as they have fulfilled their responsibility by returning the item.

    I believe the seller should replace my item and obtain a replacement for their own stock from the supplier.

    Who is right here?

  • michelle 28 May, 5:05 pm

    hi i was wondering of anyone could help, last month i paid off my mobile contract and ordered a new phone after 2 weeks of things going wrong i canceled the upgrade and sent the mobile back to them , i then asked for a refund, which they agreed to once they received the mobile, but it is now 3 weeks later and every time i contact them they keep putting me off by delaying the refund, is there anything i could do or say to them to speed up their response? or are there steps i could take legally to report them for their behaviour?
    thanks in advance

  • Bella 31 May, 2:39 pm

    I moved into a flat yesterday (I paid 6 months rent up front, not usual but from my savings) and the noise from the pub beer coolers ( i think) was incessant and i could not sleep. I hadn’t noticed it when looking around. can i pull out even though i signed a tenancy agreement and paid the money by bank transfer yesterday?

  • loulou 2 June, 11:17 pm

    I bought a TV from brighthouse and it kept breaking. They eventually took it back and have given me a loaner until it gets fixed. This was 6 months ago and they now say it can’t be fixed so I’ve to keep the loaner. Problem is it’s not the same TV and is a piece of crap and I’m still paying it up.

  • Miriam pincombe 7 June, 8:23 pm

    I recently bought a jacket from the above for 90.00. The jacket arrived with a note saying i could return for a full refund within 7 days. It wasnt what i expected so i returned it. I waited a few days for the refund. I emailed enquiring about it…no reply.. This eveing i receive an email saying i had been Refunded 70.00.. I emailed again asking why 70 and not 90. Received an email saying the jacket had been worn had deodrant marks and a collar mark and was creased. I emailed asking for a number to talk about this..no reply.. I rqng the numer on the website spoke to the lady tried to explain myself and she hung up. I rang back twice and no rply.. Have emailed twice and no reply… Also meant to say i didnt even try the jacket on as i didnt like the lining..

  • Simone 10 June, 4:21 pm

    Hi – advice needed please!
    I bought a bridal dress from a shop that was ex-sample for £575 – just under half price. The dress was described as ‘in need of a clean and tidy up’ so minor faults only. The dress was satin with an applique lace overlay, quite ornate. When I got the dress home, I looked at it again after 5 days to see what needed tidying prior to cleaning(v busy weekend!) – I’d just given it a once over in the shop and trusted the shop to point out anything major. I was happy with the loose threads etc, to be expected. I then discovered a 3 inch tear in the lace on the behind that they had repaired (badly) and it was coming unravelled. I was furious they hadn’t pointed out something that was significant and had been concealed like this – it was not pointed out despite me trying it on twice. They urged me to consider a repair which I said I would think about and they approved me taking the dress to my sister’s to look at for an opinion (she was a dressmaker). My sister unpicked the very bad repair they’d done to get an idea of what was needed. The verdict was that she could patch and disguise it at best. I returned it to the shop, unhappy with taking the dress,and felt aggrieved they didn’t tell me before buying the dress. They have refused to give a refund saying they never do – which Trading Standards have taken up as that is against the law – but it seems the law could be on their side as my sister unpicked what they had done (although you can see where it had been stitched initially). They think I should have expected this kind of damage and that it’s acceptable, and think they’re doing me a favour offering a repair. They are insisting I was happy with the dress and I should accept a repair. A credit note is of no use to me as I tried other dresses in my price range and have had to purchase another dress (my wedding is Sept!). I will not be wearing the dress and fear if I take it with a repair and try to sell it on, I will get half of what I paid, at most. As a rule, the moment you mention this type of damage or repair, however well done, brides won’t touch it without a significant saving. I would like to take this to small claims as I really need my money back, but trading standards tell me it’s down to what the judge thinks. I really feel unsupported by the law if they can force me to accept a repair when I’d be unhappy wearing a repaired dress for my wedding day. (I’m 42 so this will be the one and only time!!) I’ve written the necessary letters and they don’t admit to any wrongdoing and are accusing me of changing my mind,and saying the damage is minor. This is ruining what should be a nice time planning my wedding, I’m so upset by their attitude. If I ask for a partial (say 50%) refund plus the repair, I know they will refuse, but do I offer that as a choice anyway to show I’m being cooperative? This is a nightmare and I wish I’d never tried it on – indeed I wouldn’t have if the damage had been pointed out so I’m doubly angry. Please advise!!

  • steven mwiinga 1 July, 7:57 pm

    I am a Zambian and bought a used tipper truck from one of the used/second hand vehicle dealers in UK. When I received the vehicle at walvis bay port in Namibia I experienced oil leakages from the truck. The oil leakage was continued and had to constantly top up all the way. After driving for about 150km the propeller shaft dropped. It appeared the coupling had a problem which was worked on but not properly secured. This made it difficult for us to repair as it was in the bush. We tried our best the following day to have it secured. In simple terms I had a lot of problems with this truck and I contacted the dealer who seems not to be interested in my complaints. Is there a way I can follow this to be assisted? So far I have spent over 2000 pounds in repairs and logistics. I can forward you the mails and pictures of the problems on the truck.
    Please advise

  • umer 12 July, 1:04 am

    hello, basically i hired these roofers and decorators and they are giving me a hard time and hes designing my house like it was his own hes telling me wha the sink needs to be like what my bathroom should be like what my bedroom should be like and its got to he point were im scared he might do the job badly if i say anything now. what do i do now?

  • John 14 July, 8:34 pm

    Hi, I purchased an LG HDTV 2 1/2 years ago and last week the screen stopped working, sound is ok but no vision. I took it back to Comet’s today with no expectations that I’d get anywhere on 1st try. The salesperson/supervisor told me that I’d have to get an independant evaluation before they would even consider the case, is this the case? It seems stupid to get a tv repairman just to confirm it’s not working.

  • Julie Waite 29 July, 1:05 am

    Can anyone help me please? Nearly 4 weeks ago I took my desk top to the local computer shop as it was running slow. They said they would “clean it up” and instal additional memory which they did. I paid £130 and took it home. Although the computer HAD speeded up I was unable to get onto the Internet due to a loose bracket, then was unable to access previously used sites etc. I also lost the use of outgoing email! It has since been in 3 more times and the owner of the shop has visited my home once but each time they touch my computer another fault occurs and I cannot use my computer as I did before. Am I entitled to get my money back?

  • Ane 16 August, 2:50 pm

    Bought a bag from tk maxx 2 weeks ago and the zipper has come off. Unfortunately I didn’t keep my receipt. I spoke to them and they said its my problem cos they can’t do anything without a receipt basically even though I still have the original label for the company that makes the bag which has an item number that can be used to trace the transaction, they still refused to help

  • Christopher Peacher 24 August, 10:25 am

    My wife and I purchased a bamboo woven wood basket around christmas 2011, after using it to hold our wood for our wood burner over the next few months, we left it in the corner next to the hearth, and put a chair in front, as we did not want to use the wood until the next cold spell. it has sat there for 2 months without being moved, but we now needed to clear the corner where it sits, to tidy up. on inspection we saw mounds of dust at the foot of the basket, and have discovered that it is due to a wood destroying beetle, that has laid its eggs within the bamboo, and these have now hatched. As we live in a mostly wood built bungalow, how do we now stand if we are infested with this beetle and it damages our timbers and floors. We are still waiting to hear from the store as to where these items where made. Regards C.Peacher

  • Caroline 25 August, 10:23 am

    We have an apartment in Cyprus that we rent out. In this instance we agreed rental with Client A (+ guest). Payment was eventually made via a PayPal account of a different person (they have confirmed that they had agreed to the use); the accommodation voucher was sent out to Client A (10 days before departure), the following day the PayPal account holder contacted me to request a refund a ‘she had not been paid by client A).
    The PayPal request for payment, clearly stated that the money was ‘non-refundable’ due to there being on;y 10 days to departure. Do I have a legal obligation to refund?

  • Mai 5 September, 4:01 pm

    Hi I’ve recently purchased a dress and I didn’t notice that it is see through underwear and all until I tried it out at home with a brighter lighting! I haven’t cut the tags and I still have my receipt and its within the 14 day, will I be allowed a refund? And I’m in Australia does the law apply differently to the UK?

  • john griffiths 6 September, 6:15 pm

    a supermarket offering hot roast belly pork at £5.75 per kilo refused to sell me 3/400grams. I am a pensioner and live alone and can neither eat or afford a piece of meat too large.What are my rights?

  • sam 19 September, 9:02 am

    Hi ya Kelly im having same sort of problem. Had a contract phone 3 weeks ago I hate the phone it does work the way the women said.. Now there saying I can only have like for like exchanged but I doe want the same one. Looked into and just like U were totally within our rights under the purchase of goods act 1974..

  • adele 19 September, 11:13 pm

    I bought some hair extentions off a hairdresser who claims to be trained in the inserting of them. She bought the hair and put them in my own hair for £150. In 4 days the hair became unmanagable, thick, knotty and then it started to dreadlock. Brushing wasnt helping it would just pull the extentions and rip my own hair out with it – i lost about 25 in the end. i asked her to come sort it out, she didnt turn up 1st day with no word. Second time she claimed the new hair she’d re-ordered to replace had come in the wrong colour and then when i finally said i wanted them out – after a mere 7 days, she told me she didnt have time and i had to get my friend – who is male to stand taking them out with my own pliers from under my sink.
    I want to know how i can scare her into a refund so i can go get them done again with someone who knows what they’re doing.

  • jayme 20 September, 10:15 pm

    hi what are my rights with currys bought a laptop at christmas got a 12month guarantee and in august it started playing up so took it back and they sent it off to samsung they had it for 3 weeks and when it came back it still had the same problem when i got it home so took it back the same day and got told they would phone me when they could get through to samsung and am still waiting what can i do please?

    thank you

  • Lauren 27 September, 4:59 am

    I bought an NFL jersey online and a few days later got an email saying that it was not in stock would I like a replacement. I said no, I would like a refund. They proceeded to tell me that it was international so the bank would take a 5% fee. Now, I have SCOURED the website. There is not one single statement that some items may be out of stock and that you’d lose 5% if so. There’s no warning AT ALL. Is that legal?

  • Mayank 2 October, 12:33 pm

    I had a very bad experience with burton card. My payment was due on 11th Aug. I paid the full payment on due date. I have a travelling job so I normally come back to my home once in 1-2 months. When I got home this time, I found two late payment fees from burton for 24.37 £. I complaint them on support email that I didnt get any email or notification for this. Normally I get an email. I got a reply to call a 0844 number which carges 10p per min. I called this number and requested them to revert back this late payment as I have not been notified and I paid my last charges fully on due date. The customer support lady told me it takes 3-5 working days for bank to send this money. I got angry and paid the fees and cancelled my card and dropped them email to take action againsted this issue and bad customer handling and charging unnecessary delay payments.

    Please help how can I get refund.

  • Shenan 5 November, 8:56 pm

    Hi, I am going to be purchasing a laptop for my daughter for Christmas. The laptop will specifically be for “The Sims 3” gaming franchise. She has shown me a laptop which she is positive will play all of the games, but in the unfortunate matter that it doesn’t, what will be our rights? Obviously we would only want an exchange, but will we be able to get a credit note or an exchange for a more suitable product, even if it has been used to check the games will install correctly?

  • David 8 November, 1:56 pm

    Hey, I bought an XBOX 360 game from Game’s online store *(www.game.co.uk) on 10th October 2012. I contacted them on 25th October as it had not been delivered and their website states “it will be delivered within 10 working days (not including Sundays)” which would have been 22nd October. I was offered a replacement or refund, of which I took the replacement. They placed the order in on 26th october, and was shipped 27th. I contacted them today (8th November) and they said that 10 working days would be the 9th November. After I politely complained that I was dissatisfied, the representative gave me a £5 reward card bonus as a good will gesture. If the game has not arrived by 12th, and this will have been the 2nd time it hasn’t, can I demand a refund or will I have to wait for another replacement?
    Cheers in advanced

  • Mary Maguire 19 November, 1:31 pm

    I had a house fire due to an Indesit tumble drier. I contacted the firm who sent a replacement drier and collected the old one. They then sent a loss adjuster to assess the damage. They later deided that the appliance was 12 years old, in response to this I supplied them with a proof of purchase to say that it was 3 years old at the time of the fire. After this they decided to have the appliance tested by forensics who said though there was no way of proving what started the fire,even though it was the only appliance in the vicinity and the fire service cited it as the cause of the fire. They stated that there were missing components and wiring which made it hard to say what started the fire.

  • stacey 23 November, 8:36 pm

    Can you help? i bought a sofa nearly 2 years ago and it was sold as seen the spring has come out and there appears to be a big lump in one of the seats it wasn’t like this when bought the shop is now saying it was sold as seen but it wasn’t in that condition when i bought it!!
    Where do i stand can i get it sorted or changed or am i going to have to spend again i only got 70 pounds off the sofa in the 1st place????

  • Kelly 24 November, 4:41 pm

    I brought a kitchen from interior home designs of rossendale, they had a advert in the local newspaper, when the kitchen was delivered we noticed that they had designed a unit for under the sink that was to big, they sent 7 of one door and 7 of another and we did not have any draw fronts.
    i have made several attempts to contact the company but they leave me on hold for hours at a time, when i call from a different number they pick up stright away. what can i do now because my kitchen is like a building site and i already paid them £1350 in cash

  • Nikki 28 November, 12:20 am

    hi i have recently had a contract phone in the last month and it is faulty it is isn’t what it say’s in the description what is my statutory rights on this can i exchange the handset for 1 that does match its description or am i wasting my time many thanks.


  • James O'Keith 4 December, 11:32 pm

    It always amazes me that people turn their noses up at MDF products. The furniture you bought would have been the absolute best for the price you paid. MDF is a fantastic product and can be tougher and longer lasting than real wood. If you didn’t know it was MDF and have a phobia of MDF, perhaps you should have asked when you bought your kitchen.
    As for the vaneer / paint peeling off, this is normally caused by excess moisture, steam or grease in your kitchen. It would not normally be covered by any manufacturers warranty.
    Sadly it is the consumers responsibility to look after the product rather than the manufacturers responsibility. It would be nice if we could not bother to be careful with our products and let the manufacturers solve the problems for us.
    However, we can not.

  • Annabell19 9 December, 1:18 pm

    I recently bought a chest freezer from comet, I understand that because they are in liquidation they are accepting no returns or refunds but the information they stapled to my receipt about their liquidation also said this does nt affect my statutory rights.
    I got the freezer home, put it on for the amount of time stated and on the booster setting for 4 hours as instructed, nothing happened! When I returned home the freezer was still warm inside?
    After trying again from the start, we phoned up comet who refused any responsibility for the purchase and passed me on to the manufacturer who then said they aren’t having anydealinings with comet customers and passé us back over to comet! After much annoyance I kept phoning and phoning trying to find other options and they sends a repair man out (in good gesture for my persistance) who looked and said the freezer hadent been put enough gas in which requires a specialist, so he wrote his notes sent it off, but I am not expecting any more men to come out, it has been a week with no more contact from them?
    I was wondering if anyone could advise me on what to try next? As in my opinion they are in the wrong, I didn’t break the item (the repair man confirmed) it was never right when I bought it? Therefore they sold me faulty goods and should repair or replace surely? Please help?

  • Sam 10 December, 2:29 pm

    I bought a dress in the summer from Roman Originals for a wedding. I have only wore the dress once and decided to get it dry cleaned this month (as per the instruction on the dress). The dry-cleaners sent a letter back with the dress saying that they have followed instructions and the beads have melted on the dress.
    Am I able to claim a refund so long after buying the dress as I don’t have a receipt any more? Roman are still selling this same dress.

  • Lorraine 17 December, 3:48 pm

    Hi I bought goods from Sports Direct online – their courier company Yodel have lost the package – I am now out of pocket and need to wait 10 days for them to investigate it and refund me – is this correct should i need to wait because of their incompetancy?


  • Mick 30 December, 3:46 pm

    we bought our son a Luigi costume(Mario & Luigi) for a fancy dress party tomorrow(new yrs eve).When we called the shop asking for a suit for an 11-12 yr old they said they had one and would save it for us behind the counter.We travelled 10 miles each way to collect it and when we got home our son tried it on(he is an averaged sized 11yr old) and its about 3″ to short and its not even the proper Luigi costume but just a pair of blue dungerees and a green t-shirt,they say they will ony give a credit note.Am i legal entitled to a cash refund,Thanks

  • Kristy 20 January, 3:48 am

    I have started a school course and am currently halfway through.
    On the school website it states “no other school in Australia offers a job after graduation” but when I asked teachers and staff no one would give me a straight answer apart from “no we don’t do that here”.

    I am wondering what my rights are as to say you state you help so help or to even get a full refund or part refund.

    Any websites that give all information or someone to call would be great.


  • skon58 31 January, 5:43 pm

    hi i bought an android/tablet on 12/11/2012 for my granddaughter xmas gave it to her xmas morning after 16 days the sound went i returned it was told they would look at it (12/1/2013)they sent it back to the factory how long before i am entitled to a refund

  • RACHEL 26 February, 3:01 pm

    Hi I bought a sofa of the website on finance from DFS sofa company and when it arrived it was a lot darker than the website showed,I contacted DFS but they said all computers show up colours on computer screens different which i know but the sofa arrived about 3/4 shades darker which is not the colour I wanted. I asked if they could change for a different colour or cancel the finance and they said NO do I have any rights on this matter.

  • Sehairrr 27 March, 9:16 pm

    As you signed a contract, you have to abide by its rules which means that no you will not get refund or the sofas for a reduced price
    unless in the contract it says that if your product (your sofas) are delivered at a later date then you will have the sofas price reduced.
    All the information should be in the contract if you were given a copy if not then you can say you never had a copy in which case you may have the right for a refund or have the price for the sofas reduced.

    hope this helped, good luck and sorry if it was too late of a reply
    [enjoy the sofas :)]

  • Lee Bragg 5 April, 9:30 am

    I have put a deposit down on a used car with the sale being subject to making a few repairs to the car first. If I decide not to go ahead with the piuchase as one of the faults has not been rectified, can I get my deposit back? The order form states that deposits are not refundable, but am I covered by the Sale of Goods act, or anything else?

  • Izabela 27 April, 10:51 pm

    I have bought my first converse shoes in Schuh, I put them on, went out for 2 hours and on the way back I have noticed that the soles ( rubber parts covering the toes) are of different size. The difference is not that big although visible and once I have realised it, it it really bothers me! I went back to the shop the very same day and I wanted to exchange the pair for the one that is not faulty, the lady saw the difference and said that since I was wearing them outside there is nth she can do about it because she will not be able to sell them again. Why do you wanna sell the faulty shoes to somebody else?!!! Do I have a right to have them exchanged?

  • Jane Miller 19 May, 6:05 pm

    I bought my daughter an Asus laptop from Currys for Christmas in 2012. The wifi card needed replaced after three months and a month after that the hard drive needed to be replaced. Again the lap top is no longer connecting to the internet unless the cable is connected so it looks like the wifi card has gone again. We have asked Curry’s for a refund now due to this laptop being faulty and not fit for purpose but Curry say they can only send it back to Asus and there’s nothing they can do. Is this correct? Do they have no obligation to refund our money as our contract is with them? Or is it the case that we are now stuck with this laptop which is untrustworthy and will probably keep on developing faults which Asus will just keep fixing until the guarantee runs out?

    • Lee 2 July, 1:03 am

      Your contract is with Currys not with Asus. Given the amount of problems you’ve encountered I would definitely say it’s not of satisfactory quality and ask for a refund (possibly partial refund).

      If they disagree just quote them the Sales of Goods Act 1979 that the item must be free from defect (it isn’t), of satisfactory quality (it is not) and therefore you request a refund or you’ll take the matter further.

      If you paid by credit card even better just take the matter up with them and say you want a refund as they are equally liable under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 section 75.

  • Nicole 21 May, 11:42 am

    I purchased a buggy off an online baby store as they had a special offer on where you get the matching change bag and rain cover free (worth £80-90 together) I was supposed to recieve all items within a month, and I did recieve the buggy, but not the free items. I have had difficulty getting an answer as to where my outstanding items are, and now after almost 2 months they have said that the rain cover is on its way but the change bag has been discontinued by the manufacturer so I will not get that.

    I don’t think it fair that I went with this company because of the offer and as far as I was concerned I had purchased all the items I needed, but now have to still wait longer for one part and have to go out and pay another £60 for a bag. If I had known it would come to this I would have gone to a company that have a local store should I have any problems and would have given me extended warranty.

    I’m awaiting a call back from the manager (though half expecting that I will have to try calling them again as they have been hurrendous with keeping up contact) but in the mean time- do they have to offer me another product or cash/voucher alternative?

  • Natasha 30 May, 9:35 pm

    I purchased a second line at an EE store following the receipt of a text from T-Mobile advising me that an additional line would cost £10.50. I purchased the line on the 16th May 2013 on behalf of my partner the phone required (HTC) was not in stock but was convinced by the sales rep that the Samsung Galaxy Acer 2 was a more durable phone so purchased it accordingly. My partner did not like the phone and subsequently decided to utilise a pay as you go line. I was not advised at the point of sale that the EE store did not exercise a change of mind 14 day policy which is written on the back of their receipt which was conveniently stapled to my contract. I called T mobile on the 29th May 2013 to cancel the line, they sent me to the store who advised me that they do not process refunds unless the reception or handset is faulty. I was advised to call T-mobile who have stated that some EE shops have this policy and there is nothing they can do and I will have to retain the line and phone. What happens to my statutory rights in situations like this?

  • andy 1 July, 11:48 am

    we purchased 2 sofas from dfs in oct 2012 within 6 months 2 of the arms had to be repaired the upholsterer was sent out to ours the repairing was done with 2 flimsy pieces of wood i complained to him that we found the quality of sofas extremely poor hes response was there not made by dfs also after he had left we found several staples left in my carpet . we complained to head office only to be telephoned by our local store to ask what the problem was ,they arranged a different upholsterer out to inspect our sofas he said he would take note of everything we had said and relay it back to the store manager we then had the store manager come out to look at sofas and air our views on the quality of them which was a complete waste of time as he defended dfs even though he could see problems in my sofas we now have had another arm on sofa break which needs repairing which i now am refusing to have done as i just want them to takethem back as we have had to take time off work for these visits along with paying out alot of money for sofas that are very poor quality we was told by store manager if they took them back we would be charged and he said contact furniture ombudsman but we are not willing to pay £125 for an inspection i also asked the store manager why has head office got a complaints dept when all they do is refer you straight back to your local store he said because he has the final decision on everything i will never ever recommend dfs to anyone all i want is my money back surely we have this right as theres a 2yr warranty on them ? does anyone know if we can go through visa to stop payments ?

  • Abbie Christina 1 July, 11:38 pm

    Hi , DFS are a very dodgy company to begin with I know different people who have had issues with them. On your case DfS have sold you a product with a 2 year warranty ad the small print does not say that this particular case is except then they legally have no leg to stand on as this is a contract they have entered with you. I would seriously advise that you check the small print of your agreement with them and highlight any key points to them, you could then say to them if you don’t get the results that you want that you will go to the consumer watchdog with this complaint. You can also get advise from the citizens advise centre and the law centre , Good lUck

  • Lee 2 July, 12:58 am

    First of all it depends when the sofa went faulty. If it’s over a month but within 6 months then it would be assumed you’d had use of the sofa and would then not get a full refund. You’d at best get a partial refund.
    However as it failed within the first 6 months they have to prove the item in question is not faulty. It clearly was as they tried to repair it. The repair would have to be also be of satisfactory quality and it would appear this is not the case.
    It makes no difference about the quality of material as DFS are the ‘supplier’ and it is with them you have the contract so they are duty bound to resolve the issue.

    If you are now over the 6 months?? then this changes the rules. Now the onus is on yourself to prove the item is faulty. What you can do is ask DFS to inspect the sofa for free or get an independent report as the ‘burden of proof’ now lies with you. Tell DFS that if they do not inspect the sofa for free then you will have an independent report carried out and if the item is found to indeed be flawed then you will be invoicing them for the report under the Sales of Goods Act 1979 as the sofa is ‘Not of satisfactory quality’.

    If you paid by credit card you could take the issue up with them directly and demand a partial refund under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 section 75.

  • andy 2 July, 7:14 pm

    hi thanks for the reply our sofas have got a 10 yr warranty on frame and springs and 2 yrs on everything else i have pointed all this out to the branch manager to be told theres nothing wrong with my sofas ! no because i had them repaired !!! only for another arm to break , i am not prepared to have them keep coming out repairin my sofas i rang the customer care no which is a complete waste of time so if anyone thinks they will help dont bother . I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU DONT BUY YOUR FURNITURE FROM DFS …

    • Lee 2 July, 10:43 pm

      If the other arm is broken then it is clearly faulty and under the SOG Act they have to put it right. It’s a legal obligation.

      Did you puchase these with a Credit Card? If so claim against the Credit Card company they’re equally liable (under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 section 75) If you look on the WHICH website there are template letters to claim.

  • Rachel m 3 July, 12:04 pm

    My daughter is enrolled in an acrobatics class and we pay the fees by term. My daughter has decided she doesn’t want to return and I’ve just paid next terms fees. I’ve asked for a refund but they ve refused. On what grounds can they do this? I tried to do the right thing and pay early and now they won’t refund. What can I do?

  • Carole 28 August, 7:00 pm

    My daughter bought a Hauck buggy system from an online retailer in March 2012 (her midwife said to buy stuff early!) and her son was born on 26 August 2012.

    After using the buggy for approx 6 weeks she was not happy with the brakes – they actually came off while she was travelling on a bus which I’m sure you will agree was dangerous.

    They contacted the supplier who told them the buggy only had a 6 month warranty and advised them to contact Hauck who ignored them. Some 10 months later the matter was still not resolved so they contacted Hauck again. This time they offered to pick up the buggy and inspect it. This they did BUT they also repaired it against our wishes and attempted to return it to us. By this time the baby was 11 months old and my daughter had had to buy another buggy several months earlier (one which has a 24 month warranty!)

    My question is do ‘Statutory rights’ supersede the manufacturer’s warranty and if so how long do statutory rights last?

  • Toma Bacic 29 August, 12:52 pm

    I would like to report that I have been misinformed at Europcar car rental company, on two counts by the company employee:
    1) We rented a car for two weeks last year at company office in London and were very pleased with the service. Therefore, we wanted to rent a car again from Europcar. We booked a car that we were to pick up on Friday, 16 August, at Heathrow Airport and bring back to Heathrow the next morning. After talking to the company employee at the Heathrow Airport office, we were told that we could drop the car off nearer to London centre which was more convenient for us. Also the employee offered us to pay additional insurance. During the extensive talk, the employee never mentioned the exact prices for the insurance and dropping the car off at another location but used “small amount of money”. Afterwards, he handed over for my signature a card with minuscule letters and numbers. I am aware that I signed the document but, given that I had talked for very long with your employee prior to that, I thought it was fine to
    trust him that the sums involved were “little”.
    A day afterwards, when dropping the car off at the agreed place, I was shocked to see that the amount to be paid was much higher (over 8o pounds as compared to the 50 pounds mentioned by the employee day before) than the employee had mentioned.
    2) Furthermore, I said that I wanted to pay in cash but the employee
    told me to sign the card mentioning my credit card “for security
    purposes only” and that no money would be deduced from the card and
    that I would be allowed to pay in cash upon dropping the car off. When returning the car, the money had already been withdrawn from my credit card and I had no opportunity to pay cash or to voice my complaint.
    I believe that my statutory rights have thus been seriously violated. Although I was very happy with the car and advertised price, I believe that, unless this is resolved in a more satisfactory manner, I will never return to use Europcar service and I will certainly not be able to recommend you to anybody.

    Please inform me about the manner in which this situation can be
    Thank you very much and kind regards from Zagreb

  • Brian 19 September, 4:56 pm

    I bought a brand new car it us now 7 months old
    I have had a recurring fault with it which has resulted in it
    Being taken back 3 times for repairs at the dealership
    The fault has occurred again – what rights do i have to replace car
    Or get refund?

  • Libby 23 October, 9:22 am

    Last year I bought a puffer winter coat from Zara.

    I exchanged my first coat for a second as within a few days as the inside pocket has already ripped. I have therefore held onto my receipt incase anything else might have happened.

    This winter I wanted to wear it again. I wanted to refresh it, so I followed the manufacturer’s instructions for washing the coat and placed it in the washing machine at this temperature and cycle. It has completely lost its shape and warmth!!!!

    Even though it is a year old, I followed the instructions on how to was it. According to shop’s website, I have 30 days for an exchange. Do I still have any rights for a return?

  • Paul 29 October, 6:13 pm

    Around 1 month ago I had a new ‘made to measure’ blind fitted in my house at an agreed cost of £400.
    The blind was supplied and fitted as instructed. However, after the fit we notcied that the bottom of the blind was not closing properly. We contacted the company who sent out a fitter to correct the problem. The fitter said that he could see the problem but could not correct it and he would need to send out the person who makes the blinds from their company. He cam out a few days later and although tried to fix the problem agreed that he wasnt able to. He also agreed that we should ask for some refund as the blind (even though stated as made to measure) does not fit the window and when closed can be seen through from the outside. I again contacted the compant who then insisted on sending out their ‘top’ fitter. The top fitter turns out to be the person who also makes the blinds – the person who had already been out! When he arrived he again said there was nothing he could do. Again I have contacted the company to put my case over that the blind is not fit for purpose and I have given them a fair amount of time to rectify. On that basis I want a refund of my £400 or I large discount given that I would be able to purchase a ‘non-made to measure’ product for less than half of the price and paid to have that fitted!
    On both accounts they have refused and offered £50 back, which I have refused.
    I have asked that the manager contact me but as yet has not.

    any advise would be helpful.


  • Jill 4 December, 12:56 am

    I placed an order with an online print company and paid using credit card. I then had to supply artwork to them in order for them to proceed. I accepted their terms and conditions at point of payment but immediately after this I realised that the print job was no longer required and I contacted the company to cancel my order. They are telling me that I accepted their terms and conditions and will therefore not get a refund. Can they do this?

  • Terry 27 December, 11:13 am

    I placed a £3000 bid on the wrong item on an auction on the website I bidder, and won the item but I do not want it, the company have sent me an invoice and I have said I do not want the item, buit they are saying that I have entered in to a legal and bidding contract, do I have to pay for it ?

  • Lesley Tagg 12 January, 11:30 pm

    I purchased a bed yesterday 30th December from Dreams in Birstall. Within 2 hrs of purchase i realised that the bed may be too big for the room available. I went back into the store and the assistant measured the bed for me. I said that i would go home and check the size of the room again but thought that it would be too big. If this was the case could i have a full refund? The assistant said not, that as the item was in the sale and that i had purchased in full their policy was to only issue a credit note and that i would have to choose something else in store. The main reason for choosing this particular bed was because of the under bed storeage so would this be classed as UNFIT FOR PURPOSE? The reason that the bed did not fit was because i had not allowed room for the leather headboard and leather at the base of the bed making it 6 inches longer than a normal sized small double bed. I informed them the same evening that the bed would definitely not fit. I was told to go into store within the next few days and look for an alternative bed. Do they have the right to insist on me having a credit note and not a full refund. Should there not be a cooling off period especially as i have not actually taken delivery of the bed and informed them of the situation within several hours? Also i paid £677.00 for the bed and mattress, what happens if i did choose another bed and it did not come to the full value could they give me a credit note for the difference, in which case i would probably never spend it as i would not need to purchase anything else from the store? Please help!!!

  • rob cable 20 January, 6:11 pm

    my wife purchased a mobile phone from phones 4 u, the phone went faulty after 38 days when she returned the phone to the shop they indicated 35 days had lappsed, the phone is not insured. does the statuary 12 months warrantee cover this phone or has, as the shop stated the 35 days is too late to get it repaired
    does this stand?

  • Rudy.P.Maya 3 February, 2:46 pm

    I’ve just had Hilary Blinds fit four windows with shutters. The shutters have marks on them, the fitter took a few photos and wrote in his report it was the paint finish. HB’s have wrote to me saying after viewing the report there are only a few minor blemishes and that they are closing the book on the matter. The sample shown did not have any marks on them and i expected the same of those fitted. They are refusing to send someone round for a second opinion with me there. I have asked for the report and had no reply. I have asked what will happen if there is a problem with the shutters during the 12 month warranty again no answer. How far can i take this problem, were do i go from here to the Obudsman? Please help.

  • Sandie 3 February, 4:24 pm

    Bought an Indesit Washing Machine from Argos last March within 3 weeks of it arriving it developed a fault, that was repaired but by the end of June two more parts were replaced. I contacted Argos they said it was Indesits problem Indesit said it was Argos eventuall Argos contacted me and said as the machine had been repaired and was now working that was acceptable but as a token of goodwill sent me £30 of Argos vouchers and Indesit agreed to extend the warranty by three months I was not happy with this decision and felt the machine should have been replaced, however last month the machine failed to move from wash onto a spin and rinse cycle, engineer came and the motor was faulty. This is totally unacceptable of a machine under a year old, I now want a replacement machine.

  • Emma Anderson 5 February, 8:40 pm

    I have a problem with my phone provider I have a orange phone which I purchase for my daughter the problem is been faulty twice and for a third time orange are offering me a 4 year old phone down grading the same contracts I am paying but carphone warehouse where I purchase the phone will only take it in for repair ?

  • Patricia 12 February, 4:06 pm

    I bought a washing machine from a shop last week. The machine supplies little water (eco type). When I was speaking with the shop assistant when purchasing I asked if it supplied plenty of water as I have skin problems and he pointed up to a certain level, which I was happy with. On using the machine which was delivered on Sunday, it used very little water and I was not happy with the wash. I went back to the shop and asked if I could exchange for one which supplied more water & better wash and pay the extra if any. They said no & phone for an engineer to come & have a look. I did and a couple of installation chaps came today & said the machine was working as it should, with minimum amount of water. I now feel as though I have wasted my money.

  • stephen 18 February, 11:55 am

    Hi i bought a freeview set top box from argos 27/01/14 noticed i was exempt from 30 day guarantee , i paid for this on my visa/debitcard can i claim full refund , thanks

  • sarah townsend 18 February, 9:26 pm

    We brought some slates, which are rusting. We have been offered a cash sum of money in full and final settlement. But it also states at the end of the letter – your statutory rights are not affected. What would this mean in these circumstances?

  • Jaqui Buckley 19 February, 10:45 am

    I bought a box set of DVDs beginning of November (bought as a Christmas present) through an e-seller on Ebay. After Christmas one of the discs was found to be faulty. I contacted the seller (mid January) who said they would send a replacement. I haven’t received a replacement and have tried contacting the seller several times since – been ignored every time (phone number they supplied on Ebay was a fake). Contacted Ebay directly, they can not do anything as it is out of their 45 day time scale.

    What rights do I have?

  • cath 26 February, 12:41 pm

    I pawned jewellery in Dec, the shop has been robbed in feb and my item was stolen what rights to compensation do I have, it was a 9ct ring 14.1g I had it for 47 yrs a present for my 18th birthday of my mother a lot of sentimental value

  • kathleen daggett 5 March, 2:31 pm

    Bought a pair of earrings as a present and they seem to be odd.
    The shop a seven day return policy for returns and faulty goods.
    Have I got any rights to return as was not told this at time of purchase.
    And I also told the shop that they were a present.

  • Martine 21 March, 6:03 am

    I bought a satnav from Argos – the volume is very poor – it’s just over a month old – do I have the right to exchange/refund it? Thank you

  • patrick 27 March, 8:40 pm

    i purchased a shower tray and fittings approx 4 years ago a few weeks ago i noticed cracks appearing in one corner. i noticed on line that this tray had a 5 year guarantee . i contacted the retailer , who informed me they had contacted the distributor and i would be receiving a phone call from their Rep., as yet no contact with this or any Rep., after 3 weeks, this person has been contacted at least 3 times. There has been no mention about the manufacture as yet. What should i do, what rights do i have.

  • Archie 31 March, 11:03 pm

    I recently bought an item that was 18+ when I am seventeen now. I am 18 in a few weeks so I didn’t think it would arrive when I was 17. I was told I was too young but now they are saying because I ordered it, I have to pay a 25% restocking fee. Is this avoidable or even legal?

  • Heather 4 June, 8:38 pm

    This is going to sound completely odd…but I have a question… If you can please help me understand why this is taking so long. I have a home in Montana and have sold it…with the understanding that the final date for paper work would be on may 21, 2014. I completed all things required by the appraisal on the 16th of may and am/was fully moved out of the house the 15th of may. The buyer began moving in the 17th. The issue I have the documents on the buy sell are still not completed… I now am to make another house payment the 4th of June… For a house sold in April… And document not completed…for a house that I have been out of for 19days….what are my rights….please help me thanks!!! Heather Lovshin

  • lorraine agnew 5 June, 9:31 am

    Received over bed unit from catalogue and paid for their service to have it built up. When being built up the joiner damaged the display shelf which in 4 places. He took photos and said a new part will be ordered. Over 2 weeks later i received email saying the part cannot be ordered on its own and will i accept 10% off the price. I phoned them and said the offer of 10% was ridiculous and they offered 15% which i still think is ridiculous (the item is now on sale for 130.00 less in the sale). They then said that i would need to order a whole new unit and pick out the shelf part then arrange returning the unit which would cause me significant inconvenience as i would need to take more time off work and store the large packages while waiting on them being collected. Plus i would not be getting it at sale price as i am exchanging it. I dont know what to do…..think if i was offered a reasonable discount them i would keep the damaged one. How much is a reasonable discount for damaged goods ?

  • sian davies 6 June, 6:28 pm

    had engineer out to look at dishwasher boooked through service.net, said needed new part, paid for part and labour over four weeks ago now everytime i phone they have a excuse or promise to come out and don’t turn up what are my rights can i get money back to call out someone else

  • Joan Shakespeare 24 June, 11:52 am

    Bought nearly £2000 of electrical goods from an electrical shop. Realised (after the 30 day period) that the ceiling lights were too yellow and wanted to exchange them for whiter ones. Shop said we had to pay a re-stock charge of £60 to exchange. Is this correct? Not happy.

  • Stuart cameron 27 June, 8:36 pm

    I bought a signed keegan shirt at auction . It came without any authentifacation certificates . I complained and the seller said if I wasn’t happy , to send it back for a full refund , when I agreed to that he said , he couldn’t and wouldn’t . I hVe all the emails as proof of what he said . Should he refund me

  • Sheila Noons 3 July, 4:48 pm

    My daughter bought a second hand car for £2,400 just over 3 months ago. It only had a 3 month warranty &not long after it was up, the electric door on the passenger side stopped working. Today she has paid £285.00 to get it fixed (not by the original dealer) who is really liable for this?

  • Norman S Warran 4 July, 6:39 pm

    We had a Drive and Skirting around the House Tarmacked by A Jones and Son in July of 2013 and for the last 12 months we have been trying to get Jones and Son to correct the problem of splitting.
    We have sent at least 3 letters to his home, we have even been to his home address and spoken to his Wife who promised action, and we have stopped when we have seen him doing work for others but he still has not come back to corrected the problem regardless of his promises.

  • mr g roper 5 July, 3:08 pm

    I recently purchased a new bouncy castle over the internet on inflating it i discovered two holes along the seams of the slide where the stitching had not quite pulled together i contacted the supplier who asked for photos which i supplied after a week of emails as thier was no phone number i asked for an exchange not a refund he said as long as it inflated its ok but it did not say to expect holes in the advert had it i would not have purchased it ( its for my grandsons birthday) what are my rights

  • nils 25 July, 8:44 pm

    hi there

    I have purchased a pair of Nike trainers, free to run junior size 5 from JD SPorts and only worn them a few times before they started aggravating my feet quite abit, and getting a blister on the first day I wore them. I walk a lot and need comfortable trainers for walking and the gym and to my disappointment even though its been a few months since I had the trainers JD Sports are very unwilling to give me a refund or exchange which is very disappointing indeed as I spent £55 on them and now need to get another pair of trainers which do not cause my feet problems. I have also a knee injury which also affects my body so what I wear on my feet is very important. So despite me complaining several times to JD customer services they refuse to offer me a full refund or offer me an exchange still. If I knew they would be rude and unhelpful I would have not have bought my trainers from them. Still trying to fight to get my money back from them somehow.

  • Ray Kelly 26 July, 4:40 pm

    I bought a DAB car stereo from Halfords 2 years ago,it was playing up a couple of months after I bought it and I got an exchange.It is now playing up again,it won’t eject my cd and the USB port has stopped working.Do I have any rights for a refund,partial refund or free repair?I still have the receipt.

  • John Glover 27 July, 7:57 pm

    Hi, I have paid for an item from a retailer in Northern Ireland (Nigel Ohara) and the item is no longer manufactured by Casio. I paid using PayPal and they have said they can keep my money for 28 days. Is this right. They were advertising a watch which they could not deliver (no longer manufactured)

    I have asked them for a refund and they said it would be last week, they did not.. As far as I can see, if this is being done to thousands of people on line, then who needs to sell anything. the profit is in everyones money that they are holding on to. I also do not recall agreeing to any terms and conditions at the time of the sale. I just added to basket and paid using paypal. I honestly do not know what their issue is. I gave them money for a watch, they don’t have the watch to sell me anymore, why don’t they just give me my money back. Anyone know about this, are they right?maybe its me.

  • vani 31 July, 8:54 am


    I booked a car yesterday (they told 7 day money-back grantee), i signed in the purchase of the vehicle on a special condition that on subject to John hues finance, finance is approved now, I am single earner, so definitely that to very low pay, so after long thought i decided not to buy a car now. so i told i am not in the position to take vehicle now, but they said i have to take it by any how if the finance what they arranged was not satisfied, i have to arrange some other finance and should take it, what shall i do now? kindly help me to handle the issue.

  • karen 7 August, 12:28 am

    My brother lives in the Isle of Man and ordered a bed in Belfast on the 3rd July from Benson’s. He has Ankylosing spondylitis hence the reason why he needs a decent bed ASAP. He phoned me today stressed out that he has not received this item and in between times has been signed off work due to his back condition. Apparently the bed went to Liverpool and arrived back in Belfast for some unknown reason. However, I was informed that the bed will be delivered on the 15th August so it might arrive around the 20th Aug. As this is their mistake and the fact my brother has a serious back condition does he have any rights?


  • Vera McGurk 7 August, 1:22 pm

    I ordered a leather suite and was told delivery would be 14 to 16 weeks. Suite has not yet been delivered after 24 weeks and company has agreed a goodwill gesture. What can I expect to receive? Suite is due to be delivered next week after 25 weeks.

  • siobhan magee 10 August, 8:42 pm

    hello i purchased a mobile phone on contract my contract hasnt finished,i have returned the phone once before as it was faulty it was sent away to be fixed,unfortunately the phone is giving me the same problems,also they lend me a basic phone while mine was away getting fixed.i still had to pay the direct debits even though i was not getting what i paid for etc internet.i dont want the phone back please could you advise me on this thankyou

  • cheryl 11 August, 11:27 pm

    I bought a toy from argos online along with 2 other items in there clearance section. The toy itself was £33 discounted from £149. The next day i received the two items but the toy was not delivered. I waited a week after still not receiving the toy then called up to query. They have told me that the item is not longer in stock even though it was at the time I purchased on line and it was still in stock when they took the money from my account. But now it isnt and it has been discontinued with no alternatives. They are offering me my £33 back. I bought the item because of the large discount so I feel I have lost out. Do I have any right to complain and expect a replacement or more money back? My arguement is that my money was taken and it was in stock at the time i ordered it. They offered a price I accepted, they confirmed by processing order and taking payment. Helppp!!

  • dawn 12 August, 3:52 pm

    I bought a Xperia L in February the shop were I bought it from said it was brand new & had a 12 month guarantee after 3 months it just stopped working took it back to the shop 4 times he kept saying it was battery & charger then tried to sell me them I bought a new battery still nothing In end I took it it to another fone shop they had it sent away come back saying it was unrepairable I paid £150 for it

  • Gail Borham 12 August, 6:22 pm

    What are my statutory rights when a refund has been agreed and the retailer fails to pay this into my account?

  • lynda price 18 August, 5:28 pm

    Bought a car of a friend after a week the engines seized how do I stand on getting my money back

  • maurice smith 25 August, 3:27 pm

    l do not think l could afford your prices sorry

  • jean watts 9 September, 3:53 pm

    I purchased a dress from a market stall in our local town, There is nowhere to try it on, having tried it at home I found it was far too small, the bottom half fitted fine the top half when measured was more like a size 12 not a 16 as stated on the label, the stall holder will not give me a refund, just says keep looking for something to exchange it with. I have to travel by car and go on a specific day as he stands only on Thursdays.. do I have any consumer rights. please.. thank you..

  • Luke Rogers 11 September, 11:06 am

    I had a bespoke ring made up for my wife. I had the gem stone which he set in a bespoke setting. We discussed what I wanted before he started. 3 weeks later the ring was ready but of poor quality. Like a fool I paid upfront for it. Where do I stand on getting a refund or some money make?

  • wendy holmes 12 September, 1:32 pm

    I purchased a toilet as a buy it now on ebay from a business seller. I received the toilet, and inspected it for damage, of which there was nothing visible. I had decorating and tiling to do, so the toilet was not fitted immediately. When I did actually get around to fitting the toilet some month & a half later, I found that the cistern and the pan did not line up, the cistern was to the left of the pan by approx. 1/4″ – 1/2″, and no matter what was done, it could not be centralized. It was purchased as “new”, but it looks more like “seconds”.

    I contacted the seller immediately via ebay advising the problem, and sent 4 photos showing the problem, and then went on to contact him via ebay in total 4 times, and did not get a response. I contacted ebay, and they opened a case, even though it was outside of their timescale, and gave him 8 days to respond, and he has not responded. My husband contacted them by phone 3 times, and each time was told someone would call him back, but no-one did.

    I Know I have statutory rights, and someone has suggested I contact my credit card company to start a chargeback on the credit card, which I have done. However I need to know whether my statutory rights still apply once I have started the Chargeback process.

    The goods are obviously faulty, and I cannot live with the toilet cistern offset by that amount, is there anything else I can do?

  • Samuel 14 September, 11:20 pm

    Im autistic and was pressured into taking a contract phone with phone 4 u they even bribe me with money to cancel my 3 pay contact what can I do now I’ve gotta pay 2 contact bills every month and I don’t want the Vodafone Mobile

  • asees 21 September, 5:43 pm

    I bought a Dark Elvish Ring
    Herkimer Diamond from http://shop.gotoredsofa.com/product/dark-silver-elvish-herkimer-diamond-ring.

    Now I have lost the ring I tried finding it but couldn’t , I can’t remember where it is I have tried . Now I tried looking up return policy on the jewellers website but there is nothing I know its due to my fault and she could turn around and say no I can’t send you another you have to buy another ring. The first was £187 now you can see I wouldn’t want spend more money again. I email her if she could send me another or send me a simpler ring that’s the same price that way I wouldn’t be taking it off while doing house work and then putting it on again that’s how I lost the first ring.

    So am I wrong to ask this of the Jewellers?.


  • chris 23 September, 4:42 am

    I pre ordered an iphone 6 through carphone warehouse costing me £109.99. they promised me that it would be ready for collection on friday 19th sept 2014 (launch date)
    but because they messed up my order they told me i would have to wait 2 weeks.
    i pre ordered the iphone 6 for a reason so that i could get one at launch. the following day i brought the phone from somewhere else costing me £179.99.

    do i have any rights in contacting carphone warehouse head office and asking them to pay the difference between £109.99 and 179.99?


  • Lorna 24 September, 3:31 pm

    I purchased a table 4 chairs and an entertainment unit for oak furniture solutions 2.5 weeks ago. The cash was taken and order processed and I’ve been waiting on delivery. Yesterday I received a mail stating they made a mistake and the cost of chairs is Infact double the price .. I suffer from a brain injury which caused me to take a long time checking and ordering and have had my house decorated upon the arrival of goods which now I’m going to be unable to afford due to their mistake. How can they get away with this.?. It’s so wrong to do this to people.

  • Abdul 28 September, 4:00 pm

    I am considering making a legal complaint about one of my retailers as they are constantly failing to meet invoice payment deadlines despite our formal contract – I run a handmade furniture factory. However, I am slightly confused about the legal system – would my case be a public or private case and if so, what claim would I make against them and how would I make it? Is there an alternative suggestion you can make to resolve this matter without expensive courts?

  • stewart 29 September, 3:07 pm

    my friend got a tv engineer to sort her tele.he installed a new ariel at a cost of £125 cash .then sold her a new tv at the cost of over £300.she paid it by direct debit .left her and went strait to the bank, took the money out off her account. she had second thoughts about it and phoned 2 or 3 times asking them to contact her asap. the phoned today and said they would be on thursday, and asked was that ok

  • Yvonne Carter 5 October, 11:54 am

    A joiner said he could fit me a bespoke wall unit in an alcove but it hasn’t been made to my exact specification. We have been promised on various occassions that he would come to fit it and when it eventually came it was completely the wrong colour, so my husband said it was not acceptable (it was supposed to match other furniture in the room).
    He took it away to re-stain it and at present we are still waiting for the joiner to tell us when it will be ready.
    My worry is that it will still be wrong, so how do we stand legally? We already gave him a 20% deposit, but do not want to pay for something that is not suitable.
    Yvonne Carter

  • m.j.arnold 6 October, 4:26 pm

    I purchased a washbasin some six years ago which has now developed surface cracks in the glaze,
    . The washbasin has a lifetime guarantee, however I no longer have the receipt of purchase.
    The point in question, is the guarantee still valid.


  • Angela 8 October, 4:23 pm

    I call a locksmith when he came I had to pay before the work was done the key did not fit or work I told him it do not work he said I was to make a key I did and I am paid bye I paid with my bank card

  • Margaret Catherall 8 October, 11:28 pm

    I have had a recall of a dehumidifier from B and Q . they are only offering a credit but i want the cash back can i request one under sale of goods act 1979

  • kay 11 October, 2:19 am

    I took my faulty Ipad to a repair shop and as it was too much to repair I agreed to pay £5.00 and I would take the Ipad back. my mother was to collect and pay the £5.00 but she forgot and in the meantime the shop has sold my Ipad and the buyer has paid £120 to get it repaired. I want my Ipad back but the shop want £120. what are my legal rights as I did not ask for it to be repair and they have sold my Ipad without my consent.

  • Coleen welford 11 October, 1:52 pm

    I purchased a new bed for my daughter in june this year. When it was delivered it was faulty so we contacted the shop straight away who said they would order a replacement. We are still waiting for the bed and have been on the phone to the shop manager on numerous occasions. We have even given them the oppertunity to give us a partial refund. What are our rights? They keep fobbing us off every time we speak promising to phone us back but never doing so.

  • Angela 13 October, 7:59 pm

    Hi. I purchased a bed from Dreams yesterday through a credit agreement/Finance agreement. The seller confirmed verbally that I had 48 hours to cancel albeit the agreement that I signed said 48 hours to amend and the finance agreement said I had a cooling off period of 14 days. I phone up the store today to confirm that I wished to cancel and they told me I could not (24hours after purchase). The goods are due to be delivered this coming Saturday. Can you please advise where I stand? Many thanks

  • christine 16 October, 8:28 pm

    i purchased a suite and was told it had a ten week delivery..i am now on week 17 and counting….bn told could b another two week. can i cancel due to them breaching verbal contract

  • Lisa 21 October, 2:53 pm

    I bought a new Chevrolet 19 months ago, 1 month ago I had to have the clutch replaced.I have a 5 yr warranty but my dealership tell me its wear & tear, I don’t agree,what are my rights? kind regards Lisa

  • Bailee 23 October, 10:46 pm

    Purchased a bed from very States its a medium mattress but it’s rock hard uncomfortable more like a firm mattress phoned up as only had it less than 24hrs to arrange a return was told as its not in originally packaging then they can’t return unless there’s a fault if they find no fault then will send it back at my cost if I refuse delivery then they will still charge to my account I stated I’ve been advised by citizen advice to say about Icac regulations I have 14days to return

  • Jenny 24 October, 10:30 am

    I bought an activity voucher for my friend which they said they would dispatch in 48hours. They took immediate payment from paypal. After waiting a week I contacted company to which they replied they’d been away and would sort ASAP. I contacted next day after no response to which I received very short reply of ‘I will sort in the morning.’ No response contacted today and they said they’d sent via email check my spam! (All their other emails got through!) still no response. Am I entitled to a refund and how do I go about receiving it?

  • Lisa Lowry 24 October, 7:05 pm

    I purchased a bed on the little woods web site and 2 days later I received a phone call from little woods to say that there was an error in the pricing of the bed and that the the bed is still available but substantially more expensive than what I paid for it.little woods offered me €20 for the inconvenience.Where do I stand on this

  • J Alex 26 October, 6:55 pm

    Hi, My employer is withholding my pay. I gave them a 1 month notice 2 days before pay day and they refuse to pay me. I agreed to work my notice out and train someone new. Even though I am being completely by the book and to their contract they refuse to pay me my already worked month. On top of that I have been placed in debt on my overdraft to pay for my travel. All this 1 month before xmas. I am so stressed and anxious. What can I do to ensure my salary without any quibbles. I am owed 1 month and £150 commission along with £25 expenses. Also if they are not paying me for last month will they pay me for this month resignation period that I am working?

  • Mrs Swanepoel 28 October, 9:58 am

    We have a matress and sofa that we bought a month ago. Did not make any payments on it as yet. First payment should be end of this month. Here’s my Q. The payment that was told to us on the day we took the stuff is not the same as the amount send to my husband via sms. Can we return it without en before we have to make any payments?

  • Kathy Plaziuk 30 October, 11:17 am

    I ordered new suite covers from Plumbs after 3 months the lady came to fit them, they didn’t fit properly and they insisted on having them altered, they will be refitted next week but have only addressed one of my complaints, also I was assured before ordering that my suite would look like new and that the covers would not crease, if when they are refitted they still don’t fit to my expectations and crease can I ask for my money back as they are not fit for purpose, also when contacting Plumbs they stated that I have no recourse with them not fitting properly as they retain the right to carry on altering them until I am satisfied, my question is what if I am not satisfied with their work, can I get my money back

  • Alison Chapman 2 November, 7:48 am

    I have a part replaced in my engine which has turned out to be faulty.
    The supplier have said they will replace it but I have to pay the garage again to reinstall the replacement.
    Does the supplier of the faulty part not have to pay the garage?

  • Oksana Pugachenko 3 November, 4:33 pm

    Hi.My fiance bought refrigerator online from Argos.I don’t like it as it’s small and I want to return it.In Argos catalog said”Please note that all large domestic appliances are excluded from the Argos 30 day money-back guarantee.What can I do to return unwanted item?

  • sharon wakeman 5 November, 5:35 pm

    bought a car on hire purchase 5 months agao 2 year old fiesta exploded on the drive what are my rights as far as the garage that sold me the car

  • Paul 10 November, 7:13 pm

    I bought a painting in July from an artist and I should have received it in September he said he had a problem with his framer and that could I wait until the end of October and he will have it ready buy then. Well, October came and still no painting, he told me he had posted it and would check with the courier on Monday first thing last week. He didn’t contact me to say it’s went missing etc. (I don’t believe he even posted it) so I’ve sent him an email saying I’m sick of waiting (now November) I want you to refund my money. Can I demand a refund?

  • Toni 11 November, 1:40 pm

    Hi. Me and some of my family booked flights, which we then cancelled around a month after booking them as our situation has changed. It has now been 1 month and 3 weeks since we cancelled and we still have not had a refund. Surely this isn’t normal. What are our rights?

  • p chalcraft 12 November, 9:00 pm

    Kay & co owe me £110.00 in rewards but now they won’t give me these because I have not spent any money with them for a while
    On my statement it does not say anywhere that their is a time limit on these rewards but they say it says this in their catalogue which I have not received for years .
    Can you help

  • Chantelle 13 November, 8:35 am

    I had a faulty pump that was replaced under warranty for a brand new one. Supplier tells me the warranty just continues, surely the new item means the warranty starts again? Am I right?

  • Mel wakeham 16 November, 6:04 pm

    Hi I purchased a mojang game card , minecraft, for my sons pc , we downloaded it however it crashes every time it is run. Mojang will not refund the £20 we spent on this as they say they can’t refund gift cards. We now have spent £20 and have no game either. Very unhappy and cant believe this can happen ! What can I do ?

  • Beverley 16 November, 10:37 pm

    Hi I placed an order online for a settee with kandco at a sale price on the 2nd November. It is not due for delivery until the 24th and whilst checking my account for the due date I noticed that the settee I ordered is now over £200 cheaper at an even lower sake price. It doesn’t state ‘further reductions’. Am I entitled to have the price amended to the lower on before I take delivery?

  • Sandra parsons 18 November, 6:43 am

    I brought a brand new car from vauxhall when there big event was on in May 2014 with the offer of £500 free fuel . Now I’m being told the salesman should not of made that offer . After 5 calls to the salesman and no joy I went to there complaints department but still no joy can you please advice me what next I can do

  • Jennie 18 November, 11:19 am

    At the end of October I had a problem with my Neff oven and contacted a company that appeared to be local, ‘The Repair Co.’, also listed as ovenfixer. An engineer was sent 2 days later, which I thought was quite good. He immediately identified the fault without looking at anything other than listening to what happened when he turned the oven on. He said it was not the thermostat as I had suspected but was the element. He didn’t carry the part in the van so said he would order it. It also turned out that he had driven down from Redditch!!! Nearly £100 was taken out of my account for the call out but I was assured the only other cost would be the part. I haven’t heard from them since! Does anyone know who I can contact about this as I am not getting through to the company on the phone? Have searched the website for another means of contact and now want to take this further.

  • Maureencorbett 1 December, 6:10 pm

    Hi I ordered a washing machine thus morning & realised my machine gas pump at bottom & a coin got stuck.i removed it & it’s working fine.i now don’t need tge new one which is arriving ndxt Saturday.have u the right to cancel the order ? I only ordered it last night?

  • Sunil 2 December, 5:32 pm

    i made purchase of mobile and I made payment and after dealer inform the parts not available

  • rebecca 6 December, 12:35 pm

    Hi I purchased some made to measure blinds and am not satisfied with them as the taping that comes with the gloss slates does not math at all and the finishing of the gloss on some of the slates are not to good. Also i have had problems with the opening of one of the blinds it really seemed like it was jammed and needed a lot of force to open. I am not happy that i spent £1000 and the look of the blinds does not look right. I have had neighbors tell me how bad they look. Do you think that i could get a refund for this?

  • Lindsay 7 December, 1:09 pm

    I paid for a steam cleaner from Ground Level in Derbyshire earlier this year. They never sent it but refused a refund giving me a fake tracking number. I then contacted the website I used for the purchase (Go Groupie). They promised a refund about three months ago but have sent nothing. Every time I contact them they say they are doing it but nothing e er happens. Is there anything I can do?

  • jo Bat 9 December, 9:04 am

    I bought a headboard from suites direct shop in Worcester. I asked the shop if they would deliver the item as I lived quite a distance away from Worcester. They agreed and I paid the delivery charge. They told me after I had paid that they would only deliver when in my area , usually once per week. I waited two weeks with no word from the store so I phoned them to check when it might be delivered. Twice they said someone would phone me back but no one did. Then I sent them an email asking them to respond to me , they replied saying there had been a mix up, could I pop into the shop. I asked what the mix up was to which they replied ” the headboard was a customers, sorry ‘ I have asked for a full refund of my money but no reply so I am expecting problems getting my money back. Not sure what my rights are if they effectively have sold me something that wasn’t theirs to sell. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • A Kurt 10 December, 3:58 pm

    Hi hope you can answer a question for me, I bought a lg 3d smart TV from argos march13for £650 it lost the picture and I called lg for advice , on my description they told me that the years warranty had run out and I would need to call a tv repair man myself which I did . They said it would be £130 to have it fix so I told the man to go ahead and fix it . Today he called saying the problem wasn’t what they had thought at first and would be too expensive to get it fix and would return it that morning free of charge. What I would like to know is can I do anything to get this tv replaced as Surley this tv should last longer that 1 & half years, your A Kurt

  • elaine 11 December, 7:40 am

    Hi I bought a pair of boot ball boots on line for my son , when they arrived they are a different colour from what I ordered . On contacting company they said ones I wanted are out off stock , I want to return them but they are saying they look good and for me to resale them and they will offer me a 5% discount on a new pair .I want a full refund , surely this is my right , as not what I ordered

  • Terry 11 December, 11:06 am

    I was going to have micro surgery for a hair loss problem, I paid £1500 up front and was told it would be ready in 4 to 6 weeks. I have now been waiting 5 months and nothing. I contacted them yesterday and they want me to go in and talk to them, I have now decided not to have the treatment and get my money back, where do I stand

  • Linda Pugh 11 December, 2:38 pm

    We booked an appointment for a gas fitter to look at our cooker because it was not working. We were told he was on holiday for 3 weeks so we used our barbecue to cook on. When he finally came he told us that the cooker couldn’t be mended. He did not touch the cooker just looked at the registration number. We had a bill for £60 do I have to pay ?

  • tilliea cooper 12 December, 9:03 pm

    I bought a car at first choice autos in rock island illinois I put almost 1500.00 down and was paying 85.00 a week for payment 2 weeks later I totalled it due to hitting a deer insurance company did not even give me enough to pay it off because that’s what is was booked at I feel like I was ripped off from the auto place… do I just feel like that or was I thanks

  • Cheryl Atkinson 20 December, 8:41 am

    I have had the worst customer experience with Eon, and just as badly with Virgin. Virgin were supposed to install at my house on the 9th, they fitted everything then said they couldnt conenct and would come back. so far noone has come back to me. i called, spoke to a manager who said they would need to speak to a field manager to come and connect my telly back up, as yet 11 days later im still waiting. Thank god for Sky as they have reconnected me but if they hadnt id still be without if virgin had anything to do with it. The poorest customer service I have EVER had. would never recommend to anyone!!!!

  • Marjorie Milburn 21 December, 1:54 pm

    I have booked & paid for a Christmas Holiday in an Hotel with 2 other people, they have now pulled out,as I am the only one who has paid up front am I entitled to get my money back

  • Lyndsey 22 December, 8:55 pm

    I ordered furniture 3 weeks ago which was delivered 10 days ago, it has now gone in a sale. Can I claim any money back?

  • TAN 30 December, 4:33 pm

    I have bought a smart blu ray from very and it will not work with my sky internet box saying its connected but wont do anything i.e netflix I spoke to sony and they said its a problem with some routers but very said tough its not faulty so its down to me what are my rights

  • roisin 1 January, 11:23 pm

    We got a ring fron a jewlers and the ring we were told and says on recipet dat it was a.56 crt ring that was fine took t hme and took a gud luk at it and stampd on it it says its only a 0.33 crt vey guted as its an engagement ring can i demand a ring of 0.56 or c what they can do for, e what is, my rights please help

  • Doreen 9 January, 3:51 pm

    In June last year I took a container abroad. The workmen were told and shown what was going and what was staying. I covered items in wardrobes to show that they were staying. Some items were not packed and loaded on the last day because I had been told all day that not all the items were going to fit in the container so I had to told back to see if there was enough room. I told them if there was room the items would be going. When the boxes had been packed and put in the container and it left I found that some items had been left and some items that should have stayed had been packet. I did not have the opportunity to check that everything had been packed because 4 of them left as I was signing the papers and before I signed, they sealed the container. Once I signed the bloke ran out and left. After they left I went to check the rooms and found that they had packed some items that should have stayed. A lot of items were not wrapped but just thrown in the boxes. Does this give me the right for compensation under the Supply of Goods ACT1982. Duty of Care. Statutory Rights. I am thinking of taking the company to small claims.

  • Troy Mitchell 9 January, 4:39 pm

    Hello my partners mother bought our son a laptop for xmas from very after recieving the item it was of course wrapped for xmas as you would expect now my mother in law being a senior age is not familiar with computer tech at all when our son opened his gift on xmas i said that it is not a laptop at all it is a notebook we looked into this and indeed very are selling this item as a laptop when it clearly is not even the package states it is infact a notebook pc we are not sattisfied with the product at all it is slow and not really as described in description also others have left reviews claiming the same very refuse to give a refund or credit note for return of the item all it has been is unboxed they now say it has been used and wont do anything about it to begin with the system is sold with 2gb or ram just meeting the bare minimum requirements to run windows 8 this causes the notebook to behave slugishly doing the simplest of tasks the trouble we have is that it was ordered well before december infact september but having my mother in law wrap it and put it away for him leaves us wondering do we have rights surely something can be also very claim we should have notcied its our fault that they are advertising this as a laptop and we should have identified this as a notebook this seems unfair not everyone knows about these items we feel robbed and frankly disgusted with very over this we did contact them at a time and worked out a return and refund so we may spend the refunded money on a laptop with them they agreed now they say that they have no log of this on there system and also refused us the right of a ref number and call log can anyone please advise

  • Mrs V. Sykes 12 January, 6:06 pm

    I have just purchased from Argos a Phillips Multigroom Grooming Kit and found that I
    have purchased the wrong item. It did mention there is a no 30day return policy and
    as I have not used this item can I have a full refund or exchange it for the correct

  • ivy crossthwaite 18 January, 10:29 pm

    they delivered me a brown sofa when I ordered black they are refusing to change it

  • soledad 19 January, 5:18 am

    I just returned a Earlex SteamStation which is under the shop own extended garantee until the 15th Agust 2015

    It developed a faulty leak and I waited to return it because I had mislead the receipt and guarantee papers. I found them today and returned the item The shop had not an equal exchange and the other makes cost about £30 pounds extra. I decided to get the refund, but the assistant refused to refund me on my card and insisted that I could only have a gift voucher instead.

    Having read your advice about guarantees, I think this behaviour is rather unusual, as I was not informed previously that I would not get a refund.

    The receipt now reads purchase of a gift voucher for 69.98 did not include -of course the cost of the guarantee.

    I wish I would have read your article before as it would have help me a great deal. They kept my original receipt and the guarantee paper, so I cannot read the small print.

  • tabitha grey 21 January, 4:26 pm

    I had a plumber tell me I needed to replace my boiler and he told me the price. I had used him before for gas jobs so I trusted him.
    He replaced the boiler and said he would fill out the papers and return them with the manual CP12 and receipt the next day. 4 months and may texts and lame promises later, I still have no paperwork for my insurance or tax returns. what can I do about this?

  • anna b 24 January, 10:16 am

    Hi i bought a sofa from littlewoods catalogue in october 2014 i was fine with it for a month or so but started making a squeaky noise on arms and back rest. I phoned littlewoods to complain about the problem they sent someone to look at the sofa but the bloke said its the piping from the cushions rubbing onto arms so i pulled the cushions off and the frame still squeaks he come with some utter rubbish and said its the plastic behind the fabric whats the course of the noise.. He took photos and said i dont think its a problem i said i do as the other sofa we dont have problems with… Anyway he left i got a statement and they have charged me £45.00 and told me because i did not get insurance i will keep getting charged this amout every time i phone littlewoods for them to come and check my sofa or ive to get an independent surveyor.. How do i go on about this pls

  • isobel malik 26 January, 12:08 am

    I recently purchased an expensive Georg Jensen ring from Ernest Jones online. The next day I got a package from DHL and it had no delivery note, just a bubble envelope with an ernest jones box, leaflets and a ernest jones paper bag inside. NO RING!! They have a tracking system and I went onto that and it said that it would arrive by the 24th January (yesterday). Well, it has not arrived and I have emailed them several times with not even an acknowledgement! The ring in question is out of stock on their website and I am worried that it was already out of stock when I ordered but they didn’t know at the time or some other mix-up! Why an EJ box and not a Georg Jensen box also?
    I am NOT phoning them as I want it to be in writing and phoning appears to be a waste of time going by reviews on Trust Pilot about EJ customer service.
    I stupidly ordered a pair of earrings also from there and was supposed to get them by the 24th also but nothing at all has arrived.
    I am confused and feel really upset about all this. What are my rights and what if they say they sent the ring with that first package? Please advise.

  • joe 27 January, 11:44 am

    Hi I got a 3d tv from Argos about 2 weeks ago . When I put iton had a broken screen but as a cud not take it straight bk and hav not yet done so. What can I do

  • lin 27 January, 6:48 pm

    I purchased a gas cooker13 months ago from Cuŕrys. I also aŕanged withthem to instaĺ the new còoker amd remove the old cooker.
    Last wèek I had. My boiler serviced . The boiler and cooker are in the same
    ròom.The noiler engineer has placed warning stickers on both these appliances because there is not enough ventilation in the room.
    The thing is the engineer who fitted the cooker has used a proforma tick box installation sheet and inthe1stbox it states the cooker is not safe to use.It goes on totick every box including the box that states the ventilation is adequate.
    The gasrehs habe not changed in the last13months. Why did the engineer continue to install the cooker umder the circumstances ? Whyweren,t wetold anything on fitting ? Who is responsible ? ròom.

  • Mrs R j Ruby 28 January, 11:18 am

    I am disabled and bought an electric recliner chair in Sept 2012.In December 2013 the motor broke in january of this year the motor had to be replaced again as it broke and the company have in voiced me for £343 pounds.it was 3 weeks over the year.i don t think the motor is fit for purpose where doI stand please.

  • trueblue 28 January, 10:51 pm

    Don’t use Barnsley cowboy wayne smith. he obtains money under menaces,false represention.will do criminal damage your home,cause you to become homeless and in such cases has cost lives.says he bribes south Yorkshire police and Barnsley trading standards so what can anyone believe?never gives you the goods you have paid for so how does he get away with it? meeting with some of the victims to be announced on forum about smith.

  • melissa 29 January, 6:26 pm

    I purchised 15 driving lessons from drive dynamics I have only received 8 as my intructor cancelled so many lessons on the sam day as my lesson or totally forgot about my lesson Drive dynamics are not interested,not resolved my complaint and say I have no other option than to go back with my old instuctor which I am not comfortable to do. Any ideas of what to do pleas?

  • Mrs Yvonne Abdd-El-Gowad 30 January, 9:59 am

    I purchased a three piece suite from a company called Suite World on 9/9/2014 for
    the amount of £899:00. I had to wait for 12 weeks for it to be made up and it was
    delivered on the 12/12/2014. Approximately three weeks later I noticed that the chair
    that I was sitting started to become saggy and uncomfortable to sit in, also my son
    when he came home at Christmas said to me “Mum the arm on this Seettee is very
    loose. Anyway I contacted Suite World on the 12/1/2015 and told them about the
    problems, they were extremely rude and said that they would have to get an upholsterer out to have a look at it to make sure that I had not abused it in anyway, so
    I said fine that is no problem to me. Anyway the upholsterer came out to my home (a
    very very nice man indeed) his report was that there were no springs in the chair that
    I was sitting in and that there was a loose bracket on the Seettee also that there were
    different shades of material throughout the sofa. He sent his report back to Suite World and a man called Doug contacted me last week and said to me we have two
    options here we can repair the suite that you have or you can come down to the shop
    and choose a completely new suite, to which I replied no I am very sorry but I want my
    money back, so I have not heard anymore from them.

  • Jamie 30 January, 1:18 pm

    I have just brought a second hand car 2 days ago and it had advisorys on the M.O.T certificate, I took the car to my local garage to have the advisorys to be sorted and fixed, but the mechanic at the garage says the car is NOT ROAD WORTHY, if they refuse to refund what can I do next??

  • Elizabeth Mackland 30 January, 9:41 pm

    My partner and I bought a white bed frame from archersbedcentre we were at work my neighbour built it up for us and it’s not white its cream the company are refusing to take it back as we don’t have the boxes but it’s not the colour I ordered its says white on the box its cream have I got a case

  • Carla buckley 30 January, 10:19 pm

    I took my phone to a phone shop to be repaired they couldnt repair it and so i sold it now found out they gave me the wrong phone back what do i do

  • sara 31 January, 2:12 pm

    I brought carpet from a shop called midland carpets in Northfield Birmingham I brought it for my hall way stair and landing which coast me £370 well the carpet all fraying its come lose on my stair and I fall and hurt my back and its fraying every were the landing carpet its cut in the wrong place I told the shop he came me £60 back well that was a week ago today its only was nought on 1-11-14 can u help please

  • james 5 February, 11:01 am

    I purchased a car from vauxhall July 2014 it has a year’s warranty and the engine blew up last night February 2015 what happens now

  • Anna 10 February, 7:30 pm

    Hi can you please advise- i ordered a stroller online for my child from a leading department store and have today received an email cancelling my order as the price on the website was in fact in correct and they say they cannot afford to sell at the price I bought it for.

    Where do I stand on this?

  • karren 14 February, 2:57 pm

    I have purchased a fitted kitchen from howdens. When I paid for the kitchen they sent me a worktop and sink. This was rectified that day and my kitchen was delivered. The next day my kitchen fitter noticed there was 8 doors missing and that day they sent the missing doors. My kitchen fitter called me and told me the kitchen does not match the plan so there was gaps by the oven and kitchen sink. I called howdens and he explained that he has been working of a different plan. Whilst on the phone I decided to peel of the blue protective sheet of the doors and noticed they were white and should be cream. The new doors were sent down on Friday evening. The problem I have is I have paid my kitchen fitter for a weeks work as agreed and I still don’t have a complete kitchen. My kitchen fitter will need paying next week to Continue the work. I cannot afford to pay out any more money. I don’t want this kitchen anymore as I have gaps and it looks cheap. Am I entitled to a full refund

  • paul price 15 February, 4:08 pm

    i recently purchased a pair of ski boots from a shop i was not allowed to buy the pair i was intrested in the staff insisted that i should have a boot recommended by them ,when i complained they were to tight they told me thats how tight they should be ( even telling me to cut my toe nails before wearing them and also quoting professional skiers wear at least one size smaller than there normal shoe size) when i pointed out i am not a profesional and just wanted to potter about on the slopes they wouldnt take no for an answer, after wearing the boots for one day the pain was extreme and i had to hire a pair of ski boots from the resort ( they also told me the advise given by the store was wrong),so my question is am entitled to a refund or exchange for a better fitting boot

  • Jean Jones 15 February, 8:06 pm

    I visited Currys Burnley to purchase a Panasonic Lumix camera so I could transfer photos to my Samsung Tablet Pro. 2 members of staff advised me this would not be possible & I’d be better buying a Samsung Galaxy 2 Camera at a cost of £100 more than the Lumix. I purchased the Samsung reluctantly & then read on the internet that the Lumix is intended to be able to transfer photos to tablet.
    What redress do I have with Currys. Had the camera 1 week but its been used. Thankyou.

  • Richard Lees 18 February, 1:23 pm

    We bought a Speedo Fastskin costume from a Speedo outlet within a leisure centre on the day of a swimming gala a few months ago. It has only been used 2 or 3 times and is starting to fray with stitching coming away. We’ve spoken to Speedo who acknowledge the costume is damaged but won’t exchange without proof of purchase. This is where the problem lies we paid cash using Christmas money received by our daughter and don’t have the receipt to show neither can we prove purchase therefore through a bank debit transaction. We still have the carrier bag and Speedo acknowledge that these particular carrier bags are only provided by Speedo and not found in other retailers who may sell their goods. The swimsuit is £150 and we say faulty/not fit for purpose. Do we have any rights to get a replacement despite the issues above?

  • darren wilson 19 February, 3:53 pm

    I went into buy engine cleaner for my car ,I picked one that I thought was OK ,not much info on the product ,asked the chap who was serving me if this was for mixing with the cars engine oil he said yes you put that in the engine with the oil. Turns out that you do not put it in the oil it goes through a hose into the engine ,had to buy new oil and engine flush, oil filter ,not sure if my engine performance has been affected by the mistake made,
    Who is to blame ,can I claim compensation?

  • Andrew mcgill 19 February, 9:12 pm

    I choose a sofa from a sample square at dfs and it’s called black, I paid for the corner sofa in one payment, I have the receipt that says black/ black referring to the leather base and all the cushions. On unpacking the sofa I discover not only a few rips on the sofa back but the cushioned area is a dark blue. I rang and spoke to the store who are sending a man to look at sofa with the colour sample as they say they don’t do it in blue. What can I do? parts of the sofa is not the colour it’s sold as. It’s should say blue/ black Thanks A Mcgill

  • Matt Baxter 20 February, 2:10 pm

    I own a repairing garage and have one customer who has had his car with us for over two months and has been so difficult to deal with, although the initial work has been carried out he keeps adding to the things he wants us to do and he has not paid for the initial work completely, I have given him a time I want the car gone and have agreed to let him have the extra work for free if he picks his car up as long as he pays for the initial work. I need the car gone as we do not have a lot of space and if it goes on it will mean we will have to turn work away. Can you tell me what my rights are, am I able to get the car taken away and stored by someone at his cost. Many thanks

  • Jo 21 February, 6:00 pm

    My husband bought me a gold necklace with pendant, couple of hundred pounds apparently from h samuel. I wore it 5 days and like some necklaces it caught on my hair and clasp made its way round but like all necklaces i manoevred it each time however on day 5, when moving it around neck it snapped falling into my hand and pendant to the floor. He took it back on day 6 with receipt and they are saying it has been broken and he didnt buy insurance so they won’t exchange/replace/refund. I have many many even cheaper necklaces that after years of use even when they snag alot of my hair havenever snapped like this. Please confirm i’m well within my statutory rights for a replacement or refund or exchange given the good was not fit for purpose/faulty esp as only a week old and being under the 6 month timeframe although one would expect a necklace in that price range to last many years

  • nuala keenan 23 February, 6:03 pm

    I bought and paid for a health/spa/gym in one annual fee. later I realised I not happy with the facilities and wasn’t shown around all the facilities, later discovering I didn’t like or was happy with the sauna/steam room being so far from the pool area. plus water temp. and Jacuzzi are cold and with ligament problems the coldness irritates my injury. I was not aware that the club didn’t have a sun-bed where it stipulates on the particulars.

  • Tracey 24 February, 5:24 pm

    Ordered a corner group from very 5 wks ago. Waited in all day for it today to be delieverd the wrong one. Sent it back and phoned up to be told the one I ordered isn’t in stock. So I have been misinformed from the start so now I am sitting here with any sofa because the old one went in the skip. I have a 7 year son with autism. So even if I order a suite from somewhere else I am still going to wait weeks for it. What are my rights because as you can understand I am very mad.

  • Tom 25 February, 8:22 am

    Hi I recently brought some protein bars and the sales man sold them to me as the box was busted and they cant sell if for full price as the box isn’t in good condition.
    I snapped it up as they was meant to be £40 and was selling for £14.99
    excellent buy down to something as simple as the box which I would bin anyway.
    i had one the next day and after consuming had a mad instinct to check the date and they are out of date. best before is 122214.
    were do i stand now as he did not mention about the out of date and expressed highly that it was just the outside box that was wrong and why it was so cheap.
    any help will be highly great full

  • Hannah Goodman 28 February, 6:32 pm

    Just woundring if i am in the right here i brought a laptop on littlewoods aswell as mirosoft office 365 at the same time and found out the laptop i brought wasnt conbatibal to the laptop i brought and it will not work on the lapton, to find this out i had to open the product and try and instuall it on to my laptop, and then i found out it didnt work, littlewoods will not accpet this back and just woundering if i am in the wrong and should they take the microsoft office back???

  • tanya woodham 2 March, 7:37 am

    Paid cash for head stone there have spelt name wrong an put wrong age on stone whats my rights please

  • tanya woodham 2 March, 8:05 am

    Paid cash for my family’s head stones there have spelt phill instead of phil and put wrong age it was supposed to of been age 34 an they put 43 can you tell me my rights please thank you

  • margie 4 March, 10:02 am

    Had my truck pulled to the shop was charged 10$more than the quote of the pull. Ask them to work on ridding the smoke from the engine I figured it was dirty gas lines and tank. Hadnt started for 1-2yrs but it did start. But would cut out. AAnyway they say the brakes needed fixin I said no he had done it already. Then i ask why is the window down on drivers side oh in case We leave the key in the truck. Huh? Now 4-5 months later the snow knee deep through those months tell me window wont go up but it was on thier lot can i do anything

  • Richard 7 March, 9:08 am

    I paid up front for a term of swimming lessons for my two children. The company supplying the lessons hire a local pool where the lessons are held. Recently the pool was unexpectedly closed due to a mechanical fault, so we missed one week. The company offered an alternative date however we were unable to make this due to prior commitments. I have asked the lesson provider for a refund, however they have replied saying that they are still waiting for compensation from the pool owner and if they do not get any compensation then their terms and conditions apply, which state that “lessons are subject to time change and availability”. This does not seem right; these conditions would, in theory allow them to only provide one lesson and then pocket the money for a full term of lessons if the pool subsequently closed. Are they legally obliged to offer me a refund?

  • tracy 10 March, 5:24 pm

    my daughter had a new back cover put on her I phone by the assistant in the phone shop.when we got home we noticed the phone had been damaged in the process.it will cost me the first £100 off the phone insurance to rectify this.what can I do ?

  • monique Stephens 10 March, 6:10 pm

    I bought a sofa from Scs which was delivered 3rd November 2014 after 4 weeks I noticed the sofa had a dip in them and the so called so started to say. I called up Scs who said they would send someone out. When he came he said he noticed the sag and the dip in the sofa, and the leather on the swivel chair had also started creasing he also mentioned that the footstool had wheel that should be attached to it which I did when he left only to my dismay it would then make the half moon stool higher then the swivel chair which didn’t make no sense because in the shop it was not like this. I was also told by the sales person that the sofa was leather and was also sold leather cleaner from Scs for £240 this was not the case I have since been told that it is 70% leather and 30% man made material. Although my sofas are less than 6months old an still under warranty they say there is nothing they can do I don’t think is right and need some advice, Scs is a rip off and I would not advise anyone to buy from them very unhappy customer.

    • mike lewis 24 October, 10:21 pm

      I am a 67 year old pensioner and my wife is 64. We went to S *S to purchase a new 3 seater recliner sofa. I have lower back problem so I need to be able to adjust seat. We tried every sofa and found one from G plan, a 3 seater recliner. It was marked up at £899 and with the fabric warranty, it came to £1100. The salesman asked the wife if she would like to choose a different colour which she did. She put £250 deposit down and was told it would be made up and ready in 4 weeks. After 4 weeks and 2 days she went into S*S and was going to pay the balance and get a date for delivery. While she waited ,she noticed some one looking at the sofa price at £899. They then turned the price label over and read what was on the back. My wife went over and discovered the recliner was more than the sofa price stated, even though the sofa offered was a recliner. She went back to salesman and asked if we had ordered the sofa we sat on, agreed it was the model we wanted, and he said no . We had ordered a static model. My wife was shocked and rang me, and I told her its not fit for the purpose we stated. I have written to local store and the head office and told them the sofa is not fit for the purpose we discussed with them, and we would have to accept it as it is being specially made. I asked if I could purchase the one we sat on and he said it was sold. (Its still there 3 weeks later) I agreed to purchase on my credit card a more expensive sofa if they can transfer the deposit to a new order. They say they have to clear it with head office, and head office say its down to S*S’S BEDFORD branch to sort out. They are giving us the run around and it is causing us a lot of stress. Despite informing the delivey company several times, they keep asking when we want it delivered. I have tried to mediate with this company by asking for the contract to be unwound and to let us start again but they just do not care. I am starting to take advice on sueing them in court. Any one who has experienced this disgraceful will know how worrying it is

  • Aysha 10 March, 8:01 pm

    I bought a sofa and it’s ripped the shop will replace but can only replace with a different model which I have to accept. But it’s a lot cheaper than the one I bought can I have the money bk I over paid ?

  • Antony 11 March, 7:44 pm

    Replied to a mail shot stating that I could earn a lot of money if go for a marketing seminar.when I went to the training I quickly found it wasn’t the case.i asked for a refund and they refused.so I went to visa and they refunded.the company are now suing me for the money at a court.

  • divya chaubey 12 March, 4:09 am

    I bought dell dosto . Shopkeeper did not give me all the accessories which other shop provide like pan drive,head phone,anti virus for 3 month and a c.d. of 14 month antivirus,cleaning kit etc.
    I wanted to claim on that shop.can i claim?

  • William reid 18 March, 10:31 am

    I ordered furniture to be delivered on20/3/2015 .onthe date it was to come I phoned the company to veryify this and was told the shop where I bought it had not booked it in I now have to wait till25/3/2015. What are my rights

  • Grace McKenzie 19 March, 8:42 am

    I have gotten a dress maker to do a dress for an event I have this Sunday. We took measurements and everything 2 months ago and she’s finally finished the dress. She’s sent me pictures and it’s nothing like what I asked for and what she agreed she could do for me. I’ve already paid a £60 deposit which she says is non returnable and since she’s done it last minute I can’t refuse the dress. She’s admitted it’s different and has just made excuses for this and has only offered to rectify one of the problems with it. I’m happy covering the costs of materials but I don’t see why I should pay anymore. Would you be able to tell me where I stand with this?

  • pauline 24 March, 5:31 pm

    I bought a 321 suite last April from rite price it was delivered around July and I’ve to have the recliner fixed twice now the spring has gone on the 3 seater and there’s a large gap at the back in not happy and going to have to get them out again, it’s now due to b paid but I’m Der not happy whats my rights

  • Gillian Gilbert 26 March, 9:09 am

    I purchased a Hotpoint S-Line Washing Machine SWMD 10437 from Tesco Direct on the 13th March. When I read the information on it, it explained that there was an offer – Free small appliance worth upto £150 when you purchase this item, see terms on http://www.hotpoint.co.uk/change. I clicked on the link and nothing there. I have spoken to two parties about this with Tesco and Hotpoint, both deny any offer. I have taken photos of the offer when I purchased the item and on Monday when I spoke to Tesco. They said they would get back to me within 20 minutes, they didn’t and I realised that they had deleted the whole advertisement of the washing machine. I would really appreciate if I have any rights with this offer?

  • Ronald Park 28 March, 2:11 pm

    Ive had my garage broken into and bicycles stolen my house insurance covers this but want two estimates for the bicycles one shop carried this out with noproblem the shop where I bought my secound bike from said they wanted 50 pounds to cover their costs is this illegal should they not just print me off a copy of my original reciept any help would be wonderful thankyou

  • Sue 29 March, 1:57 pm

    I ordered a sofa , 2 days later my circumstances have changed and i no longer live at marital home . I phoned the fiance company to cancel the fiance , which they said they have made a note of this . The sofa company says i cant cancel an order… But i dont live at the addresss – i dont have a perminate address im living with friends n family , with my 2 children aswell … I really dont need the stress of this …. Is the sofa company just hoping ill give in and continue with this order??!!! Dont know how to stop this – im not gonna have 4 years of fiance for a sofa thats not in my possesion?!! Any one help?

  • hinna bhatti 29 March, 8:43 pm

    I recently bought fitted furniture from homebase. Before i placed my order i wanted to know if it would fit in my attic bedroom with a sloping ceiling so homebase sent their own fitter to come to my house to measure the room after he measured he said that the furniture i was ordering was too big so homebase offered me alternative furniture which they said would fit according to the measurement done by their fitter but when the furnitre arrived one of the wardrobe is bigger by 4 inches and i cannot put it anywhere else so have i got any rights i have contacted them and they are sending out their fitter again.

  • John hughes 29 March, 9:34 pm

    When recently in a sainsburys store, there was a vacuum cleaner on offer reduced to £64.99p when arriving at the check out the itemed scanned at £299.99p . The manager of the store went to the display and said that it was a mistake by his staff that the item had been put in the wrong place and that the higher price was correct.
    I asked to see the vacuum that was on offer and he said they were out of stock.
    Was I within my rights to insist they sell me the vacuum for the price advertised on the display ticket? Or not.
    Kind regards
    John hughes

  • Richard 2 April, 10:40 pm

    I brought a tv in jan sales as wedding gift and gave it to them today 2/4/15 gone to install and the screen is damaged where do I stand with getting it replaced

  • Lee Boddy 3 April, 7:26 pm

    My 92 year old Grandmother bought a smartphone last week, without realising all the functions, which weren’t explained to her at the EE shop. When I took the phone (still in its wrapping and box and with receipt) back to the shop to ask for either a refund or a replacement, they said they could not do either.
    Surely this is not right?
    Please can you advise me of my rights?

  • Daisy 8 April, 11:03 am

    Hi, I have searched and searched but cannot find the answer to this question. This has happened to me a couple of times. What are my rights when a product fails the first time it is used but due to the circumstances you have thrown away the original product so cannot return it? (This has happened to me twice with camping equipment, an airbed which popped on first use then a camp bed whose legs buckled on first use – on both occasions it was simply impractical to carry a heavy broken item around with me for the rest of the camping trip. However I have very strong photographic evidence of the second fault). Can I still demand a full refund/replacement under the usual statutory rights for the item not being of satisfactory quality? Thanks in advance.

  • gail 15 April, 4:24 pm

    Bought a prom dress from a company called dylan queen when arrived it was not what it look like in the web and it was two big and some of the Beeding hanging of paid 108 pounds they refuse to give us a refund and will not have the drees back.can l disute this with my bank and fraud team

  • Lindsey Nolan 23 April, 1:10 am

    I posted the majority of my wedding invitations on Sunday 19th April through a post office in wallsend based in Mills coast road. They said that one stamp would be enough postage for my invites and i had three in one envelope which I paid more for. I finished the rest of my invites today so I went to the same post office since I had one going over seas the gentleman there said my invites needed more than one first class stamp and my invites I had already sent our would not be posted and my guests would receive a bill a week later to pay the rest of the postage. I am very upset about this as I had I known each invite was going to cost over a pound each I would have hand delivered them (i posted them for ease) and i am also really embarrassed that my guests are going to get a bill for there invite and because they are going to receive them a week later than predicted I am not going to get rsvp’s in time to let my venue know final numbers which coukd also end up costing me a fortune. I don’t know what to do now? Can you help?
    Thank you

  • Lorraine Rodriguez 27 April, 5:19 am

    I bought a set of couches from my brother in law, my mother in law was using them, she passed away. DO I NEED ANYTHING OTHER THAN A RECEIPT TO PICK THEM UP.

  • bev 27 April, 3:51 pm

    Hi I bought a 3 piece leather recling suite from cas last July it is still under guarantee and I’m still paying for it. The company went into liquidation last week and won’t do anything about it. What are my rights please.

  • Mandy 4 May, 1:23 pm

    I went to buy shorts in a clothes shop. They were on a separate rail and originally £25 and still had original label of this price . However also had a much bigger label on them saying now only £10. Went to purchase thinking only £10 and was told they were £25, highlighted the reduced label and the fact there was another three or four on the rack at the reduced price. Assistant went to take the others off the rack and brought the manager back to speak to me . She told me the price was £25 and that she couldn’t sell it for £10. I mentioned it was false advertising and was told that as the original price tag was also there they were working within the law and wouldn’t budge.Is this true?

  • Machaley 5 May, 2:10 pm

    Hiya, I booked a last minute hotel break through booking.com for the Cromwell crown hotel in Kensington. The description said ‘newly refurbished, spacious room’ and it also says this on my confirmation email. Whe we arrived it was tiny and filthy, there were mucus stains on the walls, stained sheets and couldn’t even open the cupboard doors as the room was that small, I asked to be moved and the second room had a broken radiator bracket on the wall that was really sharp, there was pubic hair on the toilet seat, the room was still tiny and the sheet was stained again, I complained to reception to be told ‘that’s our standards’. After some discussion I was told that I would get a refund on Tuesday (3 days later). I called today (Tuesday) to be told by a very rude manager that I’m not entitled to a refund as per their policy stating this on the confirmation email and when I explained the state of the rooms and that I will be calling my solicitor he put the phone down on me. Booking.com have said they can’t help, I’ve called a solicitor but I’m wanting to know where I stand if anyone can help?

  • Suzanne read 8 May, 1:53 am

    I went on the eBay site where it strait away asked me to fill in a survey but I would get the choice of complementary free gift! Anyway I completed it but when on the page from eBay for the free gift I had to fill in my details … Each time I did the web page timed out and didn’t respond. I hav taken screen shots as proof if needed… Not happy so please advise as to what can be done ?? Xxx

  • laura 8 May, 9:55 am

    I ordered some clothes from vente privee. I returned some of them but ended up paying £11 for shipping. I emailed the company about getting this reimbursed and was told if I had sent the whole order back I wouldn’t have had to pay?
    I’m still emailing them with regards to getting this back. Has anyone experienced the Same?

  • fiona 12 May, 8:52 pm

    Hi. Bought a reconditioned asus tablet for my daughter to help with her homework from eBay ( Argos outlet ) the listing clearly states that this item comes with an argos 12 month warranty.
    Item has arrived ok. But….. No warranty with this item nor does it have a returns address supplied incase this item should develop a fault within the 12 months warranty.
    Can anyone please help me as to what I should do.
    I am a single parent who has saved to buy this item and I don’t want to simply throw money down the drain if this item becomes faulty.
    I have emailed through eBay the Argos outlet twice and still nothing.
    Any idea of who I need to contact and my rights as a consumer?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • carol scott 16 May, 6:31 pm

    My son has booked a holiday for October and the coach company has contacted him saying that the hotel is now going to be closed at that time they have been offered a different hotel but its a fully inclusive not half board that he had booked but he has been told that he will have to pay extra to be half board as all the hotel is inclusive is that the case

  • S. Jeffrey 18 May, 12:48 am

    Bought kitchen from Ikea. Wrong kitchen delivered. Came from overseas specifically for this install, now it looks as if I will be in England several weeks more than anticipated. Now holding up tiler, painter etc. Unit was to be rented. What are my rights?

  • melanie woodall 24 May, 2:02 am

    I had a customer come in to return two items of make up on lancome a foundation and a powder worth around £60 the lancome counter in placed in a Lloyds pharmacy so we go by Lloyds policy the lady claimed to have an allergic reaction which she said just made her skin a bit more dry she has used both products for about 2months and now all of a sudden she wants to return them we have a policy of 28 days on the refund and it also states we dont return make up cosmetics unless broken or faulty she brought the items on march the 30th but has no proof of purchase is she in titled to return them

  • john Lennie 24 May, 2:02 pm

    Ive had nothing but hassle with my ACER LIQUID E3 but the insurers i have are not willing to do anything about it what do i do now PLEASE TELL ME

  • Tracey 28 May, 4:13 pm

    I finish work at 8 most nights but I don’t get out until 9 or half 9 I do not get any extra for this. I work in retail. Could I just stand my ground and only work a extra half hour then come home as I’m not getting any extra pay

  • Annmarie 29 May, 11:08 am

    Hi please help I put a £200 deposit on the Queen in bed at the XCat shop in Derry, But due to a back injury and been in and out of hospital I have since discovered that the bed will be too low I have asked if I could switch the deposit to another bed One that will be more suitable for my back, they have refused saying that I have gone over the four week period, this was due to me attending hospital for MRI scan this and other appointments.
    I Went over over by one week it’s not like they’ve had to make the bed up specially as this is all X catalogue items anyhow you know I have lost my deposit and they will not transferred to another item please can you tell me what my rights are? I can’t afford to lose £200

  • Donna 30 May, 11:56 am

    Hi..I need help? ? about a year ago I pawned on a 7month buy back contract a gold ring with 10 small diamonds loon it but when I got enough money to one side to go buy my ring back I went to the money shop gave them the money for the ring and all the interest and they gave me my ring back but it was missing 2 diamonds on it…so told them wasn’t happy and they said they would fix it for me..hopefully when I go collect my ring it will be same as when I gave it to them. ..but should I ask for some kind of compensation? ? Or some interest I payed on it?? Help?? Not sure what to do?? Or by fixing it should be enough?? Please could someone advise me on what is the best thing to do?? Well what are my rights?? Thank you!!

  • Margaret Regan 2 June, 3:32 pm

    I wrote about my experience with SCS about a Sofa that had split and peeled after 3 years, all also sent my comments to SCS Head office. Obviously they will not budge on the remarks made by their Upholsterer who lied when he got back to the office saying I had used baby wipes for the upkeep on the leather which wasn’t true at all. After several weeks SCS head office rang me to say they would contact me again in 3 days with a decision about my Sofa, that was 2 weeks ago. They have just rang to say they are sticking to what their Upholsterer said and if I wasn’t happy get a third party involved!! what a load of twaddle I said I haven’t the money to do that as I am a Pensioner, but they aren’t interested once they have your money that’s it, I don’t believe we have any rights at all especially against these large Companies so I totally give up now.

  • Natasha 8 June, 3:48 pm

    I purchased some trainers online for £189.99 and when I re dived them the price on the box was £139.99. What can I do about it? Am I entitled to get the difference back? Thanks for your help.

  • zama 11 June, 11:23 am

    I bought a goods at Russels store furnitu then i was dismissed at work itold them iam no longer working because the time i bought this they told me my goods have insurence now there busy scaring me telling me they ll came to my house and collect the goods. What i am suppose to do in this siteuation ?

  • Cleopatra 19 June, 1:27 am

    Hi bought a car from a trader on 9th april on gumtree , paid £1500 and car was meant to be delivered, up to this day no car and no refund from the seller. He keep writing false cheques to me. Anyway contacted the police and was told there’s nothing they can do even if he’s given us a receipt and sold the car unto someone else. Can someone pls help with some advice. Thanks

  • John 19 June, 5:23 pm

    I ordered a rotavator from coopers and said it would take 4 weeks ,
    After the 4 weeks I had an email saying it would take another 6 weeks. So I cancelled the order and they confirmed this.
    2 months later it turns up and have charged me .
    I have called twice and said that they will call back but on one has .

    Should they pick it up conviniant to me ?
    Should I gat a refund strait away .

  • Natalie Ward 20 June, 11:50 pm

    Hi i bought an electric cooker from a shop but before I bought it the man told me the only thing wrong with it was that the timer wasn’t working and one of the ring wasn’t working. I wasnt bovered as long as the grill and over was working as I have children and was in bad need of a cooker so I bought it.
    The next day friday the man delivered the cooker and said it came with 6 months warranty and it was in working order apart from what he told me. There was no wires for the back and I asked him why and he said it was illigal to sell a cooker with wires. I went that day and got a wire and fitted it in.
    The next day Saturday I went to cook food and noticed the oven was blowing cold air so I rang the man and told him and he saidto me tthe wire needs to be fitted proply and looped. It was. Next o turned my grill on and the cooker blew so I rang the man and he said it is my fault and that the cooker was working fine before it left the shop. He said he will call in 2days to look at it but I know it is his cooker that is broke and nothing to do with the wiring. But the man isnt having it. I hope he refunds me. What can I do if he doesn’t.

  • Linda Sethi 30 June, 12:57 pm

    Purchased new home 2years and 1 month ago. Bi fold patio doors fail to close on many occasions. Builders looked at them and manufacturer fitted new hinge as one broke. Now not closing properly again. What rights do I have ?

  • Debbie Churcher 3 July, 3:52 pm

    I have only received delivery of part of an ordered furniture set.
    I was not told of any stock issues before ordering. I have chased this for 3 mths as part of the set had gone out of stock and the Company was waiting for new stock. When I recently called again and escalated the issue to their complaints dept I was told stock was now available and I would receive delivery on 29.6.16.
    I am still waiting for the goods. I have again contacted the complaints manager via email and phone and am waiting for a reply.

    The furniture is needed for an upcoming event…can I get a refund so I can repurchase elsewhere? The goods were paid for in full on 8.4.15 via paypal

  • rachael loughlin 10 July, 11:48 am

    My family booked a holiday for my mom as a last dying wish to wales.
    However she had taken a stroke a week before she was due to go. We cancelled the holiday. Was told we had to get a letter from gp gp refuses unles company contact this has been explained we a re getting run around what do we do

  • Anonymous 11 July, 3:16 pm

    My wife bought me Echinaforce sore throat spray from a shop called Back to Nature. She didn’t read the lable that says ‘This product contains Ethanol. Harmful for people suffering from Alcholism’. That and I’ve tried it before over a few days many years ago and I got nose bleeds, which I never get. They are refusing to give me a refund for what I also think to be an extortionate £9.89. Do I have any rights?

  • Geraldine 13 July, 11:15 am

    I bought a mobile phone with pay as you go from Vodaphone – four months later it refused to charge. I took it into the shop – they sent it away, saying they would contact me. They didn’t and two weeks later I contacted them. It was back having been mended and serviced. Collected it this morning and it is in exactly the same state and does not charge. I now want either a refund or a new phone – what are my rights?
    Many thanks

  • Jean Williams 14 July, 12:46 pm

    I changed my television package to EE with the promise of a free tablet in Febuary after numerous promises from them I am still waiting there excuse is they didn’t realize the response but two weeks ago they said 9.000 had come in and I would receive it by this Friday
    No sign of it / what are my rights before I phone them up yet again
    Thank you

  • Janice Hough 18 July, 1:21 pm

    My £480 washing machine isn’t working, I’ve only had it 2weeks. I want a replacement, I can’t do washing for my holidays on Tuesday because the technition can’t come until Wednesday. Where do I stand? Thank you

  • Jo hughes 20 July, 12:38 am

    Hi l bought a prom dress for my daughter it was made to order by a dress maker, l paid £350 for it, on the day my daughter went to put it on a lot of the squeens fell off, we didn’t have time to try and glue them on as the coach was ordered for a certain time, so my daughter got very upset on missed her prom night. I texted the dress maker the day after to say my daughter missed her prom which she had been so excited about and explained what happened, the dress maker said she would mend the dress for me but the dress was for the prom what are my rights and is there anything more l can do.thanking you

  • Louise casa 20 July, 6:45 pm

    Hi. I saw a bag in a shop with price tag attached with plastic rod. When I went to pay for it, I was advised it had been incorrectly priced and was £150 more then was advertised on the label. I insisted that I purchase the bag at the price advertised as part of my consumer rights, the manager refused and told me to leave the shop or she would have me arrested. What were my consumer rights on this matter.

  • Catherine 21 July, 6:31 pm

    Hi I need some advice please, I recently sold a dress on eBay and the customer accused me of selling a different dress to the model pictured wearing that dress, anyway I gave her a full refund and postage for what she paid for me to send the dress to her, I said to her on a few occasions give the dress to charity and on purpose she has sent it back and I have had a card from Royal Mail to collect it with a charge of £11.45 in which it only cost me £2.80 to send, but unfortunately I don’t have the post office receipt, I refuse to pay for it so when it goes back to the sender what will happen to me, as she has been a real pain and very rude to me, Ebay have said that we had reached an agreement and she had a refund at this stage, what does that mean at this stage, and I don’t have to collect it but I’m still worried when it goes back to her if someone could help would be greatly appreciated

  • Steve king 23 July, 5:16 am

    I ordered an item on eBay of which I recieved a confirmation email I then recieved an email telling me delivery will be between a certain four day period that evening I recieved an email from eBay saying the advert has been taken down but because I had ordered it and paid I would still recieve the order but if I didn’t I could go to arbitration but I don’t want my money I want the item I assume they put a wrong price on it can you help please

  • Andy 23 July, 9:03 am

    I Purchased some furniture from http://www.comfy-living.co.uk was all broken with parts missing, Fell apart due to the wrong screws with the product 31 days after purchase. Asked for a refund and was rudely told to go away that they did not care of my issue so i went to paypal who said if i paid the delivery cost they would refund it i was reluctant to do this due to the cost of returning all this furniture was extortionate. I then went to the ombudsman who agreed that they was at fault and contacted them. the company ignored them and did not respond causing the ombudsman to come back to me and apologize there is nothing more they can do.

    So i now have 5 Pisces of broken furniture and a large hole in my pocket.

  • Ian french 24 July, 12:42 pm

    We bought two – two seater sofas 20 months ago from Harvey’s . About 7 months ago we found out part of the sofas were PVC.and was sold to us as Leather sofas. The PVCis now cracking, and it means we have to change almost the whole of one seat. This has recently arrived after a two month wait. Today the fitter from Harvey’s insurance company came round to fit it, but unfortunately it was the wrong shade of brown so could not be fitted. While the fitter was here we showed him the other sofa and the same thing has happened on this one. It seems we may not be able to get the exact shade of brown anyway. This is not the first fault we found with it, the colour faded in a couple of places. We are a bit fed up and would like a replacement so something similar, how do we stand on this matter.

  • Lyn Taylor 27 July, 12:57 am

    I purchase a 30 day ‘trial sample’ of a slimming aid capsule on line using my debit card. I did not agree to any terms and conditions on line but a copy of their terms and conditions were included as a seperate link at the bottom of the order confirmation email (which I did not realise) and also in very small print ( I actually needed a magnifying glass to read it ) on the dispatch note it said “Additonally; please find below useful information regarding this product” and showed a lnk to a privacy policy and Terms and Conditions. This I am now told is the companys attempt to make me aware of its Terms and Conditions and it is taken by them as an agreement. Now hundreds of £s have been taken from my bank account using my debit card information without any further authorisation from me. The customer support operative said that I have entered into an ongoing contract by not cancelling the order within 14 days as stated in the Terms and Conditions and that no refund will be made . Is this legal?

  • terri mccoid 27 July, 1:06 pm

    bought perfume used it twice an the smell doesnt last

  • d allen 27 July, 6:33 pm

    I bought a mobile phone from virgin have a receipt there is a common fault with the phone but they will not repair it as the I m s.number is not recognised they have said I am not the only one as there tech side has problems I have complained but no one seems to be interested what can I do the phone is a blade zr l2

  • Christine McKechnie 28 July, 1:31 pm

    Please could you tell me the protocol on after buying a suite if im not happy with it after 9 weeks what are my rights ?? Can i exchange for a different one. Many thanks

  • Teresa 30 July, 1:29 pm

    We bought a car 2 weeks ago they was a problem with the car which they said was a injector problem and said it was the seals. So brought car home and a week later we noticed the car was struggling to start so we replaced the injector seals has its not a huge job to do, the engine starting running smoother after this was done but didn’t stop the starting issues,yesterday the car wouldn’t start and had to be left at my husbands work. According to a mechanic he thinks the fuel pump has gone has no fuel is being delivered to the engine which is £714 +vat and then labour on top. My husband rung the dealership and explained the issue with the car and they say because the car was sold unchecked it’s not their problem if the problem is more severe than what they believe the problem to be and won’t have the car fixed what can I do? I don’t believe this is right what they are saying and the repair will cost more than what we paid for it please help me

  • louise andrews 2 August, 10:15 am

    I have bought a venetian blind off the internet,the blind is not what I expected and it was a gift.
    I have rang and spoken to the customer service department, to which I was informed that the because these blinds are made to measure I cannot return it,and to try and sell it on ebay!
    but on their website they have a returns policy, but nearly all of thire products are made to measure, so I asked why they had a returns policy and the reply was that they also sell feather dusters which can be returned!
    this is wrong! what can I do??

  • michael dawe 5 August, 6:58 pm

    i saw a add with a windows 10 download i clicked on and now it will not work and can not delete it is my guarantee apply

  • julie merriman 5 August, 9:07 pm

    Delivery date on a bed for my disabled grandson paid thru the family fund has been cancelled twice Argos say due to stock issues my grandson needs his first asap what else can I do sed todays delivery NT coming now till Thurs Aug 20th

  • Barbara HUGHES 9 August, 7:27 pm

    I bought planning permission from the local district council. Two years later they said they had made a mistake in granting planning permission for 200 square meters, it should have been 167 square meters they made an error. I invested £200K into the building now, two years later finding their error they have Ordered me to demolish it and says they did not grant 200square meters the document is not legal.

    How do I stand with Consumer Rights?

    Please respond even if you cannot help. Many thanks Barbara Time is of the essesence please.

  • Dennis le baigue 13 August, 10:02 pm

    I bought a bag from a Chinese shop on the Etsy website. I bought the bag on the basis of th edesription and photo, it was described as handmade and leather.
    When it arrived it was clearly polyurethane. Chinese shop has offered partial refund of the cost of the bag but I must pay to return it to China. Surely I should get a full refund including cost of return postage

  • Anne Sanders 16 August, 7:49 am

    My partner lent his son his Argos card to buy a washing machine and he ran up a debt of £2,800 causing us much stress.
    Can the card be transferred to his name?

  • jenny 19 August, 8:26 pm

    I purchased a makita drill from wickes 3 weeks ago. It subsequently developed a faulty and has no power. I took the drill back to the store I brought it from with the receipt to get a refund and was told this is not possible and it needs to be sent to makita for repair. It is unusable by myself if makita have it and I need it to work with at all times. Are they allowed to do this? The product is less than 30 days old!

  • Sandra 25 August, 2:55 pm

    i brought a car from a garage and from day one when I took it home the suspension spring broke, they said we don’t guarantee the springs only engine and gear box. So something else went but after a hard strugle with them they paid to have it done. Now also since I have had the car I told them there is a noise in the engine but they just took no notice. So I took it to my garage and they told me that the timing chain witch drives the engine and my garage said that it is inpearative that it is done and where you brought it should not have sold it to you like that they must repair it, but we don’t seem to be getting anywhere. Please can you tell me what I can do. Thank you sandra

  • Sylvia Chirgwin 28 August, 12:34 am

    Can anyone tell me what sort of time scale I could expect a mattress to be guaranteed for

  • Amy 29 August, 2:57 pm

    Halfords won’t give me a refund on a bike my son has rode twice and on both occasions the brake cable has failed. They said it’s because my sons foot had caught the cable and have moved the cable. I demanded a refund and he said no because it was now used and they don’t deal in second hand but I could get a good price on Friday ad or gumtree. I want to take this further is disgusting. Where is my right to return?

  • Dee 3 September, 6:30 am

    what are my rights when i buy and pay for something from amazon and 5 days later i received this


    Unfortunately, we’ve had to cancel your order #204-3032810-2998758 for RoyalCraft 152 x 96 cm Amalfi Six Seater Rectangular Dining Table Set (Asin: B00VLN6GIU) as we’re not currently able to offer this item for sale. You haven’t been charged for this item.

    We’re sorry for any inconvenience this causes and hope to see you again soon.


    Customer Service Department

  • Miss K Scott 5 September, 9:53 pm

    I bought a Samsung Galaxy tab3 on buy now pay later. The product arrived a year ago, and is a year old. I have only just paid for the item £195. It has literally stopped working yesterday as it will not charge, even though the charger had been attached all day. I’ve found the warranty and small print says that battery is only covered for six months, but this was never made clear at the time of purchase. I read that it had a two year warranty, I was led to believe that the product should last for two years. I am really upset as I am a single parent and this is a lot of money to me. Had I know the full warranty details at the time I would have realised that the company knows that there is a fault with this product and recalled the whole batch, as I’ve researched the product further it appears so many customers are having issue with it. An item of this cost should not last 1 year. The warranty printed text is so tiny and indiscreet. I had no way of knowing about the products issues and my cover for the product. Can you help me please? Thank you

  • paul 12 September, 12:52 pm

    I bought a sony vaio laptop from pc world just under 4 years ago which is now faulty. I have been to a local repairer who informed me that the graphics card chipset has failed and Sony have ceased with production of laptops so no chance of repair. I took my laptop back to pc world and they informed me that I had to contact sony support. I thought it was pc world’s responsibility to rectify this issue under the sale of goods act.

  • Jill Doe 13 September, 8:33 am

    Under the name Tesco kitchens one was purchased with the guarantee provided by the installers who have now gone Bankrupt. The doors on the units are beginning to peel off and Tesco won’t take responsibility for this. Where do I stand ? I am trying to claim through the Credit Card Company I paid with. Am I right to do this? AND what are ny chances.

  • Joni Wilson 13 September, 11:41 am

    I bought three pairs of trousers from a brochure that says the fabric ‘washes and dries overnight and requires no ironing’. However, when I washed them according to the instructions, the fabric crinkled up and I will have to iron them to restore the original size and look, as shown in the seller’s advert.

    Because they are no longer in their original condition or packaging, can the seller refuse a refund? Obviously, I only knew the trousers did not comply with the advertising once they had been washed.

  • Jackie 14 September, 12:57 pm

    I bought a new TV 2012 ayear later lines appeared on the TV so they replace the TV in 2013 and in novber 2014 lines appeared agean so Samsung replace the screen and now not a year a later the lines have come back on the TV won’t ate my right as there are saying that it is out off warranty but I was told I got 12 month warranty with a new screen are there saying I didn’t say that

  • Craig 16 September, 12:58 pm

    i’m just in the process of doing a claim with direct validation services regarding the water damaged laptop. is it right that they can only offer me a replacement if it camt be repaired (will not turn on completely dead)or can I ask for a pic world voucher so I can choose a better item and put more money to it if I need to.any help will beuch appreciated.

  • S.jeevaresan 20 September, 7:51 pm

    i have a problem with my car power steering I took it to halfords they changed power steering pump it was not right I took back to them 4times car was not right they suggested spend more money to make it right so far I spent £1100 still I cant drive I need help please

  • lucille 21 September, 3:13 pm

    I bought and put deposit on a new static caravan, but when I got the caravan someone had taken the bathroom blind out, the camp can only replace it with a different colour as they do not make the colour I saw when buying the van, what can I do.

  • Donna hunt 24 September, 8:09 pm

    Hi ,I went to a local b&m store to buy some of the carpet tiles,On the top of these carpet tiles it stated that they had been reuced to a certain price,so I picked up 6 of each from 2 piles,The original price was £1.50 each ,but they had been reduced to £1.40 and £1.25p each,not much of a diff but that’s what it said on top of the piles,I went to the check out and she picked up the £1.50 sign,i Told her these are not these prices there £1.40 and £1.25,she went and got the manager well so he said he was but he was only a supervisor,he said the ones with the sticker on them were reduced not the ones underneath are there a diff batch,there was no sign stating this on any of them,when I asked him well how do the customers knoe there a new batch and these ones are an old batch,he couldn’t answer me,this is the 2nd time this has happened from this store,I told him I didn’t want the tiles due to him thinking this was ok to do the ones underneath do not have a sticker on them just the ones on top of the piles,Can they even do this or is this against the law and the cnsumers rights act ??? the store got back to me and said they can do this if they please

  • David 24 September, 10:58 pm

    I purchased kitychen units. Much has not been delivered and some items are the wrong items. Can I get my money back

  • Jo 30 September, 6:50 pm

    I bought a classic car voucher for my be for his birthday. It stated that we could hire a car in a certain band. A jaguar e-type was in that band and the reason I purchased that specific voucher. I booked the jaguar e-type for hire. I then get a call 2 weeks before we hire to say the car has been stolen. They would not offer a refund but offered some alternative cars, which we do not want, otherwise a 12 month voucher extension. I explained we cannot make a trip the next year to hire that car and we are not interested in hiring the alternative cars, this is a gift, not a hire car to get us from a to b. They explained they do not offer refunds and we have to accept one of their alternative options. We just want our money back, where do I stand? Thanks

  • Matt Thornton 10 October, 11:38 pm

    I brought a Smart 3D TV in June 2015 and it broke two months later. I brought in back to the store I got it from and they repaired in 5 days. Unfortunately they put the wrong Mainsboard in it and it cannot access Smart View. So I sent it to the Manufactures to be repaired. It’s been two weeks and I’ve had to contact them 3 times for progress.
    I feel like they’ve robbed me! Am I in my rights to call them again and demand a replacement or my money back?

  • gean 12 October, 10:02 pm

    I purchased a large shower tray..unpacked the tray..i ordered the wrong size..they said they would refund but i would have to send it bsck at my cost..went to parcels2go they subcontracted to tht express. The tray was delivered the next day broken! Parcels2go say i cannot claim as there tandc’s state no compensation for resin items that are damaged..the shower tray was 50kgs of stone resin, although i ticked the tndc’s i didn’t read them! Tnt won’t help as they say the contract is with parcel2go..i am now clinging on to yhe hope thst the place i purchased from signed a standard delivery for stating goods were received in good condition..do i have a case for compensation? Surely they should dign goods unchecked..this was a pallet delivery..very heavy..i know what happened the tray was dropped and broke in half..surely someone has to take responsibility.but who? No matter what company were playing a role in transportation those goods ..i am so frustrated by it all.
    Any useful comments or direction in where to go would be gratefully received.


  • Jeanette brook 15 October, 5:48 pm

    We bought a leather sofa 22 months ago from world stores , the springs are coming through one cushion , we do not jump on the sofa we are pensioners they say the guarantee is only for one year help please

  • Michelle oxley 16 October, 9:17 am

    I bought dining set & 6 chairs got table and 3 chairs store saying other 3 chairs are damaged and now discontinued they say they will fetch collect original 3 chairs and I can have 4 of a different style very similar at an extr cost of £50.00. Is this right ? I paid for a table and 6 chairs I need 7 so it’s going to cost even more for another 2

  • Kay Dawson 17 October, 9:51 am

    I ordered a settee chair and storage stool from Dfs they delivered the wrong colour have I the right to demand my money back

  • Lukasz 24 October, 1:22 pm

    I have bought a tablet from eBay and after 3 months when tablet was charging the battery have melted causing damage to my sofa. Can I get some compensation from the seller?

  • Heather Priestley 25 October, 3:25 pm

    Two weeks ago I tripped and broke my arm as a result of my shoe getting caught in the loose hem of a new pair of trousers I bought from M&S. When I looked at the trousers after the accident I saw half of the bottom hem had come away. I have a photo of me wearing the trousers on the same day I fell and I was wearing sensible shoes that weren’t high as I have a fused foot and can’t wear high heels. I have also seen that someone left a review on the M&S website complaining about how the same trousers she bought had loose hems. Can I make a personal injury claim against M&S? I have a witness to my fall I have still got the trousers and I have a photograph of me wearing them on the evening of the accident. I broke my elbow and damaged my muscles in my pelvis and shoulder. I am currently off work as a result of this.

  • dawn 26 October, 9:26 pm


  • Peter Herald 27 October, 8:48 pm

    Dear sir / madam,
    I purchased a Philips 3D smart TV on 26/09/13 from Dempseys of Portstewart in Northern Ireland, the TV cost £799 and came with a 60 month warranty. The TV started to show coloured lines which would disappear when the TV was switched off and on again, it then wouldn’t switch on at all. I contacted Dempseys who gave me the phone number of the manufacturer, when I contacted them I had been put through to Poland and once they established the problem and agreed to pick the TV up to get repaired I thought nothing more off it until I received a text message from them a short time after to say the case had been closed and was I happy with the service. I then went to Dempsys shop where I was told to ring them again as they couldn’t do it on my behalf, after ringing them again they agreed to come and collect the TV the following week from a company in Craigavon, the TV was repaired and I got it back after 3 weeks. On the return of the TV I was left to set it up myself and before I could test it the man was away. A few days after getting the TV back I started to notice more problems with it, when I turn it on there is sound but no picture. I have to turn it off at the mains a few times in order to get it to work.

    I would like to know what my right are and if its the responsibility of Depmsys to get the TV sorted or do I have to go through the manufacturer and be without a TV again?

    Thank you.
    Peter Herald.

  • gail lawson 30 October, 11:48 pm

    I ordered a table and chairs from SCS in may my contract stated 6 to 8 week delivery. I received my table on the 13th of September but it was the wrong table we are now nearly into November 6 months since I first ordered and paid . I contacted them again today and they are unable to tell me when I will receive my goods. What right do I have I will never purchase from SCS again

  • jayne 2 November, 6:38 pm

    We bought a 32″ Television paid cash but refused the insurance as we have contents insured through house. When we got home and unpacked the television, the screen was cracked. Took it back to the shop who refused to refund or give us another one. The manager came and said these are electronically tagged once checked an put on shelves. So to him there safe and in 1 piece. He said we had been out the shop over an hour so there was nothing he could do. The receipt states 30 days money back guarantee. Can he actually do this? Any help would be appreciated . Thanks x

  • Julie 2 November, 10:41 pm

    I purchased a starter kit for a course, from the school direct, didn’t have an important part of kit to start usage, doesn’t come supplied I was told, I checked online to find the actual company who make it, was selling FULL kit for less than half the price. Plus 1 of the items in kit was from amazon at a stupidly low price, quality may not be as required. Phoned to return they said yes, got there staff was unable to do refund till few days as didn’t know how, I’m now being told I’m not entitled to a refund???

  • maria brain 3 November, 9:13 pm

    hi i took out a contract phone but lost it two weeks later , when claiming off my insurance they have offered to replace the phone but it has be discontinued , where do i stand as the talkmoblie did not say when i took the contract that the phone is discontuined other wise i would have not take contract , so im paying for a i phone 4 s contract and cant get a replacement phone for also my husband has taken out the same contract did ask when phoned why didnt they tell me they said they didnt know apple was doing this even though now when looking on laptop this was replacing iphone 6.

  • Diane Lloyd 6 November, 3:35 pm

    Hi I’m looking for some advice, we purchased a new motorhome April this year and quickly realised it isn’t going to be suitable into old age, so we’ve ordered a 2016 motorhome which hopefully be everything we need in later life. We won’t be using the present one during the winter months so we are considering giving it to the dealer we have ordered from next week for the part exchange for the new we are having next year. Our concern is as follows – We have paid a deposit and the motorhome is worth a lot of money, which we remortgaged the house to buy it, if the company close down / into administration or anything, would we get all our money back?

    Many thanks

    Diane Lloyd

  • Donna wills 10 November, 9:20 pm

    Help for my sister. Before she worked in small carpet business ,a customer alleged that 4 years ago they bought and paid for 2 carpets. Customer failed to collect and one was ‘re sold. 18 months ago she turned up asking for carpets . Sister informed customer that there was only one carpet at the shop with customers name tagged on. Customer did not turn up again until 2 weeks ago. What are customer’s rights and my sister’s. I don’t think customer has the receipt for the 2 purchases before my sister started working there. But if customer does come in with receipt ,can she charge for storage, does she have to refund customer the other carpet that has been resold . This shop is like market stand, my sister is now going to be doing terms and conditions for future to hopefully prevent things like this happening again. So both she and the customers will know where they stand. Thank you so very very much. Looking forward to hearing any advice.

  • Alexis Dixon 11 November, 9:51 am

    We bought and paid for flooring at Wickes that was heavily discounted for our new kitchen and it was confirmed at the time there was plenty in stock. Now it’s due to be delivered they are saying it’s out of stock across the country. Are they under obligation to supply a similar product at the same price?

  • Gwen lewis 11 November, 1:04 pm

    I spent 69.98 at argos but did not recieve a 5 pound voucher as advertised ,what should i do

  • kevin 13 November, 10:09 pm

    I have seen something in the Argos Christmas catalogue but my wife phoned Argos up and has said it has been missed priced can I demand to get it for price in the Christmas catalogue

  • Katie stevens 19 November, 5:24 pm

    Hi I am hoping you can give me some advice. I ordered a bed and mattress online with littlewoods. Today the bed came with no mattress. After ringing round trying get to find my mattress I have been told I didn’t order it with mattress. It seems there’s a fault on the site as I have put the bed with same options in my basket and it’s the same as it was last week but the lady was adament it was wrong and would be more expensive with mattress and it’s diff on her screen. This is obviously not my fault but what can I do I don’t want to pay anymore as it’s quite expensive as it is. Hope you can advise me thanks.

  • Jacqueline Marshall 22 November, 3:33 pm

    We were having a shower screen fitted and as it was being fitted it shattered into tiny pieces,the person fitting it had cuts to his arm,the company said they will not take responsibility as it was being fitted at the time,what can i do?

  • Jacqueline Marshall 22 November, 6:24 pm

    I sent you a message earlier today,will you email the reply or will it be displayed on this site.
    Thank you.

  • Jeff Cartwright 22 November, 7:45 pm

    We had two blinds fitted in july of this year, my wife went to raise the one fitted downstairs today and when she pulled the cord to raise the blind the whole lot fell off. I work away so she sent me a picture of where the retaining bracket used to be and it looks like they have just screwed straight into the plaster. Can i recall them to fix the damage?

  • sue 23 November, 3:21 pm

    My daughter has ordered several items from a xmas catalogue at her local shop on a pay weekly scheme or as and when. she has cone into some financial difficulty and has tried to cancel one of the items, the shop has told her she will take some of the smaller items off but not the one costing more and if see doesn’t pay she won’t get any of the toys or her money back. Can the shop do this, nothing has been signed. Many thanks.

  • sharon palmer 25 November, 10:29 pm

    Please help i’m at my wits end, I up graded my mobile phone contract this april for a samsung galaxy s5 and my phone developed at fault in the 1st 2weeks of having it,its been back an forth to samsung to be repaired as its under warranty,and its still got a fault,after the 5th time of goin back, I rang then a week after I had it back to tell them the phone has still got a fault,an yet again thay want me to send it back to them to repair, how times do I have to do this before thay will replace it. Because this is a joke now.

  • Connor 29 November, 8:21 pm

    I bought something from argos about 3-4 weeks ago and they still haven’t refunded me yet they keep telling me wait another 7 days but it’s been nearly 4 weeks now what do I do?

  • Jenny 1 December, 6:59 pm

    We got a “new” oil boiler installed roughly seven years ago. From the time it was installed it was going wrong. The installers kept coming and “fixing” it at much cost to ourselves. We never got a service booklet or any documentation and over the years we forgot about it and just kept getting it fixed. With no joy from the guy that installed it we got another company out to do the annual service. Anyway this time he came to do the service at the end or October and was here approximately 15 minutes. I thought that was very quick for a boiler service. Inside there are leaks all over the place so I sourced another engineer who knew the boiler. He rang the manufacturers for me who said that this boiler is not even registered to us but to someone who lives up the road and that it is 8 years old. Do I have any comeback. We bought this as a new boiler and paid approximately £3000 for it. We have now come to the conclusion that we need to have it replaced as it it totally unfit for purpose and never has been but we have just struggled on with it over the years and now don’t want to spend any more good money after bad. What are my legal rights?

  • Karl 5 December, 10:05 am

    I put my phone in for repair they gave me 3 false dates it would be ready which cost me 3 days of work being self employed… in total he cost me just short of £200 now is expecting me to pay a Ffi for my phone, if I hadn’t been cost that amount of money already I would be happy to pay buy my self I don’t think I should be charged a penny does anyone agree or am I wrong? If I messed up on a job or missed my deadline it would be down to me to tell my client/customer to assure they waist no time or money

  • Ann Mabon 6 December, 7:23 pm

    Goods were purchased which were then delivered by Parcelforce, but it looks like they were delivered and signed for at the wrong address. Is it up to the Vendor to resend my goods as it is them I have a contract with. It was on online order.

  • steph 7 December, 6:18 pm

    Hi recently my partner broke her phone screen we phoned around for a quote until we found a shop called sk mobiles in bury, he gave us a quote explained everything said the screen would take 2-3days to come it actually took nearly 2weeks but we already payed, he then replaced the screen and l.e.d screen inside the phone which cost £125. The next day my partner called him to complain the touch buttons at the bottom were extremly stiff and had to be pushed hard and the screen doesnt look alined he said it was normal because of the glue and to give it a few days to a week, this morning however she woke to find the screen completly messed up she took it back to the shop to complain he said she must have impacted it which she never she asked for another screen or a refund he said no but would give her a deal on another phone, she took the phone to carphone warehouse to pointed to to a well known mobile shop who checked over the phone and clarified that the guy actually only replaced the screen which is £30 not £125 and because he didnt aline it correctly it caused the l.e.d to burst which led to the failure of the screen so not only did he do a really bad job but he charged us £125 instead of £30 what can i do about this?

  • Steph Unett 9 December, 4:53 pm

    We ordered a sofa from Argos in October. They arranged a delivery date for the beginning of November, only to ring us and say someone got it wrong and didn’t order it to be dispatched and we would have to wait until December to have it delivered. It was booked in for this Monday, for them to ring us again to say they can’t deliver till Friday, now they’ve just called to say they can’t deliver until the 14th of January. We already had our old sofa removed in accordance with the delivery date. We have been sitting on the floor for over a month and will have nowhere to sit for another month now. What am I supposed to do? Can I ask them to send a replacement sofa out until mine can be delivered? I’m furious because we have a two year old who has had to sit on the cold floor for over a month and they refuse to do anything about it, just keep saying the delivery is unavailable again. How can they do this?

  • gillian fairclough 11 December, 8:01 am

    Hi i recently posted a catering coffee machine via Parcelhero (courier) it was boxed to their specifications with plenty of packaging inside, with this way up written on the box, the machine itself weights 36kg so with packaging it came upto 38kg, which i stated when buying the courier service. The item was damaged in transit, this is a big machine and would have to have been dropped from a height for it to break. the person who had taken it in hadn’t realized it had damage to the box and signed for it. I raised a claim a day later on the 13/11. They have picked the machine up to asses the damage and delivered it back to the person i sent it to when i had ask them to send it to me.
    my problem is the issue has still not been solved i have paid back the person for the machine. I have no machine and now they are saying that the item was heavier than stated.
    I paid for extra to cover the cost of machine as the only offered £50 compensation. This has taken a month i was told it would take 14 days to sort out, Now the want photographs of the box with measurements which i no longer have, They won’t deliver the item back to myself unless i pay. where do i stand please can you help

  • selena dance 11 December, 10:59 am

    Got sofas to big for lounge want to exchange for something smaller

  • margaret bennell 16 December, 11:06 am

    We ordered a round table and six chairs prior to moving in to our new flat. On moving in we found that a round table does not fit because of bifold doors which we did not realise as we measured on floor plan. We have been told we cannot cancel. Is this correct.
    My husband signed terms and conditions ut do we not have a cooling off period.

  • Bill 20 December, 6:43 pm

    Bought a shed new several months ago, when a builder had erected it it was found with many faults, The company gave me £50 to fix but since then the roof has collapsed and its very dangerous and unusable, water pours in from everywhere.
    I have wrote saying we want a new replacement but a different style as I don’t trust this type now.
    I had a reply to say my mail had been passed to the manufactures and now nothing from them in last two weeks.
    What rights do I have please as I bought it on line June 2005

  • kyle 26 December, 12:01 am

    I have a laptop that my dad bought. I wanted a laptop so I could game and I didn’t want to spend lots a full on PC. But when I opened the box 15/12/2015 (laptop bought not long after Black Friday) and set up the laptop it was not what I was expecting. However, on the currys website it stars the laptop has a 2TB HDD, 8GB RAM and an i7-4510u, but it doesn’t state the graphics of the laptop on the currys website. Also, when my dad picked up the laptop from the store they said it had McAfee anti virus on there ready. It even said it on the box “McAfee 2016” on the box. When I come to start up the laptop it said that you subscription trial or just subscription, to McAfee has expired. Am I eligible for a full refund.

    P.s The laptop was £499 (originally £699 for Black Friday deal). Would I get a full refund (if I can) for the £499 or the £699?

  • Michelle 27 December, 5:50 pm

    Hi, I bought a battery operated bike for my 3 year old granddaughters Christmas from asda .On Christmas morning after few hours of charging realised it wasn’t working we had bought it about a month before Christmas and we could not find the receipt. I thought it’s ok asda is the only place that sells these ones I shop here 3 or 4 times a week there won’t be a problem how wrong I was, staff told us without proof of purchase they won’t replace. The only thing I could do was bring a bank statement in but I never purchased that on its own and as I said I shop 3 or 4 times a week in there You could clearly see that it was brand new . I am so disappointed with Blantyre asda . They were not helpful .Very unhappy customer and upset granddaughter.

  • John burns 28 December, 11:07 am

    I received an email advertising a New Year’s Eve party, the booking would cost £120, and my wife phoned up and paid a £30 deposit. At no point was it mentioned that the deposit was non refundable, either on the email or on the phone. We have now had to cancel due to illness in our party, and have been told we will lose our deposit. If it isn’t stated that the deposit is non refundable then surely they can’t withhold it?

  • Diana 3 January, 6:34 pm

    I bought my son a bush tablet from argos 2 weeks ago it’s running very slow and doesnt let him play games etc i wish to change it. What are my rights?

  • Sue Burton 5 January, 2:43 pm

    I had two gift vouchers for my regular beauty salon as Christmas presents. I decided to treat myself to a facial. There was 30% off in Jan so I booked. When I went to pay the price was reduced from £75 to £52.50 with the 30% off, but the owner wouldn’t accept the vouchers unless i paid the full price of £75.can they do this? Surely gift vouchers are the same as cash?

  • Susan Hall 6 January, 4:04 pm

    Am i right in thinking that the price that is mark up on any goods is the price you pay.And that they can not put the price up at the tills.All so if its marked on it saying 3 for £20 that is what you pay.

    Thank you

  • julie 9 January, 4:20 pm

    we bought a samsung smart tv from currys on the 16th may 2014 the tv will not work were getting blank screen but as the 12 month guarantee ran out they dont want know it wernt a cheap tv was 699.00 so i would expect it last longer than 16months is there anything we can do to get it repaired thanks

  • Mich 14 January, 3:21 pm

    My son brought a car the gear box had gone so they kindly repaired it but it has been jumping so took 2 local garage 2 see what was wrong and he put on a mashine cost me £30 it says the cilinders are miss fireing so rang the dealer we got it from again asked him what he can do he was abit rude said bring it down 2 the garage and he will fix it and he will give me a full refund I was abit stund what can I do do I have any rights ?

  • Dave 17 January, 6:27 am

    I bought a bicycle as a Christmas present for my son on line from halfords. Christmas day he opened the present and as any child would be he was over joyed with what he seen, a ( fat tyre ) bike. Doing my fatherly duties I began assembling the bike to find out the front Falk’s were bent. Close to where I live there is a halfords super store so I decided to box the bike back up and take it there for them to view and exchange it for a like for like without any damage. A after leaving the bike with the shop assistant to order and exchange the bike because they don’t keep them in stock I felt happy, until a few days later when I received a phone call from the shop asking me to pick the damaged bike up and to contact the supplier myself as they are only a third party selling that type of bike and there’s nothing they can do.
    I contacted the supplier and explained the problem which he was glad to rectified alls I had to do was place it in the box so that a carrier could pick it up, take a photo of the fault and e.mail it across to him. A day or two later I.received an e.mail from the bike suplier asking for more photos this time of the bike.boxed up for insurance purposes for the carrier, so I did.a few more days passed and another email came asking me.to put extra padding in the box to protect the bike and pass on my address so they could collect the bike, getting annoyed I told the supplier to bring with him a replacement bike in ace of the one he was taking away. Finally a bike was delivered but not exchanged as a different carrier would pick that up sepetate we was told by the driver. After assembling the new bike to my disbelieve that to was damaged but a different fault than the first. Left with two damaged bikes and close to five weeks after christmas what are my rights. My son just wants a bike that works.

  • tracy 17 January, 7:59 pm

    Hi I have bought a sifa on finance, its a month old and they is nit much support in it even my husband says so and uts not like him it’s not tgat good to sit on its been discontinued from the shop and sofa works not tgat good yo deal with so what else can I do

  • braden 20 January, 2:48 pm

    Hi there.
    I have placed an order with argos for a table and chair set priced at 19.99. Aegis have taken the money out of my account and the day after have sent me a message to say they have cancelled the order due to a pricing mistake.
    Were do I stand of consumer rights as they have advertised at a price I technically have paid them for?should they have to honour this

  • Marlene Hall 24 January, 11:45 am

    I have bought a “Faulty brand new car” from Westover Renault (Salisbury) Date of purchase 14/09/2015. During this period of time the car has been back to the garage for repairs three times. I have conformation that the problems occurred through a fault during production. A product has a Major problem when it has a problem that would have stopped someone from buying it if they,d known about it. Obviously no one in their right mind would buy a “Brand New Faulty Car”
    I was encouraged to take out a Financial Agreement. I had wanted to pay cash. From my hard earned savings. I was also asked to have the previous number plate to help the company meet sales targets!
    Sellers of goods accountable. When they seek to profit by taking advantage of a consumer’s lack of information or bargaining power. Unfortunately due to my naivety & vulnerable disposition I am now trapped in a Financial agreement, paying for a “Faulty Car”The car smelt dreadful of dampness, the wind screen was excessively wet, needing to wipe with kitchen roll, the drivers foot well and rear passenger foot well were wet with sodden wet carpets. The sat navigation/radio died. Then the whole car died, needing to call road side assistance . The assistant said there is something seriously wrong with this car. he started the car saying it will get you to work and back today, but cannot guarantee it will start tomorrow. The car has been dried out twice had a faulty battery replaced and the faulty Sat navigation replaced. I do not have peace of mind this whole issue has made me quite unwell with apprehension stress & anxiety. I now have a worthless care And I am now penniless. I have been offered a free service. I would like my peace of mind back. My money back and to return the car.

  • Denise FitzGerald 24 January, 5:28 pm

    I got for xmas some rose gold pearl earnings from Ernest Jones jewellers kingston upon Thames I was happy when my husband gave them to me but after wearing them only twice the pearl stone dropped out the earings so we returned them only to be insulted and accused that we were at fault may husband paid £85 pound for those earingsout of his hard earned cash and the man in the shop the manager accused him of the damaged I sent my husband to exchange them as a after a few weeks felt that this should not happen and I think it’s shoddy workmanship we were customers that have been badly treated by this jewellery company and will never shop there again we are taking our case further with there had office and trading standards as we feel strongly that earnest jones should not be treating their customers in any way what so ever like this when I called the shop to complain this man further insulted me and put the phone down on me I am calling the head office to make a complaint and feel it’s our customers rights we should have been given an exchange or a refund .

  • Darren Preston 27 January, 12:51 pm

    hi i bought a TVof PC world on black Friday , but before i bought this TV i see it in john Lewis for £750 .00 pound with a 5 yr warranty so i said to PC world would they match it they said they would but did not say at time of sale that the 5yr warranty would not be included any way in the last couple of days i have Recieved a letter for me to buy a 5 yr warranty i feel i have been mis sold his tv on the grounds of, if they had told me at the time of purchase that the 5 yr warranty was not included i would have bought this from john lewis

  • Liz 28 January, 5:22 pm

    I ordered a sofa October 2015 from little woods they said would take 3-4wks I thought great can get room decorated but they delivered wk after ordered so it had to go into storage.. By the time room was finished and got sofa in I found it very uncomfortable and seat size was to big I also found started having back pains which never suffer with.. I rang catalogue to see about returning it but they said no because gone over 28days.. But wouldn’t have if sofa came when should have.. Is there anything I can do about this

  • Claire Lamb 30 January, 8:41 pm

    I booked and paid a deposit on a course in December that starts next week, the course has been reduced since i booked it. I have just paid the remainder of the ‘special offer’ price reduction. Is this correct? am I entitled to this reduction?

  • G knox 2 February, 10:10 am

    Bought real wood flooring front direct flooring, they asked if floors were level to which my answer was not sure but as level as I’m aware of. They said ok and the floors arrived. The fitters came and said we can’t lay it as floor isn’t level. Tried to get flooring changed to laminate as fitter said that would be ok but direct flooring say this is discontinued and we can’t change it. This was never mentioned to us when buying. What can I do

  • dominic vitali 4 February, 5:53 am

    Recently sainsbury online shopping had some lego priced at £9 , so i bought some and today i received a email saying they have cancelled my order as it was incorrectly priced, can they do this?

  • Anita Sutton 4 February, 3:26 pm

    I paid a large deposit for a sofa and chair just after Xmas, I was rung to say the leather was out of stock which would mean a delay by another three to four weeks making delivery date 15 weeks instead of 11 to 12, now they ringing to say that sofa delivery end of February instead of early April but we can not accommodate this as we need new flooring down and we had a bereavement in January so that has set us back with our plans, now saying want final balance plus cost of possible storage, I’m very dissappointed as spending over three grand. What are my rights I’ve informed shop of my bereavement to keep them informed of our problem.

  • Joe 5 February, 6:12 pm

    I took out a contract for a mobile phone from a 3 store. Within a short period the phone ceased to function. I brought it back to the shop and they agreed that it was a software problem and if the contract had been taken out more the 28 days before then I would have to return the phone to the manufacturer – Motorola. I said that I should not have to do this as they had retailed the phone and therefore the onus was on them to sort the problem i.e. return the phone to the manufacturer and return it to me ‘fit for purpose’ The manager was called who repeated that they provided a warranty for 28 days and after that it was my responsibility to return it although they would provide me with a bag! I can’t believe that a retailer can abdicate responsibility in this was although he insisted this was 3s policy. As it turned out the phone was within 28 days but what are my rights with the replacement?

  • Diane 8 February, 2:55 pm

    Hi I’m looking for some advice I put a deposit down on a kitchen cupboard& replacement kitchen doors in January 2014,it took a while to get the rest of the money together,I then went by in the shop January 2016 with some more money of these items and told them when I would like it fitted they told me the manager would phone me with a date for fitting,the first day they gave me was a Saturday 2weeks ago,I waited in and they never showed so I phoned the shop back again to see what was happening and they told me it was going to be the following Thursday for definite at 10.00 ,so I waited again and on the day they should have arrived they didn’t, show again, I then phoned the shop back again and they said they were running behind on a job ,at this point I was very annoyed as I,d waited in all day for them to arrive after me fining the shop once again to see what was happening he said to me when I would be next available I told him it would be Monday the 8th Feb which he promised me that they would be here for 10.00 to do the kitchen ,I waited in again and by 11.00 I foned the shop again to see what time they would be calling,he said to me that he was waiting for the man who fits them to arrive and they would be round shortly I waited and waited it got to 1.00 and still nothing so I phoned again and spoke to a lad on the fone and asked if I could speak to Jordan the manager he said he was with a customer could I phone back I asked if he could get Jordan to phone me and he said that he would , that was over a hour and half ago and still no phone call I refuse to call back the shop as I just keep getting fobbed off not once have the shop phoned me to let me know what is happening and I am now going to cancel the work but I,m worrying that I won,t get my deposit back as he said they have already ordered the things I wanted what are my rights over this matter.miss Diane King

  • Belinda Davidson 9 February, 8:49 am

    I bought a bikini from Attitude store T1 Manchester airport, which is situated through passport control. At present I have a cataract problem with my eyes, so I rely on shop assistance to find the correct sizes for me.
    The store assistant did indeed help me, I bought a number of items, the bikini being one of them, I asked about returns policy, should there be a problem, to be told that I only needed to contact their customer services, satisfied I made my purchases and went directly to my flight.
    Whilst I was away, when I came to putting on the bikini, the top was incredibly small, after ages of screwing up my eyes and putting the label, under numerous bright lights, I eventually saw that the top was a size 10 and the bottoms a size 16, I am a 14 and told the assistant this.
    In her defence, the bikini top and bottoms, were not on separate hangers however the bikini is useless to me.
    I now go to their web site only to see, that it states, the company will not accept returns of swimwear, due to hygiene issues. I have never worn the bikini, it was their assistants mistake and further more, to have two completely differing sizes paired up together, on the same hanger, appears to be misleading at best.
    What are my rights? Thank you

  • Ros 11 February, 11:38 am

    I paid deposit on kitchen next day via registered post I cancelled as per my stator army rights .how long do I have wait for deposit back paid on credit card

  • Hollie 11 February, 7:42 pm

    I ordered items off argos back in November. I recieved a email today 11-02-2016.. saying a error their end they did not take payment from my card so will be taking it at a date later this month..
    This is a error their end.. Yes I ordered the goods but I do not have the money now to pay. What am i meant to do. Not to mention this is the second error they have made as I ordered something a few weeks ago for them to take my money then tell me the goods were wrongly priced…

  • Mr vincent 14 February, 12:59 pm

    I bought 2 pairs of jeans in a sale of my visa card they we’re to small took them back had no others to fit me.asked for my money back they said they don’t give refunds just exchange or a credit note. Is this right.

  • Roni Dyer 16 February, 11:15 am

    my 2 daughters wanted to do their motorbike CBT. We paid the supplier and booked in advance for the 6th Feb. 6th Feb was torrential rain and gale force winds of 70mph. Instructor said it was ok to proceed. He upset my youngest daughter by continuing to shout at her because the wind was blowing her everywhere and then told them both they would not be completing their CBT. I contacted company later and explained about weather, they said I should have mentioned something to them, I did. I expressed my concerns to the on-the-day instructor. Out of the 6 hours training they only had 3 hours on bike training. It has turned into a battle with the business and I have asked for a refund. Am I entitled to a refund?

  • Lynne fox 18 February, 6:37 pm

    New settee and chair in leather, delivered Dec9th, sofa not in alignment right side slouched and large gap, complained immediately on del not , by phone and followed up by email stating wanted a replacement , told upholsterer needs to assess..Dec 23 comes out talked back off removes staple sticking out says nothing wrong fit for purpose. I wrote on paperwork not satisfied.
    Walked back into lounge and noticed a large scratch on laminate floor directly under slouching side of sofa, on closer inspection saw metal base sat on floor foot bent up towards underneath of sofa, back bent too, reported immediately by email with photos to manager of branch, received acknowledgement.
    Waited as asked till new year when report would be sent to him, repeated wanted replacement . 2nd upholsterer been and tried to straighten bent metal frame for foot and been unsuccessful , now received letter stating due to length of time I have had said settee can only offer a repair, I phoned and said no want replacement, sent proof of all correspondences to manager of branch where purchased, was promised a return call before Wednesday, as this has not followed through, today I sent email to customer services named contact stating I wanted in writing that they are replacing said settee or I will contact my credit card company to seek a refund of said cost. Is there anything else I can do?

  • Shirley 25 February, 12:12 pm

    Have received letter from Hotpoint about tumble dryer’s bought between 2004/2015 certain ones have manufacture fault mine being one of the models they will come out to modify it but not until November or they say I can buy new one at reduced rate,I have had mine about 5years.what are my rights on this please.

  • Oonagh Sloan 27 February, 6:32 pm

    I joined EE and they waived the £60 installation fee and accidentally gave me a £60 credit that I didn’t notice until I got the letter about it this morning. Theyre now saying they are going to take the money back over two payments added onto my bill. I joined them because they were good value and I can little afford this. What are my rights please? Thank you.

  • Adrian 3 March, 11:06 am

    Howdens market a kitchen. In that kitchen they provide a microwave which has a guarantee for 2 years. Howdens do not sell to me directly. They sell via a kitchen installer. Howdens provide guarantee services via a third party. I have paid directly to my installer. Microwave fails after 3 years. I am happy with my installer and do not want to take him to court because he will pay me and not take Howdens to court. I feel that as recommendations are that a microwave should last around 10 years that I have a case. How can I process this? Do I join Howdens and the Installer? Do I take Howdens to court and declare that they are providing guarantee and therefore are admitting the effective sale is by them? Anybody got any ideas.
    Not a nice company to do business with. I recommend avoiding them until they act in a better way.

  • Judith 7 March, 11:19 pm

    Took old crystal bead necklace to be restrung at jewellers . Charged me £35 to do this . It’s in worse condition now than when I took it in.
    What are my rights ?

  • Dave 8 March, 12:32 pm

    I have paid for a course £1500 for a weeks training…it starts in 3 weeks and I am now unable to attend due to work commitments (new job)
    The course provider are refusing to refund? Can I do anything?

  • Maria Carpenter 16 March, 9:32 pm

    I bought a Hypnos mattress 6 months ago and since we have been sleeping on it my husband has been full of aches and pains and I feel like I haven’t been to bed, it definitely isn’t living up to the advertising and literature we’ve seen about this particular mattress, we never had this is previously. It cost a lot of money to us, and it will be difficult for us to save the money to buy another one. Do we have any hope.

  • karim 22 March, 3:48 pm

    I both a sofa .but its didnt entre my door .my delevery tak it back but i have to pay 20%of the value .what hapen if i dont pay

  • Janice Sharp 25 March, 10:50 pm

    I bought upvc windows and a side door without any problems. The company approached me to buy a new front door and 4 door patio door set. The front door was fine but the patio door has not been installed correctly. To date I have received 7 service visits. The last call entailed the doors coming out and reinstalling them correctly again. This 7th visit only occured because I requested the companies surveyor to come and check the doors and their installation. The previous calls consisted of installers just fiddling with the lock. On examining the doors after the 7th visit, I noticed there were several scratches on the frame inside and out. When opening the door, the right side moving door was so loose the door almost came out of the frame. I immediately called the company and advised them of my findings. I was advised that these scratches could be polished out. The locking mechanism was also not effective and I find it difficult to lock the door. The door was loose because the men had not got the part required. This was not acceptable to me, as the company had made me wait a week to get the part for the 7th visit. The 8th visit will happen on the 31st March. If the doors are not up to the required standards, I plan to ask for new doors to be fitted, this will done by letter. Where do I stand?

  • rachel 29 March, 2:14 pm

    I bought a Philips electrical product that has barely been used and is now 2 and a half years old. it is now broken and will not switch on and Philips are stating that as it is out of the one year warranty that they are not obliged to fix it. it cost me over £400. do I have any rights with this?

  • Rowena Muldal 6 April, 10:41 pm

    I purchased a sofa from DFS. I asked for the seat height, and was told, in writing that it was 48 cm from the floor. … When the sofa arrived, it was in fact only 41 cm. This is a difference of 7 cm. They came and measured, and by bending the tape, got it to say 42cm seat height. This is still 6cm difference. I am disabled, and cannot use such a low seat, therefore I would like to know what statutory rights I have, as they are saying the deposit I placed is to be kept, and they will take the sofa back, to sell as “unused” second hand. (No one has yet sat on or stood near the sofa, so it is completely unused). How can they claim that the seat height is within parameters.

  • Elaine Tadworth 7 April, 4:54 pm


    I brought a new kitchen from a man who was recommended to me. He showed me the collections from a well known kitchen supplier who give a 10 year Guarantee on all cabinets. However, many of the cupboard doors are now splitting and I have tried to contact the man I dealt with but he has not returned my calls. I contacted the kitchen suppliers directly and they gave me his phone numbers; one of which is not recognised. My husband paid for the cupboards directly to the kitchen suppliers. Our contact had placed the order with them but said we had to pay them directly which my husband did in 2012. What are my rights and how to I get these doors replaced?? Thanks Elaine

  • Lynda Waugh 15 April, 5:32 pm

    I had a car accident and the other driver admitted liability, my car is now classed as a write off, but why should I have to pay £350 excess when I’m not at fault

  • Linda Kelly 22 April, 7:07 pm

    I bought a corner sofa & two seater in November but just noticed that it’s starting to fade on one seat, I didn’t take a guarantee out so would like to know my rights

  • Jose Knowles 26 April, 2:56 pm

    Hi, we bough two new cream sofas from a high class store at a cost of £3750. we also bought a Leather protector and cleaning kit from them. As soon as the suite was delivered we put the protector on the leather and ensured it was covered. Two months down the line the sofa looks grubby and when I have tried to clean it we could not get it clean. I have complained to the store and they say it’s dye transfer from my clothes and were not covered for this. I have had staingard out who also said its dye transfer and they cannot clean it off. I think I did everything required of me to protect the suite and that it is not fit for its purpose. Please can you advise.

  • john cleary 2 May, 5:09 pm

    bought a sony sports camera HDR-az1 about 6 months ago i didn’t open it until a week ago as it was for a holiday i was going on this year. opened it on the 29th of last month and found a major part of it was not in the box contacted sony and they advised me they will only supply missing parts within the first 14 days of purchase as per there terms and conditions. help what can i do

    • Roman 9 May, 3:43 pm

      Hi John,
      I had the same problem with Samsung and the 5.1 home theatre system. It was bought earlier for a gift. It turned out there was a missing cable to one of the satelite speakers. I bought it from Comet, and they refused to help at all like with you – 14-day rule. When I contacted Samsung they wanted to send me the cable for 50 quid + VAT (the whole system was £220), I said “thanks, but no thanks”… very disapointed with their attitude and since then I declared never to buy any of their products. It never occured to me then to check what my rights actually were. Good luck to you though!

  • adele 7 May, 12:33 pm

    Hi, I ordred a sofa and two chairs 4 months ago, we were verbally told it would take up to six weeks til delivery. That time has lapsed the company have not informed me of delays to wich after the three weeks I chased them to enquire about its delivery to wich I was told it was going to be another three weeks. This time has come and gone and still no correspondence from the company to give me any information. I feel I have been patient enough and informed them that I have been very patient but I wish to cancel my order and reqire my deposit back due to lack of communication from them as a company. However the time stated was not written on the paperwork and they have told me this. After complaining again for another week they have finally said to put it in writing and give them two weeks. This is not what I want now,their customer service was very unproffessional, and I have purchased another product else where. I feel that I as a customer gave them reasonable length of time and their lack of informing me is unreasonable.

  • Roman 9 May, 3:36 pm

    In December 2015 I bought a Garmin Vivo Active device; after researching all possibilities, this one seemed to be a good fit. The biggest selling point for me was the ability to use it in the swimming pool to track my progress. As soon as I received the device I put it to test. Sadly, the device would not perform as expected, missing or adding laps at random (sometimes up to 300m during a 1000m swim). Within 2 weeks of receiving this activity monitor, I contacted Garmin and they offer to repair it for me. I sent mine and received a “refurbished” item soon after. But the new device like the one before was doing the same thing. I contacted them again, and the situation was now repeated 4 times. In the end I asked them to just collect the item and reimburse me the money. I was asked again by the customer service representative to consider repairing. I told them that I would, but it makes no sense as there seem to be an intrinsic problem with all of their devices. So I asked again for a refund, but then they turned on me and told me that my 30 day return period is long gone and they cannot issue a refund. And they stoped answering my e-mail too (they only respond on Fridays, or every other Friday).
    Not sure what I can do now, but I am very sure that I won’t let them get away with it. This device is not fit for purpose and they should not advertise it for using to monitor swimming activities. I’d appreciate any advice in this matter.

  • Jola 10 May, 12:58 am

    Hi. I bought pushchair from toys r us on offer from 475£ I paid 320( with some vouchers also) Was waiting for delivery but didn’t receive anything. So I call customer service and they told me that my delivery was damage by courier and is on they way back to toys r us. he said that pushchair is out of stock now so they will give me my money back.I checked on Internet and that baggy is available but for original price 475£. My question is.. Any chance for me to get that baggy for that price what I paid 320£? They didn’t send any money back to bank yet. They still has to send me information by email. It wasn’t my fault that delivery company make damage on it. Plz let me know if I can do anything about it.

  • Karen 10 May, 2:46 pm

    Bought a doll and outfit from argos 3 weeks ago , and on my receipt it says I am entitled to a free gift (a dolls outfit) and I have 2 months 2 collect it. so went back 2 collect my free gift . and was told the item had been discontinued, I asked if they would let me have another outfit , I was told they could not do this , so basically I will not get my free gift that I am intiteld 2 which is in black and white on my receipt. What can I do next ? .

  • Michelle Allen 11 May, 6:39 pm

    I purchased an additional bridesmaid dress from a formal affair shop on 24/04/2016 at a cost of £116.

    The manager of the shop charged me £1160.01 on my credit card. I was unable to check the amount at the time because it wasn’t a normal chip and pin machine it looked connected to a mobile. I entered my pin and the manager shouted no.

    He then said he would refund £1066.01 back to my credit card, of which I have the receipt for.
    On the bottom of this refund receipt it states VOID.I questioned this in the shop I was told to ignore it and that the refund had gone through.

    I telephoned the shop ten days ago, stating my credit limit was up to its almost maximum as I hadn’t received this refund. The Lady I spoke to said she would look into it and call me back, I am still waiting for the phone call.

    My credit card bill is due to be issued on the 14th May. I do not have the £1044.01 to pay.
    This Saturday I will have to take my children, youngest being 8 months and travel from Stechford to Staffordshire to show this refund receipt and show the money has not been refunded to my credit card.

    I am not at all happy. Can I claim compensation/petrol costs for this massive inconvenience?

  • Sally heritage 12 May, 2:32 pm

    Hi – bought a treadmill 18 months ago. Last Nov it stopped working. It’s under warranty – the engineer from warranty company has been out 3 times and still not working! They are now waiting for a part from Europe! I have contacted the shop and complained saying they should value our custom and replace the machine. Do I have rights?

  • Darren 14 May, 8:58 am

    I paid £310 up front to a eyewear shop for them to order and send frames to me at home as they did not have ones in shop I wanted. I live in Hastings and the shop is in London. I was happy to do this and think I may have signed something. I have had two lots of frames sent but cannot find any I like. After several months I decided I could not find the right frames so asked for my money back. The shop have told me they cannot do this but can give me a credit note and assure me they can help find the right pair.
    I need prescription glasses and am left out of pocket and would like to know if I have any rights to get my money back.
    They have had my money since early February and I have had to buy 99p glasses for the time being until I can get this resolved. Can you advise me what to do?
    Many thanks

  • Ena 16 May, 8:57 pm

    I bought a new three piece suite but one armchair cAmerican with the wrong feet I have been waiting one month for the correct size can I claim compensation

  • Ena 16 May, 9:02 pm

    I bought a new three piece suite but one armchair came with the wrong feet I have been waiting one month for the correct size can I claim compensation

  • Mrs Burton 17 May, 11:41 pm

    I ordered an item of make up from Selfridges online last week. The product came in different colours and was marked as Medium. I am aware This particular brand has several shades of Medium ranging from a 4-6. I was sent a 6 (which is very dark and therefore of no use to me). I contacted Selfridges online explaining the situation and asked them to explain why I had been sent a 6 – it was of no use to me and explain why the customer was not able to choose which colour they required within this range. I got a generic email back saying under T and C I was not due a refund.

    I then sent a further email asking them to comment on my complaint. They replied again saying they did appreciate the choice of colour on the website was not available to the customer and did sympathise but it still did not warrant an exception to their T and C.

    It cost me £30 and I could just let it go… But feel their lack of description is misleading and unfair . Clearly this issue will arise again with other customers.

    Is it worth pursuing my complaint? Can someone advise please?


  • Kim 26 May, 8:19 pm

    Daughter purchased wedding dress from shop she had alterations done,had no costing until £800 bill is this legal

  • CG 31 May, 10:41 am

    Bought clothes from a market when I got home they don’t fit, can I get my money back.

  • Samantha 3 June, 9:16 am

    I purchased a pair of Converse trainers. The coloured was described as ‘off white’.

    I received the item opened it and all appeared as normal.

    Once I wore them outside in the natural daylight it was bought to my attention that the shoes were indeed two different shades of off white.

    This I felt was a fault that was not induced by myself. So I requested that the shoes were replaced or refunded.

    The company refused stating there’s nothing they could do as the shoes were worn.

    The failed to meet their description. I am not a clown so different colour shoes for me cannot cosidered fit for purpose.

    What am I entitled to?

  • Angela Harvey 3 June, 10:41 pm

    My son took his suit trousers in for the hem on one leg to be stitched back up , the seamstress took three inches of both legs by mistake, she then tried to rectify it by putting a false hem , the suit cost £270 and the repair is unacceptable , she is refusing to replace the suit ,she wants him to buy another pair of trousers, there will be a colour match problem as a suit is all cut from one cloth , could do with some advice please ????

  • mr j e massey 18 June, 5:10 pm

    i brought a new mattes for my bed three days ago because off heath problem icant use it what can I do

  • Donna Louisa 22 June, 2:31 pm

    I have a Vodafone monile and signal is very bad in my town, I have a medical condition – epilepsy and need to use my phone in a emergency my phone this connects or dies not connect at all most if the time – Vodafone says it’s my problem I am I a contract – but the phone is useless to me! I know other phone providers are okay in my town! Please anyway I can get advice

  • Lianne 24 June, 5:10 pm

    New front door and frame cost me £1350, I have agreed to compensation from the company rather than have a new frame which has a dent in it. How much roughly should they refund me please

  • Lesley 29 June, 5:51 pm

    I have a holiday book after reading reviews of this hotel I notice the pool is not the same as what the tour company has sold me and now want to change hotels they won’t let me unless I pay £500 to do so the Company is hays travel what can I do thanks.

    Kind regards

    Lesley McCabe

  • Rhiana 5 July, 7:27 pm

    I bought a bus ticket the other day and I put a ten pound note on the desk however the driver had no change. Someone else then offered to pay for my ticket however the driver failed to give me my ten pounds back which I didn’t realise until after my stop. What are my rights ? Effectively she gave me 15p change from £12

  • Valerie Cattell 7 July, 5:48 pm

    My aunt bought a suite from DFS about 3 weeks ago. When she chose the chairs they were ordinary armchairs that she sampled and they were comfortable. They decided to have recliners assuming that they would be as comfortable but after they were delivered they have found them to be hard and less comfortable to sit on. Can she change them for ordinary armchairs under the lack of satisfaction with the product as the sample was different?

  • Stuart Rusk 8 July, 6:22 am

    I recently purchased a mountain bike from dales cycles about three – four weeks ago I bought some other goods aswell I payed by debit card and the shop assistant gave me my receipts for the other goods and the mountain bike I received a letter yesterday asking me to phone the store which I done and the man I spoke to said he didn’t think I’d been charged for the bike even though I have the receipt saying I have paid the money what are my rights this guy is asking me to check my bank account

  • Sue Mair 12 July, 11:20 am

    I ordered wardrobe which is not suitable, I have asked shop if I can select another wardrobe
    shop has said nothing they can do and will not come to an agreement or give my money back. can I use section 75 compleaint

  • Pauline 12 July, 12:25 pm

    I had a bathroom refitted and the shower head led lights stopped working and the edges of the unit became clogged with scale
    The manufacturer states they have tested it and it is defective but are insisting we provide a receipt
    which I don’t have
    Where do I stand ?

  • Karen lewis 19 July, 5:35 pm

    I work as a cook at a nursery they are going on a trip and the nursery will be closed have I got to owe them the hours

  • lesley 21 July, 11:04 am

    my partner bought an engagement ring in Argos in FEB 2016 and today 21-07-16 the diamond came out surely this would be under 12 months grantee?

  • Linda 21 July, 6:15 pm

    I bought a sofa from world of furniture the sales person told me it would take 8-10 weeks this has now passed. I had been paying for the sofa over period of time in a shop closer to me and visited them on Monday to inquire when sofa would be delivered they first of all told me that I had money to pay even though I paid all in full and when the sales person went through all my receipts she realised I had paid in full she then phoned on my behalf and was told it would be delivered today so I made arrangements in work and waited as time went on I phoned to see roughly how long it would be only to be told that it is not even in the warehouse and the sales person has done nothing to help can anyone give me some information on this issue to help me thanx

  • maria davis 24 July, 3:42 pm

    I bought a corner settee for £290.00 from British Heart foundation April 2016 I offered them mine to sell for extra monies which they did next day, purchased settee has now developed sagging seat that is now dipping & very uncomfortable to sit on where do I stand,

  • maria davis 24 July, 4:22 pm

    I purchased a corner settee from a reputable charity shop, which I have helped in past, I paid £290.00 for corner settee & I also gave them an immaculate cream chesterfield settee & chair, shop sold straight away, this was April 2016, I am now left with a corner settee with spring,s gone in some some seating , that’s very uncomfortable & very uneven, sagging, am hugely dissatisfied as my suite they had excellent condition clean, but corner settee wasn’t clean which staff declined to clean being a corner unit..!! But clean others suite,s , I still didn’t let it put me off as it was for charity anyway, that’s all that matters, but I’m feeling deflated being left with worthless seating, I am 9 & half stone lady, my sons are both men with own homes, si I have nobody here to jump or damage settee, please help £290.00 is a lot to pay for 3 months of usage. Thankyou maria

  • Marie 26 July, 1:41 pm

    I left a deposit on two high grade leather settees. The shop operated a price promise and matched the Internet reduced price. Five days later they are asking for £562 more as the quality of leather on the Internet,they have discovered,is lower than the one they were selling. Can they do this when we’ve agreed a price.

  • Avril 1 August, 12:41 am

    We bought our daughter a “fancy” kitchen from Wren, Great Western Road, Glasgow.it cost a fortune!!

    So of course you expect to get what you paid for….in this case no, no, no and no.

    1, End panels for the breakfast bar were to be in one large whole piece, we paid extra for that, she received 2 panels to fit the space. That is 4 panels instead of 2, so now you see one very large join at each end of her breakfast bar. Not as nice as it should be…Wren was told right away.

    2, Handle to the units broke within months and being metal were a high risk to hurt our grandson who had just started walking.

    3, dishwasher stopped working, again within months. And the sink, WELL, it’s “all very pretty”, but it has a glass worktop and water has got between the 2 surfaces and is now destined to rot and rot and rot.


    I got the dishwasher fixed within days when I phoned CDA directly myself. The company that made them. Goodness, the head girl of customer services, Carly, was absolutely amazing. That girl deserves promotion, she was absolutely spot on with her approach to a good customer liaison service. Her speedy approach and commitment to good customer services got our dishwasher fixed instantly when we have been battling with Wren for nearly 2 years now…how shockingly bad is Wren.

    Carly has done, not only herself proud, but she has spread the good name and pride of her company as I am telling you all this remarkable response I received from her. CDA should be very proud of her indeed.

    So Carly got an engineer out instantly, seemingly the mother board was dead, but yes he fixed the dishwasher by simply replacing that. I wonder does that reset our Warrenty because really the dishwasher crashed long within months. I need to look into that.

    Pity Wren don’t have such wonderful customer services!!

    Now we wait to receive a replacement handle. If CDA had heard nothing of from Wren, what hope have I to get the other things fixed?

    The kitchen sink is a disaster zone. Definitely not fit for purpose. Even slowly washing your dishes, remember no dishwasher, so heaps and heaps of dishes for a family of 5 and all the pots and pans. Yes, the old fashioned way, hand wash is fine, but a busy mum can’t delicately wash dish after dish, because you have to try very hard not to make ins splash otherwise you soak everywhere. Both sinks are to tiny, and definitely not suitable for a Wee family.

    They should never have been sold to a big family of three children. The designer at Wren should be knowable of all the kitchen items he is selling. Young families trust them to know what they are advising to make your kitchen look nice actually works and not flood the floor or units every time you wash dishes. Again my Wee grandson can slip and really hurt himself…but then so can I!! Elderly and frail standing washing dishes for at least an hour start to finish….that includes hoping up. What young mum has a spare hour??

    I have constantly emailed and phone the company, all that is registered. Usually the manager is on a course. Well he must be the most highly educated manager, that is asbosuteky useless at his job. That’s what’s has been wrong I’m told….managers leaving.

    Well, I’m not surprised at that. Yes, if head office doesn’t respond to my calls either there is something far wrong with the company. Sadly we find out the hard way.

    It’s all my savings for retirement that went into that kitchen, so I feel totally responsible to get things fixed for my daughter.

    We are past the 2 year mark, but as I said everything contact I made with the company has been recorded. I’m weary now, who can I turn to to help me get the justice I deserve. I didn’t sell the faulty kitchen, Wren did, and it’s them that have to fix it.

    I’m thinking of placing an add in a national newspaper, if it had to come to that I will, in the meantime I’m trying to keep more costs to a minimum. Everything I have quoted is definitely not fit for purpose, how do I get this company to replace the sink units definitely!! Then the other faults that they were told of within a coup,e of months.

    Can any one please guide me back to the route to sanity??? More importantly please help me see a smile back on my daughters face. Things have been hard in another sad way, she deserves some good time, and more “me” time from all mopping up of the kitchen sinks…. grandchildren? Absolutely adorable, but menaces too. Getting their own drinks starts tidal waves!!!

    If you can please advise me, help me to start down the route to recovery of this kitchen, we would all be so, so grateful….and invite you for a cup of T….fair deal?? Avril

  • Scott 2 August, 10:11 am

    I went to purchase a console table told it was £245 by the sales chap write the price suz etc down for me! On the label two prices one for s mirroe one for the table. When i phoned to purcase the table was told there was an error and that o was hiven wrong information and it was £345. Am i within my write to insist at price written down they agreed it was their error!

  • June Gilchrist 3 August, 12:14 am

    I am really pleased to glance at this weblog posts which carries tons of valuable data, thanks for providing these statistics.

  • Jason 7 August, 9:40 pm

    I bought a few items at next but when I got home and looked at the receipt I had been charged twice for a tee-shirt even though it was only one that was in the basket… What are my rights ?

  • Linda Gurwara 8 August, 11:09 pm

    Hi, we ordered a worktop from Selco quoting the code no and they delivered the wrong one which my builders have now installed .Is there anything we can do ?

  • Liz Lawrie 15 August, 6:05 pm

    I bought a tablet at the beginning of December for my Granddaughter. In April it went blank and wouldn’t turn on so I paid an extra £40 for a different model as they couldn’t supply a replacement. Now, 4 months later the screen has spontaneously cracked. PC World say it can’t be repaired unless I pay £130 – which is more than I paid in total so I may as well buy a new one. Surely this can’t be right? I’d expect it to last more than 4 months seeing as she didn’t drop it or damage it in any way. Shouldn’t they replace the item?

  • Melba 16 August, 8:53 am

    We have purchased a pressure relieving mattress and 2 profiling beds from a company we normally buy our goods from.
    On delivery, one of the staff signed the delivered goods.
    The staff took a photo of all the goods where they were all sitting because it was a risk to the service users and we called them on numerous occasions that they must be moved.
    We sent then a copy of the photo.
    Their employee came on a Monday to fit the fix the 2 profiling beds but left the pressure relieving mattress unwrapped.
    We have noticed that a pump for the mattress was missing so we called .
    They’ve asked us to open the box in case it’s there. Upon opening the box the other part of the mattress was missing too. The cover to zip over the inflated mattress.
    So on the whole we cannot use this item which is supposed to be used by our service user who is in badly in need of.
    They have written tonys saying that …
    Since we’ve signed it .. They no longer have respinsibility.
    Can you advice?

  • Sian Rees 16 August, 6:43 pm

    Had a fault with a car as soon as I bough itt and the company is refusing to take it back, any advise you could give me would be grateful. I have took it back nerumous times because the service and engine light has been on, I have also been experiencing loss of power. They have found faults with the car and r now telling me there is nothing wrong with it. I have took the car back 6 times with the same problem and the company is refusing to have it back. I have lost confidence in the car and do not want to continuing driving it.

  • Suzanne 17 August, 10:33 pm

    I took some cushions to be recovered to a shop in town I gave £200 deposit X pay the balance on completion it’s been 4 weeks now X I’ve contacted the shop several times each time I get an excuse X no goods bac plz can you help

  • Carol 17 August, 10:38 pm

    I bought a set of pans five years ago and one has broken they have a guarantee of ten years. I have no receipt or paperwork can I do anything about this.They are antony worrell Thompson

  • Lynne hey 19 August, 4:24 pm

    Hi I have just bought a c.f. ar a nissan juke 5yrsood, I only noticed after 3 days the seat hasbeen repaired with some hemming tape and its really annoying me ..How do I stand with the sellers it was from a dealeship.
    Thankyou ..Lynne

  • Robert 19 August, 9:24 pm

    Please could you give me some advice.

    I bought and paid for with a check, a steel safe from someone and could not collect immediately as I was completing a building project to house the said safe. It was mutually agreed I could collect at a later date, well now I have made numerous attempts to collect it and have even contacted the persons PA who knew the details of the payment etc and the “seller” has not and will not return any calls, texts or efforts to contact him and collect.
    What recourse do I have and what offense has he committed if he has resold the safe that I paid for? The reason I paid immediately for it was it was a good deal and I would cost more to find another similar safe.
    I consider it my property and want it now.
    Await you emailed response with interest
    Yours aye

  • jj 21 August, 4:52 pm

    I have ordered some made to measure vertical blinds and am not happy with the quality of them .can I get a full refund

  • Henry O Reilly 30 August, 4:18 pm

    I shopped at b&q today and when I paid they did not give me a VAT receipt..when I asked for one they said the manager has to authorize it !!! After waiting for 10 minutes one of the staff phoned him to see where he was ..to which he replied tell him to phone head office to get one !!.. this cannot be right ?? Help please

  • Maria sotetoou 31 August, 10:16 am

    I booked a apartmant in Cyprus for 6 nites but only stayed one as poor condition but manager refused to refund me despite I took photos of the room the company I booked with Booking .com said nothing they can do what else can I do ?

  • Tessa Gammon 1 September, 12:07 pm

    I purchased some bedroom units from high end company that i work for and had Staff discount. This was in 2013. one of the doors has completely de-laminated and the white gloss vinyl cover is only holding on because of the handle. I have been told that as a member of Staff and with the fact i had a discount that my purchase has no guarantee, which is normally sold with a 10 year guarantee. I feel that this is a manufacturing problem and should be replaced but i am told i will have to pay for a replacement door. Is this right?

  • Andy 6 September, 11:26 am

    Hi, i bought flights from Tripsta on Sunday night, after pressing the button we realised that we had bought it for the wrong month (April instead of August 2017), it had been a long day. We tried to contact the company immediately but the phone number had issues so we sent an email. they will not refund the tickets and would only change the dates if i paid an astronimical fee (more than original ticket value). Could you please tell me whether i have any rights under the distance selling regs to get a refund?

  • Sue 7 September, 7:41 am

    What are our rights if you have found out that the wedding venue you have booked isn’t up to scratch when we went a few weeks ago we noticed a hole in the ceiling when we asked will that be fixed to our horror we returned to find they had covered it up with plastic and by this time we had already paid our deposit and signed an agreement on hoping everything would be put right

  • Malcolm turner 20 September, 3:28 am

    I ordered bio reflex insoles on line with a credit card only to be told I would have to wait 28 days it is nearly 2 months now they have took the money from the credit company but I have no goods from the retailer.what time limit do give them

  • Jazmin 21 September, 9:35 pm

    Hi there,
    I bought a bed for 400 dollars plus delivery and tip. Two nights later I woke up and the bed’s slats had given in on one side. My back was in intense pain from the night I had slept on this slanted wood. I called the company (who have a three day return for a full refund if damaged policy) and they sent someone to look at it. He “fixed it” by putting screws everywhere he could into the slats to help it stay sturdy. However it still felt unstable. Two weeks later the slats gave in again, tearing the wood they were screwed into. There is no fixing it, to wood is too weak to hold the screws. I want my money back- they sold me a broken product, temporarily delayed the problem, and now I am sleeping in pain on a broken bed.

    What are my rights? It hasn’t even been thirty days of purchase and the bed has collapsed.

  • Diane Hilliard 22 September, 8:10 am

    Back in November 2015 we were doing a large amount of renovation to our home – front, back, outside all over. My mum had recently passed away and it was a way to bring things back in perspective.

    We engaged a local Double Glazing Company to replace the 4 windows and door in the front of our home, a reputable company, so we thought, until they began installing the windows. A series of events including not ordering the right products for the installation, so it dragged on 3 weeks leaving us exposed to the poor weather at this time, not installing the lounge window correctly so just poured water in, the half fixed it but it still leaks. The lounge window is also an inch too short in height so they have packed the underneath with silicone. They defaced the front of our property leaving a large concrete lintel in place instead of the original soldier bricks, completely unsightly. The seal on the front door in cut in pieces and over-stretched, so the door leaks too.

    All of the windows inside and out are not in line, they lean, they are twisted, the joints are a complete mess, each pane is a different size, and also they are not rectangles they are larger at one end of the pane than another.

    We have sent in 2 letters of complaint, December and January which they ignored. We eventually requested that Fensa come and inspect them, they failed the windows on structure and water ingress – on the very same day the Company were in attendance – they left and falsely claimed a Fensa pass certificate through the sel-certification scheme (which is a legal document therefore fraud).

    They also advise that lintels are law, in fact they are not. They may be recommended, especially if a window is made larger, but they are advising Customers this is the case to add a further £1000+ onto their bill, by putting fear into them that they need these installed.

    Also the same day that Fensa failed the windows, they issued a County Court Claim for the payment of the windows, that are unfinished and unsightly. They then engaged an Expert Witness (someone who works for Cowboy Builders) who they are friends with, who attempted to created a report ‘for the court’ that was completely biased – the judge did in fact throw this out!

    The windows needs to be replaced, they harass us continually for the money, which they can have if they fix the windows and door, but they know that they need to be replaced.

    Our solicitor asked why we had not asked the media to help, we were told by the Company if we told the media that they would get their Specialist Solicitors to deal with us!

    These people are crooks, it is very easy to see how they have left our property, we cannot decorate the front of our home, and cannot put flowing back down in the hallways due to the water ingress. My concern is now we will be returning to Court at some stage soon, we have been advised to get another Expert Witness (a jointly paid one) and the one we have found they have now become very friendly with them, which again leads to a completely corrupt report!

    Their tactics needs to be stopped, they have made us so unhappy for the last 10 months, the money we spent on the renovations seems pointless and they have devalued our home and left it an unsightly mess. Furthermore they are aware they have left it structurally unsound and water leaking and they do not care that this is damaging our property further. They admitted in Court that would not ne making any money out of this job….so the only reason they can be doing this is to make a point, to make us pay for something that is appalling, to them it is a game, to us it is our home.

  • Tony 24 September, 6:20 pm

    Hello, just to clarify. Did you order the wrong one by mistake or did they send the wrong one?

  • Elizabeth 26 September, 3:41 pm

    I bought a highpoint tumble dryer on 7
    th July 2016 from Borsch Electrical. The dryer stopped drying on 19th August.
    Hotpoint replaced a part on 25th August, the dryer worked until the following day when it stopped drying again.
    Highpoint replaced the complete unit on 2nd Sept, the dryer has stopped working again today.
    The dryer is working but isn’t heating and therefore isn’t drying.
    In the 81 days I have owned this dryer, I have been unable to use it for 12 days while waiting for it to be repaired. I only use the dryer a couple of times a week so I’m not a heavy user.
    Can I demand a replacement or my money back?

  • Melvyn 3 October, 6:04 pm

    Hi I purchased a hotpoint dishwasher four & half years ago with a five year parts guarantee which has now stoped working.Two Engineers have on three occasions , decided that it cannot be repaired . Is it hotpoints responsibility to supply me with a new dishwasher free of charge. They have offered to refund £58.98 call out fee

  • Paula Smith 4 October, 3:03 pm

    I brought a bush 32″ TV in July 2014 from Argos and it has completely stopped working. The warranty has expired but not sure what my rights are.

  • Mrs leiser 4 October, 4:59 pm

    I booked a holiday to Sri lanka over a year ago with Thomsons, they have called today to say that the hotel pool is having work done to it and half the pool is going to be shut off. What obligations do they have to fulfill and can we go to that hotel and if we are unhappy asked to be put in another hotel of same standard?

  • Natasha 5 October, 9:38 am

    My brother has bought flights through Lastminute.com. Austrian Airlines have now changed the time of the outbound flight, and he has been told that his options are either to accept the new flight or get a refund. Lastminute are saying they have to wait for a response from the airline before giving him a refund, and the airline are saying they have not heard from Lastminute, but that he has to go through Lastminute as that is who his contract is with. Now Lastminute have emailed saying ‘Please note that time taken to receive your refund will be subject to the airline and in some cases it may take a number of months’. Is there any way of getting this speeded up, anyone he can complain to, as surely they cannot keep his money for months, as he needs it to book another flight once his has been cancelled, thanks!

  • Valerie Counsell 8 October, 12:23 pm

    I purchased 2 settees second hand from a local dealer on 4th August for my tenant. He did not arrange for collection at that time, said he would visit the dealer and arrange collection later. Found out today that the settees were not collected, called into shop and was told they had been sold on elsewhere. Willing to refund £160 of my £200 paid by credit card but will keep £50 for storage and £10 for delivery, which we did not discuss at the time of purchase. My tenant would have collected the settees as they live within 100 yards of the shop.

    Is the dealer right to charge for storage and ultimately sell what I had bought and paid for?

    Valerie Counsell

  • Darren 9 October, 7:30 pm

    My new upvc double glazed windows lets a lot off noise in and are not as sound proof as I was told they would be infact my old windows were more quieter can I.hold back payments until problem is resolved

  • Nomathemba Dube 11 October, 12:11 pm

    Bought a corner sofa from Harveys furniture meant to be delivered 3days prior Easter for my party ,but jus one smallest part of the sofa was delivered,then it was arranged a next week delivery but nothing was delivered they told me another story after spending another day off from work waiting,phoned them but they kept tossing me around not saying anything touchable,to ci the long story I ended up having the whole delivery on 16/05/16 and they had said after the delivery they’ll call to discuss my compassion but I didn’t get any call unfortunately didn’t call them as l wasn’t well,so contacted them after 5 months ,as l felt better at this time but I’m being told it’s a long time for me to get any compasation ,need to know how I can go about this coz this brought a lot of stress to me ending up not feeling well,thanks .

  • bill wallace 17 October, 7:47 pm

    I mistakenly purchased a TV thru Air Miles on Fri I could not return the call on the weekend do I have the right to cancel the order. The item is not let shipped. The cost of 1300.00 which is charged to my credit card. Help with a answer please we already have 4 TV sets. The order was a mistake on my part just did not understand the fact that I was actually purchasing the TV. Bill Thanks.

    • Tony 17 October, 7:54 pm

      Don’t worry Bill you can cancel without any problem within 14 days of delivery. Your right to cancel an order for goods starts the moment you place your order and ends 14 days from the day you receive your goods. It’s part of the Consumer Contracts Regulations

  • Andrew 18 October, 5:28 pm

    Been with vodaphone with a contract they been trying to take the money out of my account 2 says before the due data no I have had £40 carges because of this and both the bank and voda phone will not refund the charges

  • Anne 20 October, 10:05 am

    I ordered two sofa’s ,they should of been delivered next week .
    I have had a phone call to tell me they haven’t even been made yet .
    I left a big deposit on them and I have asked for it back ,just like to know how I stand .
    Regards Anne .

  • Malcolm 21 October, 1:03 pm

    I bought two chairs in Jan from studio .co.uk we r both pensioners and the chairs r going funny one is cracking on the head rest &I the arms r braking the other the arm has broken is there any thing we can do

  • Joanne 24 October, 5:28 pm

    I received my sofa on Friday morning and to cut a long story short it’s really badly made the leather is all wrinkly in some parts baggy in others . The cushions are attached and they are only 3/4 full inside its a total joke . The company want me to give it four weeks to settle down I want them to pick it up and not bring it back ! Am I within my rights to do that

  • Tracey Walden 25 October, 10:43 am

    We bought a mattress online after trying the same mattress in a shop, we have had the matress since March 2016, first few weeks it was ok but it has developed a bulge in the middle and become very uncomfortable and causing us sleepless nights, it has developed that terrible roll together and i feel like i am sleeping on a slop. I have complained to FGS where we made the purchase and i have to keep emailing and calling them, they say they will contact the suppliers for a possible replacement, Please can you tell us where we stand on this as we do not want another one the same and would prefer a refund. Many Thanks Regards

  • Tracey Walden 25 October, 10:45 am

    We bought a mattress online after trying the same mattress in a shop, we have had the matress since March 2016, first few weeks it was ok but it has developed a bulge in the middle and become very uncomfortable and causing us sleepless nights, it has developed that terrible roll together and i feel like i am sleeping on a slop. I have complained to FGS where we made the purchase and i have to keep emailing and calling them, they say they will contact the suppliers for a possible replacement, Please can you tell us where we stand on this as we do not want another one the same and would prefer a refund. I have also read some reviews for this company and none are good at all, how they refuse to help and keep saying they are dealing with it and you hear nothing back please advise
    Many Thanks Regards

  • Joe Holden 25 October, 12:12 pm

    I sent a playstation 4 to be repaired by a company called Gamer-Tech I paid express delivery service, received it back 11 days later in worse condition that I sent it to them, they have said I can pay to send it to them again but if it’s deemed I have tampered with it (I had it turned on for 5-10 muntes) and it never worked straight out of the box I will be liable not only for the extra postage but also another repair.

    So far it’s all cosr me £80, £15 for the express delivery and collect 3-5 working days and £65 for no repair at all.

    I am not sure what my rights are but cannot afford to be stung for any more money.

    Does anyone know my best options?

    Thank you

  • Deb 25 October, 8:47 pm

    We have a caravan on holiday park we all pay 12 months in advance and have receipts, now got new owners and want our £1100 pay but we paid it already

  • Mark 27 October, 7:39 pm

    Bought a hotpoint washer/dryer January 2016, the dryer stopped working so called hotpoint customer service and booked a engineer. Engineer came and tried to fix the dryer but couldnt, he connected it to his laptop and said it needed updating, which he attempted to do. After this nothing worked therefore I am left with no washing machine or dryer. He said it needed a new circuit board which was not in stock and no delivery date was given. He then left. Have since contacted customer service who cannot give me a date for my repair. Where do I stand as this machine is under a year old? Thank you

  • mavy 29 October, 6:16 pm

    I bought furniture in credit .and I ensured my furniture.my company gave me a letter so that to made proof that I lost my job.they took that letter.they never told me anything but after seven months.they called me demanding money.and they promise me to come and collect my furniture how can I do.pls help.

  • Tracy 1 November, 9:33 am

    My son has took out a contract to buy with perfect home without my consent at my home the account is now late and the manager is coming to my home, I have asked him not to as this is my home and he says it’s the law? Where do I stand?

  • Sheila Jessep 1 November, 12:50 pm

    About ppi ..A company that has been dealing with my ppi since March and whom I’ve been in contact with since March I cant get through on any of the numbers I’m getting worried as I paid 500 in March and they said it would be finished with by now and I cant get hold of them could yout give me some advice as to whom I can ring about this thank you Mrs jessep

  • Simon abbiss 6 November, 7:03 am

    I recently went to have a tyre fitted on my car and have the tracking done the garage only charged me for the tracking (I didn’t notice at the time),they contacted me the next day asking for payment of the tyre , do I still have to pay for the tyre? Thanks

  • MAUREEN LEE 7 November, 12:23 pm

    I returned 2 children’s scooters to Littleworth. I arranged a say for collection as in and out of hospital. courier was foreign couldn’t understand him. He took both scooters and handed back my paperwork which should of both had a sticker on for each scooter. Checking account at littlewoods only refunded 1 scooter and they say all they received. Checked my paperwork, only one return sticker and the courier had torn through the number. I’m now assuming they are going to make me pay for scooter which has doubled in price with interest…. Gutted as I ordered 2 replacement scooters argos and kept them as we’re perfect height for my grandchildren

  • Madalena 9 November, 12:01 pm

    Hi a year ago my cars lock stoped working and I took it to Renault garage to get it fixed. They charged me almost 400 pounds for a new lock..now the lock is having the same problem and I called Renault and I told them if they had changed the lock this should not happen again but so now I’m gonna take the car there again to see what happens should I pay for a new one again?? Thanks

  • Mrs young 15 November, 9:27 am

    I bought a bed on hire purchase not a year ago I am still paying for it and the mattress has started fraying when I called into the shop they said i had to get in touch with the manufacturer is this right.

  • Violet 15 November, 7:05 pm

    Bought tv from currys but due to position of legs (too far apart) it will not fit on table – will they take it back

    • Tony 15 November, 7:10 pm

      They might do, but they are not obliged to unless it wasn’t as described

  • ann 15 November, 10:05 pm

    I paid £500 deposit on a car at noon. The dealer aid the car would be ready in 7days after MOT + tyres changed. I checked comparable mileage/cost and found the car to be overpriced. At 8.30 am the next day I cancelled. He said he’d keep the deposit as I’d lost him potential selling time.
    After lengthy conversation he agreed to pay back £250.
    THIS means he charged me £50 for each hour of selling time he might have lost. He did not do any work on the car during this time.

  • Mrs Scott 16 November, 1:08 am

    If I’ve left a deposit with a private seller of his car, his name n mob no, on autotraders website, can I get my deposit?

  • JR 18 November, 9:04 pm

    I ordered items from Smyths. To cut a long story short they messed up delivery so I received an email stating they would give me 20% off my next order, I just needed to email them once I had done this. No maximum or minimum spend stipulated or time frame. Once I had ordered I used the original email to reply notifying them. They have only refunded me 10%. Where do I stand with this as I have the evidence of them offering 20%

  • J-Flores 20 November, 7:20 am

    Hi I bought a LG Vista Phone maybe 8mths ago and still on contract the phone has never worked as properly since day one of having it, the phone would get hot and shut off! Id have to take the battery out to cool then contiue to use my phone it was so constant. So I ended up calling my server and was sent a different phone,(so called new phone) and the same thing started happening but now the phone dont charge. Come to find out they have been sending refurbished phones that thats what they do… Im going on phone #6 and Id really like to know what My options are due to the fact that im on a contract? I have talked to LG and no one can offer me a new phone or trade me out a New LG phone or any phone in same price range

  • Kelly 25 November, 5:35 pm

    I have an apple mac book, which I got through a college organisation, I have been trying to contact the company that I am paying as I am having issues with it, however, I have just discovered they have gone into liquidation a while ago I have still been paying for the product via dd but I cannot get old of the company to get it fixed. What can I do about this as it is cover for the whole period of the time you are paying. Thank you

  • Elizabeth Gormley 1 December, 11:46 am

    I gave my credit card information for a refurbishef phone rebfurbished electronics.com. Nowhere did it state that I was entering into an agreement that will not refund my money and that I have to take surveys and write article to earn ” points ” to receive product. Only when I inquired about the product was I told about these terms. I want my money back because I was terribly misled. Please help.

  • Janice 2 December, 5:41 am

    I subcribe to Virginmedia for internet only unlimite, one month in they are now saying it isn’t unlimited

  • Sandra 4 December, 10:23 pm

    Sold two dressers at a GARAGE sale. the buyer put down a deposit.
    Been over a month, keeps saying she will finish paying and pick them up but hasn’t. Can I keep her deposit and still resell them

  • Ellis 6 December, 2:10 am

    Hi, I’ve recently purchased a computer with three year warranty, and a keyboard and monitor that don’t have warranty. I have sold the monitor, and the retailer has contacted me and told me that they have given me the wrong monitor. They said I will need to return it or pay the remaining cost for it, neither of which are options that I can do, and that failure to do so will result in a void of my three year warranty. However, the warranty doesn’t cover the monitor, it covers the tower of the PC, and I have paid for everything within the tower as well as the warranty itself.
    Also, their reason for voiding it was that I didn’t cover the payment of everything under the tax invoice of my warranty. However I have, and the monitor that they gave me accidentally, ISN’T under that invoice. It’s under another one created on 29/11/16 the retailer sent to me a WEEK after I purchased and started using my new PC. Therefore, I have covered the payment of the warranty (28/11/16) as the PC components of the tower have all been covered under that warranty which DOESN’T list the monitor they’ve accidentally given me.
    I’ve looked at their terms and conditions and it states that: Mwave is able to reject right of return, a refund, warranty claim or consumer guarantee claim if consumers are unable to provide a proof of purchase, namely a tax invoice. I of course have the tax invoice of what I ordered and have paid for all components applied to it, including the warranty.
    Due to the information I have provided above, am I eligible to a warranty reactivation or refund of the warranty?


  • Darl Driver 11 December, 5:27 pm

    I made a purchase for a full working order fridgefreezer for £55 after paying £60 to collect it I thought I’d still got a bargain after all the seller advertised ” fairly new due today house move the fridgefreezer is too big and selling attend a bargain price of £55, first to see will buy!” on Gumtree.
    The fridgefreezer is a lovely state of the art in silver FRIGIDAIRE LED X 3 DRAWER COMPARTMENT, HAVING A COOLER A FRIDGE AND A FREEZER.
    When it arrived it arrived with scratches down one side not mentioned in the ad, but most of all the seller showed my removal man it worked “‘see I’ve turned it off and the led display shows the compartments are getting cooler” will the fact is the led display does this the entire time since I’ve had it, it’s not worked I’m using the freezer for everything for the temperature of the fridge is 24 degrees the cooler is 14 degrees and 5he freezer at 4 degrees
    The seller states it was my fault I should have come and checked it then offered me £25 back if I wanted to as I wanted to only pay that in the first place as I was a cheap skate. When I mentioned that I believed he knew that he scammed me and he’s probably claimed from his contents insurance for the fridgefreezer he said I could take it back and get my money back but it would have then costs me £120 For SWEET F.A Na, it’s time this stopped.
    How do I know if he’d claimed from his insurance and knowingly sold to me a broken possibly dangerous fridgefreezer?
    Does anyone have the answer?
    I cannot afford an electrician I’m without and so upset that took me 4 weeks to save the money to buy it!

  • Kelly 12 December, 10:19 am

    Hi my daughter ordered a pushchair from littlewoods on the 19th Nov it said in stock and would be delivered 2nd dec no puah chair said it would be the 9th Dec no pushchair in between all this daughter has rang numerous times to be lied to every time the courier has 3 out of 4 parts of it and was wait for the 4th part so they could deliver littlewoods saying they haven’t even sent it to them been pasted from pillow to post lodged 3 complaints a manager was supposed to ring me on the 10th never did so checked my account and they have just canceled it saying it’s damaged but the courier saying it isn’t damaged at all they tried to offer £10 good will gesture which I told them to stick it where do I stand ??

  • alice ward 15 December, 8:38 pm

    On the 16/06/16 I purchased a chair that had been on display, which at my request, they reduced from £360.00 TO £300, for that reason

    I viewed the chair & sat on it for 3-4 mins & was pleased with its appearance colour-wise & the swivel action

    The shop is well established.

    Realized within a few days that the seat was sagging – WHICH WAS NOT APPARENT AT THE TIME & NOT caused by any misuse on my part.
    I informed them of situation by e.mail & at their request forwarded photos. Subsequently a Mrs Aspinall – employee – came & took her own photos & when I suggested she should sit on – replied “There’s no need” & left ?.

    A letter followed saying I had seen/ sat on the chair at time of purchase & because reduced in price, they were under no obligation to
    take any action.

    I replied stating ” To suggest I would have bought the item in this condition, was an insult to my intelligence. Most of us have purchased chairs, beds & shoes etc, only to find they are not satisfactory once having brought them home”.

    Another employee phoned acknowledging receipt of my letter , but Mrs Aspinall was on holiday for 2 weeks but would be given letter on her return.

    Thats about a month ago – still not had a reply.

    Since than my son saw, after unzipping the seat from underneath, that there is VERY little padding in the seat!!

    I would suggest that must be the cause of the problem????

    I have written again a week ago, informing them of this – so far no reply.

  • mel tipler 21 December, 7:28 pm

    : insurance company informed me they were going into liquidation and they advised me to take out another policy the day before they were due to go into liquidation they informed me they had transferred my policy to another company and i had to pay the rest of my premiums is this right

  • Ian 26 December, 7:45 pm

    I have sold a car to a friend for 500 pounds.he paid me 100 ,and now carnt get any money from him how do i stand

  • Marion brannan 28 December, 9:20 pm

    I bought my son trainers from jd sports for Christmas but they don’t fit but he ripped up the box he has not wore them and I have the receipt but the shop say they won’t change them can they do this

  • Stephen 30 December, 5:03 pm

    Pc world dropped off my new tv but it turned out to be the wrong model by the time the delivery driver phoned my I had it at my uncles house opened they then started to treating me with police witch they told me was a civil matter do I have to give them the tv back seeing as they have my one ?

  • Angeline 3 January, 7:32 pm

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  • Jackie Rycroft 5 January, 6:16 pm

    I bought a coat & payed £100.00 pound for It I have have to take it back twice becuse a press stud jerks coming off it if it happens again can I get my money back thanks

  • Christine kingston 10 January, 3:31 pm

    how long is a guarantee on a minimum guarantee on a mattresses

  • Natasha Morris 10 January, 8:32 pm


    I have an issue with some car wheel nuts I bought online. The seller sent the nuts but they were the wrong size. The seller then told me this was a picking error

    My husband had tried to fit the nuts causing damage to the car wheel stud and we now have to take the car to a garage to replace the stud so that we can fit the correct nuts.

    The seller says they are happy to replace the nuts for the correct fitment or refund the order, however I want to know are they liable for the damage caused. They have said that in their policy it says nuts and bolts should be fitted by a professional and that we have caused the damage because we did not check properly.

    Is this correct or can I expect that they cover the cost of repair?

    Many thanks

  • Linda worger 13 January, 12:32 pm

    I wanted to get some driving lessons for my sons birthday and found a company online called drive dynamics, before I could research them they phoned me and took payment over the phone

    I paid them on the 22nd December and asked them to appoint the driving instructor. I had heard nothing so I called them on the 6th January which is 16 days after I had paid as I had heard nothing at all.
    I called them 3 times that day and finally got through after 50minutes on the phone. They assured me that someone would get hold of me straight away as it had been so long.
    I then received a text from someone on Sunday the 8th January of which I was sent a list of dates to which I responded and get told that the times were not available I text them another date they said that was also no longer available and that they would get back to me tomorrow, I have not heard anything since. I have no idea if this is an instructor or just the company.
    I then called on the 10th January 4 times and got no joy yet again I was told “I will send it across” not sure what that means but they begged me to give them 48 hours to sort it out and they would get me a driving instructor.
    I still heard nothing so called them again on the 12th January they hung up on me, I called back and they told me they will not deal with a refund I will have to email them.
    I was promised it would be sorted again they said “I will send it across” and then called again to find out it won’t be.
    I had emailed them a few days ago and then did again yesterday to now receive an email stating they won’t be refunding me as vouchers are non refundable.

    I am very frustrated as you can imagine and all I want is my money back for what was meant to be a nice birthday present for my son. I really don’t have enough money now to send him for more thanks to them.

    If there is anyway you could help me please do.

    Many thanks Linda.

  • Jade 14 January, 8:38 am

    Hi I purchased a bed online from a small furniture shop… Although the bed looks gorgeous it is extremely poor quality it rattles does not fit together correctly, i complained to begin with and the company sent out two of there fitters to check that we had fitted it correctly and they said we had fitted it correctly and would contact the manufacturer to look into this and calll me back, i received no response, so contacted them again a few months later and promised to get someone out to look at it and still no call, its been nearly a year now, could i get it fixed myself and ask for compensation?

  • Tricia 16 January, 9:50 pm

    I purchased a router from screw fix on 6th January I returned it on the 8th January because I had got the wrong one they put the money back onto my card which they said it would take between 3-5 working days but after 7 working days it still has not gone on I have rang there call centre &I is going to get back to me my bank said it wasn’t even pending in my account what can I do I have asked for a cash refund because it has gone over the 7 working days what can I do

  • Payal 20 January, 1:21 pm

    My model name : Sony vaio SVF15N1Z2EB
    Serial no: 54638255-0001354
    Service tag: C10KBT75

    My wireless network adapter is not working. We contacted sony customer support and they said they will send wifi dongle. I gave this laptop to my wife as she is a designer and she need wifi all the time and i paid big amount to get a good product with everything in it, i am not happy to take dongle everywhere where i paid this much money. Then we found that sony network adaptor is faulty and we asked them to buyback or repair they said i have to send proof of purchase i gave all reciepts and documents which i recieved then they said they r not enough and they want vat reciept which i havent recieved from seller i sent emails to amazon and seller to get vat recipt but i cant get hold of seller. Sony refused to help us when their product is faulty. It was under warranty at that time. I saved for longtime to get this laptop.please help us i got all emails and documents needed. Waiting for a positive update. Thanks

  • Jacqui Murphy 20 January, 7:06 pm

    I placed a order and paid £475 for a head stone in January 2015 and was to pay the rest on completion, it is now January 2017 and I still have not had the head stone done, I have phoned and been to the shop many times, asked for refund still not got it then the man who owns the shop disappeared and new people were taking over they said they would sort the headstone but they couldn’t as the previous owner had not followed the correct procedure with regard to the church and he also said he had said he had my headstone which he did not then the shop shut again by the new people as they decided not to take over the shop, then on 20/1/17 the shop was open so I went to the shop to ask for refund he says he has no money and he will give me a refund in for weeks time can you help in this matter. Thanks

  • Susan 22 January, 3:22 pm

    My phone was broken so I took it back to virgin and asked could I have a sim for my old phone which was from virgin they said no and offered me another phone which cost me 84pounds I saw the same phone new on eBay for 55pounds can I take the phone back to virgin as this happened on Monday 16 January.

  • lou 27 January, 8:06 pm

    I bought a leather corner suite and chair off littlewoods through my daughters account.The stitching is all coming apart they returned and refunded the corner suite with my daughters help.She is now refusing to help with the chair because littlewoods are messing about arranging collections not tirning up etc.I have contacted littlewoods and they refuse to do anything due to data protection its her account she refuses to help because its been going on over 6months and is fed up with it.What are my rights with littlewoods ?

  • Anita Cripps 28 January, 11:39 am

    I bought a ring and have noticed a stone is out of place and they are refusing to refund me even tho admitted it is out of place and he was abrupt

  • Annette Wilson 30 January, 10:45 am

    I ordered some wallpaper on Friday at 16.30 and payed extra for next day delivery. I have phoned the company as it did not arrive and have been told it will not be shipped out until lunch time today Monday as they don’t work over the weekend do you think that this is acceptable as I think that paying for next day delivery and getting it as late as 4 days maybe 5 is misleading.

  • Daniel lawrenson 31 January, 8:12 am

    We bought 2 laptops as xmas presents one in October The or the one in November we took them on holiday with theirs as we were away for Christmas when they open them on Christmas day they didn’t work properly so when we got back we complained saying that we wanted a full refund they told is that they was gone past 28 days and we can’t have our money back they have sends swap them three times and they still don’t work properly what can we do

  • ISABELL GEARY 31 January, 8:44 pm


  • Jay 2 February, 4:37 pm

    I sent 8 items to music magpie.
    They accepted 7 but turned down one.
    They are refusing to return the turned down item and say that according to their T&Cs they have the right to keep the item and recycle it?
    Are they really allowed to do that by law?
    Just seems a way of making sure they don’t fully pay out.
    The item was in good condition ( they give you the choice to state what condition it is in ) so why would they turn it down.
    I would be interested to hear if other people have experienced the same.

  • Mark 3 February, 7:26 pm

    I bought a camera which was described as having GPS as s feature. Other cameras on the same site were described using GPS-via smartphone. As such I selected the camera with GPS, and also purchased appropriate memory in the same transaction. I received the products but it wasn’t until page 66 of the user guide that it explained a smartphone must be linked to use GPS. AS inserting the memory card was on page 2 I had broken
    The seal on the memory card packet. . the company are happy tto accept return of the camera, but not the accessories. As the main item was misrepresented in their description, is there any legal basis upon which I can return the accessory.

  • helen nicodimou 7 February, 4:13 am

    I ordered tiles from a shop in cyprus on the basis of a sample in the shop. When the tiles came they were not the samevas the sample and in the boxes there were two slightly different colours but the work men put them up and only after did i see them. It cost me 1000 for the tiles and a 1000 euros for tbe workmen to put them on. I took the tiles to the shop and showed them they were different one was more yellow and the ther more red and they only offered to change me one box and give me one box for 10 tiles that were broken. What are my rights when i compared them to the sample in the shop they were a totally different colour. I said i wanted compensation for the fact that wrong colours weree sent and not like the sample and the workmen had already put them up. They refused and said they would take me to court. I said ok. What are my rights in this case. The tiles had different colours in them but all three were totally different.

  • Andy Backhouse 7 February, 11:00 am

    In 2011/2012 I paid a monthly subscription to Eaglemoss for a build your own Aston Martin DB5 from James Bond films. After not receiving all parts contacted consumer rights who told me to contact their Head Office. Did this and they put me in contact with distribution centre who told me this finished in 2012 but would see what they could do. I finally received what I thought was the last missing part in Nov 2016.
    During building have found that parts 78 and 80 are still missing got in contact with them but they are saying it has now finished and there is nothing they can do. 85 parts cost me £7.99 an issue.
    Am i still within my rights to ask for my money back

  • Quinn 19 February, 2:13 pm

    I bought some beading needles at hobby craft this morning and I didn’t see the woman put them in the carrier bag so I assumed they were in there anyway. When I got home and checked the bag they weren’t in there and the bag hadn’t been tipped upside down nor was the a hole in the bag. It’s on my receipt so can I get a refund or not?

  • Kerry 21 February, 12:55 am

    Hoping someone can advise please. I am a tenant of a housing association and will be getting a new kitchen next week, I just bought a £360 gas cooker on finance and I have 2 concerns….firstly when they disconnect my cooker am I correct in thinking that it MUST be reconnected at the end of every shift? Or I should be compensated for being left without the ability to make a meal? And secondly, I was made to sign a disclaimer telling me if there was any damage then they would not be liable. Surely someone would have to compensate me if they damaged my belongings? (especially seeing as it’s not even paid for yet!) The very thought of allowing these contractors in my flat has sent my anxiety through the roof and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  • lin 21 February, 7:14 pm

    After getting advice from staff we spent almost £2000 on slabs for the garden, having been told if we needed more we could buy additional separate slabs if required but it would be dearer to do so We now find we do need a few more slabs but have been informed by staff that we cannot split the packs The builder was given the same advice regarding buying additional slabs separately
    I feel we have been totally mislead and having paid out over £10,000 we cannot complete the job without paying out for another two crates of slabs at a cost of almost £2000 when only a few are needed as the packs cannot be split. This is something Selco should take responsibility for as we have been totally misled by the selco.We have not only spent a lot of money we have a garden that cannot be completed at a reasonable cost due to this advice.

  • Julie Gard 23 February, 6:53 am

    I had shower fitted 2 years ago, base has cracked and it has guarantee so if I receive a new base shouldn’t they pay for the fitting of it?

  • Mrs Wendy Osgathorp 27 February, 1:02 pm

    We had delivered 2 sofas from Oakfurnitureland on Thursday. They are so hard and have given me backache. We telephoned Oakfurnitureland and was told they would not take the furniture back as we had signed to say we should cancel within 48 hours of order

  • Brenda Whitlock 2 March, 7:51 pm

    I went to Specsavers for hearing aids. I was told which one was best suited to me and offered the chance to try others. I find the useless and been back a few times. I am told that I should persevere with them and give my brain time to adapt to the new mode of hearing. I paid one thousand pounds for the pair, they were on offer. Can I ask to be reimbursed.

    • Brenda Whitlock 2 March, 7:52 pm

      Sorry meant to say not offered the chance to try others…

  • Ian stewart 6 March, 2:04 pm

    We bought a new bed we played extra for a better mattress as recommended by the sales person in the shop . After two days we contacted the shop to say we where not happy as after two nights use the bed dipped at both sides . This left the bed with two dips in the mattress one at each side. Can we ask for a refund .

  • Kym 8 March, 6:14 pm

    Buying a leather suite bt no documents or gaurantee papers and price has been bumped up by 1,600 more as it cost much less so the shop is pocketing the money can they do this?

  • Judith Tutton 9 March, 12:36 pm

    Hi my husband put his mountain bike into be repaired at a cycle repair shop, the shop was broken into and his bike was stolen, they have informed us that they had no insurance in place, and cannot afford to replace the bike, due to lack of funds. The bike cost him £1500.00, only had it 24 months, he’s offered to pay £100 a month till it’s paid, where do we stand legally on this

  • mag 9 March, 4:25 pm

    I have laboured for a customer placed his tiles back on his roof he purchased the tiles..i have called numerous times he tells me call again as yet no payment can I remove the tiles and give them back to him…what are my rights

  • paps 11 March, 12:03 pm

    Bought an x box in november 2013 – 12 month warrenty with store gone – want a refund and return on this 6 years law

    am I correct in demendign this?

  • Beverley Towle 15 March, 10:46 am

    A couple of years. ago i brought my partner a under water camara that cost me alot of money we didn’t use it till a year after when we went away cause he like to scuba dive it worked fine pictures excellent then we got it out again for Christmas and it won’t turn on at all cause it’s out of warranty no one wants to know I’m frustrated that the shop I brought it from. Doesn’t want to know is there anything I could do I’m disappointed that I payed nearly 200 pound for this camara only used it twice

  • Debra Mercer 15 March, 4:16 pm

    Person ordered two custom made gas fireplaces for close to £20,000.
    1/2 was paid but this was over 2 1/2 years ago. We repeatedly tried to
    arrange payment of the balance and delivery but nothing was done.
    Now they have come back wanting a refund.
    Are we obligated?

  • Hayley WILLETTS 15 March, 5:48 pm

    Hi I’ve bought a sofa from dfs on finance. In store I saw the colour swatch described as charcoal but noticed it appeared brown- I asked the sales advisor and he assured me it was charcoal and just the lighting in the shop that made it appear brown. I proceeded to order the sofa and a few weeks later it’s arrived and is definitely brown. The sales advisor has been out and told me it’s my own fault as I had been shown the swatch and proceeded to order despite my initial concern, and will not exchange it. He states I have to pay for collection of the sofa, price of recovering it and delivery. This doesn’t seem right to me? Could you advise? Thanks

  • Stella 15 March, 11:02 pm

    I purchase 18 boxes of wall tiles from B&Q but returned 2 unopened boxes.
    When purchased I paid £17 per box and received 15% discount but when I returned the customer service said they had gone up to £19.38 and refunded me £29.46 how is this right ..

  • Dale 18 March, 8:05 pm

    I had a package bank account witch the excess was 50pounds and i found some one to fix it for half that price so i cancelled that package account can i claim the money back as i think it was an unfair package as the excess was far to high thanks

  • Pearl 20 March, 1:55 am

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  • Lee 22 March, 10:19 pm

    Had kitchen fitted short time after surface off cupboard doors came away due to problems with the machine that made them and glue used.
    Company sent out fitter acknowledged the fault and agreed to replace doors about 7 in all also gave £100 compensation.
    About a month later the same doors started showing signs of the same problem called company sent someone else out again apologised a week later manger called and offered me more replacement doors.
    I no longer want this kitchen due to the faults and issues I have had.
    am I within my rights to ask for refund or different kitchen please can someone help thank you .

  • Maria Lucas 24 March, 12:03 am

    I had a new set of hair extensions which cost me £300 within less than two weeks I’ve lost at least 10 strands of hair I contacted my hairdresser and she said she would charge me for putting them back in which I felt was wrong when they were done less than two weeks. I told her that I thought her customer service was not very good she did not take it very well and was very angry. I contacted her again to ask her when my routine maintenance appointment was booked in as I forgot to write it down and she told me she didn’t want to do my hair any more.
    i don’t know what to do I’ve paid £300 for nothing as there is no one else that does these sort of extensions where I live
    Can she do this?
    She’s taken £300 off me but won’t do the maintenance.
    If she’s not prepared to do my hair any more then I think I am entitled to a refund as basically she sold me something but won’t maintain it.
    I’ve had them in less than a month now and if I want to continue having hair extensions I will need to find a different technician which means I will have to take all this hair out and have a new applied.
    Please can you tell me how to handle this I don’t want to get into an argument but I think that she is treated me really unfairly.

  • Alan Walsh 29 March, 12:19 am

    Hi bourght a road angle from halfords and it won’t turn on it is only 5 months old they have told me the warranty stands with the manufacturer not them
    Where do I stand

  • EDGAR FIELDING 2 April, 11:29 pm

    At the Ideal Homes exhibition on the 30-03-2017 I paid £3000.00 for a massage bed. Itried it for 20 minutes and kept saying that I needed time to think but as persuaded to buy and delvery is lanned for next Wednesday.
    I did not read the small print but now I have and I am disturbed that I can not cancel.
    The cancellation claus on the reverse dide of the agreement states that Subject to Customers rights under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (where applicable) the Customerwill not be entitled to cancel the contract except with written permission of the Company. it goes on to say notice should be given in writing but a penalty of 30% of the purchase price and that a sale made at a show stand would be treated as an “on trade”sale with special cancellations. I am a desperate 83 year old.Can you help please ?

  • Pamy 3 April, 5:10 pm

    Left mobile into shop with cracked screen but otherwise working.they have had mobile for 6 weeks but now say it won’t turn on what do I do

  • Archie Frail 4 April, 3:34 pm

    Just bought a house & moved in a month ago and found 4 double glazed units in conservatory are blown which was not picked up on survey – who is responsible for getting them replaced?

  • Debbie lines 6 April, 4:29 pm

    A photographer I hired (business) for my wedding photos has declared my photos (album) were ready and complete for delivery to me but after 4months of constant contact from my end, late replies and excuses from his. He won’t release and post my item which I’ve already paid in full for. This is 3months after his given date for expected delivery.
    What can I do?

  • Shaquille 7 April, 11:09 am

    I took a quote to a customer for kitchen cupboards and she accepted the quote which she payed a deposit .kitchen is 97% done now she refuse to make another payment because she wants invoices of all the materials u bought from all my suppliers. I included her through my company and that’s not good enough

  • Sharron Street 7 April, 1:59 pm

    I have bought a wedding dress and paid 75% of the price – there is a balance of £700 owing – I no longer need the dress – no alterations have been made by the bridal shop – do I need to pay the balance or can I just tell them to keep the dress

  • Collette corn 10 April, 10:24 am

    Greenhouse that is a nightmare to put together 30hours of man power and not much further manual not worth the paper it’s printed on what are our rights for a refund

  • Claire 11 April, 11:23 pm

    Hi, can anyone help? My daughter (size 8) tried a sample wedding dress on (size 12) and was assured that all the alterations could be made to allow the dress to fit perfectly. However 6 months later when the dress has arrived, the seamstress now says she can make alterations of course, but not enough to get the dress to fit as my daughter wants it. The dress cost £1700 and we have now paid for it in full but the alterations haven’t been started yet. Do our consumer rights allow us to a refund on the dress because it does not match the description or promises made, based on the only sample dress available? Ts and Cs on receipt say that the order cannot be cancelled.
    Thank you, any advice would be welcome

  • peter oliver 13 April, 7:33 pm

    i have just had my camera returned from bein repaired but the fault is still there
    what should i do i had paid £81 pounds for this thank you

  • Dave B 16 April, 7:57 pm

    Hi, need some advice. I just paid a landscape gardener £4300 to re do the garden. The price included taking ALL rubbish away. I was pleased with the workmanship but there were just a few finishing of bits that needed to be done. I rang the Gardner to be told he’d lost money on my job and he would not be back to complete the works (small things) or take the remaining rubbish. He was arrogant and very rude to me. I
    Paid in CASH in stages giving him the finally amount when they were supposed to come back and finish. He made constant excuses blaming me for everything he could. Thinking small claims road or hmrc threat. Any advice welcome.

  • Ray Read 17 April, 5:17 pm

    I went to a campsite on a rally with a motorhome club, we paid £13 per night plus £3 per night for electric, at 3am a fault occurred with the site’s electric and it sent 380volts through my motorhome’s electric system which resulted in £1070 worth of damage to my motorhome. The campsite will not pay me for this damage, there are eight of us that were affected how do we go about getting re enbursed

  • B roxburgh 17 April, 6:39 pm

    Hi there got a laptop on the 17th December 2016 for my son xmas it broke down on the 21st February 2017 waited 3 weeks to get it back and it has broke down with the same problem again can I get my money back

  • BERYL Armstrong 18 April, 7:02 am


  • Helen Hughes 18 April, 11:12 am

    I am a house manager for a retirement living development one of my residents brought a new sofa and two chairs from a show room the chairs were on show but the sofa was in brochure, it as now been delivered and the sofa cushions are very lumpy and she just doesn’t like it will she be able to ask them the take it back?

  • Rebecca Elliott 18 April, 4:05 pm

    I have put a deposit down a while back on my wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses now the company have gone into administration. Do I still have to pay for the dress or do I have a right to ask for money to be knocked off??

  • Lorna 22 April, 6:33 pm

    Our flooring was damaged when our new kitchen was delivered, but Wren are not willing to compensate us, as their delivery team deny all responsibility. Where do we stand on this matter? I’ve even sent photographic evidence .

  • Nicola o'Brien 27 April, 9:30 pm

    Hi, my husband bought me a beauty voucher for Christmas and the salon he bought it from will not honour it as the girl that did the beauty apparently only rented a room and had left, he was never told that she was self employed, is there anything I can do?

    Many thanks

  • Logan 2 May, 9:29 pm

    My Daughter booked the wrong hotel for me, as there were two hotels with the same name. The one she booked had appalling reviews. Can she get her money back without a cancellation fee

  • Graham Finn 5 May, 8:54 am

    I received an email from Amazon stating i ordered an item for a large amount i replied stating i did not only to be told to late item is being delivered the item was not accepted at my property I’ve cancelled my bank details now but have tried to contact Amazon myself and with the help of my Bank but to no avail What do I do what are my rights

  • Michelle 6 May, 5:49 pm

    I purchased 4 dresses last summer and ended up returning them all via the post office all in the same parcel.
    What I have only just noticed is that only 3 of the dresses were credited.
    Littlewoods (Shop Direct) are saying they cannot do anything without a proof of return number which I do not have. But surely if they managed to credit the other 3 then the parcel was received….
    What can I do to get this final dress refunded?

  • gail munday 9 May, 4:48 pm

    i ordered a door tree weeks ago was booked in today but phoned to say it was damaged and cant do it to next week I asked if I could cancel and he said no I cant becauce it 30 day when I sighed

  • Veronica Bedlow 10 May, 9:10 pm

    I have I pad 2 it can not be repaired by apple it’s very slow freezes and goes blank .its 4 years old and in great condition just doesn’t do what it’s meant to do I have receipt.can I get it replaced even though it’s 4 years old from the seller or apple .

  • Karen 11 May, 8:14 pm

    I have bought two pairs of curtains from dunhelm , I pair I had to buy on line due to the size .
    I knew the large pair would be to big and returned to the store to enquirer about them being taken up .
    The young girls that were there at the time we’re not very knowledgable ,
    They didn’t even know the store offered a altering service and the gave me two different prices
    I took my curtains to be altered by a reputable place and had several inches taken from the bottom .
    On putting the up I noticed that there was a large flaw and a very small, hole in one curtain
    The store says cause I didn’t have them altered there ?
    There is nothing I can do ??????
    Please help

  • TA 12 May, 1:02 am

    Hi I ordered and paid in full for a bespoke pet bed online via their Facebook page on 1st Feb this year, the company totally messed me about from start to finish promising delivery dates I’d wait in for that never happened, I even emailed them saying as far as I knew there may not even be a bed at All, to which their reply enclosed a photo of it in process, sure enough was personalised but didn’t look in the photo as if it was the biggest one which I’d specifically paid for when ordered, I replied sharing my concerns that I couldn’t tell if it was the tall bed like I ordered but got no reply. Finally a few weeks on and I took delivery a couple of weeks ago. As I feared they had sent me a personalised small one not a tall window seat one I ordered and paid £40 more for specifically! Not only that but the paint work was scuffed and edges of the mdf were damaged in places so contacted them several times to complain eventually they emailed me and agreed to refund me £50 for the difference owed and by way of apology and could I give them bank details, so I did, 3 days later I emailed them again asking when they will transfer the money they asked for my bank details again and said it would be transferred instantly. That was Last week . Still no refund. Is there any action I can take to get my money back that I was overcharged for ? So annoying and it’s not as if I’m just quibbling they took my order, charged me for that order then sent me a different item knowingly which cost £40 less and was sub standard too, yet despite all my hold ups and false promises they are still reeling people in so there is no excuse why they can’t pay me, any advice would be welcome thanks ????

  • Louise 12 May, 6:13 pm

    Hi i recently purchased an oak worktop for my kitchen from Wickes , it was delivered and i checked for damage, all was ok. The paperwork said it was oak and i cut it and started to sand it down and stain it, at this point i noticed it felt different to my previous oak worktops and i checked the packaging and in the bottom corner there was a small sticker that said it was Beech. On contacting wickes they said i have no right to an exchange or a refund as it’s in their T&Cs that we’ve used it. However i’ve paid for the more expensive oak and they wont even refund the difference to the cost of the beech?

    Do have any grounds for at least expecting to only pay the price of the beech worktop? any help is really appreciated.

  • Fi 13 May, 8:55 am

    I bought 3 items from sports direct, the sizes were too small so I sent them back (paid postage myself) in exchange for the larger sizes. The larger sizes are priced much more cheaply than the original. I have asked for a refund of the difference, which is usual for most retailers and if I had taken them back and bought again I woul,d have been in credit. Sport direct say they don’t do this as the items are the same! Clearly they are not as they are priced differently and have different bar codes. Wondering how I can proceed, I’m hitting a brick,wall with my correspondence. They also did not provide an exchange postage label which seems to be the norm for most online retailers.

  • Gillian Thompson 14 May, 12:52 pm

    I bought a car in Nov 2016..from a dealer for £7000…during which time there was an electrical fault which was discovered and repaired within the the first couple of months (£245 cost paid for by dealer). However in the last few weeks i have noticed that the light on dash is indicating there is a problem with the clutch..i have since been quoted £680 cost for this repair…do i have any rights to claim for costs from dealer…i would i have bought the car on finance and am paying £241bper month over 5 years..please could you help with this?

  • Alun lee 17 May, 2:03 pm

    Hi ok so its just a games controller I paid £30 for a xbox 1 compatable controller not an official one but still a controller for an x box. It was new still in its packing brought from sos cash a buy and sell shop now the brand new controller has broken its 2 months old im told theres only a 28day guarentee on this brand new item. And therefore can have no refund or replacement is that right ?

  • Vida Piercy 23 May, 3:13 pm

    I signed a contract for new kitchen doors on 3/4/17 with The Kitchen Restoration Co. I paid a deposit of £1275.00. The total cost was £2,550. I had a 14 day cancellation period. On 13/4/17, I telephoned to cancel my contract. I was advised to fill in the Cancellation Form and return it ‘Recorded Delivery’, which I did on 13/4. As the 14/4, was Good Friday, they signed for it on Tuesday 18/4. They are now saying, I’m not entitled to a full refund as they didn’t receive the Cancellation Form until 18/4. They are offering me my deposit back less £250.00 for their costs.

    But, surely they shouldn’t have processed my order within the 14 days cancellation period. So, now they are trying to recoup some of their costs.

    Legally aren’t I entitled to a full refund?

  • Lisa 23 May, 4:16 pm

    I bought a carVan 2014 plate last month and took it away once ..were i found there was a interior light on all night and could not turn off as there is a fault ..i took it back as its under warranty 3 weeks ago .when phoned to see if its fixed thay told me its in work shop ..today thay rang and asked whats wrong with it ..do i have any rights to get a refund on it .x

  • John 27 May, 9:11 am

    I have bought a washer in Argos priced at £89.00 I have paid in the shop and delivery was arranged for 16 June they have rang me to say they have cancelled the order as it was priced up incorrect does Argos still have to honour this item still not had a refund

  • Darren 1 June, 8:46 pm

    i bought a camera lens from CeX online at a cost of £375.00 as the cheaper lens i wanted was out of stock, the lens arrived and turned out to be the cheaper lens i wanted initially so messaged CeX with a photo of the received item with all the paperwork asking if they would reimburse me with vouchers to the sum of £65.00 as the lens i received was selling on their site for only £310.00.
    they admitted they had sent the wrong lens and asked me to return it to a nearby store for a full refund and re=order the lens i have in my possession.
    The fact is i want to keep this lens but they are refusing to pay the difference. I even offered to take the lens to a local CeX and get a full refund and buy it back there and then for the correct price but was told no and had to return it and try ordering it again online. i certainly want to keep the lens i have as it works perfectly with my cameras which can be hit and miss.
    your advice would be very welcome.

  • Stella Pierrie 3 June, 6:50 am

    Brilliant article.
    I have purchased a kitchen only to find the companies reviews are mixed on the service and quality. I have been unable to contact the company . I have parted with £150 and await delivery in September. I will unpack entire kitchen before I hand over any more money ! Many thanks Stella Essex

  • Shimmy 8 June, 8:01 pm

    We bought an expensive bed and specified we wanted Medium firmness but when the bed arrived it stated Firm on the label. Another label that details the quality control aspects of the manufacture was missing. The bed maker assures us that the errors only relate to missing labels and have offered us a three month trial. We are concerned that three months on a bed that may not be of the correct firmness. What are our rights?

  • Peter watkins 11 June, 7:56 am

    I bought a brand new caravan off caravans in the sun. The water boiler did not work for the first 21 days although its working now can i claim compensation

  • Karen 13 June, 10:32 am

    I brought 2 sofa’s from Littlewoods back in April 3rd, They were to be delivered by Arrow on the 24th April. I received a text from Arrow saying they would not be able to deliver the sofa’s as there had been a huge fire at one of their depots. One of the sofa’s was returned to Littlewoods which they then gave me a refund. When I phoned about the other sofa I was given another delivery date to which was cancelled by Arrow, I then got in contact with Arrow to see why and they said that they cannot say why and that I will receive a call from their depot. After a couple of weeks I got in touch with Arrow who then arranged a delivery date with me, to which they cancelled yet again saying that the depot will be in touch, as before I didn’t hear a thing from them so got in touch with Arrow to which they said they have the sofa and arranged yet another delivery date. Well they cancelled the date again. This time I phoned Littlewoods who said that Arrow has the sofa and will call to arrange a delivery. By now its the beginning of June, to which I said it has taken 2 months I don’t want it anymore and want a refund as I paid for both sofa’s. One reply was it would take 7 working days to be credited, I got in touch with Littlewoods to ask when I would be credited, they then told me wait 24 hours and it will be there, 24 hours came and still no refund. I was then told it will take 14 working days to be refunded. I’m getting pretty frustrated with both Arrow and Littlewoods passing the buck everytime I get in touch with them. What exactly can I do?

  • daniel mcfadyen 18 June, 9:54 am

    orderd door 5 weeks ago verbally doors haven’t come phone to cancel them he says I cant must take doors or go to small debt court nothing was done in writeing help?

  • mo 9 July, 5:46 am

    bought tv for 1700 bought careplan my sons smashed tv screen his only2 they returned my tv damged wont fix it saying its neglect need help pay 5 pound a month