Sudden appearance of an alien listing

Apr 22, 2009
I logged on to my Ebay account yesterday and there was a listing under my account that was nothing to do with me. By the time I had worked out how to contact Ebay about it the listing had ended and I thought I had better email the buyers to tell them it was dodgy, then before I had time to do that the listing disappeared from MyEbay and I had emails from Ebay telling me they had spotted it as dodgy as it originated from a different region. It was whirlwind and seemingly sorted, but worrying. I have changed all my passwords, Paypal included, but can anyone tell me what it was about - how would someone gain from it?


Jan 9, 2009
I'm glad you've changed your password - a similar thing happened with me when I suddenly had DJ equipment added to my listings. It was a nightmare as I reported it to eBay, they suspended my account and I had to answer about 10 security questions so they could verify it was my account. It took ages.

I can only think they have a way of hacking the account, as I use various unique passwords (mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers, symbols etc.) and not even my wife knows them!