View Full Version : Post office broadband 13mnth dispute please help me.

17th August 2010, 12:45 PM
In July 2009 I went with post office homephone and broadband because it was the cheapest option for me of 20 a month. They messed up from the very beginning, I received no welcome pack telling me when my phone would be connected it was only that i plugged my phone in and heard a dial tone that i realised it was on, so I rang them up telling them this and wondering where my Internet modem was they apologised and in a few days it arrived with a letter saying I'll get my welcome pack with all the details i need to use the Internet and my live date will be on the 24th September. That day came and went and I couldn't get it to connect so I rand them to which they said it could be faulty microfilters so they sent new ones still nothing, they then said the modem might be faulty so I was sent a new one still nothing, in the mean time I had received my first bill and it was then that I realised that the phone number at the top of the bill was not mine!! I rang them again and was on hold for half an hour while they checked it all out, they admitted that it was all set up on this number that they had given me to start with and that we would have to cancel that one and set a new one up on the right number. It was then I asked if I could upgrade to the broadband extra which was wireless that was all okayed and I was told that because it was their mistake I would not be charged an early termination fee for it set up on the wrong number. I was then sent another letter telling me I will receive a wireless router and my live date would be on the 2nd October that day came and went no router so i rang again they said there was nothing on the system saying that a wireless router has been sent so they will send me one which will take 5-10 days. I waited and it arrived but it was a plug in modem that I had already got and to top it off i received another bill charging me 156.18 for the early termination on the wrong number, i was furious so rang back they umed and ared and put me on to the cancellation department who told me that they would cancel the broadband order and said ignore that bill I don't have to pay the charges then they asked me if I wanted to set wireless broadband up again to which I replied no way I'll take my business elsewhere thank you to which the chap was quite rude and then hung up on me. I thought that was the end of it until I received my last bill dated the 11th December telling me i owed them 342.51, I rang up again explaining the situation for the millionth time and they basically called me a liar and said that I went ahead with setting it up all again, they then said that all the calls were recorded and they would have to listen to them I said go ahead and you will clearly hear them telling me that I don't have to pay because it was their mistake and you will also hear me say loud and clear no to setting it up again. I was told this will take 7 days and will be contacted back I didn't hear a thing back so I thought that they finally got evidence that I was telling the truth and it was all over. In the mean time I received a late payment letter and I rang up again explained again and the nice gentleman said put it in writing to which I did but it was handwritten and i didn't send it recorded delivery and they have conveniently said there is no recollection of the letter (a mistake I will never make again). Months went by and i got a call from a debt company saying that I owe post office 342.51 I was so angry i explained to him AGAIN the story and I said I am not paying a penny they haven't even had the decency to contact me i want this sorted with them so he said he would get back to me. I rang the post office yet again and insisted on speaking to someone that would sort it today I got a very nice man and I said to him I will pay for the homephone and calls that i have made because i got that service and have always been happy with it but i refuse to pay for a service which I never received through no fault of my own he said leave it with him and he will sort it. A long gap has passed and I receive a phone call today the 17th August 2010 at 8.30am telling me that I have to pay for all the charges ever made on my account and I flat out said NO he then said he would get the complaints department to call me at 9.30 when they open and I am still sitting hear waiting for that call. So 13 months later I am still in dispute with them and I think the way they have treated me is disgusting surely they can not get away with this please please someone help me I'm at my wits end. :(