Constant Problems with Insignia


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Aug 11, 2011
I have just come across this website whilst looking online for help guidance of what I should do.

I bought a Vauxhall Insignia from Arnold Clark in November 2010, it was registered September 2009 has had 1 other owner.
Since I bought it I have had lots of different problems. I dont want to bore you with everything but it has had 15 different things repaired/modified with it since I got it with the recalls and faults. The main things have been the brake pads broke so had to fight with Arnold Clark to repair pads and disks free of charge which after a long fight they did this. I had been hearing noises from the brakes and basicvally the car has now been in 4 times for repairs on the brakes. Before all that I had the error 3 light coming on which means it needs coolant, turns out there was a fault in the cap. I have just had the error code came on again tonight.
I am really angry, upset and stressed about what is going to happen next with the car and even more what is going to happen when they stop agreeing to pay for the repairs.

I have emailed Vauxhall to get there complaints procedure as a lot of the faults are on the parts and way the car has been made. I have been told that they now use cheaper parts and this is what has caused some of the problems (the garage told me this)

Has anyone ever had any problems like this or have any advice of what I should do about it?

Apr 9, 2015
I too have had serious issues with the rear brakes on my 12 Reg Insignia

I do just over 50,000 miles a year

When it got to around 59,000 miles the rear breaks seemed to come on and off as i was driving. There was no warning light or slowing down of the car.
The only way I know there was a problem was when someone following me overtook me, slowed down to let me past (what's this idiot doing? I thought) then overtook me again but as he went past the passenger leaned out of the window and shouted that there was a smell coming from my breaks.

I stopped at the next lay-by and the rear breaks were smoking.

As I was just a few miles from home I carried on (one I'd let them cool for about 30 mins) and booked it into the Vauxhall garage for them to check it out.

New discs and pads were fitted but they couldn't find anything wrong and as breaks are not part of the warranty I had to pay

Car serviced at 80,000 miles, no issues with the breaks.

At 94000 miles the rear breaks started to make a metal on metal noise.
was this the same issue? No, as I do a lot of miles there's probably a lot of stop / starting which means i use them more than normal.

No, I do a lot of motorway driving

Oh, you'll be breaking harder then (always an answer from everyone)

Now, at 115000 miles they have gone again.
New pads and discs again but perhaps the servos need replacing - about £200-00 each.

Will this resolve the issue? Only time will tell. The only thing I know for sure is that muggins here is paying every time.

As a point of interest, I have done this job now for the past 18 years (each year travelling 50000+ miles). My last 4 cars were Toyota Avensis' and these only needed the pads replacing every 40 to 50000 miles and the discs every 75000 to 90000 miles so it's not the way I drive.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of fault?


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Feb 6, 2016
The problem is caused by the 2 stainless steel pins that the brake caliper slides on and nothing to do with the brake pads. Over the years the pins pick up brake dust and general sticky grime, which has the effect of holding the brakes on when the pedal is released,causing excessive and uneven wear .As part of the brake pad renewal with the caliper off, these pins should be removed ( They just pull out) .You will see a sticky residue on the pins, a bit like tar. The pins should be scraped clean and polished with a bit of wd40 till they shine. The rubber guides should also be thoroughly cleaned.the actual movement of the brake pads within the caliper is only about 2/3 mm so with the built up dirt it will not take much for sticking to occur.
Apr 9, 2015
thanks for that thornlse
The problem will be resolved for me this week. I'm getting rid of the Insignia and buying a Toyota to replace it
My Vauxhall dealer in Corby replaced the pads free of charge and did a check and could find nothing wrong. That was 16000 miles ago and the pads are now rubbing metal on metal already.
My issue is that Vauxhall have told me (both from the garage and the customer department in Milton Keynes) is that replacing every 19000 miles or so is NORMAL! No it isn't. I have had at least 20 cars since I've been driving and this is the only cat that has ever had brakes this often. Vauxhall's ineptitude and willingness to lie has put me off them for life.
I will never ever buy a Vauxhall again