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26th May 2011, 03:23 PM

I am currently with orange home broadband and since day one ( back in september 2010) I have had nothing but problems with the connection. When I first signed up I was not connected when they said I should have been, after 10 days of service and still no connection I advised them I wanted to terminate my contract. Orange advised me I could not do so as I was out side the cooling off period, despite them, in my eyes breaching their side of the commitment.

My connection is obviously up and running however on a daily basis the connection fails several times a day whether it be the first time click on to my browser or half way through browsing. As a student it is not good enough, I feel as though I should have stayed with my last provider by which I had no problems in the 4years of being with them. I guess thats what you get for going for a cheaper option to save money. :(

Any way as the service they provide is not up to the standards they advertise am I able to cancel my agreement at this point or am I stuck in my 18 month contract? :confused:
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4th September 2011, 10:38 AM
I think you could probably cancel, however as its an 18 month contract they would have the right to charge you a cancellation fee (so probably not really worth doing), if you can prove they broke their side of the contract however, would probably change things - i had similar with 02 and we managed to break the contract and move without a cancellation charge.

I love these forums, gives us consumers a voice and help and advise from others. This is a great one i love it - i also found Complaintsfactory Forum | Complaints Factory ( very useful too :)