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16th November 2011, 07:15 AM
To cut a long story short, I had been a customer of AOL which I have since found out is TALK TALK where I had a direct debit in place for 24.99 month. In March this year one of their sales reps contacted me to offer me a reduction in my repayments to 19.99 if I commit to them for another 12 months to which I agreed and as a result they would send me an email confirmation which I had 24 or 48hrs to consider and withdraw if I chose. NO SUCH EMAIL ARRRIVED. This is where the fun began!!!!!!!! The following month my payments more than doubled ie 47 ish per month hence a phone call to sort out their incompetence at MY COST. Anyway, several months later, still no refund and monies being taken from my bank account went down once but then straight back up again to more than double the agreement. Despite several phone calls where they blamed their computers and not human error input into computers and despite several emails to AOL customer service I got nowhere so I cancelled my direct debit. In September, they removed my access to the internet requesting monies from me to reinstate despite the fact I still had not received any refund of already overpaid monies which resulted in yet another phone call where they agreed they owed ME 80 and where I demanded to withdraw my commitment due to their incompetence which they did and also apologising for all the inconvenience they had caused me and that this would be the end of the matter and I would get my refund. To my horror, on Monday of this week I received a call from Advantis Debt Collecting Agency requesting nearly 500 in respect of money AOL/TALK TALK say I owe them. Having read your adivce about a BREACH in verbal contract where they have (Where a term is fundamental to the contract and a breach of that term has had significant consequences for you, you have the right to terminate the contract) am I in a position to fight this because I have never been in debt with anyone and this is causing me sleepless nights together with anxiety and stress.

Something Should Be Done
24th November 2011, 12:40 PM
I don't know how common it is, but it seems that despite all the bad-press there are still loads of companies offering broadband 'Up to XXXMbps' but the customer can't get it.

Something Should Be Done
24th November 2011, 12:41 PM
Sorry, when I said the customer can't get it I meant because the phone lines etc can't provide it.

Witch consumer
24th November 2011, 10:22 PM
Contracts work both ways, if any company breaches a contract which they have by taking unauthorised funds from your account, you have a right to cancel that contract, but more than that, they should return you to the position you were in before you took the contract out.

However, TalkTalk in my experience are useless at dealing with complaints, I used to have my phone and broadband with them but they never got round to connecting either, weren't so slack about taking the money out of the bank tho so I told them to cancel both services and I cancelled the direct debit.

In the end I had to go through their terms and conditions, highlighting everything they had failed in and sent it off to the legal dept cc'ing customer service, they agreed to cancel it but periodically I get debt collectors letters.

I use those to light the fire. :D

22nd February 2012, 11:40 PM
Anyone who has ever had an Aol Dial account should check their Bank Account. They are now taking 30 a month. Be warned You need to phone talk talk. Each time it requests an account number press the hash key for three times to speak to live person and cancel the account