Nationwide Building Society

So Nationwide are pumping out the slogan 'OUR ONLY FOCUS IS YOU'...

Well don't believe any of that old tosh. I've been a customer with them for over 20 years. I recently organised a survey with them for a property I was buying, they instructed RB Surveyors in Norwich to complete the survey. The survey company missed a rusty hole in the boiler which was pumping Carbon monoxide into the house and a whole in the water tank which could have flooded the house. Nationwide have washed their hands of any responsibility, 7 months later and with the Ombudsmen having awarded me half what I was owed I am still waiting for payment. No one is willing to take any responsibility, I am currently taking legal action at my cost.

Don't believe any of the marketing from Nationwide, they are only interested in themselves. They say they have 14m members and offer 1st class service... complete rubbish.
Yes, hard to see how any big Bank can say they really care about customers! Given the way the banks have behaved in recent years it is understandable that you don't have much faith in them. Nationwide though (I think) are one of the better ones. Have you complained to the surveyors directly and perhaps their own regulator?