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24th November 2013, 11:06 PM
BT, even if they managed to cancel an offer by delaying the BT infinity service, was giving me a good service with 74mb connection but it was around 46 pounds a month... too expensive for me in this period
Few days after passing to TalkTalk (and paying 120 pounds as advanced line rental) , TalkTalk sent me a sort of contract stating a not mentioned in the website 30 pound one off charge for Fibre -> first complaint as I have already fibre installed at home and there was no mention of this charge in their website or the order form received via email
1 day before starting the service, I phone TalkTalk and I am told that the installation day I will receive an engineer to check the line -> none arrives
During that day for more than several hours, I call them and a message is stating the service will be available in 5 hours I call the support and I was told someone is "manually" installing my services now
I call them again to complain for a dead line and a rude lady agent tells me that as up to midnight I am not active customer and I cannot complain or escalate to team leader. I want to take part in the survey after the phone call and the agent waits for me to close the call, as she is not allowed to close the call before the customer.
Day after: For their website, I have phone line but my fibre is a little slow. In the reality, my phone is silent like a fish.
I call them to complain and before working on the issue, they want me to test by removing the plate at the master socket. I work 12 miles from home so no case logged up to 19h00.
Eventually after voicing my deep disappointment in the TalkTalk forum I was promised a call back at 19h00 at 21h30 thy produces 2 rings on my mobile... not even enough time to answer but enough for TalkTalk to say they did call back
Day 4 and still no service I call them to have an update (and their support start with usual script listing the problem I reported and telling me the BT needs to visit my property to test the line to see if I have any fault. So no phone on Saturday and obviously no phone on Sunday. I am more than unhappy, I want to speak with the cancellation department and I am informed that as they had no time to investigate the problem, I will have to pay a cancellation fee of nearly 300 pounds, but if stay with them I have not to pay for the BT engineer and I will receive 27 pounds compensation... not even enough to pay for the temp mobile internet solution I use and all the calls I made.
Perhaps Monday I will have a BT engineer around that may or may not fix the issue and if it is not fixed the issue will go back to them for who knows how many day. So far, it is sure that on the 19th with BT I had phone and internet and from the 20th to the 25th or more no service with TalkTalk, I am not free to cancel with them and to move to another provider. My home phone rings somewhere but not at home. I prefer to avoid the description of their mainly Indian customer service and the knowledge of their support (the broadband password is written on the back of the router, they tell you without considering that on the back of the router there’s the wifi password, not the adsl credentials that are not needed with a fibre connection)
However with my surprise after 4 days after the failed installation and still without service I logged in my TalkTalk account and I noticed that I was billed nearly 3 poundsfor the first two days of NO service