A recently published ‘special edition’ of the popular Which?  magazine, that’s normally only available on subscription, is now on sale at Sainsbury’s.

The Which? Groups has struck a deal with the supermarket, after a successful trial in February. The very first week that the magazine hit the shelves in Sainsbury’s, it sold more copies than the  popular Economist magazine.

The autumn money magazine is already on the shelves. The publication contains a plethora of useful money saving ideas and tips that consumers in the UK can follow to help them to save cash when it comes to personal finance.

James Caan is also featured in an exclusive interview. He talks about how he struck it lucky with a  £30, 000 investment – the one that bagged him, his wife!

One of the unique features of Which?  is that they don’t have any adverts for products or companies  and the revenue raised from the sales of their magazines, is injected back into campaigns to help UK consumers.

The company is only out to help the nation’s public, and are strongly against using adverts in their publications. They choose to do so as a means to avoid linking their good name with any advertiser or company.

The editor of Which? Mr James Daley is excited about the new deal with Sainsbury’s, and thinks that the magazine will be very popular.  Sainsbury’s newspaper and magazine buyer Mr Keith Black is also excited by the new business venture which is mutually beneficial to both companies.